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Case study GODIA • Activity: Museum • Annual energy consumption: 589.000 kWh • Annual energy cost: € 85.000 • Consolidated savings: 29%

Why DEXMA? Everything is easier with DEXMA. You just install, connect, analyze and start saving. Sergio Martín, Grupo BCN GODIA

The Godia Foundation achieved a 29% consolidated energy savings by improving energy management in its facility.



The Francisco Godia Foundation was created in 1999 in memory of the Catalan entrepreneur and first Spaniard to drive in the Formula One. The museum houses more than 1,500 works and is one of the largest private collections in Spain. The Foundation is headquartered in the Casa Garriga-Nogues, in Barcelona, an exceptional work of Modernist s.XIX architecture.

The Foundation’s energy needs are related primarily to the power that is required to maintain optimal conditions for conserving its works of art. Its challenge was to reduce energy consumption without altering the thermal conditions inside the museum - temperature and humidity-, while keeping investments in energy efficiency to a minimum. The annual average consumption of electricity at the Foundation stood at €85,000.

Case study GODIA

Solution Electricity meters were installed in the central supply connection, as well as in the HVAC and lighting subsystems together with DEXCell Energy Manager Professional. In the first month, the Foundation was able to begin measuring and analyzing consumption and implementing improvements that required no investment.

Results By using DEXCell Energy Manager, the Godia Foundations’ technical team was able to reduce consolidated consumption by 29%. The DEXCell Energy Manager feature set enabled comprehensive analysis of the evolution of energy consumption in real time, and provided full visibility of the savings generated by each of the improvements. Engineers verified energy drops due to HVAC scheduling and set points optimization meanwhile controlling thermal conditions of the museum. The Foundation realized a total annual savings of nearly €25,000, part of which will be reinvested in energy improvement projects in the coming years.


The DEXCell Energy Manager has helped us to dramatically reduce our lighting, heating and cooling costs and to improve the energy efficiency of our museum. Sergio Martín, Grupo BCN GODIA

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Case study GODIA

Saving Measures & Results HVAC Management Indicators. A customized DEXCell Energy Manager dashboard greatly simplified the monitoring and management of HVAC consumption.

Energy Reduction:

Overall Results 2012 vs. 2011

170,000 kWh


Annual Savings:


€ 25,000

€ 6,000



€ 25,000

annual savings

= 2,8 months

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