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In 1940, The Miami Student reported that 30 students would be selected to be enrolled in an introductory aviation course under the Civil Aeronautics Authority. The class was to be a combination of ground training on campus and flight instruction.

Students may see shift in federal financial aid By Megan Thobe Staff Writer


Sarah Cesler and Kashi “study” in King Library.

A new kind of student: service dog trains at MU By Emily Crane Staff Writer

Since arriving on Miami University’s campus in August, Kashi has been keeping busy: going to class, cheering on the RedHawks at football games, relaxing at Kofenya, enjoying lots of kibble. Yes, kibble. Kashi is an eight-month old bloodhound-lab cross and one of three dogs on campus this semester working for 4Paws, an organization that trains service dogs. Kashi’s journey to Miami began in Xenia, Ohio at the 4Paws headquarters where she was bred. Early on, she moved to a local correctional facility to receive basic obedience training from the inmates. Then, at four months, she was placed with Miami seniors Sarah Cesler and Kelsey Mayrhofer. Senior Kristin McNamara founded a 4Paws chapter at Miami. McNamara, a special education major, had seen 4Paws work with children with special needs, and saw the benefits of service dogs firsthand. So for the past two years she has been working with Jessa Brown, the university coordinator for 4Paws. Last February, 4Paws was approved as a student organization and six months later, after a rigorous application and review process and a brief orientation, Cesler and Mayrohfer brought Kashi to Miami. Now, she goes with them everywhere. “It’s literally like having a child,” Cesler said. “The time commitment is huge.” Cesler, Mayrohfer and Kashi are required to attend biweekly training sessions in Dayton where they learn tricks, practice obedience and begin developing behavior-recognition. But Kashi’s main purpose in being on a college campus is to become socialized and comfortable with situations that she will likely face regularly as a service dog. “We have a long list of things we’re supposed to expose them to,” Cesler said. Kashi will need to be comfortable going anywhere the general public can go: restaurants, malls, movie theaters and especially classrooms. “4Paws gives a lot of service dogs to kids,” Cesler said. “So it’s important to spend a lot of time in the classroom.” So Kashi attends Cesler’s marketing and international studies classes, where she is learning to lie quietly at Cesler’s feet, despite the movements, sounds and smells

of the classroom that beg to be explored. “She’s supposed to just sit there but she doesn’t always obey,” Cesler said. “She can be a really big distraction sometimes, for me and for others.” While professors may have their qualms about this, the dogs and their trainers are protected by state law, according to McNamara, the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act, to be specific. “All the same, we don’t press the issue because we don’t want to cause a bad situation,” McNamara said. “We’ve worked really hard to get here and we want to have a good reputation at the university.” Cesler has tried to maintain good communication with her professors throughout this process. “I let my teachers know ahead of time and if any of them had had a problem with it, I wouldn’t have done it,” Cesler said. The dogs are allowed access to the classrooms and federal law permits them to live with their trainers, regardless of any pet clauses outlined in their lease, according to Cesler. In general, the landlords were receptive to the idea once they were shown the legislation protecting the dogs and the documentation proving they were being trained for service, McNamara said. McNamara’s landlady, Christina Roberts, is highly supportive of the program and is proud to be a part of the work that is being done. “We are happy to support them and happy to have them here,” Roberts said. “The service dogs are usually larger [pets] than what we allow but we are not concerned about them because we understand they go through quite a bit of training.” McNamara said she tries to steer away from even calling the dogs “pets.” “They’re more like a piece of equipment,” McNamara said. This does not mean, however, that trainers are encouraged to remain detached from their dogs, Cesler said. In fact, they are encouraged to bond as this will prepare the dogs to one day bond with the person they will be serving. This makes it much more difficult to part with them at the end of the semester, when they will move on to the next phase of training. “I try not to think about giving her up in a month,” Cesler said, patting



Although the election results brought back the same president and a still-divided Congress, upcoming changes to the federal budget may affect the way college students finance their education. The American Opportunity Tax Credit, which gives families with college students up to $2,500 of tax credits, may not be available in the 2013 fiscal year. The tax credit is set to expire, but President Barack Obama has requested a permanent extension. According to Brent Shock, the director of Student Financial Assistance at Miami University, if this tax credit is not extended, many Miami students, especially those from middle class families, will feel direct effects. Shock said he does not fully understand how cutting the tax credit might benefit the economy. “I don’t see much value in losing the Opportunity Tax Credit,” Shock said. George Davis, the chair of the economics department at Miami, also said the expiration would have a bigger effect on family finances than

the economy as a whole. “If the Opportunity Tax Credit didn’t pass, I’m not convinced it would have a huge effect on the economy, but it could have a large impact for families,” Davis said. “If many middle class families have $2,500 less to spend that could affect their spending habits and end up impacting the economy.” Another potential change for the 2013 budget is the small but notable increase to the maximum Pell Grant award from $5,550 to $5,635. Obama has called for the increase, but the Pell Grant Program, which helps low-income students pay for college, could face funding shortfalls after 2013. Roughly 16 percent of Miami students receive Pell Grant funds, according to Shock. Junior Brenton Richardson is one of the many students who receive Pell Grant funding. “I couldn’t go to college if it wasn’t for financial aid,” Richardson said. “I take out some personal school loans but most of my school is paid for by scholarships and grants, especially the Pell Grant.” Davis said the increase in Pell Grant funds was most likely

proposed to account for rising costs of college and to account for inflation. “[The Pell grant] increase doesn’t seem like a huge change, but it would probably help students out a lot,” Davis said. “I’d assume that rising prices from inflation would pretty much eat up any increase made by Congress.” Another financial aid program that has the potential to change is the federal subsidized loan plan. The federal subsidized loan option is granted to students in need by the U.S. Department of Education and is repaid with interest after the student’s graduation. Currently these loans are repaid at an interest rate of 3.4 percent. The rate was kept low as a result of a one-year delay on the increase which Congress passed after President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney both publicly supported the decision. After July 1, 2013 the rate is set to jump to 6.8 percent unless Congress takes further action. According to Shock, Congress chose to extend the low interest rate for only one year because they are


Dance Marathon raises record $40K By Jenn Smola Campus Editor

Over 300 dancers filled Withrow Court Saturday for Dance Marathon and raised a record $40,092.39 for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Students form teams and sign up to participate in the 12-hour dancing marathon, and each participant also has a certain fundraising goal, according to Junior Rachel Novick, member of the Dance Marathon logistics board. Dance Marathon also receives fund-matching from corporations. Dance Marathon, an annual event, raised more this year than it has since the organization started in 2009, according to Dance Marathon President Chelsea Nauman. Nauman said the event went smoothly and there was high enthusiasm from everyone involved. Dance Marathon existed at Miami decades ago, Nauman said, but


the current members don’t know why it eventually dissolved. Back then, the event was held at Millett Hall, and Nauman said she hopes the event will eventually grow enough to move back. Dance Marathon is on its way to becoming more established and recognized, Nauman said. “Our goal as a committee this year was to make sure we can help grow the organization,” Nauman said. “This year too I think we kind of more set in stone the presence of Dance Marathon on campus.” Novick said Dance Marathon is making positive progress. “It was only Dance Marathon’s fourth year here so we’re definitely still learning and taking advice from people, but we definitely think this year went off a lot better than last year,” she said. “We took advice from people about what they wanted changed and everything flowed really smoothly.”

Several families and children went up on stage at the event to speak about their experiences with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Novick said. “That’s always the most meaningful part—to actually see what your money is going towards, as opposed to just knowing you’re raising money for something,” Novick said. “To actually get the kids up there and see their faces and see why you’re doing what you’re doing.” Seeing that Dance Marathon, whose motto is “For the Kids,” or “FTK,” had surpassed its $40,000 fundraising goal when the event came to a close helped the group feel as though all their hard work had paid off, Novick said. “I just think it’s a really great event, and knowing that you’re helping these children, it makes me want to do it every year,” she said. “I love it.”


Sophomore Sarah Charlton enjoys one of the free caramel apples provided by CAC Wednesday. Apples, hot chocolate and apple cider were passed out at various locations throughout campus in celebration of Fall Fest.





International students get taste of Thanksgiving By Katie M. Taylor Senior Staff Writer

Miami University is holding its second annual Global Neighbors Thanksgiving Dinner Potluck, an event aimed towards bringing together international students who can’t travel home for break and Oxford community members for a diverse collection of food, people and culture. According to Jennifer Ward, international program coordinator and advisor who helps run the event, the Thanksgiving Dinner Potluck, which is being held Nov. 17, was a kickoff last year for the new Global Neighbors program at Miami. “We wanted to start a new host program pairing community members with international students and so we thought holding a big event to promote it would be the best way,” Ward said. “Thanksgiving was around the corner so we thought ‘why not have a big Thanksgiving dinner potluck’?” The event is sponsored by the Office of International Education as well as the Community Service Program for Foreign Students (COSEP), and the goal is to familiarize international students with American culture, Ward said. “It’s definitely to introduce them to one of America’s favorite traditions of Thanksgiving,” Ward said. “We feel it’s a quintessential American holiday that truly only Americans celebrate in this fashion.” Ward said that the community members and Miami staff and faculty are asked to bring in food that’s shared among the guests in a festive holiday setting at Talawanda Middle School. Gowthami Rao, a second year international graduate student who attended the event last year, said it’s more than just an opportunity to enjoy the community members’ homecooked meals and company.

“They talk about what Thanksgiving is all about and show us some slides about what the international office is trying to do for students to help them out,” Rao said. “It’s just like a good dinner, and you sit and you talk to the local people who are a part of Miami too.” According to International Student Advisor Amy Cockrell, who is also heavily involved in putting on the potluck, students aren’t the only ones benefitting from the event and the Global Neighbors program. “It’s a great chance for our students to learn about a very U.S. specific holiday,” Cockrell said. “It’s also a good chance for the Miami community and for the Oxford community to learn about our students and about what their cultural traditions are—it’s an exchange.” Associate Director of Residence Life, Rob Abowitz, who joined the Global Neighbors program and was paired with several international students—agreed that the experience has been beneficial for everyone involved. “I get to learn about [the international students’] experience and their culture, and so does my family,” Abowitz said. “I have two middle school children that get to interact with the international students.” According to Abowitz, international students often have a have a difficult time adjusting and the Global Neighbors Thanksgiving Dinner Potluck is another way to help them get involved. “Sometimes [international students] struggle and they need additional support,” Abowitz said. “One of the things we’re learning or that you would predict is that international students want to come and learn about our culture and get integrated into our culture, so to that extent it’s helping.” Rao expressed her feelings regarding what the program provides for her and other students. “If I like something and want to


explore it, I try doing it and just being a part of it,” Rao said. “That’s the reason I do most of the events with the international student organization, so that I’m not missing out on anything and I know what’s happening around me.” According to Rao, many international students aren’t able to go home for the break, so the Thanksgiving Dinner Potluck gives them something to get excited about. “The food is definitely [my favorite],” Rao said. “I will go there so I could speak to other students and other families and obviously I get to spend time with my host family; I haven’t seen them in a long while so I’m looking forward to that.” According to Ward, there was a large turnout for last year’s event and if it continues to grow they may have to find a larger venue in the future. “Last year we had about 120 people—almost split in half of about 60 international students and 60 community members,” Ward said. “We’re hoping to get close to the same again this year.” According to Cockrell, the feedback was positive and it seemed as though the event really captured what the Thanksgiving tradition is all about. “The community members love it, I can tell you that, they have fun,” Cockrell said. “I mean everyone enjoys eating good food and being with each other—that’s kind of the point of Thanksgiving; part of it’s to be thankful, but part of it also is just that sense of community.” According to Cockrell, students can buy tickets for $5 at the Shriver Box Office, and community members can sign up online. “If you’re an international student this is a great chance to relax,” Cockrell said. “It’s a stressful time of year with finals and a lot of projects and papers due and this is a nice chance to relax, get dinner, hang out with your friends and maybe meet some new friends as well.”


Students learn magical teaching strategies for special needs children from visiting illusionist Kevin Spencer this week.



World traveler and author Rick Steves speaks to Miami University students, faculty and Oxford community members Monday at Hall Auditorium.

Honors Program ‘Hub’ centralizes student needs By Rachel Sarachman

For The Miami Student

During Miami University’s recent technology switch from BlackBoard to Niihka, directors of the University Honors Program saw an opportunity to revamp its own forms of communication with Honors students. Senior Associate Director of the Honors Program, Kristy Burton played a huge role in the development and design of the new Honors Hub, which launched this past August. “When the university transitioned from BlackBoard to Niihka over the summer, we saw that as an opportunity to rethink our communication plan and better align it with needs of current honors students,” Burton said. “The Honors Hub was developed as a replacement for the former honors BlackBoard site.” Burton said the site provides honors students with useful resources. “The Hub is meant to be a place where honors students can go to easily access program information, updates and announcements,” Burton said. “We also have video tutorials that will explain their e-portfolio assignments which have been a point of confusion in the past.” According to Burton, along with the video tutorials, there is an additional section with program announcements and tips geared

specifically for honors students. Sophomore Megan Shroder said she is pleased with the new Honors Hub. “So far the program has been easy to use and it’s a nice way to stay updated on the program’s information,” Shroder said. “Since I’m not living in the honors dorm anymore it’s a nice way to feel like I’m still in the loop.”

I like knowing that I can stay up to date on what’s happening so I can stay on track with my classes.” Jenn Curry


Junior Jenn Curry said she is also pleased with the program switch. “I think that the new tutorials are helpful and I’m glad that they kept something specifically for honors students,” Curry said. “I like knowing that I can stay up to date on what’s happening so I can stay on track with my classes.” However, junior Eric Martz said he was thrown off by the program switch. “I was a little confused when they first switched the program because I had just gotten used to BlackBoard,” said Martz. “I don’t have anything against the new program now that I’m used to it, I just want it to stay consistent from now on.”

ASG elects new off-campus senator, passes bill for more study space By Victoria Slater Senior Staff Writer

Senator elections were held during the Associated Student Government (ASG) meeting Tuesday, due to the resignation of off-campus senator junior Kristin Dupont. Sophomores Nate Koska and Tyler Guyot and junior Andrew Mackin vied for the senator position. The elected senator, Guyot, is an entrepreneurship major and emphasized the proper representation of disabled students in ASG legislation, due to his experience with concussions. “If I were given a seat in ASG I would focus on writing legislation for the student body as a whole rather than simply focusing on offcampus issues,” he said. “For example, I myself am a disability student. I had five concussions within a year, four of those were within

the same month. I know from personal experience how difficult it is here for a disability student.” In addition, Guyot said his lack of experience in student government organizations is compensated by his membership with the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Kappa Alpha Order. He also said ASG will be a beneficial way for him to get more involved on campus and act as the voice of the students. The meeting continued with a vote on the Increasing the Efficiency of Unused Library Space bill that was presented by senior senators Brittany Murphy and Paige Zenovic last week. The bill calls for university evaluation of the unused rooms in the third floor and basement of King Library to open more study space for students. Last week, senators addressed

the concern that the bill’s authors had yet to speak to library officials before presenting the bill. In response, Murphy and Zenovic explained that they unsuccessfully attempted communication again

that would be in charge of [these issues] are up in the air. We tried to reach out, and two employees of the library actually said that [this bill] was a good idea.” During the debate of the bill,

If I were given a seat in ASG I would focus on writing legislation for the student body as a whole rather than simply focusing on off-campus issues.” Tyler Guyot


with the library’s representatives, perhaps due to the recent retirement of the Dean of the Library Judith Sessions. “The Dean of the Library is retiring,” Murphy said. “When I asked, they said that this was a difficult time to ask because the people

junior senator Nithya Kumar suggested that ASG postpone the passing the bill to a time where more stability and clarity exists among the library administration. “Given the fact that the library is going through a large transition this semester, I wonder if it would

be beneficial to wait until their leadership transition has been figured out, so you can speak to whoever is in charge,” she said. However, Murphy and Zenovich argued that since the cramped and crowded space in King Library is affecting students now, passing this bill immediately is necessary. An overwhelming majority of senate agreed, and the motion passed by 28 in favor, 0 against and 0 abstentions. The two other resolutions that were on the agenda during this senate meeting, the Off-Campus Organization Act and the Off-Campus Food Specials and Delivery Bill of 2012 were tabled due to their authors’ absences. The bills will be voted upon at the next meeting. Senate will not convene next week due to Thanksgiving Break. The next meeting will be held Nov. 27.

FRIDAY, novemBER 16, 2012


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POLICE New hotel, stores open in Oxford


By Freeland Oliverio Senior Staff Writer

As Oxford’s weather changes, so does its various Uptown and local venues. Oxford’s newest hotel, the Hampton Inn, opened Nov. 15. The hotel is located in Stuart Square (by CVS) and is ready to add 74 rooms to the number of hotel venues available to Miami University families and vistors, according to Kyger. However, Stuart Square is not the only Oxford spot set to see new business. Another of the city’s newest venues is TecHeadz, a computer hardware and software repair store. The house-like venue is located at 5958 Fairfield Rd. across from Kroger. “Although we fix Mac and PC laptops and desktops, the majority of our work is done with local businesses, Christopher Smith, TecHeadz technician, said. “We hook up Internet and cable for

Time Warner as well as maintain and support computer networks for businesses.” Also making its Uptown debut is a new Orange Leaf frozen yogurt spot, according to Kyger. Residents who wish to enjoy a frozen yogurt can find Orange Leaf at 7 E. High St. “Our grand opening was this last Tuesday [Nov. 13], and we’ve managed to stay very busy without even advertising.” Elizabeth Begley, manager for Orange Leaf said. The store will be holding its grand opening celebration Thursday, Nov. 29 where free frozen yogurt will be served 6 to 9 p.m. While new venues begin to rise in Oxford, others seek to move or expand. The Ball of Oxford, a full service florist and gift shop is moving Uptown to a new location at 32 W. High St. and will be re-named Paisley, according to owner Dodi Wolke. In her new store, Wolke will be selling greeting cards,

jewelry, clothing, fashion items and gifts. “I feel like this is a great opportunity for us to be back Uptown,” Wolke said. “We want a to have a fresh start right and hope to open sometime in early January. We can’t wait to be right back in the middle of it all.” Paisley is not the only Uptown store that seeks to expand. Moonshine, a t-shirt and print design store owned by John Brosier, has relocated from the venue next to the Miami Metro bus station to North College Avenue, right next to the Shell Gas station, according to Kyger. Another Oxford venue that is expanding its business is the Miami-Oxford Organic Network (MOON) Co-op Natural Food Market, which is located right next to the future venue of TJ Maxx. The market is an organic and whole foods store, is currently in the process of obtaining a

carry-out beer and wine license in the near future, according to Kyger. Yet another addition to Oxford’s local business scene has occurred in Johnny Helfenstine’s music shop, Off the Beaten Path, which has expanded to include a full recording studio to its location at 119 W. High St, according to Kyger. This studio serves as an addition to the store’s vast selection of musical instruments and equipment. “The studio was always my main goal. I opened the store as a means by which to get the studio, and it’s something I’ve been chasing for about 20 years.” Hilfenstine said. The studio offers an hourly recording rate, with Helfenstine as head of production. “I’ve been a musician since I was 17,” Hilfenstine said. “I’ve spent time DJing, running sound, and playing in bands. I’ve always loved the production of it, and it’s just something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Humane Society urges Black Friday adoptions By Hannah Stein Community Editor

Register for vacant house check online Visit and the Police/Parking department tab to request a “vacant house-check” by the Oxford Police Department during Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. Provide your address, phone number, dates your house will be vacant and other house information. You can also fill out a paper form at the police department, 11 S. Poplar St. Also remember to lock all windows and doors, close and secure the garage, place lights on timers and do not leave a vehicle on city streets. For more information, call OPD (513) 524 5240.

This year on Black Friday, Butler County residents can do a different kind of shopping. Nov. 23, the Butler County Animal Friends Humane Society will be holding a Black Friday adoption where all animals are half the normal adoption fee and animals that are predominately black will be $15, Meg Stephenson, executive director of the Humane Society, said. This event began four years ago to help place as many animals into homes as possible, Stephenson said. “Black animals get overlooked and they’re harder to adopt out,” she said. “What better day than to highlight these predominately black animals, not only because of the holidays, but just in it in itself, black animals on Black Friday.” Some students said they think that black animals are overlooked for superstitious reasons. “There’s the superstitious thing about black cats,” first-year Valerie Bussberg said. “People might think it’s unlucky to adopt black cats.” First-year Alicen Maestas said that she thinks it is strange that black animals are harder to adopt. “Most people I know are dog lovers and would take in any animal,” she said. According to Stephenson the Humane Society is always looking to do events around holidays and since Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year they thought they could get a higher number of adoptions.

“We just want to get people aware of who we are and what we do,” she said. Since the startup of this event the total number of adoptions on Black Friday has decreased, Stephenson said. The first year she estimated a total of 97 adoptions. “Each year it’s not quite as high as the year before… [but] it’s still enough of a push,” she said. Many factors play into adopting a pet, Stephenson said, and right now there are a few reasons she said she believes the number of adoptions on Black Friday has decreased. “It’s a lot of responsibility to own an animal,” she said. “The economy…people aren’t financially capable of adopting a pet, but we’re still seeing a greater number of adoptions on this day than any other day.” There were other factors that pushed The Humane Society to begin a Black Friday adoption as well. Event though adoption is their primary focus, they wanted to make people aware of what they do, Stephenson said. “We were looking into creative ways to inform people who we are and what we do,” she said. “The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year and [we thought] let’s piggyback on this day of the year and see if we can’t do a high number of adoptions.” Stephenson said she hopes the event will get as many animals adopted as possible, not just the black ones who are normally overlooked. “We just want to place as many animals as possible for the holidays,” Stephenson said.

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A Cincinnati Shakespeare Company performance of ‘The Tempest’ took place in Benton Hall Tuesday.

Uptown stores hold off on holiday promotions By Sanam Sahni

For The Miami Student

Shopping has come to be synonymous with Thanksgiving and this year the stores in Oxford might have a number of deals to look forward to. Seaview Outfitters is one of the stores that will participate in Black Friday sales according to Carol Duckam, president of the Oxford Chamber of Commerce. Seaview Outfitters will have sales Nov. 23 to 25, storeowner Steve Thomas said. “It’s probably going to be something in the range of 20 percent off all major brands,” Thomas said. Thomas said he wants to continue sales all weekend until Sunday, which will give students an opportunity to shop when they come back to Oxford after Thanksgiving break. This is the first time Seaview Outfitters will participate in a Black Friday sale. However, not every store will be offering special deals the Friday after Thanksgiving. Ashley Keeton, Bluetique store


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manager, said she is unsure the store will participate in any sort of Black Friday sales. Since this is the store’s first year in operation, Keeton said the store owner is still deciding whether to have sales or not, however, if there were any sales she said they will probably be all day Friday. The Uptown boutique Juniper will not have any Black Friday sales at all, according to Liz Garst, store manager. “We save the big sales for when the kids come back,” Garst said. The store does have a customer appreciation sale in January when the students are back and offer a 20 percent discount off everything in the store, according to Garst. Garst said she prefers to have sales when students are in town. Of course, Black Friday shopping is not on everyone’s after Thanksgiving to-do list. “I’ve never done any Black Friday sales, just too crazy for me,” first-year Amy Natoce said. She said if Uptown stores have something special happening though, she is certain that she would like to check it out.



Junior Christian Cook enjoys using the new jukebox downstairs at Skippers Pub.


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Kashi on the head. Once her time at Miami is over, Kashi will go on to advanced training, where she will likely become

specialized in seizure detection because of her keen bloodhound sense of smell, Cesler said. Once Kashi has completed all her training, Cesler will be invited to come to her graduation and meet the child that she has been matched with.



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McNamara can attest that this is a powerful moment. “All the pain of giving up the dog is worth it when you see the way dog has bonded with the kid and influenced the kid’s life,” McNamara said.


not sure how to pay for the estimated $6 billion decision. “The decision was so close last year that I thought it wasn’t going to pass,” Shock said. “I have no way of knowing if it will pass for next year or not.” According to Davis, the interest increase might cause fewer students to take out loans and in turn could reduce overall enrollment across the board. Richardson said the interest rate jump is an issue college students should pay more attention to. “They tried to pass the loan interest rates increase a while ago and it was handled pretty poorly,” Richardson said. “I felt like the administration was being sneaky about it. I feel like they think they could raise the interest rates without too much fuss because our age group

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is less likely to notice.” The most recent development in the realm of federal financial aid is the Pay As You Earn plan, which was introduced by the Department of Education last week. This plan allows federal borrowers to make loan payments based on their postgraduate income and promises to forgive the debts after 20 years if the student has made consistent, timely payments. Shock said traditional student loans are set to be paid off after 10 years, and most students are able to pay off their college debt in full within that timeframe. “The first plan was 25 years but they shortened it according to calculations; [the decision] is pretty favorable to students,” Shock said. Davis said reducing the costs for college will raise the demand for a more educated workforce. “The issue involved in that an individual is investing in themselves

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Roommate Needed ROOMATE NEEDED NEXT SEMESTER 412 B North Beech. One roomate needed for next semester (January 2013-May). $2,800 for semester. Large bedroom with attached private bathroom. Please contact Maxine Gordon 440-4658335 by getting a college education and is setting themselves up to obtain a higher income over their life time in order to be able to pay for that investment,” Davis said. “The question for students will be whether or not the jobs they get will provide them with the means to pay back their loans and the economy will reflect that.” The Obama administration has also called for more transparency on college costs in general. One effort is to implement a uniform document that all colleges would use to inform students of college costs and the grants, scholarships and loans available to them. Shock said most universities, including Miami, have their own version of this form and he sees little value in requiring a uniform document. Congress has six more weeks to make decisions on the 2013 federal budget including the plans for federal financial aid for education.


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The following piece, written by the editorial editors, reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board.

Efficient changes in Honors Program necessary for students This year, Miami University’s Honors Program decided to follow the technology update from Blackboard to Niihka by creating the Honor’s Hub. This site is a newly renovated Honors Program homepage for students and facilitates easy access to program information and news. The Miami Student editorial board believes that this is tangible evidence of the Honors Program’s efforts to listen to student feedback, and we appreciate this effort. The renovation of the website into an Honor’s Hub is an example of the Honors Program paying attention to the complaints of students regarding the exasperating aspects of the program. We appreciate the effort to combat these complaints, and feel that if the website remains updated and consistent, it will be a very helpful resource for honors students. The question of consistency is a crucial one, however, due to the Honors Program’s history of frequent changes. Honors Program requirements have not remained consistent from year to year and the methods the program uses to convey these requirements to students is not always effective. For honors students, this can

be highly frustrating. Many honors students have been assigned a different Honors advisor every year, which can be confusing for both the student and the advisor. Members of the editorial board have experienced the frustration of going to a new advisor who is unfamiliar with the student’s academic record. While a website should not take the place of an advisor, we hope the site will help students organize their requirements between advisor visits. We hope this site is being promoted among honors students, as we believe it will allow honors students to have one simple resource for their honors materials. It will certainly alleviate some of the confusion that has plagued the Honors Program in the last few years. We understand that any new program has kinks that must be ironed out and only time will tell how much students benefit from the changes. We also know academia is not static and that programs must change to survive and improve. The Honors Program strives to be at the forefront of this progress, and we support the Honors Program’s changes for the better. We believe these changes must be effectively conveyed to students.

Rule of Thumb Thanksgiving Potluck Global Neighbors is hosting the dinner Saturday, Nov. 17. 2

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Secession Running away from the country’s problems is not the answer.

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Dear Sasha and Malia Obama,


Election results show significant political progress in America Jan. 1, 2013 is not just a date to mark on the calendar because of the impending “fiscal cliff.” Rather, New Year’s Day next year bears significance for at least a couple of other, less ominous reasons. It both marks the 150th anniversary of the issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation and

Voters in both Washington and Colorado passed laws that decriminalized marijuana possession. The drug has been outlawed for almost a century in all states, and countless dollars have been spent on its prohibition. Marijuana was originally prohibited out of the grace of ignorance,

It was refreshing to see, however, that this election perhaps more than any prior, was testament to the rapidly changing tide in American sentiment on social issues. Sometimes it’s difficult amid the struggle to pinpoint the moments when big changes are upon us. Other times, you can feel it.

also the first day when Maryland will legally allow gay marriage. Unlike the ongoing financial debacle, these are both causes for celebration, and they symbolize the intellectual and ethical growth of our country. It’s ironic that the “fiscal cliff” will likely overshadow both of these noteworthy events, as talk of the economy, federal deficit and how to balance the budget over the last several months has similarly eclipsed discussion of other important topics. It was refreshing to see, however, that this election perhaps more than any prior, was testament to the rapidly changing tide in American sentiment on social issues. Sometimes it’s difficult amid the struggle to pinpoint the moments when big changes are upon us. Other times, you can feel it. Certainly, those who were paying attention felt it on Nov. 6.

political motivation, racism and fear. The rationale for legalizing it, economically and ethically, far outweighs any attempted justification for keeping it illegal. Washington also led the charge on another ballot issue: the legalization of gay marriage. This year, along with Maryland and Maine, Washington became one of the first three states to legalize gay marriage through popular vote. A total of nine states now allow gay couples to wed, but the first six did so through legislation and rule of the courts. Passing a popular vote in favor of gay marriage is encouraging, and it will hopefully pave the way for more of the like. And not only are states on either coast becoming accepting of homosexuality, but Wisconsin became the first state to elect an openly gay senator. As Tammy Baldwin became the first elected openly gay person elected to the


Senate, she joined a growing cast of females in the halls of Congress. It took 140 years after the founding of our country for a female to get elected to such a position. Now, women occupy 90 of the 535 seats: 17 in the senate and 73 in the house. In fact, it was a record year for women in politics, and these numbers will go nowhere but up in the near future, as they should. And while we are on the subject, we quite possibly will have a woman as commander in chief in four years in the form of Hillary Clinton. How exciting is it to say that we could not only be the first to appoint an African American and female president, but to do it back to back? Whether you voted for Barack Obama or would vote for Hillary Clinton is beside the point. The point is that it took so long for either to even be a remote possibility, but both those days are finally here. Rich, Caucasian males should have no more inherent freedoms than either women or AfricanAmericans, or any other ethnicity or type of human being for that matter. Yet upon the founding of the United States, voting rights were restricted to white males that owned land, blacks were property and only counted as three-fifths of a person and women would not be able to vote for nearly a hundred and fifty years. Look how far we have come. From the Emancipation Proclamation to the Lilly Ledbetter Act; from the 19th amendment to the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’; from Jeannette Rankin to Tammy Baldwin, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of the election of the country’s first black president, it’s evident that we are making progress. I have no doubt that these changes are getting us closer to a more perfect union.

Political analysts stand by the fact that they knew your plans for the next four years before your family did. People around the country spoke about your parents’ values as if they had weekly dinners in your dining room. Just days ago, thousands of Americans tuned in or stood in a Chicago crowd to celebrate the victory of a man you only know as “dad.” Only four years ago, you entered into our line of sight, the adolescent daughters of an Illinois senator. As your father began his campaign, I’m sure that you were exposed to some truly despicable and distasteful commentary about his choices, beliefs and background. It must have been difficult to hear the hateful words of others, while you never needed a résumé to prove your father’s intelligence or worth. Yet there you appeared, beside our new president, Sasha flashing a wide grin, and Malia standing tall in you dress, the two of you colorcoordinated with your parents. It wasn’t until your dad mentioned his promise of a White House dog that we were reminded you were only children, entering a world beneath a global-sized microscope. We’ve now witnessed you entering a new school, flying off on family vacations, pardoning turkeys beside your parents and racing across the White House lawn with Bo the Portuguese water dog at your side, and the secret service only steps behind. Your social lives have become a fascination of the general public, your bodies modeled into dolls for young girls and your names recognized around the world. However, we haven’t seen too much of you. Your parents have made it very clear that your lives are to be private and the mass media press has tried to let you live without constant surveillance. If anything, Americans have been given the impression that you live entirely normal lives. We’ve heard your mother discuss your family dinners each night. We’ve seen your father on the sidelines, coaching Sasha’s basketball team. We’ve watched as your grandmother left Chicago behind to live in the White

House, meeting up with you in the afternoons after school. The two of you manage to command a familyoriented, down-to-earth impression. But despite the interest surrounding your upbringing, many forget that your lives are truly intertwined with the future of the 44th President of the United States. Because of your father’s re-election, you’ll be spending an additional four years – your formative years – in our eyes. By the end of your dad’s term, Malia will be eighteen years old, and Sasha fifteen. Your lives will feel as though they exist in a zoo, behind glass, the world looking in and speculating. However, we only wish to share in your defining moments. Much of Malia’s teenage checkpoints will occur in the White House, so potentially we may be witnesses to her learning to drive, attending prom and voting for the first time. The future is exciting and it brings heartening events for the Obama daughters. Political beliefs aside, you have both captured the hearts of many. We admire your spirit and spunk. You have a youthful energy that we hope will persevere despite the serious issues your family may face. It certainly won’t be easy. People will have opinions on the outfits you wear, the college Malia chooses to attend and the person that Sasha decides to be. But despite these opinions, so many of us stand by you. We admire your tenacity and will support you both through times of struggle and episodes of great joy. Chelsea Clinton entered the White House when she was just a mere twelve years old. She continued her life labeled as “the president’s daughter,” entering Stanford University with several secret service agents by her side. Like hers, your lives have changed permanently. Sasha and Malia, America is beside you, as you take your next important steps. Your lives will never be the same, but they will certainly be no less than great.



Negativity is hard to escape, but it is certainly not the answer

I’m not sure if it’s the sudden turn in the weather taking us almost directly to winter, the fact that it’s now dark by 6 p.m. or the stress of school and life in general, but there seems to be a large, dark, ominous cloud hanging over my head lately. I can’t help but see the negative side of everything. Don’t get me wrong; I will almost always try to find a counter argument to something someone may bring up in a conversation or discussion. But it seems to be one of those weeks where you don’t want to deal with real people, if at all possible. Which of course, is not. It’s very likely that this gloom and doom perspective I’ve adopted lately is the result of number of things, such as any of the aforementioned conditions. It could be the devastating results of Hurricane Sandy across the East Coast last week (on a very serious note, if you have not yet, please donate to relief funds, such as the Red Cross). Or it could be a brief conversation I overheard between two Miami University students who were basically suggesting the idea of racial segregation on campus, and

that if people don’t know how to speak English beforehand, they shouldn’t even come to America. When I mentioned the overheard conversation, one friend told me that I was “too old to still have faith in people” and that I should cherish

nowhere; that we should see the glass as half-full, and to always look on the bright side of life; that we should just ignore ‘Negative Nellie’ and ‘Debbie Downer.’ This is adequate advice, but we will always encounter those who

I choose not to believe in some mystical or greater being because I want to believe in what’s real and what’s right in front of me. I want to believe in people. I really do believe there are good people out there, and I have seen many examples. those last few bits. Another friend went the optimistic route and said that hope should never be lost. It’s disheartening to hear and see these types of things happen. But I have come to realize that they happen everyday and everywhere. It makes me almost want to lose all hope in humanity. Almost. We’ve been told time and time again that negativity gets you

just do not think this way. While we can’t change their minds, we can try to change the world around us. I realize there will always be those people who can’t help but to be negative or cynical. I myself have a truly cynical and sarcastic personality, a darker sense of humor and always aim to be completely realistic about things. But what separates me from


those who have completely and truly lost faith in humanity is that I still want to believe in people. I want to believe that there are good people out there, who do good things for others not for selfsatisfaction but because others need help. Every college girl’s icon, Audrey Hepburn, is most known for being a fashion icon. The pictures we constantly see of her are as a classy, well-dressed, respectable woman. But in my opinion, what made her a true icon was the fact that she spent many years in Africa helping those in need. It was Ms. Hepburn herself who said, “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” Fashion passes in a wink, but compassion and kindness last forever. Something that comes up in my life every once in a while is the discussion of religion, or more specifically why I choose to believe what I believe. I am Atheist, or better yet, do not believe in any greater being or power. I feel as though ‘Atheist’ is a misnomer however, but another

discussion for another time. I remember when I was abroad in Rome, my friends and I were at the top of St. Peter’s Basilica, with a phenomenal view of the city laid out beneath us. On the way down, one person made a comment that she couldn’t imagine someone who was not religious not being moved by this amazing church. I told her that I was not religious but was still moved, and simply saw it as beautiful architecture; a form of art created by other human beings, a way of expression. I would never try to dissuade someone from his or her own thoughts or beliefs. But I didn’t further explain to my friend why I felt the way I felt. I choose not to believe in some mystical or greater being because I want to believe in what’s real and what’s right in front of me. I want to believe in people. I really do believe there are good people out there, and I have seen many examples. It seems for every negative person, there is someone trying to do good for others or trying to better the world around them. Maybe it’s time we learn from these examples.

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Win Braswell


RedHawks thrash Tigers Senior Staff Writer

Up the middle for a gain of 3. Incomplete left. Incomplete vertical. Punt. This seems to be the standard play calling for the Miami RedHawks football team over the past few games. Since the spectacular win against the Ohio University Bobcats, the Red and White have quite frankly…tanked. There is no better way to say it than that. Since that win, Miami has dropped two straight games in very unconvincing fashion. The University at Buffalo Bulls, a team who had not won a game against a Football Bowl Subdivision opponent in well over a calendar year, took care of the ’Hawks on a field goal as time expired. Miami had one responsibility as it kicked off in a tied game with just 40 some odd seconds left on the clock: prevent a big return from happening. Instead, it gave up a 50yard return allowing Buffalo to kick the last-second 45 yard field goal to win. That loss essentially knocked Miami out of competition for the MAC East title. This was followed up by the atrocity that was the game against the Kent State University Golden Flashes. Kent State is a very capable team, taking care of previously undefeated Rutgers in New Jersey, but Miami put up what could nicely be described as a “stinker” of a performance. Miami, within 20 minutes of play, was already down 28 points. It never had a chance to come back. Miami is quite frankly the definition of “Swiss cheese on defense.” The holes on the defensive line, which has been ravaged by injuries, are disgusting to watch as a fan. Miami against Kent State gave up nearly 400 yards…ON THE GROUND!!!! To give up that many TOTAL yards is a failure of a defense, to do so simply through the running game is a failure of play calling and coaching. Ultimately, that responsibility must fall on the shoulders of Head Coach Don Treadwell.

Treadwell came into Miami with a team coming off a MAC Championship, a win in the Bowl and a double-digit win season. The spirits in Oxford were high. Former Head Coach Mike Haywood had a great recruiting class in his last season. Treadwell had EVERYTHING going in his favor. The first year, we expected growing pains. We were ok with that. Treadwell’s system was obviously quite different than Haywood’s. Miami ended up going 4-8. This year does not look to end much better. Miami has a tough schedule left, with Central Michigan University coming up followed by a tough home test against Ball State University, where undoubtedly you’ll be able to count the number of fans on your fingers and toes. Treadwell’s mistakes do not just lie in defensive struggles, but in his choice of coaches. Treadwell’s main assistant and offensive coordinator who also calls the plays, is John Klacik. Klacik was previously the head coach of Division II Lock Haven University. Lock Haven just last week tallied its first win in 52 games. Klacik, while at Lock Haven, posted a stellar record of 5-60. That’s a winning percentage of .0769. Klacik has no business being a Division I coordinator. Treadwell in his two seasons faces the possiblity of winning just eight games. He has not introduced anything new into the offensive playbook and his defense is, in the lightest terms, atrocious. Special teams have continued to be an issue for well over two years. Treadwell, the highest paid employee of Miami University, has failed. He has not justified his contract or benefits. He has not just failed this team, he has failed us…the fans. Fan support continues to be in the cellar and will not improve until we have a winning program. I am a man willing to give second chances, but Treadwell must make changes. Now.



Miami at Central Michigan 1p.m. Saturday

Miami vs Duke, NCAA Tourney 4 p.m. Friday

In a battle of two teams looking for their first wins of the 2012 season, the Miami University men’s basketball team trounced Grambling State University 80-54 in its home opener on Tuesday night in record setting fashion. The RedHawks are now 1-1 on the year. The ’Hawks set a new school record for steals in a game with 22. The previous mark was 18. Junior guard Quinten Rollins tied the school record for steals in a single game with seven. The RedHawks capitalized on Grambling’s miscues, scoring 47 points on 32 turnovers. “We were very careless with the ball,” Grambling State Head Coach Joseph Price said. “Miami had a tremendous press, along with talent, speed and quickness, and we don’t have a lot of back court help, so it’s difficult… When you turn the ball over 32 times, you’re not going to win. We didn’t give ourselves a fair chance to win.” Freshman guard Reggie Johnson led the offensive attack; scoring a team high 20 points. “We talked about moving the ball and hitting the open man,” Johnson said. “I just happened to be at the end of a lot of those open passes.” Miami ended up with five players scoring in double figures, a stark contrast to just one double figure performance against N.C. State. “We played well, from an effort standpoint,” Head Coach John Cooper said. “We didn’t shoot the ball well in the first half, but I liked the effort. We got some confidence in the second half from our defense, and it led to some easy buckets. It becomes contagious, when you see shots going in, defense becomes easier to play.” The RedHawks improved their free throw percentage from their first game, connecting on 71 percent of their attempts in comparison to just 61 percent. Miami jumped out to a quick start, playing up-tempo, and building a seven-point lead less than three minutes into the game. Despite the ’Hawks’ hot start, Grambling crawled back into the game with on point shooting, especially from beyond the arc. After the Tigers took a 19-13


Junior forward John Harris fights for one of his eight rebounds against Grambling State University.The 80-54 victory marked the first win for Head Coach John Cooper at Miami University. lead, Miami’s pressure defense took effect, causing a slew of turnovers that sparked a 14-0 run by the RedHawks. Miami held a 27-23 lead heading into the half, in large part to 17 Grambling State turnovers, 12 of which were steals. “We didn’t hang our heads at all,” Rollins said. “We ended up getting some solid traps. We just wanted to keep up the ball pressure and make tough plays, and it transitioned to offense. A lot of good teams use their defense as their offense, and that’s what we did.” After the break, The Tigers held Miami scoreless until the 17:22 mark, when Miami’s defense clamped down for good. The ’Hawks forced turnover after turnover, while going on a 27-0 run that spring boarded the `Hawks to a 56-37 lead. Miami held the Tigers scoreless for nearly seven minutes, and held

them to just 13 points over the final nine minutes of action. Miami will now face another difficult test; traveling to Louisville, Ky. to take on the No. 2 University of Louisville Cardinals 4 p.m. Sunday. Louisville started its 2012 campaign with a 28-point victory over Manhattan University. The Cardinals are a very deep team, as most Rick Pitino squads are, returning four key players from last season’s final four bid. Louisville lost to eventual national champion and archrival University of Kentucky 69-61. Miami will have to find ways to stop senior guard Peyton Siva, who presents quickness and the ability to penetrate defenses for high percentage shots as well as junior guard Russ Smith, junior center Gorgui Dieng and sophomore forward Chane Behanan. Miami is 0-3 vs. Louisville all time.


No. 4 Red and White face off against Michigan State in CCHA battle Joe Gieringer Staff Writer

After moving up one spot to No. 4 in both major college hockey polls, Miami University (6-2-2) is set to square off against Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) foe Michigan State (4-5-1) on home ice.

The RedHawks, who are coming off of a sweep of 19th ranked Northern Michigan, are in sole possession of first place in the CCHA with a 3-2-1 record and boast two of the league’s leading scorers. Freshman forward Riley Barber sits on top of the scoring chart at 14 points with a

team-high nine assits. Sophomore linemate Austin Czarnik is tied for second in the league with 13 points and a team leading six goals. But that doesn’t mean that the sometimes-streaky Spartans are not a threat, as they come into Oxford riding a 7-2 blowout win over in-state rival University of


Senior Marc Hagel, a transfer from Princeton University, looks for the cross-ice pass. Miami University enters the series first in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA), while Michigan State University is currently in a four-way tie for third place.The teams are seperated by a mere two points.

Michigan. Sophomore forward Matt Berry, who recorded a hat trick in the blowout victory, is currently fifth among CCHA scorers with 11 points. Berry was named CCHA Offensive Player of the Week following his series against Michigan. “They’re coming off of a big win, so I would suspect that they’re focused on Friday night,” Head Coach Enrico Blasi said. “Their forwards are pretty dynamic; they’ve scored a boatload of goals. I think their goaltending is pretty good, and their D is very mobile, so we’ve got to continue to be focused on playing well in all three zones, with and without the puck.” Special teams will be a primary focus for Miami this weekend, as it has been all season. Of the RedHawks’ 30 total goals, a third of those have come on the man advantage, while three have been scored on the penalty kill. “We’re going to keep on doing the things that we’ve been doing the past two weeks, especially on special teams,” Czarnik said, who coincidentally has accounted for all three of Miami’s man-down strikes. “We’ve got to keep on moving the puck on the power play and keep on getting good shots, and on the penalty kill just work on our habits.” Freshman defenseman

Matthew Caito also stressed the importance of special teams as his team heads into their fourth straight series against a Michigan-based opponent. Caito, who tallied a power play goal on Friday night, leads Miami defensemen in scoring with four points. “Special teams can win or lose you a game,” Caito said. “We did really well on the PP last week against Northern and we need to continue that to be successful.” Also a big boost for the ’Hawks heading into the weekend is the potential return of freshman goaltender Ryan McKay, who was injured in the first period of the Oct. 26 game at Michigan. McKay has yet to give up an even strength goal this season. He has a .984 save percentage and has allowed only ome goal so far. Classmate Jay Williams has played well in his absence, achieving a 5-2-1 record. Williams has a .911 save percentage on the season. “He’s going,” Blasi said. “I don’t know if he’s going to play this weekend or not, but he’s 100 percent and ready to go if called on.” Miami opens up the series with Michigan State on Friday at the Goggin Ice Center. The puck drops 7:35 p.m. Friday and 7:05 p.m. Saturday. Fans can listen to the game at www.redhawkradio.

November 16, 2012 | The Miami Student  

November 16, 2012, Copyright The Miami Student, oldest university newspaper in the United States, established 1826.

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