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Gilbert  H.

91C,  Utilities  Equipment  Repairer,  U.S.  Army  Reserve B.A.  Criminal  Justice,  PLNU,  Class  of  2017


PLNU  is  proud  to  offer  specialized  educational  support  to  veterans   and  active  duty  members  of  the  U.S.  Armed  Forces.  Through our partnerships with community colleges across San Diego County, you can earn your bachelor’s degree at a location convenient for you, using your existing college credits. 7R Č´QG RXW PRUH DERXW RXU SURJUDP RÎ?HULQJV DQG PLOLWDU\ VXSSRUW JHW LQ WRXFK ZLWK \RXU GHGLFDWHG 3/18 DGPLVVLRQV FRXQVHORU

Elias  Garcia (619)  201-­â€?3362  |

Pay raise largest in 9 years Proposal would give troops 2.6% hike The Defense Department proposed Feb. 12 a 2.6 percent military pay raise for 2019 that would come on top of the 2.4 percent increase this year. “In support of the department’s effort to continue to build a bigger, more lethal and ready force, the FY2019 budget proposes a 2.6 percent increase in military basic pay,� the Pentagon said in releasing its budget request. The proposed raise, which would have to be approved by Congress and the White House, would amount to the largest military pay raise in nine years, the department said in the supporting papers for the budget request. Officials said pay and benefits for uniformed personnel make up about a third of the Pentagon’s budget and amount to the single largest expense category for the department. When civilian personnel are counted, total compensation funding consumes nearly half of the Pentagon’s budget, they said. The 2.6 percent pay increase proposal is aimed at ensuring the military “remains appropriately positioned to compete with the private-sector marketplace for new recruits and to retain a well-trained and quality force,� the department said. The request also reflects the expectation within the department that “moderate and manageable increase in basic pay will continue in the near term and will match the growth in private-sector wages,� it said. In December, President Donald Trump by executive order approved a 2.4 percent military pay increase for fiscal 2018. Trump acted, as previous presidents have, to approve the pay increase while Congress remained at an impasse on the overall budget.

Alek Skarlatos as Alek and Anthondy Sadler as Anthony in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ “The 15:17 To Paris.�

‘THE 15:17 TO PARIS’

EASTWOOD FILMS THE REAL HEROES By Jeri Jacquin | MilitaryPress


t made the news around the world on Aug. 21, 2015, when a terrorist attacked a train heading for Paris with 500 passengers aboard. The event could have had life shattering consequences, were it not for three men – Airman Spencer Stone, Specialist Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler. The trio actually stars in Clint Eastwood’s film about the event, “The 15:17 to Paris.� These three men took it upon themselves to rush in while others were rushing out. What makes these three even more outstanding is that they have been friends since childhood. That’s where the story begins, Spencer and Alek are having problems at school as teachers and administrators see them as needing medication to keep them in line. Not about to have it are their mothers Joyce (Judy Greer) and Heidi (Jenna Fischer), who are not about to be told how


remember when...

to parent — especially out of a medicine bottle. It is in school that they meet Anthony and a bond is formed out of mutual acceptance. Although they each have to go their separate ways, that bond becomes stronger as they grow up. Spencer decides he wants to join the military, but soon discovers that the job he wants is not where the military sends him. Struggling with studies and keeping up, he becomes frustrated, which makes things even harder. Alek is overseas when, along with Spencer and Anthony, plans are made to see the sights of Europe. Reunited, Spencer, Anthony and Alek become tourists going from place to place enjoying their freedom. After visiting Italy and Amsterdam, they board the Thalys train No. 9364 for Paris, where the lives of everyone aboard will change. I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Spencer, Anthony and Alek, whom director Clint Eastwood decided would portray themselves in the film. Let me

say first off that I found these three young men to be exactly how I expected them to be. They are very welcoming, funny and had a laidback ease I so enjoyed. Jeri Jacquin: I saw the film and I have to ask you, is it very strange when you watch it? Because it is like you are watching yourself doing something you have already done. Anthony Sadler: It’s weird on so many levels. It’s our story on camera with music with Clint Eastwood’s name on it and it’s also weird watching how accurate it is, because we lived it. It isn’t all Hollywooded up, so seeing us doing what we did two years ago is strange for us as well. JJ: I felt like I was intruding almost while watching in a way. Spencer Stone: Yes, that’s exactly what it feels like putting it out there. Anthony: We hope that people like it and it spreads like wildfire. We want the HEROES, continued on Page 12




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n our last issue we examined the various mock drafts and which players the pundits believe the Chargers will take with the 17th pick. Here, we look at some of those potential picks and where each player ranks in Daniel Jeremiah’s (The NFL Network) top 50 draft prospects.

No. 9 — Vita Vea, DT Washington “Vea is a massive defensive tackle prospect with remarkable power, quickness and agility. He’s a dominant run defender, routinely resetting the line of scrimmage against both individual blockers and double-teams. He’s quick to shoot his hands, latch on and toss opposing blockers before quickly pursuing the football. He has rare lateral range for a 340-pound defender. He also flashes the ability to use his quickness to split gaps and create negative plays. As a pass rusher, he has a nasty slap/swim move. He can roll his hips and generate pocket push with his power. There are times where he plays too tall and consequently gets controlled. That can be improved. Overall, Vea is a more athletic version of Haloti Ngata and should quickly emerge as a Pro Bowl player.� In his first mock draft, the Union-Tribune’s Draft Analyst Eddie Brown says Via is the Chargers pick at No. 17.

No. 11 — Derwin James, S Florida State “James is a versatile talent with exceptional size, speed and physicality. He lined up all over the field for the Seminoles. He took snaps at both safety spots, nickel cornerback, sub-package linebacker and was asked to rush from the outside linebacker position on occasion during his collegiate career. In my opinion, he’s more valuable when he plays closer to the line of scrimmage. He excels covering backs and tight ends and is a dynamic blitzer. When he lines up as the deep safety, he lacks ideal anticipation and needs to improve his angles to the alley in run support. He doesn’t have a ton of ball production, but that will improve once he settles into a more defined role. When he’s aligned in the box, he is quick to key/read against the run; he explodes to and through ball carriers. His lateral range is outstanding and he makes a lot of plays from the back side. To see his game speed, watch him run down Lamar Jackson in the Louisville contest. “Overall, I see James as a box safety or weak-side linebacker at the next level.� Jeremiah thinks the Chargers select James in his first mock draft.

No. 13 — Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma “Mayfield lacks the ideal height for the quarterback position, but he has a muscledup/square build similar to Russell Wilson. He operated in the shotgun for the Sooners. He has a unique setup: He’s very fre2 'FC


by Art Garcia Jr.

netic, but he’s consistently accurate despite throwing from a variety of platforms and arm angles. He generates a lot of torque from his lower body. You need to see him play in person to fully appreciate the way the ball jumps out of his hand. His offensive line did a nice job of keeping him clean at OU, but when pressured, he showed the ability to extend plays while keeping his eyes down the field. He’s accurate on the move and while he lacks top speed, he is very effective on designed QB runs. The biggest challenge in his evaluation involves the lack of tight-window throws he’s had to make. It will take some time for him to adjust to the lack of space at the next level. There are some questions about his maturity on and off the field. Long story short, Mayfield might lack ideal size, but I love his accuracy, playmaking skills and toughness. He has the tools to be a quality NFL starting quarterback early in his career.� ESPN Draft Analyst Todd McShay has the Chargers taking Mayfield in his first mock draft.

No. 17 — Connor Williams, OT Texas “Williams lined up at left tackle for the Longhorns and that is where I’m projecting him to play at the next level. He has excellent height/bulk for the position and average length. In the passing game, he’s fluid out of his stance. He possesses the foot quickness to kick out and cover up speed rushers. He’s a very easy mover and plays with excellent knee bend. He has a sharp punch, but occasionally, he is late to shoot his hands and allows defenders to get into his chest. In the run game, he can latch and generate movement at the point of attack. However, he gets overaggressive at times, lunging and whiffing. He is very athletic working up to the second level. Overall, Williams didn’t play as well last fall (he also missed significant time with injury) as he did the previous season, but I still view him as a quality starting NFL tackle.� USA Today’s Michael MiddlehurstSchwartz believes Williams is the Chargers pick at No. 17.

No. 24 — Da’Ron Payne, DT Alabama “Payne is a powerful, run-stuffing defensive tackle with pass-rush upside. Against the run, he launches out of his stance and quickly shoots his hands to generate knock-back against single blocks. He will also use a quick slap/swim to disrupt. He holds up well vs. double-teams and has tremendous lateral range. As a pass rusher, he has a quick get-off, but he needs to develop a plan. Most of his pressure is the

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result of his swim move. He needs to work on counter moves. His effort is excellent. Overall, Payne is built to dominate on run downs right now. He has the athletic ability and power to emerge as a much better pass rusher in the near future.� ESPN Draft Analyst Mel Kiper Jr. believes the Chargers select Payne in his first mock draft.

No. 27 — Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama

uations. Against the run, he’s a tick late to key/read, but once he makes up his mind, he closes in a hurry. He runs right through blockers and if he doesn’t make the tackle, he creates a pileup to slow down the ball carrier. He has outstanding speed to range sideline to sideline. He will miss an occasional tackle in space because he rarely breaks down, instead looking for the big hit. In coverage, he can easily mirror tight ends and backs. He will even match up in the slot at times. He isn’t a polished pass rusher, but he can win with pure speed and effort. Overall, Evans is a tone-setter on defense and his versatility is a huge asset.� Bleacher Report’s Adam Wells has Evans being the Chargers first round pick.

“Evans is a versatile, playmaking linebacker. He moved all over the field in the Alabama defense. He aligned off the ball in the middle of the defense, stood up outside and even occasionally put his hand in the DRAFT, continued on Page 8 ground as a defensive end in pass-rush sitXXX NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN t OFXT!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN

ARMY BOBSLEDDERS COMPETE IN OLYMPICS The military intelligence officer initially left the bobsled program after the 2014 games, but after learning his pending deployment was cancelled, he rejoined the squad shortly after. Team USA assistant Mike Kohn, a captain in the National Guard, hopes Fogt can build on his success from the Sochi games. Fogt will be participating in his third Olympic games, and has moved to leftside pusher on the USA’s No. 2 sled team after having served as a brakeman. “It’s nice having that veteran athlete on the team to help the younger guys find their way,� Kohn said. “He’s a solid guy you can count on to come through when it counts. Chris is a fierce competitor. He’s been with us now for over 10 years and we’re glad to have him for one more Olympics.�

By Joe Lacdan

FORT MEADE, Md. — Heading into the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, the U.S. bobsled team members didn’t plan to take anything for granted. The U.S. men know one slip-up could send any four-man or twoman squad tumbling in the field. Thankfully, however, three of four Army bobsled athletes that qualified for the games boast prior Olympic experience, which should boost their chances of medalwinning performances during the games. Joining the U.S. bobsled Olympic team are Sgt. Nick Cunningham, Sgt. Justin Olsen and Maj. Chris Fogt, each of whom competed and medaled in previous Olympic Games, while Sgt. 1st Class Nate Weber will make his Olympic debut. Cunningham, Olsen and Fogt are members of the Army’s World Class Athlete program and train full time for their sport. Weber, who is not in the WCAP, splits his time between training with the bobsled team at their home base in Lake Placid, and training with his Army unit for combat operations. Despite their familiarity with the Games, these WCAP members know how fast fortune can change. Just ask Fogt. Considered one of the fastest athletes in the men’s program, Fogt helped put

Conningham bounces back

Cunningham is back on the team after a surgery to repair torn muscles in his groin and stomach that left him unable to participate on the World Cup squad in 2016. “That was devastating to me,� CunningFormer U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program bobsledder Steven Holcomb (front right) leads “The Night Train� ham said. “That was kind of the low point team of Sgt. Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler and Curtis Tomasevicz to a start time of 4.77 seconds in the third heat of the of my entire athletic career, not just bobOlympic four-man bobsled event. | U.S. Army photo by Tim Hipps, IMCOM Public Affairs sled career. And to be able to battle back and earn a World Championship berth his team in medal contention after plac- a fall on the track sent Fogt’s squad out was the icing on the cake.� ing in the top six during competition at of medal contention. Fogt rebounded BOBSLEDDERS, continued on Page 8 the 2010 Vancouver games. However, to win bronze in the 2014 Sochi Games.

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WWII A CHARACTER IN ‘THE SEA BEFORE US’ D-Day serves as backdrop to Sundin’s latest novel By Elise Cooper | MilitaryPress

“The Sea Before Usâ€? by Sarah Sundin brings into focus British cultural and historical tidbits, a mystery involving an embezzler, a World War II setting and a love triangle. It is a reminder of how America’s finest prepared for the D-Day invasion to defeat the Nazis. The year is 1944 and the Allied forces are preparing for the invasion of Normandy. Lt. Wyatt Paxton is a U.S. Naval officer advising on how to use naval power during the assault. He works closely with Dorothy Fairfax, a “Wrenâ€? in the Women’s Royal Naval Service. Her duties include piecing together reconnaissance photographs of France that include those of her own family’s summer home. These accurate maps of Normandy are used by Wyatt to create naval bombardment plans. As their friendship blossoms, he uses his other skills as an accountant to help her figure out which employee has been embezzling from her father’s company. The tensions increase as they both must deal with enemies on the home front and abroad. The characters are very well-developed. They share the feeling of being all alone and having a fractioned family. She has lost her mother and brothers in the war and senses that her father resents her. In the meantime, Wyatt ran from his troubles, being blamed by his brother Adler for his fiancÊ’s death, even though it was an accident, then stealing $2,000 from his brother Clay. Having admitted his mistakes, he is repenting by saving his salary to pay his brother back. In the beginning of the story, Dorothy

4 'FC

Photo Caption / Credit

comes across as insecure, trying to be someone she is not, even going to a point of hiding the freckles on her face. She is doing this for what she perceives as the love of her life, Lt. Cmdr. Lawrence Eaton, a self-centered playboy. She looks on Wyatt as a brother and sees Eaton as a heartthrob. This romance plays out within the background of World War II and emphasizes the different cultures between the Texan Wyatt and the English Dorothy and Eaton. Elise Cooper: Why a novel about DDay? Sarah Sundin: It is a pivotal moment during World War II. My family went to Normandy in 2007, and I found it more of an impressive sight than we learned in the history books. When I looked at Point du Hoc, where the U.S. Rangers scaled the cliff, I thought that someday I wanted to

‘River’ video a tough watch, but worth it

After the latest era of his career got off to a rocky start with a pair of singles that weren’t met with praise or charting dominance, Eminem has seemingly returned to his former glory, thanks in part to the inclusion of Ed Sheeran. The hip-hop superstar dropped the video for his new single “Riverâ€? on Feb. 14, which seems like odd timing considering the subject matter of both the track and the clip. In the visual, Eminem is romantically (or, in his eyes, only sexually) entangled with a woman who has a storied and difficult past with another man. She suffers abuse and seeks out Eminem, only to have her heart broken later when she reveals some lifechanging news to the musician. The video also features confessionalstyle interviews with Eminem, as well as the actress and actor playing his love (?) interest and her former husband. Those moments can be tense and write about it. I was blown away by what serious, and a dark-haired Marshall the men did there. Mathers plays the role so well and raps After I started to do my research I found rhymes about making a woman give out that the U.S. Navy was very involved. I up her baby so convincingly, it’s not decided to write a new series, “Sunrise at entirely clear what’s true and what’s Normandy,â€? about three brothers: Wyatt made up. in the Navy, Adler in the Air Force, and There are certainly parts of the Clay a Delta Ranger. “Riverâ€? treatment that are difficult EC: How would you describe the hero, to watch, but other scenes are visuWyatt Paxton? ally spectacular, and the special effects SS: He is not a cosmopolitan type, but department really did a terrific job is from Texas. He was challenging for me on this one. In between scenes with to write because I live in California and their female co-star, Eminem and Ed am from New England stock. He is your Sheeran lip sync their lines in a dirty, typical older child who is quiet, and an dilapidated room. The scene around over-achiever, courageous, humble and a them is filled with rain and exploding man of honor. Wyatt is honest and will not lights and windows, which add a difflirt or play games. I based him on my two ferent, less intense form of drama to sons, who have strong character and are the production. steady. Of course, since I am their mother, While it wasn’t initially named as a there is no bias there. (Laughter) single, “Riverâ€? was immediately idenEC: How would you describe the herotified as a favorite track on Eminem’s ine, Dorothy Fairfax? new album “Revivalâ€? by fans. SS: Kind, animated, has a sense of huMany people purchased just that one mor and considers herself a daredevil. song, and it has already been streamed Since I have never written a non-Amerialmost 200 million times in only about can character I was very careful to make two months, and that much attention sure I correctly had the British mindset in such a short span of time has helped down correctly. Her personality is prized it become the biggest tune on the powin American culture, but the British value erhouse’s new record. “Riverâ€? is already those who are reserved. the highest-charting song from Revival EC: How would you describe Lawrence in the United States, as it debuted and Eaton? peaked (at least thus far) at No. 11, outSS: Dashing, handsome, suave, a Laupacing even “Walk on Water,â€? which rence Olivier type. He is the bad boy womfeatures BeyoncĂŠ. In the U.K., it has en like who is condescending and not very risen even higher, and last month it compassionate. I guess women think they became the latest No. 1 smash for both can tame him, but I can easily say there is Sheeran and Eminem. no way I would be attracted to this type. Now that “Riverâ€? has received a EC: Do you think World War II is a proper video, it will be pushed to radio character? stations across the U.S., and it’s probSS: Yes. I was awed by the role the U.S. able that in the coming months, it will destroyers had in Operation Neptune. grow in popularity and beat its own best showing, eventually climbing into SEA BEFORE US, continued on Page 8 the top 10. XXX NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN t OFXT!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN


Hollywood actor, musician, humanitarian and honorary chief petty officer Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band performed a free concert for wounded warriors, patients, staff members and families during the Invincible Spirit Festival held at Naval Medical Center San Diego on Feb. 10. Sinise began his tradition of entertaining the military community in San Diego in 2012. “It all began at Naval Medical Center San Diego,� Sinise said. “I love being able to visit Naval Medical Center San Diego and meet patients and the families.� Prior to the festival, Sinise visited retired and active-duty patients in the wards. During the visits, Sinise, whose family has strong ties to the military, personally invited all the patients to attend the concert. “I want to say thank you,� said retired Lt. Cmdr. Ted Farrel to Sinise. “You sacrificed your time away from your family and you are out here supporting us.� Sinise has raised millions of dollars for various charities dedicated to helping the military and veterans through his Gary Sinise Foundation, launched in 2010. He has also performed free concerts all over the world for service members with the Lt.

Hollywood actor, musician, and humanitarian Gary Sinise visits a patient at Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) during the sixth annual Invincible Spirit Festival. | U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Indra Beaufort

Dan Band, named after his role in the 1994 Oscar-winning movie “Forrest Gump.� Sinise said that he “is blessed to be in the movies,� and his role as Lt. Dan Taylor sparked a mission of his own to support and entertain military families through his concerts. Sinise and the 14-member Lt. Dan Band put on a three-hour performance to show his appreciation and support those who


serve and their families. “It’s wonderful seeing people today,� Sinise said. “We stand up there and see everybody having a good time and it’s a very, very good feeling.� The Invincible Spirit Festival also included a classic car show, face painting, rock wall climbing, food cooked by team Irvine, and 149 volunteers who set up and served food to all the visitors.

NMCSD staff Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class Andrea May said she is a fan of Gary Sinise, and this is the second time that she has attended the Invincible Spirit Festival. “There’s definitely a lot more people this year,� May said. “I like what Gary Sinise does. He takes care of the veterans, he takes care of the troops. He’s one of the few celebrities who care.�

'FC 5

‘America must remain freedom’s staunchest friend, for freedom is our best ally.’ Ronald Reagan 40th. U.S. President Served Jan. 20, 1981 – Jan. 20, 1989

George H.W. Bush

43rd. U.S. Vice President Served Jan. 20, 1981 – Jan. 20, 1989

World events

t Australia cancels its involvement in U.S.-led MX missile tests Feb. 5. t Nelson Mandela rejects an offer of freedom from the South African government Feb. 10. t An 8.0 on the Richter magnitude scale earthquake hits Santiago and ValparaĂ­so,

“Back to the Future� dominates the box office.

all of its fans. e, to the dismay to nearly

Coca-Cola releases New Cok

Chile March 3, leaving 177 dead, 2,575 injured, 142,489 houses destroyed, and about a million people homeless. t Mikhail Gorbachev becomes General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party and de facto leader of the Soviet Union on March 11. t South Africa ends its ban on interracial marriages April 15. t The National Assembly of Kuwait grants women the right to vote May 13. The right

is revoked in 1999 and re-instated in 2005. t Live Aid pop concerts in London and Philadelphia raise more than $125 million July 13 for famine relief in Ethiopia. t The first arms, 96 BGM-71 TOWs, are sent to Iran on Aug. 20 in exchange for hostages in Lebanon and profits for the Nicaraguan Contras. The public does not know about the arms sale. t The wreck of the RMS Titanic (1912) in the North Atlantic is located Sept. 1 by a joint American-French expedition led by Dr. Robert Ballard. t An 8.1 Richter scale earthquake strikes Mexico City on Sept. 19. Around 10,000 people are killed, 30,000 injured, and 95,000 left homeless. t President Reagan and Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev meet for the first time Nov. 19 in Geneva.

U.S. News

t In Hollywood, the charity single “We Are the World� is recorded Jan. 28 by USA for Africa. t The United States Food and Drug Administration approves a blood test for AIDS on March 4, used since then to screen all blood donations in the United States. t WrestleMania debuts at Madison Square Garden on March 31. t Madonna launches her Virgin Tour, her first concert tour, in New York City on April 10. t Coca-Cola changes its formula and releases New Coke on April 23 (the response is overwhelmingly negative, and the original formula is back on the market in less than 3 months). t An explosive device sent by the Unabomber injures John Hauser on May 15 at University of California, Berkeley. t Forty-one tornadoes hit Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario on May 31, killing 77. t U.S. Route 66 is officially decommissioned June 27. t “Back to the Future� opens in American theaters July 3 and ends up being the highest grossing film of 1985 in the United States and the first film in the successful franchise.

Ford Mustang GT 6 'FC


remember when...

Chevrolet Camaro


Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev meet for the first time.

t Vice President Bush announces July 19 that New Hampshire teacher Christa McAuliffe will become the first schoolteacher to ride aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger. t Pete Rose becomes the all-time hit leader in Major League Baseball on Sept. 11, with his 4,192nd hit at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati. t “Super Mario Bros.� is released for the Nintendo Entertainment System on Sept. 13. t The first Nintendo home video game console in United States is released Oct. 18 as the Nintendo Entertainment System. t The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes debuts Nov. 18 in 35 newspapers in the United States. t American singer, songwriter and actor Ricky Nelson dies in a plane crash Dec. 31 in De Kalb, Texas.

Movies t t t t t t t t t t

BORN THIS YEAR: Kaley Cuoco, actress (Nov. 30). Above left: Adrian Peterson, NFL player (March 21); Rooney Mara, actress (April 17); Michael Phelps, Olympic swimmer (June 30); Bruno Mars, musician (Oct. 8).

t *ODPNF QFS ZFBS $22,100 t .JOJNVN XBHF $3.35 t /FX IPVTF $89,330 t 3FOU $375 t /FX DBS $9,005 t (BMMPO PG HBT $1.09 t (BMMPO PG NJML $1.98 t -PBG PG CSFBE 74¢ t 'JSTU DMBTT TUBNQ 22¢ t .PWJF UJDLFU $3.55

Music t t t t t t t

“We Are the World,� USA For Africa “Take on Me,� A-Ha “I Want to Know What Love Is,� Foreigner “Shout,� Tears for Fears “Say You, Say Me,� Lionel Richie “Money for Nothing,� Dire Straits “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,� Tears for Fears t “Crazy For You,� Madonna t “The Power of Love,� Huey Lewis & The News t “A View to Kill,� Duran Duran

“The Goonies� “Back to the Future� “The Breakfast Club� “Rocky IV� “The Last Dragon� “Clue� “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure� “Legend� “Commando� “Weird Science�


'FC 7

DRAFT Continued from Page 2

No. 31 — Orlando Brown, OT Oklahoma “Brown is an enormous left tackle. In pass protection, he lacks ideal foot quickness and knee bend. However, he’s effective because of his size, strength and length. He plays upright, but has quick hands to keep defenders away from his chest. He runs speed rushers around the quarterback and anchors against power rushers very easily. He will get beat on inside counters, but he uses his length to reach out and get just enough contact to provide the quarterback room to operate. He’s a mauler in the run game. He completely washes defenders down the line of scrimmage on down blocks. He has tremendous upper-body strength to torque/turn and dump defenders lined up over him. He’s surprisingly effective on second-level blocks because he takes proper angles. I see Brown as an ideal starting right tackle. He isn’t a pretty athlete, but he gets the job done.� In his second mock draft, Steve Palazzolo (Pro Football Focus) says Brown is the pick. In his first mock prior to the draft order being officially set, Palazzolo had the Chargers selecting Oklahoma State QB Mason Rudolph with the 13th pick overall.

No. 35 — Mike McGlinchey, OT Notre Dame “McGlinchey started at right tackle and left tackle during his collegiate career. He has outstanding size for the position. In the passing game, he has average quickness out of his stance but uses his length to keep his chest clean and anchor vs. bull rushers. He does get too narrow at times, which causes him to struggle vs. both speed and counter rushers. I think he’ll benefit from a move back to the right side. In the run game, he does a good job of getting underneath opponents and generating movement at the point of attack. He’s very aware vs. twists and stunts. McGlinchey had some games where he struggled (see: Miami), but he has all of the desired traits to emerge as a quality starting right tackle at the next level.� The Endzone: In his latest mock draft dated Jan. 29, CBSSportsline’s Chris Trapasso believes the Chargers make a surprise pick by selecting Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA. “Miller is flying under the radar now, and that’s fine. His athleticism will be on full display at the combine, and his film is rife with textbook pass-blocking sets. Miller’s what the Chargers need.� Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services ranks Miller No. 9 out the top 10 offensive tackles available in the draft.

Continued from Page 4

8 'FC

BOBSLEDDERS Continued from Page 3

Cunningham worked his way up to the World Cup team by competing on the North American Cup tour, and his journey culminates with a trip to South Korea. The New York National Guard member will compete on both a four-man and two-man bobsled team in PyeongChang. “It’s a testament to him not giving up and continuing to fight through,� Kohn said.

Dedication to a fallen superstar

SEA BEFORE US These ships charged within 800 yards of the shore, heedless of mines and artillery, to protect those on the shore. They knocked out strongpoints and toppled gun batteries off cliffs that were pinning down the Allied forces. I also wanted to inform readers about the “Little Blitz.� It was overshadowed by the German Blitz during 1940–41. In 1944, the Luftwaffe retaliated for the heavy Allied bombing of German cities, killing 1,500 Londoners. But it actually backfired because they lost 300 bombers, crippling the German Air Force on the eve of the Normandy invasion. EC: One of the supporting characters, Johanna Katin, was very sympathetic as a Jewish refugee. Are you going to tell her backstory more in another book? SS: Unfortunately, she will not be a recurring character. One of the character names in this novel was won in a raffle for the historic El Campanil Theatre in California. A winner’s father-in-law, a German Jew, fled and came to the U.S. His mother, Johanna, and his sister, Leone, were unable to leave and died in the Kovno Ghetto. I tried to memorialize them in this book. I wrote Johanna as Dorothy’s best friend and as someone who inspires her. She was not able to join the British Army because they only accepted British subjects. EC: Do you see any symbolism with Dorothy’s freckles? SS: In hiding her freckles with makeup she is hiding who she is. I put in the story how Wyatt thought they belonged with her red hair and Lawrence thought it dreadful. Wyatt accepted them, and Eaton wanted them covered up and hidden. It is

Bobsledder Steven Holcomb and teammates Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler and Curt Tomasevicz bite their gold medals after winning the Olympic four-man bobsled crown at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

typical of some guys who tell women, “You would be cute, if‌â€? Dorothy also tried to be more sophisticated, molding herself into someone she is not to impress Eaton. She basically compromises herself to impress him. EC: You explore the cultural differences with the scene of cricket versus baseball? SS: I have been to England a few times and have heard accounts of how American servicemen regarded cricket. It was fun to write the scene where Dorothy’s father said to Wyatt, “Bah. Baseball. Barbaric game, all about power and speed. Now cricket is a game of finesse and accuracy. You play with your mind, not brute strength.â€? Of course, Wyatt responded, “What could be finer than hitting a home run? Hearing the crack, watching the ball soar, seeing the infielders gawk, the outfielders run and jump and flail?â€? I put in this scene because it is so American and so many of the servicemen grew up playing baseball. It was a natural cultural difference. EC: What do you think the theme of the book is? SS: Choosing to see the light during the dark times. Wyatt embraced the light, while Dorothy has only seen the dark. Eventually, she chooses to let the light in and decides not to focus on the negative. If we focus on both we see the true image. It is integrity and trust versus betrayal and lies. EC: Next book? SS: It will continue the story of the three estranged brothers and focus on Adler, the Air Force pilot. Wyatt and Dorothy appear at the end of this book as the brothers work through their guilt and resentment.

Soldier, served as a pusher with Cunningham’s team in 2014. The 30-year old will compete as a driver for the first time as Team USA’s coaches shuffled the lineup to find the best team combinations for the Games. But these will be Olsen’s third Olympic Games. Olsen is a construction and masonry Soldier from San Antonio, Tex. “Sgt. Olsen is arguably our best pusher, he’s a driver but still one of our best pushing athletes,� Kohn said. “Sgt. Olsen is our hope for the future as far as driving goes. He’s really put in the time and is focused and committed.� Kohn said Olsen will once again contend for medals in the four-man and twoman events. The Soldier finished in second place during the two-man test event in South Korea last March.

Since the tragic death of bobsled star Steven Holcomb last May, the team has dedicated the 2017-2018 World Cup season to his memory. The squad also decided to dedicate the 2018 Games to the longtime U.S. competitor and former WCAP athlete. Kohn said that as a kind of remem- Looking forward brance of Holcomb, the team on occasion After joining the USA men’s program in wears Superman symbol patches with 2011, Sgt. First Class Nate Weber, a Green Holcomb’s initials on them, along with Beret in the Army, will finally get to parteam shirts and hats. ticipate in his first Olympic games. Weber The most decorated bobsledder in U.S. is a native of Pueblo West, Colorado. history, Holcomb had a lasting impact on “The Olympics is the 50 meter target,� the men’s program. He competed for the Weber said last summer. “That’s what I’m U.S. team from 1998 until his death in focused on right now. After that, it’s kind May 2017. During that time he won a gold of up in the air as to what I do (after the medal in the four-man bobsled, which was Olympics). I love being a Green Beret. the first gold for Team USA in that event I love being a Soldier. But at the same in more than 60 years. time, I love the world of bobsled. I love In all, Holcomb earned two gold med- to compete; I love to be on that internaals, three silvers and one bronze during his tional stage.� 19-year career and served as a mentor to For Kohn, he said he is honored to younger members of the squad. coach the Army’s bobsled athletes as well Holcomb competed alongside Kohn, as as serving alongside them. He said despite well as several members still on the cur- the Soldiers’ additional duties and trainrent team. And Kohn, who still keeps in ing, they have managed to remain comtouch with Holcomb’s family, said the loss mitted to training and continually pushhas been tough for everybody who worked ing themselves. with the star athlete. The athletes, Kohn said, have had to “That’s been the hardest thing for us to deal with frequent changes as USA coachdeal with this year,� Kohn said. “He’s prob- es have shuffled lineups in advance of the ably the best bobsledder we’ve ever had. Olympics next month. In another change, (It) is still a challenging thing to get over Weber and his sled teammates began right now. The whole team is kind of fight- working with a new sled this week. ing through that. It’s a tough road but you “Most of our athletes are very dedicatkeep moving forward the best that you can. ed,� Kohn said. “That’s what’s great about “It’s been really hard on the athletes be- this group of athletes; they all find a way to cause they were so close to him,� Kohn said. train hard and commit themselves ... They One athlete in particular, Olsen, was make the best of any situation whether a member on Holcomb’s 2010 gold-win- they’re deployed or not, they keep training ning team. and working hard. And it’s an honor to be Olsen, also a New York National Guard their coach.� XXX NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN t OFXT!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN


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'FC 9

moment, then a light dawns in his eyes and he laughs. “Oh, no, everybody’s just fine,� he explains. “It’s just that my wife and I joined the Baptist Church and I had to quit drinking.� “Hasn’t affected my brothers though.�

Marriage problems

Just for

Laughs Drinking alone

A man and woman were having marriage problems, and decided to end their union after a very short time together. After a most brief attempt to reconcile, the couple went to court to finalize their break-up. The judge asked the husband, “What has brought you to this point, why are you not able to keep this marriage together?� The husband said, “In the six weeks we’ve been together, we haven’t been able to agree on one thing.� The wife interrupts: “Seven weeks.�

A cowboy, who just moved to Wyoming from Texas, walks into a bar and orders three mugs of beer. He sits in the back of the room, drinking a sip out of each one in turn. When he finishes them, he comes back to the bar and orders three more. Tough habit The bartender approaches and tells the Once upon a time, NASA decided to cowboy, “You know, a mug goes flat after I send three astronauts to space for two draw it. It would taste better if you bought years. one at a time.� The cowboy replies, “Well, NASA allowed each of them to take 200 you see, I have two brothers. One is in Ari- pounds of baggage each. zona, the other is in Colorado. When we all The first astronaut decided to take left our home in Texas, we promised that along his wife, the second decided to take we’d drink this way to remember the days along books to learn how to speak Gerwhen we drank together. So I’m drinking man, while the third astronaut decided to one beer for each of my brothers and one take along cigarettes. for myself.� Two years later, when the space shuttle The bartender admits that this is a nice landed, there was a big crowd waiting to custom, and welcome them leaves it there. home. Got a funny joke you want to share? The cowboy beFirst came the Send it to first astronaut comes a regular in the bar, and and his wife and always drinks the same way. He orders each of them had a baby in their arms. three mugs and drinks them in turn. Next, out came the second astronaut One day, he comes in and only orders two speaking fluent German. mugs. All the regulars take notice and fall siThey both gave their speeches and got a lent. When he comes back to the bar for the rousing applause. second round, the bartender says, “I don’t Suddenly, out came the third astronaut want to intrude on your grief, but I wanted — frazzled, shaking and with a cigarette in to offer my condolences on your loss.� his mouth. The cowboy looks quite puzzled for a He walked up to the podium and

snarled to the crowd: “Has anyone got a Lord that you don’t want me here, but the friggin’ match?!� Lord said, ‘Keep trying, son. I’ve been trying to get into that church for years and I haven’t made it yet either.� Authorized personnel only A homeless man, down on his luck, went into a Catholic church that was known for Final arrangements its rather “uppity� social reputation. SpotA woman from New York was getting ting the man’s dirty clothes, the ushers her affairs in order. She wrote her will stopped him outside the church door and and made her final arrangements. As part asked if he needed help. of these arrangements she met with her The man told them, “I was praying rabbi to talk about what type of funeral and the Lord told me to come to this service she wanted. She told her rabbi she church.�The ushers suggested that the had two final requests. man go away and pray some more and me First, she wanted to be cremated, and might get a different answer. second, she wanted her ashes scattered The following Sunday the man returned over Bloomindgales. and the ushers again stopped him at the “Bloomingdales!� the rabbi said. “Why door. “Well, did you get a different an- Bloomingdales?� swer?� they asked him. “That way, I know my daughters will “Yes, I did,� said the man. “I told the visit me at least twice a week.�

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'FC 11

HEROES Continued from Page 1

audience to feel like they are there and see exactly how it happened and who it happened to. It’s not documentary, and I know it gets tagged that because we are not actors, but it’s not that. It’s like you are literally there. Spencer: You have to be OK with everyone knowing everything about your life. Not everything in detail, but a majority of it out on a big stage with Clint Eastwood. It’s a scary decision, but an exciting one. JJ: When you were first approached, did you think the film was going to go as far back into your life as it does? Because you are dealing with a 94-minute film going back to when you were kids. Anthony: I was wondering how much of our childhood he was going to show because I didn’t know how relevant it was. It’s weird because when I read the script I wondered why some scenes where there, but when I watched the finished product I thought — he’s such a genius. Every scene in there had a theme in it that set up the bigger picture. Anthony: No matter how trivial it looked, like going to the principal’s office, because that speaks to a bond that we shared even as children. Every scene mattered, and only Clint Eastwood would have a vision like that. JJ: Did he tell each of you why he decided to use you instead of actors? Spencer: Not directly. The information we had was of interviews he has done talking about it. Alek Skarlatos: I’m so glad he did though, because the first time we watched the film with our families and having our relationships on camera — the way we talk to each other — even they could tell that’s really how we act. We weren’t being different people, so the film really shows that that is who we really are and it’s very accurate. JJ: Earlier you said that some people were hinting the film was like a documentary and I can see why they might say it even though they are pretty much wrong. When you are speaking to each other on the screen there aren’t “charactersâ€? acting like you — it’s you three being, well, you three! Again, there is that eavesdropping feeling. Anthony: Clint didn’t want us to act either. He didn’t want us to‌ Alek: ‌do too much. Anthony: Yes, do too much. We were trying to be ourselves and not overplay it. He took the weight of a motion picture out of the situation. He said be friends and forget what the script says. He said, “You were here and you know how it was, do that and I’ll capture it.â€? The trust goes both ways because we trusted him to tell the story and he trusted us to just be ourselves. His trust was huge, and we didn’t want to disappoint him. We wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to be so personal with our story, and when we saw the picture we just wanted to be happy with it and we are. We are thrilled that he did the film justice. Anthony: He gave us the confidence to try. We thought if Clint sees something, I don’t know what it was, but if he sees something then we will do it. 12 'FC

Spencer Stone as Spencer and Seth Meriwether as Francis in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ “The 15:17 To Paris.�

JJ: One scene that touched me was your troubles, Spencer, growing up and struggles with the military. I recognize that in you, I can’t exactly say “your characterâ€? because it’s you! Did you ever in a million years think all those struggles would be called upon in a fraction of a second? Spencer: Absolutely not. I felt like even all the way up to the train attack I was feeling very unfulfilled and kind of angry because I felt like that’s all I ever wanted. I felt like joining the military was the first time I ever truly applied myself just to have it stripped from me. It was devastating for me. Then to be put in another career that I wasn’t too excited about and to fail out of that just felt like a huge waste of time. It’s just funny how I would be pushed away from the things I wanted and guided toward the things I needed in my life. I think that wasn’t something I was able to fully comprehend until I went through this experience. Now, having that perspective in my life, it has much improved how I see things in a hundred different ways. It is something I can carry throughout my life in any situation and just feel calm and at ease and pretty much know that I am here for a reason. I don’t know what that is, but I need to trust. JJ: So Alek, I heard people refer to you as “the quiet one,â€? is that true? Alek: I mean‌ depends on the context. Spencer: It depends on who is around. Alek: Yea, it does depend on who is around. If it’s these guys then I’m not, but other people I might be quiet. Spencer: If there was a cute girl he would be all chatty. Alek: Yep, that’s right. JJ: I kind of got that feeling with the scene in Rome. Spencer: Oh, look at the pretzels! (a joke that took these boys almost to the floor laughing) JJ: So Alek, seeing yourself on screen, did you see anything about yourself that you didn’t notice before? Spencer: Oh, good question. Alek: I think how ridiculous I look sometimes. If you add up between the pretzel scene and me drinking the baby soda, it’s like, “Wow, I’m kind of stupid.â€? That’s very accurate to who I am, but you don’t notice those idiosyncrasies in an objective man-

people who have gone through crazier ner until you see them on screen. JJ: Watching the attack scene on the things in their life before, I feel like we train begs the question for you, Spencer, of have been able to cope with it very well. how do you manage to do that again? Your It’s not that we aren’t affected by it, it’s just that we have been able to deal with it well. face is so focused. Anthony: We’ve had the luxury of talkAnthony: You put anything in slow motion and add music to it — it’s going to ing about it on such a large scale whether it’s the initial media frenzy or the book or look good. Spencer: We have to give the entire the movie process. Alek: We’ve dissected it. credit to Clint and his whole crew. They JJ: What would you like the audience to went into such detail and as far as having the same exact clothes we were wearing talk about after they see the movie. Alek: I would just like them to rememthat day, the same luggage, being on the exact same train going to Paris — it’s in- ber that if they ever are in a situation where sane. We had Mark and his wife and ev- they can help — then help. You really don’t have to just stop a terrorist attack to coneryone else there. tribute positively to society. If you see a car Anthony: People think it’s traumatic. JJ: I think that is how most people accident and you don’t know first aid, you can call 911 and find someone who does. would see it. Spencer: Clint knew that we didn’t You can always help by doing something have much experience and that he was go- positive. It’s rare because people seem to ing to do this in a positive way. Being back want to just whip out their cell phones and in the moment for us, Clint made it easy to watch instead of doing something. Also, remembering the importance of friendship. get back to that moment. Spencer: It is important to show how Anthony: The first 24 hours after the attack we went back to the hotel while Spen- God has played a factor in our life and this cer went to the hospital. All we wanted to is a good way of showing that on such a big do was to see Spencer, that’s all we wanted. stage. We have been asked, “What advice Finally the next day we laughed for like 20 would you give me to stop an attack?,� and minutes in the car saying, “Can you believe I can’t really give you advice because nothing is the same. Nothing is the same, but that happened?� This is the day after! Alek: I mean, we are drinking cham- the only thing we can offer as advice withpagne at the ambassador’s house talking out putting someone in a bad position because I’m not telling anyone to run toward about a terrorist attack. Anthony: We are just a bunch of young a loaded gun. I would never tell anyone to guys living the dream. Clint Eastwood run toward a man with a loaded gun, so came along and put the stamp of “badass� just ask yourself what you would do and have an answer. That’s all you can do. on it all for us. Anthony: I just hope it inspires people. Spencer: I mean, if Clint Eastwood says People think there is something special something is badass, then it’s badass. JJ: When the attack scene was made, about the three of us and say, “What do did the adrenaline flow? You cannot walk you three have that’s so special?� I think away from that and not feel something the movie shows that we are just three guys. Maybe someone will see something about it. Alek: I would say that while we were of us in themselves and be inspired to shooting the scene the adrenaline abso- know they are capable of being extraordilutely did, because those feelings came nary themselves and overcome adversity rushing back. It was very realistic, like as well. It doesn’t have to be a terrorist on Spencer said, but after it was over we were a train, just any obstacle and they need to know that they are on a journey and capachilling with the gang again. Anthony: People expect so much. It’s ble of being extraordinary. It’s not just us. not that deep — it’s pretty simple. We are pretty simple guys. Jeri Jacquin is the Movie Maven. For more on Spencer: Not going through something films and television, go to http://moviemaven. this crazy before, and I’m sure there are XXX NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN t OFXT!NJMJUBSZQSFTT DPN


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1-800-561-MCSE (6273) ,QODQG (PSLUH å 0DLQ ï 7HPHFXOD å 6DWHOOLWH North County San Diego – Branch

*, %,//



ï 'LVWDQFH /HDUQLQJ ï 9RF 5HKDE ï 7$$ 75$ ï ('' :,$ ï 9$ 9RF *, %LOO ï &RUSRUDWH 7UDLQLQJ

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