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Mike y March 16th, 2017

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patterns using BernatŽ Maker™


Simple Shrugs to wear this Spring

Pillow Talk with Mikey 1

Hawt off the Hook with Mikey

Heya Crowders:

Daniel and I have this silly little saying when something tickles our fancy. “Oh that’s fun!” Makes me smile when I think about it. Usually if that statement comes up, puppy dog eyes and sometimes negotiating starts to happen on whether to purchase or do something that triggers the fun comment. I find myself saying that about yarn too. Take for example, Bernat Bundle Yarn. I saw it on the shelf… “Oh that’s fun!”. I grab it, squeeze it and then my mind starts thinking what I am going to do with it. There’s something to be said about touching the yarn and it suddenly speaks to you. I’m not crazy... right? I then look at the ball band to what designers have done with the yarn. Then my mind starts processing ideas and then the negotiating in my mind starts to happen. Girls and boys, you know where I am going with this. You see something you want, so now it’s time to upsell the concept to people in your lives to justify the purchase. Of course, you only speak of the benefits and how it will enrich their lives. Meanwhile, it has nothing to do with them. You are scheming and it’s all about you, but you are trying to deflect it onto them so they feel the benefits too. Therefore, by the time you walk to the register, you both have satisfaction but secretly you have gotten rid of the guilt as they know your ideas and went along with it.

At times, when Daniel disagrees, I may hear, “I know your games Michael!” but then it puts me into emergency yarn mode. This yarn is going home with me one way or another. So now it’s about pulling out the favours you have been collecting in your relationship. “Didn’t I drive to the pharmacy ALL BY MYSELF to pick up our medication the other day? Huh huh huh!” Gawd, I’m so pathetic to use such a card but I have to have my yarn! He can either play along or get out of my way! Now I sound like a yarn fiend! But let’s face it… he gets the “Oh that’s fun!” mode too on things I don’t want. But then I get pepper sprayed with the times he allowed me to buy yarn. Oh the horror! Suddenly there’s a new kitchen appliance that can slice, dice and potentially sort your mail in the cart! He has no guilt now. But at the end of the day, when it comes to yarn, some of us, like Daniel and I, play games to get our yarn fix. Which reminds me… “Daniel, I need to go to Michaels… Did you want to see those beautiful artificial flowers that you were eyeing up last time? I think I need to “look” at the yarn aisle to check out some ‘things!’ There might something new and fun for you there!!!” Meanwhile, it’s all about me! Wink wink wink!


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Come on Spring! For some of us in the North, this winter has been dragging on a little too long. In Ontario, we were spoiled with a streak of amazing warm weather in February. I was at our local pharmacy and one of neighbours chatted with me for a while and mention an old folklore. ‘If it rains and thunders in February, winter will be here A LOT longer!’ After that conversation ‘just give me two more bottles of Aspirin’ We all are getting the itch to start roaming outside. Coming out of our hibernation dens. The cat and I look outside often and then to each other with eyes of hopelessness that Old Man Winter is still here. What does one do to keep from going stir crazy? Thank goodness for Crochet! Off to the yarn store, do some pattern searching and watch another movie re-run. But my inspiration is running out with all this new found sun. As for me, as soon as that sun reaches it’s new height in the sky and the rays become brighter, this Domestic Diva is ready to start spring cleaning. Not the sign that Michael likes to see. Maybe some new pillows, change the colour theme a bit with a spring fling afghan and clean up those yarn bins and shelves. Thanks for being a part of our Crowd and lets keep inspiring each other like the sun does on this big blue marble we call home. - Diva Dan


When will April the Giraffe give birth? Sometime soon they say. To celebrate the soon coming birth of April’s baby, we added our own version of the giraffe and other baby ideas.

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Pillow Talk with Mikey. We think pillows are going to be the quick and easy trend that will spruce up any living style. With so many textures and styles, pillows trending is all the talk.

With spring cleaning around the corner, maybe it’s time to go through your stash and find something new. Bernat® Maker™ is the perfect spring and summer yarn with lots of patterns to choose from.

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We have two versions of the Granny Square Shrug. People are lovin’ them. Simple and great for Spring.

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Win Some Prizes More Ideas. Pg 15


The Jo-Ann Stitch Along with Mikey is about to start, Pg 12 for more details



Log Cabin Blanket

Love my Giraffe Toy

Star Baby Blanket

ABCs and 123s crochet video and patterns

Crochet Crown


One of the best ways

to add accent to a home’s

decor are pillows. Crochet and knit pillows are becoming the new trend. Walking into stores like Home Sense and even Winners we are seeing more examples of textured pillows that have been crocheted or knitted for consumers to purchase. Even craft shows are showing their comfort and style with a bit more selection and flair. Crochet pillows add great texture and geomet-

You can keep it safe with neutral colours or give it a pop of colour & go bold.

ric shape to any decor.

Learn with Mikey Pillow Talk with Mikey 23 PILLOW IDEAS with videos! 6

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Cableworks Blanket

Eyelets Blanket



Catch a Wave Pillow

Colour Pop Baskets




Big Plaid Blanket


Circle Loom Weaving


Ripples in the sand Blanket


Home Rug


Why Bernat® Maker Home Dec™? Being the new kid on the block, Bernat® Maker Home Dec™ is a unique bulky weight yarn, with a tubular look and smooth feel. Consisting of Cotton & Nylon it is almost similar to t-shirt yarn but a whole lot better. This yarn will wash very well, so creating home projects that will get messy or dirty is a plus using this yarn. It has a real nice forgiving stretch so stitches appear really quite lovely. Therefore, giving an impressive and stunning look to your works! Perfect for any home decor project, from blankets, to rugs and small crafts. You can even wear this yarn as it breathes very well. It's available in a wide range of modern shades to compliment any home decor. With 317 yards of yarn, this yarn has more yardage then Bernat Blanket of 220 yards. So a ball goes a long way. Don’t let the size of the ball discourage you! You can get this yarn through or contact your local yarn retailer and see if they have it on the shelf. For help with ideas, check out Mikey’s YouTube collection for Bernat Maker Dec. Plenty to choose from!

With a stunning border using the rib stitch, this granny square shrug consist of 4 large squares with a lovely border.

Pattern & Video using PatonsŽ Classic Wool Worsted Yarn™


Coziest Crochet Cardigan

This is Jeanne’s version creating one very large granny square, then a couple of folds to create the arm holes. Simple and easy for beginners.

Pattern & Video using Caron® Cakes™

Modern Granny Shrug

Stitch Along with Mikey STARTING MARCH 20TH



WIN 5 Prizes

4 Bernat® Baby Bundle™ for each prize

Crochet-A-Teers Needed Closed Captioning Volunteers Needed Living in a truly global world, YouTube has opened up a new way for those that believe in lending a helping hand

to learn and spread the passion of our hobby a whole lot easier! With the new Community Outreach Closed Captioning Service, we can now have everyday volunteers from all around the world, to help

us and go through the script that Google often misses out. With a bit of time, listening to the video and correcting any mistakes that Google might have created, we ask anyone, that would love to make it possible for the hearing

impaired to give us a hand. It is a huge request from our fans to have ‘proper’ closed caption on our videos and we agree but time truly beats us apart. This is where you can come in. This is why we are asking you, if you can be part of this community outreach and volunteer.

Mikey wrote a blog in how to be part of this awesome

community involvement and what you need to

do to be involved right in your own home. We hope you can learn, watch, and help others in being

a part of

The Crochet Crowd. We also thank you for making this possible for all those that have hearing and speech

difficulties. You are really helping others out in a very special and much needed way.

Help Out


Come Cruise With Us

Photo by Nina & Frank that came on our Hawaii Cruise. Thank you!



Hookin’ the High Seas With The Crochet Crowd

Themed Ideas Ideas

Owl Super Scarf

Fox Blanket

Baby’s Bunny

Luck of the Irish Coasters

Crochet Daffodils

Circle Takes the Square

Irish Lace Afghan

Shamrock Dishcloth

Bright and Chirpy Dishcloth


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Mikey Magazine: March Break Edition  

Get some fabulous free crochet ideas, updates and much more with The Crochet Crowd.

Mikey Magazine: March Break Edition  

Get some fabulous free crochet ideas, updates and much more with The Crochet Crowd.