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BLACKBALLED? Kaepernick took a knee,



now he’s out of a job

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It’s getting hard to say otherwise

here’s nothing anywhere that says an NFL team has to sign Colin Kaepernick. There’s nothing in the league rules, the bylaws or some sort of NFL bible that says someone who was once employed by an NFL team has to stay employed. So, Kaepernick continues to sit and wait for the phone to ring. At this point, it’s hard to see Kaepernick getting work anytime soon, because if it’s not happening with the Baltimore Ravens, it might not happen at all. The Ravens’ quarterback situation is a mess right now. Joe Flacco has a back injury, and it’s unclear when exactly he’ll return. Meanwhile, fill-in starter Ryan Mallett continues to stink up the joint at practice. With Kaepernick sitting and waiting, the Ravens clearly are interested. Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh even told ES-

PN’s Dianna Russini on Tuesday that he enjoyed speaking with Kaepernick while heaping praise on the free agent quarterback’s football abilities. If there was any team in the NFL ready to give Kaepernick a shot, it would be the Ravens. But they haven’t yet. Instead, they signed an Arena League quarterback with virtually no college football experience who doesn’t even have a Pro-Football Reference page. And as Russini reported — from Ravens camp, citing sources — Baltimore brought in Aaron Murray for a look. He’d join a group that also includes some guy named Dustin Vaughan. What’s stopping the Ravens, a team with perennial Super Bowl aspirations, from signing a quarterback who’s played and succeeded in the NFL? What’s stopping other teams? If we’re to believe Russini, that’s the owner’s decision.


remember when...



Kaepernick’s “baggage,� if we’re to call it that — the national anthem protest, the social justice activism, etc. — obviously is the biggest reason he’s not in purple or black yet. He’s the best available option for a team that seems willing to turn over every other rock in its search for QB help. The actual football decision makers — Harbaugh and general manager Ozzie Newsome — are on board. Owner Steve Bisciotti, per Russini, is not. Bisciotti pledged at a recent conference with season ticket holders that the organization would do what’s best for the team and its fans. “We’re very sensitive to it, and we’re monitoring it, and we’re still, as Ozzie said, scrimmaging it,� Bisciotti said. “So pray for us.� The fan reaction, depending on who you ask, has been lukewarm at best. KAEPERNICK, continued on Page 16

Bolts season preview Page 4 4FQU 1

FROM THE NAVY TO BESTSELLING AUTHOR Blackwood teams up to help veterans get published

‘It’ creators rebuff clown criticism

The reappearance of Pennywise isn’t just terrifying moviegoers. He’s also being blamed for scaring off business for working clowns, though producers of the new “Itâ€? movie (in theaters Sept. 8) By Bob Morey argue that the villain is just another in MilitaryPress the history of the horror genre. “Itâ€? producer David Katzenberg has One of the things I enjoy most is stopheard that real clowns were “furiousâ€? ping by a bookstore and looking for titles but finds the hubbub to be “somewhat by some of my favorite authors. Over the absurd,â€? he told USA TODAY. years I have become a huge fan of Clive “It’s not as if a group of NHL goalies Cussler, Tom Clancy, Stephen Coonts and got up and protested Jason or a group Stewart Woods as well as a few others. Reof toy manufaccently, I have added Grant Blackwood to turers protested names I look for. Chucky,â€? added It was easy for me to add Blackwood producer Seth to my “look forâ€? list. Not only does BlackGrahame-Smith, wood have his own series of novels with referring to the the Briggs Tanner character, but has lent antagonists from his pen to the Jack Ryan Jr. series from the “Friday the Ton Clancy and also to the Clive Cussler 13thâ€? and “Child’s Fargo Adventures tomes. Blackwood is Novelist and Navy veteran Grant Blackwood is working with Veterans Publishing Inc. to help veterans get published. Playâ€? slasher mova veteran who proudly served in the U.S. ies. “There’s a long Navy and upon leaving the service chased boatâ€? — a ceremony all Plankonwer’s Entertain readers with my own thrillers. Bill SkarsgĂĽrd as tradition in horror down and lived his boyhood dream of be- get — then walking down the pier with As it happened, I read Tom’s “Hunt for Pennywise in ‘It.’ my seabag over my shoulder wondering, Red Octoberâ€? while I was in the Navy. I of these seemingly coming an author. was serving as an operations specialist harmless things being perverted for After successfully achieving that goal, “What next?â€? Writing a novel had been something aboard U.S.S. Ford, a guided missile frigthat very reason, because they are seemBlackwood has recently joined the board ingly harmless.â€? of directors of the newly-launched Veter- I’d wanted to try since I was about 8, ate that specialized in long-range ASW The new adaptation of the classic Steans Publishing Inc., a company dedicated but the time — and my maturity level — —Anti-Submarine Warfare. As an OS I phen King novel featuring the evil dancto coming to the aid of veterans who want never seemed right. Two months later I was involved in a lot of the things Tom ing clown Pennywise (Bill SkarsgĂĽrd) to learn the craft of writing and have a was settled into civilian life and enrolled wrote about in HFRO. It was fascinating has the red-nosed crew feeling the pinch. place to hopefully become published. I in college. The time seemed right. I sat and surreal. Fifteen years later, after my first three Also not helping matters: real-life “scary was fortune enough to have an opportu- down in front of a typewriter and never Briggs Tanner books were out, my editor clownâ€? sightings last fall and the return nity to sit down with Blackwood and here looked back. MP: How did you get started writing at Putnam, Tom Colgan, approached me of freaky Twisty the clown on the new is a little of what we discussed. with the idea of co-authoring with both season of FX’s “American Horror Story.â€? Military Press: When did you first de- the Clancy and Cussler books? GB: From the beginning, both Clancy Clive and Tom. I’d come full circle, goIn its online media kit, the World velop an interest in becoming a writer? Clown Association takes a stand on difGrant Blackwood: I took the plunge and Cussler were unwitting mentors of ing from being inspired by them to workferentiating “scary clownsâ€? from those in 1987, shortly after leaving the Navy. mine. They’re giants in the business and AUTHOR, continued on Page 11 offering comic relief and entertainment I remember getting “rung off of the they were doing what I wanted to do: for families. “Just as a haunted house event may have a ‘doctor’ wearing surgical gear, carrying a bloody chainsaw, people need to understand that this character is NOT a real doctor,â€? the site says. “He is a person portraying an evil character in order to scare people. In the same way, people dressed as horror clowns are not ‘real clowns.’ They are taking something innocent and wholesome and perverting it to create fear in their audience.â€? In April, King tweeted that real clowns were mad at him. “Sorry, most are great. BUT ... kids have always been scared of clowns,â€? he wrote. “Don’t kill the messengers for the message.â€? WCA president Pam Moody was one of those irked at King, specifically in regard to his 1986 novel “It,â€? in which Pennywise haunts a cast of characters in Derry, Maine, as children and decades visit us at: later as adults. “That introduced the concept of this character,â€? Moody told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a sciencefiction character. It’s not a clown and has nothing to do with pro clowning.â€? XXX NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN t OFXT!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN 2 4FQU

CafĂŠ Coyote in Old Town is offering their pork pozole, tortilla soup and carnitas for San Diego Restaurant Week.

FOODIE’S PARADISE San Diego becomes culinary destination


his month gives locals and visi- not included. Here are my lunch recomtors two excellent opportunities mendations in three price categories: $10 - Historic Old Town’s CafĂŠ Coyto sample the area’s best restauote is a personal go-to place for Mexican rants. The Taste of Downtown is San Diego’s food. Try the pork pozole or tortilla soup to begin and don’t longest running miss their “Famous neighborhood Old Town Carnifood fest. It takes tas.â€? Treat yourself place Thursday, to a drink from the Sept. 14 from 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. by Howard Hian amazing margarita menu. Buy a stack of in downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter, Financial District, freshly made tortillas while you are there. East Village, Headquarters and Horton $15 - Overlooking the Cove, Brockton VilPlaza. There is grazing at its best — 40+ restaurants serve small bites as you wan- la in La Jolla, is a local favorite. Loved their der around the five eclectic culinary ven- grilled salmon BLT sandwich for my entree. ues. Tickets are $30 in advance or $35 Go with a friend and split their signature on the day of the event. Proceeds benefit dishes: For the first course “Epic Chowderâ€? the Downtown San Diego Partnership, a and the “World Famous Coast Toastâ€? for non-profit organization. Complimentary dessert. Wine pairings are extra, but take shuttle service is available throughout the the plunge. $20 - Duke’s in La Jolla, named after the various locales. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit www.Downtown- father of modern surfing and overlooking the La Jolla Cove, serves traditional and To add to the fun and stay close to the updated takes on Hawaiian dishes and action, overnight at the newly remodeled seafood. Don’t miss Duke’s Lunch Plate Bristol Hotel. For more information and special. It’s fun ordering for two: share the reservations, logon to www.TheBristol- first course and dessert (pick the hula pie). For a list of all participants, logon to San Diego Restaurant Week runs from Sept. 24 to Oct. 1. Now in its 13th year, Enjoy the journey ‌ more than 180 dining establishments throughout the county are offering prixfixe meals. Dinners include three courses. Howard Hian is the managing editor of Travel For lunch, guests can choose an entree Savvy News, A Travel Writers Co-Op. For more, and a choice of either a starter or dessert. go to and www. Note: taxes, gratuities and beverages are 'PS BEWFSUJTJOH JOGPSNBUJPO DBMM t BEWFSUJTJOH!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN


4FQU 3

Lions make QB highest paid ever

Quarterback Philip Rivers led the Chargers in a 21-19 win against the Rams after and emarrasing 13-7 loss to the Saints a week earlier.



h what a difference a week makes. Following their embarrassing, mistake-ridden 13-7 loss to the New Orleans Saints a week earlier, the Los Angeles Chargers gave fans a quick glimpse of the high-powered offense and dominating defense the team hopes to display throughout the 2017 season. If Saturday night’s 21-19 preseason win over the Los Angeles Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is a preview of what fans can expect to witness this coming season, attendance shouldn’t be a problem at the StubHub Center. As we go to print, the Los Angeles Chargers’ Monday night season opener versus the Denver Broncos is just a short two weeks away. Here is a quick preview of the upcoming season through the eyes of dif-


by Art Garcia Jr.

ferent pundits across the country. In an early pre-NFL Draft article, Bleacher Report’s Richard Janvrin has the Chargers finishing 8-8. Per Janvrin: “In their first season away from good ol’ Qualcomm Stadium, the newly branded Los Angeles Chargers will have the luxury of playing at — a soccer stadium? Yeah, the Chargers will be using the LA Galaxy’s field for the 2017 season, which should be interesting. “The Chargers have some difficult games this season. Outside of their own

division, they take on teams like the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.� Janvrin continued: “The biggest issue with the Chargers has always been in the trenches, which is still an issue, especially on the offensive side. However, with quarterback Philip Rivers, wide receivers Tyrell Williams and Keenan Allen (assuming he’s healthy), running back Melvin Gordon and the defensive phenom Joey Bosa, the Chargers could be a tough out in 2017. “The AFC West is going to be loaded with teams that finish with winning records. The division also holds two of the best teams in the AFC (the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs). The Chargers could put their imprint on this season by


$ Golf 39 Special $25


Burger, fries & Coke before noon

GOLF ONLY after noon

2017 SEASON, continued on Page 16


45 $ 30 $


Burger, fries & Coke before noon

GOLF ONLY after noon

For questions, ask us at the ProShop. Must present Ad. Not valid with other offers or tournaments. Expires Dec. 31, 2017.


Matthew Stafford’s deal is done, and the Detroit Lions quarterback is – for now, at least – the highest paid player in NFL history. Stafford and the Lions agreed to a five-year contract extension worth $135 million, a person familiar with the contract told the Free Press. The person requested anonymity because the deal hasn’t been announced by the team. Exact terms of the deal are not yet known, but Stafford will make an average annual salary of $27 million over the life of the contract, more than Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr ($25 million) got on the five-year extension he signed in June. The Lions opened negotiations with Stafford around the NFL combine in March, and they bridged what one person familiar with the talks described as a “significant� gap Mathew Stafford in recent weeks. Stafford said in April that he would “love to� sign a longterm extension with the Lions, his third contract with the team that made him the No. 1 overall pick of the 2009 draft, and Lions general manager Bob Quinn had long pointed to the summer as the time he expected a deal to get done. Stafford, 29, already holds most franchise passing records including yards (30,303), completions (2,634), attempts (4,285) and touchdowns (187), and he’s coming off arguably his best season as a pro. Last year, Stafford, playing for the first time in his career without Calvin Johnson, led an NFL-record eight come-from-behind victories as the Lions finished 9-7 and made the playoffs as a wildcard for the third time in his nine NFL seasons. The Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1991, and Stafford is 51-61 in his career as a starter, including 0-3 in the postseason. Still, Stafford has shown enough that the Lions believe he will be the quarterback that finally leads them to sustained success. He’s dramatically raised his completion percentage and lowered his interception rate in recent seasons, and he ranks as one of the league’s leading ironmen with 96 straight starts. Last year, the Lions began the season 9-4 and lost their final three regularseason games after Stafford sprained LIONS, continued on Page 13




r e g g Bi




Audie Murphy Ranch in Menifee offers impressively spacious homes for families and empty nesters alike, sprawling yards for playing and access to the great outdoors. The highlyanticipated Ranch House has opened and features a beautiful recreation building, two swimming pools, a grassy amphitheater, game area and more. The sports park and Plunge are also open, plus more amenity-filled parks are planned for the future!







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Woodside Homes Approx. 2,351 to 3,199 Sq. Ft. From the Low $400,000s 951-777-2525

Richmond American Homes Approx. 2,450 to 3,300 Sq. Ft. From the Low $400,000s 800-852-9714

Newport Rd. Murrieta Rd.

Railroad Canyon Rd.

y Bund


Canyon Rd.



Conveniently located along Newport Road between the 15 and 215 freeways. Brokers Welcome**

*Promotion subject to change without notice. See individual builders for details. **As the referring broker or agent, you are required to personally escort your clients on their FIRST visit to an Audie Murphy Ranch neighborhood and introduce them to the sales representative on duty. The sales representative will assist you in the registration process, provide all the necessary forms and request the broker/agent’s business card at this time. We regret that no telephone or mail registrations will be accepted. Plans, pricing and product information are subject to change. Map is an artist’s conception and is not to scale. Model photography for illustrative purposes only. Models do not reflect racial preference. Copyright © 2017 Brookfield Residential. All Rights Reserved. CalBRE License #01896289.


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USS Sterett returns from 5-month deployment By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Byron C. Linder

Sailors aboard Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer U.S.S Sterett concluded a five-month deployment to the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, returning to the ship’s homeport of San Diego, Aug. 28. Sterett spent the majority of the deployment as part of the Sterett-Dewey Surface Action Group, the third deploying group operating under the command and control construct called 3rd Fleet Forward. The Sterett-Dewey SAG departed from San Diego on March 31, bound for Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. Before the transit, Sterett welcomed aboard Rear Adm. Bill D. Byrne, Commander, Carrier Strike Group 11, and participated in the strike group’s Composite Training Unit Exercise. In Hawaii, the SAG sailors welcomed Adm. Scott Swift, U.S. Pacific Fleet commander, aboard Sterett. Swift welcomed them to “the leading edge� of the Pacific Fleet and emphasized the importance of the tasks ahead. On April 14, Sterett departed Hawaii and sailed to the ship’s first foreign port visit of Hong Kong, entering the South China Sea on April 28. One day later, Sterett arrived in Hong Kong, welcom-

The active ingredient in the drug ecstasy passed an important hurdle on the path to becoming a prescription drug for treating post-traumatic stress disorder. The ingredient, MDMA, was granted “Breakthrough Therapy Designation� status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to a statement released Aug. 26 by the Multidisciplinary Association for PsycheSonar Technician 1st Class Joshua Hatch, assigned to the guided-missile destroyer U.S.S. Sterett, and Kayla Hatch, delic Studies, a nonprofit organization his wife, share their first kiss upon his return home. Sterett concluded a five-month deployment to the Indo-Asiathat advocates for medical research on Pacific region under the command of U.S. Third Fleet. | Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman psychedelic substances. Logan C. Kellums The Breakthrough Therapy Desiging aboard multiple tour groups and con- China Sea with Japan Maritime Selfnation term means that the FDA will ducting community outreach events at a Defense Force ship JS Izumo. Over the “expedite the development and respecial needs school and an elementary course of two days, a liaison naval officer view� of the drug. The designation is exchange allowed the two navies to gathschool. given to those drugs that are intended Following Sterett’s Hong Kong depar- er more understanding of operational to treat a serious or life-threatening ture, the ship conducted the first joint procedures aboard the respective vessels. disease or condition; such drugs also Sterett’s next tasking in the South operation of its deployment in the South present preliminary clinical evidence China Sea took the ship off the coast of indicating that the drug may demonThailand on May 10 to support the anstrate substantial improvement over nual Cooperative Afloat Readiness and existing therapies, according to the Training multilateral exercise. Sterett FDA. hosted a presail conference, welcoming “By granting Breakthrough Therapy aboard naval leadership from BanglaDesignation, the FDA has agreed that desh, Republic of Singapore and Thaithis treatment may have a meaningland. Sterett additionally participated in ful advantage and greater compliance strengthening partnerships and increasover available medications for PTSD,� ing interoperability by conducting multiaccording to the MAPS statement. lateral engagements at. MAPS has funded clinical trials With CARAT concluded, Sterett tranlooking into the use of MDMA along sited to Changi, Republic of Singapore with psychotherapy as a treatment to participate in the International Marifor PTSD. With the new designation time Defense Exhibition 2017, one of the from the FDA, the association will largest maritime exhibitions in the Asiamove forward with Phase 3 clinical Pacific region. Sterett sailors manned the trials and plans to conduct the trials rails to participate in a fleet review and in 2018. welcomed aboard Chief of Naval OpPhase 3 clinical trials are conducted erations Adm. John Richardson before after earlier trials have established pulling into port, May 15. Once in port, that a new treatment works and is Sterett conducted a community outreach safe. Phase 3 trials are done in larger event at a special needs school, hosted a groups of people than earlier trials, series of shipboard tours for IMDEX 17 and serve to confirm how well the visitors, and welcomed aboard the deputreatment works and compare the ty prime minister of Singapore. new treatment to existing treatments, Two days after leaving Singapore, according to the National Institutes of Sterett anchored off the coast of Phuket, Health. Thailand, on May 21 for a port visit. BeThe Phase 3 clinical trials will focus fore departing Thailand, Sterett welon “MDMA-assisted psychotherapy,� comed aboard Capt. H.B. Le, commoMAPS said. The treatment involves dore, Destroyer Squadron 7, and Royal three daylong sessions, during which Thai Navy leadership for the ship’s para participant is given either MDMA ticipation in Exercise Guardian Sea 2017 or a placebo in conjunction with psyin the Andaman Sea. chotherapy over a 12-week period. In Sterett returned to Changi May 30 addition to the daylong sessions, the to conduct maintenance and refueling. subjects will also participate in 12 90-minute therapy sessions, accordSTERETT, continued on Page 11 ing to MAPS. XXX NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN t OFXT!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN



We are looking for military spouses for full- or part-time. Telemarketing experience helpful. Must have clear speaking voice.


per hour


(858) 537-2280 6 4FQU

Can a party drug treat PTSD? FDA approves more trials for MDMA

$2,500 Extraordinary Citizens Credit offered for service heroes at Audie Murphy Ranch MENIFEE — Audie Murphy Ranch in Menifee is proud to honor the nation’s service heroes with an Extraordinary Citizen’s Credit*, a special offer reserved exclusively for police, firefighters, active and veteran military, nurses, school teachers and others who selflessly work to help others. When purchasing a new home at one of the master-plan’s five inviting new-home neighborhoods, these exceptional men and women will receive $2,500 in design center savings in a show of gratitude and appreciation for all they do. An impressive array of single-family collections is currently selling — featuring stunning one- and two-story home designs, masterfully crafted by the nation’s leading homebuilders. Dakota, Willow Tree, Province, Remington and The Ridge all showcase distinctive architectural styles with spacious interiors, comfortable living areas, modern amenities, optional outdoor rooms in select designs and much more, fulfilling the expectations of today’s most discerning homebuyers. The homeownership experience is enhanced even more by the dynamic Audie Murphy Ranch setting, which is surrounded by lush natural beauty and filled with miles of trails to explore, family-friendly parks to enjoy and resort-style amenities that include the newly opened Ranch House. Service heroes interested in taking advantage of the Extraordinary Citizen’s Credit at Audie Murphy Ranch are encouraged to visit today and tour the five neighborhoods’ beautiful model homes. For immediate details, go to www. “Our everyday heroes deserve our gratitude and we’re so happy to say thank you with this exclusive $2,500 credit,� said Mercedes Meserve, vice president of

marketing for Brookfield Residential Southern California. “These are the people who protect us, save lives, educate our children, and strengthen our community — and welcoming them to Audie Murphy Ranch would be a true pleasure.� Audie Murphy Ranch’s available neighborhoods include the gated Province by Brookfield Residential, The Ridge by Richmond American Homes, Remington and Dakota by Woodside Homes and Willow Tree by RSI Communities. The master-planned community of Audie Murphy Ranch is set amidst 1,100 rolling acres of homes, parks and timeless beauty with convenience to local hotspots, including the Menifee Countryside Market. Framed by


magnificent trees and century-old rock formations, the rugged silhouettes of the San Jacinto and San Bernardino mountains provide a majestic backdrop to this special destination. Developed by Brookfield Residential, the master-planned community provides a variety of new home neighborhoods for classic family living. Bordering an ecological preserve, Salt Creek is in the center of Audie Murphy Ranch, while miles of meandering trails and paseos link residents to community amenities. Recreational opportunities include excellent amenities at both The Plunge and The Ranch House, which combined, offer three swimming pools, a spa, a children’s wading pool, a 3,149-square-foot recreation building with kitchen, a shaded barbecue pavilion, fire pits, great lawns

and much more. The master-plan is also home to Spirit Park with its tennis courts, walking trails and tot lots, as well as the 11-acre Sports Park’s basketball court, sports fields, playgrounds and skate park. Students have access to the Menifee Union School District and Perris Union High School District, plus charter school options. Set near I-15 and I-215, residents are near attractions in San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, and more. For more details, visit www. To visit Audie Murphy Ranch from I-15 North or South, exit Railroad Canyon, which turns into Newport Road and turn right on Goetz Road into the community. From I-215 North or South, exit Newport Road and go west. Proceed on Newport Road, turn left on Goetz Road into the community. For more information about Audie Murphy Ranch, visit Prices effective date of publication. *Promotion subject to change. See individual builders for details. Brokers Welcome: Broker co-op percent varies between builders, please check with sales representative at specific community for details. As the referring broker or agent, you are required to personally escort your clients on their FIRST visit to each Audie Murphy Ranch neighborhood and introduce them to the sales representative on duty. The sales representative will assist you in the registration process, provide all the necessary forms and request the broker/agent’s business card at this time. We regret that no telephone or mail registrations will be accepted. Plan, pricing and product information subject to change. CalBRE License #01896289.

4FQU 7

“When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the World Wide Web. Now even my cat has its own page.� Bill Clinton 42nd U.S. President Served Jan. 20, 1993 – Jan. 20, 2001 1999 Volkswagen Beetle

Served Jan. 20, 1993 – Jan. 20, 2001 World events

t 5IF FVSP JT JOUSPEVDFE +BO JO countries. t "DSPTT &VSPQF ,VSEJTI SFCFMT UBLF PWFS embassies and hold hostages after Turkey arrests one of their rebel leaders Feb. 16. t &MFDUJPOT BSF IFME .BZ JO 4DPUMBOE and Wales for the new Scottish Parliament and National Assembly for Wales. t 'PSNFS 8BSTBX 1BDU NFNCFST )VOgary, Poland and the Czech Republic join NATO on March 12. t /"50 MBVODIFT BJS TUSJLFT .BSDI against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, marking the first time NATO has attacked a sovereign country. t " OBJM CPNC QMBOUFE CZ %BWJE $Ppeland, explodes in the middle of a busy

Brandi Chast


“Family Guy� debuts on Fox

Al Gore, 45th U.S. Vice President

ain scores a

“Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace� is released May 19.

market in Brixton, South London on April 17 — it was the start of Copeland’s 13-day bombing campaign. t ,PTPWP 8BS 5IF 'FEFSBM 3FQVCMJD PG Yugoslavia and NATO sign a peace treaty June 9. t "NFSJDBO TPDDFS QMBZFS #SBOEJ $IBTtain scores the game winning penalty kick against China in the FIFA Women’s World Cup on July 10. t 5IF MBTU 3VTTJBO NJMJUBSZ TPMEJFST withdraw from the Baltic states during October, ending a Soviet/Russian military presence that lasted since 1940.

U.S. News

t i'BNJMZ (VZw EFCVUT PO 'PY PO +BO t 1SFTJEFOU #JMM $MJOUPO JT BDRVJUUFE JO impeachment proceedings Feb. 12 in the United States Senate. t &OSPO FOFSHZ USBEFST BMMFHFEMZ SPVUF 2,900 megawatts of electricity destined for California to the town of Silver Peak, Nevada, population 200, on March 25. t 'PS UIF GJSTU UJNF UIF %PX +POFT *OEVTtrial Average closes above the 10,000 mark March 29, at 10,006.78. t #JMM (BUFT QFSTPOBM GPSUVOF NBLFT IJN the wealthiest individual in the world April 8 due to the increased value of Microsoft stock. t 5XP -JUUMFUPO $PMP UFFOBHFST &SJD Harris and Dylan Klebold, open fire on their teachers and classmates, killing 12 students and 1 teacher, and then them-

game winning



t 8IJMF USZJOH UP DJSDVNOBWJHBUF UIF world in a hot air balloon, Colin Prescot and Andy Elson set a new endurance record after being aloft for 233 hours and 55 minutes Feb. 27. t /BQTUFS B SFWPMVUJPOBSZ NVsic downloading service, debuts June 1. t 5IF GJSTU WFSTJPO PG .4/ Messenger is released by Microsoft on July 22. t 0O /FX :FBS T &WF UIF

1999 BMW Roadster 8 4FQU 8 4FQU


remember when...


penalty kick

in the World


technology world braced for possible impacts of the Y2K computer bug — nothing happened.

BORN THIS YEAR: Chandler Riggs, actor (June 27). Above left: Bea Miller, singer (Feb. 7); Sabrina Carpenter, actress (May 11); Amanda Steele, web video star (July 26); Grant Landis, singer (Sept. 20).



t *ODPNF QFS ZFBS $40,810 t .JOJNVN XBHF $5.15 t /FX IPVTF $131,750 t 3FOU $645 t /FX DBS $21,050 t (BMMPO PG HBT $1.22 t %P[FO FHHT 89¢ t (BMMPO PG NJML $2.88 t -PBG PG CSFBE $1.49 t 'JSTU DMBTT TUBNQ 33¢ t .PWJF UJDLFU $5.06




1999 Chevrolet Camaro SS

4FQU 9 4FQU 9

A DAY IN THE MARINE’S LAST MOUNTED COLOR GUARD After 50 years, dayto-day life keeps them grounded By Laurie Pearson Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow

BARSTOW — The United States Marine Corps’ last remaining Mounted Color Guard continues to celebrate their 50th year in service, attending rodeos, parades and other events across the country, but it’s the day-to-day life that keeps them grounded. Members of the MCG proudly represent the Marine Corps and serve their community and country with honor. They travel extensively to participate in as many events as possible, and the invitations keep rolling in with event organizers requesting their presence. As the only remaining MCG, they are spread thin, their schedules packed with events from shore to shore, to include retirement ceremonies and high profile events such as the Tournament of Roses Parade. “I feel a great sense of pride every time I put on that uniform and get on a horse,� said Staff Sgt. Nicholas Beberniss, the staff

Sergeants Fernando Blancas, Jedidiah Birnie, Terry Barker, Jacob Cummins, Corporals Nicholas Davis, Alicia Frost and Javier Castellon all post with Staff Sgt. Nicholas Beberniss for a Mounted Color Guard portrait with Elephant Mountain in the background, at the stables aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow,

noncommissioned officer in charge of the MCG. For events across country, such as the Memorial Day Parade in the District of Columbia, it can take up to five days to


“Inspiring Veteran Entrepreneurs to Achieve Their Goals At Warp Speed�

rs u e n e r p e ran Entr

7 1 0 2 T I M M SU




Saturday 23 September 0730 - 1800


Liberty Station Conference Center San Diego, CA 92106


Unique Perspectives on Starting a Veteran Owned Business


Starting a Business | Accessing Funding | Growing Your Business | Contracting | Franchising


Meet over 350 Mil/Vets | 40 Exhibitor Resources | Nationally Recognized Speakers/Subject Matter Experts Get and Stay Connected to People/Resources

BRAINSTORMING Introducing Brainstorming Roundtables with Experts

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Event Registration Fee Only $25 ($35 After September 15) Includes Continental Breakfast & Lunch

10 4FQU

get to the site, explained Cpl. Alicia Frost, cilities, horses, administrative duties, and stableman with the MCG. The horses are self-care. As a team, they muck out and transported via truck and trailer along clean the stalls. They groom and clean the horses and engage in ground-work trainwith the stablemen. “For me, the best aspect is all the travel- ing. They share the administrative load ing we get to do, and being in the rodeos and help one another with tasks such as and parades,� said Frost. “I love meeting fence maintenance, or stall repairs. The horses are fed by the stablemen all the new people everywhere we go. It’s awesome! The crowds are always cheering twice a day, morning and night, with each person taking flakes of hay and ensuring for us and thanking us for our service.� Children and adults alike see the MCG each horse has adequate food. They clean riders, in their perfectly pressed and pol- out the water devices and refill them often ished uniforms sitting tall in their saddles because desert conditions can cause the and request to have photos taken with water to evaporate quickly. At the end of each day at the stables, the them. As a recruiting tool, the goal is to team is often covered in dust and dirt, as inspire others to join the Corps. “It’s a very serious responsibility,� said they take pride in a job well done. “It’s great getting to see the reward of Sgt. Jedidiah Birnie, stableman. “People don’t look at you as just a person; they your hard work with the horses,� Birnie see you as representing the whole Marine said, “and having a sense of pride knowing Corps. So, you have to be on your toes at that the work you do here will be seen by all times and make sure you’re presenting thousands of people all across the country.� Beberniss, who was seriously injured a good face for the people.� As the only female on the team of riders, during war, takes pride in representing Frost embraces the heavy responsibility of wounded warriors as part of the Mounted being a role model for young women spe- Color Guard. He leads by example, ensuring that the team represents the Marine cifically. “I’m the face for all female Marines,� Corps with honor and integrity. “I like being with the Marines and menFrost said. “So, when other girls and women see me doing it, I hope it gives them toring them,� Beberniss said. “It’s great the courage to think that they can do it, watching those who don’t have horse exas well. They can be a Marine and make it perience grow and progress with the horsonto a competitive team full of male 0311s es. It’s really beneficial to everyone. Working with the Mustangs is rewarding and (infantry men/grunts).� While the A-Team, the first line of rid- the riders learn to control them, in rodeos, ers, is on the road, some of the other sta- parades, as well as noisy and busy city enblemen attend the events to assist with vironments.� The horses, which come from the Butransportation and care of the horses, while at least one remains behind at the reau of Land Management, are “green stables to care for those remaining horses, broke� by inmates before coming to the as well as the facilities and administrative MCG here. Green broke means that the horses are not fully trained yet, and only work. While at home, the Marines all particiCOLOR GUARD, continued on Page 13 pate in the daily maintenance of the faXXX NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN t OFXT!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN



Continued from Page 2

Continued from Page 6

ing with them. Working with them are highlights of my career for me. MP: Currently, you are involved with a new effort to help our veterans. GB: No one gets through life without help. Veterans Publishing Inc. (VPI) is a truly awesome concept that this very month is coming to life, and as a Navy veteran and author I’m honored to be on their board of directors because there has been nothing like it before. VPI will become the go-to resource for our veterans to find a place where they can pursue their goals and learn the craft of becoming a writer with the hopes of one day being published. Not only will VPI serve our veterans in their transition to a civilian career, but it also supports the Us4Warriors Foundation, which is dedicated to reaching out to not just veterans, but active duty service members and their families as well. Whatever it is they need, whether it’s offering a short-term hand up, or helping them achieve their long-term aspirations, Us4Warriors is there for them. So when you purchase one of our books form the VPI website, VPI makes a donation to Us4Warriors. That way we all win. MP: I’m looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming San Diego Festival of Books later this month, what does San Diego mean to you? GB: 32nd Street Naval Station was my first assignment after boot camp and A-school, so I have a special place in my heart for San Diego. It doesn’t get any better than spending the day with fellow authors and thousands of booklovers in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Better still, a portion of the festival’s proceeds go to the San Diego on Literacy efforts. At the festival, this year’s selection for the “One Book, One San Diego� program will be announced. “The One Book, One San Diego� essentially turns the city into one community-wide book group designed to get people talking about current events, different cultures and often-overlooked subjects. It’s an intriguing idea and I can’t wait to hear this year’s selection. Books are magical in their ability to bring people together. It is without doubt that Grant Blackwood has lead a life that many of us dream we could live. His career has taken him full circle from a boyhood dream of being an author to being a naval officer to being that author and now giving back to his fellow vets.

Upon the visit’s conclusion Sterett welcomed aboard members of the House Armed Services Committee who toured the ship and sat down to speak with sailors from their respective states. Sterett then proceeded back to the South China Sea. Following a series of operations, Sterett made a historic port visit to Zhanjiang, China, June 12. There, sailors conducted a sports day, ship tours, a community outreach event at a local special education school and a seamanship competition with their Chinese counterparts. Sterett also hosted a reception for Swift and People’s Liberation Army Vice Adm. Wang Hai, commander of the PLAN South Sea Fleet. Upon Sterett’s departure from Zhanjiang, the ship conducted a series of maritime maneuvers with People’s Liberation Army frigate

CNS Huangshan. Sterett’s next foreign port visit would be at Subic Bay, Republic of Philippines, June 18. Sailors conducted community outreach events at a school for the deaf and at a children’s home. They departed Subic Bay June 23. Sterett joined the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group for a series of exercises. Sterett additionally welcomed aboard Rear Adm. Charles Williams, commander, Battle Force 7th Fleet, who announced that Sterett’s scheduled return to homeport would be delayed by an additional 28 days to fulfill U.S. 7th Fleet’s requirements. Sterett next participated in Exercise Talisman Saber 17 under Combined Task Force 73, putting to practice the “UpGunned Expeditionary Strike Group� concept using cruiser and destroyer assets to protect the ESG against air threats while simultaneously strengthening interoperability in the U.S.-Australia alli-

ance. On July 23, Sterett conducted its final foreign port visit to Brisbane, Australia. Sailors participated in community outreach events at a facility servicing the disabled, a maritime museum, and a retirement home. Sterett then transited to Naval Base Guam, arriving Aug. 4 to conduct further maintenance. Sterett’s final port visit of deployment was at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii from Aug. 18-22, making final preparations for returning to San Diego and embarking 12 family members and friends, known as “Tigers,� for the transit. “I am extremely proud of the way Sterett sailors took every challenge, every schedule change, every last-minute tasking, and met it with skill and professionalism,� said Cmdr. Claudine Caluori, Sterett’s commanding officer. “We’ve done well in our mission, and we’re very excited to be coming home to our families and friends in San Diego.�

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Mattis says to ‘hold the line’ despite turmoil back home

! H G U O N E S I H G U O N E

First lady Melania Trump for wearing high heels on the tarmac before boarding Air Force One to visit flood ravaged Texas.

The media’s attacks on the president are way out of line


hen is the media ever going to quit criticizing President Trump and his family! Although Trump deserves some of the negative criticism he receives, he, nor his family, deserve criticism on every single issue they’re involved with day-today. I have not heard one major network, ABC, NBC, CBS compliment President Trump on a single issue from the beginning of his presidency until today! On his flight to the catastrophic flooding of Houston, the press criticized the president’s wife Melania for wearing high-heeled shoes when boarding the presidential plane, Air Force One. What the hell does the president’s wife’s shoes have anything to do with anything at all? The media continually searches



by Richard T. Matz

for anything, no matter how trivial or of absolutely no substance at all, so they can belittle the president and his family. The media has shown complete contempt, not just for the president but for the presidential office as well.

have tried to split this country apart in order to gain a greater share of the popular vote. Whether it’s whites, blacks, Hispanics, gays, or lesbians the Democrats seem to have no other agenda than to use hate and fear to separate Americans. Whether it’s lower-cost healthcare, lower taxes, or illegal immigration (take note “ILLEGAL� immigration) the Democrats are blocking every Republican proposal with total disregard for the well being of every American citizen. I cannot think of one single thing the Democrats have proposed to make America great again. We must remember half of all Americans voted for President Trump, and in spite of the media, the false news and the fake polls, I believe the majority of good people in the United States want to see our president and our country not just survive but thrive!

What the hell does the president’s wife’s shoes have anything to do with anything at all?

12 4FQU

Race relations


Let me ask whoever is reading this article a simple question. Were race relations as bad as they are today 15 years ago? If the answer is no then who, or what’s, to blame? Who is the culprit? Is it the Republicans or is it the Democrats or is it President Trump or does President Richard Matz is the publisher of the Obama share some of the blame? Military Press. Send comments to In my opinion the Democrats

Defense Secretary James Mattis has told troops stationed abroad their duty is to “hold the line� amid partisan division at home. In comments contained in a video posted to a Facebook page called “US Army WTF Moments� that appeared to have been taken on a smartphone during a visit to Jordan, Turkey and Ukraine this week, most likely in Jordan, Mattis said: “Our country right now, it’s got problems we don’t have in the military. “You just hold the line until our country gets back to understanding and respecting each other and showing it.� He also said, in remarks that were widely interpreted as possible veiled criticism of Donald Trump, that the U.S. needed to “get the power of inspiration back�. Mattis spoke before Trump on Friday followed up on his promise of a ban on transgender troops by directing the Pentagon to stop allowing transgender people to enlist and to stop paying for gender reassignment surgery except in cases that are already in progress to “protect the health of an individual�. Mattis, who was among the defense chiefs reportedly surprised by Trump’s initial announcement of the ban via Twitter in July, was given wide discretion on how the directive is implemented regarding transgender people still serving. The former marine corps general is expected to consider “deployability� as the legal means to determine whether to separate service members. The directive from Trump was widely criticised as discriminatory by transgender service members, veterans and civil rights groups. In the video clip, Mattis, a figure widely respected in the US military for toughness in the field married to intellectualism away from the front, tells the gathered troops, to laughter: “For those of you I haven’t met, my name’s Mattis, I work at the Department of Defense obviously.� He adds: “The only way this great big experiment you and I call America is gonna survive is if we’ve got tough hombres like you. “You’re a great example for our country right now. It’s got some problems. You know it and I know it. It’s got problems that we don’t have in the military. “You just hold the line, my fine young soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, you just hold the line until our country gets back to understanding and respecting each other and showing it, and being friendly to one another, as Americans owe to one another because we’re so doggone lucky to be Americans.� “Hold the line� was the theme of Mattis’s speech to graduating officer cadets at the US Military Academy at West Point, in June. “We’ve got two powers,� he continued in the footage posted to Facebook. “We’ve got the power of inspiration and we’ll get the power of inspiration back. We’ve got the power of intimidation, and that’s you, if someone wants to screw with our families, our country and our allies.� Mattis’s remarks came to light after White House economic adviser Gary Cohn was reported by the Financial Times as saying the Trump administration must “do better in consistently and unequivocally condemning� groups such as the far-right and neo-Nazi activists whose rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month turned to deadly violence. In his pep talk to the troops, Mattis also said he had “flunked� retirement. The reason he became defense secretary, he said, was to “serve alongside young people like you who are so selfless and, frankly, so rambunctious. It’s a pleasure to be around you all.� XXX NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN t OFXT!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN


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the future.� Stafford, who was scheduled to make a base salary of $16.5 million this fall on the middle finger on his throwing hand. the extension he signed in the summer He declined what would have been his sec- of 2013, already has pocketed more than ond Pro Bowl appearance as an alternate $110 million in career on-field earnings. His contract now becomes the standard to rest his injured finger. “Even though you’ve seen him play by which other quarterback deals will be well, I think you’re going to see him play judged. Washington’s Kirk Cousins will be even better,� Lions coach Jim Caldwell a free agent after this season after he failed said earlier this spring. “He’s got an ex- to reach a long-term extension before the traordinary amount of ability, not only franchise tag deadline July 17, and Drew just in terms of what he does from a Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan are physical standpoint, delivering balls other quarterbacks who could be up for from different angles and things of that extensions soon. Before this summer, Andrew Luck was nature, but then also from a leadership standpoint, which I think is equally im- the highest paid quarterback in the NFL at $24.6 million per season. Luck received portant and he demonstrates that. “He’s taken ownership of what we do $47 million fully guaranteed at the time and how we do it and I think that cer- he signed his contract, and $87 million in tainly without question bodes well for overall guarantees. 'PS BEWFSUJTJOH JOGPSNBUJPO DBMM t BEWFSUJTJOH!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN

recently learned to be under a saddle. “Once we get them, we start ground working them and putting a saddle on them and getting them show ready,� explained Beberniss. The training routine includes bonding with the horses so that the riders earn their trust and thereby their cooperation. They work in arenas as well as open areas, with unexpected noises and movements around them so that the horses learn to relax and trust their riders to have their best interests in mind at all times. “It can be a very tedious job at times,� Frost said. “We work very long hours, most weekends and we usually don’t get holidays off. It’s a big responsibility and we devote our lives to the Marine Corps and

the horses.� “We always want the public to have a good impression of us, the horses, the facilities we use and the Marine Corps as a whole,� Beberniss said. “We currently have nine riders: Lance Cpl. Jeremy Gauna, from Monroe, Louisiana; Cpl. Javier Castellon, from Norwalk, California; Cpl. Alicia Frost, of Warner Robins, Georgia; Sgt. Jedidiah Birnie, from Minden, Nebraska; Cpl. Nicholas Davis, from Lynchburg, Virginia; Sgt. Fernando Blancas, of Apple Valley, California; Sgt. Jacob Cummins, from Phoenix, Arizona; Sgt. Terry Barker, from Sunbury, Ohio; and me, Staff Sgt. Nicholas Beberniss of Westminster, Colorado. Things constantly change, though. People get stationed at other locations, or get out of the Marine Corps, or what have you. So we are always looking for good Marines to fill more slots.� 4FQU 13

Just for

Laughs Hungry birds

Two robins were sitting in a tree. “I’m really hungry,� said the first one. “Let’s fly down and find some lunch.� They flew down to the ground and found a nice plot of newly plowed ground that was full of worms. They ate and ate and ate till they could eat no more. “I’m so full, I don’t think I can fly back up into the tree,� said the first one. “Let’s just lay back here and bask in the warm sun,� said the second. “OK,� said the first. So they plopped down, basking in the sun. No sooner than they had fallen asleep, when a big fat tomcat came up again?� asked the psychiatrist. and gobbled them up. son would pull the plug. Do you want a liquid with her finger and tasted it. “For a hundred buck’s a visit? A barAs the cat sat washing his face after room with or without a view?� “Is it wine?� she guessed. tender cured me for tendollars.� his meal, he thought... “No,� the boy replied. She tasted an“Is that so! How?� “I JUST LOVE BASKIN ROBINS.� other drop and asked, “ Champagne ? Drunken argument “He told me to cut the legs off the bed!� “No,� said the little boy... “It’s a puppy!� Two drunks are walking along. One drunk says to the other, “What a beautiCured ful night. Look at that moon!� Shakey went to a psychiatrist. “Doc,� Unionized bed time Spin cycle The other drunk stops and looks at his he said, “I’ve got trouble. Every time I A labor union president was sitting at A blonde is swimming in a river. A get into bed, I think there’s somebody his son’s bedside getting ready to read man walks up and asks her, “What are drunk friend. “You are wrong. That’s not the moon; that’s the sun!� under it. I get under the bed, I think him a bedtime story. you doing in there?� Both continued arguing for awhile there’s somebody on top of it. Top, unHe starts out, “Once upon a time and She says, “I’m washing my clothes.� der, top, under ... you gotta help me, I’m a half...� The man asks, “Why don’t you use a when they came upon another drunk going crazy!� washing machine?� The blonde says, “I walking along. So they stopped him and said, “Sir, could you please help settle “Just put yourself in my hands for The gift tried that, but it was too dizzy.� our argument? Tell us what that thing two years,� said the shrink. “Come to me On the first day of school, the chilis up in the sky that’s shining. Is it the three times a week, and I’ll cure your dren brought gifts for their teacher. The Laundry reunion fears.� florist’s son brought the teacher a bouTwo elderly ladies meet at the laun- moon or the sun?� The third drunk look at the sky and “How much do you charge?� quet of flowers. The candy-store owner’s dry mat after not seeing one another for “A hundred dollars per visit.� daughter gave the teacher a pretty box of some time. After inquiring about each then looked at them and said, “Sorry, I “I’ll sleep on it,� said Shakey. candy. Then the liquor-store owner’s son other’s health, one asked how the other’s don’t live around here.� Six months later the doctor met brought up a big, heavy box. The teacher husband was doing. Shakey on the street. lifted it up and noticed that it was leak“Oh! Ted died last week. He went out Starting a diet “Why didn’t you ever come to see me ing a little bit. She touched a drop of the to the garden to dig up a cabbage for My friend Kimberly announced that dinner, had a heart attack and dropped she had started a diet to lose some down dead right there in the middle of pounds she had put on recently. the vegetable patch!� “Good!� I exclaimed. “I’m ready to “Oh dear! I’m so very sorry,� replied start a diet too. We can be dieting budher friend. “What did you do?� dies and help each other out. When I “Opened a can of peas instead.� feel the urge to drive out and get a burger and fries, I’ll call you first.� “Great!� she replied. “I’ll ride with Crazy test During a visit to the mental asylum, a you.� visitor asked the director what the criterion was that defined whether or not a patient should be institutionalized. “Well,� said the director, “we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teaAdvertisers in this cup and a bucket to the patient and ask newspaper are him or her to empty the bathtub.� “Oh, I understand,� said the visitor. “A normal person would use the bucket because it’s bigger than the spoon or the teacup.� “No,� said the director, “A normal perXXX NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN t OFXT!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN 14 4FQU





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PUZZLES ACROSS 1. Light bulb unit 5. Aquatic plant 9. Burst of wind 13. ___ vera 14. Exotic jelly flavor 16. Chocolate cookie 17. Roman deity 18. Incited 19. Applications 20. Brusque 22. Silkscreen 24. Marcel Marceau was one 26. Water vapor 27. Adjust 30. Surpassingly good 33. Hypersensitive 35. Cubic meter 37. A law enforcement agency 38. A jet of vapor 41. Muck 42. 1000 kilograms 45. Conceding 48. Small carnivorous mammal 51. Kit for a baby 52. Concerns 54. Lease 55. Hereinafter 59. Hiding place 62. False god 63. Everglades bird 65. Within 66. Mobile phone 67. Cut 68. Stigma 69. Leg joint 70. Depend 71. Small slender gull DOWN 1. Drift 2. Wings

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SUDOKU The rules to play Sudoku are quite simple. Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 through 9. 3. Transparent gem 4. Ductile 5. Era 6. Totes 7. Measuring instruments 8. Turns away 9. Epicurean 10. Constellation bear 11. Dribble 12. Nonsense (British) 15. French farewell 21. Arab chieftain

23. Openings 25. Hens make them 27. Flat float 28. Arm joint 29. Bite 31. A payment of money 32. Main impact 34. Weep 36. Border 39. Be unwell 40. 365 days 43. Aircraft engine enclosure

44. Brother of Jacob 46. Caustics 47. Tooth doctor 49. Sea eagles 50. Account book 53. Wait on 55. Bumpkin 56. Biblical garden 57. Part in a play 58. Bobbin 60. Sun 61. Trumpet 64. Attempt


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The fan reaction, depending on who you ask, has been lukewarm at best. There’s no way of putting a number on “numerous,� and if Bisciotti really didn’t want to sign Kaepernick, this seems like a pretty helpful thing to float out in the media. But ultimately pinning this on the

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fans, especially considering the work Kaepernick could do in Baltimore, would be lame as hell. Plus, it’s not like Ravens fans had any problems supporting Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs, and their alleged transgressions were far worse than anything Kaepernick did. And the standing ovation they gave Ray Rice a few years back still is enough to make you throw up a little in your mouth. This isn’t a football decision, and ultimately, it’s not going to be the fans’ decision. It won’t be Lewis’ decision. It’s Bisciotti’s call. And whether he’s acting on his own or representing the other 30 NFL owners, it’s his move. Baltimore clearly sees the value in signing Kaepernick, the football player. Without any hard evidence of a revolt, the fans probably would, too. After all, most fans would put aside their issues pretty quickly if Kaepernick helped the Ravens win football games. Maybe Bisciotti is just wildly shortsighted and is making decisions based on an unquantified amount of angry fans. Or perhaps even more likely, he’s falling on the sword for the shield as part of a larger, more organized effort to keep Kaepernick on the sideline. Ultimately, football is a business and the players are employees. When Kaepernick puts on a jersey and steps (or kneels) onto the field, he does so on the company’s dime. If the owners decide they don’t want that kind of “distraction� — no matter how many passes one completes — that’s their prerogative.


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prove his point. Heading into the Rams game the Chargers had scored just two touchdowns in taking out their own divisional foes. The the two preseason games against the SeBolts have a pretty good team, but their ahawks and Saints, and had not scored division could be what ultimately holds any points in their last 17 drives. With most of the 22 starters playing the first them back.� USA Today’s Michael Middlehurst- half, the Chargers dominated the Rams on Schwartz and Nate Davis both have the both sides of the ball en route to a 21-19 Chargers making the playoffs. While victory — their first preseason win in 2017. While playing just three offensive seMiddlehurst-Schwartz has the Chargers winning the division, Davis predicts both ries this preseason, Rivers completed 11 of the Chargers and Ravens as the two AFC 12 attempts for 141 yards and two touchwild card teams. In its NFL Power Rank- downs. In the win over the Rams, Rivers ings the paper has the Chargers No. 20, posted a perfect passer rating of 158.3 after with Schwartz writing: “This year’s worst- going 6-for-6 for 85 yards, including a 45to-first candidate? Tough sledding in the yard touchdown pass to Travis Benjamin. On the Rams first possession of the AFC West, but a healthy offense could pronight both Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram vide fireworks in Year 1 in Los Angeles.� Davis has the Chargers finishing the showed why they are considered two of the season 9-7 and making the playoffs as top pass rushers in the NFL when Bosa a wild card team. Said Davis, “Plenty to strip-sacked Rams quarterback Jared Goff overcome, most notably adaptation to a and Ingram returned the fumble recovery new city and the smallest venue in the 76 yards for a touchdown. Making his first appearance since tearleague (the StubHub Center will host its first NFL games in Weeks 2-4). Then ing his ACL last October, cornerback Jathere are personnel changes coming to son Verrett intercepted Goff on the Rams the offensive line and a major schematic ensuing possession, which led to the Charoverhaul defensively. Still, the Bolts have gers’ third touchdown of the night to take done a nice job restocking their talent a 21-0 lead. Despite missing virtually all pool, especially on defense, and have the offseason workouts while rehabbing his juice to be L.A.’s first playoff club since knee, Verrett appears to be playing at fullspeed and should be 100-percent healthy the 1993 Raiders.� Although he has the Chargers (6th seed) for the opening game against the Broncos upsetting the Titans (3rd seed) in the first on Sept. 11. For the third consecutive year it looks round of the playoffs, Davis has them losing to the Patriots (No. 1 seed) in the divi- like the Chargers got a steal in the fifth round of the draft. When Iowa cornerback sional round of the playoffs. Pro Football Weekly isn’t quite as high Desmond King slipped down in the NFL on the Chargers and has them finishing draft, General Manager Tom Telesco wastlast in the division with a 7-9 record. While ed little time making King the 151st overall reviewing PFW’s annual NFL Preview selection. With injuries in the secondary magazine, Arthur Arkush forecasts what a throughout the offseason, King has shown positive and negative season for the Char- his versatility by stepping in and filling a gers could possibly look like. Per Arkush — void wherever the defense needed him. And it didn’t take long for him to show Best-case scenario — “Injury woes and late-game meltdowns are left behind on why he was selected the 2015 Jim Thorpe their maiden voyage to L.A. Lynn helps Award recipient for the nation’s top defenvault Gordon to the top tier of NFL backs, sive back. “He’s light years from where he was and Rivers rebounds with a more dependable support cast. Bosa and Ingram wreak during rookie mini camp,� Head Coach havoc up front, and a healthy Verrett and Anthony Lynn said (per Chargers team Hayward give Bradley a top-five D. In an- reporter Haley Elwood). “Now that he other division, they’re worst to first, in the knows what he is doing, he’s playing nickel, he’s playing safety. He has a versatility mighty AFC West, they’re a wild card.� Worst-case scenario — “Juggling re- to go out and play corner in a pinch and location and the rookie learning curve he’s making plays on special teams.� The Endzone: It appears it’s never too overwhelms Lynn. Rivers’ regression continues, and his perennially disappointing early to talk about the NFL Draft. In a reO-line falters despite fresh blood. The de- cent article CBS Sports’ R.J. White looks fense, again overtaxed by its mistake-pone ahead at the 2018 NFL Draft where he has offense, struggles to gel. The Chargers the Chargers owning the sixth pick overmiss the postseason for the seventh time in all after finishing the 2017 season with a eight seasons, handing Round One of the record of 5-11. According to White, the Chargers get their future signal caller by battle for Tinseltown fans to the Rams.� selecting Wyoming QB Josh Allen. Preseason observations Per White, “The Chargers would be Following their embarrassing, mistake-ridden 13-7 loss to the New Orleans ecstatic to see a blue-chip passer on the Saints, Head Coach Anthony Lynn, per board when they’re up, as Philip Rivers is the UT’s Tom Krasovic, said, “This team is 35-years-old and may end up worn down going to play very well. This team is going after a year of commuting to L.A. The to be pretty good. I know, after that per- best case scenario would have Rivers still formance tonight, you might not think so. under center in 2018 as Allen learns the But I’m just telling you, I see this team ev- ropes before the Wyoming signal-caller ery day. When we put that starting 22 out takes over in 2019, when moving on from Rivers would save the Chargers $16 milthere, this team is going to be good.� Well, it didn’t take long for Lynn to lion on the cap.� XXX NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN t OFXT!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN Continued from Page 4

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