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September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 1



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2 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

“Who was that masked man anyway?”

Great legends and heroes of the American West


s a boy in the 1940s and ’50s, I went to bed at 7:30 p.m. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights I turned on my radio and the William Tell Overture would fill my room. Then the sound of hoof beats, gunfire and the yell of “Hiyo Silver!” The announcers voice boomed out... ”A fiery horse with the speed of light…” This was the opening of the Lone Ranger radio show. This opening is considered to be the best and most memorable of all radio programs. The announcer then set up the stories and carried us through to the exciting end when the Lone Ranger rode off. I listened as the announcer finally said, “Your announcer, Fred Foy.”

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The Military Press September 15, 2011 • Vol.35 #18

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orses, six-shooters, cowboys in white hats and villains in black hats. You can have a few Indians here and there, and maybe even a cattle drive or a bank robbery — but the horses and six-shooters are absolute musts. Can’t have a western without a good shootout and a ride into the sunset, can we?

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Marlon Brando: More than a contender


y the end of his life, Marlon Brando was often portrayed as a buffoon, a colossal wreck of a man, whose personal tragedies dominated his life; irrelevant to moviegoers three generations removed from his tormented, “Stella! Hey Stellaaaaa!” Yet Brando’s sweaty muscle-bound Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire set a new standard of performance, conveying a natural savage energy that transcended the Hayes Code censorship still firmly in place in 1951. Without Brando, there would not have been Pacino, no de Niro or Leonardo diCaprio or Johnny Depp. Equally important, without Marlon Brando, there may not have been an Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger or DMX.

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Cover Feature

From out of the West came the hearty cry, “Hi-yo Silver”


he Lone Ranger was a fictional masked Texas Ranger who, with his Native American companion Tonto, fought injustice in the American Old West. The character has become an enduring icon of American culture. He first appeared in 1933 in a radio show conceived either by WXYZ radio station owner George W. Trendle or by Fran Striker, the show’s writer. The show proved to be a huge hit, and spawned an equally popular television show that ran from 1949 to 1957, as well as comic books and movies. The title character was played on radio by George Seaton, Earle Graser, and most memorably Brace Beemer. To television viewers, Clayton Moore was the Lone Ranger. Tonto was played by, among others, John Todd, Roland Parker, and in the television series, Jay Silverheels. Departing on his white stallion, Silver, the Lone Ranger would shout, “Hi-yo, Silver! Away!” As they galloped off, someone would ask, “Who was that masked man anyway?” Tonto usually referred to the Lone Ranger as “Kemo Sabe,” meaning “trusty scout” or “trusted friend.” These catchphrases, his trademark silver bullets, and the theme music from the William Tell overture are indelibly stamped in the memories of millions who came of age during the decades of the show’s initial popularity or viewed the television series. Reruns of The Lone Ranger starring Clayton Moore were still being transmitted as of August 2010, sixty-one years after their initial broadcast.


America’s Original and Best Selling Tobacco-Free Brand 4 September 1, 15,2011 2011THE THEMILITARY MILITARYPRESS PRESS

This issue

The Lone Ranger? I

f you are a regular reader of the Military Press then I’m sure you’ve already got the gist that we are a publication that defies category, refuses to be pigeon-holed and certainly does not fit into a specific listing. This, I think, is one of the aces in our hand, possibly just my own delusional notion, and believe me I have many. So The Lone Ranger on this issue’s cover! What were we thinking? Were we thinking? Probably threw you for a curve. Richard, the publisher and my boss, and I are quite the quirky pair, but for some strange reason it just works. It was Friday morning when Richard waltzed into the office, cup of coffee in hand, and proceeded to tell me he had a great idea for the cover. “Ok Capo, fire away. What is it this time?” “Let’s put the Lone Ranger on the cover!” he pronounced excitedly. To any normal, rational editor the question would be, “Why?” But as with our usual uncanny synchronicity, I immediately got it. It made perfect sense. (Just goes to show that I, too, may be extremely lacking in the good sense department.) Bear with me here. I’m presently engrossed reading a book titled “The Young Duke,” and am captivated by the life and times of the legendary John Wayne. The Duke epitomized rugged masculinity, the pioneering spirit and will forever be an enduring American icon. These are traits I’m sadly lacking but that’s certainly one of the reasons I moved to America as a young lad. I’ve lived in America for over 27 years and people often still ask me why I came here. I always respond by telling them it was my love of Westerns, episodes of Happy Days, The Wonderful World of Disney and big cars. And thus this cover made sense. The Lone Ranger was a fictional portrayal of the American hero, the good guy; the one that stood upright and was a man of integrity. This Lone Ranger theme had me thinking how we could explore a little of the Old West, which I believe is a great cultural expression of this country. What a great era to once again look at, the time when America was expanding beyond the Appalachian Mountains and pioneers with great courage were pushing the boundaries beyond the horizon. Obviously today the Old West has passed into history, but the facts and the myths still hold firm in my imagination, and to this day still have me loving and believing in America.  So welcome to this issue as we explore legends of the West, recap the 10 best Westerns, examine why the Lone Ranger was an influential character and, of course, give credit to one of the greatest American icons of all time – John Wayne, The Duke. Who knows what Richard has up his sleeve for next issue, but I’m sure it will once again get the wheels of imagination going. By the way, we’ve just launched our new and improved website. Log on to www. and take a look around. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter (links are on the site). Thanks for joining us. Trevor Watson Editor

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September September15, 1, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 5

Cover Feature

“Him say man ride over ridge on horse, ain’t that right Kemo Sabe?” T


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6 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

wo conflicting origin stories have been given for the character Tonto, and how he came to work with the Lone Ranger. As originally presented, in the December 7, 1938, radio broadcast, Reid had already been well-established as the Lone Ranger when he met Tonto. In that episode, Cactus Pete, a friend of the Lone Ranger, tells the story of how the masked man and Tonto first met. According to that tale, Tonto had been caught in the explosion when two men dynamited a gold mine they were working. One of the men wanted to kill the wounded Tonto, but the Lone Ranger arrived on the scene and made him administer first aid. The miner subsequently decided to keep Tonto around, intending to make him the fall guy when he would later murder his partner. The Lone Ranger foiled both the attempted murder and the attempted framing of Tonto. No reason was given in the episode as to why Tonto chose to travel with the Lone Ranger, rather than continue about his business. A different version was given in both later episodes of the radio drama and at the beginning of the Lone Ranger television series. Tonto rescues a man named Reid, the sole surviving Texas Ranger of a party who was tricked into an ambush by the outlaw Butch Cavendish (although later reference works referred to the future Lone Ranger as “John” Reid, no first name was ever given to the Lone Ranger in either the radio or TV series). Tonto recognizes the ranger as someone who had saved him when they were both boys. He refers to him by the title “ke-mo sahbee,” explaining that the phrase means “faithful scout” in the language of his tribe. Tonto helps Reid give a decent burial to the other rangers. This Native American was portrayed as an intelligent character, almost an equal partner to the Ranger in his work. Together, they seem to be capable of righting almost any wrong within the half-hour time frame. The radio series identified Tonto as a chief’s son in the Potawatomi nation. His name translates as wild one in his own language. For the most part, the Potawatomi did not live in the Southwestern states, and their cultural cos-

tume is different from that worn by Tonto. The choice to make Tonto a Potawatomi seems to come from station owner George Trendle’s youth in Michigan. This is the traditional territory of the Potawatomi, and many local institutions use Potawatomi names. Tonto’s name, according to an NPR news story on the Lone Ranger, was inspired by the name of Tonto Basin, Arizona.

Tonto’s horse Tonto first rode a Paint Horse named “Big Fellow” (also Big Fellah, or Big Feller); later this horse was exchanged for a Pinto named “Scout.” Subsequently, the Lone Ranger himself would call Silver “Big Fella” on occasion.

Portrayal The portrayal of Tonto has been seen by some Native Americans and others as degrading, despite his heroism, notably by Native American author and poet Sherman Alexie.Tonto spoke in a pidgin, saying things like, “That right, Kemo Sabe,” or “Him say man ride over ridge on horse.” In 1975, poet and science fiction writer Paul O. Williams coined the term “tontoism” to refer to the practice of writing haiku with missing articles (“the,” “a,” or “an”), which he claimed made such haiku sound like Tonto’s stunted English. Further, in Portuguese, Italian and Spanish, the word tonto means “fool”

or “dumb,” so the name was changed in the dubbed versions. In some Spanish speaking countries, he was named Toro (“bull”); in other cases, the name was changed to “Ponto.” Later adaptations of the character such as The Legend of the Lone Ranger and the Filmation animated series depict him as being perfectly articulate in English and speaking it carefully. Television actor Silverheels was not

above making a little fun of the character himself, as in a classic Tonight Show sketch with Johnny Carson, with Carson playing a career counselor and Silverheels playing Tonto looking for a new job after working “thirty lousy years” as the Lone Ranger’s faithful sidekick. When asked why he was looking for a new job, Tonto replies, “Him finally find out what Kemo Sabe means!”

Why the Lone Ranger was cool Reid decides to use only silver bullets, to remind himself that life, too, is precious and, like his silver bullets, not to be wasted or thrown away. In every incarnation of the character to date, the Lone Ranger conducts himself by a strict moral code put in place by Striker at the inception of the character. Actors Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheel both took their positions as role models to children very seriously and tried their best to live by this creed. It reads as follows: I believe... • that to have a friend, a man must be one. • that all men are created equal and that everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world. • that God put the firewood there, but that every man must gather and light it himself. • in being prepared physically, mentally, and morally to fight when necessary for that which is right. • that a man should make the most of what equipment he has. that ‘this government of the people, by the people, and for the people’ shall live always. • that men should live by the rule of what is best for the greatest number. that sooner or later...somewhere...somehow...we must settle with the world and make payment for what we have taken. • that all things change but truth, and that truth alone, lives on forever. in my Creator, my country, my fellow man. In addition, Fran Striker and George W. Trendle drew up guidelines which embody who and what the Lone Ranger is[citation needed]: The Lone Ranger is never seen without his mask or a disguise. With emphasis on logic, The Lone Ranger is never captured or held for any length of time by lawmen, avoiding his being unmasked. The Lone Ranger never uses slang or colloquial phrases, but instead uses perfect grammar and precise speech, completely devoid of such slang and such colloquial phrases, at all times. When he has to use guns, The Lone Ranger never shoots to kill, but rather only to disarm his opponent as painlessly as possible. Logically, too, The Lone Ranger never wins against hopeless odds; i.e., he is never seen escaping from a barrage of bullets merely by riding into the horizon. Even though The Lone Ranger offers his aid to individuals or small groups, the ultimate objective of his story never fails to imply that their benefit is only a byproduct of a greater achievement—the development of the west or our country. His adversaries are usually groups whose power is such that large areas are at stake. Adversaries are never other than American to avoid criticism from minority groups. Names of unsympathetic characters are carefully chosen, never consisting of two names if it can be avoided, to avoid even further vicarious association—more often than not, a single nickname is selected. The Lone Ranger never drinks or smokes, and saloon scenes are usually interpreted as cafes, with waiters and food instead of bartenders and liquor. Criminals are never shown in enviable positions of wealth or power, and they never appear as successful or glamorous. For advertising information, call (858) 537-2280


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Gone But Not Forgotten

Unforgettable John Wayne Biography by Ronald Reagan Courtesy of Readers Digest — October 1979

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Saturday, September 17th Following the Padres vs. Diamondbacks at 5:35

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8 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

e called him Duke, and he was every bit the giant off screen he was on. Everything about him — his stature, his style, his convictions — conveyed enduring strength, and no one who observed his struggle in those final days could doubt that strength was real. Yet there was more. To my wife, Nancy, “Duke Wayne was the most gentle, tender person I ever knew.” In 1960, as president of the Screen Actors’ Guild, I was deeply embroiled in a bitter labor dispute between the Guild and the motion picture industry. When we called a strike, the film industry unleashed a series of stinging personal attacks on me — criticism my wife found difficult to take. At 7:30 one morning the phone rang and Nancy heard Duke’s booming voice: “I’ve been readin’ what these damn columnists are saying about Ron. He can take care of himself, but I’ve been worrying about how all this is affecting you.” Virtually every morning until the strike was settled several weeks later, he phoned her. When a mass meeting was called to discuss settlement terms, he left a dinner party so that he could escort Nancy and sit at her side. It was, she said, like being next to a force bigger than life. Countless others were also touched by his strength. Although it would take the critics 40 years to recognize what John Wayne was, the movie going public knew all along. In this country and around the world, Duke was the most popular box-office star of all time. For an incredible 25 years he was rated at or around the top in box-office appeal. His films grossed $700 million-a record no performer in Hollywood has come close to matching. Yet John Wayne was more than an actor; he was a force around which films were made. As Elizabeth Taylor Warner stated last May when testifying in favor of the special gold medal Congress struck for him: “He gave the whole world the image of what an American should be.”

Stagecoach to stardom He was born Marion Michael Morrison in Winterset, Iowa. When Marion was six, the family moved to California. There he picked up the nickname Duke — after his Airedale. He rose at 4 a.m. to deliver newspapers, and after school and football practice he made deliveries for local stores. He was an A student, president of the Latin Society, head of his senior class and an all-state guard on a championship football team. Duke had hoped to attend the U.S. Naval Academy and was named as an alternate selection to Annapolis, but the first choice took the appointment. Instead, he accepted a full scholarship to play football at the University of Southern California. There coach Howard Jones, who often

found summer jobs in the movie industry for his players, got Duke work in the summer of 1926 as an assistant prop man on the set of a movie directed by John Ford. One day, Ford, a notorious taskmaster with a rough-and-ready sense of humor, spotted the tall USC guard on his set and asked Duke to bend over and demonstrate his ball stance. With a deft kick, knocked Duke’s arms from his body and the young athlete on his face. Picking himself Duke said in that voice which then commanded attention, “Let’s try that once again.” This time Duke sent Ford flying. Ford erupted in laughter, and the two began a personal and professional friendship which would last a lifetime. From his job in props, Duke worked his way into roles on the screen. During the Depression he played in grade-B western until John Ford finally convinced United Artists to give him the role of the Ringo Kid in his classic film Stagecoach. John Wayne was on the road to stardom. He quickly established his versatility in a variety of major roles: a young seaman in Eugene O’Neill’s — The Long Voyage Home, a tragic captain in Reap the Wild Wind, a rodeo rider in the comedy — A Lady Takes a Chance. When war broke out, John Wayne tried to enlist but was rejected because of an old football injury to his shoulder, his age (34), and his status as a married father of four. He flew to Washington to plead that he be allowed to join the Navy but was turned down. So he poured himself into the war effort by making inspirational war films — among them The Fighting Seabees, Back to Bataan and They Were

Expendable. To those back home and others around the world he became a symbol of the determined American fighting man. Duke could not be kept from the front lines. In 1944 he spent three months touring forward positions in the Pacific theater. Appropriately, it was a wartime film, Sands of Iwo Jima which turned him into a superstar. Years after the war, when Emperor Hirohito of Japan visited the United States, he sought out John Wayne, paying tribute to the one who represented our nation’s success in combat. As one of the true innovators of the film industry, Duke tossed aside the model of the white-suited cowboy/good guy, creating instead a tougher, deeperdimensioned western hero. He discovered Monument Valley, the film setting in the Arizona — Utah desert where a host of movie classics were filmed. He perfected the choreographic techniques and stuntman tricks which brought realism to screen fighting. At the same time he decried blood and gore in films. He would say. “It’s filth and bad taste.”

“I sure as hell did!”

In the 1940s, Duke was one of the few stars with the courage to expose the determined bid by a band of communists to take control of the film industry. Through a series of violent strikes and systematic blacklisting, these people were at times dangerously close to reaching their goal. With theatrical employee’s union leader Brewer, playwright Morrie and others, he formed the Motion Picture Alliance for

POUSTI PLASTIC SURGERY Pousti Plastic Surgery Center Locations

the Preservation of American Ideals to challenge this insidious campaign. Subsequent Congressional investigations in I947 clearly proved both the communist plot and the importance of what Duke and his friends did. In that period, during my first term as president of the Actors’ Guild, I was confronted with an attempt by many of these same leftists to assume leadership of the union. At a mass meeting I watched rather helplessly as they filibustered, waiting for our majority to leave so they could gain control. Somewhere in the crowd I heard a call for adjournment, and I seized on this as a means to end the attempted takeover. But the other side demanded I identify the one who moved for adjournment. I looked over the audience, realizing that there were few willing to be publicly identified as opponents of the far left. Then I saw Duke and said, “Why I believe John Wayne made the motion.” I heard his strong voice reply, “I sure as hell did!” The meeting and the radicals’ campaign was over. Later, when such personalities as actor Larry Parks came forward to admit their Communist Party backgrounds, there were those who wanted to see them punished. Not Duke. “It takes courage to admit you’re wrong,” he said, and he publicly battled attempts to ostracize those who had come clean. Duke also had the last word over those who warned that his battle against communism in Hollywood would ruin his career. Many times he would proudly boast,

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September September15, 1, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 9

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4. The Wild Bunch

Gun quote: “We’ve got to start thinking beyond our guns. Those days are over.”

1. Shane

Cowboy: Alan Ladd as Shane Gun quote: “A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse 2. Red River than any other tool: an axe, a Cowboy: John Wayne as shovel or anything.” Dunson Boys need their role models, and a Gun quote: “There are only young fella could do far worse than to worship a gentle-hearted gunslinger two things more beautiful looking for some peace and quiet and than a gun: a Swiss watch good honest work. Alan Ladd is outstanding as Shane, the stranger who or a woman from anywhere. rides into the home and hearts of the Ever had a good... Swiss Starretts — homesteaders in a region where cattle ranchers view the newcom- watch?” ers as impediments to free, open grazing country. Change is inevitable, but the cattle barons won’t go down without a fight — especially when they can hire a bad guy gunslinger (Jack Palance) to do the fighting for them. Love the chemistry between Shane and Mrs. Starrett.... love the hero worship of little Joey his echoing plaintive cries of “Shane! Come back, Shane!” at the end of the absolute masterpiece of the western genre!

Cattle aren’t fetching nearly the price in Texas that Thomas Dunson (John Wayne) would like, but Dunson hears tell that better prices can be had by driving the herd north along the Chisholm Trail to Missouri, where the railroad can efficiently get the cattle to market. The movie has great scenery, but it’s mostly a psychological story about how relationships break down under stress.

3. The Searchers

Cowboy: John Wayne as Ethan Gun quote: “Ethan will put a bullet in her brain. I tell ya, Martha would want him to.” Like any rather shifty southern gentleman, Ethan Edwards claims to have fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. After the war was over, he heads home to Texas where he spends too little time with his brother and nieces before Comanches raid the ranch and kidnap the nieces. Ethan teams up with Texas Rangers to go after the Comanches and get the girls back (this was in the days before “missing” photos on milk cartons). It would be a long trek through vast empty lands, filled only with heartache and conflicted passions. Magnificent landscapes give a feel of bigness and wide open spaces. Great flick!

When the wild, wild west started becoming a kinder, gentler kind of country, the rough and tough needed to either adapt or to become extinct. Pike and his outlaw cohorts figure that they’ll adapt — AFTER robbing the railroad payroll. The movie opens with one of the most brutal gunfights ever before filmes, with gore galore and amazing close-ups, slow mo shots, and brilliant speed ups. Relentless bounty hunter chases ensue and not even refuge among a band of Mexican revolutionaries will stave off the inevitable (which of course, involves more brilliantly violent gunfights). Classic Peckinpah style with more blood than a Red Cross bloodmobile! Awesomely brutal!

5. The Ox-Bow Incident

Cowboy: Henry Fonda as Gil Carter Gun quote: “Start somethin’. For every hole you make, I’ll make two.” The best movies are always those that give us pause and make us think about hard questions. One of those hard questions is how to defuse “popular sentiment” that’s just plain wrong. Ibsen explored those kinds of themes in “An Enemy of the People,” and Walter Van Tilburg Clark explored the same kind of mob hysteria issues in this classic western. Henry Fonda is a feet-on-theground kind of cowpoke who rides into town along with his sidekick Art (Henry Morgan) just in time to get caught up in a vigilante mob looking for a scapegoat in a local murder. The mob finds three outsiders who will fit the bill just fine, and the three are promptly hung for the need for investigation or contemplation.

6. High Noon

Cowboy: Gary Cooper as Marshall Kane Gun quote: “I’ve heard guns. My father and my brother were killed by guns. They were on the right side but that didn’t help them any when the shooting started.” 10 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

Being a peace-loving Quaker is all fine and good if you’re selling oats, but it’s no way to survive out in the wild, wild west. The Marshall’s wife had better figure that out fast if she’s ever going to live happily ever after with the man she loves. Thumping the bible for peace is all fine and good, but when push comes to shove, the good book doesn’t end a gunfight nearly as quickly as a Colt Peacemaker. Violent bandits and a town full of cowards are just two of things that Marshall Kane would rather not have to face.

7. The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Gun quote: “You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.” What would a great ’60s movie list be without a nod to the spaghetti western, that delightfully dark interpretation dished out by Sergio Leone. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was first in a three-film sequence that would forever etch Clint Eastwood into the hearts and minds of gunfighter fans everywhere. It’s a movie that exemplifies raw macho at its purest, with little extraneous dialog but plenty of dark scowls. It’s a movie in which the draw of a gun and a double-cross will always speak louder than words.

8. High Plains Drifter Knife quote (because it’s better than any of the gun quotes): “You’re gonna look mighty funny with that knife sticking out of your back side.”

Classic ’70s era western featuring Clint Eastwood as a mysterious stranger who will either be the town’s salvation, or its annhilation. Maybe even both. The town is rife with corruption and cowardice, neither of which the strange rider seems to care for. It’s a place that’s not too safe for a an upright, straight-shooting cowboy ... but Eastwood’s dark spirit might be just the thing to give the local mining company and its brutal minions a little taste of their own medicine.

rough and tumble bully of a gunslinger who is used to getting what he wants and throwing other peoples’ steaks where he darn well pleases.) A young peaceful lawyer comes to town and runs afoul of Liberty Valance, but miracle upon miracle, the lawyer manages to shoot down Valance like the dirty low down dog that he is. Or so it seems... Could there be more to the story than meets the eyes of all the eyewitnesses? Does John Wayne like the Talking Heads’ song “Burning Down the House?” Watch this classic flick and find out why a man really does need a gun in these parts...

of bandits, they decide to buy some guns...and a group of seven gunfighters to use them (despite the “fair odds” of having at least 30 bandits on the other side of the gunsights). As they get used to village life, the gunfighters and farmers start bonding as they train for who knows what kind of bloody warfare. Eventually gunfire ensues, and eventually, good triumphs over evil and the meek inherit the village.

9. The Man Who Shot 10. The Magnificent Liberty Valance Seven (1960) Cowboy: John Wayne as Tom Doniphon Gun quote: “Hey, pilgrim! You forgot your pop gun!”

Them low-down cattlemen! Only thing lower than a low-down cattleman in the wild west were the low-down skunks who did their dirty work! (That wouild be Lee Marvin as Liberty Valance — a

Cowboy: Yul Brynner as Chris Adams Gun quote: “I’ll tell you what. Don’t shoot the gun. Take the gun like this, and you use it like a club, all right?”

When a small farming village gets tired of being beat up and robbed by a gang

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ithout saying a word in the ninth inning of an otherwise unmemorable game, the left fielder of the Yankees spoke volumes about who and what he is. With two outs in a hopeless contest destined to be lost by six runs, Brett Gardner refused to die. Down to his last strike, he took a changeup wide for a 2-2 count. Pitch five of the at-bat was an 83 mph slider fouled off. Pitch six was a four-seam fastball in the mid-90s also fouled off. The next offering was a 93 mph heater off the plate for a ball. With the count full, more heat and another foul ball. Rearing back for extra velocity, the pitcher delivered his ninth pitch of the AB. Making contact, Gardner punched a slow roller in the hole between first and second. Breaking from the plate as if running from the bulls in Pamplona, he sprinted toward first base. With batting helmet flying and a yard to go, he morphed into an undersized Superman launching himself at the bag. Skidding into foul territory, chalk flying up and in a uniform now suitably filthy for a Maytag moment, the pest nobody knows was safe. There comes a time when a difference-making competitor is so noticeable that even if one knows little about sports, such ability is obvious. And there comes a time when followers of a team first realize that a young and unheralded player is a real deal keeper. For casual observers who may have been watching and for Yankee fans who were paying attention, July 15, 2011 was the time and Brett Gardner was the do-anything-to-win athlete. At five-foot 10 inches and 185 pounds, it’s easy to undervalue and overlook Brett Gardner. In uniform, it would be difficult to envision him as a weekend warrior accountant, let alone a professional baseball player. For Gardner, that “not big enough, not good enough” perception is nothing new. Yet watching him every game, it is hard to ignore his value as expressed by far more than numbers. And that value of leadership, unrelenting hustle, instincts for the game, and “bringing it” every play in every game has been evident well before donning pinstripes.


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12 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

Sports News NFL preseason power rankings By Brad Oremland

The lockout is over, the schedule didn’t expand to 18 games, and the real games have started. Let’s jump right into this. The rankings below are for right now, beginning-ofseason strength, and not necessarily a forecast of each team’s success over the course of the whole year. However, the brackets show predicted regular-season record, and you’ll find postseason predictions at the bottom.

1. New England Patriots [13-3]

— Last season, dealing with injuries and a highprofile holdout, the Patriots went 14-2 and outscored their opponents by over 200 points. New England’s 65 touchdowns were by far the most in the league (Chargers and Colts, 51), and the fourth-most in history. The team suffered no significant free agent departures, but it did make some major offseason additions, including Shaun Ellis and Albert Haynesworth. They play a nasty schedule, but to the extent anything about the Patriots concerns me, it’s age and durability. Will this team be able to perform as well in December and January as it does with fresh legs? Right now, that’s a trivial worry. This team is loaded.

2. Green Bay Packers [11-5] — I

don’t like to pick repeat champs. Why? Because it almost never happens. A 16-game schedule is tough enough on the players’ bodies. Playing 19-20 games, with a month less of offseason time to recover, is positively debilitating. Plus, when you win it all, everyone is gunning for you. But the Packers have the kind of firepower to deal with all that. Their defense will look a little different this year, and some of the losses will hurt, but the offense may be even more devastating this time around. Last year, the Packers’ running game was a formality. Ryan Grant played one quarter before a season-ending injury, and James Starks didn’t emerge until the playoffs. Right now, they’re both ready to go. As long as Aaron Rodgers stays healthy, the Packers are the team to beat in the NFC.

Saints [12-4]

3. New Orleans

— Most years, elite teams get raided during the offseason. Free agency offers the have-nots a chance to catch up to all the haves.

I don’t know how much of this can be attributed to the lockout, but this offseason doesn’t seem to have worked that way. The Saints, like New England, actually seem to have gotten better since the end of last season. Standout DE Will Smith is suspended for the first two games, but the defensive line added Shaun Rogers and Aubrayo Franklin and should be very strong anyway. Drew Brees had a down season in 2010 (22 INT), the running backs were in constant flux, and the team was facing all the hardships that come with defending a Super Bowl championship. Last year, the Saints lost their first playoff game and got a long offseason. That could work to their benefit in 2011 — maybe even 2012.

4. San Diego Chargers [12-4] — Last

season, the Chargers were devastated by special teams mistakes, holdouts, and injuries, most notably to Antonio Gates. This year, coming off a long offseason and facing a second-place schedule, look for the team to rebound in a big way. This offense is stacked with talent, and the reloading defense was addressed by using the team’s first three draft picks on defensive players. Philip Rivers, like Tom Brady and Rodgers and Brees, is one of those players who doesn’t need a whole lot of help. But in San Diego, he doesn’t have to win by himself. There are a lot of good players on this team, and if it can avoid the lapses and mistakes that sunk the team in 2010, there’s no reason it can’t contend for a championship. I wrote this last year, too, but I just don’t see how anyone else wins the AFC West.

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5. Pittsburgh Steelers [11-5]

— Basically the same team that made it to Super Bowl XLV, so you have to expect that they’ll be pretty good again. This defense is just amazing, across the board, and if young offensive stars like Rashard Mendenhall and Mike Wallace continue to improve, the sky’s the limit (provided Ben Roethlisberger can stay healthy and out of trouble). I have a feeling, though — this is my gut, not my head — that they’re due for a slip-up this season. Maybe it’s just the Super Bowl loser curse, come to rear its ugly head after 19 games, or maybe it’s the Ravens taking the next step, or maybe it’s all in my imagination. But certainly there’s a great deal of talent here, and a no-nonsense coaching staff with a single-minded focus on winning. Until further notice, this remains one of the best teams in the NFL. A forgiving schedule could mitigate whatever hardships lie ahead.

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September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 13

Sports News

Sports Q&A: How to spend $100 million By Jeffrey Boswell The Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick to a six-year, $100 million contract extension with approximately $40 million guaranteed. Is this a wise deal for the Eagles, and what else can $100 million buy? Ask Andy Reid or anyone in the Philly front office and they’ll tell you it is money well spent. Ask any of Vick’s numerous creditors and they’ll tell you it’s money already spent. Vick’s not the only one set to collect on this deal. Vick was in debt; now he’s indebted to the Eagles for their $100 million show of faith. Vick became the first player to receive two contracts of $100 million or more. The first came in 2004, when he signed an eightyear, $130 million contract with the Falcons. And everyone knows how that ended — with the biggest case of buyer’s remorse in history. Regardless of what happens, this will be the last $100 million contract offered to Vick. But the Eagles are investing in a different person, one who’s learned from his mistakes, and now, one who’s earned from his mistakes. Many will argue that Vick, because of his criminal past, does not deserve such a lucrative contract. But this is professional athletics, in which players, more often than not, get more than they deserve, except when it comes to punishment. However, Vick did serve the time mandated by the courts, and had a 2010 season that would warrant such a contract, if those numbers could be equaled or surpassed. That is really what the Eagles are gambling on. Not the chance that Vick resorts to his criminal past, but the chance that he isn’t the player who threw for 21 touchdowns and rushed for nine more. $100 million is a Shih Tzu-load of money. And Vick didn’t even have to beg for it. The Eagles were happy to roll over and hand Vick an offer that makes him the third-highest-paid player behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. That’s a lot to live up to, especially now for Brady and Manning, who will now want to prove that Vick is not worth that money as much as Vick wants to prove he is.

So just what else can $100 million buy? • $100 million would pay for 62.5 seasons of Vick’s services at his 2009 contract rate. • $100 million would cover 19 seasons at Vick’s 2010 contract rate. • $100 million could buy 12,500 Vince Lombardi Trophies, and (the Eagles hope) one Super Bowl championship. • $100 million could buy 1,010,101 downloads of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” • $100 million would have bought 4,167 Tim Tebow jerseys last year; this year, you could get 12,500. • $100 million could place 500,000 $200 bounties on the head of former Dallas kicker Luis Zendejas. • $100 million could buy you your own personal PETA protest. • $100 million would cover 285,714,286 hours of prison labor at 35 cents per hour. • $100 million would reduce the federal deficit by .007874%. • $100 million is good for 4,000 minimum bets in an illegal poker game attended by Alex Rodriguez. • With $100 million, Pacman Jones could “make it rain” at a Las Vegas strip club for three hours, 20 minutes, assuming 5,000 one-dollar bills raining per minute. • $100 million would cover 345 improper $290,000 gifts to Reggie Bush. • $100 million will buy you relatives you didn’t even know you had. • $100 million would pay for 1,000 $100,000 fines charged to a team whose assistant coach trips opposing players on the sideline. • $100 million could buy 6% of the Dallas Cowboys, and possibly all of the Los Angeles Dodgers. • $100 million can buy time in the DeSean Jackson contract re-negotiations talks. 14 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

Military News Low-tech tool is best way to mark location of bombs By Jeff Gill Through a common, everyday household item, not a high-tech device with a big Pentagon price tag, area residents can help save military lives in one of Afghanistan’s deadliest regions. The white, foamy stuff has come in handy for marking suspected sites of roadside bombs, which have killed or seriously injured many U.S.-led coalition troops in the wartorn country. It is “hands down the best marking tool available,” said Casey M. Brock, commanding officer of C Company, which has some 200-plus Marines and U.S. Navy corpsmen. “Our supply of this much-needed item has run dangerously low, and we literally are living day to day on (it),” Brock said Marines had tried several things to mark possible bomb locations, but nothing seemed to work as well as shaving cream. Spray paint left more of a permanent mark, which the Taliban could use against them by placing a bomb where the paint mark is. Shaving cream only stays on the ground about 20 to 30 minutes until it dissipates,” Herdener said.

Marine’s single and video, ‘Still in the Fight,’ raise awareness for Wounded Warriors Active-duty U.S. Marine and multigenre artist Mike Corrado is raising public awareness for wounded service members with his latest single and video, titled “Still In The Fight.” A nationally recognized singersongwriter (featured on CNN, ABC, CBS and in Rolling Stone magazine) Corrado wrote “Still In The Fight” as a way to draw attention to the struggles many service men and women face after being wounded in combat. Proceeds from the song benefit the USO’s Wounded Warrior Family Centers initiative.  Visit woundedwarriors to donate or learn more.  View the video here. The “Still In The Fight” video features Marines who were wounded in combat during recent tours in Afghanistan or Iraq; veteran Corporal Aaron Mankin, veteran Master Sergeant William “Spanky” Gibson and Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter.  Also featured in the emotionally charged video is the artwork of Marines and combat illustrators Robert Bates and Michal Fay.  Gerard Elmore, who di-

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rected Corrado’s 2010 video, “Stand,” also directed “Still In The Fight,” due to be released in early September. “‘Still In The Fight’ is dedicated to our wounded warriors, who have sacrificed so much for their country, and for their amazing strength, spirit and resilience,” says Corrado. “Though they may be far from the battlefield, their fight for recovery continues.  For

those ‘Still In The Fight,’ this is their fight song.” “Still In The Fight” was produced by Noel Golden (Willie Nelson, Matchbox Twenty, Edwin McCain) and recorded at McCain’s Whitestone Studios in Greenville, S.C. In 2010, Corrado released his Stand EP, earning the singer-songwriter critical acclaim and video placement on CMT. com, CMT Pure and American Forces Television Network.  The single, “Lucky One,” brought attention to the thousands of military veterans dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). During his musical career, Corrado has opened for artists including John Mayer, Bon Jovi, Train, Black Eyed Peas and Aaron Tippin.  His militarythemed songs have received significant airplay in the Country, Pop and Rock formats.  Corrado received the Bronze Star for his military service in Fallujah, Iraq, as a result of his deployment following the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.  See the video at www.military-

We honor those who were lost in or affected by the events of September 11, 2001, and salute those who bravely serve our country today.

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September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 15 8/15/11 1:45 PM

Semper Fi

By Chaplain Ringo

Chappy’s On Eagle’s Wings

Life’s Parachutes P

ondering lately on the blessings in my life, I started wondering why we often don’t see the little things all around us, or those who make them happen. If you were to take just a moment to reflect on the many people who impact your life on a daily basis, I know you would be amazed. Go ahead, take a few minutes then come back to the article… Well, ever since I was a young Marine in the ’70s, I had always wanted to go to jump school. Many said I was crazy, but in my 40th year I finally got the opportunity to attend the Army Airborne School at, Fort Benning, Georgia. The first two weeks just beat up my body mercilessly. It was reminiscent of my Marine Bootcamp and Infantry School days. But, at 40, my physical body wasn’t doing what my 20-ish mindset thought it should. I quickly realized that I would need a lot of help to make it through the training. So, I asked a few Navy Seals to surround me on the runs to keep me moving at the right speed. And a fellow old fogy, a flight surgeon, would go with me to the O-Club and we’d motivate each other to stretch and soak in the hot tub. The instructors taught us all they could to make us safe, and the parachute riggers gave us safe chutes so we’d live to jump another day.



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16 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

Chappy Ron Ringo, is a Retired Chaplain from MCRD, holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling, and is a Certified Trauma Specialist.

Most all aspects of our life, if we really think about it, are filled with similar people giving similar aid. A story you may have heard, expresses this point in a very meaningful way. It is entitled, “Packing Your Parachute.” Charles Plumb, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, was a jet fighter pilot in Vietnam. After 75 combat missions, his plane was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile. Plumb ejected & parachuted into enemy hands. He was captured & spent six years in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp. He survived that ordeal & now lectures about the lessons learned from that experience. One day, when Plumb & his wife were sitting in a restaurant, a man at another table came up & said, “You’re Plumb! You flew jet fighters in Vietnam from the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. You were shot down!” “How in the world did you know that?” asked Plumb. “I packed your parachute,” the man replied. Plumb gasped in surprise & gratitude. The man pumped his hand & said. “I guess it worked!” Plumb assured him, “It sure did! If your chute hadn’t worked, I wouldn’t be here today.” Plumb couldn’t sleep that night, thinking about that man. Plumb says, “I kept wondering what he might have looked like in a Navy uniform – a Dixie cup hat, a bib in the back, and bell bottom trousers. I wondered how many times I might have seen him & not even said good morning, how are you or anything, because, you see, I was a fighter pilot & he was just a sailor.” Plumb thought of the many hours the sailor had spent on a long wooden table in the bowels of the ship carefully weaving the shrouds & folding the silks of each chute; holding in his hands each time the fate of someone he didn’t know. Now, Plumb asks his audience, “Who’s packing your parachute?” Everyone has someone who provides what he or she needs to make it through the day. Plumb also points out that he needed many kinds of parachutes when his plane was shot down over enemy territory. He needed his physical parachute, his mental parachute, his emotional parachute, & his spiritual parachute. He called on all these supports before reaching safety. His experience reminds us all to prepare ourselves to weather whatever storms lie ahead. Suggestion: Recognize people who pack your parachute & strengthen yourself to prevail through tough times! A couple of years ago, I met Plumb and he to this day thinks of this and is appreciative for those who serve and bless the lives of others. My own jump school experience was very humbling. It gave me a much greater appreciation for my family, friends, and for life. I’ll never forget going into that 3rd and last week of jump school – “jump week,” with 5 exciting jumps

ahead of me. I stood-up, hooked-up, and shuffled out the door of a C-141 Jet, and then counted to four…my chute opened wide, and I thanked all responsible, both silently and aloud, that it did. But then, with 40 seconds before hitting the ground, I rapidly found myself at the mercy of nature… All the training we did, didn’t prepare us for unfriendly thermals and the lack of real control we had over the antiquated old rope chutes we were using. So my chute went where the thermal wind wanted to take it. I remember the surprise of waking up in the hospital sometime that night with broken ribs and a concussion. I again thanked everyone responsible for getting me there. But, it was disheartening to find out that they couldn’t let me finish my jumps at that time; I would have to return six months later, after the ribs had healed. Which I did. After jump school, I found that I looked at life differently. I saw much the same attitude a few years ago when I rode home on the different ships returning from Iraq, providing them Warrior Transition Training. Many expressed that they had gained a profound regard for their family, loved ones, life, and yes, even Jacksonville, North Carolina. Having seen what the people endure in Iraq, who don’t have what we have, opened many eyes and hearts. Let’s not wait to have life threatening, life changing experiences before we start enjoying and being grateful for our blessings – especially those people in it who touch our lives in so many ways. Be kinder to the motorist next to you, the waitress who is doing her best with six tables alone, the child who is noisy because he is just a child, etc… Look around and see the good all about, then take the time to express appreciation to those who make it happen. The Roman statesman Cicero said, “I never admired another’s fortune so much that I became dissatisfied with my own.” By happily focusing on what we have, we can have a more joyful life. That joy will always reach beyond ourselves and can bless so many others. May we try more consistently to have a “gratitude attitude” this week, is my prayer. As always, it is my hope that this message will help you this week to, “mount up as on eagle’s wings,” and renew a little of your strength to keep moving forward and find joy… (Isaiah 40:31) Until next time, may God bless you and may God continue to bless our great nation… SEMPER FI

Heard the one about the . . . ter an hour and a half, the wife told her husband that she was horribly bored and that she preferred to go home and finish some work for the next day. The husband responded that he had to stay for a few more hours to meet some very important people who were his new business partners. So, the wife went home alone and The Lone Ranger is riding Silver across the plains when up ahead he sees Tonto’s horse Scout, without Tonto aboard. He rides up to Scout and sees Tonto on all fours with his ear to the ground. “Kemo Sabe, what are you doing?” the Ranger says. “Mmmm...” replies Tonto. “Wagon, two people. Man, 25 moons old, woman 21 moons. Two children. Four horses... two white, one brown, one black.” “You can tell all that just by listening to the ground?” the Ranger exclaims, astonished. “No,” Tonto answers, “run over me, half hour ago....”

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found the butler spread out on the couch watching TV. She slowly moved towards him and sat down very seductively. She asked him to come closer. Then even closer. She moved forward and whispered in his ear: “Take off my dress....” “Now, take off my bra.” “Next, remove my shoes and socks.” She then looked deep into his eyes and in a sharp voice shouted: “The next time I catch you wearing my clothes, you’re fired!”



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The Lone Ranger and Tonto went camping in the desert. After they got their tent all set up, both men fell sound asleep. Some hours later, Tonto wakes the Lone Ranger and says, “Kemo Sabe, look towards sky, what you see?” The Lone Ranger replies, “I see millions of stars.” “What that tell you?” asked Tonto. The Lone Ranger ponders for a minute then says, “Astronomically speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies. Time wise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three in the morning. Theologically, the Lord is all powerful and we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What’s it tell YOU, Tonto?” “You dumber than buffalo. Someone stole tent.” A wealthy couple had plans to go to an evening ball. So they advised their butler that they were giving him the evening off to do as he pleased since they would be out until quite late. The couple went to the ball and dinner. AfFor advertising information, call (858) 537-2280

September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 17

Continued from page 1

Marlon Brando W

hile Brando’s contribution to acting is undeniable and universally recognised, his contribution to the birth of rock’n’roll is often overlooked. The actor made a single singing and dancing turn in 1955’s Guys and Dolls where he proved once and for all that he could neither sing nor dance. But Marlon Brando stirred up the primordial stew of unrest and youthful angst of the pre rock’n’roll 1950’s, straddling his own Triumph as Johnny Strabler, the leader of the Wild Rebels motorcycle gang that terrorises the small American Midwestern town of Wrightsville in The Wild One in 1953. Unable to control the situation when a rival gang, headed by Lee Marvin (on a Harley) arrives and violence erupts, the exasperated sheriff pleads with Johnny, asking, “What are you rebelling against?” “Whaddya got?” was the response. The film was considered so potentially corrupting and inappropriate for a youth audience, that it was banned in Britain until 1968 and never shown in many American towns for fear of corrupting their fragile youth. Though the dangerousness of the gangs seems rather tame by contemporary standards, Brando’s depiction of Johnny remains on of the finest film performances of all-time. While it would be a couple more years until Bill Haley and the Comets rocked around the clock in their pastel braided suits ushering in the rock’n’roll era, Brando along with James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, inspired the far more dangerous and sexual ‘angry young man’ persona that would later define the attitude of rock’n’roll. In 1954’s On the Waterfront, for which he earned his first Best Actor Oscar, Brando cemented this image as Terry Malloy, destroyed by corruption all around him, including the brother who raised him. Turning his back on his brother after he has Terry set up a friend to be murdered, he uttered the legendary, “I coulda been a contenduh!” which resonates in Eddie Cochran’s Summertime Blues and Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel. Presley, Cochran, and Gene Vincent were insolent, rebellious, and much to parents’ horror, were going to steal your

18 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

daughter – and she wanted them to, not unlike the innocent sheriff’s daughter Kathie Bleeker (Mary Murphy), in The Wild One, who finds herself falling in love with Johnny and says, “I wish you were going somewhere. I want to go somewhere. We could go together.” Though his early films inspired a revolution that reverberated throughout the industry, as Brando moved into his thirties, he seemed a man divided. There was the man immersed in stardom, with his personal life an endless source of tabloid fodder and his choice of films seemingly based more on financing his excessive lifestyle (including the purchase of a string of Tahitian islands) than furthering his art. Then there was the passionate crusader, marching with Martin Luther King on Washington in1963, fighting for civil rights. Though his box office appeal remained strong through the 60s, he made a string of mainstream films hardly worth revisiting, culminating in his only directorial effort, One Eyed Jacks, which was never released. Always plagued with weight problems, he was no longer the virile, muscle-bound youth, and moved into middle age as a sagging, dissolute has-been. The world thought it had seen the last of Marlon Brando. Then in 1972, he returned triumphant as Don Vito Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather. Aged and with his cheeks stuffed with tissue paper, Brando was at his peak as the all-powerful don, ruling the New York Mafia with an iron fist, invoked after he had ‘made an offer he couldn’t refuse’ to the offender. In one of the most controversial moments in Oscar history, he refused to accept the Best Actor statuette in protest of the treatment of Native Americans and sent the part-Apache Sacheen Littlefeather in his place to publicly refuse the award. John Wayne, standing backstage, was reportedly so enraged; he had to be restrained by a half dozen men as he

tried to rush the podium to remove her. Brando followed up with the X-rated Last Tango in Paris (1972), once again shocking audiences with the same raw emotion and primitive energy of his early films, as a recently widowed American in Paris who gets caught up in a sadomasochistic love affair. While he continued to accept mainstream roles based on the size of the pay packet (most notoriously receiving the unheard of sum of US$4 million for little more than a camappearance as Jor-El in Superman (1978), he once again stunned the film world as the psychotic Colonel Walter Kurtz in Apocalypse

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Th 2 e 01 Ai 1 rc A ra rt ft C of on th tes e Fu t tu re

Now in 1979. His portrayal of a renegade megalomaniac ‘ruling’ his personal kingdom in the jungle, so far out control the army has determined the only way to handle him is to kill him “with extreme prejudice,” in some ways, seemed to echo the actor’s own life. Making this film was so emotionally taxing for the ageing star he vowed never to undertake such a demanding role again. While none of his later films proved earth shattering, The Freshman (1990) with Matthew Broderick and Don Juan de Marco with Johnny Depp (1995) are both worth revisiting, the former where he takes the fire out of his Godfather character, and the latter, one of my personal favourites, where Brandon proved that at the age of 71 and carrying 150 kg he could still play a romantic lead to a still lovely Faye Dunaway. The eighty year old actor, thrice married and father to at least eleven children, passed away alone in an LA hospital on 30 June 2004. An actor until the end, he had at least two film projects in the works including Brando on Brando, a feature film about an Arab boy in search of the star. He was frail in his final weeks and French director Ridha Behi was uncertain that Brando, who was on a respirator, would be able to complete the film. “He looked at me,” said Behi, “and pulled the mask off and said, ‘I am ready. You just say ‘action.’”

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Easy Rider

Motorcycle myths By Christopher Neiger Since their invention, motorcycles have garnered a certain amount of allure and fascination from both riders and non-riders alike. Throughout motorcycle history, some myths have continually popped up, adding to the appeal (and sometimes the fear) of these motorized bikes.

Elvis Presley’s bike was sold to Jay Leno for millions

bike for about $1 million from the man who paid several hundred for it. In other versions, Harley-Davidson buys the bike for several million. In either case, both Jay Leno and Harley-Davidson have said that the story is false. This story is so prevalent that on Jan. 22, 2000, after Leno received calls about the story for several months, he made an announcement on his late-night talk show that the story simply wasn’t true. No matter what version you may hear of the story (some even include James Dean), all major parties have had their share of denying the myth and trying to settle the public’s persistence that this story is true.

This tale usually begins with someone finding an old, beat-up Harley on the side of a dirt road in a small town. There are several versions of this myth, which may be one of the reasons it stays alive, but the story loosely goes like this: For just a few hundred dollars, a guy buys an old Harley-Davidson motorcycle that needs lots of work. Neither the owner of the bike, nor the purchaser knows the history of the bike. The new owner does a little detective work and learns that this particular bike once belonged to Elvis Presley. In one version, Jay Leno buys the

Evel Knievel rode only Harley-Davidsons

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Evel Knievel will forever be known as one of the most famous motorcycle stunt performers of all time. His career spanned several decades, earned him world records and caused him about 40 broken bones throughout his career. One of the myths surrounding this legend is that he only used Harley-Davidson motorcycles to perform his stunts. Like all the other motorcycle stories we’ve mentioned so far, this one isn’t true either. Although Knievel did have a contract with Harley-Davidson during part of his career, his first jump was actually with a Honda motorcycle. His 350cc bike took him over two mountain lions, a box full of 100 rattlesnakes and sparked his stunt-riding career — in addition to peaking some interest in his Honda motorcycle dealership. Knievel also rode a Norton 750 Com-

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mando, a Laverda/American Eagle and a Triumph T120 Bonneville throughout his career, the latter being the one he crashed on at his famous Caesar’s Palace jump. His most famous bike, though, and possibly one of the reasons why so many people perpetuate the myth, was the 1972 Harley-Davidson XR-750. This bike was used in some of Knievel’s most famous jumps and is now located in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

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Military History

The Inchon Landing

Robert Olsen remembers the remarkable Inchon Landing that saved South Korea from communism


his month is the 61st anniversary of the remarkable Inchon Landing that occured on Sept., 15, 1950. General Douglas MacArthur masterminded the landing and proved the skeptics wrong. The take over of Inchon led to the fall of Yong Dung Po, an industrial, and well fortified town dominated by ominous high smoke stacks. We crossed the Han River to enter Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It was all street fighting; every corner of the city had barricades made out of large rice bags. An elderly man came out of Robert Olsen a building with tears in his eyes and hugged us. Just that emotional expression of appreciation made it all worthwhile. Once Seoul was secured, we loaded up on trucks to take us to the docks to board ships for the Wonson Landing in North Korea. I passed a young girl on the way with burns on her body and threw her C-Rations (canned food) and a field jacket to shield her from the cold. President Harry Truman sent one of his aides to South Korea to check on the Marines. The aide reported back to the president that the U.S Marines Corps is the greatest fighting outfit in the world and not to worry. When North Korea surged across the borders of its southern neighbor South Korea on June 25, 1950, South Korea and its Western allies were caught off guard. Spearheaded by a downsized American military, the United Nations acted swiftly to stop this open armed communist aggression, but the U.N. contingent, unprepared for North Korea’s fanatical determination and fighting skill, also found itself thrown back into disarray. Bottled up with our backs to the sea at Pusan, America and her allies now

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faced the unthinkable: a humiliating evacuation. With the United Nations forces on the verge of being pushed into the sea at Pusan, victory was within the grasp of the surrounding North Korean Army. Now the stage was set for one of the most dramatic reversals of the war. Lead by the American hero and supreme Commander, General Douglas MacArthur, the allies executed

a high risk, brilliantly planned amphibious landing at Inchon. Within months, General MacArthur’s men would break out of the Pusan perimeter and drive the North Koreans almost to the Chinese border. But their victory would turn to devastating defeat, as the unexpected onslaught of hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops took the U.S. contingent by sur-

prise forcing a strategic withdrawal back to South Korea. Nearly overrun by the surprise attack from the hordes of determined Chinese troops pouring across the Yalu River, American forces were soon engaged in the largest strategic withdrawal in U.S. history. Nearly 120,000 of Mao Tse-Tung’s (leader of the Chinas elite troop) surrounded 15,000 U.S. Marines. Mao Tse-Tung ordered his troops to annihilate the 1st Marine Division to the last man. The 1st Marine Division defeated seven Chinese Divisions and impaired the effectiveness of three more Chinese Divisions for months. The 1st Marine Division fought its way out of the trap with their tanks, trucks, artillery and equipment, along with their dead and wounded. We also took out 100,000 North Korean civilians, men, women and children. I remember a baby boy strapped to his mother’s back who I’ve discovered is know a dentist in Staten Island, New York, miracles do happen. The greatest gift — freedom, was bestowed upon these worthy people who had suffered under the tyranny of communism for many years. After reaching the port of Hungnam, the evacuation of some 40,000 Army and Marine forces boarded ships with the 100,000 North Korean civilians; the last ship leaving on Christmas eve for Pusan, South Korea. The communists recaptured the North Korean capital of Pyongyang a month later. The South Korean capital of Seoul also fell. Now with the way becoming increasingly costly on both sides, the two warring nations dug in and consolidated their forces on either side of the 38th Parallel, the divide between North and South Korea. As American casualties mounted in the war, President Harry Truman came under increasing military and political upheaval, a rift between Truman and larger than

life war hero General Douglas MacArthur resulted in MacArthur’s dismissal and the arrival of General Mathew Ridgeway. After retaking Seoul in bitter, block-by-block fighting, the U.N. forces confronted the re-grouped enemy in the biggest battle of the war. But by now, U.S. policy had shifted from liberation to containing the communists at the 38th Parallel where it all started, With much bloody fighting still to come, the war raged on until the Armistice of July, 1953, and the unstable cease fire that continues to flare into violence even today. I was a 19-year-old combat infantryman carrying a Browning automatic rifleman. I have fought in four campaigns as a Combat Infantryman from the beginning of the remarkable Inchon Landing on Sept, 15, 1950 through South Korea before boarding ships for the landing at Wonson, North Korea. We went up to the frozen Chosin Reservoir. We fought our way out of the trap and returned to South Korea and started our counter offensive. I was wounded at Hong Chou near the 38th Parallel and laid for 12 hours in a pool of blood before being evacuated to the field hospital. I owe my life to our corpsman, Bob Yorka, who kept me alive. My right leg was amputated on the hospital ship, repose on my 20th birthday, I spent 13 months in various military and V.A. hospitals. Throughout the years more surgery followed for my war wounds, but I was alive and felt very fortunate. Today I reside in San Diego, but still recall that day in 1950 as if it was yesterday. I’m proud to have been a part of the operation, proud to be a Marine and also saddened by my memories of all those that never did return.


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The many talents of therapy dogs Many people think of therapy dogs as guide dogs leading the blind, or dogs sitting with seniors at an assisted living facility. While therapy dogs are responsible for these jobs, they do so much more — including acting as a

trusted companion for someone diagnosed with cancer. Although many therapy dogs are specially trained in their roles, just about any well-mannered dog can

serve in a therapeutic capacity. People may be surprised at all the many assistance roles dogs can play. • Help children read: Dogs are not judgmental and offer no criticism, which makes them prime helpers for children who need help learning to read or who have stage fright. Children can read stories to dogs who listen quietly and build up their confidence levels. Some schools and libraries even institute programs where dogs are invited as the audience to student readers. • Seizure alert: Some dogs are trained to alert epileptics and those with seizure disorders to an upcoming episode, although this method of detection is not always foolproof. In general, seizure dogs provide companionship and security to a person during and after an episode. • Cancer therapy: Getting diagnosed with cancer can be a stressful event. Going through chemotherapy and radiation can take its toll on the body. Cancer patients often need all of the love and affection they can get or sometimes just a quiet companion. In a program like Pets for Pals, therapy dogs sit with cancer patients, often sensing what ill people need. Dogs have the innate ability to love unconditionally. Having a dog around gives

patients a different topic of conversation other than their health and treatment. Petting a dog has been known to lower blood pressure and reduce stress as well. • Helping hands: Individuals who are handicapped may rely on dogs to do tasks around the house, from turning on lights to grabbing remote controls. Some dogs help companions move around a space by offering stability and a handhold. • Security: Even if a dog isn’t a trained guard, it can alert if something is amiss in the house or if someone is at the door or outside of the home. Many therapy and service dogs start their lives as stray dogs or shelter dogs. Some training facilities ac-



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The Wild One (1953)

Cop-hating Johnny Strabler is recounting the fateful events that led up to the “whole mess” as he calls it, his role in the mess and whether he could have stopped it from happening. The Black Rebels, a motorcycle gang of which Johnny is the leader, cause a ruckus using intimidation wherever they go, with their actions bordering on the unlawful. On the day of the mess, they invade a motorcycle racing event, at which they cause a general disturbance culminating with one of the gang members stealing a second place trophy to give to Johnny. Despite not being the larger winning trophy, it symbolizes to Johnny his leadership within the group. Their next stop is a small town where their disturbance and intimidation tactics continue. Some in town don’t mind their arrival as long as they spend money. Harry Bleeker, the local sheriff, doesn’t much like them but is so ineffective and weak that he doesn’t do anything to stop them..

On The Waterfront (1954)

“Im just a bum sitting in a motor home on a film set, Brando said, and they come looking for ZEUS.” I think Brando was a guy who was perfect in the moment. All his power and shortcomings can be revealed in a single sentence. Other’s might have been great and still more will be. But there’s just something about him. For me, Brando has always been the ultimate male. Simply put, bruiting desire. Brando represents the very definition of method acting, even though he was said to have hated the phrase. Being able to reach inside yourself and pull something out that kicks everyone in the rear. He was truly one of a kind. They say sometimes beautiful people are born under a dark cloud. I think Brando was born under a rain of thunderbolts. He was powerful and tragic. On The Waterfront is basically a showcase for Brando. Everything coming together. This film is truly one for the ages. I guess the only thing really wrong with this life is time.

26 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

The Wild West

Gunslinging outlaws of the American Wild West By Nicosia The American Wild West includes the history, folklore, people, and events of the mid1800s to the beginning of the 20th century (though some people date it up to the 1920s). During this time of expansion from coast to coast, many people rose to fame through their exciting (and often illegal) lives. We still remember these men and women today and this list looks at ten of the most fascinating and memorable.

William “Curly Bill” Brocius 1845-March 24, 1882

life of a farmer, but when that didn’t pan out, he fell in with


For All Military Members

“Curly Bill” was so-called because of his head of thick, curly black hair. After the death of “Old Man” Clanton, he became the leader of the “Cowboys” gang of cattle rustlers in Tombstone, Arizona. He also worked for a while as a tax collector for Cochise County Sheriff John Behan. Curly Bill was a heavy drinker who became even more rambunctious when drunk. One night, while drinking with other Cowboys, he was asked by Marshal Fred White to give up his pistol. In handing the gun over to the Marshall, it accidentally discharged, hitting White. Fred White, who had been friendly with Curly Bill, made a statement on his deathbed that he believed the shooting was an accident and Brocius was acquitted. Wyatt Earp testified in his defense, but later shot and killed him in retaliation for the murder of his brother Morgan Earp.

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Belle Starr Feb. 1848 – Feb. 1889

Myra Maybelle Shirley was born in Carthage, Missouri. As a young lady, she attended the Carthage Female Academy where she excelled in all subjects and became an accomplished pianist. She grew up with Cole Younger and later befriended the James brothers. When the outlaws of the JamesYounger gang needed to hide out, they often stayed at the Shirley family farm. It wasn’t long before Maybelle was introduced to a life of crime and earned the nickname “The Bandit Queen.” In 1866, Belle married Jim Reed, a former Confederate Army guerrilla. Jim Reed tried to live the honest

the Starrs, a Cherokee Indian family notorious for stealing

horses. Along with his wife’s friends, the Jameses and Youngers, they planned and executed many daring heists. Jim was killed while trying to escape from the custody of a deputy sheriff who had arrested him for one such robbery. After the loss of her husband, Belle made her living organizing and planning robberies, as well Continued on page 27

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The Wild West ranch near the infamous “Hole-in-the-Wall” outlaw hideout. Parker, by this time “Butch Cassidy,” was never a very good rancher, and it is believed to have simply been a cover for his illegal activities. In 1896, he became the leader of the infamous group of criminals known as the Wild Bunch that included some of the most well-known outlaws of the Wild West. As with the Sundance Kid, it is unknown if he really died in Bolivia, or if, as some relatives claim, he returned to America. as fencing stolen goods. When she was unable to bribe the law into looking the other way, she would seduce them to get what she wanted. She married Sam Starr in 1880, and two years later, both of them were convicted of stealing horses. They were released a year later and went right back into lawlessness. Belle was murdered on Feb. 3, 1889, two days before she was to turn 41. She was shot in the back while riding home from the general store. Her killer has never been identified.

Butch Cassidy 13 April 1866 – circa November 1908

In 1879, at the age of 13, Robert LeRoy Parker (Butch Cassidy) lived and worked with his family on the ranch of Jim Marshall in Circleville, Utah. It was there that he met his friend and mentor, Mike Cassidy who gave Bob his first gun and taught him how to shoot. Years later, Bob would take his last name, Cassidy, as a tribute. His first run-in with the law occurred when he rode into town to buy a new pair of overalls. The general store was closed, so Bob let himself in, found a pair that fit, and left a note promising that he would be back to pay later. The merchant reported him to the Sherriff, but he was acquitted of any crime. On June 24, 1889, he and three others robbed the San Miguel Valley Bank in Telluride, netting $21,000. With this money, he bought a

Jesse James September 5, 1847 – April 3, 1882 Jesse James was born in Missouri, and along with his brother, Frank, was a Confederate guerrilla fighter during the Civil War. After the war, the James boys joined the Younger brothers and formed the James-Younger Gang. Together, they robbed banks, stagecoaches, and trains. In 1869, the gang held up the Daviess County Savings Association in Gallatin, Missouri. Jesse shot and killed a clerk, believing him to be someone else. When he realized his terrible mistake, he began a correspondence with John Newman Edwards, editor and founder of the Kansas City Times. Edwards had fought for the Confederacy also, and was sympathetic to the James brothers. He ran many admiring articles about the gang and published Jesse Jame’s letters to the public, in which he declared his innocence. These articles raised his public profile and made him a kind of folk hero. Though he was famous while alive, he became even more so in death, when he was shot in the back of the head in his own home by trusted friend Robert Ford. His mother, Zerelda James chose this epitaph for her son : “In Loving


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There is no outlaw more legendary that Billy the Kid. Countless books, movies, and songs have been written about his life, but the reality was not quite as sensational. Often portrayed as a cold-blooded killer, he entered a life of crime out of necessity, not malice. People who knew him personally called him brave, resourceful honest, and full of laughter. Under different circumstances, he could have been a successful man. It has been said that he killed 21 people, one for each year of his life, but he was probably only responsible for four. In 1877, he went to work as a cattle guard for rancher, John Tunstall. Tunstall was embroiled in a bitter dispute with the local merchants Lawrence Murphy and James Dolan. On February 18, 1878, Tunstall was murdered by Murphy’s workers while herding his cattle in the open range. He was unarmed and alone. This event started what would be called The Lincoln County War. Enraged, the ranch hands, including Billy, were deputized and given the warrants to bring in the Murphy men. They called themselves the Regulators. Due to the corruption of the day, the governor sided with Murphy, and the Regulators became the enemy. After a daring escape from jail, and a few years on the run, he was shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett while hiding out in a friend’s home. Over the years, several people have claimed to be Billy the Kid, but the chance that he survived and/or his body was misidentified are highly unlikely.

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Caring Surrogate

Mom Wanted

Infertile Christian married couple seek the help of a gestational surrogate mom.

Receive: $26,000 - $30,000

If you have easy pregnancies and would like to help make your family dreams come true email: fOr SAlE



All sizes with factory warranty. Many styles, pillow top, orthopedic, Queen sets as low as $189

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HElP WANTED airlines are hiring

Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified Job placement assistance. Call aviation institute of Maintenance


Attention Active Military Seeking qualified distributors into the booming artificial grass industry. $10k mininum investment

Spacious 1 & 2 Bedroom Apts

Country Like Setting, Laundry Facility

divorce 425 Will & trust $425 Bankruptcies

work part-time, make up to

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CaBle tv/data/telephone inStallerS Needed for Los Angeles, Orange County & San Diego.

Excellent wages. Company vehicle provided for some areas. Paid training. We provide tools. Paid Mi., Health plan, 401k, Paid vacation. Apply in person: Pratt Communications Inc. - L.A., 20420 Susana Rd., Carson, CA 90810 - L.V., 2430 N. Decater, Ste. 110 & 115, Las Vegas, NV 89108 - S.D., CA 6156 Mission Gorge Rd., Unit N, 92120 - S.D., 7152 Convoy Ct., San Diego, CA 92111 - Orange County, 2913 Tech Center Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92705

30 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS




949-916-3247 Office 714-305-9531 Direct line


MASSAGE SPECIAL $4999 - 1HR Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai, Sports & Couples MASSAGE

Ionic Foot Detox, Salt Scrub 3333 Midway Dr. #201 • SD, CA 92110

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Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Sweedish/Deep Tissue/Sports modalities. Relieve your tense overworked muscles & relax at the same time by scheduling your appt today. Military discounts avail. Sean 619-204-3791

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Pacific Legacy

Newly Remodeled 1 BR 1 BA $900 2 BR 2 BA $1000 3 BR 2 BA $1250

Pets Okay Please Contact Laura

imperial Beach

500 Moves You In (OAC)


2Br starting @ 1095 $

Each unit comes w/gas stove, refrigerator, dishwasher,fplc, W/D hook ups, balcony/patio & extra storage. Gated comm. w/underground parking.

1471 Grove Ave Imperial Beach, CA 91932

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Located in the Heart of Poway 1BR/1BA 1st Month FREE Refrig., Stove, D/W, Ceiling Fan, Vertical Blinds, A/C in gated community. Close to all. 4 mi. E of the I-15. Just $1000/mo + $400 Security deposit. No Pets.

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FALLBROOK $800 & up. Spacious 1Bedroom, private patio/balcony, A/C, refrig., NO PETS! 145 W. Clemmens Ln



On quiet cul-de-sac, Close to Beach, Bay & Bases From $840/mo

1042 15th Street


Millcreek Apts.

Same day sign 1 & 2br's Starting from $925

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MIlITArY fAMIlY WANTED 1,2 & 3 Bedroom apartment homes available in Falbrook, Oceanside, Poway, Lakeside and La Mesa, Dogs welcome at several properties upon approval. Military Programs available. Please call 619.956.6341 for more information

military special

•Additional $200 Off deposit •No App Fees •1BR + Loft from $1345 •2BR from $1465 •townhome from $1715 Foreclosure Forgiveness Credit Friendly

Granite, Wshr/Dryer & Gar's optional, fplc’s, gated, resort size pool, fitness ctr, tennis, theatre &more.


601 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd.


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$1850 – 2br 2ba downstairs $1050 – 1br 1ba upstairs Across the street from beach! With single gar. Laundry on-site 1312 S. PACIFIC #D call shERman


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Hidden Meadow Apts

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ImperIal Beach


Property Management

All Military Welcome

Offering Rentals Throughout San Diego- military friendly

Grove Condos

Cats Ok w/Pet Deposit. 1515 Date St., Vista 92083


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Bella viSta First month Free 2BR/2BA, W/D in unit. Pool & Jacuzzi. $1250/mo.

military Specials


1624 Canyon Rd. Spring Valley 2 BR $925 ( 800 sq. ft. ) $500 Moves you in! (oac) Stove, D/W, Pool, Close to bases Call 619-698-5533


to river oaks

Minutes from Pendelton NEW PHASE 1 & 2 BDRM Hi this is Lor, Are you in the military? Need extra cash? Come work for me. No experience Necessary will Train. You can earn up to $4,000 a month. Call for an interview. Ask for Toni Lee "The Military Mom" 619-274-0507 Visit:

move in immediately Beautiful Newly Renovated Homes. Free Gar., W/D. In Oceanside, located near Camp Pendleton.

519 Ammunition Rd

Military Helping Military Teach & Tutor Children with Autism. San Diego Area. Part Time $14-18 to start. Email:


5.99 4 for $20


3939 Iowa Street, North Park


1135 Garnet, Pacific Beach



MILITARY CAREER DUIs, Divorce, Bankruptcy Also available: Automobile/Personal Injury, Trusts & Wills Law Offices of Robert T. Plumb, II

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Military Discounts Available

Military News

Honoring the sacrifice strength to carry him or her out while being wounded multiple times, the love to throw their own bodies on a grenade to protect others, the will to fight on, and come home. Some service members return home, and after the euphoria leaves, are angry. They are angry at all the ignorance in this world of the trivial, how the only value is placed on the insignificant, and how “fake” it is here. Over there life mattered, if it did not revolve around life or death it didn’t matter and could be gone without. Over there set the standard for reality. Their sacrifices opened their eyes to another world, a world filled with pain, suffering, and death, a world of war, a world they’d take over this one, a world you don’t have to see. A sacrifice is made not expecting anything in return. The service members that return angry often feel that their sacrifice was wasted. They feel that more attention is given to insignificant things, Reality TV and luxuries, than what matters, life and lives sacrificed. When a sacrifice is made, the best thing that can be given in return is grateful appreciation. Grateful appreciation is more than just a thank you, but it helps; it is appreciating your freedoms, rights, and fellow Americans. 12.625 in.

By Christopher Lawrence Outreach Specialist/ Group Facilitator, Warrior Traditions Program, VVSD When I was in high school, my literature teacher had us read “The Giver,” by Lois Lowry. The book is about a seemingly utopian society with no pain, suffering, death, or war. “The Giver” is a person that is selected for their strength and understanding to experience all the things that the society doesn’t have, and advise them. There is more to the book than that, but I want to focus on the sacrifice; his sacrifice keeps their society functioning. The soldiers, sailors, airmen and women, and Marines are the United State’s Givers. Some service members may initially join for selfish reasons, a pay check, benefits, college, or to blow things up, but all that changes in time. Boot camp is the beginning for bore than just training; it is the beginning of sacrifice. By the time all the training is done and deployment is looming, the selfish motivations get overtaken by patriotism, and love for their comrades and country. Their love enables them to do impossible things. Their love for this country and their comrades gives them the courage to run in through a wall of gunfire to rescue an injured brother or sister, the

Google offers free calls home from Gmail for American military Google knows how valuable our service men and women are, and how hard it is to be away from home on long tours of duty. The company is giving back where it can by offering free calls within Gmail to the states for people with a valid .mil email address. It might not seem like much, but you’d understand after getting your first cell phone bill with roaming charges from the eastern mountains of Afghanistan. To take advantage, all you have to do is add your military address to your Google account and click a link the verification email and you’re good to go.

Beetle Bailey supports National Army Museum Famed cartoonist Mort Walker, creator of the Beetle Bailey comic strip for over 60 years, has penned a special Beetle Bailey comic strip in support of the National Army Museum.  In the strip, published internationally in over 1,800 newspapers last week, Beetle can be found in his favorite post – in bed –  happy with the contribution he has made to the Museum — one of his well-worn pillows. Mr. Walker, a long time supporter of the military and former Army 1st Lt. during WWII, is extending that support to the National Museum of the United States Army.  Scheduled to open in Fort Belvoir, Va., outside Washington, DC, in 2015, the museum will honor soldiers, preserve the history of America’s oldest military branch, and

Now open in San Diego.

educate about the Army’s role in our nation’s development. It is the only service branch without its own museum. The Army commemorative silver coin mentioned in the comic strip is being produced and sold by the U.S. Mint until the end of this year as part of the 2011 Army Commemorative Coin series. The series contains three types of coins– the $5 gold coin, silver, and copper clad. A portion of the purchase of these coins goes toward the National Army Museum. The coins are on sale through the U.S. Mint through the end of 2011.

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Mission Valley 2431 Fenton Parkway San Diego, CA 92108 Oceanside-Pacific Coast Plaza 2178 Vista Way, Suite E-5 Oceanside, CA 92054 Convenient Hours: Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m.–6 p.m. Saturday: 8:30 a.m.–1 p.m.

With the opening of the second USAA Financial Center in the San Diego area, we’re making it even easier for our military, veterans who have honorably served and their families to manage their finances.1 • Open a checking or savings account. • Start an auto insurance policy. • Discuss complex decisions, such as retirement or life insurance, through a face-to-face video conference with a USAA representative. • Deposit cash and checks at our on-site ATMs.

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Investments/Insurance: Not FDIC Insured • Not Bank Issued, Guaranteed or Underwritten • May Lose Value Use of the term “member” does not convey any legal, ownership or eligibility rights for property and casualty insurance products. Ownership rights are limited to eligible policyholders of United Services Automobile Association. The term “honorably served” applies to officers and enlisted personnel who served on active duty, in the Selected Reserve, or in the National Guard, and have a discharge type of “Honorable.” Eligibility may change based on factors such as marital status, rank or military status. Contact us to update your records. Adult children of USAA members are eligible to purchase auto or property insurance if their eligible parent purchases USAA auto or property insurance. Property and casualty insurance products are available to current and former military members and their former dependents who meet certain membership eligibility criteria. To find out if you are eligible, contact USAA. Underwriting restrictions apply. USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its insurance, banking, investment and other companies. Auto insurance provided by United Services Automobile Association and its property and casualty affiliates, San Antonio, TX, and is available only to persons eligible for P&C group membership. Financial planning services and financial advice provided by USAA Financial Planning Services Insurance Agency, Inc. (known as USAA Financial Insurance Company in California, Lic. # 0E36312), a registered investment advisor and insurance agency, and its wholly owned subsidiary, USAA Financial Advisors, Inc., a registered broker dealer. Life insurance products provided by USAA Life Insurance Company, San Antonio, TX. Purchase of a non-property and casualty insurance product, or an insurance policy offered through USAA General Agency, does not establish eligibility for or membership in USAA property and casualty insurance companies. Bank products provided by USAA Federal Savings Bank, Member FDIC. © 2011 USAA. 132466-0611


September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 31

50’s Vette

52 Pontiac

52 Buick

52 Hudson Hornet

1952 despite the war in Korea Americans considered themselves to be prospering with average worker earning $3,400 per year, a college teacher could expect to earn $5,100 per year . Three out of 5 families owned a car, 2 out of 3 families now had a telephone, 1 in 3 homes had a television. The average woman in America would be married by 20 years of age looking forward to raising a family but few continued with a career after children were born. Fast Food restaurants were growing in popularity, but the scourge of Polio hit many thousands of families ( 50,000 estimated ) . Many more cars in America were now fitted with automatic gearboxes and gas cost 25 cents per gallon. The worlds first passenger jet The Comet is produced in UK signaling the start of faster and cheaper air travel in later years.

largest earthquake rocking 100,000 sq miles • Charlie Chaplin refused entry back to the US after living in Hollywood for 20 years. • Rocky Marciano becomes world heavyweight champion after knocking out Jersey Joe Walcott • Vice Presidential Candidate Richard M. Nixon defends himself on Television over allegations of secret cash fund • Steel Plants Placed Under Presidential Control after Steel Unions Threaten to Strike • Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Old Man and the Sea was published in 1952. John Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden was published in 1952. • In 1952, the Korean War continued. The U.S. launched bombing attacks against North Korea. The Indochinese War continued. The Mau Mau rebellion began in Kenya. Greece and Turkey joined NATO. • In baseball, the New York Yan-

kees won the 1952 World Series, beating the Brooklyn Dodgers

Popular Culture

• The Diary of Anne Frank published • The “Today” Program debuts on NBC the first of it’s kind hosted by Dave Garroway. The shows current presenters are Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira • KFC Fried Chicken Franchise Opens ( Kentucky Fried Chicken ) • MAD Magazine first issue • Agatha Christie’s murder-mystery play The Mousetrap opens and becomes the longest continuously production running play in history

Events • Big Bang Theory of the creation of the Universe first propounded • Live Atomic bomb Test from testing site in Yucca Flats, Nevada shown on Television • California has it’s second 52 Ford Fairlane

32 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

52 Caddilac days, 10 hours and 40 minutes • The United States successfully detonates the first hydrogen bomb, code named “Mike” [“m” for megaton], • The first patnt for a bar code used to identify products issued in 1952 to Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver but the industry standard till 1970 when the Universal Grocery Products Identification Product Code or UGPIC was written

Cost of living Average cost of new house $9.050 Average wages per year $3,850 Cost of a gallon of gas 20 cents Average cost of a new car $1,700 Average cost of Rent $80 per month 1 lb. of hamburger meat 53 cents

Popular Films The African Queen Greatest Show on Earth The Quiet man Singin’ in the Rain.


• The world’s first successful use of a mechanical heart • The first “Don’t Walk” sign is installed in New York City • The first Holiday Inn is opened in Tennessee • SS United States wins Blue Ribband crossing the Atlantic in 3 52 Mercury Woody Alfred E. Neuman 52 Ford Pickup

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September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 33



Grand Opening Celebration on October 1st with Special Guests, World Bantamweight Champ Abner Mares, NABO Super Bantamweight Champion Chris Martin, Top light welterweight Antonio Orozco, etc., etc.

Now thru October 31st we’re waving our regular initiation fee.

Come in today for the best fitness workout in the world. You can do this! Why people come to us? To learn all about the sport of Boxing and the Mixed Martial Arts, plus feel the energy and calorie burning power of our classes.

“Each student learns the safe & proper techniques right from the start.”

For more information call: 619-399-5898 2304 Reo Drive, San Diego, CA. 92139 34 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

Gone But Not Forgotten Continued from page 7

“I was 32nd in the box-office polls when I accepted the presidency of the Alliance. When I left office eight years later, somehow the folks who buy tickets had made me number one. Duke went to Vietnam in the early days of the war. He scorned VIP treatment, insisting that he visit the troops in the field. Once he even had his helicopter land in the midst of a battle. When he returned, he vowed to make a film about the heroism of Special Forces soldiers. The public jammed theaters to see the resulting film, The Green Berets. The critics, however, delivered some of the harshest reviews ever given a motion picture. The New Yorker bitterly condemned the man who made the film. The New York Times called it “unspeakable ... rotten ... stupid.” Yet John Wayne was undaunted. “That little clique back there in the East has taken great personal satisfaction reviewing my politics instead of my pictures,” he often said. “But one day those doctrinaire liberals will wake up to find the pendulum has swung the other way.

Foul-Weather Friend

I never once saw Duke display hatred toward those who scorned him. Oh, he could use some pretty salty language, but he would not tolerate pettiness and hate. He was human all right: he drank enough whiskey to float a PT boat, though he never drank on the job. His work habits

were legendary in Hollywood — he was virtually always the first to arrive on the set and the last to leave. His torturous schedule plus the great personal pleasure he derived from hunting and deep-sea fishing or drinking and card-playing with his friends may have cost him a couple of marriages; but you had only to see his seven children and 21 grandchildren to realize that Duke found time to be a good father. He often said, “I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the hell they please.” To him, a handshake was a binding contract. When he was in the hospital for the last time and sold his yacht, The Wild Goose, for an amount far below its market value, he learned the engines needed minor repairs. He ordered those engines overhauled at a cost to him of $40,000 because he had told the new owner the boat was in good shape. Duke’s generosity and loyalty stood out in a city rarely known for either. When a friend needed work, that person went on his payroll. When a friend need-

ed help, Duke’s wallet was open. He also was loyal to his fans. One writer tells of the night he and Duke were in Dallas for the premiere of Chisum. Returning late to his hotel, Duke found a message from a woman who said her little girl lay critically ill in a local hospital. The woman wrote, “It would mean so much to her if you could pay her just a brief visit.” At 3 o’clock in the morning he took off for the hospital where he visited the astonished child and every other patient on the hospital floor who happened to be awake. I saw his loyalty in action many times. I remember that when Duke and Jimmy Stewart were on their way to my second inauguration as governor of California they encountered a crowd of demonstrators under the banner of the Vietcong flag. Jimmy had just lost a son in Vietnam. Duke excused himself for a moment and walked into the crowd. In a moment there was no Vietcong flag.




Final Curtain Like any good John Wayne film, Duke’s career had a gratifying ending. In the 1970s a new era of critics began to recognize the unique quality of his acting. The turning point had been the film True Grit. When the Academy gave him an Oscar for best actor of 1969, many said it was based on the accomplishments of his entire career. Others said it was Hollywood’s way of admitting that it had been wrong to deny him Academy Awards for a host of previous films. There is truth, I think, to both these views. Yet who can forget the climax of the film? The grizzled old marshal confronts the four outlaws and calls out: “I mean to kill you or see you hanged at Judge Parker’s convenience. Which will it be?” “Bold talk for a one-eyed fat man,” their leader sneers. Then Duke cries, “Fill your hand, you son of a gun!” and, reins in his teeth, charges at them firing with both guns. Four villains did not live to menace another day. “Foolishness?” wrote Chicago SunTimes columnist Mike Royko, describing the thrill this scene gave him. “Maybe. But I hope we never become so programmed that nobody has the damn-the-risk spirit.” Fifteen years ago when Duke lost a lung in his first bout with cancer, studio press agents tried to conceal the nature of his illness. When Duke discovered this, he went before the public and showed us that a man can fight this dread disease. He went on to raise millions of dollars for private cancer research. Typically, he snorted: “We’ve got too much at stake to give government a monopoly in the fight against cancer.” He refused painkillers so he could be alert as he spent his last days with his children. When John Wayne died on June 11, 1979, a Tokyo newspaper ran the headline, “Mr. America passes on.” “There’s right and there’s wrong,” Duke said in The Alamo. “You gotta do one or the other. You do the one and you’re living. You do the other and you may be walking around but in reality you’re dead.” Duke Wayne symbolized just this, the force of the American will to do what is right in the world. He could have left no greater legacy.

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September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 35

2013 Ford Mustang There’s been plenty of talk about the new generation Ford Mustang coming at us in 2015, but in order to keep buyers interested in the top-selling muscle car, Ford will offering an updated version for the 2013 model year. This refreshing

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take on the Mustang will come with a few exterior changes as well as a power upgrade. Expect its debut to come around in time for the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Sources close to Ford have revealed the company’s intentions on bringing design cues from the current Shelby GT500, including a puckered up front grille and a smaller and rounder lower grille. Lighting will also be updated with the use of LED technology and a switch from the current slanted positioning to a design that runs flat across the back. In terms of power, Ford will be busying themselves by upping the output of the 5.0L V8 to about 425 HP. This will allow the Mustang to deal with the 422 HP

R & B Auto Center R & B Auto Center is a case study in building a successful business from the ground up. Co-owners Rick Braun and Bob Delozier used their personal savings and sold a race car to launch R & B Auto Center in 1985 with only 13 vehicles. The business was originally operated out of a former pizza kitchen in Fontana. From these humble beginnings, R & B has become San Bernardino and Riverside County’s preferred pre-owned vehicle center, outselling all other pre-owned vehicle dealers in the region with a 70% returning customer base. By cultivating relationships with various financial institutions within the San Bernardino and Riverside counties, offering superior customer service and quality vehicles, R & B Auto Center, Inc. flourished over the years and has grown from a 3,750 sq. ft lot to a 225,000 sq. ft. dealership offering a large selection of quality vehicles to the Inland Empire and surrounding communities. R & B has an expert buying and selling team with more than 70

We Appreciate Our Military · We Treat You Like Family · Certified Pre-Owned at deep discounts · Save 30%-50% over new · We accept all trade-ins paid for or not

All military personnel will receive

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SALES TAX RELIEF To all military personnel with current I.D.*

giving you on all vehicle service and maintenance.

*limit - 1 (one) per family


See inventory and specials at 16020 Foothill Blvd Fontana, CA 92335

over 25 years in business


36 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

years combined experience, offering the Inland Empire the highest quality, most popular vehicles at affordable prices. In 2005, the dealership was awarded the “Fontana’s Small Business of the Year” by the Fontana Area Chamber of Commerce, a testimony of its commitment to share its accomplishments with the community that it serves. R & B Auto Center, Inc. is one of the few auto dealerships which were granted the “Certified Master Dealer” certification by the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) for having completed a full range course on professional ethics and fair principles of managing auto dealership operations. R & B Auto Center, Inc. offers an array of other services such as smog checks, safety inspections, full service department for all makes and models, and a variety of car accessories not only for R & B customers but for anyone looking for high-quality service at a reasonable price. In addition to providing the Inland Empire with the highest quality vehicles, R & B places the utmost value on supporting and giving back to the communities it serves. Since 1998, R & B has donated more than $100,000 in monetary and in-kind contributions to local community groups and charities including The American Cancer Society, Boys and Girls Club of Fontana, Ronald McDonald House, The American Red Cross, and Women’s Information Network Against Breast Cancer (WIN). One of the owners father is a Viet Nam Vet and Purple Heart recipient and disabled veteran. Due to this connection R&B has attended and hosted many Veteran Day events and has generously given to their local Veterans Hospital in Loma Linda. R&B Auto Center is also proud to sponsor local school and community athletic groups. Every year R&B Auto Center provides over $300,000 in non-expiration discount certificates graduating seniors at 30 local high schools. At R & B, they treat you like family. A playground is onsite for children to enjoy while parents wait for services. Please feel free to stop by if you have any questions. Their staff is always willing to help.




Standard Oil Change You can improve your gas mileage by 1%-2% by using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil. (source:

$5 Off

We’ll install new oil filter, refill up to 5 qts. Kendall® GT-1 High Performance Synthetic Blend with Liquid Titanium motor oil, lubricate cchassis (if appl). Most vehicles. Save off regular price. 136R-AAA-J 1

S a v e

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Size: 225/60R16

Wheel Alignment

Fuel System Cleaning

Standard Brake Service

Improperly aligned tires can lower fuel by increasing rolling resistance. (source:

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Precision brake repairs for your ride. $25 Online Rebate + $25 Off =

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nspect I steering/suspension system, tire condition and air pressure, align vehicle to manufacturers’ specifications. Most vehicles. Save off regular price. Subject to in-store equipment availability and employee qualifications to align vehicle. 136R-EAA-J 1

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$249 minimum purchase required. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within 6 months or if you make a late payment. Minimum monthly payments required.

Carlsbad 2545 El Camino Real (760) 434-8392 El Cajon 435 N. 2nd St. (619) 440-2626

La Mesa 5577 Lake Murray Blvd. (619) 462-3280 Chula Vista 830 Broadway (619) 425-1515

National City 2531 E. Plaza Blvd. (619) 475-6171 National City 943 Highland Ave. (619) 477-2109

San Diego 1136 C Street (619) 233-7121 San Diego 1245 Garnet Ave. (858) 272-9232

San Diego San Diego 16646 Bernardo Ctr. Dr. A 6977 Friars Rd. Ste.140A (619) 297-6440 (858) 487-3302 San Diego San Diego 9690 Reagan Rd. 4161 Convoy St. (858) 271-0260 (858) 279-7472

Santee 9763 Mission Gorge R (619) 449-9440 Vista 1762 University Dr. (760) 941-4313

Call toll-free: 1-800-LOCATE-US /


Camp Pendleton Bldg.1327 Vandegrift (760) 430-7063 Bldg. 51091 51091 Basilone Rd. (949) 492-1143

Shop supply charges in the amount of 6% of labor charges will be added to invoices greater than $35. These charges will not exceed $25 and represent costs and profits. Shop supply charges not applicable in CA or NY. Non-mandated disposal or recycling charges, if any are disclosed above, may also represent costs and profits. Specific product offerings and tread designs may vary. Prices, warranties, car service, credit plans and other offers available at Firestone Complete Auto Care; see affiliated for their competitive offers and warranties. *If you do not achieve guaranteed mileage, your Firestone retailer will replace your tires on a pro-rated basis. Actual tread life may vary. All warranties apply only to original owner on originally installed vehicle. See retailer for details, restrictions and copy of each limited warranty. †MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS REQUIRED. Applicable to purchases made January 1st through December 31st, 2011. APR: 22.8%. Minimum Finance Charge $1.00. CFNA reserves the right to change APR, fees and other terms unilaterally.

For advertising information, call (858) 537-2280

September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 37


“The most scandalous scandal magazine in the history of the world” Robert Harrison & Confidential By Andrew Hamilton

Legendary Hollywood scandal magazine Confidential existed for only six years (1952–1958) before it was destroyed. But during that brief span it shook the mainstays of Jewish society: Hollywood, sexual deviance, homosexuality, Communism, organized crime, and miscegenation. As journalist Tom Wolfe observed in 1964: All during the mid-fifties, the sales were going up to more than four million at the newsstands per issue, the record for newsstand sales, and everybody was wondering, outraged, how such a phenomenon could crop up in the middle of the twentieth century after the lessons of the war [the Holocaust], hate and all, and what kind of creature could be producing Confidential.

Purveyor of the Public Life Despite his Anglo-Saxon-sounding name, Robert Harrison (1905–1978), the New York publisher of Confiden-

tial, was an Ashkenazi Jew. At sixteen he went to work for an ad agency, then as copy boy for the New York Evening Graphic, a sensationalist tabloid famed for its scandal and crime stories. At the Graphic Harrison made the acquaintance of fellow Jew Walter Winchell, who was churning out a gossip column, “Broadway Hearsay.” Harrison was next employed by Martin Quigley, the Irish Catholic publisher of Motion Picture Daily and Motion Picture Herald. Quigley originated the Hays Code, an attempt to restrain Hollywood from undermining the morals of the American people. Among other things, the Code forbade the promotion of miscegenation via the motion picture medium. While employed by Quigley, Harrison launched a series of girlie magazines (what else?): Beauty Parade (1941), Eyeful (1942) (“The models were all either fully or at least par-


2351 Boswell Road Chula Vista, CA 91914


3 MONTHS 1/2 OFF RENT (Lower Level)*

6 MONTHS 1/2 OFF RENT (Upper Level)*

24 Hr Service Center 24 Hr Digital Surveillance

tially clothed. This was not just to pass the censors, Harrison himself found nudity offensive”), Wink (featuring whips, chains, bondage, and spanking), Flirt (1947), Titter, and Whisper (1946). With a circulation of 600,000, Whisper was the smallest of the six. Harrison later reprinted many Confidential stories in Whisper. When Quigley learned that Harrison was using his office, after-hours, to put out Beauty Parade, he was fired. All of Harrison’s businesses, including Confidential later, employed his sisters and their families, along with numerous other relatives. At the Confidential trial in 1957 the prosecution produced a genealogical chart demonstrating this. In 1952 Harrison received a call from his accountant. “He informs me that I am broke,” the publisher later recalled. Broke! After making all that money! I couldn’t believe it! I think the thing was, we had six magazines, and if six


National Communications Training Centers

Fiber Optic Cat 5&6 Training & Certification Classes

Now Accepting Post 9/11 GI Bill Day & Evening Classes 760-471-9561

*While supplies last 38 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

1324 E. Mission Rd. San Marcos CA 92069

magazines start losing money for a few months, you can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars and not even know what happened. That same week I thought up Confidential. The first issue (250,000 copies) hit the newsstands six months later, in December 1952. The second issue criticized bisexual stripper Josephine Baker, who gained her greatest fame in France, where she married a French man. The article, entitled “Winchell Was Right About Josephine Baker,” took Winchell’s side in a petty dispute between the two. The powerful broadcaster held up Harrison’s magazine on his television show, boosting sales enormously. Thereafter the publisher made sure to run a piece about someone Winchell disliked in every issue. The gossip king’s continued enthusiastic support brought the magazine national prominence. At its peak, Confidential’s circulation hit five million—each issue of which was read by as many as five to ten people.

Numbers Don’t Lie.

Now is the time to make your move to a brand-new Shea home in San Diego County. Here’s why:

Adv Take a The ntage se O Mo Quick f v Home-In es!

• Payments at $1,769 a month or lower • $0 closing costs • $0 down with VA financing up to $417,000 • 3.5% down with FHA financing Be sure to visit for a complete listing of additional neighborhoods throughout San Diego County.



Madeira at Del Sur Homesite #105, Plan 1 1,785 Sq. Ft. 3 Bed/2.5 Bath $526,050 $10,000 Incentive

Mandolin at Del Sur Homesite #205, Plan 1 1,643 Sq. Ft. 3 Bed/2.5 Bath $442,071 $15,000 Incentive

Madeira at Del Sur Homesite #49, Plan 2 1,937 Sq. Ft. 3 Bed/2.5 Bath $546,849 $10,000 Incentive

Mandolin at Del Sur Homesite #206, Plan 2 1,821 Sq. Ft. 3 Bed/2.5 Bath $472,661 $15,000 Incentive

ESCONDIDO Chaparral Ridge Homesite #29, Plan 4 3,564 Sq. Ft. 5 Bed/3.5 Bath $549,640 $30,000 Incentive


• 888.526.8213

Mosaic at Lomas Verdes Homesite #188, Plan 1 1,175 Sq. Ft. 2 Bed/2.5 Bath Was: $237,900 Now: $225,900 $15,000 Incentive PLUS Upgraded Flooring, Washer, Dryer & Refrigerator Mosaic at Lomas Verdes Homesite #189, Plan 2 1,292 Sq. Ft. 2 Bed/2.5 Bath Was: $254,508 Now: $242,508 $15,000 Incentive PLUS Upgraded Flooring, Washer, Dryer & Refrigerator Mosaic at Lomas Verdes Homesite #183, Plan 3 1,419 Sq. Ft. 3 Bed/3.5 Bath Was: $262,805 Now: $250,805 $15,000 Incentive PLUS Upgraded Flooring, Washer, Dryer & Refrigerator

Agave at Windingwalk Homesite #265, Model Plan 2 Upgrades Galore 1,464 Sq. Ft. 2 Bed/2.5 Bath Was: $322,906 Now: $280,900 $15,000 Incentive Clover at Windingwalk Homesite #61, Plan 3 1,874 Sq. Ft. 3 Bed/3 Bath $320,900 $15,000 Incentive Clover at Windingwalk Homesite #62, Plan 4 1,885 Sq. Ft. 4 Bed/3 Bath $325,900 $15,000 Incentive

*The information above is provided to estimate the cost saving benefits of home ownership vs. renting. This example is meant for approximating tax savings only. Your actual tax savings may vary and you should always consult your personal CPA for professional tax advice. The above example payment is based on a purchase price of $238,900 and a loan amount of $230,538. Example is also based on a FHA loan that is fixed for 30 years at a rate of 4.5% (5.315% APR) with a required down payment of 3.5%. Actual interest rate and payment will vary. Example payment of $1,769.00 includes principal, interest, taxes, mortgage insurance, and Homeowner’s Association Dues. Rate/Program based on buyer having a minimum FICO score of 680; if lower, higher rates would apply. Financing estimate provided by Shea Mortgage Inc., an independent member of the Shea family of companies. Shea Mortgage Inc. is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate License, License #01197403. This is not an offer to sell real estate or provide financing and interest rate used in example is based on rates as of 9/7/2011. Rates and program subject to change at any time. Additional conditions, restrictions and limitations may apply. See your Shea Homes Sales Associate for additional details. Communities are by Shea Homes Limited Partnership and Shea Homes Marketing Company, independent members of the Shea family of companies. California Department of Real Estate, Shea Homes Marketing Company, Broker, License #01378646. All plans and amenities are subject to change at any time.

For advertising information, call (858) 537-2280

September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 39

Housing News

New homes smart alternative to resale

Pardee Homes is making it easier for home shoppers to buy a new home without the hassles of buying resale, with new, upgraded homes at Silverthorne in master-planned Canyon Hills in Lake Elsinore. At Silverthorne, new homes are priced from the low $200,000s, and for a limited time, select homes are available for $1,377 a month. These Plan 1 homes include fully-equipped kitchens with a GE® appliance package, granite kitchen countertops, flooring choices, Pardee’s LivingSmart® energy-efficient features and front yard landscaping. “The advantages of buying new make good sense,” said Matt Sauls, regional marketing director for Pardee Homes. “A new home is upgraded with all the latest features like state-of-the art kitchens with energy-efficient ap-

Silverthorne homes features attainably priced, newly built homes that are an ideal alternative to buying resale. pliances, in an addition to overall en- pricing and $1,377 per month payT:7.02” ergy-efficiency throughout the home.” ment on a new, move-in ready home at An example of the current reduced Silverthorne is the single-story Plan

FALL — into— SAVINGS VA FINANCING OPTIONS H i g h w a y ( 7 8)


La C




nD r

Elfin Rd


Batiquitos Lagoon

C ild W

ea l


nc ho S a nt a F e


oR e lros amin Me lC

state Inter


S a n E l ij

Hi-tech townhomes are military friendly

To I-15 Twin Oaks V alley

d rport R Palomar Ai

Forest R




BELMONT IN SAN ELIJO HILLS In San Marcos Detached Homes, 1,447 – 2,093 sq. ft., 3–4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2-bay garage From the upper $ 300s*

GET INCREDIBLE INTEREST RATES AND VA LOAN OPTIONS AT BELMONT IN SAN ELIJO HILLS Right now you can take advantage of historically low interest rates, as well as VA loan options through Lennar’s Preferred Lender on a new home at Belmont. These beautiful homes include a host of upgraded features such as Schlage LiNK Home Automation, gourmet kitchens with slab granite countertops, European-style cabinetry and stainless steel GE ® appliances. Plus, Belmont is located in the San Elijo Hills masterplan which is surrounded by acres of open space with regional parks perfect for hiking and horseback riding close by. So don’t miss this opportunity to move up to Belmont in San Elijo Hills.

ACT NOW! CALL 888-216-2494 OR VISIT LENNAR.COM *Select Residences include Solar Energy System. The Solar Energy System is subject to a 10-year lease agreement. Please see a new home consultant for more information. All residents automatically become members of the San Elijo Hills Master Association which maintains the common areas and ensures architectural standards. Please see sales representative for details. Elements of the Schlage LiNK system may vary per plan and community and program selected by buyer and are subject to changes or substitution without notice. Remote access requires internet access and there is a monthly fee for remote access capabilities after an initial complimentary period. Price is subject to change without notice. Stated dimensions and square footage are approximate and should not be used as representation of the home’s precise or actual size. Renderings are conceptual in nature and merely an artist’s rendition. These renderings are solely for illustrative purposes and should never be relied upon. Bay size may vary from home to home and may not accommodate all vehicles. Map not to scale. Proposed amenities for the community are subject to changes, substitutions and/or deletions without notice. Seller makes no representation or guarantee that the community or any amenities will be built out as currently planned. Lennar Homes of California, Inc. License #728102. Lennar Sales Corp. DRE License #01252753. Copyright © 2011 Lennar Corporation. All rights reserved. Lennar and the Lennar logo and the Everything’s Included logo are registered service marks or service marks of Lennar Corporation and/or its subsidiaries. 9/11

40 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

Solaire’s one-of-a-kind, hi-tech townhomes have attracted hundreds of home shoppers to North County’s newest urban loft-like residences. Military personnel are especially interested in the easy commute to major San Diego bases, as well as a special military discount that is being offered on these already affordable townhomes priced from the mid $200,000s. Designed for the next generation of home dwellers, Solaire showcases open floor plans, sleek fixtures and cutting-edge electronics, including a Control4® home automation system already built in. As part of an innovative approach to home building, ColRich Residential has intersected the urban and suburban design sensibilities. Efficient three-story townhomes capture the mood of funky city lofts with clean lines and uncluttered living spaces. Townhomes range from 1,158 to 1,253 square feet with two to three bedrooms, two and one-half to three baths, a deck and a two-car sideby-side garage. Solaire’s Control4® home automation system effortlessly syncs up each home’s electronics at the touch of a button. Homeowners control entry, security, climate, lights, multi-media entertainment systems and energy reduction via mobile control. This variety of high-tech functions can be managed from an in-wall touchscreen, a television screen or smart device. For information, call Solaire at 760736-8820 or visit T:8.44”


1AR (Lot 32) with three bedrooms, two baths, and approximately 1,655 sq.ft. This beautiful home is priced at $217,990 with a 5.23% APR and an initial start rate of 1.75% with a 3-2-1 buy down program on a 30-year fixed, fully-amortized mortgage for qualified borrowers; a 3.5% down payment is required. New homes at Silverthorne feature Italian, Spanish and Cottage-style architecture in a choice of four, spacious floor plans. The homes have three to six bedrooms, two to four baths and two- and three-bay garages with inviting spaces such as lofts and dens that provide plenty of room for shared family occasions. For more information about Silverthorne call (951) 244-0287 or an online sales counselor at (888) 4PARDEE, or go to To visit Silverthorne from I-15, exit at Railroad Canyon Rd. and go east 2.5 miles. Go right on Canyon Hills, then right on Camelina Street.

s ta n da r d pac i f i c h o m e s

$15K in upgrades available on New Heritage Lake homes Homethe available buyers can cul-de-sac now take locations, advantage pool-sized of upgrade lots and ampackages ple commuplus up to nity ameni$15,000 in ties, there’s seller credit never been on select a better time move-in to purchase ready homes a gorgeous at Parkside, Heritage Brighton Lake home.” and Water- Upgrade packages plus up to $15,000 now included Homebuyford. Stan- on select Standard Pacific Homes at Heritage Lake. ers can earn dard Pacific an additionHomes’ trio of new home neighbor- al $500 towards upgrades and options hoods is part of the delightful water- when they make an appointment to front community of Heritage Lake. take a model home tour by contacting Select homes now include upgraded (951) 898-5510 or kgoosby@stanpac. flooring, backyard landscaping and com. Financing is available through appliances packages plus a seller cred- Standard Pacific Mortgage to buyers it that can be used for any combination who qualify. Ask a sales representaof interest rate buy-downs, further up- tive for details. grades and options, price reductions Now in its final phase with models and property tax payments at up to six for sale, Parkside at Heritage Lake has percent of the purchase price. cul-de-sac homes available that are “Our upgrade packages make nearest to the lake — the centerpiece these new homes an unbeatable value of this waterfront community. when combined with the extra incenFor more information or for directive money,” said Lorrie Yates, Vice tions to New Heritage Lake homes, President of Sales and Marketing for visit Standard Pacific Homes. “Considering for additional details.

Programs helps overcome homebuying obstacles Clearing enhancethe path to ment or rehome ownpair, and if ership is the needed, the first-step assistance of in buying an indepena home for dent, third many of toparty credit day’s home advisor who shoppers, can help the and Pardbuyer maxiee Homes’ mize their Homeward credit score Bound is Homes are available in two master-planned commu- and correct a program nities in the Inland Empire—Tournament Hills in reported erdesigned to Beaumont and Canyon Hills in Lake Elsinore. rors. Statismake that tically, buyhappen. Obstacles like poor credit, no ers who work with eCredit Advisor see credit, foreclosures, high debt ratios a 30 to 80 point increase in their FICO and an inconsistent employment histo- score in a span of two to five months; ry are hurdles that can put the dream with a three-cycle program there is of home ownership just out of reach. currently an average increase of 64 “These types of obstacles can make points on a mid-credit score it difficult to qualify for a loan, but HomewardBound can help a home there are solutions, and one way is to shopper establish a program for reguparticipate in Pardee’s Homeward- lar savings to help them reach the Bound program,” said Gary Probert, down payment needed to qualify for a Vice President of Sales for Pardee mortgage or provide a fresh approach Homes. “This is a free program avail- to a budget that may be the key to able for Pardee Homes’ homebuyers getting their credit where it needs to and can be easily put into action.” be. Some services require a small fee The first step in the Homeward which is reimbursable at the close of Bound program is a free initial credit escrow. analysis. With that, a program can For more information or directions, be created that may include budget- visit or call ing assistance, a savings plan, credit 1-888-4PARDEE. For advertising information, call (858) 537-2280

Fabulous Upgrade Packages Plus Up to $15,000* Now Included On Beautiful Homes at Heritage Lake in Menifee

Get Upgraded Flooring, Backyard Landscaping and Appliance Packages Now! Act now to get fabulous upgrades plus valuable incentives on a brand new Parkside, Brighton or Waterford home. Offering a coveted waterfront lifestyle in beautiful Heritage Lake, these homes feature cul-de-sac locations, pool-sized lots and delightful community amenities.

Purchase Now! For a great deal on select move-in ready homes. Model Home Pictured

Final PhaseModels for Sale!

From the $210,000s*

Parkside Flooring Plus Up to $10,000* 1,711 to 2,624 Sq. Ft. 3-4 Beds • 2-2.5 Baths 2- to 3-Car Garages Near Lake Greenbelt

Model Home Pictured

From the $280,000s*

Brighton Flooring & Appliance Plus Up to $10,000* 2,595 to 3,075 Sq. Ft. 4 Beds • 2.5-3.5 Baths 3-Car Garages Pool-Sized Yards Model Home Pictured

From the $310,000s*

Waterford Flooring & Landscaping Plus Up to $10,000* 2,908 to 3,770 Sq. Ft. 4-5 Beds • 2.5-3.5 Baths 4-Car Garages Large Lots on a Cul-de-Sac

Earn Another $500** Towards Upgrades & Options! Contact (951) 898-5510 or to Find Out How. Standard Pacific Homes California Real Estate License No. 01138346 Prices, plans and terms effective date of publication and are subject to change without notice. *Upgraded flooring and backyard landscape packages available on select homes at select communities. Up to $15,000 incentive (not to exceed 6% of the sales price) to be used towards any combination of interest rate buydowns, designer flooring upgrades and options, additional price reductions and property tax payments. **Make an appointment with Online Sales Representative to receive a $500 coupon towards upgrades. Coupon must be presented at time of contract. Must have Online Sales Representative signature to use. One coupon per customer. Coupon is good at any Standard Pacific Inland Empire community. New contracts only. Some restrictions apply. Offers subject to change without notice or obligation. Model photos shown. Softscape, hardscape, landscape and other items featured in and around the model homes are decorator suggestions and not included in the purchase price. See a Sales Representative for details. 9/11

September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 41

Military Press Café Fleet Week 2011 events

Fleet Week San Diego honors and celebrates the men and women of the military through public events that entertain and alliances that thank and support these heroes. Fleet Week San Diego 2011 is September 16 to October 2. Join us in thanking our Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen for their services to our country by participating in 2011 Fleet Week San Diego events. • Operation Liberty Call, Friday, Sept. 16, 2011 • Fleet Week Big Bay Family Festival, Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 17-18 • Enlisted Recognition Luncheon, Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011 • Fleet Week Foundation/SDMAC Breakfast, Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011 • Coronado Village Car Procession, Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011 • Boot Camp Challenge, Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011 • Coronado Speed Festival, Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 24-25, 2011 • Fleet Week Golf Tournament, Monday, Sept. 26, 2011

• Fleet Week Baseball Game, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011 • Miramar Air Show, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 30 & Oct. 1-2, 2011

Coronado Art Walk

Take a short, cool ride across San Diego Bay, and see the works of over 100 artists from around the country during the annual Coronado Art Walk at the Coronado Ferry Landing on Saturday and Sunday, September 17 and 18. Admission is free.  Musical entertainment, hands-on art activities and a free shuttle bus to other Coronado sites will be available both days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The Coronado Art Walk, now in its sixth year, is a major fundraiser for the Coronado Historical Association. For more information, visit www.

Free meditation class for military

The Yoga and Meditation Center, 9494 Black Mountain Road, San Diego, is offering a free meditation class to active military personnel at it’s Miramar-area center. The one-hour class is on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30 a.m. For more information, visit www.

Del joins the ‘Finest City Food Fight’

The Hotel del Coronado and many other San Diego businesses, restaurants and organizations are participating in a challenge to see who can raise the most “pounds of food” during September’s Hunger Action Month. Established in 2007, Feeding America San Diego is the county’s largest distributor of donted food. For more information, visit www. feedingamericasandiego. org.

SDSU Aztecs Football Military Program

SDSU will offer $5 tickets for all SDSU Aztec 2011 football home games — including the Sky Show. No limit on quantity and best available seating. Check with your local MWR/MCCS Ticket Office, or call the Military Ticket Program at 619-767-6000 for availability. Game dates are Sept. 17, Oct. 8 and 29, Nov 5 and 19 and Dec. 3.

SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular returns

Where can kids meet some spooky and not-so-spooky animals, pose for pictures with mesmerizing mermaids and trick-or-treat in a sea-inspired atmosphere? It’s all part of SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular, where Halloween meets the sea this October. Festivities are geared for kids 12 years and under, who are invited to come in costume a n d enjoy animal m e e t and greets, special Halloween shows and colorful costumed characters from 1 to 6 p.m. the following weekends: Oct. 1–2, Oct. 8–9, Oct. 151–6, Oct. 22–23 and Oct. 29–30, 2011. (On Oct. 31, the park will remain decorated and visitors can enjoy “Clyde & Seamore’s Spooky Adventure” show and the “Pirates 4-D” movie.)

Events calendar

Whether you are looking for a weekend festival, a concert, sporting event, or theater production, visit and click on Local Events.

Urban Vibe meets Suburban Living Hi-Tech Townhomes From the Mid $200,000s Smart New Home Living ColRich Residential introduces a new blended urban suburbia lifestyle at Solaire, where loftlike townhomes feature open floor plans, sleek fixtures and cutting-edge electronics. A next generation new home, Solaire’s already built-in Control4® automation system effortlessly syncs up each home’s electronics at the touch of a button. You control entry, security, climate, lights, multi-media entertainment systems and energy reduction via mobile control.

CA RE Lic. #01051944 Prices and availability of homes subject to change without notice. 9/11

42 September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

Easy Commute to San Diego Bases. Ask Us About Our Military Discount! Take a Model Home Tour Today! 760.736.8820 Open Daily 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

• • • • • •

1,158 to 1,253 square feet 2 to 3 bedrooms 2.5 to 3 baths 2-car side-by-side garage Control4® home automation system Community pool & BBQ lounge

Directions: Exit I-5 From La Costa Ave., travel east. Turn left on Rancho Santa Fe Rd. Turn right at San Elijo Rd. Make your first right and follow signs to model complex.


For all you give, we want to give back.

Visit one of the Southern California KB Home communities below and learn more about our special homebuying opportunities for qualified military personnel.

OWN A NEW HOME FROM THE MID $100s! Edgewood at the Cove in San Jacinto

From the mid $100s Sycamore at Hidden Hills in Menifee

• 1,394–2,233 sq. ft. • 3–5 bedrooms, 2–3 baths

From I-215, exit Hwy. 74 heading east. Turn left on Warren Rd., left on Cottonwood Ave. and follow signs to sales center. (951) 487-2887

Villages at Monument Park in Perris

From the low $200s

• 1,846–2,966 sq. ft. • 3–5 bedrooms, 2–3 baths • solar energy system included standard

From I-215, exit Newport Rd. heading west. Turn left on Haun Rd., right on Holland Rd., left on Bradley Rd., right on Craig Ave., left on Evans Rd., then left on Yeoman Pl. to sales center. OR: From I-215, exit Scott Rd. heading west. Turn right on Murrieta Rd., right on Craig Ave., right on Evans Rd., then left on Yeoman Pl. to sales center. (951) 672-8553

From the low $200s Monument Park II in Perris

From the mid $200s

• 1,558–2,222 sq. ft. • 3–5 bedrooms, 2–2.5 baths

• 2,390–3,085 sq. ft. • 3–5 bedrooms, 2.5–3 baths

From I-215, exit Ethanac Rd. heading west, travel approx 2 mi. west, turn right onto Big Bear Dr., right on Yosemite Ave., then right on Yellowstone Ct. to sales center. (951) 443-0859

From I-215, exit Ethanac Rd. heading west, travel approx 2 mi. west, turn right onto Big Bear Dr., right on Yosemite Ave., then right on Yellowstone Ct. to sales center. (951) 443-0859

Manzanita at Paseo del Sol in Temecula

From the mid $200s Kenton Place in Murrieta

• 1,628–2,224 sq. ft. • 3–5 bedrooms, 2–3 baths • solar energy system included standard

From I-15, exit California Oaks Rd./Kalmia St. heading west. Turn right on Washington Ave., right on Magnolia St., right on Adams Ave. and right on Davidson St. to sales center on left. (951) 696-5040

From I-15 Fwy., exit Temecula Pkwy. (CA-79) heading east. Turn left on Meadows Pkwy., right on Sunny Meadows Pkwy., left on Bingham Dr., then left onto Beamer Ct. to sales center. (951) 225-9860

Fox Hollow at Crown Valley Village in Murrieta

From the low $200s Twinbrook at Crown Valley Village in Murrieta From the high $200s

• 1,551–2,597 sq. ft. • 4–5 bedrooms, 2–3 baths

• 2,595–3,563 sq. ft. • 3–6 bedrooms, 2.5–4 baths • solar energy system included standard

From I-15 or I-215, exit Murrieta Hot Springs Rd. heading east and travel approx 4.5 mi. Turn left onto Pourroy Rd., left onto High Vista Dr. and then left onto Valley Spring Way. (951) 677-4110

Monterey at Otay Ranch in Chula Vista

From the mid $200s

• 2,024–2,876 sq. ft. • 3–6 bedrooms, 2–3 baths

From I-15 or I-215, exit Murrieta Hot Springs Rd. heading east and travel approx 4.5 mi. Turn left onto Pourroy Rd., left onto High Vista Dr. and then left onto Valley Spring Way. (951) 461-4676

From the mid $300s Shady Grove II in Fallbrook

From the mid $300s

• 1,917–2,175 sq. ft. • 3–5 bedrooms, 2.5–3 baths • solar energy system included standard

• 1,687–3,500 sq. ft. • 3–5 bedrooms, 2–3 baths • RV and boat storage onsite

From I-805, exit Olympic Pkwy. heading east. Turn right on La Media Rd., then right on Birch Rd./State St. At the roundabout, continue straight on Santa Diana Rd., turn right on Santa Christina Ave., then left onto Pershing Rd. to sales center. (619) 421-4062

From Hwy. 76, head north on Mission Rd. approx. 4 mi. Turn right on Stage Coach Ln., go approx. 3 mi., turn right on Gum Tree Ln., right on Tom McGuinness Jr. Cir., right on James Gaynor St., then right on William Pittinger Pl. to sales center. OR: From I-15, exit E. Mission Rd. At first stop sign, turn right on Mission Rd. and continue toward Fallbrook. Turn left on Stage Coach Ln., left on Gum Tree Ln., right on Tom McGuinness Jr. Cir., right on James Gaynor St., then right on William Pittinger Pl. to sales center. (760) 728-1061

Broker Cooperation Welcome. ©2011 KB Home (KBH). Standard solar energy system is 1.4kWp. KBH makes no guarantee of energy production by the solar energy system installed with a home or of any energy costs savings by homeowner. Energy costs will vary by floor plan, occupancy, appliance usage, thermostat settings and orientation of solar energy system, among other factors. Payment of Broker Co-op requires Broker or agent to accompany and register buyer on first visit and comply with Broker Co-op Agreement. Plans, pricing, financing, terms, availability and specifications subject to change/prior sale without notice and may vary by neighborhood, lot location and home series. Additional charges apply for lot premiums, options/upgrades. Buyer responsible for all taxes, insurance and other fees. Sq. footage is approximate. Photos show upgraded landscaping/options and may not represent communities’ lowest-priced homes. See sales representative for details. KB Home Sales–Southern California Inc. (CA Real Estate License 00242327). SOCAL-96787

For advertising information, call (858) 537-2280

September 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS 43





APR Financing for Qualified Buyers





3 4




APR Financing for Qualified Buyers




6 7



GET THE BEST MILITARY DISCOUNT OF ANY CAR COMPANY. With the GM Military Discount Program,8 active duty members and Reserves can save big on most 2011 Chevrolet vehicles.9 Register and get your GO code at Bring it, along with your Military ID, to your Chevrolet Dealer. ONSTAR®10 — STANDARD ON MOST MODELS Safely connecting you in ways you never thought possible


100,000-MILE/5-YEAR POWERTRAIN WARRANTY Whichever comes first. See dealer for limited warranty details.



1 Use only GM-approved wheel/tire combinations. See dealer for details. 2 Monthly payment is $16.67 for every $1,000 financed. Average example down payment is 7%. Some customers will not qualify. Not available with some other offers. See dealer for details. Take delivery by 10/31/11. 3 Requires a subscription sold separately by SiriusXM after any complimentary trial. Subscriptions are continuous until you call SiriusXM at 866-635-2349 to cancel. See for Customer Agreement. Available only in the 48 contiguous United States and Washington, D.C. 4 Based on Vincentric 2011 Model Level Analysis. 5 Monthly payment is $16.67 for every $1,000 financed. Average example down payment is 12%. Some customers will not qualify. Not available with some other offers. See dealer for details. Take delivery by 10/31/11. 6 EPA-estimated FWD. 7 Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution. 8 Eligible military personnel includes active duty members, retirees and Reserves of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard and Coast Guard. 9 Excludes Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and Volt. 10 OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Visit for details and system limitations. ©2011 OnStar. All rights reserved. ©2011 General Motors.

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