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Sept 8th, 2015

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Hawt off the Hook with Mikey

Today kicks off our Fall Mystery Amigurumi Project. What can it be? I know but I ain’t telling! Amigurumi is one of those crochet projects that can make or break a crocheter. Some people have the ‘gift’ and other people, like me, always seem to ruin it at the end. Oh boy, do I need help.

I think Amgurumi brings out the little kid within us. It’s a bit of memories or some kind of emotional bond to the project in hand. Just like Diva Dan with Kevin Price, Amigurumi Expert, Daniel’s face lights up with wonder. The attention to the finer details which include eyes and facial expression can really set off a project. I know first hand that Kevin spent hours and hours punch felting the stripes onto that zebra. Kevin has a gift for the finer details which Amigurumi commands. I think one of the secrets to Amigurumi is to have tight stitches and firm stuffing that compliment each other. I know Kevin has a secret to being able to decrease and increase without showing visible lines within the surface of the character. He’s got tricks up his sleeves and we love it. It will be interesting how our mystery will unfold to see what colours we come up with. Each one of us has different techniques and ways of adding our own touches. This mystery is not only fun but really wild adventure to see what our fellow crocheters do with their components. Happy Hooking! Mikey


What’s in this issue 3 Yarn Talk and More 4 Bernat Bricks Blanket 5 Big Wheel Afghan 6 First Clue is Out! 7 Facebook Shares 8 From the Middle Baby Blanket 9 Star Baby Blanket 10 Ideas from 12 Step Ladder Afghan 13 Tunisian Honeycomb Blanket 14 Creativ Festival 16 Puffy Baby Blanket 17 Larks Foot Afghan

18 Crochet Cruise Updates 19 Blizzard! 20 Mikey’s Video Library 21 Culture Club Stitch Along 22 Spinrite E-Tent SALE Boucle! 23 Diva Dan’s Thoughts


This week

Thank you for joining us with Stitch-cation

Stitch-cation is offically over, summer has gone but stay tune for winners of the perfect border. Plus more! Thank you to everyone! Here at the Studio we are so impressed with this challenge. It really was about colour and dazzle for us! Don’t forget to check out all the awesome examples of all our hard work in our Flickr Page.

24 Past Issues

Yarn Talk

Julia (mommy) is having quiet time in the yarn isle. Notice all the Bernat Blanket Yarn!

Here is what you could be missing from our blogs with ideas and opinions from Mikey and even Jeanne. Links will go to our blogs.

See a Need and Fill a Need: Awesome Breastforms Autumn Dream Hat

This is the Infinity Cowl. Jeanne Steinhilber used Bernat Baby Blanket. It turned out great! Bernat Blanket yarn can be used for anything you wish. Try it as a cowl or even a scarf!

Assorted Crochet Pillows Fun and Funky Vest Stiff as a Board Football Season is Here 3

Bernat Bricks Blanket T

ry giving your blanket a textured look. Known as Brick and Mortar. You will quickly understand the pattern. This stitch is easy to do and Mikey explains it very well in the video tutorial.


uick, Soft and Comfy!

sing Bernat Blanket Yarn, an unltra thick yarn, you can hook up one of these perfect for you home decor.

Both Right and Left version are available to watch.

Pattern, Video, and Blog click here Yarn Shown: Bernat Blanket Yarn Colour: Purple Plum


Use your Crochet Crowd’s Shoppers Card for free shipping over $50 to make this afghan and more.

Big Wheel Afghan T

his pattern was found exclusively to Michaels Stores’ Website. It was a delight to be able to find this. Very similar to the Catherine Wheel Stitch. With the extra thick blanket yarn, projects like this hook up really quick.


wonderful blanket to be proud of! This will create interest and elegance to any house.

Both Right and Left version are available to watch.

Pattern, Video, and Blog Click Here Yarn shown: Bernat Blanket Yarn Colour: Vintage White and Sliver Steel

Use your Crochet Crowd’s Shoppers Card for free shipping over $50 to make this afghan and more.


It starts today, first clue is out! Mystery Amigurumi This week The Crochet Crowders are beginning our mystery amigurumi project. Due to popular demand from us doing this twice in our past, we’ve brought it back again. For those unaware, the mystery is exactly as you would think. We feed crocheters components of an amigurumi project through a free pattern and video tutorial. We intentionally go out of order so that it’s harder to guess what crocheters may be doing. We have a recommendation for yarn but we don’t share what the colours ‘could’ be because it might just give it away. The randomness of the colours make for an interesting gallery at the end.

This week’s clue is:

“I can swim and I am good at it too!” As you making a fish, mammal, reptile or insect? It’s anyone’s guess.

Come join the mystery, there is no sign up required. Grab your hook and play along. You will definitely learn some great stuff in this mystery! Let’s Play this Mystery 6

Shares from Our Community

Linda loves this Maple Leaf pattern. Perfect time of year!

Paula has been getting ready for her local fair, She made this Snowman’s Wreath! Super Cute!

Janet finished her Lattice Lace Wrap. She added some fringe and beads. Nice touch to this shawl! Trish is thinking Fall! Beautiful Wreath Trish! the Sunflowers are very well done.

Sabrina won first at her local fair with the Mystery Afghan. Way to Go Sabrina

Maryanne made this Crocodile Stitch Afghan for her daughter. Now that is a lot of time and yarn! WOW!

By changing the yarn you have a totally awesome new look! This is From the Middle Baby Blanket that Charlotte is working hard on.

Anna’ s WIP is the Juicy Fruit Afghan. Keep going Anna, You are doing a great job!


From the Middle Blanket N

othing can go wrong with this blanket. This is the perfect blanket and stitch to learn as a beginner or maybe for someone wanting to watch TV and or the kids.


nce you get the jist of the stitches, you are on your way. Using Baby Blanket Yarn, It’s soft and perfect for the newest members of the family.

Both Right and Left version are available to watch.

Pattern, Video, and Blog Click Here Yarn Shown: Bernat Baby Blanket Colours: White, Baby Blue and Baby Sand


Use your Crochet Crowd’s Shoppers Card for free shipping over $50 to make this baby blanket and more.

Star Baby Blanket W

e featured the Star Blanket last week but we had to show what if you where to use Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn to the pattern. Another great idea to a pattern you might already know.


otice the border. Mikey wrote up the pattern in his blog. Click the link below for the patterns and other tips.

Both Right and Left version are available to watch.

Pattern, Video and Blog Click Here Yarn shown: Bernat Baby Blanket Colour: Lemon Lime and Baby Pink

Use your Crochet Crowd’s Shoppers Card for free shipping over $50 to make this star blanket and more.


Get Your Own Card Imagine free shipping anytime exclusively for members of The Crochet Crowd! Need an emergency order of yarn, get your code and keep it on file! Only at Does not include any sales from the Spinrite E-Tent.



Granny Stripes Hat

Faux Popcorn Hat

Slice of Nice Shawl

Apple a Day Dishcloths

Patriotic Granny Throw

Lapel Jacket

Woven Plaid Blanket

Peach Dishcloth

Everyday Set


Step Ladder Afghan P

erfect for Christmas, or change the colurs to suit your decor. This Step Ladder Afghan is our newest tutorial. Mikey even wrote a diagram for you to better understand how to do this creative afghan.

Both Right and Left version are available to watch.

Pattern, Video and Blog Click Here

Yarn Shown: Bernat Blanket Yarn Colour: White, Olive, Sand and Cranberry


Use your Crochet Crowd’s Shoppers Card for free shipping over $50 to make this afghan and more.

Honeycomb Blanket T

his is a fabulous stitch to master. It is a Tunisian Stitch. If you like the Tunisian concept you will love this. This blankets turn out so neat.


ry it with a solid colour like Jeanne Steinhilber did to get the maximum effect of the honeycomb stitch.

Both Right and Left version are available to watch.

Pattern, Video and Blog Click Here Yarn Shown: Bernat Blanket Yarn Colours: Teal Dreams and Sand

Jeanne Steinhilber’s version of the Honeycomb Blanket Use your Crochet Crowd’s Shoppers Card for free shipping over $50 to make this afghan and more.



Upcoming Events creativfestival Workshops

The Crochet Crowd is doing 10 Workshops this Fall at Creativ Festival 2015. If you are going to be in Toronto October 15th - 17th, take part and have some fun. We have Mikey, Dela Wilkins (our Tunisian Expert), Kevin Price (our Amigurumi Guru) and Diva Dan (our MacramĂŠ Buff). A huge line up of courses, lots of yarn, gossip and sit back and enjoy!

Here is the update for Classes with the Crochet Crowd 5 of 10 classes are now sold out. Class 455c1.5 (5 seats left) Create a Tunisian Christmas Basket for all those candy goodies with Dela. Learn to do proper circles, short rows and linking. This can also be applied to make a hat. Double your learning experience! Great course! Class 456c1.5 (4 seats left) Learn the double ended crochet hook and make fashionable wristers. This is again with our Tunisian Expert Dela Wilkins. Using two colours and ribbing stitch technique. You will become a pro with her class! Plus you will love working with a double ended crochet hook! Class 457c1.5 (3 seats left) We all love novelty yarn but lets face it. It is tough to crochet with. Dela will be teaching you how to do a cowl that you will be drooling over with! Again the Double ended crochet hook saves the day. Class 458c1.5 (9 seats left) Always wanted a one on one and learn the Class 457c1.5 with Dela. basic to the Tunisian thought process! Dela will be getting you started on Make this awesome mobius your first Tunisian Blanket! Great for first timers!


Class 454c1.5 (4 seats left) Mikey will be teaching new techniques with broomsitch crochet. Do a scarf! and see where this technique can take you with ideas.

Workshops at Creativ Festival 15

Puffy Baby Blanket W

arm and huggable! This Puffy Blanket can be a solid colour or mix the colours every 2nd row.


reativity has no borders. Enjoy having fun with this free pattern!

Both Right and Left version are available to watch.

Pattern, Video and Blog Click Here

Yarn Shown: Bernat Baby Blanket Colour: Baby Yellow


Use your Crochet Crowd’s Shoppers Card for free shipping over $50 to make this scarf and more.

Larks Foot Afghan O

ne of the most popular stitches, the Larks Foot is not as hard as you think it is. Resembling the foot of a bird, it is a great idea to change the colours each row for the perfect effect.


while back Mikey made a video using Bernat Pipsqueak yarn, but the same idea can be applied here.

Both Right and Left version are available to watch.

Pattern, Video and Blog Click Here

Yarn Shown: Bernat Blanket Yarn Colours: Pumpkin, Dark Grey and Vintage White

Use your Crochet Crowd’s Shoppers Card for free shipping over $50 to make this scarf and more.


Crochet Cruises Update New for 2016 are Exclusive Crochet Cruises Excursions. Our agent, Sherry, is working on creating a few optional choices to make your cruise experience even more memorable. Selected ports will have an exclusive excursions meaning it’s just our party. When we get off the cruise ship, we will head directly to our assigned meeting point and begin our excursion on land.

We just a few seats left on board the luxurious Celebrity Silhouette for our crochet cruises on March 6 and March 13, 2016. Back to back cruising is still an option where cruisers can ride both for our cruises.

Whether you choose to stay on the ship, choose an excursion with the ship, do our exclusive excursion or just have an adventure on your own, keep in mind that this is your holiday. Make it count. Daniel and I will be part of the exclusive tour and anyone in our party is welcome to join us. You will need to sign up for this before the cruise so the appropriate size transportation and more can be arranged for our party. Like any excursion, this is an extra charge that our agent can set up for you.

Thanks to for being our official workshop sponsor.

Find Out More About Our Cruise 18

Let the Blizzard Come Diva Dan is getting ready for Fall 2015 Creativ Festival in Toronto, Ontario. This year’s theme is a Winter Wonderland! Diva Dan is looking for crochet snowflakes! Lots of them! His plan to build a full size igloo to dazzle the 10’s of thousands that attend the show! We need your help and would love it if you have some spare time. We have decided that you can use whatever snowflake you like to make. BUT if you are stuck for ideas, Diva Dan has a list of snowflakes we have found for you. Create your own if you wish for a personal challenge. We love free formed too.

Please send to this address no later then September 30th, 2015. The Crochet Crowd 10 Mullen Drive, P.O. Box 473 Walkerton, Ontario Canada N0G 2V0

A HUGE THANK YOU! We are also thrilled that Swarovski Crystals have donated some crystals for us to incorporate into the igloo. Imagine the light shining through them. A northern light display incorporated with your snowflakes?

* If shipping these across the border to Canada, please use regular postal services and plan ahead to allow for delivery time. We will acknowledge receipt of each contributor as they come in.

The list of Snowflakes has been updated on Sept 4th, see if yours have arrived by clicking the below link

CLICK for Ideas, Videos and More Information to Help 19

Mikey’s Videos and Tutorials

Infinity Rib Stitched Cowl

Tunisian Fair Isle Cowl

Peaked Hat

Go Team Baby Sweater

Poinsettia Throw

Pumpkin Face Bags

If love the teaching, the patterns and the down to earth nature of Mikey, then take the time to subscribe to the Crochet Crowd’s YouTube Channel. You will get updated with all the latest videos that could spark your next project!

Click 20

Beginning Tuesday, September 29th, 2015, a new Crochet Along featuring a brand new pattern with Mikey will begin. Mikey will be teaching the Globetrotter Shawl as seen in the picture provided. The shawl features a technique called bruges lace and Mikey had never heard of it before being asked to do this crochet along for Yarnspirations. He learned new techniques and had a lot of fun expanding his own skills. The crochet along is one video featuring all components involved with the shawl. It’s one of the longest videos in Mikey’s video collection with over 1 Hour and 40 minutes. He left no stone un-turned so that you can be successful. To learn more about this pattern and/or order your yarn supplies to make these exquisite projects, please visit Blog for all the Details


Big Ball Savings... Tent Sale Boucle

September 8 - September 14, 2015 Ends Monday Night at 11:59 (EST)

6 monster colours...ONLY $4.00 per ball

Order online for amazing discounted or overstocked yarn through

Spinrite’s E-Tent Try out these patterns from with your new order!

Make a Cozy Cowl


Or lets go huge with this Quick and Cozy Cowl

Even though this is KNIT, imagine a crochet afghan with this yarn

Notes from Diva Dan Ever tried making socks? I never have but love the idea. Michael has tried a few times, but they ended up bulky and not quite the right size. I heard a trend up here is that teenagers love to mix match their socks with different colours for school. It that true?! One foot is different then the other?! I must be getting old. I have a hard time making sure that my black socks are the same size, stitch and even faded black colour, or other-words, I think I am going to have a bad day... As compassionate people crocheters are, we find ways to help people We donate loads of hats, scarves and afghans but I rarely socks. I came across a photo that socks are most needed for the homeless and it struck me to really to think about the act of giving. A friend of ours who is a police officer, said that often you can tell if a ‘person is truly homeless is by looking at their feet’. I would have never thought. So don’t be scammed with photos on Facebook. A picture can say a lot about them. ‘Homeless people walk around a lot therefore wearing out shoes and socks’. This is for sure food for thought. So with the cold weather coming up, think about something for the feet. A while back I made these slippers These slippers are the ugliest and Michael laughed have ever crocheted but the at me. These slippers are the ugliest I have easiest to make. ever crocheted but the easiest to make. I call them elf slippers and they work out just fine.


How do you make them? Make a perfect square according to the size of your feet with a good old tight stitch, single crochet is just fine. Fold the square diagonally. Sew one side completely and 1/3 up the other side. fold inside out, adjust the collar and there you go. So simple. The simplest slipper ever! Enjoy-Diva Dan


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