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February July 2017 2016


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Fork Carriage (instead of mast tilt) handling at highTilt lift heights For higher derated capacity and safe handling at high lift heights

Capacities from 3,300 to 22,000 lbs Capacities from 3,300 to 22,000 lbs Proportional Valve Technology

Solid and Robust Lifting Masts With high capacities and extended

Solid and Robust Lifting Masts load centers

Proportional operation of allValve lifting Technology mast functions

Infinitely !nfinitely variable variable and and smooth smooth

With high capacities and extended load centersSingle Levers Sensitive

!nfinitely variable and smooth operation of all lifting mast functions

Sensitive Single Levers

For operation of all mast functions

For operation of all mast functions

Diesel/LPG Engine Options With the latest Tier ratings

Diesel/LPG Engine Options With the and latestOutdoor Tier ratings Indoor Application For combined or pure outdoor use

• In lengthwise drive, the HUBTEX DQ series can FOURWAY ALL-WHEEL TECHNOLOGY quickly transport long material through narrow • In lengthwise drive, the HUBTEX DQ series can doors and aisles. quickly transport long material through narrow • doors In crosswise drive, the HUBTEX DQ series can and aisles. be used as conventional frontloader. • In crosswise drive, the HUBTEX DQ series can • be Circle enables a fastfrontloader. turning of the truck. useddrive as conventional •HIGH-PERFORMANCE-STEERING Circle drive enables a fast turning of the truck. (HPS) • Up to 60% faster changeover from longitudinal HIGH-PERFORMANCE-STEERING (HPS) to crosswise operation compared to competitive • Up to 60% faster changeover from longitudinal steering systems. Saves time, saves money. to crosswise operation compared to competitive • steering Up to 30% smallerSaves turning radius bymoney. means of systems. time, saves the load wheels. Saves space, saves money. • Up to 30% smaller turning radius by means of (available the 3049, 3051 andsaves 3052money. series) the loadfor wheels. Saves space, (available for the 3049, 3051 and 3052 series)

Indoor and Outdoor Application For combined or pure outdoor use Fourway Technology

3 in 1 Frontloader, Sideloader 3and in Fourway 1 Sideloader Frontloader, Sideloader and Fourway Sideloader

Allows lengthwise, crosswise

Fourway and circle Technology drive

Hydrostatic All-Wheel Drive Hydrostatic Ensures optimal traction on All-Wheel Drive gradients and in all weather

Allows lengthwise, crosswise and circle drive

Ensures optimal traction on gradients and in all weather

As the exclusive distributor of Hubtex sideloaders in North America, Design Storage & Handling, Inc. offers a dedicated team of sideloader experts to tailor any model of the world’s largest and As the exclusive distributor of Hubtex sideloaders in North America, Design Storage & Handling, most complete range of long load handling equipment to your specific application. Inc. offers a dedicated team of sideloader experts to tailor any model of the world’s largest and most complete range of longteam load is handling to yourlargest specificsideloader application.replacement Our nationwide support backedequipment by the single parts inventory not just in North America, but anywhere in the world! Our nationwide support team is backed by the single largest sideloader replacement parts inventory not just in North America, but anywhere in the world!


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February 2017 • Vol. 38 No. 2


Sales Trends

Art Sobzcak

How to revive cold leads

Alva Coffman Account Executive


Your Business

Kathy Regan Editor

Eileen Schmidt

Akro-Mils celebrates 70 years

Cover Story

New technologies Industry News streamline warehouses 32 Nuts & Bolts


Mary Glindinning


Spencer Birkenholz / Eric Faramus Graphic Desginers


36 Shifting Gears

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February 2017


Cover Story Mary Glindinning

New technologies streamline warehouses


February 2017

right side of a right-handed person for the morning shift, and then changes to the left side for a left-handed person in the afternoon shift,” Hennessey said. Other changes in the warehouse have already begun. Starting Jan. 1, 2017, the California Energy Commission requires that all battery chargers sold in California must operate at certain levels of energy efficiency and that charging technologies manufactured on or after Jan. 1, without the CEC regulatory approval logo, cannot be sold or supplied in California. “For consumer products, the Department of Energy’s similar (actually more stringent) requirements will apply in all 50 states in July 2018,” said Chris Botting, head of research engineering for Delta-Q Technologies. “CEC’s requirements for industrial chargers may spread piecemeal at the state level; Oregon has already adopted them, and others have considered adoption.” But it is in effect a national standard. “That’s how we view it. No original equipment manufacturers will want to sell two different products in different states,” Botting said.



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Probably before you see self-driving vehicles on the roads, you will see them in warehouses. The OTTO self-driving vehicles (SDV) are ready for use in warehouses, said spokesman Meghan Hennessey. Designed by OTTO Motors, for material transport, they are already at work in factories. Although OTTO isn’t in any warehouses yet, it is ready and the company is working with a number of organizations to build out plans. “One of the core advantages of the OTTO SDV is to improve productivity in the workplace. We’ve developed OTTO to have human-like characteristics - it can move dynamically through its environment, detect and avoid obstacles and indicate to its human colleagues where it’s going to move. The self-driving vehicle is a piece of the Industry 4.0 vision that strives for lights-out operation. As advanced technologies, including OTTO, move into the industry, it will take on the dull, mundane tasks that are, of recent times, difficult to fill by people, and people will begin to move into more complex roles, such as business strategy, sales or controls engineering,” Hennessey said. She said that as with the horse and buggy to the car, or the computer to the accountant, self-driving vehicles will displace some people from the jobs that they are currently doing in order to create a more productive workforce. The roles people will fill will require creative thought, complexity and empathy. “These roles will typically be of higher value, meaning those employees will experience better job satisfaction and maintain a higher quality of life. It won’t happen immediately, but rather be a gradual shift over time,” she said. The OTTO 1500 is made for heavy-load material transport and is designed to move palatalized loads over long distances. Once integrating OTTO, return on investment is reached within 12 to 18 months, she said. “The solution offers infrastructure-free navigation, which means it does not require the use of beacons, barcodes or preplanned laser paths. Because no infrastructure is required, it allows for a very flexible system; minimal changes are required to integrate the system into a facility. OTTO uses the same underlying technology that is used in the Google driverless car, which is to say that it uses sensors as well as perception and navigation software,” Hennessey said. It avoids obstacles and is collaborative, she said. “It uses sounds and light patterns that are similar to cars we drive on outdoor roads. For example, when it turns right, the right turning signal blinks. These queues help warehouse staff understand its behavior and work closely with it. Also, because OTTO is a very flexible system, it can be programmed to the extent that it pics up a package on the


ry 2017 2016 July Februa


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nal & professio on. timely shipment drawings to 100% Customer Satisfacti From concept s are the Unirak provides racking structure installation, of and dynamic Trust decades warehouse. Quality pallet mills, robotic of the modern roll-forming to complement backbone state-of-the-art powder coating experience, and hi-gloss welding cells . your operation


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February 2017


Cover Story “Older ferroresonant and silicon controlled rectifierbased chargers will be practically eliminated from the market. This will also result in meaningful reductions in electricity usage for end users – which is good for the environment and the bottom line,” he said. ”Check that your battery charger is CEC listed; ask your charger supplier, or visit California’s online appliance efficiency database. If efficiency improvements need to be made, use a high-frequency switchmode charger that uses power factor correction. Minimize AC and DC cable resistances by keeping lengths short and using heavier gauge wires. Select a higher nominal voltage (ex. 48V instead of 24V). Reduce parasitic AC and DC power draw, and don’t use indefinite float charging. If necessary, switch to a more energy efficient battery chemistry: from flooded lead acid, to sealed lead acid or to lithium ion,” Botting said. The way forklifts work and interact with their operators is also changing. “The forklift is becoming a mobile information technology hub capable of collecting and processing data from products, operators, the environment and other material handling systems,” said Andy Smith, director of marketing product management for Crown Equipment. “We will continue to see new technology being introduced that will create a fully connected forklift that provides visibility into operations in support of a business’ desire to simplify labor management, achieve greater cost control and strategically adjust to evolving needs. Forklifts not only move goods, but with sensors decreasing in cost, they can increasingly track and record data. “The good news for those looking to scale their investment is that a connected forklift is not an all-or-nothing proposition. A minimal investment in a connected forklift can provide savings and benefits that can fund future investments that expand the scope and value of the program,” Smith said. “New technologies are disrupting warehouses globally at a faster pace than we’ve seen before.” But with enhanced connection between operators and forklifts and managers with employees, the result can be a safer and more productive environment. The environment must also be healthy and safe. “There is an increasing demand for more environmentally friendly, low emission options throughout the market and more automation and integration with existing systems. At the same time, the market is also emphasizing operator friendly features as the industry becomes increasingly aware of the importance of ergonomics,” said Justin Engel, marketing specialist for Starke Forklift. “And, as always, there is always a push towards maximizing storage density with narrower aisles and higher storage options. As far as the push towards sustainability, Stärke utilizes high efficiency AC motors in all of our electric forklifts and lift equipment, while also utilizing CARB IV engines for our LPG forklifts. We’ve also addressed the issue of operator comfort by reducing vibration and noise (particularly in our new XVI line of forklifts), improving 8

February 2017

visibility to reduce unnecessary/awkward movements, and ensuring the ergonomic design of our control systems.” Scott Wiley, industrial product line manager for AkroMils, sees technology and security as trends to watch. Companies use technology to “do more with less,” he said, including managing inventory and controlling costs. Companies protect their investment by limiting tool use to those who need them and having safe storage. “Some of our new products that tie directly into these trends are placing keyless locks on storage cabinets and having lockable work carts and tables,” Wiley said. Mary Glindinning is a freelance writer who has worked at daily and weekly newspapers for more than 20 years. She lives in rural Shullsburg, Wis. E-mail to contact Mary.

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February 2017


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5,000 lb. cap, 82”/189” LP, bare front

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February 2017


for REMAN means... BEST VALUE FOR $SPENT COMPETITIVE Pricing BEST Core Policy - BEST Warranty



February 2017


Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi

The course of the river At the beginning of every year most companies take an assessment of their progress over the preceding 12 months, and set goals and objectives that if obtained in the ensuing year, most likely will require managing a change of some type within the organization. Everyone who has been in this business for a while is aware that there are a myriad of “holes” into which your profits can fall if the practices within the organization allow it. The process of managing change has become its own science in today’s world. Usually the choice to change is marked by a long standing, albeit outdated or inefficient process. No doubt the people executing the current process find it familiar and easy. In many cases these long standing processes have dug a watercourse into the culture and practice of your business. L.C. Rockhill was the Director of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in 1921. In the 1920’s Mr. Rockhill was dedicated to what we now call “change management.” This is a quote from one of his writings: “Nature is prone to follow the easy way. The river follows in its natural channel to the sea, but if you want to start a mill you must dam up the river, or change its course. So it is with human nature. We are prone to run along in the customary grooves which we have worn, or which someone has tramped out for us. But if we would have a big harvest, we must cultivate hard the good tendencies, and uproot the bad. We must change the course of our activities into new paths.” L.C. Rockhill – Director of the Goodyear tire and Rubber Co (1921) Changing the course of a river is a task fraught with difficulties. There are several ways to START the process, but my experience has been that the task is usually underestimated, and that the difficulty of the task is in direct proportion to the length of time that the existing procedure has been in place. The steps in most cases follow this pattern: • Step 1 - Assess the current state of operations. • Step 2 - Identify the limiting steps that must change in order to improve. • Step 3 - Draft a plan to address the deficiencies. • Step 4 - Implement the plan. • Step 5 - Relentlessly enforce the changes. Step 1 through Step 3 are normally the easiest and fastest steps in the process. The reason is simple. These steps don’t require anything from the people who will actually execute the change in procedure. I think that must have been the inspiration for Robert Burns when he wrote over 200 years ago “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” It’s clear to me that all of our efforts to cogitate and investigate, 12

February 2017

are cancelled out by our inability to communicate. This goes right back to “turning on the buy-in switch” that I wrote about back in December. For all of the fantastic digital tools at our disposal, aftermarket organizations in our business are still reliant on the ability of PEOPLE to carry out the policies and procedures we want to embrace. This is why I think it would be smart to revise the list of steps in making changes. • Step 1 - Assess the current state of operations. • Step 2 - Identify the limiting steps that must change in order to improve. • Step 3 - Draft a plan to address the deficiencies. • Step 4- Get input from staff members on the best ways to meet the goals. • Step 5- Adjust the plan based on this input. • Step 6 – Communicate the plan in its entirety to all participants. • Step 7 - Implement the plan. • Step 8- Relentlessly enforce the changes. Building new processes from the inside out takes longer in the planning stage, but can generate significant dividends in implementation. The processes are much easier to install when your people not only understand the nuts and bolts of the tasks to be accomplished, but also understand why the change is necessary, and what benefits can be obtained by adopting the changes instead of simply enduring them. This gives the crew a personal stake, and ties them to the process. Even with everyone on the same page, many times it can still be difficult to keep that river from finding its original channel. This is why you cannot cheat on step number 8. The final step by all measures will be the most difficult step, and the one that, if left unfinished, can undo all the hard work accomplished in step 1-7. Step 8 truly is the arduous task of redirecting the river. In many cases, even after you have properly communicated and gotten consensus, it takes several months, sometimes up to a year of relentless enforcement in order to solidify the process. New processes also may affect people that sit outside your direct influence. It is always important to include ALL stakeholders in both the planning and the execution of a new process if possible. Getting their buy-in may be more difficult, but they must ALSO benefit from the changes. If your new process only makes it harder, or more expensive, for another department, it’s only reasonable to expect that they will seek to undermine what you have worked so hard to accomplish. Outside influences aside, the primary obstacle you will face is your own crew’s familiarity with the current

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February 2017


Aftermarket procedure. The way that things are being done now is not only understood, it’s also very comfortable. When you change that, you are asking people to voluntarily put themselves at risk of making mistakes in a new and uncomfortable process. This is why step 8 is so necessary. Whenever afforded the opportunity, people will continue to lean toward the old, comfortable way of doing things. They will generate every possible excuse why it’s OK to fail at the new process. It’s your job to eliminate these excuses for failure, and vigorously enforce the change. When you don’t, it sends a very powerful message about your resolve, your commitment and your leadership. At times managers can even buy in to the compelling excuses why change cannot take place. This is dangerous territory. What you will eventually find is that the very same people, who resisted your attempts at progress, will then blame you when things never improve. Enforcement is an aftermarket manager’s commitment to change. Establishing a new normal takes daily attention, and constant focus. You must row this boat until you reach the shore. It helps to keep citing the benefits of following the new plan. Find ways to illustrate how those benefits are helping the cause. Give your people a reason to keep believing in the change. People are more likely to row with you when they see tangible improvement for themselves.


February 2017

But when they won’t let you persuade them, then you will need to compel them. Sooner or later the new way, will become the way we do it, and now it begins to carry its own familiarity and comfort. Imagine that! Dave Baiocchi is the president of Resonant Dealer Services LLC. He has spent 33 years in the equipment business as a sales manager, aftermarket director and dealer principal. Dave now consults with dealerships nationwide to establish and enhance best practices, especially in the area of aftermarket development and performance. E-mail to contact Dave.

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February 2017


Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

The future is NOW! I have to quit reading all these publications I receive on the various email accounts I have open. They keep giving me crazy ideas how to make more money in this industry, but at the same time disrupt the status quo. For example, I am looking at an article that appeared in Equipment World... and I am telling myself that I am looking at the future of most of the equipment industry. Let me show you the headline for the article I am reading: Texas shop remanufactures pickups in under 48 hours, sells them for half price. Wow... I say... are they kidding me? And I look again at a picture of a nice looking F150 and say what will that sell for ....$20,000- $25,000? If so, quite a deal, especially when you receive a three-year, 75,000-mile warranty as part of the deal. The rebuild includes rebuilt engine, transmission, drivetrain and any necessary interior and body work. The article does not spell out if a core is required or how they get the trucks they rebuild. The company name is Vehicle Reman and the website is So the obvious question is... if we can do this for F150’s... why can’t we do it for lift trucks? And the answer is... we can and probably in line with a similar timetable to the F150 rebuild. Where I work in the rental industry we have been refurbishing (not remanufacturing) units for about 30-60 hours that adds another four or five years of time utilization to a rental unit. All I would need to do is basically replace the engine with a rebuilt engine and I am pretty close to the F150 model. So, if you were a customer would you look at a remanufactured unit for a 40-50% discount? I think many would be willing to give it a try, which is why I believe this extended-life equipment scenario is going to disrupt the standard OEM/dealer supply chain as we know it today. Should this disruption continue, fewer new units will be required to the extent that many OEM’s would have their supply chain materially disrupted. OEM’s would do great selling parts, but still require a reduction in fixed cost to cover their current financial commitments. The used equipment market would firm up because you would have rebuilders looking for core units to remanufacture. If they are dealers they would have attractive parts pricing which will help offset the loss of gross profit margins from selling new units. Who knows, OEM’s may have to compete in this business themselves and most likely compete against their own dealer network.


February 2017

So far this sounds very feasible... if not for the appraisal and financing aspects of the transactions. This probably requires a new category within the used equipment sector so that these remanufactured units receive a reasonable valuation in terms of their extended useful life. I imagine a buyer would have a file supporting all the work done to the unit, along with the cost of the remanufactured unit being purchased, that supports the expected time utilization similar to what a new unit would deliver. All we have to do now is convince a bank or appraiser that we have a transaction that supports financing similar to what a customer would get when financing a new unit (similar being the key word). The loan terms may not exactly duplicate new unit terms but should be close, with residuals being another key issue to deal with until a history of these remanufactured units is established. In any event, both banks and appraisers will have a hard time trying to segregate remanufactured units into a new category for reporting and analysis purposes. Dealers with the capacity to manage their shop to do this type of work should find it quite profitable compared to new unit margins. OEM’s would need to adopt their supply chain to one with fewer new sales but higher parts sales, which may work out ok since parts sales are quite profitable for OEM’s. And, it is entirely possible that lift truck rental units (as opposed to customer owned units) could make up for missed sales opportunities. Take a look at that crystal ball in front of you and tell me what you see. Do you see your dealership getting more into rental units, refurbished units and possibly remanufactured units? I see equipment costs going higher and higher each year with customers looking for cheaper solutions to what they have now. Look closer, you may see yourself being a remanufactured unit OEM. Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC. E-mail to contact Garry.

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2007 Genie Z45/25, 500 lbs., Diesel, 45’

2011 Toyota 8FGU15, 3,000 lbs., LP, 189” Mast, Sideshifter 2005 Toyota 7FG25, 5,000 lbs., Gas, 169” Mast, Sideshifter


2006 Aisle Master 44S, 4,000 Lbs., LP, 203” Mast, Sideshifter

2006 Terex TH842, 8,000 lbs., Diesel Fuel

1.866.506.2200 •

Printed in the U.S.A. ©2016, The Ousset Agency, Inc. wo#5230

Available Used Equipment – More in Stock, Call Omar For Listing

15217 Grand River Rd • Fort Worth, TX, 76155 • P: 817.359.1100 • F: 817.359.1110

February 2017



February 2017

PARTNER with AIT. Give Your Customers More Than They Expect. Give Them AIT’s Quality and Your Service.


American Industrial Transmission Inc. 20395 Hannan Pkwy. Walton Hills, OH


Fx 440-232-8142


February 2017


Your Wholesale Supplier for Material Handling and Storage Solutions Large stock available for quick ship | Competitive prices. Great service and support | High quality you can rely on More than 70 year of experience in the industry Contact us and become part of our partners network ATLAS MEGA STEEL 305.965.2226 / 305.556.2222 |

Pallet racking - Boltless Shelving Steel Shelving - Material Handling Equipment


We Accept:

Equipment, Inc.

440-232-1422 Akron | Cleveland, OH 44146


Over 35 years of satisfied customers!

We specialize inindependable reconditioned We specialize dependable reconditioned

batteries & chargers calibrated to BATTERIES AND CHARGERS factory specs by our certifi ed by technical staff. calibrated to factory specs our certified technical staff. Hobart—Enersys—Applied Energy Solutions—C&D —and more!

♦ Hobart ♦ Enersys The ARCON Difference Not just used chargers, but used ♦ Applied Energy The ARCON Difference chargers that are tested, calibrated, Solutions Not just used chargers, chargers thatinput are tested, andbut setused to match the AC voltage ♦ C&D calibrated, and set to match the ACWorking input voltage youfor specify. you specify. & ready use! ♦ and more! Working & ready for use!

GoodUsed Used Batteries WANTED Good Batteries WANTED We will buy quantities! Call us with details – We will buy quantities! Call us with details— we want your GOOD surplus stock only! we want your GOOD surplus stock only!


February 2017

Materials Handling Solutions for Your Industry Combilift, leaders in providing innovative material handling solutions including Sideloaders, 4-Way Forklifts and Straddle Carriers offer products designed to handle long and oversized loads better than anyone else, guaranteeing considerable improvements in space utilization and safety. With capacities ranging from 3,200 to over 180,000lbs, it’s a safe choice to go with Combilift.

• Improved storage utilization • Safer product handling • Increased productivity • Indoor / Outdoor Introducing the


The compact multi-directional reach truck with superb maneuverability

Featuring 360° steering and a multi-functional joystick allowing smooth seamless motion and change of direction, in addition to full control of all the hydraulic functions. This contributes to faster procedures and safety for manufacturing, distribution and logistics operations.

Contact us Today to schedule a Free Site Survey on 877-COMBI-56 or

February 2017


Human Element Caliper Corp.

Is 2017 the year robots finally take over? Hollywood has produced no shortage of films about robot rebellion over the years, but in the early days of scifi cinema, the malevolent robot was usually just a metallic version of the rubber-suited monster. It had no agenda beyond smashing stuff and kidnapping a helpless damsel with an inclination for screaming and fainting. That all changed with the arrival of HAL 9000 in Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the movie, HAL, a computer with artificial intelligence, is meant to support and interact with astronauts on a mission to Jupiter. HAL malfunctions, of course, and tries to do in the crew by shutting off life-support systems and being generally uncooperative. While that film may have been, in part, a cautionary tale about overreliance on technology, it wasn’t until The Terminator (1984), a film featuring a time-traveling robot assassin, that AI really got scary. In the Terminator series, we learn that a computer network called Skynet has achieved self-awareness, and, upon deciding that humans are a threat to its existence, goes on the attack via an army of killer machines. For the first time, technological malfunction is not the cause of the robot takeover. It’s a technological breakthrough that causes the conflict. Which leads us to McDonald’s kiosks (naturally). You may have read that the fast-food giant has begun rolling out order-taking kiosks in certain locations, presumably with the goal of eventually converting all of its restaurants. The kiosks allow customers to punch up their own meals (similar to ordering pizza online), thus eliminating the need for counter staff. Robot arms to prepare and bag the food are also being considered. One day in the near future, if you get pickles you didn’t want on your Quarter Pounder, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. You pressed the wrong button. These kiosks are causing quite a stir, not because people are worried the machines might uproot themselves and come after us with laser guns, but because of what they say about the future of employment. It’s no secret that automation technology has been replacing human workers for a while now, and advances in AI are only going to accelerate that shift. Amid the inevitable workforce upheaval, however, some fields that still require people will grow. Which is good for a company like Caliper that specializes in pre-employment personality assessments. Frankly, robots don’t have personalities, which means they don’t have hopes and dreams. And that is why they will never be as valuable as people. What makes companies successful is bringing people together from different backgrounds – with different experiences, motivations, ideas and interests – and then seeing what magic they create together. Automation may be a tool that people use to achieve human goals, but it does not exist for its own sake. 22

February 2017

Robots helped, but it was humans who (spoiler alert) blew up the Death Star in Star Wars, no? I’d like to think, hopefully, that robots will always be our servants and never our overlords. Gimme C3PO and keep your Arnold Schwarzenegger-lookin’ death machines, thanks. Now, anyone who watched season one of HBO’s hit series Westworld is aware of the show’s philosophical argument: that we humans are doomed to follow a prepreprogrammed code just like the robots that inhabit the titular theme park, even when joining a rebellion against whomever we view as our oppressor. But come on, that is way too deep for a business blog like this one. I’m more concerned that, since season two of Westworld won’t air until 2018 (!), AI technology might take over while we’re waiting, rendering the show irrelevant. Don’t mess with my TV, robots! About Caliper - For nearly half a century, Caliper has been helping companies achieve peak performance by advising them on hiring the right people, managing individuals most effectively and developing productive teams. To find out more about how Caliper can help you identify and develop people who can lead your organization to peak performance, please visit us at or call us at 609-524-1200. Email to contact Caliper.

New & Used Forklifts • Coil Tractors • Railcar Movers Yard Tractors • Container Handlers & More

To see a complete list of our inventory, visit our new online showroom at

Contact us at 800-708-9765 or 412-490-5311

Best in Class

When press-on tire performance is your priority use Rhino.

Rhino R1 Press-On Tires •

Best design to optimize traction, stability and wear

Best compounding for optimal low-rolling resistance, shock absorption and tire life

Best overall performance and lowest cost of ownership Rhino is Best in Class

Move it fast… Move it safe… MOVE IT ON RHINO. Easy to Find...Tough to Beat.

Warehouse: 234-678-7863 Toll Free: 877-744-6603 Fax: 888-480-8611

Checkout our new website at and be sure to click on the Quick Quote button.

Rhino Rubber Warehouse • 275-299 N. Arlington St. • Akron, OH 44306

RR_R1_MHW8.375x10.875.indd 1

1/25/16 February 2017

8:55 AM


Sales Trends Art Sobzcak

How to revive cold leads Last month I was interviewed for an article on how to revive leads that have gone cold. In case you didn’t see that article online, I shared some useful info that might apply to you, so here are the suggestions I gave in response to the author’s questions. Q. When is it a good idea to approach a cold lead? When should you leave them alone? Art: I suggest the more time and the further you have gone into a process the more emphasis should be placed on revisiting a lead. You’ve already done a lot of heavy lifting, another attempt might break the logjam. Q. Is there typically a lot of business to be had from leads that have gone cold? Haven’t those leads gone cold for a reason? Art: There could be, if the “lead” truly was good to begin with. If a salesperson doesn’t do a good job of qualifying and getting a person interested and engaged, then there never was potential to begin with, therefore there might not be any potential. Q. What should you change about your approach when you’re re-engaging a cold lead? Art: It depends. If you are having a difficult time getting any response, then I suggest trying all modes of communication to get a response. Phone, fax, email, handwritten note, FedEx, carrier pigeon…whatever. Otherwise, a call is the fastest, cheapest approach. Q. What is the biggest mistake made by reps who are following up with cold leads? Art: Not having anything new to bring to the table than, “Uh, I’m just checking back with you.” Q. What should a rep do first when reestablishing contact? Art: Remind them of what they were interested in previously, and then bring some new possible value to the table to re-engage them. Q. How can you approach your lead without risking their annoyance? Art: See the previous answer. Have new possible value.


February 2017

Q. When should you cut bait on a lead? Art: It’s a case by case decision. Depends a lot on the possible return vs. investment of time, figuring in the futility of attempts to this point. Q. How should it be done? Is there a way to cut bait that still leaves the door open for contact in the future or should a rep just wash his or her hands of that prospect for good? Art: Leave a voice mail reinforced with an email that says, “I’ve attempted to reach you multiple times, and I’m a bit puzzled since I thought that we were in agreement that (x-solution) would help you to (benefit). There’s just a few letters difference between ‘persistence’ and ‘pest’ and I don’t want to cross that line. If this is something that is no longer a priority, I understand. Could you please simply hit reply in the email I’m sending to let me know how I should proceed?” Q. What is the biggest mistake made by reps who are giving up on a lead? Art: Not EVER calling or keeping in touch. Things change. Reps should have some type of long-term nurture campaign that initiates some contact of value at least a couple times a year… reports, videos, anything they might find useful that keeps your name in front of them. Q. Is there an ROI on cutting bait? Art: Of course, time is more important than money. We can make more money, not time. Q. Any other tips? Art: Ask for and get decisions… commitments on next steps in the sales process. This minimizes leads that go cold. A NO today is better than following up repeatedly on a black hole. Art Sobczak helps sales pros prospect, sell and service accounts more effectively by using conversationally, non-sales messaging, and without “rejection.” Get a free ebook of 501 telephone sales tips at Email editorial to contact Art.

For more Sales Trends articles go to

FORK–CO USA SALES, LLC NOW...MORE THAN FORKS Built in texas Slab Bundle Extractors

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Fork Positioners Rotators

n Clamps Pipe Hold-Dow Jib Cranes

And More, and more, and more...


Fork–Co USA, dba Unit Load Handling p: 888.367.5260 | 281.692.1667 | f: 281.692.1450 | WWW.FORK-CO.COM

February 2017


Your Business Eileen Schmidt

Akro-Mils celebrates 70 years 70 years ago, brothers bonded their initials together to create a company name. Isidore and Louis Myers referenced their original last name of Schneiderman along with the town of the company’s birth, Akron, Ohio, to name AkroMils. Isidore was put in charge of the company after the formation on Oct. 4, 1946. Some of the first products manufactured were steel cabinets with plastic metal drawers for the consumer market, according to an online history of the company. By the mid-1950s, the company was regularly exhibiting various metal cabinets at trade shows and the 1960s brought an expansion of plastic boxes and other small parts containers manufactured from polystyrene. A new manufacturing plant was constructed in Akron in 1964 on a property leased by sister company Myers Tire Supply and the company’s flagship product, the AkroBin®, was introduced in 1972. The business moved to a plant in Wadsworth, Ohio just two years later. In the following years the company marked the following achievements according to the Akro-Mils timeline: • 1986 – entered the lawn and garden industry with the manufacturing of Plas Terra flower pots. • 1999 – designed and introduced the ProCart™, a structural foam utility cart with side gates on the upper and lower shelves that allow for conversion from a box-top to a flat-top. • 2000 – purchased RB/Dura Manufacturing, a maker of material handling carts in Sandusky, Ohio. In 2003, a modern powder-coating finishing operation is added in the Sandusky plant. • 2005 – headquarters moved to Myers Industries’ L.S Myers Training Center in Akron. • 2010 – Akro-Mils lead innovation of Kanban inventory management systems with the introduction of the bi-color Indicator® Bin. • 2014 – Akro-Mils introduced the Multi-Load Tote. • 2015 – A new warehouse facility is built across the street from the Wadsworth plant. Much has been accomplished in Akro-Mils’ seven decades of operation and today the business is a leading manufacturer of plastic and metal storage, organization, transport and material handling products in industrial, 26

February 2017

medical and pharmaceutical, commercial, and consumer markets, according to the business. “Akro-Mils is dedicated to providing innovative, quality products that help customers improve inventory control and overall efficiency,” the website says. The AkroBin® remains “the industry leading hanging and stacking bin,” according to the business. A focus on “rigorous quality standards” and “bestin-class” customer service has also been part of the seven decades of operation, business leaders say. The company has also honed a wealth of expertise on organization, offering a blog and other articles to consumers on the subject available at In one case study, the plant manager of a 562,000-square-foot distribution and fulfillment center in Kentucy explained why Akro-Mils’ 35230 Nest & Stack Totes were selected. They ride well on the conveyors, greatly increase efficiency, and only a small number of totes have required replacing over the years. “It’s clear that no one else could supply the product Akro-Mils did,” the manager said in the Akro-Mils report. “To be honest, we rarely think about the totes because we never have any problems with them,” he said. For those looking to better organize their operations this year, Akro-Mils recommends the use of the 5S Lean process – sort, set, shine, standardize, sustain – in organization. “Organizations that invest in a 5S process gain productivity, create higher quality products and lower operating costs by simply implementing a system of waste removal, visual identification and efficient use of space,” Akro-Mils reports. Eileen Schmidt is a freelance writer and journalist based in the Greater Milwaukee area. She has written for print and online publications for the past 12 years. Email editorial@ or visit to contact Eileen. 

For more Your Business articles go to

Continental develops a CLEAN Tire Technology while manufacturing millions of passenger and truck tires. CLEAN Tire Technology is the “Secret” to Continental’s press-on-band and resilient tires outperforming the competition — in many cases lasting more than twice as long as our competitors brands or longer. Continental blends Natural Rubber and Silica together at the molecular level creating a New, Stronger Compound.



• Up to 50% less rolling resistance

• As much as 9% savings in energy

• • • •

than the competition Up to 50% lower running temperature than the competition High wear & chunk resistance Highly elastic, shock-absorbing rubber Simply a better made, higher quality non-marking tire

costs and a reduced carbon footprint

• Cooler running, less tread wear, • • •

greater retention of load capacity Little or no compromise in performance versus standard black tires Greater rider comfort and protection of truck components A tire that often times lasts twice as long as our competitors’ tires

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February 2017


12/21/15 1:41 PM

PROTECT YOUR FORKLIFT FLEET PACE-One G2 Top Speed Limiter PACE-One ZSC Zone Speed Control

Remanufactured Transmissions, Engines, Torque Converters, Steer Axles, Overhaul Kits and Aftermarket Parts for: • Material Handling • Construction • Agricultural Equipment

With Multiple Speed Settings

Dot-Lok G2 Transmission Shift Inhibitor Traction Control Access Control / Impact sensing Plug & Play Installation



Safety Systems & Controls, Inc. 800/318-2022

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Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

PROTECT-A-LIFT TRUCK™ t SHRINKWRAP PROTECTION FOR Go red! e e v v ’ We u Co TRANSPORT & OUTDOOR STORAGE Yo ★ Large Heavy Duty ~ 6 Mil ~ Clear Shrink Polyethylene Bags ★

For The Best Over-The-Road Protection This Winter! TUFF TRUK™ TRANSPORT BAGS t Deliver Electrics Safely In The Rain And Snow t Economical – Under $16 – Cheap Insurance t Cover All Types Of Lift Trucks And Equipment t Easier and Quicker To Use Than Tarps And Stretchwrap t Rust And UVI Can Be Added For Outdoor Storage

A Tight Form-Fit Covering That Really Stays On!!!


PACKAGING SYSTEMS, INC • Toll Free 800-421-7225 • Fax 203-250-7700 • Email 28

February 2017












IC CUSHIONS 18063 18666 18657 18311 18629 18631 18065 18066 17901

2011 2011 2012 2012 2008 2008 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011 2010 2008


Caterpillar 2C5000 Cat 2C6000 Yale GLC030VX Hyster S40FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S50FT Hyster S50FT

82/187 82/126 92/210 83/189 82/189 82/189 83/129 83/129 83/189

3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 3 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way

S-S, Forks, NEW Tires S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, 42” Forks 3Way 3Way 4Way, No Att. 4Way, No Att. S-S, Forks

96/143 85/163 88/172 85/163 88/187 85/173

3 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way 4 Way

S-S, Forks 4 Way, No Att. PRS, 4Way, No Att. PRS, 4Way PAINTED, No Att. BCS, 4Way Hosed

18113 2006 18842 2012 18782 2008 18721C 2011 18722C 2011 18750 2007 18305 2009 18782 2008

Hyster E30Z Hyster E65XN-36 Yale ERC065GH Yale ERC050VG Yale ERC050VG Yale ERC060GH Yale ERC060VG Yale ERC065GH



82/187 88/187 84/187 88/200 88/200 94/146 88/187 84/187

4 Way 4 Way 3 Way 4 Way 4 Way 2 Way 3 Way 3 Way

4Way, No Att. 4 Way S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S, Forks S-S S-S, 60” Forks S-S, Forks

BIG RIDER ELEC 18164 2011 Hyster E80Z

Hyster S80FT Hyster S120FT Hyster S120FT-PRS Hyster S120FT-PRS Toyota 7FGCU35 Yale GLC080VX

18207 2006 Cat P5000D 18838 2012 Mitsubishi FG25N 18786 2012 Hyster H155FT

18025 2005 Caterpillar EP16KT 82/188 3 Way S-S, Forks 18238 2009 Hyster J40ZT 82/187 3 Way S-S, Forks

STOCKPICKERS 17971 2010 Hyster R30XM2 18778 2006 Yale OS030ECN 18290 2008 Yale OS030BEN

84/188 3 Way S-S, Forks 84/188 3 Way S-S, Forks, NEW Solids 127/173 4 Way S-S,F-P, 72” Forks 0/0 0/0 0/0

18285 2004 Hyster N40XMR3 17822 1998 Kalmar ACNM30W 18746 2010 Yale NDR030DA

N/A N/A 1 Way

17838 2010 Atlet PPC 0/56 2 Way Forks 18032 2007 Crown RC3020-30 95/226 3 Way S-S, Forks 18890 2005 Raymond 420-C40TT 83/188 4 Way

95/187 3 Way S-S/F-P, Forks 95/216 3 Way S-S, 42” Forks 102/238 3 Way Traverse, 42” Forks


MISCELLANEOUS 17635 2010 Cushman 84059



17638 2010 Cushman 84059



18848 2010 Nobles 608622


1 Way

48x72 Flatbed, 3-spd Auto, Full Cab 48 x 72 Flatbed, 3-spd Auto, 2x4, Full Cab, Heater

16270 18501 18286 17930 17931 17937 17321 18286

2007 2005 2012 2010 2010 2010 2003 2012

Cat WR6000 Hyster W40Z Yale MPE080LV Yale MPE080LF Yale MPE080LF Yale MPE080LF Yale MPE080LE Yale MPE080LV

N/A 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 N/A 0/0

Text WEB ID to 27414 1

Web ID: 0MAE

95/212 4 Way S-S, Forks 82/189 4 Way Single Reach, S-S, Forks 95/212 4 Way Deep Reach, S-S, Forks


VNA ARTICULATING 18660 2010 AisleMaster 44S 18494 2011 Bendi B40 IC 17498 2002 Steinbock WM13F

107/243 1 Way Pallet Clamp, Forks 89/195 1 Way 42” Forks, Pallet Clamp 89/195 1 Way 42” Forks, Pallet Clamp


TUGGERS 17353 2008 Hyster T7Z 17359 2008 Hyster T7Z 18886 2011 Yale MTR007

88/185 4 Way 4Way, No att.



Web ID: 0ATY



IC BIG CUSHIONS 18904 18714 18643 18900 17307 17506



Web ID: 0N1V

1 Way 1 Way 1 Way 1 Way 1 Way 1 Way 1 Way 1 Way

27” x 48” Forks 22” x 48” Forks 28”x144” Forks 27 x 48” Forks 27 x 48” Forks 27 x 48” Forks 28” x 96” Forks 28”x144” Forks

BILL’S Pick of the Month


Web ID: 0ATY 18864, 1996 Royal T400C

Web ID: 0NA9


18356, 2011 Toyota 7FGCU70

18543, 2013 Hyster S155FT

Web ID: 4UHA

18426, 2012 Hyster S135FT

Web ID: K4Z5


18864, 1996 Royal T400C 18212, 2010 Caterpillar P33000

Over 800 Forklifts available!





17950, 2005 Hyster H300HD


Bill Zemak | David Herrera | Seth Caldwell |

Tim Smith | Vince Strum | Jimmy Flaherty |

February 2017



SMS Services! It’s the fast & easy way to learn more about specific equipment.

Number of photos online

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• Look for the special Web ID code on selected equipment throughout the magazine

• See additional photos

Call David Baiocchi 209-652-7511

• Aftermarket Consulting • ‘‘Branded” Pre-Formatted Programs



• Equipment Sales Skills Training • Inventory Consolidation

• Text 27414 with the special Web ID • Receive instant info on specific pieces of equipment

Resonant Dealer Services

• Management Compensation Programs STK# 1EQ11695 2006 Hoist P360-48 **ON RENT** Coraopolis PA (800) 708-9765

• Benchmarking • Personal Coaching and Mentoring

877.638.6190 for more information!

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Programs that start producing an ROI on Day One!

THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL Proven Solutions That Work! The NEW NORMAL Trucks Are On The Road Now!




Provide safe, secure, material handling solutions • • • •

One truck that does it all! Various masts up to 360” Operates in 4 1/2 ft. Vna aisle Long load handling

Thomas Lift Truck 30

3-Wheel SLT 22/30 up to SL120 Late models in stock 19842009 Reconditioned Includes Warranty

Combilift 4-Directional Sideloader C5,000 to C17,3000 C6,000GT

FL40EX & FL60EX Explosion Proof Ex Rated Limit your exposure to potential hazards. ANSI/UL583 Label

For more information on Drexel Swingmast, EX Rated Trucks & the Combilift Please contact John Gowland at 1-800-651-5850 or e-mail February 2017

View these pieces of equipment & more on Text the Web ID to 27414 for more equipment details.


Text the






Web ID to 27414 STK# 18384 2008 Yale GLP050VX Pineville NC (877) 725-4461

More photos available



STK# XHME-029 2002 GENIE Z34/22N Des Moines IA (888) 564-2191



STK# 30236 2015 Hoist P550@48 East Chicago IN (312) 307-3472



STK# 2-05-302269 2014 Caterpillar DP50N1 Tukwila WA (888) 689-5831



STK# 20243 2006 Yale GDP155 Fort Lauderdale FL (800) 648-1891 5

STK# 18898 2010 Hyster H120FT Pineville NC (877) 725-4461


STK# 20542 2009 TCM FCG25-4 Fort Lauderdale FL (800) 648-1891



STK# 2-05-302416 2011 Caterpillar 2P5000 Tukwila WA (888) 689-5831



STK# 1EQ11695 2006 Hoist P360-48 **ON RENT** Coraopolis PA (800) 708-9765


STK# 30233 2015 Hoist P550@48 East Chicago IN (312) 307-3472


STK# 20443 2010 Sellick S60 Fort Lauderdale FL (800) 648-1891



STK# 1-06-205965 2012 MANITOU M50.4 Tukwila WA (888) 689-5831



STK# 30231 2015 Hoist P-360@24 East Chicago IN (312) 307-3472



STK# E5509 2007 Hyster E55XM Des Moines IA (888) 564-2191



STK# 18746 2010 Yale NDR030DA Pineville NC (877) 725-4461

Msg & Data Rates May Apply; Ts & Cs, and Privacy Policy:



to buy & sell equipment!

February 2017


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Columbus McKinnon to acquire STAHL CraneSystems Columbus McKinnon Corporation, designer, manufacturer and marketer of material handling products, technologies and services, announced that it has reached an agreement to purchase STAHL CraneSystems (“STAHL”), a business of Konecranes Plc. STAHL is a manufacturer of explosion-protected hoists and crane components and is well known for its custom engineering of lifting solutions and hoisting technology. STAHL serves independent crane builders and Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms, providing products to a variety of end markets including automotive, general manufacturing, oil & gas, steel & concrete, power generation as well as process industries such as chemical and pharmaceuticals. Konecranes is divesting STAHL as a result of the European Union anti-trust review related to their pending acquisition of Terex Corporation’s Material Handling & Port Solutions business.

2017 economic outlook forecasts 3% growth in equipment and software investment Investment in equipment and software is expected to grow 3.0% in 2017, according to the Annual 2017 Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook released today by the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation. After a likely contraction in 2016, equipment and software investment is on track to improve in 2017. According to the Outlook, while persistent global headwinds and policy uncertainty are ongoing concerns, the U.S. economy’s fundamentals are generally solid,

ew a n of e ar ad tor We tribu ® thre dis ERT stem E-S al sy TIM new re

and rising business confidence should lead to increased investment. The Foundation’s report, which is focused on the $1 trillion equipment leasing and finance industry, highlights key trends in equipment investment and places them in the context of the broader U.S. economic climate. The report will be updated quarterly throughout 2017.

Caster Concepts acquires golf equipment manufacturer Caster Concepts Inc., manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial casters and wheels, announces the acquisition of Mitchell Golf Equipment Company, a producer of professional club performance tools, repair equipment and supplies. Caster Concepts relocated production of all Mitchell Golf products from Dayton, Ohio, to its headquarters in Albion. Three of Mitchell’s five employees have relocated to Michigan. Caster Concepts plans to hire an additional three employees to oversee production and sales. The acquisition of Mitchell Golf Equipment fits naturally into Caster Concepts’ plans for growth and expansion. Over the past five years, Caster Concepts has acquired four companies, expanding its manufacturing capabilities, growing its employee base and broadening its market nationally and internationally. Apart from Mitchell Golf Equipment, Caster Concepts has acquired Larcaster/Owl Welding Co.; Modern Suspension Systems, and Albion Machine and Tool.

We make engines our business, see the difference



new cylinder head with valves IN STOCK!

TB45 Nissan engine assemblies

Mitsubishi – Models 4G54, 4G63, 4G64 Mazda – Model FE & F2 GM – Model 2.2 & 2.4 Nissan – H20-II, H25, Z24, K21, K25 and TB42 Toyota – 4Y Volkswagon – 1.9 Diesel Volkswagon – 2.0 Diesel

✓ Professional Staff ready to help answer questions, fast quoting service and the know-how to get the job done right the first time. ✓ Pre-arranged freight discounts.

✓ ALL engines are “hot run” tested assuring a quality product when it leaves our facility. ✓ Centrally located in the Midwest for convenient shipping.

engines Perkins • Continental • GMC • Cummins Hercules/White • Chrysler • IHC Waukesha • Mitsubishi • Peugeot Nissan • Wisconsin • Toyota • Mazda Ford • Allis-Chalmers

new • rebuilt • exchange

1041 S. Vista Ave. • Independence, MO 64056 Call Rick or Dedee • Toll-Free: 800.896.7676 • Phone: 816.796.7676 Fax: 816. 796.6053 E-mail: • 32

February 2017

February 2017


ROLLING MEADOWS, IL | JUNE 7, 2017 The Material Handling Huddle is an opportunity for you to build a more profitable business through networking and education. Increase your knowledge of issues, regulations, products and services vital to our industry. Develop and improve relationships with other dealers and manufacturers. Join us at the Holiday Inn-Rolling Meadows, IL. for an educational one-day conference, June 7, with key industry leaders giving you ideas to take back to your business the next day. This four-session format will include topics that are trending in the industry. Take part in networking opportunities before and during the event, plus a vendor mall for ideas on products and services to expand your product line.


CEO’s, presidents, sales and parts managers, key management and those aspiring to be promoted to management positions in their company.


• Learn from industry experts on dealership profitability • Best practices for increasing client bases and products/services key to revenue generation • Networking with your peers to learn what is currently working in their businesses • Learn industry trends to get ahead of your competition • The event‘s compact format allows you to mix with industry leaders and get answers to your business-specific industry questions • Plus, more!


$299 per person—Early bird rate (Good until March 1, 2017) $399 per person after March 1st. Price includes a casual networking opportunity on the evening of June 6th, and a four-session all-day conference with lunch & refreshments on June 7th.


We have reserved a block of hotel rooms until March 1st or until rooms are sold out at the special rate of $109 each. Make your reservation at under Lodging.

For more information and to register, go to 34

February 2017

CONFERENCE DETAILS More available at

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7, 2017 Keynote Speaker 1 . . . . . . 8:00—9:25 AM

Capitalizing on the Aftermarket rollercoaster Dave Baiocchi The role of aftermarket sales in the equipment dealership is changing. Join Dave Baiocchi, Wholesaler Aftermarket columnist, as he reviews the history and state of the industry. He’ll discuss changes in salesman training, marketing, value proposition and sales activities within the dealership and the ever-changing needs and desires of your customer base.

Keynote Speaker 2 . . . . . . 9:40—11:00 AM

Financing and leasing Garry Bartecki Garry Bartecki, Wholesaler Bottom Line columnist and his team discuss the current methods and options regarding renting and leasing material handling equipment. Learn how to educate and present renting and leasing options to customers and how the new lease accounting rules will impact both dealers & lessees.

Exhibitors Table Top Display/Lunch . . . . . . 11:00 AM—1:00 PM Keynote Speaker 3 . . . . . . 1:00—2:15 PM

Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business Debbie Frakes Debbie from Winsby, Inc. will show you tools, strategies and offers that help manufacturers and distributors grow their revenues. Find out how to increase inbound leads to leverage your sales team’s time. Learn how to increase website visitors and find out what pages they view and when, what works best to trigger interest among prospects, how to build your email list and best email strategies, what will push your company to the top of search engine results, and more.

Group Roundtable Final Questions . . . . . . . . . . 2:30—3:30 PM Now’s your chance to get answers from the industry leaders. All of today’s speakers will be available for a roundtable discussion.

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February 2017


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Mr. Shrinkwrap named Master Distributor of Express Heat Tools Global shrink wrap supply and service company Mr. Shrinkwrap announced its newly formed relationship with Express Heat Tools. Mr. Shrinkwrap will represent the line as one of a select few North American Master Distributors. Kevin Comerford, President of Mr. Shrinkwrap explains, “The Express Heat Tool brand is a strong complement to our offering as we are known for carrying high-quality heat tools to satisfy a variety of customer demands. The Express line of tools fills a void in the market for a well-designed, very high output heat tool that makes heating very large areas of shrink wrap much faster.” Mr. Shrinkwrap will offer the Express Hornet heat tool at a 10% discount through the end of 2016 to mark the new product line.

Denso names new director of OE sales, marketing and strategic planning DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc., an affiliate of global automotive supplier DENSO Corp., has promoted David

H. Williams to director of Original Equipment Sales (OES), marketing and strategic planning. In the newly created position, Williams oversees all aspects of DENSO’s original equipment service sales, product development and original equipment service parts while continuing to manage the company’s Marketing and Strategic Planning departments. Williams has played a key role in DENSO’s alignment of its global and North American aftermarket growth plans since he joined DENSO in 2013 as manager of the Strategic Planning Department.

TVH certified as a healthy organization TVH in the Americas (TVH), a leading provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry, was recently named a Certified Healthy KC Organization by the KC Chamber of Commerce. Healthy KC is an initiative of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, that recognizes organizations focusing on health and wellness in the workplace. To qualify for this certification, companies are judged on four pillars of health: nutrition, physical activity, tobacco cessation and work/life integration. TVH achieved a silver level certification based on efforts to improve the health of employees.

Experience the MOR-VALUE DIFFERENCE today! We can help you look good to your customers!

Our highly trained customer service staff is the most knowledgeable in the industry when it comes to providing sweeper/scrubber & personnel vehicle replacement parts solutions. MVP’s expert technical service is fast, friendly and free! Depend on the Specialist...We’re Your Partner in Parts!

Toll Free 800.870.0687 Fax: 616.406.3125 Email: 36

February 2017

Setting The Standard


For Over


Quality Products • Friendly Customer Service • Availability


Flight Systems Industrial Products 1-800-333-1194 •

Portable Storage Racks Dealer’s Choice • Enhances warehouse/factory efficiency • Stacks 4-5 high, nests empty • Use air space • Full visual control for inventory and handling

Toll Free: 888-288-9078

Fax: 314-381-5908 e-mail: web address:

February 2017


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Crown Equipment opens new sales and service location in Wisconsin Crown Equipment Corporation announced the opening of a new sales and service location near Milwaukee. The new facility will help meet growing customer needs in the Eastern Wisconsin (including Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay) and Northern Michigan regions. Crown has served customers in this region since 1996, and the new facility is three times larger than the previous location. Situated at 5150 South Towne Drive, New Berlin, Wisconsin, near Interstate 43 and Highway 41, the facility offers customers convenient access for quick and efficient service. A complete selection of Crown forklifts, warehouse solutions equipment and design services, and the Integrity Parts and Service System™ are available, along with Crown’sInfoLink® fleet management system, which enables fleet managers to wirelessly stay connected to their fleet and operators.

BEUMER adds new divisional director for logistic systems Stephan Heessels is the new BEUMER Group global director for logistic systems, based out of the BEUMER headquarters in Beckum, Germany. In this role, he controls and coordinates the international center of competence for this division. Originally from the Netherlands, he is responsible for worldwide sales of the broad product portfolio and the strategic development of the international CEP (Courier-Express-Parcel), mail-order business and retail distribution markets. For BEUMER Group, Stephan Heessels is a great asset and team player with years of experience in this field. From 1999 to 2001 he worked as a project manager for Crisplant a/s, the Danish world market leader for sortation and distribution technology that has been a part of BEUMER Group since 2009. Stephan Heessels was responsible among other things for airport projects in Madrid and Paris and the Spanish fashion chain Zara. He then gained experience as an Engineering Manager, as well as Managing Director for a marketleading supplier of integrated material handling systems for airport luggage, warehouse and production equipment and as General Manager for a dominant Danish refrigeration and heat technology company. Since 2013, Heessels has held a leadership position at BEUMER Group in the logistic systems division. He completed his studies in the Netherlands, and received degrees in mechanical engineering in Hertogenbosch and in business administration in Utrecht.

For more Shifting Gears articles go to 38

February 2017

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Series 1 Workhorse Single Shift rating

New Single Phase Chargers 36-volt, 750 AH 48-volt, 600 AH other sizes available Original & Aftermarket Parts for Most Equip.

Full 2 yr. warranty


(10 yr. transformer coverage)

713.460.8197 • 800.687.3884 fax: 713.460.5941


• Specialty Material Handling, Inc.



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(440) 232-1422

Bought & Sold, Rentals, New & Used Parts, Appraisals, Technical Support

Gregg Zdan (734) 641-1800 Associated with DREXEL Industries since 1972



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BATTERIES WANTED Industrial Forklift Batteries and Chargers In Good Condition!!


Call Us With Your Off-Lease Or Fleet Surplus Equipment.

Portable Stack Racks Flexible Packaging


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Iron Bull™ Waste Hoppers Can Pay You Back Added production efficiency, more floor space, workers love them ■ More durable, easier to use, safer too. ■ Big selection, or custom to solve waste handling problems. We are an Amish-owned company. No website. Please call.

Iron Bull Mfg. LLC



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February 2017

Material Handling Wholesaler

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STOPS 13,000LB FORKLIFT @ 4MPH | | 1-800-331-2973

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ClearCap Covers Every lift should be equipped! ClearCap Forklift Forklift Covers Every lift should be equipped! TM


Keeps seat dry! Keeps seat dry!

A Clear Solution to a Common Problem A Clear Solution to a Common Problem


Avoid OSHA fines! Avoid OSHA fines!


• Made of rigid, high impact, non-yellowing • polycarbonate Made of rigid, plastic high impact, non-yellowing polycarbonate plastic • Reasonably priced protection from rain, snow, dust & sun • Reasonably priced protection from rain, snow, dust &sizes sun available to fit various trucks, • Many clearsizes & tinted versions • in Many available to fit various trucks, in clear & tinted versions

OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

Call toll-free Wy’East Products 1-888-401-5500 or visit Call toll-free Wy’East Products 1-888-401-5500 or visit




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“It’s a Revolution” +/- .005 TOTAL INDICATOR RUN OUT Maintained After Pressing

Minimizes Truck Vibration Reduces Mast Sway Smoother Safer Ride Less Downtime

High Speed High Load Urethane Call US

To Learn More About Smoothy90...

888.734.7687 “So Round, You Can’t Feel It” 999 Wells Street | Lake Geneva, WI 53147 | Ph:888.734.7687 | 1.15

February 2017


Multi-function series Veshai is one of the original designer and MFG for electric lifting equipments. We are not only providing the whole series of standard items but also developing more features and functions on our trucks for special material handling. These special features are designed to handle drum, paper pile and roll, glass, concrete pannel with less efforts and more efficiency, Functions including lifting and driving, clamping and rotating, side shifting, reaching and tilting up and down, tipping forwards and side slewing. Please feel free to contact us for professional solutions for your material handling needs.

Counter Balance Floor Crane

Paper Inverter

Rough Terrain Pallet Truck

Rough Terrain Pallet Stacker





Vacuum Lifter Stacker

Stacker W/Concrete Plate Clamper

Vacuum Smart Lifter

Vacuum Lifter





Drum Clamper/Tipper

Paper Roll Rotating Clamper

Drun Clamp / Front Reacher

Counter Balance Bale Clamp





Veshai Handling Equipment Co., LTD.


434 YueXiu Road North, Guangzhou, China


Phone: 86-20-83547657 Fax: 86-20-83547658

February 2017

February 2017


New Products

See more new products online at

Raymond launches Pick2Pallet™ solution

UniCarriers Americas offers stability casters for WLX pallet trucks

The Raymond Corporation launches the Pick2Pallet™ LED light system designed to help improve customer productivity and reduce picking errors. With a focus on providing end-toend warehouse solutions for addressing customer productivity needs, Raymond developed this latest system based on a customer demand for better A-B picking. “Customers aren’t just looking for new technology in products, they are looking for solutions that solve their unique business challenges and application needs. They are looking for a company that understands their needs and can partner with them,” said Sue Rice, product manager of pallet trucks at The Raymond Corporation. “At Raymond, we work directly with our customers, seeing and understanding their pain points, allowing us to continuously improve and provide innovations that deliver results.”

UniCarriers Americas Corporation (UCA) now offers a poly-block stability casters option for its WLX series pallet trucks. The new stability casters help provide additional balance when handling taller or off-center loads for steadier operation and more confident load handling. Features for the new stability casters option include: Swivel bearings designed for high strength, longer wear and impact resistance. Tapered roller bearings absorb vertical and horizontal forces to provide smooth swivel action and superior durability. A polyurethane spring block provides softened cushioning for more comfortable operation over small debris or floor variations, with cushioning stiffness increasing in response to higher caster deflection or a higher speed turn. Load wheel with dual, sealed ball bearings to allow the wheel to rotate freely without any binding or interferences.

New Crown MPC 3000 series provides “dock to stock” versatility

EnerSys® redefines high frequency fast charging

Crown Equipment Corporation announced the new Crown MPC 3000 Series order picker. Combining the versatility of a counterbalance forklift and a pallet truck, the MPC Series features a high-lift mast that provides operators the flexibility to order pick, stack, replenish and transport pallets with the use of one lift truck. The Crown MPC Series can perform across a variety of applications – ranging from unloading at the dock to transport and put-away – which helps to save time and increase throughput. Operators can raise and lower the forks as they build pallets at a comfortable height, minimizing back strain and saving time. Overhead visibility is improved thanks to an overhead guard design providing a better view for operators who need to position forks and loads at height.

EnerSys®, provider of stored energy solutions for industrial applications, recently expanded its charger product portfolio to include new Express®EnCore™ high frequency modular fast chargers. Express® EnCore™ modular fast chargers are engineered with the latest digital power control technology that allows batteries designed for fast charging to be safely charged anytime during the shift-day. With high charge rates, most two-shift and some two- to threeshift operations can avoid changing batteries during the shiftday. Express® EnCore™ modular fast chargers offer intelligent charging with high efficiency and flexibility, while packaged in one of the industry’s most compact sizes.

TVH presents new collision and pedestrian sensor TVH in the Americas (TVH is excited to announce they have added a high quality collision sensor to their vast lineup of safety products. The sensor can not only detect machinery like forklifts and lift pallets but also detects pedestrians which can dramatically reduce collisions and injuries. This hightech sensor is programmed to detect motion within 25 feet in both directions using state of the art infrared motion detectors. It is equipped with highly visible LED lights placed on both sides of the devise. The lights will begin to flash when the sensor detects motion coming from both directions to warn both the forklift drivers and pedestrians of an anticipated collision.

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates offers Tri-side safety gate design Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc., an innovator in the design and manufacturing of industrial safety products for warehouses and distribution facilities, announced that its Tri-Side safety gate is available in several new configurations to accommodate various applications, including platform extensions on doorways and areas with limited overhead space. The Tri-Side safety gate model is engineered to reduce the potential for accidents associated with pallet drop areas on mezzanine levels. The dual-gate system creates a completely enclosed workstation providing protection for both the worker and materials during loading and off-loading operations. When the U-shaped rear gate is lifted up allowing access to the workstation, the ledge gate automatically closes to the deck, ensuring there is always a gate between the operator and the ledge.


February 2017

New Products

See more new products online at

New 94’ long truck trailer unloading conveyor Multi-Conveyor recently built a long conveyor system that’s sole purpose is to remove heavy sacks of a dry goods product from the inside of a semi-trailer to internal storage. This mild steel constructed system consists of one 10’ long extending conveyor section and two nonextending sections stacked over one another totaling 94’ in length when fully extended and 45’ in length when retracted. An attached overhead articulated crane with an air driven chain hoist is mounted overhead as a bag picking device that picks up to 180 lbs. of bagged of product while the operator guides the load onto the system.

APEM announces new switch family from MEC APEM introduces the first in its newest series by MEC Switches: the low-profile Ultramec 6C. The Ultramec 6C is an excellent low-profile pushbutton option for handheld devices or in applications that are limited in both space and height. With significantly smaller dimensions than the previous range of Multimec switches, the new Ultramec 6C tactile switch features an 8x8mm footprint, maximum height of 2.5mm and standard J-bend terminals. Environmentally sealed up to IP67 and offering a long lifecycle of 3 million actuations, the Ultramec 6C offers the highest technical specifications all wrapped up in a small package. The Ultramec 6C’s specifically designed floating cap option features a round, concave keycap for easy alignment of the PCB and front panel.

Yale new Every Two program offers flexible lease options Inflexible lift truck lease agreements can threaten productivity and drain budgets as operations struggle to adapt to rapidly-changing business demands. Yale Materials Handling Corporation introduces New Every Two, a leasing program that allows operations to adjust fleet composition and upgrade to the latest technology while controlling costs. Yale will upgrade qualifying trucks leased through the program with new replacement units featuring the latest technology every two years. Operations can even fine-tune fleet size and configuration with different truck models and quantities according to changing demands. The New Every Two program also extends factory warranties and includes comprehensive maintenance coverage to minimize the risk of unplanned downtime.

New CM Weblok™ assembly features double load pin retention Combining the CM Hammerlok® coupling link with a CM web sling attachment, Columbus McKinnon Corporation introduces the CM Weblok™ Assembly for synthetic sling lifting applications. Unlike any of its competitors, the CM Weblok features a double load pin retention system, using both traditional and bolt/lock nut retention. The unique design prevents the load from backing out during extreme use – delivering the highest degree of load securement on the market. This innovative product is part of Columbus McKinnon’s commitment to designing the safest and most efficient lifting equipment in the industry.

Toshiba introduces compact & rugged portable barcode printers Toshiba America Business Solutions expands its portable thermal barcode printer line with the introduction of its B-FP3 series featuring high-speed (6 IPS) three-inch receipt and receipt/label models. The light, compact and rugged printers deliver best-inclass performance for mobile printing. The robust printers operate in extreme temperatures, have IP54 dust protection and splash-proof ratings with proven drop-resistant durability for use in virtually any environment. High-capacity media for up to 560 labels or 183 feet of receipts reduces the need for frequent media changes while an adjustable media guide provides users with the flexibility to print receipts and labels ranging from .94- to 3.125-inches in width.

Keytroller’s offers a simple wireless hour alarm meter Countless companies are faced with the real and costly predicament of how to monitor and track the usage and alarm conditions of their equipment. Solving this issue, Keytroller has unveiled the CYBERWATCH LAN – a simple, inexpensive and easy-toinstall wireless hour and alarm meter. For locations where a Wi-Fi network connection is accessible, the CYBERWATCH LAN provides monitoring on any piece of equipment with no monthly service cost. Users can monitor usage, idling, maintenance needs and alarm warnings (such as low fuel or impacts). The product also has optional sensors for monitoring impact, voltage, hydraulic, usage, pneumatic and temperature. In addition, the device handles a wide variety of sophisticated encryption schemes.

February 2017


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Pallet Flow Carton Flow


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THIS CUSTOMER WANTS IT FASTER. THAT CUSTOMER WANTS IT CHEAPER. YOU NEED THE ANSWER. SOLVE FOR X. What does your supply chain need? Is it automation? A new process? A breakthrough technology to enhance efficiency? Find your “X” at ProMat, the manufacturing and supply chain industry’s premier international trade event. At ProMat, you’ll discover the latest innovations from 850+ solution providers. Network with your peers and learn from industry thought leaders in keynotes and more than 100 seminar sessions. ProMat Keynotes: Monday, April 3 8:45 AM – 9:45 AM

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Building Supply Chain Sustainability for Competitive Advantage: Lessons learned from leaders in innovative facility design

Industry 4.0 – How intelligent machines are transforming supply chains

Preview of MHI 2017 Annual Industry Report

The Power of Magic: Know your customer and where they are going

ANDREW WINSTON Sustainability Expert and author of Green to Gold

MARKUS LORENZ Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

GEORGE W. PREST CEO, MHI SCOTT SOPHER Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

EARVIN “MAGIC” JOHNSON Chairman and CEO, Magic Johnson Enterprises

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Keep your fleet on the floor and out of the maintenance shop. Finally there is a wheel engineered for the demands of today’s 24/7 warehouses. Falconium utilizes a revolu-



tionary break through in polymer chemistry to give you wheels that carry up to 40% heavier loads and can withstand the internal heat buildup that causes yesterday’s wheels to fail. €

polyurethane wheels Falconium boosts productivity by reducing downtime and costly wheel change outs. Contact your Millennium dealer to setup a test drive and find out why warehouse managers across the country are making the switch to Falconium . ®




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February 2017 Material Handling Wholesaler  
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