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FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

South Florida

Broward & Palm Beach

50 Introducing the

Most Powerful and Influential Black Professionals in Business and Industry for 2015

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Kathleen Woods-Richardson Dr. Angelo Thrower Felecia Hatcher

Power Issue Meet newly elected City of Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam An interview with the incomparable Roberta Flack And More...



FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015









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FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015



Introducing South Florida’s 50 Most Powerful and Influential Black Professionals in Business and Industry for 2015!

William R. Alexis, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I. Clinical and Interventional Cardiologist

Lindell G. Douglas,

CFP®, Financial Advisor, Managing Director, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM) Lindell Douglas & Associates

Derrick Baker Program Director, WEDR 99 Jamz, Cox Media Group Miami

Commissioner Winston Barnes City of Miramar

Vice Mayor Hayward Benson City of Lauderhill

Lori Butler Principal, Plantation Charter School

Sabrina Edwards David Gamble Dr. Shrusan Gray Assistant Chief Gregory Adam Haile, Regional Manager, Senior Human Resource Physician, Owner, Michael G. Gregory Esq., General Counsel/ Turnarounds, South Manager, Women to Women OB/ Police Support Service V.P. for Public Policy & Florida Intercruises Winn-Dixie’s Miami GYN Care Bureau, Gov’t Affairs Broward Shoreside & Port Services Region Fort Lauderdale Police Dept. College

Tai Hinkins Principal, Darryl Holsendolph Renaissance Charter Managing Partner, School at Cypress Adjunct Splashee Concessions Professor, Broward and Catering College

Andy Ingraham President and CEO, National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators & Developers

Chef Irie, Executive Chef of Irie Spice Inc. – Personal Chef and Catering Services

Sandy-Michael McDonald Commissioner Lamell McMorris Director Office of Robert L. McKinzie Founder and CEO, Economic and Small District III, Perennial Strategy Group Business Development, City of Fort Lauderdale and Perennial Sports and Broward County Entertainment Government

Charles D. Murphy Founder & CEO, RM Financial Group

Melvin L. Roane Jr. Managing Partner, Roane Consulting Group

Vernon Brooks Owner, E & E Insurance

Dr. Garth Anthony Rose Managing Editor, National Weekly Newspaper

Carletha B. Shaw Area Director, Broward County Public Schools

Annette Johnson-Hurry Customer Project Program Manager Hewlett-Packard

Donna L. Lewis, M.B.A., R.N., C.H.C. Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer & Privacy Officer North Broward Hospital District

Luther R. Campbell CEO, Luke Holdings

Vice Mayor Yvette Colbourne City of Miramar

Commissioner Edwina Coleman Lauderdale Lakes

Dawrance Constant Dealer Principle, Cricket Wireless

LaTéssa Hall Wendell Haskins Felecia Hatcher Marcell Haywood, LEED®, CMP, Managing Partner, Senior Director of Brain Child of Black Tech AP O+M, CEO Dirt Pros Chief Planner, Diversity Multi-Cultural Week; Chief Popsicle, HRT Group, LLC Initiatives, Feverish Ice Cream; PGA of America Co-Founder, Code Fever

Anthony Lockhart Principal, Atlantic Community High School

Dr. George L. Lockhart Principal, Lake Worth High School

Rita “Peaches” Mack Vice Mayor, West Park

Paula Pearson-Tucker Commissioner Ed Phillips Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi Adrian M. Parker, MHSA Rick Party Radio Founder and Executive Personality, Hot 105 Founder, CEO & President FACHE, Director of District 4, Director, Fore Life, Inc, Cox Media Group Miami Triple O Medical Services Strategic Planning, Pompano Beach LPGA Teaching and Club & Triple O Research Holy Cross Hospital Professional, & Institute Head Golf Professional, City

Richard McCulloch, Vice-President of Client Services, Tribeca Marketing Group

Miles Plaskett, Partner, Duane Morris LLP

of Lauderhill

Velton Showell III President & CEO, Strategic Solutions LLC

Evans St. Fort Dr. Nicholas D.A. Suite Funeral Director & Owner, M.D., Principal Physician, St. Forts Funeral Home Nicholas D.A. Suite M.D. Neurology, LLC

Dr. Angelo Thrower Medical Doctor, Specialist in Ethnic Dermatology and Skin Care

LaShonda N. White Principal, Renaissance Charter School

Vice Mayor Beverly Williams, Lauderdale Lakes

Kathleen Woods-Richardson City Manager, City of Miramar


FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

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Florida’s 2015 Legislative Session

By Barbara Sharief The 2015 State Legislative Session recently convened in Tallahassee and will run more than likely for the next 60 days. The Legislative Session will last 60 days and activity typically focuses on passing the upcoming fiscal year budget. Governor Scott’s “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” total proposed budget is $76.98 billion. The general revenue portion is $28.3 billion. The general revenue funds available for the FY 2016 budget year increased $1.1 billion from the previous fiscal year, a 4% increase which is mainly attributable to increased sales tax collection and is an indication that Florida’s economy continues to improve. The Governor’s proposal includes $673 million in tax cuts achieved by cutting the Communications Services Tax (CST), eliminating sales taxes on college text books, eliminating sales tax on manufacturing and machinery equipment, and increasing the corporate income tax exemption from $50,000 to $75,000. The Governor’s Office has assured local governments that the CST cut will not impact local government revenues. With the state projected to have another year of budget surplus, I want the community

to know I will be working hard on making sure the state budget reflects the priorities we share here locally. I have already formed solid relationships with our state representatives and believe it is important to continue to communicate with them and work with them to make for a better Broward County. I think it’s important for our government to work on a bipartisan basis. Democrats and Republicans should reach out to each other and make compromises for the good of the state and our county. As elected officials, our primary loyalty is not to Republicans or Democrats, or to liberals or conservatives, but to the citizens of the great state of Florida. My main goal has always been to do what’s right for the people I represent and I believe we can all accomplish much more if we work together. This year, the Board has agreed on several funding priorities. State funding for Broward County’s Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport are always a priority. Broward County is also asking the state to increase funding for beach nourishment projects. We are also strongly advocating for much needed water projects like the Broward County – Palm Beach County Reclaimed

Water Pipeline, C-51 Reservoir Project and reclaimed water mains at T.Y. Park. Like in years past, we are optimistic the legislature will fund critical social services. The County is urging increases to the Child Protection Team, Community Care for the Elderly, homelessness, child advocacy and sexual violence program funding. Broward County would also like to see state funding to upgrade or reconstruct juvenile detention centers that are in a state of disrepair. It is also extremely important the State continue funding cultural affairs programs. In one way or another, Broward County has made local commitments to these services. Through direct advocacy the county will fight to ensure those commitments are reflected by the state during the 2015 State Legislative Session. I will post an update of the 2015 Session in a later issue. Let me know what issues are important to you. Email me at bsharief@broward.org

“The County is urging increases to the Child Protection Team, Community Care for the Elderly, homelessness, child advocacy and sexual violence program funding.”

“As elected officials, our primary loyalty is not to Republicans or Democrats, or to liberals or conservatives, but to the citizens of the great state of Florida.”

Senator Smith, Governor Scott, Maxwell Chambers, Commissioner Sharief, Rep. DuBose.

FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

By Mia Y. Merritt, Ed.D


Legacy Special Achievement Honorees

In life, there are those who do just enough to get by, those who go over and beyond, and those who break barriers, lead the way, and broaden the paths for those who come behind. As such, the individuals below have managed to do just that. They have distinguished themselves by making an impact in various areas and are to be congratulated and recognized for their wherewithal, tenacity and ability to let nothing stop them from pursuing their goals and serving their communities in a significant way.

Company of the Year

Broward Health, a network of more than 50 facilities including four major hospitals, urgent care centers and physician offices, offers various healthcare services and specialties to the residents of the northern two thirds of Broward County. Broward Health Medical Center, Broward Health North, Broward Health Imperial Point and Broward Health Coral Springs are the four hospitals within the Broward Health network. Since 1938, Broward Health has grown into a comprehensive healthcare system offering world-class healthcare to all. Broward Health facilities form a powerful healthcare network throughout Broward County. Nabil El Sanadi, MD, is the President/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Broward Health and is a board certified emergency medicine physician. He oversees all operations for Broward Health, one of the largest public health systems in the United States. Although the network might be large, each hospital has its own CEO and every facility its own administrative staff. Because of all they do to provide quality healthcare to those in need, we are proud to name Broward Health as the Corporation of the Year for Legacy Magazine

Felicia Hatcher: Trailblazer of the Year When we hear about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, we often believe they were financially privileged or had an influential person to get them in the door. That is not the case with Felicia Hatcher. When asked what inspired her to start her own gourmet popsicle and ice cream catering company in 2008, her answer was simple. “I once fell down on my face while chasing down an ice-cream truck

in heels!” That one humiliating moment was all she needed to motivate her to start Feverish Pops six years ago. Feverish Pops can now boast of customers such as Procter and Gamble, Paypal, Google, Trump, Universal Music, Adidas, West Elm, Jamison Whiskey, Whole Foods, Live Nation, Bacardi, JCrew, Capitol Records, and many more. In addition to her business, she is an author of two books: ‘How to Start a Business on a Ramen Noodle Budget’ and ‘The C Student’s Guide to Scholarships’. Felecia and her husband Derrick recently launched Black Tech Week - a week-long series of events in Miami celebrating the diversity of technological innovation. Over a thousand people attended each day of the conference and were enlightened by a variety of speakers who shared a unique area of technology. In short, Black Tech Week “aims to change the narrative surrounding our community and replace it with innovation, creativity, and technology that stretches the trajectory of our community.” Felicia Hatcher, Black Tech Week founder, entrepreneur, author, wife and mother is definitely a leader and one that Legacy Magazine is honored to recognize as the “Trailblazer of the Year!”

Barrington A. Russell: Elected Official of the Year

Barrington Russell Sr. was determined to work hard and make an impact after coming to the United States in 1987 from Jamaica. Although he settled in Orlando initially, he was a go-getter and worked hard to provide for his family. After moving to Ft. Lauderdale in 1990, he became a realestate broker but also became very active in the community through sitting on various boards, organizations, and committees. He served as city commissioner, Deputy Vice Mayor and Vice Mayor. Because of his strong service and activism in the city of Lauderdale Lakes, he was encouraged to run for Mayor in 2008, in which he was successful. He was reelected for a second mayoral term in 2012. Mayor Russell sees the position of elected official as service. As such, he feels that it should not be viewed as a position of power, but rather a position of privilege. His perspective on politics is that some get into it to serve, others to be served; and your perspective will determine your effectiveness. When asked how he felt about being named as the ‘Elected Official of the Year’ by Legacy Magazine, he said, “I’m shocked, humbled, and very thankful!”

The Lockhart Brothers: Educators of the Year 2015:

,,,,,What are the chances of two brothers both becoming educators, both having doctorate degrees, both being school principals and both being phenomenal in their fields? George and Anthony Lockhart have managed to do all that and more. Dr. George Lockhart is the principal of Lakewood High School. With 27 years in the field of education, he says that managing a high school can be challenging, but extremely rewarding. He stated, “As principal, a key to being successful is consistent visibility among the students


as well as the faculty and staff”. The most rewarding part of his job is graduation day. When he sees the gratifying sense of pride on the faces of his students as they march across the stage - particularly those who may have had some obstacles along the way, it gives him a resurgence of motivation for why he is in the field. He quotes, “ It’s all about getting students to believe in themselves.” This leads to his favorite quote, “Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, either way, you’re right,” Henry Ford.

.....Dr. Anthony Lockhart is the principal of Atlantic High School and has been an administrator for ten years. He started his education career in Mississippi after graduating from Jackson State University. His desire to impact a greater number of students took him down a path of teaching, counseling, coaching, mentoring, and then administration. He quotes, “each level I pursued was predicated upon an appetite to create better realities for students”. He has a heart for what he does and cannot see himself doing anything else. The most rewarding part about his job is when a student comes to him and says they are ready to get their life together and commence to maximize their potential. He was not shy in confessing that his big brother George Lockhart was his greatest inspiration. George created a pathway for him to follow and has been a source of guidance and strength to him.

Gabrielle Finley-Hazle: Corporate Executive of the Year Young. Gifted. Beautiful. Black. Those four words come to mind when I hear the name Gabrielle Finley-Hazle, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Florida Medical Center. continued on page 7....



FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

Broward Health President and CEO Nabil El Sanadi, MD and

A H E A LT H I E R FUTURE for all


the Broward Health Board of Commissioners are proud to congratulate our Broward Health team for the integral role each has played in helping Broward Health to be named the 2015 CORPORATION OF THE YEAR by LEGACY Magazine. This award recognizes the unwavering dedication, knowledge and compassion that our 8,000 employees bring to work each and every day as we fulfill our mission of providing quality healthcare to the 1.3 million people in Broward that we serve. Broward Health emphasizes research, wellness and prevention. Our superior clinicians and expertly-trained support staff, combined with advanced technology and best-in-class medical equipment, ensure the best outcomes for our patients, whether it be in the area of Pediatrics, Cancer, Ophthalmology, Urology or any of our other more than 50 specialties. We like to say it’s our People, Technology and Science that help us beat diseases. As we look to the future, we will focus more than ever on patient-centered, evidence-based care to maximize efficiency while consistently exceeding patient expectations. It’s our charge as one of the ten largest and most respected healthcare systems in the nation to ensure that our community has wellness resources at its disposal to help residents get and stay healthy. And making our more than 50 locations across Broward and our 1,800+ physicians easily accessible to the county’s residents remains an essential piece of that goal. The leadership at Broward Health is grateful for our team’s commitment to excellence and is honored to lead the journey toward a healthier future for our patients, their families and all of us in Broward County. BrowardHealth.org

- DR. NABIL EL SANADI, President & CEO of Broward Health

Broward Health Medical Center Broward Health North Broward Health Coral Springs Broward Health Imperial Point Chris Evert Children’s Hospital Broward Health Weston Broward Health Urgent Care Broward Health Physician Group Broward Health Community Health Services Broward Health Foundation

FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015



Legacy Special Achievement Honorees Finley-Hazle was born and raised in Broward County and is honored to serve her community. As CEO, Ms. Finley oversees the daily operations of the hospital. “With Gabrielle’s knowledge and extensive background, we are confident she will excel in her role as Chief Executive Officer of FMC Campus,” said North Shore Medical Center CEO, Manny Linares in 2012.

from Florida State University with a JD Law Degree. He was the third Black student to enroll in Florida State University, but the first to actually graduate. During his time there, the civil rights battles were being fought as Dr. King marched and preached about equality. Allen feels that by going to law school and graduating, he played a small part in the struggle. Almost a year after graduating, he opened up his own practice. The Law offices of W. George Allen in Ft. Lauderdale had civil work and lots of lawsuits were filed. At the time that he began practicing law, most, if not all institutions were still segregated, so he began filing lawsuits to right the many wrongs that were taking place. The most fulfilling part of his career as an attorney was helping people seek and get justice. Some of the lawsuits he filed consisted of opening public accommodations in Broward County to Blacks. He also filed housing discrimination suits. He even sued for the right of a Black police officer who had died to be buried in a White cemetery. Allen For the past three years, Ms. Finley ended up with 50 years of practicing law has lived up to those expectations with under his belt and now that he is retired, he excellence. Prior to joining FMC Campus in does lots of traveling and as he puts it, I’m 2010, Finley-Hazle served as Chief Operating living my life. Mr. Allen, Legacy Magazine Officer and Chief Executive Officer of a multi- honors you with the Lifetime Achievement specialty physician group in Ft. Lauderdale, Award. where she provided the overall leadership, Being enlightened by these extraordinary direction, and administration of the multiindividuals makes us realize that February million dollar healthcare company. She also is not a long enough month to celebrate held the position of Associate Administrator/ and commemorate the accomplishments Operations for another major hospital of African Americans. We are making system in South Florida. history everyday! Ordinary people doing Congratulations on being named as the extraordinary things is how one goes from Corporate Executive of the Year Ms. Finley mediocre, to good, to great, to phenomenal! Hazel! Each has it within them to cultivate and George Allen: nurture the gifts on the inside. To follow Lifetime Achievement Legacy Award your passion as these individuals have done is to follow your success, your joy and your peace. Hats off to each of them, who are unique leaders and trailblazers in their own unique way!

Community Service Organization of the Year

It’s always refreshing and quite interesting to listen to the experiences and wisdom of those who paved the way for us. George The Jason Taylor Foundation prides itself Allen ,79 , retired attorney and trailblazer on innovative, impactful programming. was born and raised in Sanford, Florida. He Each September, 60 deserving children are was the first African American to graduate each given a $300 back-to-school shopping

opportunity at Old Navy as part of the “Cool Gear for the School Year” program. To date, more than $150,000 in new clothes has been awarded. Currently nearly 100 middle school and high school students participate in the Jason Taylor Reading Room, a multifaceted, after-school program designed to address the problem of illiteracy among inner-city youth. The Reading Room also features a Spoken Word Poetry component that has expanded into a full-blown network featuring more than 20 public Broward County High Schools. With Jason and Katina’s undying commitment and the continued support of community members and civic leaders alike, the Jason Taylor Foundation will work tirelessly to achieve its goal of building a better future for the youth of South Florida.

Entrepreneur of the Year Dr. Olayemi

Osiyemi Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi is Legacy Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year. He is the Founder, CEO, and President of Triple O Medical Services and Triple O Research Institute, PA. Some of his research interests include new therapeutic agents in the field of HIV, hepatitis, diabetic foot infections and

new indications for FDA approved drugs. He is committed to teaching and serves as a clinical preceptor for nurse practitioners, medical residents, and students from the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University. He is very active in various community programs, especially ones that address health disparity in minority populations. He also held other leadership positions over the years; such as President of T Leroy Jefferson Medical Society representing minority physicians in Palm Beach County. from 2004 to 2006 and treasurer.

Company of the Year

RM Financial Group (RMFG) is an insurance consulting firm founded by Charles D. Murphy, who has been in the insurance industry for more than 10 years. Located in Fort Lauderdale, RMFG is a leader in delivering risk and insurance services and solutions to clients. The firm provides professional insurance consulting services for businesses, government agencies, associations and not-for-profit organizations. Recently, the company was awarded its biggest contract to date with Macy’s to provide voluntary employee benefits for the retailer’s 200,000-plus employees. www. rm-financial.com



FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

WE ARE #OURMiramar! Hello Miramar and Broward County Residents! I am Wayne Messam, your new mayor of the beautiful City of Miramar! Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for having earned the confidence of our residents to lead Miramar into this new and exciting era. As a first-generation American of Jamaican heritage, I am humbled and honored to lead Miramar as its first AfricanAmerican mayor, along with the City’s first Haitian-American Commissioner, Darlene Riggs, Vice Mayor Yvette Colbourne, Commissioner Winston Barnes and newlyelected Commissioner Maxwell Chambers. Together, we commit to developing policies that strengthen our community and ensure a fiscally-viable and sustainable future for all Miramar residents. As a husband of 17 years to my beautiful wife Angela and father to my son, Wayne II and twins Kayla and Kyla, I understand and strive to build trusting, reliable and meaningful relationships. As your elected official, my door will always be open to you. I welcome you and promise to listen to your concerns and your needs.

Mayor Wayne Messam, City of Miramar, Ft. Lauderdale FL


There are some very exciting construction projects in progress and opportunities to do business with the City of Miramar. “Your Bond Dollars at Work” are town hall meetings I initiated while serving as commissioner to inform and update our community about the progress made toward their investments. Those meetings will continue--along with “Doing Business in Miramar” workshops—which are aimed at ensuring Miramar businesses get the opportunity to work in the City they choose to call home. This year, Miramar celebrates 60 years of Beauty and Progress! On May 16, 2015, we’re planning our grandest bash yet with a family carnival, pyrotechnics and a concert of local and national artists as diverse as our Miramar community. What an amazing opportunity for us to come together and fellowship-- unified as OUR Miramar. Best of all, it’s FREE! Stay tuned for more information and how you can participate. Together, let’s plan on how we catapult Miramar ahead for the next 60 years. WE ARE #OURMiramar!

“As your elected official, my door will always be open to you. I welcome you and promise to listen to your concerns and your needs.”

Great Leaders Have Great Responsibility

By Dr. Germaine Smith-Baugh

The philosopher Voltaire once said: “With great power comes great responsibility.” The 18th-century Frenchman was referring to the abuse of authority and privilege by those in power who overlooked the poor and disadvantaged suffering around them. That powerful statement still holds true today in our fast-changing world where

equality, justice and prosperity remain elusive for too many. In uplifting a community, it takes vision, integrity, and yes, responsibility. Those with power have tremendous responsibility. Just look at the face of poverty in Broward County: There’s seniors living on fixed incomes; single parents working two or more jobs; and college graduates buried under school loans. Close to 15 percent of our county’s population is living below the poverty line. That’s unacceptable. We can do better as a community. To achieve social and economic fairness, we need leaders who can focus on the big picture, ask the tough questions, and set the example for others to follow. Leaders who are committed to a mission, have integrity and character, and maintain ethics. And leaders who can accept blame and pass along honor. It’s not easy to do this. Fortunately, our community has many devoted leaders who have stepped up and accepted the responsibility of their positions. At the Urban League of Broward County, our board of directors, as well as our staff, are charged with empowering communities and changing lives. All of our directors and staff members know that they have to

uphold not only an extraordinary mission but also an extraordinary responsibility. There’s a lot at stake in our work in breaking the cycle of poverty for AfricanAmericans and other disenfranchised groups. We need many more leaders willing to use their power to truly better our community. Could you be that kind of leader? Great leaders don’t necessarily have to be elected officials or CEOs of large companies. Leadership isn’t about a fancy title, nor is it about bossing others around. Great leaders can be everyday citizens working hard to raise their families and be productive citizens. Parents, for one, are vital leaders to their children. Their examples profoundly affect the kind of people their children become. Talk about responsibility. You can also be a valued leader in your community. Take on a pivotal role in your religious institution, serve as a volunteer in a social outreach program, or act as a mentor to young people in a school or community center. Where do you start? I say start by figuring out what you’re good at. Then, go after it by engaging, listening and showing up.

You’ll get power before long. Just remember to use it to create a better tomorrow for the people in your life and in your community. Get started today. The Baughtom Line is this: People with power have responsibility. They can’t be in their positions just to have fancy titles or boss others around. They have to serve as true leaders. To achieve equality, justice and prosperity for all, leaders with power have to own up to their responsibility to better the world around them.

“To achieve social and economic fairness, we need leaders who can focus on the big picture, ask the tough questions, and set the example for others to follow. ”




The New “Cool Kids” of South Florida By Fabiola Fleuranvil There’s an intense new energy emerging in and around Miami, and a lot of it has to do with the people. More specifically, there’s a crop of vibrant, new leaders, change makers, and innovators who are disrupting the norm in their own right and creating a permanent footprint in this burgeoning city. For a community where talent retention is critical, this rising energy plays a significant role in creating long term economic impact and enhancing the fabric of this community. South Florida is on the cusp of something big: Miami is transforming, it’s becoming more progressive, and now more than ever is the time to be here especially while the transformation is underway. This also implies that those who are forward-thinking enough to be a part of the new movements being created are also the ones who will reap the long term benefits. While some may see opportunity elsewhere, those who choose to roll up their sleeves and lay the groundwork should be recognized and fully supported. These are the “Cool Kids” of South Florida’s emerging ecosystem in tech, entrepreneurship, and civic leadership. They are actively engaged in being a part of the solutions, they’re creative and entrepreneurial, and they are passionate about championing causes that matter to them. By no means is this excluding of the amazing talent in this community, and other “Cool Kids” who serve on non-profit boards, are civically engaged in local causes, and care about this community progressing forward. It’s so easy to get caught up in the lifestyle and hustle and bustle of living in this city. These Cool Kids are a prime example of why it’s so important to nurture and encourage the young and talented members of our South Florida community. Mikhaile Solomon Founder/ Director, Prizm Art Fair; Director of Public Art, Opa-locka Community Development Corporation Within the past couple of years, Black Basel has emerged as a thriving subset of Art Basel with several art fairs and galleries featuring dynamic art from the African and Caribbean Diaspora. Mikhail Solomon has

been on the cusp of this emergence with the debut of Prizm Art Fair at Art Basel 2013 and 2014. A cutting-edge art fair that expands the spectrum of international artists from the global African Diaspora, Prizm has hosted a series of cultural events and has garnered the acclaim of art aficionados and community leaders alike. Additionally, Mikhaile serves as the Director of Public Art for the Opa-locka Community Development Corporation, which is also undergoing a major art transformation. Mikhaile’s vision is to strengthen Miami’s cultural offerings so that it fosters economic opportunities for all residents.

Varkas, P.L.


Kadisha Phelps, Esq - President, Women’s Chamber of Commerce of MiamiDade County; Associate at Sweetapple, Broeker &

. Kadisha Phelps was recently installed (January 2015} as the incoming President of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Miami-Dade County, a significant milestone for an organization that has empowered women to advance professionally since it was founded in 1984 by Thelma Gibson. Phelps, also a board member of the Gwen S. Cherry Black Women Lawyer’s Association, frequently volunteers with the Junior League of Miami, as well as various other organizations. Professionally, she’s currently an attorney at Sweetapple, Broeker & Varkas, P.L. and practices General Commercial Litigation while representing various South Florida developers, former NFL players and businesses during the recent real estate crash. Malik Benjamin - Managing Director, Institute of Collaborative Innovation; Director of Program Innovation, Florida International University School of Architecture ..Malik Benjamin may not be a familiar name but he is a quiet force as an emerging community leader and is literally involved in everything from urban development, aquaponics, creative arts, and a host

of other initiatives. The former Knight Foundation Scholar and Miami Foundation Fellow is working with a $300,000 grant from JP Morgan Chase to build an aquaponics lab and education program at Miami Northwestern High School in partnership with FIU. As Managing Director of the Institute of Collaborative Innovation, Malik is among 10 finalists of the Knight Cities Challenge for his project to design a 5.2 mile linear park alongside the Florida East Coast railway tracks from downtown to Little River. Malik is also Founder of Creative Mornings Miami and serves on several boards and committees including the City of North Miami Beach’s Art in Public Places, Overtown Music Project, Dance Now Miami, Noble Scholars Academy, and FIU Faculty Senate Technology Committee. Felecia Hatcher - Brain Child of Black Tech Week; Chief Popsicle, Feverish Ice Cream; CoFounder, Code Fever

She’s so ambitious! Serial entrepreneur, tech advocate, and all around change maker, Felecia Hatcher is hot, and can’t be celebrated enough. This past February, Felecia and her husband, Derick Pearson, launched the inaugural Black Tech Week in Miami bringing together techies, innovators, and creatives around the globe to promote diversity in tech and Black entrepreneurship. Felecia also co-founded Code Fever to teach underserving kids how to code and create technologies. When she’s not coding, her delicious alcohol flavored popsicles can be savored at a number of events in and around Miami. Felecia has received numerous awards and recogntion, including the 2014 White House Champion of Change, NBC’s Grio 100 Top 100 African American’s making History, and Black Enterprise Innovator of the Week among a host of others. Dr. Pandwe Gibson, PhD, Med, M.A.: Founder of EcoTech. Miami Fellow. Educator, Operations and Curriculum specialist, Business Development Consultant

Dr. Pandwe Gibson is making going green cool, practical, and profitable. After founding a network of schools and proving herself an effective educator, Gibson dove into the business world where she started, led, and scaled three successful companies. Her newest venture, EcoTechVisions, launched November 2014 and already houses 18 companies in an incubator that guides entrepreneurs towards hatching green manufacturing ventures. Her goal is simple: create jobs, sustain communities, and protect the planet. Shevrin Jones Florida House of Representatives District 101; Founder, LEAD Nation; Founder, South Florida Youth Summit

Representative Shevrin Jones is a young leader passionate about improving the lives of young people in this community. As Founder of the annual South Florida Youth Summit, he’s brought together community leaders and organizations to empower youth by addressing violence, STEM education, and leadership development. A newcomer to politics, Rep. Jones has already begun to make a name for himself by proposing the Police Body Camera bill. Rep. Jones is also the Founder of the New Leaders Council’s Broward chapter, a national organization training the next wave of progressive political leaders.

“For a community where talent retention is critical, this rising energy plays a significant role in creating long term economic impact and enhancing the fabric of this community.”



FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

There’s a New Mayor in Town By Mia Y. Merritt, Ed.D If we were to gauge the success of Black men by watching the news and being influenced by the media, we would be inclined to believe the myth that Black men are becoming endangered species, but we know that this is not the case. It certainly is not when it comes to Mayor-elect Wayne Messam. After graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems in 1997, Messam immediately applied what he learned in college by starting his own construction management company called Messam Construction. The business can boast of having several fortune 500 companies under their belt as clients as well as having provided construction management services to several high profile South Florida projects including Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Broward County New Civil Courthouse and the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. However, the success of Messam Construction was only the beginning of what is unfolding to be Messam’s road to success. His desire for serving and giving back to his community led him to run and win the seat for the Miramar City Commission in 2011. Since then, he has quickly ascended as an effective and rising local official. After successfully completing one full term on the Miramar commission, Messam ran against the 16-year mayor incumbent, Lori Mosely in March 2015 and won the seat, becoming Miramar’s first African American mayor. The March 2015 election had three open seats: one open mayor seat and two open commission seats, which were all filled by African Americans, making the Miramar commission an all-Black dais. I asked mayor Messam how he saw this drastic change affecting the city, if at all. His answer was: “I don’t see any significant issues with our commission being all Black. The residents elected each of us to represent them based on our merits and qualifications. I have the full confidence that all of my colleagues have the best interest of Miramar at heart and will ensure that our policies are a reflection of the combined interests of the diverse stakeholders of our community. As mayor, my goal is to lead our policy making process to gain consensus that represents all of Miramar.” When asked what his top three priorities as mayor were, his answers were: 1. to rebuild the city’s financial position and holding the line on taxes 2. redeveloping and

National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials, the Florida League of Cities Board of Directors for the Florida Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials. Locally, Commissioner Messam serves on the Board of Directors for the Broward League of Cities and represents the organization on the Broward County Water Advisory Board. His broad network of colleagues, including federal departments, state departments, and agencies along with private sector relationships have benefited the City of Miramar during his tenure of service. Along with his public duties, Commissioner Messam was recently selected to the Board of Trustees of the Florida State University Foundation. We congratulate Wayne Messam on his recent win as mayor. We are proud of him and all of his accomplishments and we are expecting great things to emanate from his vision and leadership as mayor of the great city of Miramar.

Mayor Wayne Messam, City of Miramar, Ft. Lauderdale FL

beautifying historic Miramar by attracting private development and completing key infrastructure projects, thereby improving the quality of life for residents, and 3. ensuring the responsible completion of the ‘Your Bond Dollars at Work Projects’ which include dozens of parks, and infrastructure projects city wide that will service our city for generations to come. Needless-to-say, the responsibility of leading a city of almost 130,000 residents is a great, but enormous task that may become challenging at times. When asked how he felt about the responsibility of raising the bar, he responded: “I am excited about raising the bar of the expectations in Miramar. Our potential is immeasurable. I know by working together with the Commission, residents, and the business community, there isn’t anything we cannot accomplish as a city.” When individuals embrace and cultivate the innate gifts and skills that they possess, that motivation is oftentimes fueled by someone in their lives who saw greatness in them and helped them to see it in

themselves. When I asked the mayor who he attributed his success to, he told me that he is a man of faith and inherently believes that his blessings come from God first. He also honored his parents who he says immigrated from Jamaica to give his family an opportunity that they did not have. He says that the hard work ethic of his parents instilled the confidence in him to be successful. He also attributed his success to his wife and partner Angela Messam of 21 years. He quoted, “She is my strongest supporter and confidant.” Of course, I could not end the interview without asking him how he felt about making history as the first African American mayor of Miramar, and he responded: “I feel humbled because of the symbolism that comes with the honor. I know that there is a big obligation to serve with honor and integrity. I am committed to serving all Miramar residents with excellence and I will have an open door policy for community.” Messam currently serves on the National League of Cities Board of Directors for the

“I am excited about raising the bar of the expectations in Miramar. Our potential is immeasurable. I know by working together with the Commission, residents, and the business community, there isn’t anything we cannot accomplish as a city.”

FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015


Small Businesses Are Making A Big Impact In Fort Lauderdale Join the Fort Lauderdale CRA for Small Business Week May 4-10

The Fort Lauderdale Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) will celebrate small businesses that are making a big impact during National Small Business Week 2015 which kicks off May 4-10. National Small Business Week is a program designed by the U.S. Small Business Administration to celebrate small business accomplishments throughout the United States. During this week, the many accomplishments of small business owners are recognized and entrepreneurs are encouraged to succeed through workshops that help with strategic planning, best practices, mentorship and networking. SMALL BUSINESS WEEK - FORT LAUDERDALE SCHEDULE AT-A-GLANCE: SMALL BUSINESS WEEK KICK-OFF PARTY MAY 4 | 5:30PM | FAT VILLAGE | 529 NW 1ST AVENUE - FORT LAUDERDALE Join us as we kick-off Small Business Week – Fort Lauderdale with live entertainment, wine tastings and our Eat & Go Seek Restaurant Week Stroll (Guests can visit each participating restaurant for samplings and a chance to win prizes) RESTAURANT WEEK | MAY 4-10 This seven-day celebration of Fort Lauderdale CRA’s restaurant scene pays homage to the culinary heritage that makes this region of Fort Lauderdale unique. More than 20 restaurants will offer specially selected pre-fixe three course dinner menus and lunch time specials at significantly discounted prices (not including tax and gratuity). Restaurant Week spans three areas of the CRA - Historic Sistrunk, Progresso Village, and Flagler Village. SMALL BUSINESS CONFERENCE | MAY 5 | 9:00AM-2:00PM | HAMPTON INN | 250 N. ANDREWS AVENUE - FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA 33301 | COST: FREE ADMISSION – LIMITED SPACE, MUST REGISTER ONLINE IN ADVANCE The Small Business Conference is a one-day event that includes a series of workshops geared towards the development, capacity building and enhancement of local small businesses. POP-UP BUSINESS SHOWCASE | MAY 7-9 The Pop-up Business Showcase will host eight retail stores that will open for three days. The participants are local small business who have expressed direct interest in establishing their retail businesses in the Fort Lauderdale CRA and have gone through rigorous planning and preparation towards that effort.

PARTICIPATING POP-UPS Van Charles, Inc. (1033 Sistrunk Boulevard) Fashion OLG (1021 Sistrunk Boulevard) Ethlynn’s (1021 Sistrunk Boulevard) • Creative Treats (1033 Sistrunk Boulevard) • Stepping Out Shoes (914 Sistrunk Boulevard) • Amuse Bouche (915 Sistrunk Boulevard) Jambalaya N’ Jerk (914 Sistrunk Boulevard) • Art Showcase II (405 N. Avenue of the Arts) • Delta Boutique (2219 Sistrunk Boulevard) HAPPY HOUR STROLL | MAY 8 | 5:30PM7:30PM | VARIOUS LOCATIONS Stroll restaurants and some of the hottest venues throughout Historic Sistrunk, Flagler Village, and Progresso Village while enjoying beverage sampling, drink specials, art and entertainment. A list of participating restaurants and venues is available online at www.smallbusinessweekftl.com. SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY | MAY 9 | 9AM-4PM | VARIOUS LOCATIONS Shop Small, Shop Local, Make a Big Impact at the Small Business Saturday Expo. Small Business Saturday is an indooroutdoor business expo that will showcase restaurants, pop-up businesses, retailers, professional services, activated art spaces, and Small Business Week event sponsors. Event-goers will have the opportunity to shop small, local, and have their dollars make a big impact on the local economy. In addition, attendees can experience the Great Sistrunk Bar-B-Que Off presented by Catch This Gourmet BBQ Sauce at Sistrunk Park. STARTUP WEEKEND | MAY 8-10 | URBAN LEAGUE OF BROWARD COUNTY | 560 NW 27TH AVENUE, FORT LAUDERDALE No Talk, All Action! Launch a Startup in 54 hours! Early bird: $75 | Full-price: $99 | Student: $50 •

Robert F. McKinzie Commissioner, District III

Michael Gregory Assistant Chief of Police


to Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Robert F. McKinzie and Assistant Chief Michael Gregory on being named two of South Florida's 50 Most Powerful and Influential Black Professionals in Business and Industry for 2015! Thank you for your leadership and dedication to our neighbors, businesses, and visitors! We appreciate everything you do to build community and make Fort Lauderdale, “the City you never want to leave!”




FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

Dr. Thrower Rises from Miami Gardens to the Miami Heat a C on a biology exam. The professor pulled me aside and said, ‘No Black student has ever earned a C on my exams.’ He then asked me about my career goals. I naively responded that I wanted to be a doctor. He then told me that if I wanted to succeed, I had to leave the athletic apartments and live with him. This professor also housed several Filipino students. The first thing I noticed at his home was that there was no television and these students read books for entertainment. This environment helped me focus and I started to improve.”

By Zach Rinkins The narrative of Dr. Angelo Thrower is not a traditional story. It is comprised of challenges, triumphs and feats of persistence that make for inspiring reading. The board-certified dermatologist insists that faith is the common thread that ties his life together. “I am a member of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Miami Gardens. My pastor Arthur Jackson, III, always talks about F.O.G. F.O.G. is an acronym for favor of God. That’s the only way I can explain the success I have achieved.” Dr. Thrower is the owner of the Miami Shores based Dr. Thrower’s Skin Care Treatment Center, Inc. and the Dr. Throwersbranded line of skin and hair care products. He is also a member of Professional Team Physicians, a group of doctors that service the Miami Heat professional basketball team. “Many years ago, I purchased a small newspaper ad. Eventually Dwight Lauderdale, a former local news anchor, walked into my office. I helped him with a shaving issue,” Thrower recalled. “Dwight connected me to Dr. Stuart Leeds, a podiatrist with the Miami Heat. Through Dr. Leeds, I met the team’s trainer and went through a verification process. I have now been a doctor with the Miami Heat for more than 23 years. I treat everybody from team owner Mickey Arison down to security.” The University of Miami-trained physician treats patients from all walks of life. He has developed a specialty for helping people of color with their skin and hair health needs. “I originally wanted to become a heart surgeon. When I was a third year medical student, the school invited several black physicians for a talk. I asked them what they felt our community needed in terms of physicians,” he remembered. “They said the community needed dermatologists. That sparked my curiosity.” Thrower kept noticing an overwhelming reoccurrence while performing research for his vocation. “I noticed that there were no pictures of Black people,” he said. “I discovered that most of the references to black skin where found in England. I ordered all the books I could and noticed several differences.” While reading Black Skin versus White Skin, Thrower realized that the same disease looks completely different and impacts racial groups differently. Armed with a mission to serve his community, the aspiring young

Dr. Thrower’s Skin Care Treatment Center, Inc.

physician challenged his institution to promote healthcare parity. .....“I thought that if I was only trained in one type of skin, I would not be able to help my community. That didn’t go over very well at the university, because I would ask, ‘what does this condition look like in a Black person?’” Thrower said. “They said it was racist. However, eczema looks completely different on white skin than it does on black skin. It was contentious at first. Now, the university has a center for ethnic skin.” Thrower has overcome many challenges to live his dreams. He has bested several academic challenges including multiple academic probations/suspensions; getting enrolled in remedial classes; low standardized test performance; and failing his National Board of Medical Examiners test twice. He says everyone must hold on to their dreams. “It usually takes an average person 12 years to become a doctor. It took me 18 years. And, it was not easy,” he said. “I had to deal with people asking me, ‘Shouldn’t you have graduated yet?’ and a lot of my friends used to joke and called me dumb Dr. Thrower.” The distinguished dermatologist offered these insights for success: Isolate Yourself and Eliminate Distractions: “During my undergraduate years, I earned

Create Multiple Income Streams: “Obtaining capital as a black man is difficult. However, being able to secure capital as a young black inexperienced doctor is more difficult. I was able to get a loan for $50,000. That helped propel me as a business professional. I have products for skin and hair care. I am also working with my attorney on a revolutionary product that will soon come to the market. ”

Overcome Obstacles with Passion: “Your passion has to be real. If it’s not real, your first obstacle will take you out of the game. The word no only means to reload and try again. It doesn’t mean stop. Only you can stop yourself.” For more information on Dr. Thrower, log on to www.DrThrowerSkinCare.com

“Your passion has to be real. If it’s not real, your first obstacle will take you out of the game. The word no only means to reload and try again. It doesn’t mean stop. Only you can stop yourself.”

FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015 Over



20 Years of Satisfied Patient Care

Total Body Skin Lightening


Skin Care

for Men and WoMen

Oral and Topical The Total Body Skin Lightening Program includes:

• Glutathione Capsules* • Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion • Dark Spot Fade Treatment Glutathione Capsules

Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion

Powerful antioxidant that removes toxins from our body. It is great for overall body general health. • Lightens skin complexion • Repairs stretch marks • Stops skin damage • Protects skin from aging • Protects skin above and below

The Line You know and Trust in new packaging

• Lightens dark areas of body Apply like lotion 2 to 3 times a day to desired area of lightening.

Dark Spot Fade Treatment • Targets individual dark spots Using an applicator, apply to center of dark spot 2 times a day.

DIrecTIonS: Take 2 capsules in AM and 2 capsules in PM. 4-6 MONTHS OF CONSISTENT USE IS NECESSARY TO SEE GOOD RESULTS.

Dr. Thrower is one of the team physicians for the Miami Heat.

Products available on-line

“Spring Sale”

www.drthrowerskincare.com. Products also available at Beauty & Barber stores, and

Dr. Thrower’s Dermatology, Skin Care and MediSpa 180 ne 99 Street, Miami Shores, FL 33138 PHone: 305-757-9797 • FAX: 305-757-9267

25% off all products on-LIne onLY Use promo code Spring25

* Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent disease.





What Falling Oil Prices and a Rising Dollar Mean for You

By Lindell G. Douglas, CFP®

so prices may stay relatively low in the near term. Two of Consumers are clearly among the major the most beneficiaries, as the cost of a tank of gas notable has dropped significantly since mid-2014. economic The savings realized at the gas pump could delopments be a boon to other parts of the economy, of recent such as retail businesses, as consumers months have more ability to spend on other types are the of purchases. Businesses that are heavy dramatic energy users (airlines, transportation firms, decline in some industrial companies) should see costs oil prices go down as well, which might help improve and the their bottom lines. Countries that rely on oil resurgence imports will benefit from the trend as well. in the value By contrast, the drop in prices has created of the U.S. dollar against other currencies. significant challenges for some oil exporting Both have an economic impact, which could countries, with Russia and Venezuela as two translate to an investment impact as well. notable examples. Let’s consider how these two trends might The recent boom in U.S. oil production affect the investment markets. also could mean that the drop in oil prices puts pressure on some companies and Cheaper oil – the pluses and minuses sectors of our own economy. Oil companies The price for a barrel of light crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange dropped are seeing profits decline as a result of the price drop. from $107.30 on June 20, 2014 to half of that level, $53.04, by the end of 2014. Oil The impact of the dollar’s recovery prices are unpredictable and subject to The dollar experienced a significant rally fluctuation. Yet today, worldwide oil supplies in recent months. While the degree of are growing faster than current demand, change varies depending on the currency it

is measured against, a good example is how the dollar fared against the euro, Europe’s common currency. As recently as May, 2014, it took $1.39 to purchase one euro. By the end of the year, a euro cost only $1.21, and the dollar has continued to strengthen in 2015. A stronger dollar is good news for Americans traveling overseas. For example, they will get more “bang for their buck” when they exchange dollars for euros than they would have just a few months ago. A stronger dollar creates challenges for some large U.S. firms that do significant business overseas. The revenues they generate abroad, once translated back into dollars, will result in a reduced return as the dollar strengthens. This can have a negative impact on corporate profits for multinational firms, which might be reflected in stock prices. Firms that do little or no business overseas generally are in a position to avoid any significant ramifications to earnings due to the stronger dollar. On the other hand, overseas firms that conduct business in the U.S. benefit from the dollar’s strength. This could, in certain cases, create a more favorable environment for selected overseas stocks. However, currency fluctuations are only one factor

that might affect the investment potential of a particular company or country. Investors need to be careful not to place too much emphasis on the impact of exchange rates as they assess their investment options. You might see an impact of the stronger dollar and lower oil prices in your portfolio, but they are only two of many factors that come into play. Any adjustments you make to your own investment strategy should be consistent with your long-term goals, the time you have to invest and your risk tolerance. Consult with a financial advisor before you make any investment decisions. ### Lindell G. Douglas, CFP®, is a Financial Advisor and Managing Director with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. in Plantation, FL. He specializes in fee-based financial planning and asset management strategies and has been in practice for 16 years. To contact him http://www.ameripriseadvisors.com/lindell.g.douglas or 1776 N. Pine Island Rd, Suite 310 | Plantation, FL 33322. Office: 954.306.8668 Lindell.g.douglas@ampf. com. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. Source: New York Mercantile Exchange © 2015 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved. File #1132774

David Gamble – A Force to Be Reckoned With Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


By Audrey Jaynes Just five minutes into a conversation with the current Regional Human Resource By Barron Channer Manager for South Region Winn-Dixie CEO, BACH Real Estate stores, and it becomes clear why he’s succeeded in so many arenas. David Gamble is warm, exceedingly articulate, and he quickly gains your respect. Yet he’s approachable; with a humility that comes through gratitude, a sincere appreciation for all that he’s lived, and a full awareness of how blessed he is. There is a certain confidence that comes from being the best, and Gamble is used to the distinction. From Hall of Fame inductions in both high school and college— his self-declared biggest accomplishments— to winning a Super Bowl Championship with the Denver Broncos, to a rapid rise in the ranks of retail upper management: Gamble is certainly a force to be reckoned with. My first thought is, where does this man come from? The answer: Albany, NY. His mother was a librarian. His father, a truck driver. Both were committed to their jobs for more than thirty years, and raised three boys in a home where sports, education and discipline ruled.

Sadly, many investors avoid partnering with others because of not wanting to share their pie or fear of someone stealing it. The fact is that the most successful investors in the world regularly partner with others. If it works for them, it can work for you. Think of making an investment like a vacation trip. A group will have more good ideas than any one individual on what to do and how to do it. Planning is important but there will be surprises. It is safer and more fun when you have others with you although you can’t take everyone on every trip. The goal is to enjoy the trip, return safely and have good stories that others enjoy hearing about.Good partnerships will make your trips into the investment world more successful. David Gamble, Regional Human Resource Manager Pooling money together will allow you for to South Region Winn-Dixie stores be part of a larger investment or a part of multiple smaller investments. This can make A star in high school, Gamble received your of the real estate pieof larger. a fullshare scholarship to University New A good partnership reducesheyour load. You will Hampshire, where waswork All-American. have bringing contacts In 1994others he walked on toknow-how, the Philadelphia and ideas to the table. This is as important as Eagles, but—in one of his darkest money. A good partnership will result in you moments—was cut. After a three-year stint getting investment opportunities that you with the Canadian football league, and a

small stretch in Jacksonville, he ended his career with a Super Bowl ring. Gamble is clearly to getDavid to turn, the more likely not thatthe youtype will make good money. partnerships are about give up. When Good a serious shoulder injury cut using thecareer strength numbers – athlete, more eyes, short his as aofprofessional he minds, hands, wallets and phone contacts knew he’d be okay—though it wasn’t easy. to help deal to fruition. “Likebring manythe athletes who retire, finding that trip can turn if you take a loveAny thatgood can stimulate you bad the way football wrong turn invite for theyourself wrong and people. did, while stillor providing Partnering real estate ventures your family,with can others be veryinchallenging,” says is no different. Below I share a few good Gamble. points to consider when evaluating whether Ultimately, Gamble believed in or not to partner on a real estate transaction himself. his subsequent foraygood into about Ask yourAnd yourself, Do yoI feel retail management called forth certain youy potential partner? You need to have “transferablethat skills”any thatpotential he had originally confidence partner is learned treats on theothers football field: recognizing honest, respectfully even when how to motivate people, understanding they disagree and can really do what the they importance goals,With the intricacies say they willofforshared the team. this in mind, of working onthat a team valueoroffavorite You may find yourand bestthe friend cousin does not makewith the best partner. surrounding yourself the right people— Next ask yourself, you your partner not to mention the “Are power ofand a certain looking at the same picture? Maintaining competitive edge. focus is six important for Winn-Dixie, successful real estate After years with Gamble investing. Partners need agreeOnce on what is says that he has lived theto dream. a star aathlete good investment, how much money is good focused on the win, now the most enough andpart what deciding rewarding of is histhe jobschedule is givingfor people a to make a move. If you want to go to the chance to better themselves, and watching

those with drive and determination develop and advance in their careers. The hardest it can Letting be hard to share the heartbreaking,” same trip. One part? people go. “It’s solution to this is that to Make sure says Gamble. But dilemma he believes he differing of views are “They alwaysfired discusses has neverpoints fired one person. upfront. themselves, I just deliver the message.” partners agree AndAdditionally, he sleeps atmake nightsure by always doing his on how to split the revenue.?Everyone needs due diligence, gathering every scrap of to agree on their share the of the to to be information, and taking timemoney required invested (the risk) and any profits earned make the right choice. The sky is clearly the (the reward) although the shares don’t have limit a man shared. like David Gamble. But his to befor equally But, everyone needs current sights are set on the most humbling to be fine with their share. This discussion and rewarding occupations: being should happenofearly. You should be aable to responsible parent. For now, Gamble is be speak openly about your expectations, focused on finding the right balance and fair, but firm in what you will give and take. structure foragree raising hisathree boys as a then If you can’t after civil discussion, divorcé. David success is you should notGamble’s partner outward for this investment. Remember, youofdon’t have to take everyone representative a determined mind and an on every trip.faith. He is the type of individual unwavering you seeks are just starting or an thatWhether continuously inspiration to be experienced investor, good partnerships shared with those around him. His motto are worth seeking partners is “You’ve got toout. laughRecruit to keepsome fro crying, that you feel good about. Generate some you’ve got to live to keep from dying.” For ideas on either what you like or to you do together. Gamble, youwould truly live, die. It’s Do the work to find good investments. Then your choice—and he has clearly chosen life. most importantly … make an investment. You can’t enjoy e trip if you never decide to



FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015


A Weekend On Fire At JIT-G: Jazz in the Gardens By HCIII

Once a year the City of Miami Gardens hosts the nation’s most celebrated music festival put on by an elite team of managers, producers, and marketers. “Jazz in the Gardens (JIT-G)” is a one-of-a-kind event with people coming from all over the globe to experience “great weather, good friends, exotic foods” and the top musical acts with world-class performances. For outof-towners, JIT-G is “THE BEST JAZZ/R&B FESTIVAL IN AMERICA and a great reason to get out of the cold. Today, we take you behind the velvet rope and speak to the leaders sparking the flame of fun. Also, we find out how JIT-G’s magnitude and scale happens, keeping the audience burning with excitement and coming back for more. This past year marks its 10th anniversary celebrated by doing nothing less than breaking records. “Being sold out is a true milestone for this event and a testament to the City of Miami Gardens’ ability to produce high quality events and programs for our residents and visitors.” . When we asked the Assistant City Manager, Vernita Nelson, about the success of JIT-G, she also shared plans to bring the audience closer to the Artists by enhancing e the “FAN EXPERIENCE INTERACTIVE ZONES” e for next year. s However, she wouldn’t tell us all of the big plans in-store but she did share some n secret insider information - “to expect s special surprise guests to join performers on e stage.” d The shining lights, pictures flashing and e glamorous big-name-celebrities entertaining s all weekend would not happen if it weren’t n for the people behind the scenes, setting o fire to the production, promotion, and e above all patronage. . Managing Partner, Melvin Roane, Jr. n explains, “My job is to ensure that Jazz in . e the Gardens has enough money, in-kind resources and national, regional and local n marketing support to put on a fantastic e and memorable show without breaking the s bank.” e With his team of experts they didn’t . break the bank but they shattered n records completely selling-out the venue on Saturday night and lamenting a new o accolade for JIT-G organizers.

CONGRATULATIONS! Gabrielle Finley-Hazle CEO Florida Medical Center on being named Legacy South Florida Magazine’s

Corporate Executive of the Year for 2015

Maxwell performs onstage at the 10th Annual Jazz in the Gardens Celebrating 10 Years of Great Music at Sun Life Stadium on March 22, 2015 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Larry Marano_Getty Images for Jazz in the Gardens)

Suzan McDowell, Marketing and Media, broke-it-down for Legacy Miami Magazine and shared what makes JIT-G “sing.” “Great A-list artists and the subsequent chemistry of the lineup, a tight, professional, committed event team and the City of Miami Gardens (along with) the genius,aggressive marketing strategy implemented by Circle of One Marketing (dubbed #CircleGladiators). The valiant efforts of many go into making JIT-G “THE BEST JAZZ/R&B FESTIVAL IN AMERICA.” The show must go on… and on it does into the night with crowds of thousands dancing and singing to the songs they know and love with the people whom they feel the same way about. The magic of it all is that there is no magic at all. It is just good-hard working community leaders producing a stellar event for good-hard working people to enjoy themselves with performances by good-hardworking musical acts. “The JIT-G formula is simple and effective; the festival is produced with love.” Your momma told you not to play with fire but during the weekend celebration of fun at Jazz in the Gardens the night is set ablaze with fire!




FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015


41st Annual Equal Opportunity Day Luncheon raised over $100,000 to support the Urban League of Palm Beach County Urban League of Palm Beach County held their 41st Annual Equal Opportunity Day Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, April 1st in West Palm Beach and raised over $100,000 to support its efforts to empower youth and families through economic, education and community empowerment programs. This year’s gala honored the Lifetime Achievement of Beverly Elliott Morrison and James L. Davis who have dedicated their professional lives at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and personal endeavors to empower young people and create a stronger community. Both honorees have served in leadership roles on the ULPBC Board of Directors and worked with many local community, civic and professional organizations. “This is an honored tradition in Palm Beach County that has recognized some of our most influential and important leaders such as Judge Edward Rodgers, Dr. Dennis Gallon and Robert M. Montgomery to name a few,” said sponsor Patrick J. Franklin, President and CEO. “Jim and Beverly have made significant contributions to youth in

Patrick Franklin, President and CEO of the Urban League of Palm Beach County

our community for decades and we are pleased recognize them for their stellar work. They embody the mission and vision of the Urban League movement.”

The luncheon also recognizes the work and contributions of rising young leaders and this year honored Palm Beach Lakes senior and NULITER, Shelby Charles. In her acceptance speech she credited the Urban League and NULITES program for helping her reach her goals and for the years of mentorship by program coordinator Gloria Scott. “It is important for us to recognize our young leaders as well as those who have dedicated their life’s work to furthering the mission of the Urban League,” said Franklin. “Shelby is the future of the Urban League, and we are so proud of her accomplishments as a member of NULITES.” Marc H. Morial, National Urban League President and CEO addressed the audience of more than 450 local leaders and donors about the recent State of Black America report issued by the organization. As President and CEO of the National Urban League since 2003, he has been the primary catalyst for an era of change -- a transformation for the 105-year old civil rights organization. Mr. Morial also shared details on

the upcoming National Urban League Conference which will be held in Ft. Lauderdale in July. Proceeds from the event will support the Urban League of Palm Beach County’s service to more than 17,000 clients in the community providing housing, jobs, education, youth development, community service and health programs. The Awards Luncheon was sponsored NextEra Energy, JM Family Enterprises, Comcast, SunTrust, Valley National Bank, WPTV, Bank of America, The Palm Beach Post, Walgreens, Enterprise, 3rd Federal Bank and Comerica Bank. For more information about the Urban League of Palm Beach County please visit www.ULPBC.org or call 561.833.1461 ext 3002. About Urban League of Palm Beach County: Urban League of Palm Beach County has been at the forefront of youth, education, and community and health empowerment for the past 41 years. The leading provider of comprehensive family services helping more than 17,000 people annually in the achievement of social and economic equality. For more information visit www.ULPBC.org


Economic Development and Upward Mobility

OUR MISSION: To advance the economic interests of our members through advocacy, education, information sharing and resource brokering to maximize their success. Bruce Lewis, Chairman of the Board, We focus Black Chamber of Commerce resources on the challenges faced by Black and minority owned businesses. The work of the Black Chamber of Commerce in assisting Black owned business is vitally important. Equally important is our ability to address unemployment in the Black community, business opportunities in the public/private sectors and upward mobility of our Black professionals.

The unemployment rate for Blacks in Palm Beach County is 16.1%, significantly higher than Hispanics (8.2%) and Whites (7.9%). According to a 2007 national survey by the Gazelle Index, 64% of employees of Black-owned businesses were Black. There are approximately 14,500 Black owned businesses in Palm Beach County, significantly lower than Hispanics (23,500) while the population for both groups are approximately the same. Upward mobility for Black professionals in the public sector historically has been marginal at best and until recently some modest improvements have been made. This brings me to my point; we have a tremendous opportunity to shape our future and economic destiny. There are two critical activities within which we must be intricately involved. First of all we must be actively engaged in the Palm Beach County Disparity Study. The preliminary statistical analysis indicates much work is yet to be done in terms of leveling the playing field of public business opportunities. We as Black people, community leaders and business

owners need to provide input, tell our stories and offer suggestions to enhance our economic position. The second activity is directly related to Black professional upward mobility. Currently, Mr. Verdenia Baker, Deputy County Administrator is one of six (6) candidates vying for the top administrative job in Palm Beach County, County Administrator. The selection process has become a public campaign pitting other candidates against Mrs. Baker. The County Administrator position is the highest ranking position in County Government and should not be taken lightly. Mr. Baker started in 1987 as a Budget Analyst and has been an employee of Palm Beach County for twenty eight (28) years. Mrs. Baker in her role as Deputy County Administrator is responsible for assisting the County Administrator in the management of all activities to ensure the efficient operation of County Government. Today Palm Beach County has a budget of $3.97 billion, 6,133 employees and a population of approximately 1.3 million. Mrs. Verdenia Baker over the years has been a major

contributor to County Government and is an outstanding and recognized community leader! Mrs. Baker has been recommended by Mr. Robert Weisman (current County Administrator) as his replacement. In addition, Mrs. Baker knows the Palm Beach County community, has the relationships, proven skill sets, is a team- player, has leadership skills and perhaps most importantly, Mrs. Baker has the experience required to be Palm Beach County Administrator. If selected, Mr. Baker will be the first Black female County Administrator. In closing, I need not tell you how important meaningful access to decision makers is in advancing our economic agenda. Becoming “Agents for Change” is absolutely critical in enhancing our quality of life. Let’s consider the notion of taking control of our economic future by supporting our leadership and businesses through a consolidated, uniform support mechanism for the things that matter. Have a Great Day on Purpose!

FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015


Florida Lottery Continues Its Commitment to Education The Florida Lottery has contributed more than $28 billion to education for Florida’s students and schools since the first ticket was sold in 1988. This past fiscal year, the state’s self-supporting, revenueproducing lottery department achieved the highest sales record in its history and more importantly, contributed $1.49 billion to education. This is the most money ever contributed to education in a single year. The Florida Lottery’s commitment to generating revenue for education remains at the forefront of all decisions made by the organization. The Florida Lottery established its reputation early on and has never wavered in its commitment to providing players with the best, most-entertaining games available while also providing our education system and Florida businesses with additional revenue streams. The Florida Lottery’s employees, retailers and vendors execute all operations, from daily drawings to paying prizes, with the highest degree of attention paid to the security and integrity of the games. These practices support the Florida

Lottery pillars which are Flamingo Pride, Driving Excitement, Optimistic Moments, Funding Tomorrow and Integrity Above All. In the coming year, the Florida Lottery will continue working to uphold its standing as an industry leader by finding new ways to engage players and communities across the state while maintaining its commitment to Florida’s students and schools. From the first day of pre-kindergarten to the day a student crosses the stage at college graduation, students across our state are able to make their dreams come true by acquiring a quality education. At the Florida Lottery, we are proud to play our part in helping to make those dreams come true. Finally, the Florida Lottery will continue to monitor its operating expenses, a practice that has resulted in maximizing profits and having one of the lowest expense rates among domestic lotteries. While serving the people of Florida who created the lottery for the benefit of the entire state, the Florida Lottery has been supporting education for 27 years. Just Imagine®… Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute at Baptist Health

South Florida has been advancing care in the community for over 25 years by pioneering treatments of heart and vascular conditions. Now, with a $100 million expansion to enhance patient care and

50 Most Powerful & Influential Black Professionals in Business & Industry for 2015

integration of services at over 25 convenient locations, you and your loved ones can experience the most trusted cardiovascular care in the region from some of the nation’s most renowned physicians.


for the

Learn more at BaptistHealth.net/Heart


Hosted by CBS4 Anchor Irika Sargent May

2 2015

Diplomat Resort & Spa 3555 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019



Cocktail Hour: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Awards Reception:8:00 PM - 12 Midnight $175.00

RSVP NOW http://bit.ly/LegacyPowerGala

A not-for-profit organization supported by philanthropy and committed to our faith-based charitable mission of medical excellence





FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

Legendary singer Roberta Flack

Legendary singer Roberta Flack earned a star in 1999 on Hollywood’s renowned Walk of Fame. Noted for her lyrical songwriting talent, the Grammy award winning songstress has produced chart topping hits that bring insight into our lives, loves, culture and politics, while effortlessly tapping into a broad musical landscape from pop to soul to folk to jazz. Hits such as The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Where Is the Love (a duet with former Howard University classmate Donny Hathaway), Killing Me Softly With His Song, Feel Like Makin’ Love, The Closer I Get to You, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, and Set the Night to Music, has not only contributed to her legacy, but are likely to be on repeat in everyone’s car. Flack didn’t always want to be a singer. However, she was musically inclined. She was classically trained on the piano from an early age. “I actually wanted to be a classical pianist as a child,” she said. “The piano was my first voice.” Flack learned to play an old piano that her father brought to their house from a Roberta Flack, Grammy Award Winning Artist junkyard. She stated that it was green

and smelly. Her father cleaned it up and she played it every day. This led to her receiving a music scholarship at age 15 to attend Howard University. Flack had a job in a Washington D.C. nightclub called Mr. Henry’s, as a pianist accompanying singers. One night, a singer called in sick and Flack was asked if she could play and sing. She agreed and the audience loved her voice. She was discovered by jazz musician Les McCann. She was then signed to Atlantic. Being in the field of popular music hasn’t always been a smooth road for the songstress. One of the most challenging things Flack has had to overcome was singing popular music that touches her heart. She stated that her music has been called pop, soul, jazz, rock, and more. “Since 2000, the biggest obstacle has been that there are now 2 generations of music lovers who see music as a basically, free art form,” said Flack. “No more music stores and we are all hard hit as a result.” Breaking through the barriers, Flack has continued to promote soulful music and is still adding to the list of accomplishments. Flack recently sang for The Dalai Lama.

Adding to the highlights of her career has been singing for Nelson Mandela, which she got the privilege to dance with him. She has been honored by many different organizations, winning Grammies, the American Music Awards, and donating her efforts. “I’m proud of the school of music that I founded in 2006 with my manager, Suzanne Koga – The Roberta Flack School of Music,” said Flack. “It’s in the Bronx and so many children have had access to music as a result.” Flack is also proud of her passionate fan base. Flack stated that recently, a young girl in rural North Carolina chose Ms. Flack as an inspirational American Woman. Flack went on to say that the young girl did a report on her and dressed as her for a class. The young girl sent photos that touched Flack’s heart. “It touched my heart and I was proud of her, and honored that she chose me because my music touched her,” said Flack.

“I actually wanted to be a classical pianist as a child... The piano was my first voice.”



With her unmistakable voice and unforgettable string of chart-topping hits, including

APRIL 24 Au-Rene Theater

“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” “Killing Me Softly With His Song,” “Tonight I Celebrate My Love” and many more, the Grammy Award-winner remains unparalleled in her ability to tell a story through music. TICKETS at BrowardCenter.org Ticketmaster | 954.462.0222

Broward Center’s AutoNation Box Office

Group Sales 954.660.6307

Follow us: BrowardCenter

FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015



Educated in Europe, she took a leap of faith and establishes her own business in the Nigerian fashion industry, now known as “Rose of Sharon House of Fashion”. She is the Executive Vice Chairman of her family’s oil exploration and production business, FAMFA Oil Limited. In addition, Mrs. Alakija is the Executive Vice Chairman of Dayspring Property Development Company Limited, a real estate company with investments in different parts of the world. Register today at eventbrite.com (search “Dream Big!) Sponsorship opportunities available. For more information on this event, please contact Shenetria Moore, SHE Holdings LLC @sheholdingsllc@yahoo.com or 561-632-6051. FMEET FORBES LIST TOP BLACK FEMALE BILLIONAIRE FOLORUNSO ALAKIJA Friday, April 24, 2015-Embassy Suite, 1601 Belvedere Road, WPB, Fl. Join FORERUNNERS Generation International, a 501C3 organization, in welcoming Folorunso Alakija to the Sunshine State! There will be a reception held in her honor. Mrs. Alakija is 1 of 3 Black Female Billionaires in the World!

2015 National Urban League Conference to be held in Sunny Fort Lauderdale! Mark your calendars! For four power packed days, political, business, and community leaders will convene in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for

the 2015 National Urban League Conference, July 29 - August 1, 2015. The conference will be inspiring and empowering and will provide you with unmatched professional, civic engagement, business development, and networking opportunities. Don’t miss the hottest conference of the year! 2015 Conference Features: • Empowering Sessions and Workshops – Hear from political, business, and entertainment leaders and influencers on topics including education, business, the economy, health, and justice • N.U.L. Experience Hal • Career & Networking Fair • Women of Power Awards • Young Professionals Summit Registration - http://bit.ly/UrbanLeagueReg 24/7 or call 800-263-9926, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.


rating from Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest rating regarding legal ability and professional ethics. Mr. Smith practices complex business litigation and corporate law and has represented a diverse clientele, including fortune 500 companies, government agencies and elected officials, a major league baseball team, and a variety of small and medium-sized businesses.

Grasford Smith was recently promoted to Partner/Shareholder with Jones Foster Johnston & Stubbs, P.A., a firm called “highly esteemed” by Chambers USA and ranked a “Top Law Firm” by the South Florida Legal Guide. He is admitted to practice in NY, DC, and FL, and holds an AV (Preeminent)

Black Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County - 2015 Ascension Awards Banquet

L-R Frank Hayden, Verdenia Baker, Earnie Ellison, Keely Taylor, Bruce Lewis, Thais Sullivan, Grasford Smith, Joe Sanches & Ron Davis Board Members

L-R Verdenia Baker, Denise Albritton & Bruce Lewis

L-R Anthony Brown, Nelson Dozier, LaBrina McDonald, Patricia Hopkinson, Shalonda Warren, Zenora Ward, Denise Albritton, Mary Jackson & Greg Dillard

L-R Emma Banks congratulating Denise Albritton (far right)

standing: Thais Sullivan, Jennifer Reed, Keely Taylor, Debora Lamons, Leddyon Weathersbee, Aneesha Hanif & Allana Stroup kneeling: Bruce Lewis, Representative Bobby Powell

L-R Bruce Lewis, Hollani Davis & unknown



FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015


Miramar 2015 SPRING

Watch Miramar TV

Meet Jason Taylor

Comcast Channel 78 in Miramar

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 | 7PM

Tune in every day and you can see yourself (or your family) at one of our fabulous City events. Miramar TV is also available on computer, tablet and phone at www.MiramarFL.gov

2015 Summer Camps Summer is almost here!

Miramar Cultural Center | 2400 Civic Center Pl. 954-602-4500 | General admission tickets are required for this FREE event. For tickets, log onto www.MiramarCulturalCenter.org


Celebrating 60 Years of Beauty & Progress

Registration is open! Camp spaces are limited! For more information on camps, locations and times, please call 954-602-3343.

Thursday, May 14 - Sunday, May 17

Follow #OurMiramar to find out more information on the events and activities.

Multi-Cultural Games Monday, April 27, 2015 | 12PM

Ansin Sports Complex 10801 Miramar Blvd. The City of Miramar & Utech Jamaica Field Events Begin 12PM | Running Events Begin 4PM | 954-602-4990 - FREE ENTRY


2300 Civic Center Place Miramar, Florida 33025

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