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For almost 30 years, the Nohava family has been providing people with local, grass fed, premium beef. In 2023, their son, Bryan Jr., and his wife, Lexi, had a dream to bring our family’s grass fed beef from our farm to your table. Today we offer a culmination of care and quality in every bite, ensuring that our standard of excellence is extended to your family’s dinner table. We ship nationwide!

“I can’t recommend Nohava Ranch Premium Beef enough! The flavor was second to none and they exceeded my expectations for sure. I also love the fact that they are a family run business. You can tell they take pride in the quality of their beef! Highly recommend if you are looking for high quality, delicious beef!”

- Seth L.

Bryan Sr. & wife Brenda Bryan Jr. & wife Lexi

Amy Harnack


“As we serve others, we are working on ourselves; every act, every word, every gesture of genuine compassion naturally nourishes our own hearts as well.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

As a young girl growing up in Remsen, IA, Amy Harnack was taught the importance of hard work and serving others. Amy watched as her family owned and operated Schaff’s Hardware. Valuing and supporting those in need was something that Amy was destined to do.

Photography by: Shane Monahan
8 n 2024 8 n 2024
Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 9 Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n

“Although I was young, I ended up learning so much from my parents and grandparents,” Amy shares. “I was taught a strong work ethic and saw both the business side of interacting with others and also the importance of creating personal connections as well.”

Amy’s father was very active in the community, another important factor in her life that helped shape her upbringing. As Amy got older, she followed in her father’s footsteps by being active in high school as a varsity basketball cheerleader, member of speech and choir clubs, yearbook committee, and other volunteering in the community.

“My husband is actually four years older than me, and worked at our family business,” Amy shares. “We were connected via a family friend and the rest is history.”

Wanting to start a family of their own, Amy and David got married. Newly married and knowing that she wanted to go back to school to find an occupation where she could continue helping others, Amy decided to major in Human Resources and Criminal Justice.

I learned so much from my parents and grandparents.

In high school, Amy worked at a retirement center where her mother also worked in the Dietary Department and later as a Housekeeper Director. “My grandma’s dream was for me to become a nurse,” Amy remembers. “After working with seniors in a health care setting for four years, I felt that was a natural career for me to pursue.”

After graduating from high school, Amy went on to attend the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD. After her first year of nursing school, Amy didn’t feel nursing was the right career path for her and she left college and moved back home. It was during this time that Amy reconnected with her now husband, David.

Amy enrolled at the former Westmar University in Le Mars, IA where she was able to work in the Development Office and Admissions Department while getting her degree. During her senior year of college, she became pregnant with her daughter, Hannah. After graduating from college with honors, she went to work for a nonprofit community action childcare program in Remsen, IA.

After a year and a half of working for Remsen’s childcare program, Amy took a job opportunity to work for another non-profit, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Siouxland, where she was a case manager and development specialist for the next six years. “Again, being able to service Siouxland children in need and helping to create positive relationships within the community was so important and fulfilling to me,” Amy says.

Husband Dave, daughter Hannah and Amy Accepting a donation for patients at Floyd Valley Healthcare
10 n 2024

Amy thoroughly enjoyed working for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Siouxland, but she felt that she wanted to use her degree more. “This career move brought me back to Le Mars where I was the Director of Marketing and Development for The Good Samaritan Society – Le Mars.”

For the next nine years, Amy worked in the Le Mars location where she was not only in charge of marketing and fundraising for The Good Samaritan Society – Le Mars, but she also spearheaded a plan to construct and build 12 much-needed senior living apartments, a significant moment in her career that also put her in charge of managing and overseeing these new apartments.

While working for The Good Samaritan Society – Le Mars, a board member from Floyd Valley Healthcare reached out to Amy regarding a position that was available in the Foundation. “At the time, the position had sat stagnant for a couple of years,” Amy remembers. “I have always admired healthcare workers and I was intrigued. With the support and encouragement from David and my friends and family, I decided to go for it.”

Amy was hired as Floyd Valley’s new Foundation Manager. In this position, Amy would not only be responsible for spearheading all fundraising events, but she would also be in charge of all hospital donations while working with donors and potential donors in the community.

“After I felt comfortable in my position, I looked for different fundraising ideas that would set Floyd Valley apart from other local fundraising gatherings. I wanted to be able to provide fun, impactful events for the Siouxland community to be a part of while also raising money for an amazing cause,” Amy shares.

With this mindset and the positive reassurance of the community and her colleagues, Amy started the annual Floyd Valley Healthcare Foundation’s Women’s Night Out. The event brings together women from the Siouxland area to enjoy appetizers, health education, door prizes and the opportunity to listen to a prominent and influential female guest speaker. All proceeds from the Women’s Night Out event benefits women’s healthcare needs, something that Amy feels strongly about.

Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 11
I love meeting others and making new connections.

“Again, I saw this as a great opportunity to help support those in need while working together as a community for an important cause,” Amy shares.

It has been nine years since Amy has served as the Foundation Manager for Floyd Valley Healthcare. Since being in her new position, she has not only strengthened her relationships with others in the community, but welcomed new donors as well. She has also grown her board and successfully added influential key players to not only support her, but also the community and most importantly, those in need.

Amy has grown to love her job and the Siouxland community. “Something I have always loved about our community is how people in this area are always there for each other looking out for one another,” Amy adds. “I love meeting others and making new connections.”

With her positive outlook on life and her passion for advocating for others, Amy feels she is right where she needs to be. “Looking back, I have always worked for non-profits. Being able to collaborate with a team of leaders that rally together and support each other while being inspired to help others is what community is all about and why I truly love what I do.”

Husband Dave and Amy attending the annual Le Mars Hometown Christmas Celebrating my volunteers at The Floyd Valley Foundation Annual Wine and Craft Beer Tasting event Amy’s summer toy
12 n 2024

As much as Amy enjoys being in the public eye and fostering relationships with others in the community, she admits that she is equally an introverted homebody as well. After a busy day at work, she prefers to be at home, in her jammies. 1 2 3 4 5

Amy enjoys networking throughout her community by staying active serving on boards. Amy has served on The Le Mars United Way, Le Mars Rotary, Le Mars Chamber of Commerce and Ambassador program, and she has been a Big Sister with the Lunch Buddies Program.

Amy says she has been blessed to have so many powerful, confident female role models who have not only believed in her, but also pushed her to do things she didn’t think she was capable of. Amy has fond memories of spending time with both grandmothers, who showed her the importance of understanding the business side of any company, and also taught her many life skills.

Amy is a firm believer in the saying, “Talent and Degree are important, but effort is twice as important.

In her spare time, Amy loves photography, crafts, and reading, but when the sun is out you can find her outdoors. Riding HarleyDavidson motorcycles with David, going camping in the summer time in Yankton, SD and just sitting on her patio and relaxing after work are among her favorite things to do.


Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 13
2515 Murray Street, Sioux City, IA 51111 (712) 255-5319 YEAR Quality Products • Personalized Service • Exceptional Results
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NEW MENU UPDATES including new healthy lunch features every week, all summer long!

385 E. 4th Street

South Sioux City, Nebraska

18 n 2024

EXCITING NEWS for Siouxland

A new partnership between KTIV News 4 and Siouxland Woman Magazine is an exciting development for all of Siouxland! With KTIV’s long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional news, weather and sports programming and Siouxland Woman Magazine’s focus on celebrating women, promoting diversity and supporting Siouxland for the last ten years, this collaboration promises to offer viewers and readers a unique and engaging experience beyond print or the screen.

By featuring articles from Siouxland Woman Magazine on KTIV News 4 Live at Five, audiences will have the first opportunity to delve deeper into the stories Siouxlanders want to know more about. Similarly, readers will enjoy learning more about KTIV’s News, Weather and Sports programming each month in Siouxland Woman

Reaching more than just an over-the-air audience and engaging people where they are at is key to this partnership. The community will learn something new each month to help improve their quality of life as it relates to news and weather. This month you will learn more about the First Alert Weather App and KTIV’s new KTIV News 4 Now app, which is easily downloadable on any Smart TV.

This integration of print and broadcast media with the market’s trusted media powerhouses allows for a more comprehensive and immersive approach to storytelling and enhancing the overall experience for the community on multiple formats: television, print, and digitally. KTIV News 4 is part of Gray Television and Siouxland Woman Magazine, published by Michels Communications Corporations, bring a wealth of experience and resources as industry leaders, ensuring this partnership will be one the Siouxland Community will be sure to embrace!

For more information, please check out and Siouxland Woman Magazine on Facebook!

Unveiled BRIDALMAGAZINE EMPIRE Amy Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 19

Information is Power.

When severe weather makes its way toward Siouxland, KTIV News 4 has the right experts getting you the most up-to-date information to keep you safe.

Getting Out Ahead of the

“It feels like it has been a very active April and May already,” says KTIV’s First Alert Weather Chief Meteorologist Ron Demers. “Our First Alert Weather is really a way for us to stay out ahead of the forecast and it always gives people the most time possible to prepare for incoming weather.”

With 44 years of experience, this expert team of four works together seamlessly to give you the information you need.

“We have what we call First Alert Weather Days, adds Ron. “So, say it’s Saturday and the models are looking like Tuesday is going to be a negative, impactful day for weather. We’ll declare Tuesday as a First Alert Weather Day. It’s a way to tell our viewers to keep alert.”

How does the team decide when a day is going to more impactful than others?

“Sometimes it can be kind of a tough call,” explains Ron. “We want to make sure it’s going to be impactful enough to alert you, but we don’t want to have too many where people stop paying attention. If we are going to have those storms that produce 70 mph winds and a potential of tornadoes forming, that’s when we make the call to grab your attention.”

It’s not just viewers who have to prepare for incoming weather. In April, KTIV’s own team had to shelter in place because of warnings in the area.

“I don’t ever feel myself getting scared in those situations because I have the information right in front of us. I knew my team was in a good, safe spot that day. So, I was able to do my job and they were able to stay safe because of our information,” Ron shares.

20 n 2024

“Anytime you have more brains looking at all the information coming in, it’s a huge win, not only for us as a TV station, but for the Siouxland Community as a whole.”

The team is also able to better reach you where you are – whether that’s Facebook, X, on-air or via streaming platforms.

“Recently, when we had tornadoes impacting some of our southern states and places like Harlan, Iowa, we had three meteorologists going at the same time. Jacob Howard, Cat Taylor and I were all rotating and delegating responsibilities. Cat can do a Facebook live while I make the forecast and get ready for the shows, while Jacob helps monitor social media and emails. We can provide so much more information on so many more platforms.”

Platforms like the KTIV First Alert Weather App, which is free to download on the Apple and Google Play app stores.

“You can go to the app and see a video telling you about the incoming storms. Then, you can go to radar and see the storms coming in, and you can go check the hourby-hour forecast and see how long they’re going to be sticking around,” Ron explains. “You can also apply or take off lightning, see warnings, or have the weather app actually follow. That’s a huge help for traveling and summer plans.”

Another way they’re growing their weather coverage is through KTIV News 4 Now, an app for your smart TV that is available for free download on Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV.

“This is a place where so much content is being added,” says Ron. “You pull it up just like an app, and it has stories and the latest newscasts. You don’t have to be tied to a 6 o’clock newscast. If it’s 8 o’clock and you want to see what we talked about at six, you can simply pull it up.”

Another piece of content you’ll find there is Weather Talk Wednesdays.

“This is another way we are using our expanded team. They sit down for 15 to 20 minutes and talk about any trending weather for the week and can provide even more detailed information about the weather to our viewers. For example, how much the amount of rain we have seen compares with previous years,” Ron adds.

With the expertise of the First Alert Weather team and their ability to reach you where you are, it’s not hard to see why KTIV is Siouxland’s News Source.


Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 21
MEADOW FLOWER SHOP 402.494.3034 2601 Cornhusker Dr. South Sioux City “Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.”
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(605) 271-1824 | 196 E. 6th St., Suite 100, Sioux Falls, SD 57104 |

a healthy prostate ENSURE THE MEN in your life have

On average, a man's prostate is about the size of a walnut.

24 n 2024
605.217.4330 • 101 Tower Rd. #210, Dakota Dunes, SD 57049
DR. MALLORY HERTZ Physical Therapist
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DR. LEAH NOEL Physical Therapist

Educational Programs at St. Luke’s College:

• Bachelor’s Degree program: Accelerated BSN

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• Associate Degree programs: Nursing, Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Care

• Advanced Specialty Certifications: CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammography

• Certificate programs: Nurse Refresher, Medical Laboratory, Science, Phlebotomy

IN SIOUXLAND A CENTURY OF SERVICE Dr. Kendra Ericson President of St. Luke’s College –UnityPoint Health Make
Impact Today
26 n 2024



Life is too short to eat boring food.

All of us at Siouxland Woman know that food is the ingredient that brings us together! In the coming months, we will be featuring the best foodie spots in Siouxland!

Want to feature your foodie spot? We’d love to have you! Email for more information!


4 BEDROOMS | 3.5 BATHROOMS | 3-CAR GARAGE | 3,958 SQ. FT. | 1.3 ACRES | $749,000

Here is your chance to have your oasis in Wynstone! Whether indoors or outdoors, this 1.5-story home has spaces and places to make memories no matter what the season! In this gem, you will find 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a heated 3-car garage AND a heated in-ground pool with a pool house. It all sits on a 1.34-acre lot on a cul-de-sac with the nature preserve behind. Enjoy watching the deer and eagles while you listen to the sound of the willow trees. A very welcoming first impression starts as soon as you drive up to the exterior, remodeled in 2023, that includes paint, high impact shingles, cedar columns and tree removal. Entering the front door is a foyer with a 13-foot ceiling, hardwood floor and lovely chandelier. The hardwood floor continues into the formal dining room with French doors or, this space could also easily be an office. The living room has many great features including the linear electric fireplace with statement surround and shelves, large windows overlooking the backyard, the 13-foot ceiling and gorgeous chandelier. The kitchen is a great place to congregate and has a dining area with slider to the outdoor composite deck, hardwood floor,

white cabinets, solid surface counters, stainless steel appliances, (gas stove and double ovens) and a large pantry. A nearby laundry room has a tile floor, closet and sink. The primary bedroom is on the main floor and is a paradise in itself with LVP, an electric fireplace with statement surround, a chandelier, and a 6'x6' walk-in closet with built ins. The adjoining bath features heated floor, separate vanities, tile shower, jetted tub and a toilet room. A half bath with hardwood floor completes the main floor. Upstairs are 3 bedrooms, a shared full bathroom between 2 of them, as well as hall access. The surprise up here is a theater room tucked away! This is where everyone will want to gather to watch movies or games. The lower level has more fun spaces with a family room, game table area, wet bar with seating area, a full bathroom, and a room for gym equipment or storage. The private backyard is sure to please with the in ground heated saltwater pool with slide and diving board, hot tub, and the pool house with bunk area, kitchenette, half bath and seating area. New furnace/air in 2023. With very neutral colors and welcoming decor throughout this home is move-in ready!


"Barb Maxon is a consumate professional. She knows the Siouxland market and went above and beyond to help us purchase our new home. Barb has the experience, market knowledge and skills to help any home buyer or seller with their real estate needs." - Pat and Marilyn, Dakota Dunes, SD

TESTIMONIAL 33789 FOXVIEW LN. SIOUX CITY, IA $850,000 532 FAWN HLW. DAKOTA DUNES, SD $625,000 13 EDGEWATER LN. DAKOTA DUNES, SD $500,000 240 WINDFLOWER BND. DAKOTA DUNES, SD $470,000 DEDICATED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE Office: (712) 224-2300 1114 4th St., Sioux City, IA 51101 Licensed in IA, NE, & SD ABR, CNE, CRS, GRI, REALTOR® (712) 253-3647 Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 29
HOME HEALTH CARE We provide home health care 2-24 hours a day, 7 days a week! LET US BE THE CARE GIVER OUR SERVICES: Bathing, Dressing & Care Shopping & Meal Prep Assistance with Medications & Services Ordered by Your Doctor 4 4 4 800-727-1912 Sioux City % CALL NOW 30 n 2024

Soaking tubs are a frequent find in Asian homes but less common in the Midwest, and copper is an ideal material: it’s naturally resistant to corrosion and rust and will retain heat longer than other materials.


Explore the Fusion of Architecture, Art and Personal Style

Have nothing in your home you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

In the realm of interior design, the fusion of art, architecture and personal style can transform a space into an exquisite home. Such is the case in this stunning residence with interiors designed by The Elements in Storm Lake, where original art, contemporary flair and even a touch of Asian influence converge effortlessly and create a showcase home.

Nestled in Dakota Dunes, this property is blessed with captivating views. Its architecture embraces the natural surroundings with floorto-ceiling windows, allowing the homeowners to enjoy the lake, the passing of seasons and glimpses of local wildlife. But more personally, the home celebrates the owners’ love for art, particularly the works of a favorite artist, Frank Salazar.

“This is truly one of my favorite projects,” says Rick Baker, a member of the Elements’ Design Team. “As you step inside, you’re immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of sophistication and creativity, where every detail tells a story and every piece of art has its perfect place.”

The homeowners believe the collaboration between the Elements’ designers, Baker and Mishelle Lalone, and the artist, Frank Salazar, was critical, allowing them to coordinate the layout and furnishings with their collection and even create several new custom pieces.

A standout feature of the home is the gallery hallway, a testament to the homeowners’ profound connection with art. Large windows even allow the works to be seen from many areas of the home.

“I absolutely love how the walls in the gallery hall come alive with the homeowners’ collection of Frank’s original art, creating a captivating space that unfolds as you pass through,” says Baker. “The movement of light and shadow throughout the day accentuates the textures and colors in the art, transforming this hallway into a personal gallery.”

The homeowners requested furnishings that were modern, comfortable and neutral so the views, architectural elements and artwork could really stand out. The house is very open so a smooth flow between the living spaces was very important to the client.

“I love the advice from legendary designer William Morris that encourages homeowners to furnish their home with things they love … things they find beautiful,” says Kathy Sorbe, lead designer and owner of The Elements in Storm Lake. “Pieces that aren’t useful or that don’t bring you joy … those are the elements to avoid. It’s all about beauty and pure function.”

An inspiring workspace is anchored with a mid-century inspired desk.
32 n 2024
Deceptively simple materials are assembled to create a grand fireplace in the main living space. Natural wood accented with custom metal plates create the base that soars to a keyhole window near
the ceiling.

The Design Team meticulously curated each element – from furniture and rugs to bedding and accessories – to blend functionality with style. Every piece in this home serves a purpose, and Sorbe notes these pieces serve those purposes with elegance and charm.

“The design ethos seamlessly integrates contemporary elements with sleek lines, warm colors and rich texture, creating a space that feels both modern and serene,” says Baker. “One of the most striking features is the copper soaking tub, a nod to Eastern bathing rituals that adds a touch of luxury to the bathroom. Surrounded by natural materials and earthy tones, this oasis is all about relaxation and rejuvenation.”

As you move through the living spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows embrace the breathtaking views outside. Here, nature becomes an integral part of the design, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Natural light floods the rooms, accentuating the clean lines and modern aesthetic, while simultaneously providing a sense of openness and tranquility.

After purchasing the home in 2020, the homeowners completed a sizable renovation, adding a main-floor primary suite and repurposing an office into a foyer. The homeowners worked with the Design Team to select flooring, tile, window coverings and plumbing fixtures to ensure that the addition felt like a natural extension of the home.

In the living room, a striking fireplace serves as the focal point, anchoring the space with a mix of wood and custom metal detailing. It’s flanked with two swivel chairs and a single-cushion sofa, creating the perfect place to curl up in front of the fire. A second seating area on the main level is all about relaxation, with two leather recliners that are motion powered, incredibly comfortable and completely avoid two major problems: they don’t look like recliners or overwhelm the space.

“When a recliner is on the must-have list, we love sleek, power-motion pieces,” says Baker. “Traditional recliners can be bulky, and some just don’t look that great. These provide all the comfort and function that homeowners want without the aesthetic drawbacks of our parents’ La-Z-Boys.”

Complemented by carefully selected accessories, rugs that define the space and more art, the room exudes a sense of refined elegance and sophistication while still being homey, relaxed and all about comfort.

The kitchen, with its sleek cabinetry and top-of-the-line appliances, is a testament to both form and function. Here, the homeowner’s art collection finds another place with original pieces integrated into the dining area. This placement not only adds visual interest to an unexpected space but also reflects the homeowners’ passion for art in every aspect of their home.

As evening falls and the sun sets, the home transforms into a cozy retreat bathed in soft, ambient light. The art collection takes on a new life, casting subtle shadows and reflections that dance across the walls, creating an atmosphere that is both captivating and serene.

“This home is a true masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship. From the gallery hallway adorned with original paintings and sculptures to the contemporary living spaces, every aspect of this home reflects the homeowners’ passion for beauty and creativity,” says Baker. “This home is a testament to the power of art to elevate the design experience, creating a haven that is both functional and undeniably beautiful.”

Some homeowners worry about motion recliners’ motors wearing out, but Baker notes these pieces will typically last longer because they don’t require the rough treatment. Every recline is smooth and easy.
Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 33
The Design Team used architectural elements, like the railings and ceiling treatments, along with furniture and rug placement to define individual spaces in this grand, open space.

Hallways are utilitarian spaces. Designed to pass through, they can be boring. Instead, in this home a simple hallway is transformed with original pieces. Pictured with artist, Frank Salazar.

A square, stone-top island brilliantly transitions to a dining extension with seating for 10. The mixture of stone and wood with natural fabrics and metal in the dining chairs demonstrate how well different materials combine into a cohesive design.

Instead of the cannisters or cookie jars many homeowners feel limited to, these homeowners used more original art in the kitchen and dining area.

The homeowners give a strong recommendation for The Elements. “They listen, work hard and finish the job, no matter the difficulty. Rick, Mishelle and Frank are easy to work with because of their positive, energetic personalities and incredible ideas they bring to the table. Beyond working together to create a home we love, the Elements’ team have become great friends. We can’t wait for our next project so we can work with them again!”

To learn how The Elements’ Design Team can create a home you’ll love, schedule a consultation, visit the showroom in Storm Lake or explore some past projects at And be sure to stay up to date by following them on Facebook and Instagram.


1701 W. Milwaukee Ave. Storm Lake, IA 50588
This home is a true masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship. This home is currently for sale. To learn more
schedule a showing of this incredible home, contact 712.253.4030. 34 n 2024
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- Head Girls Track Coach Tammy Lilly & Head Boys Track Coach Vince Tucker

Call Mitchell Electric for your residential, commercial, and industrial electrical needs! 717 N. Derby Ln., N. Sioux City, SD 605.232.5527 Locally Owned, Family Business ATHLETES OF THE MONTH WE SUPPORT DAKOTA VALLEY SPORTS! This group of seniors has shown an amazing amount of leadership and dedication to the sport of track and field. They have done an outstanding job of leading both on and off the track. This group is full of scholar athletes who have found success in both the classroom and athletics. They have broken records that have been in place for many years. We are excited to see how they finish the season and what the future has in store for each and every one of them. We know there are big things ahead for all of them!
Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 37


It’s in his blood. That’s how Table 32 owner Jesse Miller says he got started in the restaurant world.

“My father was in the restaurant business his whole life with Bonanza and USA Steak Buffet restaurants. I basically grew up working for him my whole life,” Jesse shares.

In 2005, Jesse’s father and uncle went larger scale –opening up Bev’s on the River, now known as Crave, next to the Hilton Garden Inn.

“I just knew that I wanted to help with this adventure, too,” says Jesse. “So, I moved up here from Omaha to help them operate it.”

In 2015 his family sold Bev’s, but Jesse decided he wasn’t done, so he started his own adventure –Table 32.

“During this time, my father passed away. My uncle, who helped my dad open up on the river Marina, helped me build the restaurant. It was really important to me that I find a way to honor my dad and his legacy. 32 was his lucky number.”

Table 32 was born and for the last six years, Jesse and his team have been serving up delicious craft food and spirits to Siouxland.

“Everything is made in house. I don’t think you get that from a lot of restaurants around. When I say everything, I mean down to every single salad dressing. We try to make anything that we possibly can make in house, and I think that’s one of the things that really sets our food and our restaurant apart,” Jesse explains.


“Our biggest seafood dish is a Chili-Seared Salmon Fillet. On top of the chili-seared salmon, you have avocado salsa, which consists of jalapeños tomatoes, and onion.”


“I think we have some of the best steaks in town,” says Jesse. “One of our top sellers is the 32 Steak Sandwich. It’s an open face steak sandwich served over bread with a side of arugula salad, and it comes with chips or fries. It’s just really delicious.” Flavorful food is a constant on their menu, with occasional changes annually.

“Usually, it’s only a handful of things that we change,” Jesse explains. “Every time that we take away something, someone comes in and wants what we just took away. So, we try to keep the big sellers. Things that are a little less popular we will rotate. Plus, we want to bring in something new every once in a while.”

38 n 2024 38 n 2024

One way they’re able to do that is through Restaurant Week, something Jesse and his team just took part in.

“We had a lot of people requesting prime rib,” says Jesse. “So, during Restaurant Week, we featured prime rib all week. That’s something that is not usually on our menu. Not only is it great to get customer requests in there, but it allows us to test out new items. If it goes really well, it might just end up on our menu.”


“On Mondays, we do half priced bottles of wine, and we get a pretty big clientele in for that. Wine is probably my favorite drink as well. On Tuesdays, we do martini Tuesdays where the martinis are all $7. Then, we try to rotate our Martini and cocktail list, and our beer and wine menus as well.”

In fact, a new wine menu is coming to Table 32 in June.

“A lot of people have been asking for Caymus wine. It’s a really big name in the wine world and it will be one of our most expensive wines. We also have three or four new wines that are a mixture of dry and sweet. I love to introduce new wines to Siouxland and have customers try something that they would’ve never heard of,” explains Jesse.

It’s not just the food and drinks that help Table 32 stand out – it’s the staff

“We’ve been open a little over six years and right now, we coincidentally have 32 staff members. 16 of those have been with me from the very beginning and about ten of them were at Bev’s on the River with me. That’s kind of unheard of and I think that’s another thing that makes us stand out. It’s my goal to not only create an exceptional experience for diners, but also for my incredible staff.”

As Jesse looks ahead to the next six to ten years, he has the same goals in mind.

“I hope to keep the same incredible staff that we’ve had for the past six years and keep evolving with new menu and drink trends. I want to just keep doing the same thing, but evolving with the times.”

100 Virginia St., Sioux City, Iowa 51101 (712) 454-1866 • Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 39 Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n
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Exploring a Lifetime: Father’s Day Interview Questions

As Father’s Day approaches, it’s a perfect time to celebrate the wisdom, experiences, and stories of our fathers. Whether you’re planning a special gathering or simply want to connect on a deeper level, asking thoughtful questions can create meaningful moments and strengthen your bond. Here are some questions to inspire a heartfelt Father’s Day interview with your dad:

• What are your earliest memories of your own father?

• What are some traditions or values you’ve passed down to our family?

• What hobbies or activities have brought you the most joy over the years?

• What were the highlights and challenges in your career journey?

• What historical events have left a lasting impact on you?

• What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a father?

• What advice would you give to new fathers?

• How do you feel about the advancements in technology and society since your youth?

• What are some of your most memorable travels?

• What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in life?

• When you look back on your life, what are you most proud of? How do you hope to be remembered by future generations?

These questions can serve as a starting point for a meaningful conversation that honors your father. Remember to listen attentively, cherish the stories shared, and celebrate the special bond between father and child on this Father’s Day and beyond.

Record video responses for a treasured memory!

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” - Tia Walker
Give your loved one the care & lifestyle they deserve. Care-free living • Engaging social and wellness activities • Personalized quality care • Peace of mind Everything you need and more at StoneyBrook Suites
42 n 2024

OU r M i SS i ON

We are a full-service assisted living community “To foster the well-being of each resident by nurturing the mind, body, and spirit while maintaining each resident’s enjoyment of independence and dignity in a secure and supportive environment. We invite you to come to StoneyBrook Suites, where our joy is in serving you.”

a M e N i T ie S

• Coffee Shop

• Salon

• Walk-in Whirlpool Spa

• Centrally located meals and activities

S erV i C e S

• Caring, trusted, 24-hour staff

• Personal housekeeping

• Theater

• Courtyards

• Spacious suites all on one level

If you’re considering assisted living, we are here to help every step of the way. Schedule a tour and see the quality of life available to you or your loved one.

• Three homestyle meals per day

• Professional medication administration and laundry

• On-site physical, restorative

• Scheduled daily social and and cognitive therapy exercise activities

• Wellness clinic

• Personal pendant system

• Assistance with activities of daily living

Life is Sweet in Stoneybrook Suites

Dakota Dunes 605-242-0013 Brookings 605-692-1013 Huron 605-352-0014 Sioux Falls 605-373-0013 Watertown 605-882-0013 Dakota Dunes 4501 E. PAMPAS PL., SIOUX FALLS, SD 57110
Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 43
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WWW.FAREWAY.COM STORE HOURS: 8 AM-9 PM 4267 Sergeant Rd. SIOUX CITY, IA (712) 276-1873 700 1st St. SERGEANT BLUFF, IA (712) 943-9326 4040 War Eagle Dr. SIOUX CITY, IA (712) 252-0388 4016 Indian Hills Dr. SIOUX CITY, IA (712) 239-0528 GET TO KNOW THE POTATO! Scan for Smash Potato Recipes!
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• Only $750/month desk fee and first month free! OR 85/15 split and no desk fee YOU CHOOSE!


MOVING TO THE PRESTIGIOUS MAYFAIR OFFICE BUILDING JULY 1! 4280 Sergeant Rd., Ste. 210, Sioux City, IA 712.224.4101 | Firm Licensed in IA, NE & SD
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WE OFFER: • Private Office • Compliance oversight • Black & white copies/scans • DocuSign • Letterhead & envelopes • Social media • Adjacent parking FREE
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AuthenticTurquoise Treasures:


When walking through the doors of Dakota Sky Stone Jewelry, the bustling noise of tourist crowds filing through Deadwood is quickly replaced by Nettie Tice’s voice recalling joyful stories of her mother, traveling to Native American reservations, trips to stone mines and learning about the traditions of different cultures she has been able to share with her children and her grandchildren.

That family story is not only captivating to customers who flow in and out of their stores, but something that truly makes Dakota Sky Stone remarkably unique and special. Throughout four generations, they can still recall and bring it all back to the family roots which started it all.

Striking a passion in the early days

“How do you wrap up a lifelong legacy into a short bit?” Nettie Tice asks.

Nettie Tice was born and raised right here in South Dakota. Growing up near Keystone, this midwestern area is something she has always known. Her father Clint was a traveling insurance salesman who frequently visited Native American Reservations in Arizona and New Mexico in the late 60’s. During one trip, he met an artist named Justin Morris, whose talent and artistry amazed him.

Being so intrigued and amazed by the jewelry he discovered, Clint brought his wife Ginny to Arizona the very next week to take part in learning more about turquoise and the artistry behind it. She immediately fell in love with everything about the turquoise and that would be where the family passion and urge for more knowledge was ignited.

According to Nettie, each time her mother would travel with her dad she would bring back more and more turquoise pieces in a little black trinket box. She would stun her friends and even sell some pieces. Most South Dakotans had never seen this type of jewelry before.

Fast forward to 1971. Ginny let the entrepreneurial spirit she had developed through the years guide her into opening her very first turquoise jewelry store, “Ginny’s House of Turquoise.” In 1974 Ginny opened another storefront through her own building they called “Ginny’s Village,” which was quite the landmark for Rapid City for decades. That building housed 16 stores including her own turquoise shop and a dress store on top of it all.

“The artists would come in, and movie stars would come in and buy jewelry from us because no jewelry had ever been brought in like this,” Nettie shares. “She was the pioneer of bringing in this kind of jewelry.”

With that trailblazing spirit, the love for the art of turquoise would trickle down through the generations.

Sharing the stories and traditions

Throughout the years, Nettie has collected her fair share of memories traveling to stone mines, and Native American reservations with her mother learning everything she could about turquoise and the process artists experienced to create such beautiful works of art. She fondly recalls the respect and care for preservation her mother had for different tribes and the symbolism behind their work. That mutual respect led to many valuable relationships her family has built throughout their work.

While sharing stories of their travels to her own children, Nettie continues to instill that respect for the art and process in her own children who have since continued to share stories, knowledge and passion to their children. That devotion to the quality and process behind their jewelry is evident from the moment you step into their stores.

Nettie married her husband Jim in 1980. With his already budding love for creating jewelry, Jim quickly became intrigued by the processes of Turquoise and the Native American artistry.

“We opened our first store in Deadwood in 1983,” Nettie adds. “At one time we had eight stores, but our artists couldn’t keep up with us. We still have our store on Main Street Deadwood,” Annie shares. Annie and her family opened a Wall store in 2006.

Annie Tice-Poseley, Nettie’s daughter, remembers vividly working with her mother and grandmother before she could even see over the jewelry cases in the store. She has been inspired by the relationships that have been made throughout the years and is so excited to see the same passions that grew through her becoming a part of her own children’s lives.

“I am looking forward to watching the next generations have the passion and the love that my mother did,” Nettie shares. “If I can instill that in my children, grandchildren and hopefully great grandchildren, what an honor it has been to work with the people we work with and to have what we have as far as the Black Hills. It is so important.”

A dedication to authenticity, telling stories and creating new ones

A constant theme throughout the story of Dakota Sky Stone is the dedication the family has to preserving the art of Native American artists. They have continued to travel, learn and share their experiences with the younger generations of their family.

“I don’t even know what to say besides I am just incredibly blessed,” Annie’s daughter Zoe says about getting to experience the travel, culture and knowledge she has been afforded.

Customers that visit Dakota Sky Stone can rest assured that the quality of the turquoise and other stone jewelry they offer is top notch. Stones are hand-picked by members of the family and Native American artists work in tandem with the family to create the beautiful pieces you see in their cases.

“We try to go to the reservation and respect and learn what they believe in,” Nettie says. “Each tribe is different, and they have a different spirituality in the way they do things.”

Dakota Sky Stone works artist direct with around 280 artists that help design all different kinds of jewelry pieces. In addition, the store is home to more than just turquoise and house painted pottery, beading and local photography. The family prides themselves on their ability to give a local, family-made product back to their South Dakota community. Straight from their family to yours, Dakota Sky Stone has a piece for everyone.

“South Dakota is a wonderful place,” Nettie reflects.

Their deep-rooted love for South Dakota is why it is so important to all of them to make sure they can vouch for the jewelry they place on their shelves. The process of choosing a piece of this art should be stress-free for those who stop by their store. It should feel like working with a trusted friend.

The Tice Family agrees that they enjoy being able to share their family story with turquoise and the ability to help others tell their story through the pieces they create. Jim summed up their philosophy perfectly. “Whether it is the connection Ginny was making in those early days in Arizona, a captivating family tale told by Nettie herself or even a sweet smile from Zoe, with her sweet family puppy in hand, you leave Dakota Sky Stone feeling inspired by the family legacy that is alive and well in the heart of the Black Hills.”

“You may walk in as a stranger to our store, but you will leave as a friend for life,” Jim shares.

FAMILY OWNED SINCE 1971 Deadwood & Wall, SD | 605.390.5500 DAKOTASKYSTONE.COM Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 51
52 n 2024
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Deep Roots & Tall Corn

There are many things I love about Iowa. I love the land, stunning sunsets and the overall quality of life that is enjoyed here.

54 n 2024
Deep roots. Tall corn. Iowa. In this small town, everyone knows everyone. Broker/Owner of CENTURY 21 ProLink Managing Broker of Sioux City & Le Mars offices 712.251.5214 Licensed in IA, NE & SD Lisa Croston Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 55


JULY 19 12:00


You are the “key” to our success, and we can’t thank you enough for your support!


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“Pregnancy is made out to be this really beautiful thing and it is, but it also isn’t perfect. It comes with a lot of struggles,” states Sarah Shanahan. As a mental health therapist with Heartland Counseling Services, those struggles are something Sarah sees often in her female patients.

“When you look at women’s mental health, you can kind of categorize the hormone changes in three general stages: puberty, pregnancy and menopause. During those times, you have a lot of different hormones surging through your body that it’s not used to.”

Sarah says those hormonal changes can put women at a higher risk for depression.

“Overall, one in eight women can develop clinical depression, and pregnancy can only exacerbate that. About seven percent of women experience depression during their pregnancy known as prenatal or perinatal. It depends on the person, but it can last the full pregnancy. Some people may have a harder time during certain trimesters,” Sarah explains. Sarah describes the feeling as an overall sadness or a constant empty feeling.

“Maybe it’s showing less interest in activities that someone usually enjoys doing. They might withdraw from family and friends. Maybe they have trouble sleeping or have extreme fatigue. Now some of that comes with pregnancy, but if you are feeling it a lot or in an extreme way, that might be a sign that you need to get some additional help.”

Women may also struggle with the idea they had for their pregnancy, with how they are actually feeling.

“Maybe they are experiencing multiple twins or triplets. Maybe they didn’t plan to become pregnant or the opposite – they are struggling to get pregnant and are battling infertility. Suddenly, this idea of what you thought it was going to be doesn’t align with what it is to be pregnant. That can be really difficult,” Sarah shares.

These feelings can also carry over after the baby is born – known as postpartum depression.

62 n 2024
And no matter where you are in life, asking for help isn’t a bad thing.

“My friends who have had kids described it to me as not feeling like yourself and always afraid something bad is going to happen. You might feel empty inside or have difficulty caring for yourself, the baby and others in your home. Sometimes it can get really severe where they have thoughts of harming themselves or the baby.”

Postpartum depression also varies in how long it lasts. Women could experience it for four to eight weeks after the baby is born, or it could go on for years.

“It takes about a year for a woman’s hormones to get back to normal,” says Sarah. “No one wants to be miserable for nine months or a year waiting for that to happen. So, it’s really important that you reach out to someone if you are feeling that way. You should never feel ashamed for that.”

If you are in your 40s or 50s experiencing depression, Sarah says it could be caused by perimenopausal depression

“This is a very under researched field, but it happens to about 21 percent of women. It occurs around the beginning stages of menopause.”

Women experiencing this may notice they’re more irritable when they don’t typically get that way, even with small things.

“Other symptoms are less interest in sex, or sleep problems – which can lead to more depression. You might also experience paranoia or weight gain. You might start to isolate yourself more and you might have issues with memory concentration.”



Sarah has been at Heartland since 2019 as the Community Project Leader for the South Sioux City School District’s School-Based Mental Health services and became then joined our therapy team in June 2023. Sarah is a Sioux City native and graduated from Morningside College with a degree in Counseling Psychology and with a Masters in Social Work from the University of Iowa.

If you need help please visit

PO Box 355, South Sioux City, NE 68776

1201 Arbor Dr., South Sioux City, NE 68776 402-494-3337

221 W. Douglas St., O’Neill, NE 68763 402-336-2800

938 E. Zero St., Brown County Clinic, Ainsworth, NE 69210 402-336-2800

If you are feeling this way, when should you reach out?

“I think it’s time to reach out if it’s impairing your daily function. We say that if it’s getting in the way of your ability to live, laugh, love – impairing your ability to live your life, be able to engage in relationships and be able to find joy in life, then it’s probably a sign that you need to get some extra help.”

And no matter where you are in life, asking for help isn’t a bad thing.

“You can always reach out to a place like Heartland Counseling. New mom support groups can be really helpful because you’re talking to other people going through it. Also, educate yourself on the topic – knowledge is power. Do some extra self-care and don’t be afraid to talk to your friends or family members if you need to. It’s OK to get help. It’s worth reaching out so you don’t have to go through it alone.”

: DENTAL CLINIC - DR. DONALD B. CORK, JR. DR. RYAN P. McKENNA DR. KENNETH TJEERDSMA 101 Merrill Ave.• P.O. Box 1010• North Sioux City, SD 57049 605/232-8802 • 605/232-0973 fax • www.northsiouxdental.comACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS Sydney Muff Owner/ Stylist 611 Pearl St., Sioux City, IA 712.560.3375 Follow us on Facebook! Walk-Ins Welcome! Accepting New Clients! BookNewYourLook Hair Color Hair Cuts Conditioning Treatments Hair Extensions Formal Styles Barber Facial Waxing SIOUXLAND SIOUXLAND Shane Monahan Photography RandyStabe&ClintVos NEW ISSUE ON STANDS NOW! SIOUXLAND Got a story idea or want to advertise? Email 64 n 2024







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66 n 2024
Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 67
Est. 2017 Family Friendly BAR & GRILL (712) 224-4920 4501 Southern Hills Dr. #1 Sioux City, IA GREAT FOOD GREAT PEOPLE GREAT TIMES DAILY DRINK SPECIALS Read more about PAIGE in the latest issue of PICK UP YOUR COPY OR SCAN TO READ NOW! Unveiled Bridal Magazine 68 n 2024

questions & ANSWERS


Michelle Huber




Founded in 1981, Hospice of Siouxland is the area’s only, locally owned non-profit hospice program. We provide supportive care to people of all ages and their loved ones facing a terminal illness.

We focus on providing quality of life by using a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach that helps people be comfortable, while being supportive of their spiritual and emotional well-being.

Myth: : I will have to stop all my medications if I start on hospice care.

Fact: We do not require patients to stop their medications when starting hospice. We do, however, review each medication our patients are on to make sure they are appropriate, effective, safe and a continued benefit. The goal of hospice care is to focus on quality, not quantity, at the end of life. It is at that time when the medication focus changes from treatment and prevention to control of symptoms and comfort.

Will taking opioids, such as Morphine, cause an early death?

We get asked this question a lot. Among patients, caregivers and even health care workers, it is often difficult to separate out the fact of the terminal disease as the cause of death versus the use of medication for the appropriate treatment of pain and suffering. Most of us have used opioids, such as morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and others following a surgery or injury without the fear of death. While opioids may cause our breathing to slow down, it is important to note that this adverse effect is a rare occurrence and is usually dose related. For most patients, hospice starts out using doses that are similar to those prescribed after surgeries or injuries. Our medical team closely monitors each patient who is prescribed an opioid for any adverse effects. The goal of opioid use in hospice care is not to hasten death, but to reduce pain and control symptoms the patient is experiencing, which allows them to be more comfortable.

Why are opioids used for shortness of breath?

As respiratory disease progresses, the lungs in our body no longer respond in a normal manner and even medication such as inhalers or prednisone have little to no benefit. It is at this time that use of opioids become the primary medications to help manage shortness of breath. While often seen as a pain reliever, opioids help to reduce the patient’s perception of shortness of breath, open the blood vessels in the lungs, and improve oxygen to the lungs. We start patients at the lowest possible dose and slowly adjust as needed to manage the shortness of breath. Another benefit of opioids is the calming effect it has, which helps to control a patient’s anxiety when they are feeling short of breath. Opioids are the drug of choice for shortness of breath not managed by other disease-specific therapy.

I have been taking the same medication for years. Why does it need to change?

As our bodies change, so does the need for different medications and dosages. There are many functions that change in our body with certain diseases and with age. Some of those include liver/ kidney function, and the way we absorb medications including increased sensitivity to certain medications. Medications that may have once been good for you or preferred for a disease may no longer be the best choice or may cause harm or adverse effects that impact quality of life. Our medical team evaluates all the medications patients are taking to make sure they benefit the patient and can be used effectively.

Siouxland Woman | Volume 10 Issue 7 n 69
We are thrilled to have been voted Best Doctors Office in Siouxland for 5 years running and voted as a favorite in customer service! A huge thank you to our incredible staff, devoted patients, and supportive community. Your trust and support mean the world to us. We are proud to serve you Siouxland! 712-252-0501 | 1000 Jackson St., Sioux City, IA 605.332.0421 | MICHELSCOM.COM BEYOND MEDIA BEYOND MEDIA BEYOND MEDIA Superior Quality. Targeted Distribution. Cost-Effective Rates. SIOUXLAND WOMAN Amy EMPIRE MAGAZINE Unveiled BRIDAL MAGAZINE SOUTH SIOUX MARRIOTT RIVERFRONT SpringParade of Homes 2024 COVER FEATURE Kelly Construction A Place to Gather &Grow Take HBAEvents GO! 70 n 2024
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Blepharoplasty A non-surgical option using only topical anesthesia with only social downtime of carbon tracing marks and a healing time of 7-10 days with the ability to drive yourself home after the treatment. BEFORE AFTER June Special Purchase a non-surgical blepharoplasty, receive a Live Young Rockstar Shower 1/2 OFF! USE CODE: LYBLEPH SIOUXLAND WOMAN Bridget BREEN PHOTOGRAPHY SIOUXLAND WOMAN Gonzalez A RARE GEM PHOTOGRAPHY SHANEMONAHAN KIRA SIOUXLAND WOMAN Tiffany Wendling INSPIRING OTHERS PHOTOGRAPHY SHANE MONAHAN SIOUXLAND WOMAN SIOUXLAND WOMAN Marilyn EASTMAN TAKINGCARE OFBUSINESS PHOTOGRAPHY SHANE MONAHAN SIOUXLAND WOMAN SIOUXLAND WOMAN Amy HARNACK THE GIFT OF GIVING PHOTOGRAPHY SHANE MONAHAN Celebrating our 10th Year! Celebrating Women. Promoting Diversity. SUPPORTING SIOUXLAND. S I OU XLAND W O MA N 76 n 2024
SERENITY NOW JAPANDI STYLE EVOKES TRANQUILITY, COMFORT 255 5th Street Sioux City, IA 712-224-2555 Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm Saturday 10am - 2pm Check us out on Pinterest!

Sioux City Country Club | 4001 Jackson St.



78 n 2024

A Siouxland foundation is sponsoring an event “fore” a regional health center.

The Siouxland Community Health Foundation has set its 8th Annual Health Center Open on July 15th to benefit the Siouxland Community Health Center (SCHC).

According to Brendyn Richards, Director of Development and Advocacy for the Health Center, this golf tournament aids several funds for the Foundation.

“The significant one that it benefits is George’s Closet, named after a long-time Siouxlander, George Boykin, who helped start SCHC more than 30 years ago,” Brendyn states. “The Closet provides clothing to those in need who come in as patients.”

Brendyn adds, “The funds will also help with our Mobile Shower service for the homeless in Siouxland providing clothes, toiletries, etc. for those who use our shower. Our mobile shower for the homeless is the only one provided among the 1,400 Community Health Services in the U.S.”

Brendyn explains that the Siouxland Community Health Center is a patient-centered home for medical, dental, pharmacy, lab, behavioral health, and social services, a child health program, diabetes, sexual health, and HIV testing, care, and prevention.

“These services are provided to anyone in the community who needs them for a sliding fee based on their income,” she adds. “Every dollar we raise supports the patients in our care. We accept all types of payments including insurance and self-pay.”

The Siouxland Community Health Foundation was incorporated in 1994 to assist the SCHC in achieving its mission and goals, Brendyn points out.

“The Foundation is comprised of a base of individuals, corporations, and foundation members who understand and appreciate the SCHC’s mission and want to support it,” Brendyn shares. “Since then, monies raised privately through the foundation have been used along with federal funding to provide and expand services at the SCHC.”

“You don’t have to be PGA champ Scottie Scheffler or LPGA Champ Hannah Green to participate,” insists Brendyn, a Beresford, S.D. native, who has been with the Foundation since 2016.

“I golf, but don’t find a lot of time to do it,” he admits. “I would be about a 15 handicap.”


$1,500 4 tickets included


• Prominent display of banner with company logo for sponsorship

• Company logo displayed on all carts

• Exclusive hole sponsorship

• Golf for a team of four with lunch, dinner, and prizes included


$1,000 4 tickets included

• Exclusive hole sponsorship

• Signage at event check-in and dinner tables

• Golf for a team of four with lunch, dinner, and prizes included


$800 4 tickets included

• Golf for a team of four with lunch, dinner, and prizes included

• Hole co-sponsorship



• Exclusive hole sponsorship

• Signage at event check-in and dinner tables



• Hole co-sponsorship (3 per hole)



• Company recognition for each pin prize


$175 1 ticket included

• Single golfer (will be grouped with other golfers)

• Lunch, dinner, and prizes included


Siouxland Community Health Foundation

Attn: Brendyn Richards PO Box 1026

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Agency caters to “Wet-Nose” Clients

If you are of a certain age, you probably recall the Rin Tin Tin song, “Cold Nose, Warm Heart.” Younger folks can Google that delightful one-minute song featured on Golden Records.

An agency in Plymouth County has adapted those song lyrics to “Wet-Nose” and implemented a love of furry friends to a rescue operation. According to Angel Anderson, president of Wet-Nose Rescue, for 11 years a group of ladies worked together on an annual fundraiser for a museum, under the title Woofstock -- celebrating dogs. The funds went to the museum.

“After the June 2019 event, it was decided not to do the fundraiser,” she says. “On July 15, 2019, we were incorporated as a non-profit organization, 501c3.” “Woofstock” didn’t sound like the best name for a rescue organization, so the ladies brainstormed until they came up with a name everyone loved.

Wet-Nose Rescue was born.

Since then, the agency has provided for more than 250 animals through a variety of services, Angel explains.

“We do ‘surrenders,’ so we are a place for animals to be surrendered when owners can no longer care for them,” Angel shares. “We handle rescues in the city of Le Mars and surrounding areas, and we help with ‘found’ animals or badly-needed surrenders in which owners have abused and neglected pets.”

Angel recalled the most unusual rescue she had been involved with was a threelegged German Shepherd named Owen.

“We were not in a shelter building yet; we were a fostering service at that time,” she says. “I received a call from the City of Hawarden. A house was empty, the electricity had been shut off for a week, and a mailman walked past and saw something moving and called the mayor.”

When the house was opened, they found a German Shepherd abandoned with several lizards, Angel recalls. “We brought the dog straight to the Town & Country Vet Clinic,” she says. “He had one back leg that was amputated, but a very rough cut. It was bloody and it hurt for him to touch it on the floor.”

Angel characterized Owen as “kennel-aggressive. He did not want us near him once he was put in there,” she adds. “So, we laid outside the kennel talking to him, offering him treats, and Dr. John Conley gave him a light sedative to help him settle a little. He was very traumatized.”

Angel put a plea on Facebook for a helpful family to provide foster care for Owen.

“He was taken to a farm by Christine Osterbuhr of Le Mars, a wonderful Wet-Nose supporter,” she says. “She started working with him on kennel training and getting adapted to being in and out of a large outdoor kennel, and using manners in a home.”

Angel reported this took months and months of dedication and patience. “They eventually adopted him,” she says. “We call that a ‘Foster Fail.’”

Tips from the Humane Society of America on cat adoption for Adopt-A-Cat month

1. Surprisingly, cats will provide two-way adoration

2. Petting a cat releases endorphins and lowers blood pressure

3. Kids learn responsibility from taking care of a cat

4. Respect a cat’s independence, but provide companionship

5. Cats can be litter-trained, unlike a dog that needs the outdoors for potty-time

Cats may not be as sought after as a dog, but feline lovers are out there, Angel admits.

“When people come in for a specific animal, there isn’t usually a lot of convincing if they are already interested in a cat,” she says. “We take them around to the cats -- or the dogs -- depending on what they are interested in.”

The staff will answer questions, as a prospective adopter picks one up and cuddles, Angel explains.“We also help them understand when an animal picks them,” she says. “Sometimes you come in for the one in the picture on Facebook, and you leave with one completely different because they have the personality that works for you.”

Since June is Adopt-A-Cat month, Angel suggests prospective adopters be educated on taking on a feline friend.

“We recommend coming in to visit with us about what kinds of supplies you need for a cat, assess your experience, and discuss understanding of a cat’s needs and how to care for them,” she says. “That’s a recipe for success.”

1331 Hawkeye Ave. SW Le Mars, IA (712) 540-5919
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Summer is here, and it’s an ideal time to look and feel great. Why not consider adding aesthetic skincare to the mix of barbeques, concerts, swimming, and summertime fun in Sioux City? Angie Schwabe, founder of No Filter Aesthetics, is offering HydraFacial specials to help you get your summertime skin ready to bare.

Besides being a small business owner, Angie is a full-time nurse anesthetist as well as a wife and mom of four kids. “I feel like I’m in that group of women where we kind of come last, and we tend to do everything for everyone else first,” Angie says. “We’re all so busy. We can feel guilty about taking time or budgeting money to pamper ourselves, or we can keep procrastinating about our own self-care.”

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This is the sassiest secret weapon that will have your face smoother than a silk sheet on a summer night in under 7 days. And forget all the nonsense you heard about your face not moving. It will move… just a little less.

Treatment: 20 mins.

Downtime: none


If you’re like me, you LOVE a good spa treatment. Relax and pamper your skin. Let the HydraFacial cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Struggling with acne? Dry skin? Wrinkles? Dull skin? No fear, we have a booster for your specific skin needs. Want the ultimate pampering? Add LED light therapy or lymphatic drainage to the treatment, you WILL NOT regret it. Bonus: we have HydraFacial memberships!

Treatment: under an hour

Downtime: none


For anyone who asks me about the future of aesthetics, here it is: PRF, Sculptra and/or Radiesse. The crème de la creme. Unlike traditional fillers that merely address surface concerns, these powerhouses work from within, stimulating your body’s natural collagen production for long lasting results. Together these offer a one-two punch against signs of aging.

Treatment: 45 mins.-1 hour

Downtime: 1-2 days

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avorite treatments…
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Angie says that friends and family encouraged her to open her own space and provide these services for others. “I can appeal to this group of women. My goal is to make it more comfortable and normal to do these things while being budget-conscious,” Angie says. “I keep my prices low. More people can indulge, and feel good about taking care of themselves and their skin.”

Angie has worked in the nursing field for 24 years and has provided anesthesia for thirteen of those 24 years. As a CRNA, Angie administers anesthesia and monitors patients during procedures daily, ensuring patient comfort and safety throughout the process. “My job has made me skilled and comfortable clinically with injections and needles,” Angie adds. She credits her experience in the hospital setting as an asset in her role at No Filter Aesthetics.

“Safety and efficacy is important to me,” Angie says. “Lately there have been some bad stories in the news about botched Botox or someone’s microneedling gone bad. Anything I would do for my clients, I would do for myself, my mom, and my sister. I would not do anything more or less for my patients.”

Angie says the average woman can be really afraid to seek aesthetic skin care because of what is in the mainstream

spotlight where many people look either overdone or unnatural, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to age gracefully.

“We offer subtle, natural aesthetics for the everyday mom like you or I,” Angie says. “They don’t want to look overdone or excessive. They want to look better and maybe take a few years off. Aging gracefully can be as simple as maintaining a daily skincare regimen or can include more advanced treatments like Botox injections or Morpheus 8 treatments. Each person’s regimen reflects their unique needs and preferences. I’m here to help women take care of themselves in a way that’s right for them and their budget. Managing expectations is huge, and making sure we’re on the same page is crucial for great outcomes and happy customers,” Angie explains.

Check out No Filter Aesthetics at and on social media for more information about services and to get your questions answered. “You can even text,” Angie says. “I’m pretty flexible. We have set weekly hours, but if it doesn’t work for a client, I can usually work around my schedule to help them. With today’s electronics, there is no reason to wait for beautiful skin.”

Feeling overwhelmed by all the fabulous options? I get it, choosing between our jaw-dropping treatments at No Filter Aesthetics can be tough. But fear not, I’m here to guide you towards your ultimate glow-up journey. Let’s navigate through the glam together!



Ever wanted to blink and erase sun spots, age spots, rosacea, vascular areas or fine lines? Yah… you and everybody else! Meet your new BFF. Lumecca will zap all those stubborn spots in 30 mins., and have your face glowing in 7-10 days. It’s like hitting the refresh button on your face.

Treatment: 30 mins.

Downtime: 12 hours



Looking to turn heads and make your skin scream “ I woke up like this”? Morpheus 8 brings the heat, literally, with its radiofrequency energy, tightening skin, zapping fat and smoothing wrinkles. Meanwhile, Cosmo pen microneedling gives your skin a wake up call, stimulating collagen and leaving you with a flawless complexion. Cancel your Zoom filters.

Treatment: 1-2 hours

Downtime: 1-3 days

And ast ut ot east…

I kind of assumed you all have a daily skin care routine that involves some vitamin C, sunscreen, retinol and moisturizer. If not… I know a girl. Let’s never age… together!


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