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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Volume 89 – Number 43

County to move forward with condemnation proceedings By JOHN JENSEN

The Grundy Register GRUNDY CENTER — Grundy County will be moving forward with condemnation proceedings to acquire property for construction of a new county annex building. County Attorney Kirby Schmidt briefed the Board on the next step in the proceedings to acquire the property at 801 Seventh Street in Grundy Center, which is owned by Zenor, Inc. He said a chief judge will appoint a six-person commission consisting of two local property owners, two individuals who work in a banking-related field and two individuals who work in a real estate related field plus three alternates. Those individuals will determine the amount of money Zenor, Inc. is entitled to if the County goes through with condemnation. Schmidt said the respondent (Zenor) may challenge one commission member without a reason, leading to the need for alternates. Schmidt said he expects the commission to be appointed this week. He added that the judge cannot rule on whether or not the county is permitted to condemn the property. “You have the power to condemn for a valid public purpose,” he said. “That decision is made when this document is presented. The only way that can be challenged is if it’s not a valid public purpose.” Schmidt said it is possible for the County to receive the decision of the commission as early as November. IN OTHER BUSINESS, Public Health Manager Nancy Haren introduced Wendy Monaghan as Grundy County’s new public health lead. Haren said Monaghan could eventually fill her role when she retires at the beginning of next year and that a second person will be hired in the department. Haren presented the department’s quarterly report, noting that grant funds have been used to purchase 12 curb cuts and 11 bike racks in Conrad recently. She added that the home healthcare aide problems that plagued the County earlier this year have been resolved with the partnership with the Western Home Community. CPC Administrator Todd Rickert briefed the Board on funding issues that could force him to move some things around within his department. He noted that rules appear to be changing quickly and that when you think you have a handle on things, something else changes. The Board approved a utility permit from Windstream so that it may upgrade lines and improve Internet services in the Morrison area. The Board also received the Recorder’s quarterly report and approved the Annual Urban Renewal Report for Fiscal 2013. It also passed a resolution to terminate the Development Agreement between the County and Olderog Wholesale Tires, Inc. of Holland. The county’s agreement with the Olderog had been that it would receive Tax Increment Financing funds so long as it kept four employees. After tabling payment of the funds late last year, the company was found to be in violation of the agreement, leading to its termination.

Area Trick or Treat Times Grundy County Communities have announced dates and times for trick or treating. Communities not listed could not be reached Grundy Center Thursday, Oct. 31, 5:30 - 8 p.m. Beaman Thursday, Oct. 31 - 5 - 7 p.m. Conrad Thursday, Oct. 31, 6 - 8 p.m. Dike Thursday, Oct. 31, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. New Hartford Thursday, Oct. 31, 5 - 7 p.m. Parkersburg Thursday, Oct. 31, 5 - 7 p.m. Reinbeck Thursday, Oct. 31 - 5 - 7 p.m. Wellsburg Thursday, Oct. 31, 5:30 - 7 p.m.

What’s Happening Thursday, Oct. 24 Grundy Center Elementary Book Fair (Through Oct. 28) Saturday, Oct. 26 Sheila Cordes Benefit Oak Leaf Country Club, Reinbeck 4-8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 28 Grundy County Supervisors Grundy County Courthouse • 9 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29 YMCA Halloween Carnival Upper Elementary • 5-8 p.m

Grundy Center, Iowa

Wednesday, Oct. 30 Kling After school Time (KAT) Wed. October 23rd 1:30 - 3 pm Halloween Party! Thursday, Oct. 31


Items for “What’s Happening” should be submitted by Monday, 10 a.m. to Items are printed free of charge and subject to editorial approval.

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Long road leads new pastor to Colfax By JOHN JENSEN The Grundy Register HOLLAND — Sometimes pastors get a call from the Lord that they at first do not understand. It is the kind of call that takes a pastor from his lifelong home in the South to a small, Midwest church located a few miles from anywhere. And sometimes that pastor could not be happier to be there. Just two short weeks ago, the Rev. Robby Grames began his new life as pastor at Colfax Center Presbyterian Church after serving in a similar role in Minneola, Fla for the past 6 1/2 years. “If you had to pick a place on the map where you thought the Lord would put you, this would probably not be it,” he admitted. “I’m a lifelong southerner.” Yet Grames said what he’s found in Holland and Grundy County is just what he and his family of six were looking for. All it took was a visit. “When we came to visit, our kids immediately connected with some of the other kids and (wife) Susie really connected with some of the ladies,” he said. “Just getting over the initial shock of the total cross-country move, I think that was relieved by just getting here and getting to know some of the people. It’s a lot to process, but I think, after being here, we both feel it’s confirmed that this is where the Lord has us and we feel called.” Grames said he first felt the call to the ministry while attending high school in Savannah, Ga. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Mississippi College he attended Samford University’s Beesom Divinity School and soon after began

Colfax Center Presbyterian Church’s new pastor, Robby Grames, is not only getting used to a new congregation, but also his first time living in the Midwest. (John Jensen/The Grundy Register photo) his ministry as a youth pastor at a small church outside Birmingham, Ala. After serving there for 5 1/2 years, including a stretch as the church’s interim pastor, he and his family moved to a church in a small town outside Orlando, Fla. “It was a great church, but Florida’s full of retirees so there wasn’t a community in the church,” he said. “People were driving 30 and 40 minutes to come on Sunday morning, but you didn’t see them a whole lot. Here (in Holland) everybody knows everybody and

there’s more of a community feel to it, so that was one of the things that was really attractive. “It was a good 6 1/2 years (in Florida), we got to know the people real well, we made some impact in the community,” he said. A big attraction to the Colfax Center Church for Grames was its 141-year history during which it has had only 11 pastors. The last of those, the Rev. Larry Hoop, served for 24 years before retiring earlier this year. “Sometimes you’re expected

to move around, but here there’s a climate of accepting the pastor and expecting him to minister — seeing your kids baptized, seeing your kids get married. That’s something very important to me.” Grames said. Before that happens, however, Grames, his wife and four children will need time to settle into their new home in Iowa. “There’s things that we’ve never seen — obviously in Florida we’ve never seen cold, winter, snow,” he See GRAMES page 2

City Council approves project to install new street, stop-and-go lights

By JOHN JENSEN The Grundy Register GRUNDY CENTER — The Grundy Center City Council gave the final go-ahead for new street and stop-and-go lights during Monday’s regular Council meeting. The project will be financed through a 10-year, $400,000 in general purpose bond purchased from GNB. Jeff Heil of Northland Securities told the Council that he looked at both purchasing the bonds through the bond market and from GNB, noting that the increased interest rate from GNB (3 percent) versus the bond market (2.6 percent) is offset by lower fees through the local bank. Five years of the bonds through GNB are protected while the other five years are callable. “I guess after looking at it, my recommendation is that you go with Grundy National Bank (GNB) at the 3 percent, that way you don’t have to do the continuing disclosure annual report,” Heil said. The Council approved the construction after a pair of citizens spoke during a public hearing. Steve Hinderhofer asked the Council several questions about the project, including how high a price level the lights will be compared to others available, whether the City could pay cash for the lights, whether the project will affect property taxes, whether the city can go without the stop-and-go lights at the corners of Sixth and Seventh Streets and how old the current lights are. Mayor Rex Van Wert said the current lights have been in place 20 years or more since being renovated, and at least a decade before that. He said the stop-and-go lights must remain in place, as they are on a state highway, and that the cost of the bonds will come out of taxes, but that much of the added cost will be offset from debt that is being retired.

Heil added that, even with the new bonds, Grundy Center will be at approximately 40 percent of its legal debt limit while most other cities its size run closer to 60 percent of the limit. Public Work Director Dan Bangasser said the lights the city is purchasing are in the middle to low price level while Councilman Dave Stefl explained to Hinderhofer that the city does not have enough cash on hand to purchase the lights without bonding. Bob Greany also spoke during the hearing, agreeing that there is a need for new street lights. He added, however, that the city has other pressing needs such as problems with the sewer system. “We’re not excited about (the expenditure for lights) either, but we are trying to look at that sewer project work that could be out there and some of this rainwater problem infiltrating the system,” Stefl said. “We’re having a study done refocusing on the problem spots, and then we know that we may have to be doing some repairs.” Greany also asked whether it was the city, and not Grundy Center Municipal Utilities, that owned the lights, suggesting that GC Muni be asked to pay for the replacements. Van Wert assured Greany that the city owns the lights while adding that the utility will also be contributing to the project as utility lines currently overhead are moved underground. The Grundy Center Police Department will likely be purchasing new body-worn cameras to replace out-of-date in-car cameras. Reserve Officer Brian Shimon, who is also the assistant police chief at the Meskwaki Settlement, brought a camera from the Meskwaki department to show the Council and sung praises of the system. “It’s worth its weight in gold as

far as liability is concerned,” he said. The cameras are activated by the officers and will record exactly what they see. Shimon said the camera also works as a public relations tool and helps keep his officers in check, as they know they are being recorded. Van Wert suggested that the City find a place in the budget to purchase the system, suggesting that Community Betterment Funds could be used. Shawn Weber addressed the Council about an ordinance that allows single-car driveways to be no more than 18-feet wide. He said he wishes to widen his driveway to as much as 26 feet and that several neighbors he has spoken to, including those on both sides of his driveway, have no objection. Van Wert said the ordinance restricting single driveways to 18 feet is old. He said he has spoken to Public Works Director Dan Bangasser and that both agree that there is no reason to restrict them to that width. He added that the city will look to amend the ordinance to allow wider single driveways. As the amendment would take time, and Weber said he hopes to get work done before winter, he asked if it would be possible to get a variance to allow him to complete the work before the amendment is passed. “I don’t see anyone at the table objecting to that,” Van Wert said while instructing Weber to work with Bangasser to get the proper approval. Council also approved the city’s open burning period for Oct. 21 through Nov. 29, noting that burning is not allowed in streets. INRCOG’s Colleen Simmons was on the agenda to speak to the Council about the Black Hawk Creek Water Trail but did not attend the meeting.

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Angie Holloway

Holloway is new face of local economic development

By JOHN JENSEN The Grundy Register GRUNDY CENTER — Grundy County economic development has a new face. Angie Holloway took over a role that has been held by a variety of people in recent years last month and has been learning the ropes as program director with the Grundy County Development Alliance. It is a role, she said, that is slowly evolving. “In the past, there’s been somebody in this position who’s both worked for the city as maybe a chamber director and had this role as well,” she said. “What happened was the chamber took up 90 percent of this job and this job kind of took up the last 10 percent. I see this job as kind of the face to the Grundy County Development Alliance. What I see in my role is being that face that gets out there into our industry and our manufacturers and into our small businesses.” Holloway has a background in health care administration, having managed rural health care clinics and having worked human resources. After more See HOLLOWAY page 2


Grundy NEWS Register

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day observed Holloway By CRYSTAL HUISMAN News Correspondent “Even though she is not here she is part of our family,” said Nicole Rhoads when speaking of the daughter she lost during the 20th week of pregnancy last January. After a routine ultrasound, Nicole and her husband Christopher were excited to learn they were having a baby girl. Little did they know that less than a week later, Nicole would be giving birth to a stillborn baby. “Kherington was perfect,” said Nicole. “They did all the tests and there was nothing wrong with her.” A candlelight ceremony was held at 7 p.m. on October 15 to mark Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Area women and their families lit candles in memory of their lost loved ones. “Part of the intent for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is to raise public awareness for the needs of bereaved parents,” said Robyn Plocher, After Care Special-

ist for Abels Funeral Homes. “It’s often an invisible loss if you lose a baby in early pregnancy and their grief is often overlooked.” Many of the women in attendance at the candlelight ceremony are members of a group called Empty Arms, which is meant for women who have lost a child during pregnancy or in the first year of life.. The group meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M. at Grundy County Memorial Hospital. “It’s nice to have women close by to open up to,” said Nicole. “We all share our tears. A lot of the women are very private, but we can talk about it and get through things together.” “One of the important needs for people who are grieving are telling their story,” said Plocher. “(The ceremony) is an opportunity to tell the story in a safe place where people are going to be able to accept it, hear it and understand it.”


Pictured above Nicole and Christopher Rhoads sit with their son Bentley, age 3, while they remember their infant daughter Kherington, who they lost last January.

OCTOBER 23 - 29

The Grundy Register


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continue to support the current manufacturers Sometimes you kind of step on people’s feet when you say we’re trying to bring in new businesses — it’s kind of that fine line where we want to promote the sites that we have and the buildings we have available. We kind of look at it as a trickle-down theory as far as supporting the small businesses that we have.” Holloway said, while Grundy County itself has a small population, it still sits well in terms of potential for growth. “I think what benefits Grundy County is proximity to the road system that we have, and I think that’s semi-attractive,” she said. Other smaller roles that Holloway is filling include coordinating the Grundy County Community Foundation and working with the Barn Quilt group. “Right now it’s just kind of getting people to know what the GCDA is,” she said. “You meet people and they say ‘Well you’re the barn quilt people’ and that’s not the case. That just happens to be one of the groups that fall under my role. I’m just there to make sure that the meetings happen and that things get followed up on. I’m that person that contact person that people call when they have questions, disburse maps, those sorts of things.”

Grames From page 1 said. “There’s going to be a lot of firsts, but I think it’s kind of fun actually to experiencing it together — the small town, parsonage, all of that bowled up into one.” “I’ve always told my wife, I want to live someplace where there’s four seasons, he said. While the climate may be different, Grames said the people he’s met have been much what he has come to expect working in other small towns.

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From page 1 than 10 years in the health care field, and when her family relocated to Grundy County from Manson, she decided a change in her order. “I really wanted to get out of the medical field,” she said. “It was a constant battle and the unknown was kind of scary. “I like meeting new people, I like learning new things and those sorts of things and so I think that’s what attracted me to (this role),” she said. “(This is) a great way for me to learn the area.” Holloway is currently working hand-in-hand with Jeff Kolb, who is serving as the Grundy County Economic Development Director in addition to a similar role in Butler County. Holloway said Kolb has certification as an economic development director, something the county needs as it applies for information and grants at both the state and federal level. Holloway said she could be in a position to train for a similar role as things evolve. Along with Kolb, Holloway is spending time with local businesses and manufacturers finding out what their needs are while also keeping the door open for any new businesses that wish to come to the county. “I think the major role of the GCDA is to retain the current jobs that we have,” she said. “We want to

“I’ve found the people here to be very friendly, down to earth, gracious and that’s what we’re accustomed to,” he said. “We’ve been in small towns throughout our ministry.” “I think this church has a lot of potential to really share the grace of God here in this community along with other churches,” he said. “Because we’re not alone in this, we’re all part of the same team. I think the key is the Gospel and the good news - that’s what people need to hear.”

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Grundy NEWS Register

Lori Lycke, 50, of Eldora passed away October 16, 2013, at Allen Hospital, in Waterloo. Memorial services were October 26 at the Main St. Chapel of the Anderson Funeral Home, in Marshalltown. Online condolences may be sent to Lori was born June 12, 1963, to Gordon and Barbara (McStockard) Meiers. She graduated from Eldora High School in 1981. Lori received her Associate Degree from Marshalltown Community College. Lori was a stay at home mom for most of her life before recently being employed with Fredrick’s Furniture, in Grundy Center. During the time at home she also owned and operated Loveable Lyckables with her mother. She loved God with all her heart. Lori enjoyed crafts, playing cards, and Schmoodlepuff her dog. Lori will be missed by a daughter, Alaynna (Shane) Schwartz of Kalona; two sons, Alex Lycke of Kalona, Austin Lycke of Eldora; a brother, Mark Meiers of Hubbard; and the decedents of Harold McStockard. She was preceded in death by her parents.

Mervin ‘Moe’ Hansen

Mervin “Moe” Hansen, 93, of Dike passed away October 18, 2013, at Parkview Manor in Reinbeck while under the care of Cedar Valley Hospice. A funeral service was held on October 21 at the Fredsville Evangelical Lutheran Church rural Cedar Falls. Burial followed at Fredsville Church Cemetery. A visitation was held October 20 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Engelkes-Abels Funeral Home in Dike. Memorials may be directed to the family. To leave a message of condolence for the family, please visit . Mervin was born on December 14, 1919, in Dike, the son of Robert and Tillie (Hansen) Hansen. He attended Dike schools and resided in the area most of his life. On September 20, 1942, Mervin was united in marriage with Arlene Andersen in Fredsville. Arlene died on April 28, 1967. On April 9, 1977, Mervin married Betty J. Baker at the Little Brown Church in Nashua. Mervin farmed in the Dike area until his retirement. He was a life time member of Fredsville Evangelical Lutheran Church and a member of The Danish Brotherhood. He enjoyed fishing, playing cards and all types of car racing including serving as crew chief for his son. Mervin loved spending time with family and friends. In later years he especially enjoyed having coffee with his family on Saturday mornings. He was preceded in death by his first wife Arlene in 1967; his parents; sister, Sylvia Schnoebelen; and brother, George Hansen. Mervin is survived by his wife, Betty of Reinbeck; two sons, Curt (Alice) Hansen of Dike, and Craig (Leah) Hansen of Dike; two daughters, Marcia (Gary) Borwig of Dike, Marjorie (Bill) Orr of Waterloo; seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren

Cover crop planting deadline extended to October 31 DES MOINES –Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey today said that farmers participating in the state water quality cost share program that are intending to plant cover crops have until October 31, 2013 to get the cover crops planted and still qualify for assistance. This extension only applies to state funded programs and is only available for those species that are likely to establish well, specifically winter rye, winter triticale and winter wheat. “Everything has been behind this year due to the extremely wet spring weather, so some farmers have been unable to get cover crops planted as timely has they had anticipated,” Northey said. “Scientists from Iowa State have assured us there are still

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significant water quality benefits to planting certain cover crops and that is why we have extended the deadline until the end of the month.” The recommended cutoff date for seeding cover crops in Iowa previously was October 15th. The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship has received guidance from Iowa State University that cover crops planted after this date still have the potential to provide substantial reduction in nutrient losses and soil erosion, so the Department extended the deadline until the end of the month. Farmers who had been approved for cost share assistance and are still unable to get cover crops seeded should contact their local Soil and Water Conservation District office.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Grundy Register Bulletin Board ... F.I.S.H. seeks support, volunteers for upcoming events

GRUNDY CENTER — The Grundy Center F.I.S.H. group has announced a pair of upcoming events. F.I.S.H. (which stands for Faith Inspiring Spartan Hearts) was formed a year ago to provide financial assistance to Grundy Center students by eliminating financial barriers and bringing together the community, churches and students with a mission of helping others. Last year the group provided financial assistance to a several students to meet their immediate needs, including but not limited to, lunch money, athletic uniform apparel, clothes, shoes and camp fees. F.I.S.H. is sponsoring the Junior High Spartan Volleyball Tournament this Saturday, Oct. 26, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Volunteers are being sought to work with F.I.S.H. at the tournament. Volunteers are also being sought for the F.I.S.H. S’more roast during the Grundy Center Village of Lights celebration Nov. 23. F.I.S.H. is also seeking new members and donations. For more information contact Jennifer Flater, Mary Hinderhofer, Kelly Mathews, Angie or Brent Thoren or Laurie Wallis.

Holland voters to vote at new site Nov. 5 City of Holland voters will go to a new site for voting in the November 5 City Election. The polling place has been changed to the Fire Station in the City of Holland. The polls will be open on November 5 from Noon until 8:00 PM. Feel free to call the Grundy County Auditor’s Office at 319-8243122 if you have any questions. In school or at home, the newspaper is a textbook for life. Encourage your children to make reading the newspaper a part of their everyday routine for lifelong learning.

Brief placement is available only to events that fall within The Grundy Register readership area, which includes all of Grundy County, Aplington and Parkersburg. Any cost to participate will not be printed within the briefs, nor will any mention of menu items. Bulletin Board placement is available to non-profit groups or for major community events. Briefs must be received by 9 a.m. Tuesday for placement in that week’s paper.

NFL & Life program set for Nov. 23 in Parkersburg

PARKERSBURG — The Ed Thomas Family Foundation and First Congregational Church of Parkersburg will host NFL and Life, an inspiring evening at the Aplington-Parkersburg High School Auditorium, Saturday, Nov. 23, at 7 p.m. Admission is free to the event, which features messages from Aaron Kampman, an Aplington-Parkersburg graduate who recently retired from a career in the NFL, and his brother Andy, who currently serves as Director of Mobilization at the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin Texas. The event will also feature music from The Johnson Strings. Following the event refreshments will be served and information will be available from each of guest speakers, musicians and sponsors.

Grundy Center Lions collecting eyeglasses

The Grundy Center Lions Club is collecting eyeglasses in October. To donate eyeglasses during the October pickup, call (Lutheran Church) and a member of the Lions Club will come to pick them up. Dropoff boxes are located at Jansen Optical, Family Eyecare Center and Family Foods.

Grundy Family YMCA Notes

FREE YMCA Halloween Carnival - Tuesday, Oct. 29, 5-8 p.m. —Kindergarten through fifth-grade students are invited to a night of fun carnival games in the Upper Elementary gymnasium. Plinko, musical chairs, ring toss, bingo, inflatable slide, softball knockdown, face painting, football tire throw, balloon animals, kiddie pool fishing and a spooky haunted hallway. Participate in games for a chance to win a prize from the AmericInn, Subway or the Center Theater. All games are free. An optional $5 meal deal is available from the Grundy Center Chamber of Commerce. A few volunteer spots remain open. If you are interested in helping out with a game at the Carnival contact Andrew or Audrey at the Y, 319-825-6210.

Assessor’s office to begin working in Wellsburg

The Grundy County Assessor’s Office in conjunction with Vanguard Appraisals, Inc will begin working in Wellsburg on or about October 28, 2013. Door-to-door inspections & exterior measurements of each property will be conducted. Property owners are asked to cooperate by allowing a complete inspection of their property so a fair & equitable assessment may be determined for each property. Any questions may be directed to the Grundy County Assessor’s Office at 319-824-6216.

Grundy Chamber to host Halloween dinner

Join the Chamber of Commerce for dinner at the YMCA Halloween Carnival on 10/29 at the Upper Elementary. Entry to the Carnival is free and lasts from 5 to 8 p.m. The Halloween dinner is served from 5:30 to 7 p.m. and includes Halloween-themed dinner items. There is a charge for the dinner.

Grundy Center Elementary to host book fair

GRUNDY CENTER — The Grundy Center Elementary IMC will be hosting a Book Fair Oct. 23 - 28. It will be open Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Thursday from 8 a.m.

to 8 p.m., Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Monday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This fund raiser is used to help purchase materials for the IMC.

Benefit planned for Reinbeck woman

REINBECK — A benefit is planned for Saturday, Oct. 26 at the Oak Leaf Country Club in Reinbeck to benefit 45-year-old Sheila Cordes, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer earlier this year. The benefit includes a meal, silent and live auctions and a bake sale. There is also a raffle for a $500 gift card. Donations for Cordes may also be made at any Veridan Credit Union. For more information, or to donate items for auction or for the bakse sale, contact Deanne Ross at 319-231-4135 or Sherry Petersen at 319-269-0174.

Gospel Concert Series begins in New Hartford

The New Hartford Community Center will again be the site for a series of free gospel concerts. The concerts begin Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. Restored. a southern gospel singing group, consisting of Ray and Nancy Hemmer and Naomi Probert, will kick off the seasons concerts. All are invited to attend this free event, with light refreshments served afterwards. Any questions you may call Ray Hemmer at 277-4848.

SWCD tree and shrub sale Need to protect a home, building, or livestock area from wind damage? Have problems with snow drifts or soil erosion? Plan on doing some landscaping? Then, the Grundy County Soil and Water Conservation District may have the answer to your needs with its Annual Tree and Shrub Sale! This year we are offering: Single-Potted Conifers: Techny Arborvitae, Eastern Red Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, White Pine, Black Hills Spruce, Meyer Spruce, Norway Spruce, and White Spruce. Deciduous Bare-Root Shrub Bundles of 25: Black Chokeberry, Cranberrybush, Redosier Dogwood, Common Lilac, American Hazelnut, Amur Maple, Common Ninebark,

and Serviceberry. Deciduous Bare-Root Tree Bundles: Ohio Buckeye, Red Splendor Crabapple, Little Leaf Linden, Autumn Blaze Maple, Sugar Maple, Bur Oak, Red Oak, and Swamp White Oak. If our list doesn’t include what you want or need, be sure to ask about any other available trees/ shrubs. If you are interested in putting in a windbreak or shelterbelt, Cost Share assistance may be available, and our technicians can help you with a design and determine what trees would best fit your soil type. You can contact us at Grundy County Soil and Water Conservation District is 319-824-3634 ext. 3 or stop by our office.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grundy OPINION Register

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Compiled by Lisa Kanagy

10 Years Ago This Week - 2003 •Pictured is Ferrol and Cynthia Hilsabeck with US Third dist. Congressman Leonard Boswell, presenting him with the four military medals that he earned while serving his country an occupational medal for WWII post war service in Germany, good conduct medal, a marksman medal and a Naitonal Defense service medal •Liberty Bank moves to new facility that ‘shows our commitment to the Grundy Center community’ said Vice President John Schuller, and is now open to serve customers •Repairs being made to the front of the Horbach Furniture building after sustaining structural damage to the brick facade in July •A 10 year service award is presented to Grundy County Secondary Roads Dept. employee Harvin Rust •Spartans snap six game losing streak against Gladbrook Reinbeck with a 14-7 win •Center Theatre - Second Hand Lions •Fresh East Coast Oysters are here at Family Foods 25 Years Ago This Week - 1988 •Spartan colored windsocks are now on sale at five Grundy Center locations •Open house birthday celebration for one year old Marissa Getting on Sunday. Marissa is doing well after being Iowa’s youngest heart transplant patient, born October 17 •A group of 23 parents and Timothy Christian teachers have been involved a singing group called ’The Ambassadors’ and are under the direction of Mrs. Marlen Oelmann and Mrs. Barb Vos as accompanist. They have been visiting various churches promoting Christian education and Timothy Christian School •Mary Schmidt shares six of her favorite recipes that include nuts, as the Business and Professional Women of Grundy Center are selling nuts this week •Center Theatre - Young Guns •Corn Syrup - 32oz - 99¢ 50 Years Ago This Week - 1963 •Gov. Hughes paid a surprise visit to Sara Lee Yoder of the Grundy National Bank and Harriet Jansen of The Farmers Savings Bank congratulating them on their savings bond selling activities, during the State Corn Picking contest •Ground was broken on Thursday for Conrad’s $125,000 Oakview Nursing Home with 20 beds •County property values climb to record levels, assessment gains last year were $601,908 •”Good Neighbor Deed” happened at the farms of Hank Riekens and Edward Decknadel to help with corn picking, due to health reasons these men were unable to complete the harvest •Darla Meyer was crowned Wellsburg homecoming queen •Center Theatre - The Longest Day •Club or round steak - 79¢ per # 75 Years Ago This Week - 1938 •The rural teachers of Grundy county have formed an organization for them to develop closer relationships among the 82 teachers. They will meet several times throughout the year •Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Boomgarden are celebrating 60th wedding anniversary on Oct. 25 with family gathering, they are in good health •Clarence Bockes was best Grundy husker with 2636 pounds.... second is Eugene Crouse with 2472 pounds •Several hundred people looked over the new line of 1939 Chevrolet cars at the showroom of the Grundy Motor Co. •The New Grundy Theatre -Valley of The Giants •Honey & Horehound cough syrup - 50c. bottle - 2 for 50¢

Arlington Place recognizes Manly Drug during American Pharmacists Month

From The

Cheap Seats

I spent much of the past week working on a project that I’ll very possibly never see any reward for. It’s a project you’ll never see in print and that will most likely never be written about after today. Mid-October is the deadline for newspapers across Iowa to submit entries to the Iowa Newspaper Association’s Better Newspaper Contest. Contest is a highlight of our year, when the best of the best are recognized for their best work. A big part of winning at Contest is picking the entries to send to contest. For me this means thumbing through all of our work for the past year to find stories that I not only think are good, but that will also stand out to judges. For the longest time I found Contest to be a frustrating experience. I would enter work I thought was By JOHN JENSEN pretty good, and when the winners were announced I would see others I work with get recognized, only to see my own week turned back. It was pretty tough congratulating the others while crying inside. Over the years, I started to learn what kind of stories and photos win contests. They aren’t always the best stories and photos, but those with the best topics. I might write a phenomenal story about the local city council, but the above average story I wrote about a lady and her cat will most certainly draw more attention from the judges. And a photo that draws emotion … far more likely to win than a photo that doesn’t. A great example of that is a photo on my calendar which happens to be the one that I won with a year ago. Technically it’s not the greatest photo — the main subject has his back to the camera — but it also shows the raw emotion of a thrilling victory. The more I see this photo, the more surprised I am that it caught the judges’ eye. So what was I looking for in contest this year? Stories and photos that I thought had a chance to win. I won’t tell you what I entered, simply because I’m pretty sure that will bring bad luck. I will say that I had a story or two that I felt could do well and a sports photo that I know would draw my eyes as a judge. We’ll find out if we won anything in a couple of months and find out where we placed with those pieces at next year’s INA convention. • • • I also missed the chance to recognize the people I work with during National Newspaper Week, which was actually a couple of weeks ago. We

usually do a page or house advertisement promoting the week, but this year it passed without our noticing it. The newspaper business is a little like a lot of others and a lot unlike most. Any person who has worked any amount of time in the business will tell you that it’s not for everyone … but that it can also be very fulfilling. The challenge in this business is dealing with both the public and deadlines at the same time. It’s a fast-paced business, particularly when deadlines loom, and people who thrive in the business tend to have a little bit of ego. Our Grundy County Mid-America Publishing staff has seen a lot of change over the past year, not the least of which came with the addition of a new sister newspaper in Conrad. For one of the first times in my professional career, I can now truly say that I have a partner editor whom I trust and would hand off any assignment to. Our staff includes three full time people, one part-time on-site employee and a few correspondents. We each have our own role, and without any one of us the paper would look very different. Three of our four local staffers are newspaper veterans, having worked in the business nearly 60 years combined. Lisa Bakker, who puts together both our Grundy Register and The (Conrad) Record, has been working out of this office since 1991 and is the only member of our staff who was here when Ralph and Marlene Kothenbeutel owned the paper. Most of the layouts you see in our paper are her work — she designs most of the pages and processes many of the photos. Many of the items you submit go through Lisa. Publisher Clint Poock came to Grundy Center after working for papers in Waverly and Waterloo. In addition to sales, which is where Clint is most visible, he is also the manager for not only our office but also for the papers in Conrad, Allison and Clarksville. The newcomer to our full-time staff is Lisa Kanagy, who came to us after working at the Grundy County Memorial Hospital’s long-term care unit. This is Lisa’s first time working in the newspaper business and she’s done a good job picking things up. She’s the person you are most likely to see first when you come to our office counter, as one of her main roles in our office is customer service. Lisa also puts together our classified advertising page and fulfills various office roles. Correspondents are an important key to our success at small newspapers. We have three people who fulfill various specific roles for us that make our newspaper better. Diane Paige has been The Grundy Register’s Dike correspondent for many years and is an ideal eyes and ears for us there as a former postmaster. Patti Rust is in her second full year as our sports correspondent and helps us put together what I humbly believe is one of the more comprehensive weekly sports sections you’ll find. Crystal Huisman is the person I call when there’s a news story I want to get to but cannot. She has a great touch with human interest stories. All three of these fine ladies are fantastic with a camera and seem to enjoy what they do. I want to thank each and every one of these people for their dedication to our paper. I also need to thank you, our loyal readers, without whom we would not be here. A key to a healthy newspaper is people who both want to read it and who want their items in the paper. We seem to have that here. Some say newspapers are dying, though in smaller communities that’s anything but the truth. We continue to thrive and will be there to give you the news that cannot be found anywhere else.

October is American Pharmacists Month. According to the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), the goal is to encourage consumerpharmacists relationships engaged in ongoing communication about medication use and changes which lower the risk of adverse effects and increase better health outcomes. According to the APhA, you should choose your pharmacist as carefully as you choose your doctor. The likelihood of medication errors occurring decreases substantially when patients know their pharmacist and feel comfortable asking questions and seeking the pharmacists’ advice. Ultimately, you have the responsibility for managing your health care, but your pharmacist can help if you keep him or her up to date about your health and the medications you are taking. We are very fortunate in Grundy Center to have Dave Stefl and his team of pharmacists and assistants at Manly Drug. Dave and his team of professionals provide invaluable services to the residents at Arlington Place; answering questions, educating us about drug interactions, changes in manufacturer medications, side effects, most effective administration methods, insurance changes and cost effective ways to manage prescription and nonprescription medications are among the many services they provide. Dave and his team are important members of our care team providing excellent services to residents at Arlington Place. Congratulations on a job welldone, Dave and team! Cathi Burnette, Manager Arlington Place

Freemans express thanks for support of Samo fundraiser

When we decided we would have a golf tournament to support Hillary and the Samo family through their fight with cancer, and raise a little money in the process, we had no idea how big it would be. We quickly had the support of our planning committee of Wes and Sue Beenken, Rick Schupbach and Rob and Jocilyn Onnen. This would not have been a success without them. Then came the support of this community and the surrounding communities. All we can say is wow! The support we received to help the Samo's was overwhelming. This support is a perfect example of small town Iowa communities caring for their own. We can not begin to thank everyone. Know we appreciate every volunthere were many hours of planning for this. To all our wonderful friends and teer, everyone who donated silent family who were apart of this in any way, we thank you all so much. Hill- auction items, food, raffle items, the ary will always remember this special day! We sincerely appreciate all your golf course, players in tournament, kindness, thoughtfulness and caring support given to Hillary. those who sponsored a hole and varWe would also like to thank the Grundy Center and BCLUW Schools for ious other things. Know we are truly thankful to raising money for the homecoming competition contest. It brings joy to us each and every one of you! We are knowing we are surrounded by kind people all around the county, blessed to have been able to bring Also, thank you to Hillary's class of 2014 and the Olive Branch for the all this support together to help a wonderful soup supper held during Girls Night Out/Cancer Awareness Event. wonderful family in our community. It was awesome! We are truly blessed and Thank You! Everyone should be proud and feel Your love, kindness and generosity is sincerely appreciated. blessed to live in such a supportive community, as we do! Thanks for God Bless, all your support in helping us help Hillary, Rhonda, Shawn and Samo Family the Samo family.

Samo family expresses gratitude for good will Where do we begin to express our gratefulness to everyone for everything that has been done for Hillary! The past few months have been extremely overwhelming and unbelievable for our entire family, and we have seen the wonderful community we live in by all the great support from so many people who have helped in many, many ways. First we want to thank all of you who reached out to us with phone calls, visits, text messages, cards, emails, flowers, food, gifts and for the many prayers and other acts of kindness given for Hillary and our family from the time of her diagnosis, through all her treatments. To those of you who helped in any way with any of the fundraisers, we greatly appreciate everything more than words can say! It means so much to us to see all the people wearing bracelets and tee shirts supporting Hillary. It's simply amazing in itself. The Golf Benefit, hosted at Town and Country Golf Club, that was held a few weeks ago, was humbling! A huge thanks to those who organized it, as

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John and Carol Freeman

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Publisher: Clinton A. Poock, Editor: John Jensen Register Staff: Lisa Bakker, Lisa Kanagy, Diane Paige, Patti Rust. Member Iowa Newspaper Association

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Grundy SOCIAL EVENTS Register

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Palermo Clovers Nutrition site menu Friday, November 1 —Ham4-H Club meets burger Steak with Gravy, Ranch I want to thank each and everyone who had contributed to the gift basket at ‘Girls Night Out’, that I received. It is so special to be living in a small town community like Grundy Center and surrounding area. God Bless you all, Minetta Tjepkes

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers and kindness shown to us during our time of loss. The family of Viola Johnson

Methodist Church welcomes Bishop Trimble

The Grundy Center United Methodist Church welcomed Bishop Julius Trimble to its worship service Oct. 6. Trimble, who oversees 700 churches in the Iowa Annual Conference, gave the message for the morning service, served communion and heard presentations on the church's ministries following the service. (Courtesy photo)

Wedding announcement

Katie Schuller of Grundy Center and Aaron Pruka of Winona, Minn. were married on August 17 at St. Gabriel Church in Reinbeck, performed by Deacon Greg Lievens. Parents of the couple are John and Joan Schuller of Grundy Center and David Pruka and the late Linda Pruka of Winona. The maid of honor was Abby Schuller, sister of the bride, from Atlanta, Georgia, bridesmaids were Marissa Araujo of Durham, North Carolina and Emily Bakko of Eden Prairie, Minn. both friends of bride. Best man was Kyle Pruka, brother of the groom, from Winona, Minn., groomsmen were Mitchell Miller of New Ulm, Minn. and Matt Krage of Virginia, Minn. both friends of groom. The couple currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where Aaron is employed by the Duke University Police Dept. and Katie works as a phycial therapist for the Duke University Health System.

Garden Club meets

The Grundy Center Garden Club met at the home of Darlene Marske on Sept. 25. Marilyn Bonnett was co-hostess. Sixteen members answered roll call of favorite fall foliage tree. A basket for the library auction was discussed. A gift certificate was given to Cindy Hilsabeck who is moving to Arizona in appreciation of all she has done for the club. Growing and caring for mums and sedums was the program given by Cindy Hilsabeck and Marilyn Hawn. Our next meeting will be at Doris Chabel’s home. We will be planning for next year and review this past year. A book exchange will be held.

Celebrating 80th Chapter AR, birthday P.E.O. meets Alvina Voss will celebrate her 80th birthday with a family gathering and card shower. She was born October 31, 1933 to John and Jennie (Fecht) Buseman and married Carl Voss on June 12, 1952. He is now deceased. Her children are Calvin (Candy) of Parkersburg, Wendell (Tracy) of Grundy Center, Diane (Bill) Brown of Graettinger and Carolyn Smith of Cedar Rapids. She also has 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Cards may be sent to 303 M Ave, Grundy Center, Iowa 50638.

The regular meeting of Chapter AR, P.E.O. was held on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Marilyn Hawn with Marci Jansen and Jane Linnenbrink serving as cohostesses. The theme for the meeting was “Women Helping Women Reach for the Stars.” Ann Smith presented an interesting and informative program on the the star which is the emblem of the organization. The next meeting will be November 7, 2013 at 1:30 P.M. at the home of Jane Wilson.

The Palermo Clovers 4-H club met at Eileen Flater’s house on Sunday, Oct. 13. Eileen hosted 29 members and 10 adults including several new members. Abby Taylor called the meeting to order. The roll call was: “What is your favorite Halloween treat?” The club elected the following officers: Abby Taylor, President; Kylie Willis, Vice President; Kelly Keezer, Secretary and Treasurer; Alexandria Steinmeyer, Historian; Ella Hommel, Reporter. The club will send their stuffed bears to Operation Threshold. Brooke Liston gave her presentation on how to make Christmas tree ornaments from plastic bottles. Then the club started ornaments for the Festival of Trees. The next meeting will be at Eileen’s house on November 9 at 9 am. If you are interested in joining 4-H contact the Extension Office.

Whipped Potatoes, Cauliflower and Carrots, Multi Grain Bread/Margarine, Peaches, Pears, and Mandarin Oranges Monday, November 4— Chicken Cacciatore, Bow Tie Pasta, Brussels Sprouts, Multi Grain Bread/Margarine, Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding Tuesday, November 5 — Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy, Delmonico Potatoes, Corn and Limas, Multi Grain Bread/Margarine, Fresh Banana Wednesday, November 6 — Pork with Supreme Sauce, Rosemary Potatoes, Hubbard Squash, Multi Grain Bread/Margarine, Mixed Fruit, and Margarine Thursday, November 7 — Turkey Breast with Gravy, Cut Yams, Spinach, Wheat Bread/Margarine, Fresh Fruit Each meal includes milk. All meals must be ordered by 9 a.m. the day before receiving a meal. For more information, to reserve a place or order a meal, call the Grundy Center Senior Center at (319) 824-3843.

Center Theatre’s Reel-to-Reel

Couple to wed in November

Jeff and Terri Simms would like to announce the upcoming wedding of their daughter, Jennifer Simms to Taylor Appel, both of Grundy Center. Jennifer is a student in the radiology program at Allen College in Waterloo. Taylor is employed at Precision Lawn Care in Grundy Center. They will be united in marriage on November 23 at First Presbyterian Church in Grundy Center.

Golden Birthday

Happy 18th birthday on October 18th! Love, Mom and Jeff, Tyler, Tanner, Tanner & Chloe

Showing at the Center Theatre on Friday, Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. will be faith/ family/drama Grace Unplugged, starring AJ Michalka, Kevin Pollak and Shawnee Smith. This movie is rated PG, running approximately 100 minutes in length. There will be no 7:30 show this week due to auditorium improvements. THERE WILL BE NO MATINEES THIS WEEKEND. In Grace Unplugged, 20 years ago, Johnny Trey (James Denton) charted the Billboard top five single, "Misunderstood." Then, the hits stopped coming and he crash landed hard, a one hit wonder. Johnny found Christ and a new life for his family, far from the Hollywood Hills. He now serves as the praise music director of Homewood Community Church just south of Birmingham, Alabama. Serving alongside Johnny is his, now 18 year-old daughter, Grace (AJ Michalka). Beautiful, extraordinarily talented and restless, Grace aspires to more than just singing at her church. With the help of Mossy (Kevin Pollak), her dad's former manager, Grace records a cover version of her dad's old Top-10 hit, runs off to Los Angeles, and begins to taste the kind of stardom she's always dreamed about. Yet with each rung of the ladder she climbs, Grace feels more and more pressure to compromise her values, further straining her relationship with her parents. Will everything she experiences lead her to reject her faith … or rediscover it? For the most up-to-date movie information, please check out our new website at If you are interested in gift certificates to the Center Theatre, they may be purchased at GNB bank locations during the day or at the Center Theatre during evening business hours.

Arlington Place welcomes TRICK OR TREATERS! fun

Join us for

& games and yummy treats

Palermo Clover's service project

Alexandria Steinmeyer, senior member was in charge of organizing the work day and also sewed a good number of the bears herself. The bears were delivered to Operation Threshold. Pictured L-R Marissa Kanagy, Anessa Smith, Frannie Brown and Mary Ash.

Calendar of events Grundy Community Center Thursday October 24 Friday October 25

• Grundy Comm. Center – Walking. 7 a.m. - 12 noon, Wilts Room Congregate Meals, 11:30 a.m., Legion Room • Grundy Comm. Center – No Walking Sents Family, All Day, Wilts Room Exercise, 9 a.m., Legion Room Congregate Meals, 11:30 a.m, Legion Room 10:30 a.m., Bingo

Sunday October 27

• Grundy Comm. Center – Orchard Hill Church, 9:45 a.m., Legion Room

Monday October 28

• Grundy Comm. Center – Walking, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m., Wilts Room Exercise, 9 a.m., Legion Room Congregate Meals, 11:30 a.m., Legion Room

Tuesday October 29

• Grundy Comm. Center – Walking, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m., Wilts Room 10:30 a.m., Bingo Congregate Meals, 11:30 a.m., Legion Room

Wednesday October 30

• Grundy Comm. Center – Walking, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m., Wilts Room Exercise, 9 a.m., Legion Room Congregate Meals, 11:30 a.m., Legion Room

Thursday October 31

• Grundy Comm. Center – Walking. 7 a.m. - 12 noon, Wilts Room Congregate Meals, 11:30 a.m., Legion Room

Put your event in the Grundy Center Community Calendar! 319-824-6958 •

Scotty’s Saloon

Annual Halloween Costume & Karaoke Party

Karaoke by Ultimate Entertainment! is back this Saturday, OctOber 26th for our Annual Halloween Costume Party! We have a scary rockin time! Join us for hors d’voeuvres, fabulous prizes and a great atmosphere! Costume categories include: best male, best female, most unique, best couple, best group. What does a skeleton say before dining? * Bone appetite! Advertisement

October 31st from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

95 D Ave • Grundy Center

Now Playing At Your Area Theatres

Gladbrook Theater

Gladbrook, IA ~ 888-473-3456

Starting Friday, October 25 InsIdIous Chapter 2 Rated PG13

7:30 p.m. Fri. thru Wed. 1:30 p.m. Sunday

Center Theatre 800-682-6345

Starting, Friday, October 25

7:00 - Grace UnplUGGed • Rated PG, 100 minutes

Adults $3; Kids & Srs. $1

-NO movie @ 7:30

this week due to Auditorium Improvements No Weekend Matinees This Week

Whooo’s Watching Me

Singing Owl

The Melting Clock A work of art that tells you the time

Decorate Pumpkins In a variety of sizes and colors. Lots of one-of-a-kind Halloween items for decorating, parties and more.

Hallmark Keepsake Halloween Madame Alexander Ornament

Halloween Party Goods, Cards, Stickers & More

Hallmark“As You Like It” 625 G Avenue • Grundy Center • 319-824-5446

Holy Family Parish Turkey Dinner Sunday, November 3 11 am - 1:30 pm St. Patrick’s Church Parkersburg

~ Turkey dinner with all the trimmings

~ Raffle with cash prizes ~ Country Store selling baked items & crafts ~ Adults - $9 ~ Children 6-10 - $5 ~ Under 5 - Free Carry outs available

OpenAt House October 25th 3-5pm October 26th 1-3pm Features & Amenities:

•Daily Activities •Massage Therapist •Paid Utilities •Lifeline •Attached & Unattached Garages

Come view our Facility and apartments for rent! And join us for cookies & coffee!

Apartment Options: •1 & 2 Bedrooms •Guest Suite •Model Rooms •No By-Ins!

Westview Estates provides an opportunity to maintain the highest possible degree of independence within a secure, caring community of friends and neighbors

Independent Living at its best, in a friendly small town

1013 W. 2nd Street Reinbeck, Iowa 50669 • 319-345-6761


Grundy NEWS Register

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Devils Gate

By SUE ECKHOFF Grundy County Heritage Museum About 5.8 miles southwest of Independence Rock (Wyoming), or a day’s travel by wagon train, was yet another trail landmark for the Oregon Trail – Devil’s Gate. Here the Sweetwater River has carved a narrow cleft in the rocks, about 370 feet deep and 1500 feet long. Its 30 feet wide at the base, but nearly 300 feet at its top. Wagons were forced around the cleft, but emigrants often stopped to hike around and carve their names. Often they would see big horn sheep climbing the hills. There were several murders in the Devils’ Gate region, leading some emigrants to believe the area was a bedeviled site. The Shoshone and Arapahoe Indians attributed Devil’s Gate to the actions of an evil beast with enormous tusks that once roamed the area, preventing the Indians from hunting and camping in the region. Folklore was that the Indians became disgusted and decided to kill the beast. From the passes and ravines the warriors shot the beast with a multitude of arrows. The beast, enraged, tore a hole in the mountains with his large tusks and escaped. Today emigrant trail ruts are still visible in the area. The Sweetwater Valley contained three distinctive granite landmarks: Independence Rock; Devils Gate, and Split Rock. The last, Split Rock, had guided travelers for decades before the emigrants arrived. The distinctive “gun sight” notch in the Rattlesnake Range was visible to the emigrants for the better part of two days. Rising 1000 feet above the prairie, Split Rock aimed the emigrants directly at South Past, still more than 75 miles away. The regions gentle landscape offered the emigrants a short but much needed respite on their long journey. A short distance west of Split Rock was the Pony Express station, stage station and telegraph station in the early 1860’s. In 1862 50 soldiers from the 6th Ohio Regiment were encamped there to protect the emigrants. Legend is that the soldiers built a tunnel between the post and the river so that they could get water without being seen by the Indians.

Healthiest State Walk

Students at Grundy Center Elementary were among many statewide who participated in the 2013 Healthiest State Walk. Students walked for 30 minutes on a route around the school, gaining encouragement from teachers and classmates along the way. Statewide nearly 300,000 Iowans participated in the walk. Pictured are (left to right), Ellery Luhring and Lilly Lewis. (John Jensen/The Grundy Register photo)

Advertise in

The Grundy Register Classifieds! Only $7.10 an inch • (319) 824-6958

Ultimate exterminator

Beaman Bine Kevin, 21019 310th St . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2013176084 DiKe Bruns enola m, 202 1st St . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2013066098 Luhring Herman J, 15837 Q ave . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2013107110

Grundy motel, 206 e G ave . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Harrison Paul, Po Box 143 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jensen arthur, 21439 270th St . . . . . . . . . . . . . . mill the, 16250 n ave ................... Schipper Duane a, rfd 2 ................. Shurtleff G a, Po Box 235 ................

2013101481 2012166027 2013034404 2013102673 2013104709 2013178022

GrunDy Center Bartlett Chris, 906 13th St . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2013144444 engelkes roger D, Po Box 235 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2013178022

HoLLanD Hoffman randi J, Po Box 536 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2013011830

reinBeCK Claxton Donna m, 1013 2nd St apt 204 . . . . . . . . 2013175797 Jensen michael L, 1257 railrd St . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2013218201 mccraney Karla, 121 randall St . . . . . . . . . . . 2013070819 Pronto mart reinbeck, 105 Hwy 175 e. . . . . . . . . . 2013068489 Strauel mary, 147 eastgate Dr . . . . . . . . . . . . 2013147489

Church Worship Services

Grundy Center

American Lutheran Church Luther Thoresen Pastor 319-824-3557 8:45 a.m. Worship Service Bethany Presbyterian Church Tom & Jean Bower, Pastors 319-824-5471 10:00 a.m. Worship Service First Baptist Church 319-824-3324 9:15 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship Service 6:30 p.m. Evening Service First Presbyterian Church Rev. Mike Campbell, Pastor Rev. Sheryl Campbell, Parish Associate 319-824-3152 9:00 a.m. Worship Service United Methodist Church Phil Dicks, Pastor 319-825-5408 9 a.m. Worship Service 10:15 a.m. Adult Study at AP 10:15 a.m. Pastor led Bible Study in FH Orchard Hill Church (Center Theatre) 319-824-3039 9:45 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. Worship Service Orchard Hill - Lincoln Center Jesse Henkle, Host Pastor 319-824-6178 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School


Colfax Center Presbyterian Eric Duble, Interim Pastor 319-824-5231 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 Sunday School Pleasant Valley Reformed Church Rev. Rick Vollema 319-346-1090 9 a.m. Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Discussion Group


East Friesland Presbyterian Lynn Arends, Supply Pastor 641-847-2896 9:15 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship Faith Presbyterian Church 641-847-3188 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School

First Christian Reformed Thomas Vos, Pastor 641-869-3305 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School 7:00 p.m. Evening Worship Pleasant Valley United Methodist Dot Geersema, Pastor 641-869-3637 8:45 a.m. Morning Worship Reformed Church 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 Sunday School 6:30 p.m. Evening Bible Study St. John Lutheran Church 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship 9:45 Sunday School & Bible Class St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran 641-869-3992 8:15 Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Worship Service St. Peter’s Country Church Rev. Michael McLane, Pastor 563-581-2866 8 a.m. Morning Worship United Reformed Church Matthew Nuiver, Pastor 641-869-3633 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 Sunday School 7 p.m. Evening Worship Steamboat Rock Baptist Church Harrison Lippert, Pastor Bryce Roskens, Associate Pastor 8:45 a.m. Traditional Service 10 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Contemporary Service


United Methodist Church Dan Ridnouer, Pastor 319-989-2535 9 a.m. Sunday School 10:15 a.m. Worship Service Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Mark Decker, Pastor 319-988-3967 9 a.m. Worship 10:15 a.m. Sunday School Fredsville Lutheran Church Rev. Lisa Dietrich, Pastor 319-989-2065 8:15 a.m. Adult Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Traditional Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School

Liberty Baptist Church (GARBC) Dennis Sanders, Pastor 319-989-2141 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Morning Worship 6 p.m. Evening Praise Service


United Methodist Church 641-366-2142 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Morning Worship


Alice Church of God James Snare, Pastor 641-623-5641 9:15 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Worship Service First Presbyterian Church Kerry Carson, Pastor 641-366-2342 8:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Fellowship United Methodist Church Jennifer Daniel, Pastor 641-366-2325 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Worship

area CHurCHes

Holy Family Catholic Parish Rev. David Kucera 319-345-2006 Mass: 5:30 p.m., Sat. - Parkersburg 9:30 a.m., Sunday - Reinbeck Salem Church of Lincoln Rev. Barb Muhs, Pastor 641-473-2450 9:25 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Worship Service Bethel Reformed Church 319-347-6219 9 a.m. Worship Service 10 a.m. Sunday School Ivester Church of the Brethren Co-Pastors Katie & Parker Thompson 641-858-3879 9:30 a.m. Christian Education 10:30 a.m. Worship Service Noon potluck Reformed Church of Stout David VanderLeest, Pastor 319-346-1487 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Fellowship Time 10:45 Sunday School

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Call for FREE evaluations & estimates Jeff Werkman 641-373-9454

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News from Ivester

Sunday, October 27 Youth will meet at 6 pm at the church. District Sr. High Youth District Youth Retreat will take place October 25 - 27 at Camp Pine Lake. They will attend church services on Sunday, October 27 and eat a potluck meal with us. CROP / CWS 30 persons from Ivester Church participated in the Crop / CWS Walk. $984 was collected by our group. Marriage Questions Small groups will be held re: marriage questions on October 23 at 7 pm and October 27 after noon potluck. At the Fall Forum November 3 we would be prepared to take some action to define where our congregation stands on issues of marriage.

Free financial aid presentation for AGWSR seniors and parents

The AGWSR High School counseling office has invited a representative from the Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) to provide a free presentation on financial aid for seniors and their parents on Thursday, Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. in the high school commons. Topics will include: Financial Aid Process, FAFSA Application Review, Understanding FAFSA Results, Understanding Costs – College Comparisons, Financial Aid Options, Scholarships Process, Where to Go for Help. For more information, contact Sandra Henning at 641-847-2633.

Heronimus, scHmidt & Allen Attorneys-At-Law

Office at 507 3rd St., Wellsburg

Phone 641-869-3711 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday Toll-Free to Grundy Center Office 1-877-824-6951


Most of us probably remember the word “metamorphosis” from our high school biology class, where we learned that many insects have a larval or immature stage but then undergo rather extreme changes as they enter their adult stage. Caterpillars turning into butterflies are probably the best example, but tadpoles turning into frogs are equally dramatic. Human beings undergo less dramatic physical changes, but we sometimes undergo psychic or spiritual metamorphoses which can be very extreme. Conversion experiences are sometimes that way. A person living a wayward life may be so moved by a religious experience that they completely change their ways, almost overnight. Sometimes the changes are so drastic that they are hardly recognizable to their friends and family. We often describe these experiences as if we had emerged from a cocoon or the scales had fallen from our eyes. But, our blindness is sometimes of our own making. And sometimes we prefer to stay in our cocoons when what we really need is to venture forth and spread our wings in order to experience growth. Indeed, conversion experiences are scary because we don’t know what life is going to be like with our new wings, but if we are going to fly we have to take a leap of faith and emerge from our cocoons. – Christopher Simon

“Flesh gives birth to flesh,but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.” John 3: 6 ******************************************************************************************

Space for this series of religious messages for all faiths is provided by The Grundy Register and these community-minded business and professional people: Grundy Center

Engelkes-Abels Funeral Home & Monument Co. GNB Bank Grundy Center Municipal Light & Power Dept. Grundy County Rural Electric Cooperative The Grundy Register Heartland Cooperative Richelieu Foods Inc. Rouse Motor Co.


Doyen-Abels Funeral Home & Monument Co. The Wellsburg Herald


Beninga Sanitation Dike Funeral Chapel & Monument Co. The Dike Register Ubben Building Supplies, Inc.

The Grundy Register Diane Paige, Correspondent Phone: (319) 989-2163

Lions smoked pork chop dinner

The Dike Lions annual fall smoked pork chop dinner will be held Sunday, Nov. 10 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Dike Community Building. Profits go for many community projects.


The Dike Community Betterment Association will meet October 28 at the Dike Public Library at 6:30 pm. The main topic of discussion will be Razzle Dazzle.

Dike Register

Thursday, October 24 Cross Country State Friday, October 25 7pm Football at Dike Saturday, October 26 All-state music auditions ACT Testing PTSO Fall festival NH Title 1 Parents Night Sunday October 27 Local Church services Monday, October 28 HS PT conferences Tuesday, October 29 Volleyball regionals Wednesday, October 21 Football 1st round Playoffs


Dog owners beware

Dog owners have been warned for years about the dangers of pets eating mushrooms found growing in the yard. This story started out on a quiet Wednesday morning with Vern and his dog Sandy. Vern starts his day early and takes Sandy for the car ride to the Grundy County Lake and Boy Scout Park "Rat Park". This morning was peaceful and uneventful until Sandy decided to do a little digging and decided to uproot the alleged poison mushroom. Vern, remembering reading the hazard of dogs ingesting certain types of mushrooms, braved taking away something that Sandy wanted to call her own. He did not lose his hand in stealing food from the dog so he proceeded in taking The alleged mushroom back to town for proper identification. Vern left the possible poison food on my steps and called me in to help determine if we should be concerned for the dogs health since consuming a portion of the dirt covered object. Vern goes to the internet looking for answers to his concern and I am seeking assistance from a mushroom

hunter in helping identify two pieces of the unknown. Picture this: I pick up the two pieces, knock off most of the dirt and decide it looks like the brown flat mushroom seen in the woods. Then right before my eyes, in the course of more dirt removal, the separation happens and the inside of the alleged mushroom takes on a look of red pizza sauce with dirty cheese. Sure thing, dirt covered, dark brown crust, red pizza sauce and dirt covered cheese! No dog that I have ever known has died from eating a dirt covered slice of pizza. After a deep belly laugh we made a phone call to Vern asking for his assistance in confirming the happy ending of the hazard of the dreaded poison mushroom health issue. How do you spell relief, PIZZA. And if Sandy could talk she would have told us she was eating the piece of pizza that she buried several days before. All the proper steps were taken in protecting the welfare of Man's Best Friend.

New member Tyler Strickler was sponsored by Lion Merlin Petersen.

Dike Lions News

The Dike Lions Club held their monthly meeting October 16th at the Dike Community Building with Lions President Eric Luhring presiding. Lion Waylon Bern briefed members on the upcoming Pork Chop Dinner to be held Sunday November 10th from 11:00 – 1:00 at the Dike Community Building. Tickets are $8.50 and can be purchased at the door. Lion Merlin Petersen sponsored new member Tyler Strickler. Lion Dennis Hamer conducted the imitation ceremony for new Lion Strickler. Lion Bern was in charge of the program and introduced Trevor Shellhorn with Broad Street Brewery in Reinbeck. Trevor gave a very informative presentation on the history of his brewery and the present operation. Broad Street Brewery was opened in 2011. Presently they are brewing 200 gallons of beer at a time and have locations that have their beer for sale at 22 locations from Waverly to Ames. The brewing

Election announcement

Bob Haugebak has announced that he is running in the November 5 Dike City election as a write-in candidate for City Council. Bob and his wife Jean have lived in Dike for 11 years and are both retired. He is running to fill the open seat left by Wayne Paige and hopes to make a positive contribution to the City Council’s role in helping to move the community forward.

Slick roads lead to rollover wreck Tuesday's unusually early snow may have been a factor in a one-vehicle

rollover accident at the west exit off Highway 20 leading into Dike. Details on the accident were unavailable at press time, though Dike FireRescue personnel attended to four victims in the overturned mini-van. (Diane Paige/The Grundy Register photo)

Volume 89  –  Number 43

Trevor Shellhorn with Broad Street Brewer presented the program on his operation in Reinbeck. equipment was originally used at the Orange Brewery in London England. Trevor purchased the equipment and had it imported to Reinbeck. Broad Street Brewery offers six types of beer and also has seasonal beer such as the current seasonal a “Pumpkin” beer.

Birthdays Thursday, October 24: Alec Johnson Friday, October 25: Eric Luhring, Bob North Saturday, October 26: Ben Lizer Monday, October 28: Wanda Nielsen Tuesday, October 29: Harlan Nielsen

DES MOINES ­— It may be hard to believe, but graduation is just around the corner for high school seniors and fall is the time for them to apply to colleges and make postsecondary education plans. The Iowa College Student Aid Commission (Iowa College Aid) encourages all seniors to take advantage of the college planning resources provided in I Have A Plan Iowa® and at to help with this process. “One of the worst reasons for choosing a college is because that is where their friends are going,” explained Karen Misjak, executive director for Iowa College Aid. “The tools and resources available to Iowa students and families can help them make more informed decisions.” Revisit Your List As students narrow down their lists of potential colleges, they should continue to investigate the institutions that offer fields of study of interest to them. Through their I Have A Plan Iowa® account, students can browse colleges and universities that match characteristics they find important. There is also a Compare Schools feature that allows users to do a side-by-side comparison of schools. By utilizing the School Finder, students can perform a more detailed search for schools based on over 30 different factors such as size, tuition, specialized academic programs, cultural diversity and more. Iowa College Aid also provides information on colleges and universities in the state at By selecting “Iowa Colleges and Universities” from the Higher Education Data Center, students can access college and program information, retention and graduation rates, and the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard that provides information about each college’s value and affordability. Keep an Open Mind Don’t initially rule out a college or university because of its published cost. The actual cost of college can be much less than the “sticker price”.

Advertise in

The financial aid award package from the college may make it more affordable than initially thought. To get a general idea of the estimated net price after financial aid has been taken into consideration, students can use the college or university’s net price calculator. Iowa College Aid links to each college’s net price calculator in the “Iowa College and Universities” section of the Higher Education Data Center at Determine How Much You Can Afford to Borrow When selecting a college, it is most important to focus on the end goal – graduating and securing a career. The choice should be a balance of cost, academics and campus life. In the current economy, in which many families have been unable to save for college and students face a tough job market, it is increasingly important to align college choice with cost and career potential. To keep from joining the ranks of debtridden college graduates, students should select a college where the loan debt can be kept at a reasonable level relative to their future income potential. The Student Loans Over Projected Earnings (SLOPE) calculator in can help students calculate estimated monthly payment amounts for student loans and compare it to projected earnings for their career choice. The results will indicate how much they can afford to borrow. “It is important for students to remember that while they will be spending a few years at college, they will spend considerably more years paying back student loans,” said Misjak. “It is our hope that seniors will utilize resources, such as those provided by our agency, to make informed decisions when selecting and ultimately paying for college.” For information about the resources and services provided by Iowa College Aid to help Iowa families plan, prepare and pay for college, visit www.IowaCollegeAid. gov or contact Iowa College Aid at 877-272-4456.

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Calvin Voss, Owner

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Keep the end goal in mind when selecting a college

Dates for Dike

Dike Notes

Thursday, Octobe 24, 2013

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More Than Answers A Healthier You

We are proud to live and work in this community. As your neighbors and your friends, our team of health care professionals is committed to improving the health and lives of the people we serve in the Grundy Center area.

Family Medicine Grundy Center 101 East J Ave. Suite 120 (319) 824-6945 Meet Our Team

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Rebecca Frisch, PA-C Mike Knutsen, PA-C Ryan Arnevik, DO


Thursday, October 24, 2013


November 5, 2013 Notice is hereby given to the qualified voters of the City of Wellsburg in the County of Grundy, State of Iowa, that an election will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. The purpose is to elect one (1) mayor for a two (2) year term and three (3) council members each for a four (4) year term. Notice is further given to the qualified electors of the City of Wellsburg that there will be a Public Measure Question (Question D)—see full text of the question on the sample ballot included with this notice. The polls will be open from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. Following is the polling site for the aforementioned city: Precinct No. 9 – Wellsburg Public Library: All voters living within the corporate boundaries of the City of Wellsburg. Grundy County Auditor, Rhonda R. Deters, reminds those residents of said city who are not registered to vote of the need to do so in order to participate in this election. Residents of the above city may register in the office of their County Auditor in person, get a registration form online at or may request that a registration form be mailed to them. With appropriate identification, an eligible elector may also register to vote on Election Day in the precinct where the person lives. Any voter who is physically unable to enter a polling place has the right to vote in the voter’s vehicle. For further information, please contact the County Auditor’s Office at 319-824-3122. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the official ballot to be voted at the Wellsburg City Election on November 5, 2013. Rhonda R. Deters, Grundy County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections

IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR GRUNDY COUNTY, STATE OF IOWA Docket No. (Sale No.): 13-0601(1) Court No. EQCV059054 Special Execution PLAINTIFF: MIDWEST ONE BANK VS. DEFENDANTS: JERALD DEW -IN REM; KATHIE DEW -IN REM; PARTIES IN POSSESSION - IN REM; DISCOVER BANK - IN REM; CAPITAL ONE BANK - IN REM; STATE OF IOWA - IN REM As a result of the judgment rendered in the above referenced court case, an execution was issued by the court to the Sheriff of this county. The execution ordered the sale of defendant(s) Real Estate Property to satisfy the judgment. The property to be sold is: The South 26 feet of Lots 6, 7, 8 and9 in Block 9 of the Original Plat of the Town of Wellsburg, Iowa Street Address: 314 N. Adams Street, Wellsburg, IA 50680 The described property will be offered for sale at public auction for cash only as follows: Date of Sale is December 10, 2013 at 10 a.m., at the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office, 705 8th St., Grundy Center, Iowa 50638 Phone (319) 8246933 Homestead: Defendant is advised that if the described real estate includes the homestead (which must not exceed 1/2 acre if within a city or town plat, or, if rural, must not exceed 40 acres), defendant must file a homestead plat with the Sheriff within ten (10) days after service of this notice, or the Sheriff will have it platted and charge the costs to this case. This sale not subject to redemption. Property exemption: Certain money or property may be exempt. Contact your attorney promptly to review specific provisions of the law and file appropriate notice, if applicable. Judgment Amt - $25,336.76; Costs - $285.00; Accruing Costs - Plus; Interest - 8.7 % of $25,336.76 from July 18, 2013 = $857.68. Attorney is Erkia Allen (319) 824-951. Date: October 10, 2013 Sheriff: Rick D. Penning Deputy: By Chief Deputy Tim Wolthoff 42-2 THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT GRUNDY COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Clarence A. Geerdes, Deceased. Probate No. ESPR101813 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Clarence A. Geerdes, Deceased, who died on or about 19th day of September, 2013: You are hereby notified that on the 7th day of October, 2013, the last will and testament of Clarence A. Geerdes, deceased, bearing date of the 2nd day of September, 2004, was admitted to probate in the above named court and that David A. Geerdes was appointed executor of the estate. Any action to set aside the will must be brought in the district court of said county within the later to occur of four months from the date of the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice to all heirs of the decedent and devisees under the will whose identities are reasonably ascertainable, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is hereby given that all persons indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against the estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance, and unless so filed by the later to occur of four months from the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) a claim is thereafter forever barred. Dated this 7th day of October, 2013. David A. Geerdes 141 W. 4th Wellsburg, IA 50680

Executor of estate

Patrick J. Craig, ICIS PIN No: AT0001710 Craig, Smith and Culter, LLP 1305 12th Street Eldora, IA 50627 Date of second publication 24th day of October, 2013. 42-2


November 5, 2013 Notice is hereby given to the qualified voters of the City of Stout in the County of Grundy, State of Iowa, that an election will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. The purpose is to elect one (1) mayor for a two (2) year term and three (3) council members each for a two (2) year term. The polls will be open from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. Following is the polling site for the aforementioned city: Precinct No. 8 – Stout City Hall: All voters living within the corporate boundaries of the City of Stout. Grundy County Auditor, Rhonda R. Deters, reminds those residents of said city who are not registered to vote of the need to do so in order to participate in this election. Residents of the above city may register in the office of the County Auditor in person, get a registration form online at or may request that a registration form be mailed to them. With appropriate identification, an eligible elector may also register to vote on Election Day in the precinct where the person lives. Any voter who is physically unable to enter a polling place has the right to vote in the voter’s vehicle. For further information, please contact the County Auditor’s Office at 319-824-3122. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the official ballot to be voted at the Stout City Election on November 5, 2013. Rhonda R. Deters, Grundy County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections

IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR GRUNDY COUNTY No. JVJV003405 NOTICE LARA JO BOHL and CHRISTOPHER J. BOHL Petitioners IN THE INTEREST OF GENEVIVE MARIE BISCHOFF A Minor TO: CHARLES COLTON BISCHOFF FATHER OF A CHILD BORN ON 28TH DAY OF APRIL, 2011 IN WATERLOO, IOWA. You are notified that there is on file in the office of the clerk of court for Grundy County, a petition in case number JVJV003405, which prays for a termination of your parent-child relationship to a child born on the 28th day of April, 2011. For further details contact the clerk’s office. The petitioner’s attorney is Lynn M. Smith. You are notified that there will be a hearing on the petition to terminate parental rights before the Iowa District Court for Grundy County, at the courthouse in Grundy Center,Iowa, at 11:30 a.m. on the 18th day of November, 2013. Clerk of above Court Grundy County Courthouse Grundy Center, IA 50638 42-2

THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT GRUNDY COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Pamela Van Hauen, Deceased. Probate No. ESPR101812 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Pamela Van Hauen, Deceased, who died on or about 12th day of September, 2013: You are hereby notified that on the 3rd day of October, 2013, the last will and testament of Pamela Van Hauen, deceased, bearing date of the 11th day of July, 2013, was admitted to probate in the above named court and that Keith Van Hauen was appointed executor of the estate. Any action to set aside the will must be brought in the district court of said county within the later to occur of four months from the date of the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice to all heirs of the decedent and devisees under the will whose identities are reasonably ascertainable, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is hereby given that all persons indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against the estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance, and unless so filed by the later to occur of four months from the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) a claim is thereafter forever barred. Dated this 7th day of October, 2013. Keith Van Hauen 15076 L Ave. Holland, IA 50642

Executor of estate

Dale Hansmann, ICIS PIN No: AT0003251 Klinkenborg, Hansmann and Petersen 1201 Highway 57, P.O. Box 682 Parkersburg, IA 50665 Date of second publication 24th day of October, 2013. 42-2

THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT GRUNDY COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF, Wilfred D. Coulson Deceased. Probate No. ESPR101814 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Wilfred D. Coulson, Deceased, who died on or about 6th day of October, 2013: You are hereby notified that on the 10th day of October, 2013, the last will and testament of, Wilfred D. Coulson, deceased, bearing date of the 2nd day of September, 2011, was admitted to probate in the above named court and that GNB Bank was appointed executor of the estate. Any action to set aside the will must be brought in the district court of said county within the later to occur of four months from the date of the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice to all heirs of the decedent and devisees under the will whose identities are reasonably ascertainable, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is hereby given that all persons indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against the estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance, and unless so filed by the later to occur of four months from the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) a claim is thereafter forever barred. Dated this 10th day of October, 2013. GNB Bank P.O. Box 246 Grundy Center, IA 50638

Executor of estate

Heronimus, Schmidt, and Allen Attorneys for executor 630 G Avenue, Box 365 Grundy Center, IA 50638 Date of second publication 24th day of October, 2013. 42-2

TO: CALVIN R. WOOSLEY, 303 MCMARTIN STREET BEAMAN IA 50609 - OWNER CALVIN R. WOOSLEY, PO BOX 63 BEAMAN IA 50609 - OWNER LINDA S. WOOSLEY, 303 MCMARTIN STREET BEAMAN IA 50609 - OWNER LINDA S. WOOSLEY, PO BOX 63 BEAMAN IA 50609 - OWNER INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE c/o PHIL KOVACE, STOP 5333STL POB 66778 ST LOUIS MO 63166 - TAX LIEN U.S DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE c/o ERIC HOLDER, 950 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE NW WASHINGTON DC 20530 - TAX LIEN SECRETARY OF TREASURY, 333O MAIN TREASURY BLDG 1500 PENNSYLVANIA AVE NW WASHINGTON DC 20220 - TAX LIEN IOWA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE, 4TH HOOVER STATE OFFICE BLDG PO BOX 10471 DES MOINES IA 50306 - TAX LIEN U.S ATTORNEY FOR IOWA, 110 EAST COURT AVENUE #286 DES MOINES IA 50309 - TAX LIEN GRUNDY COUNTY AUDITOR, 706 G AVE GRUNDY CENTER IA 50638 - COURT COSTS GRUNDY COUNTY ATTORNEY, 630 G AVE GRUNDY CENTER IA 50638 - COURT COSTS IOWA ATTORNEY GENERAL, 1305 E WALNUT ST RM 109 DES MOINES IA 50319 COURT COSTS PERSON IN POSSESSION, 303 MCMARTIN STREET BEAMAN IA 50609 - PERSON IN POSSESSION CITY OF BEAMAN c/o CITY CLERK, 227 MAIN STREET BEAMAN IA 50609 - CITY LIMITS LIBERTY MOTOR CARS, LLC, 1609 G AVENUE GRUNDY CENTER IA 50638 - JUDGMENT/LIEN HOLDER CAPITAL ONE BANK c/o ABENDROTH and RUSSELL PC, 2536 73RD STREET DES MOINES IA 50322 - JUDGMENT/LIEN HOLDER ANY OTHER UNKNOWN PERSONS WITH INTEREST NOTICE OF EXPIRATION OF RIGHT OF REDEMPTION In accordance with Iowa Code Section 447.9 you are hereby notified that: 1. The property described in paragraph 2 of this Notice was sold at tax sale on the 20TH day of June, 2011. The purchaser at tax sale was DELTA INVESTMENTS/US BANK. 2. The legal description of the property sold is: Lot Five (5), Block Nine (9) of the Original Plat of the Town (now City) of Beaman, Iowa a/k/a PARCEL # 861734106010 3. That your right of redemption as set forth in the Iowa Code will expire unless redemption of the property is made within 90 days from the date of completed service of this Notice. 4. If the right of redemption is allowed to expire, a tax deed will be issued by the Treasurer of GRUNDY County. 43-1


November 5, 2013 Notice is hereby given to the qualified voters of the City of Holland in the County of Grundy, State of Iowa, that an election will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. The purpose is to elect one (1) mayor for a two (2) year term and two (2) council members each for a four (4) year term. The polls will be open from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. Following is the polling site for the aforementioned city: Precinct No. 5 – Holland Fire Station: All voters living within the corporate boundaries of the City of Holland. Public notice is hereby given to the voters of the City of Holland Precinct #5 that the location of your polling place has been changed to the Holland Fire Station, 106 Main Street, Holland, IA. The new location will be in effect for the November 5, 2013 City Election. Grundy County Auditor, Rhonda R. Deters, reminds those residents of said city who are not registered to vote of the need to do so in order to participate in this election. Residents of the above city may register in the office of the County Auditor in person, get a registration form online at or may request that a registration form be mailed to them. With appropriate identification, an eligible elector may also register to vote on Election Day in the precinct where the person lives. Any voter who is physically unable to enter a polling place has the right to vote in the voter’s vehicle. For further information, please contact the County Auditor’s Office at 319-824-3122. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the official ballot to be voted at the Holland City Election on November 5, 2013. Rhonda R. Deters, Grundy County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections

Thursday, October 24, 2013

IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR GRUNDY COUNTY EQUITY NO. EQCV059106 ORIGINAL NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., Plaintiff, vs. ESTATE OF RON MATZINGER; SPOUSE OF RON MATZINGER; STATE OF IOWA; UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE; ESTATE RECOVERY PROGRAM; ALL KNOWN AND UNKNOWN CLAIMANTS AND ALL PERSONS KNOWN OR UNKNOWN CLAIMING ANY RIGHT, TITLE OR INTEREST AND ALL OF THEIR HEIRS, SPOUSES, ASSIGNS, GRANTEES, LEGATEES, DEVISEES AND ALL BENEFICIARIES OF EACH AND ALL OF THE ABOVE-NAMED DEFENDANTS, Defendants. To the above-named Defendants: Estate of Ron Matzinger, Spouse of Ron Matzinger and All known and unknown claimants and all persons known or unknown claiming any right, title or interest and all of their heirs, spouses, assigns, grantees, legatees, devisees and all beneficiaries of each and all of the above-named defendants You are notified there was on 8/21/2013 filed in the Office of the Clerk of the above-named Court a Foreclosure Petition, which prays for foreclosure of a mortgage in favor of the Plaintiff on the property described herein and judgment in rem in the amount of $43,089.20 plus interest at the rate of 6.95% per annum from 1/1/2013, such amount equaling $8.20 per day, the costs of the action including title costs of $225.00, and reasonable attorney fees and that said sums be declared a lien upon the followingdescribed premises from 9/30/2004, located in Grundy County, Iowa, to-wit: Parcel 214-A as located in Book 73-D, Page 149 in the records of the Grundy County Recorder in SW 1/4 of Section 22, Township 87 North, Range 18 West of the 5th P.M., Grundy County, Iowa that the mortgage on the above-described real estate be foreclosed, that a special execution issue for the sale of as much of the mortgaged premises as is necessary to satisfy the judgment and for other relief as the Court may deem just and equitable. The attorney for the Plaintiff is David M. Erickson, whose address is The Davis Brown Tower, 215 10th Street, Suite 1300, Des Moines, Iowa 50309-3993, Phone: (515) 288-2500, Facsimile: (515) 243-0654. NOTICE THE PLAINTIFF HAS ELECTED FORECLOSURE WITH REDEMPTION. You must serve a motion or answer on or before the 13th day of November, 2013, and within a reasonable time thereafter, file your motion or answer, in the Iowa District Court for Grundy County, Iowa, at the County Courthouse in Grundy Center, Iowa. If you do not, judgment by default may be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Petition. If you require the assistance of auxiliary aids or services to participate in court because of a disability, immediately call your district ADA coordinator at 319-833-3332. (If you are hearing impaired, call Relay Iowa TTY at 1 800 735 2942.) Disability coordinators cannot provide legal advice. Clerk of the Above Court, Grundy County Courthouse Grundy Center, Iowa IMPORTANT YOU ARE ADVISED TO SEEK LEGAL ADVICE AT ONCE TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS. Date of Third Publication: 24th day of October, 2013. 41-3

NOTICE OF ELECTION November 5, 2013

Notice is hereby given to the qualified voters of the City of Dike in the County of Grundy, State of Iowa, that an election will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. The purpose is to elect one (1) mayor for a two (2) year term and three (3) council members each for a four (4) year term. The polls will be open from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. Following is the polling site for the aforementioned city: Precinct No. 3 – Dike Public Library: All voters living within the corporate boundaries of the City of Dike. Grundy County Auditor, Rhonda R. Deters, reminds those residents of said city who are not registered to vote of the need to do so in order to participate in this election. Residents of the above city may register in the office of the County Auditor in person, get a registration form online at or may request that a registration form be mailed to them. With appropriate identification, an eligible elector may also register to vote on Election Day in the precinct where the person lives. Any voter who is physically unable to enter a polling place has the right to vote in the voter’s vehicle. For further information, please contact the County Auditor’s Office at 319-824-3122. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the official ballot to be voted at the Dike City Election on November 5, 2013. Rhonda R. Deters, Grundy County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections

REGULAR MEETING OCTOBER 17, 2013 The Board of Trustees met in regular session on Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 7:00 am with all members present. The claims were reviewed with Harry Dole making the motion, seconded by Mindy Whitehill to pay all claims, ayes all, carried. Manager Carson reported on the following: Generating for Corn Belt went well with just a few minor issues, The City Street Light Project, The coax and electric feeder at the School is finished and rewiring will be done at a later date, The air storage and oil systems at the Plant are finished, The estimate for installation of the catalytic converters is $42,000.00 per unit, The Neal #4 Owners Meeting was changed to October 30th, The unit in Michigan he inspected will not work with our current system, and he visited CFU to look at other settop boxes they are offering. Manager Carson updated the Board on Corn Belt/Basin and the need for hiring outside plant help. Motion by Mindy Whitehill, seconded by Harry Dole to adjourn, ayes all, carried. OPERATION and MAINTENANCE Allied Insurance..................................$ 558.00 Black Hills Energy.................................940.65 Jeff Carson............................................128.20 Rhonda Cole.........................................151.66 Elec Supp of M’Town..........................3,104.01 Heartland Coop.....................................719.71 IAMU......................................................397.79 IUB.....................................................1,818.00 JESCO Welding.....................................869.72 John Deere Financial............................273.34 John Deere Financial..............................35.90 Mid-America Publish...............................72.23 NAPA Auto Parts......................................23.87 Office-Petty Cash....................................17.12 Van Wert Inc..........................................305.26 US Cellular............................................162.62 Semi-Monthly P/R............................14,271.33 AXA Equitable.......................................265.00 Dearborn National...................................67.50 Wellmark BC/BS...............................17,452.56 Nicole Underwood...................................28.00 City of GC.......................................100,070.51 Rhonda Cole.........................................551.72 GCMU Comm Fund..........................64,584.85 Pitney Bowes......................................1,200.00 Semi-Monthly P/R............................14,478.39 City of GC..............................................500.00 Office-Petty Cash....................................17.12 Randy Thompson..................................102.24 Semi-Monthly P/R............................14,376.33 A-Kleen..................................................365.16 Advanced Systems................................102.14 Arnold Motor Supply..............................230.51 Black Hawk Rental.............................1,220.87 Black Hills Energy...................................37.70 Border States.....................................2,501.87 Business Forms Divers.........................502.37 City of GC..............................................624.33 Rhonda Cole.........................................109.00 Elec Supp of M’Town.............................459.57 Family Foods...........................................34.42 Fauser Energy..................................23,396.88 Fletcher-Reinhardt.................................730.12 GCMU....................................................235.99 GNB Bank...............................................51.90 Heartland Coop.....................................844.71 In-Gen Products...............................25,977.42 John Deere Financial..............................84.14 Kriz-Davis...........................................1,612.37 Master Card...........................................119.85 McMaster-Carr.......................................182.10 Mid-America Publish...............................53.48 Monkey Town.........................................459.60 NAPA Auto Parts....................................287.54 Overhead Door Co................................160.50 Resco....................................................359.76 Spahn and Rose....................................146.16 Spangenburg Inc...................................128.40 Stuart Irby Co........................................503.75 TandR Electric....................................3,300.00 Terry Durin Co....................................1,928.32 True Value.............................................218.13


Van Hauen Auto ...................................498.28 Wesco.................................................1,667.60 CONSUMER GCMU(Albright Acct)..........................$ 125.00 GCMU(Baruth Acct)...............................100.00 GCMU(Buchanan Acct).........................193.28 GCMU(Foos Acct).................................100.00 COMMUNICATIONS BBC America........................................$ 77.52 Black Hills Energy.................................155.15 Heartland Coop.....................................102.00 INS........................................................117.09 IUB........................................................664.00 Long Lines..........................................7,877.71 NAPA Auto.................................................7.00 NCTC.....................................................856.06 Rovi Guides...........................................479.22 Windstream...........................................161.92 GCMU OandM Fund..........................1,341.20 Long Lines..........................................3,390.91 Randi Mehmen..........................................4.14 Mary Ann Merrifield.................................11.74 US Cellular............................................159.83 GCMU OandM Fund.............................933.00 Grundy Co Treas................................2,669.93 GCMU OandM Fund..........................9,553.69 GLDS.....................................................660.00 Big 10.................................................1,410.56 Discovery Comm...................................146.32 Fox Sports Midwest............................2,913.92 GCMU OandM Fund..........................2,083.33 HUB TV Network.....................................36.58 NCTC................................................26,057.49 OWN........................................................75.52 Showtime...............................................301.20 Tower Dist (WGN)..................................222.87 Windstream...........................................458.52 BBC America...........................................80.24 Black Hills Energy.................................248.24 Consortia...............................................800.00 CFU....................................................5,003.50 DF Countryman.....................................777.63 Eagle Comtronics..................................116.15 Family Foods...........................................15.43 GCMU....................................................157.90 GCMU....................................................829.28 GNB Bank...............................................28.80 Heartland Coop.....................................147.01 INS........................................................116.13 Manly Drug................................................5.54 NCTC..................................................1,568.64 Rovi Guides...........................................479.22 Tulsat.....................................................295.60 True Value...............................................26.70 Tulsat-Nebraska....................................100.66 Windstream...............................................5.00 Jeff Carson, Secretary Mary Harken, Treasurer 43-1

The Wellsburg City Council met in regular session October 7, 2013 with Mayor Van Hauen presiding and Council Members Eilderts, Buseman, Werkman and Nederhoff present. Absent Van Heiden Nederhoff moved to approve the minutes of the August regular meeting. Werkman seconded the motion. All ayes, carrie Buseman moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report for August. Nederhoff seconded the motion. All ayes, carried. Werkman moved to approve the following bills for payment. Eilderts seconded the motion. All ayes, carried. Alliant Energy, utilities....................... $4,292.26 Baumeier Co. LLC, pay request #3.................. .................................................. $120,005.90 Blythe Sanitation, garbage pickups.. $3,967.54 EFTPS, FED/FICA TAX................... $1,963.67 Grundy County Sheriff, Contract...... $3,128.09 IPERS, pension................................ $1,312.79 Treasurer State of Iowa, State tax....... $615.00 U S Cellular, Cellphone Service............ $78.10 Nathan Vogel, Cafeteria/Health Insurance..................................................... $851.08 Wellsburg Post Office, Postage........... $165.00 Windstream, Phone Service................ $423.57 A-Kleen, Rugs, Towels, and Mops....... $307.10 Allen Occupational Health, Drug Test.... $57.00 B and B Auto Parts, Parts and Supplies.$51.55 Blythe Sanitation, Garbage Pickup....... $40.00 Casey's General Store #2526, Ice......... $11.36 CIWA, Aug/Sept Water Usage........ $12,430.00 EllsworthHospital, Supplies..................... $4.67 Ed Feld Equipment Co, Gloves........... $533.00 Goodwin Tucker, Stove Repair............ $323.29 Greg Winger, Vehicle - Jaws Training... $50.00 GC Ambulance, Paramedic Tier.......... $100.00 GCDA, Dues.................................... $1,979.60 Grundy Register, Council Minutes......... $50.83 Hometown Pc, Advertising.................... $36.00 How'-Gan Electric, Library Inspecion.. $447.24 State Hygienic Laboratory, Water Testing........................................................ $137.00 Imfoa, Fall Conference.......................... $71.00 Innovative Ag Service, Dust Control.... $962.00 Iowa Division of Labor, Boiler Inspection.$65.00 Iowa Radiant, Ups Charges............................. $58.24 .. John Deere Financial, Generator Repair ..................................................... $420.56 Kirkwood Comm College, Fire Training.$60.00 P and K Midwest, Lawn Mower Parts.. $407.44 Pool Tech, Final Payment Pool Lift... $2,375.00 Ryken Engineering, Sewer Proj/Insp................ .................................................... $22,346.95 Snittjer Grain, Fuel and Supplies...... $1,347.33 Test America, Testing........................... $556.50 Wellsburg Fire Dept, corrected invoice............. ...................................................... $1,929.00 Approved by the Library Board A-Kleen, Rugs....................................... $11.50 Baker And Taylor, Books...................... $113.03 Card Services, Dvds............................ $348.29 Demco, Supplies................................. $131.04 Field and Stream, Magazine................... $8.00 Gale, Books......................................... $739.34 Health, Magazine.................................. $30.00 Hometown Pc, Advertising.................... $27.00 Ingram Library Services, Books.......... $568.33 Iowa History Journal, Magazine............ $18.95 Midamerican Books, Books................. $165.50 Oprah Magazine, Magazine.................. $35.28 State Library of Iowa, Data Base........... $60.35 August receipts by fund as follows: General Fund, 15881.82; Road Use Tax Fund, 6364.61; Capital Projects Fund, 0.00; Water Fund, 16114.57; Sewer Fund, 13330.78; Garbage Fund, 3855.32; Library Fund, 264.95; Debt Service, 6437.57; Special Fund, 7277.48 and TIF Fund, 6829.74. Werkman moved to approve contract for lateral sealing. Work to be completed by Baumeier Co. at a cost of $23,040.00. Eilderts seconded the motion. All ayes, carried. Jason Dempster requested an easement from the City to construct a septic system. City will approve the easement if documents state that the City can hook into the septic system if necessary, that the agreement is transferable to future owners of the building, and the City Engineer approves construction per city ordinance. All legal fees are to be paid by Dempster. Werkman moved to approve a $.50 increase in the garbage contract with Blythe Sanitation. Motion died for lack of second. Buseman moved to approve a $.40 increase in the garbage contract with Blythe Sanitation. Eilderts seconded the motion. All ayes, carried. Eilderts moved to approve the following building permit for Andy Hackman. Werkman seconded the motion. All ayes, carried. Werkman moved to approve building permit for Dan Graveman. Nederhoff seconded the motion. All ayes, carried. Council will do some further investigation before approving building permit for Steve Hippen. Buseman moved to adjourn the meeting. Eilderts seconded the motion. All ayes, carried. Wendy Lage, City Clerk 43-1

Legals are your right to know!


Thursday, October 24, 2013


November 5, 2013 Notice is hereby given to the qualified voters of the City of Grundy Center in the County of Grundy, State of Iowa, that an election will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. The purpose is to elect one (1) mayor for a two (2) year term, two (2) council members each for a four (4) year term, one (1) council member to fill an unexpired term ending 12/31/15, and two (2) park board members each for a six (6) year term. The polls will be open from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. Following is the polling site for the aforementioned city: Precinct No. 4 – Grundy Center Community Center: All voters living within the corporate boundaries of the City of Grundy Center. Grundy County Auditor, Rhonda R. Deters, reminds those residents of said city who are not registered to vote of the need to do so in order to participate in this election. Residents of the above city may register in the office of the County Auditor in person, get a registration form online at or may request that a registration form be mailed to them. With appropriate identification, an eligible elector may also register to vote on Election Day in the precinct where the person lives. Any voter who is physically unable to enter a polling place has the right to vote in the voter’s vehicle. For further information, please contact the County Auditor’s Office at 319-824-3122. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the official ballot to be voted at the Grundy Center City Election on November 5, 2013. Rhonda R. Deters, Grundy County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections

October 9, 2013 The Dike City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor Soppe presiding. Council members present were: Chad Cutsforth, Rob Weissenfluh, Nick Cleveland and Wayne Paige. Luke Osterhaus was present via speaker phone. Also present were: Shane Metz, Joe Becker, Bob Haugebak and Zeb Stanbrough. Consent Agenda – Motion by Cleveland to approve the following in the consent agenda: Sheriff’s report, library report, approval of minutes as presented and delinquent utility accounts. Seconded by Weissenfluh. All ayes. Carried. Tree Discussion – Motion by Osterhaus to table until November. Seconded by Cutsforth. All ayes. Carried. Superintendant’s Report – Metz stated that he has been using the forklift that was donated to the city. Metz received bids for snow blowers – Honda for $600.00, Toro for $600.00, and one from Menards for $400.00. He would like to buy the Honda. Cutsforth introduced Resolution #109131, A RESOLUTION TO BUY THE HONDA SNOW BLOWER FOR $600.00, and moved that it be adopted. Seconded by Cleveland. Roll Call Vote: Ayes: Cutsforth, Weissenfluh, Paige, Cleveland, Osterhaus. Nays: None. Whereupon the Mayor declared Resolution #109131 duly adopted. Metz asked to use the $6900.00 from selling scrap metal and the money saved by hooking up the cell tower ourselves for buying electric meters. Cutsforth introduced Resolution #109132, A RESOLUTION TO USE THE MONEY FROM SCRAP AND LEFTOVER MONEY FROM THE CELL TOWER TO BUY METERS, and moved that it be adopted. Seconded by Weissenfluh. Roll Call Vote: Ayes: Cutsforth, Weissenfluh, Paige, Cleveland, Osterhaus. Nays: None. Whereupon the Mayor declared Resolution #109132 duly adopted. Metz stated that the smoke testing is almost completed. He would like to do some testing at the soccer field. Has found one large issue during the testing. He would like to get a camera and do dye testing to find where the problem is. Discussion about sewer flow. Metz stated that under normal conditions the flow is 60,000 to 70,000 gallons a day. In the spring with heavy rains and snow melt, it is over 1,000,000 gallons. This spring there were two days where there was 750,000 gallons each day. In heavy rains it is not only infiltration but also leaching into the ground that causes the problems with too much sewer flow and could cause problems with backing up into basements. Metz also discussed the need to hire a 3rd man. He discussed the number of hours worked for 2012 and so far in 2013. There are lots of things that are just not getting done. Cutsforth stated that there was discussion when it was decided to stay with just two men but with the number of hours being worked, it is not safe. Discussion about running an ad. More discussion is needed. McClure Engineering – Metz stated that they will be coming to the November meeting. The city has been approved for the Planning and Design Loan from the State Revolving Loan fund. The bonding attorney will have to get the necessary paperwork ready for public hearing. Also the engineering will need to do some paperwork for this. Metz stated that we will have to have another project initiation meeting with the DNR. He stated that the wastewater committee should attend. Since Paige will not be seeking re-election, another council member should be placed on the committee. Osterhaus was appointed to the committee. Renewable Energy Agreement – Nothing has been received from the lawyer. Fields Addition – All the city information has been given to the bonding attorney. They are waiting for information from the county. Dog/Cat Discussion – Osterhaus stated that there have been several cats captured. He is happy with the way things are going and keep moving forward with the cat problem. Tablets/Projector – Cleveland stated that he has priced projectors at $300.00 to $1000.00. He would like to look at the projector that summer rec bought to see if it is wireless capable. He has looked at the IPad 2. They run approximately $400.00 each. Refurbished ones are $340.00. An IPad 3 is $499.00. Android tablets are similar in price. Discussion about taking money from different funds to pay for as opposed to taking it all from one fund. Discussion about talking to someone with technology background to get all our questions answered before we purchase anything to make sure we get what we need and everything is compatible. Financial Reports – Motion by Cleveland to approve the financial reports. Seconded by Cutsforth. All ayes. Carried. Bills to Be Allowed and Paid – Motion by Cutsforth to approve the bills. Seconded by Cleveland. All ayes. Carried. Clerk’s Comments – Discussion about League of Cities Annual Conference. The auditors will be here for our examination from October 21-24. The next regular meeting is scheduled for November 13. State volleyball will be going on then and the clerk asked that the meeting be moved to either November 12 or November 20. Motion by Cleveland to have the meeting on November 20. Seconded by Weissenfluh. All ayes. Carried. Mayor’s Comments – The Mayor wanted to thank Metz on the work with the smoke testing. He has also had compliments on the cat problem. Motion by Cleveland to adjourn. Seconded by Cutsforth. All ayes. Carried. Michael Soppe, Mayor ATTEST: Patti Freese, City Clerk Air Management, Supplies................. $101.55 Airgas North Central, Supplies........... $139.37 Alliant Energy. Street Lights............... $306.24 American Book Returns, Library Book Return. ..................................................... $2,821.00 Ann Hilliard, Mileage............................. $9.61 Aus Waterloo Mc Lockbox, Hall Supplies........ ........................................................ $833.59 Arnold Motor Supply, Vehicle Repairs.$149.40 Aspro Inc , Cold Mix........................... $517.12 Aspro Inc, North Street.................. $13,059.40 Baker and Taylor, Books . ............... $1,075.52 Card Center, Library Books................ $170.24 Beninga Sanitation, Sanitation Pick Up........... ..................................................... $1,976.55 Benton’s Ready Mix Concrete, In.Park Fountain ........................................................ $179.06 Black Hawk County Landfill .Non Routine Pick Up......................................................... $23.61 Black Hawk Rental, Chainsaw........... $287.99 Black Hills Energy, Heat..................... $459.89 Blacktop Service Company, ...... Main/E Elder Projects......................................... $90,146.00 Ge Capital Retail Bank, ... Wwp Sludge Pump ....................................................... $215.04 Campbell Supply, Supplies . ............. $50.59 Cengage Learning, Library Materials.$183.00 Collection Services Center, .Dng - John Weber ..................................................... $1,727.67 City Of Dike , Electric Usage........... $3,604.89 Conrad Public Library, Library Subscription.... .......................................................... $30.00 Cedar Valley Community, Insurance.$2,839.31 Dakota Supply Group, Meters............ $997.48 Demco, Label Protectors.................... $107.07 Dike Fire Dept, Fire Calls................ $1,886.00 Dng, Sludge Removal..................... $1,727.67 E F T P S, Fed/Fica Taxes............... $4,547.89 E F T P S, Fed/Fica Tax........................ $86.98 Fletcher-Reinhardt Company, Supplies.$157.50 Fort Dearborn Life Insurance, Insurance.$66.75 Gaylord Bros., Inc., Book Cart............ $163.69 Grundy County Sheriff, Contract.... $5,398.83 Hach Company, Water Supplies......... $201.52 Hawkins Inc., Chlorine . ......................... $5.00 Daniel Klatt, Hsa- Employee ............... $60.00 Daniel Klatt, Hsa- Employee ............... $60.00 Daniel Klatt, Hsa- Employee................ $60.00 Daniel Klatt, Hsa- Employee ............... $60.00 State Hygienic Laboratory, Water Test.$10.00 Iowa One Call, Locates........................ $31.50 Wells Fargo Bank - Corporate, Water Investment................................................... $600.00 Wells Fargo Bank - Corporate, Sewer Invest-

ment................................................... $600.00 Ipers, Ipers..................................... $3,154.06 Ipers, Ipers .......................................... $93.00 The Jones Law Firm, Attorney Fees.. $527.25 Kirkwood Community College, Training.$70.00 Koch Brothers, Contract..................... $182.07 Kwik Trip Inc, Fuel.............................. $635.08 Larry’s Welding, Wwtp.......................... $93.55 Marco, Inc., Contract.......................... $176.44 Mary Kenyon, Library Program............ $75.00 Matt Hesse, Fd Training..................... $201.00 Mediacom, Library Internet................... $61.25 Menards, Supplies . .......................... $494.98 Michael Soppe, Cell Phone................ $164.94 Mid-America Publishing Corp, Publications.... ....................................................... $307.84 Momar Incorporated, Supplies........ $1,502.33 Nathan Schmitz, Training..................... $83.03 Iowa Library Services, Overdrive....... $408.81 Patti Freese, Mileage And Conference.$406.88 Patti Freese, Mileage........................... $50.85 Physician’s Claims Company, Ambulance Calls ........................................................ $371.40 Pool Tech, Paint............................... $1,019.92 Dike Post Office, Utility Bill Postage... $148.83 Purchase Power, Postage.................. $500.00 Pitney Bowes Inc, Contract................ $327.90 Quill Corporation, Supplies................. $114.48 Centurylink, Phone Service................ $582.62 Radio Communications, Pager Repair.$11.87 Rebbeca Berg, Computer Repair....... $150.00 Resale Power Group Of Iowa, Wholesale Electric......................... $46,583.63 State Bank and Trust, Trail Pricipal.$23,635.44 Testamerica Laboratories Inc, Wwtp Testing... ........................................................ $407.40 Ubben Building Supplies, Supplies... $108.44 Us Cellular, Cell Phones . .................. $111.26 Us Cellular, Cell Phones..................... $111.26 Usa Bluebook, Smoke Fluid ........... $439.22 Wal-Mart Community Brc, Supplies.... $564.82 Bernie Weber, Stump Remova............. $60.00 Withholding Tax Process, State Taxes.$760.00 Withholding Tax Process, State Tax...... $1.00 Payroll Checks............................. $13,342.90 Total............................................ $235,775.27 General.......................................... $35,245.43 Road Use Tax................................ $69,081.19 Employee Benefits.......................... $2,906.06 Local Option Sales Tax.................. $37,556.40 Debt Service.................................. $23,635.44 Water............................................... $5,970.82 Sewer.............................................. $9,625.45 Electric.......................................... $51,754.48 43-1

Grundy County Sheriff’s Department A one vehicle accident occurred October 8 at 7:30 p.m. on T-19 north of Wellsburg. Catherine Riekena, age 70, Wellsburg, was southbound when a deer entered the roadway and was struck. Riekena’s 2002 Buick received an estimated $3,000 damage. No summons, no injury. Investigated by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. Jason Sandoval, age 41, Cuba, N.M., was arrested October 12, at 1:15 a.m. on Hwy 20 at the 187 mile marker and charged with OWI 2nd. Being held in lieu of bond. Arrested by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. A one vehicle accident occurred October 11 at 10:15 a.m. on 240th Street at T-55. Shane Swingen, age 38, Waterloo, was northbound and while attempting to turn east onto the gravel, turned short and the trailer dropped off the right shoulder and into the ditch. The tractor and trailer tipped onto the passenger side. Swingen’s 1995 Freightliner received an estimated $26,000 damage. Minor injuries, no summons. Investigated by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. A one vehicle accident occurred October 15 at 5:20 p.m. on T-55 north of Dike. Callie Gifford, age 16, New Hartford, was northbound when the vehicle dropped off the road. The driver overcorrected, lost control and entered the east ditch where the vehicle rolled. Gifford’s 1999 Volkswagon received an estimated $4,000 damage. No summons, no injury. Investigated by Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. A two vehicle accident occurred October 16 at 7:40 a.m. on Hwy 57 at V Avenue. Gary Kay, age 56, Charles City, was southbound on V Avenue. Ritamay Grober, age 45, Dike, was eastbound on Hwy 57. Kay entered the roadway from the stop sign. Grober took evasive action to avoid a collision with Kay and entered the east ditch of V Avenue. No damage reported to Kay’s1996 InternationalR. Grober’s 2003 Ford received an estimated $4,800 damage. Accident remains under investigation by the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. Assisted by Butler County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa State Patrol and New Hartford Fire and Ambulance

Advertising deadline is: 10 a.m. Monday! (319) 824-6958 Your headquarters for batteries, ignition and electrical supplies for all vehicles

Napa auto parts

707 G ave., Grundy Center 319-824-6917 Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8-5: sat., 8-12

Grundy FOR THE RECORD Register Naional Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Notice Date: 10/11/2013 The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is proposing to approve an application for reissuance of an NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit for the discharges described below: Discharger Name and Address: Grundy Center City of STP City Clerk, City Hall Grundy Center, Iowa 50638-1450 Location: Township: 87 Range: 16 Section: 7 County: Grundy Description of Discharges 001 Discharge from sequencing batch reactor wastewater treatment facility. Receiving stream: Black Hawk Creek 002 Bypass from main treatment plant. Receiving stream: Black Hawk Creek 003 Bypass from equalization basin. Receiving stream: Black Hawk Creek Stabilized sludge is applied to local land according to state regulations. Anyone wishing to comment on or object to the proposed issuance of this permit must do so in writing within forty-five (45) days of the date shown at the top of this notice. All comments received will be considered in the final determination. If no objections are received within fortyfive (45) days, the Department will issue a final permit. You may request the Department hold a public hearing by submitting a writting request stating specific reasons why a hearing should be held. Comments, objections, and requests for hearing my be submitted online using the Wastewater Permit Information Exchange System at Comments, objections, and requests for hearings may also be addressed to the: Iowa Department of Natural Resources, NPDES Section, 502 East 9th Street, Des Moines, IA 50319. Copies of the proposed permit and other information may be viewed on WWPIE at the web address noted above. This information is also on file and available for public inspection from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at the above street address. In addition, copies of this information may be requested by calling Benjamin Hucka at (515) 281-5962 or e-mail at 43-1

PUBLIC NOTICE The Grundy Center City Council approved open burning from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Saturday and noon to 6 PM on Sunday; beginning Monday, October 21, 2013 through November 29, 2013. Burning will be allowed only when the wind speed is under 10 MPH. Wind speed will be determined as shown on Channel 11. Open fires are intended for yard and garden cleanings only. This does not include garbage or other household debris. No burning will be allowed in the streets. Fires must be attended at all times. Notice is subject to change by Order of the Fire Chief. CITY OF GRUNDY CENTER Dan Bangasser, Public Works Director 43-1

Grundy Center Bowling Lucky Strikers Trunck’s Country Foods — 18-14 Scotty’s Saloon — 17-15 Miller Time— 16-16 GNB Insurance — 16-16 Wild Wade’s Women — 15-17 Pink Kitties — 14-18 Judy Homeister - 214, 550, 712 Tracy Thede- 270 Wild Wade’s Women-704, 948, 2544 Trunck’s Country Foods- 1875 Crystal-Ette Lone Tree Inn — 21-7 Subway — 16-12 Pink Taco’s — 14-14 Wellsburg Tap— 12-16

Phelps — 11-17 The Headliner — 10-18 Eunice Riesburg- 621 Tami Craig- 210 Angie Shuey- 648 Robbin Elsberry- 255 Phelps- 892 Subway- 2371 Wellsburg Tap- 618 Lone Tree- 1720 Classic League B.L.O.W.F.’S— 21-7 Phelp’s John Deere —17.5-10.5 Van Wert, Inc — 15-13 Tom’s Car Care— 15-13 Crystal Bowl— 10.5-17.5 Grandview Heights R & H—5-23

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IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR GRUNDY COUNTY, STATE OF IOWA Docket No. (Sale No.): 13-0548(1) Court No. EQCV059022 Sheriff’s Sale PLAINTIFF: DUETSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, AS TRUSTEE FOR HOLDERS OF IMPAC SECURED ASSETS CORP., MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES SERIES 2004-3 VS. DEFENDANTS: CHRISOPTHER W. STANLEY - IN REM; LISA G. STANLEY - IN REM; CAPITAL ONE BANK - IN REM; MIDLAND FUNDING LLC - IN REM; MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC. - IN REM As a result of the judgment rendered in the above referenced court case, an execution was issued by the court to the Sheriff of this county. The execution ordered the sale of defendant(s) Real Estate Property to satisfy the judgment. The property to be sold is: The North 72 feet of Lot Four (4), County Auditor’s Plat of the Southwest Quarter (SW 1/4) of Section Thirty (30), Township Eighty-six (86) North, Range Seventeen (17) West of the 5th P.M. Except the West 16 feet thereof. Street Address: 101 Grant Street, Conrad, Iowa 50621. The described property will be offered for sale at public auction for cash only as follows: Date of Sale is January 14, 2014 at 10 a.m., at the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office, 705 8th St., Grundy Center, Iowa 50638 Phone (319) 8246933 Homestead: Defendant is advised that if the described real estate includes the homestead (which must not exceed 1/2 acre if within a city or town plat, or, if rural, must not exceed 40 acres), defendant must file a homestead plat with the Sheriff within ten (10) days after service of this notice, or the Sheriff will have it platted and charge the costs to this case. This sale not subject to redemption. Property exemption: Certain money or property may be exempt. Contact your attorney promptly to review specific provisions of the law and file appropriate notice, if applicable. Judgment Amt - $70,667.72; Costs - $285.00; Accruing Costs - Plus; Interest - 4.125% of $70,667.72 from March 29, 2013. = $2,324.05 Attorney is Benjamin W. Hopkins (515) 2229400. Date: September 28, 2013 Sheriff: Rick D. Penning Deputy: Deputy Zach Tripp 43-2

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Benefit planned for Dave Lee Family CONRAD — Residents of the BCLUW communities and the surrounding area have the opportunity to give back to a local family that has had their year drastically changed by their granddaughter Lydia’s diagnosis of ALL Leukemia in January and the labor of love that has followed in helping her and her family cope. Dave and Linda Lee of Conrad have helped daughter Veridee and her husband Scott Hand get through this year by helping to care for the couple’s four other children: Abigail, Josiah, Selah and Charis – the first month after the diagnosis at the Hand’s home in South Carolina, and then during the summer in Conrad at grandma and grandpa Lee’s home. Dave was a longtime teacher and coach in the BCLUW Community School system. He retired from coaching softball after the summer of 2012. The benefit evening will be held Sunday Oct.27 at the BCLUW High School in Conrad. The evening will begin with a free-will supper catered by Hometown Foods from 4:30 to 6 p.m. During the supper a silent auction of various merchandise baskets will be held. Cari Teske, Darci Steckelberg and Shannan Callaway are in charge of organizing the auction. At 6:30 p.m. a talent show will begin. During the show, several pies and cakes will be auctioned. The cakes will be made by Denise Rabbit and Mary Stattler, while pies are coming from ISU student McKinzie Geocke of State Center and Perkins Restaurant in Marshalltown. The ordeal for the Lee family began Jan. 23, as the Hands headed to the emergency room in Columbia, S.C., with 7-year-old daughter, Lydia. Something had not been right for a couple of months, but bone pain was now an every night thing and her abdomen had swollen to the point of nearly getting stretch marks. The next day, the doctor’s made the diagnosis that Lydia had ALL Leukemia. They would put in a port the next morning

IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR GRUNDY COUNTY, STATE OF IOWA Docket No. (Sale No.): 13-0577(1) Court No. EQCV058996 Sheriff Sale PLAINTIFF: JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A. AS SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO CHASE HOME FINANCE, LLC VS. DEFENDANTS: JAY R. KUIPER - IN REM, SPOUSE OF JAY R. KUIPER - IN REM, TIFFANY KUIPER - IN REM, PARTIES IN POSSESSION - IN REM As a result of the judgment rendered in the above referenced court case, an execution was issued by the court to the Sheriff of this county. The execution ordered the sale of defendant(s) Real Estate Property to satisfy the judgment. The property to be sold is: East 65 feet of the West 150 feet of Lot 1 of the County Auditor’s Subdivision of the SE 1/4 NE 1/4 of Section 12, Township 87 North, Range 17 West of the 5th P.M. Street Address: 408 D Ave Grundy Center, Iowa 50638 The described property will be offered for sale at public auction for cash only as follows: Date of Sale is January 21, 2014 at 10 a.m., at the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office, 705 8th St., Grundy Center, Iowa 50638 Phone (319) 8246933 Homestead: Defendant is advised that if the described real estate includes the homestead (which must not exceed 1/2 acre if within a city or town plat, or, if rural, must not exceed 40 acres), defendant must file a homestead plat with the Sheriff within ten (10) days after service of this notice, or the Sheriff will have it platted and charge the costs to this case. This sale not subject to redemption. Property exemption: Certain money or property may be exempt. Contact your attorney promptly to review specific provisions of the law and file appropriate notice, if applicable. Judgment Amt - $68,531.39; Costs - $364.40; Accruing Costs - Plus; Interest - 5% of $68,531.39 from January 15, 2013 = $3,482.90. Attorney is Douglas J. Mizer (515) 223-7325 ext. 372. Date October 9, 2013 Sheriff: Rick D. Penning Deputy: By Chief Deputy Tim Wolthoff

and give Lydia her first lumbar chemo treatment. After the second phase of chemo treatments, the bone marrow extraction revealed Lydia’s body was still producing Leukemia cells. In May, the train jumped tracks. Doctors said they needed to stop the chemotherapy treatments immediately and flush Lydia’s body of the chemotherapy drugs. With the chemotherapy treatments not working, a bone marrow treatment would be necessary. The process of recovery was projected to be 45 days, but it soon became apparent that Lydia was not recovering quickly. Soon it became clearer that Abigail and Josiah might not be able to complete the next year of home schooling, due to Lydia’s recovery dictating their schooling and the time Veridee would have available to give to the home school lessons. So once again Dave and Linda opened their hearts and home to the family by asking Veridee and Scott to pray about allowing Abigail and Josiah attend school at BCLUW. This was a tough decision for the family, but upon returning to see Lydia and seeing the restricted living conditions and the reality of her frailty, the two children understood why grandpa and grandma had made the offer. Their first day of school was full of energy and excitement, learning locker combinations, meeting new friends, and be one of many in a classroom. After the first week of school Abigail, Josiah, Dave and Linda found a schedule that worked for them. Life had changed drastically for all of them. Help with the auction and supper is still needed. If you would like to help in any way contact Bob Kruse at 641-366-2402. Monetary donations to help the Lee family may be sent to Kruse at Box 142, Conrad, Iowa 50621. Checks should be made out to the Dave Lee family.

IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR GRUNDY COUNTY, STATE OF IOWA Docket No. (Sale No.): 13-0578(1) Court No. EQCV059081 Special Execution PLAINTIFF: WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. VS. DEFENDANTS: CURTIS J. PETERSEN - IN REM; GENA M. PETERSEN - IN REM; LINCOLN SAVINGS BANK - IN REM; CAPITAL ONE BANK - IN REM; THE CBE GROUP, INC. - IN REM; PARTIES IN POSSESSION - IN REM As a result of the judgment rendered in the above referenced court case, an execution was issued by the court to the Sheriff of this county. The execution ordered the sale of defendant(s) Real Estate Property to satisfy the judgment. The property to be sold is: Lot Four (4) in Block One (1) of Normal Park Addition to the Town of Reinbeck, Iowa Street Address: 307 Chestnut, Reinbeck, Iowa 50669. The described property will be offered for sale at public auction for cash only as follows: Date of Sale is January, 21, 2014 at 10:30 a.m., at the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office, 705 8th St., Grundy Center, Iowa 50638 Phone (319) 8246933 Homestead: Defendant is advised that if the described real estate includes the homestead (which must not exceed 1/2 acre if within a city or town plat, or, if rural, must not exceed 40 acres), defendant must file a homestead plat with the Sheriff within ten (10) days after service of this notice, or the Sheriff will have it platted and charge the costs to this case. This sale not subject to redemption. Property exemption: Certain money or property may be exempt. Contact your attorney promptly to review specific provisions of the law and file appropriate notice, if applicable. Judgment Amt - $53,252.42; Costs - $376.98; Accruing Costs - Plus; Interest - 7.25% of $53,252.42 from August 12, 2013. Attorney is Davis Brown Law Firm (515) 2882500. Sheriff: Rick D. Penning 43-2


Wed.-Thurs., October 23-24, 2013 • Buffalo Center Tribune, Butler County Tribune-Journal, Clarksville Star, Eagle Grove Eagle, Kanawaha Reporter, The Leader, Grundy Register, Hampton Chronicle, Pioneer Enterprise, Shefďƒželd Press, Wright County Monitor, The Reporter




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Buffalo Center Tribune, Butler County Tribune-Journal, Clarksville Star, Eagle Grove Eagle, Kanawaha Reporter, The Leader, Grundy Register, Hampton Chronicle, Pioneer Enterprise, Shefď&#x192;&#x17E;eld Press, Wright County Monitor, The Reporter â&#x20AC;˘ Wed.-Thurs., October 23-24, 2013

Prison inmates â&#x20AC;&#x153;give backâ&#x20AC;? through Leader Dog Program

By Rebecca Peter The inmates of the Fort Dodge Correctional Facility (FDCF) are there for a variety of crimes. The Leader Dog Program at the prison gives inmates an opportunity to â&#x20AC;&#x153;give backâ&#x20AC;? to society. The program trains dogs for the visually impaired. James McKinney, acting warden at Fort Dodge, introduced the program at the facility in Rockwell City in 2001. McKinney started the Leader Dog program at Fort Dodge in 2010. According to Brenda Birchard, Coordinator of FDCF Leader Dog Program, there are currently 66 â&#x20AC;&#x153;handlersâ&#x20AC;? at the Fort Dodge facility. Leroy Seiler and Mark Greiman, formerly of Garner, are two of the puppy handlers at Fort Dodge. Seiler has been incarcerated since 1980. Mark Greiman since 1999. Birchard noted, the number of assigned â&#x20AC;&#x153;handlersâ&#x20AC;? ď&#x192;&#x;uctuates with the number of puppies ready for training and â&#x20AC;&#x153;sponsorsâ&#x20AC;? for those puppies. (A â&#x20AC;&#x153;sponsorshipâ&#x20AC;? costs $500). Dogs used in the program are purebred or a mix of one of the three accepted breeds: Labrador retriever, German shepherd or Golden retriever. They enter the Fort Dodge facility at approximately 12 weeks of age to begin training as guides for the blind. The dog handlers under go training for the program as well. Any of the inmates at FDCF are allowed to attend the training classes, â&#x20AC;&#x153;but for one of these men to be assign a puppy, that man must hold and retain the highest behavioral level that this institution expects from them,â&#x20AC;? Birchard said. The dogs and their handlers are together for a year. The dogs are taught a series of basic commands (sit, lay, stay, leave it, etc.). Afterwards the dogs â&#x20AC;&#x153;graduateâ&#x20AC;? to even more intensive training at the Leader Dog Campus in Michigan before they are ready for a career as a dog for the visually impaired. Lynn Smith and Jim Arnold, Garner Lions Club members, are puppy â&#x20AC;&#x153;sponsors.â&#x20AC;? The Leader Dog program is supported by the Iowa Lions Club organization. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When I found out [Seiler] was a part of the Leader Dog program, I wrote him a letter and started communicating,â&#x20AC;? said Smith. Eventually Smith visited Seiler at the prison. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He had his dog with him, because when they train the dogs theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re with them 24/7.â&#x20AC;? Smith attended his ď&#x192;&#x17E;rst â&#x20AC;&#x153;Puppy Daysâ&#x20AC;? last year. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The program is put on by the inmates,â&#x20AC;? he explained. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was so impressed with the whole program I decided to sponsor a dog. I got to name a dog. His name is â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Garnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;My wife, Kathy, was a little skeptical about me communicating with someone in prison - much less going to see them.â&#x20AC;? he continued. Smith got Kathy to go to this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Puppy Days event at Fort Dodge, on Aug. 23. Kathy Smith became an enthusiastic sponsor - only this time, she wanted to pick the name for the dog. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Like Lynn said, this is something that gets infectious,â&#x20AC;? Jim Arnold stated. Arnoldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s involvement began two years ago when he was a trustee for the Lionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Foundation. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was fortunate enough to be assigned as the contact for the Leader Dog program in the prison,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was the most eye-opening event Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had in my life. I saw we were actually getting something back

from people who are serving time, that will carry on and beneď&#x192;&#x17E;t a lot of lives.â&#x20AC;? Occasionally a dog just doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work out as a leader dog. Those dogs are given a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;career changeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; (perhaps as a helper dog for a disabled person) and still lead useful lives, Arnold said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m extremely proud to support the program,â&#x20AC;? he said. Another Garner club, the Garner Modern Homemakers, sponsors a Labrador retriever named â&#x20AC;&#x153;Linnsu.â&#x20AC;? Greater independence District Lions Governor Gary Schriver of Mason City, can personally attest to thoroughness of the training for dogs. Legally blind for 30 years, Schriverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dog is Logan, an eight-year-old Labrador. Leader dogs are an alternative to using a white cane, he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a very independent person. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like to sit around and wait for people to take me places I need to go or having to ask someone where I have to go.â&#x20AC;? At ď&#x192;&#x17E;rst skeptical, Schriver applied for and received a dog. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the best thing that ever happened to me,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They are taught to get the blind person to where he needs to go, in the most safe manner possible.â&#x20AC;? The dog is also trained to evaluate the situation when he gets to the corner. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He will basically watch the trafď&#x192;&#x17E;c for me,â&#x20AC;? Schriver said. Shown how to get to a place just once, Logan will take Gary there - to the grocery store, to the mall or even to a speciď&#x192;&#x17E;c store in the mall. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I can go any place now with this dog and be conď&#x192;&#x17E;dent of where Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;?Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s really amazing.â&#x20AC;? Because of the Leader Dog Program, it cost Schriver nothing to acquire Logan. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If I had to buy this dog, it would cost about $40,000.â&#x20AC;? Benefits to inmates The beneď&#x192;&#x17E;ts of the Leader Dog Program to the visually impaired are obvious. But what about for the inmates at Fort Dodge? â&#x20AC;&#x153;I feel there are a plethora of beneď&#x192;&#x17E;ts for these men, but also for those in the community,â&#x20AC;? said Brenda Birchard. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Some [inmates] have lost a sense of self assurance, but went on to nurture another living creature that went on to guide a visually impaired person, has re-instilled self-conď&#x192;&#x17E;dence into that person that hopefully will enable that person to reenter our community with a positive mindset, making it safer for all who come across their paths. Birchard has witnessed inmates who upon either receiving a puppy for the ď&#x192;&#x17E;rst time or saying â&#x20AC;&#x153;goodbyeâ&#x20AC;? to one, exhibit publically, emotions, â&#x20AC;&#x153;that their court records would testify directly opposite to!â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;All in all, I feel these precious creatures heal the mind sets of these men more than weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ever know,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Maybe while the puppies are residing with us, they are inadvertently guiding these possibly psychologically impaired handlersâ&#x20AC;Śbut upon reentry they will now adhere to the standards that society expects from them - all thanks to a furry four-legged creature.â&#x20AC;? More information about the

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Left-right: Lions Club members Lynn Smith, District 9 Governor Gary Schriver of Mason City and his dog â&#x20AC;&#x153;Loganâ&#x20AC;? and Jim Arnold. The three spoke about The Leader Dog Program for the visually impaired at a recent Garner Rotary Club meeting. LEADER photo by Rebecca Peter FDCF Leader Dog program is available by Lynn Smith, Jim Arnold or Brenda Birchard at 515-574-4700, email:

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Help Wanted: Bookkeeper-Receptionist Position, Send Resume, Box 365 Grundy Center, 50638 United Suppliers seeks a Specialty Production Assistant in Eldora, IA This position will assist in the production of private label and/or toll manufacture adjuvants & specialties while practicing quality control and ensuring that formulations and blending are accurate. Successful candidate will: • require the ability to work long and irregular hours during spring and fall seasons •be able to perform general mathematical calculations •maintain paperwork to ensure the accuracy of shipping documents and inventory Job requirements: • Forklift experience • Basic computer knowledge •Mathematical skills To apply, go to

Grundy Care Center

is now accepting applications for the following positions: *Certified Nursing Assistants* Full or Part Time *Dietary Staff* Evening Shift *Housekeeping* Part Time shifts available *Great afternoon hours are available for High School students or as a second job*

Apply at: 102 East J St • Grundy Center or send resume to


Position Available: Greenbelt Home Care is looking for a licensed Physical Therapist for home visitation PT duties. To begin, the position will be PRN with full time status possible. Greenbelt Home Care is a Medicare certified agency that is growing. IPERS are a part of our benefit package. Job posting closes on October 31, please send resume and a copy of license to 2411 Edgington Ave Eldora, IA 50627

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Heavy Lifting Manufacturing Inventory Control Specialist Admin Assistant openings Most are Temp-To-Hire or longterm positions. Must have reliable transportation & the availability to work OT. Call 319-236-2330 for more information or Apply on line at

Parkview Manor 1009 3rd Street Reinbeck, IA 50669


Friendly, small town nursing home offering competitive wages and benefits Positions available: Part Time CNA for 1st and 3rd Shifts

Marketing Representative The Conrad Record and The Grundy Register have a career opportunity for a part-time marketing representative to serve our Grundy, Marshall and Hardin county markets. The job entails both inside and outside sales and includes established accounts, cold calling and developing prospects. Experience in sales, marketing, retail or public relations preferred but not required. Must have the ability to develop relationships with customers to help them achieve their marketing goals. Candidates should be self motivated, organized, be able to manage multiple tasks, follow deadlines and be a team player. Interviews will begin immediately with qualified candidates. All inquiries will be kept confidential. To apply please send or email cover letter and resume to: Clinton Poock, Regional Publisher The Grundy Register PO Box 245 Grundy Center, IA 50638

GARAGE SALE Big Moving Sale: 709 I Avenue, Grundy Center. Thurs. Oct 24, 4-7; Fri. Oct 25, 4-7; Sat. Oct 26, 8-1. Many vintage items including: Oak piano bench, buffet, church bench, twisted metal fountain stool, wing back chair, ladder, German kerosene lantern, eight-pane window, Christmas ornaments, kitchen gadgets, wooden tool box, childs metal ironing board, childs watering can, insulators and more. Also, selling ALL my scrapbook stash, Kenmore electric stove, older kitchen table, TV stand, end tables, Christmas decor, plus size scrubs, dehumidifier, lots of household items/decor and more. DON’T be discouraged by the cool weather. It all must go so make an offer! Morey REAL ESTATE FOR SALE


SUNDAY NIGHT OPEN HOUSES Sunday October 27 1:00 - 2:30

801 5th Street • Grundy Center 3 BR brick home. Lots of natural light, huge closets. Clean, dry basement. Laundry on main. Adjoining 0.12 acre lot. • $156,250 •

611 7th Street Wellsburg

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202 H Avenue • Grundy Center 3 BR, 1 ½ BA. Walk-in kitchen pantry. DR with bay window. Laundry on main. Deck with built-in seating & enclosed patio. Triple car garage with attic. • $98,000 •

You will love all this home has to offer. This 4 bedroom home has 3-car garage, great yard and location and is ready to move into now! Priced at $185,900

SCHUCK REALTY CO, since 1950

Lori Burmester ~ 319-415-9980 Joyce Harrenstein, Broker/Owner


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504 4th Street • Grundy Center 3 BR, 1 BA w/ beautiful woodwork & style. BR & BA on main. 2 BRs up Large backyard. • $57,900 •

See more listings: Phone 319-825-3633 603 7th St • GRUNDY CENTER, IA Mike Cooper — 319-269-3391 Tiffany Carson — 712-210-3545 Brent Wilson — 319-939-9268 Roger Engelkes — 319-269-3434 Becky Dirks — 319-239-7599 Phil Johnson — 319-404-5561 Dan Olson — 319-290-4305


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LOST Lost: 20-inch x 6-foot post hole auger. Between Grundy Center and Steamboat Rock. Reward for information. Call 800-735-4122


Radiator Repair S & S Auto Repair Austinville, Iowa

319-347-6237 Mark Ingebritson Painting Interior Commercial & Residential Seal Coat Roofs Local References - Quality Work Hardwood Floor Refinishing


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The Clyde and Nadine Ware Farm Corporation is offering for sale the following described real estate, to-wit: PARCEL A The West Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section Five, Township Eighty-six North, Range Sixteen West of the 5th P.M., Tama County, Iowa, (containing 78 tillable acres, more or less, CSR 89, Lincoln Township). PARCEL B The South Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section Seventeen, and the South Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section Eighteen, all in Township Eighty-seven North, Range Sixteen West of the 5th P.M., Grundy County, Iowa, (containing 157 tillable acres, more or less, CSR 82, Washington Township). Written sealed bids for the total purchase price for each parcel of farm land shall be submitted to the office of Moore, McKibben, Goodman & Lorenz, LLP, PO Box 618, 302 Masonic Temple Bldg., 26 South First Avenue, Marshalltown, IA 50158. Bids must be received by 2:00 p.m. on November 1, 2013 at the above address. Bidders must include the bidder’s first and last name, complete mailing address, telephone number and Parcel for which the bid is submitted. Bids may be mailed to the above address or left at the office. Bids must be for the total purchase price and must not be a per-acre bid. No bids will be opened until after the deadline for submission. The five highest bidders only for each Parcel will be invited to attend a private auction to be held at the office of Moore, McKibben, Goodman, & Lorenz, LLP, 302 Masonic Temple Bldg., 26 South First Avenue, Marshalltown, IA 50158, on November 8, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. for Parcel A and 3:00 p.m. for Parcel B. At that time, the bidders will be given the opportunity to orally raise their bid until the highest total bid is received. THE AUCTION WILL BE AN ABSOLUTE SALE. Announcements made on the day of the auction will take precedence over any advertisement. This sale is a cash sale with closing on Parcel A to be held at 10:00 a.m. on December 18, 2013 and Parcel B to be held at 10:00 a.m. on January 15, 2014. Possession will be given subject to lease which has been terminated and expires February 28, 2014. The successful bidder for each Parcel will be expected to make a 10 percent earnest money down-payment on the date of the auction to be held in Trust with the balance to be paid in full at closing. For further information and bid packets contact Larry McKibben or Jim Moore at Moore, McKibben, Goodman & Lorenz, LLP, by telephone at (641) 752- 4271 or email at

Scores and Standings

Grundy SPORTS Register

Cougars set to play for District 2 championship

LAKE MILLS — AGWSR overcame a sluggish first half to set up a one-game showdown for the Class Football A, District 2 championship with a Class A, District 4 31-6 victory at Lake Mills Friday. District All Pt. The Cougars (9-0 overall, 6-0 Games Diff. #Gladbrook-Reinbeck 5-0 6-2 in district play) host Prairie Valley 13.0 in a winner-takes-all season finale ^Grundy Center 5-1 6-3 8.33 Friday. Prairie Valley (5-3, 5-1) has ^BCLUW 3-2 4-4 -0.40 won five straight games since dropGMG 2-3 4-4 -1.60 ping its season opener. Belle Plaine 2-3 3-5 -2.20 The teams went to the locker North Tama 1-4 1-7 -6.60 room tied 6-6 after trading secondIowa Valley 0-5 1-7 -13.0 quarter touchdowns. The Cougars # — Clinched district title scored on an Evan Janssen 10-yard ^ — Clinched playoff berth run but missed the point-after kick Oct. 18 scores Grundy Center 45, North Tama 7 before Lake Mills tied the game on Gladbrook-Reinbeck 34, Belle Plaine 8 a 29-yard pass play, missing its twoBCLUW 48, GMG 13 point conversion try. Bye - Iowa Valley The Cougars took the lead for Oct. 25 games good early in the second half as Levi GMG at Gladbrook-Reinbeck Stockdale scored on a five-yard run. BCLUW at Iowa Valley A second Stockdale touchdown, this Belle Plaine at North Tama time on a 13-yard run, gave AGWSR Bye - Grundy Center an 18-6 lead entering the fourth Class A, District 2 quarter. A Clay Meinders 1-yard District All Pt. plunge and Brandon Johnson 1-yard Games Diff. quarterback sneak accounted for the ^AGWSR 6-0 9-0 10.50 final scoring margin. ^Bishop Garrigan 5-1 6-2 8.00 Stockdale paced the Cougars’ ^Prairie Valley 5-1 5-3 5.67 292-yard rushing effort with 169 ^Newman Catholic 3-3 3-5 3.67 yards while Meinders added 73 Belmond-Klemme 2-4 4-4 -1.83 yards. AGWSR held Lake Mills to Lake Mills 2-4 3-5 -4.33 26 rushing yards on 17 carries. SE Webster-Grand 1-5 2-6 -10.50 AGWSR 0 6 12 13 — 31 West Hancock 0-6 0-8 -11.17 ^ — Clinched playoff berth Lake Mills 0 6 0 0 — 6 Oct. 18 scores Scoring summary AGWSR 31, Lake Mills 6 Second Quarter Bishop Garrigan 35, Belmond-Klemme AGWSR — Evan Janssen 10 run 7 (Kick failed); 6-0 Newman Catholic 41, SE WebsterLM — Paul Pins 29 pass from Grand 22 Hunter Kingland (Conversion Prairie Valley 44, West Hancock 22 failed); 6-6 Oct. 25 games Third Quarter Prairie Valley at AGWSR Bishop Garrigan at Lake Mills AGWSR — Levi Stockdale 5 run

(Kick failed); 12-6 AGWSR — Stockdale 13 run (Conversion failed); 18-6 Fourth Quarter AGWSR — Clay Meinders 1 run (Kick failed); 24-6 AGWSR — Brandon Johnson 1 run (Austin Heitland kick); 31-6 Team Totals AGWSR LM Rushes-yards 53-292 17-26 Pass yards 0 162 Comp-Att-Int 0-4-1 19-43-2 Total Offense 292 188 Punts-avg. 2-41.0 3-35.7

Indivudals Rushing — AGWSR: Levi Stockdale 26-169, 2 TDs; Clay Meinders 17-73, 1 TD; Evan Janssen 3-31, 1 TD; Clay Bohner 6-18; Brandon Johnson 1-1, 1 TD. Lake Mills: Jonah Ringham 3-28; Paul Pins 1-8; Chaden Riles 4-4; Peter Hagenson 3-0; Hunter Kingland 6-(minus 14). Passing — AGWSR: Johnson 0-of-4, 1 int. Lake Mills: Kingland 19-of-43 for 162 yards, 1 TD, 3 ints. Receiving — Lake Mills: Pains 8-62, 1 TD; Lincoln Boehmer 3-37; Levi Meyer 3-37; Hagenson 2-14; Mateo Pena 2-11; Taylor Throne 1-1. Tackles (Solos-Assists) — AGWSR: Trevor Bakker 5-2; Valentine Bourgois 1-0; Dylan Heetland 1-0; Austin Heitland 1-1; Sully Hofmeister 5-1; Janssen 0-2; Johnson 0-3; Carson Lutterman 2-5; Caleb Meinders 2-1; Joey Neely 0-2; Tanner Reents 2-1; Landon Sanders 1-2; Dalton Schipper 0-1; Stockdale 1-2; Jeremiah Stull 0-3. Interceptions — AGWSR: Hofmeister 2, Stockdale 1. Lake Mills: Noah Irons 1.

SE Webster-Grand at Belmond-Klemme West Hancock at Newman Catholic

Class 1A, District 3 District All Pt. Games Diff. #Dike-New Hartford 5-0 8-0 13.0 ^South Hamilton 4-1 6-2 6.00 Nashua-Plainfield 3-2 5-4 2.60 Aplngtn-Parkersburg 3-2 4-4 2.60 Hudson 2-3 4-4 -0.80 West Fork 1-4 1-6 -7.8 Eagle Grove 0-6 0-8 -13.0 # — Clinched district title ^ — Clinched playoff berth Oct. 18 scores Dike-New Hartford 85, West Fork 6 South Hamilton 64, Eagle Grove 8 Hudson 35, Denver 21 (ND) Aplngtn-Prkrsbrg 35, Nashua-Plainfield 19 Oct. 25 games Aplington-Parkersburg at Dike-New Hartford Hudson at West Ford South Hamilton at Nashua-Plainfield Fort Dodge St. Edmond at Eagle Grove (ND)


NICL West Conf. All Matches Matches ^Grundy Center 7-0 26-8 South Tama 6-1 16-12 AGWSR 3-4 7-23 BCLUW 4-3 15-14 South Hardin 4-3 15-18 West Marshall 2-5 15-19 Gladbrook-Reinbeck 2-5 10-22 East Marshall 0-7 6-18 ^ - Clinched Conference title. Oct. 15 Conference scores Grundy Center 3, South Tama 0 BCLUW 3, AGWSR 1 South Hardin 3, Gladbrook-Reinbeck 2 West Marshall 3, East Marshall 0 Oct. 22 Class 2A Regional matches A-P at Gladbrook-Reinbeck, 7 p.m. BCLUW at South Hardin, 7 p.m. Oct. 28 Class 3A Regional matches Benton Community at South Tama, 7 p.m. East Marshall at Nevada Oct. 29 Class 1A Regional match TBD at AGWSR, 7 p.m. Oct. 29 Class 2A Regional match TBD at Grundy Center, 7 p.m. TBD at West Marshall, 7 p.m. Conf. All NICL East Matches Matches ^Dike-New Hartford 7-0 39-1 Union Community 6-1 22-7 Wapsie Valley 5-2 26-8 Columbus Catholic 4-3 19-13 Denver 2-5 20-16 Hudson 2-5 22-11 Jesup 2-5 19-11* Aplington-Parkersburg 0-7 9-21 ^ — Clinched conference title * — Overall record does not include Oct. 12 tournament. Oct. 15 Conference scores Dike-New Hartford 3, Hudson 0 Columbus Catholic 3, Aplngtn-Parkersburg 0 Union Community 3, Denver 0 Oct. 17 Conference score Wapsie Valley 3, Jesup 0 Oct. 22 Class 2A Regional matches A-P at Gladbrook-Reinbeck, 7 p.m. North Tama at Jesup, 7 p.m. Oct. 28 Class 3A Regional matches Columbus Catholic at Independence, 7 p.m. Oelwein at Union, 7 p.m. Oct. 29 Class 2A Regional matches TBD at Dike-New Hartford, 7 p.m. TBD at Denver, 7 p.m. TBA at Hudson, 7 p.m. TBD at Wapsie Valley, 7 p.m.

IF-A/AGWSR girls’ team finish third at Conference Meet By PATTI RUST Sports Correspondent EAGLE GROVE – The Iowa Falls-Alden/AGWSR cross country teams completed at the North Central Conference Meet in Eagle Grove last Tuesday night, where the Cadet girls earned a third place team finish behind Humboldt and Algona. Bethany Lippert and Jessica Lippert both received conference honors, finishing sixth and seventh place individually. Taylor Risius finished 28th, Eri Siems was 30th, and Brittany Fisher 32nd to complete the Cadet girls’ team scoring. Amanda Smith and Taylor Dougan went 41st and 43rd. “I am beyond pleased with the performances of all of the runners throughout the entire season and tonight,” IF-A/AGWSR girls’ coach Jamie Maxwell said. “As we look to run at districts in Waverly next Thursday, we will continue to prepare the way we have all season; focusing on our ability to run through the toughest parts of the race, and ending without regrets. If the girls can end the night saying they gave the race their best, then that’s what counts. We’ll see where that gets us next Thursday.” Maxwell also noted the success of the JV girls’ team at the conference meet. “The NCC meet ended the JV team’s season on a high note with a first place team finish,” Maxwell said. “One of our goals at each meet is to run together in a pack and pass other teams as a pack, and that is just what they did. It was neat to see the IFA-AGWSR girls at the front of the race from start to finish.”   Desiree Folsom won the JV race, followed by Paola Cordova in fifth place (her second meet of the season due to injury), Maddy Faga in seventh, MaeAnna Ubben eigihth, and Tessa VanBuskirk 11th.   “We had a decent night of running even though the weather was tough,” IF-A/AGWSR boys’ coach Robert Frenchick said. “Landon Boomsma came through again, finishing 20th, in a time of 18:16. Jacob Sundholm finished behind him with a decent time of 18:42.” Other finishers for the Cadet varsity boys included Alan Bruflodt in the 33rd place spot, Miguel Reyes

in 35th, Tyler Weeks who went 40th, Chandler Krukow 48th, and Owen Abkes 49th. “We are looking forward to Waverly as our regional site,” Frenchick said. “This will be a challenging course, loaded with challenging teams.” The IF-A/AGWSR runners will compete in the Class 3A state qualifying meet at Waverly on Thursday, Oct. 24.  North Central Conference Cross Country Meet Varsity Girls’ Results Team Results – 1) Humbolt 35; 2) Algona 74; 3) Iowa Falls-Alden/AGWSR 103; 4) Webster City 106; 5) Clarion-Goldfield 155; 155; 6) Bishop Garrigan 156; 7) Eagle Grove 170; 8) Clear Lake 175; 9) St. Edmond 181; 10) Hampton 240. Iowa Falls-Alden/AGWSR individuals – 6) Bethany Lippert 16:30; 7) Jessica Lippert 16:35; 28) Taylor Risius 18:09; 30) Eri Siems 18:12; 32) Brittany Fisher 18:14; 41) Amanda Smith 18:41; 43) Taylor Dougan 18:46. JV Girls’ Results Iowa Falls-Alden/AGWSR individuals – 1) Desiree Folsom 18:20; 5) Paola Cordova 18:54; 7) Maddy Faga 19:19; 8) MaeAnna Ubben 19:22; 11) Tessa VanBuskirk 19:35; 23) Breanna Fisher 20:59; 24) Alesha Terveer 21:03; 34) Rachel Ogaard 22:46; 35) Emma Hampe 23:09; 39) Rebekah VanGorp 23:41. Jr. High School Girls’ Results Iowa Falls-Alden/AGWSR individuals – 16) Patience Kaulzarich 15:05; 20) Katie Meyer 15:26; 21) Marlon Alacorn 15:30; 26) Carolyn Burchfield 15:46; 31) Savanna Baldwin 16:01; 50) Regan Hickman 17:08; 59) Mandie Miller 17:57; 64) Stephanie Bervan 18:20; 68) Haylie Pickering 19:03; 72) Isabel Harms 19:32; 74) Allly Porath 21:38. Varsity Boys’ Results Team Results – 1) Algone 32; 2) Clear Lake 71; 3) St. Edmond 82; 4) Humboldt 121; 5) Eagle Grove 141; 6) Webster City 149; 7) Bishop-Garrigan 151; 8) Iowa Falls-Alden/ AGWSR 160; 9) Hampton-Dumont 260. No team score: Clarion-Goldfield. Iowa Falls-Alden/AGWSR individuals – 20) Landon Boomsma 18:16; 32) Jacob Sundholm 18:42; 33) Alan Bruflodt 18:45; 35) Miguel Reyes 18:48; 40) Tyler Weeks 19:03; 48) Chandler Krukow 19:31; 49) Owen Abkes 19:34. JV Boys’ Results Iowa Falls-Alden/AGWSR individuals – 25) Mike Ostbloom 20:05; 33) Brandon Krumm 20:22; 59) Adam Long 21:41; 63) Aaron McCleban 21:56; 64) Jaime Heurta 21:56; 68) Thomas Burchfield 22:11; 78) Conner Faga 22:54. Jr. High School Boys’ Results Iowa Falls-Alden/AGWSR individuals – 6) Cameron Zolonsky 13:04; 14) James Bernard 14:03; 29) Carter Krukow 14:52; 44) Tim Long 16:06; 45) Ajdan Andrews 16:12; 51) Cody Jeffery 17:01; 52) Jake Carner 17:05.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Wolverines clinch District 3 title behind Eiklenborg, defense By JOHN JENSEN The Grundy Register DIKE – Gabe Eiklenborg returned a pair of first-quarter punts, leading Dike-New Hartford to a recordbreaking 85-6 victory over West Fork Friday and its second straight Class 1A, District 3 championship. “We knew it was for a district championship tonight and I wanted our kids to come out and play like district champions,” Wolverine coach Don Betts said after the game. “We got a fast start and once we got rolling things went pretty well.” D-NH (8-0 overall, 5-0 in district play) scored every time it touched the ball except for one first-quarter drive that ended in a missed field goal. It did not turn the ball over, did not have an incomplete pass and had just one penalty. Defensively it held a West Fork team that came into the game averaging 23 points per contest to 154 yards of total offense. Eiklenborg began the route with a dazzling 64-yard punt return for a touchdown just two minutes into the game and added a 31-yard puntreturn score less than five minutes later that made the score 21-0. He was one missed tackle away from a third punt-return score late in the first quarter and finished with 142 punt-return yards in the quarter. According to Iowa High School Athletic Association records, Eiklenborg is second player in the state this year and third in the past two years to record a pair of puntreturn scores in the same quarter. Sandwiching Eiklenborg’s dazzling returns was a 1-yard Ben Cuvelier scoring run that capped a five-play, 50-yard scoring drive as D-NH led 21-0 after a quarter. Second quarter touchdown runs by Levi Lynch, Eiklenborg and Cuvelier along with a 2-yard scoring strike from Carson Parker to Byron Fritch made it 49-0 at halftime. Wolverine starters played just one series of the second half, needing just two plays to score as Lynch broke free for a 55-yard run. D-NH reserves scored its final 29 points, with Connor McCleeary, D.J. Ackerson and Blaine Becker scoring on runs and Connor Neuroth returning a kickoff for a score moments after West Fork found the scoreboard for its only points of the night. Lynch paced the D-NH rushing attack with 122 yards on just eight carries while Cuvelier had 68 yards and Becker 62. Parker completed all six of his pass attempts for 78 yards. Fritch paced the defense with

Gabe Eiklenborg scored three first-half touchdowns as Dike-New Hartford wrapped up the District 4 championship with a one-sided victory. (John Jensen/The Grundy Register photo) nine tackles, including a pair for lost yardage. The Wolverines wrap up their regular season Friday night with a home game against AplingtonParkersburg. Besides bragging rights against their rival, the Wolverines can wrap up home field advantage through the first three rounds of Class 1A playoffs with a victory. West Fork 0 0 6 0 — 6 Dike-New Hartford 21 28 23 13 — 85 Scoring Summary First quarter DNH – Gabe Eiklenborg 64 punt return (Byron Fritch kick); 7-0 DNH – Ben Cuvelier 1 run (Fritch kick); 14-0 DNH – Eiklenborg 31 punt return (Fritch kick); 21-0 Second quarter DNH – Levi Lynch 5 run (Fritch kick); 28-0 DNH – Eiklenborg 10 run (Fritch kick); 35-0 DNH – Fritch 2 pass from Carson Parker (Fritch kick); 42-0 DNH – Cuvelier 35 run (Fritch kick); 49-0 Third quarter DNH – Lynch 55 run (Fritch kick); 56-0 DNH – Safety; 58-0 DNH – Connor McCleeary 35 run (Fritch kick); 65-0 DNH – DJ Ackerson 14 run (Fritch kick); 72-0 Fourth Quarter WF – Collin Arndt 2 run (Run failed); 6-72 DNH – Connor Neuroth 69 kickoff return (Kick failed); 78-6 DNH – Blaine Becker 1 run (Zach Nicholson kick); 85-6

Team totals First downs Rushes-yards 342 Pass yards Comp-Att-Int Total offense Punts-Avg. Fumbles-lost Penalties-yards

WF 7 25-31

DNH 16 34-

123 78 12-28-1 6-6-0 154 420 7-25.6 0-0 4-1 0-0 3-22 1-15 Individuals Rushing – West Fork: Tyson Pillard 6-66; Collin Arndt 12-7, 1 TD; Reese Halloran 1-(minus 2); Spencer Halloran 4-(minus 12); Jordan Greimann 1-(minus 24). Dike-New Hartford: Levi Lynch 8-122, 2 TDs; Ben Cuvelier 6-68, 2 TDs; Blaine Becker 1262, 1 TD; Connor McCleeary 1-35, 1 TD; DJ Ackerson 2-18, 1 TD; Gabe Eiklenborg 2-16, 1 TD; Calvin Wildeboer 1-11; Connor Ragsdale 2-10. Passing – West Fork: Arndt 7-of-13 for 66 yards; S. Halloran 5-of-15 for 57 yards, 1 int. Dike-New Hartford: Carson Parker 6-of-6 for 78 yards, 1 TD. Receiving – West Fork: R. Halloran 6-31; Jacob Eliason 3-16; Evan Sprung 2-43; S. Halloran 1-33. Dike-New Hartford: Byron Fritch 3-10, 1 TD; Eiklenborg 1-34; Preston Wheat 1-21; Cuvelier 1-13. Tackles (Solos-Assists) – Drew Aalderks 1-0; Ackerson 3-0; Alex Anderson 1-0; Brice Beninga 0-1; Brian Coulthard 3-1; Dilan Cummings 1-0; Cuvelier 4-1; Kyle Dennis 2-4; Eiklenborg 1-0; Fritch 5-4; Tommy Irvin 1-0; Lynch 1-2; Connor McCleeary 2-1; Connor Neuroth 2-0; Zach Nicholson 1-0; Will Thompson 1-0; Tyler Weise 5-0; Wheat 1-0; Calvin Wildeboer 2-1; Cole Wildeboer 2-0. Interceptions – Dike New Hartford: Fritch. Fumble recovery – Dike-New Hartford: Weise.

D-NH volleyball takes crown at Lewis Central Tournament By PATTI RUST Sports Correspondent COUNCIL BLUFFS – The DikeNew Hartford Wolverines rolled through its final tournament of the regular season, bringing home the championship crown from the Lewis Central tournament on Saturday, after a thrilling comeback win over Harlan in the final. The Wolverines won their first few matches easily, defeating Ankeny 25-9, 25-10, Maple Valley Anthon Oto 25-10, 25-10, and Lewis central 25-18, 25-10. They had an equally easy time upending IKMManning 25-11, 25-10. In the title match, the Class 2A No. 1 Wolverines met the Class 4A No.1 Cyclones of Harlan in a face off that would leave spectators at the edge of their seats. Harlan took the first set 25-12 in a rare set loss for D-NH. The Wolverines battled back, taking the second set 25-20, then followed that effort up with a 15-11 win in the final set to take the match and the tournament win. Briana Weber led the Wolverines offensive attack with 37 kills on the day. Brooke Morgan added 33 and Lizzy Blough 27. Rachel Koop supported the Wolverine effort with 109 assists. Blough led the defense with 31 digs, Weber recorded 27 and Sam Meyer 22. Morgan blocked 12 attack attempts at the net. After a first round bye, the Wolverines (39-1 overall, 7-0 NICL-East) are scheduled to play the winner of the Class 2A Region

6 first round match between Aplington-Parkersburg and Gladbrook-Reinbeck at Dike on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 7:00 p.m. Lewis Central Volleyball Tournament Dike-New Hartford 2, Ankeny 0 Dike-New Hartford 25 2 Ankeny 9 10 Kills: D-NH 24 (Brooke Morgan 8, Briana Weber 7), Ankeny 11. Assists: D-NH 22 (Rachel Koop 20), Ankeny 11. Blocks: D-NH 6 (Morgan 3), Ankeny 6. Digs: D-NH 28 (Lizzy Blough 9, Sam Meyer 8), Ankeny 19. Service aces: D-NH 5 (Meyer 3) Ankeny 1. D-NH 2, Maple Valley Anthon Oto 0 Dike-New Hartford 25 25 MVAO 10 10 Kills: D-NH 25 (Brooke Morgan 7, Lizzy Blough 6), MVAO 14. Assists: D-NH 22 (Rachel Koop 18), MVAO 12. Blocks: D-NH 7 (Morgan 3, Koop 2), MVAO 0. Digs: D-NH 16 (Blough 4, Sam Meyer 4), MVAO 10. Service aces: D-NH 7 (Briana Weber 4, Meyer 3) MVAO 0. D-NH 2, Lewis Central 0 Dike-New Hartford 25 25 Lewis Central 18 10 Kills: D-NH 31 (Briana Weber 11, Lizzy Blough 7), Lewis Central 17. Assists: D-NH 27 (Rachel Koop 25), Lewis Central 16. Blocks: D-NH 7 (Brooke Morgan 3, Sadie Eden 2), Lewis Central 4. Digs: D-NH 17 (Weber 5, Blough 4, Sam Meyer 4), Lewis Central 18. Service aces: D-NH 5 (Kristi Koch 2) Lewis Central 0. Dike-New Hartford 2, IKM-Manning 0 Dike-New Hartford 25 25 IKM-Manning 11 10 Kills: D-NH 28 (Brooke Morgan 9, Briana Weber 7), IKM-M 12. Assists: D-NH 27 (Rachel Koop 24), IKM-M 9. Blocks: D-NH 5 (Morgan 2), IKM-M 0. Digs: D-NH 21 (Koop 7, Blough 6), IKM-M 11. Service

aces: D-NH 7 (Kristi Koch 4) IKM-M 1. Dike-New Hartford 2, Harlan 1 Dike-New Hartford 12 25 15 Harlan 25 20 11 Kills: D-NH 28 (Briana Weber 9, Lizzy Blough 7), Harlan 33. Assists: D-NH 26 (Rachel Koop 22), Harlan 32. Blocks: D-NH 9 (Ashley Dumler 3, Koop 2), Harlan 3. Digs: D-NH 37 (Weber 10, Blough 8, Taylor Hedges 7), Harlan 51. Service aces: D-NH 0, Harlan 2.

Wolverines clinch NICL-East

DIKE – The Wolverines clinched the outright NICL-East championship last Tuesday with a win over Hudson 25-12, 25-14, 25-18. The win left D-NH 7-0 in league play, good enough to finish just ahead of 6-1 Union for the title. Briana Weber account for 18 kills, seven blocks, and seven digs in the Wolverine win. Brooke Morgan scored 11 kills, Lizzy Blough had eight kills and 10 digs, and Sam Meyer put up 11 digs. Rachel Koop provided the Wolverine offense with 33 assists. Dike-New Hartford 3, Hudson 0 Dike-New Hartford 25 25 25 Hudson 12 14 18 Kills: D-NH 52 (Briana Weber 18, Brooke Morgan 11, Lizzy Blough 8), Hudson 24. Assists: D-NH 40 (Rachel Koop 33), Hudson 23. Blocks: D-NH 16 (Weber 7, Ashley Dumler 4, Morgan 4), Hudson 0. Digs: D-NH 42 (Sam Meyer 11, Blough 10, Koop 7, Weber 7), Hudson 35. Service aces: D-NH 3 (Taylor Hedges 2) Hudson 0.


Grundy SPORTS Register

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grundy Center ends seniors’ regular season with 45-7 win over North Tama BY PATTI RUST Sports Correspondent GRUNDY CENTER – The Grundy Center football team created the perfect ending to their regular season, particularly for the 14 senior members of the team recognized before the start of Friday’s senior night game, when they rolled past North Tama 45-7 at Spartan Stadium. The Spartans were first to score on a 30-yard run by Jordan Clapp, but the Redhawks were soon to answer with a 3-yard run by Brandon Kaufman to even the score at 7-7. The Spartans take the lead again on a Bryce Moats 3-yard run to make it 14-7 before the end of the first period. Grundy Center would expand their lead to 31-7 during the second quarter, taking the ball to the end zone two more times, but settling for a Brock Rohler field goal on their third attempt just before the half. Rohler also had a hand in the two touchdowns, as the Spartans took their offensive attack to the air. Rohler connected with Bryce Flater on a 14-yard touchdown pass and 30-yard touchdown throw caught by Lane Bangasser. “We came out emotional and focused to start the game,” Spartan head coach Brent Thoren said. “It was great to see us bounce back from last week and really attack them from the start. The first half offensively we really spread the ball around on the ground and through the air. Brock (Rohler) made some outstanding throws and Lane (Bangasser), Austin (Burroughs), and Jordan (Stoner) were making some tough catches and then making people miss for extra yards.” The scoreboard remained unchanged in the third quarter as the defense on both sides dug in. The Spartans found a way to break the silence again in the fourth, though, when Moats scored for the second time, this time on a 12-yard pass from Rohler. Then with just over three minutes remaining in the game, Jeff Pikna made the defensive play of the night when he recovered a fumble and took the ball 40 yards for the final Spartan score.

“On the ground Jordan Clapp had a great night and both Bryce Flater and Bryce Moats were excellent in the pass game and return game,” Thoren said. “However, none of it happens without the offensive line doing their job up front.” Grundy Center accumulated 503 yards of total offense, while holding North Tama to 218. Clapp racked up 178 yards in 15 carries to lead all rushers on the night. Rohler ran for 42 yards, Moats went 41, and Flater 31. Rohler connected on 15-of-25 passes for 211 yards. Bangasser caught nine passes for 89 yards, and Stoner caught two for 68. Rohler was a perfect 6-for-6 in PATs. In addition to holding the line, the Spartan defense forced four turnovers. Jordan Graham picked an interception and recovered a fumble to account for two of them, in addition to Pikna’s fumble recovery and an interception by Moats. Flater, Dakota Gage, Clapp, and Graham led Grundy Center defense in tackles. “It was a great way to end the regular season,” Thoren said. “I can’t say enough about how the team has continued to grow and mature. Do we have things to work on? You bet, but to finish the regular season at 6-3 and have to deal with a lot of changes of personnel and schemes throughout the year, well, it says a lot about our kids.” The Spartans (6-3 overall, 5-1 District A-4) have a week off to prepare for the playoffs, something Coach Thoren sees as an advantage from many angles. “We now have our bye week which comes at a great time as we go into the playoffs,” he said. “We have the advantage of getting kids to heal as well as working on fundamentals. We can also scout our potential playoff opponents in their last regular season game. Finally, to be able to host a playoff game and not travel gives our community and fans another opportunity to watch our kids compete, and the players are excited for that opportunity as well.”  Grundy Center North Tama

14 17 0 14 — 45 7 0 0 0 — 7

Scoring Summary First quarter Grundy Center – Jordan Clapp 30 run (Brock Rohler kick); 7-0 North Tama – Brandon Kaufman 3 run (Noah Kaufman kick); 7-7 Grundy Center – Bryce Moast 3 run (Rohler kick); 14-7 Second quarter Grundy Center – Bryce Flater 14 pass from Rohler (Rohler kick); 21-7 Grundy Center – Lane Bangasser 30 pass from Rohler (Rohler kick); 28-7 Grundy Center – Rohler 32 field goal; 31-7 Fourth quarter Grundy Center – Moats 12 pass from Rohler (Rohler kick); 38-7 Grundy Center – Jeff Pikna 40 fumble recovery (Rohler kick); 45-7 Team totals GC NT Rushes-yards 42-292 36-140 Pass yards 211 78 Comp.-Att.-Int. 15-25-2 5-11-2 Total offense 503 218 Punts-avg. None 3-30.0 Individuals Rushing – Grundy Center: Jordan Clapp 15-178 yards, 1 TD; Brock Rohler 9-42 yards ; Bryce Moats 10-41 yards, 1 TD; Bryce Flater 8-31 yards. North Tama: Brandon Kaufman 9-44 yards, 1 TD; Brody Hulme 1644 yards; Kyle Isenhower 2-28 yards; Omar Martinez 9-24 yards. Passing – Grundy Center: Rohler 15-of25 for 211 yards, 3 TDs, 2 Int. North Tama: Hulme 5-of-22 for 78 yards, 2 Int. Receiving – Grundy Center: Lane Bangasser 9-89, 1 TD; Jordan Stoner 2-64; Flater 2-32, 1 TD; Austin Burroughs 1-14; Moats 1-12, 1 TD. North Tama: Caden Stuart 4-76; Martinez 1-2. Tackles (Solos-Assists) – Grundy Center: Flater 2-9; Dakota Gage 2-8; Clapp 2-5; Jordan Graham 3-3; Ethan Hogle 1-4; Jordan Stoner 3-2; Nick Saak 0-5; Brady Hook 1-3; Bangasser 1-2; Moats 1-0; Tanner Pelzer 1-0; Jeff Pikna 1-0; Dalton Havercamp 0-1; Rohler 0-1. North Tama: Zac Ameling 7-8; B. Kaufman 7-4; Isenhower 6-4; Riley Rohach 5-3; Martinez 3-3; Bryce Hillman 4-1; Tony Weber 1-4; Stuart 2-2; Colton See 1-3; Tristin Johanningmeier 2-1; Noah Kaufman 0-3; Paul Kaufman 1-1; Clayton Vogeler 1-1; Parker Lunde 0-2. Tackles for Loss – Grundy Center: Clapp 4, Cole 4, Hogle 2, Hook 2, Jordan Stoner 2; Flater 1; Gage 1; Saak 1. North Tama: Ameling 2; Weber 2; Isenhower 1; B. Kaufman 1; Vogeler 1. Fumble Recoveries – Grundy Center: Graham 1; Pikna 1, 1 TD. North Tama: Lunde 1. Interceptions – Grundy Center: Graham 1, Moats 1. North Tama: P. Kaufman 1; Rohach 1.

Comets defeat AGWSR in regular season finale By ROB MAHARRY The Record ACKLEY — BCLUW volleyball coach Kristen Garber said that one of her team’s biggest goals this season was to finish with a winning record after a 9-20 campaign in 2012. When the Comets were sitting at 9-14, that goal looked like a long shot, but a six game winning streak capped off by a win over AGWSR in Ackley last Tuesday night brought BCLUW to a 15-14 regular season. The Comets won in four games by scores of 25-17, 25-21, 17-25 and 26-24. Save for a few early points, BCLUW led throughout the first two games before the Cougars jumped ahead 10-9 in the third game and dominating the rest of

it. AGWSR had gained all of the momentum and appeared poised to take the fourth game, leading 23-19, when the Comets mounted a furious comeback. “They definitely were more aggressive than us at the end. We were a little unorganized and timid,” AGWSR coach Shelby Abbas said. An errant Cougar serve along with kills from Haley Veldhouse and Olivia Callaway tied up the score, and the match ended after an AGWSR kill attempt sailed long and to the right. “Everybody took a deep breath and focused on what they needed to do,” Garber said. Callaway, a sophomore, ended her regular season with another

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stellar performance, totaling 14 kills, seven total blocks and five digs in the match. Junior Nicole Montgomery also had a great night with nine kills, 10 digs, two blocks and three service aces. “Olivia played a really big game for us, but it was not one person,” Garber said. Bobbi Paper led BCLUW with 11 assists, and senior Nicolette Simpson added nine in her final regular season match as a Comet. Fellow senior Kendall Scurr led the team with 13 digs, and Veldhouse’s five blocks were second on the team to Callaway. The Comets landed 87 of their 91 serves successfully with seven aces. For the Cougars, seniors Taylor Steinfeldt and Madison Fryslie led the way with 14 kills apiece, and Danielle Henning added eight. Fellow senior Kim Ellingson recorded an impressive 26 assists, and Henning was right behind her with 23. Olivia Ingledue led AGWSR with 23 digs, and Fryslie also notched 17. The Cougars connected on 82 of 88 serves and landed seven aces, led by Fryslie’s three aces. With the win, the Comets improved to 15-14 overall and 4-3 in the NICL West, which was good for a share of third place in the conference. The Comets opened tournament play last night in Eldora with a rematch of a heartbreaking five-game loss against South Hardin. After falling to 9-14, BCLUW won its last six matches to finish the regular season above .500. “It’s a big deal. One of the goals we set early in the season was to have a winning record, and we had some moments in the middle of the season where it didn’t look like that was going to happen,” Garber said. The Cougars fell to 7-23 overall and 3-4 in NICL West play with the loss. They received a first round bye in district play and will wait another week before their first postseason game. “(The girls) have high expectations for themselves as we enter the 1A postseason play, and it’s going to be two weeks of practice, working hard and getting better,” Abbas said of her team.

Wolverine boys run to third, girls sixth at Union Invite

By PATTI RUST Sports Correspondent LA PORTE CITY – On a cloudy and cool 50 degree day many area cross country teams were looking to take another step forward toward preparation for upcoming the conference and state qualifying meets as they competed at the Union Invitational on the La Porte City Golf Course. The Dike-New Hartford boys’ team ran to the third place spot, while the Wolverine girls finished sixth. “I think we made some big strides at Union,” Dike-New Hartford coach Barry Cuvelier said. “We did a better job of competing and I hope that will pay off as we head into conference and districts next week.” “The girls as a whole had some really nice times,” he said. “Hannah Dove and Jurane Lizer I thought had a great race as well as Kadi Wright. Haley Luna did not run due to illness and the other girls really made a nice move to step up.” Wright led the Wolverine girls’ team with a ninth place finish. Jurane Lizer went 26 th, Hannah Dove 32 nd , and Olivia Verhulst 35 th. Carolyn Bulhuis went 52 nd and Jenna Hensley 74 th for the Wolverines. “The boys as well made a nice statement competing,” Cuvelier said. “Ethan Stancliffe I thought made a statement on going and getting out of his comfort zone which I think had everyone else believing in their ability. We still have some ground to pick up on other teams but I am hoping this will really get us to where we need to be.” John Crew led the Wolverine boys with his third place finish. Kyle Corwin went 23rd, Thomas Shirley 28th, Ethan Stancliffe 31st, and Dylan Mrzlak finished 42nd. “The Union-La Porte City Cross Country Invitational is the last regular season meet of the year, and usually is a preview of the upcoming NICL Meet,” Gladbrook-Reinbeck coach Andy McQuillen said. “The Rebels ran one of their better meets

of the year in the cooler, fall-like conditions.” Nicole Adair and Tyler Bovy both medaled at the meet, Adair finishing 20th for the Rebel girls, and Bovy earning a 16th place finish in the boys’ race. Meg Edler ran to the 56th spot and Hannah Martin took 59th for the Rebel girls. “The meet at Union was the first of what I call the cold season,” Grundy Center coach Chris Henely said. “Our kids have to get used to all different types of weather. We go from 100 degree sunny weather to 40 degree windy weather in the same season. We wanted to start putting ourselves in good positions for conference and looked to really fine tune the race.” The Grundy Center boys placed eighth as a team and the Spartan girls went 10th. The Spartan girls’ team had several runners out due to injury and illness. Harper Wells, Dalyn Maxson, Jen Rust, and Haylee Neessen were all unable to participate. Hannah Stumberg led Grundy Center with her 17th place finish, and Tiana Saak went 18th. Mellina Wrage finished 51st, Kate Ross went 86th, and Kaitlynn Ehrig was 94th. Espen Cleveland ran to 21st for the Spartan boys, followed by Finn Cleveland in 26th. Gideon Danbouchi went 45th, Dylan Hendricks 51st, and Jesper Holke-Farnam and Grant Weldon finished 84th and 85th for the Spartans. Jack Stumberg was unable to compete. “We were able to put together some good races and challenge our opponents,” Henely said. “As Union is so close to conference I wanted the kids to work on passing as many people as possible while still maintaining a good, manageable race pace. I believe we did a good job of preparing ourselves for Conference.” Union Invite Girls’ Varsity Results (4K) Team Results — 1) South Hardin 85; 2) East Marshall 102; 3) Denver 111; 4) Hudson 115; 5) North Tama 130; 6) Dike-New Hartford 138; 7) BCLUW 148; 8) Janesville 176; 9) Union 188; 10) Grundy Center 239; 11) Wapsie Valley 271; 12) Aplington-

Parkersburg 272; 13) Jesup 287. No team score: Don Bosco, Dunkerton, GladbrookReinbeck, Tripoli, GMG. Dike-New Hartford individuals — 9) Kadi Wright 15:38; 26) Jurane Lizer 16:36; 32) Hannah Dove 16:52; 35) Olivia Verhulst 17:07; 52) Carolyn Bolhuis 17:36; 74) Jenna Hensley 18:44. Gladbrook-Reinbeck individuals —20) Nicole Adair 16:09; 56) Meg Edler 17:44; 59) Hannah Martin 17:54. Grundy Center individuals — 17) Hannah Stumberg 16:03; 18) Tiana Saak 16:08; 51) Mellina Wrage 17:35; 86) Kate Ross 19:24; 94) Kaitlynn Ehrig 21:46. Girls’ JV Results (4K) Team Results — 1) Denver 24; 2) Dunkerton 49; 3) Dike-New Hartford 52. No team score: BCLUW, Don Bosco, East Marshall, Gladbrook-Reinbeck, Jesup, Tripoli, Union, Wapsie Valley. Dike-New Hartford individuals — 4) Emma Williams 18:53; 9) Hanna Hunt 19:16; 10) Megan Andersen 19:17; 20) Brynn Harberts 21:13; 21) Haley O’Connor 21:17; 22) Addie Johnston 21:19; 34) Megan Garcia 25:33; 35) Frida Marcussen 26:31. Gladbrook-Reinbeck individuals — 11) Kelsey Schwartz 19:27; 26) Amber Berendes 21:53. Boys’ Varsity Results (5K) Team Results — 1) Denver 59; 2) East Marshall 60; 3) Dike-New Hartford 114; 4) BCLUW 129; 5) Hudson 144; 6) Union, South Hardin 191; 8) Grundy Center 199; 9) Dunkerton 214; 10) Aplington-Parkersburg 220; 11) Don Bosco 224; 12) Wapsie Valley 286. No team score: GMG, GladbrookReinbeck, Jesup, North Tama. Dike-New Hartford individuals — 3) John Crew 16:16; 23) Kyle Corwin 17:39; 28) Thomas Shirley 17:45; 31) Ethan Stancliffe 18:00; 42) Dylan Mrzlak 18:28. Gladbrook-Reinbeck individuals — 16) Tyler Bovy 17:18. Grundy Center individuals — 21) Espen Cleveland 17:29; 26) Finn Cleveland 17:44; 45) Gideon Danbouchi 18:35; 51) Dylan Hendricks 19:08; 84) Jesper HolkeFarnam 22:39; 85) Grant Weldon 23:15. Boys’ JV Results (5K) Team Results — 1) Denver 25; 2) DikeNew Hartford 33; 3) Union 82; 4) BCLUW 98. No team score: Aplington-Parkersburg, Dunkerton, East Marshall, GladbrookReinbeck, Hudson, Janesville, Jesup, South Hardin, Tripoli. Dike-New Hartford individuals — 2) Derrick Franzen 18:33; 3) Dakota Callan 18:39; 7) Bryce Dall 18:49; 12) Cody Snider 19:52; 14) Collin Vanderlind 19:54; 21) Jakob Luna 20:47; 34) Simon Garbes 22:27; 51) Gunner Smith 26:13. Gladbrook-Reinbeck individuals — 15) Vasya Strohbehn 20:03; 45) Cole Goos 24:13.

Luna and Crew earn 1st Team All-Conference honors at NICL Cross Country Meet

By PATTI RUST Sports Correspondent REINBECK – It was a cold, blustery day at the Oak Leaf Country Club Saturday, yet runners and fans alike were thankful that Mother Nature kept the rain away as 15 teams and nearly 400 runners came together for the North Iowa Cedar League cross country meet. The Dike-New Hartford girls’ team finished as conference runner-up, second to East Marshall. The Wolverine boys finished fourth behind Denver, East Marshall, and Columbus. All-conference first team honors were awarded to the top seven individual finishers in the girls’ and boys’ varsity races, second team honors went to those finishing in the 8th to 14th place spots, and those finishing 15th through 21st were named to the honorable mention team. Area runners included on the first team were Dike-New Hartford’s Haylee Luna and John Crew, both of whom ran to a third place finish individually. Second team all-conference honors went to Kadi Wright of Dike-New Hartford who finished ninth and Hannah Stumberg of Grundy Center who went 14th. Grundy Center’s Tiana Saak, who ran to a 15th place finish, GladbrookReinbeck’s Nicole Adair who went 20th, and Tyler Bovy of GladbrookReinbeck who finished 19th all earned Honorable Mention honors. “I really thought our kids ran well,” Dike-New Hartford coach Barry Cuvelier said. “We did a nice job at the start. The girls I think as a whole ran their best race. Carolyn Bolhuis really ran well after coming off a foot injury. Haley Luna really stepped up her race as she as well came off the flu.” “The boys as well had a really nice race,” he said. “Thomas Shirley pulled a hamstring in the race which affected our (team) score but the other six really did a great job racing. Dylan Mrzlak really competed well for the varsity.” “This was a great way for our seniors to finish their careers,” Cuvelier said. “As many know cross country is a great sport to compete with oneself. The one thing we ask all runners and especially seniors, is to leave it on the course. I could not have been more proud of a group of runners. They led by example and will be missed in the coming year.” “Most runners improved their performance from a year ago, which is quite an accomplishment,” Gladbrook-Reinbeck coach Andy McQuillen said. “The improvement made this year by this group of young people has been quite impressive. We will look to once again have a strong performance at the state qualifying meet

in Eagle Grove on Thursday.” “The conference meet was as we expected - cold,” Grundy Center coach Chris Henely said. “With our last meet in Union being similar weather, I was confident in our performances. Hannah and Tiana pushed each other to 14th and 15th place finishes. As a senior Hannah once again made the all-conference team. This accomplishment is motivation for her for next week’s state qualifier meet. Freshman Tiana Saak gave me everything she had. After finishing her race, we literally had to hold her up so she wouldn’t collapse. This is a sign that she gave every ounce of effort she had to the race and I couldn’t be more proud. I am lucky to get to coach these kids. The girls’ team posted very respectable scores and times and ran the best they had all year.” “The boys saw a great performance from Dylan Hendricks who finished right behind senior Espen Cleveland,” Henely said. “The boys all have given it their best effort. I’m happy with the effort and work these guys did. Looking forward, we hope, for some state qualifiers next week.” Dike-New Hartford was scheduled to run in the Class 2A state qualifying meet at Gilbert, while the Gladbrook-Reinbeck and Grundy Center runners were scheduled to compete in the Class 1A state qualifying meet at Eagle Grove, all on Thursday, Oct. 24.

North Iowa Cedar League Conference Meet Girls’ Varsity Results (4K) Team Results — 1) East Marshall 78; 2) Dike-New Hartford 85; 3) Hudson 92; 4) Denver 103; 5) South Tama 114; 6) BCLUW 143; 7) Aplington-Parkersburg 191; 8) Union 195; 9) Grundy Center 202; 10) West Marshall 229; 11) Wapsie Valley 252; 12) Jesup 298. No team score: Gladbrook-Reinbeck, South Hardin. Top individuals — 1) Haley Fye, East Marshall 15:39; 2) Amanda Cartney, Hudson 15:55; 3) Haylee Luna, Dike-New Hartford 16:05; 4) Lexi Olterman, Hudson 16:10; 5) Becca Steckelberg, BCLUW 16:13; 6) Kristen Amendt, East Marshall 16:14; 7) Amelia Tonner, BCLUW 16:16; 8) Bobbi Amendt, East Marshall 16:21; 9) Kadi Wright, Dike-New Hartford 16:23; 10) Taylor Ellenbecker, South Tama 16:24. Dike-New Hartford individuals — 3) Haylee Luna 16:05; 9) Kadi Wright 16:23; 22) Jurane Lizer 17:21; 26) Hannah Dove 17:31; 34) Carolyn Bolhuis 17:52; 41) Olivia Verhulst 18:07; 79) Jenna Hensley 20:07. Gladbrook-Reinbeck individuals —20) Nicole Adair 17:11; 44) Meg Edler 18:18; 59) Hannah Martin 18:46. Grundy Center individuals — 14) Hannah Stumberg 16:50; 15) Tiana Saak 16:52; 55) Mellina Wrage 18:34; 57) Harper Wells 18:42; 77) Dalyn Maxson 19:58; 84) Kate Ross 21:09; 85) Jen Rust 21:17. Girls’ JV Results (4K) Team Results — 1) South Tama 23; 2) Denver 48; 3) Dike-New Hartford 52. No team score: BCLUW, Columbus, East Marshall, Gladbrook-Reinbeck, Grundy Center, Jesup, South Hardin, Union, Wapsie Valley, West Marshall. Dike-New Hartford individuals — 5)

Emma Williams 19:04; 9) Tessa Dall 19:26; 12) Hanna Hunt 19:49; 18) Megan Andersen 20:38; 19) Brynn Harberts 21:01; 22) Haley O’Connor 21:19; 27) Addie Johnston 21:45; 29) Nikki Weissenfluh 21:48; 43) Megan Garcia 16:13; 45) Frida Marcussen 27:38. Gladbrook-Reinbeck individuals — 15) Kelsey Schwartz 21:16; 39) Amber Berendes 22:53. Grundy Center Individuals — 32) Kaitlynn Ehrig 21:59. Girls’ Middle School Results (1.5 miles) Team Results — 1) Denver 28; 2) Hudson 57; 3) East Marshall 67; 4) West Marshall 85; 5) Dike-New Hartford 111. No team score: BCLUW, Gladbrook-Reinbeck, Jesup, South Hardin, South Tama, Wapsie Valley. Dike-New Hartford individuals — 21) Meghan Nystel 11:56; 22) Sarah Hoehns 11:58; 40) Josie Claude 13:03; 43) Brooke Poyner 13:15; 49) Marley Kiewiet 14:46. Gladbrook-Reinbeck individuals — 19) Lily Ehlers 11:51; 45) Tayler Gienger 13:49. Boys’ Varsity Results (5K) Team Results — 1) Denver 55; 2) East Marshall 65; 3) Columbus 129; 4) Dike-New Hartford 133; 5) Hudson 145; 6) BCLUW 167; 7) South Tama 198; 8) West Marshall 219; 9) Union, Jesup 230; 11) Aplington-Parkersburg 277; 12) South Hardin 318; 13) Wapsie Valley 322; 14) Grundy Center 346. No team score: Gladbrook-Reinbeck. Top individuals — 1) Kyle Kehoe, Denver 15:52; 2) C.J. May, Aplington-Parkersburg 15:54; 3) John Crew, Dike-New Hartford 16:09; 4) Nathan Bradley, West Marshall 16:20; 5) Tanner Johnson, Denver 16:29; 6) Cole Silver, BCLUW 16:32; 7) Nick Meling, East Marshall 16:35; 8) Nick Sabelka, Denver 16:36; 9) Caleb Benzing, East Marshall 16:36; 10) Ryan Finn, Hudson 16:42. Dike-New Hartford individuals — ) John Crew 16:09; 27) Ethan Stancliffe 17:35; 32) Kyle Corwin 17:44; 36) Derrick Franzen 17:58; 39) Dylan Mrzlak 18:01; 51) Nick Nielsen 18:34. Gladbrook-Reinbeck individuals — 19) Tyler Bovy 17:22. Grundy Center individuals — 54) Espen Cleveland 18:39; 59) Dylan Hendricks 18:54; 61) Finn Cleveland 19:08; 88) Jesper HolkeFarnam 23:07; 89) Grant Weldon 23:23. Boys’ JV Results (5K) Team Results — 1) Denver 27; 2) DikeNew Hartford 45; 3) Columbus 56; 4) West Marshall 131; 5) Union 134; 6) BCLUW 138. No team score: Aplington-Parkersburg, East Marshall, Gladbrook-Reinbeck, Hudson, South Hardin, South Tama. Dike-New Hartford individuals — 3) Dakota Callan 18:30; 7) Bryce Dall 18:52; 10) Collin Vanderlind 18:58; 16) Cody Snider 19:47; 20) Jakob Luna 20:07; 42) Nick Strickler 23:27; 51) Gunner Smith 26:31; 52) Simon Garbes 26:47. Gladbrook-Reinbeck individuals — 21) Vasya Strohbehn 20:24; 40) Cole Goos 23:20. Boys’ Middle School Results (1.5 miles) Team Results — 1) East Marshall 39; 2) Hudson 76; 3) Denver 91; 4) West Marshall 131; 5) BCLUW 134; 6) South Tama 137; 7) South Hardin 147; 8) Dike-New Hartford 156; 9) Gladbrook-Reinbeck 186. No team score: Grundy Center, Union, Wapsie Valley. Dike-New Hartford individuals — 17) Tim Koop 10:19; 24) Grant Bixby 10:50; 33) Seth Wibben 11:15; 45) Charlie Lorenz 12:05; 49) Mitchell Modlin 12:16. Gladbrook-Reinbeck individuals — 18) Max Schweppe 10:21; 35) Jadon Spear 11:17; 37) Alex Schweppe 11:23; 57) Tyson Creswell 13:48; 59) Preston Goos 15:40. Grundy Center individuals — 31) Brady Appel 11:10; 59) Jared Melcher 14:39.

Grundy SPORTS Register

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Spartans secure fifth straight NICL crown By JOHN JENSEN The Grundy Register TAMA — The Grundy Center High School volleyball team rallied from the brink of a set one loss and went on to sweep South Tama 26-24, 25-10, 25-17 to clinch its fourth straight North Iowa Cedar League West Division title last Tuesday. The Spartans (26-8 overall) finish undefeated in NICL West play for the fifth straight season, having not lost a set the past four years. South Tama (16-12 overall) finishes 6-1 in division play. Grundy Center coach Darwin Sents said this year’s title is special because of all his team had to go through to get it. Not only did the Spartans have to replace three allconference players from last year’s team but it also had to overcome injuries this year. “Night in night out we seemed to get everybody’s best shot and these guys show up to play with whoever we put on the floor,” he said. “I don’t know how many different lineups I’ve had this year, but these kids get it done. I think it’s harder than people realize to do this night in, night out – it’s kind of a grind and it would be easy to slip up somewhere along the line.” Early in last Tuesday’s match it appeared Grundy Center could be the team that slipped up. Carrying an 88-set division winning streak into the match, the Spartans stared the end of that streak squarely in the eye at the end of set one, trailing 24-22 when Sents called a timeout. “Don’t look at the end, play every point at the moment,” sophomore Katie Lindeman said of her coach’s instructions. “(I told them), ‘Score one point. Don’t worry about the game, don’t worry about the next three points, score this point,’” Sents said. Sophomore Alyssa Mathews scored that point on a solo block before junior Peyton Ralston tied the score 24-24 with a service ace. “They probably win that game

Dominating the NICL West

The Spartan volleyball team not only won its fifth straight NICL West title last week, but won its fourth straight without dropping a set. The Spartans’ last set loss to a North Iowa Cedar League West Division team came Sept. 22, 2009 when they downed West Marshall, 3-2. Year Match Set Record Record 2009 6-0 18-2 2010 6-0 18-0 2011 7-0 21-0 2012 7-0 21-0 2013 7-0 21-0 if the (South Tama) girl gets her hands down, but we served tough at them,” Sents said. “I give Peyton a lot of credit – she went back there, the game’s on the line, she didn’t lollipop (the serve). She lollipops they probably run something hard to the outside and we probably don’t win that. Peyton went back there and took them out of system – a lot of credit to her because that’s hard to do when the game’s on the line.” Lindeman followed with a kill that gave Grundy Center its first lead since the 20-19 mark, and a South Tama hitting error gave the Spartans the victory. The Grundy Center win seemed to take the wind from the sails of a South Tama team that could do little wrong in the waning stages of the first set. The Trojans had 14 of their 22 kills in set one and did not have a hitting error as they rallied from a 19-14 deficit to take the lead. “After we won the first one they looked really tired both mentally

Spartan junior Stephanie Faust battles South Tama’s Madison Black at the net. Faust’s return from injury has sparked Grundy Center to victories in seven of its last eight matches. (John Jensen/ The Grundy Register photos) and physically,” Lindeman said. The Spartans dominated the final two sets, racing to a 10-3 lead in set two on their way to a 25-10 victory and taking a 7-1 lead in the third set on their way to a 25-17 win. South Tama did not record a kill until the 14th point of the second set and went 21 points into the third set before their first kill. “South Tama really came out to play,” Sents said. “It was senior night, very emotional for them, lots of seniors, and they came out to play. They put, I think, everything they had into game one, but I have to love my kids for fighting through and taking care of the points when they had to.” Lindeman paced the Spartans with 11 kills in the match while Stephanie Faust recorded seven. Riley Sents had 26 digs and Piper Johanns 15. The Spartans are off this week with a first-round regional bye. They return to action at home next

Grundy Center sophomore Katie Lindeman spikes over South Tama’s Madison Black during last Tuesday’s regular-season finale. Lindeman finished with a team-high 11 kills in the match. Tuesday against the winner of the South Hardin-BCLUW match that was played Tuesday in Eldora. Grundy Center 26 25 25 South Tama 24 10 17

Kills: Grundy Center 32 (Katie Lindeman 11, Stephanie Faust 7), South Tama 22. Assists: Grundy Center 30 (Alyssa Mathews 14, Peyton Ralston 9), South Tama 21. Blocks: Grundy Center 11 (Ken-

nedy Buss 3, Faust 3), South Tama 3. Digs: Grundy Center 73 (Riley Sents 26, Piper Johanns 15), South Tama 64. Service aces: Grundy Center 5 (Ralston 2, Three tied 1), South Tama 0.

Fourth quarter surge secures G-R win over Belle Plaine

By PATTI RUST Sports Correspondent BELLE PLAINE – GladbrookReinbeck may have started a bit slow Friday night, but a huge fourth quarter left no doubt of the outcome, as the Rebels held off Belle Plaine to remain undefeated in Class A District 4 with a 34-8 win. “We struggled a bit on offense and a lot of credit goes to the Belle Plaine defensive plan,” Gladbrook-Reinbeck head coach John Olson said. “We jumped out to 14-0, they battled back to 14-8, and we came up with a big defensive stop and a long offensive drive to go up 20-8. Then our defense played great and our offensive line opened the game up getting two more big scores.” The Rebels scored once each in the first two quarters, the first on a Camden Kickbush 1-yard run in the opening frame. In the second period Chase Clark went 18 yards for a Rebel score to make it 14-0 at the half. Belle Plaine threated in the third quarter, holding the Rebels scoreless while finding the end zone on a Nick Pippert 1-yard TD and two-point conversion to bring the score to 14-8. Kickbush connected with Phil Zimmerman on a 25-yard touchdown for the Rebels early in the fourth quarter, sparking a much needed Rebel scoring run. Eric Stoakes scored next on a 19-yard run, and it was Stoakes again late in the fourth sealing the deal with a big

43-yard run to round out the scoring and bring the game to its 34-8 conclusion. Gladbrook-Reinbeck accumulated 336 yards of total offense, more than double that of Belle Plaine’s 154 yard effort. Clark led the Rebels with 186 rushing yards in 26 carries. Stoakes ran for 68 yards in five carries. The Rebels (6-2 overall, 5-0 District A-4) will host GMG in a district matchup at Gladbrook this Friday, Oct. 25, in the final week of the regular season. A win would earn the Rebels sole ownership of the Class A District 4 title and a No. 1 seed in postseason play. Gladbrook-Reinbeck 7 7 0 20 — 34 Belle Plaine 0 0 8 0 — 8

Scoring Summary First quarter Gladbrook-Reinbeck – Camden Kickbush 1 run (Wyatt Swanson kick); 7-0 Second quarter Gladbrook-Reinbeck – Chase Clark 18 run (Swanson kick); 14-0 Third quarter Belle Plaine – Nick Pippert 1 run (Jordan Reineke pass from Trey Squiers); 14-8 Fourth quarter Gladbrook-Reinbeck – Phil Zimmerman 25 pass from Kickbush (two point conversion failed); 20-8 Gladbrook-Reinbeck – Eric Stoakes 19 run (Swanson kick); 27-8 Gladbrook-Reinbeck – Stoakes 43 run (Swanson kick); 34-8 Team totals G-R Belle Plaine Penalties 3-25 4-30

Rushes-yards 39-299 47-115 Pass yards 37 39 Comp.-Att.-Int. 2-9-0 4-10-1 Total offense 336 154 Fumbles-lost 1-1 2-2 Punts-avg. 2-42.0 3-40.0 Individuals Rushing – Gladbrook-Reinbeck: Chase Clark 25-186 yards, 1 TD; Eric Stoakes 5-68 yards, 2 TDs; Dustin Dinsdale 2-32 yards; Camden Kickbush 4-11 yards; 1 TD; Pete Meyers 1-2 yards; Jake Schuman 2-1 yard. Belle Plaine: Nick Pippert 22-83 yards, 1 TD; 13-24 yards; Vance Bohlen 4-11 yards; Trey Squiers 8-2 yards. Passing – Gladbrook-Reinbeck: Kickbush 2-of-9 for 37 yards, 1 TD. Belle Plaine: Squiers 4-of-10 for 39 yards, 1 Int. Receiving – Gladbrook-Reinbeck: Phil Zimmerman 1-25, 1 TD; D. Dinsdale 1-12. Belle Plaine: Jordan Reineke 1-20; Bohlen 2-19; Adam Daily 1-0. Tackles (Solos-Assists) – GladbrookReinbeck: Bryce Ehlers 3-16; D. Dinsdale 1-12; Ty Eiffler 2-8; Zach Pierce 3-7; Josh Cooley 1-8; Dalton Schwartz 2-3; Colton Dinsdale 0-4; Joey Linder 2-1; Pete Meyers 2-1; Chase Clark 1-1; Wyatt Swanson 0-2; Zimmerman 0-2; Marco Barron 1-0; Luke Holman 1-0; Blake Kibe 1-0; Cameron Clark 0-1; Kainen Hendricks 0-1; Austin Lott 0-1. Belle Plaine: Daily 2-4; Grant Bevins 1-4; Austin Vranek 2-3; Reineke 0-5; Zac Slaymaker 1-3; Joey Schwenn 0-4; Bohlen 3-0; Squiers 1-2; Josh Long 1-1; Matt Meck 1-1; Ross Henning 1-0; Pippert 0-1. Tackles for Loss – Gladbrook-Reinbeck: Eiffler 3; Ehlers 2; Pierce 2; Schwartz 2; Chase Clark 1; Cooley 1; D. Dinsdale 1; Linder 1; Meyers 1; Zimmerman 1. Belle Plaine: None. Fumble Recoveries – GladbrookReinbeck: Swanson 1, Zimmerman 1. Belle Plaine: Reineke 1. Interceptions – Gladbrook-Reinbeck: C. Dinsdale 1. Belle Plaine: None.

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