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Soak up the sun–it’s time to have some fun! Now - August 12, 2018 Enjoy these family fun activities: • School’s Out for Summer Sing-A-Long, Swamp Witch Escape Room and Build-A-Bear Workshop® • Celebrate the Summer Pool Party and SummerFest Atrium Light Show, both presented by bubly™ • Cypress Springs Family Fun Water Park featuring our Big Cypress 60ft waterslide and double FlowRider® • Spa specials, surf shows and much more!

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City of Miami Mayor FRANCIS SUAREZ. A role model as a father and as a Mayor.



What’s in your bag? Check out why eating 5 a day is so important


Join the new trend of exercising with your kids.

Summer Camp Guide #3 MKM SUMMER CAMP GUIDE sponsored by iSwim Academy



MINA’S Mini Farm








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WHITE TIGER & DRAGON MARTIAL ARTS, A Passion through generations.




Miami Kids Magazine rewarded their readers on a private Mother’s Day ceremony. Coconut Grove Arts Festival Student Awards: High School Seniors Receive $20,000 In Scholarships. American Red Cross Greater Miami & The Keys chapter honors Chayanne at 36th annual Red Cross Ball. Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Miami Raises $135,000 at Miracle Makers Luncheon and Fashion Show. Coral Gables Community Foundation Awards nearly $80,000 at Annual Scholarship Reception. Communities in Schools of Miami Hosts Sailing for success fundraising.

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the organizations we support and our team. This couldn’t happen without each of you. A very special thanks to my family who gave me support and patients and to God who inspires me in each decision I make.

In this issue we are going to have a special recognition to our Fathers for all of their hard work, support to the family, and also for being a mentor and inspiration to our kids. I wanted to also recognize my husband who is an extraordinary partner and father to our kids. Also to my father, who inspired me and supported me in creating Miami Kids Magazine. He is a role model for me and also a loving grandfather. On our cover page we have our City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and his beautiful family. We have an article on his role as a second-time father a role model as a father and as a mayor. Don’t miss the interview on pages 18 and 19. Its summer time, which means time to enjoy vacations with the family. We have a great article on page 8 on how to make your vacations a fun time instead of a “staycation” while maximizing the time and budget. We also have Summer Camp Guide number #3 with the best resources of camps to choose from to make the right decision when you choose a camp for your kids. Remember your child’s personality and abilities when you are choosing the camp. Again, thank you for continuing to read and support Miami Kids Magazine. Happy Father’s Day, 4th of July and the rest of the summer!

Karla C. Richey 6

Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2018

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By Diane Landsberg


s the summer fast approaches, many families are researching activities, camps, and vacation options that they might enjoy when school is out. Depending on your family’s budget, organizing the upcoming summer months should start now. Just like a summer family vacation, even a “staycation” takes planning and input from everyone to guarantee a good time for all and to create excitement about spending quality time together. First, plan a schedule for each day of the special week. This does not mean that every hour of everyday is filled. Having time to “just chill” should also be on the schedule. Make a list of some general rules such as putting away electronic devices (that means you too, Dad), no fighting, being polite to one another, and most of all, enjoy being a member of your special family. Some economical suggestions are: Visit


libraries, public parks, beaches, book stores, and arts & craft fairs, which are all free. When planning a visit to a paid attraction, consider purchasing a family membership as an investment that you can use throughout the year. It doesn’t take much to create lasting, special memories: • Camping out in your backyard or even the living room; • Create, act, and film funny movies; • Play with puzzles or board games; • Shop together to cook a fun meal (individual pizzas, tacos and fondue are easy); • Print special photographs from your phone to frame or put in an album; • Let the kids select a movie to watch at home with popcorn or ice cream treats; • Research restaurants where kids eat free (or really cheap)

Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2018

It is always a good idea to pack a bag and leave in the car, that contains a small blanket, towels, flip flops, clean shirts, and hats so you are always ready for an impromptu picnic at a beach or park. Also, create a general “grab and go” activity bag that you keep replenished with wipes, sun screen, insect repellant, first aid kit, notepad & pen, refillable water bottles, snacks and a little extra cash and change. You can also begin a special Family Diary that everyone writes in to describe what they did together and how it made them feel. And, if possible, reward good behavior, etc. It takes a little planning to be spontaneous…. but it is guaranteed to bring you closer as a family.

Have a great summer!

J Anabella’s A True Love From

The Heart, Story.

erry and Lourdes Rodriguez were overjoyed when they welcomed their son, Matthew, to the world in 2006. It wasn’t long before they welcomed their second child into the world, Anabella, in the summer of 2008. Anabella seemed perfectly healthy and strong. Blindly walking into what she expected to be a routine two month checkup, Lourdes still remembers how the pediatrician paused when listening to Anabella’s heartbeat. She recalls how he then stepped out and consulted with a second doctor. Both doctors now stood in front of Anabella with concerned faces and confirmed that they heard a murmur which sounded large and that a follow up with a cardiologist should be done soon. Two weeks later, the young parents left the cardiologist’s office in tears as they were informed that in fact, Anabella had Atrial Septal Defect which was a large hole in the center of Anabella’s heart. The hole was the size of a quarter in a two month old which caused her blood to incorrectly flow into her lungs, making Anabella susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections. Long term consequences were troubling, yet until she turned 1, Anabella seemed to have no symptoms. At that age, the tide changed and Anabella was hospitalized with pneumonia. Within a year, she was hospitalized a second time with pneumonia. It was time to act and at age 3, a cardiac catheterization was performed on Anabella. To Jerry and Lourdes’ shock, the surgeon walked out after a five hour procedure to inform them the hole was not closed due to its large size. The only option left for their daughter was open heart surgery. Jerry and Lourdes were devastated by the news. Jerry and Lourdes started the challenging process of interviewing hospitals in and outside Florida. Ultimately, they decided to stay in Miami and have nationally recognized Dr. Redmond Burke perform surgery on Anabella at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Anabella had open heart surgery in July 2013, two weeks before turning 5 years old. The procedure was a success. Two weeks later, she was able to celebrate her 5th birthday at a local pottery shop with her family and closest friends. In the months after the surgery, Anabella’s health soared as her heart began to function properly. Since the surgery, she has had no limitations, embracing life and activities such as taekwondo, soccer, ballet, and dance. Anabella enjoys traveling and has visited Italy, Spain, Alaska, New York, and South Dakota since her surgery while walking, running and/or hiking miles at times, with her older brother at toe. Anabella has been able to use her experience in a positive way to inspire others. This July, Anabella will celebrate her 10th birthday and will begin as she calls it, her “double digit years”.

Jerry and Lourdes are grateful for their many blessings, the most important being the health of their two beautiful children. 10

Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2018

What's in Your Bag? Check out why eating 5 a day is so powerful! TOMATOES Tomatoes are high in vitamins C and A, are fat-free, low in sodium and satisfy 10% of your daily need for potassium. Tomatoes are the only food source rich in the powerful antioxidant lycopene, which may protect against cancer and heart disease. Cooking tomatoes actually increases its antioxidant power and delivers fresh flavor and richness to recipes.

LEAFY GREENS Dark green, leafy veggies are nutritional powerhouses with vitamins A, C and K, and phytonutrients that can improve your health. Research shows that adding dark, leafy greens to a meal results in eating fewer calories. Plus, the fiber and water content helps fill you up and keep you feeling full longer.

CITRUS Packed with vitamin C, folic acid, lycopene and fiber, citrus fruits may help prevent several diseases including heart disease and cancer. Additionally, recent studies show that these fruits may help improve cognitive function in older adults.

APPLES The saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," may be true! Eating one large apple provides 20% of the recommended daily value of dietary fiber, 8% of the recommended antioxidant vitamin C and 7% of your day’s potassium, all for only 130 calories. Apples may help move your digestion along, and they provide an array of strong antioxidants that may help prevent heart disease.

ONIONS The flavor-filled onion is high in vitamin C and is a good source of fiber. Onions contain quercetin and allium, two types of antioxidants which may protect against disease. Don’t cry over your onions; try chilling them before you chop.


Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2018

BANANAS A fun to eat and easy to carry fruit, bananas are high in potassium and fiber. They contain beta-carotene, lutein, selenium, vitamins A, C and E to boost your nutrition. The riper they are, the more nutrient dense they become. Keep that banana that is about to turn brown!

PEPPERS Green peppers are a low calorie source of Vitamins A and C, folic acid and potassium. They are rich in fiber and provide the antioxidant properties that help you fight disease. As peppers ripen, its nutrient powers grow stronger as they turn yellow and red.

SQUASH Depending on the color, squash can be rich in carotenoids and phytochemicals that may help fight disease. The deeper the color, typically, the better the nutritional value. Most squash are rich in vitamins A and C and packed with fiber. Different varieties are available in summer and winter, but all will improve your diet!

CUCUMBERS More than 95% water, cucumbers are a low-calorie way to add a delicious crunch to your meals. The peel and seeds are the most nutrient-dense parts of the cucumber. They contain fiber and phytochemicals such as beta-carotene, so don’t peel your cucumber before you eat it!

CARROTS One medium-size carrot packs 2 grams of fiber and only 25 calories. It is an excellent source of vitamin A, providing more than 200% of your daily requirement in just one carrot. The deeper orange the carrot, the more phytochemicals like beta-carotene you’re getting.

PEARS In a tiny, little sweet package, pears contain antioxidants including the powerhouse vitamin C. They are also a great source of fiber, which may help decrease the risk of heart disease and keep little tummies full throughout the day.

SWEET POTATOES Sweet potatoes contain more than a days worth of vitamin A. These spuds also contain high levels of B vitamins and are high in carotenoids. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant and is linked to anti-aging benefits, cancer prevention and the maintenance of good eyesight.

Join the

new trend of exercising

with your

By JP Montanari As I've recently become a proud father, I have learned that fatherhood is an enormous responsibility, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful or boring. Nowadays more and more fathers happily participate in the daily tasks of raising a little one; including exercising and sharing time during physical activities. Experts have concluded that ANY type of physical activity practiced as a family creates healthier habits as well as builds stronger emotional bonds with its participants. Healthy parents tend to have kids repeat the same healthy habits, which can be sustained even through adulthood. Here are some of my favorite exercises that you can do with your little one: • Jogging with stroller: Performing 30 minutes or more of aerobic exercise per day (jogging, brisk walking) builds a stronger heart and lungs, reduces the risk of heart diseases and helps with weigh loss. • Body weight training: Resistance training helps you increase strength and build lean muscles. We all need that extra strength as the little one grows older and heavier. The great thing about this type of exercise is that you don’t need equipment or a gym membership. • Pool time: Spending time in the water can be a great place to bond with your little one whether it’s racing from one side of the pool to the other or teaching your kid how to swim. Swimming is one of the most complete exercise regimens since it increases aerobic capacity with minimal joint pressure. I hope you can incorporate some of these simple tips with your child for a healthier home, family, and lifestyle.


Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2018

By Karla Richey


iami Kids Magazine enjoyed an afternoon with City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and his beautiful family who opened the door of their house to share a little bit of his everyday life with our readers.

We all may know Mayor Suarez, but we would like to ask you, who is Francis Suarez? First and foremost, I am a father, a husband and a son. Coming home every day to my wonderful wife, Gloria, and my two children, Andrew and Gloriana, inspires me to be a better man, which helps me in every other facet of my life, including my role as mayor. Family life grounds me and serves as a powerful reminder about what is truly important. No matter how challenging circumstances may get in my professional life, I know I always have them to lean on. I can always look forward to seeing them at the end of my day. That’s something I take great comfort in. I am also a neighbor. As the first Miami-born Mayor of the City of Miami, I hold this community very close to my heart. This isn’t just a city to me. This is home. I played basketball in these parks, studied in these schools, and rode my bike through these streets. And those are memories I will always cherish that encourage me to provide that lifestyle for my children and other generations to follow. Tell us about your family background, upbringing and education. I am very fortunate to have grown up in a close knit familial environment where the values of responsibility, faith, and selflessness were


Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2018



A role model as a father and as a mayor

it meant to serve and commit yourself to something greater than yourself. Being socially conscious was almost a requirement that happens to serve me well in my role as mayor today. Interestingly enough, however, I never really thought I would get into politics. I earned my bachelor’s degree in finance from Florida International University, before receiving my law degree from the University of Florida. I then went into private practice. I think the fact that my political career happened more gradually and organically actually helps me approach my job from a more interpersonal perspective. How do you prioritize the demand of being a father with your role as a mayor of a large US city? In some ways, they are actually very similar. As mayor, I am always thinking about our community’s next generation. That is why I am so committed to elevating our residents’ quality of life by focusing on resiliency, technology, and growth. Those are areas that can make or break us in the years to come depending on the decisions we make today, and how we make them. It is very real. The actions we take now affect the welfare of our future generations, which include my children. The main difference, I presume, is that the residents are my bosses. My children are not (laughter).

Coming home every day to my wonderful wife, Gloria, and my two children, Andrew and Gloriana, inspires me to be a better man.

As a leader of our community, what values do you teach your children? Be kind to everyone. Embrace the power of faith. Understand that you don’t know someone until you know their story. To find your spiritual center. And to resist being sucked up by negativity and the hyper-partisan world we live in. What is your greatest challenge as you lead the city into the next decade? Managing expectations and enhancing Miami’s brand in the face of counter-branding efforts by others. The counter-brand is that Miami will be underwater in 10 or 15 years. I am tasked with fighting that counter-brand by making Miami the most resilient city in the world. It is a tall order that requires a lot of difficult decisions that can have a tremendous impact on our residents’ lives. I take that very seriously. Staying open, communicative, and realistic about what our residents can expect from us, and maintaining that message throughout the process of beefing up our resiliency efforts, is certainly a challenge that I am prepared to face head-on every day. Give us a final message as a father for all our readers. Cherish every moment, because you can’t turn back the clock. Even when you are exhausted from being kept up all night, cherish it. When your arms are giving out from carrying them, cherish it. Because even though it may seem like a drag in the moment, it is still a moment you will never get back, and one you will end up looking back on fondly. Encourage your children to do what they love. Wake up every day full of gratitude for having the greatest job in the world. Be the guiding light in their lives and a perpetual source of positivity. Help them grow in wisdom and compassion, always be nice to them, because one day they might be taking care of you.

promoted. Growing up with three sisters helped me become more compassionate and understanding. My mother and I have very similar personalities in that we approach life with enthusiasm and always try to see the good in people and the world around us. My father had a huge role in exposing me to public service from a young age. He taught me what

Credits: Pictures : Enrique Tubio Clothing : Vix Paula Hermanny Her : Boy Meets Girl Kids Make up and Hair Stylish: S Salon & Spa

June-July 2018

Miami Kids Magazine


Broadway Bites: Musical Theatre Summer Camp Broadway Bites is Area Stage’s musical theatre summer camp experience! Available for ages 5-18, these are weeklong performance intensives where students will hone their singing, dancing, and acting skills by working with our experienced instructors. The program will run for 10 sessions this summer, starting in June, and students can opt to attend one week, all 10 weeks, or any number in between. Contact frontdesk@areastagecompany. com for more info.

Art Box : “Miami Art Scene”

Summer Theatre Academy At The University Of Miami Six weeks of fun and learning! Students gain valuable theatre skills, confidence, self-esteem, and a love of creativity, through theatre games and acting exercises led by our well-trained, caring staff.

Real Food Academy In our Summer Cooking Camp, we teach your kids to have fun, eat healthy, develop or hone their cooking skills, experiment in the kitchen, improve math and reading skills … all in a fun way, while expanding their culinary palate. Phone: 786-395-0355 Address: 570 NE 81st Street Miami, FL 33138 Web page: https://therealfoodacademy. com/summer-camp/


Have you ever wondered where some of the best art in Miami can be found? Who are some of today’s most renowned artists? Where are the newest, most innovative pieces as well as timeless, precious collections of the greats? Join Art Box’s summer program, “Miami’s Art Scene,” as we learn about some of Miami’s best venues for Contemporary Art. We will be learning about current and past exhibitions from the Perez Art Museum, the Bakehouse, and the Rubell Family Collection and gathering inspiration to create our own unique masterpieces!

Phone:305-284-4474, Email: Web page:

Summer Camp: June 25 - August 10th Phone: 305-778-1270 Email: Website:

Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay’s Summer Camps

Coconut Grove Sailing Club

Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay’s summer camps are a time to make new friends, try new things, come face-to-face with a giraffe and challenge Florida’s top thrill rides. For more than 25 years, Busch Gardens has provided children with inspiring and educational experiences with some of the best camp options found anywhere! From unparalleled interactive animal experiences to behind-the-scenes moments, we have a variety of day camps and resident camps to fit your child’s grade level and interests. Registration is open now at Buschgardens. com/camp and 813-884-4FUN

Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2018

Learn water safety, develop sense of direction, make new friends, gain confidence. Our Sailing Camp is geared toward beginner to intermediate level sailors ages 6-17 using our fleet of Optimists, SailCubes, Laser Picos and FJ’s. A simple swim test is giving on the first day of each camp session. Children are then divided into groups by age, size and experience. Phone: 305-444-4571 Email: Address: 2990 S Bayshore Dr. Miami Fl. 33133

Little Canes Summer Classes

White Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts

Zaniac Steam Camp

Little Canes offers developmentally appropriate musical activities for children from birth to age 5, stimulating their musical skills and nurturing their developing minds. Classes are designed to help introduce children and adults to the joy of music in a fun, interactive, and relaxed environment. Summer A Session: June 4th to June 30th Summer B Session: July 23rd to August 18th Contact

White Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts offers kempo karate/brazilin jiu-jitsu/ mixed martial arts/kick boxing and self-defense. These classes promote a sense of physical and psychological well-being. The main goal is for students to learn independence and self-confidence that can be used inside and outside of the dojo.

Zaniac’s STEAM camps are for kids 5-14 to learn robotics, code video games, fly rockets & drones, craft Minecraft® mods & more! Zaniac, 21st century skills that feel like playing!

Phone: (305) 505-4919 Address: 2460 SW 28th Ln, Miami, FL 33133

Phone: 305.668.0605 Email: Website: southmiami/ Address: 8322 S. Dixie Hwy (Dadeland Station)

Jet setting around the world summer camp at Coral Gables Pre- School Get your passports ready! Travel around the world with Coral Gables Preschool. This 10-week summer program will take you to some of the most amazing countries in the world. In each country, you will learn about the language, food, culture, history, and landmarks. In addition to learning about the specific countries, we will also be doing hands-on science experiments and have in-house field trips and other fun activities. Pack your bags and strap in for a worldwide adventure!!

Jim Mclean Junior Golf Camp At The Biltmore

Shake a Leg Miami

The Junior Camp offers beginner to somewhat intermediate junior golfers the opportunity to enjoy learning to play golf while having fun and making new friends. Each day will include a variety of instruction on different parts of the game including: chipping, pitching, bunker, long iron, driver and Golf IQ.

Shake A Leg Miami Watersports camp and Adventure Island Camp provides fun, safe & exciting water based educational opportunities for youth of all abilities. Youth enjoy sailing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and exploring Biscayne Bay.

Phone: 305-460-5364 Email:

Phone 305-858-5550 Web page: http://www.shakealegmiami. org/miami-summer-camps-.htm

Ages: 4 to 10 Time: 7:30AM to 6:30PM Phone: 786-332-3610 Frost Science Museum Explore the wonders of science through four different week-long camps themed around the amazing science showcased at Frost Science including engineering, astronomy, marine biology and health. Design a plane or rocket ship, meet the animals in our Aquarium, explore the universe in our stateof-the-art 8K Planetarium and learn about the amazing human body and brain. Summer Camp (Jun 18th – Aug 10th2018) Phone: 305-434-9564, Email: Address: 1101 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33132 Web page: camps/

Ransom Everglades Day Camp

Mina’s Mini Farm Summer Camp.

Is organized to give each camper opportunities for individual growth, for learning new skills, for making friends, for developing teamwork, and most of all, having fun.

For kids of ages 4-14. Have your kids enjoy outdoor activities on a mini farm for a good cause. Experiencing interaction with rescued farm animals, coaching and meditation programs, Health conscious nutrition and much more. T 305-984-2480

Phone Number: Mr. Thomas Willis 305460-8874 Address: 3575 Main Hwy, Miami Fl. 33133

Global Connection Global Connection Summer Camp includes Chinese and Spanish Immersion, Lego, cooking, sports, music and art. Phone: Tel :786-476-2105 Address: 2401 SW 3rd AVE, Miami FL 33129

iSwim ACADEMY iSwim academy managed by coach Nick, is a fun way for children to learn how to swim. The classes are divided into two main areas: Private and group classes. Each class is 30 minutes long. The academy also has a non- competitive swim team and a kids triathlon team starting this year. Phone: 305-456-0518

City Trekker Camps At The Coral Gables Museum Explore the City of Coral Gables through a variety of disciplines and take advantage of the cultural destinations The City Beautiful has to offer.

Sponsored by

Phone:305.603.8067 Email: June-July 2018

Miami Kids Magazine


Bruce Lee & her father Robert White have been the two inspirations behind Sensei Carol White.


hat is the meaning of Sensei? It’s “Teacher” in Japanese. Sensei Carol White is the director of White Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts and has accomplished a lot in the martial arts world. It all started in the early 70's with long training sessions with her father in the backyard. She presently owns one of the largest and most prestigious martial art's academies in South Florida: White Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts, affectionately named after her father’s inspiration before he passed away in June 2014. In the past 20 years she has taught thousands of students not only how to protect themselves with the values of martial arts and also what her father instilled in her "WHY BE GOOD WHEN YOU COULD BE GREAT"!


Mr. Robert White Last year she was recognized by the Miami Commission for her devotion to her community. She currently is a 4th degree black belt in American Kenpo karate, taught by one of the best martial artist in the world, 10th degree Black Belt LARRY TATUM. She also has three different black belts in other styles. Sensei Carol is an Olympic Trainer and was inducted into the Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2005. She was the first professional Mixed Martial Arts Trainer in Florida as well as a first generation female MMA fighter. Even world famous Gina Carano listened to her and used one of her fight strategies in a big win. She had the first women's MMA fight to be televised in Sunrise, Florida in 2008 versus Kelly Kobold. Needless to say, SHE WON! Sensei Carol has also trained such champions as Cailtin Dechelle wo was the stunt double for Wonder Woman and Carlos Saborio, who fought on

By Nelly Lusich


Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2018

ESPN with his Sensei right by his side to become the world amateur mixed Martial Art’s Champion. "My greatest accomplishment are my STUDENTS” she says. A good example is Bennan LLaird who has taught since he was 6 years old and now is he 22, and is part of the team that works at Carol’s side. The White Family has done martial arts for nearly 100 yrs. Sensei Carol has proudly preserved and continued their legacy. The word SAMURAI means to serve and that is what she does. She humbly serves Miami, her community and home to the best of her ability and teaches her students to do the same.

Martial Arts.

Miami Beach couple Gabi Meira and Borja Mantero didn’t know much about kids until they became the first ones amongst their group of friends to become parents. !Surprise! The passage from “regular people” to parents was so transformative to them that they left their old careers and started a business off the desire to create a new parenting experience. That’s how Criblis, a digital marketplace for renting, buying and selling premium kids’ products was born. Tell us a bit about why you were passionate about creating CRIBLIS? Gabi: Upon getting pregnant, we learnt that there was an overwhelming world of baby products that we were about to belong to. It’s an industry that spills out innovative, high-end products every day. Like most new parents we wanted to feel good about our ability as care givers and a lot of that comes from providing the best products to our child. The products themselves are incredibly seductive. You just have to have them all. However, you quickly realize how fast the phases change and products are outgrown. We thought that there should be a more efficient and collaborative way where we’d be able to get products for as long as we need them and experiment with products without a gigantic financial burden. Our way to do that was creating Criblis, a market that focuses exclusively in the baby world, by parents for parents that allows rentals and sales. Borja: We purchased a lot of things, all state of the art, and we saw how perfect they still were after being used for a few months. We thought it’d make sense to have a safe place to re-coup some of the investment, encourage smart consumption and eliminate so much of the waste around short lived baby products within one family. Moreover, each baby is so different that not one product fits all, that means that parents go through the experience of buying two or even three brands of the same category of product until they find the model that their babies actually like. Sounds ridiculous, but it happens every day.

How did MOMPRENEURS become an important part of Criblis? Gabi: U p o n l a u n c h i n g t h e marketplace here in Miami we realized that beyond being a peer-topeer platform for pre-owned products, Criblis could also help mompreneurs makers or curators in the same segment to get to their target. Marketing can be prohibitive for artisans and small businesses and by displaying on Criblis that can save some of that effort and focus on creating. Criblis will be doing the work of targeting and attractive the audience of parents who want to purchase the type of products that mompreneurs have to offer. Borja: We also feel like it helps build a strong community when we feature these mompreneurs on our platform and social media. People learn the stories behind the creations.

The Criblis app is AVAILABLE on the App Store and Google Play

I wish I could do more to help more individuals and rescue more animals

A small farm with a major purpose for animals. By Nelly Lusich

Credits: Photo : Gabriel Cuesta Make up : Gaby Tachinamo


Miami Kids Magazine June-July 2018

Mina’s Mini Farm is a private sanctuary and animal rescue. The majority of the animals at the farm were purchased from several sacrifice farms. Once they arrive at the farm, in mostly poor conditions, they receive love, attention and medical care needed to recover physically as well as emotionally. As soon as the animals are in better shape, they become part of a program called “Stimulation & Interaction,” part of the Shine Bright Foundation. Thanks to this partnership, they can offer special programs to individuals with special conditions, such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism among others, with the propose to interact with the animals as a form of therapy. This beautiful farm is the home to approximately 112 animals such as goats, sheep, miniature horses, chickens, rabbits, pigs, cats and many more. The founder of the farm is actress and public relations graduate from Venezuela, Amina Taulbee, who moved to Miami when she was a child. Amina loves what she does as she gets gratified when she sees families enjoying the animals and also experiencing her animals grow and warming up to humans again, after being neglected or mistreated for most of their lives. She mentioned that every time she rescues an animal she feels blessed to take them out of misery, but at the same time sad to see how many more are left behind. To support the mission to rescue more animals and continue with the program for the individuals with special conditions, there are plenty of ways to help. Mina’s Mini Farm is always in search of volunteers for the farm and animal duties along with sponsor and fundraising opportunities of any kind. Monetary and food donations are much needed and highly appreciated. This month Mina launched the ‘105 Beating Hearts’- Campaign’. They are looking for a sponsor for each of their animals. Everyone can become a sponsor by donating a monthly fee or food supply for the animal of your choice. If you would like to know more about Mina’s Mini Farm or the Foundation call +1 305 984 2480 or write on Instagram @minasminifarm.

Melissa Minino & Maria Pitsoulakis

Mari Ojeda & Lysa Robles

Karla Richey and Sofia Andrade

Miami Kids Magazine rewarded their readers with a private Mother’s Day ceremony On May 9th, Miami Kids Magazine hosted a private event to reward our readers. The attendees enjoyed healthy food from Health Route 66, desserts from Coco Bambu, and a candy buffet from Caramelo Caramelo. They also had the opportunity to check out the latest collection of sportwear from Equilibrium active wear and a beauty consultation from Coral Gables Dermatology. They had the opportunity to download the Criblis application and enjoy of a 20% exclusive discount. Karla Richey, publisher of the magazine, thanked them for all of their support and loyalty to the magazine and rewarded them with a bag of cosmetics for their personal use.

Franchesca Puga

Karla Richey, Tatyane Martins, Jane Martins & Diana Camargo Winner of $75 Gift card for Equilibrium Activewear

Arantza Altuzarra

Miami Kids Magazine Readers

with Andie Aylsworth's _Organic Relations_

Silvana Diaz & Isabel Lei

2018 Scholarship Winners with Monty Trainer (President) & Lilia Garcia (Board Chair)

Coconut Grove Arts Festival Student Awards: High School Seniors Receive $20,000 In Scholarships

Ruth Suarez with artwork entitled _Brazil_

Eva Bibas, Donna Sweeney with Eva's artwork entitled _Erosion_

Andie Aylsworth with artwork entitled _Organic Relations_

The Coconut Grove Arts & Historical Association Scholarship Program recognized 20 talented art students from Miami-Dade County this past Saturday evening by presenting a $1,000 scholarship to each of the graduating seniors. The scholarship awards were presented in conjunction with the opening of the First Impressions exhibition at the Gallery@CGAF which showcases the works of the Scholarship recipients

Arantza Altuzarra Adrienne Arsht and Trish Bell

Event co-chairs Bronwyn Miller, Brigid Cech Samole, Migna Sanchez-Llorens

Marielena Villamil

Marile and Jorge Luis Lopez

Karla Richey & Sheryl Dicarlo

Trish Bell, Adrienne Arsht, and Dan Bellz

Marile Lopez and mom

Remedios Diaz-Oliver

Take A Walk In Her Shoes Fashion Show

Lucy Morillo-Agnetti and her niece

Carolina Dans, Heide Dans, and Nina Dans

Cathy Jones, Marielena Villamil, Adrienne Arsht, Marile Lopez, Lucy Morillo-Agnetti, Heide Dans, Remedios Diaz-Oliver, Josie Wang, and Trish Bell

Cathy Jones

Chapman Partnership celebrated its Annual ‘Take A Walk In Her Shoes’ Fashion Show Chapman Partnership’s 9th Annual Take A Walk in Her Shoes fashion show and luncheon celebrated Miami’s top women philanthropists and community leaders on Friday, May 18 at the InterContinental Miami. The event was organized by Womenade, a group of women who are dedicated to increasing awareness and revenue for Chapman Partnership, to celebrate the city’s most influential women. The theme - Year of the Woman: FASHION IS POWER. POWER IS US.

June-July 2018

Miami Kids Magazine


Bill Bekham & wife, Rick & Margarita Tonkinson, Robert & Susan Shelley, BOB & MANYA LOWMAN, Karla & Scott Richey, Felipe and Ann De Las Pozas, Tom & Becky Matkov



On Saturday, April 7, the Greater Miami & The Keys Chapter of the American Red Cross honored IberiaAmerican pop music icon Chayanne at its 36th Annual Red Cross Ball: “A Masquerade in Red” at The RitzCarlton Key Biscayne, Miami. Chayanne, a longtime volunteer and member of the Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet, was presented with the Crystal Cross Award. This year’s ball was chaired by Ana and Cecil Milton alongside Philanthropic Chairs Swanee and Paul DiMare with almost 400 guests in attendance. Paul & Swanee DiMare

Julia & David Bianchi

Karla & Scott Richey

Cecil Milton, Joanne Nowlin, Chayanne, Ana VeigaMilton, Paul & Swanee DiMare, & Emily Borababy

Terry Buoniconti, Linda Levy Goldberg, & Mimi Shafey

Trish & Dan Bell

Ana VeigaMilton, Gabriella Zenoz, Laura Munilla and Gale Nelson

Annie de la Rosa and Heather Monahan


Anirays Camino, Susy Buckley Woodward and Lesli Brown

Event honors top philanthropists, raises funds for at-risk children The Miracle Society of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami hosted the 18th Annual Miracle Makers Luncheon on Friday, April 20 which was cochaired by Laura Munilla and Ana VeigaMilton. Heather Monahan, author of the book Confidence Creator, served as emcee for the event, which every year brings together Miami’s philanthropic and community leaders in support of at-risk children. The event raised $135,000 for the youth mentoring organization.

Annia Lopez & Marile Lopez


Christy Martin, Katy Stoka, Amanda Church and Lisa Cortes

Elysze Held & Asha Elias

Petula Sankarsingh, Julie Tubis, Francine Misch-Dietsh, Helene Lamarque, & Kat Elagina

Renee Lopez-Cantera and Monica Cantera

Tina van der Ven & Jolie Balido-Hart

Sonia Gibson & Cathy Jones

Swanee DiMare

Ilana Kanter and Amber Taylor

Nelly Lusich & Valeria Richey

Communities in Schools of Miami Board of Directors


Parker Sommers

Aileen, Neal, Stephanie Sylvestre, Mary Young, Richard Jacobs

Communities in Schools of Miami hosted its 29th annual fundraiser, on Saturday, April 14, 2018. The fundraiser supports the educational programs and services that help over 20,000 South Florida students each year succeed in and out of school. The theme of the 2018 charity event was “Sailing for Success,” a nauticalthemed, family-friendly function that commemorates the organization’s dedication to empowering students to stay in school through mentoring, tutoring, skill development, community resources and more. Speakers included Miami Dade County Public Schools Assistant Superintendent of the Division of Academic Support, Dr. David Moore and Communities in Schools Alum Police Officer Christopher Odigee and Dr. Lawrence Feldman, a Miami-Dade County Public Schools School Board Member.

Miami Kids Magazine Readers

CORAL GABLES COMMUNITY FOUNDATION AWARDS NEARLY $80,000 AT ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP RECEPTION The Coral Gables Community Foundation recently awarded nearly $80,000 in college scholarships to 16 high school seniors. The Foundation, their donors and the scholarship recipients celebrated at the annual Scholarship Reception hosted jointly with the City of Coral Gables on Thursday, April 26 at the Coral Gables Museum.

Veronica and Leon Rabinowitz

Kenneth Richey

Christopher Odigee Elyssa Linares & Dr Lawrence Feldman

Foundation Board member Daniella Reynolds, Nick Durand & Laura Russo

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Commissioner Vince Lago, MDCP-S Mari Tere Rojas and Commissioner Mike Mena

Coral Gables Museum executive director John Allen, Mayor Dorothy Thomson & Vicente Lago.

Venny Torre, Foundation borad member with scholarship recipients.

Foundation Board Member and Treasurer Scott Poulin & John O' Rourke

Foundation Board Member Scott Richey and Karla Richey

The Rotary Club of Miami congratulates Miami Kids Magazine Publisher Karla Richey for your one-year anniversary. Miami Kids Magazine has provided valuable information, resources and knowledge to thousands in our community. Rotary Club of Miami Established in 1917

“Service Above Self�

Rotary Club of Miami