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An Interview with Miami Philanthropists and devoted Miami Hurricane fans Susan and Robert J. Shelley III.


Our Best Buddies are our Friends Forever





Meet Miami Kids Magazine Influencers



Healthy family eating tips







Johanna Gomez and her family holiday traditions




Sharing Holiday Traditions through generations

Miami Kids Magazine, Local Business Owner Contest

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Stylish Holiday Hairstyles with Snip Its!

YMCA of South Florida Beach Ball. The City of South Miami and Miami Kids Magazine presented Spooktacular Safe Streets Halloween!. Be a MonStar with Miami Kids Magazine and Pottery Barn Kids. The Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch. Chapman Partnership’s illumination’s gala. Of The Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at Shops at Merrick Park.

Holiday season is here! Time to get together with family from out of town or sometimes out of the country to celebrate this special time of the year. It is a time of joy and to be thankful for all our blessings.


CREATIVE DIRECTOR Enrique Chavez Pincilotti

I’m Catholic, and our family celebrates Christmas, the day that our Lord Jesus was born. However, it doesn’t matter which religion you practice or which festivity you celebrate, we should all believe in a faith that makes us to try to be a better people. That’s why in this issue we have a very interesting article about Johanna Gomez. She is on the Cover page, and she is the host of 6 in the Mix from NBC. She shares her traditions as a modern family. We also have on page 8 a beautiful article about how to keep the Holiday family traditions through generations. Sometimes little things that make memories that last forever are more important than presents . This year I lost my grandfather. We are going to miss him a lot but will remember all of his wisdom in life so it’s going to makes us feel like he is still here. Christmas time is a time to be happy and to remember the values from our loved ones that are no longer here. As a local magazine, we want to support our local business owners. We recently ran a contest between them on our social media site. On page 11 you will find the winners, and you will learn what they do in our community. I’m also very proud to present our new division, “Miami Kids Magazine Influencers”. Please see page 26 to learn more. As always, we are so grateful for your continued support. All of us here at “Miami Kids” wish you and your families the happiest of Holidays and a bright new start in 2019.

Karla C. Richey


Miami Kids Magazine December-January 2018

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EDITORIAL ASSOCIATE Claudia Del Castillo PHOTOGRAPHY Enrique Tubio Malena Vasquez


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Sharing Holiday The Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Christmas holidays are approaching way too fast! Now is the perfect time to take the opportunity to plan to follow, update, and/ or create traditions, which are important to preserve your family history. It can bind generations together, securing special memories and making these selected days magical. It makes us connected to one another and gives an opportunity for a “teachable moment” to our children.


he first suggestion is to take some time prior to the holidays to have a family discussion with your children to define what a tradition is and to ask them if they have any suggestions of adding new ones to your family. When children are empowered to make a contribution, they will feel pride when it is announced to everyone that this idea was theirs. My second suggestion is to decorate a large container to write down



trough generations By Diane Landsberg

will what this o d you ster to fo y year m fa il your ions? it d tr a

and place something that took place in your family that made you happy during the year. Then, during the holidays , it is pure joy to read what has been written. We all need reminders of how much love and happiness is shared in the family throughout the year. The third suggestion is to request that this family discussion be free of all electronic games and cell phones. There may be withdrawal symptoms at first, but the end result will be worth the effort. I always enjoy preparing the many recipes that I learned from my Grandmother, who was an excellent cook. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of me standing on the chair, wearing one of her aprons, and “helping” prepare the delicious food. My breads, sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin

Miami Kids Magazine December-January 2018

pie, etc. are all made with love, both past and current, that are enjoyed by all. Hopefully, we can inspire each new generation to appreciate some of these tried and true recipes while incorporating today’s trends. It was charming to hear from a friend who came from Cuba many years ago and makes the Christmas turkey but skips the stuffing and serves it with black beans and rice instead. My vegetarian friend serves all the traditional dishes minus the Turkey and ham. If your traditions are cultural or religious, take the time to talk about them, possibly showing photographs, especially of those no longer with us. It is important to give children a sense of their family history. The most important tradition of all is the gathering of families and friends to spend a meaningful, peaceful day with one another.

An Interview with Miami Philanthropists and devoted Miami Hurricane fans

Susan and Robert J.

Shelley III (Robin) By Karla Richey

Tell us about your formative years in Miami. Robin: I was born in Miami at a U.S. Navy Hospital on South Beach toward the end of World War II. I grew up in the South Miami area and attended public school at Sunset Elementary, West Lab in the 6th grade, South Miami Junior High, and Palmetto High in grades 9 – 12. It was fun starting Palmetto as a brand-new school and I was President of the Junior Class. I attended the University of Miami and graduated in 1967 with a BS Degree and returned in 1978 and received an MBA. Susan: I was born in Augusta, Georgia but grew up in New Jersey. My family moved to Miami in 1959 and I graduated from Coral Gables High. I attended Miami Dade College for one year and then transferred to the University of Miami where I earned a BBA Degree. How did you and Susan meet? Robin: We met in 1965 while attending the University of Miami. What is your secret to being married for so long? Susan: We were married in October of 1967 so we just celebrated our 51st anniversary. That sounds like a long time but time flies by when you are married to your best friend. Robin: I agree with what Susan just said but would add we consider ourselves one unit rather than two separate units. This gives us more love and power than each of us alone. Tell us about your family. Susan: We have two Children, Jennifer who is married to Dr. Michael Robinson and Robert J. Shelley IV (Jud), and six grandchildren, Shelley Robinson, Madalyn Robinson, Robert J. Shelley V (Ripley), Tyler Shelley, Cody Shelley, and Brady Shelley.


Tell us about your foundation and the charitable causes you support. Robin: The Goldsmith Family Foundation was established by Susan’s Mother, Helen A. Goldsmith, in 1990. She saw this as a way to keep future generations involved in the community. She volunteered at Bascom Palmer Eye Hospital during her lifetime. The directors of the foundation are Susan, her brother, Bertram J. Goldsmith, Jr. (Chico) his wife, Cynthia R. Goldsmith and me. The mission of the foundation is: “The Goldsmith Family Foundation mission is to support educational and humanitarian programs for all ages in our community and around the world.” Susan: The foundation supports a variety of charities in our community and internationally. There are a million good causes, but we like to support charities we are involved with at some level. How did you get involved with the Rotary Club of Miami? Robin: I was asked to join the rotary Club of Miami in 1988 by one of my business partners. After a period of education about all the aspects of Rotary both locally and internationally I was hooked. One of the first Rotary programs I got involved with was the Youth Exchange Program where high school aged youths spend a school year studying and living in members homes in a foreign country. Over the years Susan and I have hosted four such students all of which have become like one of our own children. In 1994 I was elected to the Board of Directors of the club and served until 1996 when I was elected club President for Rotary Year 19961997. During that year I was asked by then Rotary International President, Luis Giay, to put on an Urban Peace Conference in Miami which he would attend. Susan and I worked with the Presidents of the twenty Rotary Clubs in Miami-Dade County to produce the conference which was attended by over 500 participants from various community organizations. We brought in world class speakers from both USA and International as well. After my year as club President, I was asked to serve as an Assistant Governor for our Rotary District. I served in that capacity until

Miami Kids Magazine December-January 2018

2001-2002 when I was elected as District Governor. As a Past Governor, I have held several positions at the district level since that time. Most importantly I served two, three-year terms as District Foundation Chair. Susan became a member of the Rotary Club of Miami in 1998. She stood by my side through out my positions in Rotary and as such she was well qualified to become a member of our club. What do you like most about the Rotary Club of Miami? Susan: Rotary gives you many opportunities to be involved both locally and internationally. Rotary changes lives for those we serve even though we may not know those we benefit. In addition, Rotary gives you the ability to interact with our club members and form a bond with them while living our motto, “Service Above Self.” Robin: Rotary is an organization of Business and Professional members united in the Ideal of service. Rotary brings together a diverse group of people who represent the make up of the community. Do you have a final thought for our readers? Susan: I encourage all people to be active in our community and support causes that are close to your heart. Robin: I like to express a quote I learned from a fellow Rotarian: “No one of us can do it all, but we can do it all together!”

, e in z a g a M s id K i m Mia

Local Business

t s e t n o C r e n Ow

It’s Christmas time and Miami Kids Magazine wanted to reward our readers. During the months of October and first week of November Miami Kids magazine ran a social media contest to reward parents that own local businesses. The parents, and business owners prepared a campaign to get the most votes to be featured in the magazine. Here we have the lucky winners.

Gigi Castellanos Gigi Castellanos is the wife of Wesley A. Castellanos. Wesley is the principal architect of Castellanos Design Studio. Wesley moved from NYC in 2005 to follow his dreams of designing modern architecture and preserving the historic fabric of South Florida. His company focuses on hospitality, residential and retail design architecture. Even with his busy demanding career, he managed to find love and start a family. Gigi and Wesley are the parents of two handsome boys.

Kristine Lubian K I C H U is a lifestyle brand specializing in classic resort wear for women. Influenced by the multi-cultural life and style of its Miami-born founder, Kristine Lubian Perez, KICHU inspires women with its romantic silhouettes, feminine designs and effortless elegance that blend into every part of the day. Kristin is the mother of three boys. Kristine has now introduced a boy’s swim collection as well as pajamas for boys and girls!

Wendy Montgomery Wendy Montgomery is the mother of a 19-year-old girl. She studied as a physical educator and worked as a trainer for athletes in NY for many years. She is the owner of Universidad de Chile USA, a soccer academy located in Miami that forms their athletes based out of respect, values, responsibility, tolerance, discipline and consistency. They offer scholarships to the best players to go to Chile for two weeks to train and learn from the Main Universidad de Chile.

Celioni Sena Celioni Sena is the owner of My Glitter Factory. She is mother of three kids. She started the business when her daughter Mia wanted something for her hair. She began to play with materials and came up with a few bow designs. Almost 2 years later she has 15 designs.

eal thy

family eating tips

Did you know eating healthy foods throughout the day helps children and the rest of us, for that matter, concentrate and learn? While we’ve often heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day, let’s not underestimate the power of a healthy lunch. One that is nutritious, quick to make, and fun and easy to eat.

s “It take 1 5 t s at lea to a es exposur d for a new fooo start child t it”. liking

By The Health Channel.


arents and caregivers may wonder, what is the most important thing that kids should take to school with them? According to registered dietitian Lucette Talamas with Baptist Health Primary Care, every lunch should include: fruit (apple, bananas, oranges), grains (bread, pasta), vegetables (carrots, celery, potatoes), dairy (yogurt, cheese), and protein (ham, chicken). For that picky eater, Lucette says “Don’t give up because it takes at least 15 exposures to a new food for a child to start liking it”. She also says to remember that a child’s taste buds are changing. So don’t get tired of exposing your children to new food. Lucette also recommends having a conversation with them. You might find out that they didn’t eat a vegetable because it was touching their rice. It could be that simple! The United States Department of Agriculture wants parents to keep in mind that when packing lunches the night before or even the morning of the school day, food temperature can work against food safety because harmful bacteria can grow in foods at room temperature.


Keeping foods cold in a tropical climate like South Florida becomes challenging. A good idea is to start with an insulated lunchbox. Also, besides the traditional ice pack often found in lunch bags, freezing food like yogurt is another way to keep food cold. Natalie Castro, the chief wellness dietitian at Baptist Health South Florida says healthy eating habits are learned behaviors. She says it’s up to parents and caregivers to set the example to eat fruits and vegetables instead of chicken fingers and french fries. It also takes more than putting healthy food in front of your child to get them to actually eat healthy. Lucette recommends getting your kids involved by taking them grocery shopping and letting them pick out the fruits and vegetables. It’s all about making it fun!

Miami Kids Magazine December-January 2018


Buddies By Nelly Lusich

Integrating kids with exceptional needs into society is something that we all should learn more about and how to actually do it. One organization that can help us to understand this process is Best Buddies. Best Buddies International is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). One of the ways they create one-to-one friendships is by bringing Best Buddies Friendship Chapters to all our schools! A Friendship Chapter is a club within the school, where a student with a disability is paired with a general education student. Throughout the year, Best Buddies and the school collaborate to facilitate activities that the friendship matches can do together. Lower level schools will do things in groups such as cookie decorating parties, Thanksgiving potlucks, and even school dances. Higher levels will do things such as bowling, karaoke, or attend a sporting event in groups and also individually with their buddy. Feinberg Fisher K-8 is an excellent example of what a Best Buddies Friendship Program should look like. They participate in Special Olympics together, host movie and pizza days, and many in-class activities. Mrs. Lisa Barron, the Faculty Advisor, and her husband are both passionate about the Best Buddies mission and dedicate their time to this organization. They make sure to host monthly chapter meetings, and are always ready and willing for any tasks that come their way!


Miami Kids Magazine December-January 2018

are our Friends Forever 1 2 3 4


What does it mean to you to work with kids with special needs? Working with kids with special needs is emotionally fulfilling and gratifying. It means the world to me to make a difference in someone's life. What types of kids do you receive in the school? We have all exceptionalities at the school. IND (self-contained and inclusion)/ Autistic( self-contained and inclusion) and EBD ( self-contained and inclusion) as well as SLD. What are the priorities of teachers in special day classes? The priorities of the teachers in special day class is educating students to reach their full potential. How much do special-needs students at the school interact with their typical peers? Special needs students at the school interact with their typical peers depending on the exceptionally. They have time in their schedules for art, music, physical education with typically developing peers. They also eat lunch together. Activities such as Best Buddies and Special Olympics also offer opportunities for interaction How much value does the school place on developing independence in special needs students? Our school places incredible value on developing independence in special needs students. It is our goal that each and every student will be allowed to reach his/her most independent self.


Gomez and her family holiday traditions

Johanna Gomez, a beautiful woman who broadcasts every

day at 11:30 am on NBC 6, and also is a co-host of 6 on the Mix, is featured on the front cover of our Holiday issue. Below you can read a nice article about how she shares different Holiday traditions with her family as a true modern family. 1 Tell us about your upbringing and formative years?

I was born in New York City and I was raised Catholic. I attended Catholic school and came from a traditional Catholic home.

2 Tell us about your schooling

and work at NBC6. How did you get started in TV? I attended Florida International University and received a Bachelors in Science in Mass Communications. My first job was hosting a half hour entertainment show for NBC's sister station MUN2. After a couple of years of working on the show I worked for WPLG as a general assignment reporter and now I have circled my way back to NBC6 as the co-host of 6 In the Mix.

3 What are your goals for a television career?

My goal is to continue to grow as a journalist and tell every story to the best of my ability.


4 We know you are Latin. What are 6 How do you celebrate the differences and similarities you find in working with the Latin and Anglo audiences?

I am American Latina and there are differences between the Latin and Anglo audience but there are more similarities than one thinks.

Christmas? Hanukkah? Are there any family traditions? I don't have a Christmas tree in my house because we are Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah but we also celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. We are a blended family and get the best of both worlds.

5 Tell us about your family. We know you are catholic and your husband is Jewish. Was there any obstacles for the two of you to get married and to raise a family? I have been married for thirteen years and my husband is Jewish. I converted ten year ago before we had kids but my side of the family practices Christianity. I had zero obstacles. My Jewish and Christian sides of my family are blended and at the end of the day it's about love. We are a true modern family.

Miami Kids Magazine December-January 2018

We are a true modern family, and we are all about love

CREDITS: Photography: Enrique Tubio LOCATION: The Christmas Palace HAIR: Samuel Lucena. Fios Beauty Salon Make up: Monique Casado. Fios Beauty Salon Clothing: Aleren Stylish: Janine Hensley Kids: Boy Meets Girl


Miami Kids Magazine



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Miami Kids Magazine December-January 2018

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s r e c n e Influ Miami Kids Magazine

Miami Kids Magazine is proud to present a group of successful and influential local parents that are going to be part of Miami Kids Magazine. During the upcoming issues they are going to tell us about different topics that they are going to write about in our weekly newsletter. Each of them is gong to have their own column, where they will share different tips about fashion for kids and parents, workout ideas for the family, and how to decorate a table to mention a few ideas.

Please meet…

Priscilla Eslo Stuart Barnes Sean Garner Sean is a Father, Fitness Professional, and Personal Trainer whose been named one of Miami’s Best Trainers and is the Creator of Little Anatomy, a kid’s program at Anatomy Gym in Miami Beach. His fun loving, big personality, and passion for inspiring families to live fit makes him a sought-after contributor and influencer. He’s worked with multiple top brands including Men’s Health Magazine, where he serves as a Fitness Advisor and regular contributor. He’s the creator of Project DadBod, an online coaching program for busy dad’s looking to up their game and lead their kids well. Most recently, he’s become the General Manager, of a well know fitness center in Miami. In his off-work hours, you can find him with his wife, Courtney and two daughters or serving at Vous Church. You can follow him on Instagram @SeanGarner.


Stuart was born and raised in the suburbs of NYC, on the Jersey shore, the best of both worlds. He works at a well-known high-end department store as an assistant manager. He met his wife, Melissa, a Miami native, and they settled in Miami eight years ago. They are raising their two children, Jacob and Avery, also known as #themagnifs, in this wonderful city. Stuart’s family’s life consists of lots of work and lots of play. The kids are involved in many in school and afterschool activities and sports. Their kids have a great core group of friends, and they, in turn, have nurtured friendships with many of their friends’ parents. His family enjoys vacationing together, celebrating holidays and spending time preparing and sharing family meals. The TV and all devices are turned off at meal time and they engage in good old fashioned conversation. They are truly blessed with the life we have been given.

Miami Kids Magazine December-January 2018

Priscilla was born and raised in Nicaragua, but she is currently living in the USA. She obtained a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She started with her current blog named after her “Priscilla Eslo”. She founded the blog as a source of inspiration for women, men and especially moms interested in a budget friendly fashion, trends, beauty and lifestyle tips. She launched her own beauty brand called “Eslove” in 2017 featuring a fragrance as the first. She recently got her master’s degree in Communications and she is now head of Marketing and PR at a tech company. Her journey as a mom has been the most fulfilling experience she has ever had. Being a young mom made her mature at a fast pace but also gave her the courage to follow her dreams. She loves having movie nights with her little one (Emi), going to the zoo and chilling by the pool.

Fran Framos Fran has graduated with a degree in law and is married. She is a housewife and the mother of twins Beatriz (2 y.o.) and Olivia (2 y.o.), aside from her other kids, Rafaela (8 y.o.) and João (5 y.o.). Passionate for knowledge, laws, and cake with milk, she runs the Instagram @ beatriz.olivia where she shares moments, photos, and describes the wonders of motherhood.

Fefa Caram

Jackie Yesharim

Fefa Caram was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and studied fashion and advertising. Since moving to Miami in 2013 with her husband, she has been working on her blog about motherhood. She is the mother of two beautiful boys who inspire her even more to set up her blog and Instagram account (@larobe_ baby) to share her journey and to help mother’s to understand and learn with humor the challenges off motherhood.

Jackie is the creator of Home Over House. She truly believes that you must follow your heart to be happy, and her heart led her to the kitchen! Growing up in a Jewish home with 8 children, her family’s way of getting together was around the dinner table. Having started her own family of four, she kept that tradition in her home. Jackie enjoys cooking fresh, healthy and family style foods, which she shares with everybody through social media. She hope to share her passion and knowledge of home cooked meals with everyone.

Bessy Barbeite

Ana Carolina dA Fonseca

Monique Casado

Bessy Barbeite is a former preschool teacher turned stay-at-home mom of two boys. She lives in South Florida with her husband and kids where she runs her blog Simply Bessy. Bessy loves helping others and connecting with moms through social media. It’s what inspired her to start her blog and share her triumphs and struggles in motherhood. On Simply Bessy she shares everything from family travels and local events to maternal mental health and parenting a child with Autism. Bessy and her family enjoy visiting Walt Disney World (as many times as possible), watching movies and playing video games. On the weekends you’ll likely find them on family walks or on an adventure together.

Ana Carolina was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Now she is living in the USA for several years. In 1997 she won Miss Brazil USA, after that she started her carrier as a model and actress having important roles in Hispanic productions made in the USA.

Monique Casado is well known in the beauty industry and own six beauty salons. She was trained in Paris by Make Up Forever “Beauty, Fashion and Visagism” program, and “Air Brush” by the German brand Kryolan. She presented makeup shows and photoshoots in Paris, South Africa, Rome, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro. She is also a regional champion and vice national champion of “Trend Vision Award”. Founder of Fios Beauty, in Miami, with her husband Samuel Lucena.

This talented actress, with years of working in front of the camera in TV and movie productions, changed her focus and used her skills learned from her past projects and knowledge of production, as a platform to launch “Ana Carolina Events”. Ana Carolina is also a mother of two beautiful girls. She enjoys spending time with them playing and going to the beach.

Monique has a family of six. Mother of four kids, and stepmother of two.


Miami Kids Magazine


By Snip Its specialist

he most wonderful time of the year is back! Is time for smiles, great holiday fun, sparkle and happy kids. At Snip its South Miami the holidays are extra special. Snip it’s a children´s hair salon that is bright, colorful and super fun. Stylists are well trained to cut your kiddo’s hair, style it and make them smile, including children on the autism spectrum. At Snip its South Miami you can surely feel the holiday spirit with festive looks, great hairstyles and fun accessories. The selection is great, from temporary hair color for boys and girls to elegant hairstyles for girls for the family photo or Grandma´s house. Santa will be thrilled to see your little ones all styled for Christmas. Ask for the Candy Cane hair color, the reindeer hair bun or a beautiful accessorized braids or up dos. All of them are perfect for the last day of school before the holiday starts, Santa´s Picture or to wear to a party. From more traditional looks to the most fun, Snip its offers a great selection of holiday looks. Rudolph´s nose in a bun is super cute! The Elsa braid accessorized with Mr Fox´s barrettes is magical and Princess Leia´s Christmas mini buns are out of this world.


Miami Kids Magazine December-January 2018

s e thi Mak extra day holi ial with spec holiday t grea styles. r hai

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Ausiya & Iwan Mohamed

Beatrice and Albert Miniaci


Karla & Scott Richey

DJ Irie & Steve Stowe - Miami Heat

The YMCA of South Florida hosted its annual Beach Ball Gala Fundraiser on Saturday, September 29, 2018, at the InterContinental Miami Hotel. The event brought out the region’s top business and community leaders to raise funds in support of the YMCA’s water safety and drowning prevention initiatives. Elisabeth DeLuca & Jonathan DeLuca

Susan & Robin Shelley

Jen Herrera - Kristin Sanchez Johanna Gomez

Maximo Etcheverry - Sheryl Woods - Lynn WoodTeri Hernandez - Noah Downer

Kathleen Cannon - Steve Cooney - Jacqueline Howe - Jason Howe

Carolyn - Jon - Chris - Nancy Batchelor & Angus McLaughlin

Paola Saiontz - Holly Freyre - Sheryl Woods - Steve Saiontz

Miami Kids Magazine Family Costume Contest Participants

The City of South Miami and Miami Kids Magazine presented Spooktacular Safe Streets Halloween! Miami Kids Magazine Kids Costume Contest Winners

On Wednesday, October 31st, Miami Kids Magazine and the City of South Miami closed the streets on Sunset Drive (SW 72nd Avenue) from US1 to Red Road (57th Avenue). More than 5,000 families strolled the street in costumes and visited different vendors that provided candies and other giveaways, they enjoyed games, prizes, music, pumpkin painting, inflatables, face painting and more. It was a safe event thanks to the South Miami Police Department. This free event was sponsored by Splitsville, South Florida PBS, WPBT2, Sushi Runner, Snip-its, and Caramelo Caramelo.

Miami Kids Magazine Kids Costume Contest Participants

Karla, Valeria, Kenneth, and Scott Richey

South Florida PBS booth

Katarina & Felix Siman

Eliska, Robert & Robert Jr.Householder

Happy trick or treaters

Griselle, David & Giada Pastor,

Noah, Michael & Jessica Giro

Tylie, Mylinn, Tylinn & Olivia

Sharky and his friends

Be a MonStar with Miami Kids Magazine and Pottery Barn Kids

Karla & Valeria Richey

Cinderella, Snowhite, Elsa, Darth Vader

On October 27, MKM and PBK celebrated Halloween with a parade around Shop’s at Merrick Park. We visited our partner stores like William’s Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Neiman Marcus, Boy Meets Girl, Gables Pediatrics and Kumon, ending the parade at Pottery Barn Kids. There we raffled tickets to The Crayola Experience in Orlando, a pirate cruise with Bluefoot Pirate and a Pottery Barn Kids basket. The kids enjoyed trick or treating, refreshments, sweets, face painting and also a treasure hunt.

Anna, Bruno, Filipe, Joaquin Salgado

Helena and Lucia Iravedra

Anna, Jayce, and Victor Curbelo

Jim, Lacey, and Lucas

Miami Kids Magazine was a proud sponsor of The Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Festival On October 13 & 14 at Regatta Park in Coconut Grove was feature a variety of fun activities for the whole family, including a pumpkin patch with 5,000 pumpkins to pick from! Plus, carnival rides for ALL AGES! A cornstalk maze, a dress-your-own scarecrow village, and tons of beautiful photo vignettes were families captured their perfect Autumn photo. Karla, Valeria, Kenneth & Scott Richey

Karla & Scott Richey

Carlos Fernandez-Guzman, Ronald L. Book, Esq. & Peter Pruitt

Trish & Dan Bell, Barbara & Peter Pruitt, Marile & Jorge Luis Lopez, Esq. Red Flower Wall

Chapman Partnership’s Illuminations Gala celebrates community that guides homeless to self-sufficiency Chapman Partnership Board of Trustees

Chapman Partnership celebrated its annual Illuminations Gala on Saturday, October 13, at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami with an evening of dining, dancing, and entertainment honoring the donors and volunteers whose work helps empower the 5,000 residents Chapman Partnership serves annually. Alan Rosenberg, Esq. & Ana Maria Rodriguez, nextgen after party chairs

Heide & Jose Dans

Coral Gables Mayor Raul Valdez with grand kids, little friends, Santa and Mrs. Claus

Belkys Nerey

Miami Kids Magazine was a proud supporter of The Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at Shops at Merrick Park Dominique, Gabriela, Sebastian &Stefan Gruker

Sharky, Kenneth, Karla, Valeria & Scott Richey

On Thursday, November, 15th. families gathered for the tree lighting ceremony at the Shops of Merrick Park. Kids enjoyed ballet performances, music and photo opportunities with Santa. The event was hosted by Belkys Nerey award-winning co-anchor of WSVN Channel 7 News and as a special guest Mayor of Coral Gables Raul Valdez. Kids brought presents for the children at Nicklaus Children’s hospital for a chance to win on a raffle. Prizes from stores at the mall included two annual passes to Legoland provided by Miami Kids Magazine.

Santa and Mrs. Claus

Santa, Kenneth and Valeria Richey

Lucia & Lidia Delgado, Sandra Blanco, Martina & Sarah Graces

Isa Prado, aniela Vergara, Fernanda, Fabiana & Federica Lauria, Alana Dibildox, Charlotte Rudkins & Alexa Prado

Hair stylish by Snip Its and facepainting by Caramelo Caramelo

Mrs. Claus & Sharky