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better energy

How much could you save with renewable energy?

Peak oil and insecurity of fossil fuel supplies are factors that exert ever upwards pressure on the price we pay for our energy. With energy costs representing an increasing proportion of property overheads the imperative for building owners and managers to reduce the demand for energy has never been greater. With a lifetime of experience in the design of building services systems Better Energy consultants are ideally placed to provide professional and independent advice on how best to reduce energy costs.

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Principal consultant: Michael Glanfield MIE T CONTACT: 7 Heather Lane Douglas Isle of Man IM2 7EF t m

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better energy

“independent expertise... saving solutions�

“sustainable energy saving solutions for you & the environment… ...bearing down on energy costs” AI R TI GHTNESS TEST ING


Air tightness testing is a means to quantify the extent to which

Better Energy consultants can investigate the potential for introducing

buildings 'leak' air through their envelopes. Air leakage is a vehicle for

renewable forms of energy that may include solar, wind, biomass,

energy wastage, resulting in increased loads placed on the space

hydrogen fuel cells, heat pumps, geothermal and hydro.

CASE STUDI ES HANSARD GLOBAL PLC Better Energy consultants were

heating and/or cooling systems by the constant uncontrolled flow of

Cogeneration is a means for building

air through the building fabric.

operators to more efficiently utilise

Better Energy consultants possess the expertise to carry out the

available energy sources and thereby

‘speculative’ commercial office

procedure and to recommend remedial measures that deal with

reduce the overall demand for energy.

development .

unwanted infiltration thereby saving money on energy bills and

Each site is considered individually and

improving the comfort of occupants.

a report will highlight the potential for

overheating problems and high energy



commissioned to investigate the potential for saving energy in a six storey

Poor ventilation combined with intensive use of computers gave rise to

A range of energy saving measures were

“flexible solutions... ...driving down energy costs”

BUSI NESS SUP PORT SCHEME Better Energy are listed environmental efficiency

recommended that offered to achieve potential savings on existing bills of approximately 33%.


consultants with the Isle of Man Government

Better Energy consultants were

‘Business Support Scheme’.

commissioned to audit the energy profile


Eligible projects may receive grant assistance of

Defective insulation, doors, windows and other building penetrations

50% towards the cost of implementing energy saving measures (conditions apply).

of a Premier 4 star Business & Leisure Hotel.

can seriously undermine the energy performance of a property. Digital

The Hotel features 136 guestrooms, 2

imaging techniques have been developed to identify the problem areas

restaurants, 4 bars, conference facilities,

of a building and diagnose where the energy is escaping. Better Energy consultants possess the necessary skills to interpret the results of the



The energy rating for your building compared with benchmark values will be a starting point to gauge

r e c o m m e n d

how well your building measures up in the energy performance league table. A poor rating will

measures that will



leisure pool & gymnasium. Operational areas that were given special attention were improving the efficiency of the existing cogeneration installation, the commercial kitchen and the indoor heated swimming pool. Air conditioning, mechanical ventilation

indicate that energy is being wasted.

help save money on

and artificial lighting loads offered the

An audit report shall highlight the recommended energy saving


greatest potential for saving on Hotel

measures and the potential for saving on energy bills and carbon

improve the comfort


of building users.

All we need to get started are copies of the previous 12 months energy bills and the floor plan of the building.

“energy costs & carbon emissions go hand in hand… ...let us help you save on both”



energy bills and reducing carbon emissions.

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