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July 2014

Aradale Ghost Tour

(ISSUE 405) Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. Reg. No. A – 0006149J FWDV Member PO BOX 2456 Mount Waverley VIC. 3149

VOLKS-BARU SUBARU and Volkswagen Specialist Parts and Service Centre

We will smooth out your motoring costs with extremely competitive prices, offering trade discounts to all Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria members on all parts and repairs.

John Bailey 1362 Heatherton Rd Dandenong North 3175 Phone: (03) 9793 5655 Page: 2

INTRODUCTION TO THE SUBARU 4WD CLUB The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. was originally formed over 30 years ago by an enthusiastic group of Subaru owners. Today the club has expanded to include all Subaru 4WD and AWD vehicles, as well as all other makes of AWD, light 4WD and crossover/soft-roader type vehicles. The club aims to participate in exploration of the Australian countryside without damage to the environment, vehicle or individual. Visitors are most welcome to attend the club’s General Meetings and contact committee members regarding participation in club activities. The club relies on membership fees to offset its running costs, including insurance. Membership fees are payable each year, due on 31 May. Fees for the 2013/14 year were agreed at the general meeting in April 2013 and are as follows: ● Interstate: $110 (Seniors card - $105) ● Single: $120 (Seniors card - $110) ● Joint/family: $140 - (Seniors card - $125). Joining Fee $10 ($20 for Joint/Family) (All annual fees include FWDV affiliation and trip insurance: $47) A trip fee of $15 per adult non-member applies (for insurance purposes) Please contact the membership officer for further information regarding membership, including pro-rata and monthly rates.


South Camberwell Tennis Club 322 Burke Road Glen Iris (Melways 59 H6)

Last Tuesday of each month at 8:00pm sharp (except December)

COMMITTEE Meetings 1st Tuesday each month: 7:30pm Damian Stock (President) Jessica Walsh (Vice President) Peter Bellis (Secretary) Bob Marshall (Treasurer) Martin Foot (OM: Trip & Social) Michael Hartshorne au (OM: Editor) Andrew Jantke (OM: Membership) Dale Rebgetz (OM: Resources) Stephen Whittaker (OM: Venue) Doug Greenall (Ordinary Member) Phil Milkins (Ordinary Member)

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PRESIDENT’S REPORT Welcome to the July club magazine. Twelve months ago this week a number of clubs members, including myself, were in the middle of our Simpson Desert trip. We had left Birdsville and were well into the crossing of the 1100 sand dunes that make up the path across the desert to Mount Dare Homestead. This fact was not lost on the members of this trip who attended the Christmas in July social event on Saturday night at Jean and Peter’s home. While Christmas in July did not happen last year, due to our hosts being on the Simpson Desert trip, it was back this year with a vengeance. It was great seeing the usual attendees as well as some new ones, including some of our newest members. As usual the meal was excellent, as was the conversation, and the evening went very quickly as a result. I would like to again thank Peter and Jean, on behalf of everyone who attended, for their hospitality and for the excellent meal they prepared and presented with the help of some willing volunteers. I am sure that everyone who attended had a great time. Angela and I, as usual, were among the last to leave however that is probably a reflection of the closeness of our home to the venue. We really should have left earlier as we had a full day on Sunday with an early start for a two hour drive to the farm, where I dropped Angela off, before I continued on to a meeting of the Macalister club at Sale. This meeting was actually their AGM, at which I presided over their election, and then, at the end of the AGM, I presented on the association for another 90 minutes. For this I was rewarded with lunch, which was quite good, but probably didn’t cover the cost of getting there in the first place. The Macalister club is similar in size to ours, made up of members from around Sale and Yarram, so their meetings are held in alternate months at either Sale or Yarram. They are working towards getting their own club trainer, similar to what Jessica has achieved for us, so we may look to run a joint proficiency course with them in the near future. While it would be in the Sale-Yarram area our members attending the course can always use the farm for somewhere to stay. Watch out for announcements regarding this training. Speaking of the farm, it was our pleasure to host the club in late June for the novice night run and recovery demonstration weekend. While there were not really any novices at the event I am sure that everyone who attended learnt something. The Saturday night navigation run was a bit of fun with the participants heading off, at five minute intervals, for a fifty kilometre drive. Page: 4

PRESIDENT’S REPORT I positioned myself around an hour out, at a place called White Woman’s Waterhole, armed with hot drinks for the drivers and navigators to enjoy. After everyone had made it to the break location we enjoyed a chat and a drink in the dark before the participants again headed off to complete the rest of the course. I headed directly back to the farm to keep Angela and Dot company in front of the fire. A pleasant start to Sunday included the customary bacon and eggs breakfast which we all enjoyed a little later than usual as Peter decided to have a sleep in. We then headed off to enjoy the second part of the navigation run as a group, visiting some local historic markers, lookouts and a play area that entertained Jamie and Les for a short time. On returning to the farm a light lunch of left-overs from the previous evening’s BBQ was enjoyed which then led into a recovery equipment discussion and Tirfor hand winch demonstration on one of the farm’s steep, grass covered hills. Jamie volunteered his Toyota as winch anchor while Martin’s Forester was the vehicle to be recovered. I learnt that it is hard work using the Tirfor, regardless of the presence of a snatch block or not, and I would hate to use this to recover a vehicle very far. Martin was getting a pretty easy ride until we suggested that he needed to try this winching idea himself. A number of ladies stayed at the bottom of the hill to spectate while some of us worked up a sweat. Next week we have our special club meeting at the Ringwood Technical Trade Centre. Don’t forget to let Stephen know if you are coming for catering purposes and also bring some spare change as a donation to the running of the centre. Check out the details of the night elsewhere in the magazine. Don't forget to fill in your club awards nominations as these are an important part of the AGM agenda. I am sure that you can think of someone deserving for each of these awards. Anyway that’s enough from me for this month. I look forward to seeing you all soon, wherever our paths might cross. Take care.


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VENUE REPORT JULY GENERAL MEETING – WORKSHOP, BBQ AND MEETING IN RINGWOOD Date: Tuesday 29 July … Workshop presentations from 6pm … Meeting starts at 8pm *** SPECIAL VENUE: Ringwood Trade Training Facility, 3 Hill Street, Ringwood East From 6pm – 8pm – PRE-MEETING WORKSHOP – you’ll have the opportunity to put your vehicle up on the hoist and learn a little more about various parts and components through presentations from RTTF staff (and inspect any knocks or bumps you may have had underneath recently!). A BBQ dinner will be on too: ● ● ● ●

Sausages $1 Hamburgers $2 Soft drinks $1.50 (vegetarian options also available)

For those who aren’t interested in the mechanical side of things, the BBQ will be social and upstairs we’ll be showing videos of some of our trips from recent years. The meeting room is heated and very comfortable. It overlooks the workshop, so you can also watch the action happening in the workshop from upstairs. It’s important to note that there are approximately 12 – 15 stairs involved in getting up to the meeting room, so please consider this if you’d like to come along. We are very grateful for the time of the management of RTTF for the use of their facility and as a result, we’re asking for a donation of just $5 per membership/visitor on the evening to go back into the facility. From 8pm – GENERAL MEETING – official start Attendance: We need to know if you (and/or family members) are attending – mainly for BBQ catering purposes. Please email me to let me know if you are planning to attend: There are also 3 excellent door prizes on offer for members on the night! Don’t miss out! Hope to see as many members as we can. Page: 6

VENUE REPORT If you have any questions, send me an email: Stephen

TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT TRIVIA NIGHT Date: Sat 16 August, Time: 7:30pm (TBC) Trip rating: Social Location: St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, corner of Phyllis Street and Warruga Avenue, Bayswater (Melways Map 64,C6) Cost $15 per person Trip Leader: contact Jean Bellis at to book your place. Finger Food and Tea and Coffee provided. BYO drinks and any other snack foods. Lots of fun - competitions to participate in, as well with great prizes to win. PEDAL (OR DRIVE) TO COG BIKE CAFÉ FOR LUNCH DAY TRIP Date: Saturday 13 September Trip Rating: Social Trip Leader: Stephen Whittaker, email: Now that the club has a strong connection to a little café called Cog, it’s time we all sampled the fine food and coffee we hear comes out of this quaint little place. That’s right; it’s a trip to visit Doug and Michelle at Cog Bike Café and it’s your choice of means to get there -- bicycle or vehicle?

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TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT Getting to Cog: ●Bike Ride: from Launching Place to Warburton (finishing at Cog). Meet in Launching Place and enjoy an approximate 10.5km ride to Warburton along the scenic rail trail. ●Drive: go direct to Cog Bike Café. Meet us there for lunch. ●Alternative Drive: A third option has been proposed by Martin involving seeing the cyclists off at Launching Place, then driving to the Ada Tree, north of Three Bridges, and then to Warburton for lunch via mountain roads. This would be a 2WD trip on sealed and unsealed roads. A vehicle trip leader is needed to organise this, contact Stephen or Martin to discuss. Let’s pack the café and have a great lunch together at the beginning of spring. More details to come – at the meeting and in next month’s magazine. LITTLE DESERT, BIG DESERT, WYPERFELD AND THE PINK LAKES TRIP Dates: Friday 31 October – Tuesday 4 November (Melbourne Cup Long Weekend) Trip Rating: Medium (to possibly Difficult) Trip Leader: Stephen Whittaker, email: The Mallee region, in Victoria’s north-west, is a large and very special area of Victoria. Sand dunes, Mallee scrub, historic sites and lakes make this region unique. Starting at Mt Arapiles, we’ll head north through the Little Desert National Park to Dimboola, then on to Lake Hindmarsh. From here, we’ll head through the centre of the Big Desert and through Wyperfeld National Park visiting Chinaman’s Well, Milmed Rock and Lake Albacutya. We’ll then head north towards Underbool via Wirrengren Plain. Finally, we’ll visit the beautiful Pink Lakes on the southern side of MurraySunset National Park. This will be a fast-moving trip and challenging in spots with some deep, soft sand expected. Trip rating is medium, with the possibility of some difficult sections. The plans for this moving trip, at this stage, are:

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TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT ● Friday 31st November: Arrive Mt Arapiles Camping Ground – anytime you can/like. ● Saturday 1st November: BIG DAY – Mt Arapiles – through the Little Desert to Dimboola, then north to the Big Desert and Lake Hindmarsh – camp at Lake Hindmarsh or track-side camp in Wyperfeld National Park (along Chinaman’s Well Track). ● Sunday 2nd November: BIG DAY – Chinaman’s Well, Milmed Rock, Lake Albacutya. Camp near Wirrengren Plain. ● Monday 3rd November: Wirrengren Plain to the Pink Lakes via Underbool. ● Tuesday 4th November: Head home. OTHER TRIPS Still waiting for trip intentions in the period August to November, which could include touring and navigation runs. Possible locations include: ● ● ● ● ● ●

Cathedral Range Strathbogies Brisbane Ranges Murray River Regional Park (NSW) and Barmah State Forest (Vic) Lake Thomson Round Trip Mt Samaria State Park, south of Benalla

Also, we need more social events, such as: ● ● ● ● ●

Melbourne Laneways A Picnic at Hanging Rock Queenscliff Blues Train Puffing Billy Dinner & Dance Train Mornington Peninsula

Martin Foot Trip and Social Coordinator Email:

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TRIP REPORTS Aradale Ghost Tour Andrew and I arrived on the Friday night to find our accommodation comfortable and thankfully with a good heater. The rest of the group arrived throughout the day Saturday except Jamie. We bumped into him Saturday afternoon not knowing he also arrived on Friday. We all met for dinner and had a nice meal before braving the cold again and headed towards the asylum, this is where I made a rookie trip leader mistake and I assumed everyone knew where they were going.

Cars headed in every direction, as most of us were not in our normal off road vehicles there were no CB's for communication. A few phone conversations later and we sorted out any confusion and as a group we made our way through the gates of Aradale (also known as mad mans hill). We were greeted at the door by a theatrically dressed gothic looking host only to be told we were not on the list and to go to the gate at the side of the building. I went to the gate at the side only to be told by this tour leader that Page: 10

TRIP REPORTS he had another group and could only look after one group at a time. At this stage I rang my contact who apologised and asked if our group could come back in 30 mins. So we patiently waited and entered the building to get greeted by Ash our guide for the night. We looked around a collection of items used when the asylum was still operating.

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TRIP REPORTS Then our lantern bearers volunteered themselves and we headed up the stairs to the staff offices to start our tour. Ash lead us through a number of rooms and wards telling us tales of staff and patients. The methods of treatments were shocking I struggle to believe that the Drs at the time thought they were doing the right thing with cutting edge technology and science. Towards the end of the tour We were led into the surgery room were Jamie walked in first through the empty room and continued through to a smaller room right at the back. Andrew took this opportunity to close to door on the cell that Jamie had entered with Ash quickly pulling out his keys to lock Jaimie in the dark cold cell. It was in this room that it was demonstrated to us how a lobotomy was carried out. This was followed with the horrific story that there was no such thing as an anaesthetic when these operations were performed. In fact sometimes the Dr would hit the patient on the head with a hammer otherwise the patient would be awake while a metal bar was hammered into the corner of his or her eye. People with an array of so called mental issues were admitted into Aradale. This included treatable conditions we know of today as such as Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and Down syndrome. In fact it was not uncommon for Down syndrome children to be left at the front door of Aradale. It was also known as a place for unwanted wives who developed "hysteria" It was surprising to hear that this asylum was still working in the 1990s after a staggering number of deaths. It is estimated that 12,000 - 140,00 people died at Aradale. It would be a wonderful to be able to explore the grounds during the day as the huge buildings were full of character and mystery. Page: 12


The tour was informative and I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you to everyone that came on this weekend I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Attendees: Peter and Katie Mynard Jamie Scott Dale and Jan Rebgetz Martin Foot and Dot Greiveson David and Enid Hewett Bev Davison Stephen Whittaker Charles and Paula Tam Michael Hartshorne Andrew and Lisa Jantke

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2014 JULY



Tues 29

General Meeting

Tues 5

Committee Meeting

Sat 16

Trivia Night

Tues 26

General Meeting & AGM

Sat 19 Sep

Pedal (or drive) to Cog Bike Café

Fri 31 Oct – Tue 4 Nov

Little Desert, Big Desert, Wyperfeld and the Pink Lakes Trip Post your Trip Here!

Trip Standard


Vehicle Suitability

Easy Medium

All wheel drive and high range 4WD. Can be Suitable for medium clearance vehicles with d

Difficult Very Difficult

Suitable for medium to high clearance vehicles wit Suitable for high clearance vehicles with dual rang



Standard Contact for further info.

Ringwood East

Stephen Whittaker

Peter Bellis’s

Peter Bellis



CSTC Warburton Western Victoria

Jean & Peter Bellis Stephen Whittaker


Stephen Whittaker Stephen Whittaker

low clearance with single range and road tyres. dual range and all terrain or road tyres.

th dual range and all terrain tyres. ge and tyres suitable for the terrain (eg. mud terrain tyres).


FOR SALE Subaru Forester XT October 2005.

Vic Rego ZJF 109

Due to my change in life (now work all weekends and have a business car), I am regretfully selling my pride and joy. I've had her for nearly 2yrs and she has been a dream to drive and work on. Item: Subaru Forester XT, October 2005 build MY06, Turbo 2.5lt Description: I bought her as a standard XT and as you can see by the pics i've kitted her out. I wanted to build the ultimate reliable touring car and I think that I've come pretty close. Please see the pictures below for a visual of the car. She has done just under 84,000kms. Garage serviced 9 months ago. I do most of my own servicing, but get her serviced at a garage once a year, just to be sure. She gets about 11lt/100 combined. Automatic with Sports Shift, Xenon headlights and LED lights in rear bar. She's been on a few really great trips. Some include the High Country in Victoria, several trips around the Yarra Ranges and down to Gippsland. Modifications and extras include: SubaXtreme front and rear bars, King Springs, KYB Struts, 1" Subtle Body Lift blocks, New exhaust (to give her that little Suby purr), GME UHF and aerial, Thule roof racks with shovel holder, Geordigear Awning, with detachable room, Alloy Sump Guard Condition: Excellent Condition. I take really good care of my car. Car seat covers have been on the front seats and floor mats throughout. I've also had a Vinyl mat over the boot carpet, to keep it clean. Location: Warburton, Victoria, Australia. Price: $21,000. The car comes with the Thule Roof Racks, Geordigear Gumtree 2.0m Awning with Gumtree Tentroom, roof shovel holder and square tow hitch tongue. I am asking $21,000 because the car has some serious cool mods, which I have spent a fair amount of cash on. This car is perfect for your touring needs. I have investigated heavily on the parts I've fitted, as I'm a firm believer of do it once the right way. Rego till December 2014. Contact: Please email me at Happy for inspections, but please only serious buyers. More Photos at: vbulletin/f149/vic-forester-xtmy06-sale-356842/

Page: 16

FOR SALE I also have 5 steel wheels (no dents or flat spots), with BF Goodrich AT 215/70R16 tyres fitted. Tyres have 70% of tread left and the spare has never been used. Will sell for $700 the lot. Doug Greenall Forester Aluminium Bash Plates: made from 6.0mm construction grade aluminium: $300 for club members, $330 for non-members. Fitting can be arranged. Set of 4 alloy rims from Outback 1997 model, $120.00 ONO Roof console to hold CB + lights and switches for Outback $100.00 Contact: David Wilson, email: Jessica’s Sale: 17" alloy rim to suit the current model Outback. It is fitted with an almost new Kumho 225/60 R17 road tyre that has done about 500km (max). $200 3x 225/60 R17 Yokohama Geolander G012 A/T-S tyres to suit the current Outback/Liberty. Two of them have been driven about 30,000km ($50 ea.) and the other is near new with about 4,000km of use ($100). For more details contact Jessica, email: Wheels and tyres: 5 x 16 inch Subaru wheels, with Geolander G900 tyres. These were my on-road wheels until recently. The spare tyre (on a pepperpot wheel) is virtually unused, the other tyres have no more than 20% tread remaining and one of them is U/R. All are about 10 years old. $25 each or $100 the lot (preferred). There is another wheel in need of a respray with a G900 that is close to U/R, so free to good home. Contact Martin, email: More wheels and tyres: 5 x Forester GT 16 inch alloy wheels with General Grabber AT 215/65R16 tyres, approx. 75% tread remaining (x 4) and one unused at 100%. Owner wants $70 per wheel/tyre. Contact Mark Towns, Combined Servicing, ph: 9546 9828 Subaru Outback Limited 1997 (Green) for sale: No registration or RWC. 285,000km, mostly country kms since 2012. VIN is: JF1BG9KEAVG030726. Suitable for parts or repair - Suspected head gasket failure and radiator blocked/ not functioning properly. Car drives at very low revs. Modern Stereo unit with blue tooth, CD, USB and FM radio. Interior all intact and functioning. Electric windows functioning. Central locking with Immobilizer. Images on flickr: $1000 ONO. Please contact Caz 0423 528 002 The club makes this space available free of charge to members wishing to buy or sell items. Please note that the Motor Car Trader Regulations 1998-22(4) require that vehicles for sale advertisements must contain: (a) the cash price of the vehicle and; (b) the registration number if registered or the engine/chassis numbers if unregistered. Contact the club editor to advertise in this space.

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FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VICTORIA TRAINING CALENDAR July 2014 Tuesday 29th Advanced Winter (WD140809) Theory - Nth Balwyn August 2014 Friday 1st Proficiency (PC140802) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 2nd Proficiency (PC140802) Practical - Werribee Tuesday 5th Chainsaw (CS140809) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 9th Chainsaw (CS140809) Practical - Tallarook Friday 8th Advanced Winter (WD140809) Mt Skene District (tbc) Saturday 9th Advanced Winter (WD140809) Mt Skene District (tbc) Sunday 10th Chainsaw (CS140809) Practical - Tallarook Sunday 10th Advanced Winter (WD140809) Mt Skene District (tbc) Friday 15th Proficiency (PC140816) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 16th Proficiency (PC140816) Practical - Werribee Thursday 21st Ozi-Explorer (OZ140821) Nth Balwyn September 2015 Friday 5th Proficiency (PC140906) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 6th Proficiency (PC140906) Practical - Werribee Friday 19th Proficiency (PC140920) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 20th Proficiency (PC140920) Practical - Werribee Saturday 20th Winch Recovery (WR140920) Practical - Belgrave FWDV can be contacted on 9857 5209 or e-mail: Contact S4WDCV Secretary Peter Bellis , email: regarding attendance at FWDV courses as a club discount may apply.

EDITOR’S REPORT The magazine deadline for next edition is Friday 15 August 2014. Send all copy to or call me. Thanks Michael. Page: 18

CLUB MEETING MINUTES The general meeting of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc was held on Tuesday, 24th June 2014 at the South Camberwell Tennis Club starting at 8:05pm. 1. Present Peter Bellis, Jean Bellis, Damian Stock, Paul Saleeba, Jamie Scott, Les Scott, Jessica Walsh, Andrew Jantke, Lisa Jantke, Les Scott, Dale Rebgetz, Des Lehmann, Bev Davison, Peter Fullalove, Graham Gill, Kerry Gill, Ruth Marshall, Bob Marshall, Stephen Whittaker, Rick Koster, David Wilson. 2. Apologies David Denver, Peter Mynard, Katie Mynard, Phil Milkins, Elaine Milkins, Elaine Hyde. 3. Visitors John King. 4. Welcome A welcome was extended to all members and visitors. 5. Minutes of the Previous General Meeting 5.1 The minutes of the May 2014 General Meeting were accepted without amendment after being moved by Jessica Walsh and seconded by Martin Foot. 5.2 There was no business arising from the minutes. 6. Correspondence 6.1 In ● Magazines from various 4WD clubs. ● 4WD Victoria 6.2 Out ● Letter of thanks to South Australian Subaru 4WD Club for assistance with the Lake Coongie trip. 7. Reports 7.1 Resources ● Club clothing – investigating various options as the current polo shirt style is no longer available. A video presentation was made by Dale. Also investigating long sleeve shirt options and peak caps (caps with logo would cost about $20). Page: 19

CLUB MEETING MINUTES ● Part 2 – after delivery of the sample clothing by Jan, Dale showed of the various options. 7.2 Editor ● No report was submitted. ● Reminder to members that the magazine is available in electronic copy, which in turn saves the club money through reduced publishing costs. 7.3 Trip and Social ● Details elsewhere in the magazine. ● Seeking trips / social events to fill in the next few months. 7.4 Venue ● Details elsewhere in the magazine. 7.5 Membership. ● Have received an application for membership from Tim. ● Annual membership fees are due this month. 7.6 Treasurer ● Current bank account balance is $6,101.82 ● Major income includes membership renewal and chocolate fundraising. ● Major outgoings include affiliation fee to 4WD Victoria and the rack brochures. 7.7 Secretary ● Next committee meeting is at Martin’s place next Tuesday. ● Annual general meeting – will be held on 26th August 2014. Nomination forms for club annual awards and committee members were circulated with the magazine and will be also be issued with the July magazine. ● Annual award trophies need to be returned by next month’s general meeting. 7.8 Vice-President ● Seeking feedback on the Great Apline National Park draft management plan. ● Have completed club level 4WD driving instructor course. ● Will plan to run a basic 4WD proficiency course in the next few months. ● Chocolate fundraising – all boxes have been sold. Made about $650 profit. ● 4WD Victoria will be having a presidents’ meeting in a few weeks time. 7.9 President ● Encourage members for volunteer to go onto committee for the Page: 20

CLUB MEETING MINUTES next year. 8. General Business 8.1 Tom and Karen Boltadzija have a daughter (details to be forthcoming). 8.2 In a recent Age review of light SUVs, it appears that the conclusion of the magazine is that SUVs are for carrying families around and not for going offroad (even though the article stated that if you want to go offroad, get a Subaru Forester). 8.3 Stephen recently got a good deal for 16 inch rim tyres for his car. Got four tyres for the price of three, and then was able to arrange a swap for his spare tyre that had only been used for 500 kilometres. As a result, he got five new tyres for the price of three. 8.4 It was reported in the latest issue of the Pajero 4WD Club magazine that the founding constitution of the club was based upon the Subaru 4WD Club’s constitution. So, there is truth in the rumour that the Subaru 4WD Club started the Pajero 4WD Club. 9. Fines and Fun 9.1 Nametags Les Scott, Jamie Scott, Des Lehman. 9.2 Last to Meeting Rick Koster – followed by David Wilson. 9.3 Trips Licola ● Graham – faulty rear lamps resulting them turning up in the dark with no rear lamps. ● Rick – falling asleep before midnight around the campfire. ● Stephen – for need a snatch up a steep hill using four snatch straps. ● Stephen – flat tyre. (He did tighten the wheel nuts and Rick did check.) ● Rick – for half washing his vehicle before heading home. Ghost Tour ● Lisa – for various people getting lost heading to dinner. ● Andrew – for trying to lock Jamie into a cell in the men’s ward. Novice Night Trip ● Damian – for not organising the salads and desserts. ● Peter and Jean – for taking the wrong turn out of the car park. ● Damian – for having a clue that was too well hidden in the dark. ● Peter and Jean – for being given a hint about a clue. Page: 21

CLUB MEETING MINUTES ● Peter – last person out of bed. ● Martin – for giving Damian’s dog Scruffy a paranoia complex about Martin. ● Jamie and Les – for having a play in the sand pit. ● Jamie – for getting serious about playtime by locking in his front hubs. ● Damian – for stepping over the set up Tirfor winch. ● Peter and Jean – leaving behind their wheel chocks. Total fines collected - $13.30. 10. Meeting closed at 10:05 and was followed by supper and a running of the six-minute club activity video that is on the club’s Facebook page. 11. The Lucky door prize (donated by Robert Pepper) was won by Bev Davison. 12. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th July 2014 commencing at 8pm at the Ringwood Trade Training Centre.

JESSICA’S JOTTINGS We are fortunate this month to be able to visit the Ringwood training facility. It will be a great opportunity to put our vehicles up on the hoist and “inspect the uninspected”! I would be the first to admit that I don’t know all the inner workings of my vehicle, though I do carry a range of spare parts just in case. The only trouble is, I may not have the tools or expertise to fit them. However I make sure that I carry a workshop manual for my car. And I don’t just mean the vehicle handbook that came with it in the glovebox. I mean an aftermarket book that details how to conduct any and all maintenance and repairs, specially for my model. I am now confident that even if I am not able to fix a fault or breakdown, someone with the right tools and experience could use my book to make sure I was back on the road sooner rather later. Workshop manuals are available either over the counter or on order from most automotive parts specialists - don’t leave home without it. Happy travels, Jessica Walsh Page: 22

STANDARD TRIP EQUIPMENT The aim of all Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. trips is to have an enjoyable experience in the bush, increasing 4WDing skills and experience, whilst maintaining the highest regard for the safety of individuals, the vehicle and the environment. As a driver you have ultimate responsibility for the safety of your passengers and vehicle. It is the responsibility of any participating driver to contact individual trip leaders for clarification of individual trip requirements and standards. Financial members are encouraged to participate in as many trips as possible to increase confidence and experience. Visitors are welcome subject to the payment of the appropriate levy to cover insurance, but after two visits, should consider membership. Non-financial members are not covered by insurance and may not participate until payment is received. Individual drivers with concerns or queries regarding their vehicle and the trip standard should contact relevant trip leaders. The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. recommends that each vehicle carry the following items of equipment on every trip: a) Personal details form as specified by FWDV, copy to Trip Leader b) Two Rated D- Shackles (minimum 3.2t); c) Rated “Snatch’em” Strap; d) Recovery Points, Front & Rear; plus optional bridle strap, according to vehicle design; e) AM (27Mhz) Channel 5 or UHF (477Mhz) Channel 16 CB Radio; f) Fire Extinguisher, accessible to the driver; g) Spare Tyre (full size); h) Jack and Wheel Brace, or equivalent; i) Emergency Supplies (matches, food, water and clothing); j) Sufficient Fuel, Oil and Water for the trip and delays; k) A Tyre Pressure Gauge; Compressor (according to the trip) l) An Axe, Bow or Chain saw; m) A Sturdy Shovel (collapsible shovels are no good); n) Spare Parts (appropriate to the nature of the Trip); o) A Tool Kit; p) Personal First Aid Kit; q) The Vehicle Manual. Any vehicle not carrying at least the first five (5) items of equipment should contact the individual Trip Leader before leaving. Any Club member unsure about any of the items of equipment listed above are advised to contact the the Trip and Social Coordinator or the Trip Leader concerned. All Trip Leaders carry a complete First Aid Kit in case of emergency. All nonemergency medical needs are expected to be meet by individuals own medical supplies.

Page: 23

RESOURCES We have plenty of resources to sell. We may have many, some or none of the following items so if you are interested in any of these then please come along to the club meeting and I will be very happy to sell them to you. Correct change will be much appreciated. $ Hat Oiled Skin size 55


Hat Safari size 59


Short sleeve blue chambray shirt with logo Size 14


Long sleeve blue chambray shirt with logo Size M


New Style Red Polo Shirts (M, L, XL, 2XL)


New Style Vest


New Style Jacket


Blue Polo Shirt


Large Sew on Badges


Small Sew on Badges


Fuel Filter Plastic x 45deg.


Fuel Filter Plastic x 90deg.


Fuel Filter Plastic x Straight


eFlare HZ510 Red with Base


CV Boot Clamps Large & Small


CV Joint Grease


Wheel Nuts [Set of 4]


MSP Engine Formulation (oil additive) UHF Radio 80 Channel DIN size

50.00 115.00

For substantial discounts on all general automotive spare parts, oils, filters, shocks, etc., please see me for details. Thanks, Dale Rebgetz Resources Officer, email: Page: 24

COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES Minutes of the meeting of the committee of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc held on Tuesday, 1st July 2014 at the home of Martin Foot starting at 7:37pm. 1. Present Martin Foot, Bob Marshall, Damian Stock, Doug Greenall, Stephen Whittaker, Dale Rebgetz, Jessica Walsh, Peter Bellis. 2. Apologies Andrew Jantke. 3. Absent Phil Milkins, Michael Hartshorne. 4. Quorum A quorum was achieved with 8 committee members present. 5. Minutes of the Previous Meeting 5.1 Minutes of the June 2014 committee meeting were accepted without amendment. 5.2 Business Arising from the Minutes and Outstanding Actions 5.2.1 Delegate’s nomination form. 5.2.2 Club perpetual calendar. 5.2.3 List of new members – completed. 5.2.4 Update of membership fees on club website – completed. 6. Correspondence 6.1 In ● Magazines from various 4WD clubs. ● 4WD Victoria – Jessica received her club instructor certificate. ● Setec – offer for people to supply campsite reviews ($50 per review – 5 to 10 within three months) and testing of a lithium deep cycle battery. ● Manual from W.A. Police – Aids to Survival – Bushcraft and Survival Guide. 6.2 Out ● Email to members who have not yet renewed their membership. 7. Reports 7.1 Resources ● Club clothing - almost ready to start taking orders. Will have a Page: 25

COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES order form at the next meeting. Will send a size guide out to members. ● It is noted that at the December 2013 meeting that the committee resolved that new members can purchase club shirts at the subsidised price of $25. Furthermore, the committee had resolved that this subsidy would also apply to new memberships from June 2013. 7.2 Trip and Social ● See details elsewhere in the magazine. ● Lots of gaps in the calendar for club trips. Suggestions include: ● Weekend trip around the Thompson Dam. ● Strathbogie Ranges. 7.3 Venue ● See details elsewhere in the magazine. ● For the barbecue prior to next month’s meeting, need to purchase meat and drinks beforehand. Therefore, will send an email out to members seeking intention of attending the meeting. Will also arrange for a sign to be placed on the tennis clubroom door. ● Have no guest speakers organised past the AGM. ● Jamie has acquired 3 free tickets to the August 4WD show to be raffled at the July club meeting. 7.4 Membership ● Membership cards – compiling an up-to-date list for the generation of the membership cards. ● Membership application – received an application from Tim Folliard for a single membership. RESOLUTION

Committee resolved to accept the membership application from Tim Folliard.

● Membership renewal notice – should be sent as an email separate from the monthly magazine to prevent the renewal notice from being overlooked. Similar would also apply to notices of meetings, etc. 7.5 Editor ● No report was submitted. ● Past members – how long do they continue to receive notices / magazines / etc? Last reminder will be in the August magazine. ● Should we keep occasional contact with recent past members? Page: 26

COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES This could be viewed as a marketing tool for the club in attracting back previous members. To be discussed further by the communications sub-committee. ● Need to get a new ad from one of our advertisers. The advertising co-ordinator is a role that can be taken on by a non-committee member. 7.6 Treasurer ● Current bank account balance is $6,733.26. ● Received a few membership renewals in the last week. ● Have a balance of about $300 in affiliation fees with 4WD Victoria owing. 7.7 Secretary ● Annual general meeting ● Will require reports from committee members for the year ended 30th June 2014 by no later than 15th August. ● Will review annual awards’ nominations at next month’s committee meeting. ● Supper will potentially be pizzas. 7.8 Vice President ● Nothing to report. 7.9 President ● Membership cards – there may be a delay in the issue of them due to resourcing issues. ● Opportunities exist for the club in promoting itself to “soft roaders” as soft roaders become a significant presence in the 4WD vehicle market. ● The new camping fee structure for national parks in Victoria became effective today. 8. General Business ● The committee discussed its current roles and occupants, and possibilities for the new committee. ● Auto Nexus – does vehicle pre-delivery set-up. 9. Next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th August 2014 at 7:30pm at the home of Peter Bellis. 10. Meeting closed at 10:20pm. Page: 27

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