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Q: What types of projects does GSM want to develop in the

transparent. For Artz, we decided to allocate 50 percent of the

Mexican real-estate market and what challenges does it face?

profitable space, which totaled more than 20,000m2, to green

A: As time passes, GSM is concentrating its efforts more and

areas for the community. We have invested a great amount of

more on mixed-use developments. It is clear that standalone

money to develop supporting and public infrastructure around

projects, whether commercial or office developments, are not

our projects to increase quality of life.

working well in the market anymore. Consumers are looking for the experience created when all these components are

Q: What differentiates Artz from other commercial

brought together, which are what makes a project successful

developments in the south of Mexico City?

today. GSM combines housing, tourism, commercial, corporate

A: Artz Pedregal is a mixed-use project that will be like no

and cultural developments into one and that is where we see

other in Mexico. We are integrating luxury boutiques such

the biggest opportunity in the market.

as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other luxury brands that could previously only be found in Palacio de Hierro. There will

Finding the perfect location is definitely one of the most

also be a cultural element integrated into the mall and four

difficult elements when constructing in urban settings. There

corporate towers. We believe that this will be the future of

are few AAA lots available but once the land is acquired the

malls. All these new elements that we are integrating will

next step is getting all the permits, land use and licenses in

surprise the market and it will be a pioneer in architecture,

order. This is a tedious and intricate process that involves

tenant mix and urbanization. We believe it will surpass the

many government agencies and can take up to two years

success Antara enjoyed when it was first developed in 2006.

but you must do it right. Q: How will Reforma Colón transform Mexico City’s Q: How is GSM integrating the Artz mall development into a

downtown area?

residential area as complex as Pedregal?

A: Reforma Colón is our largest and most complex project

A: Artz is a project that because of its nature became a

at the moment but it will have a tremendous impact on the

controversial topic, not for what it represents but because

urban development of the city. This project will regenerate

of where it is located and because sometimes people are not

downtown Mexico City, paving the way for similar projects

well-informed about a project. One of the biggest challenges

not only in Mexico but in all of Latin America. For the past

we faced was integrating it into the mobility system of the

three years, we have been working hard to fuse together 27

Periferico highway. We are investing more than MX$200

properties totaling more than 45,000m2, which is a close-to-

million (US$11 million) in public infrastructure around the

impossible task in Mexico’s saturated city center. We have

commercial development, including installing U-turns,

the opportunity to truly transform this part of Mexico City

bypasses and tunnels.

and bring it back to life. Concentrating cities in their center is more efficient in terms of investment and infrastructure,

We want to create projects that truly boost the quality of life

while creating microcities within the city makes for much more

of their surrounding areas. We always invest large amounts of

efficient use of space.

money in additional infrastructure that improves mobility and flow of traffic in the area. Apart from road infrastructure, we

Q: How is GSM able to fund multiple large projects that

also invest in the improvement and construction of the area’s

demand heavy investment?

entire water infrastructure system. Artz Pedregal will bring to

A: At GSM we are independent developers but at Sordo

life the southern area of Mexico City that had been forgotten

Madaleno Arquitectos (SMA) we also work as third-party

for many years in terms of new commercial and mixed-use

architects with other developers, such as Fibra Danhos and

real-estate developments. I think it is important that both

Fibra Uno, on projects such as Parque Toreo and Midtown

the developers and communities ensure communication is

Jalisco. Most of the projects that form part of GSM’s portfolio

Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Review 2018  
Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Review 2018  

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