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SUBLANT Completes Exercise Agile Player 23



NORFOLK Va Multiple submarines under Submarine Force Atlantic’s (SUBLANT)organizationalstructureparticipatedinExerciseAgilePlayer2023(AP23)

Multiple submarines under Submarine ForceAtlantic’s(SUBLANT)organizational structure participated in Exercise Agile Player2023(AP23)

AP23isatrainingexercisetoassesswarfighting readiness and build capacity for the joint force Submarines from Norfolk, Virginia; Kings Bay, Georgia; Groton, Connecticut and Port Everglades, Florida deployed on short notice to demonstrate thecapability,flexibilityandlethalityofthe SubmarineForce.

“Our Submarine Force warriors are the mostlethalforceintheworldandexercises like Agile Player ensure they continue to be preparedtorespondtoanyrangeofmissions they may encounter in support of national security,” said Vice Adm. William Houston, Commander,SubmarineForces “TheexercisealsoprovidesourForcetheopportunity to improve our current doctrine, test new capabilities,andevolveourtacticstoensure theNavy’sunderseasuperiorityoverstrategiccompetitors.”

AP23increasestheabilityofanti-submarine warfare (ASW) platforms to respond rapidly in any high-intensity environment from both coasts with increased vigor and effectiveness.


exercises to ensure the undersea forces are ready to safely and efficiently conduct global combat operations on short notice,” saidSUBLANT’sDirectorforPlans,Policy and International Engagement, Capt Daniel Packer “While our Sailors remain

the foundation of our Force, they are equipped with and operate systems which are unmatched in their effectiveness lethality and flexibility These capabilities combinedwithourSailors’knowledgefrom years of training and experience creates a Forcethatisincomparableandessentialto deterring conflict.”

The Submarine Force continually holds exercises to ensure the undersea forces are readytosafelyandefficientlyconductglobal combatoperationsonshortnotice

AP23 highlights the Submarine Force’s ability to remain at a high state of readiness necessarytodeliverafullrangeofundersea lethal effects when assigned global tasking insupportofnationalsecurity

Submarine Forces execute the Department of the Navy’s mission in and from the undersea domain. In addition to lending added capacity to naval forces, Submarine Forces in particular are expected to leverage those special advantages that come withunderseaconcealmenttopermitoperational, deterrent and combat effects that theNavyandthenationcouldnototherwise achieve.

Submarine Forces and supporting organizations constitute the primary undersea armoftheNavy Submarinesandtheircrews remainthetipoftheunderseaspear

MARMC’s STEM Team participates at Joint Base Langley-Eustis’s Air Power Over Hampton Roads event

HAMPTON,Va Mid-AtlanticRegional

Maintenance Center’s (MARMC) STEM team hosted a Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) exhibit during Joint Base Langley-Eustis’s (JBLE) “Air PowerOverHamptonRoads”eventMay5-7. Theevent,whichincludesstaticdisplays, food and activities is a three-day long air show with the first day being a STEM day reserved for Hampton Roads area students andJBLEfamilies.

“Weareamilitaryenvironmentandevery military environment has a lot of engineering elements in it,” said Arvin Persaud, coordinator for MARMC’s STEM team andamechanicalengineeringtechnicianin MARMC’s Production Research and PlanningDivision.“ThekidsofHamptonroad’s parentsarepartofthatenvironmentso with this,theycanseewhattheirownfuturemay looklike.”

ThegoalofSTEMprogramsistomotivate and inspire young people to generate new technologiesandideas.TheMARMCSTEM team spends over 250 days a year traveling toschools,competitionsandhostingSTEM eventsintheHamptonRoadsarea

“Playing with the robots was cool when I was a kid, and once I actually got into it, it was more than that, said Ivy Bonham, a sophomoreatMauryHighSchoolinNorfolk

and MARMC’s youngest STEM team member. “It’s fun and it’s a learning experiencewherewegettodoalotofnewthings.”

Earlier this year, MARMC’s STEM students won the Gold Award for robotics following their participation in STEM competitions This recognition earned MARMC’s STEM team an invitation to set upanexhibitduringJBLE’sairshow-afirst inthehistoryoftheevent.

“My favorite part of this is seeing the excitement on kid’s faces when they see somenewtechnology,”saidPersaud.“Sometimes they ask questions that, as adults, we maynoteventhinkabout.”

This year’s “Air Power Over Hampton Roads” STEM day welcomed 22,000 studentsfromover40schoolsand30homeschools Thenexttwodaysoftheeventwere opentothepublicwithcontinuedparticipationfromtheSTEMteams

“This is important because it gives younger kids new experiences, said Bonham.“Theygettodostufftheywouldn’t get to normally do like soldering or drilling orputtingthingstogether.”

“Theprogramisgoingtosparksomething inthesekids,” said Persaud “Kidslikeplayingvideogames.Wearegoingtoteachthem tomaketheirowncontrollers.”

To volunteer on MARMC’s STEM team or request them to come to your school, contact Arvin Persaud at Arvin.v.persaud.

(HAMPTON,VA)Volunteerswith Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center’s science, technology,engineering and

civ@us.navy.mil MARMC afieldactivityunderNavalSea Systems Command (NAVSEA), provides surface ship maintenance, management

andoversightofprivatesectormaintenance andfleettechnicalassistancetoshipsinthe Mid-AtlanticregionoftheUnitedStates.

GROTON,Connecticut (May3,2023) –The first-in-class USSVirginia (SSN 774) gets underwayduring routine operations at Naval Submarine NewLondon in Groton,Connecticut,May3,2023. Virginia operates underSubmarine Squadron (SUBRON) FOUR whose primarymission is to provide fast-attacksubmarines that are ready willing and able to meet the unique challenges of undersea combat and deployed operations in unforgiving environments across the globe.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOSBYCHIEFPETTYOFFICERJOSHUAKARSTEN)
math (STEM) team showstudents howto use aquatic robots during the“AirPowerOverHampton Roads”airshowatJoint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE),May 05,2023.The STEM daywelcomed 20,000 Hampton Roads area students from 40 schools and 30 home schools.(PHOTOBYEMILYCASAVANT) www.flagshipnews.com www.facebook.com/ The.Flagship www.twitter.com/ the_flagship VOL.31,NO 18 Norfolk,VA| flagshipnews.comMay 18-May 24 2023 GROTON,Connecticut (May3,2023) –The first-in-class USSVirginia (SSN 774) transits the Thames Riverin Groton,Connecticut May3,2023. IN THIS ISSUE
group of IW WTIs head to the Fleet! OnApril 13,Naval InformationWarfighting Development Center(NIWDC),held a patching ceremonyand
28 InformationWarfare (IW)WarfareTactics Instructors (WTI) in its tenth iteration ofIW WTIs classes. PageA4 THEFLAGSHIP’SFREEHOMEDELIVERY CALL TODAY! 757.446.9000 SOUTHHAMPTONROADS: Get the convenience ofyour Navy newspaper delivered to your door for free!
Officer First Class shares education journey, encourages Sailors to utilize education benefits ASailorstationed at Naval SupportActivity Hampton Roads is sharing his off-dutyeducation journey,and advising Sailors to take advantage of TuitionAssistance (TA) and otheropportunities as soon as theyare eligible. PageA4 www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, May 18 2023 1

The intrigue of problem-solving is a driving force for NSWCDD software developer

Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division

Thereisareasonwhycrime-fightingshows murder mysteries and whodunit thrillers intrigueandenticesomanyaudiences.Following the clues, piecing the puzzles together and making analytical conclusions are all done in thenameoftryingtosolvethemysteryorfiguringoutwhowastheculprit It’sachallengethat appealstoourcuriosity.

EmersonBongaenjoyedengaginghisproblem-solving mentality and skills to find the answerswhenwatchingshows,moviesorreadingbooksinthegenre.Throughouthiseducation and career journey at the Naval Surface WarfareCenterDahlgrenDivision(NSWCDD), hisinterestandaptitudewereevident.

“Growingup,IusedtowatchshowslikeNCIS andCSIandwouldtrytosolvethecasewiththe detectives.It’swhatmademewanttogointothe psychologyfieldinthefirstplace,”saidBonga. However, after attending an orientation where potential students learned about the various

majors and programs offered at James Madison University (JMU), he decided computer science best aligned with his career goals. He earnedhisbachelor’sincomputersciencefrom JMUin2018.

He joined the NSWCDD workforce as a contractor in the fall of 2018 and then transitioned into a government position where he hasbeenworkingasoneoftheleadingsoftware developers for the Digital Modeling Division withintheWarfareAnalysisandDigitalModelingDepartmentforthepastfiveyears.

“I saw a job posting at a contract company here in Virginia and how they had Navy contracts that they were looking for new hires tosupport Ithoughtitwastheperfectopportunitytostartmyprofessionalcareer,”Bongasaid “Iwouldstillbeareasonabledistancefrommy familywhilealsosupportingtheNavythathad beenabigpartofmychildhood.”

DevelopingsoftwaresystemsrequiresBonga’s solution-based thinking and technical knowledge As a versatile developer he supported Fleet

KillChainAnalysisandAdvancedFramework for Simulation Integration and Modeling, a softwaresimulationtoolusedasanengagement and mission-level operations analytic simulationenvironment He is also heavily involved in the software development and integration of systems communications capabilities for the ModelingandSimulationToolboxandtheIntegrated ThreatAnalysisSimulationEnvironment.“We havemanytoolsthatwe’reresponsibleforand, forthemostpart I’mresponsibleforthebehaviors of the models such as how you want the models to react to a simulation,” said Bonga. “We work closely with the Mission Analysis Branch within our division so they can do theirpartinanalyzingdatageneratedfromour modelingandsimulationtools.

AsasonofaNavyveteran,Bongahasvested interestinsupportingtheNavyanditsmission.

BorninConcord California Bongaandhis familymovedeverytwotothreeyears across theU.S.toJapan,ItalyandbackstatesidetoWest Virginia and Virginia. “The Navy has always

beenapartofmylife.WhenIhadtheopportunitytofullysupportsystemssoftwaredevelopmenthereatDahlgren,Iknewitwasmywayof givingbacktoournation.”

Both of his parents migrated to the United States from the Philippines as young adults with his father’s side settling in Long Island, NewYorkandmostofhismother’ssidestaying in the Philippines. His father joined the Navy soonaftermovingtotheU.S.andhasenjoyeda successful20-yearcareer

BongatravelstothePhilippineswhenpossible to visit extended family who he says have always been welcoming, friendly and loving HeenjoysincorporatingFilipinotraditionsand culture, such as traditional dishes and music, into his everyday life as well as when spending time with his family “It’s a tradition to havekaraokeatanyFilipinoparty,soIgrewup listeningtodifferentkindsofmusic,”hesaid “I grew up eating good food like chicken adobo andsinigangsoup andmyparentsstillgiveme containersfulltotakehome.”

NAVFAC MIDLANT awards multiple-construction contracts for utility mechanical construction services in Hampton Roads

FromNavalFacilitiesEngineering SystemsCommandMid-Atlantic

NORFOLK, Va Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Mid-Atlantic (NAVFACMIDLANT)awardedacombined maximumvalueof$95,000,000 firm-fixedprice indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity design-build and design-bid-build multiple-construction contract for utility mechanical construction services in the Hampton Roads area to the following contractors:MIGGOV(N4008523D0043), Virginia Beach, Virginia; CCI Group, LLC (N4008523D0044), Manchester, Maine; EtolinStraitAssociates(N4008523D0045),

Norfolk, Virginia; Goshawk, LLC (N4008523D0046, San Antonio, Texas; Ocean Construction Services, Inc., Virginia Beach, Virginia (N4008523D0047); and TYBe-Garney Federal JV, LLC, Newbern, Tennessee (N4008523D0048). These six contractors may compete for task orders under the terms and conditions of the awardedcontract

Work will be primarily performed in the Hampton Roads area, however, work may also be required in other areas within the NAVFAC MIDLANT area of responsibility, ifdeemednecessary.

Work is expected to be completed by May 2028 Each awardee will be awarded

$5,000attimeofawardinordertosatisfythe minimum guarantee. Fiscal year (FY) 2023 operation and maintenance (Navy) funds in the amount of $30,000 will be obligated at time of award, and will expire at the end ofthecurrentFY Futuretaskorderswillbe primarily funded by operation and maintenance (Navy), and military construction (Navy)funds Thiscontractwascompetitivelyprocured viatheSAM.govwebsite,withsevenproposals received. NAVFAC MIDLANT is the contractingactivity NAVFAC MIDLANT provides facilities engineering,publicworksandenvironmental products and services across an area of

responsibility that spans from South Carolina to Maine, and as far west as Michigan, anddowntoIndiana.Asanintegralmember of the Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic team, NAVFAC MIDLANT provides leadership through the Regional Engineer organizationtoensuretheregion’sfacilities and infrastructure are managed efficiently andeffectively For additional information about NAVFACMIDLANTonsocialmedia,follow ouractivitiesonFacebookatwww.facebook. com/navfacmidatlanticandonInstagram@ navfacmidatlantic.

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Emerson Bonga,a software developerin the Digital and Modeling Divisionwithin theWarfareAnalysis and Digital Modeling Department at Naval SurfaceWarfare CenterDahlgren Division, supports the Modeling and SimulationToolboxand IntegratedThreatAnalysis and Simulation Environment programs and aided in the development ofAdvanced FrameworkforSimulation, Integration and Modelingweapon,sensorand platform model behaviors.(PHOTOBYDIANASTEFKO,NAVALSURFACEWARFARECENTERDAHLGRENDIVISION)
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Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division

Excitement and energy were in the air at the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference CenterMay3asindustrypartnersgathered fortheNavalSurfaceWarfareCenterDahlgren Division (NSWCDD) Small Business OutreachandEngagementEvent.Approximately350attendeesrepresentedmorethan


The event informs industry partners of the strategic direction and environmental factorsinfluencingthefutureofNSWCDD

The gathering also encourages an atmosphere of networking and discussion with industry partners to further the mission of NSWCDDandtheNavyasawhole

WithNSWCDD’sexpansiveresearchand diverse portfolio, all of the briefings for the day focused on five main strategic thrusts: intelligentautomation,softwareengineering revolution, digital engineering, hypersonic weapons advancement, and information superiority

The event kicked off with NSWCDD’s Deputy for Small Business, Allison Strong, who welcomed visitors and stressed the importance of building sustainable partnerships.

“Our goal in the Small Business Office is to develop small businesses and to maximizeopportunitiestoparticipateincontract procurement, Strong said. “We want to equip our organization with a broad base of capable partners to support the division’s mission and strengthen our nation’s


NSWCDD’s Commanding Officer Capt. Philip Mlynarski delivered the Command welcome and provided industry partners withanoverviewofNSWCDD’sportfolio. “Manyofyouhaveworkedwithusbefore,

but some of you here are new,” Mlynarski said “So I am excited to see what you are going to bring to the table and how we can partnertogether.”

NSWCDD is the largest federal research and development employer in the state,

with4,915governmentemployeesandmore than 3,000 contractors Of the government employees 83% are part of the technical workforce

“Thebiggestthingforme asawarfighter is to make sure those on the front lines are confident with the systems that we have,” Mlynarski said “It really is incumbent on all of you to help us get out there and win I lookforwardtoallofthegreatnessthatwill comefromyourcompanies.”


Jr SES followed Mlynarski and discussed several topics including threats and strategicpriorities

“How we look at our threats is really pacingeverythingthatwedo,”Sissonsaid.“I amexcitedwhereproductdeliveryisgoing, not just here within the Dahlgren Division, but across the naval research and developmentestablishment.”

“The demand is incredibly strong the strongest we have seen it, and we can’t do it ourselves, Sisson added. “We need your help We will identify the technical areas where we have the expertise and don’t havetheexpertise,andweneedyoutohelp augmentthoseareas.”

After Sisson’s presentation, the floor was open for questions before departmental overviews Each department delivered a briefoverviewofthedepartment’sscopeof work,goals,needsandprojections

After a lunch recess attendees were encouragedtovisitnetworkingtablestations with department representatives for additionaldiscussion.

CSG-4 holds change of command ceremony



Carrier Strike Group Four NORFOLK, Va Carrier Strike Group Four (CSG-4) held a change of command ceremonyMay15attheCSG-4headquarters buildingaboardNavalStationNorfolk Va

Rear Adm. Max McCoy relieved Rear Adm. Jeffrey Czerewko as commander, CSG-4 CzerewkoservedasCSG-4’scommander since July 2022 and will be assigned as commander of Naval Education and Training Command (NETC). As CSG-4 commander, he was responsible for leading CSG-4’s mission of mentoring training and assessing East Coast-based deploying carrier strike groups (CSGs), amphibious ready groups (ARGs), and independently-deployingships

“It has been a privilege to serve with the

outstanding professionals of Carrier Strike Group Four, setting and shaping the trainingstandardforunitsdeployingaroundthe globe,” said Czerewko. “I know that naval forcestrainedbyCSG4areoperatingatthe peak of their lethality and survivability and ready to protect the vital interests of the UnitedStates.”

Under Czerewko’s leadership CSG-4 conducted two complex, integrated exercisestoensurereadinessofdeployingforces, including the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group / Marine Expeditionary Unit Exercise (ARGMEUEX) and the Gerald R. Ford StrikeGroupCompositeTrainingUnitExercise(COMPTUEX).Duringthistimeframe, CSG-4 also incorporated new elements in exercises, including the introduction of the Root Cause Analysis Tool (RCAT). RCAT is a web-based application which enables enhanceddatacollectionduringassessment events by capturing and cataloguing causal

factors that affect performance. RCAT has broader applicability for all organizations interested in capturing personnel, process and material causal factors, and tying them to both good and bad impacts The output of RCAT will enable a data-informed feedbacklooptovariousNavysystemsinorderto improvefutureprioritizationandresourcing decisionstocorrectrootcauses.Inaddition CzerewkoalsoguidedtheintegratedassessmentofARG/MEUteamsduringtheBataan ARGMEUEX,ensuringNavy/MarineCorps teamsweretrainedjointlyinavarietyofkey warfightingareas McCoy previously served as commander oftheNavalAviationWarfightingDevelopmentCenter HecommandedStrikeFighter Squadron (VFA) 86 and Carrier Air Wing (CVW)2.Additionally,heservedasthefirst commodoreoftheJointStrikeFighterWing at Naval Air Station Lemoore and chief of staffforCommander,NavalAirForces

“TheCSG-4teamhasbuiltanoutstanding legacytrainingdeployingunitstomeetFleet demands,”saidMcCoy.“I’mhonoredtolead this team of exceptional Sailors, Marines and civilians as they continue this critical missiontoensurewarfightingreadiness.”

CSG-4trainsanddeliverscombat—ready navalforcestoU.S.2ndFleet(C2F)andU.S. Fleet Forces Command, which are capable of conducting full-spectrum integrated maritime, joint, and combined operations in support of U.S. national interests. CSG-4 conducts training through exercises that create a realistic training environment and includesacademic,syntheticandlivetraining CSG-4includessubordinatecommands Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Atlantic (EWTGLANT); Tactical Training Group, Atlantic (TACTRAGRULANT) and Training Support Vessel Squadron Four (TSVRON-4)

NSWCDD celebrates small businesses during event at Fredericksburg Expo
Industrypartners from more than 300 businesses made theirwayto the Fredericksburg Expo Conference CenterforNaval SurfaceWarfare CenterDahlgren Division’s Small Business Outreach and Engagement Event May3.Attendeeswere encouraged tovisit networking table stations in the afternoonwith department representatives (PHOTOBYMADELINEKEENAN, NAVALSURFACEWARFARECENTERDAHLGRENDIVISION) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, May 18 2023 3 MEMORIAL DAYSALE OFFER VALID UNTIL 5/28/23  FREE INSTALL all shower &bath projects $99 AMONTH Payments as lowas LOCK IN YOUR MEMORIAL DAYSAVINGS BEFORE INTEREST RATES GO UP DON’T DELAY –LOCK IN OUR COMPETITIVE INTEREST RATES BEFORE THEY’RE GONE Avoid wasting time shopping around for affordable interest rates –get your project installed quick, easy,and stress-free! Simply meet with one of our design consultants, view our styles and options, design your new shower or bath, and receive an exact quote with our competitive interest rates. 4.8/5 COMPANY AVERAGE OUT OF 17,000+ GOOGLE REVIEWS (Company reviews across all branches as of 3/02/2023) EVENING &WEEKEND APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE! CALLNOW TO STARTYOUR PROJECT 757-280-2257 *Financing available to well qualified buyers on approved credit at an APR of 6.99% for 180 months, with an estimated monthly payment of 0.89% of your purchase amount. For example, for $11,000 financed, the payment will be 180 payments of $99 paid monthly.You may prepay your account at any time without penalty.Money down may be required. Financing is subject to credit requirements and satisfactory completion of finance documents. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only.Normal late charges apply.See your Truth in Lending Disclosures for more information. Call 866-393-4573 for financing costs and terms. Minimum purchase $9,999 required. See design consultant for details. Other restrictions may apply.**Free install is equal to 20% offthe total project price. New orders only.Offer not valid on previous sales or estimates and cannot be combined with other offers. Offer expires 05/28/23. CALL TODAYOFFER ENDS SOON

Newest group of IW WTIs head to the Fleet!


NORFOLK,Va OnApril13,NavalInformation Warfighting Development Center (NIWDC), held a patching ceremony and designated 28 Information Warfare (IW) Warfare Tactics Instructors (WTI) in its tenth iteration of IW WTIs classes Naval Information Warfare Advance Weapon School (NIWAWS) meets the challenges of modern Information Warfare across all domains with vigor, thought, leadership, and creativity with its WTI cadre. Newly patched, these WTIs will be sent back to the Fleet armed with more knowledge and a network of 169 other WTIs to resource to meetthemissionofIWwritlarge

Rear Adm. Marc Miguez, commander Carrier Strike Group TWO, and Capt. Madeline Means, NIWDC Chief of Staff,

presidedoverthepatchingceremonyforthe 20 commissioned officers and eight senior enlisted Sailors and Marines who successfully completed this challenging 10-week course The continued presence of the MarineCorpswiththeirElectronicWarfare graduate continues to be an integral part of the execution of the Tri-Service Maritime Strategy Miguez commended the graduates.

“NIWAWS’sgraduates’assessmentscontinued to achieve new milestones with candidates from the METOC (Meteorology and Oceanography), INTEL (Intelligence), C2CO (Command & Control Cyberspace Operations), and EW (Electronic Warfare) communitiescomingtogethertoexpandthe depthonimpactofoperationsinacontested environment, saidMiguez.

During the class the candidates were

visited by Rear Adm. Michael Donnelly, commander, commander, Task Force SEVENZERO/commander,CarrierStrike GroupFIVE.

Innovationcontinuestobethebedrockof the WTI course This WIT class the first to use LiveVirtualConstruct(LVC)programs to testTactics Techniques,andProcedures (TTPs). NIWAWS students were afforded creative and innovative opportunities to testtheseTTPsinalow-costandlow-threat environment.

As the Commanding Officer of NIWDC, this marks Capt Braswell’s second graduating class since assuming command June 2022. While not physically able to attend, Braswellhadthefollowingmessagerelayed on his behalf. “With this graduating class there are now more than 200 IW WTIs in theFleetacrosstheNavy,MarineCorps,and

CoastGuardteams I’vechargedtheseWTIs to deliver increased IW warfighting readinessintheFleetineveryvenuetheyhavethe opportunitytodoso,fromourIWplatform ashoretoforwarddeployedoperations.”

NIWDC is the U.S. Navy’s IW tactical center of excellence which enhances fleet high-endwarfightingcapabilitiesandreadiness across the operational and tactical levelsofwar.

For more information on NIWAWS, visit https://intelshare.intelink.gov/sites/ NIWDC-Doctrine-CIE/IW_WTI/SitePages/Home.aspx or email IW_WTI@navy mil. To keep up to date with the latest news from NIWDC, visit https://www.navifor. usff.navy.mil/Organization/Operational-Forces/NIWDC/ or NIWDC’s Facebook page,https://www.facebook.com/NIWDC

Petty Officer First Class shares education journey, encourages Sailors to utilize education benefits


Naval Education and Training

Professional Development Center

NORFOLK Va A Sailor stationed at Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads is sharing his off-duty education journey and advisingSailorstotakeadvantageofTuition Assistance (TA) and other opportunities as soonastheyareeligible


Hintz received both an associate’s degree in General Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management from AmericanMilitaryUniversitywhileservinginthe Navy Hintz, who has been in the Navy for 15 years,didnotstartusinghisearnedbenefits until2020afteramentorspoketohimabout preparingforthefuture

“He talked to me about the benefits a collegedegreecanhaveonpost-militarylife,” saidHintz.“Additionally,asapriorrecruiter, I regularly spoke to applicants about the Tuition Assistance program and decided that it was time for me to use this fantastic opportunitythattheNavyprovides.”

Hintz was surprised to learn how simple theTAapplicationprocesswas.

“Like most Sailors, I was nervous that it would be a complex and difficult process, but I found it to be quite the opposite,” said Hintz “ThestaffattheNavyCollegeVirtual Education Center (NCVEC) were always veryhelpfulwithanyquestionsorconcerns thatIhadalongtheway.

For Hintz, the most challenging part of achieving his degree was balancing work withschool

“Managing college courses while workingasanactivedutySailordefinitelyhasits challenges,” said Hintz. “I began my path while on deployment and finished while atashorecommand,soIhaveexperienced many different aspects of the active-duty lifestyle.”

But Hintz offers suggestions to mitigate the challenge

“It helps to have a supportive chain of command,butmoreimportantly,apositive attitudeandfocusedtimemanagementisa must,” said Hintz.

Hintz is a single father to three children whomanagedmultiplecourseswhileservingonactiveduty HealsooffersthefollowingadviceadvicetoSailorsjuststartingout:

“Start as soon as you are eligible and figure out a path that works best for you,” saidHintz “Everyonehasdifferentresponsibilities while serving, but there are many types of educational opportunities available so don’t let those reasons dissuade you.”

“The educational opportunities are there to help you achieve personal growth and the results can be extremely rewarding,” said Hintz. “If it feels overwhelming, translate it into something similar to your responsibilities in the Navy, like obtaining a new qualification or an NEC.”

Hintz fully encourages Sailors to use their benefits as he says the rewards will help Sailors in their current career as well as in life after the military

“I believe that this experience has allowed me to learn how to manage time more efficiently, as well as learn new techniques that the civilian sector uses within

the supply and logistics world, that I can incorporate into my military profession,” said Hintz. “Post-Navy, having a degree allowsformanyopportunitiesthatIotherwise would not have qualified for.”

For eligible Sailors interested in beginning their education journey there are several ways to get started. Sailors can call theNCVECviatheMyNavyCareerCenter toll free at 1-833-330-MNCC, Monday Friday, 7 a.m.

7 p.m. Eastern time To speak directly with a Navy college counselor whencalling,select option3 “Educa-

tion & Training”, then option 1 “Navy College TA & Counseling.”

Sailors can also go to the Navy College Assistance Center via the Navy College Program website, https://www.navycollege.navy.mil,andclick“ChatNow”tochat onlinewithaNavyCollegeeducationcounselor

Another option is to login to MyNavy Education and submit an inquiry through the Issue Tracker feature in the top right corner.

As part of the MyNavy HR Force Devel-

opment team, the Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center (NETPDC) provides products and services that enable and enhance education, training, career development and personnel advancement throughout the Navy Primary elements of the command include the Voluntary Education Department, the Navy Advancement Center and the Resources Management Department. Additional information about NETPDC canbefoundathttps://www.netc.navy.mil/ NETPDC

Norfolk,Va – From left to right front rowcenter RearAdm.Marc Miguez,commander CarrierStrike GroupTWO and Capt.Madelene Means,ChiefofStaff Naval InformationWarfighting Development Center stand in rankswith the most recent group ofWarfareTactics Instructors (OFFICIALU.S.NAVYPHOTOLT CMDR LESLIEWARD/RELEASED)
NORFOLK,Va – Official portrait ofRetail Services Specialist 1st ClassJoseph Hintz Hintz,a Sailorstationed at Naval SupportActivityHampton Roads,encourages Sailors to take advantage ofeducation benefits offered through the NavyCollege Program.Since serving in the Navy Hintz received both an associate and bachelor’s degree byusingTuitionAssistance.(PHOTOBYCHERYLDENGLER NAVALEDUCATIONANDTRAINING PROFESSIONALDEVELOPMENTCENTER) 4 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 1 | Thursday, May 18 2023

FromCommander,NavalAir ForceAtlantic

In modern day society, walking into a room and flipping on a light switch is a common occurrence The availability and easeofaccesstoelectricityallowshomesto be illuminated, holiday lights to shine with joy,and inthecaseofnavalaviation theability for hangar bays to be effectively bright so that maintenance men and women can complete their requirements at all hours of theday.

InOctober2022,RearAdm.John“Oscar” Meier, Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic (CNAL), conducted site surveys of aviation hangars at Naval Station Norfolk and NavalAirStation(NAS)Oceana.Hisprimary focus as the type commander for all east coast aircraft carriers and squadrons was to analyze, in-person, the ways to further develop a culture of safety into every facet oftheorganization.

“Safe operations are essential to increase our readiness and lethality,” said Meier “By addressing concerns within the work environmenttopreventmishaps,insteadof waiting for an accident to happen, I hope to stimulate a perspective so that all Sailors reevaluate their work environments and lookforwaystopromotemishapprevention

As a whole, the naval aviation enterprise needstochangethewaywelookatsafety.”

Over the last several months, notable efforts have been implemented across the CNAL enterprise to improve work environments and improve workflow. Additional projects and efforts are scheduled to continuethroughouttheremainderof2023


“One resounding safety barrier dealt with the condition of our facilities,” said Lt Michael McKenna, CNAL Force Industrial Hygiene Officer. “Issues ranged from problems with air conditioning and electrical powersupplies,tohangarbaydoors.”

The first hangars to be surveyed at Naval AirStationOceanawereHangar111,Hangar 122, and Hangar 500; occupied by 10 strike fighter squadrons (VFA) These surveys identifiedsignificantconcernssuchasburnt outormissingbulbs,lightfixturesbeingfull of debris, and in some cases broken light fixturesupports Sailorswerewearingheadlamps, using flashlights and checking out lightstationstoperformmaintenance.

Light fixtures were cleaned and bulbs were replaced, but even under optimum conditions, the lights that were previously installedinthesehangarbaysstillprovedto be insufficient for executing complex work on aircraft at night without supplemental lighting “There was a demand to improve the lighting infrastructureinourhangars,” said Meier “We had areas in hangars that were initiallyonly10percentoftheOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard for lighting when working in these specific spaces. Now, it is127 percent, exceedingtheOSHAstandards.”

Capt. Pete “Peterman’’ Shoemaker, commodore, Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic, emphasized how engagement from CNAL has been instrumental in overall improvementinthesquadronhangars. CNALworkedwiththelocalconstruction battalions(Seabees)tofixalastingproblem

justbythinkingoutsidethebox,Shoemaker stated.Headdedthatbypurchasinglighting and wiring structures and employing fully qualifiedSailors,theproblemwasresolved.

“There is a plan to complete the lighting improvement across the entire flight line at NAS Oceana by the end of the year,” said Shoemaker “It’s the small things that improve the quality of life and quality of workaboardNASOceana.

Seabees from Amphibious Construction Battalion (ACB) 2 on NAS Oceana were tasked with performing the installation in thedeficienthangarsandonApril19,Meier recognizedtheSailorsfortheircontribution fortherobustlightingprojectrenovation.

ConstructionElectrician2ndClassLissett NicholsonandConstructionElectrician2nd Class Harrison Freemanwalsch were two of the Seabees who supported the CNAL initiative

“As the project crew leader, I supervise andtaskoutthecrew,butalsohavebeenup inthemanlifttochangeoutlightbulbs,”said Nicholson.“Thistrulywasateameffort As a construction electrician for nine years, I have never worked in a hangar to replace lights but this is well within my rate and a great opportunity to improve the work life here.

The timeline for a full replacement of all fixtures was initially slated for just under two months with the time expected to shorten as the Seabees became more proficientwiththereplacementprocess.

“Everyone is thrilled to have new lights inthehangar,insteadofusingflashlightsor theirphonestoilluminatedarkspotswithin the aircraft,” said Freemanwalsch. “It’s so

bright now that even at night no additional lightingisneeded,evenundertheairplane I amhappytobeapartofthisprojecttomake adifference.”

The lighting replacement in the NAS Oceanahangarsisanexampleofproactively identifying, communicating, and abating a hazardthatimpactsoperationsandpersonnel.

“In the Navy we always talk about how important safety is, but this action with hangar bay lighting is just one example of what CNAL is doing to address safety,” said Meier.“Wearenotjusttalking,butworking with a team to address any identified problemsandgettoresolutionbydevisinginnovative solutions that are outside of normal Navyoperatingprocedures.”

Leaders and Sailors alike are stepping up nowmorethanevertomeetthechallenging demand to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to the safety of everyone in thefleet.Evensomethingassmallaschanging the lights in hangar bays can lead to a tremendous leap in the safety and efficienciesforthemostimportantpartofthefleet; theSailors CNAL is responsible for seven nuclear-powered aircraft carriers 54 aircraft squadrons, 1,200 aircraft and 52,000 officers, enlisted and civilian personnel with priorities focused on warfighting, people, and readiness by providing combat ready, sustainable naval air forces with the right personnel, properly trained and equipped, withafocusonreadiness operationalexcellence interoperability safety and efficient resourcing

Providing quality of service to
one light
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E 3

Navy to commission guided-missile destroyer Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee


WASHINGTON The Navy will commission its newest Arleigh Burkeclass guided missile destroyer, USS Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee (DDG 123), during a 10:00 a.m EDTceremonyonSaturday,May13,in KeyWest,Florida.

Rear Admiral Cynthia Kuehner, Commander NavalMedicalForcesSupport Command and Director of the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps, will deliver the commissioningceremony’sprincipaladdress Remarks will also be provided by the Honorable Donald Norcross, U.S. Representative, New Jersey’s 1st District and member of the House Armed Services Committee; the Honorable Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the Navy; Admiral Mike Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations; the Honorable Teri Johnston,mayorofKeyWest;andMs.Kari Wilkinson,presidentofHuntingtonIngalls Industries-Ingalls Shipbuilding division. The ship’s sponsors, Ms. Louisa Dixon, Ms. Virginia Munford, and Ms. R. Pickett Wilson, will also be in attendance

The ship’s namesake, Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee served as the second Superintendent of the Navy Nurse Corps in 1911, and was also the first woman recipient of the NavyCross.Whensheenterednavalservice in 1908, she was one of the first 20 women, known as the “Sacred Twenty,” to join the newly established Navy Nurse Corps and contributed her nursing skills to the Navy during the First World War. This is the second ship named after Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee.Thefirstship,USSHigbee(DD806), was the first combat warship named after a femalememberoftheU.S.Navy “LenahSutcliffeHigbeewasaheadofher time,frombeingoneofthefirstmembersof the Navy Nurse Corps, to being its second Superintendent,tobeingthefirstwomanto earn the Navy Cross,” said Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro “I am confident that the crew who will sail USS Lenah Sutcliffe Higbeewillcontinuetohonorandembody her trailblazing legacy.

Theshipwillbethe72ndArleighBurkeclassdestroyertobecommissioned,with17 additional ships currently under contract

fortheDDG51program.Theshipisconfigured as a Flight IIA destroyer which enables power projection and delivers quick reaction time, high firepower, and increased electronic countermeasures capability for anti-air warfare. The future USS Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee will be 509.5 feet long and 59 feet wide, with a displacement of 9,496 tons It will be homeported in San Diego Media may direct queries to the Navy Office of Information at (703) 697-5342 More information on guided-missile destroyer programs can be found at: https://www.navy.mil/Resources/FactFiles/Display-FactFiles/Article/2169871/ destroyers-ddg/

The ceremony will be live streamed at: https://www.dvidshub.net/webcast/31425 Thelinkbecomesactiveapproximatelyten minutespriortotheevent(9:50a.m.EDT).

Additionalinformation aboutthe namesake of the future USS Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee(DDG123)canbefoundat:https:// www.history.navy.mil/browse-by-topic/ people/namesakes/lenah-higbee.html

U.S. to increase international coordination, presence in Strait of Hormuz

FromU.s.NavalForcesCentral CommandPublicAffairs

MANAMA, Bahrain - U.S. 5th Fleet is working with regional allies and partners to increase the rotation of ships and aircraft patrolling in and around the Strait ofHormuzfollowingIran’srecentunlawful merchantvesselseizures.

The increased force presence supports multinational efforts to deter threats to commercialshippingandreassureregional mariners.Inadditiontoheightenedpatrols, U.S. 5th Fleet is bolstering international maritime security collaboration among the International Maritime Security Construct and European Maritime Awareness in the StraitofHormuz.

“Iran’s unwarranted, irresponsible and unlawful seizure and harassment of merchant vessels must stop,” said Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, U.S. 5th FleetandCombinedMaritimeForces “U.S 5thFleetandourpartnersarecommittedto protecting navigational rights in these criticalwaters.”

Iran has harassed, attacked or interfered with the navigational rights of 15 internationally flagged merchant vessels over the pasttwoyears.Thispatternofdestabilizing behavioriscontrarytointernationallawand disruptivetoregionalsecurity.

ARABIAN GULF(May9,2023) Ensign Gordon Kitchenerlooks out from the bridge ofthe guided-missile destroyerUSS Paul Hamilton (DDG 60), May9,2023 in theArabian Gulf Paul Hamilton is deployed to the U.S.5th Fleet area ofoperations to help ensure maritime securityand stabilityin the Middle East region.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSELLIOTSCHAUDT) Agraphic representation ofthe future guided-missile destroyerUSS Lenah H.Sutcliffe Higbee (DDG-123).(U.S.NAVYGRAPHICBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSARMANDO
Engineers team with local students in Unmanned
Competition High school students throughout eastern NCwatched theirideas take flight during the 2023 Ultimate UAVcompetition.PageB4
Aerial Vehicle
www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, May 18 2023 1
Mrs.L.S.Higbee at herdesk.(PHOTOGRAPH BYHARRIS&EWING,1918)

Commander TaskForce 71/DestroyerSquadron (DESRON) 15,the Navy’s largest forward-deployed DESRON and the U.S.7th

USS Milius (DDG 69) conducts

port visit in Saipan



SAIPAN CommonwealthoftheNorthern Mariana Islands - The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Milius (DDG 69) departed Saipan, Commonwealth of the NorthernMarianaIslands,afterascheduled portvisit,May12

Theportvisitprovidedanopportunityfor Miliustoenjoyamuchneededportvisitand enjoy the culture, and represents the U.S. Navy’s commitment to security presence in thePacific.

“Visits like this prove the effectiveness of our surface force, to defend the homeland andmeetingthechallengeswefaceacrossthe region with continued presence,” said Capt

Walt Mainor, Commander, Task Force 71/ Commodore,DestroyerSquadron(DESRON) 15 “Our Sailors are focused on making a differenceinourabilitytosupportafreeand openIndo-Pacific.”

During the port visit, Milius Sailors had anopportunitytoexperiencethehospitality, richhistoryandallthatSaipanhastooffer

“Team Milius has been highly focused on operations in the Western Pacific over the past several months and this port visit was extremely rewarding for the crew,” said Cmdr Leif Gunderson, Milius’ commandingofficer “Therichcultureandhistorywas greatly welcomed by the Sailors We look forwardtofuturevisitstothebeautifulisland ofSaipan!


wealthoftheNorthernMarianaIslands,said itiswasanhonortohosttheship

“We are very happy to welcome them becausethey’vebeenoutthereprotectingus,” saidPalacios “Hopefullythisisaniceportcall and a nice break for the crew and we would liketowelcomethembackagain.

Milius is assigned to Commander, Task Force 71/Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 15, the Navy’s largest forward-deployed DESRON and the U.S. 7th Fleet’s principal surfaceforce U.S. 7th Fleet is the U.S. Navy’s largest forward-deployed numbered fleet and routinely interacts and operates with allies and partners in preserving a free and open Indo-Pacificregion.

Q: Whattypesoffamily housingareavailable?

A: There are three types of housing available to families:

Public/PrivateVenture(PPV) Housing is also referred to as privatized housing in the Navy The Navy partnered with different private management companies to provide housing to Service Members. These companies are responsible forthe construction, renovation,maintenance and day-to-day management ofthe housing PPVhousing may be located on oroffgovernment property and in most cases will be formermilitary housing

GovernmentOwned (also known as Military Housing orNavy Managed Housing is what was formerly called on-base housing While only available in limited quantities CONUS,Government Owned Housing is still widely available OCONUS.

CommunityHousing is any housing that a Service Member may choose that is not PPVor government operated This is housing outside ofthe base that is privately owned and operated

NAVY HOUSING Norfolk: 757.445.2832

JEBLCFS: 757.462.2792

Oceana/DamNeck: 757.433.3268 Yorktown: 757.847.7806

Mid-Atlantic Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC) programs and services are designed to help you make the most of your military experience, and they’re all available to you at no cost.


ClinicalCounseling – Individual, Couplesand ChildCounseling

Personal Financial Management

Information & Referral

Family EmploymentAssistance


FamilyAdvocacy Program

Deployment and Mobilization Support

Ombudsman Support


Parenting Programs

Stress andAngerManagement

Command Support

Crisis Support

Suicide Prevention

SAPR Support

GULFOFOMAN (May9,2023) Mine countermeasures ship USS Dextrous (MCM 13),not pictured sailswith ships participating in the Oman-led exercise KhunjarHadd in the GulfofOman,May9,2023.Dextrous is deployed to the U.S.5th Fleet area ofoperations to help ensure maritime securityand

U.S. Navy completes participation in Oman-led naval exercise



MANAMA, Bahrain U.S. naval forces completed participation in a weeklong Oman-led naval exercise in and off the coast ofOman,May11,withforcesfromFranceand theUnitedKingdom.

The five-day exercise, called Khunjar Hadd, focused on mine countermeasures, explosiveordnancedisposal,maritimeinterdictionandothercombinednavaloperations PersonnelfromaU.S.5thFleetexpeditionary minecountermeasuresunitparticipatedwith crewmembers from mine countermeasures shipUSSDextrous(MCM13)andaU.S.Navy P-8APoseidonmaritimepatrolaircraft.

“Training alongside the incredible forces of Oman’s Royal Navy has been an invaluable experience for our aircraft, ships and divers,” said United Kingdom Royal Navy Capt. Derek McKnight, deputy commander for Task Force 52, which oversees U.S. 5th Fleet’sminecountermeasuresmissioninthe Middle East “I have no doubt that opportunities such as this increase our effectiveness andenableustoachievesharedobjectives.”

Theexerciseaimedtostrengthenrelationships and enhance interoperability among participating military forces It began May 7, the same day U.S. 5th Fleet hosted Oman’s top naval commander at the U.S. Navy base inBahrain Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, commander of

U.S.NavalForcesCentralCommand,U.S.5th FleetandCombinedMaritimeForces hosted CommanderoftheRoyalNavyofOmanRear Adm.SaifbinNasserbinMohsinAlRahbiand other senior Omani officials for discussions onstrengtheningregionalmaritimesecurity cooperation Cooper later traveled to Oman and embarked Royal Navy of Oman patrol vessel RNOV Al Rahmani (Q41) to observe theexercise.

U.S. 5th Fleet’s area of operations encompassesapproximately2.5millionsquaremiles of water area and includes the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Red Sea, parts of the Indian Ocean and three critical choke points at the Strait of Hormuz, Suez Canal and Strait of BabalMandeb

SAIPAN,Commonwealth ofthe Northern Mariana Islands (May11,2023) – Cmdr LeifGunderson (right),commanding officeroftheArleigh Burkeclass guided-missile destroyerUSS Milius (DDG 69),presents a plaque toArnold Palacios (center),governorofthe Commonwealth ofthe Northern Mariana Islands,and DavidApatang (left),lieutenant governorofthe Commonwealth ofthe Northern Mariana Islands,during a scheduled portvisit Milius is assigned to Fleet’s principal surface force.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST1STCLASSGREGJOHNSON)
stabilityin the Middle East Region.(U.S.ARMYPHOTOBYSGT.KEIONJACKSON)
2 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, May 18 2023

U.S., Israel complete unmanned naval exercise in Gulf of Aqaba



MANAMA, Bahrain - Forces from U.S. 5th Fleet completed a four-day exercise withIsraelintheGulfofAqaba May11 that focused on unmanned systems and artificial intelligence integration into maritime operations The exercise, called Digital Shield, included members of U.S. 5th Fleet’s

unmanned systems and artificial intelligence task force, Task Force 59, as well as a MANTASDevilRayT-38unmannedsurface vessel. U.S. forces trained alongside Israeli counterparts during maritime awareness andvesselboardingdrills

“By working together to advance unmanned systems innovation we can enhance regional security and strengthen our collective ability to address emerging threats,” said Capt. Colin Corridan, Task


NAVCENT established Task Force 59 in September2021tointegratenewunmanned systems and artificial intelligence into U.S. naval operations across the Middle East. Since its launch, the task force has operatedasuiteofnewunmannedsystemsfrom regionalhubsinBahrainandAqaba,Jordan.

Task Force 59 also conducted a Digital Shield exercise last September with Israeli naval forces The task force regularly trains

and operates with maritime partners in the Middle East to accelerate the integration of cutting-edge unmanned technology into dailyoperations.

U.S.5thFleet’sareaofoperationsencompasses approximately 2.5 million square milesofwaterareaandincludestheArabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Red Sea, parts of the IndianOceanandthreecriticalchokepoints at the Strait of Hormuz, Suez Canal and StraitofBabalMandeb

www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, May 18 2023 3 At home or abroad. On land, at sea, or in the air. Navy Mutual has your back. We’ve been protecting servicemembers and their families since 1879. Let us help you securethe life insurance you need to keep your family safe. Active Duty / Veterans / Spouses Call us at 888-300-9331 or visit NavyMutual.org/Get-a-Quote. Photo courtesy of the United States Department of Defense. The DOD does not endorse any company or their products or services.
GULFOFAQABA(Sept.21,2022)Two unmanned surfacevessels,a Saildrone Explorerand Devil RayT-38 operate in the GulfofAqaba,during exercise Digital Shield,Sept 21 Digital Shield is a bilateral training exercise between U.S.Naval Forces Central Command and Israeli naval forces that focuses on enhancing maritime awareness using unmanned systems and artificial intelligence in support ofvessel boarding operations.(COURTESYPHOTO)

FRCE Engineers team with local students in 2023

Ultimate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition


Fleet Readiness Center East Public Affairs


CHERRY POINT, N.C. With the assistance of engineers from Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE), teams of high school students throughout eastern North Carolina watched their ideas take flight during the2023UltimateUnmannedAerialVehicle competitionheldApril22inNewport,NC

FRCE worked closely with Craven Community College and North Carolina State University to hold the competition which took place at the Crystal Coast R.C. Club According to FRCE Executive Director Mark Meno the goal of hosting events like this is to inspire the next generation of science technology engineering and math (STEM)professionals

“Supporting STEM education programs is an important part of our commitment to the community,” said Meno “By volunteering their time supporting events like this, ourengineersaresparkinginterestamongst areastudentsincareerssuchasengineering and aviation. The engineers are also introducing students to the work we do at FRC East and the career opportunities available atthedepot.”

StudentsrepresentingCroatan,Havelock, WestCarteretandWestCravenhighschools workedondesigningunmannedaerialvehicles (UAVs) for the competition Engineers fromFRCEvolunteeredtocoachand assist eachteamthroughouttheprocess

“Starting in January we did a kickoff eventforalltheschools, saidCarliStarnes a mechanical engineer with FRCE’s C-130 FleetSupportTeam(FST).“Weintroduced

our design challenge to them. During the restofthesemester,theybuiltanddesigned their plans for our competition Our engineers split up and assisted each school in preparingforthecompetition.”

Starnes said the competition would test the speed and maneuverability of the student’sUAVs Thegoalwastobuildacraft that was faster than the other entries and able to outperform the competition when flyingloopandrollmaneuvers

The students used simple, inexpensive materials found in craft stores and hobby shopstobuildtheirbattery-poweredUAVs While this might sound like a far cry from the exotic components and high-powered engines the engineers work with at Fleet ReadinessCenterEast,theresultsleftmany oftheengineersimpressed.

Elton Fairless, a senior engineer with FRCE’s Unmanned Aerial Systems FST, smiled when he watched Croatan High School’sentrycompletethehighspeedtestingphase

“Thehighspeedrunisoneoftherequirements,”saidFairless “Wegodownwindand putthethrottleatfullandseehowfastitwill go They just went down the runway at 70 mph with basically nothing but foam you cangetatthedollarstore.

Tyler Zobel, a student at Havelock High School,saidtheeffortputintothedesignof the UAVs enabled the level of performance seen at the competition. He said his team conductedextensivetestingonanumberof designconcepts

“Originally we thought the B-2 bomber looked pretty cool, said Zobel. “We had done a blended body like an F-35 and we didtheflyingwing,liketheB-2bomber We

went with the B-2 because we did a bunch of models and a bunch of math. With the models, the flying wing went at least 11 feet furtherthantherestofthem.”

According to Zobel, the FRCE engineers coaching his team provided invaluable assistanceinsolvingcomplicatedequations duringthedesignprocess.

“TheFRCengineersaresomereallysmart people, saidZobel.“Iseethemdomaththat lookslikeGreekletters It’soneofthecoolest things,thattheycanjustgetthatonapaper andsolveit.”

In addition to problem solving skills and mathematics,GarlonCampbell,astudentat Croatan High School, said the competition taughthimtheimportanceofcollaboration andteamwork

“Ifoundoutthatthereneedstobealotof coordinationandalotofteamworkinengineering,” said Campbell. “It’s never a one manjob.Youreallyhavetohaveallhandson deck when you’re designing a whole plane fromthegroundup

“Ilearnedthatmakingplanesisatedious process but a very fulfilling one,” continuedCampbell “Ithink I’vereallyfoundmy passioninworklikethis.”

Inadditiontospeedandmaneuverability tests, judges also evaluated presentations given by each team explaining their design choices When the final points were tallied, the team from Croatan High School took top honors Havelock High School took second place followedbyWestCarteretinthirdand WestCravenHighSchoolinfourth.

Although the teams had spent months workingtowardsthisday,Starnesdescribed thecompetitionasfriendly.

“Ialwayslikethecompetitiondaybecause it brings all the schools together,” said Starnes “Everyoneseemstohavealotoffun. You get to see all their hard work show off andit’salwaysfuntoseethewinnerbecause theygetsoexcited.”

Starnes,whogrewupinthearea,saidshe alsoenjoystheopportunitythecompetition provides to share her work at FRCE with membersofthecommunity

“IactuallygraduatedfromWestCarteret,” said Starnes. “I like the fact that this introduces local students and people to some of thethingswedoatFRCEast.Itshowsthem thecareeropportunitiesthatarehere Ialso thinkitbenefitsandhelpsdeveloptheengineeringclassesatthelocalhighschools.”

FRCE’s participation in the Ultimate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition is justonefacetofanextensiveeducationand outreacheffort.Theseengagementsencompass activities ranging from deployment of STEM carts at local elementary schools to introducing students to science and technologycareersutilizingamobilefabrication spacecalledtheFABLAB

FRCE is North Carolina’s largest maintenance repair overhaul and technical services provider, with more than 4,000 civilian, military and contract workers. Its annualrevenueexceeds$1billion.Thedepot providesservicetothefleetwhilefunctioning as an integral part of the greater U.S. Navy; Naval Air Systems Command; and Commander,FleetReadinessCenters Learn more at www.navair.navy.mil/frce or https://www.facebook.com/FleetReadinessCenterEast.

from Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE) coached and assisted each team throughout the process.FRCE aims to inspire the next generation ofengineering and aviation professionals through outreach efforts such as this. (PHOTOBYJOEANDES,FLEETREADINESSCENTEREASTPUBLICAFFAIRS) Participants in the 2023 Ultimate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition, held April 22 in Newport, pose for a group photo Students representing eastern North Carolina high schools designed UAVs for the competition,which evaluated the speed and maneuverability of their creations. Engineers from Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE) coached and assisted each team throughout the process. FRCE aims to inspire the next generation of engineering and aviation professionals through outreach efforts such as this. (PHOTOBYJOEANDES,FLEETREADINESS CENTEREASTPUBLICAFFAIRS) 4 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, May 18 2023
Astudent from HavelockHigh School launches an unmanned aerialvehicle (UAV) during the 2023 Ultimate UnmannedAerialVehicle Competition,heldApril 22 in Newport.Students representing eastern North Carolina high schools designed UAVs forthe competition,which evaluated the speed and maneuverabilityoftheircreations.Engineers

ENC Tech Bridge hosts state economic development advocates at FRCE

HeatherWilburn Fleet Readiness Center East

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION CHERRYPOINT,N.C. Withaneyeonthe futuregrowthofFleetReadinessCenterEast (FRCE)anditspotentialtopositivelyimpact thearea’seconomy,morethan30economic development leaders from across North CarolinatouredthedepotMay11.

Hosted by the Eastern North Carolina (ENC) Tech Bridge at FRCE, the visiting members of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina learned moreabouttheTechBridgeanditsmission to bridge the gap between the Navy and nontraditional partners like small businesses, academia and nonprofits During a brieftourofFRCE,theyalsohadtheopportunity to get a firsthand look at the depot’s militaryaircraftmaintenanceoperations.

FRCE Executive Director Mark Meno provided the group with an overview of FRCE’s history and transformation from a World War II-era aviation repair depot withjustafewdozenemployeestoanorga-

nization with more than 4,000 employees who provides touch labor, logistics support and engineering services at the depot’s five detachmentsandtoforward-deployedunits throughouttheworld.

“FRC East is more a capability than a location,” Meno said “Our skilled labor is what sets us apart, and we can send teams ofartisans,logisticiansandengineersoutto locationsaroundtheworld.WhentheFleet can’tcometousforservice,wecantakethe servicetotheFleet We’reabletoprovidethe world-classserviceourwarfightersdepend on,nomatterwhenorwheretheyneedus.

TheEconomicDevelopmentPartnership ofNorthCarolinafocusesonrecruitingnew businesses to the state and supporting the needs of existing businesses, along with connecting exporters to global customers and helping small business owners. ENC Tech Bridge Director Jamaine Clemmons said the visit provided the perfect venue to familiarize these economic development advocates with the important role FRCE playsinthelocaleconomy,andtheprospects the ENC Tech Bridge presents for growth

andadvancement “We’reexcitedtonetworkwitheconomic developmentleaderswithinNorthCarolina and introduce them to FRC East and the ENC Tech Bridge, Clemmons said. “This was agreat opportunity to discusstheTech Bridge’scoreinitiativesandlaythegroundworkforfuturepartnershipsaswecontinue tofosterinnovationandcollaborationinour region, in order to meets the needs of the Fleetacrosstheglobe.”

The ENC Tech Bridge works to build an ecosystemofinnovationtosupporttheNavy and Marine Corps with a focus on several areas of consideration, including manufacturing and repair technologies; advanced manufacturing; big data, data analytics and visualization; technical insertion; augmented and mixed reality; automation and robotics; and soft and wicked problem solving The ENC Tech Bridge operates in conjunction with a partnership between Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE) and CravenCounty

As part of a NavalX network, 18 Tech Bridges aim to bridge the gap between the

Navy and emerging entities like startups small businesses academia, nonprofits and private capital that aren’t traditionally part of the Navy’s development and acquisition process.TheTechBridgeframeworkallows theNavytocollaboratewithnontraditional partners and accelerate the innovation timeline in ways that traditional acquisition methods do not. This structure eases the collaboration process and allows the Navy to leverage the speed and efficiency improvementsthesenontraditionalpartners haveexperiencedinrecentyears ultimately putting assets in the hands of the nation’s warfighters significantly faster, at a more economicalrate

FRCE is North Carolina’s largest maintenance, repair, overhaul and technical services provider, with more than 4,000 civilian, military and contract workers. Its annualrevenueexceeds$1billion.Thedepot providesservicetothefleetwhilefunctioning as an integral part of the greater U.S. Navy; Naval Air Systems Command; and Commander,FleetReadinessCenters

Members ofthe Economic Development Partnership ofNorth Carolina pose fora group photowith Eastern North CarolinaTech Bridge DirectorJamaine Clemmons following a May11 tourofFleet Readiness CenterEast (PHOTOBYHEATHERWILBURN,FLEETREADINESSCENTEREASTPUBLICAFFAIRS)
www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, May 18 2023 5
Eastern North CarolinaTech Bridge DirectorJamaine Clemmons,third from left,discusses the current and future potential forusing developing technologies in the militaryaircraft maintenance industryduring a May11 tourofthe Fleet Readiness CenterEast (FRCE)V-22 Ospreyproduction line bymembers ofthe Economic Development Partnership ofNorth Carolina.The state economic development advocateswere at FRCE to learn more about theTech Bridge and its mission to bridge the gap between the Navyand nontraditional partners like small businesses,academia and nonprofits aswell as gain a firsthand lookat the depot’s maintenance operations.(PHOTOBYHEATHERWILBURN,FLEETREADINESSCENTEREASTPUBLICAFFAIRS)

CNRMA partners with New Horizons for hiring

New Horizons is a program CNRMA has been exploring to recruit high school graduates to pursue a career in Navy law enforcement, which has expanded to Fire and Dispatch. Pictured above from left to right are CNRMA Staff members Deputy Regional Security Officer Dave Laderer, Deputy Security Operations Officer James Scott, Regional Investigator/ Recruiter Sonia Liverpool, New Horizons Graduate Kursten Clark, New Horizons Graduate Amber Kolenc and Security Operations Officer Teddy Smith. The newest graduatesClark and Kolenc will work as Navy police officers as a result of the New Horizons program. CNRMA hiring leaders expressed that this has been a huge success and another tool to help market and fill vacancies.

6 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, May 18, 2023 ARMY |NAVY| AIR FORCE| MARINES |COAST GUARD |NATIONALGUARD |SPACE FORCE Join us as we celebrate ourlocal military spouses for their unending strength, personal sacrifices, support for their military families, andfor their selfless commitment to our communities. May 30th  11:30 AM -1:30 PM Check-In: 11:30am |Luncheon &Awards Presentation: 12pm The Westin Virginia Beach Town Center Attire: Sunday Best/Business/DressWhites Tickets: $35 at virginiamedia.events/heroes-at-home Registration deadlineisMay 23, 2023. 2023 HAMPTON ROADS HEROES AT HOME MILITARYSPOUSE AWARDS LUNCHEON FREE! Saturday, June 3 9:30 AM Webb Center at Old Dominion University At our free homebuying workshop, you’ll learn how to break the rent cycle, boost savings, and cut debt with our: • Matched Savings Program through which qualifying participants can receive up to $5,000 toward down payment and closing costs.* • Credit counseling to help build your credit score Register today at Dollar.Bank/TheWayHome 757-451-4011 Emcee: Barbara Hamm Lee Executive Producer/Host: Another View 89.5 WHRV-FM Free parking available at the 49th Street Parking Garage across from the Webb Center Everyone deserves a chance to own their first home. Equal Housing Lender Member FDIC Copyright © 2023 Dollar Bank, Federal Savings Bank. $5,000 Matched Savings Program is subject to terms and conditions including income requirements. Please call 757-451-4011 for details. TWH055_23 All are welcome!

NETC names Sailor of the Year for 2022

From NETC Public Affairs

PENSACOLA, Fla. — Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) announced its fiscal year 2022 Sailor of the Year (SOY), Navy Diver 1st Class Chase S. McCain, May 11 at the National Naval Aviation Museum on board Naval Air Station Pensacola.

The SOY finalists represent the top performers of the entire NETC domain worldwide. Out of the many Sailors considered for the competition, to include the 11,522 instructors and 4,042 recruiters that deliver warfighters to the fleet, only four were selected as this year’s finalists.

The 2022 NETC SOY finalists include:

„ Equipment Operator First Class Kohl J. Chrislock, assigned to Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering Gulfport, Mississippi.

„ Aviation Ordnanceman First Class Amy L. Morris, assigned to Surface Combat Systems Training Command San Diego, California

„ Aviation Structural Mechanic First Class Ashleylaura K. Sembrano, assigned to Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, Illinois.

“These leaders should be commended for their achievements, dedication and commitment to the mission of their individual commands, the NETC domain, and the Navy as whole,” said NETC’s Force Master Chief, Rick Mengel.

Rear Admiral Pete Garvin, commander, NETC, praised the group of finalists; “While we can only select one of these fine shipmates to be NETC’s Sailor of the Year, the close competition at this level is a testament to all of them, to their professionalism and dedication. They truly embody what it means to serve in the United States Navy.”

McCain, representing Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC) Panama City, has been pre-selected for advancement to chief petty officer and will be pinned in the fall.

He is currently a leading petty officer and high risk instructor for his team at NDSTC, supervising other high-risk instructors, officers, enlisted, and international students in all facets of military diving. McCain was directly responsible for the safe and effective execution of 210 days of high-risk training that totaled 1,373 hours of dive time.

“Serving as a leading petty officer at NDSTC has truly been the most rewarding tour of my career thus far,” said McCain. “I’ve had the unique opportunity to lead and develop not only officer, enlisted, and international students, but junior instructors as well. Being able to witness students learn and perfect these vital skills in their career paths ensures the future not only of our rating but the Fleet readiness worldwide.”

Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, May 11, 2023. NETC’s mission is to recruit, train and deliver those who serve our nation, taking them from street-to-fleet by forging civilians into highly skilled, operational and combat ready warfighters. (UNITED STATES NAVY PHOTOS BY MASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST 2ND


NETC is the U.S. Navy’s Force Development pillar and largest shore command. Through its “Street to Fleet” model, NETC recruits civilians and forges them into skilled warfighters ready to meet the current and future needs of the U.S. Navy. For more information about NETC, visit the command’s website at https://www.netc.navy.mil and follow MyNavy HR on Facebook at http:// www.facebook.com/MyNavyHR.

Rear Adm. Pete Garvin, right, commander, Naval Education and Training Command (NETC), awards the bronze eagle to Navy Diver 1st Class Chase S. McCain, assigned to Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center Panama City, NETC’s fiscal year 2022 Sailor of the Year (SOY), during NETC’s SOY announcement and award ceremony at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, May 11, 2023.

Rear Adm. Pete Garvin, right, commander, Naval Education and Training Command (NETC), awards a plaque to Equipment Operator First Class Kohl J. Chrislock, assigned to Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering Gulfport, Mississippi, one of NETC’s fiscal year 2022 Sailor of the Year (SOY) finalists, during NETC’s SOY announcement and award ceremony at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, May 11, 2023.

Rear Adm. Pete Garvin, right, commander, Naval Education and Training Command (NETC), awards a plaque to Aviation Structural Mechanic First Class Ashleylaura K. Sembrano, assigned to Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, Illinois, one of NETC’s fiscal year 2022 Sailor of the Year (SOY) finalists, during NETC’s SOY announcement and award ceremony at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, May 11, 2023.

Rear Adm. Pete Garvin, right, commander, Naval Education and Training Command (NETC), awards a plaque to Aviation
Ordnanceman First
Class Amy L. Morris, assigned to Surface Combat Systems Training Command San Diego, California, one of NETC’s fiscal year 2022 Sailor of the
(SOY) finalists, during NETC’s SOY announcement and award ceremony at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, May 11, 2023. Force Master Chief Rick Mengel, center, Naval Education and Training Command’s (NETC) force master chief, delivers opening remarks during
fiscal year 2022 Sailor of the Year (SOY) announcement and award ceremony at the National
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On iberty

The Chesapeake Jubilee returns May 18th-21st with new entertainment, thrilling rides, and family fun for all ages

Press Release

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — The Chesapeake Jubilee, sponsored by Priority Automotive, returns to Chesapeake City Park May 18th-21st. After a successful 2022 event, following a two- year absence, Jubilee organizers have been working hard to bring the best in family entertainment to the community.

“We had great response to our family acts at the 2022 Jubilee so we searched the country for new entertainers to round out our lineup this year,” says Stephanie Welke, Executive Director. New at the 2023 Jubilee is the World of Wonders show featuring over ten thrilling acts such as sword swallowers and fire eaters. The Hot Dog pig races and Texas Tommy’s Wild West Review

show will also make their Chesapeake Jubilee debut. “Who doesn’t love the pig races?” laughs Welke. “Tommy’s Wild West Review is hysterical; it’s a perfect show for the whole family.” Each act, free with gate admission thanks to Dollar Tree and Washington Commanders/Ortho Virginia, will have multiple performances daily.

The Jubilee is known for having one of the best fireworks displays in the Southeast and this can’t-miss-event will return on Saturday night, presented once again by world famous fireworks producers, Zambelli Internationale.

Welke said the Jubilee also has some great local musical entertainment throughout the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, the performances culminate with Second Helping: The American Lynyrd Skynyrd Show at

3:30pm on the Main Stage. For over thirty years, Second Helping has paid tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd and the band’s fans by performing the iconic music at venues across the country. With ten members including multiple guitarists, vocalists, a drummer, and keyboardist, Second Helping strives to bring the most realistic Lynyrd Skynyrd concert experience to fans as they possibly can. Skynyrd members such as Artimus Pyle have even played with the bands over the years! “Chesapeake, you will not want to miss this show,” says Stephanie Welke, Executive Director. “Whether you’re a true Skynyrd fan or just know the hits, it’s going to be a great performance.”

Amusements of America will return as the Jubilee’s carnival midway provider, sharing their arsenal of rides, games, and food stands.

This year, the family-owned operators boast a digital ticketing system, FunTagg. “Our new FunTagg system is more efficient for our customers, our company, and our fair partners, making purchasing tickets easier than ever” says Dominic Vivona Jr., owner of Amusements of America. “We look forward to showing off our new system at the Chesapeake Jubilee.”

Welke wants to make sure the festival food isn’t overlooked; “it’s my favorite time of the year...funnel cakes, fried Oreos, BBQ, fresh fries...I try one of each,” laughs Welke. The Chesapeake Jubilee, presented by Priority Automotive, returns to City Park May 18th-21st. Admission is only $3 per person. For tickets and information visit www.chesapeakejubilee.org.

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation marks Memorial Day Weekend with free admission for veterans and military families, commemorative service

Press Release

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — This Memorial Day Weekend, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation continues its rich tradition of military outreach by offering free admission to all active-duty military, reservists, retirees, veterans, National Guard members and their immediate dependents May 26-29. Special military-themed programming including a wreath-laying ceremony and a bagpipe performance will be offered on Monday, May 29.

Tickets are available through Colonial Williamsburg’s “Honoring Service to America” program, made possible once again by a generous $100,000 grant from The Home Depot Foundation as part of its ongoing commitment to improving the homes and lives of U.S. military veterans and their fami-

lies. Since 2015, the program has distributed over 53,000 tickets to military families.

In addition to offering military families free admission, Colonial Williamsburg will host a Memorial Day Commemoration in partnership with the Williamsburg Chapter of the Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution on Palace Green on Monday, May 29, at 10 a.m. that will feature a traditional wreath-laying ceremony. The day will conclude with “Salute to the Fallen,” a bagpipe performance from the roof deck of Governor’s Palace 4:40 p.m.

Free “Honoring Service to America” single-day passes are available at all onsite ticket locations with proper ID. Minor dependents must be accompanied by an adult, and dependents ages 10 and over must present a valid dependent ID. Service

members need not be present for qualifying guests to receive free Honoring Service to America tickets, which are provided to dependent family members of currently deployed troops with appropriate identification. Veterans who separated before retirement can bring a copy of their honorable discharge paperwork, form DD 214, as identification of service. Colonial Williamsburg is also proud to offer military discounts on Colonial Williamsburg hotels, dining, retail, golf and spa. Additional information on Colonial Williamsburg’s military outreach is available at colonialwilliamsburg.org/military.

The Liberty Lounge offers support to the brave men and women, and their families, who are dedicated to upholding the ideals and values that took root here in Colonial

Williamsburg more than two centuries ago. Located in the heart of the Revolutionary City, the Lounge offers service members and their families complimentary hot and cold beverages, wireless Internet access, a children’s area — and, in general, a place to relax and recharge with fellow military personnel (active duty, veterans, and retired) and their families. Honoring a tradition started by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., who supported the USO during World War II, the Liberty Lounge is the first facility in Williamsburg to serve active and retired military since that time.

For more information about the Honoring Service to America program and tickets visit colonialwilliamsburg.org/memorialday, call 855-296-6627, or follow Colonial Williamsburg on Facebook and @colonialwmsburg on Twitter and Instagram.

2022 Memorial Day commemoration at the Governor’s Palace. (WAYNE REYNOLDS FOR THE COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG FOUNDATION); Detail of a wreath from Colonial Williamsburg’s 2022 Memorial Day commemorations. (BRENDAN SOSTAK FOR THE COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG FOUNDATION); Bagpiper Lynn Newcomer performs atop the Governor’s Palace during Colonial Williamsburg’s 2022 Memorial Day commemorations. (BRENDAN SOSTAK FOR THE COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG FOUNDATION) INSIDE: Check out Flagship Values, your source for automobiles, employment, real estate and more! Pages C6-7
from left to right: The Colonial Williamsburg Fifes & Drums perform during Colonial Williamsburg’s
Fresh summer dishes perfect for patio dining These simple recipes give you more time on the patio enjoying the warm weather with your guests: Chipotle Chicken Flatbreads, Chicken Shawarma Sliders and Lemon Cheesecake with Fruit. Page C4 www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 3 | Thursday, May 18, 2023 1


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Pleasesubmiteventshere: www.militarynews.com/users/admin/calendar/event/

Pleasesubmitnewsandphotoshere: www.militarynews.com/norfolk-navy-flagship/submit_news/

WWE SuperShow comes to the

Hampton Coliseum this Sunday May 21st, WWE Superstar

Drew Mclntyre opens up about wrestling


This Sunday May 21st, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) returns to the Hampton Coliseum with their very popular WWE SuperShow, where talent from both RAW and SmackDown brands will be performing on the same wrestlingcard.Someoftheincredibleadvertisedcardasof thiswritingisasfollows:

For the RAW Women’s Championship, Champion Rhea Ripley puts up her title against Shotzi. It will be an all out war when Cody Rhodes battles Solo Sikoa in a street fight There will also be a RAW Women’s Championship Fatal Four-Way match with RAW’s Women’s Champion Bianca BelairvsBeckyLynchvsAsukavsPiperNiven.TheUnited States Champion Austin Theory defends his title vs Matt Riddle The Intercontinental Championship will be up for grabs when Champion Gunther with Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci goes against Santos Escobar with Cruz Del ToroandJoaquinWilde Therewillbemanymorematches aswellandasalwaysthecardissubjecttochange

Tickets are on sale now, starting as low as $20.00 as well asgroupsales,specialoffersincludingSuperstarExperience and Walk The Aisle Doors open at 5:30 PM and the show startsat7:00PM.Also,foralimitedtimeonly,getanexclusive buy one, get one offer, when you use the code MOM. To get your tickets now, go to https://www.ticketmaster com/wwe-sunday-stunner-hampton-virginia-05-21-2023/ event/01005E6246D6A84C

Yiorgo: With us is WWE Superstar and former World HeavyweightChampionDrewMcIntyre Drew whyshould peoplecometotheWWESuperShowSundaynight?What shouldtheyexpecttoseeanddothere?

DrewMcIntyre:WithaWWESuperShow,thefanswill see the best of the best talent from both RAW and SmackDown, put on an exciting show that the fans will have an eveningthattheywillneverforget.WithbothWWEbrands there,youarealsoboundtoseesometalentfromthecompeting brands facing each other Our shows are spectacles and wehavesomethingforeverybody,fromtheyoungestkidsto theoldestadults,maleandfemale Also,ourfemalewrestlers are the best in the world, so talented and well represented onourroster

Y:Whoaresomeofyourfavoriteopponentstoworkwith thatyouknowyouwilltearthehousedown?

DM:Ohh(exhaling),Igotafewthere.SethRollinsisone, Roman Reigns is one, but if I was going to pick somebody thatIknowIcantearthehousedownwith,takethematch andshowaneworlapsedfan,wouldbemyselfandSheamus becausewhenwegetintheretogether,wedonotholdback whatsoever.Whateveryouthinkyouknowaboutwrestling if you start to question it, we have known each other for 20 years, we are not afraid to lay it in. We have that chemistry becauseofthathistoryandourrelationship


DM: Ha ha, there are so many of them. If you ask him this question, he would take this opportunity to say horrible things about me That’s the kind of friend he is. He has always been like a big brother to me through my entire life. Always looked outforme my entire life.I always like tosay thatwemetwhenIwas19andhewas43yearsold,butseriouslyheisalittlebitolderthanme Agoodmemoryforhim and I, without throwing him under the bus like he would do to me, is the night I won the Intercontinental title, he beat John Cena to become WWE champion and we both satinthehotelroomafterwards,takingitallin Afterdoing the Independents together, coming up together, in Florida Championship Wrestling developmental together, we are bothsittinginthehotelroomtogether lookingateachother withtheICtitleandtheWorldtitlesaying what’sgoingon we were just wrestling each other in Europe and suddenly we are Intercontinental Champion and World Champion Thisisabsolutelyinsane.That’sreallyagoodmemory

Y: Can you tell us about winning the World Title for the firsttimeatWrestleManiaaswellascompetinginyourfirst WrestleMania?

DM: Winning my first World Title at WrestleMania was obviouslyaveryuniquesituation.Itwasattheheightofthe pandemic, no fans were there, and beating Brock Lesner in fiveminutes CompetinginmyfirstWrestlemania,Iremember walking out in front of the fans, at 24 years old as the Intercontinental champion, the same title Bret Hart used tohavewhenIwasakid,lookingaroundandseeing80,000 people in the stadium I’m the Intercontinental Champion at24andabouttowrestlethere.Icanstillclosemyeyesand seethatmoment

Y: I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book “A Chosen Destiny: My story” and highly recommend it Why did you decide to write it and what are you hoping those who read itgetoutofit?

DM: It was not a case of me deciding to write a book. I am not so egotistical that I thought the world needs that 37 year old Scottish wrestler’s story A third party reached outtoWWEandaskedthemsinceDrewisveryopenwith his story with his ups and downs with not just his career but his life, we really think he could help people with his story Would he be willing for us to put a book together? WWE brought it to me my wife and I sat down and we talked about it and we said absolutely let’s do this. I’m not going to hold back, I’m going to be completely open with the object being: wrestling is what I do, that’s the foundationofthebook,butit’smoreaboutthelessonsi’velearned and showing everybody, hey you may have come through some difficult times, things are going to get dark but there is a light at the end of the tunnel I’m trying to tell everybody whateveryourdreams are,thecrazier they are,trust me you can truly achieve them.

Y: What is a story that is in the book that you are most proudof?

DM:AstoryIamproudofistellingmymother’sstory.My momAngelawasmyhero IstartedappreciatingherwhenI gotabitolder Shewasafflictedwithararegeneticdisorder thatkickedinherearly20’s Sheessentiallylostthebalance portionofherbrain Itceasedtoexist.It’scalledcerebellum metaxium and she was told basically, you will never have a normal life you will never have kids Your brain is going to deteriorate to the point that you will be non-functioning as a human being anymore. She saw the best doctors neurologists all across the UK and got it somewhat stabilized.Shewastoldshewouldnothaveanykids Shemetmy dad,gotpregnantwithme,wasadvisednottohaveme,she saidIdon’tcare,Iwouldratherdie.Shehadmethenhadmy brother Growingupshedideverythingeveryothermother woulddoeventhoughshecouldnotbalanceherselfandwas in a wheelchair a lot of the time She did absolutely everything: made our dinner cleaned the house,did the laundry nothing held her back, all the way to the point that she had cancer shenevercomplainedandshealwayssaidthatsomebody else had it worse off then she did. I truly had a superheroforamother Sototellherstoryinbookform,it’sgoing toimmortalizeherandthat’sthecoolestthing



Y: It was not my idea to be honest. They wanted to name theswordandIassumedIwouldhavetonameitsomething stereotypicallikeBloodyBonnie ItwasMr McMahonthat said,“What’syourmother’sname?”Heknewherstory.Isaid Angela, and he said, “That’s exactly the sword’s name.” As soonashesaidit,Isaidthatisexactlythesword’sname It’s reallycoolbecauseeverytimeIhearDrewandAngelaheading to the ring or I hit a spot kick, Angela will start getting revengeoneverybodyandtohearmymom’snameonWWE programmingisreallycool.

Y: It’s also very obvious in all of your interviews that you love your wife Kaitlyn very much and you give her a lot of creditforsupportingyou.

DrewMcIntyre:ThesedaysIdon’treallyplayacharacter onTV,Iplayme,andwelinkittomyrealstory,realupsand downsthatthefanshavewatchedmyentirecareerincluding getting fired, hitting rock bottom. The reason I was able to comebackwasn’tjustmyknowledgeofwrestling,itwasalso the fact that Kaitlyn stood by my side. I achieved so much more as a person and together we got me back on track to reachmypotential

Y:WhatwasitlikegrowingupinAyrandPrestwick,who were the American wrestlers that you enjoyed watching and what made you decide at such a young age to become aprowrestler?

DM: I was a big fan of Bret “The Hit Man” Hart when I wasakidandmydadlikestotellthestorythatIwasabout6 yearsoldwhenIgotthefamilytogetherforafamilymeeting and I announced to my mom and dad and my brother who isoneyearyoungerthanme,thatoneday,Iamgoingtobea WWEwrestler.Theywerelikeoksure.Kidssaythedarndest things LikeonedayIamgoingtoplayprofessionalfootball (Europeansoccer)orbeanastronautorbeawrestler ObviouslyyougetolderandgetmoreseriousbutIneverdeviated from the plan I used to go over to my cousin’s house they were10yearsolderandmybrotherandIusedtohidebehind the sofa when they were watching wrestling It was almost forbiddenforustowatch Itwasalwayssocaptivating,these larger than life characters, I just knew from the moment I laideyesonit,somethingtoldme,that’swhatyougottodo Ispentmychildhoodtryingtofigureouthowtopossiblydo it. I sent away to America for all the inside secrets to wrestling books when I was 9-10 years old, I would read about the backstage workings Finally when I was 15 my mother let me go to the one wrestling school in the UK that was a 24 hour round trip I lived in Scotland and it was 12 hours theretodomytrainingthen12hoursback Ididitasoftenas IcouldaffordandIwascompletelyobsessedwithmakingit happen.At16yearsoldIstartedtheScottishwrestlingscene and we started putting on shows We had an adult help us out because there is only so much a 16 year old could do I would train the guys with what I was learning in England then put on shows Eventually, I am 21 years old I am very fortunatethatIgotmydegreefromtheuniversityincriminologyandwassignedbytheWWEthesameyear Iamthe firstScotchmansignedbyWWE.

Y:WhataresomefondmemoriesfromyourtimesatOhio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and Florida Championship Wrestling(FCW)?

DM: I was on board for about six months when WWE

ended their working relationship with OVW so my OVW memories are brief I got there and it just so happened that theWWEwritersweretheremyfirstweek Theywerelooking at some of the talent that were on the WWE roster and they needed a body to get in the ring so they just said, “Hey kid,doyoumindjumpinginwiththisguytoshowwhathe’s got?” I was just a body and I got in there, rolled around, cut a little promo I guess the timing was right because Wade Berrett was getting in after me By the time he arrived, I was already competing on Smackdown at 22 years old, and I had just arrived in America so I didn’t spend too much timeinOVW.IwenttoFCWinFlorida.Icamebackoffthe roadbecausetherewassomuchIstillneededtolearnabout the American style, working the cameras, the WWE style etc WhenIwasinFCW,that’swhenItrulylearned.There was Steve Keirn, Dr Tom Prichard, Billy Kidman, Norman Smileyandtohelpwithmyspeakingabilitywhichwasnon existingatthetime,oneofthebestever DustyRhodes You can’t help but learn from those guys That was way much more fun than I was supposed to have That was truly my collegerightthere.


DM: I would be lying if I didn’t say I questioned myself, butthetruthiswhenIsatdownandlookedatmyselfinthe mirror all those times, there was still that voice in the back ofmyheadthatsaid,thisiswhatyouarealwaysgoingtodo Don’t know how yet, but you are going to show the world you can do this Thankfully, I had Kaitlyn, my girlfriend at thetime,nowmywife,bymysidesaying,“Ibelieveinyou. SobecauseofherliftingmeupandknowinginsideIhadso much more to give then the world had seen in my first run, I was able to get out there and as time went on, grow my confidence, be around everybody and they believed more inmethenIbelievedinmyselfatthebeginning.Asaleader back in the UK, they lifted me up, my wife lifted me up and everyoneelse’sbeliefinmeallowedmetobelieveinmyself.

Y:YouhaveworkedtheIndependentprowrestlingscene all over the world and have seen them first hand up close and personal. What advice can you give upcoming talent working for the Independents whose goal is to work for a majorpromotion?

DM: First of all I would say get your reps in and keep working shows and start thinking outside the box. Watch WWE and all other major promotions and see what they got and what makes you different then everybody that you seeonthescreenrightnow.HowcanIstandout?It’snotthe sameasitusedtobe I’m6’5 and370lbs Youdon’thavetobe that size anymore. As long as you are unique and stand out, are different and have the passion to give it everything, you will get your opportunity Keep doing those reps and keep your buzz going Social media is such a big tool these days and if you use it correctly you can really get some serious buzz going When I was released from WWE, I used social media to take the whole world with me, rebuild my name, re-educate the people to who I was. If you use it the right way,thinkoutsidethebox workyourbuttoff youtrulycan achieveyourdream.

Yiorgo is an arts, entertainment and sports writer A stage, TV and movie actor, heis also a sports entertainer, educator, motivational speaker, writer, storyteller and columnist

2 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 3 | Thursday, May 18 2023
WWE Superstarand formerWorld Heavyweight Champion DrewMcIntyre (COURTESYPHOTO)

Tidewater Comicon returns this weekend May 20-21 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, former WWE Superstar Ax tells wrestling stories

The annual Tidewater Comicon makes its triumphant return this weekend May 20th-21st at the Virginia Beach Convention Center with Special Celebrity Guests, Comic Book Creators, Voice Actors, Cosplayers, Gaming, Panels, Contests, and so much more!

It all began when Tidewater Area native and founder Mike Federali wanted so much to have a local comic book convention in the area, that he decided to sell his entire comic book collection at garage sales, flea markets (and even on AMC’s Comic Book Men) to make his dream a reality.

Mike’s first show, held at a hotel as a one day event, was a huge success with an over capacity crowd eager for more shows with bigger space and more guests. Mike decided to have even more yard sales, and with a successful Kickstarter campaign, Tidewater Comicon moved to its home base at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. It now continues to bring an amazing roster of celebrities and has become THE destination where fans now come from far away as well, to be a part and experience such a fan event that it easily draws 23,000-25,000 thousand fans.

Some of this weekend’s special guests include: Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Adrianne Palicki, WWE Superstars Sgt Slaughter, Ax and Smash of Demolition, and so many more. Passes are on sale now and kids 10 and under get in free with paying adults. For tickets and all the info on special guests and more, go to https://www. tidewatercomicon.com/

Yiorgo: With us is former WWF/WWE Superstar Ax (real name Bill Eadie) one half of the Demolition tag-team who along with his partner Smash, will be there Saturday and Sunday to greet all the fans, take pictures, sign autographs and along with Smash will do a Q&A panel discussion Saturday hosted by Benjamin Banks, who is one half of Virginia Championship Wrestling’s tag team champions. Bill, you have had quite an illustrious career.

Bill Eadie: I have been very blessed. I have traveled all over North America, Canada and Europe. I did 44 different trips to Japan over 13 years. I had a very, very nice career working.

Y: Today’s younger fans know you as Ax of the Demolition tag team. How did Demolition come to be, who put you together with Smash and later Crush?

BE: Randy Colley came up with the basic idea and we tweaked it; it was to protect his identity because he was already there a number of years as Moondog Rex. He came up with the idea of having some type of mask on, take it off, and then because Planet of the Apes were very big then, to have some type of ape mask under that. I said I don’t feel comfortable with that, I don’t think that’s going to work, so we created the paint and, of course, the Road Warriors were big back then, The Powers of Pain were big as well. I don’t think anybody steals anybody’s ideas and they are not going to borrow anything that is not successful. People said we tried to copy them. When Barry Darsow and I got together we never felt that. We felt we were doing our own thing and that we could work with all types of guys big or small.

It was funny when Road Warriors finally came into the New York area, everybody called them Demolition clones. I tell people that there are millions of Demolition fans, there are millions of Road Warrior fans and there are multiple millions who don’t care. At the end of the day we are all trying to make a living in the business.

Y: That of course was not your first time in the WWF/E. You actually also worked for Vince McMahon’s father, Vince Sr. Can you tell us about it?

BE: In the early ‘80s, Vince Sr. used to

have two tournaments a year in Japan. They had the Madison Square Garden (MSG) tag team tournament and a MSG singles tournament and it was normally in the fall. He would come over and make the presentation. I actually went in as a favor to Andre because of our friendship and I started working for Sr. I respected Sr. a lot. He told you when you were coming in, how much you were going to make and when you would leave. I knew of him of course and he knew me from working in the Mid-Atlantic area, but to be honest with you, I was never interested in going to New York at that time. I was content to stay in the south. I was doing very well in the Mid-Atlantic, in Georgia and in Japan. So I had no qualms about proving myself in New York. And realistically at that time, most of the guys were trying to get into Georgia and Mid-Atlantic.

Y: You mentioned Andre the Giant. Can you share a story about Andre and Japan? Is it true that you were the first to body slam him?

BE: I was one of the first to body slam him. I know that there were a number of guys he would work with and he would not allow you to slam him. I remember when he told me to slam him I thought he was kidding, he was not light I’ll tell you that. As I said, I was there over 40 times, half as Andre’s partner. One of the funny stories that happened there was that they have small taxi cabs all over the place. All you have to do is wave a dollar and they will stop. I had to have Andre hide in the doorway or around the corner and when the cab would stop, I would open the front door, get in and Andre would take up the entire back of the cab. They would try to take off. They did not want him in the cab because they thought it would break down. That happened on a nightly basis.

Y: Let’s go back to your beginning. Where were you born, why did you decide to teach and how did you transition into professional wrestling?

BE: I was born outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. I got interested in teaching basically because of my high school football and track coach. I went to West Virginia University and played football and track there. After graduation I taught special education in Ohio and coached football and track for five years there.

I got into wrestling by mistake. We went to visit my parents and my next-door neighbor used to be a professional boxer. He retired and was appointed one of the three athletic commissioners in Pennsylvania. His son and I had gone to college together, and he invited me to a match at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. We got to go backstage because he was the commissioner. We went into the dressing room and a couple of wrestlers asked me if I was interested in becoming a wrestler and six months later we were both in the ring.

Y: Who trained you?

BE: I was trained by Geto Mongol — Newton Tattrie. He was a good trainer and I eventually became his partner for a while because Nikolai Volkoff had gotten injured so I took over his place. We traveled for about three years. We ended up in the Jim Crockett Promotions Mid-Atlantic area. It’s there that I started as the Masked Superstar.

Y: I have very vivid memories here in the Mid-Atlantic of the battles you and Mongol had with Ole and Gene Anderson in your title versus title tag matches!

BE: We left the International Wrestling Association (IWA) with the World Tag belts as their Champions. They went out of business but they still owed us money. Our agreement was we would turn the belts in when we got paid. We never got paid. George Scott had asked us to come into the Mid-Atlantic for a period of time. We went and of course it was a natural for the IWA to go against the National Wrestling Alliance belts. During that particular time Mongol wanted to go back home, so George Scott the booker for the Mid-Atlantic territory approached me about wearing a mask because the office had some kind of fallout with their masked wrestler Don Jardine — the Spoiler — who had left the territory abruptly. Mongol was so gracious to say go ahead. I said yes, and the Masked Superstar was born.

Y: I seem to remember you doing an hour and 1½ hour matches with Blackjack.

BE: Oh yes, we did a series of 12 one-hour matches, then we came back and did 12 1½ hour matches, and then we came back again and we did 12 no time limit matches, where we did anywhere from 80 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the venue. That was a hot summer. Mulligan lost about 50 pounds and I lost about 40 pounds.

Y: How do you pace yourself for those kinds of matches?

BE: Well it’s conditioning, like everybody else who wants to run a marathon. We did not want to run a marathon; you can’t start out running 15-20 miles. We had a series of 3-4 matches per city where we started with 10 to 20-minute matches, 30 minutes, 45 minutes to finally an hour and then the 90-minute matches. You do pace yourself. You get used to it. The conditioning is a big part of it. Blackjack was a big guy. We both pride ourselves with our conditioning. In that stage of my career, I could blow up anybody; you know, forced to wrestle with their tongue hanging out.

Y: This weekend you will be in Virginia Beach, your old stomping grounds back in the Jim Crockett Promotions Mid-Atlantic Wrestling. Can you share a memory or two you have from doing the Norfolk-Richmond loop?

BE: I’ll give a very, very true memory I have of Norfolk in particular. For some reason it was difficult to get in and out of the Scope, it was easy to go the wrong way all the time you would go around and around the building and finally you would find your way to the highway. In Richmond, I’ll never forget, I was working against Blackjack at the time and I ran in one of his matches against John Studd. John and I started working on Mulligan. A fan came to the

ring, then another then another. We had to fight 4-5 different fans. Two weeks later, I’m in a match with Mulligan, his face is down in a rear chin lock so he is facing down towards the mat, and this guy comes in the ring. Now, you need to know that a couple of weeks before, there were some guys that were stabbed in Richmond. I saw the fan come in and roll over, but he cut me at the knee. I jumped out the ring and about five cops beat the living you-know-what out of him. He admitted later that it was an initiation into a fraternity. He had to get in and out of the ring and touch a wrestler without getting hit. Unfortunately for me, about a month later I got stabbed in Richmond. Richmond was a rough place to wrestle.

Y: Wow, I’ve read before about Blackjack, Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper getting stabbed, but I had not heard that about you. I am sorry it happened to you, but thank you for the exclusive. Who were some of your favorite programs that you worked with in this area?

BE: Paul Jones, Igor of course, Blackjack Mulligan, those are the ones that really stand out, I had a long standing feud with those guys. Also, Paul Jones and I tagged and went against — God rest their souls — Jimmy Snuka and Ray Stevens. Mid-Atlantic was my favorite territory to work in; and of course Georgia. Montreal and Japan were all nice, but Mid-Atlantic is my favorite because that is where I got my first big break as a single. You worked hard, but you made good money there.

Y: As a fan, I remember what a big deal it was when you took off the mask for a few seconds in the ring. Tell us about that.

BE: I had made a promise. I learned this from Wahoo McDaniel, and he was very excited about his heritage. He told me that if you say something, then you’ve got to do it. So you’ve got to be careful with what you say. I did that my whole career. So I had told the people that if I won the single or the tag championship belt I would take off my mask, I did not say I was going to keep it off. I told them, you know I am a man of my word. If I told you I’m going to do something I’m going to do it and so, in this case, when we did win the championship belts I took it off, it builds credibility. But ironically a lot of people did not look when I took it off, they were saying don’t do it, don’t do it.

So it was all part of the angle. Protecting the identity was part of the gimmick. I liked my privacy and George Scott the booker was emphatic that I stayed in separate hotels, I traveled with myself or with Boris Malenko, ate at separate restaurants, and we never associated with the other wrestlers who went to the clubs. Part of the aura of that character was that no one knew who it was. I had people follow me for miles and miles but I would always have a towel over my head for hundreds of miles. If you got the mask you’ve got to work the gimmick. You have to become the character.

Y: Tell us about your life now.

BE: I love doing these comicons and fanfests. Wrestling has given me so much and now it’s my turn to give back to the fans. I love talking with them and knowing I was a small part in making their childhood special. I also work with juvenile offenders. I teach a special group called The Focus Group — juvenile offenders who were sexually abused kids and consequently started abusing other kids. I also work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I got started with that in Japan and I still sell memorabilia with all of the proceeds donated to Make-A-Wish.

Y: God bless you Bill. Thank you for what you do for all kids and for the kids in us, the fans, thanks for the great wrestling memories. Yiorgo is an arts, entertainment and sports writer. A stage, TV and movie actor, he is also a sports entertainer, educator, motivational speaker, writer, storyteller and columnist.

Bill Eadie, former WWF and WWE Superstar Ax. (COURTESY PHOTO)
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Fresh summer dishes perfect for patio dining


Gatherings in the summer sun are all about easy, convenient recipes combined with the joy warm weather brings. Spendthosespecialoccasionswiththoseyoulovemostand makethissummeronetorememberwithflatbreads,sliders andsweettreatsforalltoshare.

Keepingcookingsimplemeansmoretimeonthepatioor in the backyard engaging with guests, and these Chipotle ChickenFlatbreads,ChickenShawarmaSlidersandLemon Cheesecake with Fruit let home chefs skip complicated kitchendutieswithoutskimpingonflavor.

VisitCulinary.nettofindmoresimplesummerrecipesto sharewithlovedones


Fresh,mouthwateringfoodshotoffthegrillareasuresign of summer fun. Hosting sunny get-togethers this year can be made easy when you show off your grilling skills with a simple,nutritiousandflavorfulrecipe

These Chicken Shawarma Sliders are a delicious example of how to grill healthy summer meals without forgoing favorite flavors They’re part of a curated 12-recipe collectionofhealthy,balanceddishesfromthesnackingexpertsat family-owned Fresh Cravings, known for its chilled salsas, hummus and other dips, which teamed up with eMeals, America’sleadingproviderofmealplans.

“These sliders are a fantastic - and healthy - option for your next gathering,” said eMeals Senior Nutrition Writer and Editor Rachel West, RD “The marinade uses a mix of pantry-friendlydriedherbsandfreshgarlictogivethelean grilled chicken breast some oomph. The lettuce and red onion add cool crispness and crunch to the sandwiches while Fresh Cravings’ creamy, flavor-packed hummus gets somenutritionalbonuspointsbyprovidingadoseofprotein andfiber.”

Find the entire recipe collection by visiting emeals.com/ campaign/Fresh-Cravings-Healthy-Eats

Chicken Shawarma Sliders

Recipe courtesy of eMeals Registered

Dietitian Rachel West

Prep time: 25 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes

„ 2poundsboneless,skinlesschickenbreasts

„ 3tablespoonsoliveoil

„ 4clovesgarlic,minced







„ 1teaspoonsalt



„ 1package(12)sliderbuns

„ 1container(17ounces)FreshCravings


„ 1package(8ounces)shreddedlettuce



In zip-top plastic bag use meat mallet or heel of hand to poundchickentoeventhickness Cutinto2-inchpiecesand placeinlargebowl.Addoil,garlic,paprika,cumin,coriander saltandcayenne;toss


Preheat grill or grill pan to medium-high heat. Grill chicken4-5minutesperside,oruntildone Servechickenonbunswithhummus,lettuceandonion.


Whendiningoutdoorswithfamily friendsandneighbors, therearefewthingsbetterthanatastydishthewholefamily canenjoyliketheseChipotleChickenFlatbreads

Perfect for al fresco entertaining when served alongside a fresh salad, they’re simple to make and allow guests to personalize with preferred toppings before popping in the oven.Asacolorfulandfreshdish,it’sanidealmealforget-togethersonthepatio Formoresummerrecipeideas visitCulinarynet.

Chipotle Chicken Flatbreads

Recipe adapted from butteryourbiscuit.com

„ 2flatbreads

„ 2cupsshreddedmozzarellacheese

„ 1clovegarlic,diced

„ 4chickentenders,cookedandcubed

„ 1pintcherrytomatoes,quartered

„ salt,totaste

„ pepper totaste

„ ½cupranchdressing

„ 1½teaspoonschipotleseasoning

„ 2tablespoonscilantroleaves,chopped Preheatovento375F.

Place parchment paper on baking sheet and add flatbreads Sprinkle cheese on flatbreads Top with garlic, chickenandtomatoes Seasonwithsaltandpepper,totaste Bake16minutesuntilcheeseismelted.


Drizzle ranch dressing on flatbreads and sprinkle with cilantroleaves


Summertimeoftenbringscravingsforfreshfruitsthatadd ahintofsweetnesstowarm-weathergatherings Servingup adeliciousdessertforfamilyandguestsstartswithfavorite produceinthisLemonCheesecakewithFruit

Thetouchoftangytartnessisenoughtobringlovedones to the dessert table even after a filling meal as fresh lemon juice in the cheesecake base is complemented perfectly whentoppedwithorangeslicesandraspberries Garnished withmintleaves,thisbrightlycoloredtreatisevensweeter whensharedwithlovedones FindmoresweetsummerdessertsatCulinarynet.

Lemon Cheesecake with Fruit

Servings: 6-8

„ 1¼cupsgrahamcrackercrumbs

„ ¼cupsugar „ ¼cupbutter,melted

„ 2packages(8ounceseach)creamcheese,softened

„ 1can(14ounces)sweetenedcondensedmilk

„ 3eggs

„ ¼cupfreshlemonjuice

„ 1teaspoonvanillaextract

„ 1orange peeledandseparated

„ 8raspberries

„ 3mintleaves,forgarnish


Inmediumbowl,combinegrahamcrackercrumbs,sugar andmeltedbutter.Pressfirmlyinto9-inchspringformpan.

In large bowl, beat cream cheese until fluffy. Gradually beat in sweetened condensed milk until smooth. Add eggs freshlemonjuiceandvanillaextract;mixuntilcombined. Pourintopan Bake50-55minutes,oruntilcentersprings backwhenlightlypressed.

Chill in refrigerator until completely cooled. Arrange orange slices around border of cake and place raspberries inmiddle Topwithmintleaves.

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Brandon Act aims to improve mental health support

Gilbert R. Cisneros Jr undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, signed apolicyonMay5,2023toinitiateimplementation of the Brandon Act and improve the process for service members seeking mental healthsupport.

The Brandon Act aims at improving the referralprocessforservicemembersseeking amentalhealthevaluationandallowingthem toseekhelpconfidentially Cisnerossaid.

TheBrandonActisnamedafterNavyPetty Officer 3rd Class Brandon Caserta who died bysuicidein2018 Thelegislationwassigned into law by President Joe Biden on Dec 27, 2021, as part of the 2022 National Defense AuthorizationAct.

“Our greatest strength is our people, and we are committed to their well-being,” Cisneros said. “Therefore, I firmly believe that seeking mental health treatment is a sign of strength and resilience This policy spurred by the passage of the Brandon Act, is an important step in ensuring that our service members are able to seek mental health treatment when and how they need it. We honor Petty Officer Brandon Caserta’s memory by ensuring that our military services have procedures and processes in place that allow service members to seek help confidentially for any reason, at any time and in any environment, and aim to reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health care.

The Defense Department policy directs theservicestoestablishpolicy,assignresponsibilities,andprovideproceduresforservice members to request a referral for a mental health evaluation through a commanding officer or supervisor The process allows service members to seek help confidentially for any reason at any time and in any environment, thereby reducing the stigma associated with seeking mental health care, Cisneros said.

Implementation of the policy will occur in two phases In phase one, which should beimplementedwithin45days,theservices will establish procedures to implement the policyforservicemembersonactiveduty In phase two, the services will establish procedures to implement the policy for service members notservingon activeduty,he said.

LesterMartinez-Lopez,assistantsecretary of defense for health affairs, said the implementation of the Brandon Act is a welcome addition to the range of tools and resources available to support the mental health needs of the joint force He also noted that the Defense Health Agency is developing annual training to educate service members and supervisors on the process to initiate a request for a mental health evaluation

For the Brandon Act to have its intended impact, it’s important that commanding officers and supervisors are trained on the processtoexpeditementalhealthreferralsso that help is provided when it’s most needed,


Whether you’re seeing the dentist for a routinecheckuporgettingemergencydental care, the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) covers a wide variety of dental services for active duty family members, as well as National Guard and Reserve members and their family members. If you see a network dentist, you’ll only have to pay a cost-share, or a percentage of the total cost of these services

“Whoyouare,whereyoulive,andthetype of service you need determines your costshare for covered services with a network dentist,”saidDougElsesser,programanalyst withtheDefenseHealthAgency’sTRICARE Dental Program. If you see a non-network dentistforservicesTDPcovers,youmaypay more out of pocket and need to file a claim forreimbursement.”

It’s important to know which services TDP covers before your next dental visit. Here’salookatsomeofthem.


Theseareservicestomonitoryoufororal healthissues.TDPcovers:

„ Two exams in a consecutive 12-month period by the same provider and one additionalexambyadifferentprovider

„ Oneperiodontalevaluationinaconsecutive12-monthperiodperofficevisit

„ AnnualX-raysinaconsecutive12-month periodperofficevisit

There’snocost-sharefordiagnosticservices fromyourregulardentist.Ifyoureceiveadiagnosticconsultationbyanadditionaldentistor go to a dental office after regular hours, you mayhaveacost-shareof20%.


Theseareservicesthatprotectyourteeth and gums from decay and infection. The TDP covers two routine dental cleanings in a consecutive 12-month period for each enrollee Italsocoversathirddentalcleaning for pregnant enrollees andthose diagnosed withcertainchronicmedicalconditions To receivethisbenefit,youmustregisterinMy Account Other routine preventive services include:

„ Fluoridetreatments

„ Spacemaintainers(fullycoveredfor childrenundertheage19)

„ Spacemaintainercare

„ Sealants(fullycoveredforpermanent molars,orbackteeth,throughage18)

Martinez-Lopezsaid.Recognizingthesigns of mental health issues and knowing the availableresourcestoofferisalsokey,hesaid.

A range of mental health and wellness support is available to service members worldwide Inadditiontorequestingareferral for a mental health evaluation through their commanding officer or supervisor service members will continue to have the option to contact their local health care provider directly, Military Health System officials said.

Additional mental health resources includethe988VeteransCrisisLine,Military OneSource nonmedical counseling, and the 24/7PsychologicalHealthResourceCenter Formoreinformation,visithealth.mil/brandonact.

Brandon’s parents Teri and Patrick Caserta, said their son endured persistent hazing and bullying from members of his squadron when he reached out for help

“He was not taken seriously Brandon felt the only solution to his problem was to end his own life,” Patrick said.

“Ourson’sstoryistragicandsenseless,but we’repleasedthatCongresspassedtheBrandon Act. It allows for confidential reporting of mental health concerns and ensures resourcesareavailabletohelpthosewhoare struggling,” Teri Caserta said.

Supportservicememberswhoaskforhelp by letting them know it’s okay Refer them to a chaplain, counselor or medical professional, and give them the time they need, Patrick Caserta advised.

There’s no cost-share for preventive dentalcarewhenyouseeanetworkdentist


TDP covers many restorative services to repair broken or cracked teeth and to protect teeth against cavities As noted in the TRICARE Dental Program Handbook, youcangetcoverageforrestorativeservices needed because of tooth decay, tooth fracture,attrition,erosion,abrasion,orcongenital or developmental defects Cosmetic reasonsareexcluded.


„ Amalgam(silver)fillings

„ Resin-basedcomposite (tooth-colored)fillings

„ Crowns



There’s no restorative cost-share for command-sponsored enrollees in the TDP OCONUSservicearea AllotherTDPenrolleeshaveacost-shareof20%



„ Periodontalservices

„ Orthodonticservices

„ Endodonticservices (includingrootcanals)

„ Oralsurgery

„ Implants

There are some services TDP doesn’t cover. Always talk to your dentist before getting any major dental procedures to

makesureyouunderstandwhetherrecommended procedures are covered, and in whatamounts. TolearnmoreaboutservicesTDPcovers refer to the TRICARE Dental Program Handbook. You can also go to Benefits or log in to My Account to see a list of what’s covered.

LookingformoreTDPinfo,includingtips for oral health care? Check out the latest TRICARE Dental Program Health Matters Newsletter

WouldyoulikethelatestTRICAREnews sent to you by email? Visit the TRICARE Subscriptions page today, and create your personalized profile to get benefit updates, news,andmore.

NavyPettyOfficer3rd Class Brandon Caserta (COURTESYOFTHECASERTAFAMILY)
Before seeing the dentist, learn what TRICARE Dental Program covers Whetheryou’re seeing the dentist fora routine checkup orgetting emergencydental care theTRICARE Dental Program covers awidevarietyof dental services www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 3 | Thursday, May 18 2023 5
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The intrigue of problem-solving is a driving force for NSWCDD software developer article cover image
The intrigue of problem-solving is a driving force for NSWCDD software developer
pages 2-3
The intrigue of problem-solving is a driving force for NSWCDD software developer article cover image
The intrigue of problem-solving is a driving force for NSWCDD software developer
pages 2-3
CSG-4 holds change of command ceremony article cover image
CSG-4 holds change of command ceremony
page 3
CSG-4 holds change of command ceremony article cover image
CSG-4 holds change of command ceremony
page 3
Newest group of IW WTIs head to the Fleet! article cover image
Newest group of IW WTIs head to the Fleet!
page 4
Newest group of IW WTIs head to the Fleet! article cover image
Newest group of IW WTIs head to the Fleet!
page 4
U.S. to increase international coordination, presence in Strait of Hormuz article cover image
U.S. to increase international coordination, presence in Strait of Hormuz
pages 9-10
U.S. to increase international coordination, presence in Strait of Hormuz article cover image
U.S. to increase international coordination, presence in Strait of Hormuz
pages 9-10
Navy to commission guided-missile destroyer Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee article cover image
Navy to commission guided-missile destroyer Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee
page 9
Navy to commission guided-missile destroyer Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee article cover image
Navy to commission guided-missile destroyer Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee
page 9
U.S. Navy completes participation in Oman-led naval exercise article cover image
U.S. Navy completes participation in Oman-led naval exercise
page 10
U.S. Navy completes participation in Oman-led naval exercise article cover image
U.S. Navy completes participation in Oman-led naval exercise
page 10
U.S., Israel complete unmanned naval exercise in Gulf of Aqaba article cover image
U.S., Israel complete unmanned naval exercise in Gulf of Aqaba
page 11
U.S., Israel complete unmanned naval exercise in Gulf of Aqaba article cover image
U.S., Israel complete unmanned naval exercise in Gulf of Aqaba
page 11
ENC Tech Bridge hosts state economic development advocates at FRCE article cover image
ENC Tech Bridge hosts state economic development advocates at FRCE
page 13
ENC Tech Bridge hosts state economic development advocates at FRCE article cover image
ENC Tech Bridge hosts state economic development advocates at FRCE
page 13
CNRMA partners with New Horizons for hiring article cover image
CNRMA partners with New Horizons for hiring
page 14
CNRMA partners with New Horizons for hiring article cover image
CNRMA partners with New Horizons for hiring
page 14
NETC names Sailor of the Year for 2022 article cover image
NETC names Sailor of the Year for 2022
pages 15-16
NETC names Sailor of the Year for 2022 article cover image
NETC names Sailor of the Year for 2022
pages 15-16
The Chesapeake Jubilee returns article cover image
The Chesapeake Jubilee returns
pages 17-18
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation marks Memorial Day Weekend with free admission for veterans and military families, commemorative service article cover image
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation marks Memorial Day Weekend with free admission for veterans and military families, commemorative service
pages 17-18
On iberty The Chesapeake Jubilee returns May 18th-21st with new entertainment, thrilling rides, and family fun for all ages article cover image
On iberty The Chesapeake Jubilee returns May 18th-21st with new entertainment, thrilling rides, and family fun for all ages
page 17
WWE SuperShow comes to the article cover image
WWE SuperShow comes to the
pages 18-19
WWE SuperShow comes to the article cover image
WWE SuperShow comes to the
page 18
Tidewater Comicon returns this weekend May 20-21 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, former WWE Superstar Ax tells wrestling stories article cover image
Tidewater Comicon returns this weekend May 20-21 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, former WWE Superstar Ax tells wrestling stories
page 19
Brandon Act aims to improve mental health support article cover image
Brandon Act aims to improve mental health support
pages 21-23
Brandon Act aims to improve mental health support article cover image
Brandon Act aims to improve mental health support
pages 21-23