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Friends, enemies, innocent bystanders: we have come a long way. From entering the high school not knowing where any of the bathrooms were and being too afraid to ask for the first three weeks, today we find ourselves at the top and on our way out. This year has been filled with triumph, disappointment, heartbreak and excitement. The next few days will be a culmination and conclusion to a journey that began four years ago. In many ways, however, it is also a continuation. Though our lives will change in many ways from the structure that we have known for the last four years, they will nonetheless continue. It is at this checkpoint that we should pause and reflect on the collective experiences that we have faced. One particularly bizarre moment for our grade occurred at the senior assembly in the end of our junior year. As the subject of this moment, its strangeness was exponentially compounded for me. As Cameron Whitman read his hysterically inappropriate extended metaphor about the worm, I found myself forced into a position that I would have never expected: flag dude. When I first heard my name, I was convinced Ashton Kutcher was going to run out of the shadows and welcome me to his prank show.

The Senior Issue • June 2, 2017

A letter from ASB President Luke Kenworthy Our class was also surprised that the flag had been passed down to someone rather atypical for the role, me. Found in this new position, I developed certain expectations for my senior year over the summer. I’m not going to say explicitly what those were, but I’m sure that you can get an idea and I can assure you that, in hindsight, the gap between expectations and reality is hilariously large. Many of us have faced similar realities. Maybe you thought that you would get into a college that you ended up not getting into, or you expected to find happiness in something that ended up disappointing. Thus presents a learning moment: what we expect to happen is rarely what ends up actually happening. Maturity comes in realizing that. Many of us


have expectations for the next year and I think it’s imperative that we recognize we simply do not have the power to predict our future. There will be surprises, there will be let downs, and that’s okay. We must learn to accept our inherent inabilities to change things and, instead, work with what we can control. Another moment that we experienced collectively involves our attire next week: the gowns. Faced with the proposition of having everyone wear maroon gowns and breaking from tradition, our class was polled and the results were resounding in favor of keeping things the same and splitting gown color by identified gender. Instead, next week we will all be donning maroon. The call occurred at the

Volume VI, Edition 7

administrative level after gowns had already been ordered. That fall, our class found itself in the face of a complex issue. As with virtually anything, there was no clear answer. People on both sides argued vehemently for their positions. From this experience, we can learn that our world is infinitely complex. An issue as simple as the color of gown we wear can have consequences far beyond what one would initially imagine. It is important to remember that virtually any important issue will not be black and white (or white and maroon!) Oftentimes, we like to oversimplify issues into a false dichotomy and vilify our opposition. In pursuit of the truth, we must recognize that one side is not definitely right and there is no simple answer, despite what we may want to believe. In the coming months, we will be facing a vast amount of change. For some of us, this will be drastic; for others, not so much. As we go on, we must reflect, adapt, and overcome. These next coming days will be hard as we say goodbye to what has been normal to us for the last four years. We cannot control this change. What we can control, is how we go forward, and in that, there is hope. Class of 2017, it’s been an honor. Thank you so much.

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I, Rachel Ayzenberg, of short stature and strong heart, do hereby bequeath the following: To Sophie Hankes, I pass down the title of “Empowered Woman” of Drama. Hold this close to your heart and use it well next year - especially in Ashland. To Augusta Norman, I pass down the title of Drama Wizard. Never forget what makes you special, because it is more than just your magic. I, Lauren Cartwright, of aesthetic mind and sustainable body, hereby bequeath the following: To my sister Olivia, rights to my spirit gear and remaining sanity. May your next 3 years be filled with growth, confidence, and equines. To Ava Blanchette and Landon Cobbs, my homegrown meme account. Keep the “sus” in sustainable. To Aidan “Dobby” Dobson, rights to the MIHS bank accounts. Spend wisely, my child. To Phoebe Larson, prevailing guardian of Mercer Island Homegrown, infinite tranquility during even the busiest lunch rushes. Take good care of Abe :,). To Avery Holshouser, the rights to my original song and my roof, whenever you’re feeling angsty. May you always find the silver lining. And to the masses, the innovation, integrity, and innovation needed to take this school to the top. May the spirit of MI never falter! I, Sofia Caruccio, of labyrinthine mind and lactose intolerant body, do hereby bequeath the following to all of my cross-country babies: To Rani Woerner, the mantra that girls rule and boys drool (except for Italian boys, of course). To Mary Rose Vu, a continuing balance of raging Catholicism and unnecessary racy comments. To Taylor Libman, an endless supply of dogs. To Maggie Baker, my Italian hands and dinosaur arms and the variety of uses that come with them. To Kayla Lee, all of my bones; you break yours too much. To Colin Gersch, unlimited hugs from mama for whenever you need. To Chloe Michaels, an unreasonable amount of my love to pay you back for how much you gave me. And Katie Brodsky, just make sure you practice our Napoleon dance while I’m gone. I love you all with the entirety of my heart <3 I, LC Chen of absent mind and similar body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Alicia Chen (no relation), the college app struggle. (you got this! :)) To Marissa Look, a box to contain the crazy (you know who). To Zoe Sheill, one Java book for the caffeinated computer struggle days. Finally, to Mathi Ngamsiripol, one cracked flute friend and the erhu fam legacy. I, Chewy, of a wondering mind and spirited body, do hereby bequeath the following: Don’t freaking procrastinate it will bite you hard on the butt, but also don’t be afraid to chase your dreams.

SENIOR WILLS I, Finn Childress, of practical mind and firm body do hereby bequeath the following: to the spirited Jonah Andrews, I give the varsity 152 spot. To the sensual Eli Pruchno, I give my entire supply of Muscle Milk so that he may one day be stronger than Jordan. To the brassy trombones, I give my MI spirit. Finally, I leave essentially everything else and some good luck to my quirky brother Hatcher because I really don’t have any other options. I, Christian Clarke, this school’s savior, of enigmatic mind and tan body, do hereby bequeath the following: A sense of humor to my sister because we all know she needs one. I would leave more, but I don’t have friends. I, Maddie Coles, of sophomore boy filled mind & completely untoned body, do hereby bequeath everything i’ve ever owned to Patrick Killkelly <3 I, Cameron Cummings, of illogical mind and twodimensional body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Brian Smoots and Tess Johnston, I bequeath the Tribe. May you bring glory to its name and pop off on the daily. To Lindsey Gao, I bequeath Kevin. May you someday convince him to make a chocolate clarinet. I, Charles Bosetti Cuono II, of milkfueled mind and perpetually tan body, declare this to be my will. I leave my GPA to Scotty Rowe for a cumulative total of a 6.0. I leave my desire to purchase an unnecessary amount of clothing from Vineyard Vines to Will Wheeler. I leave the ability to wear impenetrable PPE to Will Pawlosky and Sammy Vacca. To Mitchell Wong, I leave my tendency to make loud noises in overreaction to an event. To Jon Ho, I leave a single “sad react,” as to enable him to practice empathy. To Gabe Muzio, I leave the tryhard mindset, as well as an option to turn it off on occasion and become a world-class procrastinator. Thanks to everyone, especially the seniors and teachers not mentioned here, for everything that did so much to make me into the person that I am today. cya nerds. I, Garrett Dubofsky, of sharp mind and acceptable body, do hereby bequeath the following: To the entire school, I give you enlightenment. I am the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. I will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to my own. Your culture will adapt to service me. Resistance is futile. It would be wise to accept my offer.

I, Tessa Czech, of toasted mind and tall body, do hereby bequeath to Sophie Kelly-Hendrick the title of Drama Mama. Take care of those thespians, and have an amazing senior year! <3 I, Janet Diep, of bubble-addiction and okay-grades, do hereby bequeath the following: to Rachel Tang, you get the most coveted orchestra position. Rachel, you now hold, and will forever hold until your graduation, the position of orchestra secretary. To Joelle Arcuino, I bequeath the small section of orchestra on the band white-board. Make it legible and in straight lines. To Minje Park, I bequeath the first-chair cello spot when Ellie and Louise are not there. I also bequeath the roll of Minje-roaster to Nico Galvin and Kyle Yu. Make it worthy. And lastly, to Albert Lam, I do bequeath the Badminton Team and dead Badminton Club. I wish the best of luck to whip them into shape and that Ken will aid you in this quest. I, Ben Dixon, of lazy mind and relaxed body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Gabe Neale, the prestigious title of Master Diver conceived and passed down by the legendary water dragon of the swim team. May you recruit more divers and lead them to great success. To Ethan Wood, the pregame shout, booming and proud, and the task of breaking my land speed record during a Dicks run. To all Cow Sax juniors, our amazing section to do with as you see fit. Keep it spirited guys. And, of course, to Kathryn Ristuben, a year’s supply of loud, enthusiastic HI KATHRYNs and vigorous hand waving. I, William George Dodds, of weird mind and weird body, hereby leave my table to Cherkoly Melick and my female snap streaks to Reis Kissel. Care for my possessions as I would. I, Brooke Fitzwilson, of distracted mind and sleep-deprived body, do hereby bequeath the following: To my brother, Bryce, I reluctantly loan you my car for the next year -- treat it well. To Dobby Dobson, I pass on my unnecessary knowledge of Game of Thrones and the Stormlight Archives in hopes that you shall one day enlighten one of your peers with such treasures. To Jocie, I pass on the very unique ability to take 20 minutes to tell a story that should really only take like 2 minutes, while simultaneously managing to start like 5 other only slightly relevant stories within the original story you were trying to tell. To Liliana, I pass on a big bag of acrylic paints and other art goodies in hopes that you stay a creative little kiddo and continue to paint your room and your pants. And to the rest of MIHS, good luck. I, Beatriz Fiorentini, of un-chill mind and above average body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Vanessa Radke, my selfietaking skills - keep being unapologetically yourself. To Jackie Airut Murphy, the ability to rock maroon on maroon have fun! To Andrew Hanson I pass down the title of school Brazilian (sorry Patrick). Fries before guys forever & always We, Chloe Gage and Kimia Preston, of strategic minds and half asian bodies, do hereby bequeath the following: to Grace Bethards, Macy Mounger, Claire Mansfield, Shelby Burr, and Caroline Harkins, we give you the Girls Varsity Tennis Team and a maroon and white tie end blanket. Use them wisely and enjoy the bagels! I, Izzy Gahard, of sound mind and loud voice, do hereby bequeath the following non-WSU college sweatshirts to my sisters Lilia and Georgia Gahard and grant both of you full permission to wear the clothes that I do not take with me to college... You’re welcome. I, Jane Gormley, of journalistic mind and plaid body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Joe Gormley, I leave the Subaru. Please only play 95.7 The Jet or Tommy Cash. To Grady Short and Sophie Poole, I leave the position of Editor in Chief of The Islander. If I’m not mentioned in the April Fools Issue next year, I’m honestly going to be really disappointed. And finally, to the entire Journalism class, I leave the responsibility of stopping Ellie Gottesman from drinking kickstart. Pls help her. I, Emma Gottlieb, of befuddled mind and Jewish body, do hereby bequeath the following: to Serina Nguyen, this video link. naOyG_1VZS4 Lucas Guyer: my pink beanbag to the students of Room 316 I, Liv Jensen, of spirited cougar mind and glitter covered body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Ana Glass, I will the ability to flawlessly wear white nail polish year round and a bunch of my MI spirit gear. To Blake Daquila, I will the milkshake dance and the aux cord in Bran’s car. To Bran Lou, I will my heart and the power to take Roxie on walks despite laziness. To all of my underclassmen friends, I will happiness and hugs and encouragement to coat yourselves in glitter!

June 2, 2017 I, Isabel Hernandez, of strong, independent mind and clumsy body, do hereby bequeath the following: to Kathryn Ristuben and Katherine Gelsey, the title “fafsa wives.” Be sure to continue the legacy of weird left by those before you. To Kari Anderson, the WE clarinet section. Lead them to success. To Cameron Lee, the horn move “churning the butter.” Make sure it happens at least once in every march down. To Lauren Nakatsu, the WE clarinet mascot, Walden the Builder. Take good care of him. To David Wei, my role as supreme leader of the clarinet section. Provide sassy commentary whenever possible, you have big shoes to fill. To Ryan Char, the motivation necessary to survive auditions. You’re an inspiration to us all. And lastly, to Zoe Sheil, all my respect and admiration. Please don’t forget about me as you continue making the world a better place. I, Ren Jaecks, of cool mind and out of shape body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Ashley Waiss, I leave my trusted fez. May it lead you through band camp, trips, and retreats as it has for me. Wear it well! I, Matt McLellan, of distracted mind and thick body, hereby leave my stunning pickup truck to Scott McLellan.


I, Kristin Jradi, of maternal instinct and caffeinated body do hereby bequeath the following: To Justin Jradi: my knowledge, even though you are already smarter than me, and my strategy to get out of C Lot quickly. To Laurie: my favorite potato recipes. To Goldhammer: the pens I have stolen from you, all the homework I never turned in, and my unconditional gratitude.

I, Luke Kenworthy, of sound mind and don’tlook-out-your-window body, do hereby bequeath the following: to Noonie McCann, my willingness to follow the leadership constitution and THE Constitution; to Jon Na, my extensive collection of “leeks”; to Alex Benson, my super speed (it was unfortunate to see how slow you were this year and it seems that the only thing holding you back -- compared to me -was your underclassman status); to Mary Rose, the reigns of the honorable and legitimate institution that is the MIHS JSA chapter; and to Amanda Wion, any remaining shred of my dignity. I, Nadja Rose Li, decidedly do not bequeath anything but this wisdom: life is more fun, and high school more bearable, when you don’t care what anyone else thinks.

I, Spencer Kingston, of bodacious mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following: to Jon Na, I leave my all powerful stormtrooper sunglasses. Harness their power and use them responsibly. To Ryland Shannon, I leave the remainder of my possessions. Let them be your guide through your final year at MIHS. I, Unica Le, bequeath the following: To Bianca Le, I wish you the best of luck as you continue your journey into senior year. Make me proud during badminton season. ;) I leave my best wishes to Kylie Teng and Aria Stark, to keep up with the good work of study sessions during lunch. To Alexis Flood, I will you the success to be a fantastic artist. To Lisa Pitsch and Lisa Roche, I will you the motivation to keep working hard and have fun! Hard work will pay off! To Binali Edmonds, I wish you the best year of your high school life. I guarantee that all of you: Bianca, Kylie, Aria, Lisa P., Lisa R., and Binali, will be highly successful in the future. Keep up all of your undying joviality with your friends. I wish you all more luck than you can imagine. I, Jenna Khatib, of scattered mind and mac n cheese-filled body, leave absolutely everything to Scotty Rowe.


I, Christine Lee, of chocolate filled mind and 5’2’’ body do hereby bequeath the following: To Louise Morton, a senior year full of banging Christian tunes and irritating middle schoolers. To Ellie Gottesman, the position of spreaditor. Good luck little one! You will do amazing things <3. To Serina Nguyen and Ali Dickstein, my poorly taken bio notes and the tools to a successful senior year and college application proccess. Good luck, see you later MI, and follow @chocolatebark! I, Ian Lewis, of estranged mind and weak body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Ryland Shannon, Jack Shanafelt, and Matthew Mcburney, I leave my pet rocks, Terry, Mick, and Bruce. You guys decide who gets who. To Jacob Poling, I leave a receipt for a McDonald’s grilled chicken sandwich that I found in my car. I, Jordano Mark, of analytical mind and scarred body, do hereby bequeath the following: To my sister, Liliana, the TV that I always hog for my day-long games of Halo Wars. To Connor Hanson, my Battlefield 1 Score-Per-Minute and the metal that will be removed from my elbow this upcoming June. To Nikhil, I pass to you all the upcoming football hits you will have to take due to my retirement.




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wa Shoutout to Spencer Kingston for being the keystone to my success, despite conflicts and occasional verbal clashes that happened in Graphic Design. You deserve this shoutout : more than anybody to r k e t else! nc no e



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You are such a kind and caring person. I just wanted to make sure you knew how much I value our friendship.



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Dear Ren, Your arm computer is really neat and mysterious. I don’t know what it does or why you have it, but I have the feeling you’ll be making a lot of money off of it someday. Keep doing you, brother.

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The unsung

HEROES of the Class of

2 0 1 7

June 2, 2017


On behalf of our MIHS community we want to wish our staff members who are leaving us the very best. They have been inspirational and supportive to our students over the years here at MIHS. As they leave us to pursue their dreams -whether it is retirement or whether it is a continued career in education - the pride, dedication, and commitment these staff members have given to our students and staff and community at Mercer Island High School will always be in our memories and greatly appreciated.

-Vicki Puckett, Principal English Department

Fine Arts Department

Erica Hill (20 years of service) English Teacher & House Administration

Franscesca Lee (1 year of service) Art Teacher

Ryan Lane (11 years of service) Band Teacher

Julia Seidman (7 years of service) English Teacher

Science Department

Counseling Department

Louis Sargent (7 years of service)

MJ Hillstrom (17 years of service) College Counselor

Horticulture & Science Teacher

Sam Gadbury (4 years of service) Robotics & Science Teacher

Kathleen Stearns (8 years of service) Counselor

College-Career Readiness

Math Department Megan Benjamin (1 years of service) Math Teacher

Kristine VanderHoeven (7 years of service) CTE Director and Teacher

NOT PICTURED Security Jared Livingston (1 year of service) Security Guard


History Department

Denise Radow (16 year of service) Librarian

John Stafford (6 months of service) Social Studies Teacher




DEAR Mr. Johnston

Thank you so much. Thank you for the countless hours you spent editing my college essays, for letting me rewrite my english papers, for forcing classes to make mockumentaries, and for being there to always talk to. You are not only a teacher, but a homie. I have so much respect for you, and I cannot wait to see how many more kids’ lives you will change.

Emily Goldblatt

DEAR Mr. Radow

I had never enjoyed learning about the history of the United States. To be fair I thought it was a waste of an entire year because this class and the material could easily be presented in a semester. I considered it widely unfair to all the other countries out there with histories far more impactful than the United States’. This was partly due to the fact that I had not been exposed to many people who would openly criticize the many failings in our nation’s history. That was until your class when you made it clear that sometime America was the bad guy and that it was okay to point that out. So, thank you, for teaching me to be honest and to not be afraid of expressing my opinions.

Kate Dickhaus

DEAR Ms. Schjelderup

Thank you for rolling your eyes when I got a 45% on the first vectors quiz because I hadn’t studied, and thank you for believing in me afterwards, when I promised I would stop being lazy. Thank you for not giving me half a point back on that limits test. Thank you for teaching me which battles matter, and which ones don’t. Thank you for taking the time to read through a page of my crappy integration work to show me exactly where I made a mistake, and thank you for drawing a smiley face on the surface area quiz that came next. It made me happier than the extra credit. Thank you for taking off a whole point that one time I wrote my answer in the form (angle, radius) instead of (radius, angle). I never made that mistake again. Thank you for marking me down when I said t equals negative one-fourth but included a timid footnote admitting that the problem wasn’t defined for

DEAR Mr. Twombley

I want to thank you for all you have done this year to make me think about new and different philosophies about life meaning. You, unlike any teacher I have had before, have challenged me to look at things from many different points of view and to strive to understand why people different from me think the way they do. This process has opened me up to an extremely interesting investigation of different trains of thought and has given me a greater sense of where and how I fit into the world. Thank you for all of your hard work and I hope you can make the same impact on many more students in the future.

Johnny Brondello

DEAR Ms. Stafford

Thank you for making my junior year so memorable. My decision to take the non-honors block was a great one to say the least. You are such a supportive and passionate teacher which is very rare. Your reading and analysis heavy curriculum was refreshing coming from such robot-like English classes in the past. I made so many great memories in your class and learned so much. Thank you for, well, being you!

Mallory Phillips

DEAR Profa. Cochran

I would like to thank Professora Cochran for making me love Spanish again. I enjoyed being in your class sophomore year, and my sisters and I agree that you are our favorite teacher. Thank you for making class fun and bringing joy and excitement into learning. Whether it be encouraging kids to singing out loud in class or having us swat words on the whiteboard to learn our vocabulary, you really helped me learn so much in that one year. I also want to thank you for letting me TA junior year and continuing to help me in Spanish and always being that teacher that I know I could talk to about school and look to for help. You will also always be my style icon and the most fashionable teacher.

Izzy Gahard

negative values of t. Thank you for teaching me to be confident of my own intuition. Thank you for taking off points whenever my explanation wasn’t crystal clear. Thank you for holding against me every word I used that wasn’t completely accurate in the context of the problem. Thank you for being the math teacher who taught me how to write. Thank you for guiding me to choose happiness over prestige. Thank you for teaching me that it doesn’t matter what other people say. Thank you for saying “work smart, not hard” so annoyingly often. I’ll never forget it. Thank you for making your class a trial by fire. Thank you for all your tough love. Thank you for being patient, attentive, intuitive, and encouraging for all four years of my high school career. Thank you for being my teacher.

Bryan Zhao

DEAR Mr. Noble

Thank you for putting up with and answering any question that I was thinking about. I know that they weren’t always closely related to what we were doing, and a lot of the times completely misguided, but I really appreciate how every time I asked about something I had in my mind, I got a well explained and interesting answer that expanded my understanding of what applications physics can have. I always looked forward to going to 6th period, because I knew that every day I was going to learn about something new that interested me. #MIHSFYZX4LYFE.

Cole Eriksson

June 2, 2017



I know there have been a lot of times where we debate over minor issues in robotics, but from those moments of conflicts and upsets, I learned more from you than anyone else throughout my high school career. In these past four years, your words of encouragement have always motivated me inside and outside of the classroom. Remember when Robotics had to cram into the old gas engine room? Those defining moments will never be forgotten, despite the irresistible river of time sweeping up men and events one after another, the legacies you left MI with will never be forgotten. I just wanted to express my gratitude and I was lucky to have you as one of my teachers throughout my time in high school.

Gavin Qu

DEAR Coach Cree

I had you as a student teacher back in 6th grade. Thank you for all your work and help! I never had you in high school but it has been rewarding to work with you in the basketball program. Just watching the team grow as a family and watching you coach and teach the team has been something that I will cherish forever. Watching you crack jokes with the team, trying to have them participate in yoga, and all the team dinners will be something that I will never forget. Although I never had you as a teacher, you have influenced me to always enjoy the little things in life. As much as I am ready to go to college, my time with the basketball team has been something that I will truly remember. And as always I will come back to visit!

Tina Zhang

DEAR Mr. Goldhammer

Thank you for an unforgettable junior year in english class. Your passion for literature is contagious. I will never forget listening to you read Huck Finn out loud. You had such strong emotion, connection, and conviction to the characters and story that it made you cry. I had never seen a teacher cry before. Your vulnerability made me feel safe, taken seriously, and taught me the power of literature. You promoted creativity and self-expression with writing as an outlet and made a room of forty stressed, preoccupied juniors want to sit down and read. Thank you for not only being my teacher, but one of my role models! I love saying hi to you in the halls!

Stella Hermelee

DEAR Mrs. Yoder

I’d like to give a huge thank you to Ms. Yoder. Ms. Yoder helped me understand two years of math learning, with all the challenges and successes along the way. Ms. Yoder taught me that learning why is more important than learning how. Even outside of the classroom, Ms. Yoder has continued to be an awesome person. She has helped me on the path to college and becoming an Eagle Scout. I know that my gratitude cannot be enough to repay Ms. Yoder, but all I can say is thank you for what you have done.

Garrett Dubofsky

DEAR Mr. Wanzer

I have already had the chance to thank you and the other band directors multiple times, but I cannot express my gratitude enough. A lot of people don’t understand what you do for the band. This year, however, I’ve had the privilege of gaining a new perspective for both marching and concert season. You’re superhuman, from patiently writing new drill sets each week to figuring out electronics for Augenblick. On top of that, I know next year will be even crazier because you’ll be helping out the new director. It used to blow my mind that you went to school here and loved it so much that you came back to teach, but I get it now. Thank you for inspiring me from both behind the scenes and on the podium.

Rose Weiker

Thank you for four incredible years in the band program. You inspired me to strive for perfection and greatness in everything I do. All of the incredible experiences that I have gotten to be a part of while in this program and the friends I have made will hopefully stick with me forever. I can now honestly say that I enjoy band class and look forward to the hour of time where we just make music.

DEAR Mr. Bixby

Erik Raisys

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Gracie Cannon Hanna Puetz (Honors) James Le Janet Diep Jordano Mark Josephine Liu Josh Shin (Honors) Kate Miller Kelsey Scanlan Kimia Preston (Honors) Lara Hattatoglu Lizzy Sagerson Lucas Meek Luke Boksem Madeline Gile Max Vangelder Megan Skene Mona Xue Natalie Robinson Nate Sigmon

Nathan Wacker Noah Hsue Peter Zachariah Piljin Kwak Rachel Ayzenberg Rae Wong Rory Murphy Rose Weiker Ryan Liang Ryan van der Hoeven Shain Scott Sophia Jorgenson Tanner Poling Verli Chen Will Krause Yixin Xu Zoe Levin University of Washington, Bothell (2) Brian Hutt

IDBoise State University (1) David Sims

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NYBarnard College of Columbia University (1) Isabel Hernandez Colgate University (1) Max Waller Columbia University (1) Gracie Wall Cornell University (1) Matt Chansky Fordham University (1) Samantha Mills Hofstra University (1) Darius White New York School of Interior Design (1) INPurdue University (1) Cole Nielsen Indiana University Bloomington (1) James Markwith

University of Idaho (1) Jackson Kelley

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OHMiami University (1) Elena Sedlock Oberlin College (1) Micaela Pirzio-Biroli University of Findlay (1) Samantha Sweet

CTYale University (1) Adam Tucker

NHDartmouth College (2) Anna Luce Mitchell Meade

MIUniversity of Michigan (2) Leah Paborsky Riley Thompson

PAArcadia University (1) Shalom Chiu Carnegie Mellon University (1) Rachel Motz Dickinson College (1) Emily Greaves Lehigh University (1) Rebecca Bone Pennsylvania State University (1) Ben Dixon

NECreighton University (1) Tina Zhang

MDJohns Hopkins University (1) Carmen Schafer


VAVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1) Chris Dierkes

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COUniversity of Colorado Boulder (9) Ben Smith Erin Greer Gavin Qu Ian LaCombe Maile Moll Maya Rudd Michael Litzow Peyton Skall Spencer Kingston University of Denver (1) Michele Zhang

NMUniversity of New Mexico (1) Sofia Gray

LATulane University (2) Kate Everson Stella Hermelee

MOWashington University in St. Louis (1) Jane Gormley

OTHER PLANS (5) TXTexas A&M University (1) Ben Clayville Texas Christian University (2) Holly Brandon Mitchell Mandt

Cate Sheehan- “Carpe Diem” gap year program Chewy Chuyeshkov- Working in Seattle Emma Simmons- Moving to Hawaii Julian Morgan- Acting and dancing in Los Angeles Nicole Kim- Moving to Hawaii

MABerklee College of Music (1) Hannah Samuels Boston Conservatory at Berklee (1) Daniel Pooley Harvard University (1) Luke Kenworthy Massachusetts College of Art and Design (1) Yawen Huang Northeastern University (1) Isabel Bolger Wellesley College (1) Abby Zhong Worcester Polytechnic Institute (1) Ellie Hess Tufts University (2) Cameron Cummings Harris Hardiman-Mostow

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MILITARY SERVICE (1) Marine Corps (1) Cherry Neer