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West Side Story May 2013

Volume: XLIV Issue 7

Veronika Ackerman Christa Adams MarJeremiah Holt Tyler Holweg Caleb Hotz Jonathan Howard sha Aguilar Yasmeen Al-Ghamdi Jose Aldana Shyanne Hronchak Paola Huerta Essence Hugle Trystan Humann Sarah HysAlexander Alford III Walter Allen Gina Alston lop James Inman Taylor Ivy Kaetlyn Jacobs Mahayla Jarnigan Tinsley Jenkins Olivia Cody Antrican Nathan Armstrong Cheyene Arnold Johns Christopher Johnson Tyler Johnson Haley Jones JordanJones Paige Jones Shannon Ashley Avery Andrew Bacon Michael Bacon Emily Ballard Claudia Barajas Haley Belisle Joseph Bell Winston Bennett III Jones Brianne Keller Steffin Kholer Ashlyn Kimbrough Emily Kimbrough Nathan Knight Neal Erin Bishop Haley Blake-Lee Jeffery Bloomer Janie Bonner JasKyle Kaitlin Lambert Analesia Langlois Jordan Lawson Kelsea Lawson William Layman Logan mine Boze Shantelle Bradley Hannah Brandon Ryan Bray Hanna Leckie Zachary Ledford Taylor Lemka Makaylla Liggett Logan Livesay Alexis Lopez George LoBrimer Michael Brooks Anthony Brotherton Matthew Brown Rapez Bridget Lovell Laura Jean Lovell David Lowery Latasha Mabe chel Brown Heather Bryan Logan Caddell Chanda Cadle Jarred Chasity Mabry Gabriella Madison Wesley Manis Cadwallader Anthony Calfee Laine Callahan Eduardo Callejas Tyler Marcum Kody Marrisett Christopher MarJohnathon Camp- bell Katherine Campbell Kelly Campbell tin Zachary Martin Heather Mass Lewis Mass Patrick Campbell Alexander Capps Samantha Sarah Massey Megan Matson Kristopher MatCarey Zachery Carpenter Jennifer Carson Timothews Megan McClanahan Wesley McCosh thy Carson Ashlie Carter Hunter Carter Joshua Allison McCown Dillon McCown Hannah Carter Sarah Childress Jordan Christopher Metler Lindsey Midkiff Katherine Mitchell Mackenzie Moore GabrielaCidRicardo Cid James Clark KynGrace Moorhouse Brandon Morgan Austin Murphy Justice Musslewhite Manuel dol Clark Nickolas Cline Melody Cody Lynn Negrete Whitney Newman Hunter Nies David Noe Miranda Noe Shannon Coffey Randy Coffey John Coffman Devon O’Donoghue Frankie O’Neil Taylor Odom Ryan Oliver Gabriel Ortiz Collins Ross Colona Samuel Cook Natalie Melissa Ortiz Roger Ortiz Ismajl Oruglica Trevor Owens Harris Corlew Daniel Cox Michael Cruthird Cesar Pacey Dominic Pacia Johnathan Parker Kody Pfannenschmidt Cruz Alyssa Culver Nathaniel CunningBailey Pfoff Abby Pierson Kinley Porter Alberto Ramos Kristin Rasch Dexter ham William Cureton Hailey Davis Erica Ratcliff Charles Reed Jared Reed Nathan Reed Kristopher Reitz Randy Rhea Dean Kathryn Dockery Michael DomeniDanielle Richardson Ronikonrateh Richmond Garrett Rines Horacio Rivera Jr Chelsey co Sarah Douglass Bryan Duckworth Jaco Roberts Austin Robinson Caitlyn Robinson Duda Reyes Duenaz Shannon Dunlop Kennedy Durfey Jacob Easter Scottie Edmonds Mattison Rogers Thomas Russell Taylor RyTimothy Edwards Dalton Ellison Andrew mer Garrett Salansky Amanda Samples DerEpps Hayley Epps Herberth Escalante Tayek Samples Carlos Sanchez Tyler Sandstrom lor Everidge Lucas Fishman Cody Fleenor Destiny Sawyer Jordan Schaff Ashley Schupp Rachel Forte Amber Foster Thomas Foster Breanna Scott Caleb Seals Mattison Seals Paige Andrew Frary Jlon Frecka Reagan FrierSeals Jeremy Self Nolan Sexton Matthew Shelton son Jairudius Fryar Darnell GibsonJeffrey Jonathan Shockley Jeramy Shope Jr Matthew Shtab Kevin Spears Devaughn Goins Miguel Gomez Daniel Graciano Stanbery Haley Stephens Ashley Stepp Rachel Stratton John Stubblefield Michelle Tan Leighton Taylor PeJordan Graves Alexandria Greene Chelsey dro Tellez-Sosa Joseph Terry Amanda Thompson Ross Thompson Andrew Toffoletto Heriberto Torres Greene Daria Greenlee Leanza Greenlee Julian Torres Brandon Trent Forrest Trent Seth Ulin Carrie Underwood Anthony Vance JoshuaVandeDavid Guffey Ashleigh Hammer Kellie Han Vere Julia VineyardTiffany Wade Hunter Walker Kendra Walker Cara Watkins Madison Watkins cockTyler Harbin Olivia Harrell Emma Wesley Watkins William Weems Jeremy Wells Jake West Sydnie West Brittany Weston Justin Harris Nicholas Hartman Jordonn HarWheeler Bri’Shawn White DylanWhite Jenna Whitt Lindsey Wild Michael Wilder vey Amber Hayes Brandon Hayes Jacob Keagan Williams Kurtis Windle Thomas Woelki Matthew Wolf KaylaWoods Hearn Courageous Herrera Carla Hibbard Isaac Woody Zachary Yarid Lauren Yeary Josue Zepeda Heather Hill Tyler Hodge Dominic Holan


West High Trojans Dig In



ast year, Morristown West High School began with the idea to lend a hand globally. The idea quickly escalated into reality. Morristown West has currently built a school in

Eor-Ewuaso with the 2011-2012 school year fundraisers, which was over $8,000 in funds. They are continuing to work on the schools. In addition, money to dig a well for the city of Eor-Ewuaso in Kenya has been raised throughout the 2012-2013 school year. This year, West High students raised over $3,000 to help

The Eor-Ewuaso primary school sign still stands in Kenya.

Sneak Peek:

dig wells for clean water facilities. Students donated two dollars in their TNN class, prom committee donated, and many other fund-raisers allowed this to be possible. This is a huge accomplishment for Morristown West, and they continue to keep raising money for years to come in hope that Eor-Ewua-

Brand new schools were built in Eor-Ewuaso with the money Morriwtown West High School raised during the 2011-2012 school year. so will become a better place for people to live and be raised. Dr. Connie Bull said, “The progress is going wonderful and I’m thrilled about our willingness to help out the residents of Eor-Ewuaso.”

Sneak Peek:

Morristown West hopes to raise over $5,000 next year in hope that they will be able to build better medical facilities in order to ensure that Kenyan people will be healthier and not have to live with ev-

eryday problems that could be solved with simple medical procedures. In addition, they also want to purchase mosquito nets to help with malaria. These plans will help Kenya and their country tremendously.

celebrity look-alikes- page 2 senior wills- page 6 together since the beginning- page 9


May 2013 2013 May


News Editor: Editor:Christa ChristaAdams Adams News

West High Celebrity Lookalikes

BEST OF CLASS Recognized ON Channel 8 S


eniors Sarah from high schools Massey and Bran- throughout the region. don Hayes were Traits in which selected as West needed to be chosen High’s Best of include: intellectuthe Class of 2013. al curiosity, strong C a r s o n - N e w - desire for learning, man University, service orientation, in partnership display of moral valwith Knoxville’s ues, demonstration of WVLT Channel initiative, leadership, 8 News, sponsors and responsibility. the recognition Massey has program which performed countless features students hours of community Massey and Hayes are honored to be recognized for BEST OF CLASS.

service, while Hayes has serviced over 150 hours at Lakeway hospital, has outstanding grades, and shows great leadership as an employee at Chickfila.

On April 8 and 10, West High was featured on WVLT Channel 8 News during commercial breaks throughout the 4:005:00 P.M., 5:00-5:30

P.M., and 6:00-6:30 P.M. news broadcasts. On April 8 and 10, 1 ½ minute interviews with Massey and Hayes were aired during the 5:00 P.M. news hour.

Opinions Editor: News Editor: Christa Yesbeida VargasAdams

Opinions News

May 2013 2013 May



Gina Linette Alston Anthony Tyler Brotherton Jarred Rubin Cadwallader Kelly Joann Campbell Alexander Paul Capps Ashlie Brooke Carter Sarah Kennedy Childress Jordan Spencer Christopher James Postell Clark John Dallas Coffman Ross Alexander Colona Daniel Heath Cox Alyssa Paige Culver Nathaniel Todd Cunningham William Frederick Cureton Sarah Elizabeth Douglass

Christa Brennan Adams Hanna Elisabeth Brimer Ricardo Alonso Cid Bryan Alexander Duckworth Jacob Lee Duda Lucas Michael Fishman Tinsley Louise Jenkins



Kennedy Bree Durfey Jacob Hampton Easter Andrew Emerson Epps Cody Aaron Fleenor Daria Corinne Greenlee Leanza Gabrielle Greenlee David Ryan Guffey Emma Anne Harris Brandon Tyler Hayes Courageous Javi Herrera Dominic Peter Holan Jeremiah Ray Holt Tyler James Holweg Sarah Michelle Hyslop James Paul Inman Taylor Leigh Ann Ivy

Tyler Bryan Johnson Haley Brooke Jones Austin Tyler Murphy Chelsey Elizabeth Roberts Garrett Dillon Salansky Nolan Gregory Sexton Julian Puente Torres Thomas Paul Woelki

Kaetlyn Marie Jacobs Nathan Scott Knight Kaitlin Nicole Lambert David Tanner Lowery Sarah Danielle Massey Megan Anne Matson Katherine Elizabeth Mitchell Grace Ann Moorhouse Shannon Marie O’Donoghue Frankie Aileen O’Neil Taylor Marie Odom Harris Brandon Pacey Kinley Jayme Porter Jared Patrick Reed Caitlyn Alexandra Robinson Mattison Victoria Rogers

Alexander Alford III Cheyenne Leigh Arnold Erin Elizabeth Bishop Shantelle Denise Bradley Hannah Michelle Brandon Rachel Ann Forte Kelsea Rachel Lawson Taylor Brooke Lemka Christopher James Martin Miranda Moriah Noe Dominic Martin Pacia Dexter Holt Ratcliff Derek Mitchell Samples Tyler James Sandstrom Rachel Lynn Stratton Ross Thompson Julia Ann Vineyard

nd Annual


Paige Alexandra Seals Jonathan Gregory Shockley Michelle Ann Tan Joseph Tanner Terry Brandon Alan Trent Forrest Hunter Trent Hunter Scott Walker Jake Austin West Sydnie Yvonne West Brittany Nicole Weston Lindsey Ann Wild Michael Allen Wilder Zachary Rudolph Yarid


Trojan Festival

riday, April 12 the Second Annual Trojan Film Festival was held inside the Morristown West auditorium at 7 p.m., and was sponsored by the West High Film Club. The film festival began when senior Ella Dockery, suggested the idea last year. Members of the film club have been producing a video all year long, and Friday they were able to display their videos for the public to see. The program began with an hour of videos, a brief 10 minute intermission, along with door prizes, and then another hour of videos, followed by the awards ceremony. Below is listed the members who received awards Friday night.

Best Picture- Sam Gibson Best CinematographySam Gibson Best Visual EffectsDerrick Blankenbeckler Best Editing- Jay Inman Best Costume DesignSam Gibson Senior Ella Dockery, founder of the Film Club, was awarded for her idea of the club.

Best ScreenplaySam Gibson

Derrick Blankenbeckler and Sam Gibson are joined with their friends who helped create the videos.


May 2013


Opinions Editor: Yesbeida Vargas

West Side Story editors’ senior reflections

BY CHRISTA ADAMS rithm. Then, I forgot. Then, I learned how, NEWS EDITOR inston Chur- again. Beyond what chill once said, I have learned in my “Now this is not the 90 minute classes, I end. It is not even the have learned life lesbeginning of the end. sons. I’ve learned But it is, perhaps, the that it is important to end of the beginning.” accept everyone and I see high school be- avoid judgment at all ing precisely this way. costs because those High school begins “oddballs” who do not the miraculous jour- match up with the staney of finding your tus quo are usually the place, your interests, ones that you can count and yourself. When on in the long run. high school ends, you Furthermore, haven’t learned all I’ve learned to take there is to learn, or the road less traveled, faced all the obstacles by being independent. there are to face. But I don’t always have to you did begin there. be “that girl;” the one High school who, regardless, has has prepared me for to take her best friend my future by educat- to the bathroom with ing me in many ways. her. Because when Not only because I you go for things on have learned why in- your own, you end up flation is an economic discovering valuable issue and why a cell insights about yourself divides, but also be- and life that you nevcause high school has er thought you would. taught me valuable What I’m saying is, life lessons. In addi- do what you want to tion, high school has regardless if everyone opened my eyes to else is doing it or not. many of my hidden If you want to join that talents, allowing me club, but none of your to realize directions I friends are joining, join want to go in my life. it anyway. You may Sure, I’ve end up meeting some learned a lot in my amazing people you classes. I’ve learned never knew before. the how to solve a loga- Taking


road less traveled has, also, taught me not to conform to the world around me. In the beginning, I thought that was what mattered. I needed to be liked. I wanted to please everyone, even if that meant hiding my background or

you become society’s puppet, and you want to follow the way of the world. Therefore, you dedicate time to being certain your hair looks perfect and your clothes are in style. You are at war with yourself, hiding who you really are,

who I really was as a person. Eventually, though, I realized that’s not what is important. Mrs. Deborah Scarlett once stated, “Do not conform, because then you’re the one to beat.” Simply, when you conform,

simply to fit in among the crowd. Don’t. It may feel like the right thing to do at the time, but soon enough you will forget who you really are. I’m glad I realized that because there is no better feeling than being true to

you and having people accept you for that in the end. That is what is to be respected. Also, high school has taught me that I’m going to make numerous mistakes. So, be prepared. Make mistakes; do it. Then, learn from them. Continue to make some more mistakes. Then, learn from those mistakes, as well. Furthermore, Mrs. Amy Whaley has allowed me to recognize that a couple of my favorite things in the world are journalism and desktop publishing. Because I joined the newspaper staff, I realized how much I love writing, editing, and designing layouts. In addition, Dr. Connie Bull helped me recognize the love I have for the Spanish language. Thanks to these two superior teachers, I have found interests that I thoroughly enjoy, and may one day make a career out of. All In all, I am so proud of myself and all my accomplishments throughout high school. I am the person I’ve always hoped

to become. I have been a part of many amazing events and activities from freshman to senior year. I was able to be on the homecoming court for the three years in a row, and I had the privilege to write and be an editor of the West Side Story newspaper for two years. In addition, I’ve taken on many leadership responsibilities and earned awards in competitions from clubs and classes I am involved in at school. Lastly, although high school is coming to an end, I know it has only been the beginning of my journey in life, and I am ecstatic to continue that beginning at Middle Tennessee State University. High school has been a bumpy road, but I have made it out strong. I am about to walk across the stage, with distinction, surrounded by many incredible individuals in my crimson cap and gown. Making it to this moment demonstrates all the hard work I have put forth throughout my high school journey.

Opinions Editor: Yesbeida Vargas

BY TAYLOR ODOM EDITOR igh school. Those two words for some can bring out the best or the worst memories in a person’s life. It’s all about your outlook on high school, that will make or break those years. If you make yourself dread going to school every day, then more than likely you will, but if you walk in each day with a smile, the right attitude, and the motivation to become better and make memories, then this chapter in your life will be the best one yet. High school, for me, has been a very interesting experience with its ups and downs. It has made me into the person I am today. Walking into Morristown West on my first day of school was very exciting, but also very scary for me. I was so happy to finally be a Trojan and meet all kinds of different people, but I was scared of the thought of getting lost in the school, arriving late to class, and walking into a classroom I would end up hating. The best choice I made my freshman year was


joining the cross country team at West. I was able to make some of the best relationships and memories with my team, and experience things I never thought I would have done. It kept me on track that year and helped me to stay motivated to excel in my academics. That year, I met so many new friends that I still am acquainted with today. By sophomore year, I wasn’t nervous anymore, and I was familiar with the way things worked at West. I was eager to make that year the best one yet, and sure enough it was. I joined the cross country team again and so did two other girls in my grade. Little did I know, all three of us would become the best of friends that year. You would never see one of us without the other; we were literally joined at the hip. Every night we three spent together was a wild adventure, never was there a dull moment. Even though all three of us were as careless as could be, we also learned a whole lot about ourselves from each other, making our sophomore


year one to remember. From the moment I walked into TNN and received my schedule for my junior year, I figured this would be my most dreadful year. My classes were all academics. I remember staying up till mid-

not nearly as much as we did the year before. We had matured a whole lot more by that year. I, along with the other two girls, started a job, which took up most of our time, and we all three had quit the cross country team, in hopes of mak-

night every night my second semester of junior year doing homework, but in the end all that work paid off. By the time junior year rolled around, yeah the three of us girls still hung out some, but

ing more money to provide for our necessities. Soon enough, we drifted apart and went our separate ways. But no worries, because with every lost friendship brings another one, and that’s

May 2013

when I met the girl I’m still best friends with today. I’m so thankful God brought her into my life. I’m part of the person I am today because of her. I’m pretty convinced we were separated at birth and our parents just have not told us yet. The telepathy that goes on between us is unreal. So yeah, wearing the same outfit to school once is a coincidence, but make that a week and there is no denying we don’t have telepathy. We have been through it all together, ups and downs. My relationship with her might not be like the one my sophomore year, where we were attached at the hip every day of our lives, but our friendship is strong and true, and I know that if I ever needed anything, I could go to her. Not only did I find my long lost twin my junior year, I also found my first love who I’m still with today. He has taught me a lot about the importance of friendship and communication. I thank God every day that he brought someone so amazing into my life. When senior

5 year settled in, I was already over it. I felt like I should have graduated last year, but no I had another year and was willing to make the best of it. Enrolling into Walters State for half of each of my school days this year has been one of my favorite choices. The days I don’t have class I get to sleep in, workout, shop, tan, or work on homework. I basically feel like I’m in college. As a senior, when I reflect back on my high school years, I realize the importance of true friendship, having good character, honesty, being true to who you are, having faith, having integrity, not being a follower, how to discern people’s intentions, being authentic, being a optimist, how to stand up for who you are, not to define yourself by others opinions or gossip, and to have self-confidence and self-worth. These things that I have learned have molded me into the person I am today. I plan to take these lessons I’ve learned and apply them to the upcoming chapters in my life.

Students Gain Responsibility Through Part-time Employment nity of whom he cares deeply about and loves to serve, whether that be a valued guest or a fellow team member. Hayes insists that he loves to create remarkable experiences for all who dine in with him. As a Chickfil-a employee myself, I can concur all of what



any students have the perception that an after school job would interfere with every aspect of their lives, and not in a positive way. For some, they believe it would make keeping up their grades harder; for others, they fear it would have a negative effect on their social lives. But upon going to a primary source, and finding out the truth about the matter, the actual reality of it seems to be a lot different. A senior, Brandon Hayes has been employed at Chick-fil-a since May 8, 2010. Hayes says that by teaching him to manage his time, how to mult-task, and as well as how keep focused, it has helped him to become a more responsible young adult. Hayes was first promoted as a team leader at Chick-fil-a in June of 2011. As a team leader, he was expected to coach team members who have less experience, as well as assist the shift leader who

Working at Chick-fil-a has provided me with the opportunities to advocate Kid’s Events for the entire community. is the manager on duty. are. Previously, he A little over a hoped to pursue a year later, on August 23, career in the medi2012, Hayes was pro- cal field, but now he moted as a shift leader. realizes he desires Through this position, to one day own and Hayes is expected to operate a Chickrun a shift by being the fil-a of his own. sole adult responsible Hayes enfor the rest of the team courages all youth members working. He to look into attainbalances money, coach- ing an after school es others, and helps to job to devote their devolop team members time and energy to bewho someday aspire to cause it provides inbe shift leaders as well. evitable growth and Through his adds responsibilty. employment at Chick- Chick-fil-a has providfil-a, Hayes has also ed Hayes with oppordiscovered what some tunities to meet people of his true passions around the commu-

person throughout the last six months. Before I began my after school job, I was very irresponsible about several aspects of my life. I had no discipline towards my school work or how I managed my time. My priorities were out of line, and I really didn’t know

Brandon Hayes, a senior, looks forward to serving you at Chick-fil-a in the future. Hayes speaks of. Although I have not been there nearly as long as Hayes has, I feel I have grown and developed myself so much as a

what my passions were. Since beginning my employment, I feel as if I am a completely different person than I was before. I now

take more initiative in myself when making decisions. I am more confident in my abilities as a future professional, and I have also learned more about my personal passions. I am going to be honest: My school, as well as my social life, get a little harder to manage, but it is always worth it. I know I am preparing myself for my future c a r e e r, although it may be in meager ways. I encourage all young adults to go out and venture for an after school job they can devote a lot of their time to. You’ll be so thankful and proud of yourself after you do it.

6 1. Christa Adams will own her own animal shelter. 2. Yasmeen Al-Ghamdi will be a cat hoarder. 3. Cody Antrican and Matt Wolf will star on “So You Think You Can Dance?” 4. Andy Bacon will become a NFL football player. 5. Emily Ballard will become a Special Ed teacher. 6. Haley BlakeLee will marry Random Ballance and own an art studio in New York City. 7. Hanna Brimer wil be an award-winning poet.

May 2013

Senior Predictions 12. Melody Cody will own her own fitness gym. 13. John D. Coffman will be the next CEO of Polo. 14. Ross Colona will be known world-wide as “Captain.” 15. Nathan Cunningham and Nick Cline will be NFC personal trainers. 16. Will Cureton will be a famous engineer that builds a bridge that expands across the Atlantic Ocean. 17. Hailey Davis will be the next big cosmetologist.

8. Laine Callahan will be a Hollister model.

18. Erica Dean will be the drum major for the band of the Tennessee Volunteers football team.

9. Johnathon Campbell will be the next David Beckham.

19. Sarah Douglass will be a talk show host of her own show.

10. Sam Carey will be a spokesperson for her talents in makeup for CoverGirl cosmetics.

20. Kennedy Durfey will be the editor of Vogue.

11. Jordan Christopher will follow in his father’s footsteps.


Opinions Editor: Yesbeida Vargas

for Kaleb Enix.

23. Drew Epps will publish an autobiography entitled “Ain’t Nothing but a 12 Thing.” 24. Hayley Epps will be the next Jenny Finch. 25. Lucas Fishman and his girlfriend will star on “Maury.”

Jack Johnson who serenades his wife every night. 36. Nathan Knight will compete in the “X-Games” for snowboarding. 37. Kaitlin Lambert will meet “One Direction.” 38. Alexis Lopez will have his own art museum.

26. Cody Fleenor will be the next Billy Graham.

39. George Lopez will be the next George Lopez.

27. Reagan Frierson will own a chain of jewelry stores.

40. Tanner Lowery will be the next USC football coach.

28. D.J. Gibson will be a GQ photographer.

41. Sarah Massey will become a nurse.

29. Jordan Graves will be hosting “Roasts.”

42. Kris Matthews will join the military.

30. Brandon Hayes will be the CEO of Chick-fil-a.

43. Mackenzie Moore will be the perfect house wife.

31. Javi Herrera will host his own late night comedy show. 32. Jay Inman will be running his own videography studio. 33. Taylor Ivy will be a cat lady.

21. Jacob Easter will be the next star of Motocross.

34. Tinsley Jenkins and Jenna Lynch will own their own tanning salons.

22. Everyone just wishes the best

35. Tyler Johnson will be a better

44. Grace Ann Moorhouse will be a female body builder. 45. Whitney Newman will live in Australia. 46. David Noe will preach and change people’s lives. 47. Taylor Odom will be the next Lauren Conrad.

48. Shannon O’Donoghue will be the biggest social media creep.

49. Kody Pfannenschmidt will be the test rider for roller coasters at Dollywood. 50. Kinley Porter will be Ariel at Disney World. 51. Dexter Ratcliff will be an accountant. 52. Nathan Reed will be the next UT football coach. 53. Randy Rhea will be in a famous band. 54. Garrett Rines will be the new Lebron James. 55. Mattie Rogers will be a world famous radiologist living in a castle in Switzerland. 56. Garrett Salansky will be a missionary sharing his faith to countries all over the world. 57. Tyler Sandstrom will be employed at the Duck Commander on the series “Duck Dynasty.” 58. Bre Scott will be the next gymnast in the Olympics. 59. Caleb Seals will compete in the

PGA Golf Tour. 60. Paige Seals will be a world-wide known artist. 61. Nolan Sexton will cure cancer with his amazing singing voice. 62. Jonathan Shockley will be the next Scotty McCreery. 63. Michelle Tan will find the cure for cancer. 64. Tanner Terry will be a Supreme Court judge. 65. Forrest Trent will be a famous Nascar driver. 66. Seth Ulin will star on “The Bachelor.” 67. Garrett Weems will own a company of trucks. 68. Brittany Weston will be an Army wife and an Olympic swimmer. 69. Justin Wheeler will be driving a tractor around town embracing the East Tennessee culture. 70. Bri’Shawn White will become a WNBA player. 71. Lindsey Wild will carry out the “Wild” name. 72. Isaac Woody will star in “Joe Dirt 2.”

Seniors will away their legacy I, Christa Adams, will my position as the girls street team leader to Sarah Fryman and Katie Lakas.

I, Javi Herrera, will Morgan Tucker to Ryan Fuller.

I, Christa Adams, will my position as news editor of the I, Taylor Odom, will my position as editor of West West Side Story newspaper to Jessica Sheffield. Side Story to Leah Davis. I, Sarah Douglass, will my legendary/beautiful laugh to I, Shannon O’Donoghue, will my love for Wesley Abbe Craine. (The best little sister.) Pectol to Lauren and Emily Lord. I, Hayley Epps, will my softball number 7 to Maysi Brotherton.

I, Ana Langlois, will this wonderful school to Aly Morelli.

I, Javi Herrera, will my Scooby Snacks to Deandre Delaney.

I, Garrett Salanksy, will my number 5 football jersey number to Calvin Smith.

I, Javi Herrera, will my photoshopping skills to Gabby I, Kris Reitz, will my swag, ex-girlfriends, and chedDavis, Haley Linsdey, Lexi Nave, and Kaitlyn Rog- da to Kyler Reitz. ers. I, Tyler Sandstrom, will my beard to Preston I, Javi Herrera, will my title of “Based Swag Master” to Breeding. Quintin Mckinnish. We, Anthony Vance and Rateh Richmond, will I, Javi Herrera, will my title of “Chef Master” to Presthe power to control Molly to Mark Tinsley. ton Long.

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May 2013



father were a lot older than most other kids. “My heart sank when my mom uttered those fateful words to me, ‘I’m not your real mother.’” “To a second grader, what could be more devastating than to hear that the woman you have always Reggie Dabbs plays the saxophone for looked to as West High.

e g g i e Dabbs is not your ordinary individual. He is an amazing speaker and can make a no one feel like someone. Dabbs started his life

not having a mother or a father; he was in and out of foster care for the majority of his youth. When Dabbs was in the second grade, he noticed that his mother and

Features Editor: Karly Wells

Momma is, in fact, not your real mother?’” says Dabbs. Dabbs soon found out that his real mom would sleep with men for 20 dollars just to feed her three children. A mother is someone who loves unconditionally and places the needs of her children above her own. Dabbs is

an incredible man to grow up without a biological father or mother. Dabbs speaks to millions of kids every year. Life is too short, and people shouldn’t take it for granted. Bullying suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths

per year, according to the CDC. For every suicide among young people, there are at least 100 suicide attempts. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it. So bullying plays a big part in the young life of kids K-12.



(70 polled)


University of TN





UT at Chattanooga



Out of State school


Tennessee Tech


Walters State


Carson Newman

ith graduation approaching, so is the end of an era in seniors’ lives. Students are leaving behind those days of careless learning, and entering into a new period of their lives. While many see high school as a dreadful chore, in reality it is the last ladder climbed before a student enters into adulthood and begins making his or her own decisions. That means it is time to determine the verdict on what to do with life after high school is said and done. West Side Story surveyed Morristown West seniors on the decisions they made to that very question. “What am I going to do with my life?” The results are to the right.



70 Morristown West seniors were surveyed on where they will be after graduation. This graph indicates that nearly half of the senior class will be attending Walters State Community College this fall.

Features Editor: Karly Wells


May 2013




lmost everyone can agree that getting a good, reliable group of friends is an important part of growing up. Tyler Johnson, Will Cureton, Darnell Gibson, and Cody Fleenor have found that support group. They were asked the following questions about their relationship:


Darnell Gibson, Tyler Johnson, Cody Fleenor and Will Cureton began their friendship in 6th Grade. How long have you all been best friends? CURETON: “We have been best friends since the sixth grade!” Where did you all first meet? FLEENOR: “I, honestly, don’t exactly remember. We’ve known each other so long that it seems that we’ve been together for life.” Do you all have an inside joke or saying? If so, what is it? GIBSON: “We switch the first letter of someone’s first name with the first letter of their last name. An example using Cody Fleenor’s name would be Fody Cleenor.”


What’s your greatest memory made together? JOHNSON: “It would probably be getting to meet with these guys weekly at our Bible study. We get to dive into the Word and get to know each other on a spiritual level. You can’t beat that type of friendship.” CURETON: “Wreaking havoc as seventh graders on church retreats.” FLEENOR: “My greatest memory was last July when all four of us were counselors for our church’s big children’s camp, Junior Camp. We needed counselors and we only had a week to find them. Tyler and I were already going. We called DJ and Will and they agreed to go. During that week, I just realized how blessed I am to have these friends and the future that’s ahead for us all.” GIBSON: “It would be when Marty Visser attacked us at Motown Madness 7th grade year for throwing Chick-fil-a wrappers at him.”

What do you all do when you get together? JOHNSON: “It seems like we do the same thing every time. Just chill, talk, encourage, and make each other laugh. There’s no telling really.”

When were you the most proud of Will Cureton? GIBSON: “The question SHOULD be ‘when are you the most proud of Will?’ The answer to that is all the time! He is always doing the right thing and is a great example of someone who follows Christ closely.”

Tell me one interesting thing about Tyler Johnson that you have found out about him over the past several years. CURETON: “He is one of the most personable, outgoing guys I have ever met. He will be so successful in life due to his people skills.”

Tell me one interesting thing about Will Cureton that you have found out about him over the past several years. FLEENOR: “I’ve learned that Will is going to have your back through everything life may throw at you. Through good times and bad, he’s going to be there to support you in any way possible.”

When were you the most proud of Cody Fleenor? JOHNSON: “The day he announced he had committed his life to advancing the Gospel, becoming a preacher.” Tell me one interesting thing about DJ Gibson that you have found out about him over the past several years. JOHNSON: “The way he is able to be such an encouragement and have such a good attitude despite his situation.” Do you plan on staying friends in the future? JOHNSON: “I can’t imagine not being friends with them. They made me who I am.” CURETON: “We will most definitely keep our friendship in the future.” FLEENOR: “Absolutely! I can’t imagine life without these guys! We’ve been together since the beginning, and we plan on being together until the end. GIBSON: “Naw. I don’t like them all that much . . . just kidding. That question doesn’t even cross my mind!”

When were you the most proud of DJ Gibson? CURETON: “I was the most proud of D.J. when he spoke in front of the whole youth group at FBC, admitting his faults of late so that we might learn from his mistakes.” Tell me one interesting thing about Cody Fleenor that you have found out about him over the past several years. GIBSON: “I learned that he wants to pursue the Lord and become a preacher when he graduates from college.” When were you the most proud of Tyler Johnson? FLEENOR: “This wasn’t the only time when I was the most proud of Tyler, but this was one of the proudest moments of my life. It was the day that Tyler professed his desire to enter ministry publicly. I want to enter the ministry as well, so to see Tyler desire that too made me feel that we could change this world for the cause of Christ together.”




Sports Editor: Ashlee Ricker

Sport: Softball Position: “Pitcher and third.” Who is your favorite opponent to play and why? “East,

because it is always an intense game and fun to play.” What college do you plan on attending? “Walter State.”

Do you plan to continue to play this sport in college and why? “No, because I am so burnt out with it since I

y e l

s p p




have played since I was eight years old.”

What made you want to play this sport? “I used to cheer but I soon realized that I was not a girly girl so I started playing softball.” How long have you been playing? “For about 10 years.”

Jordan Christopher

Senior Sport


May 2013

Sport: Baseball Position: “Pitcher and third” Who is your favorite opponent to play and why? “Jeff. They have really good opponents.”

What college do you plan on attending? “UTC” Do you plan to continue to play this sport in college and why? “Walter State” What made you want to play this sport? “Ever since I was little I”ve always been a sports person.

How long have you been playing? Ever since I could pick up a


Dexter Ra

tcliff Sport: Track

What do you run? “I run 200,400, and 4x1.” What college do you plan on attending? “UTC” Who is your favorite opponent to run against and why? “Dobyns Bennett, because they have the best opponents.”

Do you plan to continue to run in college and why? “Maybe, I’m not sure, I am ready for the com-

er d n xa e l A ps Cap

Sport: Soccer Position: “Wide Midfielder” Who is your favorite opponent to play and why? “Jeff, because they are challenging and they are our biggest rival.”

What college do you plan on attending? “Berry College.” Do you plan to continue to play this sport in college and why? “I’ll probably play in college


because the game.”

the Olympics.”

started playing when I was young, and I’ve loved it ever since. How long have you been playing? “13 years”

What made you want to start running? “Watching How long have you been running? “For about

4 years.”

What made you want to play this sport? “I

Emotions, Sweat, Tears


Take All During Cheerleading


pril 8-12, Mor r i s t ow n Hamblen West High School held their cheerleading tryouts. This week, for many girls, was a stressful, sleepless and overwhelming time. Monday, April 8, the cheerleaders were taught the chant and cheer. Girls stretch and ponder on the stress of tryouts They also practiced their jumps and before judges start calling their numbers in. tumbling Monday. the cheerleaders were few times after learnTuesday, the cheertaught the begin- ing it, and tumbled. On leaders practiced ning of the dance. Wednesday, day three, their chant, cheer and The cheerleaders ran the cheerleaders went jumps. After the jumps, through the dance a over everything they BY ELIZABETH BARAHONA AND MOLLY JOHNSON STAFF WRITERS

had learned over the few days and continued to learn the second half of the dance. The cheerleaders went over the dance numerous times using 8-counts and then switching to the music to try to learn the dance more accordingly. Cheerleaders were prepared to present their mock-tryouts in front of one of the presented seniors by Thursday. The seniors were assigned to certain participants, and rated them on loudness,

motions, appearance, and all the essentials of being a West High School cheerleader. On Friday, all the girls’ nerves were running high because of the judges they had to perform in front of. The cheerleaders had to go out with their group and do their cheer, and their dance. Separately the girls had to present their cheer, standing tumbling, running tumbling and jumps. The morning of Saturday, April 13, results papers showed

Upcoming senior, Emily Morgan practices her motions before tryouts. the numbers who made Junior Varsity and who made Varsity. Congratulations to next years 20132014 Morristown West High cheerleaders!

Trojans Kick South Doyle Out of Bounds

The guys played an extremely good game and the fruit showed in their labor.” said Coach Todd Bradley after West High’s Soccer game on April 23rd, which West High won 3-0 against SouthDoyle. Jeremiah Esparaza and Ike Hunsucker both scored goals during the game against South Doyle. Esparaza scored two goals and Hunsucker scored one. Esparaza scored in the fifth minute of the game

and the 76th minute of the match. Hunsucker scored with two minutes left in the match. “Jeremiah and Ike did a really good job at top and that was a result of the total effort,” said Bradley. West High played a great game. West’s goalkeepers did not let any balls past them. Goalkeeper, Chandler Townsend, sophomore, played in the first half and blocked two shots. Alex Matthews, junior, played in the

second half and blocked four shots.

John D. Coffman (19) escapes a defender during West High’s soccer game agianst South Doyle.

Alex Lopez (4) passes the ball to Matt Sawyer (8) during the West game Vs. South Doyle.

Sports Editor: Ashlee Ricker


May 2013


Trojan Track RUNS OVER the Competition

BY MARIS MEDFORD AND TORY WILDER, STAFF WRITERS orristown West High’s track team sped through a track meet April 11 in order to get done before a stormy night arrived in Morristown. Although four teams were supposed to compete against West, only two teams arrived that Thursday night due to fear of dangerous weather conditions. The track team ended up running against Unicoi County High School and West Greene High School. Morristown West girl’s team won by a landslide. The girls scored 88 points, followed by West Greene’s 63 and Unicoi’s 20. West boys also won with a score

of 74, followed by West Greene’s 61 and Unicoi’s 44. Winners for the girl’s team were as followed: Shanice Williams (100 meter hurdle, 100 meter, 300 meter hurdle), Chantal Wilson (1600 meter, 800 meter), Bri’Shawn White (long jump, triple jump) and Emily Lord (400 meter). Winners from the girls team also included members of the 4x100 meter relay and the 4x800 meter relay. Winners for the boy’s team were as followed: Chad Fryman (3200 meter), Dallas McCash (110 meter hurdle), Brandon Cole (shot), Dexter Ratcliff (100 meter) and Michael Cruthird (High jump, triple jump). Winners from the boy’s team also in-


jan’s baseball team took the lead in the game held at Trojan Park


Junior Shanice Williams (top left) jumped over a hurdle during her winning 100 meter hurdle race. Freshman Marcus Hayden (bottom left) cleared the bar during high jump. Junior Jason Spoon (bottom right) pole vaulted at the Thursday night track meet.

cluded members of the 4x100 meter relay and the 4x200 meter relay. Sarah Bowen, one of the assis-

tant coaches of West High’s track team, is pleased with this year’s team. She commented, “The team has

performed well despite some holes in key events. I have been impressed by the attitude of the freshman class.

Baseball Tops Off the South

Issac Woody, senior short stop, tags out a Sullivan South player. High School West Tro-

on Thursday, April 18. The Trojans sopho-

more Chas Hadden, led the Trojans going 2 of 3 with two singles and a run. Drew Epps, senior also went 1 out of 3 with a single Runners Batted In(RBI). Junior, Tyler Britt was credited at the win of the game. Britt says,“I believe that overall our team did very well and stayed consistent offensively and defensively and pulled through

with some runs when we needed it.” The Trojans pulled through run and opened up the scoring in the bottom of the first inning as Hadden scored a run. In the second inning, West made a score again. When Trevor Williams, junior, made a score off of Epps RBI and Trojans in the lead 2-0. During the game, Britt pitched five strike

outs through only four innings. Improvement is shown for West with 16-8 with the nonconference victory and looks ahead to Cocke County Saturday. Coach Chuck Stansberry said, He was very proud, but thought that they could have scored more runs, because there were too many people left on base.

With time and practice, both the boy’s and girl’s teams shall enjoy a successful high school athletic career.”

Pitcher and junior, Will Gardner tries to strike out a Suluvin South Player.

Morristown West Tennis Defeats Jefferson County

BY CHRISTA ADAMS NEWS EDITOR onday, April 22 the Morristown West tennis team took on Jefferson County High School at the Carson Newman College tennis courts. The lady Trojans had a 4-2 lead in the singles. Winners in the singles were Rachel Ramsey, Aliea




nding off the Lady Trojans’ day, they faced Newport’s Cocke County softball team. As the starting time rolled around,

Williams, Catherine Cook, and Hannah Beth Moorhouse. In doubles, the lady Trojans only needed to win one of the three doubles matches in order to secure a win for the girls’ team. Number two doubles and number three doubles both lost their matches, leaving nothing but pressure on the first doubles

ladies Rachel Ramsey and Aliea Williams. Ramsey and Williams were successful, finishing the match at 9-7. The lady Trojans tennis team finished with a win of 5-4, leaving them continuously undefeated in the IMAC since 2008. The Morristown West boys tennis team defeated Jefferson County 8-1. Se-

niors Jared Reed, Jay Inman, Nolan Sexton, Garrett Rines, and DJ Gibson were all winners in the singles. First, second, and third doubles all won their matches, as well. Parker Ashford and Reed fell behind 7-4 before making it to a 9-7 victory. Morristown West improves to 4-0 in IMAC play and 4-1 overall.

Senior Ana Langlois returns the ball after her opponent serves the ball during the Morristown West and Jefferson County tennis match at Carson Newman College.

Softball Defeats The Fighting Cocks was the starting point point of the season. hitting but she kept runs!

Cocke County and West High Lady Trojans took a little infield and then started the game. Lady Trojans had two runs in the first inning and got three up three down. The second inning

for the Trojans; Sarah Fryman started the rally and went through the entire line up and scored four runs. Coach Maness said, “I feel like last night was our turning

They have been playing more like a team and kept each other up the whole game. Jessi Tinsley said to me when she slid head first into third base, Coach, I have a dirt full of mouth! I am very proud of Jessi, she wasn’t doing very well

herself up pitching. But overall I am super proud of my girls they did a great job!” T h e Trojans were up 4-2, runners on first and second. Up to bat with two outs, freshman, Maysi Brotherton hit a triple to score the two

Until the seventh inning the Trojans were up 7-2. The Fighting Cocks started a rally and scored four runs to almost tie the game 7-6. Ralling on two outs, senior, Hayley Epps caught the final pop fly out to end the game.

As the team walks away with the win junior. Savannah Edmonds is very pumped!

West Side Story May 2013  

Morristown Hamblen High School West newspaper May 2013

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