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Hammonton High  School                                  2012  Spring  Concert      

Band Director- Mr. Kevin Arena Assistant Band Director – Percussion- Mr. Jason Koenig

Marching Band 2011-12

The Hammonton  Band  Boosters,  Mr.  Arena,  and  the  band  students  of   the  Hammonton  Music  Department  would  like  to  extend  their     sincere  thanks  to  the  following…  

Hammonton  Board  of  Education   Dr.  Dan  Blachford  ~  Superintendent   Mr.  Thomas  Ramsay  ~  Principal  HHS   Ms.  Kimberly    Rudnesky  ~  Vice  Principal  HHS   Mr.  Gregory  Brandis  ~Vice  Principal  HHS   Mr.  Joseph  C  Martino-­‐  Supervisor  of  the  Arts   The  HHS  Secretarial  Staff   Karen  Ammirato  and  the  entire  custodial  staff   The  Hammonton  Education  Foundation   Mr.  Gene  Miller  ~  Principal  HMS   Mr.  Tim  White  ~HMS  Band  Director   Marissa  Carrafiello  ~  HHS  Choral  Director   Mr.  Jason  Koenig,  for  his  ongoing  dedication  to  the  band  program  

  2011  –  2012  Executive  Board      Andrea  Chiacchio~  President   Lisa  Koob~  Vice  President    Colleen  Witten  ~  Treasurer   John  Ewald~  Recording  Secretary   Kathy  Pantalone~  Corresponding  Secretary   Michelle  Wendt~  Webmaster   Roy  Bowker~  Ways  &  Means  Chair    

The Hammonton  Band  Booster  Organization  supports  the  Hammonton  High  School   Music  Department  through  many  activities.  Supporting  the  band  financially,  creating   parental  interest,  our  attendance  at  the  band  activities,  as  well  as  donating  time,  our   expertise  and  enthusiasm  enables  the  band  to  be  the  very  best.    We  are  so  proud  of  the   band  and  as  always;  we  are  their  “biggest  fans!”  

Special thanks  to  our  many  sponsors  for  their  support   of  the  Hammonton  Instrumental  Music  Department  

Platinum Sponsors

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Society Silver Sponsors Univers Workplace Solutions Bronze Sponsor Folsom School “Jeans for Charity” Wholesale Outlet Inc H & R Block Friends of the Band Nelson Chiropractic and Pilates Center Wells of Hope Fellowship Church Conover Graphic Venus and Mars Locksmith Atco Family Dentistry Ideal Fashions Inc. Jen’s Tailoring & Dry Cleaning D & S Sub Shop Atco Carpet 91 South Salon & Spa “The Parents of the Hammonton Band”

Hammonton High  School   Spring  Concert  2012     Jazz Band Brick House

Lionel Richie


Earth, Wind, & Fire

Wind Ensemble Amparito Roca

Jamie Texidor

Jurassic Park

John Williams

Hide and Seek (Brass Ensemble)

Imogen Heap, arr. Kevin Arena

Selections from Wicked

Stephen Schwartz

Ghost Train

Eric Whitacre

Intermission Enjoy Concessions, and purchase tickets for your chance to win wonderful prizes. JV Jazz Chamber “Satin Doll” “All of Me” Varsity Jazz Chamber “Beyond the Sea”


“Green Dolphin Street”

Senior Tribute All parents of senior students are asked to meet in the hallway by the band room. Wind Ensemble Phantom of the Opera

Arr. Warren Barker

Overture of 1812

Peter I. Tchaikovsky

Flute Cassandra Sicolo (Piccolo) Layne Mossop Bryan Maspono Emma Heath Shon’tiana Butcher Annie Samanic Lori Campbell Lauren Rivera Christopher Kitchen Karla Ordonez Clarinet Rachel Kopania Shirley Cheng Candance Capoferri Chase Ballas Jeffrey Sabo Caitlin Cassidy Gemma Barrera (Bass Clarinet) Alto Saxophone Madelyn Parkhurst Elena Ordille Dennis McFerren Erika Pleczynski Daniel Cirino Jacob King Samantha Weikle Megan Bozarth

Jazz Band (Trip and Concert) Madelyn Parkhurst Dennis McFerren Elena Ordille Erika Pleczynski Karla Ordonez Zachary Lutz Chase Ballas Mr. Kevin Arena David Hart Eric Koob Director of Bands, Conductor Harrison Hitman Jeffrey Martin Horn Rachel Schwab Mikayla McGlone Michael Scarpato Christina Cavallaro Daniel Rusciani Jonathan Fragozo Adolfo Ramon Samuel Paulsen Trombone Jacob Massaro Rachel Schwab Brielle Lord Jeffrey Martin Jonathan Fragozo Mason Mena Baritone Patrick MacMillan Michael Scarpato Christopher Fottrell Sean McCay Zeriah Conover Tuba Adolfo Ramon Daniel Rusciani Bass Guitar Mason Mena Patrick Mac Millan

Tenor Saxophone David Hart

Guitar Christopher Fottrell

Baritone Saxophone Harrison Hitman Eric Koob Zachary Lutz Trumpet Samuel Paulson Jacob Massaro Brielle Lord Morgan Bowker

Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, & Jazz Chamber Musicians

Percussion Kevin O’Donnell Zeriah Conover Dallas Blemings Erin McDonough Erik Berling John Kalatucka Kevin Usigan Kathya Fregoso

JV Jazz Chamber Samuel Paulson Daniel Cirino Michael Scarpato Joshua Peeke Emma Heath Zeriah Conover Varisity Jazz Chamber Zachary Lutz Harrison Hitman Christopher Fottrell Owen Cabalceta Michael Gibbons

All South Jersey Band (+) All South Jersey Jazz Band (*) All State Jersey Jazz Band ($)

Flute Shon’tiana Buthcher Christina Cavallaro Mikayla McGlone Layne Mossop

Marching Band

Pit Kevin O'Donnell Dallas Blemings Rachel Friel Kathya Fregozo Lauren Koob Thomas Barnes Erika Pleczynski Brielle Lord Christian Milazzo

Mellophone Jonathan Fragozo

Clarinet Candance Capoferri Shirley Cheng Rachel Kopania Angel Cabrera Salinas

Trombone Jeffrey Martin Rachel Schwab

Alto Saxophone Madelyn Parkhurst Rachel Savage Elena Ordille Rashan Parker

Baritone Michael Scarpato Tuba Daniel Rusciani Adolfo Ramon

Tenor Saxophone Chase Ballas David Hart Zachary Lutz

Guitar Christopher Fottrell Bass Guitar Patrick MacMillan

Trumpet Samuel Paulsen Morgan Bowker Sean Halstead

Colorguard Cassie Macias Cassandra Sicolo Vicky Ann Ewald Alma Martinez Dakota Blemings Abbey McLead Elizabeth Gibson Elizabeth Pantalone Allison Collins Erin McDonough Lindsey Rodio Brianna Knox Samantha Bucciarelli

Drumline Christopher Kitchen Zeriah Conover Mason Mena Eric Wendt Jacob Massaro Eric Koob Harrison Hitman

Congratulations to the Marching Band for a successful season and year. The band ended their season ranked 8th overall and 2nd musically in the USSBA National Group 2a competition.

Hammonton High School Band Officers President- Shirley Cheng Music Librarian- Madelyn Parkhurst, Gemma Barrera Uniform Organizer- Mikayla McGlone

Drumline Leader/Organizer- Heather Schmidt Concert Percussion Leader/OrganizerKevin O’Donnell Recruitment Chair- Karla Ordonez

2012 SENIORS NAME: Shirley Cheng YEARS: CONCERT BAND: 4 JAZZ BAND: 4 PEP BAND: 5 MARCHING BAND: 5 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Clarinet LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: Band President (senior) Clarinet Drill Coordinator (sophomore) MUSIC RELATED ACTIVITES: Spring Musical ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: National Honor Society, Peer Tutoring and Peer Support BEST MOMENT IN MARCHING BAND: Hearing our band chant "U.S.A.!" during awards at Nationals this past season. WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: High school truly flies by quickly so don't hesitate to do things that you want to do, except for eating cereal for breakfast during band camp; don't do that. Be proud to be in band because you can actually say "This one time at band camp...". Also, if you see Mr. Arena in a bad mood, don't even think about walking within 10ft of that man. You will regret it. FAVORITE QUOTE: "For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness." -Ralph Waldo Emerson COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: I plan to attend Rutgers University in New Brunswick and major in Communications. I'll just have to see where life takes me after that. WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: I want to thank all of the Band parents for feeding us wherever we go and for keeping this program running and all the friends I made over the past five years for making this such a memorable experience. I don't know where I'd be without you guys. I would also like to thank Mr. Arena for making band "hip and cool" and not making us play "The Horse" at football games. Last but not least, a GIGANTIC thank you to Brian Law for sticking with us all these years, inspiring us to do our best at every competition, and for providing the most interesting metaphors for everything we do.

2012 SENIORS NAME: Vicky Ann Ewald YEARS: CONCERT BAND: 1 MARCHING BAND: 5 COLOGUARD: 5 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Instruments ~ Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Color guard ~ Flag, Swing Flag, Sabre, Rifle, Air Blade ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: NHS, World Language Club, HHS Play, S.A.D.D. FAVORITE QUOTE: Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me, And be my friend. BEST MOMENT IN COLORGUARD: The best moment I've ever had in Colorguard would have to be standing at attention, waiting for the drum major to put their hands down, grinning from ear to ear, at the end of a show. When I know that not only I personally did great, but that we all did great. Especially when we won a state championship. I'll never forget it. It is one of the happiest times of my life. WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Always remember: If a guard member screams MOVE! get out of the way cause chances are there’s a rifle/sabre/air blade/flag coming your way. Always leave it on the field. Never get yourself down cause you messed up. Fix it. Make the judges forget your mistake by showing them your best. Finally, to the color guard. Don't react, recover. And ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS smile! COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: Physical Therapy with disabled children WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: Thanks to Mr. Arena for helping me through my years of marching band. Thanks to Brian Law for being there for me through all the tears, and being the reason I stuck it out, even when I wanted to quit. Thanks to Lori Law and Christy Boehmer, for putting up with me, even when you wanted to hit me (lol). Thanks to my parents. For everything. For ALWAYS being there for me, and for the entire guard and band. For doing everything you could to help us. For never giving up on me, through my injured wrist, my tears, the late nights, the crazy hours, and the "Hey mom 'so-and-so' needs a ride home" at 3am when we already had a carful. You guys made it all worthwhile, and made everything possible. Without you, I never would have made it as far as I did. And finally, thank you to the rest of the band parents. You guys are the reason that we always did so well, and the reason we accomplished so much. We love you!

2012 SENIORS NAME: Heather Schmidt YEARS: PEP BAND: 3 MARCHING BAND: 3 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Marching cymbals Bass guitar LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: Drumline Captain MUSIC RELATED ACTIVITES: Various Bands outside of School ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: National honor society track and field cross country BEST MOMENT IN MARCHING BAND: Surviving the earthquake with drumline senior year, and blaming it on Chris. And every moment spent with drumline on the band bus, and at competitions. WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Keep the tradition of Drumline rainbow bacon strips going! FAVORITE QUOTE: "Where's the shoe?" COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: Going to Drexel University for electrical/computer engineering; going into the United States Marine Corps as a combat engineer after I graduate from Drexel. WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATIONI want to thank the Drumline first and foremost. You all have given me so many great memories, and I'm going to miss each one of you so much. You all really are a family to me, and I'm really going to miss the times we've had. I also want to thank everyone in band, for making my time in it so much fun. I'd like to thank Mr. Arena, Mr. Koenig and the band parents for all these great years too, none of it would have been possible without them!

2012 SENIORS NAME: Kevin O'Donnell YEARS: CONCERT BAND: 3 JAZZ BAND: 1 PEP BAND: 5 MARCHING BAND: 5 PIT ORCHESTRA: 3 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Percussion, Piano, Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone

LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: Band President (senior) Clarinet Drill Coordinator (sophomore) MUSIC RELATED ACTIVITES: All South Jersey Atlantic Cape Honors Band Atlantic Pops Community Orchestra Church Choir

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: National Honor Society, Key Club (Historian)

WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Avoid the drama, then the real fun will appear.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”~ Dr. Seuss

COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: Attending Rowan University to major in Secondary Education specializing in English with a Spanish minor, with hopes and plans on becoming a high school teacher.

WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: A special thanks to my Mother, who drove me all over for band and other activities, and my parents for allowing my dreams to come true.

2012 SENIORS NAME: Zachary Lutz YEARS: CONCERT BAND: 4 JAZZ BAND: 4 PIT ORCHESTRA: 4 JAZZ CHAMBER: 3 PEP BAND: 5 MARCHING BAND: 5 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Flute, Clarinet, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, and Soprano saxophones. MUSIC RELATED ACTIVITES: University of the Arts high school all star big band-University of the Arts pre-college summer program-New Jersey All State jazz band- Conservatory of Musical Arts saxophone quartet/quintet All South Jersey Chamber ensemble-saxophone quartet Atlantic Cape honors band-All South Jersey jazz band All South Jersey symphonic band-South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble-Rowan Youth Orchestra ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: Volunteer work throughout Batsto/Waterford/Hammonton BEST MOMENT IN MARCHING BAND: I'll never forget the hilarity that ensued during the running block, as Dan, Koob, Harrison, and I were shouting quotes from "Full Metal Jacket". The contents of those quotes will be withheld! WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Embrace the feeling of tunnel vision, when it is in regard to something you want. Whether it is college, straight A's, or someone you care for, if you begin to think "I am going crazy!", that is a good sign! Keep focused...and don't let ANYONE get in your way. Finally, the most important one, make sure you laugh every day, because life stinks if it is always business. FAVORITE QUOTE: "ENJOY the step-by-step process in ANY skill" - Bill Evans COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: In the fall, I am happily attending my dream school, the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. While I am there, I will work toward a BA in Jazz performance - Saxophone, and my MA in Arts and Teaching. WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: To Mr. Art Leiby for playing "Star Wars" on trombone, and getting me interested in music in the first place, thank you. To my high school instructors, Mr. Kevin Arena and Mr. Jason Koenig, I will look back on high school, and think of not only good times in band, but Rocco's, Madden, and...oh, Dubois' Concerto in G!! Many students cannot say that, and I am genuinely grateful for that. To my private instructors, Mr. Chris Farr, Mr. Anthony Salicandro, and Mr. Skip Spratt, your instruction has catalyzed my love for music, and there aren't enough words in the English, Dutch, and Italian languages to display my thanks. I am much obliged to all three of you, for identifying my weaknesses in music, and transforming them into strengths. Finally, I have to thank my parents, Mr. Michael Lutz, and Ms. Andrea Chiacchio. I am grateful to my mother for providing me with everything I need to continue my dream of making music for a living. She is a mother, but not only that, she is an inspiration, and a role model. Thank you to my father, for always being positive in light of a struggle, mentally, physically, or emotionally. Thank you to both of you for NEVER telling me to get a real job.

2012 SENIORS NAME: Harrison Night Hitman YEARS: CONCERT BAND: 2 JAZZ BAND: 4 JAZZ Chamber: 4 MARCHING BAND: 2 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Baritone Saxophone, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Bass Drum MUSIC RELATED ACTIVITES: Spring Musical, All South Jersey Choir, Select Choir, Wilhelm, Private Voice Instruction, Occasional open-mics/ talent shows/ etc. ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: Boy Scout Troop 126, RYLA, Mr. Hammonton 2012 ;D BEST MOMENT IN MARCHING BAND: Opening the Nationals show with “Hello Annapolis! Are you ready to Rock?!” That was a lot of fun. WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: You'll never discover new oceans until you lose sight of shore. FAVORITE QUOTE: It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. ~Seneca COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: 2 year Associates Degree in liberal arts at ACCC with NJ STARS. Then, hopefully a music school. Even better yet, wherever the wind takes me. WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: Thank you, everyone really. It's difficult not to thank each and every one of you because, no matter how small, an impact was made to make mine, and everybody else's experience that to the extent of which it was. I can't remember a time in my life where I said, "Harrison, what in the Hell were you thinking when you joined band?!". I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Arena, however. His first year teaching was my first year in high school, and I've learned an incredible amount of stuff from him in and outside of band. From everyone, I've learned things I'll keep with me forever. So again, thank you people. For giving me life.

2012 SENIORS NAME: Jonathan Fragozo YEARS: CONCERT BAND: 2 PEP BAND: 2 MARCHING BAND: 2 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Mellophone, Alto Horn, Little bit of trumpet LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: Little Mellos on the Washington trip

MUSIC RELATED ACTIVITES: Marching DCI with Hoots in the summer

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: Green Club, Chef Lou’s Cooking class

BEST MOMENT IN MARCHING BAND: Everyday playing with the band was great, playing music, ninja everything . The times I spent with the guard were also great, all of you treated me like a little brother and you protected me like one too. There is not a moment that I don’t recall it being the best because I got to spend it with you guys, my own family.

WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Don’t be afraid to be loud even if you might make a mistake, once you get it and you get recognized for doing a good job you’ll feel like your the best in the world. For the color guard you guys are good, keep spinning those flags and rifles, be flash and do all the stuff you do best.

FAVORITE QUOTE: Its not what you do, its the reasons why. - Jon Fragozo (I looked it up nobody has ever said this, wonder if I can get this copyrighted) “You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”

COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: Attend ACCC for the basics then go to the University of Delaware to get my Major in Medical Technology.

WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: I want to thank Mr. Arena for all that he has done for me all the help and advice he has given me, including Mr. Koenig not as much but still. I also want to thank all my friends in the band. You guys have given me so many amazing memories that are going to make me wish I was back in school after I’m gone just to be with you guys. Ill never forget you, you have made these years the most memorable and the most fun of my entire life and I love you all.

2012 SENIORS NAME: Cassandra Sicolo YEARS: CONCERT BAND: 4 COLORGUARD: 3 PIT ORCHESTRA: 1 PEP BAND: 4 MARCHING BAND: 3 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Flute, Piccolo LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: Flute Section Leader in Concert Band MUSIC RELATED ACTIVITES: Atlantic Cape Honors Band: Senior Year All South Jersey Symphonic Band: 2 Years South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble: 2 Years Tri-County Symphonic Band: 3 Years ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: Italian Club, Art Club, Prom/Homecoming Committee, Year Book Staff BEST MOMENT IN MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD: Some of my favorite memories over the years include summers at marching band, all of the laughs with Cassie and Erin, playing floboe, spinning contests with Sam, and most of all - all of the incredible friendships I have made. WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Don't sweat the small stuff and try not to take things too seriously. FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you have a dream, don't wait. Act." -Axel COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: I am attending Montclair State University to major in Music Education. WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: I would like to thank everyone I've met over the past few years in either Concert or Marching Band. You guys have made the past few years some of the most memorable. I would also like to extend a thank you to Mr. Art Lieby, Mr. Kevin Arena, Mr. Skip Spratt, and anyone else who has helped further my musical career. Finally, I would like to thank my parents; without whom I would not have had the support to succeed.

2012 SENIORS NAME: Jessica Breanna Indio YEARS: COLORGUARD: 1 MARCHING BAND: 1 MUSIC RELATED ACTIVITES: The union of harmonious sounds and melodic beats paired with sinuous movements of the human form creating a marriage between sound and motion: lyrical dance. Aside from that I really have no other previous method of musical comprehension honestly. ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: Taking part in the various ethnic and rhythmic performances of motions more commonly referred to as "dance." Other than that the closest contribution I make to my actual school is taking part in the journalism department. BEST MOMENT IN MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD: I enjoyed the sheer fact that I had decided to join and try something entirely new, but getting some strange looks from the members when I was performing a nimble stretch before hand was a bit entertaining. WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: It is never too late to encourage others and yourself to take on an opportunity to join in on an amusing group of people such as these and take on an appreciation for what they do.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: I intend to pursue college aspirations of establishing a career in design. I hope to achieve this by attending F.I.T, which has an abundance to offer in my future goals of a fashion forward career. WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: I genuinely appreciate everyone who has made me feel welcomed and applaud those in front and behind the scenes who make this activity a possibility. Though I am senior I most certainly lack seniority within this group and commend those who have proven their dedication for so long.

2012 SENIORS NAME: Christopher Fottrell YEARS: CONCERT BAND: 1 JAZZ BAND: 1 JAZZ CHAMBER: 2 PEP BAND: 1 MARCHING BAND: 1 PIT ORCHESTRA: 2 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Guitar MUSIC RELATED ACTIVITES: Marching Band Pit, Pit Orchestra for "Footloose" and "42nd Street", Jazz Chamber, Jazz Band, Concert Band ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: Academic Team BEST MOMENT IN MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD: Playing at the Tree-lighting ceremony with the Jazz Chamber for the first time. Or any moment I've ever played with the Jazz Chamber. I love it.

WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: If you think you're even a little bit good at anything, don't be afraid to show it. It could change your life. FAVORITE QUOTE: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to always tell the difference.” - Kurt Vonnegut COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: Enrolled in ACCC with the NJ Stars program, then planning on studying animation at a state college. I eventually hope to practice animation as a profession. WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: Thanks to everyone I've come to meet through my involvement in the school music program. You are all great people and you've made my entire high school experience so much better just by being friendly human beings. I know I'll never forget any of you, because you're all the sweetest and funniest people I've ever met. God bless. Also a special thanks to Mr. Arena, for opening up a lot of opportunities for me. The school music program allowed me to explore the guitar in a great array of performances. Thank you for giving me the privilege to take part in such performances and for allowing me to meet new people in doing so.

2012 SENIORS NAME: Owen David Cabalceta YEARS: CONCERT BAND: 4 JAZZ BAND: 4 JAZZ CHAMBER: 3 PEP BAND: 2 MARCHING BAND: 4 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Drum set, marching snare drum, marching tenors, baritone saxophone MUSIC RELATED ACTIVITES: Stuff ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: Track BEST MOMENT IN MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD: Two words...San Francisco! WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Stay fit and never forget to floss after a good cleaning of the teeth. FAVORITE QUOTE: "It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." William Ernest Henley COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: Going to Rowan to study and earn a Masters in mechanical engineering, then finishing with a doctorate. WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: Thank you Mr. Arena and Jason for all you have done for me and the band.

2012 SENIORS NAME: David Hart YEARS: CONCERT BAND: 4 JAZZ BAND: 2 MARCHING BAND: 1 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Tenor Saxophone ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES/CLUBS: Boy Scouts (Rank of Eagle Scout) BEST MOMENT IN MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD: The Washington DC trip where I roomed with Larp, Chase, and Tom. That was a fun room, full of zombie quotes, 57 inappropriate jokes from Tom, and the Dentist episode from Seinfeld. Those aren't mozza balls. Best...trip...ever. WORDS OF ADVICE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: Take pride in all you do. Live up to your mistakes. And above all, keep your head up, and things will go your way. FAVORITE QUOTE: Success with Honor COLLEGE/WORK PLANS: Going to Valley Forge Military College for Nursing. I am also going to be in their Regimental Band. London here I come! WORDS OF THANKS/APPRECIATION: I would like to thank Mr. Arena, Mr. White, and Mr. Leiby for all of their time and dedication to their respective ensembles. They all taught me so much, and I can't be more grateful. I would also like to thank my parents for having the patience to allow me to partake in all of these great musical programs. Love you guys!


Heather Schmidt - Mason Mena - Zeriah Conover – Christopher Kitchen Eric Wendt - Jake Massaro_ Eric Koob - Harrison Hitman

Pit Percussion

Lauren Koob-­‐  Thomas  Thompson-­‐  Kevin  O’  Donnell  

Christian Milazzo

Lauren Koob – Brielle Lord – Chris Fottrell- Pat MacMillanKevin O’Donnell- Erika Pleczynski- Dallas Blemings- Rachel Friel


Layne Mossop-­‐  Christina  Cavallaro-­‐  Shontiana  Butcher-­‐   Mikayla  McGlone  

Angel Salinas-­‐  Rachel  Kopania-­‐  Shirley  Cheng-­‐  Candace  Cappoferri    


Zack Lutz - Chase Ballas - Dave Hart Elena Ordille - Karla Ordonez - Madelyn Parkhurst - Rachael Savage


Michael Scarpato - Gianna Figeroua - Adolfo Ramon - Daniel Rusciani Jeff Martin - Rachel Schwab - Morgan Bowker - Sam Paulson Sean Halstead - Jon Fragozo

Colorguard 2011- 12

Brianna Knox - Alison Collins - Lizz Gibson - Samantha Bucciarelli Abbey McLeod - Dakota Blemings Cassandra Sicolo -Cassie Macias - Vicky Ewald Erin McDonough - Elizabeth Pantalone - Jessica Indio - Lauren Rivera Alma Albarran-Lindsay Rodio

Washington D. C. Trip 2011-12

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Breakfast With Santa 2011-12

Beautiful Nightmare

End of the Marching Season!

Hammonton High School Spring Concert 2012  
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