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U.S. Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) introduced legislation that would blacklist China, Russia, Iran and North Korea from investing in, purchasing or otherwise acquiring land or businesses involved in agricul ture.

“Protecting American farmland is critical to maintaining our national security,” said Rounds.

“As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I was alarmed when a Chinese company recently purchased farmland near an Air Force base in North Dakota. This acquisi

tion could threaten our na tional security by allowing the Chinese Communist Party to closely monitor the operations and communications at a very important military facility.

“In my travels around South Dakota, I’ve heard from many

farmers and ranchers who are concerned about foreign adversaries owning American farmland. It’s time to put a stop to this and take action. This legislation makes certain Amer ican interests are protected by blacklisting foreign adversaries from purchasing land or busi

2 The Military Press Newspaper October 1 , 2022

Publishers memoirs

Big Bill & his Hot Walker

BillLias was probably the second biggest racketeer in the United Staes behind Al Capone .‘‘Big Bill’’ Lias ( 400 lbs ) was a flamboyant bootlegger, leader of organized crime, and professional gambler in Wheeling. He was born in Wheeling or Greece, and christened William George Liakakos. By 1920, he had left the family grocery business for a career in the illegal sale and distribution of liquor during Prohibition.

A short sentence in the Atlanta federal penitentiary prepared Lias for a new life in illegal gambling once Prohibition was repealed. When operation of the numbers racket was made a felony in 1939, he opened a string of casino-

nightclubs along Market Street in Wheeling, where he was also prominent in prostitution and politics. In 1945, he purchased Wheeling Downs racetrack on Wheeling Island. In 1948, the federal government charged Lias with income tax evasion; his track and other assets were seized in 1952, the year before Washington

failed in an attempt to deport him. By then he was a national figure whose control over ‘‘wideopen Wheeling’’ had made the city a magnet for free-spending adherents to the sporting life.

After seizing the race track the federal government lost money trying to run it, so they hired back Lias to run it. The president of the

United States at that time made $100,000 per year. The secretary of state made $35,000. At the time, Lias was paying himself $65,000 to run Wheeling Downs, and he told the feds he would do it for $55,000. They settled on him getting $35,000, which made him the second highest paid federal employee in the United States.

A reformed Mayor was elected and shut down all of Bills’ establishments , the racing track , his houses of prostitution and his Los Vegas type gambling in his finest clubs in the city. The Roosevelt Restaurant, Billy’s, Club Diamond, Club Paddock, White Front, the Bachelor’s Club and Zellers Steak House with the

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Owls Grill & Lounge. These clubs provided the best food, drink and gambling in 3 states. The restaurants had 2 way mirrors so they knew who you were before they’d let you in .

In 6 months the city of Wheeling went broke so the people impeached the Mayor and supported Bill so all his illegal businesses were back in business again and Wheeling became prosperous once again !

Lias’s rise was accompanied by violence, including gang wars and the mysterious death of his first wife in 1934. Yet Big Bill was lionized as well as feared by ordinary citizens as much as he was despised (and feared once again) by the local establishment and the press. He survived more than one assassination attempt and lived out his life in obvious but never ostentatious comfort, alternating between homes in Wheeling and the Detroit area. In the 1950s, Life magazine ran a story about Big Bill criminal history but also his acts of public

charity during the Depression and later he would be known for his generosity as well as his weight .

Asa 14 year old kid I knew and worked “hot walking (cooling off) Bill’s horses . I made good money at the stables (hot walking) and touting race tract bettors who wanted tips from me as they watched me walking horses to the paddock that were running that day. I was good at reading the Racing Form and would give tips on the top 3 horses , only one horses to three different bettors with the condition they would buy me a $5 dollar ticket . I made anywhere from $20 dollars on a bad day but on a good day I’d make close to $60 bucks , great money back in 1954 .

Big Bill Lias bought the track in 1945 and owned the racing track till 1957 , then he sold it to pay the IRS for back taxes that he again failed to pay . Bill lived a prosperous life until his death in 1970 . The Military Press Newspaper October 1, 2022 5


John F. Kennedy elected President in narrow contest over Richard Nixon

Soviet Union shoots down an American U-2 reconnaissance airplane over Soviet airspace and captures pilot Gary Powers, forcing U.S. to admit to aerial spying

Black students stage a sit-in at a lunch counter in Greensboro, NC to protest segregated seating at the establishment; the event inspires a wave of such sit-ins across the South

U.S. relations with Cuba deteriorate as Castro regime seizes U.S. assets


U.S. launches: Tiros I, first weather satellite Echo I, first communications satellite (experimental)

Transit I-B, first navigational satellite

Corona, first spy satellite Soviet Sputnik 5 launches two dogs into orbit and returns them safely to earth


World Series: Pittsburgh over New York Yankees, 4-3


Movies: Psycho, The Entertainer, The Apartment

Songs: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Let’s Do the Twist, Never on Sunday, Teen Angel, Stay, Are You Lonesome Tonight

TV Shows: Perry Mason, Bonanza, My Three Sons, The Untouchables, Andy Griffith Show, The Many

1960 cadillac eldorado

6 The Military Press Newspaper October 1 , 2022 1960 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL
1960 CHEVROLET IMPALA DODGE CORVETTE Loves of Dobie Gillis, Walt Disney Presents Books: The Affair, C.P. Snow; The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, Allan Sillitoe; To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee; Rabbit, Run, John Updike; The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William L. Shirer Pioneering rock-and-roll DJ Alan Freed arrested in national investigation of “payola” in radio industry Presidential candidates Kennedy and Nixon engage in a televised debate that helps set the precedent for future TV political coverage Clark Gable dies Johnny Cash plays first of many free concerts behind bars
1960 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL CROWN New House $12,675 Average Income $5,199 per year New Car $2,610 Average Rent $98 per month Movie Ticket $1.00 each Gasoline 25 cents per gallon First Class Postage Stamps 4 cents Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale $5,626 Pontiac Ventura Coupe $3,829
The Military Press Newspaper October 1, 2022 7 1960 Remember When



Liberalbillionaire George Soros, and other wealthy individuals, realized early on that prosecutors are the gatekeepers to the criminal justice system, so they decided to hand select attorneys who would do their bidding by refusing to prosecute

entire categories of crimes, fundamentally “reimagining prosecution” and reverse engineering the criminal justice system into something unrecognizable in the process.

Replacing independent, progressive traditional prosecutors with rogue district attorneys became the game plan with Boston functioning as a petri dish for this radical experiment.

When Rollins ran for district attorney in Boston, she hinted that she would refuse to prosecute entire categories of crimes. Once elected, Rollins published “The Rachael Rollins Policy Memo,” which lists 15

crimes “for which the default is to decline prosecuting. ”Despite the fact that those 15 crimes were passed by the state Legislature and signed into law by the governor, Rollins has unilaterally decreed that those 15 categories of crimes should either be “outright dismissed prior to arraignment” or, “where appropriate,” “diverted and treated as a civil infraction.”

The “Rollins 15” are

1) Trespassing 2) Shoplifting, including offenses that are essentially shoplifting, but charged as larceny 3) Larceny under $250. 4) Disorderly

conduct. 5) Disturbing the peace. 6) Receiving stolen property. 7) Minor driving offenses, including operating with a suspended or revoked license. 8) Breaking and entering, where it is into a vacant property or is for the purpose of sleeping or seeking refuge from the cold and

Biden picked Massachusetts D.A. Rachael Rollins who is now a United States Attorney, the top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts
8 The Military Press Newspaper October 1 , 2022

there is no actual damage to property. 9) Wanton or malicious destruction of property. 10) Threats (excluding domestic violence). 11) Minors in possession of alcohol. 12) Drug possession. 13) Drug possession with intent to distribute. 14) Resisting arrest where the only charge is resisting arrest. 15) Resisting arrest if the other charges include only charges that fall under the list of charges for which prosecution is declined.

Rollins is quite proud of her “15 crimes list.” She wants you to believe that her list is one being copied by prosecutors all over the country, and that police

departments are supportive of her nonprosecution list.

Neither is true.

Even other rogue prosecutors, including Larry Krasner (Philadelphia), Marilyn Mosby (Baltimore), Kim Foxx

(Chicago), don’t have 15 “freebee” crimes in their cities. And that’s saying something when you’re too extreme even for other extremists.

This is just another ploy by Biden picking Rollins just

one more way to insure the votes from Black ,Brown , and LGBTQIA ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer , intersex , asexual ) and criminals ! As usual Great Job Joe !!!

Rollins is quite proud of her “15 crimes list.” She wants you to believe that her list is one being copied by prosecutors all over the country, and that police departments are supportive of her nonprosecution list. Neither is true. The Military Press Newspaper October 1, 2022 9


On April 17, 1961, 1,400 Cuban exiles launched what became a botched invasion at the Bay of Pigs on the south coast of Cuba.

In 1959, Fidel Castro came to power in an armed revolt that overthrew Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. The US government distrusted Castro and was wary of his relationship with Nikita Khrushchev, the leader of the Soviet Union.

Before his inauguration, John F. Kennedy was briefed on a plan by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) developed during the Eisenhower administration to train Cuban exiles for an invasion of their homeland.

The Plan

The original invasion plan called for two air strikes against Cuban air bases. A 1,400-man invasion force would disembark under cover of darkness and launch a surprise attack. Paratroopers dropped in advance of the invasion would disrupt transportation and repel Cuban forces. Simultaneously, a smaller force would land on the east coast of Cuba to create confusion.

The Invasion

The first mishap occurred on April 15, 1961, when eight bombers left Nicaragua to bomb Cuban airfields. The CIA had used obsolete World War II B-26 bombers, and painted them to look like Cuban air force planes. The bombers missed many of their targets and left most of Castro’s air force intact. As news broke of the attack, photos of the repainted U.S. planes became public and revealed American support for the invasion. President Kennedy cancelled a second air strike.

On April 17, the Cuban-exile invasion force, known as Brigade 2506, landed at beaches along the Bay of Pigs and immediately came under heavy fire. Cuban planes strafed the invaders, sank two escort ships, and destroyed half of the exile’s air

support. Bad weather hampered the ground force, which had to work with soggy equipment and insufficient ammunition.

The Counterattack

Over the next 24 hours, Castro ordered roughly 20,000 troops to advance toward the beach, and the Cuban air force continued to control the skies. As the situation grew increasingly grim, President Kennedy authorized an “air-umbrella” at dawn on April 19—six unmarked American fighter planes took off to help defend the brigade’s B-26 aircraft flying. But the planes arrived an hour late, most likely confused by the change in time zones between Nicaragua and Cuba. They were shot down by the Cubans, and the invasion was crushed later that day.

The Aftermath

The brigade prisoners remained in captivity for 20 months, as the United States negotiated a deal with Fidel Castro. Attorney General Robert F.

Kennedy made personal pleas for contributions from pharmaceutical companies and baby food manufacturers, and Castro eventually settled on $53 million worth of baby food and medicine in exchange for the prisoners.

The disaster at the Bay of Pigs had a lasting impact on the Kennedy administration. Determined to make up for the failed invasion, the administration initiated Operation

Mongoose—a plan to sabotage and destabilize the Cuban government and economy, which included the possibility of assassinating Castro.

10 The Military Press Newspaper October 1 , 2022

“ A drunk walks into a bar, and another drunk says, “I slept with my wife before we were married. Did you?” The other drunk says, “I don’t know...what was her maiden name?”

Jewish Family

A Jewish family invited their Redneck neighbors over for holiday dinner. The first course was set in front of them and the Jewish couple announced, “This is a soup made with matzoh balls.”

On seeing the 2 large matzoh balls in the soup, the redneck man was hesitant to taste this strange looking brew.

Gently, the Jewish couple urged him to, “Just have a taste. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to finish it.” Finally, he agrees. He digs his spoon in, first picking up a small piece of matzoh ball with some soup in the spoon, and tasting it gingerly. The usual mmmm sound can be heard coming from somewhere deep in his chest, and he quickly finished the soup.

“That was delicious,” he said, but I was wondering...

“Can you eat any other parts of the matzoh?”

A Liberal Died

A Liberal died and a friend went around collecting for a fund for his funeral.

A woman was asked to donate ten dollars.

“Ten dollars?” she said.

“It only takes ten dollars to bury a Liberal? Here’s a hundred - go bury 10 of them!”

A Wife Mad

A wife got so mad at her husband she packed his bags and told him to get out. As he walked to the door she yelled, “I hope you die a long, slow, painful death.”

He turned around and said, “So, you want me to stay?”

Pub Sign

A guy walks into a pub and sees a sign hanging over the bar that reads:



Rub JOB: $10.00

He walks up to the bar and beckons one of the three exceptionally attractive blondes serving drinks. “Can I help you?” she asks.

“ Yea I was wondering,” what is a rub job job? She said “We rub you feet your back and then your scrotum

The man replies, “Well, wash your hands. I want a cheeseburger.

A Young Punk

A young punk gets on the cross-town bus.

He’s got spiked, multi-colored hair that’s green, purple, and orange. His clothes are a tattered mix of leather rags. His legs are bare and he’s wearing wornout shoes. His entire face and body are riddled with pierced jewelry and his earrings are big, bright feathers.

He sits down in the only vacant seat that’s directly across from an old man who glares at him for the next ten miles. Finally, the punk gets self-conscious and barks at the old man, “What are you looking at you old fart... didn’t you ever do anything wild when you were young?”

Without missing a beat, the old man replies, “Yeah, back when I was young and in the Navy, I got really drunk one night in Singapore and screwed a parrot....

I thought maybe you were my son.’’


Peter loves to drink at the local bar, but

his wife disapproves of this.

One night, he’s at the bar and he gets extremely drunk.

He tries to stand up, but immediately falls to the floor.

He tries this a few more times, but each time he falls to the floor.

People offered to help him, but he said no each time.

He finally ended up dragging himself home and sneaking into bed, thinking his wife would never catch him.

The next morning, Peter’s wife says, “Pete, you bloody worthless idiot, no good drunkard!

You were at the bar last night drinking again!”

Peter was confused. “How did you find out?”

“The bar called. You left your wheelchair there.”

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