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Getting ready to go back to school as a family.





Kick off the football season!



Healthy breakfast ideas for kids



After School Guide

Schools Guide








An interview with Superintendent Alberto Carvalho

DR. ADVICE Back to school. Two reasons eye exams are important for kids


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ADRIAN A Child who survived cancer.


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Tips for Calming First-Day Jitters

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Back- to-School! Vacations are over and now our kids are going to return to the classrooms like my oldest son Kenneth, who is going to first grade!


CREATIVE DIRECTOR Enrique Chavez Pincilotti

Others are going to attend preschool and are going to have their first time separated from their parents. That’s the case of my second child, my daughter Valeria. To get ready for back- to- school is not only a transition for the kids, it’s also difficult for us parents. Don’t miss on page 8 a good article titled “Getting Ready for Back- to- School as a Family” and on page 12 “Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids”. Also, a fabulous interview with Superintendent Alberto Carvalho who told us about all the latest news regarding the Miami Public School System.


September begins football season and is the favorite time of the year for my husband, who is a football fan! A great time to wear our Miami Dolphins jersey and cheer for the team as a family. We have a great interview on page 18 with player John Denney, who spent an afternoon with his beautiful family and MKM talking about his passion for football. Don’t miss on page 20 a fun “After School Guide” sponsored by Zaniac where you can find activities and fun things to do with the family during after school hours. On page 26 is a “Schools Guide” so you can learn a little bit about the educational options you might have in Miami private schools.


We hope you can join us August 11 from 11:00 am to 2:00 PM at our “Back to School” event at Shops at Sunset Place in S. Miami where we are going to have a lot of giveaways for all the attendees including free eye exams provided by The Florida Heiken’s Children’s vision program, a subsidiary of the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind. We will also have entertainment, face painting, photo opportunities with Super Why, and Sharky our mascot and much more. We hope to see you there.

Karla C. Richey


Miami Kids Magazine August-September 2018

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EDITORIAL ASSOCIATE Claudia Del Castillo Enrique Tubio


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You can never start too early to plan for your family going “Back to School”! The summer will fly by before you know it. When everything is organized, most of the pressure will be removed. Here are some tips, •

By Diane Landsberg

• • •

• • •

ck, & u L d o Go ea v a h e n everyo ear! y t a e gr

he 2018-2019 school calendar is T already available online. Print it out and post a copy on your refrigerator. Also, identify important dates and put in your phone calendar. If it is a new school, try and arrange a visit so your child can be better acquainted with the layout. Learn the drop-off and pick-up rules and regulations. (I once drove the wrong way to pick up a grandchild and was chastised by the security). If your child is old enough to leave school without supervision, have a special place where you can connect. If you are carpooling or your child travels by bus, organize it in advance. A n nual medi cal checkups are necessary. Make appointments in July & early August to complete all the needed checkups with the pediatrician, dentist, eye doctor, etc. Avoid the last-minute crunch! Don’t wait until the last minute to get haircuts, you will regret it. I remember threatening the barber saying, “cut his hair EXACTLY how he wants. If not, he will come to live with you until it grows out”. Mission successful. Purchase the “special” backpack and lunchbox before the rush. For the younger ones, this is really important. Order or shop for school supplies in advance. The list is available online. If uniforms are needed, don’t wait until the last couple of weeks, unless you want to be #92 in line and wait two hours to be waited on.

Additional helpful hints as school comes closer: •

Sign up for the Parent Portal on the public-school website.

I f you are a working parent, create a back-up plan for your sick child. Do not be caught off guard! You know it is bound to happen. Educate yourself about head lice. It is gross…. but is almost inevitable. You will receive a call to immediately pick up your child. Caution your kids about sharing hats. M ake sure the school, teacher and especially your child are all aware of food allergies. Kids will be kids and trade foods, which can be dangerous. Set out clothing or uniforms the night before. Searching for the left shoe when the clock is ticking is pressure you do not need at 7:30am! B ecome a strong supporter of your child’s teacher. They spend more hours per day with them than you do, and it is critical that they feel you are “partners” in your child’s education for a successful school year. Join PTA! Even if you are a working Parent and have very limited time to volunteer. You will be kept in the know of everything going on at your child’s school.

Last suggestions: • • •

et your children on the proper G sleep pattern a couple of weeks before school starts. Set up a homework station. Discuss scenarios of situations in case they witness or experience a bully. They need to know you are there for them. R eassure your child that this is going to be a fabulous year, and you will always be there to listen and love them.

Q1.DEFINE WHAT THE WORD “EDUCATION” MEANS TO YOU. A1.Education and democracy are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. It is the great equalizer. The future of our community depends on the educational opportunities that we provide to all children, regardless of what zip code they live in or where they were born. For the first time in our District’s history, we are an A-rated school system, and for the second year in a row, no traditional public schools received an “F” grade. Striving to eliminate fragile schools and continuing to ensure that our students are ready for the global economy that we live in…that is how I define education. Q2.WE KNOW THE MIAMI-DADE SCHOOL SYSTEM IS ONE OF THE LARGEST IN THE COUNTRY. DO YOU FEEL YOU HAVE THE PROPER FACILITIES TO HOUSE ALL OF THE STUDENTS? A2.Miami-Dade’s voters took a very bold step in 2012, passing a $1.2 billion bond to update and replace our school facilities and to provide them with state-of-the-art technology. We see this being accomplished every day, in shining examples of schools opening and reopening for our students. MAST Academy and Miami Norland Senior High School are among the most impressive projects completed thus far.

strives to provide access to excellence for every child, including students with disabilities. We have one of the most comprehensive Exceptional Student Education programs in the nation, providing a continuum of support for our students. For example, our specialized programs for students with Autism include a new, fully inclusive model as well as academies within a school. Each delivery model focuses on students’ specialized sensory, communication, learning, and social skills needs. Additionally, a variety of supports, such as itinerant Consulting Teachers for students who are Visually Impaired or Deaf/Hard of Hearing, therapeutic services, on-site school nursing, as well as assistive and adaptive technology resources, are available to students who need them. New programs and supports for 2018-19 include: demonstration classrooms featuring the multi-sensory approach for working with students with learning disabilities that impact reading skills; enhanced clinical support for students with emotional/behavioral disabilities; new job-skill preparation programs for our secondary students; and expansion of support resources for families. Regardless of the exceptionality, our school educators are compassionate and caring,


By Karla Richey We have also completed projects at Melrose Elementary School, Madie Ives K-8, Hialeah Senior High School, Kinloch Park Middle School, Rockway Elementary School, and Air Base K-8. An entirely brand-new K-8 facility is being built in the Kendall area. These facilities--with modern media centers, art and science rooms--offer students wonderful learning opportunities. So, to answer the question, yes, we absolutely do, and we are continuing to build bigger and better school facilities. Q3.WHAT KIND OF SPECIAL SERVICES AND FACILITIES DO YOU HAVE IN THE SCHOOLS FOR KIDS WITH DISABILITIES? A3.Miami-Dade County Public Schools


serving the needs of each student and family. Q4.WHAT PROGRAMS DO YOU HAVE FOR OUR “GIFTED” CHILDREN? A4.Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) Gifted Education Program provides qualitatively different programs designed to meet the needs of gifted students in Kindergarten through grade 12. Instructional programs for gifted students emphasize acceleration and enrichment based on students' strengths. The

Miami Kids Magazine August-September 2018

Gifted Education Program emphasizes a differentiated curriculum based on content, concepts, processes, and applications through products/projects in language arts, mathematics, science and/or social studies. Currently, over 39,000 students in MiamiDade participate in the gifted program, and all traditional public schools provide services in a variety of delivery models. Q5.CAN YOU GIVE US A BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE ATHLETIC PROGRAMS IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM? ARE THEY EQUIVALENT FOR GIRLS AND BOYS? A5.Extracurricular activities, including athletics, are an important part of student learning. We provide all students with the opportunity to play team sports, hence developing their leadership skills and learning the value of collaboration and group dynamics. We offer a wide array of athletic options for students, both girls and boys. These options include, but are not limited to, basketball, volleyball, baseball, water sports, tennis, track and field, golf, and football. Q6.AS AN IMMIGRANT YOURSELF, CAN YOU TELL US WHAT KIND OF PROGRAMS THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS HAVE FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE IMMIGRATED TO MIAMI- DADE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES WHERE ENGLISH IS NOT

THEIR FIRST LANGUAGE? WE SEE MANY CASES LIKE THIS IN MIAMI. A6.As a teenager, I immigrated to the United States on my own. I was undocumented and homeless, but like so many immigrants who come here seeking a better life and a more hopeful future, I did not allow those conditions to define my hopes and dreams. Because I understand the struggle and desperation of our

immigrant students and their families, I am committed to ensuring that we give these children the dignity and absolute value of access to global educational services parallel to none. We educate more than 30,000 immigrant K-12 students who come from over 100 different countries, all representing a variety of language and educational backgrounds. Approximately 80% of our immigrant students are also identified as English language learners (ELLs). Immigrant students receive educational services equal in scope to what is provided to their non-immigrant peers. Above and beyond that, they receive supplemental services that include culturally-infused, academic field trips to build upon their background knowledge and enhance classroom learning; translational content support in their native languages; access to supplemental software for all Level 1 ESOL students with home language support in 15 languages; access to mobile devices and digital curriculum; before/ after school and Saturday supplemental tutoring to support academic achievement and English language acquisition. Teachers of immigrant ELL students also receive professional development on researchbased best practices that can be incorporated into their instructional delivery. Additionally, the school district’s Parent Academy provides parents of immigrant students with access to a multitude of informational interactive workshops, delivered in Spanish and Haitian-Creole, to inform them of the plethora of educational resources available to support their family’s transition into their new community. All services are aimed at supporting the academic achievement and long-term success of immigrant students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Q7.HAVE YOU IMPLEMENTED ADDITIONAL SECURITY MEASURES FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR IN REACTION TO THE TRAGEDY AT PARKLAND? A7.The safety and security of our students and employees have always been of paramount concern. Since the Parkland tragedy, we have implemented security measures that we believe are robust and stringent. Teachers across the school district will lock their classrooms during the school day so that anyone seeking to gain entry will be required to have a key or to knock. All school security personnel

supervision has been enhanced with new, more strict directives related to performance. Additionally, all school security personnel are required to wear recognizable uniforms, without exception, to increase their visibility. We have also implemented a multifaceted system of safeguards which include requiring all students and personnel in secondary schools to have and display identification badges, implementing a reduction in the points of entry to school sites for both employees and students, ensuring redundant and failsafe notification mechanisms for critical incidents, as well as many other strategic security measures. We’re also establishing and strengthening existing partnerships with Miami-Dade County and local municipalities, to ensure that when students return to Miami-Dade County Public Schools for the 2018-2019 academic year, every one of our schools will have a trained law enforcement officer to protect our children and educators. Q8.A FINAL MESSAGE FOR ALL THE STUDENTS IN THIS NEW SCHOOL YEAR. A8.One of the highlights of my responsibility as Superintendent is interacting with our amazing students. I see the look of wonder and ebullience in their eyes. The excitement they have for discovery and learning is infectious. I encourage our students to embrace the present opportunities made possible by a legacy of achievement. The future is yours. It is brilliant and glorious, illuminating your path and preparing you for personal and academic success.


Here are some breakfast ideas:

By Leonela Gonzalez


n everyday question we have as parents is what to include in our kids’ breakfast. In the rush to wake our kids up and take them to school early in the morning, we need something easy to prepare because mornings get hectic. Nevertheless, the A.M. meal is so important that our kids shouldn’t skip it. Studies have shown that skipping breakfast may increase coronary heart disease risk, and children who don’t eat breakfast might face diabetes risk.


Here are general suggestions of what you should include in your kids’ breakfast: • Always include a source of protein. "Eggs, yogurt, milk, deli meat – whatever your kids like best”. • S kip the baked goods. "Eating croissants with butter every morning worth 700 calories can compromise quality of diet, so what you eat for breakfast is very important. • A void serving the same breakfast back-to-back mornings. Always rotate the meals. For example try an egg-based breakfast on Monday, fruit and yogurt-based breakfast on Tuesday, etc.

Miami Kids Magazine August-September 2018

Smoothies: These are a great way to ensure that your children get plenty of fruit, protein, and calcium at the start of their day. Cinnamon banana pancakes: Take advantage of overripe bananas, they are grain-free, gluten-free, and high in protein. Try also adding a smear of peanut butter to the top, they will love it. Granola bars: A packaged granola bar can be incredibly convenient and also healthy when paired with some fruit or milk and yogurt. Mini muffins: Blueberry is always a safe bet with the kiddos. Yogurts: Layer any plain yogurt with fruits in a cup. The fruit gives plain yogurt a great touch of sweetness without the need for added sugar. Also, you can add cereal or granola for some crunch. Mini waffle sandwiches: Try a peanut butter sandwich made with two whole-grain toaster waffles. You can also drizzle with honey or pure maple syrup for a touch of sweetness. Toast: You can spread the whole grain toast with butter, with cinnamon, with nut butter, or with a fruit spread. Add fresh fruit, eggs, yogurt, cheese, or milk for a balanced meal. Oatmeal breakfast bars: Microwave a bowl of plain oatmeal with milk and a pinch of salt. Set out some fixings on the counter and allow your kids to put together their own concoction. Toppings might include (just a few) rainbow sprinkles, a dollop of nut butter, a dollop of Greek yogurt, honey, chopped or pureed fruit and/or raisins.

New Way

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Adrian who

A Child

By Nelly Lusich


survived cancer.

drian Echazu was born on July 31, 2014. He always enjoyed good health. His nutrition, appetite, family and social life were considered optimal by his mother and his pediatricians. When he was two years old, he started to have inconsistent fevers and a certain abdominal distension (which was considered "baby fat�). Worried about these suspicious details in Adrian's health and following her intuition, his mother, Adriana Lewis, decided take Adrian to the hospital where he was admitted to the emergency room. On November 25, the day after Thanksgivings, the little one was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor, stage IV in the left kidney. The cancer having metastasized in 3 different organs (lungs, cava vein and liver), the medical team acted immediately to operate. However, by that time, removal was not possible because of the size of the tumor (10 cm) and how affected the whole area was in his body. To receive chemotherapy, he was hospitalized for 3 weeks, with a protocol of 24 cycles of chemotherapy. On February 9, 2017, a pediatric surgeon performed a radical Nephrectomy, removing the tumor and the left kidney. The Vena Cava was also intervened because the tumor had migrated and thrombi (clots) had formed. In the middle of the surgery, the cardiovascular team put a bypass in Adrian's heart to keep his blood circulating. The lesions (nodules) in the lungs and liver were not touched. A month later, after this huge and delicate surgery, Adrian faced radiation therapy. Once completed, he would have to return to finish chemotherapy. Finally, his last and successful chemotherapy was May 17. Adrian recessed for 4 weeks, and then a CT scan with contrast was taken on June 17. This day was magical! The results were as expected and Adrian was declared "NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE. CANCER FREE." More and more children survive cancer these days. It’s very important to always monitor the health and any erratic changes in our kids. Early intervention, diagnosis, and treatment are crucial. Today, Adrian is 4 years old, He is healthy, and we are always giving thanks to God. OUR ADRIAN IS IN REMISSION!


Miami Kids Magazine August-September 2018

By Karla Richey

Kick off the football season!

he wellknown Miami Dolphin player John Denney and his family shared part of their day with Miami Kids Magazine publisher Karla Richey. We played a little football at the training center while we had a fun photoshoot and interview.

Dolphin Player An Interview With Miami


Miami Kids Magazine August-September 2018z

1 Q: Where are you from originally and tell us about your family?

4 Q: Have you had any significant injuries playing football?

A: “I grew up in Denver, Colorado. I met A: “I’ve been lucky. There are a lot of things my wife in college at BYU. I’m one of five children. I’m right in the middle, the third one of five. I’ve got an older brother and sister and two younger brothers. My older brother, Ryan, played in the NFL for nine years. We all played at BYU. My father played at BYU, as well. (Ryan Denney played eight seasons with the Buffalo Bills [2002-09] and one with the Houston Texans [2010]

2 Q: How did you get started playing

football? A: “Playing football was just the thing you did. It was eighth grade and everyone was going out for the football team. It seemed natural. It was like the next step.”

3 Q: What do you teach your kids about competition?

A: “Obviously they get frustrated when they

aren’t always successful. I tell them that’s part of the game and they’ve got to get used to that, because they’re not going to always win. I try to teach them good sportsmanship. They’ll come off pouting and throwing fits and I’ll relate it to my games. When they see me come out of the locker room and we’ve lost a game or two, I say ‘Have you ever seen me come out screaming and throwing my stuff and crying? No. You’ve got to deal with that. You’re not going to win them all.’ They get frustrated when they’re not as good as they want to be but I tell them ‘You just started. You’ve never done this before. You shouldn’t be good. You’ve got to practice. If you want to get good, you’re going to have to practice.’”

you can’t control. There are certain injuries you can’t control, like someone flying in from the side and breaking a bone. But you can control your stuff as far as training, being fit, your strength, flexibility and your endurance. I’ve suffered minor injuries but nothing that’s kept me from playing.” (John Denney has played in 208 consecutive NFL games. It’s the longest streak in Dolphins history and tied for the third-longest streak by any currently active NFL player)

8 Q: Do they want to play tackle

football? Is that a conversation you’ve had with them?.

A: “They absolutely want to play. My oldest

son has wanted to play for a couple of years and I don’t feel like there’s any rush. I didn’t start until eighth grade. If that’s something he really wants to pursue, I can’t stand here as a professional athlete playing football and tell him ‘You can’t play football.’ So I’ll make him aware of all the risks associated with the game and I’ll educate him as much as I can and teach him the best technique I can. If that’s where his heart and passion is then I’ll support him in that endeavor.””

5 Q: What does your family think about

you playing football? Are there any concerns from your wife or kids?

A: “I think there’s always concern – from my

wife, more so. The kids love it. I think they love going to the games, especially the older ones that are grasping the game of football as well. They can follow along. They’ve got their fan-favorites as well, not just on the Dolphins but league-wide. They like watching other players. They’re definitely aware of the all-stars throughout the league.”

9 Q: Is there anything you do on game day differently than other guys?.

A: “Away games, no. Whatever the team’s

itinerary says, that’s what I’m doing. For home games, I’ll get dressed and go to church with my family in the morning and then go to the stadium after that. That’s the only difference.”

10 Q: Do you have any charitable passions?.

6 Q: Do your sons play football? A: “They play flag football.”

7 Q: What is your schedule like on a typical game day?.

A: “I’m waking up, getting on the bus and going to the stadium.”

A: “I don’t have my own individual charity

that I run; but I do love helping out all of the players that do have organizations, the Miami Dolphins Foundation and foundations throughout the community. I’ve been involved throughout my entire career as much as I can when people are looking for assistance in their programs.”

11 Q: How many more years do you plan to play?

A: “It is one year at a time. Right now, I’m planning on the next one. After this season, I’ll make plans after that. I can’t sit here and tell you exactly (when I’m going to retire). It’s really one year at a time.” Credits: Photography: Enrique Tubio Make up and hair: "Pelusa" Flores. Kids Clothing: Boy Meets Girl

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Miami Kids Magazine August-September 2018

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August-September 2018

Miami Kids Magazine



OOLS guide

PINEVIEW PRESCHOOLS ALEXANDER MONTESSORI SCHOOL We follow the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Our task is to aid children in their work of self-creation to help them become independent learners and thinkers. Website:”

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Address: Douglas campus - 2965 S. Douglas Road Miami, FL 33133

THE ROIG ACADEMY Address: 8000 SW 112 street Miami, Florida 33156

CORAL GABLES PRESCHOOL Coral Gables Preschool is focused on educating children in a loving environment. • Accepting infantws to 4 years old • Free VPK • After-school care, homework assistance and enrichment activities for elementary school children • Credentialed, trained teachers that have been rigorously background checked • Many additional enrichment programs offered on-site by specialists in their respective fields • Tours are open from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, Monday through Friday. No appointment necessary • Open House: On the month of August, every Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Address: 320 Giralda Avenue, Coral Gables, Fl. 33134 Phone number: 786-3323610 – 786-3323650

PAYAN SCHOOL CARROLLTON SCHOOL OF THE SACRED HEART Is an all-girl Catholic college preparatory day school in Coconut Grove, Florida, educating girls and young women ages 3-18. We develop confident young women who are responsible, creative and compassionate by encouraging them to become risktakers, to seek challenges and to develop leadership. Address: 3747 Main Highway Coconut Grove, Florida 33133 Phone Number: 305-446-5673

GLOBAL CONNECTION We aspire to nurture young children in a multicultural environment globally connecting the worldviews to them through languages. Through stimulating environments, technology and hands-on learning, our students will become respectful, contributing, knowledgeable and critically thinking global citizens. Their respect for diverse people will naturally evolve as they are daily immersed in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese language and cultural experience. You can schedule a tour and get to visit the school and see the environment your child will be in. Website: Phone Number: (786)476-2105

For the past 20 years, Mrs. Payan’s School has provided a Montessori preschool and kindergarten program in a comfortable, homey environment. Our small groups allow a child’s first school experience to feel like widening their own family. Our parents consider us a “hidden gem” tucked away in tranquil Coconut Grove. Children in our program receive a strong foundation for inner confidence and foster a love of learning as a lifestyle. Mrs. Payan’s School is located at 3741 S. Lejeune Road, Miami, FL 33146. Tours of the school are available by appointment only. Please reach out to Nadia Payan to book a tour at 305-801-9139. Visit for more information.

LA PRIMA CASA La Prima Casa – preparing the child for life. We educate children, ages 6 months to fifth grade using the Montessori Philosophy, to be life-long learners empowered with the intellectual, emotional and social skills needed to succeed. Call to schedule a private tour of one of our two beautiful campuses. For admissions information, please visit our website. Address: Brickell Campus - 1770 Brickell Ave Miami, Fl 33129 Phone Number: 305-854-2824

CONCHITA ESPINOSA ACADEMY Address: 12975 S.W. 6th Street Miami, FL 33184

LA PIAZZA ACADEMY La Piazza Academy is a progressive school for children in PreK-1 through 5th grade. We emphasize the development of the whole child – physical, cognitive, academic, social, emotional and creative areas. Our purpose is to educate students to be the best versions of themselves as we provide them with the essential tools to be critical, creative, compassionate thinkers and responsible, engaged citizens ready to transform the world. PreK-1 through Elementary: 3100 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL 33133. 305-443-0066. PreK-1 through PreK-4: 4101 Salzedo Street, Coral Gables, FL, 33146. 305-448-8885. info@

MATER GROVE ACADEMY Mater Grove Academy is an “A” rated school serving the South Florida community since 2011. We are located in a new state of the art facility on a 10-acre campus. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality, tuition free Kinder through 8th grade educational program. Mater Grove Academy provides students with the skills, technology, and resources that enable them to succeed academically and make a positive difference in their community. Please call the office to schedule a tour in January and February. Phone Number: 305-442-4992. Address: 2805 SW. 32nd Ave. East Building Miami, FL 33133.

GULLIVER Gulliver is a thriving academic community devoted to academic excellence with a personal touch. We offer a premier college-preparatory, character-based, entrepreneurial education with a focus on community service. Our students discover their passions and explore the many paths leading them to fulfill their potential as engaged global citizens. We prepare students for the challenges they’ll face tomorrow by helping them fulfill their potential each day.

OPEN HOUSE DATES Grades 5-8: Thursday, October 11, 2018, 9:00 a.m. PreK3-Grade 4: Tuesday, October 23, 2018, 9:30 a.m. PreK3-Grade 4: Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 9:30 a.m. Grades 9-12: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 7:00 p.m.Grades 9-12 (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme):Thursday, November 15, 2018, 7:00 p.m. For more information: PreK3-8: 305.665.3593 9-12: 305.666.7937

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School. Two reasons eye exams are important for kids Our kids are going back to the classrooms and having proper eye vision will improve their development in school. Here you will find two reasons why eye exams are important for kids: By Doctor Vicky Fischer


Miami Kids Magazine August-September 2018

#1 #2

70–80% of our learning in school is visual. Correcting vision problems can improve academic and athletic potential. Early detection and treatment of vision and eye problems can prevent permanent vision loss. Amblyopia is the leading cause of permanent vision loss in people under 40 years and it is almost always completely preventable if treatment is started at a young age. Before age 6 is the critical period of vision development, but in general, the younger treatment begins, the better the outcome. Children should have a routine eye exam at 6 months of age, 3 years, 5 years and every other year once they enter school. Your doctor looks for things such as a prescription for glasses, an eye turning in or out, and ocular diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and retinal problems. Vision screenings in school can miss vision problems. Screenings in Florida are only required in kindergarten and grades 1, 3, and 6 so if a problem occurs during a different school year it could be missed. Also vision screenings typically only check distance vision and can miss eye diseases, farsightedness, low astigmatism, poor focusing, or eye muscle problems. Symptoms that your child may have a vision problem include squinting their eyes, holding books or electronics too close, headaches, or rubbing their eyes. Sometimes, vision problems maybe asymptomatic.

Correcting vision problems can improve academic and athletic potential.

! By

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No matter what grade they’re in, kids often get nervous about starting the new school year. And for kids with learning and attention issues, it can be especially stressful. Grade School: Focus on Feelings Young kids don’t always have the words to express their emotions. And certain learning and attention issues can make it more difficult. Instead of starting a conversation about it, kids may act out or be cranky. Give your child opportunities to talk by saying things like, “You seem to be grumpy lately, and that’s not like you. Are you thinking about the first day of school?” or “Going back to school can be scary. Is there something you’re worried about?”

1 30

Middle School: Talk About Strengths It’s not unusual for middle-schoolers to be self-critical. But tweens who face daily struggles at school can be especially hard on themselves. They may approach the start of the school year expecting to fail or worrying that other kids will think they’re not smart. Don’t dismiss or downplay your child’s challenges. Help them consider their strengths

and passions, too. Remind them that they can use those skills to work on the things they struggle with. And find ways to help them stick with it and stay motivated when middle school gets tough. High School: Address Fears About the Future As kids progress through high school, the prospect of college, work or a combination of the two looms large. So do tests like the ACT and SAT. Assure your child that students take many paths after high school, and that you’ll help explore options that are a good fit. is a free online resource that provides parents with the right support to help unlock and empower their children’s strengths so they can reach their full potential. Understood offers personalized resources, free daily access to experts, a secure online community, practical tips and more.

Miami Kids Magazine August-September 2018

Scott & Karla Richey, Virginia Jacko & Cameron Sisser

Martin Rodriguez and his mom

Maimi Kids Magazine Anniversary Festival

Category 5 dance team from Howard Drive Elementary School.

Enrique Santos, Mayor Suarez, Karla Richey & Andrew Suarez

Area Stage Company performers

Miami Kids Readers

On Friday, June 1, Miami Kids Magazine celebrated with readers and partners, MKM Family Festival in honor of our first anniversary. Thanks to our sponsors: Splitsville, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sushi Runners and Snip-it. City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who was on the cover page of our Father’s Day issue, attended the festival as a guest of honor. Radio and TV Host Enrique Santos presented Mayor Suarez on stage. Anabella Rodriguez, who was born with a heart disease and her parents shared their story of perseverance and strength. Performances included “Shrek the Musical” and “I’m a Believer” presented by the Inclusion Theater Actors from ASC. There was music by the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, and a martial arts demonstration by black- belt Sensei Carol White from White Tiger and Dragon Martial Arts. Guests also enjoyed Category 5 dance team from Howard Drive Elementary School.

Seth, Darcy & Courtney de Kanter .

Gloria Fonts, Karla Richey, Mayor Francis Suarez, Andrew Suarez & Scott Richey

Mayor Suarez and his son Andrew

Enrique Santos, Lourdes, Jerry, Matthew & Anabella Rodriguez

White Tiger & Dragon Martial art student

Mia Ceballos & Mathew Carrara

Cookie decorations

Alexandra and Brianna Gonzalez


Kenneth Richey & Ignacio Lapadula

Rohl and Morah Shedial

Miami Kids Magazine Readers

Mike, Vera, Alexandra, and Sean

Miami Kids Magazine Team

The 5th annual Independence Day celebration by the Coconut Grove Improvement District

Josue, Fernando, Abigail, and Sandy

Jewelry station

Thousands packed into Regatta Park along beautiful Biscayne Bay for the 5th annual Independence Day celebration produced by the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District and sponsored in part by CocoWalk. Attendees enjoyed live music by one of South Florida’s best musical talents Spam Allstars and an enhanced family fun zone sponsored by Miami Kids Magazine. The party continued at the official after-party at The Commodore, Coconut Grove’s newest cocktail lounge, located at The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami.

19th Annual Mayor's Bal benefiting United Way of Miami Dade

Elizabeth Blanchet, Ralph Garcia-Toledo, and Indira Almeida

gene and Yoly Schaefer, Alexandra Villoch and Cesar Mendoza with Ben Mollere

19th Annual Mayor’s Ball raises $1 million to benefit United Way of Miami-Dade GeMatthew Vander Werff and Ashley M. Abess with John L. Petricola

The 19th Annual Mayor’s Ball, hosted by Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez, and wife Lourdes P. Gimenez raised more than $1 million to benefit United Way of Miami-Dade’s work in education, financial stability and health. Presented by Suffolk, the Mayor’s Ball brought together business, government and community leaders to support local programs that help children, families and older adults in our community. #UWMayorsBall for a #StrongerMiami

Natalie Zea, Jasmin Grant, Ann Keil, and Tim Dux

Scott & Karla Richey, Leslie Lorenzi & Cameron Sisser

Phyllis Oeters, Elinette and Miguel de Diaz de la Portilla, Carlos Lopez Cantera with Sand y and Phil Hudson

Greg Izarry, Eric Vainder, Scott Richey, and Ed Joyce

Jasmine Grant, Steve Brodie, Michael and Rooney Birdie

Leonard and Jayne Abess with Gina and Michael A. Finney

Julio Cruz, Alina Cruz with presenting sponsor Suffolk President and Southeast Region General Manager Jeff Gouveia with Rick Kolb

T Willar Fair and Mina Austin

Miami Dade Count y Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez and wife, Lourdes P. Gimenez with United Way of Miami Dade President & CEO Maria C. Alonso and husband Alex Montague