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2012 SENIORS NAME: Zachary Lutz YEARS: CONCERT BAND: 4 JAZZ BAND: 4 PIT ORCHESTRA: 4 JAZZ CHAMBER: 3 PEP BAND: 5 MARCHING BAND: 5 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Flute, Clarinet, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, and Soprano saxophones. MUSIC RELATED ACTIVITES: University of the Arts high school all star big band-University of the Arts pre-college summer program-New Jersey All State jazz band- Conservatory of Musical Arts saxophone quartet/quintet All South Jersey Chamber ensemble-saxophone quartet Atlantic Cape honors band-All South Jersey jazz band All South Jersey symphonic band-South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble-Rowan Youth Orchestra ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: Volunteer work throughout Batsto/Waterford/Hammonton BEST MOMENT IN MARCHING BAND: I'll never forget the hilarity that ensued during the running block, as Dan, Koob, Harrison, and I were shouting quotes from "Full Metal Jacket". The contents of those quotes will be withheld! WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Embrace the feeling of tunnel vision, when it is in regard to something you want. Whether it is college, straight A's, or someone you care for, if you begin to think "I am going crazy!", that is a good sign! Keep focused...and don't let ANYONE get in your way. Finally, the most important one, make sure you laugh every day, because life stinks if it is always business. FAVORITE QUOTE: "ENJOY the step-by-step process in ANY skill" - Bill Evans COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: In the fall, I am happily attending my dream school, the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. While I am there, I will work toward a BA in Jazz performance - Saxophone, and my MA in Arts and Teaching. WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: To Mr. Art Leiby for playing "Star Wars" on trombone, and getting me interested in music in the first place, thank you. To my high school instructors, Mr. Kevin Arena and Mr. Jason Koenig, I will look back on high school, and think of not only good times in band, but Rocco's, Madden, and...oh, Dubois' Concerto in G!! Many students cannot say that, and I am genuinely grateful for that. To my private instructors, Mr. Chris Farr, Mr. Anthony Salicandro, and Mr. Skip Spratt, your instruction has catalyzed my love for music, and there aren't enough words in the English, Dutch, and Italian languages to display my thanks. I am much obliged to all three of you, for identifying my weaknesses in music, and transforming them into strengths. Finally, I have to thank my parents, Mr. Michael Lutz, and Ms. Andrea Chiacchio. I am grateful to my mother for providing me with everything I need to continue my dream of making music for a living. She is a mother, but not only that, she is an inspiration, and a role model. Thank you to my father, for always being positive in light of a struggle, mentally, physically, or emotionally. Thank you to both of you for NEVER telling me to get a real job.

Hammonton High School Spring Concert 2012  
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