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INFO. These conversational prints are custom to britain’s affairs with animals. They all share a common theme of being controversial due to public debate. There is no right or wrong opinion but only individual perspectives. In this series we showcase 5 animals giving an insight to their world. We aim to capture an array of topics. These prints are used to spark a conversation showing that you are knowledgable in current affairs, whilst displaying your passion and concern towards animal welfare. In short we have redesigned how you can perceive news in a more stylized, different approach. Our publication is printed and bound in a simple form. This was done for your convenience of reusing the prints for any purpose.

FIRST CASE. Do you know the controversy that has arisen from conserving endangered animals?

vulnerable godwit

Well the fuss is all about whether if its worth all our time, effort and money to prolong their existence. Should we not leave it down to nature, believing in the survival of the fittest? But then if they do become extinct and we’d like to revive them, cloning is a possibilty with moral issues.


NESTLE asda makro morrisons ICELAND co-op

birds eye




TESCO waitrose

SECOND CASE. We were all shocked when this scandal came to light, but what made this headline news maintain the spotlight was the deceiving aspect. The sense of betrayal definitely gave the bigger impact causing an outrage.

meat my standards.

So whose fault is this? Are we consumers becoming too demanding with the population rising.



THIRD CASE. UK’S favourite animal was and may still be under threat due to cattle herds infected by tuberculosis. The options are either badger culling which sparked protest, or vaccinating which may not work and cost millions. So then which option gaurantees the welfare of both the animal and the farming industry.


(transformed badger)

FOURTH CASE. Foxes have adapted to urban life taking advantage of leftovers in bins and we visualise them as pests including seagulls and pidgeons. We see them as aggressive animals with news about them attacking babies, but what can we do?

citified fur

FIFTH CASE. The fight continues between the red and grey squirrels. Should we cull the grey ones that dominated their territories? Since the red squirrels are native to the uk we pride them and would want to maintain that status. Perhaps its inevitable since the two can’t coexist.

royally red


OF k F.

Join the anti-fur campaign to protect these naturally beautiful creatures that we share the planet with. Together we can protect these vulnerable animals from the cruelty that can potentially endanger them. This campaign specifically aims to protect great britain’s species to lead a great example to the rest of the world. Fur trade not only damages the reputation of the fashion industry but is banned in the uk. From a designers perspective fur is pointless, there are other quality materials made for fashionable clothing. We shall value each and every way of life, and not exploit the vulnerable.

FUR AREN’T FOR US. lynx 8-12 badger 10-12 otter 10-16 fox 10-20 dog 15-20 raccoon 30-40 mink 30-70 rabbit 30-40 chinchilla 30-200 squirrel 200-400

number of animals used per fur coat.

Final publication pattern  
Final publication pattern