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37 Industry Insight

Garry Bartecki

The pace quickens

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Scrip it, but not like Marco Rubio

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“No room for dinosaurs in today’s world of work.”


Art Sobzcak

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August 2016


Cover Story Caliper Corp.

No room for dinosaurs in today’s world of work Setting: A retail establishment, 8:30 a.m. on a weekday. A manager stands before his 15-person team at a morning meeting, displaying a printed document to the group. “This is an email from corporate,” he says, “about a new flexible-scheduling initiative.” He smirks, rips the page in half, and tosses a piece over each shoulder. The scraps flutter ignominiously to the industrial-grade carpet. “That’s what I think of flex scheduling. You all have a choice: You work when I tell you to work, or you can go flip burgers at Burger King across the street.” Believe it or not, this is a true story (the title of which is “How Not to Manage Anyone”). You’re probably not surprised to learn that turnover was high at that particular place of business. The manager didn’t last, and the business itself went the way of the triceratops. I wish I could say this event took place 65 million years ago rather than just 16, but your humble blogger was there to witness it. Since then, the term employee engagement has become part of the popular business lexicon. For the sake of morale, retention, productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction and profitability (the little things), it’s critical that employees are engaged and that managers remain focused on individual and team development. Managers who read this and think, “How dumb. People get paid to work. They should work,” are doing a grave (and costly) disservice to their employer. Today’s top managers understand that leading people effectively is both an art and a science. As an artist, would you use fine sculpting implements to free your masterpiece from its marble cage… or a sledgehammer? As for the science part, well, dinosaurs belong in museums, not in the workplace like our morale-destroying friend in the anecdote above. But what does “employee engagement” really mean in today’s World of Work? It’s not about perks, parties and bonuses. While those things can be positives 6

August 2016

if doled out appropriately and wisely, it’s meaningful work that truly keeps people engaged. We can’t all work for nonprofit organizations and charities, but we can be productive and committed when we know our work: • Plays to our skills, strengths and motivations • Measurably contributes to and supports shared goals • Earns us recognition from management and peers As a manager, you can help raise engagement levels by setting clear, attainable objectives; defining the role of each team member; providing meaningful support; and following through to show appreciation, provide feedback and constructively address opportunities for improvement. Most importantly, today’s leader must recognize that each employee is unique and will respond best when managed in accordance with individual strengths and limitations. The only thing that should be torn up and thrown away is that prehistoric, one-size-fits-all management approach that merely engages employees in the act of looking for a different job somewhere else. About Caliper - For nearly half a century, Caliper has been helping companies achieve peak performance by advising them on hiring the right people, managing individuals most effectively and developing productive teams. The accuracy, objectivity and depth of our consulting approach enable us to provide solutions that work for over 25,000 companies. To find out more about how Caliper can help you identify and develop people who can lead your organization to peak performance, please visit us at or call us at 609-524-1200. Email to contact Caliper.

August 2016


Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi

Why us? In all of our dealerships there is a daily grind that for all intent and purposes is necessary and appropriate to get the work of the company accomplished. I see these daily routines play out in our own dealership. The morning coffee and water cooler talk quickly dissipate as players take their positions and begin to prepare for the line drives and ground balls that will challenge the quiet morning and launch them into the chaos that will be the workday. This is the challenge we all face in the world of the aftermarket. Few customers ever call to tell us what a great job we did. The new task at hand every morning is to assess the needs of the customer, apply our assets to the needs, be efficient and professional, and turn the customer’s dire situation from chaos into uniformity. The way we normally respond to customers is governed by four key items:

Our understanding of their needs

Our assets and infrastructure

Our capabilities and our knowledge

Our commitment to achieving our ultimate goal of customer service

Most dealerships work diligently at improving and developing these key areas. We lease or purchase service trucks. We invest

in tools like ERP systems, call logs, quoting software and CRM templates. We constantly train our service technicians in order to dispatch the most qualified and skilled personnel to address the customer’s needs. We train the administration staff on how to handle customer requests, properly prioritize repairs and gather the proper information. At my dealership we even hired “mystery shoppers” who called with fictitious scenarios in order to assess and define weaknesses in our customer handling skills. The exercise was illuminating to say the least. We found significant weaknesses that we addressed with specific training to improve and maintain superior customer contact practices in all of our branch locations. As necessary as all of this is to running an efficient service department, sometimes we get so tied up in the “process” that we fail to actually recognize how these processes are connected to our goals. What is our goal? Many will respond, “To serve the customer.” This is the correct answer. But what does that really mean? As stated, I just don’t think that goal is specific enough to be meaningful. What is customer service? Every dealer organization has a different viewpoint and perspective on what that means. Dealers have allowed this perspective many times to be defined by the OEM. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my 33 years in

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OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

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August 2016

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August 2016


Aftermarket the equipment business, is that the OEM is proficient and skilled at designing and building equipment. They do not however have the skills experience or expertise to produce effective customer service. If they did, they wouldn’t need dealers! Don’t get me wrong, many of the OEM’s have produced excellent programs for aftermarket development. Their understandable aim is to sell more OEM parts, and in this venture they get my full support! My contention however is that most of these programs as well intentioned as they are, only help the dealer in the area of developing best practices. Development of best practices is an INTERNAL function. Although they are helpful in POSITIONING you to serve the customer, when the unit stops running and the dispatcher’s phone rings, the actions that follow are up to YOUR DEALERSHIP, not the OEM. Other dealers actually allow the competition to set the expectation! “If my competitor doesn’t do it, than I don’t have to do it either.” This plays to the strategy that claims that customer satisfaction is based on my dealership simply being the best of the worst. I don’t believe that anyone actually develops their customer offering with that in mind, but you would be surprised at how much influence can be wielded by the practices of our competitors. I see this demonstrated in the practices of some of the suppliers that we deal with on a daily basis in our own dealership. I have experienced less than satisfactory customer service from uniform companies, tire suppliers, hardware distributors and industrial battery vendors. In our dissatisfaction, we looked for alternatives and found that the very things that irritated us about the departing vendor, were simply repeated by the organization who replaced them. Looking at this strictly from a customer perspective, I cannot describe how helpless I feel when nearly every vendor in the industry cannot seem to satisfy our needs. Feeling this way, I have to turn and inspect my own service offering. I have to ask myself if we are in any way hypocritical in holding OUR vendors to a standard, while providing service that is not at all-sufficient as I might believe. It reminds me of the quote by Benjamin Franklin. “The world is full of fools and faint hearts; and yet everyone has courage enough to bear his own misfortunes, and wisdom enough to manage the affairs, of his neighbor.” I think the task of defining “good customer service” ought to be left to the one with the power to choose – the customer! I remember attending a staff meeting with our service team a few years ago. They were debating the “issue of the moment” and focusing mostly on those “internal best practices” and whether we were getting better or worse at using those methods to serve our customers. During this meeting I asked some seemingly simple questions: “What does the customer expect from us?” “Why do you think the customer chooses US, and not someone else?” Silence filled the room. Was the question too easy? Finally the service manager spoke up. “Customers want good customer service.” I agreed, and then asked, “What do you think the customer pays us to do?” For this I got multiple answers: • Change oil • Lubricate the unit • Perform safety and operational inspections • Remove and replace defective parts • Diagnose repairs 10

August 2016

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August 2016


Aftermarket There were a dozen or so of these “task based answers” volunteered by the staff. I listed all of these on the whiteboard. Then I turned to the group and said “Yes, that’s what we DO, but is that what the customer actually PAYS for?” Once again, they looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. I then suggested a reason that had nothing to do with the equipment, and everything to do with the CUSTOMER. I suggested that the customer actually pays us to NOT COME BACK TOMORROW! Yes the customer EXPECTS you to do everything on the list. He expects you to do it quickly and efficiently. The nuts and bolts of maintenance are the basic requirement in any aftermarket relationship. The cold hard truth however is this: Many of your competitors can do the same things. And several of them will do those things for a lower price. It is however the things you do that are special, unique and prescient that make a difference to the customer. What the customer really wants to buy from you is the peace of mind that comes with the trust he can put in you to have his back, and FIND the things that others would ignore or be too lazy or indifferent to address. How many times has a customer complained and said “You guys were JUST HERE! Didn’t you see that leak (or frayed cable, or cracked belt, or burnt out light etc.…)?” So we have to ask ourselves, do we properly prepare our staff to meet THAT challenge? Delivering service that a customer can TRUST involves much more than a cursory lube/oil/filter can deliver. Being committed to seeing beyond the basic task,

and identifying the thing that might happen next is the reason why your dealership is worth the extra money. That is why the customer pays YOU and not someone else. Creating a culture where every service tech delivers this premium level of service takes diligence, investment, commitment and training. Equipping technicians with all of the proper tools is requisite to building this environment. Do your technicians have the right parts on their van? Do they actually KNOW what is on their van? Are they prepared and authorized to quote small repairs on the spot with the parts that they carry onboard? RDS has installed customized programs at several dealerships that addresses this very issue. In order to DELIVER premium service, you have to put your staff in a position to OFFER premium service. These are the points of differentiation that can truly separate you from the guys out there hawking a lower hourly rate. I have found that customers will gladly pay for peace of mind when they know their supplier has their back. Being the supplier that breaks away from the pack and refuses to be the best of the worst is gratifying….and profitable! Dave Baiocchi is the president of Resonant Dealer Services LLC. He has spent 33 years in the equipment business as a sales manager, aftermarket director and dealer principal. Dave now consults with dealerships nationwide to establish and enhance best practices, especially in the area of aftermarket development and performance. E-mail to contact Dave.





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August 2016

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August 2016


Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

The pace quickens First of all I have to pay tribute to John Walker, one of the most knowledgeable product support experts on the planet, for his contributions to MHW and its readers and his always helpful attitude when I asked a dumb question. I read (and studied) every column he produced (saved many of them) and have a library of materials he has sent me along the way. Good luck to you John .......but you can still expect a call from me when I have another dumb question. And now we welcome David Baiocchi to take up where John left off with his own version of the product support business. Based on David’s resume he sure has a lot of industry experience to share with us. I have not spoke with David as of yet, but plan on doing so later this week. I hope all readers of MHW appreciate the body of knowledge found in these pages every month. I read it cover to cover and constantly say “Boy, there is lot of money making information in this publication.” I hope you pass it around your shop and make use of each contributors’ commentary. Believe me ....the price is right. I have been spending quite a bit of time lately finding out how the digital world and telematics is going to impact our industry. After making some initial studies I can truly say the pace quickens for any company associated with any type of equipment

sold through dealerships or rented from a rental company. I am sure each one of you can relate to a business you have been familiar with that is either no longer there, has disappeared from the scene, or has been replaced with some form of digital transactions. I can think of many businesses that have just become obsolete and are no longer viable business models. Since I love reading I recently attended a book fair on the south side of Chicago in an area called Printers Row. I remember this area from my earlier auditing days when I was doing audits of various printing companies located in Printers Row. There were blocks of massive building with all this heavy noisy printing equipment, located next to the Chicago River which was used to transport the paper to these buildings. But now.....they are all condos without a printing press to be seen or heard. ....and this transformation took place not too long ago. There is no industry exempt from economic and industry cycles. They keep coming, and they keep accelerating making it almost impossible to stay ahead of the game. What do we see happening in the lift truck business? • Market kind of flat • New electric truck technology • Less dealers

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August 2016

• • • • • •

Different rental patterns OEM’s consolidating OEM’s consolidating their dealer network Telematics changing the product support opportunity Move to national accounts OEM’s selling direct

OEM’s selling to rental companies

Please continue to add to the list and please send me a copy of your additions because I am always interested in what you have to say. ON the construction side of the equipment business rental is taking over the utilization of the equipment. About 60% of the units in the field belong to a rental fleet. Can the lift truck business be far behind? Not only are OEM’s asking their dealers to be a rent-to-rent store, contractors are asking for telematic information on their own equipment as well as on the rental units the dealers provide. Again, can the lift truck business be far behind? I have even come across OEM’s of rental equipment looking for dealers to sell their products. How long before we are all rental companies that happen to have new units available for sale? If that happens say “so long” to a number of OEM’s that missed the rental boat before it left the harbor.

work, with the work being performed because the machine called you to tell you it needs to be serviced. Guess what, the machines will last longer, maintain their residual value and push out the replacement cycle (the only cycle not accelerating.) Say so long to more OEM’s. How do you envision your company three years from now.... five years from now.....ten years from now? If you plan to stay ahead of the game I suggest you participate in a 20 Group or Performance Group so that you can interact with other dealers looking to manage and increase shareholder value. I can tell you from experience that these work and will help you set attainable goals related to the current trends in the industry. Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC. E-mail to contact Garry.

For more Bottom Line articles go to

Just imagine for a second how VR is going to impact the equipment business, from training to repair and maintenance

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August 2016


Sales Trends Art Sobzcak

Script it, but not like Marco Rubio I enjoy election season. Both for the entertainment value, and the sales lessons. An interesting topic has bubbled to the top of media coverage during the New Hampshire primaries. In the Republican debate, Marco Rubio, normally known for his eloquent way with words, repeated the same message FIVE times. Not all in row, but also not in direct response to the topic or question posed to him. As a result, the media—and Chris Christie during the debate—criticized him for being robotic and scripted…repeating the same rehearsed “25-second speech” with no other substance behind it. After studying and pondering this I’ve got several observations as they relate to us in sales, and our use of scripts. First, I’ll keep politics out of it, so please no emails on that. And if you want to see what Rubio said, you can easily Google it. I will address the whole topic of scripts. I find it fascinating how delivering a prepared message raises so much criticism. For the record, Rubio did deliver the same lines in the same debate, several times, in contexts where they seemed awkward and not in response to the question at hand. However, the narrative of those doing the criticizing— that I had seen, anyway—focused mainly on the fact that he was repeating a prepared message.

Other than that Saturday debate, how and why, and in what world is that a bad thing? When you are fortunate enough to hear your decision maker answer the phone live, at that very moment think of which these scenarios are you more comfortable with: 1. Having something you’ve given thought to, prepared, edited and practiced ready to leave your lips in a confident, conversational tone, or, 2. Having your heart drop to your gut, with a sudden loss of breath, experiencing mind vapor-lock as you search for what to say, and the best first sound you can mutter is “Uh…” I just shake my head when I hear someone say, “We don’t believe in scripts. Our reps just wing it.” Would you want to go to a heart surgeon who just wings it? How about the pilot on your next flight? Perhaps your attorney at a murder trial for which you’ve been wrongly accused? I’ve done over 1500 training and speaking presentations, some as small as a few people, some with a few thousand. A question I sometimes get is, “Do you ever get nervous?” My answer: that would happen only if I didn’t know what I was going to say. And I control that through preparation, so I make sure it doesn’t happen.


August 2016

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Sales Trends Art Sobzcak If someone has the opportunity to prepare what they will say in situations they are likely to encounter, why in the world wouldn’t they? All I can think of is laziness, and not knowing what to say. My business is helping with the latter. I can’t do anything about the former. Repetition. Repetition. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that in our instant gratification and attention deficit society that repetitive messages get criticized. People want to be entertained constantly with the next shiny blinking object. I’m guilty too. Right now I have at least 20 books stacked on my “to read” pile. All of which I bought within the past two months. I’m a sucker for the “new” stuff. And I also have walls and boxes of books, audios and videos. Hard drives jammed with ebooks and reports. I have files of my own notes on all parts of the sales call, going back 30 + years. With close scrutiny, most of it, the old and new, could be categorized into the same repetitive messages, repackaged. What we should really focus on is DOING what WORKS, not just being excited about what is new. A workshop attendee told me, “If I just USED a fraction of what I know, I’d be mega rich.” I digress. OK, Back to Rubio. So it was a bit odd for him to repeat the same message in contexts that didn’t really make sense. However, repetition with our messaging can and IS a good thing. Despite what I said earlier

about people wanting new in the short term, our comfort level is with familiarity. Repetition provides that. Hearing something repeatedly creates familiarity. Familiarity turns into agreement and likability. Hearing something repeated that we mildly agree with creates stronger agreement and comfort. I was flipping through the channels before the other night and Caddyshack was playing on the Golf Channel. I landed right at Bill Murray’s classic “Cinderella story” scene. And then of course I watched to the end of the entire movie. For at least the 39th time. And I was reciting just about every line as the characters did. I’ll do it again. Well, not until I see Caddyshack on my channel guide again. I had the opportunity to play golf with Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn country music fame a few years ago. They were doing a show that night, and had just released a new album. I asked him if they would be playing a lot of new stuff, or their popular hits. He said, “The old stuff mostly. Art, when you have over 20 Number Ones in the rack, people want to hear ‘em.” I doubt if anyone goes to The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and says, “It’s the same show again. So repetitive.” Paul Harvey, the legendary broadcaster used to speak at the popular motivational success rallies. He was asked by another speaker on the program why he never changed the speech which he gave over and over in each city. He replied, “When you have something that works, it’s easier to change the audience than the message.”

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Toll T Free: ol 888-264-5008 l Free: 888-264-5008

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Sales Trends Art Sobzcak You change the audience on every call. Your prospects and customers do not buy for ALL of the possible reasons you have. They buy for theirs. When you know what those are, you can repeat them several times, therefore reinforcing those emotions. Delivery makes the difference I’m going to give the benefit of doubt to most people who don’t like scripts. I’ll assume that they are reacting negatively to the poor delivery of a script, not the script itself. We don’t react negatively at movies because the actors are working from a script. Well, unless the script/story itself is bad. (Same thing with sales there, too.) So, when we feel a salesperson is reading a script, we are turned off. Most people stop enjoying being read to when they leave childhood. The key on your calls is in having your prepared message so familiar to you that you can deliver it like an actor. No one knows you didn’t just think of those words at that moment. When I’m delivering a training program and receive questions, there aren’t many I haven’t heard in my 32 years of doing this. You could say my answers are “scripted” because I know what I will say in response. However, I make sure I listen to the nuance behind the question and deliver the answers conversationally like it is the first time I’ve said them. Of course we can’t script out everything we will say in a truly consultative call where there is lots of give and take. But we can prepare a lot of what we’ll say, because it’s… oh yeah, repetitive, if you sell for a living. You can and should script templates for what you’ll say to assistants, both asking them questions and answering theirs; your

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Art Sobczak helps sales pros prospect, sell and service accounts more effectively by using conversationally, non-sales messaging, and without “rejection.” Get a free ebook of 501 telephone sales tips at Email editorial to contact Art. Akron | Cleveland, OH 44146

• Saves valuable floor space for other use.


interest-creating openings; voice mail messages; questions; results statements for recommendations; closing/commitment questions; how you’ll react to common forms of resistance, and more. Do you have those now? Are you comfortable with them? And we then need to be able to tailor those messages to the individual we’re speaking with and the context of the conversation. Really, the ideal, the key to being “smooth,” is being prepared not just with the script, but with the script in response to their response. And the next response. Is that being “scripted”? I call it being totally prepared. Tweet this one out: We prepare and script so we don’t sound “scripted.” @ ArtSobczak In conclusion, for politicians and salespeople, reciting lines robotically without the ability to engage in a two-way conversation that those lines elicit in response will give the appearance the speaker doesn’t have substance or credibility. However, using repetitive and well-scripted personalized messages that resonate with our listeners, delivered conversationally is the best way to sell more. (If you want to really work on your messaging/scripting for all parts of your call, AND your delivery, we do that in my Smart Calling College. The next class starts soon.

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GoodUsed Used Batteries WANTED Good Batteries WANTED We will buy quantities! Call us with details – We will buy quantities! Call us with details— we want your GOOD surplus stock only! we want your GOOD surplus stock only!

1 (877) 830-0003 SALES AND SERVICE COAST TO COAST Pushback • 24 Hour Quote Turnaround • Turnkey Systems Available • We Sell Exclusively Through Distributors

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Portable Storage Racks Dealer’s Choice • Enhances warehouse/factory efficiency • Stacks 4-5 high, nests empty • Use air space • Full visual control for inventory and handling

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Remanufactured Transmissions, Engines, Torque Converters, Steer Axles, Overhaul Kits and Aftermarket Parts for: • Material Handling • Construction • Agricultural Equipment

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2004 Omega Lift 4415T-16RS STK# 15468 (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC


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Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

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Web ID to 27414 STK# 12 2015 Eoslift T25 $5,550 Montclair CA (888) 5270356

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STK# 65 2012 Clark C32C $10,750 Linwood NJ (855) 322-1001


STK# 73 2011 Komatsu FG25T-16 $12,000 Linwood NJ (855) 322-1001 4

STK# 54579 2012 Taylor TX550M Coraopolis PA (800) 708-9765



STK# 66 2011 Caterpillar 2C5000 $8,900 Linwood NJ (855) 322-1001 1






STK# 55741 2013 JLG G1255A Coraopolis PA (800) 7089765



STK# 7 2012 Clark C25C $11,750 Linwood NJ (855) 322-1001 1

STK# 70 2012 Toyota 8HBE40 $2,900 Linwood NJ (855) 3221001

STK# 74 2008 RAYMOND 744R30TT $11,750 Linwood NJ (855) 322-1001


STK# 3 2006 LINDE H70D $25,000 Linwood NJ (855) 322-1001



STK# 54950 2012 Taylor TX550M **ON RENT** Coraopolis PA (800) 708-9765


STK# 72 2011 Caterpillar GC55KS $13,950 Linwood NJ (855) 322-1001



STK# 78 2005 Yale GLP050RG $8,500 Linwood NJ (855) 3221001




STK# 82 2011 Caterpillar P30000 $59,000 Linwood NJ (855) 322-1001



STK# 54849 2006 Autolift D5180-SD Coraopolis PA (800) 708-9765

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Text WEB ID to 27414

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Web ID: 6IV8

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18356 Type: IC Big Cushion Make: Toyota Model: 7FGCU70 Year: 2011 Capacity: 15,500 lbs Mast: 118/219T Details: LPG, 4Way, 48” forks

Web ID: K50C


Web ID: 9UL1


Web ID: E6D1


Web ID: C3BD


17729 Type: IC Pneumatic Make: Toyota Model: 8FGU25 Year: 2010 Capacity: 5000 lbs Mast: 78/170T Details: LPG, 48” forks

Web ID: BQO3


18079 Type: IC Big Cushion Make: Toyota Model: 7FGCU45 Year: 2010 Capacity: 8,000 lbs Mast: 99/199T Details: S-S, Forks, 6470hrs

Web ID: BXU2


17977 Type: IC Cushion Make: Yale Model: GLC050VX Year: 2012 Capacity: 5,000lbs Mast: 83/189T Details: Side Shift, forks 17907 Type: IC Pneumatic Make: Yale Model: GLP050VX Year: 2010 Capacity: 5,000lbs Mast: 889/200T Details: Side Shift, 4896hrs



18082 Type: IC Big Cushion Make: Yale Model: GLC155VX Year: 2011 Capacity: 15,500 lbs Mast: 145/303T Details: LPG, 4Way, 6149hrs

August 2016

Web ID: C18H


Web ID: H1O7


18176 Type: IC Big Cushion Make: Hyster Model: S100FT Year: 2008 Capacity: 10,000 lbs Mast: 92/185T Details: GM engine with 7,587hrs 18353 Type: IC Cushion Make: Yale Model: GLC050VX Year: 2008 Capacity: 5,000lbs Mast: 83/189T Details: 4way, Side Shift, forks 18197 Type: IC Pneumatic Make: Mitsubishi Model: FD30N Year: 2007 Capacity: 6000 lbs Mast: 86/186T Details: diesel, side shift, fork positioner, forks 17784 Type: Narrow Isle Make: Landoll Model: LSC030 Year: 2012 Capacity: 3000 lbs Mast: 82/189T Details: 24V battery, side shift, forks

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Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

KION Group to acquire Dematic The KION GROUP AG will become a global provider of intelligent intralogistics solutions by acquiring Dematic, an automation provider and specialist in supply chain optimization. The KION Group agreed with funds managed by AEA Investors and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan as the sellers on this landmark transaction to create a true global provider with close to 30,000 employees, more than € 6.7 billion in revenue for the calendar year 2015 and a strong profitability with a combined adjusted EBIT margin of approx. 9.4 per cent for this period. After deductions for certain liabilities, the KION Group expects the purchase price for the shares to amount to approx. USD 2.1 billion, based on an enterprise value of Dematic of USD 3.25 billion.The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals and is expected to be closed in the course of the fourth quarter of 2016.

ew a n of e ar ad tor We tribu ® thre dis ERT stem E-S al sy TIM new re

American PERMALIGHT moved to a larger location



American PERMALIGHT, Inc. – the manufacturer of Photoluminescent Safety Products and supplier of foamy corner and guards – is now reachable at a new, larger location: 2531 W 237th Street Unit 101, Torrance, CA 90505, making it possible to have more products ready to ship and be even more responsive to customers’ needs. Phone Numbers 310-891-0924, Toll-Free 888-737-6254; and email info@

We make engines our business, see the difference



new cylinder head with valves IN STOCK!

TB45 Nissan engine assemblies

Mitsubishi – Models 4G54, 4G63, 4G64 Mazda – Model FE & F2 GM – Model 153 & 181 and 2.2 & 2.4 Nissan – H20-II, H25, Z24, K21, K25 and TB42 Toyota – 4Y Volkswagon – 1.9 Diesel

✓ Professional Staff ready to help answer questions, fast quoting service and the know-how to get the job done right the first time. ✓ Pre-arranged freight discounts.

✓ ALL engines are “hot run” tested assuring a quality product when it leaves our facility. ✓ Centrally located in the Midwest for convenient shipping.

engines Perkins • Continental • GMC • Cummins Hercules/White • Chrysler • IHC Waukesha • Mitsubishi • Peugeot Nissan • Wisconsin • Toyota • Mazda Ford • Allis-Chalmers

new • rebuilt • exchange

1041 S. Vista Ave. • Independence, MO 64056 Call Rick or Dedee • Toll-Free: 800.896.7676 • Phone: 816.796.7676 Fax: 816. 796.6053 E-mail: • 26

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When press-on tire performance is your priority use Rhino.

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Your Business Eileen Schmidt

FB Chain marks 30 years of operation The Swedish have a certain bit of wisdom about business: “You should be able to stand on your roof and see all of your customers. The closer you are, the quicker you can react to them.” This kind of thinking - that location and proximity are key to business – drives how FB Group, owned by the Swedish company Addtech AB, runs its branches like FB Chain in Great Britain. FB Chain operates out of an advanced production facility in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, making roller chains, leaf chains, conveyor chains and accessories. Workers manufacture anchor bolts, pins and pulleys for the material handling industry, often tailoring them to individual client requirements. The business also supplies package solutions for original equipment manufacturer programs, according to the company website. FB Chain holds International Organization Standardization 9001 for the manufacture of chain and associated machined products. The company is the only leaf chain manufacturer represented by the British Industrial Truck Association and the Forklift Truck Association, according to the business’ online history.

“We like to call ourselves ‘leaf chain geeks’,” said Peter Church, FB Chain’s managing director, in a telephone interview. Other companies may be bigger, but FB Chain has “worked hard at honing its specialty, its products and its customer service,” he said. The company employs about 30 workers in Great Britain and around 200 across Europe. About 40 percent of FB Chain’s business is export-based, including around a dozen American customers. “The US market is certainly an area we’re looking to expand into more,” said Church. “There’s definitely a growing demand for our products and services.” The company’s chain wear gauges are particularly popular in the U.S.; 25 percent of all the chain wear gauges FB Chain sells go to American customers. Church says this is because it is “simply the best one on the market.” The international business works well on FB Chain’s end as well. “We can deliver chain wear gauges almost next day in America due to its light weight, and also because of the time difference. We get a lot of positive feedback from US customers regarding the efficiency of our service,” Church said.







With theWith company’s the company’s 30th Anniversary 30th Anniversary this year this it was year time it was to celebrate. time to celebrate. So we have So we decided have to decided give one to give luckyone winner lucky every winner month everyamonth limiteda limited edition Chain edition Wear Chain Gauge! WearVisit Gauge! Visit and and enter your enter details your fordetails a chance for atochance win. to win.

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Find out more Find out by visiting more by visiting or or FB Chain Limited, FB Chain Jubilee Limited, Road,Jubilee Letchworth Road,Garden Letchworth City, SG6 Garden 1NE,City, T: +44(0)1462 SG6 1NE, T:670844, +44(0)1462 E: 670844, E:

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FB Chain FB Chain 26/04/2016 08:28 26/04/2016 08:28

FB Chain Limited, Ju

advert/half mhg mag

Your Business In addition to the chain wear gauge sales, a large proportion of FB Chain’s US customers get in touch because they require extra technical help and knowledge, according to Church.

manufacturing continue to evolve. Church says the Swedish Addtech, which operates 120 businesses as part of the group, leaves day-to-day business operations in the control of its British arm. “There is a belief that entrepreneurship is aided by autonomy,” he said.

FB Chain strives to provide key technical information and application assistance for both equipment manufacturers and operators. The business even hosts an “in-depth chain day for customers and students two to three times a year, providing a chance to talk in detail about leaf chains,” said Church.

“There is a collective responsibility built in to Swedish people. They take ownership and share success, resulting in staff who are committed and engaged,” wrote Church, on his company blog.

This may seem surprising for a steel product made of plates and pins that looks largely the same as it has for decades. But Church said the manufacturing technology and requirements - like new standards factoring in fatigue - around leaf chain

“In our business, employees have a large measure of independence combined with responsibility. New staff quickly

Used parts Great deals on hard-to-find, early & late model parts for most makes and models

Please call

FORKLIFT PARTS CO.,INC. 8 0 0 . 4 4 1 . 3 7 7 1

8 1 7 . 8 4 7 . 7 2 2 7

Fax 817-847-6552 • e-mail:

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Your Business learn and enjoy being part of a decentralized organization where they can and do have control over their own role. “By taking this approach right across our operations, we maximize the ability of a small business to achieve long-term growth and profitability,” he wrote. This year marks the 30th year of operation for FB Chain. Church said the business has been sustained by a constant focus on products and services, along with a strategy of continual review of processes to maintain excellence. Eileen Schmidt is a freelance writer and journalist based in the Greater Milwaukee area. She has written for print and online publications for the past 12 years. Email or visit to contact Eileen.

For more Your Business articles go to

Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Toyota Material Handling adds new vp sales and marketing Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU) recently bolstered its executive team with the addition of Bill Finerty as vice president of sales and marketing. Bill joins TMHU after an extensive search to find a replacement for Bob Bosworth, who announced his intention to retire early next year. During the transition, Bob assumes the title of senior vice president of sales and marketing for TMHU. In his new role, Bill will oversee the sales of Toyota forklifts at all authorized Toyota Material Handling dealerships in the United States and Canada. In addition to overseeing dealer and national account sales, he is responsible for marketing, warehouse products, automatic guided vehicles, rental and remarketing, and dealer development at TMHU. “With his extensive experience in the capital equipment industry, particularly working with dealers and national account customers, we are confident Bill will be a great asset to TMHU,” said President Jeff Rufener. “We welcome Bill to the Toyota family and congratulate Bob on his well-deserved promotion.” Bill has three decades of industry experience. Before joining TMHU, Bill served as vice president of the Diversified Products Division, and vice president of the Americas Distribution Services Division for Caterpillar Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of construction and industrial machinery.

Connell Equipment Leasing Company 200 Connell Drive, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

A Division of Connell Finance Company, Inc.


2008 gENIE z30/20N

2013 hySTER h155FT

2012 cATERpILLAR c600LE

15,000 lb. cap, 87”/94” LP, Int. FP, 72” forks

500 lb. cap, 30’ platform rotating jib, electric

12,000 lb. cap, 105”/146” Diesel, SS/FP, 60” forks

6,000 lb. cap, 84”/186” LPG, SS, 53” forks

2012 hySTER S50FT

2010 TOyOTA 7FgU35

2009 TOyOTA 7FDKU40

2010 mITSUbIShI Fg35N-Lp

5,000 lb. cap, 82”/189” LP, bare front

8,000 lb. cap, 90”/129” LPG, SS, 36” forks

9,000 lb. cap, 82”/120” std. diesel, FP, 42” forks

7,000 lb. cap, 87”/130” LP, SS, 32” forks

2012 cATERpILLAR E3500

2012 hySTER S155FT

2012 hOIST F300AT36

3,500 lb. cap, 78”/171” electric, barrel clamp

15,000 lb. cap, 85”/95” diesel, 48” forks

30,000 lb cap, 103”/112” diesel, rot. clamp

Visit Our NEW Website To See All Of Our Inventory:

2008 TOyOTA 8FgcU32

2007 hySTER h90FT

2011 yALE gLc155VX

6,500 lb. cap, 83”/171” LPG, SS/FP, 42” forks

9,000 lb. cap, 85”/116” diesel, SS/FP, 46 forks

15,500 lb. cap, 87”/94” diesel, INT FP, 72” forks

www. UsedForkTrucks .com

908-673-3700 ext.317 Fax: 908-673-3800 30

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Capacity: 3,000 lbs. - 180,000 lbs.

Combi SC - Straddle Carrier Range

Customized for long & awkward loads

Combi Walkie Reach Truck Range

Stack Containers

• 77,000 lbs. – 180,000 lbs. Capacity • Handles container sizes of 20’, 30’, 40’, 45’ • Narrow aisles for maximum Storage • Offers excellent 360˚ visibility from driver position • Can travel in / out of warehouses • Eliminates waiting trailers • Safer stuffing/destuffing at ground level • 2-Wheel Hydrostatic Drive with 2-Wheel Steer • Front and Rear independent sideshift

• Works in an aisle-width of 84" pallet to pallet • A 4-Way option available Low ground pressure when fully loaded

• Patented Multi Position Tiller

Reducing Costs ... Increasing Space • Dramatically Reduces working aisle widths • Increases Storage by up to 50% • Works both inside & out • Does the work of both reach & counterbalance forklifts • Electric & LPG Powered Models • Lift capacities of up to 4,400 lbs. • Lift Height up to 49 ft. Combilift USA, 303 Concord Street, Greensboro, North Carolina 27406 : Tel: 1-877-COMBI-56 |

August 2016


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Crown Equipment recognizes best branches and dealers in North America Crown Equipment Corporation recently celebrated its 2015 best-performing company-owned branches and independent dealers in North America at an annual award program. Action Lift, Inc. in Pittston, Pennsylvania, and Crown Lift Trucks, Milwaukee/Madison/Green Bay, Wisconsin, both earned the prestigious James F. Dicke Pioneer Award as the company’s top-performing dealer and branch, respectively. In addition to the two Pioneer award winners, Crown recognized 16 additional retail locations with Summit and Ascent Awards for outstanding achievements in sales and customer satisfaction. The company selected winners from its North American network of more than 100 branches and dealers. “Every year I look forward to identifying those dealers and branches that worked hard, delivered exceptional results and overcame obstacles to meet challenging goals and put the customer first,” said Jim Mozer, senior vice president, Crown Equipment. “Through Crown’s annual recognition program, we thank them for this outstanding effort and for being a part of the company’s success in 2015.” This is Action Lift, Inc.’s second Pioneer Award and 17th Summit Award. “As a company that has been in business for over 60 years, we learned pretty quickly that the secret to success is hiring the best people and making sure you understand your customers and their changing needs. We thank Crown for the continued support and this year’s recognition,” said Joe Mikiewicz, general manager, Action Lift, Inc.

This is the first Pioneer Award and second Summit Award for Crown Lift Trucks, Milwaukee/Madison/Green Bay, Wisconsin since Crown launched its recognition program in 1995. “When you sell Crown lift trucks, you know you stand for quality: quality employees, quality products and quality service. This award is an acknowledgement of the effort we put forth every day to helping our customers create a safe working environment and increasing their productivity,” said Mark Mayo, branch manager, Crown Lift Trucks, Milwaukee/Madison/Green Bay, Wisconsin. The full list of award recipients includes: 2015 Summit award winners · Action Lift, Inc., Pittston, Pennsylvania · A.J. Jersey, Inc., South Plainfield, New Jersey · Lift Power, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida · NorthWest Handling Systems, Inc., Seattle, Washington · Crown Lift Trucks, Milwaukee/Madison/Green Bay, Wisconsin · Crown Lift Trucks, Bloomington, Illinois · Crown Lift Trucks, Dayton, Ohio · Crown Lift Trucks, Tampa/Orlando, Florida 2015 Ascent award winners · Hugg & Hall Equipment, Little Rock, Arkansas · Material Handling Supply, Inc., Brooklawn, New Jersey · Maybury Material Handling, Longmeadow, Massachusetts · NorthWest Handling Systems, Inc., Portland, Oregon · Crown Lift Trucks, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas · Crown Lift Trucks, Evansville, Indiana · Crown Lift Trucks, Ft. Wayne, Indiana · Crown Lift Trucks, Grand Rapids, Michigan · Crown Lift Trucks, Greensboro, North Carolina · Crown Lift Trucks, Miami, Florida

Xtender Battery Regenerator Analyze • Desulfate • Restore • Maintain • Automated Discharge & Restore • Simple Touch Screen Programming • Monitor Process Remotely • Optional Battery Monitoring Sensors


Flight Systems Industrial Products 1-800-333-1194 • • August 2016

West Point Rack “We don’t just promise…we deliver!” • Quotes in 2 hours on most requests • Delivery in 2-3 weeks on most orders

For Excellent Service Contact

Reva Bily

Cantilever Racks • Structural Pallet Racks Portable Stacking Racks Specialty Transport & Storage Products West Point Rack is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. Our customers recognize quality products, dependability of service and competitive pricing.

• Quality • Dependability • Satisfaction

Our Primary Goal is to support our dealers, satisfy their customers, earn trust and be the “Vendor of Choice” for rack products and racking systems. We offer a full line of light duty, intermediate duty, heavy and extra heavy duty cantilever racks. We provide multiple configurations of a wide variety of stacking racks. Our structural pallet racks can be configured for a wide range of applications. West Point Rack has the products that generates solutions for your storage needs. We also offer specialty products such as bar cradle trucks, drum racks, hand carts and other specialty transport and storage products. Give us a call at 866.245.3630. We may have what you need. Look forward to hearing from you.


Portable Stacking

Structural Pallet

13591 Chandler St. • Omaha, NE 68138 866-245-3630 • Fax 866-245-3631

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for REMAN means... BEST VALUE FOR $SPENT COMPETITIVE Pricing BEST Core Policy - BEST Warranty



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Iron Bull™ Waste Hoppers Can Pay You Back

Series 1 Workhorse Single Shift rating

Added production efficiency, more floor space, workers love them

New Single Phase Chargers


Satisfaction Guarantee

■ More durable, easier to use, safer too. ■ Big selection, or custom to solve waste handling problems. We are an Amish-owned company. No website. Please call.

36-volt, 750 AH 48-volt, 600 AH other sizes available



RACK Material HandlingOHIO Wholesaler BATTERIES 2.875” W x 2” H We BUY & SELL WANTED CLASSIFIED

Call Us With Your Off-Lease Or Fleet Surplus Equipment.

Portable Stack Racks Flexible Packaging NEW & USED

Full 2 yr. warranty (10 yr. transformer coverage)

SAVE ON QUANTITY PURCHASE! Used 3-phase chargers also available


800-344-4164 Fax 330-823-8136 Email:

(440) 232-1422

• Specialty Material Handling, Inc.

Iron Bull Mfg. LLC

Industrial Forklift Batteries and Chargers In Good Condition!!




Bought & Sold, Rentals, New & Used Parts, Appraisals, Technical Support


Gregg Zdan

Original & Aftermarket Parts for Most Equip. 1

713.460.8197 • 800.687.3884 fax: 713.460.5941

2011 Caterpillar P300000 $59,000 STK# #82 Linwood, NJ (855) 322-1001

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Associated with DREXEL Industries since 1972



2000 Hoist Model F180, LP, 18,000# capacity,176” max lift, 90 h.p., 6” X6’ Forks, hydraulic fork positioned, sideshift, 457 hours. $32,000. 319-385-1556

Quality Equipment PO Box 662 Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641

August 2016


Continental develops a CLEAN Tire Technology while manufacturing millions of passenger and truck tires. CLEAN Tire Technology is the “Secret” to Continental’s press-on-band and resilient tires outperforming the competition — in many cases lasting more than twice as long as our competitors brands or longer. Continental blends Natural Rubber and Silica together at the molecular level creating a New, Stronger Compound.



• Up to 50% less rolling resistance

• As much as 9% savings in energy

• • • •

than the competition Up to 50% lower running temperature than the competition High wear & chunk resistance Highly elastic, shock-absorbing rubber Simply a better made, higher quality non-marking tire

costs and a reduced carbon footprint

• Cooler running, less tread wear, • • •

greater retention of load capacity Little or no compromise in performance versus standard black tires Greater rider comfort and protection of truck components A tire that often times lasts twice as long as our competitors’ tires

877-235-0102 | 36

CT_SPEC_TIRE_AD2016.indd 1

August 2016 12/21/15 1:41 PM

Industry Insight Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly BY RANDALL-REILLY

Lift Truck Market Trends  ach month EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly, provides a snapshot of industry data that’ll let you see E where buying activity has been, and forecast where it might be heading so that you can proactively stay in touch with the needs and habits of your market. Understanding how and where buyers have been spending their money can help determine the scope of consumer spending, project growth for a certain product line, or identify the signs of a future downturn.

Top 5 Equipment Buyers

Top 20 Equipment Lenders

 isplays the top five buyers nationwide for each of D EDA’s eleven industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA last month. The results are based on distinct serial numbers of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only. Wren Eqt Llc Saint Paul, Mn Class 4 Mitsubishi Burris Logistics Milford, De Class 3 Crown Electric Lift Trucks - No Model Raymond Class 2 Crown Class 3 Clark Class 1 Crown U S F Reddaway Inc Portland, Or Class 4 Toyota Fletchline Holdings Inc. Springfield, Tn I/C Lift Trucks - No Model Toyota Cardinal Health Inc Dublin, Oh Class 2 Raymond Class 3 Raymond Class 2 Drexel

 isplays the top 20 lenders nationwide for each of D EDA’s eleven industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA last month. The results are based on all financing statements of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only. 50 50

Toyota Inds Commercial Fin....240 Branch Bank & Trust.................15

40 15 11 8 5 1

De Lage Landen Fin Svc............53 Wi Bank & Trust.......................10

Wells Fargo Bank.....................212 Bank Of Amer...........................11

Somerset Capital Grp Ltd..........51 J M Eqt Co.................................9 B M O Harris Eqt Fin Co.........40 S C G Capital Corp.....................8 Nissan Motor Accept Corp........33 Commerce Bank.........................8 U S Bank Eqt Fin......................33 Farm Credit Lsg Svc Corp...........7

40 40

Wells Fargo Eqt Fin...................28 Wintrust Eqt Fin.........................6 Bank Of The West......................25 Farm Credit West.........................6

20 20 20 17 2 1

G S G Fin..................................20 P N C Eqt Fin.............................6

Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit

August 2016


Innovative Solutions for Material Handling Call Today: 330.723.4050 or visit

PEGASUS ELITE SERIES 20,000 lbs - 40,000 lbs Load Capacities

Suitable for Rental & Fleet Management

Innovative Solutions for Material Handling Multiple Mast and Fork Combinations

Highest Level of Safety and Serviceability

Standard, All Steel Chassis Design

Unmatched Performance and Turnaround Time

Standard Industrial Certified Components

Operator Compartment Boasts Clear View Mast Ensuring Maximum Visibility

Call Today: 330.723.4050 or visit 38

August 2016

QUALITY& VALUE For Over 50 Years

Power Steering Units Cylinders Pumps Valves

New & Remanufactured Exchange Precision Remanufactured Hydraulic Parts



August 2016


New Products

See more new products online at

Raymond introduces sit-down counterbalanced truck The Raymond Corporation combines enhanced performance and ergonomics with the new Raymond® model 4750 sit-down counterbalanced truck. The model 4750 sit-down counterbalanced truck features an open view mast design and integral sideshift on 4,000 and 5,000 pound trucks with three stage mast and full free lift. The 4750 sitdown counterbalanced truck also includes both left- and right-side entry, and a full-suspension seat with four-way adjustability and tilt steering wheel. The enhanced ergonomics also include a lower step height and foot-activated parking brake. The 4750 sit-down counterbalanced truck also features compartmentalized maintenance and the ability to check brake fluid levels from the dashboard. It also offers a no-tool floorboard that can be removed with no tools, allowing for easy access to the hydraulic tank for maintenance.

Dorner’s new frame conveyor fits in tight spots Dorner’s new 2200 LPZ / Z-Frame conveyor comes with one or two pivot points, and features an extremely low profile to fit under machinery or any other tight spots. The 2200 LPZ is Dorner’s lowest profile Z-Frame conveyor – and is the first such offering in the newly redesigned 2200 Series platform. The advantage of the 2200 LPZ is that its sleek, narrow profile enables it to be positioned under machinery where other conveyors wouldn’t fit, making it ideal for part removal and product handling in packaging, metalworking, automation, medical, pharmaceutical and other general manufacturing applications. The pivot points on the conveyor provide added flexibility as it can be configured in either Z-frame, horizontal-to-incline and nose-over positions. The 2200 LPZ is the second of four new platforms being introduced as part of Dorner’s newly redesigned 2200 Series platform.

Updated Energic Plus Chargers new at TVH TVH in the Americas (TVH), a leading provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry has updated the look on several models of the Energic Plus Charger. The Energic Plus name is synonymous with quality, innovation and durability in power electronics for battery-operated systems. With that in mind select TSS, TST and REC models have gotten a face lift which includes a new and improved cabinet design 40

August 2016

that feature a new color scheme and improved heavier gauge steel construction. Other updates to the Energic Plus Battery Charger include an updated control board and a manual equalization button.

New UTILEV® Lift Trucks, a no-nonsense materials handling solution The UTILEV® line of lift trucks are designed for customers who need a lift truck for intermittent use throughout the day or week, and comes with an attractive price point and nationwide dealer support. When compared to a used or refurbished lift truck, UTILEV® trucks are a better value that delivers the performance and dependability found in a new truck. UTILEV® is for users who do not require advanced functionality or specialty attachments in their material handling applications. The truck’s simple, straight-forward design is easy to operate and maintain and comes backed by a standard 12 months/2,000 hours manufacturer’s limited warranty*. Additionally, UTILEV® trucks are supported by an extensive network of more than 340 dealer locations throughout North America.

Fairbanks Scales releases low-profile u-shaped floor scale Fairbanks Scales, Inc. announces the release of its new Yellow Jacket U-Shaped floor scale, which decreases weight times by up to 50% in applications utilizing pallet jacks. This scale is an ideal alternative to traditional floor scales in manufacturing and warehouse applications where floor space is at a premium. The Yellow Jacket U-Shaped floor scale allows material handlers to capture the weight of standard and non-standard pallets and skids without removing the pallet jack. Operators can simply move the pallet into place over the scale, lower the pallet jack so the load is resting on the scale, capture the weight, and then raise the pallet jack to easily move the pallet or skid to its next location. This innovative scale reduces weight times by eliminating the time-consuming step of pulling the pallet jack out from underneath the pallet, a difficult task with traditional ramped floor scales.

More New Products available on



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▶ AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION EQUIPMENT Barcoding solutions for warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing. Improve productivity, increase accuracy, reduce costs, and improve service. Helping Customers Operate Better

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Engines, Cylinder Heads, Parts


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Fo r kl i f t En g i n ePa r t s .c om Highest Quality Engine Kits, Cylinder Heads and Parts from the Industrial Engine Specialists since 1971 K21 Nissan

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and Many other parts & kits available

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Portable Storage Racks All-Steel Stack Racks Pallet Stacking Frames

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THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL Proven Solutions That Work! The NEW NORMAL Trucks Are On The Road Now!




Provide safe, secure, material handling solutions • • • •

One truck that does it all! Various masts up to 360” Operates in 4 1/2 ft. Vna aisle Long load handling

Thomas Lift Truck

3-Wheel SLT 22/30 up to SL120 Late models in stock 19842009 Reconditioned Includes Warranty

Combilift 4-Directional Sideloader C5,000 to C17,3000 C6,000GT

FL40EX & FL60EX Explosion Proof Ex Rated Limit your exposure to potential hazards. ANSI/UL583 Label

For more information on Drexel Swingmast, EX Rated Trucks & the Combilift Please contact John Gowland at 1-800-651-5850 or e-mail

Advertiser’s Index 3D STORAGE SYSTEMS LIMITED. . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

FINDADISTRIBUTOR.COM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

RESONANT DEALER SERVICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17



RHINO RUBBER, LLC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

ALL BRAND FORKLIFT PARTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

(FSIP). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4, 32

RICO EQUIPMENT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38


GATEWAY RACK CORP.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

SAFETY SYSTEMS & CONTROLS INC.. . . . . . . . . . 17

ARCON EQUIPMENT, INC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

GRINDSTAFF ENGINES, INC.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

SHOPPA’S MATERIAL HANDLING. . . . . . . . . . . . 13

BAY EQUIPMENT CO.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

H&K EQUIPMENT COMPANY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

SPRINKGUARD, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

CHARNOR INC.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

HADER INDUSTRIES INC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39

STELLANA U.S.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

COMBILIFT LTD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31

HESS AUCTIONEERS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

SUPERIOR ENGINEERING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

CONNELL FINANCE CO. INC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

JH THOMAS INDUSTRIES LTD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44

THE FORKLIFT PRO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24


JOSEPH INDUSTRIES, INC.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

THOMBERT, INC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46

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Keep your fleet on the floor and out of the maintenance shop. Finally there is a wheel engineered for the demands of today’s 24/7 warehouses. Falconium utilizes a revolutionary break through in polymer chemistry to give you wheels that carry up to 40% heavier loads and can withstand the internal heat buildup that causes yesterday’s wheels to fail. € ®

polyurethane wheels Falconium boosts productivity by reducing downtime and costly wheel change outs. Contact your Millennium dealer to setup a test drive and find out why warehouse managers across the country are making the switch to Falconium . ®




Toll Free 800 421-1180

TVH is the worldwide leading supplier of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry. With our 10 distribution centers across North and South America, we are able to reach 90% of the industrial equipment population in 1 day ground service with over 7.5 million parts.

Profile for Material Handling Wholesaler

August 2016 Material Handling Wholesaler  

August 2016 Material Handling Wholesaler