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FLORA paintings by Michelle Jung

FLORA. 2017-2018 ©Michelle Jung All Rights Reserved

Red Hot Poker (previous page)Ice

40x40 inches oil on canvas$6900


40x60 inches oil on canvas $9500

Agave 30x30 inches oil on canvas $4100 Succulent 30x30 inches oil on canvas $4100

Nature is a major influence in my art. The initial inspiration comes from my experience outdoors painting and observing beauty. My purpose is to compose idyllic beauty in a natural setting. Using elements of nature as metaphors, I am able to explore dualism through artistic practices.  In this series, I am analyzing chaos and order in woodland settings. I use intuitive reasoning and succumb to the rhythms of nature to make decisions in composition and to create harmony. My vision in this work is to demonstrate through the artistic process that it is our selective path in life that can bring order and peace to chaos.  Most importantly, that a path of beauty is achievable if it is done with intention.” 

-Michelle Jung

Fig Tree 40x40 inches oil on canvas $6900 (previous page)

Blanket of Flowers 40x60 inches oil on canvas $9500

Quince 36x24 inches oil on canvas $4100

Rose Garden 31.75x43.5 inches oil on paper $5400 Floral Rhapsody 29.75x 41.5 inches oil on paper $5400

Big Leaf Hydrangeas 48x48 inches oil on mahogany cradled panel $9300 (previous page)

Red Hot Poker Aloe 60x80 inches oil on linen diptych $10,800

Monterey Pine 36x58 inches oil on canvas $8500

Lily Composed 40x40 inches oil on canvas $6900 Rose Garden 48x48 inches oil on mahogany carded panel $9300

Michelle Jung (b.1964) is recognized for her large paintings of majestic

seascapes and landscapes. A Connecticut native, Michelle works outdoors from life creating small paintings she uses as references for large paintings done in studio. Nature, beauty and the dualistic qualities we feel as humans continue to inspire her work. Working in series, Michelle uses classical methods of painting in layers to evoke a timeless feeling to her work. Jung received her MFA in Painting from the Academy of Art University, and her BA in Art History from Colorado State University. She has participated in International and National exhibitions including most recently; the Art Renewal Center’s International Salon (2016 & 2017), and the California Art Club’s Gold Medal Exhibition (2016 & 2017). She has won several notable awards: "Jurors' Award", California Art Club; "Silver Medal" and “Honorable Mention”, The Guild of Boston Artists; and two "Honorable Mentions", Oil Painters of America. Michelle is a member of the Salmagundi Club, an elected Artist member of The Guild of Boston Artists, a Signature Member of the California Art Club, a Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists and an Art Renewal Center Associate Living Master. Jung maintains two studios: one in Wellesley, Massachusetts and the other in Santa Cruz, California. “My objective is not to record or rearrange nature on canvas. My goal is deconstructing nature, abstracting its core elements, and deploying composition, mixed media, experimental brushwork and other painting techniques to form an impression of nature that the viewer can experience. The result is a comfortable yet powerful disorientation for the viewer -- the familiar with the unfamiliar, harmony with unrest, evoking unavoidable inward and outward exploration. “ _Michelle Jung 508.513.8686 michelle@michellejungstudios.com michellejungstudios.com

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Flora. 2017 2018  

New exhibition of original oil paintings by American artist Michelle Jung.

Flora. 2017 2018  

New exhibition of original oil paintings by American artist Michelle Jung.