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September July 2017 2016



DEALER FINANCES always a balancing act

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September 2017 • Vol. 38 No. 9 An Employee-Owned Specialty Publications International, Inc. Magazine

September July 2017 2016


DEALER FINANCES always a balancing act

22 |

Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

 The Eiffel Tower: An iconic monument and a critical lesson

26 |  Human Element Dan Ranbom  Fielding a successful roster through a competency-based approach

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Cover Story

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6 |  Dealer finances – always a balancing act Garry Bartecki 800-348-7225

Columns 10 |  Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi

 Leading instead of controlling

16 |  Your Business Eileen Schmidt  The Jefferds Corporation celebrates 70 years

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In the next issue... T he October cover story features outstanding women in the industry that are examples in the field for the upcoming generation.

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September 2017


DEALER FINANCES always a balancing act


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dollar of sales requires some level of additional capital to Cover story: Garry Bartecki support it, because, in most cases, invoices become due This month we will discuss Dealer Finances. A topic not nearly discussed enough among C-level dealer before revenues are collected, and since banks normally fail to cover 100% of such a situation additional capital personnel. is required to cover the shortfall. Additional collected But before we move on to the topic of the month, revenues can help, stretching out payables will provide I need to relate a couple of my personal experiences some cash flow, using bank lines properly can help and, related to technology and artificial intelligence. last but not least, you can provide additional capital for the company. I am sure you understand that two of the While looking for a new computer for the four solutions noted decrease your liquidity position and granddaughter I took a dive into a virtual reality demo add more risk. and after that demo plus some discussion about both augmented and virtual reality came to the conclusion When was the last time you sat down and studied that both will play a part in your business with a winyour balance sheet? When was the last time you win-win result in terms of the dealership, your customers compared your balance sheet to MHEDA’s DiSC report and your customer’s customers. My goodness, what and compared your results against those of the High opportunities lay ahead for those that take advantage of Profit Dealers? I am confident a lot of you look over this technology to better their service offerings as well as income statement side of the MHEDA report but UNIRAK the STORAGE SYSTEMS operator and safety training. little or no time on the balance sheet found on From concept drawingsspend to timely shipment & professional installation, Unirak provides 100% Customer Satisfaction. page 11 of this year’s report. Add in the digital IoT aspect as well and I see Quality pallet and dynamic racking structures are the lower personnel costs and higher margins with shortbackbone of the modern warehouse. Trust decades of experience, state-of-the-art roll-forming mills, robotic Whatcellsdo high term payback on almost any investment made in these welding andthe hi-gloss powderprofit coating tobalance complement sheets reveal? your operation. technologies. A higher cash balance …..which is the #1 requirement on my list Well, we can dive more into the technology topic another day. Let’s get back to dealer finances. Less debt When this topic was first suggested for this month’s Less AP and accrued expenses cover story I immediately thought “balance sheet” and More equity in the business. not “financing’ in terms of bank loans, floor planning 800-348-7225 high On the income statement side of the equation and other typical forms of financing a dealership. Because when you get down to it how your balance sheet reflects profit firms put more on the bottom line because they your liquidity and investment status is a result of properly spend less in almost all categories and have less interest to pay. In the 2017 report high profit profits before tax are managing all the line items that make up the balance approximately 85% higher than a typical dealer. A nice sheet. spread, don’t you agree? Let’s face it….if you properly manage your balance One of the reasons for this spread is related to asset sheet you will provide a cushion to weather slow times, turnover and especially inventory (all forms) turnover have adequate cash on hand, not be overleveraged and along with proper time and dollar utilization of rental be able to meet all bank covenants without even doing units. And where do we find these inventories and rental the calculations. And you will accomplish these results assets ….on the balance sheet. knowing the systems and policies you have in place automatically cause these results to happen. A nice place So do yourself a favor and spend some time on your to be as opposed to wondering every day if you make balance sheet. Pay special attention to your real cash the next payroll. balances and debt service requirements because debt service requirements will eat you up when things slow Sure the income statement is part of the equation. down or when your expand the business beyond what And every dealer wants to grow their business. But your current working capital levels can handle. every dealer out there has to understand that every September 2017

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September 2017


Cover Story First of all plan to prepare a monthly cash flow projection for the next 12 months and then get more specific for the next quarter. As each quarter ends add another quarter to the schedule and so on. You should also have a daily cash statement reflecting the book cash balance with side lists of what needs to be paid in the month….debt service…..payroll dates….and other material cash payments required. This should be a daily report as well as a cumulative report for the month to show you how cash moves for the entire month and for what purposes it was spent. Do this for a few months and you will get a feel how cash moves, which will make it easier to plan and prepare the cash flow report. Next, move on to the inventory accounts and ask for a detailed report for what you have and how fast is it turning. A big part of this part of the program is how fast work orders are being completed, processed and billed. The faster you turn assets the faster the cash hits your bank account. The service department should provide a status report on all open work orders daily to the COO. The same goes for the parts department…..what are they ordering ….why….and are the parts being provided to the tech waiting on the parts the day they arrive and does the service time cycle meet company or industry turnover requirements. The same review applies to both used equipment and rental fleet assets. Turn them or sell them and convert to cash. There is no excuse that I can think of that justifies holding assets that are not adding to your ROA calculation. On the debt side it is always a good exercise to explore the financial markets to see what is happening out there in terms of operating line advances, term loan interest rates, repayment terms and required covenants. Obviously, lower asset investments lessen debt service burdens because more cash flow will be generated from the revenues being generated.

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September 2017

I myself work with a company that has an operating line with advance rates against both AR and parts inventories, cap-x lines that pay for rental assets purchased that only convert to a term loan once a year. Term loans are either 60 or 72 months. Terms loans use Swap rates which are currently quite a bit lower than the standard term loan rate. The bottom line here is I have loans that do not require the first term loan payment for up to a 12-16 months after I purchase and receive the asset. And what about your vendor payment terms. Any way you can extend payment terms? Are they doing it for any other dealer? You don’t ask….you don’t get. All said and done, it pays to prepare that cash flow statement as noted above and if cash it tight to take steps to turn assets faster (turn them or sell them), try to extend fixed debt payment terms, get all work orders completed and billed to strict industry standards and as a result convert inventory or rental assets faster into cash. There is little doubt there is room for improvement if you are not in the high profit category. And this improvement is more or less mandatory to remain in a competitive position in the future, because investment in IoT and other digital advancements will demand some of that additional cash you generate from getting your balance sheet under control. I have a daily/monthly cash flow worksheet I can share with you. I will send it to MHW and they can put it on their website. One last suggestion….when you prepare that cash flow projection ….do some sensitivity analysis and prepare a second one assuming a 20% reduction in sales. And maybe, this is the version you should be planning with if you need to increase cash flow dramatically. Adjust expenses assuming the more conservative revenue numbers, which puts you in a position to become a cash machine over the next 12 months, with the ability to fine tune operating expenses if customer expectations cannot be met as opposed to just riding the current expense structure and eating up cash you could be putting in the bank. Dealer finances start with the balance sheet. Spend some time on your balance sheet and adjust as necessary. Stop wondering if you will make the next payroll…. know that you will. Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC. E-mail to contact Garry.

September 2017


Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi

Leading instead of controlling A leader is best when people barely know he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worse when they despise him. But of a good leader who talks little when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” - Lao Tzu – Chinese Philosopher 600 – 531 B.C. This ancient Chinese philosopher caught a unique, productive, but seldom practiced vision of leadership. It is no secret to anyone who runs an aftermarket department that true success cannot be obtained by one individual. Iconic athletes like Tom Brady, LeBron James and Derek Jeter, as talented as they are, cannot win championships or satisfy their fans unless every other team member does his job. Similarly, we must understand that it requires a team of people to satisfy today’s demanding customers. Department managers by the nature of their personality many times get much of their validation by carrying the flag, and taking the NATIONAL OFF LEASE EQUIPMENT CENTER


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September 2017

credit. After all, this is what you worked so hard for; a chance to call the shots, grab the prize and celebrate the victory. In reality however, if we are interested in lasting success we have to embrace the ironic dichotomy that the most effective long term leadership styles are built on the foundation of deference. Putting team over self is the key to turning the duplication of your effort, into multiplication. Cultivating a team vision can allow you to lead and direct so naturally, that the crew operates the same way when you are in the room as they do when you’re gone. Building this type of team requires you to make the lines of jurisdiction clear, and ensure that the mission and goal of the department is well communicated. The work load also needs to be evenly distributed, and the individual team members must understand their essential role in achieving these measurable, targeted goals. When these conditions are in place, you will have an environment conducive to building a team that can generate their own destiny. This is the next level that business mavens always talk about. I’ve always maintained that nobody really knows what the next level really is. It’s one of those nebulous “goal without a goal” platitudes that CEO’s use when they are too afraid to make a commitment to a defined objective. I have however, rethought my original position. My new perspective is that the next level is less about individual accomplishments, and more about motivations, and process. Taking your business to the next level is actually leading your department toward self-reliance. It’s like the moment your father let go of the bike for the first time. As the sound of his footsteps disappeared in the distance, you realized….WOW….I can do this myself! If we can get our team members to have that signature moment in their day to day work experience, how much better will the results be? This can be a dangerous and frustrating moment for many leaders, who seeing their self-motivated team operate independently, fear that they will be somehow outshined, or marginalized by their subordinates. Feeling this fear, many managers may seek to wrest back control, and in so doing stomp on the carefully kindled flame that took so long to create.

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September 2017


Aftermarket This is where managers confuse control with leadership. The fact is, when you have done your job as a leader, the final step in the process is to give control away. This is something that is done over a period of time, and only after repeated evidence is demonstrated that the people to whom you are releasing control are fully committed to achieving the departmental objectives. They should have already shown their ability to build one success on another because they find satisfaction and fulfillment in being part of a team that allows for innovation and individual achievement. Every team usually has a least one or two individuals with this capacity. If you can find them, and nurture this process, you will have taken the first step in building this selfactuating next level style of success in your department. Although releasing control to your most worthy lieutenants can get your team to the next level, it is an intermediate step to what I consider the top level in a successful operation. My brother was an army officer in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. He had risen through the ranks and ended up being the Captain of the Quartermaster at Ft. Hood in Texas. His military experience many times Custom Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Solutions

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September 2017

Time and again, my brother watched these new leaders struggle to get results. They failed to understand that in order to be successful, your efforts and actions cannot be about you, but instead have to be centered on the team. Leaders cannot afford the luxury of always being right, having everything done their way, or carving out pre-determined notches for each success. He told me, “Military leaders are often stereotyped as those who bark orders and enforce compliance. The greatest leaders however speak little, listen much and serve with their hands and feet.” So, moving to the top level requires a leader not only to release control to selected members of the team but then to aid and support everyone in the process; in our case, that would be the customers we service, the subordinate leaders to whom we have given control and the staff actually carrying out the work. Customer needs and the business environment are always changing. You can make it about you, but in the end you may end up with an organization that runs efficiently, but serves no one. Staff and subordinate leaders that are given latitude (within the organizational vision and guiding principles of the company) will gain success in ways that work for them. If they are empowered to listen to the customer, and then assertively take action, they will find new and highly creative ways to satisfy clients and increase productivity. In the end, this is what the work of leadership really is: looking beyond the current ways of doing things, and focusing on where the customer is going, then making decisions and supporting an environment that leads the team in that direction.

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included watching a change of command within the units where he was stationed. He told me about how he would routinely see a new commander come into a unit with a truckload of enthusiasm, and start immediately instituting drastic changes in order to remake the unit. These commanders thought it necessary to brand the unit with their own personal style. They were convinced that the personal trademark they stamped onto the unit would build a cohesive vision and identity in the organization, and that the people would be motivated and energized by the change.

Do you want to be a good leader? Learn to serve. There are times when you must lead from the front and be a visible example. Day to day however, success is not about leading from the front or attempting to steer from the rear. Successful leadership is about serving in the

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September 2017


Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi is the president of Resonant Dealer Services LLC. He has spent 33 years in the equipment business as a sales manager, aftermarket director and dealer principal. Dave now consults with dealerships nationwide to establish and enhance best practices, especially in the area of aftermarket development and performance. E-mail editorial@mhwmag. com to contact Dave.

center, from within. This is where action and satisfaction meet. It makes the work, worth doing. Oh how I wish we all could get to that top level. It takes a lot of patience, trust and determined work, and it’s a process, not a single moment in time. It starts with releasing control, and continues with servant leadership. Keep working at it. It’s a long road, but most teams have at least a core group of talented performers who can make the first steps.

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September 2017

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September 2017


Your Business Eileen Schmidt

The Jefferds Corporation celebrates 70 years When employees with the Jefferds Corporation are working with a client, they are never on site simply to push fork lift truck sales. “We like to think of ourselves as problem solvers,” said K. Richard Sinclair, company president and CEO. He said the Jefferds Corporation works to build long-term relationships with customers, reviewing a business' setup and applications before making recommendations on how to best move or store materials.

company and encouragement to pursue his own material handling business.

It is a kind of innovative thinking that is ingrained in the company fabric. The business began 70 years ago when Joe Jefferds returned from service in World War II and graduation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology to work in his father's distribution facility.

Today, as a full service material handling dealer, the Jefferds Corporation and Homestead Material Handling business territory is largely focused in West Virginia and Virginia, but it also services some parts of Ohio and Kentucky. In the last two years, the business has expanded to cover all of Virginia with operations in Richmond and Chesapeake. A plan to build a bricks and mortar location around a fledgling operation in Winchester, Virginia is set for 2018, according to Sinclair.

He automated the pharmaceutical warehouse by installing a conveyor system, which earned him recognition from executives within the conveyor

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At the outset, Jefferds’ business sold conveyors, hoists and cranes, among other materials. New acquisitions began shortly thereafter, with the purchase of a CLARK franchise in West Virginia and another a few years later in Roanoke, Virginia. Jefferds named this section of the business after one of his favorite retreats, Homestead Hotel in Hot Springs, Virginia.

The business carries electric forklifts, pallet handlers, rough terrain forklifts, dock equipment, internal combustion forklifts, used forklifts and more. It is an authorized dealer for new equipment from CLARK, Sellick, Crown, Linde, Toyota forklifts and Doosan forklifts. The company offers material handling and forklift parts, service, mobile tire press, overhead crane inspections, racks, shelving, roll up doors and equipment rentals for the equipment and manufacturers it carries, according to the business website. While its core customers are those in manufacturing, Sinclair said the business has diversified to serve others like beer and food distributors.

Contact us at 800-708-9765 or 412-490-5311 16

September 2017

Expanding the types of customers the business serves has helped sustain the Jefferds Corporation through the various economic downturns of the past seven decades, according to Sinclair. “Over one of the last downturns, we looked at hospitals and realized everything runs on wheels,” said Sinclair, explaining the work in hospital castors that is now part of the Jefferds Corporation portfolio.


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September 2017


Your Business About 300 employees now work for the business, which is in its second generation of family leadership. Joe Jefferds was Sinclair's father-in-law. Sinclair said there is a feeling of pride throughout the company in reaching the 70th anniversary milestone. “We're pretty pleased with ourselves in a humble sort of way,” he said. Jefferds Corp. and Homestead have received a multitude of awards in recent years, including repeated recognition from Crown, Toyota and CLARK. Earlier this year, representatives from Jefferds attended CLARK's 100th anniversary and the business was noted as one of CLARK's longtime dealers – 59 of the 100 years of operation. While pleased with the reaching their own 70th anniversary milestone, Sinclair said there are challenges ahead, like the uncertainty surrounding health care. “It looms out there. We never know if we're going to have a good year. Some years we spend almost more on health care than anything else,” he said. “That's a huge issue.” ur ko ra c o e ! Ch site f age P b we Spec w ne

Recruiting technicians also is a challenge. “The whole computer industry has taken away many of the people who used to fix cars and trucks and fork trucks,” Sinclair said. “Some of the people who might have been attracted to our business have been attracted elsewhere.” But Sinclair said Jefferds is working to find new recruits through area technical schools, and is also recruiting and training the next management group. Going forward, he said the company will continue to focus on finding the right employees who can help continue the tradition of building relationships with customers. “If we get the right people that can establish relationships, there is no reason we can't continue to succeed,” Sinclair said. Eileen Schmidt is a freelance writer and journalist based in the Greater Milwaukee area. She has written for print and online publications for the past 12 years. Email editorial@ or visit to contact Eileen.

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September 2017

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September 2017



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September 2017

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September 2017


Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

The Eiffel Tower: An iconic monument and a critical lesson We went to visit the Eiffel tower again. Our fourth visit in five years. What do you know about the Eiffel Tower? When it was built, it was, to say the least, the most controversial structure of all time. Hundreds protested it, criticized it, campaigned against it, said it was a disgrace to architecture, and predicted it would be the ruination of Paris. The story is fascinating. You can read about its history on Wikipedia, where I learned, “Some of the protesters eventually changed their minds when the tower was built. Others remained unconvinced. Guy de Maupassant supposedly ate lunch in the Tower’s restaurant every day. When asked why, he answered that it was the one place in Paris where one could not see the structure.” EPILOGUE: The tower was built to world acclaim. It’s one of the most impressive structures in the universe. It’s not just stunning to look at, it’s also inspiring to be in its presence. An estimated 10 million visitors a year visit to admire its glory. It is the heart and soul of Paris, France, and it’s the symbol by which the city has been known for more than 100 years. At the base of his tower there’s an amazing statue to honor Gustave Eiffel. Interesting to note that NONE of the people who criticized him have statues at the base. How much more wrong could the protesters and critics have been? Were they trying to build up or tear down? Encourage or discourage? Encourage or disparage? In hindsight, the critics seem contrite, shallow, self-serving, prejudiced, and baseless. Kind of like today’s critics. Call it what you will, a naysayer, by any other name, is just that. • Is it an opposing point of view, or criticism? • Is it a “pundit,” or a critic? • Is it “commentary,” or just criticism? • Is it an op-ed column, or criticism? • Is it a “panel discussion,” or criticism? And what are these people really saying? • Are they debating? Or discussing and deciding?


September 2017

•A  re they blaming “it” or “them?” Or are they offering answers and taking responsibility for the remedy? • Do they talk about what they WILL do? Or what someone else DIDN’T do? • Did they talk about what didn’t happen, who’s wrong, and why it won’t work? Or did they offer their ideas about what could be? Do these critics (pundits) ever offer answers, ideas, or recommendations? Critics try to label the “wrong-doers” into a group for easier identification – unions, teachers, liberals, conservatives, left, right, or in your familiar terms: the competition or the purchasing department. THINK ABOUT IT: It’s never everyone is it? And of course, today’s world paints criticism as some sort of pious, politically correct, and necessary element of society. REALITY: People criticize to suit themselves, further their agenda, or even make the sale. In the late 1800’s, Finnish composer Jean Sibelius said, “Pay no attention to people who criticize. No statue was ever erected to a critic.” And in the late 1960’s, the great Glenn W. Turner added, “But the people they have criticized, many statues have gone up.” Makes me stop and think. I hope it does the same for you. Got statue? Or are you just criticizing? How much of your time is wasted criticizing other people, their ideas, or their thoughts? And how could you be investing that time to build your own monument? Your own Eiffel Tower. YOUR REAL JOB: Convert your criticism to answers, resolve, solutions and responsibility. You’ll be thought of as a thinker, make more sales, build stronger relationships, earn a better reputation, be seen as a resource and be a happier person. Dale Carnegie, author of the 70-year bestseller, How to Win Friends and Influence People, nailed it in 1915 when he penned his most dominant principle, “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain (and most fools do).”


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Sales Trends

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m w

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There should be a law that says all criticism must be followed by a solution, an answer, a resolve, or an idea. That would shut a lot of people up – or at least make them think and see the positive side of things. FOOTNOTE: When Apple released the much anticipated iPhone 5, the critics lined up to tell you how it “falls short” or “disappoints” or some baloney about speed or connectivity or maps or keyboard. They gave it three and a half stars. Meanwhile Apple, in spite of the jackass critics, sold ten million phones in the first 30 days for $400 a device. Do that math. I wonder how much critics earn? Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of twelve best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His real-world ideas and content are also available as online courses at www.GitomerLearningAcademy. com. For information about training and seminars visit www. or, or email Jeffrey at Subscribe to Jeffrey’s free weekly email magazine, Sales Caffeine, at


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Human Element Dan Ranbom

Staffing, training and ownership insights

Fielding a successful roster through a competency-based approach Previously, we discussed certain advantages to developing talent from within an organization, using Major League Baseball farm systems as a point of comparison. Sticking with the baseball metaphor, let’s look to arguably the game’s best player as we explore other key facets to unlocking a person’s potential: spotting underutilized skills, determining the attributes that lead to success, and fostering a work environment that plays to one’s strengths. Early on in his career with the Boston Red Sox, Babe Ruth had success as both a pitcher and a hitter, but it was his hitting that ultimately drew fans – and the interest of the Yankees, who essentially purchased him for $100,000 in 1920. The original Yankee Stadium, built in 1923, became known as “The House that Ruth Built” in part because its shorter dimensions in right field (as compared with their previous park, the Polo Grounds), played to Ruth’s left-handed power. Ruth’s massive hitting prowess fueled his success on the field and the Yankees’ dominance as an organization in the 20s and 30s. And developing him as a hitter, rather than a pitcher, allowed his potential to translate to realworld performance. If we think of baseball attributes (e.g., power, batting average, speed, arm strength and fielding) as competencies (i.e., bundles of skills, behaviors and attributes on which success is predicated), it becomes easier to see how important identifying potential – and developing it appropriately – is to success. For a business, taking a competency-based approach to hiring and selection enables you to bring the right people on board. Once you have the optimal talent in place for a role, taking that same competency-based approach to training and development can also help you discern a person’s overlooked strengths and align their career path and goals with your organizational needs. As example, a draft pick might start out at the shortstop position – typically played by your best athlete – but ultimately wind up at third base (see: Rodriguez, Alex; Machado, Manny), which requires quick reflexes and tremendous arm strength. Also, baseball is rife with examples of former players hanging up their spikes and going on to be successful in other facets of the game. Specifically, we continually see former catchers who have transitioned in their post-playing careers to manage World Series champions, from current Yankee manager Joe 26

September 2017

Girardi to Giants skipper Bruce Bochy and Angels bench boss Mike Scioscia. In baseball, you probably won’t see a batboy rise to become World Series MVP with the same team (although, if the Cubs can win the World Series…). In business, though, the journey from mailroom to boardroom is almost proverbial. Consider current U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who started his career as a production engineer with ExxonMobil and rose to become chairman and CEO. That’s the benefit of establishing a strong talent pipeline: rather than look elsewhere for further opportunities as their careers progress, your high-potential employees can continue to contribute in-house. And your organization can profit from having people in place who know your culture and systems, without having to continuously onboard and train in roles beyond entrylevel. In short, your players at key positions can slot right in, minimizing ramp-up time. Babe Ruth develops from pitcher to slugger; spotted by Yankees scouts the day “The House That Ruth Built” opened, Lou Gehrig does likewise and eventually takes over first base; thus, the greatest offensive lineup ever is born. The point is, a selection process that enables you to evaluate a new hire’s potential in a variety of roles is crucial, followed by ongoing conversations with those employees as they grow: how do they best leverage their strengths and contribute? Where is your organization going to need talent next year? Or in 5, 10 years? What does your talent pipeline look like now? Asking and answering such questions is a key asset in aligning your talent with your strategy for maximum performance. About Caliper -For nearly half a century, Caliper has been helping companies achieve peak performance by advising them on hiring the right people, managing individuals most effectively and developing productive teams. The accuracy, objectivity and depth of our consulting approach enable us to provide solutions that work for over 25,000 companies. To find out more about how Caliper can help you identify and develop people who can lead your organization to peak performance, please visit us at or call us at 609-524-1200. Email to contact Caliper.












IC CUSHIONS 19831 19833 19814 18884 19820 17796

2011 2011 1989 2013 2010 2012 2011 2010 2010 2011 2011

Clark C25CL 82/189 Clark C25CL 82/189 Hyster S35XL 84/191 Hyster S40FT 61/82 Komatsu FG25ST-16 85/188 Yale GLC070VX 88/187

2008 2010 2013 2007

Cat GC45K-SWB Cat GC55K Hyster S80FT Hyster S80FT Yale GLC080VX Hyster H50FT Hyster H60FT Hyster H60FT Yale GLP060VX


19792 2007 Cat DP150 19580 1997 Taylor TE-300M


19042 2009 Hyster T5Z-AC


19308 2000 Genie Z30/20N

PNEUMATIC ELECTRICS 19789 19791 18968 19461

2012 2012 2010 2011

Cat EP4000 Cat EP4000 Yale ERP050VL Yale ERP050VL

4 WHEEL RIDER ELEC 19828 18927 18928 19681 19082

2012 2010 2010 2013 2012


19690 2010 Hyster E80Z 19691 2010 Hyster E80Z 18980 2010 Hyster E80Z

3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way

S-S, Forkse S-S, Forkse S-S, 42” Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks 3Way

100/209 92/189 85/173 99/218 84/173

3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 4 Way 4 Way

S-S, Forks, SWB S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks BCS, 4Way

84/189 118/181 83/170 93/199

3 Way 4 Way 3 Way 3 Way

S-S, LBR, 42” Forks S-S/F-P, Forks 3rd Valve, Forks S-S, 42” Forks

3 WHEEL RIDER ELEC 19568 19566 16814 18098

Cat E3500 Hyster E30Z Hyster E30Z Hyster E50XN-33 Yale ERC030VA

2011 2011 2006 2007

Cat 2ET4000 Mitsubishi FB16NT Yale ERP030TH Yale ERP030TH


17839 19548 19844 19854 19586

IC PNEUMATICS 17647 19076 19558 19721



IC BIG CUSHIONS 19525 19173 19660 17947 19016


1 Way


1 Way Art. Boom, Jib, 2WD

82/185 83/185 83/189 83/189

4 Way 4 Way 3 Way 3 Way

4Way, Forks 4Way, Forks S-S, 42” Forks Full Cab, S-S, Forks

83/189 88/198 88/198 94/218 82/126

3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 4 Way 3 Way

S-S, Forks S-S, 32” Forks S-S, 32” Forks 4Way, S-S, Forks S-S, Forks

Atlet PPC Crown SP3505-30 Hyster R30XMA2 Raymond Yale OS030ECN

RIDER REACHES 19759 19782 19783 19784 18746 18964

153/167 5 Way S-S/I-F-P, 96” Forks, OHG 161/180 5 Way 5Way, S-S/IFP, 96” Forks 0/0

2010 2009 2008 2006 2006 2008 2012 2012 2012 2010 2008

Hyster N45ZR Hyster N45ZR-18.5 Hyster N45ZR-18.5 Hyster N45ZR-18.5 Yale NDR030DA Yale NR035EAN


Web ID: 1WZ4


82/174 4 Way 4Way 83/174 4 Way 4Way 84/173 4 Way 4Way (H Pattern) 82/188 82/188 78/175 78/175

3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way

S-S, Forks S-S, Forks PAINTED, S-S, Forks PAINTED, S-S, Forks

0/56 89/195 132/300 95/210 89/195

2 Way 1 Way 1 Way 1 Way 1 Way

Forks 42” Forks, Pallet Clamp 42” Forks, Pallet Clamp 42” Forks, Pallet Clamp 42” Forks, Pallet Clamp

107/240 119/266 119/266 119/266 95/212 101/227

4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way

S-S, Forks Side St, S-S, Forks Side St, S-S, Forks Side St, S-S, Forks Deep Reach, S-S, Forks

19595 19663 19665 19860

2012 2008 2004 2012

Crown SH5540-30 Hyster W30ZC Hyster W40ZC Raymond

84/127 92/144 92/186 84/128

1 Way 2 Way 2 Way 1 Way

36” Forks 42” Forks 42” Forks 42” Forks


17784 2012 Landoll LSC030 16576 2006 Ray. R30-C30TT 18748 2010 Yale ESC030FAN

ELECTRIC PALLET JACK 18248 18373 16999 19451 19455

2008 2012 2002 2010 2010

Hyster B60Z-AC Hyster B80Z-HD Yale MPE060LE Yale MPE060LF Yale MPE060LF

Web ID: 6V48

82/189 3 Way PAINTED, S-S, Forks 83/188 3 Way S-S, LBR, 42” Forks 94/218 3 Way S-S, Forks 0/0 0/0 /N/A 0/0 0/0

1 Way 1 Way 1 Way 1 Way 1 Way

Web ID: 39W1


19831, 2011 Clark C25CL, 4567hrs

Web ID: 5AB3


27”x48” forks 24 x 48” 27” x 48” Forks, 13” BC 27” x 48” Forks 27” x 48” Forks

BILL’S Pick of the Month


Web ID: 0OBY 17950, 2005 Hyster H300HD



Text WEB ID to 27414 Web ID: K4Z5



17647 2008 Hyster H50FT

Web ID: 1X00


19792, 2007 Caterpillar DP150 19308, Genie Z30/20N

19461, 2011 Yale ERP050VL

Over 800 Forklifts available!



19690, 2010 Hyster E80Z


Bill Zemak | David Herrera | Seth Caldwell |

Tim Smith | Vince Strum |

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STK# EP35593 Alta Equipment Company 2011 Yale ERP035VF Livonia MI (844) 256-9684


STK# 5319 Parke County Diesel LLC 2007 Toyota 8FDU25 Marshall IN (765) 597-2473


STK# GP60144 Alta Equipment Company 2011 Yale GP060VX Livonia MI (844) 256-9684


STK# 19803 The Forklift Pro 2011 Hyster S50FT Pineville NC (877) 725-4461



STK# U17989 TICF National Off Lease Equipment Center 2011 Toyota 8FGCU30 Fort Worth TX (844) 311-6612

1.8778 in



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STK# 8022 Parke County Diesel LLC 2011 Toyota 8FGU30 Marshall IN (765) 597-2473



STK# AT2007BW H&K Equipment 2007 Taylor TB250 Big Wheel Coraopolis PA (800) 708-9765



STK# U17988 TICF National Off Lease Equipment Center 2011 Toyota 8FGCU30 Fort Worth TX (844) 311-6612



STK# 19778 The Forklift Pro 2006 Yale NR040AE Pineville NC (877) 725-4461



STK# XX0043560 MH Equipment Company 2012 Hyster E80Z Des Moines IA (888) 564-2191



STK# 19841 The Forklift Pro 2008 Hyster S70FT Pineville NC (877) 725-4461



STK# TR0044623 MH Equipment Company 1999 Hyster E50XM2 Des Moines IA (888) 564-2191

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Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Forklift manufacturers, dealers and distributors drive billions of dollars and thousands of jobs into U.S. economy

The report, entitled Lifting America: The Economic Impact of Forklift Manufacturers, Dealers and Distributors, includes several significant findings.

New study details impact of industrial trucks on the country’s GDP and workforce Forklifts are critical in keeping America’s just-in-time inventory in motion and are the workhorses that move America’s goods on a daily basis. Nearly every product sold in this country is touched by a forklift in its lifetime, and a new report issued in June quantifies this manufacturing sector’s strong economic impact and employment rates. The report from the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) and Oxford Economics offers detailed data at national and state levels. “Forklifts have been lifting America’s economy for over a century and we can now quantify our industry’s economic contributions to the overall U.S. economy,” said Brett Wood, president and CEO of Toyota Material Handling North America and chairman of ITA.

H&E Equipment Services to acquire Neff Corporation


September 2017

H&E Equipment Services, Inc. and Neff Corporation announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which H&E Equipment Services (“H&E”) will acquire Neff Corporation (“Neff”). Under the terms of the agreement, which has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies, H&E will pay $21.07 in cash per share of Neff common stock, for a total enterprise value of approximately $1.2 billion, including approximately $690 million of net debt. The transaction is expected to close in the late third quarter or early fourth quarter of 2017, and is subject to customary closing conditions including Hart-Scott-Rodino Act clearance.

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2008 CAPACITY TJ5000

2012 TOYOTA 8BRU23

Hours: 20,000

240”FSV Mast, Hours: 9,000



2006 GENIE S-40

Hours: 700








2010 TOYOTA 8FGL20

2012 TOYOTA 7FDU35

187” FSV Mast, Hours: 8,000

118”V Mast, Hours: 1,200, Standard Trans

187” FSV Mast, Hours: 5,000












2007 Toyota 7BRU23, 4,500 lbs., 36V, 270” Mast, Sideshifter (4 in stock)

2006 Genie S40, 500 lbs., Diesel

2010 Toyota 8BRU23, 4,500 lbs., 36V, 270” Mast, Sideshifter (4 in stock)

2007 Genie Z45/25, 500 lbs., Diesel, 45’

2011 Toyota 8FGU15, 3,000 lbs., LP, 189” Mast, Sideshifter 2005 Toyota 7FG25, 5,000 lbs., Gas, 169” Mast, Sideshifter


2006 Aisle Master 44S, 4,000 lbs., LP, 203” Mast, Sideshifter

2006 Terex TH842, 8,000 lbs., Diesel Fuel

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Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

TVH promotes Jeremy McEver to International Sales Manager

Raymond Handling Concepts celebrates 30 years

TVH in the America’s (TVH), provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry is pleased to announce that Jeremy McEver has been promoted to international sales manager. Jeremy began his career with TVH in the international sales department as a sales representative in March of 2007. He spent 18 months in the international department and then moved to the domestic sales department as a regional manager for the West Coast. Then, in 2010 Jeremy moved to TVH Mexico. In his most recent role as general manager of TVH Mexico, he was responsible for Mexico sales and operations. In his new role as international sales manager, Jeremy will be responsible for the international sales team as well as our Mexico operations.

Striving to provide its customers with a sense of trust from day one, Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation revealed some of its principles and client testimonials, reinforcing its commitment to employees and customers alike. As a result of their guiding principles and culture, the company has been heralded by its customers and consistently certified by Great Places to Work and named Bay Area Top Places to Work by Workplace Dynamics. “For more than 30 years leading Raymond Handling Concepts, I have tried to build a culture based on mutual trust. I want the individuals that represent this company to understand that if we give trust first, we will be given it in return,” said Stephen Raymond. “Trust is a key factor in building lifetime relationships, and we are committed to both customer and employee as we move forward in our business to providing material handling solutions to Northern California, Nevada, and the Pacific Northwest.”

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Material Handling Wholesaler has been an industry standard since 1979, serving Dealers, Distributors and Manufacturers with news, products and insight that makes their business successful. Don’t take our word for it, here is what our readers are saying about Wholesaler.

“I like the fact that it hits lots of equipment distributors and you know it’s being read by those who are truly active within our industry.” M. Yacks “Wholesaler is one I actually read all the time.” Luke N.

“Timely information.” Jim D.

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Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Crown Equipment opens new Canadian sales and service center Crown Equipment Corporation is evolving its Canadian operations. Ryder Material Handling, part of Crown Lift Trucks, has opened a new facility in Brantford, Ontario. The new sales and service facility is located at 21 Tallgrass Court in the city’s Northwest Business Park and integrates existing operations from London, Kitchener and Hamilton into one central location. The new location will offer sales, rentals and service of the full line of Crown lift trucks, Crown Integrity Parts™ and other material handling services. “Brantford is strategically located to accommodate our existing operations in southwestern Ontario as well as our future growth and is the perfect location for this facility,” said Ron Greer, chief executive officer of Ryder Material Handling.

OnSSI appoints Steve Lenox as mid-atlantic regional manager OnSSI has named Steve Lenox as its Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager as part of the company’s revitalized growth initiative for continued success, and to further improve customer support and service. A seasoned professional surveillance and security expert, Lenox has spent more than two decades designing and deploying advanced physical security and video surveillance solutions for large enterprise and U.S. government customers. “Steve brings a wealth of experience and skill in physical security to the position of Mid-Atlantic U.S. Regional Manager, and we are happy to welcome him to the OnSSI team,” said Ken LaMarca, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, OnSSI. “Steve’s expertise and depth of knowledge puts him in a unique position to increase sales and awareness of the wide range of applications that our Ocularis 5 can fill for a variety of customers.” Lenox has been firmly entrenched in safety and security throughout his career, which began with providing physical security at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. Following his service in the military, Lenox explored several business opportunities, including digitizing blueprints, maps and documents using scanning and network technology for companies like Bethlehem Steel, Philadelphia Gas and Light and TVA.


September 2017

WIT Association to give away a truck thanks to Arrow Truck Sales The Women In Trucking (WIT) Association announced that it will be giving away a 2014 Volvo VNL670 at the “Salute to Women Behind the Wheel” next spring. The truck is being donated to WIT by Arrow Truck Sales, Inc., a Gold Partner supporter of the association. To qualify, a driver must complete an application form to verify eligibility, and write a short essay on why it is important to attract more women into the trucking industry. Examples of ways the driver has encouraged women to consider a career in trucking will show her or his support for the mission of Women In Trucking Association. WIT President/CEO Ellen Voie, will hand over the keys to the winner on March 24, 2018 during the 9th annual “Salute to Women Behind the Wheel,” at the Mid-America Trucking Show at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky. “We are thrilled to be able to give a truck to one of our members at our annual “Salute to Women Behind the Wheel,” said Voie. “I am especially looking forward to handing over the keys to the Volvo to allow one deserving member the chance of a lifetime, thanks to Arrow Truck Sales and their very generous donation,” Voie added. Jim Stevenson, Arrow Director of National Accounts, also serves on the Women In Trucking Board of Directors. “Arrow has long been supportive of equality and diversity efforts within the trucking industry," said Stevenson, "and we look at this as an opportunity to help a WIT member by providing a late model Volvo truck to support his or her success as an owner-operator.” Applications will be accepted until November 15, 2017. The contestant must be at least 23 years old and hold a valid commercial driver’s license and be a member in good

The Ecopoint charger from Ecotec is a full featured industrial battery charger available in 2 models for 8 hr. and 10 hr. recharge. The standard ECO-250 control offers data management normally found only in much more expensive chargers.

Manufacturers of Electrical Contacts, Contact Kits & Contactors

For pallet jacks, consider the fully automatic STC taper charger. Plugs into any 120V outlet for convenience and portability. For the ultimate in efficiency and flexibility, consider the Access high frequency charger. Models are available for both conventional and opportunity charging.

ECOTEC Ltd. LLC 150 Marybill Dr. • Troy, OH 45373 P: 937.606.2793 • F: 937.606.2026

United Contact /Tipcon 589 Middlefield Road. Unit # 31 Scarborough, Ontario. Canada M1V 4Y6

Tel: 416-297-1770 Toll Free: 877-801-9115 Email:

1351 Nagel Blvd., Batavia, IL 60510 Ph: (630) 879-7008 | Fax: (630) 879-8068

RAIN DECK • open area rack deck (B-Deck) • perforated for sprinkler drainage • installed on step ledges of rack beams • top of deck is flush with top of rack beam • smooth top surface protects products • products slide easily on and off • finishes available are painted or galvanized

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Holland named 2017 True Value LTL Carrier of the Year Holland has been named 2017 LTL Carrier of the Year by True Value, one of the world's largest retailerowned hardware cooperatives. Holland received this inaugural award at the carrier conference held at True Value headquarters in Chicago on June 28. "Our entire team is honored to receive this distinction from True Value and Holland is proud to be its most trusted LTL transportation partner," said Holland Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jim Ferguson. "Striving to meet and exceed our customers' expectations is always our main goal and this award motivates us to continue providing our best to all of our customers." The winner was selected based on the following categories: claims ratio, on-time service, customer service and communication, and positive comments on the monthly feedback sheets.


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September 2017

New Products

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NEW Liftomatic below-hook drum handling system

ORBIS introduces new material for fireretardant pallets

Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc., has expanded its line of innovative drum handling equipment to include the new model BHDL-3A-HD. This product is a fully automatic and mechanical below hook attachment that can be used to lift 55 gallon drums from an overhead position, for placement to or from many containment devices, scales, pallets, or similar handling requirements. The drums will remain completely in the vertical position while lifted and/or transported with the BHDL-3A-HD unit. The BHDL-3A-HD works with three radial arms that conform to the drum body and engage at the underside of the drum chime on nearly any 55-gallon steel or plastic drum.

ORBIS® Corporation, an international provider of reusable packaging, recently developed and launched Proliant™, a fireretardant plastic material for use in select plastic pallets. It is approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM) in meeting fire rating requirements equivalent to wood pallets. These pallets are traditionally known to meet Factory Mutual Insurance standards for commodity classification of idle plastic pallets and NFPA 13/2000 requirements. Along with FM approval, Proliant also is compliant with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), providing the necessary compliance for food and beverage processors that require a fire-retardant pallet solution for their plants.

New Fairbanks Scales forklift weigh fork system

C3 Solutions’ presents: Dock scheduling practical guide

Fairbanks Scales Inc. the oldest scale company in the U.S. and provider of weighing equipment, announces the new mobile weighing, BlueLine Series Forklift Weigh Fork System, ideal for weighing pallets, boxes, crates and forklift loads. With the new mobile BlueLine Series Forklift Weigh Fork System, freight companies, warehouses and inventory management facilities can significantly speed the weighing process, increasing profits through reduced weighing time, increase shipment accuracy and improve product tracking. The system includes the weigh forks, an instrument, instrument mounting bracket, and power couplings.

C3 Solutions, an information technology company specialized in yard management and dock scheduling systems announces the release of its latest White Paper: Everything you need to know about buying and implementing a Dock Appointment Scheduling System. Operations can be either a painful mess or an efficient gateway to a streamlined and costeffective organization. Having a smooth functioning dock appointment system can make the difference between those two extremes. This practical guide provides real-world best practices for selecting and implementing a dock scheduling system: Signs one might need some help with dock scheduling - How to choose a dock scheduling solution, How to 'sell' it internally and 10 Tips for a successful implementation.

HIROTEC AMERICA partners with OTTO Motors HIROTEC AMERICA has partnered with OTTO Motors to automate HIROTEC Group’s spare parts production as part of an overall strategic goal to achieve lights-out manufacturing for 24/7 operation. The OTTO 1500 self-driving vehicle is used for automated material movement, while a Yaskawa Motoman dual-arm manipulator has been integrated onto the OTTO to pick up and dip parts in black oxide for corrosion protection. Lights-out manufacturing requires advanced technology “HIROTEC is always looking for the next technology that is going to take over the industry,” noted Gary Krus, VP of Business Development at HIROTEC AMERICA.

Portable platform scale wheels to location A portable platform scale that has a battery operated digital indicator and can be easily moved around a facility from the warehouse to the loading dock is available from Alliance Scale, Inc. The Alliance/ CAS Transit Series Portable Platform Scale incorporates a tubular design with 4-point overload protection and lets users easily weigh or count items virtually anywhere weighing happens. Equipped with an easy to read LCD or LED display mounted on a 40” tall column, this portable scale can be ordered in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel construction.

September 2017


New Products

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Columbus McKinnon expands hoist offering

J.W. Winco’s new safety indexing plungers

Columbus McKinnon Corporation, designer, manufacturer and marketer of material handling products, systems and services, has expanded its CM Tornado 360° ratchet lever hoist product line to include new 3 and 6 ton capacity units. Ergonomically designed for increased safety, the patent-pending CM Tornado 360° allows the operator to be more productive with significantly less effort compared to conventional ratchet lever tools. “Since the initial launch of the CM Tornado 360° late last year, we have continued to look for ways to make this innovative hoist even more versatile for our customers,” said Andre Schon, Senior Global Product Manager – Manual Hoist Products.

These RoHS compliant safetyindexing plungers are used when the inadvertent retraction of the plunger pin is to be prevented. The protruding plunger is first locked and may be unlocked for pulling only by exerting axial pressure on the red safety pushbutton. The safety lock engages in the front end position, i.e. automatically if the indexing pin protrudes, with the locking mechanism housed fully in the operating button and protected from malfunctions. The specified axial load bearing capacity refers to the locking force of the bolt against inadvertent operation, which must not be exceeded.

New Beumer mobile bag tester BEUMER Group, provider of palletizing and packaging systems, has introduced the BEUMER Bag Tester which offers easy, in-field testing of the air permeability of any kind of valve bag, including all paper and plastic layers, and glued areas. Designed for mobile use, the lightweight bag tester weighs 14 kg and is stored in a wheeled hard-top case for portability and durability. Data collected by the BEUMER bag tester is important information for the filling procedure. Parameters determined by testing can be used to improve the manufacture of bags and assist in the selection of specific types of valve bags to optimize filling machine performance. The BEUMER bag tester provides a reliable check of bag conformity to specifications. BEUMER’s mobile bag tester features a filling spout with an inflatable sleeve that seals the bag valve during the air flow measurements.

New work bench and lift table in one Lift Product's new Max-Lift-Bench incorporates a work bench and lift table in one. Max-Lift-Bench has a lift range of 45” and a capacity of 2,000 lbs. allowing the operator better ergonomic positioning or larger assemblies, subassemblies or other items that require a solid worktop. Safety features include a ratchet latch that safely locks the lift table into predetermined heights and eliminates hydraulic drift. 1” safety gap between scissor arms protects against potential sheering injuries. As a workbench, the table includes the expanded work bench options of an adjustable overhead light, PC & keyboard mount, overhead balancer rack, electrical strip, conveyor tops. 40

September 2017

LEDtronics’ new series of UL-recognized LED PLL lamps LEDtronics® introduces our latest generation of UL-recognized LED PLL lamps to replace oldtechnology fluorescent CFLs. They are our most affordable line of PLL lamps yet, which means an even quicker return on your investment. These LED lamps can be directly retrofitted with a simple ballast bypass into existing 4-pin, inline PLL fluorescent fixtures. Applications include ceiling lights in offices, schools, hallways, retail store display lighting, undercabinet lighting, sign backlighting, wall sconce lighting, workspace or cube lighting and many more. The PLLxxSC series lamps come in 9-inch, 13-inch, 16-inch and 22-inch lengths, and feature an inline 4-pin 2G11 base.

Narrow belt sorter designed for low-mid rate applications Dematic, a supplier of intralogistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution center has introduced a new narrow belt sorter for low-mid rate sorting and diverting applications. The Dematic narrow belt sorter is a modular and scalable solution that optimizes material flow and sorting accuracy in production operations and distribution center environments. The sorter is available in 2, 4, 6 or 10 carrier belt configurations and accommodates cartons, tote boxes and trays of various sizes. The modular design is energy efficient; one drive unit can accommodate sorter lengths up to 300 feet. The entire sorter sub-system includes sound dampening technology to support quiet operation.



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September 2017

Manufacturer to Dealer Only North America has standardized the Tear Drop/ Riveted Beam End Plate design for good reason - no other combination provides better connectivity, capacity, system rigidity AND long term flexibility for product mix elevation changes. Having a system that easily adapts as your needs change and that maintains higher re-sale value than any other is a win-win. Frames are one piece MIG welded of 55 KSI hi-strength steel.


Unirak Step Beams feature 55 KSI hi-strength steel that is continuously hifrequency seam welded on a state-of-the-art tube mill (installed in 2015). This provides consistent robotic end plate weldable shapes and precision length cuts. SEVEN step beam profiles provide capacity matched sizing. Optimized vertical cube use and cost efficiency is assured. Unirak Beams feature 3 Rivet connectors (4 rivet available and standard on 6.5” SB650) and replaceable locking clips.

UNIRAK Storage System Accessories Maximum safety and productivity in your warehouse

UNIRAK Beams Capacity

UNIRAK Frame Capacity

14GA HS 1 5/8” step beams-profiles available:





Floor to top of first level, or greatest vertical span.

Shelf Spacing

16,000 lbs.3”x 15/8” Column 14GA HS

21,200 lbs. 3”x 3” Column 14GA HS

32,900 lbs. 3”x 3” Column 13GA HS

37,800 lbs 3”x 3” Column 12GA HS

36 42 48 54 60 66 72 78 84 90 96

18800 17600 16000 14300 13000 11700 10300 9100 8000 7100 6400

24400 23000 21200 19500 18000 16400 14700 13200 11700 10500 9400

41500 37200 32900 28600 25000 22600 20100 17900 16000 14200 12500

47600 42900 37800 32800 28700 26000 23000 20400 18100 16100 14500

Above components meet or exceed current AISI & RMI capacity & deflection specifications. Contact factory for first level beam spacing greater than 96 inches.

Professional Grade Racking Stock Solutions Quick Ship Rack

Common Frame Add-0ns and Options: Double Posting 1 leg or 2

Intralogistics Optimized Rack

HD Frame Splice Kits

Recommended for high traffic areas, at minimum 60” high. Impact protection and capacity gains.

HD splice kits feature outer wrap and inner splice matched pattern mounting plates.

8” x 8” by 3/8” Base Plates

Common in seismic areas and where tall height to depth ratios require additional anchoring.

Welded Deflecto Guards

Available in bolt-on or welded in 4” to 60“ height2.5”x2.5”x1/4 “ structural angle.

Nesting Shims (foot plates)

Per RMI guidelines, rack frames must be plumb to achieve specified capacity. Anti-spin, 1/8th thick.

Deck Spec: 15/8” at top 21/2” at bottom






SB250 4205 2675 1965 1505 1330 1190 960 670

SB350 7000 4655 4420 3385 2995 2675 2165 1505

SB418 9060 6025 5730 5005 4510 4025 3260 2265

SB458 10860 7225 6870 6005 5645 5325 4340 3020

SB518 12600 8515 8100 7080 6660 6280 5645 3920


Length: 48 72 84 96 102 108 120 144



SB600 SB650 12600 12600 10990 12515 10450 11910 9135 10410 8590 9790 8110 9240 7285 8300 5875 7160

1. Capacities are shown per pair of beams for Uniform Distributed Loads (meeting RMI 2012 cap guidelines). 2. Beams over 114” should be tied across middle to prevent lateral beam spread/rotation- contact dealer for info. 3. Beams over 90” that support non-waterfall/ flanged or tek screwed decking should be tied together (Consider UA206 crossbars). 4. Full loads per above chart reflect lesser of bending vs. L/180 deflection criteria.

Common Beams Add-0ns and Options: 8” HD 4 Rivet Endplates

All SB650 beams feature 8” endplates but also used for HD applications, some seismic, and single beam level installs.

Infinitely Adjustable Endplates

Commonly used in gravity pallet & carton flow to provide conveyor support where slopes vary.

Replacement Spring Safety Clips/Pins

Standard clips are factory installed and powder coated. Replacements are ZINC coated and in stock- Grav. Pins.

Alt. Beams: Sq/ or Rect. Tube Structural “C”

Manufactured to spec-from HD tube/structural channel beams to light duty hand stack small profile box beams.

Capacity Labels

Operators should be aware of safe load capacity limits Labels are available or spec for in house production.

Row Spacer/ Wall Tie

Cross Bar Supports

Reel Holders

Fork Entry Bars

Post Protectors






Standard duty 201/ 203 series row and wall ties are 14 GA galvanized. 202/ 204 HD are tubular powder coated. Both inc. frame hardware only.

When hi-quality rack-able pallets are used, UA206 Cross Bars offer added safety for misplaced or skewed pallets.

Store/ dispense spooled product. Accepts upto 1.75 inch diameter axles. Sold in pairs.

Sheet stock, or any product non-palletized product, can be stored and supported on 3.5” tubular supports.

Recommended for high traffic areas, at minimum aisle entry points. 1/4” thick steel, multi height with 4 anchor holes.

Back Stop Beams

End of aisle guards

Wire Mesh Decks

Solid Steel Decks

Wire or Net Rack Back





10 GA Steel or Net

UA222 Back Stop Beam Assemblies come in 3 pc kits. 1.5” square tube bolts to 12 GA Bkts. Offsets to spec.

Similar to UA217 post protectors, one leg is long and allows 1/4” thick steel to run depth of upright for protection.

We stock Made in USA Wire Mesh Deck. 42”/48” deep decks feature cut channel style while 24”/36”=flared.

In applications where heavy point loading is expected, we manufacture 12 GA solid deck with tubular supports.

Full steel mesh wire rack back or netting combined with UA222 Pallet Back Stops (net) protect adjacent traffic areas.

Professional Grade Racking UNIRAK STORAGE SYSTEMS


Hi-Gloss, Durable Powder Coat Finish Our high strength steel racking components start with a multi-stage phosphate bath prior to electrostatic coating then baking. The result is an abrasion resistant finish second to none.


Height (in) by Depth (in)

Capacity (in lb)


96 x 24



144 x 36



96 x 42



120 x 42



144 x 42



144 x 42



192 x 42



96 x 48



144 x 48

Pick high contrast colors to complement your operation.

Length (in)


From concept drawings to timely shipment and professional installation, Unirak provides 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Have large DC’s with 1000’s of Selective Pallet Rack Positions?


Beams: Part Number

Need a rack solution quick? We have 100’s of frames and 1,000’s of beams, deck and accessories in stock. Ask your dealer about the UNIRAK Stock Solutions Quick Ship program. We plan vacant production slots - even custom, made to order solutions can often hit your tight deadline.

Quality pallet and dynamic racking structures are the backbone of the modern warehouse. Trust decades of experience, state-of-the-art rollforming mills, robotic welding cells and hi-gloss powder coating to complement your operation. Below, a hybrid rack system supplies push-back over carton flow rack, we bring high efficiency solutions to life:

Capacity (in lb)






















Or need custom designed Unirak selective rack on a space saving movable aisle rack system?

Racks that perform AND look great land us repeat customers. But don’t take our word for it:

We supply precision manufactured AS/RS rack systems and rack supported building structures:

Wire Mesh Decking: Part Description

Standard: Vista Green Upright & Safety Orange Beams

Red, yellow, 100’s of RAL colors and custom color matching is available and quoted to spec. Galvanized Hot Dip Zinc Coating Meets ASTM A 123-12 For high humidity, outdoor or abusive environments, your rack can be Hot Dip Galvanized.

Low to No Cost Options include: Blue, White, Grey, and Light Ivory

Size (depth by width,in)

Capacity (in lb)

Wire Deck

24 x 46


Wire Deck

36 x 46


Wire Deck

36 x 58


Wire Deck

42 x 46


Wire Deck

24 x 58


Wire Deck

48 x 46


Wire Deck

48 x 58


COMMON ACCESSORIES: UA201 UA201 UA206 UA217 Shims Anchor


Row Spacer-6”


Row Spacer-12”


Cross Bar 42” 2500/pr


Post Protector-12” Orange

3.25” x 4.5” x 1/8”

UNIRAK is your Professional Grade, Universal rack solution.

Ask your professional Material Handling Equipment Dealers for local references.

UNIRAK Storage Systems

Member of

by F&F Industries, Inc. 7620 Telegraph Rd. Taylor, MI 48180 800-348-7225

1/2” x 3.75”


Quality racking in stock and/or made to spec. 800-348-7225 | |


Tiered Discounts for Sales Reps and Dealers Downloadable Sales Materials and Media Best Selling Loading Dock Safety Products Blind Drop Shipment Available Many More Products Available STOPS 13,100LB. FORKLIFT @ 4MPH











Celebrating 57 Years of Excellence!

Innovative research and quality products have made us the oldest supplier of Polyurethane industrial wheels and tires in the United States. WE’RE PROUD OF THAT! Whether your forklift is Crown, Raymond, Yale, Hyster, Toyota, or any other model, we have your wheels and tires. We also offer a complete line of wheel bearings, as well as high quality mast guide bearings. Great price, high quality, prompt service. We invite you to Join The Leader!



North America Parts and Distribution Center, Louisville, Kentucky


CLARK Material Handling Company, Lexington, Kentucky, North America Headquarters

CLARK Material Handling Company America Celebrates 100 Years of CLARK Forklifts

Anthony Nash, Director of Manufacturing; Chuck Moratz, Sr. Vice President of Global Engineering; CH Han, President of Global Manufacturing; Dennis Lawrence, President and CEO; Scott Johnson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing; Michael Grossman, Vice President General Counsel; Dan Kaiser, Director of Finance, Controller.


merica’s most recognized forklift brand, CLARK Material Handling Company, is celebrating 100 years since Eugene Clark and employees of the Clark Equipment Company crafted their original machine by hand in their Buchanan, Michigan factory in 1917. Nearly 500 guests from around the globe are expected to converge on Lexington, Kentucky from May 15 through May 18th for CLARK’s signature celebration of its centenary year. The Lexington-based CLARK has a full year of events planned to recognize this important milestone, culminating in the 100th Anniversary Week beginning on May 15th. The CLARK phenomenon has spawned the production of over 1 million forklifts worldwide in the 100 years since it produced its first forklift in 1917, more than any other forklift manufacturer. The Anniversary Week festivities will celebrate the life and times of the legendary “CLARK the Forklift” from its humble beginnings to its service in World War II to its strong rebirth in the 21st Century. During World War II virtually all of the CLARK forklifts produced went towards the war effort. CLARK forklifts were also shipped overseas to U.S. allies. It is accordingly not surprising that CLARK forklifts came to be America’s and the World’s most recognized brand.

“Our anniversary is not just about a machine,” commented Dennis Lawrence, CLARK’s President & CEO, “it’s truly a celebration of family and friends who have been touched by CLARK and want to share it with the world. We promise that we will continue to meet the needs of our customers for the next 100 years.” Reflecting on the significance of CLARK’s 100 Year Anniversary, Mr. Lawrence added, “It is very humbling. I, along with our staffs in Lexington, Louisville and throughout the world, we believe that we are temporary stewards of the proud CLARK brand. It is our responsibility to protect and grow what we were given so that when we hand the Company over to the next generation it is well positioned for continued growth, prosperity and longevity.” CLARK’s community service and philanthropy initiatives in Central Kentucky and elsewhere are longstanding and impactful. As part of its centenary year, CLARK is building a Habitat House in Lexington. While the CLARK team has been involved in countless Habitat builds in the past, this House is all CLARK. Through the generosity of our employees, CLARK raised all the funds to build this house and is providing all the man/woman power to raise it from the ground, ensuring a dry roof and warm home for a family looking

for a boost to get started. In addition, CLARK is proud of its many partnerships with local groups such as Komen for the Cure, the Salvation Army, the VA Hospital, the Kentucky Methodist Home, The Hope Center, God’s Pantry, The Central Kentucky Blood Bank and others. And we are honored to sponsor the Woodford County High School STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program, and have donated our human resources and material in support of this valuable program. In the immortal words of fellow Kentuckian Muhammad Ali, “The service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” Community service is at the heart of everything we do at CLARK and is an essential value at CLARK. Throughout its history CLARK has been a model Corporate Citizen. Its employees sit on the boards of many philanthropic and community organizations, and the company supports local and regional civic organizations. CLARK has enjoyed strong, mutually beneficial relationships with the local Chambers of Commerce, Commerce Lexington, the University of Kentucky as well as other colleges and technical schools. The CLARK Material Handling Company Endowment for Faculty Excellence was established by CLARK for the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College

of Business and Economics to benefit the Gatton College in perpetuity. The CLARK Scholars Program was established by CLARK through the Blue Grass Community Foundation to award annual scholarships to high school students who can show individual achievement, community awareness and involvement and academic achievement. CLARK believes investing in its communities and its people are vital to building strong communities and productive citizens. As part of CLARK’s Centennial Celebration, several new models and initiatives are planned for 2017. The CLARK Anniversary Edition of its pneumatic truck celebrates a century of time-tested forklift innovation by an American original. It features a special paint scheme and trim and will be available throughout 2017. One

hundred years is an incredible milestone and accordingly all CLARK forklifts produced for the 2017 model year will reflect this accomplishment. In 2017 CLARK will also be introducing two new internal combustion models, and a new generation GTS model was recently introduced at ProMat, the material handling industry’s premier North American trade show in Chicago. “CLARK is proud to call Kentucky its home,” commented Scott Johnson, CLARK’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “CLARK currently builds six key models in its Lexington facility, including two high volume models which were previously built in its now-closed factory in Mexico. Along with increased production in Lexington, CLARK continues to add to its Kentucky workforce with excellent

employment opportunities. What CLARK does here in Kentucky has global impact as our trucks are sold not only in North America but around the globe as well.” If you look at supply chain movement and management, you won’t get very far in your research without discussing forklifts. Forklifts are critical to warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, housing, agriculture, and much more. For over 100 years CLARK forklifts have been a mainstay of the American way of life, which it has happily exported throughout the World. CLARK is an American brand driven around the World. A leader for 100 years in the material handling industry, our future is strong as is our bond with our home town and home state.

Eugene B. Clark Founder and CLARK’s First President E

ugene B. Clark was literally a legend in his own time, a legend that lives on 75 years after his death. He was born in an era of rapid industrial and economic growth known as the Gilded Age, when many men worked with their hands to build the world around them. Eugene Clark became one of them. Clark was born to Ezra and Sylvia Clark on July 27, 1873. He grew up the eldest of four boys in a comfortable farmhouse outside the District of Columbia. His father, a Civil War veteran and lawyer, served for seven years (1878-1885) as chief of the U.S. Revenue Marine Service, a precursor to the U.S. Coast Guard. He attended public schools and later enrolled at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, despite his family’s inability to help him out financially. Though his father was a capable war administrator, his skills did not translate well to business. When the recession ended, he took a job as an electrician, repairing cranes over furnaces for the South Works plant of the Illinois Steel Company in Chicago. He quickly rose in the ranks, inventing special equipment for making steel and becoming assistant superintendent of South Works by the time he was 28.

A New Direction

In 1904, the Illinois Steel Company board asked the young Clark to pay an investigative visit to one of its secondary companies, the George R. Rich Manufacturing Company, which had recently relocated its plant to Buchanan, Michigan. The board sought Clark’s insight as to why the small company, which produced, among other things, a far superior, more durable railroad drill, was floundering. After careful review of the business, he determined the best course for success was to buy out its owner George R. Rich and redirect the business efforts. It was a successful decision. Clark was soon promoted to president of the Buchanan plant. He immediately set the drill-manufacturing business on an upward trajectory by overhauling its organization and adding a full second shift. In 1906, the board continued to show its faith in Clark by making him an equal owner in Rich Manufacturing, and then thirty days later, by naming him president. On December 27, 1916, Clark Equipment Company was incorporated. Even though the United States did not officially enter the first world war until April 1, 1917, its factories felt the pinch of fewer workers, too. In 1917 in Buchanan, Michigan, the first in-

ternal combustion-powered industrial trucks, then called “shop buggies,” were assembled by Clark Equipment Company’s employees to move materials within the Clark plant. A harbinger of better things to come, this first “rough” version of what became the Tructractor had backward steering and lacked brakes. Nonetheless, it accomplished the work formerly done by eight men, men they simply didn’t have available. In 1918, a representative of Watervliet Arsenal requisitioned five of the eight “shop buggies” he saw in operation at the Clark plant.

By 1919, a patent application for the “shop buggies� was made, and the Clark Tructractor Company was launched. During that first year of production, 75 Tructractors rolled from the Michigan plant to construction companies, foundries, and railroads.

With its successful experience in manufacturing industrial trucks using available engines, Clark wasted little time expanding its own product line by developing and building a gasoline-powered lift truck that would further reduce excessive manual labor and increase productivity.

Clark named its new lift truck the Truclift, and it signaled another first for Clark: the hydraulic lift. The innovative Clark design used an hydraulic pump and cylinder to smoothly and reliably lift its load.

Truck Timeline

This is a representation of our most iconic trucks during the last century

Tructractor (1918-1970)

Truclift (1922-1946)

Clarkat (1926-1982)

Clarktor (1927-1987)

Carloader (1938-1964)

Utilitruc (1939-1964)

Duat (1923-1927)

Tructier (1928-1938)

Clipper (1941-1964)

Planeloader (1943-1953)

Powrworker (1953-Present)

C500 (1968-1997)

GX/GPX/GXE/GPXE (1989-1994)

M-Series (1998-2004)

Trucloader (1945-1967)

Yardlift (1946-1956)

Clarklift (1956-1970)

TW/TM/TMX (1967-present)

ECA/EPA/GCS/GPS (1981-1989)

ECS/ESX (1987-present)

ESM/ESX (1989-Present)

Genesis (1994-2002)

GEN2 (2001-Present)

Coming Soon (Fall 2017)

CLARK New Beginnings The Rebirth of an Iconic Brand

CLARK Material Handling Company emerged from reorganization in January 2003, when it was acquired by the Young An Hat Company Limited of Bucheon, South Korea. In May of the same year, Young An acquired Clark Material Handling Asia, its manufacturing plant and engineering center subsidiary. After its acquisition by Young An, CLARK’s fortunes began to turn around quickly. The strategy at CLARK was to quickly identify the market opportunities and open operations in countries where we had previously owned and operated businesses or had personnel available to represent the CLARK brand. Between the years of 2004 and 2008, CLARK was on a fast track of expansion with the opening of its European operation in Mülheim, Germany, its operation in Campinas, Brazil, and sales offices in Santiago, Chile, and San Jose, Costa Rica. As sales grew beyond production capacity, CLARK opened its second worldwide factory in Qingdao, China, in 2005. This facility was designed with the latest technology and with the ability to move product to the market faster.

Among the winning business philosophies of Young An is Chairman Baik’s practice of global affiliate inclusion in all his factories and operations. Regardless of the operations location around the world all his affiliates have free reign to work with and through his international team to develop, manufacture and sell products worldwide. One example is our China factory where today three flags fly over its facility, one Chinese, one Korean and one American. The year 2006 was important in CLARK’s history. In addition to the opening of the plant in China, CLARK North America reopened its factory in 2006. This additional factory operation allowed CLARK to increase its production capacity two fold and gave CLARK the ability to resource materials in the global market. CLARK celebrated 90 years in the material handling business in 2007 and invited the world to visit its America Headquarter in Lexington, Kentucky. The week-long event included a celebration of 90 years plus the introduction of new models and new dealers as well as a combination of four years of hard work relaunch-

ing and re-energizing the CLARK brand in the world market—something that many people in 2003 would not have believed possible! As the CLARK European operation continued to grow, we found a need to add additional support teams across Europe, and thus, CLARK France was established in 2009. At the world premiere launch of the new GTX 16-20, Europe once again saw an expansion of its product line across Europe. Dealers from Europe congregated at an event where dealer principals and sales managers were given the opportunity to see how CLARK had grown in the market. As the recession came to the U.S. in 2009, the entire forklift industry was in distress and many original equipment manufacturers would not weather the storm of poor market conditions. In the case of CLARK, it became another test of our resilience. CLARK redoubled its efforts by providing a stimulus package to dealers worldwide that provided safe harbor for sales managers and salesmen at a time when other companies were closing. While the burden on the CLARK

organization was heavy, we were commited to protecting our dealer network during times not seen since the Great Depression of 1929. Not only did CLARK support our dealer network, but we also continued to innovate and dedicated more resources to the research and development team to provide customers with products that would meet the needs of the 21st Century. Acutely aware that the world market was shifting in terms of where and how material handling equipment was produced, CLARK continued its expansion with the opening of CLARK Material Handling Mexico in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, in March 2011. CLARK would see this factory come together in eleven short months, and by the following year our heart of the line LPG trucks were being assembled in Mexico for distribution in North America. CLARK International South Pacific opened January 2011 to great fanfare. Responsible for sales and distribution of CLARK product in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific countries, this new operation realized immediate growth and

support from its new network of dealers. The main dealer group is CLARK Equipment Sales with its 20 locations in Australia and New Zealand. They have been in business since 1948 and a manufacturer of light and heavy trucks since 1950. With the opening of their flagship dealer operation in Sydney, Australia, our entire network again saw the appetite and strength that CLARK has for growing its operations. Continued sales success saw CLARK Europe GmbH outgrow its office and parts distribution center in MĂźlheim, and in 2014 it moved into a state-of-the-art forklift facility complete with office, distribution and manufacturing capabilities in Duisburg, Germany. Already producing electric truck models, CLARK Material Handling Company, Lexington, Kentucky, was also in a growth mode, and decided to consolidate the Mexico operations with manufacturing operations in the U.S. under one roof. Within one short year, production output quadrupled, and Lexington is considering expansion into internal combustion truck manufacturing by 2020.

SINCE 1917

From left to right: Rolf Eiten, Europe; Chuck Moratz, USA; Dennis Lawrence, USA; CH Han, Asia; Robert Hammond, Australia; S.S. Baik, Asia.

1951 1977 The 150,000th

Clark Equipment Company Produces 150,000th Fork-lift Truck

Battle Creek - Clark Equipment Company, the nation’s largest manufacturer of industrial fork-lift truck, has announced production of its 150,000th unitestimated to be approximately one-half of the output of the entire industry. Here, No. 150,000 is being inspected as it leaves the assembly line by (left to right) R.H. Davies, vice president in charge of production at Battle Creek; W.E. Schirmer, vice president in charge of industrial truck sales, and George Spatte, president.

The 500,000th

500,000th Built Forklift Truck

In September 1977 Clark Equipment Company donated the 500,000th Clark Industrial truck manufactured to Western Michigan University for use at the new WMU paper recycling plant. This truck was manufactured in Battle Creek, Michigan. The 500,000th truck was recovered by CLARK in exchange for a CLARK C25C to Western Michigan University in November 2008. In the picture above you can see part of the CLARK team involved in that memorable day; Bob Doe (white suit) who worked for CLARK from January 1966 until September 1995, was also part of the exchange ceremony in 1998 (right picture).

7 1997 2017



The 1,000,000th

The Centennial

1,000,000th Built Forklift Truck

One Hundred Years in the Making

This CLARK model CDP25H was built in 1997 at the CLARK plant in Mulheim, Germany. This fully-optioned hydrostaticdrive lift truck commemorates CLARK’s distinction of manufacturing one million industrial trucks since the first Tructractor in 1917.

This commerorative truck is adorned with silver panels and overhead guard with a commemorative seat signed by Eugene Clark the founder of CLARK


s the founding principle of CLARK, we are called to give back to the community that we work and live in. To that end, CLARK is proud to not only support local community charities and organizations but also immerse ourselves in their daily activities. The list below is only a small representation of the organizations that CLARK supports globally. In 2017, CLARK Lexington will build its own Habitat for Humanity home in Lexington, KY. Partnered with this organization for many years, CLARK reached out to its employees and dealers and the support was overwhelming. The build began on March 29, 2017 and the dedication will be held on June 24, 2017.

United States

Germany Asia

United States

Costa Rica




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