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• Wear Wayne swag and fit right in. Show that you want to be where you have been placed. Wearing clothes that rep other schools is not endearing when you drop by during your professor’s office hours to seek clarity on an assignment or more information about class.

Living on Campus • Pack your bags and actually head off to school: Commit to campus. Freshmen and sophomores should plant themselves on the campus and become comfortable spending several weeks at a time here, without returning home, just as you would if you went to school out of state. • Explore Midtown and locate nearby places for your personal services and shopping needs. • Know thyself. If you’re easily distracted select a study spot that will support your desire to achieve. Like chit-chat? Seek out new friends who truly fit your style. You know what works for you – so be proactive and make it happen.

Living at Home

Metro Detroit Students are Away at College Right here in Midtown Detroit When students pack their bags for college it’s not the Here’s how to make the most out of going away to school miles they travel from home, it’s how far they travel in their near home. possibilities that counts. This is true too for students who commute from home. Every day is a trip to campus and a In General chance to engage the future they hope to create. • Learning Communities give you a crew! Majoring in education, engineering, theatre or dance? There’s Wayne State University, once the commuter college a Learning Community for that. Come together with your parents attended after work, is now home to some students of common interest for enriching activities 17,663 undergraduate students. Last year’s census report and exposures. Check out the Office of Multicultural showed the vast majority of these collegiates are from Student Engagement and their student groups. The Michigan, nearly half from Detroit and Wayne County, and Department of English even has a Motown & Global a whopping 15,349 from the tri-county area that is metro Creative Writing LC! Detroit. Wayne undergrads come from nearby because they found what they needed right in their own backyard. • Get involved! Wayne has student organizations for These students chose to attend an urban institution that is a key player in Detroit, educating rising professionals, innovating entrepreneurial opportunities, and making spaces for the creatives who are crafting the artistic expressions of tomorrow.

those who share the same interests, cultural background, political or religious beliefs. Check them out! They have budgets from university funds and are able to present events, speakers and in some cases they even travel!

With five resident halls, including the new Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments, students can immerse themselves in the full campus experience. Those who cannot live on campus have other options for the full campus experience as well.

• Stay off the highway. You’re enrolled in Wayne and it’s time to strike out on your own without your high school friends. If they went away to State, you should certainly check it out once or twice but you’ll never be content at home if you spend all of your time on the road.

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• Don’t be content to be a “parking meter student” who screeches up just in time for class then leaves campus right after. There’s plenty of time for “adulting” later – throw yourself into student and campus life now. • Buy a parking pass. The time and effort expended circling the block for a meter, or hiking in from that secret free parking space near the Ambassador Bridge, could be better spent on campus - in class or in community with fellow students. Budget for this expense. • Explore the campus and Midtown. Locate places to lunch and lounge, like the new Student Center. Being in the mix makes it more likely that you’ll hear about the opportunities that pique your interest. • Don’t join the car culture, those few students who spend their breaks holed up in their vehicles instead of being a part of the Wayne community. They’re letting their desire to be comfortable rob them of new experiences. Don’t take the easy route. Challenge yourself. • Center your life around campus. Leave your old neighborhood behind. Can you find a job on or near campus? Working in Midtown keeps you engaged and makes it more likely that you’ll drop in on that world-class speaker or dignitary being presented to the students of Wayne. Many of these tips will translate to the experience of attending other schools in Detroit, so try them on for size. In short, you’ve made your choice of educational institutions – now go to your campus and make your mark! Alicia Nails directs Wayne State’s Journalism Institute for Media Diversity Learning Community and scholarship program. She can be reached at