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City Championship: West Wins Three Years in a Row BY JENNI DIAZ SHAUNA HONKAER STAFF WRITERS


orristown West picked up another big win against East for the third year in a row Friday Sept. 30 at the Burke- Toney Stadium. Daymion Blevins scored all four touchdowns propelling West to a 28-14 city championship sweep over Morristown East. The Trojans made the first touchdown during the first quarter, but later, during halftime ending deadlock at 14. “We have quite a few seniors,” states Coach Lamar Brown before the game, “a lot more than I can name, but they all have been an important part of this program.” Coach Lamar Brown’s team is now 3-0 in the Mountain East Confer-

Daymion Blevins tackles an East player during the City Championship. ence (Region 1-5A), making them the only unbeaten team. Senior, Daymion Blevins, led the Trojans in a win, rushing for 244 yards on 31 carries of the season-high 271 yards. The Trojans defense came out

strong with players Thad Simerly, Elijah Graham and Mason Human. The Trojans scored the first touchdown of the Championship game during the first quarter with 10:11 remaining on the clock. Later, during the

first quarter, the Trojans score three second touchdown with 1:49 on the clock. The first quarter ended with Trojans scoring 14 and East with only 7. During the second quarter, the ‘Canes’ scored a touch-

down, making it deadlock by halftime. As the third quarter hit 5:09 on the clock, the Trojans made yet another touchdown. The third quarter ended with the Trojans in the lead. As the fourth quarter was coming to

an end, once again, the Trojans made another touchdown with 6:17 remaining on the clock. With the Trojans in the lead, it was less stressful for the players, but that did not stop the players from playing hard. Players worked hard on making sure East did not score anymore touchdowns. With this year’s win, Coach Lamar Brown’s City Championship record moved up to 5-2. “The kids played really hard. I was proud of the way we competed. I was really proud of the effort, and the student body was unbelievable at the ballgame. This is one of the best times that we have experienced. Overall I though it was a great night for our school,” stated Brown.

Physics Aims for Moon, Rocket Scientist Style

PHOTO BY BRANDON JACOME-MENDEZ Lilly McGlamery and Jeremiah Norton repare Lilly’s broken rocket fin. Andrew Rutledge and Caitlin Luu’s rockets (Bender, Minion) won best looking rockets in class. BY HANNAH STONE “Not only did There were two still got a 100 for her water powered bot- were launched Sept. OPINIONS EDITOR tle rockets were one 7 and Sept. 8. The we get out of class, contests. One was for “best looking” rocket.


teven Nease, physics teacher, decided to implement fun into his classroom, by having each of his physics students design their own bottle rocket. Nease, being a new teacher, wanted to show off his unique teaching style. He enjoys engaging his students in entertaining conversations and activities. The

of those activities. Each student was instructed to design a rocket that would obtain maximum flight time, and display their creativity. Bottles, to build the rocket, were provided by Nease, but any painting, or addons had to be completed on the student’s own time. The rockets

students chose how much water was put into their own bottle, and about 30 to 40 psi was pumped into the rocket before Nease pulled the rocket release string. Nease stated, “the purpose of this project is to determine height, velocity, and acceleration due to gravity of each rocket, by observing and recording data.”

but we got to learn while we were out,” exclaimed Lilly McGlamery, junior. Most of the students loved the hands-on activity and all explained that it was definitely more fun than paper work. Amber Carmody, senior, says, “It was a great learning experience, and had good real world applications to physics.”

best looking and the other was longest air time. The winner for longest air time was Hannah Stone with an air time of 10.66 seconds. Her rocket was in the air 5 seconds longer than any other rocket. The winners of the best looking rockets were Andrew Rutledge and Caitlin Luu. Even though Luu’s did not fly, she

Other students were graded on their ability to calculate their rocket’s velocity by the amount of pressure applied to the rocket, the amount of water put in it, and the how high the rocket goes. Most of the rockets were a success, and overall the whole project was lively and educational.

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October October 2016 2014

News News Editor: Editor: MoD.D. McKinney Cox

Chamber of Commerce President Meets With Students

BY LESLIE RODRIGUEZ STAFF WRITER arshall Ramsey, President of Chamber of Commerce, came to Morristown West High School Aug. 30 to speak to students taking computer classes about new jobs that are being created in order to benefit the community. He also spoke about giving back to Hamblen County by working in it. Now Ramsey initially wanted to become a high school English teacher and coach. “I stumbled into this job”, said Ramsey. Now he gets to travel around the world to meet with the Presidents of the 14 international companies. Ramsey informed the students that Morristown holds over 100 manufacturers and 22,000 manufacturing jobs. That is approximately double the state’s and the nation’s numbers. Most of the money that the city


Bubba White, teacher, and students shaking hads with Marshall Ramsey, President of the Morristown Chamber of Commerce.

receives comes from taxes imposed on the new businesses that are coming to town and revenue from hosting different tournaments at some of Morristown’s tourist attractions. One of these events is a Disc-golf tournament. Because Morristown has three different disc-golf

courses, people from outside the state come to the national tournaments. For every dollar spent at the tournament, the city gets nineteen dollars back. This money goes into improving the community. Another tournament that is hosted is a fishing one. This tournament makes

Congratulations to the Following Students for Successfully Competing in All-East Choir Competition Rachel Bass Olivia Starks Kayleigh Roberts Hannah Noe Taylor Shefield Braden Cupp Aleks Miller Scotty Muncy Luke Phillips Dhilan Ramaprasad Josh Smith Jack Wilson Matthew Trent Carlos Delgado

Freshmen Fair: Flying Into Action BY JENNI DIAZ STAFF WRITER


est High has a variety of clubs to join, and this year West wanted to show off different clubs with a Club Fair. The fair was held in the gymnasium and consisted of various stands displaying different clubs West has to offer. During TNN is when freshmen enter the gym and instantly go to stands that attract attention. L i n a Ramirez, a Spanish club member said,

Spanish Club members from left to right, Lakeer Shah, Catalina Diaz, Lina Ramirez, Leslie Alarcon, and Leslie Rodriguez recruit new students. “Spanish club is great; it is amazing. It is a fun enviornment to be around. There are amazing people. There are amazing officers. We have chips and

salsa at most meetings, and we do so much fun stuff.” C a n dy and fliers were given out to students as they explained what the club they are repre-

senting. Eventually, the bell for third block rang and students left with a better insight on what Trojans had to offer.

$60,000 in a weekend, and 50% of this money goes toward Morristown’s schools. Even though Morristown’s population is not large enough to have businesses come here, Morristown has excelled in sales with the new businesses it has acquired. Dairy Queen,

which recently opened, had the most sales of any Dairy Queen in the U.S. to ever have on its opening day. As well as Dairy Queen, Long Horn has higher sales than the one located in Knoxville. Because of the success these businesses are having, more and more businesses are planning on establishing a location

in town. Some time in the upcoming months Aubrey’s, Dicks, Ulta and Moes are for suregoing to be opening locations in Morristown. Ramsey also informed the students about an Incubator grant for Downtown to start a web design office, because Morristown’s Internet, Fiber Net, speed is 1GB, making it faster than Charter having an office in Morristown for people who specialize in web designing is ideal. Ramsey concluded by saying that there are 1,200 jobs available and that people need to go out and really look for them. Ramsey said, “When I travel through down town, some smell chicken, but I smell jobs”. Because of numerous businesses having success in Morristown, more and more are coming to town which creates more jobs and gives back to the community.

News Editor: D.D. Cox



est High’s Blood Drive had a blood donation truck parked in front of the school and setup in the auditorium for students and faculty that signed up to donate blood. The students that donated were sixteen years of age and older. This Blood Drive is for people


West Versus East Annual Blood Drive The Blood Drive has been going on in Morristown for ten years now. The Blood Drive is a competition between East High and West High to see what school can donate the most blood throughout the whole school day. The giving of blood happened on West High donates blood to the Medic bus. Adkins. Sept. 30 from 8am to who are in need of for years to come Darlene blood transfusions. and they develop a This Blood Drive 3pm. The winner of “Our students will sense of communi- is a vital service to the Blood Drive was community. announced at the be blood donors ty.” exclaimed Mrs. our

Dogs Run Charity Show



orristown had its first community dog show Saturday, Oct 1 at Wayne Hansard Park. The show was a benefit show for Paws & Claws Animal Recuse. This is a non-profit organization as well as a no kill animal rescue center. Dogs of every kind were allowed to compete in many different competitions. Dogs competed in competitions such as Cutest Dog, Longest tail, Best Trick, Ugliest Dog,

Best Halloween Costume, Best Howl, Agility, Cutest Puppy, Owner/ Pet look alike, UT Spirit, Fastest Dog, and Owner/ Dog race. Dog winners were based on the total amount of points gained throughout the competition. Dogs with the most points in their breeds category won first overall in their category. There were six overall category winners and one Best in Show winner. The Best in Show dog received the most overall points not only in its breed category but, the dog impressed the judges with


October 2016

East and West game. The winner is everyone because we both donated even though East had 113 units and West had 108 units. The blood from the Blood Drive goes to a Medic laboratory. The blood is processed and prepared to be given to patients. After the blood is processed, it gets mailed to local hospitals. Then it is stored until a patient is in need of it.

Above: Paws in the Park set out a selection of trophies for the dog winners. its fur coat presence. “Thank you to everyone that came and participated in

my fund-raiser. We had a beautiful day. It was exactly as I had planned and a day to celebrate our beautiful furry friends,” states Wendy Ford, Dog show coordinator. Ford hopes to continue the dog show for years to come, and to raise even more money for the Paws & Claws Animal Rescue shelter.

BENEFITS SHEET Drill Pay (effective 1 Jan 16) Most Unit Training Assemblies are scheduled for one weekend a month. (less than 2 years of service) E1 $209 E3 $246 E2 $234 E4 $278 Right: Contestant 17 awaits patiently for her Monthly Active Duty Pay (effective 1 Jan 16) dog to compete. Basic Training will be nine weeks long. Your job training (Advanced Individual Training) could be from 4 weeks to 2 years depending on the job (MOS) you enlist for. Soldiers who have dependents may receive additional pay (BAH). (less than 2 years of service) BY JENNI DIAZ E1 $1,567 E3 $1,847 STAFF WRITER E2 $1,756 E4 $2,046 pen House, a ¬Annual Training Pay (effective 1 Jan 16) day where stuMost units attend 15 days of annual training each year. Soldiers who have dent’s parents meet dependents may receive additional pay (BAH). student’s teachers was E2 $858 (less than 2 years of service) held Tuesday, Aug. 30. E3 $902 As teachers waited pa E4 $999 tiently in their classMontgomery GI Bill for Reserve Components $13,248.00 ($368.00/ room for parents to Month for Full Time) arrive, student coun(Available to ALL units regardless of MOS) cil sets up the entry You’ll qualify for Montgomery GI Bill benefits as soon as you finish your hall for parents and Initial Active Duty Training. If you have previous military service, you’ll students to show up. qualify immediately upon enlistment. A six-year enlistment is required. “Open House is This benefit is Tax Free. Participants must be a High School Graduate or Teachers Angela Wilson, Leslie Drew, always a good time to GED Holder. and Amy Whaley are discussing open meet parents and com GI Bill Kicker $7,200.00 ($350.00/Month) Federal house. municate with some Tuition Assistance (TA) member stated,”I feel school has to offer, such of the expectations Student Loan Repayment Program with the class, and talk like Open House is a as clubs, AP classes or • Receive up to $50,000 Student Loan Repayment for one or more about the students just good way for parents honors classes.” The qualifying and disbursed Title IV Federal Loans. briefly,” commented to get to know the night concluded with • Ask your Guard Recruiter for more details about this program. social studies teach- teachers, get to know parents learning more Split Option Training Program the classes their chil- about classes their er, Nick Morgan. • Split your Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (Job Pedro Reyes, dren are taking, and be children were taking. Training) into 2 different time periods, usually in the summer months. a student council able to learn what the • Main reasons to use this option is for school or seasonal employment conflicts. • Join as a High School Junior. Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) for College ROTC • Combine your service in the Guard and College Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). • Ask your Guard Recruiter for more details about receiving E-5 Drill Pay and ROTC Stipend. Additional Benefits • $400,000 Life Insurance coverage • Health/Dental Insurance coverage • Reemployment Rights • Space Available Air travel *If interested call SSG Jonathan D. Reaves @ 423-254-7417

Open House: Successful Start to School Year




October 2016

Opinions Editor: Hannah Stone

Trojans Filter In SnapChat



ocial media is a growing phenomenon. Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, and Tumblr are just a few. A popular choice among Trojans is SnapChat. SnapChat, if one did not know, is a photography forum. The user snaps a picture, and can then add text, a drawing, or a filter. Filters are the main attraction on SnapChat. They could be as simple as changing a photo to black and white or as complex as adding a digital flower crown. Through the first week of August, West High students voted via Twitter on which SnapChat filter is best. Approximately fifty people voted, and below are the results to the online poll.

15 28

Winner: Dog Face Filter


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Hannah Stone shows off a glitch.

Josh Smith and Gwen Stout Face Swap.

Andee Brush tries out the Dog Face filter.

L-R Eden Alcola, Amber Belvins, and Aubranna Rucker play with filters.



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October 2016


Palaye Royale Concert: A Fangirl’s Dream Come True



he lights dimmed down but the flashing ‘Palaye’ sign kept the club lit up. Sept. 18th I experienced probably the best day I will ever have in my life. Ever since the month of June I have been a huge fan of the band called ‘Palaye Royale’. They may not be as big as other bands, but they Remington Leith sings “Mr. Doctor Man” over the bring a huge impact crowd with Sebastian Danzig. to their shows. True est. With their ages he saw us together we rock n’ roll is some- ranging from 19-24, went outside to start thing I have searched these boys have been the acoustic show, for over the course of all classically trained and it had stopped nearly five years, and on piano and they are raining just in time. talented. We followed I have finally found it. extremely them to their bus While waiting When I heard Palaye Royale and for the doors to open where Barrett and what they sang about, at the venue, Danzig- Danzig started unI instantly fell in love. came through the line packing the bus so I have already expe- and he was greeting that we could start the rienced their Warped everyone with a Palaye V.I.P show. They had Tour show in Nash- Royale shirt on and I explained that since ville, Tennessee and I was at the end of the the club didn’t have was blown away by how line. When he got to a backstage room or amazing they played. me he had also been something private that 2016 Vans Warped asking people who we were going to do Tour is something that had gotten the V.I.P it just down the strip all fans should expe- ticket. I had bought from the venue. Ironirience. Bands travel the V.I.P ticket back cally enough the place together all over the in August, and I was they set up at was United States to give super pumped about named “Barrett Hall.” We had full their fans the best it. He said he would conversations with find me when the rest day possible. At that concert, I learned of the girls were there each other while setabout how truly nice so we could start the ting up for the show. they were in person acoustic V.I.P show. We three sat on top I had recent- a chest as our seats and I took pictures of them and with them. ly, three days be- while the boys set Two months fore, contacted a girl up just in front of us. Once Leith later Palaye Royale an- named Mabel that nounced their brand was going to the V.I.P joined us, they startnew tour with “Island- acoustic show, and we ed off by singing their er” and ‘Bad Seed Ris- were friends already. song “Get Higher,” ing’ on “The Make Piz- She was coming all Listening to songs I za Great Again Tour”. the way from South have heard hundreds I originally planned to Carolina, and I text- of times in person and go to the show in Nash- ed her to make sure acoustically made my ville; however, that she was almost here. heart swell with hapSoon Barrett- piness. They kicked did not work out. The was walking through off the next song by next date I was available to go to would be the rain with his um- explaining a little Marietta, Georgia on brella and once he about their song “Ma Sept. 18. The club was got under the roof he Chérie”. Barrett exnamed “Swayze’s” after came and hugged ev- plained that it was on the famous actor Pat- ery person that was in their new album and it rick Swayze. After four line and again I was featured Kellin Quinn hours of driving and last but I still didn’t from Sleeping with Siconstant raining, we mind. He hugged me rens. When they sang made it to the venue. and we talked a lit- the song it felt as if By this point my mind tle before he headed the world had stopped had registered that into the psychedelic moving. This band this was actually hap- shop that I knew he’d has that effect on me. Ma pening. Would they eventually check out. After remember me? What By now I was “fan- Chérie, they took in if I say something girling” and they fi- questions and I asked I’m not supposed to? nally started to let what did their song When we got people into the venue. “All My Friends” mean When my sis- lyrically. Barrett startin the line, I noticed the venue was next to ter and I finally got ed it off saying that it a psychedelic looking into the venue, the first is the feeling of isolashop and I immedi- thing we noticed was tion around friends ately looked through Palaye Royale’s flash- and it was inspired by the window for the ing sign that I had only acquaintances in L.A.. drummer or anyone seen in pictures. It was Danzig went on to say else of the band. The like a moth to a flame that he wrote the first band consists of three at this point. I went part in the early mornbrothers and they have up to the merchandise ing or late at night and been playing music as booth and I bought a it didn’t make sense to early as the age of two jacket and a t-shirt and him at first. He continto four. The guitar- had a pleasant con- ued to say that Leith is ist is the oldest of the versation with Danzig the one that seals all group and his name is who was running the of the songs togethSebastian Danzig. On booth. He told me that er and finishes it off. vocals there is Rem- the V.I.P acoustic show S o m e w h e r e ington Leith, who is would start soon. Mo- along the line they second oldest, and the ments after him tell- talked of the new aldrummer is named ing me that Mabel had bum. Originally they Emerson Barrett who shown up as well as wanted to put 35 songs is in fact the young- the other girl and once on their new album

(from left to right) Sebastian Danzig, guitarist, Emerson Barrett, drummer, D.D. Cox, news editor, and Remington Leith, singer. “Boom Boom Room,” yet their record label said no to that so they had to split their album into a Side A and a Side B. Side B will hopefully be released by next summer and recorded around Christmas of this year. Finishing off the acoustic set they played “Too Many People” and one song that has yet to be released or revealed for Side B. After the acoustic set, they signed my posters I had bought from Vans Warped Tour and we talked a little. I told them I was writing an article about them and Danzig said he remembered me from Twitter since he mainly runs the social media. When the set came to and end Mabel and I hung out the entire time. We walked around, caught some of the local bands, and became great friends. Around nine at night the concert for Palaye Royale was just about to start. Mabel and I were in the front with only one person in front of us. They set up their gear and I could feel the unity that this crowd gave me. The fanbase is called Soldiers of the Royal Council and we were just like a family. Because of them I had gained a new friend that day and even though I had no idea who any of those people were I felt like I belonged. The concert started off with their hit song “Don’t Feel Quite Right” and it almost immediately turned into “My Youth Generation.” I was jumping up and down and screaming as loud as I could. I took clips of some of the songs and plenty of pictures. The next song soon started as “Where Is The Boom?” which Danzig had shared in the acoustic show that it was his favorite song to play onstage. As the crowd jumped and cheered, I managed to touch both the singer and guitarist hand. Leith looked into the crowd’s eyes as he sung

the songs we loved. Up next was “Mr. Doctor Man,” which was a huge hit and had over 200k hits on Youtube. As the song hit the lyrics “As the world is falling down,” Leith fell to his knees as he sung to the crowd a tale of a man going insane. Everyone’s favorite cover was up next. “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance was played loudly. The same song was played when I saw them live at Vans Warped Tour and it drew the attention of many other My Chemical Romance fans. Leith jumped into the crowd and jumped as he sung the famous song which caused the fans to jump in sync. Next in line was my personal favorite song “How Do You Do?” It was introduced as a beach song by Danzig. Leith leaned into the crowd and a good amount of fans reached for him. Everyone was jumping and if they weren’t it was because they were a Mom bringing their kid to the local rock show. People by now were jumping and singing and they had no clue who they were. The song “All My Friends” soon took the stage. Leith sat on the drum as he sung the slow first part, but the moment the beat picked his energy was endless. Barrett was beating the drums just perfect as the crowd jumped along. At a certain part we all stuck our fists in the air and punched the air to the beat. Everyone was in sync. Before their last song, they thanked all the bands that played before them and asked that everyone join them at the front. “Get Higher,” a single that has over 1 million views on Youtube, started to bust through the speakers. The entire crowd cheered and sang along. The supply of energy

was endless when it came to performing and hearing this song. When everyone thought the song was over, they started to sing the extra part that went with “Get Higher” they had been performing at all venues. Towards the end of the song, Leith climbed his way to the rafters just above me and he hung upside down as the song finished off. Leith jumped off the stage into the crowd and made his way to the merchandise table. Barrett threw his drumsticks into the crowd and Mabel managed to catch one. She and I went to the merchandise table and we waited patiently at the side of the huge line that had formed. Mabel got her drumstick signed by Barrett, and I bought another shirt, lighter, and a poster. I had the boys sign the shirt and poster, and when Barrett seemed not busy, I asked him to take a selfie with me. To this day that picture is my favorite picture I have ever taken. Eventually, it was time to go for me and my sister. Barrett blew me a kiss as I said good-bye to him and the band. Mabel stayed back and got a selfie with the whole band and got some more things signed. This goes to show what a “real” band is. A real band plays music that isn’t on a disc as they fake playing along. A real band writes all of their own music, doesn’t sell out and they pay attention to the real thing that matters, their fans. For if a band or singer didn’t have fans, they wouldn’t be where they are today. Palaye Royale is true, and is a family.


October 2016


Opinions Editor: Hannah Stone

Rolling Out Red Carpet For 2016 West Side Story Staff BY D.D. COX STAFF WRITER


his year the West Side Story editor is Alisa Brown. For her this is the third year being on the staff, and she joined because Amy Whaley, teacher, recommended that she join. She likes to cook, play with her dog, and trick out her car in her free time. Her favorite subject in newspaper is anything to do with A&E.

Alisa Brown, senior.


his is D.D. Cox’s second year being on the staff and she joined because she loves to write about the news. This year she is joining us as the news editor. She likes to write and draw in her free time, and her favorite subject in newspaper to write about is A&E or news. Hannah King, on the other hand, joined for her first year on the newspaper staff and she enjoys watching Netflix in her free time. She joined West Side Story because she thought it would be a great experience for her to have. Her favorite newspaper subject to write about is Features.


(from left to right) Hannah King, junior, and D.D. Cox, junior.

eslie Rodriguez has joined West Side Story this year for the first time, and she joined due to her thinking it would be a fun and interesting thing to be apart of. In her free time, she enjoys reading or listening to music, and her favorite subject to write about is anything interesting that grabs her attention. Same goes for Cameron Walker when it comes to being new on the staff, and he joined because he wanted to help the staff with sports writing. He enjoys playing games and chilling with his friends in his free time. His favorite newspaper subject to cover and write about is sports.

(from left to right) Leslie Rodriguez, senior, and Cameron Walker, sophomore.


hauna Honaker is just joining the staff this year, and she joined mostly for the photography. She likes to watch TV on her free time, and she enjoys writing about A&E in the newspaper. Diamond Daniels joined this year because it seemed like a lot of fun when Whaley told her about it in her class last year. Daniels enjoys reading and listening to music in her free time and she likes to write about A&E for her newspaper articles.

(from left to right)Shauner Honaker, sophomore, and Diamond Daniels, sophomore. ndee Brush is starting her second year in newspaper as the features editor, and she joined to try something new and have fun. She enjoys spending time with her family, and friends. Her favorite subject in newspaper to write about is news. Brandon Jacome-Mendez is joining the staff for his third year, and he is the sports editor. He joined because he liked his last two years in the class. Mendez enjoys reading, stressing, and computer work. His favorite subject to write about is features and news.


(from left to right) Andee Brush, junior, and Brandon Jacome-Mendez, senior.


annah Stone is joining the staff for her returning second year, as the opinions editor. She joined because she wants to be a writer when she is older. Stone enjoys playing volleyball, writing and napping. She enjoys writing in the opinions section of the newspaper. Rebecca Eubanks is returning for her second year on the newspaper staff as the A&E editor. She joined to bring a new light to underlooked topics. She plans vacations, listens to music, and likes sleeping in late in her free time. Her favorite subject to write about in newspaper is news or features. (from left to right) Hannah Stone, junior, and Rebecca Eubanks, junior.


olly Fullington is joining the staff for her first year, because she wanted to experience something new. She enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, and loves to read. Her favorite subject to write about so far is anything news related. Jenni Diaz has joined West Side Story for her first year because she has always been interested in photography and journalism. She enjoys writing and taking pictures in her free time. Her favorite subject to write about in newspaper is A&E.

(from left to right) Molly Fullington, sophomore, and Jenni Diaz, sophomore.

Features Editor: Andee Brush Opinions Editor:


October 2013 2016 September


Trojan Nation Gets Pumped Up for Homecoming Game



ll 1550 West High students pile into a newly air conditioned gym, Tuesday of homecoming week, to participate in yet another homecoming pep rally. The rally starts with some motivational chants from Dylan Ramaprasad, senior, and Guillermo Leon, senior. They would yell “eat more,” and the audience would respond with, “chicken!” This was because of the homecoming game, that Friday, against the Fighting Cockes. Next there was a surprise visit from “Dale Lynch” played by Ross Lynam, senior. Everyone clapped and cheered as Lynch’s cardboard cut-out face ran around the gymnasium. After that, The cheerleaders ran the students through the cheers everyone loves, and then all homecoming court nominees and their escorts were announced. Finally, the games began. The first competition was dancing, which was won by the All-Star team. Second was the dizzy bat competition. This year senior students were disqualified for not touching their foreheads to the bat. After these first

Sophomores achieve the win with 24 points.

Garrett Masoner and Sierra Gaddy dance for victory at the pep rally.

Ross Lynam brings excitement to the that win from the se- It was called, “Hungry As the clock crowd with his cardboard cut-out. niors, a tough round of Trojans.” It was played struck 3’ o clock, the two events, all football players were recognized and announced. After all football players were recognized, the games resumed with a football throw match, where all classes had one person attempt to throw a football through a

hoop. The next game was a teacher against teacher shoot-out. The winner of that game was Alvin Sanders; he was the teacher representing the freshmen. Seniors won the next competition. It was Sumo Wrestling with inflatable balls. After

bean bags was played and won by Isaiah Sims, senior. In addition to the games, a singing contest was conducted. Juniors took that win, with Haley Twitchell singing Black Horse and a Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall.. The last game was a new one.

like Hungry Hungry Hippos, but with real people. The classes used two people, baskets, and rollers to scrap up as many plastic balls as they could. Chris Hayes states, “That was the most fun and exciting pep rally I have been to in all my years of teaching.”

scores were revealed. This year was the first year in a decade, that the seniors have not won the Pep rally. This year the sophomores pulled out the surprising win, and got the right to say that they won the “most fun and exciting” pep rally in the history of West High.


October 2016


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College Highlights on University of Tennessee: Knoxville

BY REBECCA EUBANKS the statewide University of TennesA&E EDITOR see system with Editor Note: This arnine undergraduate ticle is a continuation colleges and eleven of a series to adver- graduate colleges and tise local colleges to hosts almost 22,000 students in an infor- students from all 50 mative viewpoint. states and more than ome people view 100 foreign countries. high school as the In 2014 U.S. end of the road. It is News & World Report the end of public edu- ranked UTK 106th cation, childhood and among all national being debt free. In con- universities and 46th trast, high school is also among public institua gateway. This gate- tions of higher learning. way leads to many ad- Seven alumventures such as being ni have been selected independent, and trav- as Rhodes Scholars; eling but most impor- James M. Buchanan, tantly going to college. M.S. ‘41, received the When one asks 1986 Nobel Prize in people about their col- Economics. UTK’s ties lege experience the to nearby Oak Ridge typical response is, National Laborato“College is the time of ry, established under your life.” This can be UTK President Antrue once you are in drew Holt and conaccepted into a univer- tinued under the UT– sity, but right now col- Battelle partnership, lege is hard. From pick- allow for considerable ing the right school to research opportunities picking a major, col- for faculty and stulege can be viewed as dents. Needless to say, a stressful situation. the University of Ten The Universi- nessee has countless ty of Tennessee(UTK) achievements to make located in Knoxville, it an honorable school. Tennessee. UT is an Seventy perAmerican public sun- cent of graduates gradgrant and land-grant uate in six years. The university. Founded average financial aid in 1794, it became the package is $13,581. flagship institution of Eighty-four point


six percent of freshmen return for sophomore years. The student-to-falculty ratio is 17:1. The largest majors diplomas awarded in 2015 were 350- Psychology/ 278Supply Chain Management/ 249- Biological Sciences. The University of Tennessee offers studies abroad, ROTC for both Army and Air Force, double majoring and so much more. The average GPA for first-time freshmen is 3.89 with an ACT score of 27. UTK has eleven academic colleges with over three hundred degree programs and over one hundred seventy undergraduate majors, concentrations and specialization. UTK gives a way an annual amount of $46.3 million dollars in scholarships. With the average age of students being twenty one, one would say campus life is a blast. Badminton, baseball, basketball, bowling and of course UTK football

West High Staff Alumni of UTK

are just a few of the diverse sports they offer. If sports are not your thing, UTK offers many others options such as choral groups, drama/theater, fraternities/ sororities, and of course the Pride of the Southland Band for examples. The university also has multiple types of housing. Men’s housing, women’s housing, apartments for single students, special housing for students with disablilties, special housing for international students, and theme housing are all available. For more information, one can look on www.utk. edu. Another helpful site is www.

Glen Abbott, Teacher Carri Ashford, Teacher Todd Bradley, Teacher Engelina Duval, Teacher Lacey Evans, Teacher Scott Garlington, Teacher Kim Hall, Teacher Tracy Heflin, Teacher Jeff Kinsler, Principal Jennifer Laster, Asst. Principal Rodney McCash, Teacher Nick Morgan,Teacher Jennifer Noe, Teacher Tara Phillips, Teacher Jill Reuschel, Counselors Amie Rumph, Teacher Sabella Sauceman, Teacher Barbara Starnes, Teacher Wendy Szatkowski, Teacher Susan Terry, Teacher Dana Thompson,Secretary David Tripucka, Teacher Angela Wilson, Teacher

Scholarship Opportunities

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity International High School Essay Contest This contest is open to all college-bound, high school seniors and requires an essay that must be original and neither previously published nor secured by copyright. The essay must be between 700-750 words in length. The type-written, double-spaced copies must be submitted via postal service or email in .doc or .pdf format. Scholarship award amounts range from $1,000 4th place - $5,000 1st place. Applications are available in the Counseling Office. For further information please see Mr. Alvin Sanders. Deadline October 21, 2016 AXA Achievement Community Scholarship The AXA AchievementCommunity Scholarship Program brings educational opportunity into every community across the US in which AXA has a presence.  It has a local focus, awarding up to 375 scholarships each year to students who have distinguished themselves within their communities. Community involvement, leadership and perseverance are considered for scholarship eligibility. Scholarships are valued at $2,500. Apply on-line. Deadline December 15, 2016 The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards were created to recognize students in middle and high school grades who have made meaningful contributions to their communities through volunteer service. If you are interested in becoming a nominee for this Award, complete an online application by November 8, 2016 and the submit the application to Mr. Kinsler. Students must be certified by West High by November 18, 2016.                            American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest “A Constitutional Speech Contest” develops a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the US Constitution. Scholarship awards are presented to the three finalists in the final round of the national contest. Students must be certified by West High School no later than January 9, 2017. 

Greetings from Middle Tennessee State University! You are invited by President Sidney A. McPhee to join him for an exclusive luncheon during the MTSU True Blue Tour for high school counselors, principals, and community college staff. We are excited to share what’s new and exciting at Middle Tennessee State University!  During the luncheon you will meet with members of the MTSU community and will understand why MTSU is the number one choice of undergraduate and transfer students in the state of Tennessee.  Check below to see when we will be in your area.  The luncheon will begin at 11:30 AM.  Please note that each student from your school that plans to attend will need to register. Wednesday, October 19, 2016 *Knoxville, TN The Foundry On the Fair Site Visit for more information and to register.   During the reception door prizes will be given away, including scholarships, iPads, and other great gifts

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October 2013 2016 September


Homecoming Court 2016


Senior Homecoming Court

Hudson Patrick and Jacob Metler

Emily Brown and Daymion Blevins

Danielle Shockley and Stone Issacs

Molly James and Lakeer Shah

Gracey Mills and Elijah Brown

Branna Patterson and Tanner Collins Blayke Shultz and Travis Foster

2 Abby McKinnish and Luke Phillips

Leabeth Fishman and Nick Greene Abigail Masoner and Thad Simerly

Emily Medford and Aleks Miller

Freshmen Court Ella Greene and Seth Misemheimer

Regina Zaragosa and Jacob Caratinni

Sophomore Court Julia Adams and Noah Martin

Mary Hannah Statzer and Mathew Salansky

Junior Court Molly Brown and Jackson Wilson

Sydney Greene and Blake Bales


October 2016 Ocotber


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Trojans Parade through Downtown Morristown for 2016-17 Football Homecoming BY DIAMOND DANIELS STAFF WRITER ANDEE BRUSH FEATURES EDITOR

Band members play their instruments, while marching through downtown Morristown to the homecoming football game.

West High Cheerleaders lead the homecoming parade on Main Street.


sunny and partly cloudy Friday afternoon was the perfect atmosphere for the West High homecoming parade. Cheerleaders, band members, senior homecoming candidates, supportive freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes marched, or drove, through downtown Morristown on Main Street. Starting at First Baptist Church and ending at the homecoming football game at Burke Toney stadium against Cocke County. The cheerleaders were the leaders of the parade, followed by the band members. The band members provided the music that added to the excitement. Then, the freshmen, sophomore, and junior homecoming girls drove through before the queens of the senior court rode through downtown in not only dazzling dresses, but also some eye catching cars. The next element of the parade consisted of the class and club floats with their own unique twist on theme of the football game. Cars packed with students of the Trojan nation from all classes drove through downtown to wrap up yet another West High homecoming parade.

Students from the junior class get hype for the game with their homemade version of Trojan Troy.

FFA members ride on their float in the homecoming parade.

Seniors cruise through downtown, presenting their ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ sign.

Freshmen of the Trojan Nation make their way to Burke Toney Stadium for the homecoming football game.

Tailgate Maintains the Homecoming Spirit



s the sun creeped across the sky, the Trojan spirit was alive. Thursday, Sept 15, 2016 was the annual tailgate for Homecoming. The Trojan Nation walked around the lawns of West High eating and enjoying each others company. From Poptarts to grilled bacon, the school was teaming with tasty food. Several clubs sponsored tables, some students had grills, but nearly everyone was dressed in pajamas. Teachers and students alike expressed their pride for West High. This is usually a favorite activ-







Photo 1: Beta Representatives, Sarah Bowen, Rebekah Brandon, Jose Salazar, share Poptarts. Photo 2: Alex Giles and Tyler Seals grill bacon. Photo 3: Dr. Dale Lynch strolls the lawns. Photo 4: Dhilan Ramaprasad and Scotty Munsey share a doughnut. Photo 5: Anthony Peluso and Noah Ross chill in an Eno. Photo 6: Sarah Tripuka and Hannah Turner show off their pjs. ity to bring the Trojan Nation together for Homecoming. Alex Giles says , “The tail-

gate was really fun because I got to grill out and be with friends. Plus it gets us out of

class. I believe the purpose of the tailgate is to get students ready for the big game on

Friday.” Ralph Noble says,” The tailgate is a fantastic opportunity for teachers and stu-

dents alike to come together in a casual atmosphere to support the Trojan Nation.”


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October 2013 2016 September




2 5


4 7

PHOTO 5- L-R Alice Pierce,teacher and Angel Ellis support UT. PHOTO 6- L-R Shyanne Livesay, Haliegh Cornwell and Hannah Cornwell gather around with their sports wear. PHOTO 7- L-R Cassandra Allen and Julie Martin sport their team wear.

Decade Day 1


3 1





5 Decade Day PHOTO 1- L-R Treveor Johnson, Tucker Hall, and Will Berger lean on lockers. PHOTO 2- Dawson Woods dresses in 1920s outfit. PHOTO 3- Bailey Sawyer dresses as a hippie. PHOTO 4- L-R Martha Blakely and Micheal Todd, teachers represent their decades and Mr. Todds shoe. PHOTO 5- LeAnne Maness relives her 80s days. PHOTO 6- L-R Angela Wilson and Leslie Drew look fondly back on their 80s attire. Class Color PHOTO 1- Seniors strut their class of 2017 shirts. PHOTO 2- Juniors show off their homemade class of 2018. PHOTO 3- Class of 2019 groups together for pep rally. PHOTO 4- Freshman beam with green.




Tailgate PHOTO 1- L-R West Side Story starts to set up their booth. PHOTO 2- Heidi Porter shows off her monkey. PHOTO 3- L-R Row 1 Linda Kilday and Martha Blakely L-R Row 2 Brian McLaughlin and Kelley Walker huddle together with pjs. PHOTO 4- Mrs. Drew’s TNN selfies with their pjs. PHOTO 5- Senior boys grill up some good times. PHOTO 6- Newspaper represents in the tailgate. Trojan Nation PHOTO 1-Mr. Webb’s classes represent for their spirit. PHOTO 2- L-R Hannah Smith and Tanner Kinkead wear their crimson. PHOTO 3- Coach White’s fourth period sport their new Trojan Nation shirts.



Sports Day PHOTO 1- CTE teachers support their favorite teams. PHOTO 2-John Foreback dresses up as Coach Brown. PHOTO 3- L-R Emily Johnston, Rebekah Brandon, Gracie Johnson, Alisha Jones, Sabrina Whitelaw, Rebecca Eubanks, and Carmyn Sprouse show off their team clothing. PHOTO 4- L-R Kaleigh Roberts, Anna Kutbay, and Emily Johnston model their College Pride.


October 2016

Sta r


A&E Editor: Rebecca Eubanks

Spooktacular activities t

Halloween Word Search


ni sh

Unscramble the following words: tduhane esuho: ________________ tcwih: _____________ ntimagrhe: ______________ siesdpr: _______________ rertor: ________________

orcobet: _________________ oshawd: _________________

KEY: Word scramble Haunted house Witch Nightmare Spiders Terror Spooktacular October Shadow

lasopruktaco: _______________

West High Library Hosts Book Character Contest BY BRANDON JACOME-MENDEZ SPORTS EDITOR

First Place: Baileigh Allen as Hester from The Scarlet Letter. She won a $50 gift card to Carmike Cinemas.


s part of this year’s homecoming festivities, the West High Library hosted a book character contest during Wednesday’s Character/Decade Day. The contestants’ costumes were judged by teachers during the day on Wednesday and four winners were chosen and awarded with a prize.

Second Place: Gavin Belfry as Peter Pan’s shadow from Peter Pan. He won a pizza from Papa Johns.

Third Place: Anaya Rivera as Jane from the Volturi vampires from Twilight. She won a free book from the library.

Honorable mention: Blaine Metcalf as Peter Pan from Peter Pan. He won a small Dairy Queen Blizzard.

A&E Editor: Rebecca Eubanks


October 2016



alloween is a time for spooky fun crafts, and mouth watering treats. But the fun continues with jaw dropping goodies. This Halloween take some time to make some scary good treats. Here are some helpful hints from October’s issue of “The Food Network” magazine.

Mummy Dogs

Mummy Dogs are a fun delicious fall treat for any occasion. First cut one round refrigerated pie dough into 16 strips. Try to make each strip about 1/2 inch wide. Next, wrap strips around six raw hot dogs. Make sure each strip is overlapping with out any openings. Then place wrapped hot dogs on to a parchment- lined baking sheet. Cook at 375 degrees for 2025 minutes, or until

Mummy Dog Ingredients 1 package of refrigerated pie dough 1 package of preferred hot dogs 1 small can of black olives


Dismembered Cookie People Ingredients 1 package of desired Sugar cookie dough 1 package of confectioner’s sugar 1-2 tablespoon milk 1 tube of red gel food coloring

golden brown. After the Mummy Dogs are cooked, allow dogs to sit and cool for about five minutes. Moving on to decoration, punch out the middle of two black olives with a tooth pick. The black olives will make the mummy’s eyes. Finally, secure olives with Dismembered Cookie People are a sweet treat, mustard or desired with a scary appearance. condiment. Then serve your spooky Mummy stick pan or greased spoons milk. Next, tint Dog dish wish friends. pan. Bake cookies at the mixture with red Dismembered 350 degrees for about gel food coloring. Then 12-15 minutes or unCookie People til golden brown. After break off limbs from the cookies, and dip Another spooky fall cookies are done, al- limbs into blood mixtreat, is Dismembered low time for cookies to ture. Next, pipe melted cookie people. First completely cool. Next chocolate from a pasroll out sugar cookie begin working on the try bag or zip-lock bag Mummy Dogs will bring fun flavor to any dough, and then cut “blood” for the cookies. for eyes. Then allow gathering. out cookies with a ginFirst combine one cup time for blood glaze gerbread man cookie of confectioners’ sugar to dry. Finally, serve cutter. Then place cut and one to two table- dish for all to enjoy. out cookies on to a non

Trojans ‘Change the Face’ of Art BY D.D. COX

Olivia Parchem, junior, recreates a zombie effect by adding peeling skin.


rom movies to YouTube anyone can see the creatures of the night as human beings. The movies feature blood and gore but everyone knows its never real. Scary clowns, open wounds, and zombies along with much more scare kids. These kids grow up to remake the horror movie fanatics of true gore and horror. When one thinks of makeup, they think of eyeshadow, eyeliner and more, but they take it to the next level.

Jade McDaniel, sophomore, gives her mouth the effect of being sewn shut.

Olivia Blakely, sophomore, creates gore makeup by pinning her mouth shut.

“Most of the products I use are expensive, but you don’t have to buy all the big products. There are many cheap alternatives.” -Jade McDaniel Special Effects Makeup Artist Olivia Blakely, sophomore, Jade McDaniel, sophomore, and Olivia Parchem, junior, recreate the gore that inspires them at least a few times a month. These three girls selfteach themselves with a little help from You

Tube and watching their favorite movies. Inspiration can come at any moment with horror movies or even real-life injuries. Most would think that it would cost a fortune to get the type of makeup

products to do effects like the movies. According to these girls, however, it all depends on the look you want. McDaniel explained that “Most of the products I use are expensive, but you don’t have to buy all the big products. There are many cheap alternatives.” However, Blakely makes her own prosthetics, she does not use a kit. Horror is a big influence on these girls when it comes to recreating looks. Parchem has recreated multiple zombie effects of skin

peeling off of her face, while also recreating a Harley Quinn type theme with a broad creepy smile attached. Blakely has done an effect that looks like safety pins are being pushed through her mouth to seem like she has safety pinned her mouth shut. While no one has decided what they will be for Halloween, they have many open opportunities with their special skills. While having high skill ability in makeup, none of these girls have competed in a competition, but they

look forward to it. Blakely has helped with many off Broadway plays in Nashville along with parties. Blakely has also visited Cinema Makeup school where many “Face Off ” contestants have been, and she has been invited there for the summer program. She also has been invited to work with Espionage Cosmetics. Parchem can be seen helping out at the Alpha Elementary Haunted House. McDaniel looks forward to possibly helping out with Frightmare Manor next year and maybe doing a couple of plays along the way. These girls may very well be the next horror/gore effect makeup artist of a new movie some day.


October 2016


Sports Editor: Brandon JacomeMendez

Fewer Shots Mean Greater Wins: West High Golf Team Earns Record Changing Scores BY ANDEE BRUSH FEATURES EDITOR


est High Golf team has had an impeccable season thus far, with many players not only greatly improving, but also achieving their best scores in their golf careers. From the start of the season, both the girls’ and boys’ golf teams were excelling in matches, setting the stage for an overall golf season full of wins and achievements. When West High golf team competed against Seymour, the Lady Trojans recorded some of the lowest team scores early in the season. Players including Savannah Haney and Amanda Cook, who both shot a low score of 38. Others included

Dylan Isaacs, sophomore, chips the ball towards the flag during the match against South Doyle. Dylan Isaacs and Nick sive one-over par 37. freshman year, shot his career best as well, During the last a score of 36, her all- with a 40 shot score. Watson with scores 40 and 42, which helped home match of the sea- time low in her entire Followed by Hunter the team to secure a son, the Trojans com- golf career. Amanda Franklin, the newest win with a score of 76 peted against South Cook shot a score of edition to the Varsity to 82 against Seymour. Doyle at the Country 40, which put the Lady golf team, who showed The golf team Club in a match that Trojans in a tie with great potential with an continued to impress allowed the season to the lowest team score improved score of 42. with a win against come to a memorable in the last twenty years Coach Ralph Cocke County, led by end. Savannah Haney, for West High’s girls’ Noble is certainly Nick Watson who led the leader of the girls’ golf team. Dylan Isaacs pleased with the imthe way with an impres- golf team since her led the boys’ team with provement and hard

“Overall, the golf season was fun, and it still is fun. The match against South Doyle was the happiest I have ever been playing golf, when me and Amanda Cook played together and I did my best round and she did her best round.”

work shown in his golf team’s performance. Noble explains how many of the players, both new and returning, have had great improvements in their scores throughout the season, and he looks forward to the golf conference at the end of the season. “The conference tournament is on Sept. 22, and I am hopeful that both the girl’s and the boy’s teams can finish in the top half of the other teams competing there.” The West High golf team has had an outstanding season this 2016-17 school year, and the players are continuing to strive to be one of the best teams around.

“The conference tournament is on Sept. 22, and I am hopeful that both the girl’s and boy’s teams can finish in the top half of the other teams competing there.”

Ralph Noble

West High Golf coach

Savannah Haney

West High Sophomore Savannah Haney, sophomore, drives the ball down the green, and in the end, achieves her all-time lowest score of the season.

Lady Trojans Soccer Defeats Lady Eagles BY LESLIE RODRIGUEZ SHAUNA HONAKER STAFF WRITERS ithin the first eight minutes of the game, Mallory Sawyer, senior, scored the first goal. With this great start the Lady Trojans soccer defeated the Seymour Lady Eagles on Sept. 29, making their season record 6-4-1. Wining a conference game against an experienced conference team made them really happy. Even though they are a very young team, as coach Jennifer Murphy says, they were able to de-


feat a good team like the Lady Eagles. The game did not start as strong as anticipated, but the Lady Tr o j a n s managed to score one goal during the first half. Junior, In the course of the first half of the game the Lady Trojans were not playing as strong as expected; however, they still did great keeping the ball

1-0 ; the Lady Trojans were in the lead. It was a good start to the second half. The game started to get more exciting as both teams were trying to score. With a strong defense and goalie, the lady Trojans where able to Karli Yarid, kicks ball kicks ball away from Seymore keep the Lady Eaplayer. gles from scoring. on the other side of game. There was even With only two the field. Throughout a penalty kick for the minutes into the secthe first half there was Lady Eagles, but they ond half, Yareli Curia lot of back and for- were not able to score. el, sophomore, scored ward, and the Lady Ea- Moving into the second goal of the gles brought on their the second half with a game. Things where

looking good for the Lady Trojan’s win. Approaching the end, with more failed attempts from the Lady Eagles, Sydney Newsome, senior, scored the last goal of the game. “It was a good conference win as we are ending our season and heading into the conference tournament”, says Coach Jennifer Murphy. Now, the Lady Trojans are preparing for the game against East which will determine if they get second in Districts.

Sports Editor: Brandon JacomeMendez


October 2016


Trojans ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ score at 6-0. The field updates to the score- 12. The Trojans, deter- other touchdown, with BY BRANDON JACOME-MENDEZ goal attempt made by board, leaving it 7-0. mined to establish a Gair securing the extra SPORTS EDITOR Parker Gair was good, The energy in solid lead, managed to point for the Trojans, DIAMOND DANIELS making the score 7-0 the stadium continued score two touchdowns placing the score at 38STAFF WRITER 12 for the remainith the overder of the quarall exciteter as no further ment of homecompoints were scored. ing and the threat In the fourth of rain lingering in quarter, the Big the air, the MorrisRed managed to town West Trojans score touchdown, took on the Big Red cutting into the from Cocke CounTrojan lead with ty in the homea score of 38-19. coming game on The Trojans quickFriday Sept. 16, ly retaliated with winning 52-19. two touchdowns As the first Both Cocke County and West vie for control of the ball after a play starting kick during of their own, courquarter began, the tesy of Belvins the homecoming game. Trojans were driven and Jacob Harstruggle was worth back deep into their in the Trojan’s favor, to run high as the sec- from Daymion Blevins rell, solidifying the own territory by the it as John Foreback with five minutes re- ond quarter began. The and Jacob Metler and Trojan lead and endBig Red, but managed threw a 25-yard pass to maining in the quarter. Big Red managed to a field goal by Gair. ing the game with a to hold their ground Daymion Blevins, who Both teams finished ‘The best is still yet to come and the kids work harder and push back. The scored the first touchdown, putting the the quarter out with no to get there every day.’ Coach Brown on the rest of the



Daymion Blevins makes a near end-zone catch to make the touchdown run during the homecoming game.

catch up to the Trojans early in the quarter with a touchdown, but missed the extra point, putting the score at 7-6. The Trojans soon returned the favor by scoring another touchdown, courtesy of Zach Young, and after another successful extra point by Gair, the score of 14-6 reflected the Trojan’s lead. The Big Red, however, did not stay too distant for long as they scored another touchdown, putting the score at 14-

This rounded out the second quarter with the Trojans dominating the game 31-12. With the excitement of the homecoming queen still in the atmosphere, the third quarter opened with a significant injury in which a Big Red player had to be carried off the field. After some brief silence as the player was moved off the field, the scoreboard remained unmoved until Belvins and Gair scored an-

final score of 52-19. With another big win under the Trojans’ belt, Coach Lamar Brown commented on his team’s performance of the night, “I was proud of the kids. They played really hard and a big win on homecoming in front of a big crowd is always good.”

Lady Trojans Volleyball Face Off Against South Greene MOLLY FULLINGTON STAFF WRITER


n the c o o l air conditioned gym of West High,

teams all throughout each match. Unfort u n a t e l y, the Lady the TroTr o j a n s jan Ladies and South fell short Greene all three battled for matchCaroline Harville, junior, and Kaley Muncy, sethe win es. Even nior, attempt to block the in three though this volleyball from South Greene. separate o cc ur red, and started to commatches both teams against one anoth- pete for the victory. were considerate and As the tim- fair to one another er on Sep. 12, 2016. As the Tro- er started, the Lady before, during and jans warmed up, they Trojans blocked some after the matches. showed of their superb great shots from the The Lady Troskills by striking the other team and start- jans hope to improve volleyball repeatedly ed out the game in the on their scores in the over the net and mul- lead. Both sides of the future and to contintiple other warm-ups. crowd were cheering ue to always do their When both teams fin- and shouting encour- best in the games. towards ished preparing to play, agements the players of both they got into position


2009 BMW 5 Series

2011 Ford Fiesta

2007 Lexus ES 350

2008 Toyota RAV4






2007 Honda CR-V

2008 Jeep Wrangler


$13,950 Total

2012 Mazda, Mazda3

2011 Chevrolet Malibu

2003 Infiniti Fx35




2007 Nissan Frontier

2010 Honda Accord



2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 $10,950

2005 Toyota Tacoma


2012 Nissan Rouge S




This publication describes the news, opinions, features, arts & entertainment, and sports of Morristown-Hamblen High School West for the mon...


This publication describes the news, opinions, features, arts & entertainment, and sports of Morristown-Hamblen High School West for the mon...