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October 2014


Progressive culture lures female leaders INTELLA HAS


Annual salute to women Electric Truck

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October 2014 • Vol. 35 No. 10

Cover Story


Mary Glindinning


Annual Salute to Women in Material Handling

Feature Story World class culture drives TVH’s world class operation


John Walker

Columns 18


12 3:20 PM

Aftermarket John Walker Accomplishing results through and with your associates!

Bottom Line Garry Bartecki Which is it – inflation or deflation?

Herb Greenberg, Caliper Corp.

See what people CAN do, not just what they have done in the past

Progressive culture lures female leaders


Human Element

32 40

Sales Trends

Dave Kahle

Given a tough assignment, should you do it?

Your Business Eileen Schmidt Family leadership drives Felling Trailers to 40th anniversary

Industry News 14 Nuts & Bolts

36 Shifting Gears

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October 2014


Cover Story Mary Glindinning

Progressive culture lures female leaders A woman’s place is in the warehouse, or the home office, or anywhere in between in the material handling industry. Yes, some areas are still male-dominated, but more and more women are making their living in material handling. And their presence will encourage others to follow them. Sue Rice’s two brothers were working at Raymond Corporation, and “when you’re 18, driving a forklift for a summer sounds fun.” That was 37 years ago, and Rice is now product manager for pallet trucks and stackers at Raymond. Even that summer she started, there were lots of other women driving forklifts. Women have long worked in every aspect – including leadership roles – at Raymond, with the possible exception of fabrication, she said. It is a progressive culture that looks for the best person for the job. “It is less about balancing genders than finding highly capable, passionate people,” Rice said. “I had as much help growing and learning the industry from men as women. Nobody succeeds if somebody doesn’t mentor them.” When Andrea Curreri joined Bluff Manufacturing in 2009, she didn’t worry at all about entering a male-dominated field. “Understanding people by listening to their pain and needs, developing rapport, finding consensus and solving problems is not gender specific,” said Curreri, now president of the Fort Worth, Texas company. “I did worry about my inability to play golf well, though,” she kidded. 4

October 2014

Women have a lot to bring to material handling, Curreri said. “Women come at problems in a different way, and bring alternative perspectives to identifying issues. The most important sales skills come naturally to most women: listening, reflecting back information to be sure it has been properly understood, looking for a win-win solution. Largely, this is because women in prehistoric times had to maintain the community in order to survive. So when disagreements occur, women are very good at repairing the breach to maintain the community for survival.” The number of women “is growing in traditional roles and sales but not nearly enough in management, except at Bluff. We hire gender blind. We look for the best skill set and attitude along with a personality profile that predicts success. We also mentor and coach our employees to promote from within whenever possible. As a result of this policy, we have a female shipping manager,” Curreri said. Staffing recruiting events with women from the field and inviting women for internships could help bring more women into material handling, she said. It is no different for women than men to strike a work/life balance, she said, “when women expect their male life partners to behave as equal partners at home. If the adults in the home are sharing in daily life tasks like cooking, cleaning and childcare, then balancing is equally difficult for both genders. Let’s face it, there is not really a balance between home life and work while there are young children in the

Sue Rice, Raymond Corp.

Andrea Curreri, Bluff Manufacturing

Samantha Rosati, PHH Arval

Joyce Schwob, JIT Toyota-Lift

Anika Conger-Capelle, Conger Toyotalift


for REMAN means... BEST VALUE FOR $SPENT COMPETITIVE Pricing BEST Core Policy - BEST Warranty




October 2014


Cover Story mix. We are all walking around sleep deprived with jelly stains on our sleeves.” Women tell their daughters to ignore statistics and stereotypes, find what they love to do and go for it. “My 17-year-old daughter is already excelling in traditionally male dominated spaces, she is an excellent math student, plans to study engineering and plays trombone in a marching band of 36 trombones, two of whom are female. I tell her to be true to who she is, dream big and live your dreams. I tell her that work is what we do to nourish ourselves and feed our families. Family is what we have to create intimate communities for our self-actualized selves. I tell her the truth; it is hard breaking through stereotypes, missing fun events at school that occur during business hours, giving presentations when you haven’t slept more than three consecutive hours in two weeks but that it is also extraordinarily satisfying to contribute to the success and health of a company while contributing to the stability and well-being of a family.” “Material handling is a lot like a puzzle made of moving pieces and parts that you have to fit together for a project to work,” said Samantha Rosati, product manager for PHH Arval, now part of Element Financial Group. “My role is to help the company understand specific needs in the market and to establish a great program to offer based on each unique situation. I enjoy designing products and seeing the value they bring to our customers which help drive their business forward. “Being in a male-dominated industry didn’t concern me or make me hesitate. When I first began working in material handling, my only hesitation was around ensuring I always understood the customer and the industry sufficiently,” Rosati

said. “To overcome this, I committed the time and effort needed to research and educate myself about the unique needs of the market. No matter what industry I'm working in, my biggest concern is what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, rather than the overall composition of the workforce. She sees an equal number of men and women working in fleet management. And she thinks the material handling industry will also eventually see equal numbers of men and women throughout. A variety of perspectives is a benefit, Rosati said. “Every person has different strengths, experiences and backgrounds. These all shape a person’s approach, which really balances a team. The benefit to having more women in material handling is more perspectives working together on a project.” Women need to see a future for themselves in material handling, she said. “When I was in high school, I would never imagine I’d be working in material handling because I didn’t even know it existed. To attract and recruit more women and men to the industry, it is important for education forums and environments to put an emphasis on technical skills and trades. Education around the technical trades, including highlighting the important role these industries and jobs play in the overall heath and growth of our economy, could improve recruitment.” Balancing life and work is no different for men and women, Rosati said. “I think through the years there have been many changes to the traditional family dynamic. In my life, my husband and I both have professional goals and we’re equal partners within our home. We try to balance our responsibilities and work as a team, which means we both have to give and take. At the end of the day, our guiding principle is that family comes first.”

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October 2014

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October 2014


Cover Story Rosati will teach her 2-year-old “to pursue a career that makes it exciting to go to work every day. I’m going to encourage her to set goals and work hard to achieve them. I want her to always be confident and proud of her work. Most importantly, I'll do my best to lead by example.” “My father had a 30-year career fixing forklifts and running small shops. He and my mom started our company in 1983 and my sister and I joined in shortly afterwards,” said Joyce Schwob, president of JIT Toyota-Lift. “I did things like billing, managing the rentals and coordinating equipment sales. I started in the office, which was in a pretty traditional role. It was only later as I started interacting with customers and negotiating deals that I began to feel a little intimidated. Later, when I took on the role of president was when I actually began to feel unique in the industry. But by then, I felt confident in my knowledge of the business. My father told me when I was young that I could do anything I put my mind to. I guess I just believed him. “They are still a minority for sure, but the number of women in the industry is certainly growing,” Schwob said. “I attend the national dealer meeting for Toyota Material Handling twice a year. It used to amuse me to see a long line for the men’s room when I might be the only one in the ladies room. But now there are a lot more women at these events. “I think that women look at and solve problems differently than men. I don’t mean that they do it better or worse, but they can bring diverse ideas and come up with unique solutions. It may have taken a long time for the ‘old boys’ to make room for




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October 2014

women in the industry, but I find now that they are incredibly welcoming to the women who bring value. Today, gender alone doesn’t get you in or keep you out. We all stand on the value we bring,” Schwob said. “Success breeds success. When women see others rising in the material handling industry, they become interested in trying it too.” Whatever industry women work requires team work at home. “The work/life balance is a lot less different between women and men than it was 20 years ago,” Schwob said. “Men are shouldering more of the load at home. We have men who run their children back and forth to school, take days off to take them to the dentist and leave early to attend their ball games. “I have two daughters. Like my father told me, I tell them that they can do anything they put their minds to. There are no free rides and so they had better be ready to work hard and make a contribution,” Schwob said. “I get excited when I hear young women talking about the careers they plan to pursue. They are aware of so many more paths and so many more options than I was at that age. I love the work I do and naturally I’d like my girls to enjoy the same rewards in whatever careers they choose.” “My grandparents, Lloyd and Dorothy Conger, started the business in 1955,” said Anika Conger-Capelle, vice president/ general manager/owner, Conger Toyotalift. “I grew up around the material handling industry but it wasn’t until I graduated from college and took my first ‘official’ position at the company in accounts receivable that I knew that the material handling industry was my calling.” That the industry was male-dominated did not give her pause. “To be honest I did not even think about it in the beginning, to me it was just how it was. As I became more involved in the industry, I found that being a woman in the male-dominated industry gave me an upper hand as many women were the purchasing agents at our customers and they were much more comfortable asking questions to me than to a man,” CongerCapelle said. “Also, I found that being a woman that was knowledgeable in the material handling industry was intriguing to many male customers and that I was more likely to attain appointments and repeat business from them. But the key is that you must be knowledgeable in the products and services for this to be beneficial. If I just walked in off the street and did not know what I was talking about I would have been laughed out the door. “I find very few women peers in the material handling industry. I know of several other women that are in the same position as I am within their companies,” Conger-Capelle said, “but it continues to be a male-dominated industry. I would like to think that number of women in the field is growing. Women provide a different perspective, whether it be on providing a material handling solution to how to improve processes within an organization, as well as interacting with fellow women at the customers. I believe the best way to attract a qualified individual is through awareness. By making the material handling world visible to more people, those that are drawn to this type of career will start to look at it and see if it fits their needs and wants for a career. The material handling industry is not talked about or advertised to the young generations that are in the process of looking for a path in life. Awareness is the key.” No matter how things change, some things remain the same: women still have the children.

Cover Story “I believe that balancing raising a child(ren) and work is different for women than it is for men. Women have a very hardwired mothering instinct and are driven by this instinct to be there for their child(ren). It is this instinct that pulls at women and creates added pressures that perhaps men do not experience,” Conger-Capelle said. But that doesn’t mean women can’t do it. “Just as my mother taught me, I hope that I can instill in my daughter that she can do anything that she sets her mind to and works hard at achieving. Nothing comes easily and if it does it may not last long. Hard work, determination, and self-confidence will take her a long way not matter where life takes her. People are only limited by the limits they impose on themselves,” Conger-Capelle said.



Mary Glindinning is a freelance writer who has worked at daily and weekly newspapers for more than 20 years. She lives in rural Shullsburg, Wis. E-mail to contact Mary.

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October 2014


Feature Story John R. Walker

World class culture drives TVH’s world class operation In the late-fifties I accepted my first position in the material handling industry. I became East Coast Regional Manager for a company called: Lift Parts Manufacturing COMPANY. Six months later I became Vice President of Sales with worldwide responsibility for dealer development. I left LPM in the midsixties with parts sales of $32 million coming from primarily the US dealers and the government. It was not meant for me to experience LPM’s and the industry’s worldwide growth. A company called TVH became a dealer for LPM in 1979. Their commitment to become a leader as a supplier of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry literally drove their market for replacement parts worldwide. In 1969, Paul Thermote and Paul Vanhalst began servicing and selling agricultural machinery, construction machinery and forklift trucks. Today TVH is one of, if not the most, respected names in the material handling industry, worldwide. The company is composed of three segments: 1) they are a lift truck and industrial equipment dealer for several major manufacturers for the country of Belgium, 2) top five rental dealer for the country of Belgium, and 3) TVH is committed to being the leading worldwide supplier and distributor of quality replacement

parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industries. In their commitment to the industry, TVH began their search for interested parties in the replacement parts business to acquire and bring into the TVH family of companies in North America. They approached their own major supplier, LPM, early in their search. When this interest failed to materialize, they went to another large parts replacement company in the material handling industry, Systems Material Handling (SMH). This eventually proved a match and the merger was finalized in 2003. Shortly thereafter the combined companies, TVH and SMH were able to bring the combined companies of LPM and Intrupa to the table and the package was put together under the TVH flag in 2006. Today, TVH is recognized as one of the most respected names in the material handling industry. In a relative short period of 40 years the company has grown from two founders to now almost 4,000 employees, with sales exceeding a billion dollars and with offices or distribution facilities on every continent. The trip to TVH from the Brussels Airport to Waregem, Belgium takes approximately one hour. As you come upon it the driver cries out: “On your left is the beginning of the TVH Operation!” I was not prepared for what I saw. As far as my eyes could see there were huge warehouse buildings with the letters

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October 2014

Founded in 1969, TVH has grown to become one of the most respected names in the material handling industry employing over 4,000 worldwide with 800 employed in the Americas at its locations in Kansas, California, Illinois, Florida South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. Their commitment to the manufacture and distribution of quality replacement parts and accessories has made them a world leader, supplying more than 21 million parts with 600,000 stocking numbers for industrial vehicles to more than 170 countries.

Material Handling Wholesaler wants to thank TVH for being an industry partner and supporting our publication for 35 years!

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October 2014


Feature Story TVH on the corner of each building. I was soon to learn that “under roof” there was over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse and office space. The space at TVH, Olathe, KS by comparison is 600,000 square feet, and globally the distribution space is over 2,000,000 square feet. Els Thermote, CEO for the Americas, and her team created the company’s Mission Statement. It reads: “We are committed to be the worldwide leading supplier of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial industry. We are committed to have highly enthusiastic customer relationships, provide a true one-stop-shopping experience, and always strive for operational excellence through never-ending measured improvements and innovative business practices. We are committed to foster a challenging and rewarding environment for our employees and associates which encourages teamwork, growth & development, as well as creativity and initiative.” So is this just another mission statement filled with trendy words and promises, like so many I have read over the years? Certainly not! In my opinion and I have read hundreds of mission statements or statements of purpose. At TVH this mission statement is a living document, a culture, a way of life for almost 4,000 associates and team members! As a summary: “The passion, the people, the parts!” During my five days at TVH I had the opportunity to meet many of their managers and associates from all over the world. It was the week before the CeMAT Fair in Hannover, Germany and the bulk of overseas managers were on-site in preparation to participating in the Fair. As a side note TVH had a very

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Northeast & Southwest: Erin Knowles

Midwest Sales: Debbie Felix


October 2014

impressive booth at this Fair with 104 of their people on-site to talk with customers and prospective customers. This coupled with my department and plant tours gave me the opportunity to truly appreciate how everything written in the mission statement is bearing fruit. I experienced what I will refer to as the associates’ attitude which is reflected in the team work of personnel from the shop floor, to the sales, ordering and shipping departments; whether or not the person talking was from Brisbane, Australia, Olathe, Kansas or Mississauga, Canada. The enthusiastic feeling was just below the surface with everyone I talked with, the enthusiasm of working for TVH. Over the years I have worked with suppliers of replacement parts as an employee and then as a consultant to many within the industry. I have heard phrases such as will-fitters, mightfitters, and even counter-fitters. At TVH nothing could be further from the truth. TVH has in stock, ready for shipment more than 600,000 parts with a database containing over 21 million parts numbers. The computer-controlled stock management is handled by professionally trained people. TVH’s information service department consists of more than 66 professional technicians with many years of experience in all makes of U.S., Asian and European brands. TVH’s quality control department creates cost-effective products to specific customer needs and tracks the quality performance of their vendors. TVH uses an extensive system to rate existing suppliers and to source new products from new suppliers. TVH demands and receives a quality product equal to that of the OEM in use, life cycle and dimensions with an excellent warranty on all parts. These are all working departments filled with professionals who care about the quality of TVH parts. TVH’s demand for proven quality, strong technical support and knowledge, backed by computer-controlled stock management is focused to provide the ultimate customer “one stop-shopping which provides the right part, at the right time, and at the right price ... guaranteed!” TVH also can provide customer assistance in 32 languages. The sales teams are made up of “native speakers” from 33 nationalities who give assistance in the customer’s language. The call center handles over 3,000+ calls a day. Here also the sales teams’ enthusiasm and dedication is totally customer-orientated, no problem goes unanswered, no problem remains unsolved and they respond in a timely manner to any customer’s concerns that might arise. TVH uses a state-of-the art telephone system which is CRM linked. To top all of this, TVH works with overnight delivery providers and sends over 14,000 packages per day, throughout the world. TVH works with customer focused structure in the sales department. This means that they link to each customer with one or two fixed contact representatives. In this way, a customer has a better relationship with the sales person and makes it easier for follow up for different service situations. My personal observation: TVH has chosen to focus upon a highly competitive, established market, the replacement parts business. They have chosen to do this by offering the customer those tools mentioned above, tools that are state of the art in the world of equipment sales. TVH understands that should they not be able to perform up to their customer’s standards, all the parts in the world on their shelves won’t cut it.

Feature Story TVH has learned over the years that people (their associates) are the keys to their overall success. I have learned over the years as a consultant to industries how to question people and how to probe into their feelings. As I began probing and questioning I discovered what I first felt upon stepping into the TVH facilities. Everyone from the top to the bottom of the organizational chart really, really enjoys working at TVH. I asked an employee who was guiding me through the order receiving department who he worked for before coming to TVH. He indicated a large construction equipment manufacturer. When I probed further and asked how he liked the change he replied that everything he was told at hiring, the company had lived up to, that he enjoys the company and the work. This was an attitude I experienced with every employee I talked with. I attended a barbecue with a group of 100+ associates from all over the world. The early evening camaraderie between everyone was very evident. Prior to arrival at the site, each employee was assigned to a team. Scattered throughout the area were six team test stations. I am frank to say that my age made me back off three of the team-tests. At the close of these tests I noticed someone pouring out charcoal over the gravel. It was when the coals were ignited that I noticed a plastic container filled with water at one end of the coals; while at the other end were two plastic containers, one filled with sand and yet another with water. I asked myself: Is someone going to walk the hot coals, a macho show for the group or were the associates going to walk the hot coals. I got my answer as I watched the associates rolling up their pants and slacks above the knees. I watched as 90%+ of the associates gleefully walked the hot coals. For those of you who may think I am concocting a tale, if you know Pat McLaughlin, President of TVH, North America, ask him whether or not he walked the hot coals, then watch the grin on his face that will tell you the story is true. This is certainly not a required test for employment at TVH, but it might well mean that the associates are dedicated to walk over hot coals to satisfy their customers! For more than 50+ years I have worked with manufacturers, equipment dealers and associations. I learned long ago how to mentally measure manufacturers and dealers and to recognize those world-class dealers and manufactures. Market share never came into the equation. Market share is earned by a dealer or a manufacturer through customer satisfaction which builds customer retention and customer loyalty. Customers will come back time and time again to buy from a supplier that has people who care about the customer. A caring culture focused upon helping the customer will make the provider more profitable than anyone can imagine. It didn’t take me five days to discover that the caring associates at TVH are driving a world class operation and that this effort will continue to grow the company’s parts and accessory market share. “TVH has the passion, the people and the parts!” John R. Walker is president of Aftermarket Services Consulting Co. Inc. E-mail to contact John.

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October 2014


Nuts & Bolts Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Flow-Rite to expand facility, create new jobs Flow-Rite Controls was recently awarded a performancebased grant from the State of Michigan to support the expansion of its Byron Center, MI facility by 7,500 SF. The expansion will include an innovative engineering center, upgrades to the existing facility, new high-speed assembly equipment and new injection molds. The project will result in a capital investment of $6 million and the creation of 64 jobs. “It is a core value we have at Flow-Rite to remain a ‘Made in the USA’ manufacture,” says Robert Burnetter, Chief Executive Officer for Flow-Rite. “We are continuously reinvesting in our facility, products and people here in West Michigan. With the help of The Right Place and this advantageous incentive program, we can reinvest quicker in our company and community.” The Right Place, a regional non-profit economic development organization, worked with Flow-Rite to help attain the grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund under the Michigan Business Development Program. “Flow-Rite is the definition of what advanced manufacturing looks like today in West Michigan,” said Birgit Klohs, President and CEO, The Right Place, Inc. “It is imperative that we retain and expand growing companies like Flow-Rite in our region; companies that take pride in the ‘Made in the USA’ labels on their products.”

YRC Freight upgrades three terminals to full distribution center status YRC Freight announced that it has upgraded three terminals to full Distribution Center status in order to increase network capacity for customers. The newly designated Distribution Centers will be located in Memphis, TN; Houston, TX; and Seattle, WA. These strategically placed additions to YRC Freight's national network will create new efficiencies, deliver improved customer service. "Bringing these Distribution Centers online will give us added capabilities to meet the continued confidence our customers are showing in YRC Freight," said Darren Hawkins, president of YRC Freight. "We are committed to growing our company for long-term success and we know that ultimately this comes from providing customers with reliable and continuously improving service."

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October 2014

2004 Toyota 7FDU80

• 17,500 # Capacity • Side Shifter and 72” Forks • Toyota 13Z – Diesel • Full Cab w/ Good Glass • 140 / 180” Mast • 7,900 Hours


**FORKLIFTS WANTED** We W i l l B u y Q u a n t i t i e s ! C a l l U s W i t h D e t a i l s - We Wa n t Yo u r S u r p l u s S t o c k

2005 TOYOTA 7FGCU45 187” FSV Mast, Hours: 8,800



194” FSV Mast, Hours: 6,200

168” FV Mast, Hours: 1,200




9,90 0


10,50 0




2006 TOYOTA 7FGU35

187” FSV Mast, Hours: 7,500

118” V Mast, Hours: 5,900

199” FSV Mast, Hours: 7,600





7,70 0


8,70 0


25,90 0

11,90 0

Available Used Equipment – More in Stock, Call Omar For Listing FORKLIFTS & NARROW AISLE EQUIPMENT


2004 Toyota 7BRU23, 3,000 Lbs., 36V, 300” Mast, Sideshifter

2008 Toyota 7FDU35, 8,000 Lbs., Diesel Fuel, 187” Mast

2003 Toyota 7FBCU25, 5,000 Lbs., 36V, 189” Mast, Sideshifter, EE Rated

2008 Toyota 8FGU30, 6,000 Lbs. LP, 187” Mast, Sideshifter, Dual Fuel

2009 Toyota 7FDU35, 8,000 Lbs., Diesel Fuel, 187” Mast, Sideshifter

2004 Case 586G, 6,000 Lbs. Diesel Fuel, 252” Mast, Sideshifter

2004 Toyota 7FGU25, 5,000 Lbs., LP, 189” Mast, Sideshifter


2009 Toyota 7FBEU18, 3,500 Lbs. 36V, 189” Mast, Sideshifter

2006 Terex TH842, 8,000 Lbs. DSL FUEL

1.866.506.2200 • SHOPPA’S HEADQUARTERS 15217 Grand River Rd • Fort Worth, TX, 76155 • P: 817.359.1100 • F: 817.359.1110

October 2014


Nuts & Bolts

UniCarriers Americas announces new factoryowned dealership

Crown opens new production facility in Roding, Bavaria

UniCarriers Americas Corporation announces its diversification into the material handling retail market with the acquisition of New England Industrial Truck, Inc. (NEIT), headquartered in Woburn, Mass. NEIT has been an authorized dealer of UniCarriers Americas for more than 35 years. UniCarriers’ entrance into the U.S. retail market is designed to augment its high-performing dealer network by providing the broadest sales coverage and highest quality aftermarket support. The acquisition was finalized on August 1, 2014. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed. “Adding factory-owned dealerships is a growth strategy for UniCarriers Americas in 2014 and beyond,” said Anthony Salgado, president, UniCarriers Americas. “This initiative is a component of our goals to strengthen and broaden our distribution network, and to support our existing dealer partners by growing awareness and increasing the value of the UniCarriers brand.” The new factory-owned dealership will operate under the leadership of Dick Rossi, who has been with the company since 1972 and has managed daily operations for the last 15 years. Rossi will report to James J. Radous III, executive vice president, sales, UniCarriers Americas.

Crown Equipment opened a new production facility in Roding, Bavaria (Germany), in early July. The opening ceremony was attended by employees and guests, including local politicians and business partners. With a new production hall and office premises covering a total area of nearly 12,000 square meters (approximately 129,000 square feet), Roding is one of the key production facilities in Crown’s global manufacturing network. While the company will continue to operate the existing plant located nearby, the new facility will enable the lift truck manufacturer to significantly expand its European production capacity. Just last year, Crown opened its new European headquarters in Feldkirchen and a new parts center in Pliening, both located near Munich. The parts center handles the distribution of spare parts across the entire EMEA region. The new Roding plant represents Crown’s third major investment in Germany to support the company’s ongoing growth in Europe.

What makes Wholesaler unique?


– P. Lannon

Experience the MOR-VALUE DIFFERENCE today! We can help you look good to your customers!

Our highly trained customer service staff is the most knowledgeable in the industry when it comes to providing sweeper/scrubber & personnel vehicle replacement parts solutions. MVP’s expert technical service is fast, friendly and free! Depend on the Specialist...We’re Your Partner in Parts!

Toll Free 1.800.870.0687 Fax: 616.406.3125 Email: 16

October 2014


Capacity: 3,000 lbs. - 180,000 lbs.

Combi SC - Straddle Carrier Range

Customized for long & awkward loads

Combi Walkie Reach Truck Range

Stack Containers

• 77,000 lbs. – 180,000 lbs. Capacity • Handles container sizes of 20’, 30’, 40’, 45’ • Narrow aisles for maximum Storage • Offers excellent 360˚ visibility from driver position • Can travel in / out of warehouses • Eliminates waiting trailers • Safer stuffing/destuffing at ground level • 2-Wheel Hydrostatic Drive with 2-Wheel Steer • Front and Rear independent sideshift

• Works in an aisle-width of 84" pallet to pallet • A 4-Way option available Low ground pressure when fully loaded

• Patented Multi Position Tiller

Reducing Costs ... Increasing Space • Dramatically Reduces working aisle widths • Increases Storage by up to 50% • Works both inside & out • Does the work of both reach & counterbalance forklifts • Electric & LPG Powered Models • Lift capacities of up to 4,400 lbs. • Lift Height up to 49 ft. Combilift USA, 303 Concord Street, Greensboro, North Carolina 27406 : Tel: 1-877-COMBI-56 |

October 2014


Aftermarket John R. Walker

Accomplishing results through and with your associates! The highly successful dealer principals, general managers and department managers learned long ago that to get tasks done they must work through and with employees. There is an old axiom that states the best way to get yourself promoted is to hire someone who through their constant efforts will push you up the ladder! There are numerous methods by which the productive dealer or manager achieves results from their personnel. Let your employees know that they are valued. Employees will recognize their value by the manner in which they are treated, by the level of trust that is put in them, by the amount of involvement they are allowed and by the recognition that they receive. If you want your customers treated like kings and queens, then treat your employees like royalty! Employees should be treated in the same way that the manager would want to be treated. This means that you, as a manager are always courteous, always honest and always willing to listen to your employees. Personnel policies, rules, regulations and management techniques should all reflect respect for the employees. This should include the reasons why certain rules exist, etc. Remember that one of the major motivating factors for personnel is their being in on the decision making process. This applies across the board to every employee, without regard to their particular position or status.

Personnel want to perform! It is crucial for management and staff to trust each other. Managers must believe that workers want to be productive and want to participate fully in the dealership’s organization. On the other side, employees must believe that their managers (leaders) have their best interest at heart. This kind of trust doesn’t happen by itself. By nature (experience), employees are usually cautious until trustworthiness has been demonstrated. Fortunately, if managers demonstrate the right traits, trustworthiness will be evident. There are several very important traits that encourage trust on the part of a dealership’s personnel. Open information is an important trait indicating trust. This is particularly true between general managers and department managers. There is a definite need to share department financial information with managers. A manager’s job, which is to make a profit by running an individual department is tough enough, but is made even more difficult if they do not receive the financial information necessary to measure and monitor the success of that department. A successful dealer and manager will let everyone in on information pertaining to the dealership, department and the individual position. Encourage and facilitate information exchange. Encourage questions and recommendations for improvement. Successful managers are patient and tolerant. They will accept (but not ignore) honest mistakes. They will guide employees in

Connell Equipment Leasing Company 200 Connell Drive, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

A Division of Connell Finance Company, Inc.

FORKLIFTS FOR SALE 2007 TOyOTA 7FGU80 17,000 lb. cap, 103”/122” std. LPG, 72” forks

2009 LINdE h35d 5,500 lb. cap, 90”/131” FFL diesel, rotator, 48” forks

2009 hOIST FKS 20 2008 CATERpILLAR C6500 6,500 lb. cap, 84”/185” triple 40,000 lb. cap, 109”/103” FFL 45E Push/Pull SS/FP, 60” forks

2006 jLG 400S

2007 yALE GLC155

2008 LINdE h40d

2007 yALE GLC080

500 lb. cap, 40’ straight boom 8’ platform, dual fuel

15,5000 lb. cap, 88”/149” Tri Integral FP, 60” forks

8,000 lb cap, 88”/128” std. diesel, FP, 48” forks

8,000 lb. cap, 85”/174” tri LPG, FP, 60” forks

2010 hySTER h80FT

2008 CASE 588G

2007 TAyLOR T300S

8,000 lb. cap, 96”/143” std. SS, 40” forks

8,000 lb. cap, SS, 48” forks, rough terrain

30,000 lb. cap, 144”/132” std. FP, 60” forks

Visit Our NEW Website To See All Of Our Inventory:

2009 GENIE Z60/34

www. UsedForkTrucks .com

2009 hySTER S80FTbCS 8,000 lb. cap, 83”/121” std. LPG, SS, 41” forks

2010 dOOSAN d70S

15,000 lb. cap, 152”/217” 500 lb. cap, 60’ Art. Boomlift, dual fuel, 8’ platform std. SS, 44” forks

908-673-3700 ext.317 Fax: 908-673-3800 18

October 2014

There’s More To An EPS Reman Engine Than Meets The Eye. With EPS, you get the complete package.

One year warranty that we stand behind

Solid reputation in the industry for quality and integrity

Convenient, round trip freight, including prepaid, discounted outbound and return shipping

Knowledgeable application experts who can help you

Outstanding quality control – we do everything in-house

Large inventory of engines in stock ready to ship

Most major brands of remanufactured engines in stock including CAT, Chrysler, Continental, Cummins (B & C series), Deutz, Ford, GM, Hercules, Kubota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Perkins, Toyota, Waukesha and Yanmar. Factory-authorized remanufacturer for Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Stanadyne and Zexel fuel systems. When it comes to remanufactured engines and parts, sometimes what you don’t see is just as important as what you do. At EPS, we’re absolutely committed to delivering the best quality reman engines and parts available anywhere. At the same time, we also want to make it easy for you to get what you need as quickly as possible, so you can get back to work. That’s why we provide so many “extras” that are all part of the deal when you do business with us.

³ More than 500 remanufactured engines in stock, ready to ship. ³ A wide array of reman parts, pumps and injectors, and overhaul kits. ³ More than 35 years in business – one of the industry’s oldest, largest and most reliable suppliers. Call us for expert advice!

Call 1-800-374-7522

Cores Wanted

October 2014


Aftermarket correcting their mistakes and in avoiding future mistakes. The successful manager will help their personnel learn from their mistakes. An effective manager treats employees with fairness and consistency. This manager will treat employees equally; they will be fair, impartial and consistent. This manager will also be honest with their employees. This type of manager won’t make promises that can’t possibly be kept. This manager will be accountable to employees. There of course is always the possibility that a manager’s trust in their employees will be abused. However, the benefits in productivity and commitment that you will receive the majority of the time from your employees will far outweigh any negative impacts that trust, fairness and consistency create within the dealership. Your personnel want to have some input, some part in the decision making process in order to feel that they have a degree of ownership in their jobs. To establish a participatory work place, a dealer principal or department manager must: 1) solicit communication, 2) listen, 3) provide feedback and 4) share the power. In addition to investing the time and energy to explain the whys and the ways of the dealership’s goals to staff and personnel, dealer principals and department managers must be willing to make the communication process a two-way street. Of course, this means that managers must listen to what their personnel are saying. Sometimes what the employees want and what management thinks they want are two very different things, as

we have discussed in earlier articles concerning what really motivates personnel. To instill a feeling of cooperation, managers should share some decision making power with employees. Giving employees a say in how things are done is the second most important motivator. While principals and managers should make decisions about dealership and department policies and budgets, employee groups should be able to, at the very least, have some say in what happens in their end of the business. Employee input is critical to the financial strength of the dealership. After all it is through and with the dealership personnel that all tasks will be accomplished. The genuine key motivating factor with employees is recognition. It should be further recognized that this recognition does not necessarily always require financial recognition sometimes a simple “thank you” is quite enough. Share the rewards of mutual efforts with all those involved. Install a formal recognition program -Employee of the Month type program. Many of the most successful equipment dealers have found that their recognition programs are most effective if they undergo frequent updating and change. As an example, one month the award for the employee of the month might be tickets to a ball game and the next month, it might be dinner for two at the employee’s favorite restaurant or tickets to a major local event. Praise employees who have completed a difficult task, gone beyond the normal daily routine, provided additional customer satisfaction, have been cooperative and pleasant under pressure or have been supportive to programs or other departments or employees. Praise is easy to give, doesn’t cost anything and does













ROYAL 40/60B










1-800-960-TRAN (NC) or 1-800-961-TRAN (SC) Contact Harry, Brian, James or Marc

Charlotte, NC PHONE (704) 882-3979 FAX (704) 882-4215

Contact Bill or Ryan

Hardeeville, SC PHONE (843) 784-7844 FAX (843) 784-7832


Si Necesita Asistencia En Espanol Contacte A Heidy Rivas For Our Rental Units Visit Our Website: WWW.BIGFORKLIFTRENTALS.COM


October 2014



Aftermarket wonders for morale. Use praise often in your dealership and see what an effective motivator it truly is. Always remember to give credit where credit is due! Successful and effective principals and managers will always know what is going on in the dealership and in the department’s area of responsibility! Many successful equipment dealers use a form of what is called management by walking around, or as they say in Australia “walking about.” This is a process of getting managers out of their offices to look at their operations first hand, either within the dealership or out into the field. It is an essential ingredient to managing people, especially if the managers have never worked on the line or in the field, or if it has been a long time since they have done either. For a department manager this may be just listening and watching how the phones are being answered, how the customer is treated over the phone or from behind the counter. Is suggestive/related selling taking place? Is the customer being taken care of courteously? For the service manager it means seeing how the job is finished. Cleaning out the cab of a backhoe, washing the windows on the cab before delivery can be an effective factor of customer satisfaction. For the sales manager it may mean calling on accounts with the sales person, listening and watching for customer reaction and feedback. For the dealer principal it means watching for clues indicating strengths and weaknesses within the dealership.

One of the major benefits of developing the walk-about process is to obtain first-hand information. In order to get the kind of information that reports can’t measure, managers need to see for themselves by going around the layers of management and getting a feel for the factors that can impact the equipment dealer’s success. By using management by walk-about, a dealer principal or department manger becomes visible and immediately accessible to employees. Your personnel appreciate a manager they can relate to, someone who presents themselves as unpretentious and easy to talk to and this all helps to achieve an atmosphere of confidence and trust. Walk-about can provide direct feedback by talking directly with employees and this can open up valuable, but previously untapped, resources. This assists the dealer or manager in picking up on ideas and problems that need attention. Once again, these are but suggestions for achieving results through and with your dealership personnel. The key person in this entire scenario is you the dealer principal or you the department manager. Nothing will happen unless you desire to make it happen! John R. Walker is president of Aftermarket Services Consulting Co. Inc. E-mail to contact John.

Serving professionals in the

DYNA RACK The Dealers’ Source For Portable Racks™ • Enhances warehouse/ factory efficiency

• Proven custom engineering per application

• Stacks 4-5 high, nests or knocks down empty

Standard capacities 2,000 - 4,000 pounds per rack Heavier duty capacities available



• Scan the code • E-mail • Call 877-638-6190

STOCK PROGRAM AVAILABLE For additional literature and pricing information, call

800–939–DYNA (3962) • email: E-mail to report name/title change, moving, damaged/missing copies, or to cancel your subscription.

October 2014


Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

Which is it – inflation or deflation? The world economy is in one big mess. “The economy is getting better.” Is what we keep hearing but for who? The only ones I see it better for are the banks and institutions who have all the QE funds and are investing them in the market because they can’t find a better yield. The Fed is determined to stimulate inflation and seems to be doing a good job of making dollars’ worth less every day of the week. For them deflation is a killer because it makes our debt worth more while the asset base is shrinking. The Fed wants to pay all this debt the US is running up using cheaper dollars by printing more money. I guess it works for them, but for us holding on to our cash to cover day-to-day necessities, the number of dollars we have left over every week gets smaller and smaller. There is no doubt the world is still working itself out of the 2007 depression caused by the credit bubble. People have to refinance or pay off debts. They have to sell assets to repay debt. When you have an excess of sellers needing to sell, prices fall and deflation becomes the word of the day. In addition, people in this position don’t have excess cash to spend until after they get resettled, with many unable to find jobs at their prior income levels. So here we are with the Fed doing all it can to stimulate inflation without getting any meaningful improvement in the


We Accept:

Equipment, Inc.

440-232-1422 Akron | Cleveland, OH 44146


Over 35 years of satisfied customers!

We specialize in dependable reconditioned We specialize in dependable reconditioned BATTERIES AND CHARGERS batteries & chargers to calibrated to factory specs bycalibrated our certified factory specs by our certifi ed technical staff. technical staff.

Hobart—Enersys—Applied Energy Solutions—C&D

◆ Hobart —and more! ◆ Enersys The ARCON Difference Not just used chargers, but used ◆ AppliedThe EnergyARCON Difference chargers that are tested, calibrated, Solutions Not just used chargers, but used chargers that are tested, and set match AC input voltage ◆calibrated, C&D and set to match theto AC input the voltage you specify. you specify. Working & ready for use! Working & ready for use! ◆ and more!

Good WANTED GoodUsed Used Batteries Batteries WANTED We will us with withdetails details— We willbuy buyquantities! quantities! Call Call us – we want your GOOD surplus stock only! we want your GOOD surplus stock only!

economy or consumer spending. So what is going to happen? Inflation or deflation …which will it be? I presented this five thousand foot review of our economic situation because it impacts your planning for business purposes as much as it does your personal planning. You can tell what I am talking about by listening to how public companies are acting. Many public companies are hoarding cash, using cash to buy back shares, pay dividends but not invest in the business. So instead of building the business they are financially engineering the business to reflect better returns for investors. In an inflationary period you are pressed to use your funds sooner before price increases change the economics of the transactions. An additional benefit comes into play because hard assets increase in value during inflationary periods. On the other hand, if you think deflation is here to stay you hoard the dollars because you will get more for your money because prices get depressed. Me, I am leaning towards the inflation side of the coin, but when that will be in terms of the overall trend in the economy I can’t predict. It may come out where we have both, inflation and deflation, depending who you are and what you do. Where do you stand? Where does the Material handling industry stand in all this? Are you growing the business or still in a wait and see mode? This issue should lead to some interesting planning meetings. We have talked about manufacturing jobs in the past and as far as manufacturing goes we keep hearing about the loss of manufacturing jobs and why we need to bring them back to generate middle class jobs. Unfortunately, the results we are expecting may fall far short of what is anticipated. As it turns out manufacturing went from 20% of GDP to 12% of GDP. That decrease, however, just didn’t reflect loss of manufacturing jobs but the growth of GDP in other areas. It is correct that at one time 30% of the workforce worked in manufacturing but that since has fallen to 10% because manufacturing jobs were lost, and productivity increased. In fact, a chart reflecting manufacturing for the last 20 years shows a steady increase in manufacturing reaching $2,000 billion in 2013. Of course there was a dip in 2008 and so on but it has come back significantly. What hasn’t come back, however, are the jobs that go with it. While there has been a 25% increase in manufacturing between 2003 and 2013, manufacturing jobs only increase by 5% because firms are doing more with less. Bottom line here is we cannot rely on re-shored manufacturing work to generate a meaningful number of middle class jobs. I guess the point here is we have to figure out where our companies are heading in this wild and crazy economy we live in. Should you invest to grow? Should you find new markets to attack that will keep you in the manufacturing plants and warehouses? Should you use your rental expertise to expand into the construction side of business? Maybe expand into servicing their automated processes? It is “risk on” regarding 2015. Which side of issue are you on….inflation or continued deflation? Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC. E-mail to contact Garry.


October 2014

The Toughest Casters on the Planet.

The Best Heavy-Duty Casters Float to the Top. You see a beautiful bridge. We see a hulking mound of steel and concrete supported by our heavy-duty casters. Lug every beam, girder and rail on Hamilton’s highest capacity casters. Up to 20 tons each. Learn more at Š 2 01 2 Ha m i l to n C a ste r & M FG . Co.

October 2014


Classifieds LOOKING TO BUY

OHIO RACK We BUY & SELL Portable Stack Racks Flexible Packaging NEW & USED 800-344-4164 Fax 330-823-8136 Email:

BATTERIES WANTED Industrial Forklift Batteries and Chargers In Good Condition!! Call Us With Your Off-Lease Or Fleet Surplus Equipment. ARCON EQUIPMENT INC.


FOR SALE Self-dumping material handling hoppers with an excellent dealer program Save your customers time and money. Sizes from 1 /4 yd to 21/2 yds

Buy & Sell / New & Used units available

3 Electric 3 Narrow isle 3 Gas


Satisfaction Guarantee

Iron Bull Mfg. LLC 6064 North 350 East Marshall, IN 47859

Warehouse & industrial tow tractors available in:

Trip it. Dump it. Return it without leaving your seat.

Call today for more details and for a free brochure.


Material Handling Wholesaler 2.875” W x 2” H and TIRES CLASSIFIED

3 Diesel 3 LPG 3 Large &

Authorized Dealer

Original & Aftermarket Parts for Most Equip. Original & Aftermarket Parts for Most Equip.

small units


Also now offering warehouse carts & wagons


FORKLIFTS & TIRES 713.460.8197 • 800.687.3884 • fax: 713.460.5941 713.460.8197 • 800.687.3884 • fax: 713.460.5941

Next classified deadline is

Wednesday, October 1

Call 877-638-6190 or email to reserve space. 24

October 2014

FOR SALE (515) 264-8868 (888) 516-5091

Specializing in Forklifts, Shelving, & Pallet Racking We welcome export business and also buy scrap forklifts! PLEASE MENTION YOU SAW THIS AD IN




Specialty Material Handling, Inc.

36-volt, 750 AH 48-volt, 600 AH other sizes available

Full 2 yr. warranty (10 yr. transformer coverage)


• Accurate to within 0.2% (10lbs in 5,000lbs) • Hydraulic Manifold Valve to Achieve High Accuracy • 150 Pressure Readings in 5 Seconds + Averages • Logs Up To 99 Events in Up To 99 Different Channels • Prints Out in Sequence or Groups • Installs Quickly On ANY IC or Electric Vehicle Phone: Fax: Email: Url:

Used 3-phase chargers also available


9530 N Trask Tampa, FL 33624 Ph: (800) 266-6675

(440) 232-1422

We Sell – Used and New Yard Ramps New ramps are all steel welded construction, 20,000 lb. capacity, 84” wide x 36’ long with 6’ level off to add maneuverability for forklifts. Serrated grating provides excellent traction. Lower end approach plate provides maximum support and smooth transition onto grating.


We Buy – Yard Ramps & material handling equipment

Bought & Sold, Rentals, New & Used Parts, Appraisals, Technical Support

We Rent – Yard Ramps & Dock Boards Contact us for availability.

Gregg Zdan (734) 641-1800


ha n

rush! l. Please materia is dated ster: This


52004que, IA

your skills Sharpen hands-on a Enroll in today! TVHU class (800) 255-4109

Parts Pro




Spectrum ement Fuel Manag



725 •Dubu P.O. Box

Digital magazine - 8,900 subscribers


Basic Hydraulic

Weekly e-newsletter - 9,467 subscribers Website - 2,782 unique visitors Combined, Wholesaler reaches almost 43,000 readers monthly with its print & electronic marketing.

Our readers buy! Want to reach them? Call Alva or Dean and get all the details!

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ne Magazi



Vehicle Access & Monitoring

• Color LCD Display • Built in WiFi • RFID Card Reader • Daily Checklist • Event Logging • Impact Sensing • Speed Sensing • Maintenance Scheduling


n to wome salute Annual

Print - 21,840 readers

(8,000 subscribers with 2.73 average readers/copy)

Impact Issues? Speeding Issues? Unauthorized Access?


ure sive cult Progres ale m lures fe leaders 2014


tional, Inc. tions Interna ty Publica ed Special ee-Own An Employ




r 2014 Octobe .com HWmag www.M


Associated with DREXEL Industries since 1972

Reach more buyers with Wholesaler


TV voice in the who ng les dli

stry! indu ale


(813) 877-4500 (813) 871-6250

We Accept

The material


High Accuracy Hydraulic Scale

New Single Phase Chargers

Prsrt Std e US Postag PAID aler Wholes

20 E. 18th St. Des Moines, IA 50316

Series 1 Workhorse Single Shift rating

(813) 877-4500 (813) 871-6250

Stats taken from MHW Publisher’s Statement and Google Analytics

October 2014



Salute to WOMEN in the

Material Handling Industry

Jessica Lang, Key Account/ Government Sales Support – Kardex Remstar Jessica Lang has been with Kardex Remstar for 17 years. Jessica is responsible for assisting in creation of Government quotes of GSA related items, supporting distributors with product questions as well as creating proposals. Her years of knowledge have been a true asset to Kardex Remstar and the sales support department!

Heidy Rivas, Latin American Sales Specialist – Transamerican Equipment Heidy Rivas has been with Transamerican for seven years and is our Latin American sales specialist. She is bilingual - fluent in English and Spanish, which has enabled us to expand our sales into Latin America. Heidy’s number one goal is customer satisfaction.

Lisa Ford, Internet, Inventory & Marketing Specialist – Transamerican Equipment Lisa Ford has been a fixture at Transamerican for 19 years. Currently Lisa is our internet, inventory & marketing specialist doing all of our advertisements and website updates as well as managing our inventory. She is an integral part of our success.


October 2014

Kelly Rowell, Sales Coordinator – Kardex Remstar Kelly Rowell has been with Kardex Remstar for three years. As a part of the order management department, Kelly handles sales orders for two regions in North America. From taking purchase orders to placing machine orders at the factory, Kelly supports the team every step of the way!

Jennifer Price, Executive Assistant – Transamerican Equipment Jennifer is the friendly voice you hear when you call Transamerican Equipment. She has been at Transamerican for 11 years. As an executive assistant Jennifer handles all of the bidding as well as making sure everything runs smoothly.

Kimberly Salisbury, Controller and Human Resources Manager – Transamerican Equipment Kimberly does so many different things at Transamerican it isn't possible to list them all in one paragraph. Her main job is to make sure that people are paid on time as well as billed. She has been a fixture at Transamerican for 18 years.

Nikki Lamb, Sales Manager – Lift’n Buddy As one of the founders of Lift’n Buddy, Nikki Lamb has been involved in all aspects of the company’s growth and development. Currently she serves as the Sales Manager working to build a strong, welltrained distribution network. She lives in Fargo, ND, with her husband and 8 kids.

Reva Bily, President – West Point Rack As president, Reva is involved in every aspect of West Point Rack, including configuring and pricing quotes, purchasing steel and, as she puts it, “doing whatever it takes to get the job done.” Her primary goal is “to support our dealers, satisfy their customers, earn trust and be the vendor of choice for rack products and racking systems.”

Brenda Harrison – Senior Project Account Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems Celebrating my 25th year with AK Material Handling Systems I enjoy and take pride in knowing I have the knowledge and expertise in helping our customers start and complete our projects down to the very last detail. Our industry is changing daily and it’s important to stay up on the latest technology and building codes to make sure no details are missed. I love every minute of it!

Jackie Marchisin, Pallet Rack Specialist – Wholesale Pallet Rack Products As a Pallet Rack Specialist for WPRP, I am excited to work with our distributors to help them provide optimal solutions to their customers. Our resources allow us to choose from different quick ship locations and manufacturers, so we have many options available to us. This makes it easy to ensure our customers have a positive buying experience. And this in turn makes me proud to be a part of the WPRP Team!

Rita Germscheid – Controller, AK Material Handling Systems As the controller for AK Material Handling Systems I'm involved with just about everything which makes my job very exciting, challenging and I always have something new I'm working on. This has given me the opportunity to use my skills on many levels. I work with a wonderful team and I'm given the tools that give me the latest and greatest technology from invoicing our customers to paying our vendors.

Linda Anlauf, Pallet Rack Specialist – Wholesale Pallet Rack Products I love what I do as a Pallet Rack Specialist at WPRP and find it extremely rewarding to work with our distributors. I am happy to be a part of our WPRP education video series “Would You Like Fries with That?” and am passionate about staying in touch with the industry through social media. I value the partnerships made over the years and look forward to meeting up with material handling peers during trade shows, MHEDA events and through the “Pacesetters” MHEDA Net group.

October 2014


Morgan Kurtz, Product Specialist – Flight Systems Industrial Products Morgan joined FSIP in 2013. As Product Specialist, she plays a key role in ensuring that we have the right products available for our customers. She works closely with our engineering department to determine what products will be released into our remanufacturing program. Morgan also provides our employee and customer product training.

Pam Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing – Flight Systems Industrial Products FSIP provides the industry with remanufactured and manufactured electronic products for electric and gas powered vehicles. Pam joined FSIP 7 years ago as a sales manager. Now as their Sales & Marketing Director, Pam focuses her attention on company growth while maintaining good customer relationships and providing quality products and services that meet the industry’s expectations.

Sandra Gunthorpe, Product Sales Manager – Flight Systems Industrial Products New to the industry, Sandra joined FSIP in the spring of 2014 to introduce a new line of products for lead acid battery maintenance. Her line features the Xtender lead acid battery regenerator that will simplify the testing, analyzing, desulfating and regenerating of all types of these batteries. Her focus is to help customers minimize premature battery replacements by restoring sulfated batteries and providing meaningful maintenance of newer batteries.

Mary Carlson, Co-Owner – Reliable Forklift Sales Reliable Forklift Sales has been serving the greater Phoenix market for the past nine years. As co-owner of a small family business, Mary wears many hats, but her primary responsibilities are encouraging the team members and the company’s finances. Every day is different and very rewarding!

1351 Nagel Blvd., Batavia, IL 60510 Ph: (630) 879-7008 | Fax: (630) 879-8068

RAIN DECK • open area rack deck (B-Deck) • perforated for sprinkler drainage • installed on step ledges of rack beams • top of deck is flush with top of rack beam • smooth top surface protects products • products slide easily on and off • finishes available are painted or galvanized


October 2014

Keep on Rolling

You need lower costs and less downtime, which is why you need Thomber t Dyalon ® “A” wheels and tires on your electric lift truck. They take a beating while you get a good night’s rest. Our wheels steamroll the competition! Guaranteed life and lower costs! Test our Dyalon “A” wheels and tires against your current brand. Calculate your total cost per hour. If Thomber t is not lower, you get your money back. It’s that simple.

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October 2014


Human Element Herb Greenberg, Caliper Corp.

See what people CAN do, not just what they have done in the past Recently, the Harvard Business Review published an interesting article entitled, “The Big Idea: 21st Century Talent Spotting” by Claudio Fernandez-Araoz. It was refreshing to read an intelligently crafted article looking at potential in hiring and developing personnel. Much has recently been written about the increasing dissatisfaction that employees demonstrate toward their job or their employer. I frequently ask the following question to a group of clients during meetings with regard to how they hire people: When you’re crafting a job description and write, “10 years’ experience required,” why do you ask for 10? Why not 8 or 12? Then, I’ll ask: How often have you hired that person with 10 years’ experience only to find that it was 1 year of bad experience repeated 10 times? Although this generates laughter among the group, it can often be disastrous in practice, when time after time, the wrong hire is being brought on board. A bad hire is a detrimental expense to your company, and you always end up back at square one – in need of filling an open position. The failure of depending on “what someone has done” in determining whether or not to hire them, rather than looking at “who they are” can be summed up by an axiom in the training industry: “You can always teach skills but you can’t train attitude.”

Remanufactured Transmissions, Engines, Torque Converters, Steer Axles, Overhaul Kits and Aftermarket Parts for: • Material Handling • Construction • Agricultural Equipment

The use of resume data in making hiring decisions is important in terms of understanding whether someone is a viable candidate for an open role. However, it should not be the sole determinant. If you want to hire a salesperson, of course, you look for someone who has sold before. The reality is in fact that if you integrate a valid personality assessment and other proven tools into your hiring process, you now have a gold mine of data that can then help you create a more robust hiring process. For example, if an individual possesses the potential to do a job – meaning they show the inherent motivation to function successfully in a role – he or she can be taught to do that job. A simple process of determining what potential an individual possesses in terms of who they are, and then training them appropriately will have immediate impact on turnover, on early productivity, and on hiring people who can not only do the immediate job, but also move up at the organization. And if you have the right person, with the right attitude, and the right motivations, you can always provide them with the training they need to be successful. That is how you hire a top performer and build for the future. Obviously, this approach is slightly more difficult because there is no one indication of having potential. It requires really looking at the individual to make that determination, but thousands of companies will tell you that by doing this, the positive impact financially and from an employee engagement perspective is incredible. So, what I am suggesting is a shift in approach. Let’s worry less about “how many years have you sold or how experience do you possess doing X” and let’s focus on who you are. And given who the applicant is, where can you make the maximum impact to enrich their life and add to your company’s success? Those who truly enjoy their job, and know that it plays to their strengths are the lucky ones. They are engaged, loyal to their companies, and happy to wake up each morning and go to work. Just think if you could hire an entire staff of people like that: the type of productivity and profitability your company could realize. Potential can open many doors, and those companies who understand it, live it. And those who don’t will find themselves in a never-ending revolving door of bad candidates and lost time, money, and resources. About Caliper - For nearly half a century, Caliper has been helping companies achieve peak performance by advising them on hiring the right people, managing individuals most effectively and developing productive teams. The accuracy, objectivity and depth of our consulting approach enable us to provide solutions that work for over 25,000 companies. To find out more about how Caliper can help you identify and develop people who can lead your organization to peak performance, please visit us at or call us at 609-524-1200. Email to contact Herb.

800-321-9983 Authorized Distributor


Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

October 2014

What makes Wholesaler unique? Authorized Distributor

Inside info

– G. Smith

October 2014


Sales Trends Dave Kahle

Given a tough assignment, should you do it? y boss recently decided that we must call prospects once every Q. Mhour, every day, until we get a yes or no, regardless of what they say, or if it's voicemail. What's your opinion of this? I really think there are two questions here. The first has to do with this practice – Is it a good idea to do this? The second is more personal and implied – What should you do? Let's deal with each of them separately. Is it a good idea to call prospects every hour, every day, in order to get a definite yes or no? I don't think so, with some exceptions. If you are in the business of hard-selling to customers on a one-time only basis then there may be some value in it. If you are selling burial plots for example, your customer is going to buy it or not, and probably not come back for additional units. In that case, the damage that you do to your reputation and the relationship with the customer may be an acceptable price to pay for those few customers who say yes just to get you off their back. If, however, you expect to build a relationship with these customers such that you hope that they'll buy again in the future, then I'd advise against it. It sends the message that you are so focused on your agenda – selling something – that you totally disregard the customer's agenda, his decision-making process, his schedule and his desire to work with a professional vendor.

It makes you look desperate, which is never a good thing if you are going to engender a relationship that produces more business down the line. Imagine how you will look if your customer had an afternoon meeting, and then spent the next day with one of his clients. He gets back to the office, listens to his voice mail, and discovers 12 messages from you. If it were me, that would be enough to decide never to do business with you again, and to regret ever giving you my phone number. I'd be thinking something like this: "What was I thinking when I talked with these clowns?" I can understand your boss's frustration. The biggest time waster for any sales organization is not the people who say "no," it's the people who don't make a decision, or make it and won't tell you they have decided to do something other than buy from you. A certain number of these are people who just don't like to tell someone "no." So, they resort to not speaking to you again, knowing that in a month or so you'll get the message and go away. Another group is fostered by the sales people themselves. Not wanting to hear a "no," they rarely press for a decision, and never suggest a next step. They delude themselves that not hearing a "no" means that they can continue to see the customer, taking up valuable sales time, and feel like they are accomplishing

Protect More. Spend Less. Made in U.S.A. from high-strength steel Variety of configurations in stock Easy online ordering at

Traditional Guard Rail

Pedestrian Handrail 32

October 2014

Lift-Out Rail


West Point Rack “We don’t just promise…we deliver!” • Quotes in 2 hours on most requests • Delivery in 2-3 weeks on most orders

For Excellent Service Contact

Reva Bily

Cantilever Racks • Structural Pallet Racks Portable Stacking Racks Specialty Transport & Storage Products West Point Rack is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. Our customers recognize quality products, dependability of service and competitive pricing.

• Quality • Dependability • Satisfaction

Our Primary Goal is to support our dealers, satisfy their customers, earn trust and be the “Vendor of Choice” for rack products and racking systems. We offer a full line of light duty, intermediate duty, heavy and extra heavy duty cantilever racks. We provide multiple configurations of a wide variety of stacking racks. Our structural pallet racks can be configured for a wide range of applications. West Point Rack has the products that generates solutions for your storage needs. We also offer specialty products such as bar cradle trucks, drum racks, hand carts and other specialty transport and storage products. Give us a call at 866.245.3630. We may have what you need. Look forward to hearing from you.


Portable Stacking

Structural Pallet

13591 Chandler St. • Omaha, NE 68138 866-245-3630 • Fax 866-245-3631

October 2014


Sales Trends something. This is a common ploy by sales people who are not confident with their abilities. Unsure and uncomfortable with developing new customers, they continue to see those folks who will see them, even if there isn't the slightest change that the sales person's investment of time will ever produce a satisfactory return. And, more and more today, what used to be thought of as incredibly rude is, by today's standards, more acceptable behavior. In other words, people are ruder today than ever. For example, if you meet with a prospect a couple of times, discuss an issue he is interested in, maybe even develop a customized proposal and deliver it, you should expect that the customer will give you the courtesy of a response. If they don't, under those circumstances, they are rude. Add all these up, and you can see why your boss is frustrated. I'm just not sure hourly calling is the solution. Question two: What should you do? Let's build on this premise: Sales people are employees and they should be good employees, willing and able to following their employers' directions. If you accept that, and I do, then it severely limits your options

You don't have the option, for example, to just disregard the direction. Nor do you have the option to nod yes, giving verbal ascent, and then not follow on what you said you would do. I can think of three viable options. 1. Suck it up, make the calls, suffer the irate responses, and let your boss know what kind of results you are getting from this effort. Consider it a character-building process. 2. Put together a coherent, persuasive case as to why this practice is a bad idea and try to sell your boss on changing his direction to you. 3. Take a couple of personal days off. Hope that while you are gone the other sales people will get beaten to a pulp by irate customers, and that your boss will relent in just a couple of days. At that point, you can resume your job without having to bear the brunt of the customer's rage and your boss' frustration. Dave Kahle has trained tens of thousands of distributor and B2B salespeople and sales managers to be more effective in the 21st century economy. He’s authored nine books, and presented in 47 states and eight countries. Sign up for his free weekly Ezine or visit his blog at E-mail editorial@ to contact Dave. PARTS & ENGINE EXPERTS




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October 2014

October 2014


Shifting Gears Industry personnel and organization news

NAACO Materials Handling Group hosted congressman at Illinois facility

Schneider Packaging appoints new regional sales manager

NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. (NMHG), the parent company of Hyster Company and Yale Materials Handling Corporation, hosted Illinois Congressman John Shimkus for a tour of its facility in Danville, Illinois on August 26, 2014. “We felt it was important for the congressman to experience first-hand the company’s leadership and emphasize our commitment to manufacturing excellence,” said Paul Laroia, VP, aftermarket. “NMHG is a leader in the lift truck industry and its presence in the Danville community has an immense influence on its economic potential. By showcasing the company’s importance, we believe the congressman understands the role we play in this tight-knit community.” The Danville facility is NMHG’s Americas parts distribution center and currently employs 213 local citizens.

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc., is proud to announce the promotion of Ron Pietraszek to Regional Sales Manager for the Northeastern US. “Ron has strong sales and marketing capabilities, and the material handling equipment expertise to serve the needs of our customers,” says, Barry Rinaldi, Director of Business Development, Schneider Packaging. Mr. Pietraszek has Ron Pietraszek over 20 years experience in industrial sales and marketing including material handling equipment which compliment his 7 years of Applications Engineering with Schneider. He also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, in Business Administration from SUNY Brockport. “Schneider Packaging’s work in end-of-line packing solutions is innovative and on the cutting edge of our industry” says Pietraszek. “I look forward to helping clients reduce their overall packaging costs and achieve future growth and success.”

John R. Walker The only name you need to know for aftermarket success.

New & Used Forklifts • Coil Tractors • Railcar Movers Yard Tractors • Container Handlers & More

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Aftermarket Services Consulting Co., Inc. • Solely dedicated to your aftermarket opportunities • 40+ years of experience in aftermarket development • Guaranteed performance

When you want results in your aftermarket efforts, call Aftermarket Services Consulting Co., Inc. 803-548-6707 ...John is waiting to help you succeed.

Aftermarket Services Consulting Co., Inc. 817 Stockbridge Drive #399 • Ft. Mill, SC 29708 •

Call 803-548-6707


October 2014

Contact us at 412-779-3056 or 412-490-5311

700 FOR 28 DAYS


The “little charger” that thinks BIG! Alltech battery chargers are durable and built to last!

For $700 a material handling equipment dealer can rent a 36’ long 20,000 lb. capacity aluminum yard ramp. Provide a much needed service to your customers. Ramps in stock for immediate delivery.

We Buy Used Dock Levelers Trades Considered

Metro: (817) 447-2703 Toll Free: (877) 882-6004 Fax: (817) 453-9988

Bay Equipment Co., Holland, Mich., 616-392-1811 or fax 616-392-6238 • 6700 Exchange Dr. | Mansfield, TX 76063

Used parts Great deals on hard-to-find, early & late model parts for most makes and models

Please call

FORKLIFT PARTS CO.,INC. 8 0 0 . 4 4 1 . 3 7 7 1

8 1 7 . 8 4 7 . 7 2 2 7

Fax 817-847-6552 • e-mail:

October 2014


Shifting Gears

Combi chosen for Rockwell Automation Partnernetwork™ program Combi Packaging Systems is proud to announce they have been chosen as a Machine Builder Partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ program. Rockwell Automation, the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., Rockwell Automation employs about 21,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries. The selection process for this elite program includes a loyalty commitment from Combi to standardize on Rockwell Automation products and technology and to commit to drive competency and training across the company. "Combi has long recognized that Allen Bradley products are an industry standard and has been a business partner with Rockwell Automation for many years. This joint level of commitment will provide Combi the opportunity to collaborate technically when venturing into new business opportunities, increase market awareness and expand into new market sectors with our improved technical competency, said John Fisher, CEO and President of Combi Packaging Systems LLC.

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Grote appoints new marketing manager Ron Gerlach has been named Grote marketing manager, driving Grote’s U.S. promotional and communications activities as well as coordinating Grote’s worldwide branding programs. “We decided to augment our marketing team’s skills with a person that has wide ranging promotional skills in a number of industries, both on the client side and the agency side” said global vice president, Ron Gerlach sales and marketing, John Grote. Gerlach has experience directing and producing successful promotions with agencies using print, web, and broadcast communications as well as worldwide marketing experience on the manufacturing side. His last position was Director of Worldwide Marketing with Gold Medal Products, Cincinnati, Ohio. His office is located at Grote Corporate Headquarters, in Madison, Indiana.

Toyota presents Prolift Industrial Equipment with continuous improvement award Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU) presented ProLift Industrial Equipment with the Aftersales Service Evaluation and Certification (ASEC) award for implementing a global quality program at the dealership. The dealership achieved the award Terry Rains, vice president of aftermarket by implementing process and sales at TMHU, presents an ASEC operational standards to deliver award to David Graffy, president of quality and overall superior ProLift Industrial Equipment customer service throughout the dealership. “We encourage our associates to suggest ideas to constantly improve the processes at our dealership,” said Dave Graffy, president of ProLift Industrial Equipment. “We combine their continuous improvement ideas with the process and standards of the ASEC program to make our dealership run smoother, which gives us more time to focus on our customers.” A few of the changes to ProLift Industrial Equipment include adding signs to be aware of parts order cutoff times, creating a process audit team, distributing a quarterly safety newsletter to promote awareness and shared responsibility of safety procedures, and creating a “Wall of Safety” to reinforce why safety is so vital within the organization. The dealership also scored 100 percent in nearly half of the sections that make up the ASEC program.

Inventory is available in the U.S. for immediate delivery! Dealer Territories Available Send inquiries to: or 38

October 2014

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QUALITY& VALUE For Over 50 Years

Power Steering Units Cylinders Pumps Valves

New & Remanufactured Exchange Precision Remanufactured Hydraulic Parts



October 2014


Your Business Eileen Schmidt

Family leadership drives Felling Trailers to 40th anniversary Merle Felling never sold his business short. “He always dreamed big. He felt you can never dream big enough,” said Brenda Jennissen, Felling's daughter and the current vice president of finance and public relations for Felling Trailers. As the central Minnesota business marks its 40th anniversary and many Felling's goals have come to fruition, it seems his optimism was well-placed. When Felling purchased the business in 1974, it was known as Sauk Centre Welding. Merle changed it to Sauk Centre Welding & Machine Works, Inc. The business had been in operation since 1954 and catered to local businesses and farmers by offering fabrication and custom welding jobs, according to a detailing of the company history on the business website. There were four employees at the time, according to Jennissen. After Merle Felling purchased the business, he began manufacturing trailers for some local clients. Buoyed by quality craftsmanship, the trailers were soon in demand and by 1975 the Felling Trailer product line was launched. A decade later, the expanded company moved from a 10,000-squarefoot building downtown to a 15,000-square-foot office and manufacturing complex at its current location, which has grown to 180,000-square-feet after numerous expansions throughout the years. In 2012, a second production facility opened in Litchfield, Minn., bringing production space up to over 250,000-square-

To Serve You Better New






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feet, according to the business website. Today, Jennissen said Felling Trailers employs around 250 workers in two facilities, manufacturing trailers for clients around the U.S. and internationally. The locations have proven ideal for the company. Sauk Centre, with a population of 4,400, is centered at the intersection of three major roadways: Highway 71, Highway 28 and Interstate 94. And Litchfield accesses Highway 12 and Highway 22. The access to transportation infrastructure is key to reaching Felling's dealers across the nation and Canada, Jennissen said. Felling's family ownership is a matter of pride, and is something the current leaders hope will continue into the future. Merle and Kathy Felling head the company. In addition to Jennissen, her husband Patrick Jennissen works as the vice president of sales and marketing, her sister Bonnie Radjenovich serves as office administrator and vice president of human resources, and her husband Paul Radjenovich is the vice president of operations. While Jennissen's children are too young to plan to work for the business, Jennissen said she does enjoy involving them in the company, like a recent group trip to northern Minnesota to drop off a delivery. It was a moment that took Jennissen back to her own childhood; being around the business as it grew and hearing talk about it over the dinner table. Being part of a family-run business has been a positive experience, Jennissen said. Merle Felling's modus operandi of sticking to decisions once they are made helps the family coworkers with the integration of work and home life. “Work does come into personal life, but we try to keep our personal lives out of work,” Jennissen said. Felling Trailers has weathered several economic downturns in its history, including the recent recession. Although the impact was not as dramatic as in some other companies, Jennissen said the business leaders did have to institute some belt tightening, primarily in the form of selling company assets. “We tried our best not to lay anyone off,” she said. “Merle's big thing is you can always sell equipment, but you can't replace people.” And by 2010, the economy started picking up again. Today, company leaders continue to work on internal strategies for the future, with sights on growth and leaving a legacy of quality, Jennissen said. Felling has partnered with a dozen manufacturers in the area to form an LLC focused on training the next generation of workers, particularly welders. And however the business develops, Jennissen said giving back to the community will remain a critical component of the operation. Felling Trailers has taken part in cancer research efforts – including auctioning a custom pink trailer on behalf of breast cancer research – and has long contributed to Catholic Charities. “Merle and Kathy are believers in giving back,” Jennissen said.

since 1974

NEW WEBSITE 60 Williams St. • Grand River, OH 44045 • Phone: 440.354.1444 • Fax: 440.354.3400


October 2014

Eileen Schmidt is a freelance writer and journalist based in the Greater Milwaukee area. She has written for print and online publications for the past 12 years. Email or visit to contact Eileen.

PROTECT YOUR FORKLIFT FLEET PACE-One G2 Top Speed Limiter PACE-One ZSC Zone Speed Control With Multiple Speed Settings

Dot-Lok G2 Transmission Shift Inhibitor Traction Control Plug & Play Installation


Safety Systems & Controls, Inc. 800/318-2022

ew a n of e r a ad tor We tribu ® thre dis ERT stem E-S al sy TIM new re

We make engines our business, see the difference


GRINDSTAFF Engines Inc. engines

cylinder head with valves AVAILABLE NOW! Mitsubishi – Models 4G54, 4G63, 4G64 Mazda – Model FE & F2 GM – Model 153 & 181 and 2.2 & 2.4 Nissan – H20-II, H25, Z24, K21, K25 and TB42 Toyota – 4Y Volkswagon – 1.9 Diesel

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new • rebuilt • exchange

NEW & IN STOCK NOW! TB45 Nissan engine assemblies

1041 S. Vista Ave. • Independence, MO 64056 Call Rick or Dedee • Toll-Free: 800.896.7676 • Phone: 816.796.7676 Fax: 816. 796.6053 E-mail: •

October 2014


New Products See more new products online at

Sovella LED Lights boast greater efficiency and adaptability for workstations

Serial numbered labels extra large for easy reading

In their continuing efforts to improve and expand their product range, Sovella has expanded their LED light fixture offering. These high efficiency LED integrated light fixtures are available in single and dual light options and can easily be attached to light balancer rails, shelves and other surfaces. A new feature of these LED lights is an optional magnetic mounting bracket for attaching the light fixture to a metal shelf to allow for greater functionality and maneuverability. A new pipe mounting bracket has also been introduced for attachment to benches from other manufacturers. Sovella LED light fixtures come in 24", 36" and 48" lengths, with on/off switch, and include mounting hardware and a 13 ft power cord. Power input connectors are located at each end of the fixture, as well as the top center of the fixture. A frosted diffuser cover disperses light evenly across the workspace. With optional cable extensions, users can connect up to eight Sovella tube lights in a daisy chain fashion from a single power source. In this way, lighting can be supplied to multiple workstations without the additional clutter of power cords. The LED light power cord contains a simple 3-prong plug, no transformer required.

A line of labels that can be custom printed with large consecutive numbers, barcodes, and other images for identifying equipment, bins, facilities, and other items requiring tracking or monitoring is being introduced by Nameplates For Industry, Inc. of New Bedford, Massachusetts. NFi Serial Numbered Labels can be made in virtually any shape, and multi-color design up to 18" x 24" and incorporate consecutive serial numbers and barcodes for easily identifying large items from a distance. Featuring subsurface printing on the underside of a glossy or velvet finish film, these custom made labels are abrasion-, chemical-, and weatherresistant. Printed from a customer supplied database to sequence an assembly or installation process, NFi Serial Numbered Labels are UL recognized and can be made from Mylar® (polyester) or Lexan® (polycarbonate) with various custom engineered adhesive combinations. These extra large serial numbered labels can include detailed photographic images and other brand-positive identifiers.

THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL Proven Solutions That Work! The NEW NORMAL Trucks Are On The Road Now!




Provide safe, secure, material handling solutions • • • •

One truck that does it all! Various masts up to 360” Operates in 4 1/2 ft. Vna aisle Long load handling

Thomas Lift Truck 42

3-Wheel SLT 22/30 up to SL120 Late models in stock 19842009 Reconditioned Includes Warranty

Combilift 4-Directional Sideloader C5,000 to C17,3000 C6,000GT

FL40EX & FL60EX Explosion Proof Ex Rated Limit your exposure to potential hazards. ANSI/UL583 Label

For more information on Drexel Swingmast, EX Rated Trucks & the Combilift Please contact John Gowland at 1-800-651-5850 or e-mail October 2014

Fork-Co Forks & Attachments ... More than forks!

Hook type and pin type forks, capacities to 110,000 lb. Pin type (shaft type) forks are made up in our Alvin, TX plant from stock blanks.

RDD 40 ROTATOR 4,000 LB Capacity Fork Spreaders - quick detach fork spreader and pin type sideshifter manufactured in our Alvin, TX plant

Fork Covers - load protection products Made in Houston, TX

New Style Pipe Clamp for smaller forklifts. WPH-AB series pipe hold down clamp fits to any class II, III, or IV carriage or sideshifter and has ZERO lost load center. Made in Texas

Quick-attach WPH-FL pipe clamp, 20,000 lb capacity, built in USA in our Alvin, TX plant

Fork-Co USA has a new web site. Visit us today at: The new Fork-Co USA Comprehensive Catalog for 2014 has been published to the web and is accessible through the web site. Find forks, attachments, parts and accessories there.

Fork-Co Forks & Attachments PH: 888.367.5260

FAX: 281.692.1450

October 2014


New Products

FSIP announces new agreement with worldclass battery charger manufacturer

Popular vacuum lifter now lifts pails from side safely, easily

Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP) of Carlisle, Pennsylvania announces an exclusive remanufacturing agreement and an arrangement to distribute new products with S.P.E. Elettronica Industriale, of Bologna, Italy. S.P.E. specializes in on-board and standalone industrial, electronic battery chargers for lead-acid and lithium batteries. They offer an extensive line of high-frequency, programmable chargers ideal for the forklift, golf cart, scrubber sweeper, electric vehicle and go kart industries. Naming FSIP as the official US remanufacturer solidifies the commitment that S.P.E. has to serving the North American market. Flight Systems Industrial Products has more than 45 years of experience in legacy manufacturing and remanufacturing of electronic products used on electric and gas powered vehicles. Additionally, as an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier, partnering with FSIP ensures superior and reliable remanufacturing and warranty services. As an authorized distributor, FSIP will be able to provide customers with technical support, sales support, product specification and remanufacturing abilities. All of these functions will be performed at the FSIP plant in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The companies expect a full launch by the beginning of October 2014.

WEPCO, Inc. announces the new SmartLifter™ for Pails automated vacuum lifter. The tool that revolutionized carton lifting is now available to grip, balance, and stack heavy pails from the side with fingertip pressure. Palletizing or de-palletizing 5-gallon pails that can weigh up to 50 lbs. has always been a back breaker. Traditional vacuum lifters that grip from the top can’t be used because of the danger of pulling the top off, causing a mess, work stoppage, and possibly a hazard or injury. WEPCO’s new SmartLifter for Pails (Patent Pending) solves this problem by safely gripping pails from the side and lifting them with the touch of a finger – virtually eliminating product loss due to top seal failure. Perfect for building pallets at the end of a line, it reduces worker strain, increases productivity, stacks pallets more snugly, allows for easy reconfiguration of lines, handles a range of pail sizes and weights (up to 50 lbs.), and has a clean, virtually maintenancefree design. It can handle any pallet configuration, and even short operators can easily stack a 9' pallet. Perfected with client input, “SmartLifter for Pails is a great example of how, when the customer is included in the development process, everyone wins,” says Chris Paulsen, WEPCO’s CEO.

Portable Storage Racks Dealer’s Choice • • • •

Enhances warehouse/factory efficiency Stacks 4-5 high, nests empty Use air space Full visual control for inventory and handling

Toll Free: 888-288-9078

Fax: 314-381-5908 e-mail: web address: 44

October 2014

New Products

J.W. Speaker improves Models 735 XL & 832 XL J.W. Speaker announced redesigned Models 735 XL and Model 832 XL LED worklights! The main attraction of this redesign is that both products produce nearly double the light output of the originals! Both lights are available in a flood, spot or trapezoid beam pattern, and feature a tough polycarbonate lens and diecast aluminum housing that is sealed to IP69K. They are built to stand up to shock and vibration, making them ideal for construction, mining, agriculture and industrial applications.

Vestil introduces a new mobile safety barrier

The Lo Riser Inclining Platform Trailer is a versatile tool that will help increase your efficiencies and lower costs to deliver a higher return on your investment. With a Lo Riser you’ll see: Lower labor costs - one man loading/unloading offers more deliveries per day Lower specialized equipment costs - no rollback truck required, just a pickup truck - no crown point, equipment can be driven up the built-in ramp Lower worker’s comp claims - enhanced safety features eliminate most opportunities for injuries - no more dangerous, slanted ramp boards

Vestil introduces a new mobile safety barrier. Durable molded plastic construction makes it lightweight and easy to move. Barrier is held in closed position with black elastic cords and is easily extended to position where needed. Molded from high-visibility yellow plastic. Tilt and roll on two 5" diameter wheels (closed position only) for easy transport. Top includes comfortable molded hand grips.

October 2014


New Products

Hyster Best-In-Class operator training now available in Spanish

EnKon improves ergonomics with scissor lift and rotate system for carts

Hyster Company has launched a Spanish version of its award winning Best-in-Class operator training program. The comprehensive DVD set features Hyster® Class I-V lift truck products and includes all the components necessary to conduct the classroom portion of an OSHA-compliant operator training program. “Hyster’s tough trucks are designed for the most demanding applications, but we need to ensure that all of our operators are properly trained to operate efficiently and safely,” said Jay Costello, director of training for Hyster. “The Spanish version of the award-winning Hyster Best-in-Class training program contains all the components necessary to conduct the classroom portion of our OSHA-compliant operator training program for operators that use Spanish as their primary language.” Although developed to meet U.S. OSHA regulations, the DVD content will benefit any operator in any application. Additionally, the Spanish dialect used will be understood by a majority of Spanish speakers, regardless of national origin. The program’s supporting documentation, such as instructor guides, class-specific tests, wallet cards and course completion certificates, is also included in Spanish.

EnKon Systems, Herkules Equipment Corporation’s brand name of lift systems, designed, engineered, and manufactured a pneumatic scissor lift and rotate system to specifically fit a customer’s cart for improving ergonomics and productivity in their facility. With this new system, the customer is now able to raise a cart containing a pallet to the proper heights while placing products onto the pallet. The rotate system allows the cart to easily turn 360°, reducing the time and back strain to complete the task. Once the pallet is fully loaded, the customer can lower the lift and roll the cart full of products to the next step in the process. The system is built with the rotate bearing attached to a platform below the lift, with four mounting holes for securing the system to the floor. The high-grade rotate bearing is heavy-duty and can withstand load slamming from forklift trucks. Safety features include the optional bolt-on bellows skirt to protect from pinch points, a maintenance safety stop, and captured roller wheels to prevent the lift table from tipping. It is rated for a capacity of 2,000 lbs, and 12,000 duty cycles per year.

"Build Your Own" Caster configurator 2.0 released The Caster Concepts Custom Configurator has been a popular tool for engineers and CAD designers who need to be absolutely certain that they have the optimal caster for their application. Based upon feedback from the clients who have used this powerful tool, we are happy to introduce the Caster Configurator 2.0, which contains a multitude of enhancements that we feel will make the task of designing custom casters even more efficient. Though you could always download caster models, you can now download all of our wheel styles as well. A new parametric search tool ensures you'll always find the exact model you want. We've added easy-to-use sliders and tabs to enhance navigation throughout the Configurator. This means that you'll be able to see all available options based on series/ capacity/diameter/width. We've improved the overall search function so you can easily find our entire inventory of casters and wheels. These features, combined with the ability to download your designs in over 150 CAD formats and an interactive caster design menu, are unique in the material handling industry.


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OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

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