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November July 2017 2016


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November 2017 • Vol. 38 No. 11

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The new manager checklist

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Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

 People don’t fail. Oh, wait. Yes they do.

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When to replace forklift forks

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 SOP – The key to efficiency

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22 |  Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

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26 |  Your Business Eileen Schmidt

F amily leadership and key partnerships guide Bublitz Material Handling to 90-year mark.

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Susan Hellert

14 |  Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi

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 arehouse efficiency in W the 21st Century


Dean Millius General Manager/Publisher

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November 2017


WAREHOUSE EFFICIENCY IN THE 21ST CENTURY Cover story: Susan Miller Hellert Warehouse efficiency has always been an integral part of business systems. As costs and competition increase and profit margins decrease, this efficiency has become essential for the continuation of a company’s existence. Methods of efficiency will eliminate unnecessary procedures as well as implement error reducing technology. Without warehouse efficiency measures the workforce must be increased exponentially to meet the constantly escalating demand for service. A “Lights Out Warehousing� system is a totally automated process with few human workers. The lean plant operations approach is phased in automation over a period of time. Jeff Christiansen, vp of product at Seegrid, believes introducing a product such as selfdriving vehicles is a low impact step in the automation process. Causes of increased efficiency demands E-commerce in 2016 reached $1.915 trillion with no ceiling in sight. According to the U.S. Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce for the second quarter of 2017 e-commerce sales reached $111.5 billion in the U. S. This was a 4.8% over the first quarter of 2017. Shea Bennett of ADWEEK on July 11, 2014 stated that $1.2 million was spent every 30 seconds on e-commerce business. These statistics verify the tremendous impact of e-commerce on business and therefore, warehouse efficiency. Kevin Ledversis of Newcastle Systems maintains that the effect of e-commerce on warehousing has been huge. He cited the needs of next day delivery, customer satisfaction and the projection that e-commerce transactions will reach $4 trillion by 2020 as being the driving force in increasing efficiency within the warehouse. Improved customer service demands an increase in efficiency within business. To achieve reliable shipping and timely deliveries to meet the rise in customer service demands that warehouses must adapt. In The role of electronic commerce in the global business environments (2014) K. Kasemsap stated that since perception is reality, excellent customer service is essential. One bad review can mean the loss of customers and impact the bottom line of a company quickly. Competiveness demands fast, 6

November 2017

accurate and reliable responses to orders, returns and customer comments. Types of automated systems in the warehouse Self-guided forklifts or self-guided vehicle (SGV) are autonomous, self-directed robotic delivery systems for the movement of products in diverse environments. They reduce labor costs because they require one-time investments but avoid costs of salaries, healthcare, taxes, vacation time, etc. Safety is another benefit as these vehicles have multiple built in safety measures. Humans in contrast can become tired, distracted or ignore safety directives. Since they can operate 24/7 they also increase productivity. Christensen advocates launching a pilot program with several self-driving vehicles as a first step in creation of a connected smart warehouse. Automated storage and retrieval systems consist of a variety of computer controlled systems for automatically placing and retrieving loads from storage locations, such as high density multiple deep storage systems. These technologies maximize floor space, reduce labor and inventory requirements, increase ergonomics and increase accuracy. Robotic palletizers and high speed conveyors improve efficiency in loading of products by funneling boxes toward the palletizing robots through a multiple conveyor system. They are then split into rows in preparation for palletizing. When the pallet reaches capacity it is removed by conveyor and an empty pallet is fed to the robot. These systems have proven to be both reliable and flexible. Mobile robots are automatic machines capable of moving around within their environment. Included in this technology are mobile computers that allow operators more flexibility rather than requiring them to constantly walk back and forth from computers to work areas. Advantages of mobile robots include shorter cycle time due to the ability to work at a constant speed with no need for breaks, improved safety and better floor space utilization. SelectHub details the benefits of Warehouse Management Systems and System Application Programming (WMS and SAP). They offer maximized labor resources, better demand planning and improved relations with customers and suppliers. Suppliers enjoy fewer long waiting times at the loading docks and

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November 2017


Cover Story customers gain reduced delivery lead time and fewer order inaccuracies. These systems also enhance security because they require employees to use individual accounts thus creating an audit trail that improves accountability and reduces the risks of theft. Radio frequency identification technology or RFID uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. Reasons for adopting this technology include inventory accuracy and improvement

in picking and shipping times. Drones can be used to find items in giant warehouses. RFID tags replace bar codes. These tags don’t need line of vision to read and can include much more information than the bar codes. The drones can access high shelving without the inherent dangers of humans on ladders. They are ideally situated for large-scale repetitive tasks such as taking inventory. Benefits of technology

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November 2017

Yale Materials Handling Corporation has introduced the MPEO8OVG end rider Driven by Balyo. It won the Gold Product of the Year Award at the Engineering Award in Manufacturing on April 3, 2017. This product uses infrastructure-free navigation technology to independently pick up, transport and drop off pallets anywhere on the floor – recognizing existing structural features to navigate rather than requiring operations to install tape, wire or other infrastructure. This enables easy adaptation to changing layout configurations and efficient route calculations. Able to switch to manual mode with the touch of a button, this lift truck enables operations to accommodate unexpected demands. Cimcorp, a manufacturer and integrator of turnkey robotic gantrybased order fulfillment and tie handling solutions has supplied a robotic dolly picking system for Sinebrychoff of

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According to Jeff Christensen of Seegrid: “In manufacturing and e-commerce environments, every human touch is costly and unpredictable. As we help our customers develop smart factories of the future, safety, efficiency and operating costs will continue to be the driving forces behind the adoption of automation.” “The Seegrid GP8 Series 6 self driving pallet truck allows distributors to change routes in-house, operate in manual mode and effortlessly scale their fleet as they grow. As a result pallet truck pick up and drop offs can occur without human interaction increasing productivity while labor shortages grow.”

2/27/17 11:52 AM

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November 2017


Cover Story Finland- the 197 year old leading manufacturer of beers, ciders, soft drinks and energy drinks. A subsidiary of Carlsberg, international brewing and beverage company, Sinebrychoff plans to automate its Kerava, Finland location. The Cimcorp’s system replaces the order picking of dolly loads that until now has been a manual process and accounts for 30% of the company’s distribution deliveries. Automating this process represent a significant cost saving, as well as providing the opportunity to eliminate picking errors and thereby enhance customer satisfaction.

a simpler way to protect workers and products while keeping an eye of the facility’s bottom line.”

Sinebrychoff’s orders vary considerably. Whether the order consists of truckloads or single cases, the Cimcorp system can handle it plus any seasonal special products introduced. This fully automatic system entails no human labor until the product is loaded into delivery vehicles. Beverages are transported from high bay warehouses by conveyor to the dispatch area where a vision system will enable the products to be unloaded by universal robots and deposited on dollies or mini dollies. Automatically shrink wrapped, the loads are then stored by gantry robots and then picked by overhead robots according to customer demand. Laser guided systems transport the products to the loading area.

Kevin Ledversis of Newcastle Systems believes that fear of system hacking can be an obstacle to fully automating warehouse operations. As society becomes more interconnected due to advanced computer systems, the threat of hacking has increased. The recent hacking of Equifax, a credit reporting agency, has affected as many as 143 million Americans. The same danger is possible in warehouse management.

Customer satisfaction is a major component of Sinebrychoff’s decision as Kai Tuomisaari, sales director of Cimcorp stated: “The Cimcorp solution will ensure 100% picking accuracy and 100% product traceability, as well as providing flexibility for future changes”. Kimmo Sormunen, automation manager of Sinebrychoff also stated that the energy efficiency of the robots is another important benefit. Efficiency is the primary goal of automation and reducing energy consumption means more efficiency according to Jeff Christensen. He continues that human operated vehicles often consume energy sporadically. Sporadic energy consumption ceases to be an issue due to the consistency of self-driving vehicles. Safety is another aspect of technology in warehousing since every seven seconds an employee is injured on the job. Adding technology along with additional training and safety equipment will reduce this number for the benefit of the individual workers and the company’s profit margin. Steve Dew of Adrian’s Safety Solutions said, “Many of our material handling customers are working in highly active environments and simply do not have time for days of downtime while safely equipment is installed. Our products provide 10

November 2017

The use of laser scanners or cameras to read bar codes on a conveyor belt eliminates the need to perform repetitious actions. The automated system replaces the individual worker‘s requirement to move or lift products. The result is to obviously prevent potential worker injuries and, therefore, lessen compensation claims, time off work, and increase employee satisfaction. Problems presented by automation

In Warehouse Automation: Risk and Reward (September 29, 2014) by Luke Atkinson Foley and Steve Phillabaum, intellectual property, data and identity theft are the major targets of hacking in a warehouse system. This can result in claims by employees against companies as well as the loss of confidence in a business by both clients and customers. The use of tablets throughout warehouses increases efficiency but exposes more information to infiltration. In 2014 3,000 U.S. companies experienced systems hacking resulting in a cost of $100 billion. According to Christensen, another major obstacle is skepticism toward automation from employees. This can be alleviated by increased training, beginning on a small scale and the assurance that automation will result in consistent and reliable results. Cost is another problem according to Foley and Phillabaum. Since the range of automation costs can vary from several thousands of dollars to millions, it is essential to complete a full evaluation of the scope and size of the warehouse and automated systems available. Other potential issues accompanying automation are distractions, data addiction and less operational awareness. To successfully combat these concerns, a business should not only ensure that all employees learn to safely operate the equipment, but also engage a risk management consultant.

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November 2017


Cover Story Large maintenance budgets required by automated systems can be another dilemma, since a 24/7 presence is necessary according to Kevin Ledversis. Myth vs. reality of technology in warehousing Common myths attached to automation in warehousing are contradicted by Visastore Systems in their EBOOK 15 Common Myths About Warehouse Automation. While “Lights Out Warehousing” refers to a system in which no human labor is required, according to Visatore, it is important to note that not all systems are total. There are a variety of levels and costs available. These systems offer different pay off statistics. Basic programs for picking operations result in a short pay off period of 6-12 months, while fully automated systems may require 5-10 years or more to pay off. Small warehouses often believe they are not large enough to profitably convert to automation. Warehouse Management Systems can benefit any size operation with significant benefits to accuracy, labor efficiency and productivity. The loss of jobs is a common protest against automation. In reality, automation supports workers

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while removing monotonous, non productive and mistake prone tasks. As the number of qualified workers decreases due to age or a simple lack of interest in warehousing as a career, it becomes more difficult to secure skilled employees. Automation allows employees to acquire new talents and jobs within the industry mitigating the high turnover that is common in the warehouse field. Conclusion Automation within warehouse operations is a continually evolving process. Each business must evaluate the needs, costs, structures and projected results based on the best information available. The variety of systems, methods of installation, as well as the impact on employees and the profit margin are all important variables. It is a fact that automation is here to stay and growing. Whether adopting lean practices that incorporate technology in an already existing system or an entirely automated “lights out” system, the future includes automation. History teaches us. Queen Elizabeth I believed it to be in the best interest of her subjects to deny a patent for an automated knitting machine. The machine, she thought, would deny hand knitters and weavers their livelihood. The machine came despite the royal action and by the end of the 19th century there were twice as many factory weavers as there had been hand weavers. According to Sarah Kessler in the Optimist’s Guide to the Robot Apocalypse in Quartz, March 9, 2017, Amazon has increased its number of robots in their warehouses from 1400 to 45,000 while the rate at which they hire employees has not decreased. Technology creates new jobs. Jobs we cannot even anticipate today will exist tomorrow. She goes on to explain that in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, 50% of all workers were in agriculture. Today that number is about 2%. There has been no massive unemployment. In 1965 Gordon Moore stated that fast evolution of technology will continue to accelerate. The conclusion must be that those companies who don’t evolve are at risk of falling behind or worse failing completely.

ECOTEC Ltd. LLC 150 Marybill Dr. • Troy, OH 45373 P: 937.606.2793 • F: 937.606.2026


November 2017

Susan Miller Hellert is Senior Lecturer Emeritus from the University of Wisconsin Platteville. Now a free-lance writer for a variety of clients. You may email editorial@mhwmag. com with questions.






November 2017


Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi

SOP – The key to efficiency If your fiscal year runs concurrent with the calendar (Jan-Dec), then this is usually the time of year when the management team begins to put together the battle plan for the upcoming year. This is can be a painstaking and arduous process and in many cases, can start as early as September, depending on how much data needs to be collected, and how many people will be involved in the goal setting process. Nobody I know in our business enjoys forecasting. The reason is simple. Uncertainty. Who likes to guess? We don’t know what 2018 will bring. With the state of the geopolitical chaos that only seems to get worse with each passing day, how can we depend on the tried and true economic indicators that have served us so well in the past? We can’t. So…’s a guess. Back in March, April and May of this year, I published columns in MHW that detailed the process of: 1. Measuring your market position and defining your market offerings. 2. Performing a quality SWOT analysis, both departmentally, and for the overall company. 3. Setting measurable growth goals that were CONSISTENT with the capabilities, manpower and value proposition of the dealership. It may be helpful for you to go to the archives and review these articles as you prepare for the 2018 forecasting process. If you follow the steps of proper assessment, and targeted goal setting it will result in a much more meaningful and realistic forecast. If not,

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November 2017

you will more than likely end up adding 5% to your annualized 2017 totals and then “hoping something good happens.” It pays to remember that hope is not a strategy. This column however is less about the numbers your dealership generates, and more about the process with which they are generated. My observation as I visit dealerships across the country is that they spend a great deal of time and energy crunching numbers, and almost NO time or energy investigating how changes in operating procedures might make them more efficient. Auditing your processes can uncover redundancies and illuminate opportunities that nobody ever knew about…. because NOBODY ASKED! It may surprise you to know that many times the reason we tolerate inefficient processes, is simply because the people doing the work are comfortable with the current procedure. Change is hard. There seems to be a measure of comfort in consistency. Because of this people may resist a change in procedure EVEN IF IT IMPROVES THEIR EFFICIENCY! I’ve heard every excuse in the book for not improving SOP (Standard Operating Procedure.) • Our computer system won’t allow us to do that.

 ctually, many times it will let you do that, but we A only know enough about the computer system to do it the current way.

• The manager must sign off on everything before we can send the paperwork to accounting.  If your new SOP was properly understood, executed and trusted, your staff could approve the paperwork themselves, and your manager could devote his time to growing your business instead of piling through paperwork. • We need a double-check system to eliminate errors.  Hire and train competent employees. Hold them accountable to a properly communicated SOP and errors will be eliminated. And by the way, how many errors make it past the second safety net anyway? Usually more than we’d like to admit.

November 2017


Aftermarket • If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

If a clock loses 5 minutes per hour, is it broken? You can argue that is operational, but is it useful? So, yes, it is broken. Let’s fix it!

• It’s the way we have always done it.

 he eight most dangerous words in business. How T many times have you heard that “past performance is no guarantee of future results?” Business evolves, technology changes, and when it does, your competition becomes more efficient than you, but it’s OK, because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

If you don’t have written SOP’s now is the time to start crafting them. If you do have them in place, now is the time to review and refine them. There are three keys to success when changing or establishing SOP to improve efficiency. 1. Write it down The most efficient process in the world is only good for a short time if it isn’t well documented, and understood. One of the chief reasons why companies cannot maintain their standards, is that the only source of training in the company is another employee. This employee may be well intentioned, but without a written standard to refer to, the trainer will either omit items important to the procedure, or the new employee will adopt “work arounds” in the procedure because the person doing the training has already deviated from the agreed standard. Creating written standards is a daunting task. Think of the hundreds of procedures that take place in your dealership every day. Without a written standard however, people will naturally be drawn to do it in the way that is most comfortable for THEM. This may or may not be efficient. The written standard is the only way to ensure that the procedure is properly taught, and the only way to hold people accountable when the train goes off the track. 2. Vet the new SOP by DOING In a world of checks and balances, it’s natural to want to develop fool-proof processes, designed to capture and contain any and all deviations. Doing so makes the plan cumbersome and so incredibly difficult that the creators of the system even have trouble working the controls. It begs the question “Who’s the fool?” 16

November 2017

John Seely Brown was the chief scientist at Xerox many years ago, when copy machines were the newest gadget around. He coined a phrase that goes nicely here. “Processes don’t work. People work.” I think this is the key to escaping the flow charts, and getting to the heart of the issue. Planning is necessary in any venture, but when the plan tries to accommodate too many eventualities, you must seek a measure of simplicity in the final version. This can be done most effectively by working the SOP yourself. Take the time and check in some freight in the parts department. Sit down at the administrator’s desk and put some PM’s in the system. Follow the procedure, and see what obstacles naturally occur. Then solve those problems so that your employees won’t feel the need to create a work-around that circumvents the processes you worked so hard to define. Managers love to write great recipes, but they seldom eat their own cookies! 3. Diligently enforce compliance No, it’s not OK to let them do it their own way. Either you execute your process by SOP or not. If there is something wrong with the SOP, then fix it so that everyone can follow it. If the SOP is valid, then hold your employees to account. Many years ago, I had a salesman that when given explicit instruction told me “well, that’s A way to do it.” He resisted the proven practices that created sales success for our business. He didn’t last long. This illustrates that there are those high-spirited horses that will want to create a work of original art with every task. Know where you can allow them to run free and where you must demand compliance with the standard. Any procedure that is important enough for a written SOP should be governed by that SOP. Don’t allow exceptions. It’s a slippery slope. Vetting new processes can be an even more intimidating task than forecasting sales for the new year. Done properly however it can yield a very favorable return on the time invested. Once you have an initial SOP policy manual, the assessment and fine-tuning process each year will get progressively easier. New employees that are hired will learn the most efficient methods, not work arounds and short cuts that erode efficiency. The best advantage however is seeing


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November 2017


Aftermarket profitability increase because mistakes are held to a minimum. Standard Operating Procedure is just that…. a STANDARD. Performance by PEOPLE is measured against this standard. If in your measurement you can make 80% to 90% of what happens follow the procedure……you’ve got a pretty good process in place.

My advice to dealers who want to make SOP creation a part of their annual assessment and goal setting process, is to start with ONE process at a time. Finish and test the processes one by one before moving to the next task. Begin with items that represent the starting point of a string of processes. For instance, in parts, I would start with generating a properly completed purchase order, THEN go to your parts receiving process, then document matching and invoice review, then accounts payable. All of these processes are interdependent, but they are also linear. If you start with an improperly issued PO, the other processes are compromised before they even begin.

Durable Distribution Totes

Having written SOP’s is requisite to following consistent best practices in your company. SOP creation and review should be an active part of forecasting for the coming year. If you would like to engage me on the subject, I would be happy to help you get started.

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In many cases, after establishing or updating SOP’s a dealer will find that efficiency may increase to the point where profit objectives can actually be achieved with fewer sales. What would that mean to your dealership?

November 2017


Dave Baiocchi is the president of Resonant Dealer Services LLC. He has spent 33 years in the equipment business as a sales manager, aftermarket director and dealer principal. Dave now consults with dealerships nationwide to establish and enhance best practices, especially in the area of aftermarket development and performance. E-mail to contact Dave.


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November 2017


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November 2017



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November 2017


Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

Welcome aboard No, not a typo. I am not welcoming you aboard my seagoing vessel. I am suggesting a method to improve your operations, better plan for the future and a way to prepare for your transition out of the business. And again, this is one of my “Don’t spend a lot but get a LOT” strategies.

Manufactures, warehouse and logistic C-level personnel, wholesale or retail sales operations. These could be current customers or maybe not. Your goal with this type of group is to understand industry and customer needs and the adjustments required to meet them.

Based on my experience every privately owned business could use an outside board to oversee business operations, review financial metrics that measure and compare performance, assist with strategic decisions such as Cap X transactions, financing the business, potential acquisitions and in general discuss the future of the industry. In addition, every board would follow up on action plans created at prior meetings to learn how management actions are meeting company goals.

Your corporate attorney would also be a good member. They understand the board process, can assist with the agenda and help resolve issues that may have legal implications. Corporate attorney’s represent a large number of business clients and thus have input and experience in many types of business transactions. I always want them there and normally they will tell it like it is.

To get maximum benefit from an outside board I support including a mix of members both inside and outside of your industry to get a broad perspective of changes happening across the economic spectrum. And it is extremely important to not get a lot of “YES” people on the board. What you need are business executives who will tell you like it is, explain how they see the market moving, express changes they see coming in terms of technology and the IofT, and have business acumen to understand your metrics and the decision making process. What you may want to avoid is adding to the board people who you are engaging the normal course of running your business. If you are doing business with them they will be reluctant to question your decisions for fear of losing your business. The “little charger” that thinks BIG! Alltech battery chargers are durable and built to last!

Metro: (817) 447-2703 Toll Free: (877) 882-6004 Fax: (817) 453-9988


email: 6700 Exchange Dr. | Mansfield, TX 76063

November 2017

Other attendees at the meeting will be the president of the company (whether they own shares or not), the shareholders, the CFO, the COO and the sales manager for parts of the meeting. Outside guests could also be included as requested by management or the board. For example, your banker may be requested to discuss your credit lines or potential changes because of a business transaction your company in contemplating. So there you are…. two outsiders, your attorney, the C-level company personnel and guests as necessary. Five or six members. The chairman sets the agenda after discussions with the board members and the C-level team and follows up on open items from previous meeting. Minutes of the meeting are formalized and forwarded to each member within a couple of weeks post meeting. Normally two meetings a year seem to work. Lay out the dates to plan the current year, review results mid-year and have a clear idea where you stand close to year end. A meeting in Q4 (late Oct or early Nov) lets you see results through Q3, plan for year end, and plan for next year. A Q2 meeting (April) lets you review finalized annual results and allows for changes required for the balance of the current year. You can, of course, adjust the schedule to fit your needs. Some of you may need a third meeting depending on what is going on in terms of the life cycle of your business.

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Bottom Line Data needed for such meetings would include industry data to compare results against. The MHEDA DiSC report works well for this purpose whether you participated in the report or not. Both the AED Cost of Doing Business and the ARA Cost of Doing Business reports add perspective to the discussions. Economic and specific industry forecasts help with the decision making process. Year end and current internal financial statements including supporting schedules, including budgets are a necessity. Of course, participating in the MHEDA report which spells out the participants results against the report, provide a list of agenda items for discussion. Since we are dealing with the material handling business there are two or three items I concentrate keeping track of. • The estimated OLV of my rental assets • The age of my floor plan items •T  he balance available on my operating and equipment lines


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Equipment, Inc.

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•C  ap X requirements….both maintenance and growth • My borrowing base • Pre-tax profits and absorption rate • EBITDA (to measure debt service capability) So, let’s make it eight things that keep me up at night. Most of which have to do with cash flow to cover debt service, covenant coverage, absorption rate and other balance sheet nightmares that make our industry so exciting. I just hate to manage this type of business worrying about financing issues. It is much more pleasant to know you have adequate cash flow to cover debt service and operating expenses without having to worry about it. Creating an outside board will help address both balance sheet and cash flow considerations because C-level personnel will need to justify both budgets and results to someone other than the owner. Probably a good idea. The times I have encountered an outside board environment it provided benefits well in excess of the cost to the program. Give it some thought. Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC. E-mail editorial to contact Garry.

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Your Business Eileen Schmidt

Family leadership and key partnerships guide Bublitz Material Handling to 90-year mark. It was nearly a century ago that Jeff Bublitz's grandfather started his North Kansas City, Mo.-based construction machinery business, an operation that has since established a track record of diversifying and evolving.   Bublitz Machinery Company was founded in 1927 by Walter J. Bublitz. At that time, the focus was on construction equipment such as steam shovels, excavators and chains. The original focus on construction equipment continued through the early 1950's, when the company diversified by servicing Yale Material Handling forklifts.  "The company was balanced 50-50 construction concern and material handling distributor. Construction tends to be more cyclical, so we diversified," said Bublitz, chief executive officer of what is today known as Bublitz Material Handling.”   That structure remained until the late 1970's, under the leadership of Karl Bublitz, Jeff’s father. “Aerial work platforms became more commonly used in construction. Mobile aerial platforms shortened the length of time to build a building. They were self-propelled and you didn't have to erect scaffolding and move it," said Bublitz.   That is when Bublitz became a master distributor for everything west of the Mississippi (River) for a couple of brands of aerial work platforms. The business had about 600 platforms in its fleet and branch offices in Denver, Reno, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.   Despite this growth, Bublitz said it was "a dangerous period in our history" as aerial platforms at the time were rudimentary and unsafe in makeup. "Thankfully eventually they got regulated," he said.   Still, when Jeff Bublitz became involved in the company in the 1980s, he began to refocus the structure to get out of the aerial platform business.  Throughout the 1990s, Bublitz worked to realign the business to be material handling-focused. He purchased the business - then Bublitz Machinery - from his father in 2003.  In 2010, the business entered into a partnership with Riekes Equipment of Omaha, Neb., and adopted the name Bublitz Material Handling. It is that partnership that brought Pete Womack, COO and Duncan Murphy, 26

November 2017

President into the Bublitz leadership team. The company was then, and remains today, a dual-brand dealership for Hyster-Yale with the addition of the Hyster lift truck line.  The move was, according to Bublitz, "a game changer."   "We were able to really expand by the infusion of capital. We went from a $10 million a year company to a $20 million year company overnight, that was primarily Hyster," said Bublitz. “Even today, we’re mainly interested in additional expansion through acquisition.”  Today, the company has 65 employees and continues to operate in Kansas City, serving the surrounding areas including St. Joseph and Nevada, Mo.; north close to the Iowa border; and several counties in Kansas.  "When you look at the material handling industry now, most or all are partnerships or ESOP-based,” he said. "That's what keeps business dynamic."  Bublitz said the biggest challenge is staffing in a specialized industry, but the business has built an on-site training facility and employs a full-time technical trainer to help recruit and train technicians.  "We strive to have the best people working here. We've been able to attract some really great employees in the last year," said Jeff, “and we expect that to continue.”  In addition, Bublitz said the business is committed to a demanding performance guarantee that drives success in all areas of the business.  "We strive to live by a really high standard. We continually try to do things better and go the extra mile to serve our customers by doing things our competition will not and cannot do," he said.   Reaching the 90-year mark is momentous for those involved in the business, and Bublitz attributes the longevity to the continuity of family leadership and the key partnership and diversification with the Hyster acquisition, which allowed the partners involved to help one another carry out the load in what Bublitz said can be a tough business with a lot of competition.  Eileen Schmidt is a freelance writer and journalist based in the Greater Milwaukee area. She has written for print and online publications for the past 12 years. Email or visit to contact Eileen. 


















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2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2014

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3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 4 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way

S-S, LBR, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks 3rd Valve, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks 4Way, S-S S-S, 42” Forks S-S, 42” Forks S-S, 42” Forks S-S, Forks

Yale GLP030VX Yale GLP030VX Yale GLP030VX Yale GLP030VX Yale GLP030VX Yale GLP030VX Yale GLP050VX Yale GLP050VX Yale GLP050VX Yale GLP050VX Yale GLP050VX

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Cat 422S Cat 2C6000 Hyster S30FT Hyster S40FT Hyster S40FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S60FT Hyster S60FT Yale GLC060VX

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3Way, Clamp S-S, Forks S-S, 42” Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, LBR, Forks S-S, LBR, Forks S-S, LBR, Forks S-S, LBR, Forks S-S, LBR, Forks 3Way, Rotator, 48” Forks 3Way, Rotator, 48” Forks S-S, 42” Forks

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19580 1997 Taylor TE-300M

153/167 5 Way S-S/I-F-P, 96” Forks, OHG 148/212 4 Way 4Way, New Solids, New S-S, 60” forks, P. Cab 161/180 5 Way 5Way, S-S/IFP, 96” Forks

19789 2012 Cat EP4000 19790 2012 Cat EP4000 19791 2012 Cat EP4000

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Hyster H50FT 84/189 Hyster H50FT 84/189 Hyster H60FT 84/181 Hyster H80FT 110/167 Hyster H120FT 99/134 Mitsubishi FG15N-LP 84/188 Mitsubishi FG25N 84/188 Yale GLP030VX 84/187

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Rotator, Forks S-S, Forks 3Way Duals, Wide S-S, 96” Forks S-S, 72” Forks S-S, 42” Forks S-S, Forks S-S, LBR, Forks

19900 2000 Cat EP16KT 83/188 3 Way S-S, Forks 19568 2011 Cat 2ET4000 82/188 3 Way S-S, Forks 19566 2011 Mitsubishi FB16NT 82/188 3 Way PAINTED, New Tires, S-S, Forks




19792 2007 Cat DP150 19921 2014 Hyster H135FT


4 WHEEL RIDER ELEC 2012 2011 2013 2013 2012 2012 2013

Cat E3500 Cat E4000 Hyster E50XN-33 Hyster E50XN Yale ERC030VA Yale ERC050VG Yale ERC050VG



Web ID: 69Y4


Web ID: 0PIY

19851 2006 Ray. 520-OPC30TT 95/210 1 Way 42” Forks, Pallet Clamp 19853 2006 Ray. 520-OPC30TT 95/210 1 Way 42” Forks, Pallet Clamp 19854 2006 Ray. 520-OPC30TT 95/210 1 Way 42” Forks, Pallet Clamp

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Web ID: 1MJ4 18666, 2011 Caterpillar 2C6000, 3900hrs

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19525, 2011 Cat GC45K-SWB, 5601hrs

19861, 2015 Hyster S120-PRS, 5942hrs

Web ID: 4UFZ

Web ID: 1LSH


S-S, Forks S-S, Forks 4Way, S-S, Forks 4Way Hyd., Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks


Text WEB ID to 27414 Web ID: 0OOS

3 Way 3 Way 4 Way 4 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way



19921, 2014 Hyster H135FT, 6495hrs 18168, 2008 Toyota 7FGCU35, 6290hrs

18078, 2010 Toyota 7FGCU45, 7580hrs

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Human Element

Eric Baker Staffing, training and ownership thoughts

The new manager check list In an ideal business world, all companies would have programs to identify high-potential employees and develop future leaders, and upper management would establish structured training programs to help first-time manager’s transition from individual-contributor roles. For many small to mid-sized organizations, however, this is a utopian dream. More often than not, trusted, reliable employees are promoted into supervisory or manager roles and then left to do the best they can while senior leadership’s attention is drawn away by larger strategic needs. Being a strong individual performer does not mean someone will be a good manager, and it can be frustrating or intimidating for those newly promoted to deal with a different set of challenges. Even those whom others see as having “leadership potential” need to be pointed in the right direction. For new managers and supervisors who feel they must fend for themselves, here’s an 8-point checklist of “good manager” practices: 1. Are you providing clarity around what your team members need to do to be successful? Sometimes new managers don’t speak up for fear of stepping on toes or because they assume their staff members already know what to do. If the manager doesn’t provide a map, it’s not fair to employees when that manager becomes frustrated with them for getting lost. 2. Are you making sure people have the tools they need to succeed? “Tools” includes not just training and equipment/ computers/software; it also means having a coordinated plan with timelines. Anyone can delegate a task and walk away, leaving others to figure out “how.” Giving orders without contributing or providing support is what bad managers do. 3. Are you learning the strengths and motivations of your individual team members and then coaching and training them accordingly? Taking a “firm, but fair” approach to management is a nice starting point, but it’s not a leadership philosophy. Good managers know that getting top performance out of a staff member often involves customizing the plan to the individual. 4. Are you paying attention to what your team is going through and providing the requisite support … without micromanaging them? Workers are often faced with conflicting requests, uncooperative stakeholders, and an imbalance in contributions. Don’t assume everything is fine because you haven’t heard direct complaints. At the same time, employees don’t want a manager who nitpicks their work. If they aren’t delivering the expected results, provide better training and find mentors who can help. 5. Are you addressing problems before they escalate? Nobody likes to deal with performance problems, team members who don’t get along, or employees who aren’t 30

November 2017

happy with their manager’s decisions or procedures. But if you accepted the manager job, your duty is to deal with these issues promptly. They aren’t going to go away, and the longer you delay or avoid the problem, the more difficult it will be to resolve. 6. A  re you advocating for your team to rest of the company? You know your employees are talented and hardworking, but that’s not always apparent to other departments and senior management. Be an advocate for your staff, promote their successes, share their skills cross-functionally when possible, and stick up for them when necessary. If your team already provides support or contributes cross-functionally, make sure external stakeholders have managed expectations about what work can and cannot be done by your team. 7. A  re you focusing on the skill development of your employees? Not every company has a budget for formal training programs, but you can assign stretch projects and implement self-paced learning goals on your own. If you are setting expectations beyond what is listed in the job description, make sure that you are proactively facilitating success and not simply piling extra work on people without a plan. Set goals with measurable results, and be sure to follow through later to check progress and course correct if necessary. 8. A  re you planning for the future? The world of business never rests. Despite all the good things that come from carrying out items 1 – 7 (concurrently), some employees will transfer to another department or leave for a different company. Your organization might grow or shrink. New technology could eliminate jobs or create them. Keep an eye on trends in your industry. Tell your manager you’d like to listen in to what senior management is talking about so you are prepared for what’s coming around the corner. By acting on these points, new leaders will show management the right choice was made. If you’re the one who does the promoting, be sure to check out the employeedevelopment tools described under the solutions tab above. Caliper offers plenty of affordable options for helping new managers and supervisors succeed, no matter the size of your company. About Caliper - For nearly half a century, Caliper has been helping companies achieve peak performance by advising them on hiring the right people, managing individuals most effectively and developing productive teams. The accuracy, objectivity and depth of our consulting approach enable us to provide solutions that work for over 25,000 companies. To find out more about how Caliper can help you identify and develop people who can lead your organization to peak performance, please visit us at or call us at 609-524-1200. Email to contact Caliper.


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Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

People don’t fail. Oh, wait. Yes they do. Ever hear the old saying, “Failure is an event, not a person.” That statement is half right. Failure is an event AND a person. The bigger statements are: Failure is avoidable. Failure is a lesson — a hard one. No one celebrates failure – unless you’re from Philly and you just beat Dallas. No one goes into an event, a business or a sales call expecting to fail, or wanting to fail. Yet failure occurs time after time. There’s another old saying: Learn from your mistakes. And another old saying: Never make the same mistake twice. And another old saying: You only fail when you quit. Maybe there’s some validity to them. But, in my eyes, not much. So much for old sayings – let’s get to something new. I read an article and saw a book on the topic of selfsabotage. What a bunch of bull that is. It’s not self-sabotage; no one in their right mind will stop themselves on purpose. It’s stupidity or mediocrity that stops you. It’s lack of preparation. It’s lack of execution. It’s lack of experience. It’s nervous or afraid to win. It’s getting too conservative when it’s time to claim victory. Failure is never simple. It’s usually a series of events or circumstances. A series of actions or inactions that end in some form of failure – mostly self-inflicted wounds that were totally avoidable and that end up with blame on the end of the stick. I mean, come on, what fun is failure without pinning it on other people or other events? Here are 17.5 reasons that failure occurs: 1. Self-defeatist. Telling yourself why it won’t happen, not why it will. 2. Lack of belief in company, product and or yourself. If you don’t “believe,” you can’t convince others to believe in you. 3. Limited self-image. Needing acceptance without regard to winning. Hoping they like you, because you don’t like yourself enough to create your own self-confidence. 4. Laziness. You lack the personal sense of urgency needed to create it in others. 5. Failure to prepare. This is most evident in the presentation phase of persuading or trying to get your way. Without preparation you substitute winning for losing. 6. Failure to do your homework. Part of preparation failure is the knowledge you must acquire about how your customer or prospect will benefit and profit from your product or service. 32

November 2017

7. Procrastination. A full brother to laziness, and a full sister to failure to prepare, procrastination takes failure to an all-new level. Putting off doing the homework it takes to be a winner – both personally and in terms of the customer. 8. Poor timing. Trying to be there at the wrong time 9. Saying the wrong thing. To the customer, about the competition, about your company, about your product and, about yourself, is an easy way to lose (and lose respect.) 10. Showing greed (money ahead of help). Trying too hard to close the sale, and or make your quota, rather than trying to help the customer profit or benefit. 11. Insincerity. Most salespeople never get this one, because they think they can “get over.” 12. Inability to be perceived as trustworthy. Trust is something that is earned through likeability and believability. If you’re not likable and believable, you’ll never gain the trust necessary to succeed. 13. Failure to work your butt off. Many seasoned salespeople become complacent, and get out hustled by a younger, more aggressive, inexperienced salesperson. The most interesting part of this scenario is that after they lose the sale on hustle, they blame the loss on price. 14. Failure to follow your own plan. Salespeople tend to seek the easy way and the fast way rather than the sure way. Cutting corners almost always results in loss of business. 15. Trying to do everything yourself. You have a team of people, a boss, and an army of customers, all willing to help you. The only way to get their help is ask for it. It’s a sign of strength. 16. Making excuses rather than making sales. Excuses are not an actual reason for failure; they’re the scapegoat. Here are a few examples: Blaming your situation — the weather, the season, the economy, your own company. In short anything but your inadequacies. Blaming others – your customer, your boss, your fellow salespeople, the competition and anyone else you can pin the tag on, other than the person you see in the mirror. Failure to take responsibility – this is the backbone of failure. Once you, as a person, own up to the process of succeeding or failing, you’ve started on the road to responsibility. If you’re looking for the best example of failure to take responsibility, listen to any politician. Blame and spin are their main modes of communication. 17. Failure to do your best. Second best is first loser in sales. Best requires commitment, focus, and dedication. In short, hard work and smart work. 17.5 Not loving what you do. Nothing ensures failure

Sales Trends more than a lack of passion for what you do or a lack of passion for what you sell. It’s evident in your effort as much as it is in your words.

And, notice I didn’t say “got beat on price” as one of the failures. It’s one of the excuses – and a weak one at that.?

The only good part about failure is that it’s an option. Something you can choose or choose not to. Failure to do your best is making a choice – the same with any of the other items numbered above. I numbered them for your excuse making pleasure. To make it easier to tell others why you failed1.

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of twelve best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His real-world ideas and content are also available as online courses at For information about training and seminars visit or, or email Jeffrey at Subscribe to Jeffrey’s free weekly email magazine, Sales Caffeine, at

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Feature Article

When to replace forklift forks The forklift fork is often overlooked and underinspected. Many are unaware of how often one should inspect their forks, and how to inspect them. Forklift forks should be visually inspected on a per-operation basis. In addition to visual inspections, federal law mandates a more thorough annual inspection be carried out by a trained professional (typically a forklift service provider). As part of the pre-operation visual inspection, forklift forks should be inspected for signs of cracks, bends, excessive wear or damage to either the fork tine or the positioning lock when using an ITA mounted fork. What to look for

1. E  xcessive wear to the forks - Forklift forks decrease in thickness over time due to normal wear. However, any wear to the fork over 10 percent of the total thickness is considered excessive. Forks that show this amount of wear should be replaced.

2. Fractures due to stress or collision - Be sure to inspect the forks closely for fractures and gouges. The fork heel and parts of the fork closest to the machine typically receive the most wear. Even small cracks and gouges are signs forks need to be replaced.

3. Damage to the fork tip - Since fork tips are usually the first part of the fork to come in contact with material, excessive wear or damage to the tips is a clear indicator the forks should be replaced.

4. Any bends or uneven surfaces on the fork - All forks are delivered with a 90 degree angle from the shank to the blade. If any bend or uneven surface is detected on either the blade or shank, the fork(s) need replacing.

5. D  ifference in fork blade height - A difference in the height of each fork blade should stay within 3 percent of the fork length. Therefore if the forks in question are 42 inches long the allowable difference in fork height would be 1.26 inches. Any difference in fork height beyond 1.26 inches is a sign that both forks need to be replaced.   6. W  ear or damage to the fork hook - Noticeable wear, crushing, pulling, and other deformities are signs that the fork hooks need to be replaced. Furthermore, if the wear to the hook is causing 34

November 2017

an excessive amount of distance between the fork and the carriage, the hook(s) should be replaced. 7. Wear or damage to positioning lock - If a positioning lock is no longer capable of locking completely due to wear the forks should immediately be removed from duty until the part is replaced. Operating without a fully functional positioning lock is a safety hazard and illegal. When it does come time to replace forklift forks here are some common questions

1. Can a single fork be replaced or should they be replaced in pairs? - While only a single fork might show signs of excessive wear or damage, it is not safe to replace only one fork. It is highly recommended forks be replaced only in pairs to ensure equal performance. Having two different forks with unique amounts of wear and disproportionate hourly usage is provides a number of safety concerns. “Replacing just one fork may seem like a good idea, but can actually lead to serious safety violations.” says Terry Melvin, CEO of Arrow Material Handling Products.

2. Is it ok to make custom repairs or modification to the forks? - It is typically recommended that only the fork manufacturer make repairs or modifications to ensure forks meet safety standards. Always contact your fork provider first when in need of modification.

3. How do I determine replacement fork quality? - Forks made from high quality boron-carbon alloy high strength steel are rated 20% stronger than those made with 40CR. In addition, forks that are fully immersed into industrial heat treatment ovens and cooling pools are the most durable. Premium quality forklift forks should meet or exceed all ANSI/ITSDF and ISO standards. Arrow Material Handling Products has been a supplier of replacement forks for over 40 years. With North America’s largest stock of forklift forks and an expert sales team, Arrow specializes in customer care and quick turnaround.

November 2017


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

National Container Group announces acquisition of Recycle, Inc. East

Holland named 2016 Regional LTL Carrier of the Year by Transplace

RIE began reconditioning poly and steel drums in 1989 and soon after added asset and composite IBCs to its portfolio. In 1999, Recycle, Inc. East became the first company ever to manufacture DOT-certified plastic drums made from 100% recycled plastic. The acquisition will allow NCG to double more than its current capacity for both PCR and drums made from 100% recycled plastic. NCG will also be able to provide improved customer service in the Eastern U.S. and add highly experienced personnel to its team.

Holland has been selected by Transplace as its 2016 Regional LTL Carrier of the Year. The award identifies top carriers in categories, based on over 20 million annual shipments across more than 300 customers. Transplace selected award winners based on consistently high performance in shipment execution in areas such as tender acceptance, on-time service, customer service, claims and other critical key performance indicators. An award of this caliber recognizes carriers representing just the top one percent of the providers Transplace relies on across all the lines of their business. Beyond the important service metrics considered in selecting its winners, Transplace also values the strong, collaborative relationship demonstrated by Holland.

Magline acquires Haulz-All product line Magline, Inc., manufacturer of innovative material handling equipment, acquired the assets of Haulz-All powered industrial steel products by Novative Designs, Inc. Darryl Berlinger, currently president of Novative Designs, has accepted the role of strategic business development director at Magline. The product acquisition complements Magline’s product portfolio by solidifying its strategy to support the safe and ergonomic movement of products.  The battery powered platform of the Haulz-All products will assist with expansion into commercial and industrial markets. Greg Ecker, Magline's president & COO, said, "The acquisition of The Haulz-All product line is another step in our strategy to offer a line of best-in-class material handling products. This product acquisition fits well within our expanding line of power assisted products, and we are excited about the value it will generate."

Custom Material Handling Equipment

Lantech's 45 years of test data affirms timetested load security formula Poorly secured truck shipments cause an estimated $50 billion of intransit damage globally every year. * At present, there are no official standards governing load stability during shipment. However, there is a growing emphasis on safety and an acknowledgment that load damage is a major problem in North America and Europe. As of June 2018, the European Union (EU) will require that all shipments be tested and certified for load rigidity. This new directive, which is aimed at reducing fatalities caused by heavy-load vehicles, is causing North American companies to take note of a situation that may have repercussions for the way they secure shipments.

These photos are representative samples of various custom design solutions that we have developed for our customers. Nutting has provided products for safer and more effiecient material handling to companies in most major market segments. If you would like more information please visit our website at or contact us at 1-800-533-0337, for a more detailed custom brochure.


Material Handling Solutions

450 Pheasant Ridge Drive • Watertown, SD 57201


November 2017

Experience the MOR-VALUE DIFFERENCE today! We can help you look good to your customers!

Our highly trained customer service staff is the most knowledgeable in the industry when it comes to providing sweeper/scrubber & personnel vehicle replacement parts solutions. MVP’s expert technical service is fast, friendly and free! Depend on the Specialist...We’re Your Partner in Parts!

Toll Free 800.870.0687 Fax: 616.406.3125 Email:

ClearCap Covers Every lift should be equipped! ClearCap Forklift Forklift Covers Every lift should be equipped! TM


Keeps seat dry! Keeps seat dry!

A Clear Solution to a Common Problem A Clear Solution to a Common Problem


Avoid OSHA fines! Avoid OSHA fines!


• Made of rigid, high impact, non-yellowing • polycarbonate Made of rigid, plastic high impact, non-yellowing polycarbonate plastic • Reasonably priced protection from rain, snow, & sun priced protection from rain, snow, • dust Reasonably dust &sizes sun available to fit various trucks, • Many clearsizes & tinted versions • in Many available to fit various trucks, in clear & tinted versions

OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

Call toll-free Wy’East Products 1-888-401-5500 or visit Call toll-free Wy’East Products 1-888-401-5500 or visit



November 2017


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Adrian’s Safety Solutions announces Awards of Excellence for Safety Adrian’s Safety Solutions is presenting four awards to outstanding companies with excellence in safety practice and culture. Steve Dew, president of Adrian’s Safety Solutions, announced this year’s award recipients: • Warehouse Safety Award – GE Energy Connections • Dealer of the Year Award – Cisco-Eagle • Fleet Safety Award - Work Truck – Miller Pipeline • Fleet Safety Award - Freight – Kirkland’s Dew explains that one of the missions of Adrian’s Safety Solutions is to make the workplace safer by offering affordable safety solutions. “Each award recipient has exemplified superior commitment to workplace safety and great safety technique choices in the workplace,” said Dew.

PROTECT YOUR FORKLIFT FLEET PACE-One G2 Top Speed Limiter PACE-One ZSC Zone Speed Control With Multiple Speed Settings

Dot-Lok G2 Transmission Shift Inhibitor Traction Control Access Control / Impact sensing


Safety Systems & Controls, Inc. 800/318-2022


Hess Auctioneers, LLC celebrates 10th anniversary Hess Auctioneers, LLC announces its tenth year as a leading truck, trailer and equipment auction company. Hess Auctioneers, LLC has seen steady growth since its 2007 inception. Hess Auctioneers, LLC began operations in June 2007 when John Hess (Hess Auction Group), Phil and Roger Garber (GFI Transport), and Jim Germak (Jagtrux), recognized a need for this type of consignment auction in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since the company is conveniently located close to Harrisburg, Lancaster and York, the current site is convenient, secure and allows consignors to bring their equipment to the site in advance of the auctions so buyers can preview the inventory. The early success indicated a demand for a public truck, trailer and equipment auction in the area. Seeing the opportunity, Hess Auctioneers added General Manager, Bill Troop, in September 2008. The company has grown from five (1)ring auctions to six multiple ring auctions which attract 800 to 900 cataloged items and 1000’s of skid lot items including transportation, construction and commercial related tools, parts and excess inventory.

Toyota Forklifts celebrates 50th anniversary in the United States

Plug & Play Installation


According to Dew, effective control of pallets and cargo, whether on the road with fleet customers such as Miller Pipeline or Kirkland’s or relative to warehouse safety with GE Energy Connections, is the core of Adrian’s Safety Solutions business. Additionally, Scott Stone, Cisco-Eagle’s Director of Marketing, expressed the company’s gratitude for its recognition as “Dealer of the Year.” “These award recipients continue to cultivate an ideal environment for workplace safety and understand its importance as a top priority,” said Dew.

November 2017

Toyota Material Handling U.S.A. (TMHU), commemorated the 50th anniversary of the first Toyota forklift sold in the U.S. with a special event for dealers, associates, dignitaries and media at its U.S. forklift headquarters in Columbus, Indiana. The company sold its first U.S. forklift to a grape farmer in Fresno, California, in 1967. Fifty years later, Toyota proudly displays that forklift at its Columbus campus as a reminder to visitors of the brand’s quality and longevity. To mark the golden anniversary, Toyota associates custom-designed, engineered and built a gold-painted forklift, which was unveiled at the milestone ceremony on August 30, 2017. Toyota will plant 50 cherry blossom

The Good, The Better & The Best

The Original Skid Lift

Powder coated or stainless? Narrow or wide? Short or long? Pallet jacks from Interthor offer something for everyone...

The Thork-Lift

When We Brought The Thork-Lift to the US in 1987 We Redefined the Material Handling Industry • Ergonomic Working Height for Your Workforce • Multiple Fork Widths and Lengths Available • 60” and 79” Fork Lengths are Standard Options • Available in Manual and Electric • Capacity 3,300 lbs • Quick Ship Item




Panther Silent

Contact us for further Tel.information: (888) 345 1270 l Email:

Tel. (888) 345 Email: l

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24-08-2017 14:00:06 26-09-2017 10:30:59



Today’s warehouse fire protection systems include more than just pipes and sprinklers. When the products being stored include highly flammable items such as plastics, aerosols, liquors or oils, fire baffles or barriers may be required inside the racking structure. Solid steel rack decking and flat sheet accessories from DACS make effective fire or heat baffles in warehouse environments. They can be used on storage racks horizontally or vertically to block the spread of fire, or to capture heat for in-rack sprinkler activation.

Available only from One Source:


800-909-4937 inc.


Also from DACS: Punch Deck®, Fluekeeper®, mezzanine deck & solid rack deck Proven Solutions - One Source /

November 2017


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

trees on its Columbus campus and donate 50 more cherry blossom trees to the city of Columbus. Cherry blossom trees are the national flower of Japan, home of TMHU’s parent company, Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO). In addition to the trees, Toyota presented the Columbus Department of Parks and Recreation with 50 youth scholarships for those in need.   “Fifty years represents a golden achievement in the U.S. and today we honored the associates, the dealers, our suppliers and the community who supported TMHU’s journey to this major milestone,” said Brett Wood, president and CEO of Toyota Material Handling North America. “This ceremony underscored our legacy here in the U.S., but it was also designed to give a glimpse into the future of Toyota Forklifts’ ongoing leadership and growth in the rapidly changing material handling and logistics industry.”   Toyota Forklifts invited its 66 dealers representing more than 220 locations in the U.S. and Canada to join the festivities.

Maersk joins BoxTech container database Global container shipping company Maersk Line has uploaded the technical details of its entire container fleet to BoxTech, the fast-growing database provided by the Bureau International des Containers (BIC). Following the upload, the BoxTech database now holds details of more than 7.5 million shipping containers, approximately 30% of the global container fleet. Launched in July 2016, the non-profit BoxTech Technical Characteristics Database has helped hundreds of shippers, forwarders, terminals, and other parties to digitalize more of their operations. With more than 1000 total users, the database is utilized to obtain container weights and sizes and will soon offer additional functionality such as status and recovery alerts. The easily integrated and automated system enables a seamless flow of container information between different parties throughout the supply chain, increasing efficiency and reducing manual tasks. Maersk Line is one of the latest companies to benefit, following the upload of their entire worldwide container fleet. 

Crown Equipment increases presence in Asia Crown Equipment Corporation announced further expansion in the Asian market with a new companyowned branch location in South Korea. The new branch is the third major expansion in Asia for Crown in the last 12 months, following recently completed facilities in Malaysia,Thailand and Shanghai. The South Korea facility is strategically located in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, one of the country’s fastest growing logistics hubs. The area is at the junction of three major expressways and home to the port 40

November 2017

of Tanjung Pelepas, South Korea’s largest logistics complex, which supports the majority of the country’s resource refineries. Crown’s new operation features extensive rental and new equipment inventory, expanded storage capacity and enhanced inventory management for quick parts turnaround. Along with having access to a complete selection of Crown’s award-winning forklifts and Integrity Parts and Service System™, customers can take advantage of Crown’s Demonstrated Performance® Training programs that offer a comprehensive range of forklift training formats for operators, supervisors, trainers, technicians and pedestrians.

CLARK receives MHEDA 2018 Most Valuable Supplier Award CLARK Material Handlingis pleased to announce it has been awarded 2018 Most Valuable Supplier by the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA). This Award recognizes companies who have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to their dealer network, their employees and their community. To qualify for the MVS Award, CLARK was required to meet a series of criteria in several areas important to the distributor companies who do business with them. In addition to confirming an on-going commitment to safety and documenting a program that “gives back,” MVS Award winners have demonstrated an overall commitment to business excellence by documenting programs in the following areas: - Industry Advocacy - Distributor Advocacy - Business Networking - Continuing Education - Business Best Practices


View these pieces of equipment & more on Text the Web ID to 27414 for more equipment details.


Text the






Web ID to 27414 STK# T0501102 MH Equipment Company 2011 Hyster T5Z Des Moines IA (888) 564-2191

More photos available



STK# 20050 The Forklift Pro 2005 Hyster S80XM Pineville NC (877) 725-4461



STK# MR30997U Alta Equipment Company 2008 Yale MRW030-E Livonia MI (844) 256-9684



STK# GC50177 Alta Equipment Company 2011 Hyster S50FT Livonia MI (844) 256-9684


STK# TR0044623 MH Equipment Company 1999 Hyster E50XM2 Des Moines IA (888) 564-2191


STK# 17909 Ohio Lift Truck, Inc. 1998 BIG JOE PDC 40-106 Grand River OH (440) 354-1444



STK# 18173 Ohio Lift Truck, Inc. 1998 Mitsubishi 2FBC15 Grand River OH (440) 354-1444



STK# 20049 The Forklift Pro 2007 Hyster S70FT Pineville NC (877) 725-4461



STK# 20046 The Forklift Pro 2012 Hyster S50FT Pineville NC (877) 725-4461



STK# 20798 Worldwide Forklifts Inc. 2010 Toyota 8FGU25 Fort Lauderdale FL (800) 648-1891


STK# 4313 Parke County Diesel LLC 2004 Yale GDP050TGEUAE086 Marshall IN (844) 686-1567



STK# 18173 Ohio Lift Truck, Inc. 1998 Mitsubishi 2FBC15 Grand River OH (440) 354-1444



STK# 18757 Ohio Lift Truck, Inc. 2009 Hyster E60XN-33 Grand River OH (440) 354-1444


STK# 1EQ13302 H&K Equipment 2004 SMV SC 4531 TBA5 Coraopolis PA (800) 708-9765



STK# CAKX45092 MH Equipment Company 2008 Hyster N45ZR Des Moines IA (888) 564-2191

Msg & Data Rates May Apply; Ts & Cs, and Privacy Policy:


BETTER WAY to buy & sell equipment!

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Industry personnel and organization news

PMMI announces commission to select 2018 Hall of Fame inductees

*Over 21,000 readers monthly receive Material Handling Wholesaler. Over 19,000 digital subscribers receive Wholesaler in their Inbox every fourth Thursday. Looking for current or past articles? Visit Looking for a new vendor? Go to the Source Directory. Every Tuesday morning the Wholesaler Weekly is emailed to over 19,000 subscribers with the latest industry news. The industries newest buy & sell equipment website: Try it for FREE by calling us today for a two month trial!

For more information, call Material Handling Wholesaler at

Since its inception in 1971, The Packaging Hall of Fame has served as the top honor a packaging professional can receive in his or her career. Recently renamed the Packaging & Processing Hall of Fame, honored industry professionals will be inducted into the Class of 2018 during PACK EXPO International and co-located Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2018, produced by PMMI, The Association of Packaging and Processing Technologies. This honor is based on significant contributions to the industry and education. "These professionals have contributed to our industry as advisors, pioneers, visionaries, educators, and as innovators and inventors of packaging and processing technology. Their contributions have led the industry to where it is today," says Jim Pittas, COO, PMMI. Coordinated by PMMI, members of the Packaging & Processing Hall of Fame Commission will select this year’s inductees. The 2018 Packaging & Processing Hall of Fame Commission: David S. Smith, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Package Development, Johnson & Johnson Suzanne Fisher, Senior Program Manager, Special Handling Packaging, Amazon Mary Gregg, President, Springboard Packaging Solutions, Inc.Laura Bix, PhD, Professor, Associate Director, Michigan State School of Packaging Tom Schneider, CPP, President, World Packaging Organization Michael Richmond, Ph.D., PTIS, LLC, Global Management & Packaging Consultants Bill Rice, Associate Manager, Packaging Technology, RD&E - Global Home Cleaners, SC Johnson Kim Carswell, Director, Packaging, Target Glen Long, Senior Vice President, PMMI Joe Angel, President and Publisher, PMMI Media Group, Packaging World Patricia Andersen, Vice President of Human Resources & Training, Delkor Systems, Inc. Any member of the packaging or processing community may submit a nomination for next year's Packaging & Processing Hall of Fame class. Nominations will open in Spring 2018.


The Industry’s Source! * 2016 Publishers Statement


November 2017




Real time inventory management system will be promoted in print, online and e-newsletters giving you the ability to reach more potential buyers and sellers Proven lead generation tools such as your own dedicated toll-free number, SMS texting and instant email leads Receive a FREE TWO-MONTH TRIAL offer. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain from

New equipment added daily! is the inventory management system website to buy & sell your material handling equipment. You can access on your desktop, smart phone or tablet.

Call 877.638.6190 for more details and see how is a better way to buy and sell equipment.

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Classifieds FOR SALE

Series 1 Workhorse Single Shift rating

New Single Phase Chargers 36-volt, 750 AH 48-volt, 600 AH other sizes available Original & Aftermarket Parts for Most Equip.

Full 2 yr. warranty


(10 yr. transformer coverage)

713.460.8197 • 800.687.3884 fax: 713.460.5941


• Specialty Material Handling, Inc.



Used 3-phase chargers also available


(440) 232-1422

Bought & Sold, Rentals, New & Used Parts, Appraisals, Technical Support

Gregg Zdan (734) 641-1800 Associated with DREXEL Industries since 1972

LOOKING TO BUY The next classified ad deadline is



Industrial Forklift Batteries and Chargers In Good Condition!!


Call Alva or Dean for rate information at


Call Us With Your Off-Lease Or Fleet Surplus Equipment.

Portable Stack Racks Flexible Packaging



800-344-4164 Fax 330-823-8136





November 2017

**FORKLIFTS WANTED** We W i l l B u y Q u a n t i t i e s ! C a l l U s W i t h D e t a i l s - We Wa n t Yo u r S u r p l u s S t o c k

2012 TOYOTA 8FGU30

2011 TOYOTA 6BPU15


187”FSV Mast, Hours: 6,200

Hours: 4,400

Hours: 7,500










2007 HYSTER S120FT

2013 TOYOTA 8FGU18

2012 TOYOTA 7FDU35

216”FSV Mast, Hours: 15,000

189”FSV Mast, Hours: 10,000

187” Mast, Hours: 5,000












2007 Toyota 7BRU23, 4,500 lbs., 36V, 270” Mast, Sideshifter (4 in stock)

2006 Genie S40, 500 lbs., Diesel

2010 Toyota 8BRU23, 4,500 lbs., 36V, 270” Mast, Sideshifter (4 in stock)

2007 Genie Z45/25, 500 lbs., Diesel, 45’

2011 Toyota 8FGU15, 3,000 lbs., LP, 189” Mast, Sideshifter


2005 Toyota 7FG25, 5,000 lbs., Gas, 169” Mast, Sideshifter

2006 Terex TH842, 8,000 lbs., Diesel Fuel

1.866.506.2200 •

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Available Used Equipment – More in Stock, Call Omar For Listing

15217 Grand River Rd • Fort Worth, TX, 76155 • P: 817.359.1100 • F: 817.359.1110

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We Handle It All! Setting the Standard in Material Handling Equipment

As World-Class Designers & Manufacturers of Material Handling Equipment, We Offer:


This one-of-a-kind was just what the customer ordered!

Superior Workmanship • Customized Designs • Competitive Pricing

GENERAL PURPOSE TRAILERS Single end fifth wheel, front automotive or all wheel steering capabilities. Our equipment is of heavy duty, all welded steel construction capable of withstanding the roughest punishment.



Our heavy-duty transporters come equipped with maintenance free battery and charger, pendant control, electromechanical drive and steer with laser scan bumpers as an option. We can build to your specifications or ask about our standard models.

Some material handling jobs are so unique that only customized specialty trailers can be used efficiently. We can design and build any size or capacity from the "ground up" the exact trailer to fit your special needs.


Give us your specs, chances are we built a similar unit before and with minor modifications, get you what you need.


Can double or even triple your forklift's capacity.Plus they are extremely maneuverable.


Our patented PHILLIPS Auto-Dump Bucket will increase efficiency and reduce the cost of handling almost any loose industrial material. Our buckets are available from 1/2 - 20 cubic yards. All operations are handled by the craneman. It cannot be dumped in mid-air or dumped accidentally.


AGV Transporters are capable of fully automatic operation within your plant and are designed to meet your specifications. These high capacity AGV Transporters are equipped with a multitude of performance and safety features.

PHILLIPS PRODUCTS Part of the Industrial Sales Group of Irwin Car and Equipment

CHARGING ATTACHMENTS All PHILLIPS Charging Attachments have available quick disconnect hydraulic couplings bolted to the apron. Heat resistant modifications are done to any model of forklift for your safety.


T: 724-864-8900 F: 724-864-8909 Email: Dave Felt at 17255 - Irwin MHW April Ad.indd 1 46

November 2017

2/22/17 1:50 PM

New Products

See more new products online at

New Magliner heavy-duty aluminum appliance truck Magline, Inc. has launched an aluminum heavy-duty Appliance Truck. While lighter than its steel equivalents, the Magliner appliance truck moves heavy, oversized loads more safely and easily. The appliance truck features a 4th wheel attachment to support loads up to 800 pounds in an incline position.  This attachment is easily deployed and folded using an innovative handle release, allowing the user to keep both hands securely on the truck at all times. The truck offers an increased capacity in the two-wheel position of 600 Lbs. The appliance truck also features a patent-pending break back bar which prevents the truck from rolling when breaking back or putting an item in place, which promotes ergonomic posture that reduces muscle strain.

Toter launches mobile automated waste cart lifter Toter® launched the 3069-MT2000, a fully mobile automated waste cart lifter designed to fit through a standard 32 inch door frame. Lightweight, easy to maneuver and featuring four sturdy total lock 6” swivel casters for added stability, the new lifter will make janitorial operations easier and safer. The MT-2000 was purpose-built with the needs of jan/san and facility professionals in mind and suitable for use in a wide range of facilities, from schools and hospitals to offices and hotels. Weighing only 550 pounds but offering a load rating of 350 pounds, the lifter is compatible for use with an ANSI standard 32-, 48- or 96gallon caster or 2-wheel carts.

New handheld automatic digital tire inflator Martins Industries has announced the launch of a new handheld automatic digital tire inflator. The device is the latest development in Martins’ line of tire inflation technology and has been specially designed to enhance the mobility and productivity of its users. The new handheld automatic digital tire inflator allows users to inflate the tires of cars, trucks, tractors, military vehicles and airplanes to a preprogrammed and easily measurable level of pressure. Lasts for up to 500 inflation cycles on one battery charge, making it a highly mobile and convenient solution for safe and reliable tire inflation needs.

Lista introduces space-saving shelf converter Providing optimal productivity and maximum storage, the new Lista Shelf Converter® System transforms ordinary shelving into an efficient, high-density storage solution. Adjustable shelves, drawers, and trays convert existing shelving into uniquely customized storage to best fit your everyday storage needs. Compatible with multiple industry-leading shelving manufacturers, this system makes updating your storage capabilities easier than ever. The Lista Shelf Converter storage system features an allnew 18” depth system of drawers, in addition to the existing 24” depth. Drawer heights range from 3” to 8” and offer both 200 lbs. and 400 lbs. drawer capacity solutions, offering an increased drawer cubic capacity of over 30% when compared to previous models.

Raymond introduces walkie pallet truck The Raymond Model 8250 AC walkie pallet truck is powered by lithium-ion technology. The Raymond-labeled lithium-ion power pack, powered by Brammo was developed specifically for Raymond and its use within the walkie pallet truck. In addition, the currently launched 24V, 78 ampere-hour Light EV Battery Pack has been certified and UL 2271-listed. The 8250 is an intelligent truck and pack offering, providing CAN communication that instantaneously sends and receives continuous communication between truck and lithium-ion battery pack, providing operator feedback in the form of fault codes displayed on the truck’s control handle.

Toyota introduces entry-level ac-powered walkie Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. launched a new AC-powered walkie pallet jack under the brand Tora-Max. The 4,000pound lift capacity walkie, built for customers in search of an entry-level walkie, provides a simple solution and solid performance. The new product serves small businesses and hand pallet truck users who are ready to step up to powered equipment. Tora-Max also provides a solution to manufacturers with a “no forklift policy” on the plant floor. Tora-Max walkies are available now at Toyota and Tora-Max forklift dealers across the U.S. Customer shipments are expected to begin by November 1, 2017. “Tora-Max is the walkie for customers who want a fast, easy, turnkey solution,” said TMHU’s electric product planning specialist Martin Brenneman. “It’s the right no-frills product for the value buyer.”

November 2017


New Products

See more new products online at

New TVH lock-out box safely secures equipment keys

New stop, tail, turn and back-up combo lights from SSI

TVH in the Americas(TVH) is dedicated to workplace safety. One often overlooked piece of safety equipment is the lock-out box. These boxes meet the OSHA standards for controlling hazardous energy sources and are a simple yet effective way to keep your employees safe. Lockout boxes help to minimize workplace injuries by preventing the use of unsafe and malfunctioning facility equipment, water and gas outlets. Each employee will put their keys to the equipment that is undergoing maintenance into the lock-out box and then place their own personal padlock on the box. Once the maintenance has been completed the employees will remove their padlock from the box. After all work has been completed, and all employees have removed their padlocks, only then will the keys to the equipment be accessible. This ensures that the equipment will not be able to be turned on before all maintenance has been completed and it is functioning properly.

Superior Signals, Inc. (SSI) has expanded their Truck & Trailer lighting product line to include stop, tail, turn and back-up combo lights. These new, innovative improvements combine two functions into one light. You are now able to safely signal both reverse and either stop or turn patterns with a single light, so you only have to drill one hole in your vehicle. The new combo lights were designed to replace the individual reverse, stop, and turn lights on the vehicle. There are two options available, a four-inch round light that has 12 white LEDs and 13 red LEDs or a six-anda-half-inch oval light that has 12 white LEDs and 14 red LEDs.

Portable electric scissor lifts provide ergonomic lifting

JW Winco introduces leveling feet in hygienic design, with mounting holes JW Winco, Inc. announced it now offers GN 20 Leveling Feet in Hygienic Design, with mounting holes. These hygienic leveling feet with mounting holes are certified according to European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group guidelines, making them ideal for use in hygienic applications, as the bottom seal protects the area beneath the foot plate from dirt. For this, the foot must be screwed on using the mounting holes and compressed accordingly. The sealing ring above the adjustment sleeve enables fastening without dead space. Due to the wiper or the ball seal, the moving components are sealed against the environment, while the finish prevents adherence of dirt and facilitates cleaning.

Verti-Lift portable scissor lifts provide ergonomic lifting wherever needed within industrial or commercial facilities.  They are ideal for moving heavy loads between work cells, moving work-in-process, adjusting operator ergonomic work heights, and more.   Available as electric hydraulic with push-button hand pendant or manually operated with foot, these units provide the flexibility of a scissor lift with the portability of an adjustable work platform to enhance ergonomics.  These lifts feature heavy-duty cylinders, lifetime lubricated bearings, safety ALL Crane adds new Manitowoc cranes maintenance blocks, and either foot brake or locking wheels.  The ALL Family of Companies has strengthened Hydraulic units can be either electric, with internal power its fleet by adding two versatile and unit, or provided with 24V DC battery- powered power popular Manitowoc MLC650 crawler unit. cranes, as well as four new Grove GRT8100 rough terrain cranes. The New vehicle restraint resolves issue of RIG Wedge large capacity MLC650 has a 717 USt Poweramp recently introduced the new capacity and features the Variable Position UniLock™ Vehicle Restraint with advanced Counterweight™ (VPC™) technology cam design that designates the UniLock as that automatically positions the crane’s the only trailer-positioned restraint in the counterweight to match lifting demands. industry that can automatically release “RIG ALL went in big with VPC technology in Wedge” pressure. This pressure is caused 2014 when it purchased ten of the smaller MLC300s, battlewhen a trailer’s rear impact guard applies so testing the then-new technology and acting as an incubator much force to a restraint’s hook that the restraint cannot for improvements. Because the counterweight is movable as disengage without the trailer reversing. The UniLock is also needed, VPC helps reduce the crane’s operating footprint, equipped with an internal safety mechanism that locks the minimizes required job site ground preparation, and reduces hook in place when pressure is applied, making it universally often by as much as half the matting required to distribute effective on any obstructed RIG, included intermodal trailers the crane’s weight. In all, these reductions could save with cover plates. potentially thousands of dollars per month on longer-term rentals.  48

November 2017



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Corrugated Steel Rack Deck Punch Deck ® • Solid Deck Economical • Strong • Easy Install • Fast Delivery Painted • Galvanized • Stainless Steel



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America’s Source for Affordable Forklift Batteries GREEN POWER BATTERIES, LLC. | 1.619.737.5944 |


Celebrating over a decade as the global leader in New, Used and ReConditioned Industrial Battery Technology and Accessories.

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Reman Engines/Gas, LP & CNG

Fo r kl i f t En g i n ePa r t s .c om Highest Quality Engine Kits, Cylinder Heads and Parts from the Industrial Engine Specialists since 1971 K21 Nissan

H20-II Nissan

F2 Mazda

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and Many other parts & kits available

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...The Exhaust Experts Phone: 847-487-2780 •



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Portable Storage Racks All-Steel Stack Racks Pallet Stacking Frames

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Resonant Dealer Services Dave Baiocchi | 209.652.7511

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tions Specialty Publica ee-Owned An Employ

Inc. International,

l. Please rush! dated materia


2016 ber 2017 NovemJuly

.com www.MHWmag


ster: This is ATTN.: Postma

0725 IA 52004-

e Requested Change Servic

j Equipment Sales Skills Training

que, 725 •Dubu P.O. Box

j ‘‘Branded” Pre-Formatted Programs


WhINSI at’s DE Ne w

Prsrt Std e US Postag PAID Wholesaler

j Aftermarket Consulting


The Dealers’

ble Racks

Porta Source For


e Stack and Stor

Your Prod

stance Call For Assi

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BAY EQUIPMENT CO.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

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Keep your fleet on the floor and out of the maintenance shop. Finally there is a wheel engineered for the demands of today’s 24/7 warehouses. Falconium utilizes a revolu-



tionary break through in polymer chemistry to give you wheels that carry up to 40% heavier loads and can withstand the internal heat buildup that causes yesterday’s wheels to fail. €

polyurethane wheels Falconium boosts productivity by reducing downtime and costly wheel change outs. Contact your Millennium dealer to setup a test drive and find out why warehouse managers across the country are making the switch to Falconium . ®




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UNIRAK STORAGE SYSTEMS From concept drawings to timely shipment & professional installation, Unirak provides 100% Customer Satisfaction. Quality pallet and dynamic racking structures are the backbone of the modern warehouse. Trust decades of experience, state-of-the-art roll-forming mills, robotic welding cells and hi-gloss powder coating to complement your operation.

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West Point Rack’s customer first philosophy pays off by Mary Glindinning

Twelve years ago, Terry Sroka and Reva Bily “decided to leave the large corporate world of decisions by committee, meeting after meeting and burdensome policies,” they said. The two founded West Point Rack, a Nebraska company that sells exclusively to material handling dealers. “West Point Rack is a smaller company with a highly dedicated staff. This allows us to ‘turn on a dime,’ respond quickly and to innovate whenever the opportunity presents itself,” said Sroka, chief executive officer. “I don’t want to be one of the biggest rack companies out there, just one of the better ones. Our primary goal is to support our dealers, satisfy their customers, earn trust and be the ‘Vendor of Choice’ for rack products and racking systems.” Company president Bily said if an end-user calls, they refer them to a dealer. “There is nothing wrong with selling direct to the end user, but you don’t do both,” Sroka said. “Draw the ‘line’ and stay on one side or the other. In order to build a good relationship with a dealer and to have him trust you, it is necessary that he really believes that you will not go around him and make the sale direct. Dealers are independent businesses that spend time and money to build up a customer base and the last thing they want to see is a manufacturer go around them and sell to one of their prospects who is shopping price.” Bily grew up on a farm and worked in a packing house and electrical sales before she joined the material handling industry. Customer service is the core of what she does, and the key to growth, she said. Customers want prices and delivery quickly. She tries to get back to a customer with a standard quote in 15 minutes, she said.

The relationship with dealers is built on competitive prices, service and standing behind the product, Sroka said. “If product issues do arise, we address those issues immediately with the goal of creating satisfaction for both our dealer and their customer,” he said. The company sells cantilever racks in light, intermediate, heavy and extra heavy duty configurations, structural pallet racks in galvanized or painted steel and portable stacking racks made to order. “I always look for things when we do specials,” Sroka said. “Does it have any potential of becoming a standard product? That is how we developed a lot of our standard products.” Specialty products made by West Point Rack include bar cradle trucks, drum racks and handcarts. West Point Rack has recently added new products to its line of racks. Included is a new line of reel racks, ranging in height from eight to 12 feet. Vertical racks, which will hold material from 21 inches to 12 feet, feature six-inch deep arms with three shelves made of 14-guage steel. U-Racks, which come with an orange paint finish, can be stacked up to four units high to save space. “The future looks very positive for West Point Rack,” Sroka said. “Our product base is expanding as is our market penetration. We will continue with the business model and plan that has taken us to this point and will continue to move us forward.”

Reprinted from the September 2012 issue of Material Handling Wholesaler, updated 2017

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Visit us online at

West Point Rack “We don’t just promise…we deliver!” • Quotes in 2 hours on most requests • Delivery in 2-3 weeks on most orders

For Excellent Service Contact

Reva Bily

Cantilever Racks • Structural Pallet Racks Portable Stacking Racks Specialty Transport & Storage Products West Point Rack is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. Our customers recognize quality products, dependability of service and competitive pricing.

• Quality • Dependability • Satisfaction

Our Primary Goal is to support our dealers, satisfy their customers, earn trust and be the “Vendor of Choice” for rack products and racking systems. We offer a full line of light duty, intermediate duty, heavy and extra heavy duty cantilever racks. We provide multiple configurations of a wide variety of stacking racks. Our structural pallet racks can be configured for a wide range of applications. West Point Rack has the products that generates solutions for your storage needs. We also offer specialty products such as bar cradle trucks, drum racks, hand carts and other specialty transport and storage products. Give us a call at 866.245.3630. We may have what you need. Look forward to hearing from you.


Portable Stacking

Structural Pallet

Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

13591 Chandler St. • Omaha, NE 68138 866-245-3630 • Fax 866-245-3631

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Label Holders Don’t Cost—They Pay They Pay You in Time Saved— Over and Over Insertable




Magnetic Holders and Erasable They You Time They Pay PayCard You in in Time Saved— Saved— Magnetic offer a quick and easy Over Over Over and andTags Over

means of changing a label. Simply Insertable Insertable Plastic Plastic Label Label Holders, Holders, re-mark the label and insert into the Magnetic Magnetic Card Card Holders Holders and and Erasable Erasable label holder to change a designation Magnetic Magnetic Tags Tags offer offer aa quick quick and and easy easy or location. This cost saving system means means of of changing changing aa label. label. Simply Simply has been around for decades accordre-mark re-mark the the label label and and insert insert into into the the ing to Industry Leader Aigner Label label label holder holder to to change change aa designation designation Holder Corp., who pioneered the or or location. location. This This cost cost saving saving system system insertable feature in the 1520’s. has has been been around around for for decades decades accordaccordOrganization the First ing Leader Aigner ing to to Industry Industry is Leader Aigner Label Label Priority Holder who pioneered pioneered the the Holder Corp., Corp., who Every efficient storage facility must in Insertable feature in the the 1950’s. 1950’s. Insertable feature know where everything is all the time. Organization Organization is is the the First First Priority Priority This would be much easier to accomEvery Every efficient efficient storage storage facility facility must must plish if products and locations did not know know where where everything everything is is all all the the time. time. change, but they do, and that’s when This This would would be be much much easier easier to to accomaccomproblems develop. Label Holders are plish ifif products did not products and and locations locations not aplish management tool that helpdid solve change, but they do, and that’s when change, but they do, and that’s when these problems. problems problems develop. develop. Label Label Holders Holders are are aa Cost Justification is Easy management management tool tool that that help help solve solve Whatever the initial investment is these these problems. problems. for a label holder system, it has been Cost Justification is Costdocumented Justification is Easy Easy well that the pay back in Whatever the initial investment is Whatever the initial investment is for for aa materials, labor and overall efficiency, label holder system, labelbe holder system, has been been well well will justified by; itit has documented documented that that the the pay pay back back in in • 50% Savings in Materials materials, materials, labor labor and and overall overall efficiency, efficiency, • 65% Savings in Labor will will be be justified justified by; by; • Easy Label Changes

fessional labels well in advance or on an “as needed” basis at virtually no expense, in house.

• Aisles–Insertable label holders Years Years of of consumer consumer demand demand for for new new mounted on the face of racks or product product development development have have resulted resulted in in shelving uprights and ceiling hung aa wide wide selection selection of of Label Label Holders Holders -signs start the warehouse mapping each each designed designed to to solve solve aa specific specific labellabelprocess. ing ing problem. problem.

• Wire Shelving–This application certainly was the #1 labeling problem of the 1990’s but since solved Aigner’s snap-on “Wire-Rac” label holdthe the exposed exposed #4 #4 wire wire to to quickly quickly crecreers. They install easily, have a clear ate ate aa labeling labeling solution. solution. window that protects the label and •• Wire Wire Shelving—This Shelving—This application application cercerare bar code compatible. tainly tainly was was the the #1 #1 labeling labeling problem problem • of Steel Shelving & Flow Rack–The of the the 1990’s 1990’s but but since since solved solved largest selection of styles, colors, Aigner’s Aigner’s snap-on snap-on “Wire-Rac” “Wire-Rac” label label and sizes available in a wide range holders. holders. They They install install easily, easily, have have aa of prices. No product has out perclear clear window window that that protects protects the the label label formed Aigner’s original “Hol-Dex,” and and are are bar bar code code compatible. compatible. for this application. After more than •• Steel Steel Shelving Shelving & & Flow Flow Rack—The Rack—The fifty (50) year’s of market exposure largest largest selection selection of of styles, styles,colors, colors,and and “Hol-Dex,” remains Aigner’s most sizes sizes available available in in aa wide wide range range of of popular style.

Bin•Buddy’s Bin•Buddy’s label label holder holder

Superscan Superscan

Bin•Buddy’s Bin•Buddy’s label label holder holder for for totes totes

Wire•Rac Wire•Rac label label holders holders

Hol•Dex Hol•Dex

Write•On Write•On Magnetic Magnetic Tags Tags

A Holder for Every for most sizes forLabel most label label holder holder sizes from from the the Application! manufacturer. manufacturer. Print Print neat neat and and profesprofesYears of consumer demand foron new sional well an sional labels labels well in in advance advance or or on an product development resulted “as basis virtually no “as needed” needed” basis at athave virtually no in a widein expense, house. expense, inselection house. of Label Holders - each designed to solve a specific AA Label Label Holder Holder for for Every Every labeling problem.

Application! Application!

• Prevention of Costly Mispicks

Protecting Bar Codes is an Absolute Must! Most storage and distribution facilities either use an automated bar coded inventory system or expect to in the near Bar future. Baris Protecting Codes an Protecting Bar Codes iscodes an must be protected from dirt and moisture Absolute Must! Absolute Must! to prevent inaccurate scan. This, Most storage and distribution facilities Most storagean and distribution facilities obviously, would create a major ineither use an automated bar coded either use an automated bar coded ventory possibly a lost inventory system expect to the inventorydiscrepancy system or or or expect to in in the customer. clear, plastic holder near codes must be near future. future.ABar Bar codes mustlabel be protectprotectwith a matte, non-glare, ensures ed dirt moisture to an ed from from dirt and and moisturefinish to prevent prevent an scanning and protects inaccurate scan. would inaccurate compatibility scan. This, This, obviously, obviously, would the baraacode. create major create major inventory inventory discrepancy discrepancy or or

Print Professional Cost possibly aa lost AA clear, plastic possibly lost customer. customer.and clear, plastic Effective Labels In-house label non-glare, label holder holder with with aa matte, matte, non-glare,finfinish and ish ensures ensures scanning scanning compatibility and Additional savings compatibility can be accomprotects protects the the bar bar code. code.standard or opplished by utilizing tional pre-perforated, 8 1/2” x 11” Print Print Professional Professional and and Cost Cost Laser/Ink Jet Compatible Insert Effective Effective Labels Labels In-house In-house Sheets. These are supplied with simAdditional Additional savings savings can can be be accomaccomple printing instructions in a standard plished plished by by utilizing utilizing standard standard or or optionoptionword processing format and are availal al pre-perforated, pre-perforated, 88 1/2” 1/2” xx 11” 11” able for most label holder sizes from Laser/Ink Laser/Ink Jet Jet Compatible Compatible Insert Insert Sheets. Sheets. the manufacturer. Print neat and proThese These are are supplied supplied with with simple simple printprinting ing instructions instructions in in aa standard standard word word processing processing format format and and are are available available

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November 2017

Slip•Strip Slip•Strip label label holder holder system system •• Aisles—Insertable Aisles—Insertable label label holders holders • mounted Pallet Racks–3” or of 4” 6” side on face or mounted on the thex 5” face of xracks racks or or top loading insertable label holdshelving uprights and hung shelving uprights and ceiling ceiling hung ers, code compatible signs start warehouse mapping signspreferable start the the bar warehouse mapping like Aigner’s popular “Superscan,” process. process. design are the most choice. •• Pallet xx 5” or Pallet Racks—3” Racks—3” 5”popular or 4” 4” xx 6” 6” side side

• or Wire Decking–If thelabel waterfall loading insertable holdor top topMesh loading insertable label holdlimits your labeling ers, bar compatible ers, preferably preferably bar code codecapabilities, compatible Aigner’s “Adapt-A-Strip” snaps on like popular like Aigner’s Aigner’s popular “Superscan‚” “Superscan‚” to the are exposed #4 popular wire to choice. quickly design the design are the most most popular choice. create a labeling solution. •• Wire Decking –– IfIf the Wire Mesh Mesh Decking the waterfall waterfall limits limits your your labeling labeling capabilities, capabilities, Aigner’s Aigner’s “Adapt-A-Strip” “Adapt-A-Strip” snaps snaps on on to to

product prices. Noshelving–Retailers product has has out out performed performed •prices. RetailNo change Aigner’s original “Hol-Dex‚” for Aigner’s original “Hol-Dex‚” for this this bar code labels and prices freapplication. After more (50) application. After more than fifty fiftyload(50) quently and prefer a than bottom year’s market exposure year’s of market exposure “Hol-Dex‚” ing of design that also “Hol-Dex‚” accommoremains popular style. remains Aigner’s most popular style. dated Aigner’s Point of most Purchase messages. •• Retail Shelving—Retailers Retail Shelving—Retailers change Aigner’s “Slip•Strip” label change holder bar code labels and frequently bar codewas labels and prices pricesspecifically frequently system developed and aa bottom and prefer bottom loading loading design for prefer this application and is design availthat accommodated that also accommodated Point able inalso a “clip-on” design for Point shelf of Purchase messages. of Purchase messages. Aigner’s channels or a self adhesive Aigner’s style for “Slip•Strip” label “Slip•Strip” label holder holder system system was was flat surfaces. specifically for developedBins specifically for this this appliappli• developed Plastic & Totes–Aigner’s cation in cation and and is is available available in aa “clip-on” “clip-on” “Bin•Buddy’s” label holder features design for aa self for shelf shelf channels orsystem, self adesign new space agechannels adhesiveor adhesive style for flat surfaces. adhesive style for flat surfaces. which will permanently adhere to •• Plastic Bins & Plastic Bins & Totes—Aigner’s Totes—Aigner’s any plastic - a “New” solution to an “Bin•Buddy’s” label “Bin•Buddy’s” label holder holder features features age-old problem. aa new new space space age age adhesive adhesive system, system, which which will will permanently permanently adhere adhere to to any any plastic plastic –– aa “New” “New” solution solution to to an an age-old age-old problem. problem.

Backing Options Complete the Decision-Making Process Look for a time tested Self-Adhesive backing the most permanent Backing Options Complete the Backingfor Options Complete theand lowest cost application. Keep in mind Decision-Making Decision-Making Process Process

that the label holder’s insertable Look Look for for aa time time tested tested Self-Adhesive Self-Adhesive feature allows for easy label relocabacking backing for for the the most most permanent permanent and and tion. Magnets, in a wide range of sizes lowest lowest cost cost application. application. Keep Keep in in mind mind and strengths, increase the versatilthat that the the label label holder’s holder’s insertable insertable feafeaity of a label holder system, but at a ture ture allows allows for for easy easy label label relocation. relocation. higher cost than self-adhesive. Hook Magnets, Magnets, in in aa wide wide range range of of sizes sizes and and & Loop Fasteners such as “VELCRO®” strengths, strengths, increase increase the the versatility versatility of of aa are more aggressive than magnets, label label holder holder system, system, but but at at aa higher higher work well on non-metalic surfaces, cost cost than than self-adhesive. self-adhesive. Hook Hook & & Loop Loop but again significantly increase the Fasteners Fasteners such such as as “VELCRO®” “VELCRO®” are are cost. Finally, for any relatively high more more aggressive aggressive than than magnets, magnets, work work volume application a custom made well well on on non-metallic non-metallic surfaces, surfaces, but but snap-on extrusion may be the best again, again, significantly significantly increase increase the the cost. cost. solution. Finally, Finally, for for any any relatively relatively high high volume volume Custom Sizing application aa custom application custom made made snap-on snap-on Custom canthe bebest a major benefit extrusion may solution. extrusionSizing may be be the best solution. to the end user. Why pay for a longer Custom Custom Sizing Sizing than necessary standard length when Custom Sizing can a major benefit Custom Sizing can be be major benefit most label holders cana be fabricated to the end user. Why pay for a to the end user. Why pay for a longer to the exact length required,longer at a than standard length when than necessary necessary standard length when significant savings in both materimost label holders fabricated most label holders can be be (or fabricated als and labor. The can height width) to the exact length required, at to the exact length required, at aa dimensions are generally restricted significant significant savings in both both materials to standardsavings sizes in due to materials the high and labor. The height (or and of labor. The dies height (or width) width) cost extrusion {tooling} along dimensions to dimensions are generally generally restricted to with high are minimum runrestricted quantities. standard due high cost of standard sizes due to to the the high cost to of It makes sizes a whole lot more sense extrusion {tooling} along with extrusion dies {tooling} along with change thedies label size rather than to high run high minimum minimum run quantities. quantities. ItIt makes makes create a new holder. aa whole whole lot lot more more sense sense to to change change Return on Investment the the label label size size rather rather than than to to create create aa This is what it’s all about! At what new new holder. holder. point does your investment in Return on Return on Investment Investment label holders start to pay monetary This it’s about! what This is is what what it’s all allthe about! At what returns? Calculate total At savings point does investment in point does your investment in label label in time andyour materials and consider holders start returns? holders start to to pay pay monetary returns? the contribution to monetary productivity from Calculate total in and Calculate thebetter total savings savings in time time and an overallthe working environmaterials consider contribumaterials and consider the contribument. The and results of casethe studies pertion productivity from overall tion to to with productivity from an anconfirm overall formed major retailers better The better working environment. The that theworking return on environment. your initial investresults of studies resultswill of case case studies performed with ment occur withinperformed a twelve with (12) major month period. confirm major retailers retailers confirm that that the the return return on initial will on your yourDo initial investment will occur occur Where We investment Buy Label Holders? within within aa twelve twelve (12) (12) month month period. period. Find them in most National Industrial Supply Catalogs andLabel at over 2000 Where Holders? Where Do Do We We Buy Buy Label Holders? material dealers Industrial NationFind in Find them themhandling in most most National National Industrial wide. further information, contact Supply and 2000 SupplyForCatalogs Catalogs and at at over over 2000 Aigner Holder Corp.Nationwide. material handling dealers materialLabel handling dealers Nationwide. For For further further information, information,contact contactAigner Aigner . Label Holder Corp . Label Holder Corp Aigner Label Holder Corp. 218 MacArthur Ave. New Windsor, NY Toll-free: (800) 242-3919 Web:

Visit us online at

T he

Le ad e r

I n Lab el Ho ld er S o lu t i o n s

label holders for




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Wire•Rac™ X-Tend

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Aigner Label Holder Corp. 218 MacArthur Avenue | New Windsor, NY 12553 | Tel: 1.800.242.3919 | Fax: 845.562.2638

w w w. a i g n e r l a b e l h o l d e r. c o m Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

November 2017 |


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November 2017

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Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

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Solid SKS Tire and Wheel Assemblies When skid steer tire performance is your priority use Rhino.

Tires sold separately or as an assembly • Demountable solid tires • Can re-use the wheel • ISO certified production • VD tread pattern is standard •

TIRE SIZE 30 x 8.5-16 30 x 10-16 32 x 10-20 33 x 12-20

RIM (inches) 5.5 6.5 7.0 8.0

O.D. (inches) 30.1 30.2 31.8 32.9

Recommended Applications • Muddy or dirt surfaces • Maximum machine width is needed • Elevates the machine higher off the ground

Tread Characteristics • Disposal of mud & water • Load capacity • Traction ride

S.W. WEIGHT (lbs) WEIGHT (lbs) CAPACITY Tire only Tire/Wheel Assembly 16MPH (lbs) (inches) 7.4 120 4286 9.1 155 200 4963 9.2 141 7220 11.8 200 310 8800

Before making your next tire selection, visit our website to see our entire line of tires and the benefits they offer or call us today. Take the PAIN out of your supply chain. Move it exclusively…MOVE IT ON RHINO.

Easy to Find...Tough to Beat. Warehouse: 234-678-7863 • Toll Free: 877-744-6603 Fax: 888-480-8611 • Rhino Rubber Warehouse • 275-299 N. Arlington St. • Akron, OH 44306

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November 2017

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Best in Class

When press-on tire performance is your priority use Rhino.

Rhino R1 Press-On Tires •

Best design to optimize traction, stability and wear

Best compounding for optimal low-rolling resistance, shock absorption and tire life

Best overall performance and lowest cost of ownership Rhino is Best in Class

Move it fast… Move it safe… MOVE IT ON RHINO. Easy to Find...Tough to Beat.

Warehouse: 234-678-7863 Toll Free: 877-744-6603 Fax: 888-480-8611

Checkout our new website at and be sure to click on the Quick Quote button.

Rhino Rubber Warehouse • 275-299 N. Arlington St. • Akron, OH 44306

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Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

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November 2017 |


Products by Hamilton Hamilton crushes downtime with new no–maintenance casters

mounting plate and carries up to 3000 lbs. per caster making this the highest rated maintenance-free kingpinless caster in its class. • The ZFFM Series rounds out the Spinfinity lineup and offers 3" wide wheels with the same 4 ½" x 6 ¼" mounting plate and is rated up to 3200 lbs. per caster. See full product specs: HamiltonCaster. com/Spinfinity

New 20 Ton Industrial Trailers Pre-Engineered for Quick Turnaround Hamilton Caster is proud to introduce Spinfinity™ – a new line of heavy duty maintenance-free casters. Incorporated into the swivel kingpinless construction is special cnc-machining to host a large internal seal. The seal is made from Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) and is completely enclosed inside the swivel assembly. With no outside exposure, the swivel assembly is well suited to keep grease in and contaminants out. As is customary with Hamilton, the Spinfinity casters boast extra thick forgings and proven kingpinless swivel technology for superior durability over the life of the casters. The top plate and inner raceway are one forged steel piece, not a weldment, providing unmatched strength for shock conditions. The raceways are CNCmachined and then hardened to a uniform depth. These processes assure a smoothly swiveling caster under heavy loads. All of this adds up to Spinfinity® carrying the industry’s best three-year product warranty. “The grease fittings are gone!” explained Jeff Spektor, the lead designer of Spinfinity. “With the permanent seals in the swivel raceway and the wheel hub, grease fittings are no longer required.” The benefits of the Spinfinity casters are also in direct alignment with Hamilton’s own lean principles employed throughout their manufacturing operations. “With Spinfinity casters now available, time spent maintaining casters is actually waste”, remarked Dave Lippert, Hamilton’s President. Like all Hamilton forged steel casters, the new Spinfinity Maintenance-Free casters are manufactured in Hamilton, Ohio USA and stocked for PRONTO® Same Day or Next Day Shipment. The Spinfinity lineup is offered in three popular heavy duty series: • The ZFWH Series features 2" wide wheels, the industry’s most popular 4" x 5" mounting plate, and is rated up to 2500 lbs. per caster. • The ZFHS Series also features 2" wide wheels but with a larger 4 ½" x 6 ¼"

wheels are equipped with precision tapered roller bearings and ride on 1-1/2 inch stressproof axles. Finally, a major wear point on any towed trailer is the towing loop. The Hercules features a forged steel loop designed for handling the extreme loads and resistant to wear during years of use.

Hamilton’s electric trailer spins through narrow factory maze

…Hamilton’s new line of Hercules trailers is available to ship in 4-5 weeks.

September 6th, 2016: Hamilton is proud to announce Hercules: the new line of preengineered super duty industrial trailers. The new Hercules line has a load capacity range of 20,000–40,000 lbs. per trailer and is pre-engineered for quick turnaround. While most high capacity industrial trailers have a minimum leadtime of 7-8 weeks, the Hercules line is available to ship in an industry-leading leadtime of 4-5 weeks. The Hercules line are fifth-wheel-steer type with a total of ten standard deck sizes starting at 4 feet wide by 8 feet long and ranging up to 5 feet wide by a massive 24 feet long. The series is also grouped in 20K, 25K, 30K, 35K, and 40K load capacities designed for severe loading and power towing conditions. Common applications for the Hercules are hauling tooling, dies, molds, structural steel bars, rolls, cylinders, and plate steel efficiently throughout the plant. Each Hercules deck is constructed of ¼ inch plate steel with structural steel channel ranging from 5 inch on the 20K load trailer to 12 inch on the 40K version. The fifth wheel steering consists of ¾ inch steel plates sandwiching a 24-inch diameter antifriction disc rotating on a 2-inch kingpin providing years of trouble-free service with very low turning resistance. Design engineers selected heavy duty presson polyurethane wheels ranging from 14” diameter on the 20K load trailers up to 22” diameter on the 40K load trailers. All

With Hamilton’s trailer, workers now load the dies in the direction of the trailer for transport, which opens up more than a foot of space on both sides of the trailer. When the trailer reaches the production facility via a tugger – which also serves as its power supply – the die rotates 90 degrees before being unloaded. A single rotation takes roughly 2.5 minutes, with a full 360-degree turn clocking in at 10 minutes. This may seem like forever in manufacturing, but a slow and steady turn helps keep workers safe, and protects the equipment. For added durability, our engineers spec’d and installed ball transfer units to surround the slew drive to prevent damage if the load isn’t perfectly centered. • All steel, double fifth-wheel steer trailer • Capacity: 30,000 lbs. • Size: 60" side by 90" long by 30" deck height • Structural steel frame with steel plate welded over structural steel frame • 60" wide by 90" long steel turntable with 6" tall by 1" thick bolt-on lip • Loop-type towing tongue at both ends with lock outs engaged by raising tongue • Running gear: eight dual-mounted, press-on polyurethane wheels with tapered roller bearings • Color: safety/international orange • Slewing drive powered by 24-volt DC electric motor

For more information about these products and more visit or e-mail

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November 2017

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The Toughest Casters on the Planet.

The Best Heavy-Duty Casters Float to the Top. You see a beautiful bridge. We see a hulking mound of steel and concrete supported by our heavy-duty casters. Lug every beam, girder and rail on Hamilton’s highest capacity casters. Up to 20 tons each. Learn more at © 2017 2012 Hamilton C a ste r& &MFG. MFG .Co. Co. © Hamilton Caster

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View these pieces of equipment & more on Text the Web ID to 27414 for more equipment details.

It’s the fast & easy way to learn more about specific equipment. Look for the special Web ID Code on selected equipment throughout Material Handling Wholesaler Text 27414 with the special Web ID Receive instant info on specific pieces of equipment See additional photos NUMBER OF PHOTOS ONLINE





Over 14,000 subscribers receive the equipment available from MHconX dealers. To subscribe go to


STK# 18733 Ohio Lift Truck, Inc. 2010 Hyster S35FT Grand River OH (440) 354-1444


Learn more about how can help you buy and sell equipment! Powered by

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November 2017

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Improve Productivity of Order Picking Lifts with a PalletPal Order Picker Load Leveling Attachment ®

The PalletPal® Order Picker Load Leveler attaches to any standard order picking lift to make the job of order picking or stock replenishing faster, safer and easier. Order picking on the ground or order picking up in a high bay both involve lots of wasteful and often dangerous motions. The PalletPal Order Picker minimizes many of these motions, and when picking above the ground, the integrated turntable further enhances the worker’s stability and balance. Built on the proven design of PalletPal Level Loaders, the PalletPal Order Picker uses a calibrated spring mechanism to automatically adjust the height of a load as boxes are added or removed. Keeping the top layer at a comfortable, convenient working height allows employees to load items with no bending, stretching or awkward posture. A built-in turntable allows operators to spin the load so they never have to reach across the pallet. The PalletPal Order Picker’s universal design fits on all brands of order pickers. It mounts quickly and easily with no tools. • Works with all standard order picker lifts • Automatic spring leveling • Integrated turntable platform • No power required • Attaches in seconds - no tools needed • Works with loads from 400 - 2000 lbs. • Non-skid platform

Southworth Products Corp P.O. Box 1380, Portland, ME 04104-1380 (800) 743-1000 •

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making work faster, safer, and easier since 1890

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PRESS-ON TIRE BY CAMSO Built to provide the best performance in terms of heat resistance, energy efficiency and long lasting life in high intensity applications, to offer you the lowest operating cost solution. Discover the usage intensity for your application at 14 |

November 2017

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Camso’s new and improved press-on tires

Evolving forklift industry calls for a new approach The forklift has been around for more than 100 years. These material movers have evolved from basic single-purpose vehicles into sophisticated working machines capable of serving a growing range of industries and applications.

With the development of larger models sometimes combined with active stability systems and more specialized attachments, forklifts are now expected to carry heavier loads, while moving faster and lifting higher than ever before.

More weight and more speed translate into more stress on the tires, wheels and axle. Increased travel time, distance and duty cycles means more heat build-up with less cooling time between jobs. When operating in high intensity applications, tires are pushed beyond their limits. The result: thermal failure leading to unscheduled downtime. Customers want maximum productivity from their machines

Fleet managers expect maximum productivity and have no tolerance for downtime. Tires are a big part of this equation. Think about all the variables.

Press-on tires are the technology of choice to handle high loads with great stability. They are most likely to experience extreme load conditions when compared to other tire technologies. As the world largest manufacturer of press-on tires, it’s our job to understand the unique mobility needs of any forklift and its application intensity requirements. Why? So we can engineer the right tire.

Solideal PON 775 by Camso

Solideal PON 550 and 555 by Camso

That’s where the new Solideal PON 775 comes into play. This new press-on tire raises the bar and is designed for high intensity applications where other pressons quickly fail. It’s engineered to provide the best performance in terms of heat resistance, energy efficiency and long-lasting life. • 90% better resistance to internal heat build-up • 45% longer tire life due to abrasion-resistant tread compound • 70% better energy efficiency due to low-rolling resistance rubber compounds • Reduced ground pressure due to wide and flat footprint • Minimized stress on the tire edges thanks to unique sidewall design

Long seen as the industry benchmark, our Solideal Magnum Smooth and Traction (SM/TR), newly named Solideal PON 555 and PON 550, are brought to the next level. Some key performance improvements have been made to the rubber compound to optimize performance for medium intensity applications:

Downtime is not an option

• 45% longer tire life • 6% better resistance to internal heat build-up • 8% improvement on energy efficiency

• Indicates when to replace your tire due to wear indicator and safety line

Together, the new Solideal PON 775 and the revamped Solideal PON 555 and 550 were designed as a series to provide the maximum lifespan for an array of different application intensities to ensure we provide customers with the lowest operating cost solution on their tire selection. Discover which tire best fit your application on

Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

November 2017 |


16 |

November 2017

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Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

November 2017 |


WORLD-LIFT ANNOUNCES IT’S NEW LINE OF FORKLIFTS Worldwide Forklifts Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale, FL—The master distributor for WorldLift forklifts for the US, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, is announcing its all new World-lift product line of forklifts. The new World-Lift product line includes Diesel, LPG and Electric in 48 different models. The diesel line is from 4,000 lbs. to 96,000 lbs. models, the LPG line covers 3,500-15,500 lbs. capacity and the electric line covers from 3,500-26,000 lbs. models. “We are excited about this new product release”, said Peter Vaz, President and owner of Worldwide Forklifts Inc. He further stated, “It includes a broad model range rarely seen by any single manufacturer in the world”. “Having the ability to provide diesel units up to 96,000 lbs., LPG up to 15,500 lbs. and an electric line up to 26,000 lbs. is very unique in our industry” he concluded. “We are especially excited about our new mini rough terrain 6K and 8K model forklifts. Early adoption of this unique offering is proving to be very brisk and generating a great deal of dealer interest” said Mr. Vaz. “At half the size and half the cost of traditional rough terrain forklifts, our mini rough terrain models are perfectly suited for construction, small craft and jet ski handling as well as any other application where you need to operate in sand, gravel or grass”, he concluded.

IF YOU CAN SERVICE IT, YOU CAN SELL IT Worldwide maintains a large inventory of popular forklifts in inventory and can do factory orders with 90-120 day lead times on specialty models, masts or attachments. Worldwide also maintains a large inventory of replacement parts at our corporate headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale Florida with 24-48 hour delivery anywhere in the US. If you are a forklift dealer or service provider and have an opportunity to sell a forklift to your prospect, need to fill a gap in your product offering, need a unique solution or need a cost competitive solution for a quote, give us a call at 954.768.9875 and we will be happy to provide you with a quote and specifications to assist in your sale.

Worldwide Forklifts, Inc. 268 SW 32 Ct. Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33315 18 |

November 2017

954.768.9875 Visit us online at

INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW-WORLD-LIFT FORKLIFT PRODUCT LINE P Diesel from 4,000-96,000 Lbs P LPG from 3,500-15,500 Lbs P Electric from 3,500-26,000 Lbs P MINI Rough Terrain from 6,000-8,000 Lbs Available to any forklift dealer or service provider;

If you can service it, you can sell it;

No dealer agreement required;

Financing available through Wells Fargo for qualified buyers;

No commitments or minimum purchase requirements;

Warranty and service opportunities available for units sold into your area;

No stocking requirements

World-Lift Mini Rough Terrain With Small Craft Fork Extensions

World Lift Electric

Worldwide Forklifts, Inc. 268 SW 32 Ct. Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33315 Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

World-Lift Diesel

World-Lift Cushion

954.768.9875 November 2017 |


triboroCoProMHW917.qxp_Layout 1 9/29/17 4:13 PM Page 1


Tri-Boro: THE SOURCE Tri-Boro is the only company in the USA to offer universally compatible pallet rack and warehouse shelving products from one source. Tri-Boro began manufacturing its own pallet rack in 2012. The addition of the pallet rack manufacturing venture has brought considerable opportunity to the company by adding a wider assortment of warehouse solutions to an already diverse family of products under the Tri-Boro name. Tri-Boro offers the added value and logistical advantage of single source integration for all your warehousing and storage needs.

Tri-Boro’s newest product offering is PERF DECK steel shelving, for use with pallet rack or Tri-Boro Rivet-Rak™. Perf Deck has open space to facilitate air and sprinkler water flow. A great alternative to wire deck, Perf Deck provides a totally flat and smooth storage surface. Product slides on and off easily without hanging up. Perf Deck drops into the step on pallet rack beams and Slotted Perf Deck is specially designed for use with Rivet-Rak™ Tri-Boro also manufactures: steel shelving in a variety of sizes and capacities, Sturdi-Frame™ shelving, service carts, shelf trucks, work benches, bin & drawer storage units, specialty rack, slotted angle and shop desks. Company History

Tri-Boro’s pallet rack integrates strength features such as single-rib columns, return bends on frame members and one-piece tube seamed step beams with an interchangeable design that is compatible with most “teardrop” style pallets racks. All Tri-Boro’s storage rack components have a durable, scratch-resistant, high gloss powder-coat finish, which is ideal for food, industrial and corrosive applications. Tri-Boro also offers popular sizes through a Quick-Ship program. Other Products manufactured by Tri-Boro Rivet-Rak™ steel shelving offers both ease of assembly and unobstructed access. It is available in the widest range of sizes in the industry, and unlimited combinations that can satisfy a variety of requirements. Performance features include: wide span capability, boltless & clipless construction, quick assembly, rivets that lock into keyholes for added stability, powder coated components, standard heights to 16 feet and custom configurations.

Tri-Boro Storage Products is a woman-owned company, operated by the same family since its inception. For over 40 years, Tri-Boro has been manufacturing an extensive line of warehouse shelving and storage products. Tri-Boro is dedicated to providing companies with innovative solutions and equipment for all their storage requirements. Nelson Cantillo is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tri-Boro. He joined the company in early 2011 to help establish the new division “Tri-Boro Rack and Storage Products” (pallet rack manufacturing), along with John DeMaio, President. Tri-Boro was established in Brooklyn, NY in 1971. In 2010, Tri-Boro expanded operations to a new facility in Farmville, VA where all its pallet rack is manufactured, along with other product lines. In 2016, the Brooklyn location was moved into a much larger facility in Ridgewood, NY. All of Tri-Boro’s products are proudly made in the USA.


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November 2017

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November 2017 |



Modern Ergonomic Durable Well supported

LiuGong dealers enjoy: • An industry best 3 year / 6,000 hour comprehensive warranty (parts, labor and mileage) • Electronic warranty system • Marketing support • Onsite training and technical support • Online parts system • Local parts stock (Houston, Texas) • Wholesale and retail finance options Contact LiuGong North America (Houston, Texas) to learn more.

>>> >>>

Our unmatched value increases profits and reduces risk! © 2017 LiuGong Construction Machinery N. A., LLC

22 |

November 2017

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LiuGong North America has released a new line of forklifts designed specifically for the U.S and Canadian markets. The new 3-Series 2020-35G/H forklifts come standard with premium features and increased capabilities that make them among the most durable, ergonomic and modern lift truck systems available in North America.

Standard 3-Series features include a full-suspension seat, a rearview mirror, a swingout dropdown LPG tank bracket, backup alarm, rear grab handle with horn button, operator password login and a full LED light package of front floods, rear combination lights and turn signals. Operators have a choice of performance modes ‒ standard, economy or high performance ‒ based on the needs of their application. Economy mode reduces fuel consumption for lower operating cost. High performance mode maximizes productivity in high throughput applications. The LiuGong 3-Series forklifts feature a three-fluid cooling system optimized for temperatures up to 113 degrees F. The system cools engine, transmission and hydraulic fluids – a unique feature for a forklift in the 4,000- to 7,000-pound-capacity class. LiuGong has achieved 70 percent parts commonality across the forklift range by mounting the steer axle to the counterweight instead of the frame. This design shares the same chassis between the different capacity models in the

Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

Modern Ergonomic Durable Well supported

family while changing only the mast, tires and counterweights. Higher parts commonality reduces the number of parts needed, saving money and boosting productivity through increased uptime. Ken Biediger, President of LiuGong North America Forklift Division, said customers will notice right away the 3-series 2020-35G/H models are in a class of their own. “The 3-Series forklifts are a premium, full-featured product offering exceptional value. Many features that other manufacturers charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for as add-ons come standard on our new LiuGong models.” More information about the LiuGong North America 3-Series forklifts can be found online at or by contacting a local LiuGong dealer.

The LiuGong 3-Series is an all new, clean-sheet design built specifically to meet the expectations of the North American market. It represents the benchmark of all new LiuGong forklift models to come, featuring our new design philosopy and “LiuGong DNA” going forward.

November 2017 |


Standard Parts. Winco.

JW Winco offers an extensive selection of metal and plastic standard machine components in inch and metric sizes, including… • Adjustable Levers • Cabinet U-handles • Hinges and Locking Mechanisms • Revolving and Retractable Handles • Hand Wheels and Hand Cranks • Tube Connection and Conveyor Components • Construction Tubing • Shock Absorption Mounts • Leveling Mounts

• Hand Knobs • Spring, Ball and Indexing Plungers • Jig, Fixture and Fastening Components • Retaining Magnet Assemblies • Toggle Clamps • Casters and Wheels • Universal Joints • Oil Sight Glasses • Metric Tools • Phone: 800-877-8351 • Fax: 800-472-0670 24 |

November 2017

Visit us online at

Standard Parts. Winco.

JW Winco’s comprehensive line of Anti Vibration/Isolation Mounts…

• Absorb kinetic energy on impact • Prevent damaging shock and rebound

• Use as bumpers, leveling feet, or sound dampers

• New sizes & styles • Inch & metric

Explore our full line on our website or contact us with your application requirements. Phone: 800-877-8351 Fax: 800-472-0670 Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

November 2017 |






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R Check out the ENHANCEMENTS to our ONLINE Directory... New ENHANCED PROFILE LISTINGS that include: • 150 WORD DESCRIPTION of your company • AD PROFILE—Shows your current month’s ad • LINKS to feature articles, new products and industry news about advertiser’s company TRULY your connection to world class vendor product and service information! Next issue Deadline: November 1, 2018 Call a Wholesaler Sales Executive Today!

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and economical solution to solve your exact storage needs!



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November 2017

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to buy and sell equipment is the industry’s newest website for buying and selling equipment nationwide that is a joint partnership of two of the industry’s most respected publications, Material Handling Network and Material Handling Wholesaler.


WHY IS IT BETTER? Real time inventory management system will be promoted in print, online and e-newsletters giving you the ability to reach more potential buyers and sellers Proven lead generation tools such as your own dedicated toll-free number, SMS texting and instant email leads Weekly E-Newsletter sent to over 14,000 e-subscribers to help sell your equipment faster.

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When Two Industry Leaders Join Forces, the Result is Magic

The union of these two great brands gives material handling dealers the ability to offer customers an unmatched product line including stackers; manual palletizers; lift tables; tilters; dock lifts; double, triple, and quad-scissor lifts; as well as custom lifting solutions. In addition to an expanded product line Presto ECOA Lifts dealers also benefit from: World class application support Engineering services State-of-the-art manufacturing An expansive Always-In-Stock quick ship program Central US shipping point of origin For product details, catalogs, and price lists, contact your Presto or ECOA representative or visit

800-343-9322 |

Presto ECOA joinWholesaler—Still Forces.indd 1 17-282 Material Handling the one the industry TRUSTS

9/22/17 |9:54 31 AM November 2017

Manufacturer to Dealer Only North America has standardized the Tear Drop/ Riveted Beam End Plate design

Unirak Step Beams feature 55 KSI hi-strength steel that is continuously hi-

for good reason - no other combination provides better connectivity, capacity,

frequency seam welded on a state-of-the-art tube mill (installed in 2015). This

system rigidity AND long term flexibility for product mix elevation changes.

provides consistent robotic end plate weldable shapes and precision length cuts.

Having a system that easily adapts as your needs change and that maintains

SEVEN step beam profiles provide capacity matched sizing. Optimized vertical

higher re-sale value than any other is a win-win. Frames are one piece MIG

cube use and cost efficiency is assured. Unirak Beams feature 3 Rivet connectors

welded of 55 KSI hi-strength steel.

(4 rivet available and standard on 6.5” SB650) and replaceable locking clips.


UNIRAK Storage System Accessories Maximum safety and productivity in your warehouse

UNIRAK Beams Capacity

UNIRAK Frame Capacity

14GA HS 1 5/8” step beams-profiles available:





Floor to top of first level, or greatest vertical span.

Shelf Spacing

16,000 lbs.3”x 15/8” Column 14GA HS

21,200 lbs. 3”x 3” Column 14GA HS

32,900 lbs. 3”x 3” Column 13GA HS

37,800 lbs 3”x 3” Column 12GA HS

36 42 48 54 60 66 72 78 84 90 96

18800 17600 16000 14300 13000 11700 10300 9100 8000 7100 6400

24400 23000 21200 19500 18000 16400 14700 13200 11700 10500 9400

41500 37200 32900 28600 25000 22600 20100 17900 16000 14200 12500

47600 42900 37800 32800 28700 26000 23000 20400 18100 16100 14500

Above components meet or exceed current AISI & RMI capacity & deflection specifications. Contact factory for first level beam spacing greater than 96 inches.

Professional Grade Racking Stock Solutions Quick Ship Rack

Common Frame Add-0ns and Options: Double Posting 1 leg or 2

Intralogistics Optimized Rack

HD Frame Splice Kits

Recommended for high traffic areas, at minimum 60” high. Impact protection and capacity gains.

HD splice kits feature outer wrap and inner splice matched pattern mounting plates.

8” x 8” by 3/8” Base Plates

Common in seismic areas and where tall height to depth ratios require additional anchoring.

Welded Deflecto Guards

Available in bolt-on or welded in 4” to 60“ height2.5”x2.5”x1/4 “ structural angle.

Nesting Shims (foot plates)

Per RMI guidelines, rack frames must be plumb to achieve specified capacity. Anti-spin, 1/8th thick.

Deck Spec: 15/8” at top 21/2” at bottom






SB250 4205 2675 1965 1505 1330 1190 960 670

SB350 7000 4655 4420 3385 2995 2675 2165 1505

SB418 9060 6025 5730 5005 4510 4025 3260 2265

SB458 10860 7225 6870 6005 5645 5325 4340 3020

SB518 12600 8515 8100 7080 6660 6280 5645 3920


Length: 48 72 84 96 102 108 120 144



SB600 SB650 12600 12600 10990 12515 10450 11910 9135 10410 8590 9790 8110 9240 7285 8300 5875 7160

1. Capacities are shown per pair of beams for Uniform Distributed Loads (meeting RMI 2012 cap guidelines). 2. Beams over 114” should be tied across middle to prevent lateral beam spread/rotation- contact dealer for info. 3. Beams over 90” that support non-waterfall/ flanged or tek screwed decking should be tied together (Consider UA206 crossbars). 4. Full loads per above chart reflect lesser of bending vs. L/180 deflection criteria.

Common Beams Add-0ns and Options: 8” HD 4 Rivet Endplates

All SB650 beams feature 8” endplates but also used for HD applications, some seismic, and single beam level installs.

Infinitely Adjustable Endplates

Commonly used in gravity pallet & carton flow to provide conveyor support where slopes vary.

Replacement Spring Safety Clips/Pins

Standard clips are factory installed and powder coated. Replacements are ZINC coated and in stock- Grav. Pins.

Alt. Beams: Sq/ or Rect. Tube Structural “C”

Manufactured to spec-from HD tube/structural channel beams to light duty hand stack small profile box beams.

Capacity Labels

Operators should be aware of safe load capacity limits Labels are available or spec for in house production.

Row Spacer/ Wall Tie

Cross Bar Supports

Reel Holders

Fork Entry Bars

Post Protectors






Standard duty 201/ 203 series row and wall ties are 14 GA galvanized. 202/ 204 HD are tubular powder coated. Both inc. frame hardware only.

When hi-quality rack-able pallets are used, UA206 Cross Bars offer added safety for misplaced or skewed pallets.

Store/ dispense spooled product. Accepts upto 1.75 inch diameter axles. Sold in pairs.

Sheet stock, or any product non-palletized product, can be stored and supported on 3.5” tubular supports.

Recommended for high traffic areas, at minimum aisle entry points. 1/4” thick steel, multi height with 4 anchor holes.

Back Stop Beams

End of aisle guards

Wire Mesh Decks

Solid Steel Decks

Wire or Net Rack Back





10 GA Steel or Net

UA222 Back Stop Beam Assemblies come in 3 pc kits. 1.5” square tube bolts to 12 GA Bkts. Offsets to spec.

Similar to UA217 post protectors, one leg is long and allows 1/4” thick steel to run depth of upright for protection.

We stock Made in USA Wire Mesh Deck. 42”/48” deep decks feature cut channel style while 24”/36”=flared.

In applications where heavy point loading is expected, we manufacture 12 GA solid deck with tubular supports.

Full steel mesh wire rack back or netting combined with UA222 Pallet Back Stops (net) protect adjacent traffic areas.

Professional Grade Racking UNIRAK STORAGE SYSTEMS


Hi-Gloss, Durable Powder Coat Finish Our high strength steel racking components start with a multi-stage phosphate bath prior to electrostatic coating then baking. The result is an abrasion resistant finish second to none.

STOCK SOLUTIONS QUICK SHIP RACKING Frames: Height (in) by Depth (in)

Capacity (in lb)


Part Number

96 x 24



144 x 36



96 x 42



120 x 42



144 x 42



144 x 42



192 x 42



96 x 48


144 x 48

Pick high contrast colors to complement your operation.


From concept drawings to timely shipment and professional installation, Unirak provides 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Have large DC’s with 1000’s of Selective Pallet Rack Positions?

16,000 21,200

Beams: Part Number

Need a rack solution quick? We have 100’s of frames and 1,000’s of beams, deck and accessories in stock. Ask your dealer about the UNIRAK Stock Solutions Quick Ship program. We plan vacant production slots - even custom, made to order solutions can often hit your tight deadline.

Quality pallet and dynamic racking structures are the backbone of the modern warehouse. Trust decades of experience, state-of-the-art rollforming mills, robotic welding cells and hi-gloss powder coating to complement your operation. Below, a hybrid rack system supplies push-back over carton flow rack, we bring high efficiency solutions to life:

Length (in)

Capacity (in lb)






















Or need custom designed Unirak selective rack on a space saving movable aisle rack system?

Racks that perform AND look great land us repeat customers. But don’t take our word for it:

We supply precision manufactured AS/RS rack systems and rack supported building structures:

Wire Mesh Decking: Part Description

Standard: Vista Green Upright & Safety Orange Beams

Red, yellow, 100’s of RAL colors and custom color matching is available and quoted to spec. Galvanized Hot Dip Zinc Coating Meets ASTM A 123-12 For high humidity, outdoor or abusive environments, your rack can be Hot Dip Galvanized.

Low to No Cost Options include: Blue, White, Grey, and Light Ivory

Size (depth by width,in)

Capacity (in lb)

Wire Deck

24 x 46


Wire Deck

36 x 46


Wire Deck

36 x 58


Wire Deck

42 x 46


Wire Deck

24 x 58


Wire Deck

48 x 46


Wire Deck

48 x 58


COMMON ACCESSORIES: UA201 UA201 UA206 UA217 Shims Anchor


Row Spacer-6”


Row Spacer-12”


Cross Bar 42” 2500/pr


Post Protector-12” Orange

3.25” x 4.5” x 1/8”

UNIRAK is your Professional Grade, Universal rack solution.

Ask your professional Material Handling Equipment Dealers for local references.

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1/2” x 3.75”


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