Mike Dastic

Salt lake, Utah, US

My name is Mike Dastic and I love cycling and camping. I live in Utah, which is a great place to camp and bike. I don’t just live there; I belong there. That is me, I belong to where I live and work. As a salesman, I do my sincere best wherever I work because It is not just a place where I work; it is a place where I belong. Michael Dastic: This is the first step to show how you can adapt to the needs of your customers you have found in terms of product, product development, sales, marketing, customer service and more. Mike Dastic Actually, what a great salesperson does all the time is "Professionally Help Other People Buy." Michael Dastic Everything the seller has done up to now has only one goal: to close. That is, to achieve the order or at least get a formal commitment. In truth, it begins to close in the preparation stage