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Ignoring Geneva Conventions


hat more can our politicians take away from us? They’ve taken our money, they’ve taken our trust and they’ve eroded our status in the world as the leading super power. They have allowed a small minority to change the way the majority shows allegiance to this great nation. “The Pledge of Allegiance” has been eliminated in many public schools and colleges. Some organizations that are funded by U.S. tax dollars no longer salute, stand or place their hand on their hearts when the flag or pledge is shown or read. For some reason they have disregarded the fact that the Constitution was founded on Christian principles and beliefs. Some politicians obfuscate the Constitution with thousands of pages of contradictions created so no one can understand the law. This is the old “end around” trick. Once upon a time Americans had heroes like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. We trusted these honorable men and they protected our country and us. “Where have all my people gone, my friend Bobby, my friend Martin and my friend John.” Think about it, all our politicians seem to be mediocre at best. When it is time to elect the next president, senator or representative, will there be candidates that stand out or that we can trust?

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The Geneva Conventions comprise four treaties and three additional protocols that set the standards in international law for humanitarian treatment of the victims of war. The singular term Geneva Convention refers to the agreements of 1949, negotiated in the aftermath of World War II, updating the terms of the first three treaties and adding a fourth treaty. The language is extensive, with articles defining the basic rights of those captured during a military conflict, establishing protections for the wounded, and addressing protections for civilians in and around a war zone. The treaties of 1949 have been ratified, in whole or with reservations, by 194 countries.

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What’s Happening in Libya Last week, Libyan dissident Najla Aburrahman begged western media to pay attention to the bloodbath unfolding in her country. “If the Libyan protesters are ignored,” she wrote, “the fear is that [Libyan dictator Muammar] Qaddafi— a man who appears to care little what the rest of the world thinks of him—will be able to seal the country off from foreign observers, and ruthlessly crush any uprising before it even has a chance to begin.” Since then, Qaddafi’s troops have used machine guns and large-caliber weapons against protesters in Benghazi, the country’s second-biggest city, and more than 200 protesters, including children, have reportedly been killed.

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‘Teflon Don’ John Joseph Gotti, Jr (October 27, 1940 – June 10, 2002) was an American mobster who became the Boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City. Growing up in poverty, he and his brothers turned to a life of crime at an early age. Operating out of the Ozone Park neighborhood of Queens, Gotti quickly rose in prominence, becoming one of the crime family’s biggest earners and a protege of Gambino family underboss Aniello Dellacroce.

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Did you know that in some elementary schools, after Halloween and Christmas, Earth Day is the third largest celebrated holiday? Or how about that it is now observed in 175 countries and is the largest secular modern day holiday in the world? For more fun facts and to learn how much energy you save when you recycle one aluminum can, read more •  Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to watch a TV for three hours it’s equivalent to half a gallon of gasoline. •  Earth Day is a relatively new holiday and was first celebrated on April 22 in 1970. More than 20 million Americans participated in this first Earth Day celebration •  Earth Day was founded by a senator of Wisconsin and the day is credited for creating the environmentalism movement. •  April 22 is the first official day of Spring in the Northern hemisphere and of Fall in the Southern hemisphere and was chosen to be Earth Day for this reason. •  Never underestimate the importance of recycling: if every newspaper was recycled, we could save about

250,000,000 trees each year. Unfortunately only 27% of all American newspapers are recycled. • More than 20,000,000 Hershey’s Kisses are wrapped each day, using 133 square miles of tinfoil. All that foil is recyclable, but not many people realize it. • Only 11% of the earth’s surface is used to grow food. •  The world’s first national park was started in 1872 at Yellowstone National Park in the US. • The first major international conference on environmental issues was held in Sweden in 1972 and was sponsored by the United Nations. •  The first wildlife refuge was formed on Pelican Island, Florida in 1903. • The patron Saint of ecologists is St. Francis and the first proclamation of Earth Day was made by the mayor of San Francisco in 1970. •  A highlight of the annual Earth Day ceremony at the United Nations is the ringing of the Peace Bell that was given to the UN by Japan. It is made from coins given by school children to further peace on our planet.

Facts about planet Earth Environmentalists and regular people have been making strides to improve the quality of life on this planet. From recycling to reducing carbon emissions, there are several steps individuals have been making to benefit the Earth. Although it is both fragile and awe-inspiring, the planet Earth has been around for centuries and is likely to endure centuries more. Here are some facts about this planet that illustrate its mystery and magnitude. •  It is the third planet from the sun. •  Earth is 4.6 billion years old. •  70 percent of the Earth is covered in water. •  The planet is 197 million square miles. •  Every couple of years Earth, Mars and the sun line up. It is called opposition. •  Earth’s atmosphere is mostly oxygen and nitrogen. •  There are roughly 7 billion people living on the planet. •  Chemical Composition: The Earth is made mostly of iron, oxygen, silicon, magnesium, nickel and sulfur: 34.6% Iron, 29.5% Oxygen, 15.2% Silicon, 12.7% Magnesium, 2.4% Nickel, 1.9% Sulfur, 0.05% Titanium


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Sex predators on the Internet By Cal Thomas Let us have a “time out” from the wars and upheavals in the Middle East to consider another war taking place in too many of our homes. That would be the war against our children and the one between parent and child. A report from the website “The Daily Beast” should get our attention.

The story, written by Conchita Sarnoff and Lee Aitken, reveals how new documents the writers obtained show how hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein, who last year completed a 13-month sentence for soliciting prostitution from a minor, managed to “finesse the kinds of sex-crime allegations typically associated with a hefty prison sentence.” The Daily Beast found that, “despite overwhelming evidence of sex crimes with dozens of young girls,” a “protracted campaign to undermine the prosecution” coupled with “fear and intimidation experienced by victims during pre-trial proceedings,” resulted in “a set of charges that became a virtual slap on the wrist.” A new film, not about hedge fund managers, but about online predators who scour the Internet preying on children, will help many parents (and teens if they’ll listen) become more aware of the threat they face. It’s called “Trust” and it is being released Friday in a small number of theaters. You’ll have to look for it (or demand it), but it is a film all parents should see with their teens or preteens. The film is rated R for rough language and sexual content, but it is real and the shock value is appropriate for the subject matter. Directed by David Schwimmer, “Trust” is the story of 14-year-old “Annie,” who makes friends with a “boy” named “Charlie.” Charlie, supposedly 16, texts Annie and begins his seduction by addressing the insecurities

many teenage girls feel about their looks and lack of self-esteem. After weeks of email and chat room exchanges, Charlie’s magnetism draws Annie into a face-to-face meeting. At first she is sickened that he is much older than he said, but by now she is hooked by his flattery and even though she knows he is a liar, she wants to believe his lies. They have sex in a cheap hotel room. Annie’s girlfriend learns about this and tells the school principal. He calls the police. Officers tell the parents and the maelstrom begins. Annie hates her girlfriend and her parents. Even though Charlie has committed statutory rape and clearly has exploited her, Annie can’t bear to tear herself away from him. When the FBI identifies several other young girls he has similarly abused, Annie at first doesn’t believe them until cruel reality sets in. The parents, who see themselves as protectors of their children, feel betrayed and suddenly powerless. Annie feels betrayed by her best friend. Trust is broken on several levels. The ending is not what you might expect, because there is no end to child exploitation, there’s only awareness and an effective defense. In an age where every cell phone is a computer with Internet access, there are no “parental controls” that can fully protect our children and grandchildren from sexual predators. In this cyber age, the old parental warnings not to take candy from strangers or get into a stranger’s car have limited effect, especially when pedophiles can slither directly into your child’s bedroom via Internet connection. David Schwimmer is not new to this subject. He is a member of the board of directors of the Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, which says it has assisted more than 40,000 sexual assault victims, both children and adults. “Our hope,” says Schwimmer, “is that this movie starts a dialogue for parents and their children about Internet safety and how sometimes the Internet can be the ‘scary uncle’ that no one wants to acknowledge.” We’d better acknowledge it and “Trust” helps us do so. It is a powerful and necessary lesson for parents and children. Go see it. It isn’t entertainment. It’s real life.

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Spreading wealth the right way If I were a CEO being paid such astronomical amounts and people were being laid off, or struggling in a recession, at least in part due to the lack of pay increases, I would feel morally obligated to take less money. By Cal Thomas During the 2008 presidential campaign when candidate Barack Obama told “Joe the Plumber” that he wanted to “spread the wealth around,” it sounded to a lot of conservatives like socialism: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” in the words of Karl Marx. There is a kind of wealth spreading, however, that ought to meet the political litmus test of conservative Republicans, liberal Democrats and radical Independents. At a time of high unemployment, too many layoffs and too few new jobs in the private sector (230,000 jobs were created last month, according to the Labor Department, but unemployment continues to officially hover at just under 9 percent and Gallup calculates it, without seasonal adjustment, at 10.0 percent), it is disheartening to see so many CEOs having recovered enough from their personal recession to pay themselves salaries and benefits that would have shamed the super-rich in America’s Gilded Age. USA Today reported last week in a story on CEO compensation that “three-quarters of CEOs got raises -- and, in many cases, the increases were substantial.” Employee pay, on the other hand, effectively stalled. Median CEO pay, reported the newspaper,

increased 27 percent last year, meaning the average CEO received $9 million in 2010. Even in a struggling economy, I wager most people could get by on $9 million a year. In a strange twist, General Electric, whose chairman Jeffrey Immelt now advises President Obama on job creation, paid no taxes last year, despite earning $14 billion. But that’s another column. Unlike my liberal friends, I don’t obsess about how much money other people make. Whatever compensation someone can negotiate is fine with me. Whether a person is “worth” their pay is a subjective matter and open to debate. The moral issue in executive pay is whether management deserves these high salaries while employees are laid off, or denied pay increases. Last April the Baltimore Sun reported that Stanley-Black and Decker in Towson, Md., an-


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Page 6 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

Greed is GOOD!

Former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay

nounced plans to lay off 4,000 of its 38,000 employees. Yet, according to USA Today, Stanley-Black & Decker CEO John Lundgren made more than $32 million in 2010, up 253.1 percent from the previous year. U.S. Bancorp Chairman Richard Davis was paid $16.1 million in 2010, a 143.0 percent compensation boost. In January, U.S. Bancorp announced that 64 workers in its Milwaukee office would be cut. If I were a CEO being paid such astronomical amounts and people were being laid off, or struggling in a recession, at least in part due to the lack of pay increases, I would feel morally obligated to take less money. I would ask the chief financial officer of my company to share some of my wealth with loyal employees so that they could continue caring for their families. One doesn’t have to be a liberal who believes in income redistribution to see the unfairness in disproportionate pay. Think of the kudos and favorable press coverage that would come to a corporate chief who shared his wealth, rather than lay off employees. It could change not only the media coverage of big business, but also the way the public perceives the super rich. Heck, some of them might even start voting Republican! Five CEOs saw a slight decline in compensation, according to the USA Today/ GovernanceMetrics international data, but they still earned more than most lottery winners receive. President Obama has spoken of some of these CEOs as not “needing” the money they get. Again, that is a subjective judgment. What he should be doing is shaming those companies that lay off workers while paying their top management such exorbitant salaries and benefits. Stockholders ought to demand that no competent worker should be laid off if a CEO earns above a certain amount of money. Stockholders also have a moral responsibility beyond the dividends they receive. Making money is a noble American objective, making a living is a nobler one. Corporations ought to have enough decency and compassion to make sure no worker is let go solely to increase the bottom line or pad the boss’s pockets with more money than he (or she) can ever hope to spend in a lifetime.

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One of many Pol Pot prisoners.


How soon we seem to forget! va Convention. For both of these accomplishments, Henri Dunant became corecipient of the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901.

Nuremberg Trials

Grave breaches

History In 1862, Henri Dunant published his book, Memoir of Solferino, on the horrors of war. His wartime experiences inspired Dunant to propose: • a permanent relief agency for humanitarian aid in times of war, and • a government treaty recognizing the neutrality of the agency and allowing it to provide aid in a war zone. The former proposal led to the establishment of the Red Cross. The latter led to the First Gene-

Not all violations of the treaty are treated equally. The most serious crimes are termed grave breaches, and provide a legal definition of a war crime. Grave breaches of the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions include the following acts if committed against a person protected by the convention: • willful killing, torture or inhumane treatment, including biological experiments • willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health • compelling someone to serve in the forces of a hostile power • willfully depriving someone of the right to a fair trial Also considered grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention are the following: • taking of hostages •  extensive destruction and appropriation of property not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly • unlawful deportation, transfer, or confinement. Nations who are party to these treaties must enact and enforce legislation penalizing any of these


crimes. Nations are also obligated to search for persons alleged to commit these crimes, or ordered them to be committed, and to bring them to trial regardless One of many Pol Pot prisoners. of their nationality attempt by Khmer Rouge leader and regardless of An Pol Pot to form a Communist peasant the place where the farming society resulted in the crimes took place. deaths of 25 percent of the country’s from starvation, The principle of population overwork and executions. universal jurisdiction also applies to the enforcement of grave breaches. Toward this end, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia were established by the United Nations to prosecute alleged violations.

Conventions today Although warfare has changed dramatically since the Geneva Conventions of 1949, they are still considered the cornerstone of contemporary International Humanitarian Law. They protect combatants who find themselves hors de combat, and they

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Ca l i fo r n i a D e nt a l B o a rd Approval Provided #4164 Page 8 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

uty de rent porary d a p y tem litar our d mi igned to e c r ith y ss ivo w a d t g i a s n bei o vi you ble t Are lizing or iego? a e b i for mob e San D ldren to ows latives i id l l s h t a c u r o -1-11 ur re t you ive 1 with yo t Wan ves? c e n d . eff ti rela CA law visitatio LC 3047 r free an u F d o ith New -ordere , per ly for y se w e a c t m i r e r cou g this t mediat on. you fees. i l n arts duri ct us im onsultat $995 st of lega a r : t c e y l n l d Co dentia unt on ain i rem o conf ry disc ent for ta Mili hly paym m t mon lp41 e H om orce .Div lp411.c w w e w er@h lawy

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protect civilians caught up in the zone of war. These treaties came into play for all recent international armed conflicts, including the War in Afghanistan (2001–present), the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the invasion of Chechnya (1994– present), and the 2008 War in Georgia. Modern warfare continues to evolve, and a growing proportion of recent armed conflicts are of a non-international character[ (for instance, the Sri Lankan Civil War, the Sudanese Civil War, and the Colombian Armed Conflict). Common Article 3 deals with these situations, supplemented by Protocol II (1977). These set out minimum legal standards that must be followed for internal conflicts. International tribunals, particularly the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, have helped to clarify international law in this area. In the 1999 Prosecutor v. Dusko Tadic judgement, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia ruled that grave breaches apply not only to international conflicts, but also to internal armed conflict. Further, those provisions are considered customary international law, allowing war crimes prosecution even over groups that have not formally accepted the terms of the Geneva Conventions.

Cambodia – The Killing Fields

“Protected persons are entitled, in all circumstances, to respect for their persons, their honour, their family rights, their religious convictions and practices, and their manners and customs. They shall, at all times, be humanely treated, and shall be protected, especially against all acts of violence or threats thereof and against insults and public curiosity. Women shall be especially protected against any attack on their honour, in particular against rape, enforced prostitution, or any form of indecent assault. Without prejudice to the provisions relating to their state of health, age and sex, all protected persons shall be treated with the same consideration by the Party to the conflict in whose power they are, without any adverse distinction based, in particular, on race, religion or political opinion. However, the Parties to the conflict may take such measures of control and security in regard to protected persons as may be necessary as a result of the war.” —- Article 27, Fourth Geneva Convention

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INTERVIEW By Jeri Jacquin / Movie Maven I MP

“My fear was that I wasn’t going to be able to get back in the water and not so much about sharks. I got up on my third wave and worked hard from there.”

The Military Press’ Movie Maven Jeri Jacquin with Bethany Hamilton.

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pening in theatres this Friday from director Sean MacNamara and Sony Pictures comes the true story of courage and change with “Soul Surfer.” This film tells the story of Bethany Hamilton (Anna Sophia Robb), a surfer who comes from a long line of surfers. With her father Tom (Dennis Quaid) and mother Cheri (Helen Hunt), Bethany competes in amateur contests, making it look easy. As she and best friend Alana (Lorraine Nickolson) are about to break through with the sponsorship of Rip Curl, the world is fantastic. Taking a day to go surfing at the North Shore, it only takes a moment for her life to change. Bethany is attacked by a shark that severs her arm; now the battle begins for her life on so many levels. As she begins to recuperate she must come to terms with her surfing life, her family life and her belief in why things happen as they do. FINAL WORD: Robb does a wonderful job portraying Hamilton. She stays focused and remains loyal to her character’s life. This is an intense role to play especially with the focus being on Hamilton’s ability to adjust with one arm. Hunt and Quaid do a marvelous job portraying the surf parents. Their supportive nature really comes out and enhances the story of this family’s life. There is a small role for Kevin Sorbo as Holt Blanchard, family friend and rescuer of Hamilton. Other cast member includes: Carrie Underwood as Sarah Hill, Sonya Balmores as Malina Birch, Chris Brochu as Timmy, Cody Gomes as Keoki, Ross Thomas as Noah, Craig T. Nelson as Dr. Rovinsky, and Tiffany Hoffstetter as Rosemary. Having the great pleasure of speaking with Hamilton as a recent screening of the film in Encinitas, we talked about her love of surfing and her surprise at the film being made. Asking her if it was difficult to go back in the water after the attack, Bethany said, “My fear was that I wasn’t going to be able to get back in the water and not so much about sharks. I got up on my third wave and worked hard from there.” Does she often think about what happened? “I get scared every now and then but over time the more I go out in the water the less I think about it. I concentrate on catching great waves and having fun!” How was it working with the cast, she says, “Helen Hunt already knew how

to surf and she was awesome at it. Dennis Quaid was more of a golfer before this and now I think he’s an addict about surfing. It was fun being on set and being a part of it all.” When asked about her next competition she says, “I’m competing at the WCT event in South Australia in mid-April. I’m super nervous and excited about that event because it’s the top 18 girls! But I’m excited because surfing has been so much a part of my life even before I could walk. Just the thing about being creative on the waves is like creating art, it’s a lifestyle.” The film being made was inevitable as Hamilton’s book “Soul Surfer: A True Story of Family, Faith and Fighting to Get Back on the Board” and a documentary brought such interest to fans. TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Soul Surfer” three tubs of popcorn out of five. It is an inspirational story about a young lady who has so much courage. It is a story that teaches us that there are no limits except those we create. In the end – nothing came between her and the waves. Anna Sophia Robb and Carrie Underwood in Soul Surfer.

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Where can we possibly go from here, America?

If I had the choice I would want someone like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or golf legend Jack Nicholas. I know these men are honest, bright and, most importantly, trustworthy. We must eliminate lobbyists and not let our candidates be controlled in any way by special interest groups. We need to punish or tax large corporations for out sourcing millions of high paying jobs. And in reference to the recent near shut down of government, it is unthinkable that the men and women fighting for this country would be anywhere near the top of the list of folks to not be paid. Instead, let’s examine all of the welfare we give to the undeserving who cheat the system. Or all the aid we give to other countries. Every American man, woman and child must feel safe because the United States has the finest, best trained, loyal men and women in uniform. We have to maintain our Armed Forces in order to fight and defeat every terrorist, nation or individual that wants to take our freedoms away from us. Our military has the determination and resolve to protect this country and, like it or not, we must never forget in who we trust… God. At this point, it looks like we might need to defend ourselves against our own government. God Bless America

It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible. – George Washington

Patriotism in America, past and present By Donna Pampalone The word patriotism is a word that unfortunately is seldom used in this modern day and age. This word derived more two centuries ago in the early 1700’s when America was in it’s earliest stages. The Merriam/Webster Dictionary describes the word patriotism as a noun, and it meaning is stated in the dictionary as; love for or devotion to one’s country. A historical act of true patriotism was when Patrick Henry proclaimed his timeless cry “Give me liberty or give me death.” Henry was a true American patriot who faced losing freedom in his beloved America, while it fought against England’s rule in this new land. America was the hope for

freedom and without reservation or fear Patrick Henry would rather be put to death then not live free in his beloved America. Throughout the centuries patriotism remained strong in America as it’s people united with their commander in chief through America’s many trials and wars such as, the Civil War, the Spanish American war, World Wars I and World War II. During those difficult times in America all Americans banded together and stood strong in unity and in their love for their country. In those tough times and the many wars that were fought, many of our patriotic songs were written and sung with ones right hand over their heart. Some age old patriotic songs that were sung often by Americans for gen-

erations are; My Country ‘Tis of Thee, You’re A Grand Old Flag, God Bless America, and America the Beautiful. These heartfelt songs portray and tell a story of what patriotism is all about, and the words to the songs proclaim a deep love and devotion for America. Patriotic songs were once popular and were often sung in schools, churches, and sporting events, they were a part of everyday life in America, until the mid 1960’s when they slowly and very gradually started to disappear from our society. It is on rare occasion in the year 2010 that one will hear or sing any of the patriotic songs listed above. Proclaiming love for America, despite what the world says is patriotism. Standing with our troops in

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TOP Producer 2008, 2009, 2010

times of war, is patriotism. Looking out for the greater good of this nation and not ones own personal gain is patriotism. Being a unified nation and standing strong in unity against anything or anyone who threatens the freedoms that Americans have held dear since the birth of this great nation, is patriotism. Somewhere over the last few decades patriotism seems to have disappeared from everyday lives of Americans. No longer do we start our day with the Pledge of Allegiance, or with patriotic songs. No longer do American start their day in their schools or at their jobs with prayer to bless this great nation. It seems as though Americans do not remember that it was with patriotism that our forefathers, our grandfathers, our fathers, our brothers and our sons have fought for and given their lives for freedoms sake, to keep America free. We have come to a time and place in history where it is no longer politically correct to be patriotic and to support our brave, patriotic armed forces who are still fighting for our freedom today. Many people in this great land are against our military being involved in fighting wars for our freedom. Those who are against our involvement in wars that keep us safe and free, are basically against patriotism and because of the lack of patriotism and unity in America today, our freedoms are sadly, quickly, slipping away from us right before our very eyes. The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and forum participants in this publication do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the Military Press. We invite you into a discourse, and would like to hear your thoughts.


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Patriotism waning in America

I attended a military event aboard a Navy installation here in San Diego recently and was taken aback by the actions of those in attendance when the National Anthem was playing. Yes, I am a former Marine. Yes, I love my country. Am I a radical patriot? No. But I know that when the National Anthem is playing, citizens are to at least stop what they are doing, face the direction the music is coming from or the direction of the flag if it is displayed. You show respect. Born in the 1960s, my school attendance included the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag each and every morning. It was a ceremony that let each of us know we were part of some-

thing bigger. More than our families alone. More than the young world our minds lived in. We were part of a country. A country of people that on one count were all the same. We were Americans. The National Anthem and Pledge are foundational elements to a country of people with pride in the country they live in. It seemed to me on that sunny day aboard the Navy installation that none of the parents had taught their children love of country and the proper etiquette. And just in case you aren’t aware, there is actually a public law regarding etiquette.

The law of the land! United States Code, Title 36, §171 Conduct during playing the National AnthemDuring rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Men not in uniform should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Persons in uniform should render the military salute at the first note of the anthem and retain this position until the last note. When the flag is not displayed, those present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed there.

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Jobs for ocean lovers The notion of finding something you love doing as a career so you never have to work a day in your life is an oft-repeated one that some of the world’s most successful people have insisted helped them reach the pinnacle of their professions. Ocean lovers who hope to one day combine their love of the water with a rewarding career have a host of options at their disposal.

Marine biology.

Marine biologists study the behavior and ecology of plants and animals that live in the ocean. An all-encompassing field, marine biology requires students and even existing professionals study and learn about several different disciplines of oceanography, including chemical oceanography, physical oceanography and geological oceanography. Oftentimes, marine biologists specialize in a particular area,

whether it’s a specific species of marine life or an ecosystem. One growing area of specialization is marine biotechnology, which involves marine biologists in the development and testing of drugs that come from marine organisms.

Oceanography. Oceanography has three major disciplines: geologi-

cal, chemical and physical. A geological oceanographer studies the evolution of the ocean bottom and the minerals found there. A chemical oceanographer studies the chemicals and chemical compounds found in the ocean. And physical oceanographers study the ocean’s mass in motion, including ocean currents and tidal waves. The field of oceanography could prove especially rewarding to those who want to help accomplish the increasingly global goal of producing food, water and shelter. Many feel such a goal depends on our ability to derive food, energy sources and even drinking water from the ocean, and oceanographers of all specialties will play an important role in accomplishing this goal.

Ocean engineering. Ocean engineers design much of what is used in marine environments. This includes vehicles, equipment, instruments, and structures. Ocean engineers have invented thousands of instruments that have revolutionized the field of oceanography, enabling oceanographers to study the ocean in ways that were never before possible. Ocean engineers are responsible for creating such devices as underwater video equipment, underwater vehicles and ocean seismometers that measure movement along the seafloor. Underwater filmmaking. The popularity of television channels such as National Geographic and Discovery has made it possible for ocean lovers who also enjoy filmmaking to combine both loves into a rewarding career. Underwater filmmakers are responsible for the often awe-inspiring historical, educational, environmental and even entertainment films about the marine world. Aspiring underwater filmmakers should consider studying marine biology and develop their diving skills as much as possible. Coast Guard. The United States Coast Guard is one of five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and has a number of responsibilities. Members of the USCG conduct search and rescue missions, enforce maritime law, provide port security, and protect the environment, among other things. The USCG even has 6,000 civilian employees who work with military personnel to handle all Coast Guard responsibilities. Page 14 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS


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Secret VA benefits for seniors

This is the third in a series of “secrets” revealed by author Victoria L. Collier, JD, in her book “47 Secret Veterans’ Benefits for Seniors, Benefits You Have Earned... but Don’t Know About” Secret #42 No private or non-profit organization, nor individual, including lawyers, can charge for the preparation, presentation and prosecution of a claim. If you are eligible for and seeking VA benefits, it is illegal for anyone to charge you to assist with preparing the application for benefits, for filing it on your behalf, and for following up on its status. If someone charges to help you in completing your application for benefits, then you should report them to your local VA office. Secret #43 Once a veteran’s claim is denied or approved for fewer benefits than the claimant was seeking, the veteran can hire a paid representative to assist with the appeal AFTER a Notice of Disagreement has been filed with the VA. The Notice of Disagreement (NOD) is the first indication from a veteran

to the VA that the veteran disagrees with the VA’s decision. It is not yet the formal appeal, but it is the first indication of “I don’t like the decision and I plan to appeal unless you change it.” The attorney CANNOT charge to assist the veteran with drafting the NOD. It is only after the NOD has been filed with the VA that the attorney can then step in and say, “Would you like some help? I’m going to charge you to assist with the appeal.” And the veteran can say, “I would love some help with my appeal and I would love to pay you to advocate on my behalf against the VA.” To purchase this book, contact Victoria Collier, Attorney, at 160 Clairemont Ave., Suite 440, Decatur, GA 30030, www.elderlaw

Marines assigned to the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (22nd MEU) embark aboard the multipurpose amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 5). The Bataan Amphibious Ready Group is deploying to the Mediterranean Sea. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Julio Rivera.

Marines send nuclear team to Japan to help with ongoing crisis From the Stars and Stripes SEOUL — A 155-member U.S. Marine force specially trained to work in chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological environments is expected to arrive Friday in Japan to help the Japanese government deal with the ongoing nuclear crisis. According to the American Forces Press Service, the unit is part of the Chemical, Biological and Incident Response Force from the Naval Support Facility in Indian Head, Md. The unit will advise Japanese authorities about the ongoing crisis involving radiation leaking from the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. The unit will bring equipment for agent detection and identification; casualty search, rescue and personnel decontamination; and emergency medical care and stabilization of contaminated personnel, the report said. Meanwhile, U.S. Navy divers

helped to reopen the harbor at Hachinohe, according to the press service. American ships used side-scan sonar to survey the harbor’s waterway, enabling divers to remove obstacles such as vehicles, a small storage building, 20-foot storage containers and 100-ton concrete blocks the tsunami washed out to sea. Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force and commercial divers are coordinating with U.S. 7th Fleet units to assess the port of Miyako and plan for clearance operations there, the report said. The Navy teams might do the same in the port of Oshima after completion of operations at Miyako. Additionally, U.S. Navy barges containing 500,000 gallons of fresh water from Yokosuka are being used at the crippled nuclear power plant, according to the press service. The water will be used to replace salt water in the reactor cooling system to lessen the corrosive impact of salt from the sea water still being used for emergency cooling.

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MUST SEE MOVIES! Simple sci-fi tale with profound message...

By Ben Burgraff “The Day The Earth Stood Still” is such a basic science fiction story that many first-time viewers have been stunned by the reverence in which it is held. An alien arrives on earth, is misunderstood and is nearly killed, passes a warning to mankind to not carry the weapons of potential nuclear war into space, or face annihilation, then leaves. Based on Harry Bates’ short story, “Farewell to the Master,” which paints a far less friendly view of our galactic community (Gort, the enforcer robot, is revealed to be the true ‘Master’ of the story, not Klaatu, thus revealing that machines are controlling the Universe), 20th Century Fox and director Wise quickly butted heads on how the film should be presented. Fox envisioned Spencer Tracy as Klaatu, believing that the legendary star’s well-established persona would make the SF elements more ‘understandable’ to audiences. Wise scoffed at the notion, arguing that no one would ever believe Tracy was an alien, and searched until he found relative newcomer Michael Rennie, a gaunt, sensitive British actor, whom he felt best suited the Christ-like quality Klaatu had to possess (even the name Klaatu adopted to mingle with humans was ‘Carpenter’). For earth’s greatest scientist (a thinly-disguised Albert Einstein), Wise cast screen veteran Sam Jaffe, which also brought a howl from the studio, as the actor was being investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee, in the midst of their infamous ‘witch hunt’ and blacklisting of Hollywood’s supposed Communist sympathizers. Jaffe proved a perfect choice, however, displaying many of the qualities he would later bring to ‘Dr. Zorba’ on “Ben Casey.” The filming was, by and large, an enjoyable experience for the cast and crew (although Patricia Neal, in later interviews, said that it was nearly impossible for her to say the film’s famous tag phrase, “Klaatu Barrada Nikto,” without breaking into giggles). Everyone knew the end result would be special; Michael Rennie, ten years later, would call the role the most “important” of his career (NBC would even bring him in to host the network premiere of the film, on “Saturday Night at the Movies”). With it’s anti-war stand, the film was the direct counterpart of the year’s other classic sci-fi production, “The Thing from Another World,” the first of Hollywood’s ‘alien invasion’ films. In “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” mankind is the true monster, toying with nuclear weapons, constantly fighting, and willing to kill a peaceful emissary, without allowing him to deliver his message or offer his gifts to the world. “Man must grow up, or be destroyed” was a powerful message, in 1951, particularly when Wise panned his camera over Arlington Cemetery, with it’s thousands of headstones, as Klaatu/Carpenter viewed, sadly, the end result of our fixation with warfare. The message is even more relevant, today, which is why “The Day The Earth Stood Still” remains a classic.

Michael Rennie

Date of Birth – 25 August 1909, Bradford, Yorkshire, England, UK Date of Death – 10 June 1971, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England, UK The British actor Michael Rennie worked as a car salesman and factory manager before he turned to acting. A meeting with a Gaumont-British casting director led to Rennie’s first acting job — that of stand-in for Robert Young in “Secret Agent” (1936) directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In 1951, he was brought to Hollywood by Darryl F. Zanuck at 20th Century Fox, cast in arguably his most popular role as Klaatu in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951), now considered a science fiction classic.

Page 18 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

Patricia Neal Date of Birth – 20 January 1926, Packard, Kentucky, USA Date of Death – 8 August 2010, Edgartown, Massachusetts, USA Birth Name – Patricia Louise Neal Height – 5’ 8” (1.73 m) Patricia Neal, the Oscar- and Tony Award-winning actress, was born Patsy Lou Neal in Packard, Kentucky. Her father managed a coal mine and her mother was the daughter of the town doctor. She grew up in Knoxville, where she attended high school. She was first bit by the acting bug at the age of 10, after attending an evening of monologues at a Methodist church. She subsequently wrote a letter to Santa Claus, telling him, “What I want for Christmas is to study dramatics.” She won the Tennessee State Award for dramatic reading while she was in high school. In the first part of her film career, her most impressive roles were in The Fountainhead (1949) opposite Gary Cooper, with whom she had threeyear-long love affair, and in director Robert Wise’s sci-fi classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), which she made at 20th Century-Fox. Warners hadn’t been thrilled with her and let her go before her contract was up, so she signed with Fox. In 1965, she suffered a series of strokes that nearly killed her. She was filming John Ford’s film 7 Women (1966) at the time, and had to be replaced by Anne Bancroft (who would later take a role she turned down, Mrs Robinson in “The Graduate” (1967).)” Neal was pregnant at the time. She underwent a seven hour operation on her brain and survived, later delivering her fifth child. She underwent rehabilitation supervised by her husband. Patricia Neal died from lung cancer. She was 84 years old.

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“Read my lips: no new taxes.”

– George H. W. Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush (born June 12, 1924) served as the 41st President of the United States (1989–1993). He previously served as the 43rd Vice President (1981–1989), a congressman, an ambassador, and Director of Central Intelligence.Bush was born in Massachusetts to Senator and investment banker Prescott Bush and Dorothy Walker Bush. Following the attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941, at the age of 18, Bush postponed going to college and became the youngest aviator in the US Navy at the time. He served until the end of the war, then attended Yale University. Graduating in 1948, he moved his family to West Texas and entered the oil business, becoming a millionaire by the age of 40.

Cost of Living Yearly inflation rate 5.39% Average cost of new house $123,000 Average income per year $28,960 Average monthly rent $465 Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.34 Price for a new Isuzu Rodeo $12,4900 IBM PS1 computer from $999 - $1,999

Events • Saddam Hussein orders Iraq invasion of neighboring Kuwait • Operation Desert Shield Begins as the United States and UK send troops to Kuwait • Lech Walesa becomes president of Poland • The Saturn range of cars are launched by GM • The most complete skeleton of a T-Rex (nicknamed Sue) is found in South Dakota • Earthquake in Iran kills 50,000 • Americas favorite animated family “The Simpsons “ is aired on Fox for the first time

Operation Desert Shield begins. 1990 Pontiac Sunbird Concept • The U.S. enters a major recession • Nelson Mandella is released from prison in South Africa after 28 years • A fire at an unlicensed social club called “Happy Land” in New York City kills 87 • Opposition parties in South Africa are legalized Nelson Mandella released from prison and becomes leader of the African National Congress (ANC) • President George Bush and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev sign a historic agreement to end production of chemical weapons • Throughout the year demonstrations are held in cities in the UK in protest at the new poll tax

1990 Ford Mustang

Technology • The Space Shuttle Discovery places the Hubble space telescope in orbit revolutionizing astronomy • Tim Berners-Lee publishes a more formal proposal for the World Wide Web and the first web page is written • Microsoft Releases Windows 3.0 • A 16 megabit chip is shown for the first time • The first known case of AIDS is traced back to 1959 • The Space Probe Voyager

launched in 1977 photographed the solar system at a distance of 3.7 miles from the sun • 18 years after its launch the U.S. Space Probe Pioneer reaches a distance of 46.5 billion miles beyond all planetary orbits • Depletion of the ozone layer is discovered above the North Pole

1990 Camaro

“I can tell you this: If I’m ever in a position to call the shots, I’m not going to rush to send somebody else’s kids into a war.” – George H. W. Bush Page 20 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

Remember when . . .

“Pretty Woman” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” “The Hunt for Red October” “Total Recall” “Die Hard 2” “Dick Tracy” “Edward Scissorhands” “The Godfather Part III”

The Blues Brothers.

Popular Musicians Janet Jackson with “Black Cat” Jon Bon Jovi with “Blaze of Glory” Depeche Mode The Blues Brothers Garth Brooks Red Hot Chili Peppers Billy Joel Phil Collins Vanilla Ice with “Ice Ice Baby” Whitney Houston Aerosmith Cher Dannii Minogue Mariah Carey The B-52s

Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in “Ghost,” which grossed over $550 million worldwide.

Musicians of the ’90s included Milli Vanilli, MC Hammer and Jon Bon Jovi.

Lamborghini Nelson Mandella, released from prison in 1990, realized the atrocities his wife committed while he was incarcerated, divorced her and put her in prison.

Popular Culture • The Sci/Fi Channel on cable TV starts transmitting • “Twin Peaks” premieres on ABC • The Milli Vanilli duo’s producer reveals that the Grammy winning pop duo were lip synching in the songs on the album which gained them the award

Popular Films “Home Alone” “Ghost” “Dances with Wolves”

Demi Moore stars in ‘Ghost’

“I detest racialism, because I regard it as a barbaric thing, whether it comes from a black man or a white man.” – Nelson Mandela For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

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Reaction to budget deal, good start, but plenty of cuts to go By Tony Krvaric, Chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego County SAN DIEGO — In light of the recent budget deal to avert a government shutdown, local Republican Party chairman Tony Krvaric issued the following statement: “Needless to say there is a lot more to cut. As a first stab at reducing the size, scope and spending of government, last night’s budget deal is a good start. As the conversation moves from cutting ‘billions’ to cutting ‘trillions’, Republicans in Washington D.C. now have an even stronger hand. “While it’s obvious that Democrats are still completely tone deaf regarding spending, it’s encouraging to see that Republicans taking over the House of Representatives has changed the conversation in Washington D.C. from how much to grow government to how much to cut government. “San Diego Republicans are proud of the progress made so far, and look forward to a robust debate over the next 18 months about the proper size, scope and role of government in Americans’ lives. The taxpayer revolution has arrived and our elected representatives had better pay attention.”


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Publisher’s comment: Democrats and Republicans alike have to remember one thing... “Ya can’t spend what cha ain’t got!” We MUST make budgets cuts and reduce the size of government, but that’s only part of it. Just guess what part of the budget the terrorists and Mexican drug lords want cut! The U.S. military, that’s what. The Military Press will campaign in every way possible on behalf of the military, both in print and on our website. We will provide our support and disseminate information to educate the citizens of this country on just what budget cuts to the military will mean to each of us and our loved ones. Watch for our newly created column that will state, “Ask not what your politicians can do for their lobbyist, but what they can do to save our country!”

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Show your support for military members who need a helping hand with adjustment challenges. From active duty to retired, reservists to DOD and family members, anyone can face depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental illnesses – and be reluctant to seek help. Recovery is possible, and getting help is an important first step to a healthy and active future.

READ UP to recognize the signs.

STEP UP and offer support to a friend.

Link up for more information and local resources.

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Courage to Call

1.877.698.7838 Funded by the Mental Health Services Act

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SEMPER FI By Chaplain Ringo I MP

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Acts of Kindness It has been said that, “Acts of Christian service should be part of our everyday agenda.” Jesus taught us how to do good; love our neighbor, forgive others, and care for the poor, the needy, the afflicted and the lonely. A few years ago when I was living in the community of Lemoore they brought a group of organizations and churches together to assist in helping the needy and those afflicted by the weather and freezes they had that put many out of work and much strain on those families of Terra Bella and nearby towns. Many of the Lemoore Community Action group did several fund raising events and donated talents and time to assist others they don’t even know. These are exactly the kind of personal acts of kindness and service Christ taught and exemplified. It was a special honor working with the group. We have all been taught that kindness begets kindness, gentleness leads to greater gentleness, and an apology is never out of place. When we respond to harsh talk by speaking harshly, the resulting hurt feelings and escalating anger cannot lead to any sort of positive resolution. In addition to serving our neighbors when they are in a state of need, perhaps one of the greatest of Christian acts we can do are those we never hear about. They are deeds done quietly, spontaneously, anonymously, without expectation of recognition or compensation. These acts often begin with the desire to keep similar thoughts in our hearts. When we have this in our hearts regularly, these char-

acteristics will be reflected more naturally in our actions. It then will ripple throughout our lives and on those we rub shoulders with. Many problems can be solved when both parties in a dispute are willing to solve them, and that willingness to work together is far easier to achieve with someone we’re willing to think of as a potential friend than with someone we’re convinced is a sworn enemy. It has been said, “When we cultivate a spirit of goodwill and humility, it becomes easier to turn away wrath and answer hostility with generosity. When we cultivate kindness, we’ll harvest a crop of charity, forgiveness and peace.” The poet Goethe said, “Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together.” What a blessing to be a link in the chain, when we show kindnesses to others. Part of sharing the spirit of kindness is looking for the good around us. A story I’ve heard shares this message. “An aged Japanese philosopher spent many days in the woods and hills near his village studying the laws of nature. Upon returning to his village in the evenings, he taught others what he had learned. As he prepared to leave the village for the woods and hills one morning, a friend asked him to bring him a hawthorn twig so that he might study the lesson the philosopher had given about that tree. Another friend asked the philosopher to bring him a rose so that he might study its beauty according to a lesson the old man had taught. A third friend asked the phi-

Chaplain at MCRD H&S BN, holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling, and is a Certified Trauma Specialist.

losopher to bring him a lily so that he might study the lesson of purity that the learned man had given. When the philosopher returned to his village at sundown, he found his friends waiting at the gate. To the first he gave the hawthorn twig; to the second, the rose; and to the third, the lily. The first friend complained, “Here is a dead leaf on the stem of my hawthorn twig.” The second said, “Here is a thorn on the stem of my rose.” The third exclaimed, “Here is dirt on the roots of my lily.” The philosopher took back the twig, the rose and the lily. He plucked the dead leaf from the twig and gave it back to the first friend. He removed the thorn from the stem of the rose and gave it to the second. He took the dirt from the roots of the lily and put it in the hands of the third. “Now, each of you has what attracted you first,” he told his friends. “You looked for the dead leaf and found it. You looked for the thorn; it was there. You found the dirt on the roots of the lily. You may keep what attracted you first. I will keep the hawthorn twig, the rose and the lily for the beauty I see in them.” Obviously, the moral of the story is: We find just about what we look for. We would do better if we could remember that we can find good in everyone if we look for it. “There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it hardly behooves

any of us to talk about the rest of us.” (Edward Wallis Hoch [1849-1925], Governor of Kansas.) May we take this time of life to enhance our desire to look for that good in others and ways to bless those around us in personal ways. May we show our appreciation for such kindness shown to us with those who share our day. It has been said that, “Each of us has the charge to be not a doubter, but a doer, not a leaner, but a lifter. Often we live side by side but do not communicate heart to heart.” With all that we have seen recently in natural disasters, such as the huge earthquake in Australia and then Japan, followed by the Tsunami, and then all the flooding and tornados here in our states, we have plenty of opportunities to be a doer and a lifter of those who have had such tragedies and trauma come into their lives. Let us be a positive example of the golden chain that binds us all and may we strive to do so this week is my prayer. As always, it is my hope that this message will help you this week to, “mount up as on eagle’s wings,” and renew a little of your strength to keep moving forward and find joy… (Isaiah 40:31) Until next time, may God bless you and may God continue to bless our great nation… SEMPER FI


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The Second City’s second wind

home. With only 5 home losses, only San Antonio has an even comparable home record. As we all know, the advantage of playing at home means more in the NBA playoffs than in any other sport. Chicago will have that to draw on. If the Bulls did do one other thing this year that put them on the map, it was sweeping their season series with the Miami Heat, winning all three games in the final seconds, and leaving the team of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade with tears in their eyes and little to say for themselves. By acquiring Carlos Boozer this past offseason to put at the power forward, the Bulls added 17 points and 10 rebounds per game to a frontcourt that already had the shot-blocking and rebounding presence of Joakim Noah and the versatile skills of Luol Deng. Suddenly, Rose found himself the ringleader of a young but powerful group that came together to overthrow the powers-that-be in the East.

By Bill Hazel The Chicago Bulls are a franchise still defined by a team and its shooting guard that left the building 13 years ago. You know who I mean, the guy who can’t be described as iconic because it’s still not a strong enough word. Michael Jordan won 6 championships in the 1990s wearing that same Bulls jersey and defined an entire league. And then he walked out, and he took Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson and even Ron Harper with him. The Chicago Bulls haven’t been the same since. This year’s Chicago Bulls team is in a position not seen since Jordan’s glory days. Ever so carefully, the Bulls managed to tiptoe underneath the Hawks, around the Heat, and between the Celtics and Magic, to the top of the Eastern Conference without making a sound. This would be the first No. 1 playoff seed for the Bulls since that fateful season of 1998. And yet they remain the East’s best-

The second coming of Air Jordan . .. Derrick Rose. kept secret. Even as their star guard Derrick Rose is making his push for MVP of the league, he does it under the radar because of the phenomenon that is Blake Griffin.

Page 26 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

As long as Chicago does in fact clinch the number one seed, they will have the opportunity to continue to do what they’ve done so well all season: win at

SPORTS with Art Garcia

Diaz, Melendez Retain Titles In one of the most highly anticipated fight cards in years, Nick Diaz and Gilbert Melendez sent a message to the rest of the MMA world last Saturday night – and that message was “bring it on” as both fighters are looking to unify their respective belts against the competition the UFC has to offer. Although the headline bout of the evening was short, nobody at the Valley View Casino Center walked away disappointed as Diaz and British challenger Paul Daley had the raucous crowd standing on their feet as each fighter pummeled each other non-stop nearly the entire first round. After nearly five minutes of relentless action, Diaz stopped the heavy-handed Daley via technical knockout with just three seconds left in the first round to retain his Strikeforce welterweight cham-

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Nick Diaz you receive these great benefits: pionship. In a fight eerily reminiscent of the Marvin Hagler versus Thomas Hearns slug• Keep the same PIN fest in the mid ‘80s, Diaz and Daley’s one round thriller will be as highly regarded in MMA history as that great middleweight title fight is today in boxing folk• Minutes never expire lore. • It’s easy, recharge now Like Hearns, it was Daley who was the highly-regarded challenger who was doing all the trash talking leading up to the fight: “I’m going to knock this guy Simply call the Customer Service number on the back out man, that’s what I do,” Daly said at a press conference days before the fight. of your Card or check with your local exchange. “I’m going to knock him out in the first round – let’s get him out of there as quick as possible.” NO DOD ENDORSEMENT IMPLIED OR INFERRED. Photo Credit: Jason A. Knowles/Fentress However, in the end it was Diaz (like Hagler) who would raise his hands in vicBradburn Architects. ©2011 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T tory after surviving a barrage of hard shots from the challenger and eventually logo and all other AT&T marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. rocking Daley’s world. “I just come to fight,” Diaz said at the post-fight press conference. “Whatever happens out there happens.” Military Press: 4.625 x 6.222 Even though referee Big John McCarthy’s stoppage might have appeared a bit premature with virtually no time left in the round, there were no complaints from the Daley camp for stopping the fight. With the win, Diaz earned his 10th consecutive victory and raised his record to 25-7. Daley fell to 27-10-2. APM-1136_Cross_Branch RechargeAd_B&W_4.625x6.222 RF.indd 1 Gilbert the Great Three days before his rematch with Tatsuya Kawajiri, Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez was not only looking forward to his return to the ring after year-long layoff, but more importantly, he wanted to clear up any questions anybody might still have regarding his close decision win in their first fight in 2006. “We have some unfinished business from four years ago where I got the W,” Melendez said. “I can’t stand people saying that I lost that fight or that it was a draw or what not. So I’m looking forward to making this one decisive and getting the W – but I think everyone’s in for a war. It’s going to be an exciting fight I guarantee you.” Showing no ring rust at all, Melendez dominated Kawajiri from the opening bell by landing powerful strikes and devastating elbows to the head of the challenger to win a technical knockout at just 3:14 of Gilbert Melendez the opening round. Regarded as one of the best lightweights in the world prior to the fight, Melendez pulls no punches in his desire to take on the best fighters the UFC has in their stable. “I think it’s time we unify some titles,” Melendez said following the fight. “I’m the No. 1 lightweight in the world.” Ringside It appears that Melendez might get his wish sooner than later. Following Saturday nights’ Diaz vs. Daley match, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker intimated that with Zuffa now owning both the UFC and Strikeforce, it’s only a matter of time before the best in each organization face one another. “Let the Strikeforce guys fight the UFC guys,” Coker said. “I’d love to see it. To me, Alistair Overeem versus Cain Velasquez? Let’s do it. Or Fedor fighting Brock Lesnar. ...There’s nothing to say these guys can’t fight each other. “This roster that we’ve built at Strikeforce is unbelievable, and everybody knows that. We’re going to continue to put these great fights on, and we have the fighters to do that. But to me, why can’t you build the AFC and the NFC and let’s do a Super Bowl fight? That’s what I’d like to see.” With that said, there are still many questions to be answered, namely – how soon can these super fights be booked and where will these fights be shown – on a UFC pay-per-view event or on Showtime? Only time will tell. For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

3/28/11 3:28 PM

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For most of their history, the peoples of Libya have been subjected to varying degrees of foreign control. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Vandals, and Byzantines ruled all or parts of Libya. Although the Greeks and Romans left impressive ruins at Cyrene, Leptis Magna, and Sabratha, little else remains today to testify to the presence of these ancient cultures. The Arabs conquered Libya in the seventh century A.D. In the following centuries, most of the indigenous peoples adopted Islam and the Arabic language and culture. The Ottoman Turks conquered the country in the 16th century. Libya remained part of their empire-although at times virtually autonomous--until Italy invaded in 1911 and, after years of resistance, made Libya a colony. In 1934, Italy adopted the name “Libya” (used by the Greeks for all of North Africa, except Egypt) as the official name of the colony, which consisted of the Provinces of Cyrenaica, Tripolitania, and Fezzan. King Idris I, Emir of Cyrenaica, led Libyan resistance to Italian occupation between the two World Wars. From 1943 to 1951, Tripolitania and Cyrenaica were under British administration; the French controlled Fezzan. In 1944, Idris returned from exile in Cairo but declined to resume permanent residence in Cyrenaica until the removal in 1947 of some aspects of foreign control. Under the terms of the 1947 peace treaty with the Allies, Italy relinquished all claims to Libya. On November 21, 1949, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution stating that Libya should become independent before January 1, 1952. King Idris I represented Libya in the subsequent UN negotiations. When Libya declared its independence on December 24, 1951, it was the first country to achieve independence through the United Nations. Libya was proclaimed a constitutional and a hereditary monarchy under King Idris. The discovery of significant oil reserves in 1959 and the subsequent income from petroleum sales enabled what had been one of the world’s poorest countries to become extremely wealthy, as measured by per capita GDP. King Idris ruled the Kingdom of Libya until he was overthrown in a military-led coup on September 1, 1969. The new regime, headed by the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC), abolished the monarchy and proclaimed the new Libyan Arab Republic. Col. Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi emerged as leader of the RCC and eventually as de facto chief of state, a position he currently holds. He has no official position.

What’s Happening in Libya — By Ashley Bates and Siddhartha Mahanta| (Mother Jones Magazine)

Why are Libyans unhappy? Libya has been ruled for 42 years by a cunning, repressive, eccentric dictator who has frequently described his own people as “backwards.” More than half of his 6.5 million subjects are under 18. Despite Libya’s plentiful oil revenues, which represent most of the national budget, many children suffer from malnutrition and anemia. Corruption is rampant, dissidents are brutally suppressed, and many citizens are afraid to say Qaddafi’s name in public or in private for fear of attracting suspicion. Instead, Qaddafi is often referred to as “the leader” and his son Seif (until now heir-apparent) as “the principal.” Discussing national policy with a foreigner is punishable with three years in prison. Reporters Without Borders describes press freedom in Libya as “virtually non-existent.” Oil is the economy in Libya and oil profits have bankrolled massive investments in education and infrastructure—yet Libya lags far behind other oilrich Arab states. Unemployment stands at 30 percent. People who have jobs often work only parttime. Basic commodities—including rice, sugar, flour, gasoline—are heavily subsidized by the government and sold for a fraction of their true cost. A 2006 New Yorker article described Libya’s “prosperity without employment and large population of young people without a sense of purpose.”

Wasn’t Qaddafi that guy who set up a giant tent on Donald Trump’s spread? Yup, he’s the guy. During his 2009 trip to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Qaddafi had hoped to sleep and entertain guests inside an elaborate Bedouin-style tent in Manhattan’s Central Park. That didn’t work out, so instead the dictator rented land on a suburban property owned by Donald Trump. The tent was erected and then dismantled after a public outcry, and both Trump and the Secret Service announced that Qaddafi wasn’t coming after all.

Why can’t anyone agree on how to spell Qaddafi’s name? Since at least the 1980s, the name has been alternately spelled as “Moammar / Muammar Gadaffi /Gaddafi / Gathafi / Kadafi / Kaddafi /Khadafy / Qadhafi / Qathafi /etc.,” according to Chris Suellentrop at Slate. They’re all different attempts at transliterating Arabic pronunciation.

How did all this start? Inspired by pro-democracy uprisings across the Arab world, Libyan dissidents had planned a “day of rage” for Thursday, Feb. 17. On February 15, security forces arrested a prominent lawyer named Fathi Terbil, who had represented families of some of the 1,200 prisoners massacred by Libyan security forces at Abu Slim prison in 1996. Once released later that day, Terbil set up a webcam overlooking Benghazi’s main square, where some of the families had been protesting. With help from exiled Libyans in Canada and around the world, the video spread rapidly on the Internet. Al Jazeera Arabic conducted a phone interview with Libyan novelist Idris al-Mesmari, who reported that police were shooting at protesters—and then the connection was lost. (Mesmari was reportedly arrested by Libyan authorities.) Shortly thereafter, thousands more began battling Qaddafi’s troops, and hundreds are reported to have been killed. “Both protesters and the security forces have reason to believe that backing down will likely mean their ultimate death or imprisonment,” says the New York Times.

What are the implications of Libyan instability?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Page 28 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

After decades of being reviled as a state sponsor of terrorism, Libya recently reversed course and joined the ranks of America’s allies in the fight against Al Qaeda. In 2003, Qaddafi agreed to stop developing weapons of mass destruction and paid $2.7 billion to the families of the 270 victims of Pan Am 101—the plane bombed by Libyan agents over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. In return, the US and the United Nations lifted economic sanctions against Libya. On the Arab street, however, Qaddafi is widely loathed. Most of his political victims have been members of banned Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, which would likely gain stronger influence if he were overthrown. Qaddafi, once among the Palestinian movement’s most vocal international supporters, outraged many Arabs by saying that Palestinians have no special claim to the land of Israel and calling for the creation of a bi-national “Isratine.”

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All American criminal: John Gotti John “Teflon Don” Gotti Born: October 27, 1940, the Bronx, New York City Died: June 10, 2002 (aged 61), Springfield, Missouri After the FBI indicted members of Gotti’s crew for selling narcotics, Gotti took advantage of growing dissent over the leadership of the crime family. Fearing that his men and himself would be killed by Gambino crime family boss Paul Castellano for selling drugs, Gotti organized the murder of Castellano in December 1985 and took over the family shortly thereafter. This left Gotti as the boss of the most powerful crime family in America, which made hundreds of millions of dollars a year from construction, hijacking, loan sharking, gambling, exPaul Castellano tortion and other criminal activities. Gotti was the most powerful crime boss during his era and became widely known for his outspoken personality and flamboyant style, which eventually helped lead to his down-





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Items similar to photos • Sale items reflect 3% cash discounts. †All advertised items req. Installation for a nominal fee. Most cars require kits, cables, adapters, relays & parts at additional cost. †Must be authorized dealer. *Rates subject to change see store for details.

Page 30 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS


He was later given the nickname “The Teflon Don” because several attempts to convict him of crimes in the 1980 resulted in either a hung jury or an acquittal (i.e. the charges wouldn’t “stick”). fall. While his peers would go out of their way to shun attention, especially from the media, Gotti was known as the “The Dapper Don” for his expensive clothes and personality in front of news cameras. He was later given the nickname “The Teflon Don” because several attempts to convict him of crimes in the 1980 resulted in either a hung jury or an acquittal (i.e. the charges wouldn’t “stick”). Gotti’s underboss Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano is credited with the FBI’s success in finally convicting Gotti. In 1991, Gravano agreed to turn state’s evidence and testify for the prosecution against Gotti after hearing Gotti on wiretap make several disparaging remarks about Gravano and questioning his loyalty. In 1992, Gotti was convicted of five murders, conspiracy to commit murder, racketeer-

less. But as Americans face a graver menace, the up-from-the-streets antihero we loved to fear is a reminder of a time when crime was, if not more simple, at least more explicable. It was not fanaticism and hatred that drove John Gotti to violence but another, more recognizable American value: greed.

•We sell a great selection of used RVs, Trailers, Toy Haulers & 5th Wheels •We Buy & Consign units, bring your RV to SELL! •We offer a wonderful selection of rental units. Plan your Spring Break/Summer Vacation TODAY! 1338 E. Main St., El Cajon, 92021

(at the corner of E. Main & 2nd St. next to Coco’s)


Sammy The Bull ing, obstruction of justice, illegal gambling, extortion, tax evasion, and loansharking. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole and was transferred to the Marion Penitentiary. Gotti died of throat cancer on June 10, 2002 at the United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri. His death provided the local tabloid media with yet another chance to spin the myth of the Godfather--in commemorative pullout sections no

For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

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HOLLYWOOD with Liz Smith I MP

THE MILLION DOLLAR DRINK Jerry Weintraub – he really did it ‘His Way’

“Jerry, do you really think that a drink is worth a million dollars?” That’s what Mrs. Jerry Weintraub, professionally known as sexy singer Jane Morgan, asked her husband, after she found him flirting and boozing with a hot Hawaiian girl. Jane had already laid down the law — fool around as much as you like, but please deposit a million bucks in my bank account every time you do! This tale — which has an even more astounding conclusion — is but one of many told in the fabulous new HBO documentary “His Way: A Portrait of a Hollywood Legend Jerry Weintraub.” Jerry Weintraub is a template for producers, managers, agents — men who





fficiency avings




Now is a brilliant time to buy a new Meritage home instead of someone else’s inefficient, outdated home. We build year-round savings into every home at no additional cost. It’s a difference you’ll notice right away and appreciate every time you open your utility bill. Come see the difference for yourself today at our Montevina or Tierra Grande neighborhoods.

Tierra Grande at Sagemore

Montevina at Morgan Hill TEMECULA 4 spacious plans from 2,524 to 3,302 sq. ft. with up to 6 bedrooms Priced from the $340's 951-302-6432

MENIFEE 3 energy-efficient plans from 2,219 to 2,721 sq. ft. with up to 5 bedrooms Priced from the $240's 951-672-6000

(866) 675-9383 Prices, terms, and availability subject to change at any time without notice or obligation. Any incentives offered are available through preferred lender only, subject to qualification. Actual energy savings vary based on individual energy consumption, model of home, and location. Meritage Green is a trademark of Meritage Homes Corporation, which describes certain features and criteria designed to make homes more economically sustainable over the long term and reduce energy consumption and the resulting environmental impact.

Page 32 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

live on the edge and in the moment. He is an uplifting inspiration for those who believe in the power of positive thinking, hard work and imaginative moxie. His tale is so strong it could turn the world’s biggest loafer into an obsessive multi-tasker. He makes you ashamed to have ever wasted a single second of life. The other night HBO chief Richard Plepler, Vanity Fair magazine and Peggy Siegal put on the dog for Jerry at NYC’s Time Warner Center with a party after the screening at the Porter House steak enclave. The place was packed. There were the white-winged victor himself, editor Graydon Carter and his knockout wife Anna, who wore the night’s most beguiling frock, super writer Joan Juliet Buck and animator Robin Steele, Graydon’s society connection, the hostess Louise Grunwald, Candice Bergen and her big fan, hubby Marshall Rose, uber-wit Fran Lebowitz, investigative reporter Maureen Orth of Washington, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and his beguiling wife Veronica, fashion maven Simon Doonan, “Sesame Street’s” Joan Ganz Cooney and money wizard Pete Peterson, HBO’s own genius Sheila Nevins, the impressive moguls Tom Freston and Sandy Gallin, reporter Jacob Bernstein, entertainment’s chief evaluator Roger Friedman, Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon, another shoe queen, Tory Burch, actors Peter Berg and Kyle MacLachlan and on and on. It was a real “if a bomb dropped...” kind of thing. (The kind of thing PR’s Energizer bunny Peggy Siegal does without blinking. Although, I don’t think Peggy has actually closed her eyes in 25 years.) But in the center of the room, there was the man of the night himself, Mr. Weintraub. At 73, he is vibrant, full of stories, enthusiasm and plans. (I watched him talking to an attractive London Times reporter late in the evening. They were standing, but his body language was formidably seductive. She was young, but I’m sure she might have been tempted if Mr. Weintraub wasn’t already involved — more on that later!) Jerry Weintraub has been many things over the years — he booked Continues on page34>>


For all you give, we want to give back.

Visit one of the Southern California KB Home communities below and learn more about our special homebuying discount programs for qualified military personnel.

OWN A NEW HOME FROM THE MID $100s! Edgewood at the Cove in San Jacinto • • • • •

From the mid $100s Villages at Monument Park in Perris

1- and 2-story homes 4 model homes 4 floor plans, 1,394–2,233 sq. ft. 3–5 bedrooms, 2–3 baths 2-car garages

• • • • •

From I-215, exit Hwy. 74 heading east. Turn left on Warren Rd., left on Cottonwood Ave. and follow signs to sales center. (951) 487-2887

Sycamore at Hidden Hills in Menifee • • • •

1- and 2-story homes 3 model homes 5 floor plans, 1,234–2,222 sq. ft. 3–5 bedrooms, 2–3 baths 2-car garages

From the low $200s Manzanita at Paseo del Sol in Temecula

From I-15 Fwy., exit Temecula Pkwy. (CA-79) heading east. Turn left on Meadows Pkwy., right on Sunny Meadows Pkwy., left on Bingham Dr., then left onto Beamer Ct. to sales center. (951) 225-9860

From the high $200s Oakmont at Shady Grove in Fallbrook • • • • •

1- and 2-story homes 3 model homes 5 floor plans, 2,024–2,876 sq. ft. 3–6 bedrooms, 2–3 baths 2-car garages

From I-15, exit California Oaks Rd./Kalmia St. heading west. Turn right on Washington Ave., right on Magnolia St., right on Adams Ave. and right on Davidson St. to sales center on left. (951) 696-5040

Monterey at Otay Ranch in Chula Vista

From the mid $200s

• 1- and 2-story homes, 4 model homes • 4 floor plans, 1,628–2,224 sq. ft. • 3–5 bedrooms, 2–2.5 baths • 2-car garages • solar energy system included standard

From I-215, exit Newport Rd. heading west. Turn left on Haun Rd., right on Holland Rd., left on Bradley Rd., right on Craig Ave., left on Evans Rd., then left on Yeoman Pl. to sales center. OR From I-215, exit Scott Rd, heading west. Turn right on Murrieta Rd., right on Craig Ave., right on Evans Rd., then left on Yeoman Place to sales center. (951) 672-8553

• • • • •

From the high $100s

From I-215, exit Ethanac Rd. heading west, travel approx 2 mi. west, turn right onto Big Bear Dr., right on Yosemite Ave., then right on Yellowstone Ct. to sales center. (951) 657-1249

1-story homes, 4 model homes 7 floor plans, 1,846–2,966 sq. ft. 3–5 bedrooms, 2–3 baths 2-car garages

Kenton Place in Murrieta

Get up t o $8,000 in Milita ry Tax Cred it!

From the mid $300s

1-story homes 3 model homes 3 floor plans, 1,687–2,246 sq. ft. 3–5 bedrooms, 2–3 baths 2- and 3-car garages

From Hwy. 76, head north on Mission Rd. approx. 4 mi. Turn right on Stage Coach Ln., go approx. 3 mi., turn right on Gum Tree Ln., right on Tom McGuinness Jr. Cir., right on James Gaynor St., then right on William Pittinger Pl. to sales center. OR: From I-15, exit E. Mission Rd. At first stop sign, turn right on Mission Rd. and continue toward Fallbrook. Turn left on Stage Coach Ln., left on Gum Tree Ln., right on Tom McGuinness Jr. Cir., right on James Gaynor St., then right on William Pittinger Pl. to sales center. (760) 728-1061

From the mid $300s Avellino at La Costa Greens in La Costa

From the low $400s

• 2-story homes, 3 model homes • 3 floor plans, 1,917–2,175 sq. ft. • 3–5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths • 2-car garages • solar energy system included standard

• • • • •

From the 805 Fwy., exit Olympic Pkwy. heading east. Turn right on La Media Rd., then right on Birch Rd./State St. At the roundabout, continue straight on Santa Diana Rd., turn right on Santa Christina Ave., then left onto Pershing Rd. to sales center. (619) 421-4062

From I-5, exit La Costa Ave. heading east. Turn left on El Camino Real, right on Dove Ln. and left on Estrella De Mar to sales center on right. (760) 476-3583


2- and 3-story townhomes 3 model homes 3 floor plans, 1,615–2,216 sq. ft. 3–4 bedrooms, 2.5–3 baths 2-car garages

Broker Cooperation Welcome. ©2011 KB Home (KBH). This is not a representation or guarantee of loan qualification, affordability of homeownership, eligibility for or receipt of a federal tax credit, state tax credit or any other tax benefits of homeownership. Eligibility requirements are different for each program. Income limitations, ownership conditions, repayment requirements, and other restrictions and requirements apply. Tax laws are subject to change. To qualify for the federal tax credit, up to $8,000 federal tax credit is for first-time homebuyers or anyone who has not owned a home in the last 3 years. Up to $6,500 federal tax credit is for current homeowners who have owned and lived in the same home for 5 consecutive years out of the past 8 years. Military 1-year extension to May 1, 2011, requires active-duty overseas deployment for 90 days between December 31, 2008, and May 1, 2010. To qualify for the tax credit, the purchase price must be less than $800,000. Federal tax credit applies over a one-year period against your tax obligation. Since individual tax and financial circumstances will vary, see your financial and tax advisors for details and information on the tax credit, and learn more at Standard solar energy system is 1.4kWp. KBH makes no guarantee of energy production by the solar energy system installed with a home or of any energy savings by homeowner. Energy savings will vary by floor plan, occupancy, appliance usage, thermostat settings and orientation of solar energy system. Payment of Broker Co-op requires Broker to accompany and register buyer on first visit and comply with Broker Co-op Agreement. Plans, pricing, financing, terms, availability and specifications subject to change/prior sale without notice and may vary by neighborhood, lot location and home series. Additional charges apply for lot premiums, options/upgrades. Buyer responsible for all taxes, insurance and other fees. Sq. footage is approximate. Photos show upgraded landscaping/options and may not represent communities’ lowest-priced homes. See sales representative for details. KB Home Sales–Southern California Inc. (CA Real Estate License 00242327). SOCAL-93278

For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

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New Oceanside neighborhood with lots of recreational activities With superbly designed homes and a host of fun-filled community amenities, TRI Pointe Homes’ Eagle Ridge at Arrowood in Oceanside offers a great way to live, inside and out, and prices starting in the low $400,000s make all of its advantages uniquely affordable. Inside, home buyers will discover family-friendly floor plans featuring gourmet island kitchens, great rooms with fireplaces, grand master suites and convenient downstairs bedrooms.

Outside, recreational opportunities start with private backyards and continue with the 18-hole Arrowood public golf course, local hiking trails and the community’s recreation center, which encompasses a junior Olympicsize swimming pool, meeting room, picnic and barbecue area and tot lot. Not only that but Oceanside’s popular beaches and harbor are just minutes away. Offering Arrowood’s best value, Ea-

gle Ridge is a limited edition of only 26 two-story single-family homes. Living spaces range from approximately 2,362 to 2,495 square feet, including four bedrooms and three baths plus oversized two-car garage. In addition, first-time buyers who have served in extended-duty military service outside the United States, including Marines stationed just minutes away at Camp Pendleton, can take advantage of the $8,000 Military

Tax Credit.” To visit Eagle Ridge, take I-5 to Highway 76 East, continue for approximately four miles and turn left onto Douglas Drive. Proceed approximately four miles, pass Vandegrift Boulevard, and enter the Arrowood community. Turn right on Village Drive, right on Treetop Road and left on Breakaway Drive to Eagle Ridge, where the sales center and two beautifully decorated model homes are open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Monday, when hours are noon to 6 p.m. For more information, call 760-231-5896 or visit

KB Homes serves those who serve their country KB Home has been building quality new homes for over 50 years and is proud to assist those who serve our country in achieving the American Dream of homeownership. At communities across Southern California, the doors to KB Home’s model homes and sales offices are open to military personnel and their families to come visit and learn about the Built to Order™ experience, exclusively at KB Home, and the process of buying a new home. Qualified military personnel may be eligible for special homebuying programs and may also qualify for a federal tax credit. KB Home is currently selling new homes at over a dozen communities in Riverside and San Diego counties. From Chula Vista to Eastvale and numerous cities in between, there’s bound to be a neighborhood that you’d like to call home. New KB home prices start as low as the mid $100,000s. “KB Home is proud to support our nation’s military personnel. For all they do for us, it seems the least we can do is offer guidance them through the sometimes daunting homebuying process and into the home of their dreams,” said Steve Ruffner, president of KB Home’s Southern California division. Home shoppers who decide to build a KB home will go through the exciting, hands-on personalization process known as the Built to Order experience. For more information about any of KB Home’s new home communities, call 888-KB-HOMES or visit www. Page 34 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS *Federal tax credit of up to $8,000 available to first-time, qualified service member homebuyers (or up to $6,500 for repeat buyers) who enter into a binding contract to purchase a home on or before April 30, 2011, and close escrow on or before June 30, 2011. A “qualified service member” is a member of the uniformed services of the United States, a member of the U.S. Foreign Service or an employee of the U.S. intelligence community, who served overseas for at least 90 days between January 1, 2009 and April 30, 2010. Income limitations apply. Amount of tax credit, if any, is not paid to buyer upon close of escrow. Buyer must claim the tax credit on buyer’s federal income tax return. Not all buyers will qualify. This information is provided for general guidance only and does not constitute tax advice. Please consult an accountant or attorney for your particular situation. Visit for complete details. D.R. Horton Los Angeles Holding Company, Inc. - CADO Real Estate Group – CA DRE License - CA DRE License #01256083. © D.R. Horton 2010

For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

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Susy Thomas

HOLLYWOOD with Liz Smith I MP

Real Estate Broker

The Million Dollar Drink Continued from page 30

Buy Short Sales & Foreclosures with Your VA Loan

Call 858-361-8174

wife’s urging — movies. He has made his way on confidence, ambition and blind luck. He’s had the talent to back it up, but it is those qualities of personality — his force of nature vibe — that got him started, got him up, took him higher, and then higher still. And it helped when he failed. At that time, as his Weintraub Company collapsed, he wept to his father and that remarkable man told his son: “You feel bad? Go down to the corner store. You’ll find a woman behind the counter with a lot of trouble. Ask her if she’d like to exchange one of her troubles for one of yours!” (Jerry’s father also couldn’t believe his son wasn’t part of the Mafia, or somehow a criminal, after visiting his deluxe digs in California. “Where is your inventory? You can’t possibly be a success without an inventory!”) Of course, Jerry packed up all his cares and woes and eventually came back like gangbusters with the “Oceans” films, conning the likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon and Ellen Barkin into participating. (All of whom do very amusing imitations of Jerry!) “His Way” is one of the great show biz documentaries ever made. It is brilliantly directed by Douglas McGrath, magnificently produced by Graydon

crummy acts when he was a nobody, though he told everybody he was a somebody. He booked Elvis, Sinatra and John Denver when he was a somebody who could persuade people he was even more than he was. He produced sports events and, finally, at his

Lic #01819905

VA Home Loans for Veterans by a Veteran Nick Cowan "Iraq Veteran"

951-488-3180 DRE #01772819 NMLS: #245789

TOP Producer 2008, 2009, 2010

• 100% Financing on Home Purchases • No Expense to Veteran, Ability for Seller to Pay All Fees • Property Tax/Funding Fee Exemption for Disabled Vets

For Members of the Military — $8000 Tax Credit Still Available!

Members of the Armed Forces and certain federal employees serving outside the U.S. have an extra year to buy a principal residence in the U.S. and still qualify for the credit. An eligible taxpayer must buy or enter into a binding contract to buy a home by April 30, 2011, and settle on the purchase by June 30, 2011.

"Your Direct Mortgage Lender" 23328 Olivewood Plaza Drive, Moreno Valley, CA 92553 CA Dept. of Real Estate-Real Estate Broker — NMLS #9873 — License #01147747 - Exp. 1-12-13




PMS 145 PMS 391 PMS 2955









R E N E W.

FHA, VA and Conventional welcome!







15 5





*For individuals who serve on qualified official extended duty service outside the U.S. for at least 90 days during the period after Dec. 31, 2008 and before May 1, 2010. The $8,000 tax credit is available for homes purchased before April 30, 2011 and closed by June 30, 2011. Prices effective 4/5/11 and subject to change without notice. All square footages are approximate. CA DRE #01888935

Page 36 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

• Beautifully decorated models

• 18-hole public golf course

• Spacious two-story homes • 2,362 to 2,495 sq. ft. of family living space

• Recreation center with junior Olympic-size pool, meeting room, picnic & barbecue area and tot lot

• 4 bedrooms and 3 baths

• Hiking trails

• Optional 5th bedroom

• Minutes from the beach and harbor

• Oversized two-car garages



1021 Breakaway Drive, Oceanside, CA 92057 Sales Gallery Open 10 - 6 Daily, Monday Noon - 6








15 5


FROM THE LOW $400,000s

$8,000 Military Tax Credit*

Special closing incentives on select homes and 45 day move ins.

Visit or call 760.231.5896 for more information

Jerry Weintraub Carter and edited with exquisite care by Camilla Toniolo. In it you will find everybody from Bruce Willis to Julia Roberts to Elliott Gould to Andy Garcia to, improbably, George H.W. Bush and his Barbara talking about Jerry. (The First Couple are just as stage struck by stars as the rest of us.) Their remarks are priceless. But it is Weintraub himself — ballsy but somehow still shy and appealing — who dominates every moment. He is a born storyteller, a magician with words and verbal images. And talk about incredible, nostalgic film footage — everything from Jane Morgan’s sizzling “Ed Sullivan Show” TV appearances to Weintraub home movies to an amazing bit from Frank Sinatra’s 1974 concert at Madison Square Garden. Sinatra with Weintraub and Jilly prance onto center stage and into a big boxing ring. Sinatra appeared, without a rehearsal, in a show to be seen live around the world. (Another Weintraub bit of genius.) In this amazing snippet of film, Howard Cosell introduces Sinatra extravagantly, and Sinatra, enlivened by a hysterical crowd is

tan, magnetic, in control. They can try to manufacture something like this today. But this documentary shows you the real deal. And Jerry Weintraub made it happen. This sequence alone is show biz history and it’s yours for tuning in to HBO tonight! THIS IS a movie that even people who don’t care about movies (or say they don’t) will love. Because it is really about self-worth, hard work and a life lived to its fullest. And speaking of a life lived to its fullest we come to Jerry’s marital saga. He was married young, and soon divorced. He admits he was “not a good man... not a good husband.” Too young, too ambitious, too busy. Then he met Jane Morgan, blonde, sexy and famous. And married. “I would say we kept our relationship on a business basis for about... an hour and a half before we slept together!” recalls Jerry. Despite warnings that Jerry was not husband material, the remarkable Miss Morgan went right ahead and married him, after her divorce. “ I like to take chances!” she explains. Jane was a sophisticated woman, world traveled, opera-trained and worldly by the time she wed Jerry. He remembers she “generously shared her experiences with me, took me along to places I’d never been.” Her worldliness would come to serve Jane well late in their marriage. Late in life, Jerry fell in love with someone else, a younger woman who worked in his office — Susan Ekins. She is no tarty, silicone-enhanced bim-

bo; the obvious type a man looks for to rekindle his youth. She is attractive in a totally normal way, and highly intelligent. Jerry fessed up to Jane: “I am in love with another woman.” Jane said, “I know. And I know who she is.” Jerry attempted to fall on his sword, divide the property, give Jane a divorce, anything she wanted. She replied: “I don’t want a divorce. Why go through all that? Why put the children through it? If you love Jane and need her, then be with her.” And folks, that is exactly how it happened and remains. Jerry and Jane are still married, though not living together. Jerry and Susan are together. All parties seem content — including the Weintraub children. (It is, however, amusing to see modern stars, such as Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and George Clooney go all antsy and bewildered over this mini version of “Big Love.”) What is there to be bewildered about? Jerry loves two women very much. He wants them both in his life. He is rich and they are rich. That makes a big difference. (You should see the giant square-cut diamond Jane flashes!) I can’t say enough good things about this movie, or Mr. Weintraub. And, as Jerry is still vital in his early 70s, he has at least three more comebacks and another documentary in him. I asked what he thought the public would think of his “Design for Living” mode of existence? He winced; then said, “Frankly, Liz, I don’t give a s—t!

find your home base


y d a e R n o i s s i M


FoR MiLitaRy Apply online, by phone, or in person.

Pioneer Services, the military banking division of MidCountry Bank, offers Service Members like you an affordable, no-hassle way to get the money you need—when you need it. „ $500-$10,000, no collateral required „ Quick access to your money „ Junior enlisted to career ranks „ 15-day satisfaction guaranteed

Call, click or visit a local office: 1-800-FOR-LOAN Personal & VA Loans | Financial Fitness © 2011. All loan applications subject to our credit policies. No official U.S. military endorsement is implied. MidCountry Bank is a member FDIC. 11-DL-063

For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280


Otay Ranch isn't just a place to live, it's your new hometown. Nearby schools, great parks, private swim clubs, bicycle trails and beautiful homes. At Otay Ranch, we appreciate all you do for our country. Purchase a new home at any of the communities below by May 31, 2011 and receive a special discount*! Visit us online or at our model homes for more details and to find your perfect home. MONET Townhomes 1,000 - 1,368 square feet From the low $200,000s

TERRAZA Single Family Homes 1,966 - 2,833 square feet From the mid $300,000s

VILLAS DE AVILA Duplex Homes 1,556 - 2,250 square feet From the high $200,000s

SANTA RITA Single Family Homes 2,440 - 2,843 square feet From the mid $400,000s

CASITAS DE AVILA Cottage Homes 1,648 - 2,198 square feet From the low $300,000s

SANTA BARBARA Single Family Homes 2,825 - 3,232 square feet From the high $400,000s

*To receive the discount at least one buyer must be an active-duty military personnel member in the U.S. Armed Forces and provide a valid GREEN U.S. Armed Forces Identification Card (Form 1173) and sign a purchase agreement before 5/31/11. See a sales associate for more details.



financial ServiceS


FREE Consultation. Honest legal advice from Attorney Jason Jones. We’re a Debt Relief Agency


DUI & CRIMINAL DEFENSE Auto Accidents or Personal Injury

Former U.S. Marine Aggressive and Affordable Experienced Attorney FREE Consultation.


VA Home Loans for Veterans by a Veteran

SPECIAL 49 - 1HR Ionic Foot Detox, Salt Scrub 3333 Midway Dr. #201 • SD, CA 92110

Call 619-226-2056 SD Bay Spa


Nick Cowan "Iraq Veteran"

Archstone Escondido!

DRE# 01772819 NMLS# 245789

Great 1 & 2 br apartment homes. W/D, AC, & kitchen appl's included. Prices start at $1150


619-238-1905 YOu DEFEND OuR FREEDOM,

LET uS DEFEND YOuRS Proven Results for Members of Our Armed Forces

DUI - Felony - Misdemeanor - DMV - Warrants

619-840-4566 ABBY L. Ertz, ESq.

buSineSS directory Lump Sum CaSh For Your penSion We buy Pensions , Even Qualified NonAssignable Plans. No Credit Required. CASH for your Pension in less than 1 week. Your Search is Over ! CaLL mark Corbett: 714.267.4342



Special: $500 off selected lease terms. or call 760.746.4844

for Sale



All sizes with factory warranty. Many styles, pillow top, orthopedic, Queen sets as low as $189


College Area/El Cerrito 1Br $885 - 2Br $1085


Gated Community, Minutes from SDSU. Fridge, Stove, Pool

University Terrace Apts 619-286-5407

College/Talmadge 1Br/1Ba $950/mo. 2Br/2Ba $1150/mo.

Gated Community CALL for Patio/ Balcony SPECIALS Dual Master Layout 619.582.3375

HelP Wanted


airlines are hiring

divorce $425 Will & trust $425 Bankruptcies

Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified Job placement assistance. Call aviation institute of Maintenance

CaBle tv/data/telephone inStallerS

951-763-1218 Office 714-305-9531 Direct line Lic #187 - Bond #Ca744226


Right COLLege, Right DegRee, Right NOw Get your degree in the fast-growing field of Healthcare Now. IT, Business & Graphic Arts also avail. California College San Diego Call 888-751-6129 today.

faMily ServiceS

escondido Luxury 1-2 Br’s starting at $950

ask aBout our speciaL! 1st month free oac

Country Club Villas



FALLBROOK Spacious 1 & 2 Bedroom Apts

Needed for Los Angeles, Orange County & San Diego. Excellent wages. Company vehicle provided for some jobs. Paid training. We provide tools. Paid Mi., Health plan, 401k, Paid vacation. Apply in person: Pratt Communications Inc.

Country Like Setting, Laundry Facility

Minutes from Pendelton NEW PHASE 1 & 2 BDRM

519 Ammunition Rd


- L.A., CA 16683 Del Amo Blvd., Carson, CA 90746


- S.D., CA 6156 Mission Gorge Rd., Unit N, 92120

$800 & up. Spacious 1Bedroom, private patio/balcony, A/C, refrig., NO PETS! 145 W. Clemmens Ln

- Orange County, 2913 Tech Center Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92705

Newman Family Daycare


0-4 yrs old, incl. meals activities, speaks Philipino & English. Close to Chollas Heights College Area & Lemon Grove. Reasonable Rates.

✮free rent✮ FREE Credit  for Military Large 2BR/2BA Apartments Huge 3BR Townhouses w/att. 2-car Gar.

619-229-0786 - Clarita

Fireplace, walk-in closets, 2 pools/ spas, W/D hook-ups, laundry facilities. Near all Freeways

buSineSS directory

Call for Tour Today - 619.284.5285

Sheet Metal Apprentice Training Program

$$EARN WHILE YOU LEARN$$ Associated Builders & Contractors of San Diego has opportunities in its Sheet Metal training program.

Apprentices must participate in on-the-job & classroom training.  Receive great wages & benefits while learning a skilled trade. High school diploma or GED required. Applicants will be drug tested. To apply, call Monday-Friday:



Page 38 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS ABC 4726 0324 [M] 87V1a


Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai, Sports & Couples MASSAGE

•100% Financing on Home Purchases •No Expense to Veteran Ability for Seller to Pay All Fees •Property Tax/Funding Fee Exemption for Disabled Vets

For Members of the Military – $8000 Tax Credit Still Available!

rentalS $

Size: 3.25”x2.75”

16th Mar 2011

free rent 2 or 3Br Apt Homes Free Credit Check Call alisa -


Hillcrest Condo

3Br/2Ba, Patio, 2 Car Prking, New Paint & Crpt. 1138 SF. 3 Blocks to Balboa Pk 4 Blocks to University Ave 1624 Cypress Ave · $1995/mo. 619-299-3035

grove Condos imperial Beach

500 Moves You In (OAC)


1095.00 2Br/2Ba


Each unit comes w/gas stove, refrigerator, dishwasher,fplc, W/D hook ups, balcony/patio & extra storage. Gated comm. w/underground parking.

1471 Grove Ave Imperial Beach, CA 91932

(619) 423-6395

ImperIal Beach



Carpet Cleaning ServiCe

VISTA Studio & 1br apts. With garage or carport. Close to Restaurants/Shops Pet Friendly, under 25lbs.

GREat MovE-in SPECialS! Call today 760.295.1062

For Pictures:

Shadowridge Park aPTS

Additional $200 off Deposit 1br from $1125 2br from $1345


Newly remodeled, fplc, W/D, pool, Fitness ctr. 2000 S. Melrose Dr. Vista


with the Best Extaction & Rotation System & Truck Mount BEST PRiCES iN TOWN. call Pedro



Large 1Br/1Ba


On quiet cul-de-sac, Close to Beach, Bay & Bases


From $795/mo

1042 15th Street


5.99 4 for $20


3939 Iowa Street, North Park

Lake Elsinore Townhome

1135 Garnet, Pacific Beach


Beautiful 2 Br 2 1/2 Ba, Gated


Comm. Granite/tile floors, Dbl garage, water softner, pool, spa, bbq, gym, steam room. Club house.

$1450/mo + sec. Must See! 714-585-0474

Millcreek Apts.

1 & 2br's Starting from $895

Additional $200 off Deposit Pool/Spa, W/D select units, AC, fplc, patio/balc's D/W, Cats ok 2130 S. Santa Fe Ave., Vista


MIlITARy sPECIAl•Additional $200 Off deposit •1 from $1195 •2BR from $1395 •townhome from $1695 Foreclosure Forgiveness Credit Friendly Granite, W/D & (optional)


To place an ad or for more information call


garages, fplc’s, gated, resort size pool, fitness ctr, tennis, theatre & more.


601 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd.



1,2 & 3 Bedroom apartment homes available in Falbrook, Oceanside, Poway, Lakeside and La Mesa, Dogs welcome at several properties upon approval. Military Programs available. Please call 619.956.6341 for more information

move in immediately to river oaks

military Specials

Beautiful Newly Renovated Homes. Free Gar., W/D. In Oceanside, located near Camp Pendleton.

Call today 760.721.8585

Or, Stop by 3891 San Ramon Drive

Pacific Legacy Property Management

Offering Rentals Throughout San Diego- military friendly

All rentals available at: 619-423-7500

Rent: $ 1,695

$500 OFF 1ST MONTH'S RENT 3Br's, EZ Fwy access, minutes to Camp Pendleton. Lg. pool & Jacuzzi.

Call us at: 760-434-5257

ss: 662 Tamarack Ave. Addre Carlsbad, CA 92008

HoMeS for Sale

coming soon . . .

It’s truck month at courtesy chevrolet







msrp ...........................$32,080 Courtesy disC .............$2,200 manuf. rebate .............$2,500 ally dpa........................$2,005 usaa rebate .............. .....$750

net cost


$7,455 off MSRP** Stk#110550 VIN 253824

msrp .............................$41,625 Courtesy disC ................$2500 rebate ..............................2,000 usaa rebate ......................$750

**Sale Price���������������� $36,375 $5,250 off MSRP

must finance w/ ally@standard rate for dpa rebate

Stk#110723 VIN 264390






traverse msrp ...........................$30,439 Courtesy disC .............$1,711 manuf. rebate .............$2,000 usaa rebate .............. .....$750

net cost

f Net o Fees. & e t Reba ombined Not C th APR wi


$4,461 off MSRP** Stk#110250 VIN 196913


**Sale Price���������������$22,215 $1,500 off MSRP

Stk#110778 VIN 240295






msrp ...........................$38,520 Courtesy disC .............$2,500 manuf. rebate .............$2,000 usaa rebate .............. .....$750

net cost

msrp .............................$23,715 Courtesy disC ..................$750 usaa rebate ......................$750


$5,250 off MSRP** Stk#110763 VIN 268808

must finance w/ ally@standard rate for dpa rebate

f Net o Fees. & e t Reba ombined Not C th APR wi

msrp .............................$40,398 Courtesy disC ...............$2,500 ally dpa..........................$2,005 usaa rebate ......................$750 rebate ................................$750

**Sale Price���������������$34,393 $7,250 off MSRP

Stk#110136 VIN 112661

call today! 888-440-4308 750 Camino del Rio N., • San Diego CA 92108 Located in Mission Valley Auto Circle

*o.a.C. must finance w/ally for d.p.a. most financing @ standard rates. **all advertised prices exclude government fees & taxes, finance charges, any dealer document preparation charge and any emisssion testing charge. all vehicles subject to prior sale. offers expire close of business day 4/15/11.

For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS Page 39




The all-new Chevrolet Cruze

First-in-Class to reCeiVe 5-star ratings in Both Frontal and side Barrier Crash saFetY tests.1

2011 CRUZE LS With manual transmission

loW-mileage lease eXamPle For qualiFied lessees

159 39 1,769



Per month





due at signing3

no security deposit required. tax, title, license and dealer fees extra. mileage charge of $.20 per mile over 39,000 miles.

2011 MaLibU LS

loW-mileage lease eXamPle For qualiFied lessees

219 39



Per month months3

38 monthly Payments

seCuritY dePosit First month’s PaYment doWn PaYment due at signing




tax, title license and dealer fees extra. mileage charge of $.20/mile over 39,000 miles.

bESt MiLitaRy diSCoUnt fRoM any CaR CoMpany. With the GM Military Discount Program,7 active duty members and Reserves can get even better deals on most 2011 Chevrolet vehicles.8 Register and get your GO code at Bring it, along with your military ID, to your Chevrolet Dealer.

to guarantee our qualitY, We BaCK it

ONSTAR®9 – STANDARD ON MOST MODELS safely connecting you in ways you never thought possible


Whichever comes first. see dealer for limited warranty details.



1 Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program ( 2 Always use safety belts and proper child restraints, even with air bags. Children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat. See the Owner’s Manual for more safety information. 3 Example based on survey. Each dealer sets their own price. your payments may vary. Payments are for a 2011 Cruze LS with manual transmission and an MSRP of $16,995. 39 monthly payments total $6,399. Payments are for a 2011 Malibu LS with an MSRP of $22,735. 38 monthly payments total $8,322. Option to purchase at lease end for an amount to be determined at lease signing. Ally Financial, Inc., must approve lease. Mileage charge of $.20/mile over 39,000 miles. Lessee pays for excess wear. Not available with other offers. Residency restrictions apply. Take delivery by 5/2/11. 4 EPA estimated. 5 Always use safety belts and proper child restraints, even with air bags. Children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat. See the Owner’s Manual for more safety information. 6 Requires a subscription sold separately by XM after trial period. Available only in the 48 contiguous United States and District of Columbia. Visit for details. 7 Eligible military personnel includes active duty members, retirees and Reserves of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard and Coast Guard. 8 Excludes Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and Volt. 9 OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Visit for details and system limitations. ©2011 OnStar. All rights reserved. ©2011 General Motors. Page 40 April 15, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

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