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August July 2017 2016

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August 2017 • Vol. 38 No. 8

22 |

Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

 Business plans, five-year spreadsheets and other fairy tales

26 |  Human Element Caliper Corp.

 Unwrapping the secrets of hiring and development Stock photos provided by

Cover Story 6 |  Renting is about profit, not sales Fred Hageman

Columns 10 |  Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi  React or Respond?

16 |  Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

 Changes coming to your rental business

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August 2017


By Fred Hageman

Is your major supplier talking to you a lot more about rental? Of course they are and they know what they are talking about, that’s for certain. Almost every, if not every, manufacturer of construction/industrial equipment knows that more than half of their equipment is earmarked for rental and this trend has been on an upward trajectory for decades. For the first time ever, more than 50% of ALL new equipment sold in North America goes into rental fleets. This phenomenon, called “Rental Penetration,” has been on the rise each and every single year that I’ve been in the industry—since 1988. Think “Cat Rental Store.” Cat dealers were forced, quite frankly, to get into the rental business about 20 years or so ago by corporate. Sure, some Cat dealers scattered across North America were renting prior to the mandate from Peoria, but the majority of the dealers were basically kicking and screaming at the notion. Having been in the equipment rental and sales industry for 29 years; the last 19 strictly on the mergers, acquisitions, consulting and valuation side of the rental equipment industry, I’ve seen, visited, analyzed or worked with over 3,500 equipment rental companies and dealers from coast to coast. I know what the “best practices” of rental companies are and I’ve seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst. I’ve visited countless dealerships during my career and many thought (and many still think) that they were in (or are in) the rental business. Most were only kidding themselves. Rental for many equipment dealers-material handling, and others—is surrounded by the old “AED” rental mentality—that rental is simply a financing mechanism for a sale. In reality, successful rental operators have a mindset and an approach of rentto-rent (to rent)! They, too, know the huge difference between rental profits and profits related to sales of new equipment. Sales are only a last resort/necessity, new or used, for a true rental company or “rental division” of a dealer. Don’t get me wrong, rental companies sell their used rental fleet and their “gain on sale” is nice; but it’s not their focus. It’s a necessary evil. 6

August 2017

Equipment rental companies that understand and focus most of their energy and efforts on rental are rewarded with approximately three times (yes, three times) the profit margins that equipment dealers (sales organizations) struggle to achieve. Even a small mix of pure rental will improve any dealer’s bottom line. This has been proven to me time and again as I’ve studied thousands of P&L statements over the years. In order to improve your equipment sales business and to maximize its value, now and in the future, rental should be a part of it. There are some basic fundamentals that well run, privately owned equipment companies know and perform on a consistent basis (including the publicly owned “big boys”). First and foremost, rental is to make profits, big profits, not a way to make a sale. Rental owners make a lot more than the 18-22% gross margins that dealers make on their equipment. A Rentto-Rent mentality and total buy in to the rent-to-rent mentality is a must or a true rental “division” of a dealer won’t get off the ground, let alone survive. Unless an end user has time utilization of approximately 70% or higher, it pencils out that renting vs. buying is the better option. From expensing rent/ lease payments, to maintaining the equipment, to transportation, to servicing, to storage, to getting the latest and greatest machines available, to compliance with environmental laws, to no or little down time whatsoever, to no up-front capital expenditures, etc. there is a lot to like about rental for an end user. Dealer salesman (and I’m a salesman among other things) are generally not fans of rental. Especially heavier equipment salesmen. They like the big number of a sale. What they don’t know is that the profit margin on a sale is 1/3 of the rental guy’s profit margin. Unless they own the company or take the financial risks (among other risks) the owner does, I advise not to let them prevent you, the owner, from getting into the rental business. I’ve seen this very scenario preventing dealers from getting into the rental business. Not the “lease to own” business but the rental business!

JULY 26, 2017



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August 2017



Cover Story I’m only scratching the surface here regarding the merits of rental, the metrics, etc., but I can tell you that the dealers I’ve assisted in getting into the rent-torent business haven’t looked back. Virtually all of my clients who I’ve assisted with their entry into rental say to me, without fail, “I wish I would have known or implemented this strategy a long time ago.”

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Fred Hageman is the principal of Rental Acquisitions, LLC, a professional Mergers and Acquisitions and Valuation Firm located in Cameron Park, CA. His firm specializes strictly in the Equipment Rental Industry. He can be reached at 530-545-8855 or Please visit for more information and other articles written by Fred.

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August 2017

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August 2017


Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi

React or Respond? Everyone that operates a dealership understands that mistakes are costly. This is why we invest so much time and effort in setting standards, drafting SOP’s and creating a system of backstops that are designed to detect errors quickly. Early detection many times gives us the opportunity to make corrections before our money, image and integrity are put at risk. When mistakes make it through the gauntlet of backstops and ultimately affect your business, how do you respond? It’s natural to respond to pain with anger. Nobody welcomes bad news. This is a lesson of leadership that I have learned from both observing others, and drawing from my own experience. One of the biggest reasons for a failing venture that can never seem to get back on track, is a leader’s inability to properly handle bad news. Let’s talk reality here. There are a hundred reasons every day to lose your cool (especially in the aftermarket departments.) Some NATIONAL OFF LEASE EQUIPMENT CENTER

of these are simply irritations. Some however are game changers: • Your best technican quits to go to work for your biggest competitor. • OHSA shows up on your doorstep to “investigate” something. • Your best customer just filed bankruptcy. • The all new and improved powder coat paint is falling off the equipment in sheets. • A union grievance shows up on your desk. These are all external issues and it’s a fact of life that sometimes, trouble visits uninvited. You did nothing to deserve it and you couldn’t do anything to prevent it. These items alone can create enough turmoil to affect the normal ebb and flow of the departments, but even more disquieting are the miscues and errors that are made internally. • We made repairs to the equipment without getting a customer approval. • We dispatched the technician to the address in the computer, but the equipment is at a remote warehouse. • That brand new service truck just got totaled.


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August 2017

•O  ur welder wasn’t wearing his face shield, now he’s at the hospital. • We installed the seals backwards and now we have to replace the entire assembly. Sound familiar? Shall I go on? In many of these cases the leader of the team must take responsibility for the failures of his department. Not only are there monetary consequences, but these issues also carry an emotional toll. In situations like this, many times a leader under pressure will succumb to the “throw them under the bus” syndrome. The natural reaction in the face of trouble is to lash out, and the FIRST order of business is normally to fix blame on the offending party, even to the point of terminating their employment. Doing

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August 2017


Aftermarket so makes the leader feel that they have appropriately dealt with the situation, expunged their record, and corrected the imbalance. In many cases however, all they have done is alienated team members and created an atmosphere of fear and instability. I am fond of suggesting (but not always executing) a response policy for leaders who naturally struggle with a propensity toward anger. It’s called “Under-React First” (URF). This is an original Baiocchi-ism. It promotes the idea of creating emotional distance between the leader and the issue at hand. This distance is created purposefully. It employs a method of decidedly choosing to under react to every obstacle, without regard to its size, cost or ramifications. The mental secret behind employing URF is the word FIRST. Using this technique, I am mentally deciding to initially under react to the news, giving myself permission (in my mind) to over react later. That allows me some level of mental escape from the emotional upheaval, blame and chaos surrounding the bad news. Properly executed, this posture does three important things. 1) It prevents you from killing the messenger. Your people will be more willing to actually communicate known issues (instead of hiding out), if they know that their boss won’t take their head off when they deliver the message. 2) It allows you to focus on gathering data, and formulate a plan to solve the problem, instead of wasting time looking for who to blame. 3) It focuses the team on alternatives and solutions, which at that moment are the only things that will resolve the issue.

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August 2017

If the situation warrants it, I will allow myself to overreact later. In the moment of crisis however, someone has to be in control, and, since I am the leader, I am constrained to choose me. I do what I can to emotionally disconnect, and just let my mind record the information. I don’t process it. I don’t decide anything while I am listening. I simply listen to the whole story. Then I investigate the claim. • What am I missing? • Does the original story make logical sense? • Who else has been informed about this? • Has the information been independently corroborated? • Who else can help us with this? I choose to believe nothing at full face value going in. I use the old Ronald Reagan theory of “Trust….but Verify.” Doing this, in an emotionally detached fashion, in many cases allows me to relax enough to see some obvious solutions that are difficult to formulate when your blood pressure is 300/180. This philosophy has served me well after investing the last 18 years running a business with five partners. It’s a code that can be difficult to live by, but practicing it, puts you in control of your circumstances, instead of your circumstances controlling you. This is simply a behavioral decision. The fact is, when I am able to use this method of response, I seldom if ever over-react later. Nothing cools the fire better than properly executed counter measures and thoughtful responses. Let me be clear. When errors are made, and policies are violated, punitive measures may very well need to be taken. Using URF, I am simply moving this review and possible reprimand to a time after the initial problems have been addressed, and the countermeasures are firmly in place. In my view, punitive measures should be limited to: • Repeated failures and the long term inability to perform. • The inability for a staff member to consistently deliver on mutually determined goals. • Outright insubordination and willful disobedience.

August 2017


Aftermarket These all require decisive action. These circumstances however, normally develop over a substantial period of time, and the resulting consequences (if rendered properly) require a significant degree of assessment and due diligence. There are also times, more often than not, that the failures of a subordinate need to be met with your unequivocal support instead of your direct reprimand.

Leaders should not measure outcome and intent with the same yardstick. The failure of a team member could very well be due to inadequate training, the lack of a sound policy, or the absence of the tools needed to get the job done. In other words, the very failure you are blaming on your employee could very possibly have been prevented if you had done a better job of being a leader. With this in mind, do your best to meet the failures of your employees with a pragmatic posture. Resist the standard emotional reaction, and move that energy into investigation. Focus on reading the intent of the individual, as well as outcome. After showing your subordinates that you are willing to share the heat for their failure without throwing them under the bus, you very often will see an employee who will commit to working harder and being more consistent. Fear of termination and harsh reprimand normally drive acts of desperation, and even retribution. Demonstrating restraint and defending a subordinate in the midst of disorder and confusion engenders loyalty that you could never buy for wages.

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August 2017


In the face of trouble, to be apprehensive and to fear the future is normal. These responses come from our basic instinct as living creatures. The common reactions of fight and flight are born out of our instinctual proclivities. It is both our spiritual depth and our intellect that allows us to rise above reaction, and operate with determined precision, even when our natural inclinations instruct us to do otherwise. Dave Baiocchi is the president of Resonant Dealer Services LLC. He has spent 33 years in the equipment business as a sales manager, aftermarket director and dealer principal. Dave now consults with dealerships nationwide to establish and enhance best practices, especially in the area of aftermarket development and performance. E-mail to contact Dave.

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August 2017


Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

Changes coming to your rental business The staff of MHW informed me that the topic of the month is “Rental and Leasing.” A topic subject to MANY changes in the near future. Right now I am thinking about where to start, but start I must so here we go. These comments do not appear in any particular order. Each management team will need to prioritize them as they see fit. Tax changes They will be upon us before the end of the year. If we are lucky they will revert back to January 1, 2017. I hope that happens since it appears a lot of customers are waiting to invest until they know what the tax consequences will be. If they are lucky they will be able to buy and take delivery on December 31, 2017 and get a 100% write off in the process. You can write off 100% to some extent currently but have restrictions once you hit the dollar volume associated with Section 179 write offs. On the down side your tax deductions may not be worth as much if rates are lowered to 15-20%. That

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August 2017

goes the same for any carryovers you may use after the law is passed. There is the question how pass-through entities would be taxed if the corporate rate is reduced to 20%. The logic I have heard says owners of pass-through entities will have the same rate available on income over and above a reasonable salary. So you pay personal rates on the salary but get 20% on any remaining so-called corporate earnings. I believe that tax reform will provide you other opportunities or headaches as well. We will have to see what they come up with. Accounting changes Leases will be accounted for differently starting in 2019. But all current leases in effect at that time (which may include some of your current agreements) will be subject to the new rules. The new rules will require lessees to record both a right-to-use asset and the full lease liability, both for basically the same amount. The fly in the ointment for lift truck dealers is that lessees will have the option of recording the entire liability including maintenance or account the maintenance separately. I guess that means they will be asking you for the breakdown regarding the maintenance portion, which may or may not be a good thing. They tell us the banks will most likely ignore this new pile of debt on your balance sheet and on customer balance sheets. Me, I don’t believe that. The new rules don’t affect much else in terms of financial metrics but will certainly change your debt/equity ratios. So I believe you can expect requests to help figure out how to avoid this problem, but that will be tough to do if they sign a four-five year lease with maintenance. IoT is here to stay Successful equipment dealers listen to their customers to improve customer satisfaction and retention, and in the process come up with new sources of revenue. OEM’s now offer remote monitoring and analytics services on a subscription basis that identify an issue before it creates a down situation. This service is offered to both dealers and end-users, with a result of increased revenues for the dealer while improving customer satisfaction and retention because this new service helps avoid costly repairs and downtime.

August 2017


Bottom Line Another advantage of this remote monitoring program is that the complexity of the system will make working on these units almost impossible without the proper tools, keeping the service business in your company and out of the hands of the general purpose tech. Digital dispatch of rental units as well as technician services are in full vogue. Soon you will have VR or IR available for techs in the field to help them complete a task properly the first time. Product-as-a-service and predictive maintenance programs are also being discussed to reduce rental costs and incentivize service levels that strive for max uptime. What customer do you know that would not like both reduced costs and improved efficiency? Probably a very short list. Lifecycle costs Want to improve your rental ROI? Then increase the number of years you keep rental units in the fleet. Many public rental companies have extended the life of units in the fleet by three years and seeing a 30% increase in ROI. I know this causes issues with your OEM, but the benefits are there because the rental

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units of today are of a higher quality which can be properly maintained without causing lost profits. Some companies with proper facilities and tech strength are even extending units further beyond the initial three-year term by refurbishing or rebuilding the unit and adding another four-five years to the useful life. Fix them up, paint them, and they look pretty good. OEM’s are even starting to offer this product for a substantial discount against the new price. Want to see you Balance Sheet improve….try not buying new units for your rental fleet…..keep units in the fleet three years longer……refurbish the units and get another four-five years or rental revenue without any note payment associated with that unit. Believe me, it works. Miscellaneous As I was sifting through the Ashlead Group annual report for the year that ended April 30, 2017, I noticed a chart which projects that the top 100 rental companies will have between 65-70% of the rental market by 2020. They had 34% in 2010. I take this to mean they can increase market share by buying up the competition as well as taking more market share because they have better programs to offer customers. Watch your back! I have mentioned Winsby a few times in this column, but I have to update you about their program. I happened to sit through a demo of what they can do and after three hours of discussion I was more amazed of what they can do then I was before. I guess my point is if you sit through a short demo you will miss what the entire process has to offer. If you don’t remember, Winsby, using the latest technology, helps with customer retention as well as marketing to potential customers. I know it works and I am still amazed at how reasonable the cost is to get these results. I know of some fairly good size dealers that

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August 2017



Bottom Line We Accept:

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dismissed their marketing people and use Winsby instead. Look them up…..and you will find a way to keep customers and increase business. Time to move on even though I had a number of other topics I could have discussed. Maybe another time. Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC. E-mail to contact Garry.

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OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

Call toll-free Wy’East Products 1-888-401-5500 or visit Call toll-free Wy’East Products 1-888-401-5500 or visit




August 2017

Materials Handling Solutions for Your Industry Combilift, leaders in providing innovative material handling solutions including Sideloaders, 4-Way Forklifts and Straddle Carriers offer products designed to handle long and oversized loads better than anyone else, guaranteeing considerable improvements in space utilization and safety. With capacities ranging from 3,200 to over 180,000lbs, it’s a safe choice to go with Combilift.

• Improved storage utilization • Safer product handling • Increased productivity • Indoor / Outdoor Introducing the


The compact multi-directional reach truck with superb maneuverability

Featuring 360° steering and a multi-functional joystick allowing smooth seamless motion and change of direction, in addition to full control of all the hydraulic functions. This contributes to faster procedures and safety for manufacturing, distribution and logistics operations.

Contact us Today to schedule a Free Site Survey on 877-COMBI-56 or

August 2017


Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

Business plans, five-year spreadsheets and other fairy tales I have no business plan. I have no spreadsheet with five years of projected earnings. There are two reasons: Most business plans never come to fruition, and fiveyear sales projections are about as accurate as political polls. Oh, there is another reason: The people that you prepare a business plan for never read them, unless you put a one-page executive summary at the front. THIS IS WHAT I RECOMMEND: Prepare a one-page executive summary. Then create a forecast of what you believe sales will be over the next 100 days, and the next 12 months. Nothing more. Beyond that it’s a wild guess. The reason to make a 100-day plan is to ensure that in the short-term everything is much more intense, and your blue-sky effort has a deadline. I sincerely apologize if I have busted your bubble. But in the long run I have just saved you 100 hours of work, a huge consulting fee (charged by people who use boilerplated, cookie-cutter material), and the mental letdown of not achieving that plan anyway. If your banker insists on a business plan try this… Go online, download a business plan template, insert your name and logo, and in five minutes you will have a document that your banker will never read anyway. Ok, that’s a joke suggestion (or is it?) Here is the serious suggestion: Call a limousine service and rent a van. In the van, place your banker, any potential investors, some of your key executives, and your best salespeople. Create a road trip that touches five of your biggest customers in four hours. Start at 8AM at the first customer’s business, bring coffee and talk to the people who actually buy from you. Find out why they love you, talk to their CEO, tell them what your game plan is for the next 12 months – maybe have it prearranged so that they give you an order right on the spot – thank them for their business, their support and their loyalty and then go to the next customer. It is important that you bring a recording device (any smartphone will do), so that throughout the morning you’re video taping. Each time you visit a customer, go through the same process. Talking to the people that use your product or service, talking to the CEO, picking up an order, telling them your 12-month plan, and filming the entire process. 22

August 2017

MAKE CERTAIN YOU DO THIS: Get testimonials from each one of the five customers you visit. Ask why they buy from you. Get their history of doing business with you. Ask why they would refer you. And get a call to action from them. That information can be used on your website, in your proposals, on your sales presentations, as part of your social media presence, and/or in your follow-ups. After you have visited the last customer, take everyone to lunch. Nothing fancy, but not fast food. A local restaurant will work best. Make certain that they’re prepared for you. Have a book or a small gift sitting by each person’s plate. And have a general discussion about what just happened. Spend the afternoon editing the video, and get someone professional to help you. Make it real, but make it spectacular. Edit the best clips – a minute or two for each. Edit the entire thing down to 5 minutes or less. What you will have as a result of the morning will be a business plan, a marketing plan, loyal customers, excited bankers and investors, and a realworld look at your business and the relationships you have with your customers. REALITY NEWS: In spite of banker’s euphoria, they have one prime agenda with respect to lending you money: making certain that you can repay. Period. Just keep that in mind as you listen to his or her glowing evaluation of the day. What I’ve just given you is a rough outline and game plan to create spectacular engagement and results. It will take planning, it will take coordination, and it will take some hard work – but the results will give you sales, sales tools you can use forever, and relationships that will never forget what transpired that day. Or, you can write a fairy tale. Er, I mean a business plan. Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of twelve best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His real-world ideas and content are also available as online courses at www.GitomerLearningAcademy. com. For information about training and seminars visit or, or email Jeffrey at


Tiered Discounts for Sales Reps and Dealers Downloadable Sales Materials and Media Best Selling Loading Dock Safety Products Blind Drop Shipment Available Many More Products Available STOPS 13,100LB. FORKLIFT @ 4MPH











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Experience the MOR-VALUE DIFFERENCE today! We can help you look good to your customers!

Our highly trained customer service staff is the most knowledgeable in the industry when it comes to providing sweeper/scrubber & personnel vehicle replacement parts solutions. MVP’s expert technical service is fast, friendly and free! Depend on the Specialist...We’re Your Partner in Parts!

Toll Free 800.870.0687 Fax: 616.406.3125 Email:

New & Used Forklifts • Coil Tractors • Railcar Movers Yard Tractors • Container Handlers & More

Remanufactured Transmissions, Engines, Torque Converters, Steer Axles, Overhaul Kits and Aftermarket Parts for: • Material Handling • Construction • Agricultural Equipment

To see a complete list of our inventory, visit our new online showroom at

Contact us at 800-708-9765 or 412-490-5311 24

August 2017

800-321-9983 Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor


for REMAN means... BEST VALUE FOR $SPENT COMPETITIVE Pricing BEST Core Policy - BEST Warranty



August 2017


Human Element Caliper Corp.

Unwrapping the secrets of hiring and development In The Mummy, the first entry in Universal’s new “Dark Universe” adventure-horror film franchise, Tom Cruise plays a sort of modern-day Indiana Jones who plunders an ancient tomb housing a mysterious sarcophagus. Now, Tom Cruise may be an expert jet pilot, samurai warrior, lawyer, sports agent, and air-guitarist, but he’s no Egyptologist. Whereas Harrison Ford might look at a secret tomb and say, “I got a bad feeling about this,” Cruise is all about “Show me the money” and digs up his find, inadvertently awakening an ancient evil bent on wreaking havoc upon the world. If only he had been able to read the hieroglyphic warning on the side of the sarcophagus, which translates (roughly) as, “You can’t handle the truth!” It’s fair to say that the more information and knowledge you have, the better decisions you will make. Like, for example, when you hire for an important position, are you taking a step that will better your company … or are you awakening a not-so-ancient evil that will hinder productivity and obstruct growth? Meaningful information could be the differentiator between hiring the right person and the wrong person. Fortunately, tools exist to help you make betterinformed hiring decisions. Just as an archeologist uses picks and trowels to uncover ancient Egyptian artifacts, a hiring manager has access to pre-employment assessments, behavioral competencies, and job models. A quick overview: Pre-employment assessments – A scientifically designed assessment can uncover an applicant’s strengths, limitations, and motivations and then translate that data into numeric scores or graphs that are measurable against other applicants who have completed the same assessment, allowing you to compare all your candidates consistently. Behavioral competencies – Using the results from the pre-employment assessment, behavioral competencies predict how an applicant will behave in real-world work situations. This gives hiring managers an idea of what to expect from the people they bring on board. Job models – Built from job-performance data collected over decades, job models represent top26

August 2017

performer views of a given role (such as Analyst, Producer, Production Supervisor, etc.). Applicants’ assessment results show how similarly motivated they are compared to top performers. A 90% match suggests you have a strong candidate. A 10% match indicates you should perform a deeper evaluation before hiring that person. The good news is that all these results can be delivered in the form of easy-to-understand reports. You merely send your applicant a link, and the report is generated for you upon completion of the assessment. When horror legend Boris Karloff starred in the 1932 version of The Mummy (the first-ever film about a living mummy), he delivered a restrained, subtle performance befitting the simply story and stately presentation. 2017’s mummy, Ahmanet (played by Sophia Boutella), is a bit more … complicated. Surely you’ve seen the TV spots by now. The story has been scaled up to say the least. Just as movie plots have become more convoluted, special effects more sophisticated, and audiences more demanding of spectacle over the past 85 years, running a business has become so much more complex as well. Top-down hierarchies are giving way to cross-functional teamwork, workforces are now spread across the globe, and we are on the cusp of an artificial intelligence revolution with hard-to-predict ramifications. In such a climate, making informed, strategic hiring decisions is one of the most important things you can do as a leader. Why get lost in the dark catacombs below when assessment tools can take you to the top of the pyramid? About Caliper -For nearly half a century, Caliper has been helping companies achieve peak performance by advising them on hiring the right people, managing individuals most effectively and developing productive teams. The accuracy, objectivity and depth of our consulting approach enable us to provide solutions that work for over 25,000 companies. To find out more about how Caliper can help you identify and develop people who can lead your organization to peak performance, please visit us at or call us at 609-524-1200. Email to contact Caliper.








19766 19402 19403 18168 18078 18356 18919 19144 17974




84/240 61/82 83/129 82/189 82/189 90/194 82/189 82/189 82/188 83/188 83/189 83/189 88/192 88/187 88/187 86/126 88/187 88/187 88/187 88/187

3 Way 3 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 3 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 4 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way

S-S, 42” Forks S-S, Forks 4Way, No Att. 4Way, S-S, 42” Forks 4Way, S-S S-S, 60” Forks 4Way, S-S, 42” Forks 4Way, S-S, 42” Forks 4Way, S-S/F-P, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks

100/209 88/185 84/173 84/173 84/173 84/173 88/128 87/185 92/185 92/185 92/185 92/185 100/214

3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 4 Way 3 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way

S-S, Forks, SWB S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks BCS, 4th Handle, S-S, Forks S-S PRS, 4Way 4Way 4Way 4Way 4Way

IC CUSHIONS 19661 18884 18066 19704 19684 19693 19705 19706 19577 19152 19425 19080 19748 19180 19181 17671 18559 17795 17796 17797

2011 2013 2010 2010 2011 2013 2010 2010 2012 1991 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2011 2012 2012 2012

Caterpillar 2C5000 Hyster S40FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S60FT Hyster S55FTS Hyster S55FTS Mitsubishi FGC25N Nissan CPH02A25V Yale GLC040VX Yale GLC050VX Yale GLC060VX Yale GLC060VX Yale GLC060VX Yale GLC060VX Yale GLC070VX Yale GLC070VX Yale GLC070VX Yale GLC070VX

2011 2006 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2012 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013

Cat GC45K-SWB Hyster S80FT-BCS Hyster S80FT Hyster S80FT Hyster S80FT Hyster S80FT Hyster S80FT-BCS Hyster S80FT Hyster S120FT-PRS Hyster S120FT-PRS Hyster S120FT-PRS Hyster S120FT-PRS Hyster S120FT-PRS

Hyster S120FT-PRS Hyster S120FT Hyster S120FT Toyota 7FGCU35 Toyota 7FGCU45 Toyota 7FGCU70 Yale GLC080LJ Yale GLC120MJ Yale GLC120SVX

19569 19659 19653 19558 19559 19303 19304 19309 19310 19311 19482 19329

S-S, LBR, 42” Forks 4 Way No Att. No Att. No Att.

2012 2013 2013 2013 2014 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2012 2014

Cat P3500 Hyster H50FT Hyster H60FT Hyster H60FT Hyundai 50DA-7E Yale GLP030VX Yale GLP030VX Yale GLP030VX Yale GLP030VX Yale GLP030VX Yale GLP050VX Yale GLP050VX


17950 2005 Hyster H300HD 19580 1997 Taylor TE-300M

4 WHEEL RIDER ELEC 19681 18842 18568 19082 19436 19113 19656 19657 19696 19697

2013 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2013 2013 2013 2013

Hyster E50XN-33 Hyster E65XN-36 Yale ERC030VA Yale ERC030VA Yale ERC030VA Yale ERC050GH Yale ERC050VG Yale ERC050VG Yale ERC050VG Yale ERC050VG

Text WEB ID to 27414 Web ID: 69Y4


Web ID: K4Z5


101/214 100/208 100/208 88/187 99/199 118/219 84/112 92/185 100/208

4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 3 Way 3 Way 4 Way 3 Way 4 Way 4 Way

4Way 4Way, S-S, Forks 4Way, S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks 48” Forks 3 Way 4Way 4Way, No Att.

84/188 84/189 88/181 83/170 112/154 84/187 84/187 84/187 84/187 84/187 84/189 84/189

3 Way 3 Way 4 Way 3 Way 4 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way

S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S/F-P, 48” Forks 3rd Valve, Forks 4Way, S-S/F-P, 72” Forks


IC BIG CUSHIONS 19525 19146 19162 19163 19336 19338 19365 19103 19266 19267 19268 19269 19765

2013 2014 2014 2008 2010 2011 2006 2005 2012


Web ID: 4UFZ

144/147 3 Way NEW SOLIDS, S-S, 96” Forks, P. Cab 161/180 5 Way 5Way, S-S/IFP, 96” Forks 94/218 88/187 82/127 82/126 82/187 85/194 84/194 86/194 84/194 84/189

4 Way 4 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 4 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way

Web ID: 0J69


17950, 2005 Hyster H300HD

18078, 2010 Toyota 7FGCU45

Web ID: 8E4R

Web ID: 576G


4Way, S-S, Forks 4 Way S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks

TIM’S Pick of the Month


Web ID: 0JRC 19525, 2011 Caterpillar GC45KSWB

S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks



19569, 2012 Caterpillar P3500 17947, 2011 Hyster S80FT,

19559, 2014 Hyundai 50DA-7E

Over 800 Forklifts available!



19693, 2013 Hyster S60FT,


Bill Zemak | David Herrera | Seth Caldwell |

Tim Smith | Vince Strum |

August 2017



Resonant Dealer Services

SMS Services! It’s the fast & easy way to learn more about specific equipment.

m w

Number of photos online

Web ID

• Look for the special Web ID code on selected equipment throughout the magazine

Dave Baiocchi | 209.652.7511


j Aftermarket Consulting


j ‘‘Branded” Pre-Formatted Programs

• Text 27414 with the special Web ID

j Equipment Sales Skills Training

• Receive instant info on specific pieces of equipment

j Inventory Consolidation


j Management Compensation Programs

STK# 8022 Parke County Diesel LLC 2011 Toyota 8FGU30 Marshall IN (877) 597-2475

• See additional photos

j Benchmarking j Onboarding for new M.H. Employees

877.638.6190 for more information!

Programs that start producing an ROI on Day One! Msg & Data Rates May Apply; Ts & Cs, and Privacy Policy:

ur ko ra c o e ! Ch site f age P b we Spec w ne

We make engines our business, see the difference



new cylinder heads with valves IN STOCK! Mitsubishi – Models 4G54, 4G63, 4G64 Mazda – Model FE & F2 GM – Model 2.2 & 2.4 Nissan – H20-II, H25, Z24, K21, K25 and TB42 Toyota – 4Y Volkswagon – 1.9 Diesel Volkswagon – 2.0 Diesel

✓ Professional Staff ready to help answer questions, fast quoting service and the know-how to get the job done right the first time. ✓ Pre-arranged freight discounts.

✓ ALL engines are “hot run” tested assuring a quality product when it leaves our facility. ✓ Centrally located in the Midwest for convenient shipping.

engines Perkins • Continental • GMC • Cummins Hercules/White • Chrysler • IHC Waukesha • Mitsubishi • Peugeot Nissan • Wisconsin • Toyota • Mazda Ford • Allis-Chalmers

new • rebuilt • exchange

1041 S. Vista Ave. • Independence, MO 64056 Call Rick or Dedee • Toll-Free: 800.896.7676 • Phone: 816.796.7676 Fax: 816. 796.6053 E-mail: • 28

August 2017

View these pieces of equipment & more on Text the Web ID to 27414 for more equipment details.


Text the






Web ID to 27414 STK# 103-620 Ross Equipment LTD 2014 LINDE H45D Winnipeg MB (204) 633-8065

More photos available



STK# 299-698 Ross Equipment LTD 2005 Hyster H60Z Winnipeg MB (204) 633-8065



STK# 1EQ12749 H&K Equipment 2016 Big Joe P33 Semi-electric pallet jack Coraopolis PA (800) 708-9765


STK# P24075 TICF National Off Lease Equipment Center 2011 Toyota 7BNCU20 Fort Worth TX (844) 311-6612





STK# P24076 TICF National Off Lease Equipment Center 2011 Toyota 7BNCU20 Fort Worth TX (844) 311-6612 1

STK# 1EQ13572 H&K Equipment 2001 Kalmar DCB32 RoRo Coraopolis PA (800) 708-9765




STK# 155-298 Ross Equipment LTD 2014 Doosan D30S-7 Winnipeg MB (204) 633-8065



STK# FC8FGCU25 Forklift City 2012 Toyota 8FGCU25 Irving TX (972) 438-5438



STK# 2649 Parke County Diesel LLC 1996 Clark GCX15E Marshall IN (877) 597-2475


STK# GP100200 Alta Equipment Company 2012 Gehl RS10-44 Livonia MI (844) 256-9684


STK# U17991 TICF National Off Lease Equipment Center 2010 Toyota 8FGCU30 Fort Worth TX (844) 311-6612

STK# 18301 Ohio Lift Truck, Inc. 2006 Toyota 5FBCU25 Grand River OH (440) 354-1444


STK# 000043330 MH Equipment Company 2011 Hyster E60XN Des Moines IA (888) 564-2191



STK# 8022 Parke County Diesel LLC 2011 Toyota 8FGU30 Marshall IN (877) 597-2475



STK# 17808 Ohio Lift Truck, Inc. 1986 Caterpillar T80D Grand River OH (440) 354-1444

Msg & Data Rates May Apply; Ts & Cs, and Privacy Policy:



to buy & sell equipment!

August 2017


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Women in Trucking Foundation awards seven scholarships Women in Trucking (WIT) Foundation awarded seven scholarships so far this year. The scholarship recipients each received $1,000 for their educational training. Sarah Hany – enrolled at 160 Driving Academy, Peoria, IL. Awarded the WIT Foundation/Ryder Scholarship for her Class A CDL training. Ana Silva Biscaia— enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, Superior, WI. Awarded the WIT Foundation/ Ryder Scholarship for transportation and logistics management training. Tabitha Edwards– enrolled at Universal Technical Institute in Exton, PA. Awarded the WIT Foundation/ Ryder Scholarship for her diesel engineering training. Connie Bugni – enrolled at Veriha Driving Academy in Marinette, WI. Awarded the WIT Foundation/ Ryder Scholarship for her Class A CDL training. Undral Naran— enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, Superior, WI. Awarded the WIT Foundation/

Ryder Scholarship for transportation and logistics management training. Faye Slye— enrolled at Alexandria Technical & Community College in Alexandria, MN. Awarded the WIT Foundation Scholarship for her Class A CDL training. Robyn Waggoner— enrolled at Florence-Darling Technical in Florence, SC. Awarded the WIT Foundation/ Jan Hamblin Scholarship for her Class A CDL training. The WIT Foundation congratulates these women on focusing their futures on careers in the trucking industry. Scholarship applications will be accepted again through July 31, 2017. Scholarships are awarded in four areas: technical, safety, leadership and commercial driving. Donations and fund raising events within the trucking industry make it possible to provide scholarships to deserving individuals.

THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL Proven Solutions That Work! The NEW NORMAL Trucks Are On The Road Now!




Provide safe, secure, material handling solutions • • • •

One truck that does it all! Various masts up to 360” Operates in 4 1/2 ft. Vna aisle Long load handling

Thomas Lift Truck 30

3-Wheel SLT 22/30 up to SL120 Late models in stock 19842009 Reconditioned Includes Warranty

Combilift 4-Directional Sideloader C5,000 to C17,3000 C6,000GT

FL40EX & FL60EX Explosion Proof Ex Rated Limit your exposure to potential hazards. ANSI/UL583 Label

For more information on Drexel Swingmast, EX Rated Trucks & the Combilift Please contact John Gowland at 1-800-651-5850 or e-mail August 2017


For Class II and III Material Handling Equipment.

Polyurethane Load Wheels

For All Makes and Models

Premium Performance For Today’s High Speed Lift High Applications

Bad Floors, Dock Plates, Expansion Joints, and Floor Debris

Call US at: 888.734.7687 999 Wells Street | Lake Geneva, WI 53147 | Ph:888.734.7687 |


August 2017


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Caterpillar announces retirements, appointments and organizational changes Caterpillar Inc. announced three vice presidents, Paolo Fellin, Greg Folley and George Taylor, have elected to retire. In connection with these retirements and the company’s previously announced plan to review and update its strategy, Caterpillar is also announcing organizational changes, appointing two new vice presidents and launching a search for a third. Following these announced retirements, and taking into account the company’s previously announced plan to review and update its strategy with the establishment of a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), Caterpillar is also announcing organizational changes that will result in the creation of two new divisions to drive greater efficiencies and effectiveness in support of its customers. Chris Snodgrass, currently general manager for Caterpillar’s Industrial Power Systems Division (IPSD), has been appointed to the position of vice president of the


August 2017

newly created Product Support & Logistics Division (PSLD). This division will combine groups currently located in other Caterpillar divisions to drive collaboration and implement strategic initiatives under the leadership of Snodgrass. PSLD will include design and manufacturing of wear and maintenance component products, as well as support of prime product and parts distribution, inbound and outbound logistics, warehousing functions, and packaging and container management. The newly created digital enabled solutions division will bring together the company’s data analytics group, the enterprise data hub, equipment management tools, Cat® Connect technologies and customer experience portals. Caterpillar will immediately begin an external search for an executive to lead the new division, which will report to Charter. In addition, as part of the reorganization, Caterpillar’s marketing and brand organization will become part of the existing Global Aftermarket Solutions Division led by Vice President Nigel Lewis. Caterpillar’s board of directors has appointed Damien Giraud, currently worldwide product manager for Caterpillar’s large excavators, as the vice president of GCI.

Continental develops a CLEAN Tire Technology while manufacturing millions of passenger and truck tires. CLEAN Tire Technology is the “Secret” to Continental’s press-on-band and resilient tires outperforming the competition — in many cases lasting more than twice as long as our competitors brands or longer. Continental blends Natural Rubber and Silica together at the molecular level creating a New, Stronger Compound.



• Up to 50% less rolling resistance

• As much as 9% savings in energy

• • • •

than the competition Up to 50% lower running temperature than the competition High wear & chunk resistance Highly elastic, shock-absorbing rubber Simply a better made, higher quality non-marking tire

costs and a reduced carbon footprint

• Cooler running, less tread wear, • • •

greater retention of load capacity Little or no compromise in performance versus standard black tires Greater rider comfort and protection of truck components A tire that often times lasts twice as long as our competitors’ tires

877-235-0102 | CT_SPEC_TIRE_AD2016.indd 1

August 2017


12/21/15 1:41 PM

Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Unicarriers Americas recognizes top suppliers at 2017 Supplier Conference Celebrating partnerships, success, and the dedication of their suppliers, UCA honored five top suppliers with Supplier Excellence Awards at its fifth annual supplier conference. More than 100 suppliers attended the two day event, which included golf, a state of the business presentation, and a reception. Additionally, UniCarriers Americas (UCA) shared that their facilities shipped the most products ever in a month (March), built and shipped the most trucks ever in a single year (2016), and implemented a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning system, all while completing a successful transition to new ownership. “Today we celebrate our partnerships and the success they have brought us,” said James J. Radous III, President, UniCarriers Americas. “We have an overarching theme and that’s focusing on the future. It’s incredibly exciting to see the results of our reliable and loyal suppliers and we thank each and every one for all of their hard work.” “Our supply chain performed admirably this past year with the new system implementation. They never missed a beat,” added John Arnold, Senior Director of Supply Chain. Supplier Excellence Awards were presented to suppliers who met the overall performance requirements, participated in cost-reduction activities, and provided superior customer service. This year’s Supplier Excellence Award winners are: Camso, VAD (Value Added Distributors), Leading Americas, Kordel, LANDMARK Printing Co. UniCarriers Americas hosts the annual Supplier Conference to communicate its corporate vision and goals to suppliers as well as to recognize top-performing partners.

of Excellence on June 9, 2017, Raymond also announced the expansion of its Raymond Parts Division with more than 40,000 square feet being added to its distribution center located on Kirkville Road, East Syracuse, New York.

Toyota announces organizational changes Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU) announced several organizational changes for key positions this year. TMHU President Jeff Rufener said, “This year, we are driven to enhance our customer’s total ownership experience through improved dealer communication, support, coordination and integration. It is important that we are structured in a way to support our goal. The following organizational changes will better enable us to execute our plans, primarily in IT, marketing, and service parts.” • Bill Finerty,Vice President of Sales, Distribution and Dealer Development • Steve Tadd, Director of Marketing and Information Technologies • Stephen Rosenberg, National Manager of Marketing • Mike Parker, National Manager of Part Sales and Procurement • Anne Ewing, National Manager of Dealer Operations • Brian Liggett, National Manager of Parts Operations • Mike Heyden, National Manager of Aftermarket Sales and Service • Jewell Brown, Strategic Account Executive • Troy Kaiser, Strategic Account Executive • Niels Ostergaard, Value Selling Manage

Raymond unveils new RayBuilt® Center of Excellence The Raymond Corporation unveils the new RayBuilt Center of Excellence located in East Syracuse, New York. The RayBuilt Center of Excellence will remanufacture Raymond® forklifts, including the truck body, as well as the truck’s components, including motors, drive units, handles and hoses. In the center, the remanufactured product line will grow to include additional drive units and steer gear motors, Reach-Fork® truck carriage assemblies, and hydraulic pump and motors. New lift chain assemblies will also be cut in the new RayBuilt Center of Excellence. The facility spans more than 40,000 square feet for the remanufacturing area, as well as more than 40,000 square feet for the Raymond leasing division. During an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the RayBuilt Center 34

August 2017

For more Shifting Gears articles go to

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Rhino R1 Press-On Tires •

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Warehouse: 234-678-7863 Toll Free: 877-744-6603 Fax: 888-480-8611

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Rhino Rubber Warehouse • 275-299 N. Arlington St. • Akron, OH 44306

RR_R1_MHW8.375x10.875.indd 1

1/25/16 August 2017

8:55 AM


Classifieds FOR SALE

Series 1 Workhorse Single Shift rating

New Single Phase Chargers 36-volt, 750 AH 48-volt, 600 AH other sizes available Original & Aftermarket Parts for Most Equip.

Full 2 yr. warranty


(10 yr. transformer coverage)

713.460.8197 • 800.687.3884 fax: 713.460.5941


• Specialty Material Handling, Inc.



Used 3-phase chargers also available


(440) 232-1422

Bought & Sold, Rentals, New & Used Parts, Appraisals, Technical Support

Gregg Zdan (734) 641-1800 Associated with DREXEL Industries since 1972

LOOKING TO BUY The next classified ad deadline is



Industrial Forklift Batteries and Chargers In Good Condition!!


Call Alva or Dean for rate information at


Call Us With Your Off-Lease Or Fleet Surplus Equipment.

Portable Stack Racks Flexible Packaging



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QUALITY& VALUE For Over 50 Years

Power Steering Units Cylinders Pumps Valves

New & Remanufactured Exchange Precision Remanufactured Hydraulic Parts



August 2017




Real time inventory management system will be promoted in print, online and e-newsletters giving you the ability to reach more potential buyers and sellers Proven lead generation tools such as your own dedicated toll-free number, SMS texting and instant email leads Receive a FREE TWO-MONTH TRIAL offer. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain from

New equipment added daily! is the inventory management system website to buy & sell your material handling equipment. You can access on your desktop, smart phone or tablet.

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Portable dock lifts require no pit

WIT and Dock411 offer app to rate shippers

Presto ECOA Trans-ADock™ surface mount loading dock lifts deliver all of the benefits and advantages of a permanent dock lift without the need for pit mounting. They are ideal for use in leased buildings, or places where permanent installation is not possible or practical. Trans-A-Dock™ Lifts can access a wide range of truck bed heights up to 60” and transfer loads to fixed height docks or to grade level. They are available in 3,000, 4,000, and 5,000 lb. capacities. Platforms are constructed of safety tread steel plate and are available in 72” x 72” or 72” x 96” sizes with a variety of transfer configurations. They also feature safety chains at either end and a removable hand rail.

Women In Trucking (WIT) Association’s mission includes removing obstacles that might keep women from entering or succeeding in the trucking industry. One of those obstacles often mentioned by drivers is in not knowing how to prepare for a pick up or delivery. The goal of Dock411 is to make a driver's stops faster, easier, safer, and less frustrating by showing them details about their stops before they get there. By simply entering the dock address into the app, a driver can read what the company and other drivers have written about it, including details like dock door location, yard hazards, photos of the facility, the ability to park overnight, whether pets are allowed, and up to thirty-five other items.

Uni-Dox™ inflatable shelter designed for versatility, durability Responding to the needs of facilities whose loading docks service a wide variety of truck and trailer configurations, RiteHite has introduced the Uni-Dox™ inflatable shelter. The unique design of the Uni-Dox shelter allows it to rapidly inflate after the truck is docked and deflate before it leaves. The Uni-Dox inflates 50 percent faster than other inflatable shelters, thanks to its advanced air bag and connector designs (which hold air better during inflation). Its deflation and retraction efficiency is also enhanced by the use of a counterweight retraction system instead of a motorized return. The Uni-Dox is also unlike other inflatable shelters in that it uses conforming, noninflatable draft pads to reduce the risk of damage and leaks. Not only do these draft pads diminish wear and tear on the inflatable bags, they improve the overall effectiveness and reliability of the seal.

Pelco surveillance cameras in key focus Pelco by Schneider Electric's new ExSite™ enhanced explosion-proof cameras are engineered to survive in the most demanding environments, and Optera panoramic multi-sensor cameras that are integrated with the industry’s leading VMS providers to deliver panomersive HD imaging that puts you in the middle of a scene. “Where Pelco imaging technology was perhaps a step behind the competition, we are clearly taking the lead once again with new solutions like our ExSite enhanced explosion-proof cameras and Optera panoramic multisensor cameras,” said Kevin Saldanha, director product management, Pelco by Schneider Electric.

Hirschmann provides solution for Volvo’s pipelayers Volvo has partnered with Hirschmann MCS to install the cSCALE rated capacity indicator on their PL4809E and PL3005E pipelayers. Hirschmann’s cSCALE solution provides a 7” color graphic display of the pipelayer and monitors the maximum load and inclination. Sensors include angle, tilt, load pin, and anti-two block switch. An integrated datalogger / event recorder was also a requirement for the system. “The Volvo load management system is the only one of its kind,” said Tony den Hoed, Lead Engineer of Volvo’s Pipelayer Product Platform. “The combination of logic developed by Volvo with hardware and software supplied by Hirschmann has set the bar for safety in the industry.”

Philadelphia Scientific introduces electrolyte level indicator Philadelphia Scientific has introduced SmartBlinky Pro™, a battery watering monitor that features the industry’s brightest electrolyte indicator and which also issues an audible alarm to alert personnel that electrolyte levels are low. SmartBlinky Pro is cable-mounted near the connector for maximum visibility – perfect for batteries that never leave the truck such as in fast and opportunity charging applications. Like the entire Blinky™ line of battery watering monitors, SmartBlinky Pro prevents the unnecessary checking of electrolyte levels and helps prevent costly permanent damage to batteries due to low electrolyte levels.

August 2017


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Introduction to industrial barcode reading Cognex is introducing the most definitive barcode reader guide to help you get started. This guide is a must read for anyone starting out in factory automation and logistics, as well as seasoned technicians and facility managers looking to stay current on the latest industry trends. You'll read about many topics including: Industry terminology, 1-D and 2-D code symbologies, code marking and printing methods, laser scanners vs. imagebased barcode readers and important considerations when selecting a barcode reader.

OnSSI’s new Ocularis v5.4 release sets high standards OnSSI announces the release of Ocularis version 5.4, the latest version to the company’s industry leading Video Management Software (VMS) solution. This newest release further expands Ocularis’ ability to provide end users with a comprehensive yet easyto-use video management platform that accommodates the latest industry trends and expands on-the-go coverage. New to Ocularis 5.4 is support for H.265 compression for exceptional image quality with less data, and a reduction of video bandwidth usage and storage requirements.

Curtiss-Wright launches contactless thumbwheel roller Curtiss-Wright Industrial division has announced the launch of the JC050, a Hall-effect thumbwheel roller that is suitable for integration within joystick hand-grips and other in-cab human-machine interfaces (HMI) in specialty offhighway vehicles. Designed by the Corporation’s brand family of Penny & Giles, the JC050 features a low under-panel depth of 23mm and return-tocenter functionality over a range of ±37° roller travel. The new thumbwheel roller is rated for 3 million operating cycles thanks to the use of non-contacting, Hall-effect sensing technology. The JC050 roller benefits from a ‘pass through’ design for any liquid or dust contamination. Electronic robustness is assured by sealing of the internal electronics to a rating of IP67.

Universal introduces series-wired model Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. will expand its ESR Series of electronic sign ballasts for magnetic replacement with the addition of rapid-start, series-wired ballasts. The ESR Series is a direct replacement option for magnetic ballasts in existing T8HO and T12HO illuminated signs. The ESR Series sign ballasts increase the company’s comprehensive lineup of solutions for sign and outdoor illumination and offer another alternative for magnetic ballast replacement. For use in series-wired applications, the ESR Series ballasts provides superior lamp life even in cold-temperature environments.

Metric size steel indexing plungers by J.W. Winco

Leading material-handling industry trends for 2017-2018

J.W. Winco, Inc. announced it now offers GN 817.8 metric size, steel indexing plungers with removable pin lock-out or non lock-out type. The RoHS compliant GN 817.8 indexing plungers are designed so that special versions of the indexing pins can be made economically in smaller unit quantities. If required, the indexing pins can be machined or made by the user. They are assembled with a countersunk screw and can therefore be assembled several times. All parts are supplied individually as a disassembled set. One version of the indexing plungers is used for applications where the plunger has to stay in its retracted position.

More than simple tools of the trade, forklifts are increasingly the focus of true fleet management by their various industrial and commercial owners. Such maturation of the materialhandling industry is among the leading trends that were observed by Camso’s Product Line Executive Director, Erick Bellefleur, during the successful ProMat 2017 held in Chicago this April. This year, a record number of 900+ exhibitors spread over two halls at Chicago’s McCormick Place attracted over 40,000 materialhandling professionals to the exposition. What we see with larger fleets is that managers are becoming more and more concerned about the following question: “how much is it costing me to maintain our entire fleet of forklift trucks?”


August 2017



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2010 TOYOTA 8FGL20

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118” Mast, Hours: Less than 1,000



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189”FSV Mast









2008 YALE GDP155

2008 CAPACITY TJ5000


180”V Mast



DOT Rated




171” FSV Mast, Hours: 3,000 $




2008 Toyota 8FD25, 16407, Diesel, 189” Mast, Sideshifter

2010 Toyota 8BRU23, 4,500 lbs., 36V, 270” Mast, Sideshifter (4 in stock)

2011 Toyota 8FGU15, 3,000 lbs., LP, 189” Mast, Sideshifter

2005 Toyota 7FG25, 5,000 lbs., Gas, 169” Mast, Sideshifter

2007 Toyota 7BRU23, 4,500 lbs., 36V, 270” Mast, Sideshifter (4 in stock)


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Keep your fleet on the floor and out of the maintenance shop. Finally there is a wheel engineered for the demands of today’s 24/7 warehouses. Falconium utilizes a revolu-



tionary break through in polymer chemistry to give you wheels that carry up to 40% heavier loads and can withstand the internal heat buildup that causes yesterday’s wheels to fail. €

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August 2017 Material Handling Wholesaler