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Volume I

Number 4


Trees Ranch of Washington County, Utah


Trees Ranch Washington County, Springdale, Utah

itting in the shadows of the majestic Zion National Park and resting along the banks of the East Fork of the Virgin River is the scenic beauty of Trees Ranch, with its brilliantly colored sandstone cliffs, towering monoliths and grand temples. Carefully assembled over the years by visionary conservationist owners, this 2,066-acre Utah ranch is steeped in history and abundant resources. With 1,856 acres of historic water rights, the ranch’s water is pumped through an underground system of pipes that irrigate over 300 acres on 22 fields. The ranch also features four homes and several ranch buildings. Designed by renowned architect, William McDonough, the homes rest near the orchard, fields and rivers, and utilize pressed adobe-like block, rocks and timbers made from local materials. Experience solitude and explore your own national park setting complete with private canyons, mesa, buttes, parks, rivers, creeks and streams and discover the adjoining Zion National Park and Canaan Mountain Wilderness. Grow your own certified organic fruit and try your hand at your own vineyard with rich soils, abundant water and 300 days of sunshine. Or simply rest and enjoy the iconic nature of your surroundings, the architecture, and scenic beauty of this private sanctuary. This is, without a doubt, one of the finest Utah ranches on the market today. We invite you to explore this phenomenal property. $30,000,000 f 915 South Pearl Street Denver, CO 80209 303-623-4545 Toll Free: 877-623-4545

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Staffing • Management • Training 800.503.9092 • F 800.963.2366

Delivering The Equestrian Lifestyle... Jay M. Cross Vice President 207-771-0816 / 800-442-6722

Equestrian Services, LLC (434) 872-0108 877.FLY.1101


Sawtooth Saddle Company Fine Handmade Saddles and Cowboy Accouterments 877.755.3725

O PEN F ENCES Y our S ingle S ource for P remiere R ural R eal E state


Volume I

Shadow Creek Ranch

Publisher David Light

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California Outdoor Properties . ............. 16

The Carolina Real Estate Co. . .............. 86

Chickering Company............................. 54

Rocky Mountains

Bates Sanders Swan Land Co. ............. 64 Cascade Sotheby’s Int’l. ....................... 78

Far West Real Estate ............................ 56

Joan Pletcher, Realtor............................ 34

Turf Town Properties, Inc. .................... 92

Fuller Western Real Estate . .................. 66

Fay Ranches, Inc. . ............................... 30

Hall and Hall ......................................... 26

Kerry Mormann & Associates .............. 80

Mirr Ranch Group.................................. 22

MacArthur & Co. Sotheby’s Int’l. ........ 88

Ranch Marketing Associates.................. 38

Harley Hendricks Realty . .................... 82 Live Water Properties............................. 76

Oregon Opportunities Real Estate......... 58

The Whitney Land Company................. 48

TRI Outdoor Properties.......................... 84

Mason & Morse Ranch Co.................... 70

Pearson Real Estate . ............................ 46 Western United Realty .......................... 44


Century 21 Harvey Properties .............. 60


Coalson Real Estate .............................. 62

Josiah Allen Real Estate . ...................... 50

Phyllis Browning Company . ................ 40


Steve Grant Real Estate ........................ 72

Frank Hardy Real Estate........................ 68

Select Sotheby’s Int’l. ........................... 52

United Country Real Estate.................. 90

Number 4

Deitra Robertson Real Estate ................ 42

Stanton Pinckard Realty ....................... 74

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THE WINE CELLARAGE Keeping Your Treasured Wine Collection Safe – in a Bank Vault One of the most vexing questions for many collectors and enthusiasts is how to safely and securely store and transport their treasured collections. Beyond that are the complexity of what to drink when – and how to find that bottle when you want it. And what about every day wines? On a recent trip to New York City, we found a company that can deal with all of those problems with service, class and style. For true collectors and enthusiasts, a visit to an 8 year-old company called the Wine Cellarage may become a standard stop on any tour of the Big Apple. Upwards of $30 million in treasure reside in their fortress-like vaults in the Historic American Bank Note Company building, just to the East of the Bruckner Expressway in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx. No, that treasure isn’t a trove of the international currency, which, along with stock and bond certificates and stamps, was once printed here. It’s wine: more than 20,000 cases of the rarest and priciest glories of the vinous world. Inside a 150-foot-long, temperature- and humidity-controlled vault, seemingly endless rows of steel shelving are laden with winedom’s great names and storied vintages. There are cases of the legendary Mouton Rothschild 1945, for example, each bottle resting in the original straw bed - a wine holds the auction price record for Bordeaux. Those wines, and many more wine gems, belong to private collectors, retail shops, and to clients of Christie’s, the largest global wine auctioneer. They are in the care of The Wine Cellarage because its combination of customer service, operational execution and secure, world class storage space has established it as one of the most reputable wine services providers in the Northeast. Recently, in response to the needs of its clients, The Wine Cellarage opened an Internet retail store. With same day complimentary delivery to Manhattan and nationwide shipping, it is quickly becoming a favored source for enthusiasts everywhere. We stopped in for a chat with Lars Neubohn, The Wine Cellarage’s


Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

President and Founder, to learn more about this intriguing business and his even more intriguing plans to bring Wine Services into the 21st century. OPEN FENCES: Tell us a bit more about how you got into this business? It’s quite a transition. LARS: Yes! My first career, after business school at the University of Washington, was in financial services. But I my father was a wine enthusiast and I had been steeped in the tradition. So, this was something that had always pulled on me. Having a lot of friends who were also enthusiasts and collectors, I was keenly aware of the need for wine storage space in the City, where even spacious apartments may not be suited to the needs of storing a significant collection. After intensive research, I realized that the storage market was at capacity and poorly served by existing companies. So, I went for it. OPEN FENCES: And what happened next? LARS: The Wine Cellarage’s first home opened in 2003, in a cellar in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. I was its sole employee, at first, and drove the truck myself. Fortunately, I was right about the market and we quickly outgrew our original location and moved in 2005 to our current location in the Bank Note Building just north of Manhattan in the Bronx. The massive industrial construction is both highly secure and ideal for wine storage. We then invested millions of dollars in retrofitting a state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controlled wine storage vault. Today, we service over 400 private collectors and Christie’s International and our logistics group ships thousands of cases of high-value wines every year all over the world. From a 120 case cellar removal in Chicago and a move to a new home in Seattle to a multi-million dollar refrigerated air shipment to Tokyo, we have the logistics experience to move your wines safely.

Last year, for example, we moved a $2.3 million wine collection to a London home. Normally, fine wine is not shipped in hot weather, but this client didn’t want to wait for autumn. So we packed it all in containers lined with dry ice for the flight over. OPEN FENCES: That’s an amazing story. What is it about proper wine storage that is so critical? LARS: Premium wines are a highly valuable asset that appreciates with long term aging, but they are also highly perishable. Leaving aside the disaster scenario, in which overheating kills fine wines on the spot, you’re just hastening the chemical reactions that lead to premature aging if you don’t store them properly. The perfect aging process for wine occurs at a constant temperature of 55 degrees and a baseline of 60% humidity. That’s what we maintain at The Wine Cellarage, along with security, insurance and temperature-controlled shipping. We handle our clients’ collections as they should be: treasures. OPEN FENCES: What was the biggest break for your business? LARS: Without question it was when we signed up Christie’s, the world’s largest wine auctioneer, late in 2006. Besides storage, we help them to inspect incoming consignments, organize them, and ship lots to winning bidders. For Christie’s inaugural sale of spirits, we arranged the transport of a large consignment of rare whiskey that traveled to the Bronx via refrigerated truck from Bellingham, Wash. One of our advantages is that we’re at the confluence of excellent toll-free roads, including the Bruckner and the Cross Bronx Expressways, and we can back up a 53-foot trailer to our loading dock. OPEN FENCES: So, why did you get into the Retail business? LARS: Well, it really evolved from our client’s needs. Having a lot of clients who amassed far more wine than they could ever drink, they would sometimes ask us to sell parts of their collections. We set up a network and sales team to seamlessly handle these transactions and pretty quickly established ourselves as the “go to” place. With a history of executing numerous successful sales, our clients feel confident knowing our team of fine wine experts are selling wine on their behalf at the best possible prices. The Internet, of course, is a medium that is perfectly suited to the collector – providing a way for us to reach a nationwide and global market, not just those we personally knew in Manhattan. So, that was where the Internet store began. Once we launched it, though, we realized that it could be a valuable part of our overall suite of services to our clients. OPEN FENCES: How so? LARS: Most collectors drink only a small part of their collection, keeping much of it for investment purposes and only on special occasions for personal consumption. They are still wine enthusiasts, however! But the normal wine store simply isn’t going to carry a selection worthy of their tastes. So, we help to fill their needs with a carefully chosen selection of “every day” wines. Just as importantly, we only purchase wines from suppliers who deploy best practices in the handling of wines. From its place of origin, to its journey to the Wine Cellarage, all recent vintages in our inventory

remain in climate controlled conditions until the moment it leaves our warehouse. We can also ship or deliver the wine in these same conditions upon request. OPEN FENCES: Where do you go from here? LARS: We really see ourselves as a Wine Services company, not a retailer. We realize that there is a much broader market for wine services than just the elite collectors. There are millions of wine enthusiasts out there who want the same care, curation and quality to ensure an outstanding wine experience every time they purchase. And there are millions more who come into the market each year – younger people who are just learning about wine and need help and guidance in making good choices. We see the Internet – and all of the new mobile devices you can access it on - as the perfect vehicle to bring our services vision to our clients. We are launching a major new Web site with an array of features like Assisted Shopping, Wine and Food Pairings, Social Recommendations, eSommeliers and more. Our collectors, will be able to view, manage and enjoy their collections more than ever before – almost like it was in their own home. We’re also adding bookmarking, alerts and recommendation services that help them to drink every wine in their collection at the proper time. All of this will also be coming to mobile platforms like the iPad, iPhone and Android. Here we are going to add really neat features that enhance the enthusiast’s appreciation and enjoyment of wine. For example, when you are enjoying a great bottle at a restaurant, our App will let you to take a picture of the label and add voice or text notes that are stored with your profile. With one click you can even ask us to find that wine and ship or store it for you! In the rare cases where we cannot source it, our Sommelier will recommend personally selected alternatives. OPEN FENCES: That sounds very exciting! LARS: Well we’re excited about it, that’s for sure. We want to innovate and push Wine Services into the 21st century – something that is really needed in a business that is sometimes a bit slow to adapt. OPEN FENCES: Thanks for your time – and good luck with this next phase. It’s a vision that I’m sure many of our readers will find to be quite compelling.

Vol. I, No.4

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Sawtooth Saddle Company Fabric

of the

American West

By: Martha Cargill

About 27 years ago, Jerry Stewart found himself at a crossroads in his life. After traveling in the Mountain Man Rendezvous Circuit with a partner for several years, developing his skills and practicing his talents as a craftsman of authentic, hand crafted leather goods, Jerry realized the partnership was drifting apart and found himself looking for a new direction. One day in a saddle shop, looking around for a random piece of gear long since forgotten, Jerry’s reputation for producing high quality leather goods preceded him, and the owner offered him an apprenticeship in saddle making. “It seemed like the time to change, and so I did,” recalls Jerry with the humble nonchalance that bespeaks faith and talent. Stewart grew up making and building things, learning cabinetry and carpentry from his father and continuing through life employing his talent to one extent or another. “I’m always looking for new ideas, thinking of new saddles, tack and gear. I grew up building stuff—hammering nails into knives, building holsters and gun slings, that sort of thing... I still have a couple of old holsters and those are in the grandkids box, and they dress up with that stuff when they come over.” Evolving from the chance encounter in the saddle shop and Jerry’s abiding love of early American history, seeds of the Sawtooth Saddle Company were sewn. In 2010 it celebrated two decades as a successful, family owned and operated, specialty store of artisan leather goods and high quality saddles.

12 Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

The Stewarts are a clan of the American West with a longstanding history and participation in the cowboy lifestyle. “We grew up with free range of the countryside,” comments Mark Stewart, Jerry’s third son, one of the saddle makers and a Sawtooth craftsman. “We lived at the top of a canyon and had the free life as kids— riding, fishing and hunting,” Mark continues. Jerry had begun saddle making by the time his children were of an age to help, and they all grew up working in the shop after school and learning the parts and pieces of production. “We would work on simple projects…it wasn’t so much as what we did, as learning how to use the tools and developing the feel of working leather with our hands,” Mark reflects. As the kids grew up, they took the right of passage and went off in their own directions, working on cattle and guest ranches, guiding and outfitting; living the life of working cowboys. Eventually, Dan and Mark made their way back (in the direction of) home. Jerry’s oldest son Dan started making saddles with his father full time in 1994. Like all the Stewarts, he carries with him the practical experience from being a working cowboy. The family’s cowboy lifestyle fits hand in glove with the saddle making profession, which serves to foster the famous Sawtooth functionality, and which in turn helps match the natural fit of a well-made saddle with the movement between horse and rider. Testimonials on the Sawtooth Saddle website repeatedly speak to this point, witnessing “guaranteed comfort…” and the legions of “happy horses and satisfied customers” who, after trying a Sawtooth saddle, can’t imagine they will “ever be satisfied with anything less than Sawtooth…”

Jerry and his two boys make saddles for explorers, mountain men, adventurers and cowboys and everyone in between. Although the company specializes in saddle patterns from 1835 to 1915, plenty of customers seek saddle and gear customized to meet modern specifications and individual comforts and personal tastes. Sawtooth Saddle, as a company, balances the practicalities of living in modern day American West while staying true to the romance of the cowboy spirit. No job is too big, too small, too intricate or too complicated for the team at Sawtooth. “Basically I’ve turned the problems of the shop over to the boys and I am back where I started, up in my studio, doing what I love to do,” Jerry chuckles. “Our customers tell us you can see a Sawtooth Saddle coming from across the room or even down the trail…” Jerry continues, and it is easy to believe. Sawtooth Saddles have a distinct style and quality that is easy to spot, difficult to resist and lasts for generations. The company regularly attends trade shows and equestrian events around the country, where Jerry’s second son, James, who is also a Ferrier and blacksmith, is on hand to share the fascinating histories and stories behind the Sawtooth stamp. Home base for Sawtooth Saddles remains in Vernal, Utah, where Jerry and Kaye moved the family when they left Salt Lake City thirty-one years ago. It is a family business born, bred, raised and stayed. Just as Jerry’s sons Dan and Mark grew up making the bits and pieces and learning the tools and crafts of saddle making, Jerry’s grandchildren are slowly entering the shop as well, building things and making small stuff and learning the craft. Jerry’s wife Kaye summarizes the family spirit behind Sawtooth: “You know, we’re a close family. We have 6 kids, 22 grand children and we work together and we play together; we camp and fish and ride and hike. Jerry and I packed up out of Salt Lake City 31 years ago, when the kids were young, and moved up to Vernal, Utah and built a cabin at the top of a canyon. We just enjoy being around each other—all together as a family…and we help each other.”

Kaye continues, honestly endorsing what is apparent to anyone riding with a Sawtooth stamp: “It has been so exciting to watch Jerry produce saddles. He is a very creative artist and when he decided to get into saddles it was very exciting to see the products he put out and his drive to produce and watch him work. It is not about making money—he does this because it is what he loves to do… It’s been a joy to watch Dan and Mark follow in Jerry’s footsteps, developing their creativity and individual styles—and really becoming master craftsmen—just like their Dad.” Kaye’s heartfelt testimony is rapidly apparent in conversation with any family member about their business. Even over a grainy telephone connection, the Stewart hospitality radiates like a sit down visit in front of a big stone fireplace with a cup of coffee—good conversation with good people—and this sentiment is manifest in the beautiful and lovingly crafted products they create. The Stewart Clan truly represents the legacy of the American West, living true to their ideals and keeping the cowboy spirit alive and well.

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Winner of the Sporting Classics Award of Excellence The Official Sporting Travel Partner

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Contact: Sean Finley (317) 441-0483

Harris Canyon Ranch

Soule Ranch

Napa County, California

Siskiyou County, California

Working cattle ranch on the highly coveted east side of Lake Berryessa. 480 +/- acres fenced and crossed fenced with a nicely remodeled ranch house, bunkhouse for family and friends, barn, 3 car garage, shop, ponds, seasonal creeks, beautiful pasture land and magnificent lake view. Everywhere you look countryside is teeming with wildlife. $1,995,000 f

This 1,020 +/- acre historic estate is currently a working cattle and hay operation. Enrolled in the Williamson Act. 140 acres irrigated hay/ pasture, 30 acres sub-irrigated pasture, 90 acres dry farmable land, 760 acres dry rangeland pasture. 13 acre reservoir. 4,450 square foot Queen Anne Victorian, 14 other historic outbuildings, including black smith shop, coach house, smoke house and bunk house. $1,695,000 f

Bulson Ranch

Fisher Ranch

Plumas County, California

Modoc County, California

This is the ultimate recreational ranch of 1,630 +/- acres located in Plumas County. The property is surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountain ranges. Great waterfowl hunting, summer cattle grazing and with the headwaters of the middle fork of the Feather River flowing through the ranch it becomes a serious candidate for a conservation easement. Water is gold in California and with these valuable wetlands the property will always be desirable. $2,200,000 f

2,808 +/- acres with warm springs flowing down the mountain ridge, creating a creek through the ranch into several ponds then into the Pit River. Impressive 370 irrigated acres with 3 pumps pulling water from the creek, pond and river. Produces over 500 ton of hay annually. Currently running 250 head, seller states the ranch can handle more. 3,000 square foot home, large barn, old milk barn, metal shop, 3 pole barns and various outbuildings. Extensive equipment list included. $1,990,000 f

16 Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

American River Ranch El Dorado County, California Rare 885 +/- acres, same owner since the 1960’s directly adjacent to publicly owned 1,418-acre Cronin Ranch and the South Fork of the American River providing unparalleled hiking, biking, riding and fishing opportunities. Amazing Sierra Nevada Mountain views. Modest ranch home could be your second home getaway. Black tail deer, bear, mountain lion, small mammals, pheasant, quail and geese make this property home. $1,400,000 f

California Almond Orchard Yolo County, California 1,119 +/- acres located in Yolo County. Magnificent and pristine producing almond orchard with exquisite log home, custom log stable, office, pastures, pond, groves of trees, airstrip and unbelievable storage/shop buildings. 959-acre Almond Orchard by itself is available without the house/buildings. Inquire for price. f

Widow Valley Lassen County, California

Long Valley Ranch Lassen County, California Alfalfa producing operation located in Lassen County. Two agricultural wells, both producing approximately 3,000 gpm. Currently 160 of the 652 +/- acres is in production but there is potential to add 300-400 more acres of alfalfa or grass hay. Irrigation equipment included with the ranch. Features include a three bedroom home, pole barn for hay storage, shop, horse barn and corrals. $1,600,000 f

This beautiful 883 +/- acre mountain meadow ranch is located in northwest part of California. 400 acres of irrigated and sub-irrigated grass meadows. Over 25,000 acres of adjoining permit ground allows you to run over 440 AU’s for the season. 2.5 mbf of timber, historic 6,000 square foot barn and nice 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. $2,300,000 f 707 Merchant Street, Suite 100 Vacaville, CA 95688 Tel. 707.455.4444 Over 130 listings at: Vol. I, No.4

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Coal Gulch Ranch

Lake Elizabeth Ranch

Shasta County, California

Los Angeles County, California

466 +/- acre ranch is located 25 miles east of Redding, California. It is a dream property that is move-in ready. 3,380 square foot home with 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,000 square foot ranch house, 600 square foot guest house, 8-acre stocked pond. 110 acres irrigated. 3,000 square foot metal shop. This ranch has is all: hunting, fishing, ranching, horseback riding and beautiful views. $1,999,999 f

3,920 +/- deeded acres not in the Williamson act, over 95 parcels, less than 1.5 hour drive from Beverly Hills, one of the last working Cattle Ranches in Los Angeles County. 5,500 square foot main home, 3,000 square foot guest house, caretaker home, 5 other homes, skeet shooting building and course, equestrian center, 5/8 mile horse tract, 83 stall barns, roping arena, corrals, dog kennels and more. $13,500,000 f

PBM Farms

Sierra Buttes

Siskiyou County, California

Located near Sierra City, California

2,477 +/- acre production farm with 100 percent organic alfalfa and barley. Water is gold and this ranch has lots of it, 8 wells over 15,000 gpm. There are 10 new pivots with 3 more due to be completed in 2011. The farm has 4 homes, 2 barns, shops, outbuildings, scales, organic grain silos and is enrolled in the Private Lands Management program that allows for a late season hunts. $8,950,000 f

This spectacular, deeded mountainous property includes two private, pristine alpine lakes, Young America Lake and Volcano Lake, and also includes lake frontage on the Upper and Lower Sardine Lakes. The property is mostly surrounded by Forest Service Land and is accessed by Forest Service roads. Enjoy great fishing, hiking, camping and canoeing on your own Sierra compound. Exciting potential awaits for this exceptional property. This amazing, rare opportunity to own 877 +/- acres of “The Sierra Buttes� can be yours. $6,000,000 f

18 Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

Rancho Cortina Montgomery Creek Ranch Colusa and Glenn Counties, California 2,050 +/- acre ranch located about 8 miles from Stonyford, California. This ranch has 3 miles of Montgomery Creek, 4 year-round ponds, springs, 2 homes, outbuildings, corrals and it borders the East Park Reservoir for fishing, boating and swimming. Water rights to irrigate 220 acres. Runs 150 pair year round. Great hunting for deer, pig, turkey, quail and dove. Own the entire Valley floor and just 153 miles to San Francisco. $4,450,000 f

Colusa County, California 5,480 +/- deeded acres, located north of San Francisco, surrounded by thousands of acres of public land. This is a recreational dream with great blacktail deer, turkey, bear, pig, quail and dove. Great road system, springs, over 20 ponds, in the Williamson Act, cowboy cabin, 50 gpm solar well, 10 miles of blue line creeks and runs 250 pair. $4,450,000 f

Diamond Back Ranch Tehama County, California

Big Valley Ranch Glenn County, California This 10,000 +/- acre property is about 8 miles from Stonyford, California. Newly renovated 3-story English Tudor home is over 5,000 square feet, 7 bedrooms and 6 baths: Matching 2,000 square foot barn, two ranch homes, barns, outbuildings, water rights to irrigate 150 acres, two year-round creeks, over a dozen year-round ponds, one estimated to be over 30 acres. Great hunting, hiking and horseback riding. This is truly a dream property with first class accommodations. $10,000,000 f

3,243 +/- deeded acres, surrounded by the Mendocino National Forest, located just 25 miles from Red Bluff, California. This is a classic Cabela’s Trophy Property with Boone and Crockett blacktail deer, trophy black bear, pig, turkey, quail, and dove, year-round streams, ponds, 3,600 square foot home with granite countertops, caretaker home, barns, shops, shooting range and enrolled in the Williamson Act. $5,749,000 f 707 Merchant Street, Suite 100 Vacaville, CA 95688 Tel. 707.455.4444 Over 130 listings at: Vol. I, No.4

Open Fences


Black Ranch

Albion River Park

Tehama County, California

Mendocino County, California

This historic 5,844 +/- acre ranch is just 17 miles from Red Bluff, California. Features 3.5 miles of year-round Elder Creek, 12 ponds (of which 3 are over 3 acres in size) rolling oak grasslands provides great habitat for blacktail deer, wild pig, turkey, quail, dove, predator hunting and your occasional bear. House, barn, corral, Williamson Act and runs 500 cows. Owner financing is available. f

This is a rare opportunity to own 48+/- acres on the mouth of the Albion River. The property goes up the river for over 3,700 feet. This tidal-influenced river is one of the few navigable rivers in the state. Known as Scooner Landing Park, it has 41 campsites with 25 full hook-up sites. 3 rental houses along the river and an owner’s home on top of the ridge, a concrete boat ramp and docks. $1,950,000 f

Horse Mountain Ranch 1,2 and 3

Southridge Ranch

Modoc County, California

Sutter County, California

5,445 +/- acres. 410 acres irrigated from wells and irrigation district, great hunting, national forest out the back gate. 10,000-acre forest service allotment for 195 head, income from rock quarry and 3 homes. Property 1 consists of 5,445 acres for $2,999,000. Property 2 consists of 305 acres for $1,399,000. Property 3 consists of 5,141 acres for $1,600,000 f

This rarely offered, very private 1,180 +/- acre gem is nestled in the foothills of the Sutter Buttes, the smallest mountain range in the world, 45 minutes north of the Sacramento airport. The “sky is the limit� with infinite possibilities on this ranch, with an olive orchard, equestrian trails, 5 ponds, and an 18-hole golf course (presently closed). Recreational fishing, hunting, hiking, horseback riding, golfing and even hold big events in the 15,000 square foot clubhouse. The 5,500 square foot European villa has million-dollar-views of the Sacramento Valley. You can own the entire 1,180 acres, including house for $6,000,000 f

20 Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

McDonald Island Battle Creek Tehama County, California The historic Lassen Lodge is 586 +/- acres of pristine mountain property. With over a mile of Battle Creek and with two trout-filled ponds the fisherman will be satisfied. The hunting is incredible with Pope and Young bear, deer and turkey. The turnkey equestrian facility will keep the horse lover happy. The five cabins and lodge will be perfect for a hunting/fishing club, family compound or spiritual haven to get back to nature. $1,750,000 f

San Joaquin County, California This 944 +/- acre ranch has it all! Great duck hunting, club house, 155 acres of cabernet vines, 322 acres of farmable ground, 150 foot dock, just off the San Joaquin Channel near Tinsley Island. Located on an island that is in the heart of delta duck hunting. The club house consists of two buildings totaling 4,450 square feet with 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, bar, and beautiful views of the delta and Mt. Diablo. $3,900,000 f

Rio Vista Estate Ranch Solano County, California

Terreno Verde Mendocino County, California 160 acre +/- ranch located 1 mile south of Manchester, California. Beautiful 2,390 square foot, 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom Victorian farmhouse was built to complement the country setting. It has all the modern conveniences and beautiful custom features. A 1,800 square foot barn was built keeping the same country feel with a loft and plenty of room for hay and animals. This ranch offers ocean and lighthouse views, abundant rolling grassland for horses or livestock, hidden valleys, 2 seasonal creeks, beautiful meadows, forests and blackberry bushes. Go fishing, surfing, sand dunning, horseback riding, or hunting on your own 160 acres. $1,495,000 f

155 +/- acres completely fenced located just 1 hour out of San Francisco, California. Spacious 5,400 square foot home is spectacular to say the least. Large 4 bedrooms, family room, living room and a great basement game room. The yard is immaculate and feels like you are in the middle of a park. Marvelous getaway, secluded and quiet. Ideal for whatever your outdoor passion desires. $1,950,000 f 707 Merchant Street, Suite 100 Vacaville, CA 95688 Tel. 707.455.4444 Over 130 listings at: Vol. I, No.4

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Bull Mountain Ranch

Manzanares Creek Ranch

Albany, Wyoming and Larimer County, Colorado

Huerfano County, Red Wing, Colorado

Straddling the Colorado-Wyoming border approximately 30 miles south of Laramie, Wyoming, the Bull Mountain Ranch is a highly desirable combination of a traditional working ranch and high-end sporting property. Numerous game species such as elk, mule deer, pronghorn, black bear, moose, mountain lion and turkey frequent the ranch which shares over 11 miles of border with national forest and other public land. Acreage in both Colorado and Wyoming presents a unique opportunity for the ranch owner to participate in either states landowner licensing program. Fishermen will also appreciate the 47 acre Rice Reservoir, the large trout in the 1.3 miles of Spring Creek and 7+ miles of other mountain streams that flow through the property. The ranch consists of approximately 6,460 deeded acres with several thousand acres of BLM, State of Colorado and private leased land. A comfortable owner’s residence, numerous caretakers’ homes/bunkhouses, a large arena, several barns, shop buildings, corrals and numerous other hay lofts and storage structures complete the ranch. $6,000,000 f Contact: Ken Mirr or Mac McWhorter

Manzanares Creek Ranch is a wonderful 520-acre sporting retreat with approximately one mile of both sides of the Huerfano River and 1.2 miles of Manzanares Creek in Huerfano County. The property is within the headwaters of the Huerfano River and offers excellent fishing for brown, rainbow and brook trout. Near the foot of three 14,000-foot peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and close to wilderness and the Great Sand Dunes National Park, the ranch adjoins public lands and offers a multitude of recreational opportunities. The property is also within a prized hunting unit and offers excellent elk and mule deer hunting on the ranch and adjoining public lands. This is a great investment opportunity and is well priced with its river, creeks and sporting attributes. $1,300,000 f Contact: Ken Mirr

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Vol. I, No.4

Mantle Ranch Moffat County, Dinosaur, Colorado Located in northwestern Colorado, the Mantle Ranch is a private pristine ranch surrounded by the 225,000 acre Dinosaur National Monument. A treasured and rare inholding, the Mantle Ranch is an ecological, cultural and geological jewel located in an astonishingly beautiful and serene river corridor with thousand foot high yellow and red sandstone canyon walls carved by the wild and free flowing Yampa River. The land is replete with recreational and cultural resources including petroglyphs and other ancient Native American art, fossils, trophy elk and mule deer hunting, and white water adventures. The 525-deeded acres includes a restored log home, bunkhouse, barn and corrals set within the Yampa River Canyon beneath Castle Rock. The ranch offers an approximately 30,000-acre federal “grazing right� that runs some 17 miles east-west and 6-7 miles north-south along the Yampa River and the surrounding Yampa Bench. Substantial price reduction. Please contact broker for more details. f Contact: Ken Mirr

Cuchara Valley Ranch Huerfano County, La Veta, Colorado This historic ranch lies at the base of the Spanish Peaks in south Colorado. With the trout-rich Cucharas River and 3 additional creeks, this 4,717 +/- total acre ranch includes lush irrigated meadows, cottonwood-lined rivers and creeks, and oak brush, aspen, pine and fir trees in the higher elevations. Property has unique geologic Dakota sandstone walls, lava dikes, waterfall and rustic cabin in Chaparral Creek, 7 miles of San Isabel National Forest boundary, and private trails leading to the Spanish Peaks Wilderness Area. $9,675,000 f Contact: Ken Mirr

915 South Pearl Street Denver, CO 80209 303-623-4545 Toll Free: 877-623-4545 Vol. I, No.4

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Pompey Creek Ranch Sheridan County, Sheridan, Colorado Comprised of approximately 265 deeded acres and is situated along the scenic foothills of the Big Horn Mountains near the historical western town of Sheridan, Wyoming. Pompey Creek flows through the ranch, providing year-round live water for livestock and wildlife. In addition, there are two artesian wells, and four small reservoirs which support excellent fishing for large mouth bass. Mule deer, white-tailed deer, pronghorn, and elk all inhabit the property seasonally. The ranch also supports excellent upland bird habitat for pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse, Hungarian partridge and turkey. The small reservoirs provide productive waterfowl habitat as well. $1,000,000 f Contact: Duffy Brown or Ken Mirr

Dolores River Ranch Montezuma County, Rico, Colorado Located approximately 35 miles southwest of Telluride, Colorado, this 380+/- acre property includes over 1.5 miles of both sides of the Dolores River, a classic mountain freestone fishery hailed as “one of the 50 best trout streams in America” by Trout Magazine. Large rainbows, browns and cutthroats thrive in these waters. About 320 acres are devoted to irrigated grass hay pasture. There is also a trout pond on the property. The ranch is almost totally surrounded by the San Juan National Forest. Abundant senior water rights afford the opportunity to further enhance what is already an excellent stretch of a famed trout stream. $9,500,000 f Contact: Jeff Hubbard or Pat Lancaster

Steele Creek Ranch Johnson County, Buffalo, Wyoming One of the most scenic and private mountain frontage ranches on the east slope of the Big Horn Mountains, and is comprised of approximately 1,890 deeded acres, with another 480 acres of Wyoming State lease and 200 acres BLM lease. The property features an 11,300 square foot custom designed log home and a diversity of terrain and habitat - from rolling grasslands to red stone outcroppings and ponderosa pine forests. Steel Creek, a perennial spring fed stream, dissects the property providing year-round water for the abundance of wildlife, including pronghorn, mule deer, elk, Merriams’ turkey, Hungarian partridge, sage grouse and a variety of other non-game animals. The ranch is secluded and private, yet only 30 minutes from Buffalo. $8,700,000 f Contact: Duffy Brown or Ken Mirr

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Vol. I, No.4

Thunder Ranch Uintah County, Jensen, Utah Located along the Utah and Colorado border adjoining Dinosaur National Monument and 5 miles of the Green River, lies an unrivaled trophy hunting property and major hay producing ranch at the base of Split Mountain. This 8,200 +/- deeded acre ranch has an incredible diversity of wildlife with elk, mule deer, antelope, wild turkeys, waterfowl, and sandhill cranes. The headquarters unit, situated in Jensen with over 2,000 acres of lush irrigated hay fields, serves as an oasis and private reserve, attracting game from miles around. With historic water rights (over 40 cfs), the area is also steeped in ancient history with numerous caves, petroglyphs and fossils found nearby. The ranch is truly a remarkable and rare combination of world-class hunting, recreation, significant farm income, cattle operation, history, and scenic landscapes, all within 15 minutes of a commercial jet airport and all the other amenities of the city of Vernal, Utah. $16,200,000 f Contact Ken Mirr or Jeff Hubbard

C Cross C Ranch Routt County, Steamboat Springs, Colorado Owned and operated by the same family for nearly 100 years, the C Cross C Ranch presents a rare opportunity to acquire one of the last remaining trophy ranches in one of the Colorado’s most desirable areas, just 20 minutes from the resort town of Steamboat Springs. The ranch includes approximately 2,120 deeded acres, almost one and half miles of the Yampa River, water rights irrigating lush hay fields, unobstructed views of the Flat Tops Wilderness, and year round access off of Routt County Road 14 and Highway 131. With the elevation ranging from 7,200’ – 8,800’ above sea level, the terrain and vegetation on the ranch varies greatly from steep mountainsides with vast stands of fur and Aspen trees. Unique bracken ferns blanket the forest floor in the upper reaches of the ranch while lush irrigated meadows and pastures make up the landscape at the lower elevations along the river. $9,000,000 f Contact: Ken Mirr

915 South Pearl Street Denver, CO 80209 303-623-4545 Toll Free: 877-623-4545 Vol. I, No.4

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Escape Ranch

Zachry Ranches Inc.

Osceola County, Kenansville, Florida

Grand and San Juan Counties, Moab, Utah

One of the Southeast’s finest quail plantations, located 45 miles Southeast of Orlando, has been aggressively managed for wild birds. Its 14,000 acres will support over 2,000 cows and boasts absolutely state-of-the-art quail runs, top notch facilities and a new tastefully appointed lodge. It offers trophy quality deer hunting as well as excellent turkey and waterfowl. Offered turnkey at $35,000,000 f

Zachry Ranch offers 8,842 +/- deeded acres, a grazing permit and nearly 5 miles of contiguous boundary to the 1.4+ million acre Manti La Sal National Forest. Supports a diverse ecosystem and wildlife habitats include a mixture of forest, irrigated meadows, wetlands and multiple water resources. The property provides good summer grazing for yearlings or cow/calf pairs. Located 10 miles from Gateway, Colorado. $9,750,000 f

Estancia Alicura

Lazy Bar F

Encompassing over 180,000 deeded, contiguous acres, Estancia Alicura is one of southern Argentina’s historic reputation ranches and represents the ultimate in Patagonia living and lifestyle. The panorama from almost anywhere on the property stretches for miles across rolling grasslands to the peaks of the Andes. Privacy and seclusion are assured on this expansive estancia, yet San Martín and Bariloche are within 75 miles by paved highways. Please contact us for details. f

The Lazy Bar F is located 55 miles southwest of Cody at the end of the road along the South Fork of the Shoshone River. This unique, historic 152 +/- acre homestead once owned by Max Wilde, one of Wyoming’s original hunting guides, features spectacular views, wonderful oldstyle cabins, a distinctive owner’s residence and a small lodge with the USFS, the river and conservation properties as neighbors. $8,000,000 f

Neuquen Province, Argentina

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Vol. I, No.4

Park County, Cody, Wyoming

Oak Ridge Ranch

Phipps La Garita Ranch

Monterey County, Upper Carmel Valley, California

Mineral County, Creede, Colorado

Just 27 miles east of Pebble Beach, this 6,375 +/- acre cattle ranch offers a true ranching environment a short distance from the charming communities of Carmel Valley Village and Carmel-by-the-Sea. Improvements include main residence, guest home, caretaker’s house and barn. An extensive road system makes all areas of the ranch accessible by vehicle. There is good water with 12 developed springs and 21 stock ponds as well as excellent wildlife populations including deer, turkey, quail, bobcat and Russian wild boar. A 30-minute drive to the Monterey Peninsula Airport, this property has the potential to grow grapes. $21,500,000 f

This exceptional 1,880 +/- acre property contains outstanding fishing water with over 2.5 miles of the Rio Grande River, 3 miles of Bellows Creek and 4 lakes. While conveniently located within 15 minutes of the historic town of Creede the ranch is also very private sharing much of its boundary with Rio Grande National Forest. $12,900,000 f

Round Mountain Ranch Routt County, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Estancia Los Remolinos Neuquen Province, Argentina Located 65 miles north of Junín de los Andes in one of Patagonia’s most sought after areas, this exceptional recreation and cattle estancia comprises nearly 70,000 acres and features approximately 12 miles of frontage on the famous Aluminé River. Outstanding trout fishing and red stag hunting is complemented by stunning scenery and a successful cattle operation well-known throughout the region for its excellent management. The ranch features a superbly constructed owner’s residence plus guest and staff accommodations. $16,700,000 f

This multi-dimensional property offers 1,132 +/- acres and features numerous recreational attributes opportunely located between two jet-capable airports and within 20 minutes of Steamboat. Exceptional water and fishery resources including 1.32 +/- miles of the Elk River, turn-key improvements set up for an equestrian and/or cattle operation and contiguous one million acres of National Forest. $15,500,000 f 2290 Grant Road P.O. Box 81490

Billings, Montana 59108 406.656.7500 Vol. I, No.4

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Alice Creek Ranch

Bremmer Creek Ranch

Lewis and Clark Counties, Lincoln, Montana

Gallatin County, Bozeman, Montana

Located in the Blackfoot Valley, this 2,971 +/- acre ranch has two streams passing through and is virtually surrounded by USFS. Its tasteful and complete improvements enjoy dramatic views over a trout pond to Lewis and Clark Pass. Excellent wildlife populations abound. Year-round accessibility combined with a spectacular and secluded location will put this property in high demand. $5,800,000 f

Located 30 miles north of Bozeman this 1,048 +/- acre ranch lies in its own valley with a small creek that flows into 16 Mile Creek. It features an attractive 3-bedroom Alpine log home and garage with guest quarters above. A nearby horse barn with caretaker’s apartment completes this very private horse ranch located amongst historic large operating ranches. $6,000,000 f

Horse Mountain Ranch

Shoshone Island Ranch

Garfield County, Rifle, Colorado

Park County, Cody, Wyoming

End of the road privacy and outstanding big game hunting are two of the outstanding features of this property. With 2,240 +/acres surrounded by federal land and 360 +/- acres in a canyon setting, this 2,600 +/- acre property offers both an alpine hideaway and lower elevation site for a year-round home. $6,950,000 f

The Shoshone Island Ranch is an 80 +/- acre homestead on the Shoshone River, southwest of Cody. The 13,000 +/- square foot Georgian-inspired western home sits on a secondary bench above the river. This setting offers wonderful upriver views of the stunning South Fork Valley and the Absaroka Mountains. An immaculate log-sided guest house and horse barn are included. $5,750,000 f

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Vol. I, No.4

Corral Creek Ranch Beaverhead County, Lakeview, Montana

Little River Ranch Park County, Cody, Wyoming Between Red Lodge, Montana and Cody, Wyoming on the east slope of the Beartooth Mountains, this 103 +/- acre homestead property is surrounded by the Shoshone National Forest. The Little River Ranch has been in the same family for 58 years and features a beautiful trout stream running the length of the property, abundant wildlife and great homesites. $2,950,000 f

Located next to the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in the upper Centennial Valley, this inholding ranch will soon be one of only 4 private holdings all protected by conservation easements in this pristine valley only 30 miles from West Yellowstone. Graced by a Jonathan Foote home, trout ponds, and leased grazing for a modest cattle operation. $3,000,000 f

Tammany Castle Ravalli County, Hamilton, Montana

Circle D Ranch Carbon County, Belfry, Montana Located on the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River, this 315 +/- acre ranch is minutes from Belfry and adjacent to thousands of acres of BLM. The 3,400 square foot wood and log main residence is located overlooking the river and from the deck you will enjoy captivating views of the Beartooth Mountains, lush farm ground and the cottonwood river bottom. The coveted combination of fishing, hunting, grazing and farming is seldom found on a ranch of this size. $1,400,000 f

A masterfully restored turn-of-the-century luxury residence that occupies a singular position in the history of ranching, Montana and horse racing. Converted from the “castle” built for Tammany, American Horse of the Year (1892), this piece of living history is now available as a 5,400 +/square foot premium residence situated on 12 +/- acres. Hamilton, and Charles Schwab’s Stock Farm Club are minutes away. $2,950,000 f 2290 Grant Road P.O. Box 81490

Billings, Montana 59108 406.656.7500 Vol. I, No.4

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Patagonia, Argentina

Lake Rosario property abundant in trees, wildlife and excellent fishing

Patagonia, Argentina. 132 hectares located on the southern shore of Lake Rosario with 500 meters of lake shore suitable for any activity (tourism, livestock, agricultural, fine fruit). Year-round access by private road which leads to the Corcovado River, 20 km from TrevelĂ­n. Includes a vast forest of ancient cypress and pine trees. Excellent soils with good pastures, hills, mountains and wild strawberries and raspberries in large quantities. Excellent fishing for rainbow and brown trout, mackerel and perch. $1,056,000 f

Cheyenne Canyon Retreat Waterfalls and Views

Colorado Springs, Colorado. 37 +/- acres located just minutes from downtown, Cheyenne Canyon Retreat offers unparalleled views of Colorado Springs and two waterfalls. This historic property offers beautiful building sites and direct access to a multitude of recreational opportunities. Limitless potential for private family retreat, luxury spa/retreat, corporate retreat, luxury bed and breakfast, conference center, mountain lodge, development, or outdoor recreation business. The possibilities are endless. Possible Terms. May Divide. $1,487,000 f

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Vol. I, No.4

New Zealand Vineyard Fully Operational Fairbourne Vineyard

Wairau Valley, Marlborough, New Zealand. Fairbourne Vineyard is nestled in the beautiful Wairau Valley in Marlborough, New Zealand. The vineyard is fully operational producing Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and with Pinot Noir first crop due in 2011. The vineyard has development potential and would be an excellent shared Vineyard Community. $7,746,000 f

Contact: John Hayter (970) 389-3010 Vol. I, No.4

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Basalt, Colorado

Dallenbach Ranch

A “Landmark Property” in the Frying Pan River Valley. It was originally homesteaded in 1896 by Dan German who was the first Black Smith in town. Today it is one of the largest holdings in the valley and has several cabins of varying size and age that are currently rented to local area residents. For the last 36 years the Dallenbach family has been on the ranch building cabins, ponds, clearing and irrigating fields, and making the ranch one of the most beautiful in the area. The ranch has senior water rights and over a half-mile of the Frying Pan River running through the southern portion of the ranch. Its location in the center of the Roaring Fork/Frying Pan Valleys puts it within a 40 minute drive of Aspen, Glenwood Springs (largest hot springs in Colorado), four major ski areas, Reudi Reservoir and the Aspen Airport. $29,000,000 f

Kaycee, Wyoming

Hole in the Wall Valley Ranch

4,334 +/- acres in the historic Barnum Red Wall Country, is situated 17 miles southwest of Kaycee, in Southern Johnson County at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. The historic ranch, rich in western heritage, is 1,800+/- deeded acres and 2,534+/- acres of BLM lease. The scenic ranch has two excellent trout fishing streams, Blue Creek and Beaver Creek, that confluence on the property adding to the excellent wildlife habitat. The ranch is abundant with wildlife, holding whitetail and mule deer, antelope, pheasant, grouse, partridge, bobcats, mountain lions and elk. Panoramic views are abundant on this exceptional ranch property with beautiful displays of the Red Wall, lush creek bottoms and mountainous Mahogany ridges. Historically, this ranch was operated as a commercial cow/calf operation and supported between 130 and 150 animal units, including replacement heifers, bulls and horses. This property has the perfect balance of Wyoming’s best creek bottoms, grasslands, irrigated fields and magnificent Red Wall views. $1,990,000 f

Johnson County, Wyoming

Fraley Four Mile Ranch 32 Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

An exceptional “low overhead” grass ranch that consists of a contiguous block of 13,390 +/- acres. There are 12,272 +/- deeded acres, 640 +/- State of Wyoming lease acres, and 480 +/- BLM lease acres, making the ranch more than 90% deeded land.The ranch has an owner-rated capacity of 350 cow/calf pairs (more with winter feed supplement) and a balance of bulls and saddle horses. The ranch is also ideally suited for a commercial yearling cattle operation. Cattle experience tremendous gains and flourish throughout the grazing seasons. With many new fences dividing the property into 13 fenced pastures, the ranch allows for a nice rotational grazing program. In addition, the property is well watered, with over 20 reservoir/stock ponds and 19 tire tanks. A newly added solar well on the south end of the property aids the more than adequate water system. There is an excellent set of steel corrals with a new digital scale that is adjacent to the state maintained Irigaray Mine Road. The ranch has been managed and improved to allow anyone to step into an “easy to run” livestock operation. $3,900,000 f

River Canyon Ranch Located on the San Miguel River in Telluride, Colorado

Burnett Creek Privacy, easy access and unbelievable views This exceptional parcel of rolling grass hills and hay fields, with a moderate sloping terrain giving way to excellent views of the Bighorn Mountains and Crazy Woman Canyon provide numerous building sites. Upland birds, whitetail deer, mule deer and antelope reside on the property. Approximately 3/4 of a mile of Burnett Creek winds its way through the property providing nice habitat and protection for wildlife. This exceptional property borders Crazy Woman Canyon Road on the south side and Klondike Road on the west side of the acreage. With well-maintained roads on two sides of the property, this acreage provides easy access to the new owners. The Burnett Creek listing provides privacy, easy access and unbelievable views, while still providing city amenities less than 20 minutes away. $1,060,000 f

A quaint ranch property that straddles both sides of the San Miguel River and is extremely well located just 14 miles from the world-renowned resort town of Telluride, Colorado. The property is comprised of a beautifully restored log and stone home with a rolling lawn on the banks of the San Miguel River, just below the small hamlet town of Placerville, Colorado. Fly fishing for cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout right out of your doorstep is as good as it gets for a small freestone river in southwest Colorado. The 14 spacious acres feels more like hundreds of acres and provides direct access to public lands that are otherwise difficult to get to. The 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath home has been remodeled, tastefully furnished and offers gracious riverside living at its best. $1,595,000 f

Contact: John Hayter (970) 389-3010 Vol. I, No.4

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Training Facility and Residence Ideal training and breeding facility 313.90 +/- acres training facility, private owner’s residence with guest home and 2 employee residences. The farm has beautiful rolling paddocks with Live Oak trees. Rich in limestone and the right kind of soil composition to breed, develop and train great horses. Located in Ocala’s fastest developing area of fine homes and close to hospitals, malls, Interstate 75 and has

multiple road access. The property features 13 barns, many various sized paddocks, irrigated racetrack and 43,860 square foot workshop. The owner’s residence is private and secluded; features a guest house and pool house overlooking the rolling hills with private owner’s stable and riding arena. f

Equestrian Estate

Fine Ocala farm located in a very desirable horse area

Ride to the Florida Greenways and Trails or the Florida Horse Park. From the Robert Waller built center-aisle barn with office/tackroom to the custom designed home, this property has it all! Home features: Turkish hand-cut stone tile throughout, chef’s kitchen, beautiful fireplaces in the great room and master suite, screen enclosed pool and spa area

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Vol. I, No.4

overlooking the horses romping in lush paddocks. The entire 19 acres are sprinkler irrigated and the property is completed with a riding arena and covered parking for your motor coach, horse trailers, etc. Property is pristine and move-in ready. Call for appointment or additional details. f

Foxtrotter Estate

Borders the Florida Greenways and Trails Expansive home features drama and elegance as you step into the foyer with its winding staircase and 20’ ceilings. Amenities of the home include: gathering kitchen, entertainment area with fireplace and wet bar, movie theater, over-sized dining room, screen enclosed outdoor cooking area and separate 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment. Highlights of the property are: indoor/outdoor jungle themed water park includes: waterslides, look out towers, wading ponds and hot tub. 25-seat diesel train with track, mini custom pick-up rides, rock climbing wall, carousel and 3 chipping/ putting holes. For the horse lover there is a ranch office, lighted, covered riding arena, managers home and 3 barns with plenty of stalls. f

Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club Perfect for entertaining

Looking for a beautiful home in Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club? Look no further. This stunning home is perfect for entertaining. Chef’s kitchen with luxurious cabinetry and island cooking center overlook expansive gathering room with fireplace, beverage barn and adjoins summer kitchen, custom pool features specially designed step down seating bar. Octagon staircase to “Man’s Town,” a great sports enclave with beverage bar, multi TV’s and outside deck overlooking pool. Master foyer separates master suite from master bath and exercise room. Separate guest quarters. f

Turning Hawk Ranch and Estates Elegant living in a gated neighborhood

Access to the Florida Greenways and Trails in a gated neighborhood. Elegant custom built 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath features formal living room, formal dining room, family room, play room for the children plus additional room for media or den, split floor plan for privacy and 4-car garage. Attention to Detail! Feel at home in this perfect blend of casual yet elegant living. Incredible moldings and unusual ceiling treatments. Beautiful pool with spa and summer kitchen. Generator hook-up to house with 250 gallon tank. f

Joan Pletcher, Realtor Ocala, Florida 34480 352 347-1777 352 804-8989 Vol. I, No.4

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Padua Stables

Florida farm built with one goal in mind: breeding and training champion racehorses

The state-of-the-art training center was built from the ground up, with four barns totaling 96 stalls, as well as 20 additional stand alone stalls with individual turn out paddocks. The training center features a threequarter mile dirt track and one mile turf gallop. The main track features aluminum safety rails modeled after those at Churchill Downs, 7 degree banked turns, excellent cushion and superior drainage system. Numerous Graded Stakes winners and 4 Breeder’s Cup winners received their early training at Padua, which was built with one goal in mind: creating champion racehorses. Every aspect of the property portrays a commitment that the wellbeing of each and every horse comes first. In 2001, a newly constructed broodmare facility was completed. Custom designed paddocks and run-in shelters allow for staff to most effectively monitor the health and condition of mares and foals while providing the healthiest environment that Florida is renowned for. f

Longwood Estate

Perfect balance of equestrian amenities and Southern living 120 +/- acres of state of the art equine facility. The farm consists of 3 international rings, 1 covered arena, 4 +/- mile long gallop which surrounds the farm, 3 barns with 60 stalls, 18 paddocks and rolling, green pastures. The main home has its own private gated entrance and was designed for gracious entertaining and living with a large Florida room, which overlooks a private pond and botanical gardens. The main home consists of 4 bedrooms with a large master suite, formal living room, formal dining room, bar area, chef’s kitchen, and large family room with stone fireplace. For your guests there is an attached guest suite with its own entrance overlooking a horse head shaped pool area plus a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom guest home and a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom employee home. The entire property is extensively landscaped and manicured. For the horse enthusiast the main center aisle barn has 21 stalls plus a tack room, office with bedroom upstairs, paved walking ring, full kitchen and round pen. The second barn is a 19-stall barn with tack room, office and covered Euro exerciser. The third barn is a 20-stall barn with feed and tack area. Additional amenities of the farm include: quarantine barn, 2 equipment buildings, greenhouse, dressage arena and plenty of jumping arenas. f

Lake Carter Estate

95 +/- acres of elegant living in Ocala, Florida Meadows, Live Oaks and water vistas welcome you home to this unique 9,500 square foot estate. Entry foyer opens to an “elegant casual” living room, formal dining room and your eyes are drawn to the beauty of the outdoors. Magnificent owners’ wing with office and master suite. Built with entertaining in mind, imagine having your own game room complete with card table, billiards table, plus step-up beverage bar. Natural rock waterfall cascading into the outside lighted swimming stream. f

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Vol. I, No.4

Town and Country Farm Immaculate 200-acre equine estate

Gorgeous tree-lined lanes connect the farms’ many amenities. The elegance of Town and Country Farm is immediately evident by the statement the main entrance presents. Winding through the shaded roads, you will pass the stallion barn, main office, mare barn, owner’s residence, guest house and arrive at a state-of-the-art equine race training facility. This 60-stall training barn is perfectly complemented by a 1/2 mile, 50-foot wide racetrack. The race tracks’ European synthetic all-weather surface, is one of the most sophisticated water-draining, low-maintenance, injuryreducing tracks in the world. Not often does an opportunity like this come along. While this brochure offers many details and numerous photos, this truly amazing property must be viewed in person to fully appreciate. f

Town and Country at Rabbit Hill In a league of its own

Ultimate French Provincial Estate with state of the art equine facilities located on one of Marion County’s highest elevations. Professionally sculpted and architecturally designed main residence sits on 150 private acres with its own gate and entrance. Equine facilities are located on 172 acres and include: main office with reception area, conference room, kitchen and hall that opens to a 17-stall center aisle barn with covered European free walker, wash stalls and aqua treadmill. Mare barn has 15 stalls and large paddocks with loafing sheds. The 12-stall quarantine barn is located in its own area. Extravagant owners’ and manager’s duplex with their own gated entry sports porte cohere and central entry foyer leading to two offices and 2 elegant – 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath residences which share a screen enclosed pool, lanai and deluxe summer kitchen with island bar, sink, refrigerator drawers, gas grill, etc. You have 250 acres of natural prairie that is suitable for cattle or the use of your choice. f

123.48 Acres of Peace and Serenity Private residence on 123.43 acres

Unique private residence overlooking spring fed lake on 123.43 acres of privacy. 2-Story cedar home with large deck overlooking the lake. Beautiful Arizona stone fireplace in great room, family room with amazing views of the lake, gym, laundry and storage room on the first floor. Detached studio and double garage provides plenty of storage for your hobbies. The stunning landscape, open BBQ, patio, and 300-foot dock complete this package. Adjoins the Ocala National Forest. f

Joan Pletcher, Realtor Ocala, Florida 34480 352 347-1777 352 804-8989 Vol. I, No.4

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Apishapa River Canyon Ranch

A Performance Equestrian Estate at Cottonwood Springs Ranch

Las Animas County, Fowler, Colorado

La Plata County, Durango, Colorado

Situated along several canyons and the Apishapa River in southeast Colorado only two hours from Denver with over 13,000 total acres and the location of several prehistoric villages that date back to 1200 AD. Fenced and cross-fenced into pastures with eight wells, windmills and solar, including a new well with water storage-generator backup and underground pipeline system. A year-round cow/calf ranch running 250 to 300 pair with excellent cattle handing facilities. $3,700,000 f Contact: Ron Morris

A masterpiece estate with exquisite state-of-the-art equestrian breeding and training facilities, the impeccably planned 540-acre ranch features a 5,700 square foot New Mexico-style residence blending old and new design elements. Other improvements include a 2,200 square foot guesthouse, foreman’s house, 1890’s cabin, custom 20,000 square foot barn and office, show arena, round pen, equine medical facilities, over 50 stalls and eight pastures. Borders BLM land and offers ideal wildlife habitat. $12,000,000 f Contact: Ron Morris or Billy Long

Blue Mountain Elk Reserve

Dumbell Ranch

Larimer County, Loveland, Colorado

Natrona County, Alcova, Wyoming

Ideally located between Loveland, Longmont and Estes Park, the 3,000acre ranch is convenient to all front range cities and has exceptional wildlife, privacy, two miles of national forest boundary, the north fork of the Little Thompson River and Hell Canyon Creek and views from Longs Peak to Pikes Peak. Features building sites with wells, adjudicated springs, hunting cabin, two barns and a set of corrals. This is a great mountain retreat, hunting property or small ranch. $10,900,000 f Contact: Ron Morris

Between Casper and Rawlins with over 10 miles of the Sweetwater River, these 118,746 total acres - 25 miles long and 5 miles wide - offer a great working ranch operating at 1,200 cow/calf pair. Set along the historic Oregon/Mormon Trail, the ranch has territorial water rights providing enough water to irrigate over 2,000 acres. For the sportsman there is trout fishing in the river along with hunting for elk, deer or antelope. $10,000,000 f Contact: Ron Morris or Matt Johnston

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Vol. I, No.4

Gore Canyon Ranch Grand County, Kremmling, Colorado Offering spectacular topography including dramatic vertical canyon walls, views of white-capped mountain ranges and the Colorado River, the 337-acre ranch is just a few miles from Kremmling and convenient to the winter/summer resorts of Vail, Winter Park and Steamboat Springs. The private ranch is part of the Grand River Ranches offering an equestrian center, stream and lake fishing with cabins, sporting clays shooting range and a lodge providing overnight accommodations, fine dining and entertaining area. $2,600,000 f

Flat Tops Ranch Grand County, Kremmling, Colorado Situated at 9,500 feet and adjacent to BLM lands with easy access to national forest, the ranch’s terrain is ideal for hiking and cross-country skiing. The 680-acre ranch is just a few miles from Kremmling, between the popular resorts of Vail, Winter Park and Steamboat Springs. Flat Tops Ranch is part of the Grand River Ranches offering an equestrian center, stream and lake fishing with cabins, sporting clays shooting range and a lodge providing overnight accommodations, fine dining and entertaining area. $3,450,000 f

Piney Peak Ranch Grand County, Kremmling, Colorado

Tailwaters Ranch Grand County, Kremmling, Colorado Tucked away in a high country wonderland between world-renowned resorts of Vail, Winter Park and Steamboat Springs, the 388-acre ranch sits at the south end of a mountain reservoir, overlooking the Gore Range and is adjacent to over a mile of some of the best trout fishing in the Rocky Mountains. This ranch is part of the Grand River Ranches offering an equestrian center, stream and lake fishing with cabins, sporting clays shooting range and a lodge providing overnight accommodations, fine dining and entertaining area. $1,950,000 f

This ideal ranch retreat getaway is located above the Colorado River between Kremmling and Steamboat Springs. 441-acres border thousands of acres of state and federal lands offering outstanding wildlife and world class views in a classic alpine setting. This private ranch is part of the Grand River Ranches offering an equestrian center, stream and lake fishing with cabins, sporting clays shooting range and a lodge providing overnight accommodations, fine dining and entertaining area. $2,750,000 f

Vol. I, No.4

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Incredible Estate Property in the Gorgeous Rio Grande Valley Hidalgo County, Edinburg, Texas Located in the gorgeous Rio Grande Valley, 6 miles north of Edinburg in Hildago County, Texas. Three magnificent luxury homes occupy approximately 30 acres of the total 847 acre working ranch, adjacent to an 8-acre lake. Each home has been finished to the highest standards and features outstanding architectural details, with both indoor and outdoor living areas and swimming pools. Each of the homes are unique; First home is 5,800 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 half-baths; Second home is 10,000 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms plus 3 half-baths; Third home is 5,000 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and one half-bath. A luxury escape for extended or combined family living. f Co-Listed by: George M. “Mitch� West 210-213-5402 and Charles A. Beever III 210-860-3006

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Vol. I, No.4

Private Estate Compound on Guadalupe River Guadalupe County, Seguin, Texas This very unusual offering has been held by the same family for many generations and is on the market for the first time. This real treasure sits on 86+ acres in a prestigious location on the Guadalupe River just 4 miles southeast of Seguin. The breathtaking compound with spacious home is geared towards luxury and casual entertaining. The Guadalupe River flows deep and wide, excellent for boating, water skiing and fishing. Gently sloping lawns lead you to the rivers edge complete with large lighted decking and a gazebo for entertaining or just a calm evening of enjoyment. Three wells with pressure systems supply the house while the irrigation for lawn and gardens is supplied from the river. The house is approximately 6,500 square feet with architectural hints of faraway places and nestled beneath mammoth oak, elm and pecan trees. A nice caretaker’s home is set at a distance from the main house as is a large barn for storage, ranch supplies and hay. $4,350,000 f Contact: Charles A. Beever III 210-860-3006

Premier Farm and Ranch Phyllis Browning Company San Antonio, Texas 78209 210-805-3616 - 800-860-0699 Vol. I, No.4

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Madisonville, Texas Have you thought about owning a ranch that is an easy drive to Houston? A place where you could go with your family and enjoy the “quiet” and actually see the stars at night...own those cattle you’ve always wanted, count the new calves as they are born, help with the spring branding… A place you can ride your horses for hours over beautiful pastures, through creeks, stands of trees, or, train in a covered arena facility that is so fantastic that you can have your own horse event! The improved pastures allow you to run a cow/calf or stocker operation. There are four large hay barns for storing the hay that is grown on the ranch. At the end of the day when that good kind of “tiredness” starts to take over, kick back on the porch or by the pool of the comfortable brick home that sits on the hilltop and appreciate the lifestyle! f

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Vol. I, No.4

Acreage: 2928.25 acres of rolling hills, improved pastures, trees, creeks, 26 ponds, and a 7-acre lake. Location: Madisonville, Texas Covered Riding Facilities: Premier 275 foot by 175 foot indoor riding facility with 16 stalls, office space, apartments, entertainment area and cattle holding pens. Horse Barn: 10 stalls, center aisle with pipe runs and pipe traps 4 Metal Barns: Hay and equipment storage Fencing: Pastures with pipe fencing and loafing sheds. f Lighted cutting pen and horse walker f Heavy duty cattle working facilities with hydraulic trim tilt squeeze chute, 10,000 pound True Test scales f Numerous ancillary metal equipment and storage buildings. f Rental/worker’s houses f Excellent yields on hay production and high carrying capacity for cattle. Offered at $12,298,650 f 979-921-9470

Vol. I, No.4

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Riverbend Ranch Extensive cattle facilities near Laramie, Wyoming Laramie, Wyoming. The Riverbend Ranch consists of 6,700+/- acres; 4,300 with water rights, and the Riverbend winters 1,500 head of cattle and yields 2,200 tons of hay a year. The ranch has several residential areas, the owner’s compound boasting a 2,603 square foot home and separate guest house, as well as manager’s home at a different location, and a site with extensive cattle handling facilities. The ranch stretches along gorgeous river bottom property, with just over 6 miles of the Laramie River through the property. There is a historical homestead site on the property as well. The Riverbend Ranch rests just 15 miles southwest of Laramie, Wyoming. $10,500,000 f

Sheep Rock Ranch

3-X Ranch

Outstanding ranch on North Platte River

Rare holding in popular Lander, Wyoming area

North Platte River Valley, Wyoming. An outstanding ranch on the North Platte River outside Saratoga, Wyoming. 2,777+/- acres, with lush meadows, and 2,563+/- acres with adjudicated water rights. Gorgeous views of surrounding mountains and local landmark Sheep Rock, as well as Blue Ribbon Fishing in the North Platte River, and the amazing fishery of Jack Creek for 4 miles. As well as fishing along creeks, there are also two spring-fed fishing ponds within ranch boundaries that are stocked with cutt-bows, browns and rainbow trout. These spring creeks feeding the ponds could also be developed for even more fishing. The Ranch lies virtually adjacent to Saratoga with an 8,400 foot airstrip, yet private with views, good fishing and hunting. The Sheep Rock Ranch borders the Bird Cloud Ranch, which owns a mile of the Platte River and Sheep Rock itself. The two properties are immediately adjacent, and complement one another well. The Bird Cloud Ranch is also for sale and listed with Western United Realty. $12,000,000 f

Lander, Wyoming. This 1,200+/- deeded acres property backs up to the Eastern front of the Wind River Mountains, with Wyoming State Lease and BLM Lease just out the back gate. The Shoshone National Forest is just beyond the BLM for mountain recreational opportunities. The ranch is capable of over 100 calf/cow pairs in its current configuration. Two artesian wells supply water to 3 different reservoirs stocked with trout. One well flows 350 gpm and another is about 100 gpm. Another well could be expanded to far exceed these flow rates and the reservoirs can be enlarged to provide an even larger fishing resource. The 350+irrigated acres has produced 300 tons, but is utilized for grazing now. With over 2 miles of Squaw Creek and its tributaries, the Ranch lays at a canyon choke point creating an amphitheater in the heart of the ranch. An increasingly rare large holding in the highly sought after Lander, Wyoming area. Only 4+/- miles to Lander. $3,400,000 f

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Vol. I, No.4

Barney Ranch Livestock operation located on Green River Green River Basin, Wyoming. 11,026+/- deeded acres as well as associated leases located on the Green River in northwest Wyoming. In addition to being a well-run livestock operation, the ranch has several miles of the Green River. Over half of the 10,000+/- deeded acres have water rights and the ranch runs 2,000 animal units in a cow/calf to yearling operation. The ranch has three units on the river, each with a full complement of improvements. It runs from river bottom land to mountainous land bordering the National Forest in a series of pastures. It is a traditional “Cowboy” cattle operation. There is an abundance of wildlife on the ranch, including water fowl, white tail deer, mule deer, moose and fishing. $22,500,000 f

Grace Creek Ranch Colorado cattle ranch with excellent fishing and hunting Laramie River Valley, Colorado. This property is tucked along Grace Creek in Colorado, just south of the Wyoming border. 1,962+/- acres with USFS and BLM grazing permits, 150 head cattle operation with owner’s home and cattle handling facilities. Property offers great fishing on the creek, as well easy access to the Laramie River, hunting and a variety of other wildlife. $3,500,000 f

Bird Cloud Ranch Peaceful retreat in North Platte River Valley

Big Medicine Ranch Perfect retreat from the business of life Newcastle, Wyoming. The ranch is comprised of 950+/- acres of forested land, open meadows and gorgeous hillside valleys, with space for horses or cattle. Located just an hour and a half from Spearfish and Rapid City, South Dakota. The house is a hand-crafted, log home with full Scribe Log work. The whole house is decorated in a Western and Native American motif and intricate decorative details make this house truly unique. Away from the house is a beautiful log-heated horse barn with a separate supply of water, septic system, a bathroom, laundry, tack room, wash stall and hay loft storage. Outside the barn, the property features both a roundpen and fenced arena. $4,900,000 f

North Platte River Valley, Wyoming. Located in the North Platte River Valley of southern Wyoming. The Platte River, noted for its excellent fishing, comes out of Colorado, running north into Wyoming. A gorgeous property made up of 640+/- acres, located just over 5 miles outside Saratoga, Wyoming. The property is a peaceful retreat with lovely views and an exquisite home designed by architect Harry Teague. The ranch is home to deer, antelope and eagles. Bird Cloud Ranch borders the Sheep Rock Ranch. The two properties are immediately adjacent and complement one another. $3,700,000 f

Vol. I, No.4

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The Kaufmann Quarter Horse Ranch 3 miles northeast of Buffalo, Wyoming 209+/- deeded acres nestled in a beautiful valley along Clear Creek, this rare property offers a stunning, custom ranch home (2,400 square feet), outstanding horse facilities and expansive scenic views of the Big Horn Mountains. A 3-tower Reinke center pivot irrigates 40+/- acres that produces 150+/- tons of excellent horse hay annually. Good water rights. Horse facilities include large indoor arena with attached 8-stall barn, a large outdoor arena plus miscellaneous storage sheds. 3/4-mile of Clear Creek flows through property and offers excellent trout fishing. $3,950,000 f

The Clay Ranch Ten Sleep, Wyoming 7,068+/- total acres, 4,749+/- deeded acres. Situated on the western slope of the Big Horn Mountains, this flourishing foothill/mountain property supports a great diversity of wildlife and is home to trophy elk and deer. The elegant main residence offers 3,898+/- square feet of spacious living with an attached 3-car garage. Over half of the ranch consists of heavily timbered hillsides, draws, canyons and large grass meadows that together provide natural cover and forage for elk, deer, antelope, mountain lion, beaver, black bear, bobcat, fox, coyote, eagles, hawks, sage grouse and blue grouse. $10,900,000 f

C Bar B Ranch Johnson County, Wyoming Beautiful 3-bedroom, 5-bath executive home with outstanding features. 32,000 square foot indoor arena, 25 horse stalls, tack rooms, horse wash stalls, and excellent horse facility. Office/guest complex, new foreman’s home, guest house, outbuildings and cattle working facilities located 1/4 mile from headquarters near Clear Creek. 1,043 deeded acres. 380 acres irrigated by 7 center pivots, 40 acres flood irrigated and 2.5 miles of Clear Creek flows through property. Large hay base and natural protection along tree-lined creek bottom. Recreational opportunities include hunting for upland game birds, wild turkey, water fowl, white-tailed and mule deer, trout fishing in Clear Creek and certified trap-shooting equipment. $6,200,000 f

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The Crazy ‘P’ Ranch Johnson County, Wyoming 1,087 deeded acres with 200 BLM and State lease acres. The log home is framed by a large yard and well-established plantings of spruce, aspen and cottonwood and is surrounded by irrigated meadows. The terrain varies from green meadows, sage hills, Muddy Creek, rangeland pastures and rugged mountains. 95 acres that produce alfalfa hay, grass hay or small grains are flood irrigated from Muddy Guard Reservoirs. Muddy Creek flows through the entire length of the ranch providing good fishing, wildlife habitat, livestock water and shelter. $4,900,000 f

Ranch at Bates Creek 35 miles south of Casper, Wyoming

Bates Creek – the focal point of the ranch – meanders through the northeastern portion of the property offering German Brown, Brook, and Rainbow trout fishing as well as providing excellent habitat and cover for both livestock and wildlife. The habitat of mixed grass and sagebrush rangeland flanked by steep, irregular hillsides supports antelope, deer and elk. Deep pockets in the high country provide natural protection for the wildlife. Improvements include a restored bunkhouse, new Morton building, corrals and workshop/garage. A domestic well was drilled in 2009; electricity is available on the property. $1,450,000 f

The MacNichol Ranch SOLD AS OF OCTOBER 2010 ~ Glendo, Wyoming 14,181 total acres, 12,141 deeded acres. This is an outstanding working ranch that has been well managed for many years. Rated at 400 animal units year around. 350+/- acres of flood and side roll irrigated meadows produce 500+/- tons of hay. Horseshoe Creek and Spring Creek run through the ranch for 5+/- miles. Solar wells, developed springs, creeks and drainages provide abundant stock water. Excellent improvements including 3 homes, a barn, Quonset/ shop, garages, livestock scales and pipe corrals/pens. $5,956,000 f

Birdsley’s Red Rock Retreat Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Wind River Land & Cattle Ranch 25 miles southeast of Dubois, Wyoming

2,157+/- deeded acres. Offering luxury and privacy only 90 miles from the Jackson Hole Airport. Offers 557+/- acres with 2+/- miles of Wind River frontage. A complete package with irrigated meadows, a shady cottonwood river corridor and excellent amenities. A 7,400+/- square foot home is the centerpiece of the property with 5 bedrooms, 6.5 baths overlooking the river and offers great space for daily living or entertaining. The property also features a pool house with indoor pool, hot tub and sauna, a tennis court, a new log guest home, a managers home, and a 10-stall horse barn. The range parcel consists of 1,600+/- acres of grasslands only a few miles away near Crowheart Butte. Full management available. $2,950,000 f

19.8 deeded acres with spectacular 4,400 square foot log home situated at the base of a massive red rock formation and surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds and three fresh water ponds. Situated at the mouth of the magnificent Ten Sleep Canyon, this property offers quiet seclusion with endless recreational opportunities just minutes away in the Big Horn National Forest. Ten Sleep Creek flows nearby and trout fishing is excellent. $1,985,000 f

Buffalo, Wyoming 307-684-9556 Vol. I, No.4

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Little Deschutes River Estate Deschutes County, LaPine, Oregon A pastoral and private dream, Little Deschutes River Property on 11.33 acres. On a knoll rests the fully furnished 2,600 square foot custom finished home on top of Ponderosa Point overlooking the river and private meadow. Ponderosa Point provides sightings of a wide variety of species including Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, turkey, waterfowl and upland birds. Recreational opportunities are endless to the area. The floor plan includes 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, family room, custom kitchen, utility room and dining area. Other improvements include 2,048 square foot shop with complete living quarters, small private office/studio, outdoor kitchen and fire pit. Less than 5 miles from LaPine, and 15 miles from Sun River, Oregon, there is nearby access to golf courses, grocery stores, supplies and other necessities. $1,200,000 f

Old Mexico Ranch Sonora Mexico Desert, South of Tucson, Arizona The ranch consisting of approximately 57,052 acres, is located in the famed desert of Sonora Mexico, approximately 20 miles south of Sasabe, Arizona and 90 miles south of Tucson, Arizona. The area is dominated by cattle ranches and other agricultural operations of various sizes. The State of Sonora has consistently produced some of the largest antlered Mule Deer and Couse Deer in the World! Approximately 57,052 acres, all privately owned, this property is divided into two separate parcels, “The Represo” and “Del Gringo” and can be purchased together or separately. Trees on the ranch include several varieties of oak, mesquite, eucalyptus and scattered palms. Several varieties of grasses and an extensive supply of Cholla patches exist. Superb browse and year-round habitat is proven by the trophy Muley’s. An often asked question, “can foreigners own property in Mexico”? The answer: YES, Americans and other foreigners may obtain direct ownership of property in the interior of Mexico. Mexico is a signatory of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) thereby agreeing to guarantee the same rights and privileges to citizens of the United States and Canada. Title insurance on Mexican real estate is available through several U.S. based companies. $9,600,000 f

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Vol. I, No.4

Cabin Creek Retreat Union County, Elgin, Oregon

The Cabin Creek Ranch, private, secluded and unique to the area is located 10 miles north of Elgin. Just a few miles from the Grande Ronde River, the Cabin Creek Ranch sits in the heart of the Blue Mountains providing outstanding views. The executive style, 6,114 square foot main home provides high quality craftsmanship throughout, with exposed beams, hand crafted woods, vaulted ceilings and rock accents. Mother Nature is “at her best�, as this is a true timbered property, with an exceptional balance of pasture and mature timber. The ranch has 403 acres consisting of approximately seventy percent timber, twenty percent open lush meadows with the balance planted to Orchard grass. This property has the perfect mix of seasons, supports a great diversity of wildlife, prospering meadows of grasses and wildflowers with beautiful scenery in all directions. There are multiple water sources, including Cabin Creek with migrating steelhead and Moon Creek flowing through the property, four springs and a large recreation pond utilized for fishing and irrigation. $2,600,000 f

101 SE Third, Pendleton, OR 541 278-4444 Vol. I, No.4

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Stunning Architecture

Exceptional Estate

Danby, Vermont

Manchester, Vermont

Complementary perfection pairs stunning architecture with the outdoors, making the most of the light, views and natural setting. Amazing seclusion on 65 serene acres, with privacy in all four luxurious suites, too! Cherry floors throughout, with a dramatic Great Room opening to granite kitchen thence to dining and living with a two-story Saranac Lake Redstone fireplace. Main level primary suite, screened porch, deck, workspace and abundant storage round out interior. Lush grounds and trails, with subdividable option. $1,100,000 f

Panoramic views from stunning 5,000 square foot estate with five welcoming bedrooms plus main level master suite. Entirely surrounded by 13.5 protected Land Trust acreage, with walk-out decks from all downstairs rooms—including master suite. Breathtaking cathedralceiling great room has a soaring stone fireplace and flows to other rooms (and those great decks!). Also included is a separate farm house, pool, outbuildings. Minutes to amenities in Manchester Center and charming Dorset Village, this property is offered for the first time. $1,950,000 f

The Wing Farm

Historic Homestead

Shaftsbury, Vermont

Dorset, Vermont

Fine features reveal themselves throughout this most impressive and elegant mid-century 5,500 square foot farmhouse. The Wing Farm has undergone a complete restoration, beginning with the extraordinary foyer with its dramatic sweeping staircase. A light, inviting cook’s kitchen; 2 fireplaces—in the family room and formal dining room; a billiard room and a screened porch all offer comfort, grace and views. Upstairs, 4 spacious suites (with room to expand on the third floor) insure guests are pampered with privacy. Exquisite pastoral and mountain panoramas. $949,000 f

This historic treasure formerly owned by Lincoln Isham, President Lincoln’s grandson is rich in original architectural details. Four marble fireplaces, mellow wide-pine floors, formal entertaining rooms, country kitchen, and 4 bedrooms en-suite provide all the proper spaces, set in a captivating historic village. In-law apartment, 4-bay garage round out this property which is bordered by a stream. This historic treasure is ready for loving restoration to its original stunning beauty and thus is offered “as is.” $575,000 f

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Reproduction Meeting House

Hilltop Sanctuary

Rupert, Vermont

Manchester, Vermont

Sturbridge Village reproduction Meeting House offering everything for today’s lifestyle while brimful with architectural details and the warmth of yesteryear. Stunning mountain views across 15 mixed pastoral/wooded park-like acres, visible from terraces and private gardens. Heady details include antique beams, wide-board oak flooring, crown mouldings, paneled fireplace wall and more. The sensational family room with stone fireplace makes this private location a cozy nest. $1,800,000 f

Set over Manchester Village this elegant residence reflects the exquisite sensibilities of the owners, interpreted by architect Ramsey Gourd and master builder Mark Breen. Close to the Village, it is a world apart, with trails and unobstructed vistas from porches, patios and windows. Museum-quality details and woodwork coexist with comfort. Five bedrooms invite long family reunions. Special touches abound—red slate counters, cherry harvested on the land, three fireplaces, marble and moldings. Unending grace. $1,790,000 f

Charming 1888 Farmhouse Superbly Crafted Home Manchester, Vermont Beautiful mountain views from this superbly crafted home by master builder Steve Thurston. Attention to detail flows throughout: raised paneled walls, chair rails, wainscoting and crown molding. Radiant heat cherry floors beckon bare feet through the spacious floorplan. Set on two acres of gardens with an orchard of plum, apple, pear and peach trees. This is a property to enjoy and share with friends and family. $699,000 f

Pawlet, Vermont Irresistible 1888 farmhouse with mountain views conveniently located midway between Dorset and Pawlet Villages. In 1996 the owners doubled the size with a spectacular addition. The property has 10 acres of woods, meadow, perennial gardens and one-acre swimming and fishing pond. $595,000 f

Vol. I, No.4

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Camp Kwenogamac Saratoga County, New York Adirondack Great Camp on a private gated road. Completely selfsufficient on 42+ acres on private gated road. Sandy beach with 1,233+ feet of frontage on beautiful Long Lake. Original historic summer lodge, new resident lodge, boathouse and lodge. Original icehouse converted to office. Two Adirondack rustic style lean-tos with stone fireplaces

in front, 20 feet from water, with great mountain views of high peaks. Original teahouse with steps to beach. Original 2 story kitchen building

with covered porch now used as playhouse/craft building. 5-boat covered floating boathouse with an additional swim dock. Several out buildings. $6,495,000. Search for the Unique. f

Princetown Farm Princetown, New York Princetown, New York offers the classic gentleman’s farm on

96 acres with large green paddocks, 7 stalls, large barns and workshops. The entire restoration, expansion and landscape is designed by an international designer, perfectly appointed and maintained. The main residence has 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, a gourmet

kitchen, parlor and dining room and great room with a large stone gas fireplace, 2 story windows and draperies. $2,000,000 Search for the Unique. f

Sequel Stallions NY Hudson River Valley, New York Sequel Stallions NY is a top commercial New York breeding facility with 223 acres (157 acres plus 66 acres agricultural

district). More than 25,000 square feet of farm buildings: 36-stall main barn, 10-stall stallion barn, 22-stall foaling barn, offices, storage and lab room. On-premise staff duplex (2,240 square foot, 2 bedroom/1 bath each). More than 100 acres of level fenced

paddock areas, a new run-in shed, small ponds and mountain views. Main residence is a beautifully restored 3-bedroom/4bath

Federal Home with exuberant Queen Ann Victorian and Craftsmen influences, new gourmet kitchen and 2-car garage. $2,500,000 Search for the Unique. f

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Vol. I, No.4

Beltrone Estate and Over Look Farm Albany, New York The Beltrone Estate is a world-class property and equestrian estate conveniently located 2 miles from Albany International Airport. The Tudor Mansion views from Colonie to the Vermont Mountains. Superior craftsmanship and design create elegance and opulence in a classic home with modern amenities. First time to the market, one of the last remaining Capital District estates containing 45 acres with 40 horse stalls, indoor riding arena, 3 barns and paddocks. $3,800,000 f

Stone Bridge Farms Saratoga County, New York A world-class thoroughbred breeding and training facility consisting of more than 425 acres on three separate parcels near Saratoga Springs, New York. The training facility on 92 acres features a Georgian Neo-classical estate, guest house, training track 7/8th’s mile by 22-foot width with starting gate, an indoor riding arena, 2 enclosed eurosizers, 47 stalls, 31 paddocks (of which 17 are covered). Two separate parcels offering a broodmare farm on 98 acres with a 12,800 square foot mega dome arena, 2 modern barns with 12 stalls each and camera monitoring, 12 fenced paddocks and 9 run-in sheds and residence. The other parcel is 235-acre broodmare and yearling farm with a new 24 stall barn, quarantine barn, round barn with eurosizer, 80 foot by 150 foot maintenance and storage facility, 2 Kentucky style run-in sheds with vet room, feed room and 4 stalls each, 15 fenced paddocks some with run-in sheds. Price $13,500,000 collectively or available separately. f 518.490.1768 Vol. I, No.4

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Hope Valley Homestead Carson Pass, California This 40+/- acre ranch is nestled at the base of picturesque Carson Pass and the magnificent 10,000 foot High Sierra Mountains and is one of the few private holdings in Hope Valley, the most dramatic alpine valley in California. National Forest adjoins for miles of endless hiking, skiing and horseback riding. Lake Tahoe is only 30 minutes away, and Kirkwood ski resort is only 10 minutes away, both offering year-round activities. Add a classic willow-lined trout stream meandering through an alpine meadow and a custom log house set amongst the quaking aspens, and you have completed the perfect postcard setting with views everywhere. $1,700,000 f

Oasis Springs Lodge Mt. Lassen Foothills, Tehama County, California One of the only fly-fishing resorts located within a short drive of the San Francisco Bay Area, the ten guestroom Oasis Springs Lodge overlooks a private crystal clear trout stream on the lower flanks of Mount Lassen. The Lodge property encompasses over 1,100 acres of meadows interspersed with blue oak woodlands and punctuated by fresh water springs, ferns, alders and willows along the South Fork of Battle Creek. A true fly-fisherman’s oasis, the Lodge was formerly endorsed by Orvis. Operate as a guest lodge or as a private family retreat. $4,895,000 f

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Rocky Springs Ranch Mt. Lassen Foothills, Tehama County, California Rocky Springs Ranch is a true Sportsman’s paradise with nearly 3,000 acres of rolling-meadows and blue oak woodlands that are home to one of the largest migratory deer herds in the State, as well as prime habitat for dove, quail and wild turkey. To complete the well-rounded Sportsman’s experience, add in frontage to more than 2.5 miles of the South Fork of Battle Creek, a productive trout fishery. Winter carrying capacity is 150 to 200 cows. All of this is located in view of snow-capped Mount Lassen, only 45 minutes east of I-5 and the ranching/farming community of Red Bluff in Northern California. $4,495,000 f

Sierra Foothill Ranch Amador County, California This classic 714+/- acre foothill ranch with rolling hills, wildflower-filled meadows, and specimen Oak and Pine forests is nestled in the Sierra Nevada Foothills between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Water is plentiful with a 24-acre foot reservoir, a few seasonal stock ponds, numerous ground water springs (four have been developed for livestock), and a babbling creek with cascading waterfalls. The ridge-top takes in 360 degree views from the snow-capped Sierra to Mount Diablo and the Coastal Range. $4,284,000 f

The Chickering Company Ranches, Lakes, Rivers/Broker Contact: Terry Hundemer Phone: 530-265-5774 Email: Vol. I, No.4

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Rose Creek Ranch Pershing County, Nevada

Located just west of Winnemucca, Nevada, near Interstate 80, this parcel consists of 609 water righted acres. The improvements include a ranch house and various outbuildings. This unique ranch property also includes an upper private canyon with Rose Creek running through it. Boredered by BLM stream, this property is ideal for hunting and recreational activities. The area also produces some of Nevada’s best trophy mule deer, chucker, antelope, mountain lion, upland game and excellent goose hunting. A farming operations lease with six years remaining is currently in place. Reduced to $2,150,000 f

Historic Bonta Ranch Plumas County, California

1,130 deeded acres, Beckwourth, California. This one-of-akind ranch property is located in prestigious Sierra Valley less than an hour from the Reno Tahoe International Airport and close to several world class ski resorts. The Bonta Ranch has a little of everything including meadows, hay fields, forest, rock formations, classic century old barn and it borders the National Forest. No money was spared restoring the original Bonta ranch house. $4,449,000 f

Pickens Ranch Lassen County, California

735 deeded acres, Doyle, California. Yes, Slim Pickens did own this ranch at one time! The property is located 40 miles north of Reno, Nevada, off Highway 395 and sits against the Sierra Nevada. The ranch controls private canyon access to thousands of acres of National Forest land. Improvements include an 1,800 square foot ranch home, historic barn built in 1913, bunk house/ guest cottage, 100 x 100 foot metal barn, 30 x 60 foot metal hay barn and various other outbuildings. This is a beautiful setting for a personal ranch residence, second home, guest ranch or small farming operation. $1,850,000 f

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Job’s Peak Ranch Alpine County, California

One of the most spectacular large acreage, alpine building sites in the West. This property is located at the foot of Job’s Peak near Minden/Gardnerville, Nevada, close to Tahoe resorts, and an hour from Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The parcel borders National Forest land and has a year-round mountain stream running through it. Topography is gentle slope to steep mountain side with close to 70% of the 200 acres forested and usable. This is an exceptional mountain property, ideal for a family compound. Location, location, location! $2,200,000 f

The Ranch Estate at Lovelock Pershing County, Nevada

This could be the “Great Escape” Executive ranch compound on 640 acres, Lovelock, Nevada, an hour and twenty minutes east of Reno. The compound headquarters is fenced on approximately 5 acres and includes a 3,000 square foot, 4 bedroom, 3 bath custom home, 6 bay garage, massive porches, 40 x 60 foot custom shop, 2 carports and it’s all highlighted with museum quality historical equipment and artifacts including old wagons, antique farm implements and a resurrected bunk house. The remainder of the 640 acres is mostly high desert ground. $1,250,000 Reduced to $799,000 f

Reno Ranch Property Washoe County, Nevada

This rare meadow ranch property is just 15 minutes from the Reno Tahoe International Airport on U.S. Highway 395. It is one of the last “close in” large parcels that haven’t been subdivided. This parcel includes a hay barn, a 5,600 square foot shop and 118 acre feet of surface water rights. There are many possibilities for this unique land. This is an Estate sale. $1,900,000 f

FarWest R&C Sales/Mgt. Co

California & Nevada

Pete Nevin

Realtor 775-829-2122

Kathy Courtney Realtor 775-829-2122 Vol. I, No.4

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Great property for

the outdoor recreation enthusiast! Shady Cove, Oregon

Main House

18.78 acres with an additional 369 acres available. The main residence is situated on 5.07 acres - 8,141 square feet, 5 bedroom, 5 full baths, 2 half baths, three story custom built home, built in 1995. Features a media center, wine cellar, elevator and commercial kitchen area. Property includes a 4,762 square foot recreation center built in 2002, with 1 full bath and 3 half baths, a laundry room, theatre room, commercial kitchen, ice cream/soda fountain, exercise pool, sauna, steam bath, library and elevator. Landscaping includes open air amphitheater with lagoon pool, numerous ponds and streams, massive shop, helipad and more. Property also includes a two story 2,306 square foot guest house with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. $3,400,000 f

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Vol. I, No.4

Recreation Center

Amphitheater with Lagoon Pool

Contact: Tom Harrison (800) 772-7284 Vol. I, No.4 Open Fences


Bull Pine Ranch A beautiful 205 acre ranch Red River County, Texas. Simply gorgeous! This custom home features 5 or 6 bedrooms, 5 full baths plus 3 half baths. Granite and stainless appliances accent the custom kitchen. Multiple living and dining areas – great for family gatherings. The luxurious master suite will spoil you with its own fireplace, jetted tub, gorgeous tiled walk-in shower, copper sinks and granite countertops. The grounds are sprinkled with pines and are meticulously landscaped featuring an in-ground swimming pool, pool house, greenhouse, 6-acre lake and separate gameroom with kitchen and bath - great for entertaining! $1,200,000 See more at f

Lake Creek Farms The complete package of farm and ranch on 3,350 acres Delta County, Texas. A well-priced farm and ranch combination with a centrally located headquarters. The property also features a three bedroom, two bathroom brick home, a shop, a set of pens and 100k bushel grain storage – the complete package! This property offers a great combination of bottom and upland. Accessible via Farm-to-Market and county roads. Offered at $1,675/acre f

Ranch or Recreation 780 acres Red River County, Texas. Rolling hills covered with Bermuda and native grasses. Hardwood and pine timber scattered throughout. 180 acres of mature plantation pine. Crossfenced with a large set of working pens and an equipment shed. One lake and several ponds – one with a cabin. Unsurpassed hunting of whitetail deer, eastern turkey, ferrell hog, dove, quail and duck. An awesome place! $1,170,000 f

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Vol. I, No.4

Jackson Ranch A 115+ acre family ranch Lamar County, Texas. Simply remarkable this beautiful home boasts 7,300+ square feet with quality finishes and amenities throughout. The home offers a gourmet granite kitchen with butler’s pantry, sub-zero appliances and warming oven, a wine cellar, exercise room and a den with bar. Outdoors, there is a beautiful swimming pool and pool house with guest room, bar and half-bath. Fabulous patio space offers an awesome custom-built smoker for unforgettable entertaining. A guest/in-law apartment sits above the three-car garage. The fenced acreage has a private lake with gazebo, four barns, storage buildings and working pens and chutes. $1,800,000 See more at f

2550 Lamar Avenue Paris TX 75460 903.785.8484 800.785.8495 Vol. I, No.4

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870 Acre Montana Ranch Missoula, Ravalli County, Montana Approximately 30 miles south of Missoula in the Bitterroot Valley. Mountainous rolling big sky native country with many beautiful scattered pine trees and pristine meadows where elk and mule deer reside. Outstanding scenery and beautiful building sites with snow cap mountains to the west. Eight Mile Creek runs parallel to Eight Mile Creek Road on the south side and two small streams flow out of the north side of the property down into the creek. One of the last larger parcels left for sale. A 70,000 acre parcel adjoins the property. Price reduced to $7,500 per acre. Reduced from $10,500 per acre. Will divide; see website for tracts and pricing. f

Recreation Paradise 250 acre property with a gorgeous 18 acre lake Parker County, Texas. Very convenient at only 42 miles west of Ft.Worth, south of Millsap and minutes near Interstate 20 and FM 113. Native heavily rolling land with scenic post oak, live oak, elm and cedar tree cover. A beautiful 18 acre (full) lake stocked with great fishing. Excellent populations of deer, turkey and ducks. A very nice 2-story home with upstairs balcony and beautiful views overlooking the lake and property. Beautiful dry laid stone exterior with extensive landscaping. Nice doublewide home, 2 nice all steel shops and stone pump house. Reduced to $1,975,000 f

Silverado South

1,052 acres with an impressive 16 acre lake Hood County, Texas. 8.5 miles north of Granbury on the northern Hood county line and 13 miles south of Weatherford on FM Highway 51 south of Silverado, Texas. Outstanding location with 8,700 feet of paved frontage, very beautiful rolling terrain with scattered live oak, elm, post oak trees and cedar and mesquite timber, good soils, 2 lakes of 16 and 4 acres, 12 ponds, 3 dwellings, 3 water wells and beautiful building sites. Minerals with production. $11,046,000 f

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Vol. I, No.4

Brazos River Ranch Scenic views, serenity, and great character on 3,500 acres Parker and Hood Counties, Texas. Located on the County line, 22 minutes South Southwest of Weatherford. This ranch is truly beautiful as it rolls gently and heavily with scenic views, serenity and great character. Many varieties of scattered to thick trees include live oak, post oak, elm, red oak and mesquite. Well watered with many stock ponds, over 1.38 miles of Brazos River frontage, several creeks and two water wells. Numerous sites for building large reservoirs or a beautiful lodge. Outstanding deer and turkey hunting. Gas production with income and minerals conveyed. Reduced to $7,750 per acre. f

Cattle & Hunting Ranch A great 13,900 acre operating ranch Clay County, Texas. Gently to heavily rolling cover mostly in excellent native grasses. The dominant tree scattered mesquite with some hackberry over the majority of the ranch. Post Oak, Elm and Pecan are thick along the river and seasonal creeks. Over 100 stock ponds and the Little Wichita River provide excellent water for livestock and game. The deer population is very good boasting big bodied deer with 190� typical being killed in the 2008 season. Excellent populations of quail, dove, duck and sand hill cranes. Minerals owned conveyed with some production. A very nice custom stone home, two other older brick homes and two other dwellings, numerous shops, barns for horses and equipment.

An awesome & large all steel cattle working pen and cattle artificial insemination barn at headquarters. Several other steel cattle working pens throughout the ranch. Will divide, $2,250.00 per acre, negotiable. f

Coalson Real Estate

Mac A. Coalson, Senior Broker Office: 940-682-4993, Cell: 817-925-3333 McAllen Coalson, Broker Office: 940-682-7660, Cell: 817-991-8300 Vol. I, No.4

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Diamond T Ranch Bannock County, Downey, Idaho Solid Cattle - Hay - Grain Combination – Runs 1,200 Animal Units + Ships 100,000 Bushels of Grain + Sells Excess Alfalfa. The

Diamond T Ranch has been carefully assembled over the past 14

years to reliably support the “hard-to-find” 1,000-head scale most

commercial cattlemen feel is mandatory for success in the beef industry. This well-located and productive operation contains 6,315 acres of deeded land and is comprised of the following elements: f 1,185 acres of irrigated crop land;

f 830 acres of dry farm land in production; f 2,560 acres of improved range land; f 1,740 acres of native range land;

f Summer BLM and USFS grazing permits for 900 pair of cattle;

f Extraordinary cattle-handling facilities plus large calving barn and electronic scales;

f Good improvements for grain and machinery storage. With experienced management, the ranch will consistently support 1,000 brood cows, 150 replacement heifers and 60 range bulls on a

year’round basis. Calving starts in January and steer and heifer calves average 640 pounds when shipped to Eastern buyers. The Ranch easily

produces sufficient alfalfa hay and grass to winter feed 1,200 head of

mature beef cattle. Additionally, irrigated grain crops average about 90 bushels per acre and the Farm Services Office reports an average of 39 bushels for dry farm wheat. The Ranch ships about 100,000 bushels of grain and sells excess hay. The Diamond T Ranch is located west of Downey, Idaho and enjoys excellent access to Interstate 15 and US

Highway 30 for easy movement of cattle and grain crops to markets. Machinery and equipment plus a fine herd of commercial cattle are also available at separate treaty. Complete information may be downloaded at Hard copy brochures available – Buyers Brokers are Welcome to Inquire. Offered at $7,113,450 By a Motivated Seller. Contact: Patrick Bates 801-560-4259 or Sam Sanders 801-694-2092

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Vol. I, No.4

Springhill Ranch Pondera County, Depuyer, Montana Situated five miles east of Walling Reef, a notable land form in the Rocky Mountain Front. This majestic panorama of rugged limestone peaks, sheer walls, protruding reefs and deeply cut canyons provides one of North America’s most spectacular viewscapes. This 4,190acre block of deeded land operates as a working cattle ranch running about 250 animal units all year. The Ranch controls solid water rights out of Sheep Creek which meanders through for about two miles affording good willow cover for wildlife plus ample opportunity for enjoyable small stream fishing. Dupuyer Creek runs along the far southern boundary for about a quarter-mile also providing additional wildlife and trout habitat. The improvements are modest but well-kept. Available for the first time in over 35 years, the Springhill Ranch possesses great potential for a conservation easement. Offered at under $950 per deeded acre, this beautiful place is a “must see” for conservation buyers or those desiring to own a small-scale cattle business while enjoying an attractive long-term land investment. Offered at $3,850,000 f Contact: Michael Swan 406-570-4897

Uinta Vista Ranch Uinta County, Evanston, Wyoming Owned by the same family for 90 years, this old-line holding includes 2,500 deeded acres plus 480 acres of state land located 20 miles south of Evanston, Wyoming via the Mirror Lake Highway – a National Scenic Byway. About 10 miles south of the Ranch, the mighty Uinta Mountain Range towers above 12,000 feet and affords spectacular views from the Ranch. Mill Creek – an important tributary of the Bear River – meanders through the Ranch for over two miles, providing the desirable aesthetic of year’round live water and reliable irrigation water for beautiful hay meadows and pastures. The Uinta Vista Ranch is an extraordinary combination for creation of a wonderful family legacy holding located only six miles from the Wasatch National Forest and just 100 miles from Salt Lake City. Price Reduced from $3,900,000 to $3,200,000 to Settle an Estate. f Contact: Sam Sanders 801-694-2092

Half Circle Ranch Bear Lake County, Montpelier, Idaho 964 deeded acres + a 246 head USFS grazing permit. Here’s one of the most productive, attractive and historic small cattle ranches available in the Rocky Mountain West – founded in 1896. Solid rights for 21.50 CFS of flood irrigation water. Three comfortable homes plus a full complement of cattle-handling facilities – scales, calving barn, new mid-sized indoor horse arena and good shop. Located 15 miles east of Montpelier on the Thomas Fork of the Bear River. With experienced management, the Half Circle Ranch should carry 250 animal units year-round or summer graze about 350 yearlings and sell close to 2,000 tons of high-quality grass hay. This nice place is ready to go. Offered at $1,675,000 f Contact: Patrick Bates 801-560-4259 Bates • Sanders • Swan

Land Company

800-819-9920 Salt Lake City Vol. I, No.4 Open Fences


D Bar T Ranch

Moon Ranch

Rio Blanco County, Meeker, Colorado

Routt County, Hayden, Colorado

With deeded access from the nearby highway, this remarkable 429± acre ranch sits along the banks of the beautiful White River. Featuring an impressive owner’s home, the ranch was designed for both cattle and recreation. The ranch produces a good tonnage of hay with its 8.25 cfs of water. The property adjoins approximately 2,000 acres of BLM lease that they maintain as grazing pasture and hunting grounds. There is also a newer-built hunting cabin. $2,350,000 f Contact: Sam Faris and Chia Valdez (800) 754-0544

Over 6,000 acres of prime elk, mule deer and other big game habitat near Steamboat Springs. Numerous year round springs, streams and ponds provide abundant water for livestock and game. Heavily vegetated hillsides, draws and gulches interspersed with lush meadows offer dense cover of aspen, choke cherry, oak and sage. The Yampa Valley Regional Airport that services Steamboat Springs Ski Area is 15± miles away. $6,500,000 f Contact: Jack Kavanaugh (303) 909-1706

North Pavillion Farm

Renegade Ranch

Fremont County, Pavillion, Colorado

Grand County, Parshall, Colorado

This productive 930± farm is located in an area known for its exceptional hay production and mild climate. With good water and irrigated fields, the farm currently produces hay and corn. Live water also flows thru the property. Improvements include two houses and an EPA approved feedlot. $1,285,000 f Contact: Susan Pokorny or Timmery Hellyer (307) 332-3710

Located at the confluence of the Colorado and Willams Fork Rivers, there is easy year-round access off U.S. Highway 40 west of Granby. Legendary Gold Medal fishing awaits those only 97± miles from Denver and only minutes from skiing, boating, golf and other recreational activities of Grand County. There are no improvements but numerous good built sites exist on the 20-acre oasis. $675,000 f Contact: Jack Kavanaugh (303) 909-1706

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Vol. I, No.4

Siebolt Creek Ranch Albany County, Wheatland, Wyoming

Unbeatable recreational land on the edge of the Laramie Mountain Range near Wheatland. Consisting of 840± total acres, there is also a small BLM lease. Siebolt Creek meanders through the property for over 3/4 mile and provides water for wildlife habitat. Irrigation rights date to 1900. Seller currently runs summer cattle, but hunting potential makes this property a real find with good herds. f Contact: Lee Shoop (307) 331-1800

UXU Guest Ranch Park County, Cody, Wyoming

Ten restored, modernized and winterized log cabins and the lodge accommodate 39 guests for a four season operation. The complex sits on 34± acres in the midst of the Shoshone National Forest and has permits to adjoining millions of acres. Sitting on the banks of the North Fork of the Shoshone River, the property has fishing and also offers guided hunts for trophy big game. $1,500,000 f Contact: Jack Kavanaugh (303) 909-1706

Tygee Creek Ranch Caribou County, Idaho

The 159± acre Tygee Creek Ranch lies in the scenic Star Valley along the Idaho/Wyoming border near Afton, Wyoming. The ranch is furnished with abundant water rights for irrigating pasture or hay meadows. This undiscovered gem lies within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The ranch offers good fishing and abundant game habitat. $995,000 f Contact: Jack Kavanaugh (303) 909-1706

7901 Southpark Plaza, #216 Littleton, CO 80120 (800) 754-0544 Vol. I, No.4

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Castle Hill Keswick, Virginia

C. 1765 – This classic Virginia estate is in the heart of equestrian Keswick Hunt Country, and on the National Register of Historic Places and The Virginia Landmarks Register. The beautiful setting encompasses over 600 acres, a full complement of estate buildings, formal gardens, in-ground pool, pool house, detached garage, large barn and extraordinary Southwest Mountain views. Castle Hill is a rare and valuable piece of American history and enjoys a private situation just east of Charlottesville, Virginia. $14,500,000 f

Flowerdew Hundred


1,051 historic waterfront acres on the James River near Williamsburg and Richmond with spacious main residence of 14,000 square feet in private country setting adjoining 4,200 acre James River National Wildlife Refuge. The main residence has cypress siding, steel roof, three floors and lower level and is ideal for a large family/weekend retreat. Additional buildings include Museum (pre-Civil War school), pavillion, summer kitchen and farm structures. The farm was the site of Native American villages, a fortified frontier settlement, a thriving plantation and a major Civil War encampment where Ulysses S. Grant’s army crossed the James River in June, 1864. $10,950,000 f

Located in the heart of Warm Springs Valley, Boxwood is arguably one of the finest estate properties in all of Bath County. This 63 acre property has a 5,280 square foot home which dates back to the 1790’s. House has had significant additions with the latest in 2000 with a master wing. Incredible woodwork and hardwood floors throughout. Land is ideal for horses or small cattle operations. Convenient to the Homestead. $2,400,000 f

Hopewell, Virginia

68 Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

Hot Springs, Virginia

Eldon Farms Woodville, Virginia

Eldon Farms, Parcels A, B and C. A rare opportunity to acquire 2,067 acres within 70 miles of Washington, D. C. This land is some of the most beautiful and private in Rappahannock County and in the entire state of Virginia. A combination of rolling pasture and mixed hardwoods, this property enjoys significant mountain views and long river frontage making it extremely desirable. $16,536,000 f

Jobber’s Mountain Tract Woodville, Virginia

Old Keswick Keswick, Virginia

Premier estate near Charlottesville, Virginia. 550+/- acre horse property with 4-board fencing throughout. Well-known for breeding and raising some off the finest thoroughbred horses in the industry. The manor, c. 1736, has 11.5 foot-tall ceilings, original wood and 7 bedrooms. The equestrian facility includes a total of 36 stalls. Dependencies include a summer kitchen, pool complex and several cottages. $13,500.000 f

Frank Hardy 434-296-0134

Justin Wiley 434-981-5528

Located in the desirable Frances Thornton Valley of Rappahannock County, this 232 acres of mostly hardwoods has strong western views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and spectacular views of the Francis ThorntonValley. This property is a good candidate for a conservation easement and has frontage on a paved county road. $1,856,000 f Vol. I, No.4

Open Fences


Shadow Creek Ranch Silverthorne, Colorado

Nestled in the heart of the Colorado mountains, there exists a property teeming with breathtaking views and outdoor adventure. A recreational

paradise where each day begins with world-class skiing, horseback riding and fly-fishing and ends with the majesty of a Rocky Mountain sunset. It is a land where a select few may experience the excitement and amenities of a master-planned ranch community without the responsibilities of upkeep.

Shadow Creek Ranch offers 22 exclusive home-sites located on

almost 6,000 acres of breathtaking Colorado landscape. Picture your custom-built home along pristine meadows, ridges, canyons, streams

and ponds. This beauty will be passed from generation to generation

through a conservation easement that protects this land for years to come.

As an owner, you and your guests have access to guided fly-

fishing on 22 lakes and ponds and access to over 2 miles of “Gold Medal� waters on the Blue River; as well as hunting trophy elk and mule deer with a professional guide. Horseback riding, ranch activities,

a full-time chef, and luxury lodge accommodations are just a few of the amenities offered. Spend a few nights at one of the five cabins

nestled in the back country to truly experience wildlife on the ranch. Enjoy a combination of beauty and outdoor adventure like none

you have ever experienced with a home at Shadow Creek Ranch.

70 Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

f Ownership includes access to over 5,600 deeded acres

f Adjacent to 130,000 acres of Eagles Nest Wilderness area f Within one hour of 7 major ski resorts f A true working cattle ranch

f Equestrian center with a 35 horse remuda

f Only a short 90 minute drive from Denver f Homesteads begin at $1,600,000

1614 Grand Avenue Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601 (877) 207-9700 toll free Vol. I, No.4

Open Fences


Family Retreat

Powder River Ranch

Van Zandt County, Wills Point, Northeast Texas

Henderson County, Northeast Texas

With 75 gorgeous acres and two residences (partially furnished), this unique and diverse property is perfect for a family getaway or corporate retreat. The lode has a massive living area complete with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, an antique wet bar, wbfp, sauna and screenedin porch while the main home offers 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a sunken living area and 2 wbfps. Other features include an approximate 8-acre lake with dock and boathouse, an in-ground pool, 4 scattered ponds, a barn and cattle working area. Get a taste of country living with all the amenities of the city. $985,000 f

Powder River Ranch offers a unique blend of rolling hills, majestic views, hardwoods, natural springs and lake sites. This 1,043+ acre property is a short drive from the Metroplex. Open area, native hardwoods and wildlife enhance the natural beauty. For the developer, this property has access to city utilities and four roads: Highway 175, Texas Loop 7, FM 2495 and Henderson CR 4706. There are no permanent improvements on the property, giving the ultimate freedom of design and improvement placement to the owner. $3,400,000 f

Family Compound & Private Lake

Discover the Real Texas

Henderson County, Brownsboro, Northeast Texas

Kaufman County, Terrell, Northeast Texas

This magnificent offering is set in a picturesque environment. The custom constructed two-story home sits under a canopy of native hardwoods amidst lush manicured grounds. From the spa-pool, deck and patio, an aweinspiring view of the approximate 18-acre lake is found. The 3-bedroom, 3-bath guest home is separate from the main home and offers a quality lifestyle, privacy and a patio overlooking the lake. The approximate 18acre spring-fed lake offers a place to reflect or an excellent opportunity to land the “big one”. The approximate 97.175 acres boast scenic vistas, open pasture land, native foliage and abundant wildlife. $1,200,000 f

Approximately 498.499 acres of rolling terrain with lakes, ponds, wildlife and great access. Located on a sleepy county road just off Highway 80, this unique property offers a true feel of the Texas landscape. Get a glimpse of the rugged ranch life or enjoy a fabulous recreational opportunity only a 40-minute drive to downtown Dallas. Fishing and other recreational activities are available at any of the four bodies of water on the property or Terrell’s Old City Lake. The property has approximately 565 feet of water frontage on Terrell’s Old City Lake. $1,975,000 f

72 Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

Sportsman’s Paradise

Hills, Trees, Meadows & Water

Henderson County, Eustace, Northeast Texas

Henderson County, Athens, Northeast Texas

123.65 acres of Texas beauty just 15 minutes north of Athens and 15 minutes south of Canton. Features include a 15-acre constant level, crystal clear, spring fed lake, full of bass with a boat dock and fishing pier. Over 5 miles of groomed trails through 60 acres of forest, featuring holly, pine, dogwood, wood fern and huge native hardwoods teaming with deer and wildlife; a cultivated, 35-acre hay producing pasture, with enormous scattered hardwoods and a 10-acre pasture with native plants provides food and cover for wildlife. Other features include a furnished, 700 square foot, 2-bedroom cottage, modern conveniences and huge outdoor patio overlooking the lake. This property also has a 36’ x 48’ metal barn large enough to hold all of your toys, a deep water well, a large diameter bored well for irrigation, fence corrals and is fenced and cross-fenced. $850,000 f

The East Texas hills beckon to a most unique diverse ranch. Scenic vistas and elevated, rolling terrain provide the backdrop for this ranch which offers, excellent improved pasture dotted with hardwoods, perimeter and crossfencing, 6 ponds and 3 lakes (many are filled with native springs). A variety of hardwoods and pines add to the beauty of the property and wildlife habitat. The traditional style 2 bedroom, 1 bath cabin has been completely restored and updated with new kitchen, ac/heat and covered porch. $1,475,000 f

Timber Creek Ranch Anderson County, Frankston, Northeast Texas

Vista Ridge Ranch Anderson County, Bradford, Northeast Texas 374.434 acres located in the “Montalba Mountains”, Vista Ridge Ranch provides a breathtaking 360º 20-mile view reminiscent of Colorado or mountain states. Trails and open areas have been carefully carved out of the East Texas forests to offer a diverse view of the natural beauty of the property. Elkins Springs flow effervescently to help sustain a spring-fed, tree-lined lake, which offers a test for the fisherman or just a great place to view nature. Wildlife includes abundant deer and other species native of the area. Located south of Athens. $1,425,000 f

Rustic and beautiful 419.95-acre ranch with prolific, spring-fed, tree-lined lake approximately 35 acres in size and surrounded by rolling hills. The ranch offers winding trails through a native forest of hardwoods and pines, open meadows with majestic views and a home for deer, native East Texas game and an occasional bald eagle haven. Located between Tyler and Palestine on State Highway 155, the ranch is simply stunning and will absolutely take your breath away. $2,310,000 f

STEVE GRANT REAL ESTATE 406 E. Corsicana Athens, TX 75751 903.675.3503 Vol. I, No.4 Open Fences 73

Circle Bar Blue Ranch

Gonzales County, Texas

This fabulous 439 +/- acre ranch is located in the Texas Tri-plex giving it great access to Houston, San Antonio and Austin as well as one of the highest points of Gonzales County, with 1.5 miles of frontage on the Guadalupe River. Onehalf of the property is developed as a beautiful horse or cattle ranch, with show arena, stables, and an award winning main house. A 3-acre lake, rolling hills,

74 Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

high ridges and deep draws enhance the beauty of the ranch. The other onehalf of the ranch has been left to nature, with oak and pecan trees providing a haven for local deer, dove, hog and turkey. Good roads and perimeter and interior cross fencing enhance usage of the property and community water is available, supplemented by a 100 +/- gallon per minute water well. The

Contact: Sassy Stanton - Bill Pinckard - beautifully appointed 3 bedroom, 3 bath main house (2,573 square feet) is augmented by guest/trainer’s quarters adjacent to the arena. A foreman’s house/guest house is also located on the property. The covered area (225 ft. x 120 ft. steel building) is accompanied by a horse barn with 21 stalls. Please visit our website for additional information and pictures. f Vol. I, No.4

Open Fences


Bar Cross Ranch

Egeria Creek Ranch

Pinedale, Wyoming

Toponas, Colorado

The Bar Cross Ranch consists of 12,045 deeded acres, 1,440 state lease, 15,711 of adjacent national forest grazing and 3,587 of BLM, for a total of 32,783 acres. Located 12 miles northwest of Pinedale and 1 hour southeast of Jackson Hole, this sporting ranch boasts private trophy trout fishing on 3 miles of the New Fork River and 8 miles of Willow Creek. An incredible variety of wildlife frequent the ranch including antelope, deer, grouse and waterfowl. Improvements include multiple homes, barns, garages, outbuildings and sheds. $24,000,000 f

Egeria Creek Ranch is located in northwest Colorado, near Steamboat Springs, in the picturesque Yampa Valley. With 8,818 acres, this oneof-a-kind property is adjacent to the White River National Forest and is home to the White River Elk herd. Upland birds can be found on the ranch including Blue and Sharptail grouse, ducks and geese. This Colorado ranch is vast and offers an incoming landowner a thriving cattle operation, plus the sporting lifestyle with extensive wildlife, valuable water rights and gravel deposits. $21,900,000 f

Fall Creek Ranch

Fall River Springs

Wilson, Wyoming

Ashton, Idaho

Fall Creek Ranch is a unique legacy property located in the heart of Jackson Hole. The ranch offers exceptional views on 164 deeded acres that are surrounded by national forest and boasts 3/4 mile of Fall Creek. A new, luxury log home built in 2005 offers high-end finishes while providing complete comfort. Additional improvements include other homes, guest cabins and equestrian facilities. The ranch has a platted subdivision in place allowing upwards of 27 buildable sites. A rare offering due to its size and location, Fall Creek Ranch is now $15,500,000, previously listed at $28,500,000 with another firm. f

The scenic Fall River Springs consists of 1,122+/- acres with 3/4 mile of the Fall River flowing through the property. Fall River Springs offers big mountain views, mixed-tree cover and topography, stellar wild trout fishing, ample wildlife, substantial upland bird and waterfowl populations and an existing home. The ranch boasts numerous spring creeks and a diverse habitat consisting of agricultural fields, rolling hills with sage brush and tall native grasses, meadows, wetlands, ponds, cottonwood and aspen groves and several high points on the property that provide direct Teton Mountain Range views to the east. $5,800,000 f

76 Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

Ranch on the Roaring Fork Aspen, Colorado The 282-acre Ranch on the Roaring Fork is set in the most prestigious resort valley in the Rocky Mountains. There is 1 mile of the Gold Medal designated Roaring Fork River running through the ranch with a spring creek, three spring-fed trout ponds and a mile of public land boundary. This Aspen Valley property represents a rare ownership opportunity for the outdoor enthusiast. In addition to the trophy rainbow and brown trout, this land is shared with elk, deer, waterfowl, grouse, fox, and both Bald and Golden eagles. $11,500,000 f

Rising Spirits Sporting Paradise Bozeman, Montana This 79-acre offering represents the finest in trout fishing, shooting, bird and deer hunting available in Montana and the Northern Rocky Mountains. The property boasts private Gallatin River frontage with a great variety of trout, excellent duck hunting and many types of birds and wildlife. Included in the purchase is an award-winning main residence, a spacious caretaker’s home and a comfortable guest apartment over a large shop. Shooters will appreciate the 12-station sporting clays and five-stand shooting course. $5,950,000 f

Ten Mile Creek Ranch Lewiston, Idaho

Teton River Canyon Ranch Tetonia, Idaho Teton River Canyon Ranch boasts enormous Grand Teton views from its 3,091 acres plus 240 acres nearby with extensive senior water rights and enjoys an enviable setting, located 30 minutes from Grand Targhee Ski and Summer Resort. Some of the West’s best fishing can be found with 4 miles of onsite scenic Teton River Canyon and nearby famous western trout streams. Anglers will enjoy fishing for rainbow and cutthroat trout in these waters. Barley crops and good cover provide for excellent Sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge populations. $8,000,000 f

With 4.5 miles of Snake River frontage, this ranch is the ideal fishing retreat for the discerning steelhead angler. With access to the Grande Ronde, Salmon and Clearwater Rivers, the area offers premier fishing for steelhead and salmon plus excellent populations of Chukar partridge. The ranch is comprised of 2,976+/- deeded acres with a 4,948 square foot riverfront lodge home, indeed a private fishing and hunting haven with endless opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. $5,975,000 f

866.734.6100 Vol. I, No.4

Open Fences


50 Acre Luxury Estate Marion County, Salem, Oregon

This fantastic hill-top estate offers a beautiful 20,000 square foot, 5 bedroom, 9 bath home and breathtaking views. The commercial quality kitchen boasts top of the line appliances including four cook-tops (gas and electric). The media room, indoor/outdoor pool, play room with 2-lane bowling alley, and a tennis/basketball court can keep friends and family busy without leaving home. The luxurious master suite offers a marble lined bathroom and huge closets. There is a six-car garage, large shop/RV barn and an unfinished stable. Lender owned - $3,500,000 f

78 Open Fences

Vol. I, No.4

Forest Estate Acreages Deschutes County, Bend, Oregon

These timbered estate acreages, only minutes from Bend, offer quiet seclusion in a forest environment. Establish a family legacy in Central Oregon with its great climate and endless recreational opportunities. Build your mansion or a cabin and watch your trees grow in size and value. Bank owned – bargain priced. f 1,306 acres $2,950,000 f 813 acres $2,032,000 f 251 acres $627,000 f 242 acres $615,000

Buck Springs Ranch Crook County, Bend, Oregon Buck Springs Ranch lies at the base of the Maury Mountains just an hour east of Bend and its extensive recreational and cultural opportunities. The ranch encompasses approximately 15,700 acres (9,000 deeded acres and 6,700 acres of government leased land). It also borders thousands of acres of US Forest. It offers beautiful scenery, productive land, pine forests and a park-like Aspen grove all in one the greatest climates in the USA. Deer, elk, a variety of game birds and other wildlife visit the creek and the ranch’s many springs and ponds. There are three residences, a top quality arena barn, shops and excellent large animal handling facilities. The property is offered as a single unit but may be split. $7,900,000 f Co-listed with Mason Morse Ranch Company Robb Van Pelt (970) 948-0423

Ron Davis, Broker, GRI 541-480-3096 Cell 541-598-3772 Direct Vol. I, No.4

Open Fences


Rancho Dos Pueblos

Rancho Chahuchu

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California

The magnificent 2,000+/- acre oceanfront “Royal Rancho” of Santa Barbara is for sale for the first time in over 30 years. One of the largest remaining ranches along the spectacular Gaviota Coast, Dos Pueblos Ranch stretches from the Santa Ynez mountains down to a sandy beach on the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, Dos Pueblos Creek winds down through majestic oaks and open meadows to the shore where Native Americans first spotted Spanish ships in 1542. $19,000,000 f

This 496 +/- acre premier horse ranch and potential vineyard estate is located along the Santa Ynez river next to “Seasmoke Vineyard” in the renowned Santa Rita Hills Appellation. This is a beautiful property offering pastoral views, lush landscaping and many amenities. An incredibly impressive 6,000 square foot Spanish style barn with huge roll up doors, storage and living quarters including a large living area, kitchen and bath. $8,495,000 f

The Gaviota Ranch

The Pozo Trophy Ranch

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California

The 3,300 +/- acre Gaviota Ranch is one of the last unspoiled ranches along the beautiful southern coast of Santa Barbara County. Incredible rock formations look down on the Pacific Ocean from most of this ranch. A unique and private ridge top valley offers recreational possibilities. The Northwest style, log cabin and stone main residence has three bedrooms and four baths tucked into one of the 10 private canyons that wind through this ranch. $9,900,000 f

A truly beautiful 2,485 +/- acre Trophy Ranch in San Luis Obispo County. The topography varies from flat farmland and pasture to oak covered hills and valleys. The Salinas River winds through the southeastern portion of the ranch. Wandering through this huge, expansive ranch in central California you will see a little bit of everything - pasture, rocks, majestic oaks and gorgeous views in every direction. A beautiful and private environment is here at this ranch. $5,950,000 f

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Idyllic Ranch Retreat & Vineyard Santa Barbara, California This idyllic getaway is nestled in a private and peaceful valley in wine country about two miles north of Highway 246. The property has a 13 acre producing vineyard with 7 acres of Pinot Noir, 4 acres of Chardonnay and 2 acres of Syrah, all within the STA Rita Hills Appellation. Around 10 additional acres are level and plantable to more vines or another type of farming. Oak trees on the hillsides look down on the vineyard and panoramic views of the surrounding hills, peaceful valleys and ocean. In addition to the vineyard, improvements on the property include a 3,000 square foot barn with a mezzanine, office, worker’s bathroom, one bedroom apartment with a full kitchen, bathroom and living room. $2,750,000 f

Waterfall Ranch Santa Barbara, California

Rancho Vista Del Mundo Santa Barbara, California

One of the largest “in town” ranches in Santa Barbara, offering convenient location, panoramic views, diverse terrain, an authentic hacienda adobe, and opportunity with eleven legal parcels. This 1,514 acre ranch is ideally situated just north of the San Roque, La Cumbre, and Hope Ranch neighborhoods and offers all the shopping, restaurants, schools and amenities of Santa Barbara culture. $17,950,000 f

This 10 acre ranch in the gated community of El Capitan Ranch is peaceful and parklike with a beautiful setting with a creek and waterfall. It is newly remodeled with fresh paint inside and out. It is a four bedroom, three bathroom home including a huge deck and a separate area downstairs with a wine cellar and lots of room for a gymnasium or office. $2,495,000 f

Kerry Mormann & Associates 977 Via Rosita, Santa Barbara CA 93110 Tel: (805) 682-3242 Fax: (805) 682-2742 Vol. I, No.4

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Palo Verde Ranch Pinal County, Arizona

The 91 section Palo Verde Ranch is located in Pinal County

Arizona. North West of Tucson with easy access to Highway 79,

and Interstate 10. Elevations run from 2,100 feet to 6,500 feet with

the Headquarters and Owners home set at 3,340 feet above sea level.

The majority of the cows were ranch raised and are Angus or

Brangus based, very few cows are over 6 years old. The majority

of the bulls are registered Angus and all are under 5 years old. The

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equipment includes a road grader, front end loader, stock trailer and ranch truck plus a great deal of other necessary equipment. Furnishings include several antique and designer pieces.

The custom designed, solar powered0 hill top owners home,

covers over 9,000 square feet under roof and contains 6,500 square feet of heated living area. The home offers a spacious master suite,

a large loft office with balcony overlooking two thirds of the ranch, a pool table and a large amount of storage. The large dining room

and open living room provide unobstructed sunrise, sunset and

style Horse barns and tack rooms. The headquarters also offers

a full bath and an open work-out area with excursive equipment.

squeeze chute, calf table and certified shipping scales. The Palo

ranch views. The east wing offers two large guest bedrooms with

Spacious porches with tile and flagstone patios and large pool provide great outdoor living and entertaining with spectacular

views of the saguaro covered hills and desert sunsets over the ranch.

Other Headquarters improvements include a 1,500 square feet,

3-bedroom managers home, a bunk house with separate kitchen and bathroom, a private landing strip with hangers, beautiful Spanish

an excellent set of working and shipping corrals, with sorting tub,

Verde Ranch offers one of the very finest working cattle ranches in Arizona.

The Ranch is priced at $3,250,000 with Seller Financing and

is offered, turn key with all; Equipment, Cattle and Furnishings,

including: +/- 500 mother cows, 40 bulls and 30 replacement heifers. f

Harley Hendricks Realty

Serving the Industry for Over 50 years Toll Free: (877) 349-2565 Cell: (520) 349-2565 E-mail: Vol. I, No.4

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Alamo Creek Ranch

Amador Ranch

San Luis Obispo County, California

Amador County, California

2,080-acre private secluded Vineyard Ranch Estate located on the scenic South Central Coast of California between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. Included are an owner’s residence, vineyard and agricultural core building complex with guest house, manager’s home, barn and outbuildings. $4,500,000 f

Consists of 506 total acres, 400 of which are potential vineyard property. It is located in the historic Sutter Creek area, close to Shenandoah Valley and sits above the fog and below the snowline. Also included are three 40-acre estate lots with 360 degree mountain top views of the Sierras and the Valley. $2,500,000 f

D & J Ranch

Renegade Ranch

Monterey County, California

Monterey County, California

A 320-acre cattle ranch nestled in the foothills of the Central California Mountains. The location is ideal for accessing the Monterey Peninsula for fine food, golf and entertainment, which is only about a one hour drive from the Ranch. $1,300,000 f

A secluded 3,450-acre game preserve and vineyard property located in the middle of the Central California Coast. Included on the property are approximately 100 acres of potential vineyard and an existing 8.5 foot high perimeter steel game fence. Local game includes deer, Tule elk, wild pig, dove, quail, turkey, ducks and geese. $4,900,000 f

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G & J Ranch Monterey County, California 1,567 acres of land surrounded by beautiful vineyards in the Central California Coastal Mountains. Included are 400 acres of tillable land and a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath ranch house, plus corrals, shed and barn. Zoning is Agricultural Pasture with 160 acre minimum parcels allowed. $3,800,000 f

Penon Blanco Ranch Mariposa County, California A historic ranch with 343 acres of gentle rolling to flat usable land with year round springs. On the Ranch there is excellent turkey and deer hunting and the property is only 30 minutes to the ‘Gates of Yosemite’ where outdoor recreation abounds. $1,600,000 f

Sierra Foothills Cattle Ranch Mariposa County, California 390 acres of land with a newer 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom contemporary home and includes stables and ponds to support livestock. The property is ideal for a cattle ranch or equestrian uses and located only about 45 minutes to Yosemite National Park. In addition, there are deer, quail, turkey, wild pig and other species found on the property. $1,100,000 f

Toll Free 866.761.7930 Vol. I, No.4

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The Stable on the Rail

Steelhouse Lake Farm

Aiken, South Carolina

Aiken, South Carolina

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a 20-stall barn with an exquisitely renovated owner’s apartment above, adjacent to the Aiken Training Track in Aiken’s Historic Horse District. The apartment has many upgrades, including hardwood floors, granite countertops, a master suite with walkin shower and huge closet. Downstairs there is a combination lounge/ tack room with entrance to the pool, as well as grooms’ quarters and a 2-bedroom apartment. 2.83 acres for $1,850,000. Contact: Lisa Hosang at (803) 270-8020 or Courtney Conger at (803) 645-3308 f

Located less than 10 miles from downtown Aiken in the desirable 302 equestrian corridor. A sparkling 15-acre lake is set in the heart of this gorgeous property, with over 93 gently rolling acres and a country cabin. The land is mostly cleared, grassed in Coastal Bermuda for hay production or grazing and has frontage on Shaw’s Creek. The 2 bedroom, 1 bath cabin has a full length porch overlooking the lake with a large outdoor grilling and barbeque area. There is a spacious open kitchen/family room with a fireplace. Potential for other development, including equestrian activities. Additional home and acreage adjoining this property may be purchased. Owner financing available. $1,800,000. Contact: Mike Hosang at (803) 270-6358 f

Maysfield Plantation Edgefield, South Carolina This Georgian home encompasses more than 7,000 square feet on approximately 147 acres of fields and woods with stables and board fenced pastures. The main residence features wood floors, 10-foot ceilings, living room with fireplace, dining room, hunt room with fireplace, exercise room, updated kitchen and breakfast room with custom cabinetry overlooking the in-ground pool. Downstairs is a guest room, bath and spacious master bedroom with fireplace and bath en suite. Off the master is a charming paneled library/office with fireplace. Upstairs are 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, and the third floor is fully finished. A curved brick breezeway with ornamental wrought iron accents leads from the house to the double garage. Near the entrance to the property, there is a renovated frame overseer’s house dating to 1840. $1,980,000. Contact: Courtney Conger at (803) 645-3308 f

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Goodsprings Plantation Aiken, South Carolina Located in a protected equestrian community just minutes from downtown Aiken at an affordable price. The entrance to Phase I, on Good Springs Road, is located only 6 miles from downtown Aiken. The entrance to Phase II is only 9.6 miles from downtown on Old Graniteville Road (Highway 191). Lots in both Phase I and II are now offered at $10,000 per acre. Some owner financing is available. The gracious Goodsprings Community House has been completed and will serve as the hub of neighborhood activities. Other amenities, including a trail system and riding rings, will be implemented over the coming months. The plantation is offered exclusively by the Carolina Company. Contact: Randy Wolcott at (803) 507-1142 or Courtney Conger at (803) 645-3308 f

Overlook Farm

Private Hunting Preserve

Aiken, South Carolina

Located on the South Edisto River

Horse farm situated on approximately 70 acres of gently rolling land near Aiken’s popular Highway 302 “polo alley.” Mostly cleared, fenced and with established grass, this property features an exquisitely restored old farm house with high ceilings, beautiful moldings and hardwood floors. A seamless new addition to the back of the home includes a gourmet kitchen, den with fireplace and a gorgeous master suite with fireplace. Outbuildings consist of a 24-stall barn, covered terrace, a 60 X 80 storage building with office space and very high ceilings to accommodate oversized vehicles. Includes 2 nicely landscaped cottages for grooms or guests. $2,498,000. Contact: Lisa Hosang at (803) 270-8020 f

3,206 acres of beautiful horse country comprised of cleared, level pasture land, refreshing pond, gently rolling woods and over 2 miles of river frontage on the South Edisto River. Significant improvements on property include a 12-stall shed row barn with wash rack, manager’s cottage, large kennel, separate whelping kennel, fenced paddocks, equipment storage, underground utilities, functional airstrip and airplane hangar. $10,500,000. Contact: Mike Hosang at (803) 270-6358 f

Buckleigh Farms Equestrian Center Aiken, South Carolina

Farmfield Plantation Aiken, South Carolina Exceptional polo estates contiguous to the New Bridge Polo complex that has emerged in Aiken’s polo corridor in recent years. The 30-acre site includes a natural border of old-growth hardwoods and vistas of neighboring polo estates on all sides. The state-of-the-art steel framed barn has 24 stalls and all the amenities, including a 2,000-square foot owner’s apartment with a grandstand view of the polo field. The regulation size field is sprigged with hardy 419 Bermuda grass and incorporates leading edge in-field irrigation, operated by a computerized controller for easy maintenance. Two fenced paddocks and a future home-site overlooking the entire estate complete the property. $1,750,000. Contact: Alex Tyrteos at (203) 249-3071 f

In the heart of Buckleigh Farms Estates, the 47-acre Equestrian Center features a full size polo field surrounded by a training track, 3 barns with 150 stalls, a covered arena for year-round training and equestrian events, Grand Prix dressage arena, hunter/jumper ring and perimeter bridle paths. An office and manager’s duplex has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on each side, and there are additional grooms’ quarters among the various buildings. $2,300,000. Contact: Courtney Conger at (803) 645-3308 f

333 Park Avenue SW Aiken, SC 29801 803.648.8660 800.880.0108 Vol. I, No.4

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Close to the northern tip of the Big Island - Big Island, Hawaii 66 acres of prime ranch land in the heart of North Kohala close to the northern tip of the Big Island. Views are of Maui, the historic town of Hawi and the North Kohala coast north towards Pololu Valley. Approximately 10 minutes from the center of Hawi with the amenities of the modern world but once you are on the land, you are transformed to old Hawaii. This elegant upcountry property offers refuge from the stress and busyness of the rest of your world. Upon arrival you can breathe a sigh of relief and settle instantly into the quiet and rejuvenating virtues of country life. There is room here to walk, ride horses, raise healthy children, food and animals or simply sit on your porch and contemplate your blessings. Offered at $1,590,000 f

In the Heart of North Kohala Located on the slopes of Mount Hualalai - Big Island, Hawaii

Aerie Kona Coffee Farm

Perched on the verdant slopes of Mount Hualalai, high above Kailua Kona, Aerie Farm is the single source of Hawaiian Hawk, an award winning 100% Kona coffee farm. Located in the Keopu Mauka area at about 2,200 feet elevation, the rich volcanic soil, filtered sunlight, steady breeze and daily showers combine to create the perfect micro-climate for growing gourmet coffee. The five-acre parcel with panoramic views has been improved by grading and shaping for water control, installation of approximately 2,597 coffee trees, preparation of a main residential house pad, and completed construction of a dwelling and utility building. Aerie Farms sells Hawaiian Hawk 100% Kona coffee as well as 100% Kona coffee cherry, bulk green (unroasted) Kona coffee beans, Kona coffee parchment and roasted gourmet Kona coffee beans. Offered at $1,250,000. Co-listed with Lovette Llantos, R(S) 808-217-9671 f

Located near Waimea - Big Island, Hawaii

ManuAloha Aloha Manu 88 Open Fences

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The original vision for this 38-acre ranch embraced a refined combination of Craftsman, Mission and Japanese Farmhouse-inspired architecture coupled with a commitment to self-sufficient energy. This property is destined to perpetuate a sustainable lifestyle for young and old alike for generations to come. Located near Waimea in the ranching community of Waikoekoe, the only true 100% green community on the Big Island. Once part of the vast royal holdings of King Lunalilo, Waikoekoe is situated above and overlooking the mountain ridges of Waipio Valley. Purely dramatic views surround this property on all sides: the rugged mist shrouded Waipio Valley rim from the Waimea side of the canyon, the blue waters of the Hamakua coast, Maui and majestic Mauna Kea dominate this otherwise gently rolling and still pristine pasture land with healing, clean air. Offered at $1,688,888 f

Unparalleled Equestrian Estate Exclusive Waikii Ranch - Big Island, Hawaii A world-class architectural feat and the most luxurious equestrian estate in Hawaii.

Constructed in Canada of hand selected, massive cedar logs the main residence, stables and

guesthouse were then deconstructed and recreated in Hawaii by craftsman from all over the globe. The amenities and refined features of this distinctive property are for those with the most discerning of portfolios. Situated on 53 acres of land with panoramic views of the mountains and the ocean, combined living and covered lanai of the home is 9,000 square

feet, a guesthouse of 2,865 square feet, the elegant stables total over 9,900 square feet of performance, the professional riding arena 14,000 square feet. Offered at $12,895,000 f

Ohu Lani Estate Waimea’s premiere ranch estate - Big Island, Hawaii 14 acres of prime, green rolling pasture land sitting upon the

heavenly mountain as if in a light cloud, adorned as with leis. Up close and awe-inspiring views of Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa,

and Hualalai and out over the rich farmlands of Waimea as far as the eye can see. The estate of Ohulani is embraced by the surrounding mountains and the renowned beauty of Waimea.

The main residence, guest cottage, covered exterior space

and 4-car garage bring the total to approx 10,000 square feet under roof. This residence is a classic example of Hawaii’s best craftsmanship and use of exotic materials: elegant and rich wood

flooring and cabinetry of Hawaiian Koa, African mahogany and Laotian Pradu; hand carved front doors of rare and highly

prized Narra from the Philippines; hand etched glass doors inside

and outside of Koa and African Mahogany. Offered at $2,750,000 f

Rebecca Keliihoomalu, Broker

MacArthur & Company Sotheby’s International Realty 808.747.8692 Direct Office 808.895.1156 Cell Vol. I, No.4

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200 Acre Ranch

A Ranch for Many Uses

Chaffee County, Colorado

Sharp County, Arkansas

This historic Colorado ranch has been in the same family for over 50 years and was originally used to grow lettuce. Could easily be used for organic farming. Pasture for horses or cattle. Abundant wildlife. Adjoining 400 acres is available that includes water rights. $1,900,000 f

448 AR acres features 1.5 miles of frontage on the incredible Strawberry River. 278 acres cleared bottom land will run up to 100 cow/calf units and cut 800 big round hay bales. 170 acres of great hunting. Fenced and cross-fenced with pastures in excellent shape. Newly remodeled home plus a second home site. $965,000 f

Brushy Creek Guest Ranch

Custom Log Home

53 +/- Mississippi acres with national forest on 3 sides. Includes log home, 3 guest cabins, 27 RV sites, pool, arena, 5 acre stocked lake, barn with 80 stalls, creek frontage and much more! Located about 1 hour from Baton Rouge. Well established with many repeat guests. $1,450,000 f

This log home on 155 Missouri acres offers 3,800 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, floor to ceiling native stone fireplace, country kitchen, lush pasture with hay fields all fenced and cross-fenced. 3 barns, outbuildings and 4 ponds complete the picture. $949,900 f

Amite County, Mississippi

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Howell County, Missouri

Louisiana Estate Ouchita Parish, Louisiana 43 +/- acres with Barnmaster barn includes; 10 stalls, lab, office, half bathroom, tack room and more. 5 pastures, 2 corrals, 5 loafing sheds with automatic waterers and pond. Handicap accessible 4,154 square foot home features gourmet kitchen, 3 fireplaces, master suite and much, much more. Excellent incentives from Louisiana Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse Breeding Programs. $1,295,000 f

Ruby Lake Ranch Madison County, Montana 6,671 acres with 3 +/- miles of lake frontage. Additional 2,200 acres of BLM leased. Numerous natural and developed water resources and systems. Remote cabin sits on ridge. Elk, deer, moose and antelope abound. Drastically reduced to $7,800,000 f

Whiskey Island Preserve Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Premiere Estate Nevada County, California Luxury 6,200 square foot gated home within the Tahoe National Forest features a glass gallery/bridge connecting to 18,700 square foot pavilion currently being used for dressage. Minutes to world class skiing and lake activities. Owner very motivated. On 20 +/- acres and drastically reduced to $6,995,000 f

260 Louisiana acres with lodge, pool, tennis courts, nature trails and 45boat marina on waterway connecting to the Gulf of Mexico. Engineered and approved for (70) one acre building lots. Suitable for RV park, family compound or whatever your heart desires. $4,700,000 f

Your #1 Source for Country Real Estate 1-800-999-1020 Ext. 903 Vol. I, No.4

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Bryan Station Road

Mt. Horeb Pike

Fayette County, Lexington, Kentucky

Fayette County, Kentucky

Looking for the finest in accommodations for you and your horses? 17 acre show farm surrounded by horse farms! The 7-year-old, 6,000 square foot main residence is a top of the line custom home by one of Lexington’s premier builders. 2 guest apartments, 9 stall barn, oversized trailer/hay storage building, 250 foot x 125 foot outdoor. Gorgeous setting – owner financing available. $1,795,000 f

One of the best values on the market at the finest address- 36 acres, brand new steel truss indoor 200 foot x 100 foot, 17 stalls in 2 barns, new fencing, apartment, guest house, and recently redone, French Chateau style main house. Located only 2 miles from the horse park on gorgeous, top quality and level land. Motivated seller wants offer. $2,200,000 f

Evans Mill

Iron Works

A very rare opportunity! Up to 436 acres of the most gorgeous gently rolling Fayette County hay land framed by dense tree lines with multiple ponds and a lake, and only 5 minutes to shopping or 10 minutes to downtown Lexington, but in a peaceful world all its own – Priced to sell by highly motivated sellers at $8,600 per acre. f

A fabulous new custom house with views to die for! Located on 32 gently rolling acres of prime Bourbon County horse land with a 10 stall barn and 4 board fencing. The main residence features high ceilings, large windows, an open floor plan, hardwood floors and surround sound system. $799,000 f

Fayette County, Kentucky

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Bourbon County, Kentucky

Vol. I, No.4

Delaney Ferry Mill Knob Red River Gorge, Stanton, Kentucky At the gateway to the Red River Gorge. Amazing chalet style residence with multiple decks and vaulted ceilings, nestled in the treetops overlooking your own private lake. Located on 140 acres with tons of road frontage and multiple division possibilities. $899,000 or the house and 17 acres may be purchased for $429,000 f

Fayette County, Kentucky Fabulous views of grazing horses, cascading creeks and woods. Located just 4 miles from Versailles, Kentucky. This lovely estate offers a 4,500 square foot custom residence, 10-stall barn, guesthouse, all nestled on a 22-acre retreat. $865,000 f

Old Richmond Road Fayette County, Lexington, Kentucky

Russell Cave Fayette County, Kentucky Kentucky Charm at its finest – pristine setting, high ceilings, varied width hardwood floors, large rooms and halls. 22-acre portion of the former Spendthrift located in just 6 miles from the Horse Park and 10 miles from downtown sporting prime soils, nearly level land, manager’s house and stately trees. The ideal horse farm or country retreat close to town. Additional land available. New to market with a motivated seller $1,200,000 f

A very rare opportunity to buy the best horse training facility in Lexington as a going concern. Offering the finest buildings in the best location, this 95 acres with 46 stalls in 3 barns, 200 foot x 100 foot indoor, 2 outdoor arenas, 26 board fenced paddocks, manager’s quarters, multiple cross country courses, is everything a horse enthusiast has ever dreamed of. $2,950,000 f

See all Central Kentucky farms at: Hill and Regan Parker (859) 608-8039 “Real Horse People helping Real Horse People” Vol. I, No.4

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2010 World Equestrian Games and International Equestrian Festival By: Lauren Prather, Managing Editor

Innovative Products

Pre-Vent Feeders

Pre-Vent Feeders’ eight compartments prevent choke by forcing a horse to concentrate on its meal. The horse must use its lips and tongue to obtain a smaller portion of feed at a time, according to PreVent Feeders sales representative Jason Doolan. The feeders also help prevent sand indigestion, colic and feed waste. “Sand colic is when a horse spills feed on the ground then ingests all of the waste and sand along with the feed,” Doolan said, “Gas builds up behind the sand and the colon expands, causing the horse to feel pain and muscle spasms.” Horses will lift their heads out of feeders when they feel enclosed and drop feed in the sand. The product is designed at an angle parallel to a horse’s jaw and the feeder line is low enough for the horse to maintain peripheral vision while enjoying meals in a calmer manner.

Priefert Equine’s Horse Walkers

Priefert Equine manufactures an entire line of ranching equipment including; horse walkers, PBR bucking shoots, fencing and barns. The panel walker is powered by a Siemens 3 horse power motor and planetary gear box. According to sales representative, Bentley Hall, Priefert replaces a lot of other companies’ walkers that are belt driven. “It’s becoming the Cadillac of horse walkers,” Bentley said, “This horse walker is strong enough and heavy enough to use as a bull walker.” The walker also features variable speeds, forward and reverse directions, heavy duty divider panels, push-button control box and programmable control screen.


HydraHorse is an in-trailor drinking system for horses or livestock. Its unique design accomodates all horse or livestock trailers. According to sales representative, Luke Gunn, HydraHorse is the only in-trailor watering system. “The other great thing is it’s portable,” Gunn said, “You can put it on the inside or outside of the trailor.” HydraHorse also includes a quick connect system to wash your horse or livestock. “We have certified installers but any local trailor dealer can install this sytem,” Gunn said.

Greystone America’s Travel Fence

Greystone’s travel fence provides a mobile and temporary horse corral in minutes. The 4-foot-tall retractable fence also includes two collapsable posts with anchoring pins. David Oberhofer, creator of the paddock vacuum system, designs the Greystone products to accomodate smaller equine areas and equipment that will operate with smaller utility vehicles. According to a Greystone sales representative, an electric travel fence will be available soon. For more information visit:

Guy McLean Australia’s Horseman and Entertainer Australian horseman, Guy McLean, knows how to dazzle a crowd during Alltech’s 2010 World Equestrian Games and the International Equestrian Festival. McLean’s performances demonstrate selftaught horsemanship, whip cracking and Australian bush poetry. Sequel, Pride, Hope and Spinabbey are four of McLean’s horses that participate in the various performances, events or shows. McLean is from Maryborough, Australia, where he started professionally training horses at age 15. He is the youngest of five brothers, with one younger sister. McLean said he felt a little insignificant growingup with so many siblings and began riding horses at 4-years-old. “I felt like an equal with the horses,” McLean said, “Mentally, I was able to connect easier.” McLean gained most of his riding and poetry experience while galloping horses through the Bush in Australia. “My dream is to perform a show that marries education and entertainment together,” McLean said, “I don’t want to do anything else. These horses are my entire life.” McLean and his team of horses capture the mind and heart during their spectacular, must-see performances. For more information visit:

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