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Gale Nelson, a Father, a Mentor, a Big Brother.




Celebrating Father’s Day with “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro and his family


Does your child have a diagnosis? What not to fear…





Summer Activity Guide



Summertime is here! Water safety tips for parents and children



The Nutrition Decision: Be a Role Model for the Kids


Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2019

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Schools Guide









Fatherhood, Yesterday and Today

Summer Camp Guide #3 sponsored by iSwim Academy


MKM Easter event at Shops at Sunset Place Easter event at Shops at Merrick Park Miracle Makers Luncheon to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami Miami Kids Magazine Mother’s Day event at Neiman Marcus Take a Walk in Her shoes Luncheon

I can’t believe that half of the year is gone and we are getting ready to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! In this issue we are also celebrating the love and dedication of our fathers in this special “Father’s Day” issue.


CREATIVE DIRECTOR Enrique Chavez Pincilotti


My parents got married really young. My father was only 23 when I was born and I always remember him working really hard to provide for my family. Even in the most difficult times he had a smile on his face and made us laugh. He always showed us his love in so many ways. Sadly, my two grandfathers passed away but I always remember them as great examples of success and admiration for their dedication to their families. I couldn’t ask for more in life than to have next to me my husband Scott and the father of my two kids Kenneth and Valeria. He is an extraordinary partner and father that also has his priority to the family. In this special issue, we have featured on the cover page celebrity chef Buddy Valastro who is well known as a “Cake Boss”. He tells us how he and his wife Lisa are raising their four kids and how he also has a successful business and serves as an example to many parents in the world.



EDITORIAL ASSOCIATE Claudia Del Castillo PHOTOGRAPHY Enrique Tubio Malena Vasquez



Summer is here and with that, the number of drownings in the country goes higher. That is why we want you to read page 31 with some tips on how to prevent drowning and give your child the gift of swimming. Talking about summing, on page 20 you will have a complete guide of different summer camps, sponsored by iSwim Academy. You can choose from this wide variety of options so your children can take advantage of every day of their summer vacations.


Thank you so much for reading and following our magazine. Your participation has allowed us to grow so fast! Thanks for attending our events. Our last event had 5,000 people and that put tears in my eyes because it is the best way to show us that you really like us! Thank you partners, readers, and charitable organizations for always trusting us!.

In the picture: Karla and Valeria are wearing Lilly Pulitzer Merrick Park. Location: Gaylord Palms Orlando Photography: Enrique Tubio

We hope to see you at Regatta Park July 4th to celebrate our independence! We will have a lot of surprises for you!

Karla C. Richey


Diane Landsberg Maria Campojo The Health Channel Mary Palacio-Pike Nelly Lusich

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, D O O H R FATHE Y A D R E T S YE y a d o T d n a O

By Diane Landsberg

nce a year we celebrate Father’s Day. In 1972, President Richard Nixon signed a law to celebrate on the third Sunday in June to be a national holiday to honor all Fathers. This year on June 21st we will again have the opportunity to recognize all the special men in our lives. With the help of their moms, children can make it a special day. I feel especially blessed that I grew up with both of my Grandfathers and my Father. All the family came together to eat a dinner of their favorite foods, watch the men open gifts that were practical like a tie, homemade items that they claimed they loved, and frequently gag gifts that were silly. I carried on this tradition with my children and their Dad. Now we do it with my sons, Jordan, Michael, David and

Mark, to honor them all for being such remarkable Fathers. I am so very proud of the men they became and the good Fathers they are to their children. I believe that today’s Fathers are “New & Improved”. They change diapers, get up in the middle of the night to sooth fears of their young children, attend the sports games, ballet recitals, teacher conferences, read bedtime stories, help with homework, many can prepare a meal that doesn’t involve a grill, drive carpool on the way to work and much more. These Dads are sharing the responsibility of raising their children with the Mothers, and everyone benefits. That doesn’t mean that they don’t allow their kids to eat a snack right before dinner (don’t tell Mom), dress themselves in ridiculous outfits (Mom is embarrassed) and get them all excited right before bedtime (always annoys Mom). But all in all, it makes a happy home. Lucky kids!

Today’s Fathers are “New & Improved”.


Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2019

This year take the opportunity for your children to not only acknowledge their Dad or Grandfather, but all the men in their lives that are special role models. It can be an uncle, coach, teacher, minister or doctor, just to name a few. It is also important to share stories and photographs of the special men in their lives that are no longer with us. You will reinforce the cherished memories they have, keeping them fresh. You are creating “teachable moments” for your children to acknowledge and appreciate those that add quality to their lives. What a beautiful lesson!

Gale Nelson,

a Father, a Mentor, a Big Brother.

Gale Nelson is the President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, an organization whose mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.

When did you become the CEO of BBBS of Miami? I started my tenure at Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Miami in 2006 as Vice President of Programs. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to grow with the company as Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, and President. It was a humbling experience to be named the President and CEO in January 2018.

What are your biggest challenges as CEO? The reality of running any business is to focus on long-term sustainability and success. The impact we have on the community through mentoring is supported through donors and volunteers. The ongoing challenge of recruiting, retaining, and cultivating donors and volunteers is what drives me and my team. We want and need to serve more children who are in need in Miami. The only way to make that happen is through the expansion of our donor and volunteer base. Once someone sees the measurable impact of BBBS mentoring, they become family. We need to continue to share our success and invite new friends to help us empower the children in Miami to reach their full potential.

What do you teach your kids about leadership? I teach my kids the following: 1. “To whom much is given, much is required” Luke 12:48 2. Always have a contingency (back up) plan. 3. Don’t ask anybody to do anything that you wouldn’t do yourself. 4. 4 ) W e h a v e a p e r s o n a l a n d professional brand...always represent it well. How can people reading this article get involved in the organization? To become a donor or volunteer, please reach out to us via our website: www. or call us at (305) 644-0066 to let us know that you are ready to inspire the potential in our children. We stand ready to assist!

By Karla Richey

What do you find most rewarding as president of this great organization? Being raised by a single mom in the inner city of Toledo, Ohio, I was always taught to do and be my best. My mother never made excuses and was the ultimate role model for me and my brother. Her strength and love still guide me today. To serve as the President & CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami gives me the daily opportunity to thank my mom and all of the mentors who helped me become the man I am today. As a husband and father, I am thankful to have my faith and family as the driving forces to continue to serve this community.

June-July 2019

Miami Kids Magazine





Be a Role Model for the Kids

By The Health Channel


ccording to Superintendent of Miami Dade County Public Schools, Alberto Carvalho, kids that are physically, emotionally or mentally unhealthy do not have the same readiness for learning as kids who are. As parents, we want what’s best for our kids and physical health is at the top of the list. However, anyone with children will agree that it is not as easy as it sounds. The perennial question seems to be: How do we get kids involved in the healthy eating process?

kids. If you’re not eating healthy but instead are indulging in fast food, snacks, sodas and yet telling your child that he/she cannot, should not do that, then you are sending the wrong message. “Make sure you are following the same advice you are giving your children. It’s just part of general healthy habits. Make it a family occasion. Getting the family on-board

That was the question the Health Channel posed to registered dietician with Baptist Health South Florida, Lucette Talamas. “Once a child feels involved with a healthy diet, he is more likely to be a better eater. Keeping kids involved makes them feel like they’re part of the process and they’ll be more likely to make healthier choices.” Make the process fun and get your kids involved by having them make decisions about the food they want to eat. For example, take them grocery shopping with you and have your child decide which will be the vegetable and fruit of the week. Ultimately, though, your actions speak louder than your words. So be a role model for your


Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2019

will definitely ensure the success of raising a healthy eater,” Dietician Talamas concludes. For more information about the importance and tips about healthy eating for kids, visit, and search for nutrition or nutrition for kids. You will find videos featuring interviews with experts on nutrition and exercise that can help you and provide the tools that you need to have a healthy and thriving family.

Does your child have a diagnosis?



Maybe you suspected your child was not acting like the other children a long time ago, or perhaps the grandparents and even the nanny noticed but didn’t know how to tell you. By Mary Palacio-Pike If your child is school age, then maybe you were called to a parent-teacher conference where they suggested that your child needed to be evaluated by a ‘professional’ because he /she was exhibiting behaviors that did not match the other ‘typical’ children. The teacher said, “they don’t know what to do although they are willing to help in any way they can”. And there you are, feeling numb and lost while pretending that ‘you get it’ or just simply denying what you just heard!

we make as parents. I understand that the pain is real, but once you begin to move in the right direction, acquiring knowledge and understanding about your own child’s needs, an unthinkable window of new hope to what’s possible will begin to open to your child, your family, and even to your community. Where to begin? Rule out medical issues first. Research neurologists in your area and look into their reviews. Make connections. Talk to people and make a list of recommendations.

The first stage many of us parents experience is the hope that our fears and doubts are unfounded. That our child is going through a stage; That he / she is unique and “that this will be over soon and please do not talk to me about statistics”. But deep inside we know that time is running and that our baby doesn’t seem to catch up to what we all refer as the ‘norm’.

Check your insurance coverage once you have pre-selected a few providers that you feel comfortable with and make the appointments. Don’t be surprised when you hear that the next available appointment is months away. If you have pre-selected more than one provider, then call the next one. Once you secure the date (s), ask to be put on a waiting list. If they don’t have one, call once a week to check on availability. Someone always cancels and if so, you will be at the top of the list. Have in mind that a licensed psychologist (Ph.D) will also be able to provide you with a diagnosis.

It’s time to wake up from the nightmare of not knowing. Being in limbo and pretending things will get better as your child grows is one of the biggest mistakes

In the picture, Sharon van Tienhoven with her two kids. Photographer Lauren Listor

While you wait, you can do the following: Ask your child’s pediatrician for a prescription to do a speech and language, occupational and/or behavior evaluations. Most insurance companies do cover these formal assessments and you will be able to have much more understanding of some of the underlying causes of your child’s behaviors. Once a treatment plan is recommended you will need a formal diagnosis by the neurologist or the child’s psychologist to begin treatment under insurance coverage. Receiving a diagnosis will set you free to speak, act, and advocate for your child and for others like him. You will move mountains and change communities. Your child is blessed to have you.

June-July 2019

Miami Kids Magazine


Celebrating Father’s Day with


And his family


Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2019

ren to “I want my child ams” follow their dre

1. TELL US ABOUT YOUR UPBRINGING AND EDUCATION. I didn’t have a formal education - in fact, I had to drop out of high school to focus on the bakery, so I just learned by doing. My dad had me work from the bottom up. It was important to him that I learn every part of the business, from dishwashing to decorating. Its helped me be a better leader today to have had that experience and I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. 2. WE KNOW YOUR FAMILY HAS BEEN BAKERS FOR MANY GENERATIONS. TELL US ABOUT THE BUSINESS AND HOW IT GOT STARTED. My dad used to work at Carlo’s Bakery as just a baker under the original owner, Carlo Guastaferro. When the owner decided he wanted to retire, my dad really wanted to buy the bakery and keep the business going in Hoboken so the two made a deal. The rest is history. All of us kids grew up in the bakery and we still work hard every single day to keep it going. 3. DO YOU THINK ANY OF YOUR KIDS WILL CONTINUE IN THE FAMILY BUSINESSES? I’m not sure! I want my children to follow their dreams and if it just so happens to be within the family business, that’s great. But no pressure - I just want my kids to be happy

and I’m grateful to be able to offer them that freedom. 4. WE NOTICED THAT YOU ARE VERY FRIENDLY WITH YOUR FANS AS YOU NEVER SAY NO TO ANYONE APPROACHING YOU TO TAKE PICS OR JUST TO SAY HELLO. HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO BE A CELEBRITY AND KEEPING GROUNDED SO YOU CAN HAVE A “NORMAL” LIFESTYLE? I appreciate everyone and what they’ve done for my family by tuning in to a show or coming by a bakery of ours. There’s nothing normal about my lifestyle - you can’t really go anywhere without a fan coming up and asking for a photo. It’s tough when maybe you’re in the middle of a heavy discussion or you just got some really bad personal news but it means a lot to me that anyone even cares who I am, so I’m happy to make the time. It snaps me back into reality. 5. WE SAW THE SHOW BUDDY VS. DUFF. WHAT DO YOU TEACH YOUR KIDS ABOUT COMPETITION? I teach my kids to be confident in whatever they’re doing. I don’t want them to necessarily become competitive people to a fault but I want them to approach things with a sense of self so they know to always put their heart into something. A loss is a lot easier to take when you know you gave it your all.

6. TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN YOUR BAKING CAREER. Opening a second bakery. That was such an overwhelming feeling of pure joy and awe for me! I could not believe it was actually happening and Carlo’s Bakery was taking off in ways my family had always wanted. 7. A FINAL MESSAGE FOR OUR READERS AND TO ALL OF THE FATHERS READING OUR MAGAZINE? Make time for famiglia. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. CREDITS: Photography: Malena Vasquez Make-up and hair Style: Monique & Samuel Casado Lucena. Fio’s Beauty Salon Clothing: Buddy, Buddy Jr. & Marco are wearing Bonobos, Carlo is wearing Boy Meets Girl, Lisa and Sofia are wearing VIX Paula Hermanny Location: Marriot Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

June-July 2019

Miami Kids Magazine



ISWIM ACADEMY iSwim academy managed by coach Nick, is a fun way for children to learn how to swim. The classes are divided into two main areas: Private and group classes. Each class is 30 minutes long. The academy also has a non- competitive swim team and a kids triathlon team. Phone: 305-456-0518

WHITE TIGER AND DRAGON MARTIAL ARTS White Tiger and Dragon Martial Arts offers kempo karate/brazilian jiu-jitsu/mixed martial arts/kickboxing and self-defense. These classes promote a sense of physical and psychological well-being. The main goal is for students to learn independence and self-confidence that can be used inside and outside of the dojo. Phone: (305) 505-4919 Address: 3051 SW 28th Street, Coconut Grove, Fl. 33133


Sponsored by

RANSOM EVERGLADES Ransom Everglades Day Camp is organized to give each camper opportunities for individual growth, for learning new skills, for making friends, for developing teamwork, and most of all, having fun. Phone Number: Mr. Thomas Willis (305) 460-8874 Address: 3575 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133

ZANIAC At Zaniac camps, kids 5-14 build & program robots & drones, code games & apps, learn science & math in Minecraft, design/3D Print, Engineer Music and more! In Zaniac’s creative and engaging environment kids learn science, math, technology and 21st century skills in a way that feels like play! Address: 8322 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33143 Phone: (305) 668-0605

Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2019

PHILLIP AND PATRICIA FROST MUSEUM OF SCIENCE Open to ages 4 through 14, Frost Science Summer Camp sparks a sense of curiosity and excitement in kids through different week-long camps themed around the amazing science featured at the museum, including chemistry, engineering, marine biology and technology. Campers and budding scientists will explore exhibitions, meet animals in the Aquarium, journey through the universe in a state-of-theart 8K Frost Planetarium and more during these unforgettable weeks. Camps will be hosted weekly from June 10 – August 9. Contact info: or 305-434-9564

GLOBAL CONNECTION Global Connection International School provides fun summer camp for children from toddler age to 12 years old. It’s a global adventure where summer campers will journey through the different countries each week, learning about their culture. Campers will also enjoy fieldtrips, water days, movie days and different fun activities. Address: 2401 SW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33129 Phone: (786) 476-2105 INDOOR SOCCER PRO Our Camp offers a variety of indoor activities to help keep your kid active and productive! Camp is offered in Miami-Dade and Broward County. Registration is now open! Call 305-454-0900 Web page:

CORAL GABLES PRESCHOOL Eleven weeks of fun, interactional Summer Camp for children 1-12. Our fantastic summer camp will offer a great variety of activities like music, kidokinetics, cooking, Spanish classes, karaoke, arts and crafts, magic shows, pet in zoo and much more. It is a fun and friendly program under the constant supervision of Certified teachers. Address: 320 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables, Fl. 33134 Phone: 786-3323610/3650 THE REAL FOOD ACADEMY In our Summer Cooking Camp, we teach your kids to have fun, eat healthy, develop or hone their cooking skills, experiment in the kitchen, improve math and reading skills...all in a fun way, while expanding their culinary palate. 570 NE 81st Street, Miami FL 33138 (786) 395-0355 Web page: https://therealfoodacademy. com/summer-camp/

AREA STAGE COMPANY Ages 5-18. Enroll your child now in our summer production of Mary Poppins Jr., or in our Broadway Bites Musical Theatre Camp! See your children learn and grow in a fun, nurturing environment, while improving their self-confidence and creativity. All students will perform at the end of each session! Address: 1560 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, FL 33146 Phone: (305) 666-2078

I KNOW SCIENCE Q - What does it take to become an IKS Scientist? A - Sci-Immersion Camp! Award winning camp created to help kids see the beauty science has to offer... engaging them through: Exciting Experiments, Engineering Challenges, Maker-Space, Eco-Innovation, Robot Building/ Programming, Super Structures, Fun Fridays, 3D Digital Design, Architecture, Guided Play, Small Groups, Amazing Instructors, Curriculum Based & so much more… IKS Scientists experience a full day of pure science fun & exploration! (Conveniently located at The Shops at Merrick Park) 954.239.8252

ALEXANDER MONTESSORI A family-owned & operated school dedicated to providing school & camp programs since 1963, Alexander Montessori School has been serving South Miami-Dade families with a great summer camp experience to thousands of children just like yours. Preschool-6th Grade. For Elementary Campers, Alexander has an “All-Around” Camp as well as Sports Track, a sports-intensive program focusing on football, basketball, & soccer, directed by Coach Rudy Fernandez. Air-conditioned gymnasium. 9am-3:30pm (Early Arrival & Extended Day available). Pre- & Post-Camp Fun Weeks available, too. Preschool: 6050 SW 57 Ave., Toddler & Preschool: 17800 Old Cutler Rd., Toddler & Preschool: 14400 Old Cutler Rd., Elementary: 14850 SW 67 Ave. 305-665-6274.


SCHOOL OF ROCK With camp choices for all ages and skill levels, School of Rock is the perfect summer activity for your child. Our summer music camps are performance-based, meaning students learn to play by rehearsing and performing together in a fun environment. We offer a wide variety of options to ensure your child has an amazing, immersive musical experience. Sign up your child now and watch them become a musician this summer! Phone:786-843-9230

Have you ever wondered where some of the best art in Miami can be found? Who are some of today’s most renowned artists? Where are the newest, most innovative pieces as well as timeless, precious collections of the greats? Join Art Box’s summer program, “Miami’s Art Scene,” as we learn about some of Miami’s best venues for Contemporary Art from the comfort of our studio. We will be learning about current and past Miami exhibitions and gathering inspiration to create our own unique masterpieces! Summer Camp: June 24 - August 9th Phone: 305-778-1270 Email: Website:

FUNDIMENSION FunDimension in Wynwood offers a unique program with indoor/outdoor activities. Your kids will play unlimited laser tag, Bumper cars, indoor playground, XD Theater, VR, Water Slides, Water Games and bungee jumping! 2 STEAM activities daily. Lunch & snacks included! Book at 786-461-7333 or online at https:// COCONUT GROVE SAILING CLUB Learn water safety, develop sense of direction, make new friends, gain confidence. Our Sailing Camp is geared toward beginner to intermediate level sailors ages 6-17 using our fleet of Optimists, SailCubes, Laser Picos and FJ’s. A simple swim test is giving on the first day of each camp session. Children are then divided into groups by age, size and experience. Phone: 305-444-4571 Email: Address: 2990 S Bayshore Dr. Miami Fl. 33133

SUMMER THEATRE ACADEMY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI Six weeks of fun and learning! Students gain valuable theatre skills, confidence, self-esteem, and a love of creativity, through theatre games and acting exercises led by our well-trained, caring staff. Contact Information: 305-284-4474, MIAMI KITEBOARDING MKB Watersports summer camp has been the most fun camp in Miami since 2010. Located in breathtaking Crandon Park tropical beach, we offer fully comprehensive watersports activities right on our beach-front concession. Phone: 786-897-8769 Address: 6767 Crandon Blvd - North Beach, Watersports Concessions Key Biscayne, FL 33149 CODE NINJAS Join Code Ninjas Summer Camp! Half-Day, Full-Day or One-Day Camps available. Minecraft Create, Game Builders’ Club, Beginning Javascript, Roblox Create, Robotics and More! Register: camps/fl-west-kendall or call 305-8002633

June-July 2019

Miami Kids Magazine


GUIDE CORAL GABLES PRESCHOOL Coral Gables Preschool is focused on educating children in a loving environment. Our Creative Curriculum emphasizes the cognitive and physical development of the children by exploring hands-on activities. Accepting ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. Free VPK and School Readiness After School care, homework assistance, and enrichment activities for elementary school children Tours are open from 10:00 am to 6:30 PM by appointment. Address: 320 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables, Fl. 33134 Phone Number: 786-3323610-7863323650 E-Mail: Website: GLOBAL CONNECTION INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Global Connection International School focuses on “active learning”, or learning through play, to obtain the child’s joy of learning. Here at Global Connection, your child will easily learn a second language by being immersed in the language and culture in a safe and nurturing environment. Website: Phone: 786-476-2105

ALEXANDER MONTESSORI SCHOOLS We follow the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Our task is to aid children in their work of self-creation to help them become independent learners and thinkers. We teach them to learn to love to learn. Established in 1963 Toddler through 5th Grade (ages 1½ - 12) Red Road Campus (Ages 3-6) 6050 SW 57th Avenue Miami, FL 33143 Old Cutler Road Campus (Ages 2-6) 14400 Old Cutler Road Miami, FL 33158 Palmetto Bay Campus (Ages 1½ - 6) 17800 Old Cutler Road Miami, FL 33157 Ludlam Road Campus (Ages 6-12, Grades 1-5) 14850 SW 67th Avenue Miami, FL 33158 CENTNER ACADEMY Centner Academy is a progressive independent school that offers foreign language immersion and values-based education for children ages two-and-a-half to six years old, with grades 1-12 coming soon. Through a unique blend of diverse academic paradigms, the Centner education engages students from the very beginning in an innovative environment supported by five Key Pillars: language mastery, leadership, valuesbased character development, mindfulness, and life skills. For more information please visit or call us at 786-481-4647.

LA PRIMA CASA La Prima Casa Montessori School is an early childhood and Elementary education center based on the Montessori Philosophy. La Prima Casa Montessori fosters a peaceful and nurturing environment, full of infinite experiences that will encourage the child to construct his own independence, self-confidence, appreciation for diversity and a love of learning.. Address: Brickell Campus - 1770 Brickell Ave Miami, Fl 33129 Phone Number: 305-854-2824





SOMERSET ACADEMY PALMS Somerset Academy Palms is a new, tuitionfree public charter school serving students in Pre-K through 8th grade. We are located in the heart of Horse Country in West Kendall, Miami. We have certified, highly qualified teachers as well as a research-based, diverse and rigorous curriculum. We offer technology-rich classrooms, character development, and parent volunteer opportunities. MATER ACADEMY BAY HIGH SCHOOL Is the newest member of the high performing and nationally recognized Mater Academy, Inc. network of tuition-free public charter schools. Located on a beautiful campus in Cutler Bay, Mater Academy Bay offers a rigorous, technology-rich curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment. MATER PREPARATORY ACADEMY Mater Preparatory Academy offers an outstanding academic program and a diverse learning community. The faculty and staff at Mater Preparatory Academy are dedicated to providing students with authentic learning experiences that encourage students to think critically and develop problem-solving techniques through an integrated learning approach. The school community has a firm belief in school-family collaboration. MATER ACADEMY OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Our school mission is to provide an innovative, bilingual and multi-cultural curriculum, preparing students to have a global edge. We fully strive to create a thirst for knowledge in all disciplines of the curriculum and enrich every student with a sense of purpose and a belief in their own efficacy. Phone Number: 305-634-0445

And many more schools in our next issue!

June-July 2019

Miami Kids Magazine


By Nelly Lusich

D is here!


id you know? According to the USA Swimming Foundation, Florida leads the Nation with the most child drownings of all ages by more than double the next closest state. Understanding and teaching children how to swim and be safe around the water is one of the most important life skills parents can help their children learn. It not only saves lives but also builds confidence in and around the water. This past Spring Break, the YMCA Swim for Jenny program offered FREE swim lessons to 2,750 individuals in our community. The YMCA of South Florida is committed to bridging the gap in the delivery of swim lessons and water safety education. Formal swimming lessons reduce the likelihood of childhood drowning by 88%, which is why they have been dedicated to teaching swim lessons for over 100 years in our community. iSWIM academy, managed by coach Nick, is also a company dedicated to

teaching survival in and around the water. It also emphasizes swimming for fun and stroke development while conveying to the student that swimming is fun in groups and individual lessons. Accidental death is preventable by following the three layers of drowning prevention: • Adult Supervision • Barriers and Alarms • Swim Instruction Saturday, September 21, 2019, The YMCA is going to have its annual Beach Ball. All the funds proceed from this event will be directed towards Aquatic Financial Assistance, which provides swim lessons and water safety instruction to at-risk children, teens, and families. With your support, we hope to help the Y to make an impact locally and statewide. For more information, please call 954-334-9622 or visit beachball2019/. Let’s work together to ensure water safety and drowning prevention is accessible to everyone in our community.

June-July 2019

Miami Kids Magazine



GAYLORD PALMS This summer, have the perfect vacation with Gaylord Palms! Treat your family to a welldeserved getaway filled with a water park, full-service spa, soaring glass atrium, and much more! Finish the day by having dinner from your choice of nine restaurants! It’s the ultimate experience.

SPLITSVILLE Roll in and rock out to Splitsville’s one of a kind bowling alley. Get ready for family fun with 13 lanes, a dance floor, a built-in restaurant, and much more. Located conveniently in the Shops at Sunset Place, it’s perfect for kid’s parties and group outings!

Website: https://www. mcogp-gaylord-palmsresort-and-conventioncenter/ Phone: (407) 586-0000

Website: https://www. location/miami/ Phone: 305-665-5263

MIAMI SEAQUARIUM Miami Seaquarium is a marine-life park, located on the beautiful Biscayne Bay in South Florida that provides visitors with a greater understanding and appreciation for marine life through shows, presentations and exhibits.

LEGOLAND® Florida Resort An awe-summer awaits at LEGOLAND with more than 50 rides & attractions, live shows, a water park, and two unique on-site hotels! Enjoy the ultimate vacation filled with fun for the whole family!

Webpage: https://www.

Website: Florida

JUST 4 FUN Celebrate the start of summer with some much-needed fun! Skip out on the heat and take your kids to their dream playground. Equipped with trampolines, colorful ball pits, and much more, Just 4 Fun is your child’s go-to place for a good time! Website: https://www. Phone: 305-763-8249

FROST MUSEUM It’s discovery time! Visit the Phillip and Patricia Museum of Science to immerse yourself in wonder. With a planetarium, indoor aquarium, and spectacular exhibitions, it has something for every member of the family! Website: https://www. Phone Number: 305-4349600

June-July 2019

RAPIDS WATER PARK Rapids Water Park is South Florida’s biggest water park. The park features 42 slides and rides for a full-day of fun for the entire family – whether you make a splash in the cool blue waves, take a thrilling plunge down the waterslides, or just relax and float around the lazy river. There is something fun for everyone! Website: https://www.

DIPLOMAT HOTEL Experience inviting beaches, noteworthy shopping and dining, family-friendly attractions and rates that are impossible to resist with The Diplomat Beach Resort’s fun & sun Locals + Loyalists Summer Getaway package. Exclusive offer for residents of Florida and Georgia. For reservations please call 1-954-602-6000 or visit www.

Miami Kids Magazine


Rossy, Sharky & Safari Sam

MIAMI KIDS MAGAZINE EASTER EVENT On April 6th, at Shops at Sunset Place, Miami Kids Magazine celebrated Easter and Summer Camp Expo. The free event which was wheelchair accessible, included exceptional kids where they were able to pick up the Easter eggs by themselves. The event started with a special performance from the chorus of kids and teens from The Miami Lighthouse for the Blind showcasing their exceptional talents. This free community event was sponsored by iSwim Academy, Amazing Parties, Splitsville, Sushi Runner, Snip-its, the Rotary Club of Miami, GameTime, and South Florida PBS Happy Facepainting

Music by The Miami Lighthouse for The Blind music team

Lauren Logan, Seanna, Isabella and George Chamizo

Lina Truong, Harper Dodarell, Leah & Shirley Rotundo & Sara Gonzales

Andrea, Daniela & Dario Vallarino

MKM was a proud sponsor of the Easter event at Shops at Merrick Park

Laura, Sophia & Miranda Madera

Scott, Valeria & Kenneth Richey

On April 13, Miami Kids Magazine sponsored the Easter event and egg hunt at Shops at Merrick Park. The kids enjoyed a fun afternoon collecting the eggs and taking pictures with the Easter Bunny and Sharky. Many retailers donated Easter baskets and other prizes that were given away to the attendants.

Miracle Makers Luncheon to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami On Wednesday, April 17th, close to 300 philanthropists and fashionistas enjoyed the annual Miracle Makers Luncheon and Fashion Show at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami. The event featured a pre-show reception complete with pop-up shops and silent auctions, and was followed by a fantastic program honoring some of Miami’s top philanthropists, Monica Cantera-Saralta, Ravneet Rekhi Chowdhury, Eduardo Hernando, Danny Jelaca and Debbie Young; Ana and Cecil Milton, Miami Power Couple and long-time supporters of Big Brothers Big Sisters; and youth award recipient Raphaella Alexandre.

Ana Trejos, Debbie Young, Danny Jelaca, Raphaella Alexander, Eduardo Hernando, Monica Cantera-Serralta, & Lourdes Martinez

Internationally renowned fashion designer, artist, songwriter and singer, Nicolas Felizola celebrated his 30th anniversary with a red-carpet retrospective fashion presentation Nelly Lusich and Karla Richey

Ravneet Chowdhury, Gale Nelson

Cecil Milton, Ana Milton, & Gale Nelson

Jenni Coba, Victor Diaz

MKM Mother’s Day Celebration honoring Laurie Jennings On May 9th, Miami Kids Magazine celebrated a Mother’s Day event at Neiman Marcus, Coral Gables honoring Laurie Jennings for all of the years on Local 10 TV as a news anchor. Laurie is also a mother and a daughter. We invited our partners & loyal readers to enjoy light bites, drinks, and giveaways. It was an intimate afternoon of joy talking with Laurie about inspirational stories including the time when she become a mom, a news anchor, and her future plans with the family.

Patrizia & Teri Tupini, Laurie Jennings, Diana & Ana Milton, Karla Richey & Lynette Lorenzen

Laurie Jennings & Karla Richey

Laurie Jennings

Stephanie Hoogenbergen, Susan Shelley, Laurie Jennings, Karla Richey, Mara Almeida & Amelia Bonilla

Stuart Barnes

Paula Saltzman, Alan Saltzman, Bonnie Cabtree, David Praschnik, Virginia, Janet Knapp, Sherry McCalley, & Friend

Dan & Trish Bell1

Nelly Lusich & Karla Richey

Take a Walk in Her Shoes fashion show and luncheon Chapman Partnership’s 10th Annual Take A Walk in Her Shoes fashion show and luncheon celebrated Miami’s top women philanthropists and community leader on May 17 the Intercontinental Miami. The 2019 Trish Bell Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Miami Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. Learn more at chapmanpartnership. org. Adrienne Fleming, Elysze Held, & Dianna Corpus

David Efron & Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Symeria T. Hudson speaking