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Woo-ing the nation





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20 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine


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Our Homewares Departments have returned! From Wednesday 13 June all Ballantynes Homewares departments will return to the City Mall store. The Home Edit store at 520 Colombo Street will be closed from 5 June.

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07 JUNE 2018


Woo-ing the nation









Winter’sWindows T H E



A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s, I n n o v a t i o n s


20 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine



Josh Emett heads a culinary collective that includes some of the country’s much-loved hotspots. Metropol talks to this culinary creative about Woo-ing the nation with his new restaurant offering. Photography: Kieran Scott.







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Winter’sWindows T H E



A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s, I n n o v a t i o n s

INTERNAL COVER Windows and winter comfort are inextricably entwined. Thermally efficient options are expanding, along with energy efficient uPVC windows and thermally broken options – page 94. 07 JUNE 2018 VOL 21 ISSUE 11

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290 Papanui Rd, Merivale

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“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” - Wayne W. Dyer



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’ll admit it, I have somewhat of a love hate relationship with social media. Numerous attempts over the years to sever ties have failed, often on the basis of ‘that distant London cousin I need to keep in contact with’ or, my favourite, ‘but I need it for work’. And, after a trial separation has resulted in eventual reconciliation, the honeymoon period is always so much sweeter. After all, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. But I have to concede that, despite its social shortcomings, plenty of good too comes from the social media platform. Long lost relatives have been reunited, it’s been used to create awareness of social movements and it has given a voice to society’s voiceless. It’s also created overnight sensations. Jordan Watson posted a funny video one night before heading off to bed. He woke up to 250,000 views. Now, those funny videos are a full-time job. We spoke to Jordon about ‘How to Dad’ ahead of his trip to Christchurch and it got me thinking, life really is all about what you make of it. Some of the world’s greatest philosophers have determined that the power of the mind is such that your perception is your reality. Your mind really does have the ability to change your world. So the next time you’re feeling negative, why not try reframing the way you’re looking at things. After all, the glass may be half full; it may be half empty, but when you recognise the glass is refillable, then it matters very little either way.

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escribed as a small town, good Kiwi comedy, The Biggest promises a night of entertainment and laughter as we follow the escapades of Poppa, Pat and Mick in their quest to land the biggest fish, and thereby win their mate Stu a replacement boat for the one he wrote off. It’s a great plan… except for two small problems – their collective lack of fishing skills and no actual means to catch the fish.

Swap your tackle for your tux, ‘cos The Court has caught the best catch yet

Somethinginfishy the city

Calling all fisherfolk – it’s time to call it a day; throw the small ones back, reel in your line, remove your waders and swap your tackle for your tux, ‘cos The Court has caught the best catch yet and you don’t want to miss any of the action!

Written by award-winning playwright Jamie Mcaskill, this hilarious, huge-hearted new comedy is a story of tough Māori and Pakeha men navigating life in small-town Aotearoa. The cast is top-notch, with renowned Kiwi actor Mark Hadlow playing Stu; Rob Lloyd as Poppa; Phil Grieve as Pat, and Apirana Taylor as Mick. Nick Dunbar and Juanita Hepi play Jan and Cassie, respectively. Directed by Ross Gumbley, The Court Theatre’s Artistic Director, The Biggest opens 16 June and runs through to 14 July. For ticketing information visit Book online or call The Court Theatre Box Office 03-963 0870.



STYLISH DESIGN, CONTEMPORARY RETIREMENT LIVING Making your retirement move is easy when it’s to one of these sought after locations.

03 357 9392 73 Roydvale Ave, Christchurch For enquiries contact Nola Lamb

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Located on the site of the old Russley Hotel, the Russley Village is set within eight acres of award-winning gardens and grounds. The centrepiece of The Russley Village is its purpose built resident community facility, The Homestead where you will find Abode Café & Brasserie, a cinema, library, arts & crafts space, hair salon and wellness rooms. The Sefton Apartments are nearly all sold with just a few stunning one bedroom apartments still available. Residents are enjoying the magnificent pool and spa complex which completes the wonderful range of facilities available at the village. Holly Lea Village is nestled in the heart of Fendalton within beautifully tailored grounds with an extensive range of facilities including restaurant, garden lounge, cinema, library, hair salon and the newly renovated dining room. The village offers a range of care and extra support services delivered to your apartment.

03 351 2679 123 Fendalton Rd, Christchurch For enquiries contact Juliane Brand

Putting your Laundry together? Model LUA120T one of the many options available

293 Cranford St. St Albans Christchurch Ph.03 3667137 75 Kingsley St. Sydenham Christchurch Ph.03 366 7199 Metropol June 07, 2018 9

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Speakin Out He’s one of the City Council’s most outspoken councillors, fighting fires as he fights for city-wide improvements. Metropol talks to Councillor Aaron Keown about freedom of speech and dabbling in the arts.



Protect your family by ensuring your water is Clean & Sterile! Made in New Zealand, UV Water Systems WSR3 whole house water filtration and sterilisation unit.

Don McAra & MIN KIM 14th July~27th July

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For the removal of chlorine, sprays, rust, sands, sediment and the sterilisation of bacteria, E coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other water born nasties. For the treatment of city, ground and rain water.

Phone 09 8271409

How important is Christchurch city and its future to you? It’s more important now than ever before. Firstly, I’m a father of three now, I have to set the city up in a good position for the future. And, secondly, because of the earthquakes. The future survival of our city is a massive issue for anyone in a leadership role right now. You’re pretty outspoken for a council member. How important is freedom of speech? It’s really important. I have an issue with councillors who don’t speak out except behind closed doors and in their political circles. As a result, you don’t really know your politicians or those running your city. I speak my mind, if it gets me in trouble, so be it. You’ve had a couple of fires to fight recently, including a Merivale wife analogy… To be honest, the Merivale housewives comment isn’t the worst thing I’ve said, but ironically it was the thing that was picked up on. It was actually a back-handed compliment, not meant as a negative swipe at anyone, but it was a bit of

a distraction. Though I’ve had way more people say ‘good on ya’ than ‘I can’t believe you said that’. Most people don’t seem that offended. Can you tell us a bit more about dabbling in a bit of comedy, acting and music? I’ve worked full time in entertainment for over 20 years, touring New Zealand, doing film work, TV work, stage shows and comedy for that whole time. I’ve always been into the arts and I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to make a living off it for many years. What do you love about Christchurch? Usually the water is right at the top! Winters are cold, but not too cold; summers are hot, but not too hot. It’s one of the most creative places in the world. The number of inventions and political movements from this city per head of population rivals anywhere in the world– Kate Sheppard, the Hamilton Jet, Rutherford went to school here, the guy who invented the CT scanner and tranquiliser gun is from here. It’s a creative place and we don’t celebrate that enough. What does the next 12 months have in store for you? The next 12 months are looking good for council. We get to finish off a number of projects, so people will start seeing tangible evidence of things finishing, which will make people feel better. I’m also working on a couple of shows and things, so keep an eye on this space!

Established in January 2014 by Pam Wheeler and Robyn Loversidge, Pegasus Bay Law offers a free no obligation consultation to enable you to meet us and chat about how we can assist you. PROPERTY LAW | FAMILY LAW ENDURING POWERS OF ATTORNEY | TRUSTS, WILLS & ESTATES Christchurch Office 327 Westminster St, Mairehau Phone 03 386 2211

Kaiapoi Office 97 Williams Street, Kaiapoi Phone 03 928 1215

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How and why did you first become involved in local council? I got involved after I had to pick up a mate for rugby. It took as long to drive from one side of Christchurch to the other as it did in LA. I had recently come home from the States and couldn’t work out why the traffic was so bad in Christchurch. Most people got into council because there was an issue that ticked them off.

one on one

A Philanthropic Endeavour Mandy Kennedy is about to celebrate her first anniversary as the CEO of Ronald McDonald House South Island (RMHSI), turning her philanthropic hand to supporting this incredibly worthy cause. Metropol talks to Mandy about partnering commercial enterprise with a charitable imperative and her passion for this exceptional service. What first attracted you to this role? I have always held RMHSI in very high regard, having watched with interest from afar the stellar work for families the organisation undertakes. Its mission is clear and very simple


– to support families while their child undergoes hospital care. I have great empathy for those families. I guess being a mother you are predisposed to understanding and appreciating the vital importance of keeping families

close, particularly in times of great need. Timing is everything; our family had made the decision to move to Christchurch and the CEO role became available. I recall saying to my husband



Call our friendly clinical team on

0800 52 73 71 for a FREE ASSESSMENT

Laservision Eye Clinic Merivale. 269 Papanui Road, Christchurch.

12 June 07, 2018 Metropol

that this role was made for me, as I felt my career to date had been slowly but steadily preparing me for this.

It was heart-warming to see how close you were with some of the children who have stayed with you at the recent MFactor Fashion Show. It must be incredibly difficult when these families go back home? Thank you for your kind words and what an exceptional event the MFactor Fashion Show is; hats off to organiser Maree Lucas! To be honest, every child and family we serve at RMHSI is special and yes, we do form wonderful relationships. When families leave us, this is a time for celebration, for our job is done and the family is on to the next part of their journey.

You’ve had a number of roles in the not for profit sector, why is this? I spent many years working in the hotel sector, so am geared to ensuring people are comfortable, have what they need and are well cared for. My first glimpse into a not-for-profit was when a hotel company I was working for partnered with a national charity. I saw the benefit this engagement

How challenging can the philanthropic environment be in terms of engaging support? Competition for the charity dollar is a challenge, as there are many exceptionally worthy causes deserving of support. It is challenging (and very pleasurable) work because we know that $1000 will support one family for one week at Ronald McDonald House and that $1000

will make the family’s journey a little more palatable, allowing them to concentrate on their child’s treatment while we take care of the day to day things for them. I welcome any company, person, community group to get in touch to help us support these families, as you never know when you may be the one needing our services. We welcome support as we fund our entire operation from the donations we receive and the funds our team raises. What would surprise readers about Ronald McDonald House South Island? Our volunteers; in 2017, over 18,000 volunteer hours were given freely to our organisation. I cannot even begin to convey how truly grateful we are to these generous people, helping with housekeeping, providing baking, cooking for our Family Dinner Programme, donating time to support our Annual Appeal or one of our events. My second stand-out is just how many families that this organisation has served. In March this year we celebrated our 15th birthday. I asked the team how many families have we served over this time. The answer – just over 7,000. This is immense and important work and long may it continue because there is obviously a great need. What exciting plans and events are on the horizon for the charity? Goodness me, where to start! We run a series of Supper Club events in Christchurch, Queenstown and Invercargill and also a fabulous ‘Day at the Polo’ at the Port Hills Polo Club in Tai Tapu – each event is equally important as they raise vital funds to support our operation. In addition we are working up a major gift and bequest programme and hope to announce soon our plans for expansion as we do reach capacity on a regular basis.

Brand New Day Spa Opening 2018! Welcoming our new executive stylist, ava, to the H&B Team! Metropol June 07, 2018 13

one on one

gave our company. More importantly it became clear the impact the work the charity was undertaking had on families. Way back then the seed was planted; it was just a matter of aligning with a not-for-profit I felt I could make the most difference with. Prior to moving to Christchurch I was CEO of the Queenstown Trails Trust, building tracks and trails. The important part of this role for me was these tracks and trails are for everyone to enjoy – whether you’re young, old, a local or a visitor, the trails are available to use free of charge. It made my heart sing seeing the work we had done enabled people to enjoy the great outdoors at their own pace in their own time.

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OnTop of the World Cameron Bailey has been awarded the number one Harcourts sales consultant in the world and is also thrilled that the company he is part owner in has had its Papanui office announced as the top office for Harcourts out of over 800 offices globally. Metropol talks to Cameron about the 15 years of dedication behind the accolade. What attracted you to real estate? I’ve always been a people person and prior to real estate I was working in hospitality – restaurants and cafés. I’ve always loved property since buying my first home at 20. The longer I’m in real estate, the more I realise it’s about the people and not the houses. I see a real estate agent as the middle man negotiating fair value between sellers and buyers. Building rapport and trust with both sides gets the deal done. How do you get to be the No 1 Harcourts salesperson in the world?! I’ve only achieved this accolade twice in a fifteen-year career. I think people see the award but don’t realise there’s

14 June 07, 2018 Metropol

fifteen years of hard work behind it to get there. I also have an amazing team of sales consultants and personal assistants that I work with who drive the business behind me. In this marketplace the successful agents are backed by a team, so they can provide better service and better support than a lone ranger agent.

work day after 8pm, or even later if I’m negotiating a deal or appraising a property. Saturdays and Sundays, I work both days and usually do 12-14 open homes for the weekend. Real estate is a lifestyle, not a job.

What has been your recipe for success in the real estate space? As I’ve said before, work ethic is always the basis for success but after fifteen years in the industry I bring to the table a lot of experience and credibility. In a tighter marketplace the credibility of the agent representing your property can mean extra money when it comes to the sale price. I always like to think that we’ve been ahead of the trends and other agents follow us and look at us for what to do in the market.

Besides from real estate what else are you passionate about? I have two beautiful identical twin girls that are now seven, I try and spend as much time with them as I can and our favourite place to go for a quick week away is Fiji. I also try to lead a healthy lifestyle, I’m a fitness fanatic and I’m obsessed with eating healthy food. I’m trying to eat a keto based diet at the moment. I love travelling and I try to have some down time overseas a couple of times a year with South America being on the hit list in the near future. I’m also a car enthusiast; I’ve loved cars since I was a kid.

What does a day in your life look like? Monday to Friday my alarm goes off at 5am. I go to the gym at 6am, breakfast at 7:30am, arrive at the office at 8:15am, I am in and out of appointments all day and I am constantly on the phone in between appointments. Usually I finish the

Any words to live by? One of my favourite quotes at the moment is, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” – Martin Luther King.

Metropol June 07, 2018 15

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A Straight-Shooter From inspiring the nation as a Silver Fern to firing up the Canterbury Flames as a coach, Margaret Foster MNZM continues to inspire and motivate. 16 June 07, 2018 Metropol

Was coaching always on the professional cards for you? I absolutely loved coaching and helping others at a very young age. I thought I might become a better coach than a player. I have learnt so much over the years. The biggest part to coaching is to be able to connect with yourself and others. I am much more calm and relaxed with my coaching now. I feel I was a bit OTT as a young coach; it was not healthy. I get so passionate with my coaching. I have coached in a lot of different environments and love bringing the best out in athletes. I am pretty innovative as well. I enjoy the creativity side. At Motivationz, I can see up to 300 netballers a week and to have an impact on their netball is so rewarding. I don’t actually coach a team currently but fill in when needed if a coach is away or I come in as a guest coach. You have coached throughout the world, while raising a family – both roles you want to give your all to. How challenging was this? It was really challenging. I had just finished chemo for my breast cancer and was asked to coach/mentor in the UK at the prestigious Loughborough University. I really should have said no as my health and where I was at maybe wasn’t where it needed to be, but I accepted it and commuted over. You know that saying ‘what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger’ – it was like that for me! I wanted to feel normal but it made me realise I was going to have to change my ways. I was so grateful for the university taking me on and I had an awesome experience, but I did have some major meltdowns, which my family expected. The bonus was that I took my family overseas for short stints. I have enjoyed coaching overseas as well in the Cook Islands, Fiji, Australia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Dubai and the UK but nothing beats home

sweet home and being able to make a difference here. I love Christchurch. I made a pact to myself on the plane home from the UK, that I was never going to travel overseas on my own ever again and that if I was invited to coach or help out, one of the family members would always come with me or I don’t go at all. I have kept to this so far. You’ve had a high profile battle with breast cancer and now you’re the ambassador for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation. How difficult was the decision to be so open about your experience? The decision has been quite easy, as not many women/men like to open up about their experiences. One of my mates said to me when I first got cancer and was devastated coachingwise, ‘look now you can impact thousands of people, not just a netball team of 12’. It got me thinking yeah, I can make a difference. When I speak, I speak from the heart and give strategies that worked for me. I love being the ambassador of NZBCF. The biggest words are faith and hope – faith, not fear. If I can help someone through a traumatic time, with a simple message of hope or support, then I feel very privileged to be able to help. I do not want to take up room on this earth and not contribute the best I can. At my funeral, I want to be remembered by ‘she was a crack up, loving, caring, made things happen, passionate, was real positive’. Life can be taken from us so quickly and possibly unexpectedly, so we need to all enjoy each day. BE KIND! How has this experience changed you? It has so changed me. I let things go quicker now, do not sweat the small stuff, I live in the moment more and celebrate every day. I really do get it now about life, I cherish every moment and, of course, family is number one. I am so grateful for everything and give thanks like 50 times a day for waking up. I laugh so much more, drink lots more wine, love myself, never get on the scales to weigh myself, wear my best perfume whenever I want, eat whatever I feel like trying and most of all I have this attitude that if I am meant to be doing something, it will just work itself out, letting the universe look after me. Can you tell us about Motivationz and Inspired Events NZ – how did these come about? Inspired Events came about through a lovely group of females here in Canterbury who were always too busy to get it off the ground, until I met up with Christine Korako. We just hit it off. She had the same interest and purpose as me in regards to the why – simply to inspire. Recently we ran a successful Women Inspiring Women luncheon for 150 women; we have a mother/daughter pink brekky on, another Inspiring Women lunch, a Men Inspiring Men event, workshops for businesses and students, ‘Inspire Me’ workshops. It’s so good to be in business with another beautiful wahine that rolls the same way that I do. I am really enjoying being around her wisdom and sense of humour. We love what we do. We make it happen.

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You’ve had an incredible career as a Silver Ferns player and then coach. What have you been up to in recent years? During my time as coach, I started thinking about what I was destined to do; the first was to get pregnant and have another baby, so I resigned from my job as a secondary school teacher/sports academy director at Aranui High School and set up Motivationz with my husband Anthony. At the start, we had his swim school and I added Motivationz netball. Small steps; we were working with 200 children weekly for netball skills and learn to swim, and we did a whole heap of mentoring and coaching for free to help out our mates’ children, plus anyone who came along our way in the sports space. Then we were offered contracts in the mentoring space with teenagers and OMG, it was like being in heaven! Doing what you love, loving what you do. I get really inspired with what we do out in schools and seeing what amazing students we can inspire. Now we have two big contracts mentoring students in secondary schools, running rugby programmes for young children, setting up sports-specific programmes, designing grit programmes, and mental skills/leadership programmes and literally anything a school or business needs, we organically grow and make it happen.

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Spoilt choice


Winter in Ōtautahi has never looked so exciting, or enticing, as our city plays host to a myriad of events from art and theatre, to wine and babies. Talk about spoilt for choice!

A PICASSO 8 – 9 June NO Productions Theatre presents Jeffrey Hatcher’s fast-paced psychological thriller at the Christchurch Art Gallery. Described in one review as: “Sex, Art, Nazis and a classy 20th century icon, all wrapped up like a tasty cultural burrito”.

18 June 07, 2018 Metropol

SAVE GOVERNORS BAY JETTY – ART AUCTION 9 June A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an historic piece of jetty art. 18 wellknown artists, from Lyttelton to Mount Herbert, have created unique artworks depicting their reflections on Governors Bay Jetty. Auction begins at 3pm at the Governors Bay Hotel. BABY EXPO 9 – 10 June A huge range of products and services on show, plus seminars, demos and workshops. Everything you need to know from Bump to Birth and Beyond! Head to the Pioneer Leisure Centre. SWINGERS 12 July – 21 July Written by renowned NZ playwright, April Phillips, Swingers is a riotous new comedy about men married to the golf course and their long-suffering wives who’ve had enough. Teeing off at The Performing Arts Centre, Heaton Normal Intermediate School.

NEGOCIANTS FINE WINE TOUR 2018 26 July A selection of award winning wines from New Zealand and Australia. The event also introduces some of the people that craft and stand behind these distinctive, fabulous wines. Quaffing commences 6pm at Hagley Oval.

Abigail Curd is winning hearts across the country. The 19-year-old from Rolleston is one of just 20 Miss Universe New Zealand (MUNZ) 2018 finalists.


odelling since she was 14, this home-grown beauty was on the front cover of Metropol in October 2014, has been modelling in fashion and beauty catwalk shows for the past three years in both Christchurch and Auckland with Denyse Saunders and has featured on a large billboard in Redcliffs for fashion and bridal designer Ingrid Brook and an international hair colour competition with Hair Art and Beauty, amongst various other fashion modelling with NZ Models and Talent. “This is more challenging than all of the above,” Abigail says. “I need to get sponsorship, raise money via fundraising and donations for Variety – the Children’s Charity and ask the public to vote for me.” The finalists are currently in Thailand on retreat with a TV crew

where they will do a bikini photo shoot for a calendar before getting stuck into fundraising on their return. In late July, Abigail is back to Auckland for rehearsal week, before the Miss Universe New Zealand 2018 Grand Finale Show on 4 August at the Sky City Theatre, broadcast live on Bravo TV and online. Half of Abigail’s overall score comes from public voting, with the judges score making up the remaining 50 percent. Voting is open now until half time during the live event. For more information or to vote for Abigail, follow Abigail Curd – Public Figure on Facebook. “Getting selected was definitely the most incredible moment I have had,” Abigail says. “I wasn’t expecting to get chosen. It genuinely feels incredible and I’m so excited to be taking part in this journey.”



P. 0800 487 439 WWW.TRIEX.CO.NZ

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More than just Weddings

Rossendale Vineyard

Weddings and Events Conferences

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Corporate Events

from 2 to 200 Phone 03 322 7780 tour at Take a 360° tour at Metropol June 07, 2018 19

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a model citizen

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HOW TO DAD He’s the classic Kiwi bloke, in stubbies and gumboots. It’s pretty safe to say, a fairly unlikely candidate for teaching an entire generation of men how to parent, right?


et Jordan Watson has turned his 15 minutes of good natured internet infamy into a full time job doing just that – teaching men How to Dad. Left briefly to his own devices with his newborn baby in 2015, Jordan made an instructional video, How to hold a baby, for a colleague with a baby on the way, posted the video on his mate’s Facebook page and went to bed. Ten hours later, the video had hit 250,000 views and the rest, as they say, is history. How much of a shock has this journey been for you? It was pretty crazy to begin with – one video, just for fun, went WORLDWIDE! I grasped that opportunity with both hands and worked bloody hard on creating; filming new ideas to keep it all chugging along. Didn’t want to be a one hit wonder so any success now is well earnt. We still get the most random, awesome opportunities all the time and still can’t believe this is now my full time job. Why do you think people have connected so strongly with what you do? I don’t think there was anything other than having a bit of a laugh with this whole parenting thing from a dad’s perspective. I think that was the unplanned point of difference. Oh, and my legs in those stubbies of course. What would your biggest piece of parenting advice be? Relax! Stop googling everything, go with your gut. She’ll be right.

20 June 07, 2018 Metropol

How much has your life changed since all of this started? Well, I had a full time job and didn’t see my kids as much as I wanted to and now, for the past year, I have been working from home full time doing all this How to Dad stuff, so get to hang out with them way more – that’s bloody awesome. What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done in a video to date? Bungy jumped to ‘launch’ my book / wore my stubbies and bush shirt down a red carpet movie premiere in New York in -6 degrees! What’s the scariest thing about parenting? When you get baby poop on your finger.

How does a day in the life of Jordan Watson look these days? Wake up, get big kid ready for school, feed other kid, help wife. Check emails, work on ideas, meetings, play with kids, film something, edit something, play with kids, pick up big kid from school, emails, bit more editing, hang with kids, dinner, kids showers and bed, chill for a bit, back to emails, client stuff, editing - chill with wifey, sleep. But to be honest, there is no normal day in the life. Every day is different and that keeps it all exciting. We have a family trip to Queenstown in four days’ time to film a video for a company. Ok, cool! You’re heading to Christchurch soon for an event, what are you looking forward to about heading down our way? I’m looking forward to summer like temperatures of at least 28 degrees….. Yeah? What has the next 12 months got in store for you? A lot of the same, a lot of new, and a lot of secret stuff I can’t tell you or I’d have to throw a gumboot at ya.


BY SCOOTER By Céline Gibson

If driving along State Highway 73 on Saturday 19 May you saw a cavalcade of scooters with riders in fancy dress and worried your mind was playing tricks – it wasn’t. You had witnessed a magnificent event, the Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari 2018, and those 270 people were doing it hard for a mighty cause – the fight against cancer.

Home demonstration? No problem! Cnr Clarence & Princess Streets, Addington, Christchurch Telephone 03 348 3460

Biggest The

Written by Jamie McCaskill

Mid Year & Christmas

Work Dinners

Russley Golf Club is the ideal venue for your next corporate function. Situated close to the airport with large carpark available 428 Memorial Ave Christchurch P. 03 358 5903 E.

16 June - 14 July / nz PRINCIPAL SPONSOR




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he Scooter Safari began back in 2009 when Mike Rattray’s work colleague was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Mike and wife Jayne wanted to do something to support their friend Blair Newton, so donning their creative thinking caps they came up with something so whacky it just had to work – a challenging endurance ride from Christchurch to Hokitika, in wintry conditions...on 50cc scooters! Their inaugural 2009 safari with around 32 riders saw $14,000 raised; the subsequent four safaris swelled that total to an unbelievable $789,000. But wait – it gets better. On 14 May, through donations and fullon fundraising, the $1 million mark was reached; by 17 May Jayne was ecstatic. “Our 2018 safari has hit $247,000! We couldn’t do it without the ongoing support from our donators, helpers, marshals, suppliers and sponsors,” she says. “They’re fantastic!” Three days later the final tally from Scooter Safari 2018 was announced… drum rolls, please! A staggering $316,100 raised (with donations still trickling in) bringing the event total of monies raised since 2009 to a whopping $1,105,100! Makes you proud to be a Kiwi, eh? For more information, visit


Bachelor bidding After searching high and low, PriMortal has discovered Christchurch’s best looking, well-versed and multi-talented men. Most importantly these men are single! They’ve put their boyish reservations aside for the good of a greater cause, raising money for the Base. How is PriMortal going to achieve this; by auctioning off dates with their bachelors to the highest bidders on the floor! Each bachelor is paired with a unique date package at a local café/restaurant. Sunday 17 June Halo Bar and Lounge

3. Charity Starts

in the city

We share our city with some incredible people who put heart, mind and soul into the support of philanthropic endeavours, so much so that we couldn’t possibly hope to list them all.

Saturday 23 June Canterbury Caledonian Society



hat we can do however, is list some of the upcoming events on the local social calendar which have been formed to support the vital charitable services that are at the heart of a strong community. We hope you enjoy.


A charitable exhibitionist Ira Mitchell-Kirk’s My Heartland exhibition is a collection of landscapes which are dear to her heart, each having a significant meaning to her life journey, from the high country of Glenorchy and Queenstown where she grew up, to Christchurch which has been her home for the past 20 years. Aviva - Family Violence Services will be the recipient of a percentage of the profits from the show. Exhibition opening 6 August Pumanawa Gallery the Arts Centre Email

22 June 07, 2018 Metropol

The Bingo Babes Christchurch Riding for the Disabled is fundraising for a new therapy pony, so ‘Ethel & Bethel Bingo Babes’ are hosting a Comedy night of bingo, raffles, auctions and games. Invite your adult family and friends and join these babes for a night of fun and hilarity! There will be a bar running all night with supper provided for gold coin donation by Little Sister Café. Tickets are only $20 – this includes one free bingo card. Please bring lots of extra cash for games, raffles and extra cards.

A charitable read The Community Focus Trust is holding its annual Bookarama fundraising event. For attendees, this means browsing the collection of books, jigsaws, games and more, with proceeds raising funds for the group’s community projects. A kids’ corner will keep littlies entertained while you browse, while the café will be serving food and hot drinks. Friday 20 July to Saturday 21 July Empower Church, 140 Springfield Road Contact Mark 027 9157789 or email


A famine fundraiser Cashmere students are playing host to some family fun, in aid of helping South Sudanese refugees stranded in camps in Uganda! The World Vision 40 Hour Famine fair will feature a bouncy castle, face-painting, food stalls, games, a prize wheel, second hand stalls and much, much more. The Humanity Council of Cashmere High School’s goal is to raise $10,000 for South Sudanese refugees. Saturday 9 June Cashmere High School, 172 Rose Street

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win with metropol Nothing quite encapsulates winter the way hot soup does. Our friends at Hellers have developed a classic range of winter soups containing their renowned smallgoods. Four delicious flavours provide wonderful nourishment on a cold day and an amazing depth of flavour. Pumpkin & Smokey Bacon, Sweetcorn & Bacon Chowder, Spicy Tomato & Chorizo and Roast Chicken & Bacon are the go-to soups this winter. Find them in the chilled foods section at your local supermarket or go in the draw to win one of six sets of four of these incredible flavours.

Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland star in The Leisure Seeker, a poignant and triumphant love story about a runaway couple who embark on an unforgettable cross-country adventure in their vintage campervan. John and Ella Spencer have almost reached the end of the road; Ella is frail, while John’s memory is failing. Instead of quietly fading away however, the Boston seventy-somethings flee the suffocating care of their doctors and children and head off in their vintage campervan, The Leisure Seeker. Transmission Films New Zealand has given us five double passes to give away to some very lucky readers.

To enter both competitions, simply head to, put in your details and tick the competitions you want to enter. Entries close on Monday 18 June and winners will be notified on Tuesday 19 June.

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The future is in your hands. Call 03 353 1240 or visit to make a difference today. STRATEGY/CMRF/MET/6695

Since 1960 the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation has funded more than $20 million in health research in the Canterbury area. The mission of the Foundation is to fund new research that will make a difference to people’s lives, now and for future generations.

Leanne Crozier is a high achiever and natural leader, managing the Decipher Group team and driving the successful recruitment of governance and executive level roles. But behind the corporate speak, she’s all about creating relationships and empowering women through celebrating success. You’ve had a really interesting career path, a qualified solicitor and you’ve worked in both HR and recruitment, how did all this come together? I think fundamentally, I’m a caring person who really enjoys supporting people to reach their full potential. There are certainly valuable transferable skills that come from a foundation in law – working with people and enjoying making personal connections, sound judgement and an analytical mind-set.

Although I know now this transition from law to recruitment was straightforward in terms of transferable competencies, I actually ‘fell’ into my first recruitment role through an opportunistic meeting with the GM of a national business and have not looked back! What are some of the challenges that face entrepreneurial women or those climbing the corporate ladder? Having confidence in who you are and putting yourself forward for opportunities comes from seeing others achieve great things. We need to celebrate and share the stories of successful women and build supportive networks so we can all benefit from those who have gone before us. Can you tell us about Decipher Group and how the concept came about? I met my business partner Sarcha Every, a marketing and sales professional, over a glass of bubbles at a Christmas party. We instantly clicked and probably saw in each other a shared entrepreneurial spirit. With our combined background in recruitment, sales and business development, what evolved from that chance meeting was an idea for

a forward thinking, people-focussed recruitment and human resources consultancy. Our business philosophy for Decipher Group is focussed around building relationships and that’s essentially how it all started for Sarcha and myself. What are some of the greatest recruiting challenges facing Christchurch businesses? Christchurch’s post-quake boom attracted highly qualified candidates. And while there are still several rebuild projects to be completed, retaining that talent in the longterm continues to be a major challenge. We need to move beyond a recruitment conversation and think in terms of talent retention – how do we continue to challenge these people and maintain a highly-skilled workforce to sustain business into the future? If you want A-players on your team, you need to spend time and effort on your people and developing your employer brand. You did an incredibly powerful talk at Broadly Speaking recently about losing your husband earlier this year. How hard was the decision to talk about this publicly? My experience impacted me so profoundly I wanted to share what I learned. This wasn’t a hard decision – but it was certainly highly emotional. My greatest learning was that asking for help could return to me the greatest generosity, love and support – something I had never imagined was possible. Like so many women, I have always felt that I could do anything on my own; without help – but my husband’s sudden death floored me. I actually had to get over myself and ask for help. I have been humbled and am so incredibly grateful to my friends, family and those in my community who stepped up to help me and our children to get through this very challenging time. I asked for help and found true and unconditional love.

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a dynamic director

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A fix for the itch Scratch, scratch, scratch – veterinary clinic waiting rooms are filled with itchy dogs. It is an incredibly common and frustrating problem. Now, a safe new drug has put calm back into dozens of dogs’ lives.


arfunkel poodle was so named for his puffball-head of apricot fluff. He was bouncy and energetic until around age five, when he developed a case of serious atopic dermatitis. He was miserable, extremely itchy and had chronic secondary infections, from infected ears, to red raw paws. Ourvets Veterinarian, Thea Taylor, has been managing nine-year-old Garfunkel for the last four years with various medications including tablets, creams, sprays, shampoos and a special diet. The medications were either ineffective at controlling his condition or had adverse side effects. However, a new drug regime introduced six months ago has seen a

26 June 07, 2018 Metropol

dramatic breakthrough in his itch-scratch battle. “The new drug is our most effective treatment so far, it has minimal or no adverse side effects and specifically targets only the itch,” Thea says. “We administer it as a convenient once-a-month injection. There are no pills to take, and the cost is comparable to other modern pharmaceuticals. “The injection contains antibodies that bind to and neutralise ‘interleukin 31’, preventing this protein from playing its role in the itch cycle. This gives relief from itch for approximately one month in dogs affected by atopic dermatitis. It’s not a solution for every animal, but its promising

results make it a fantastic new addition to our treatment options.” Given seasonally or all year round, as required, families can now sleep at night without incessant scratching sounds. “Garfunkel is now vibrant and energetic and looks healthy and happier,” Thea says. He loves coming in for his monthly shot as Thea has hypo-allergenic treats especially for him! “Garfunkel’s condition is serious and requires medication but is now well managed” Garfunkel’s owner, Justine, says her once miserable, droopy-eared little dog used to constantly stop what he was doing to scratch. “Now he is back to his little puppy self – the difference is absolutely amazing!” Phone Ourvets on 03-355 6747, visit 98 Cranford Street, St Albans or www.ourvets. Open Monday-Friday 7:30am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 8:30am-4pm, including most public holidays.

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Powerful Partnerships 20 years of providing a platform for success

Metropol is honoured to work with some hugely successful brands and businesses in Canterbury. As we celebrate our 20 year anniversary, we want to take the opportunity to thank our loyal clients for trusting in our abilities to provide a platform to reach their targeted audiences and grow their businesses.

Catherine Matthews Owner French Blue

French Blue has enjoyed a valued and dynamic association with Metropol, advertising in the magazine for the past 17 years. Working with Jeanne and the team has been one of professionalism, great camaraderie and creative collaboration – from concept and design, to editorial, photography and production. Metropol offers me a magazine of high credibility and visibility that showcases French Blue’s brand and business in front of a dedicated niche audience matching my customer profile. Warmest congratulations Metropol on your 20th Anniversary – c’est magnifique!

Murray Hewitt Owner Murray Hewitt Joinery

House of Travel began its partnership with Metropol 12 years ago. Our 11 local House of Travel business owners were looking for the best opportunity to promote their travel proposition to the Christchurch travelling community. Metropol is well read by our client demographic and it has continued to be the perfect way for us to promote our people, holidays, inspirational travel evenings and our expos. Congratulations to Metropol for 20 years of producing a quality, locally grown product.

Prue Dunbar Regional Marketing Manager House of Travel

We started our advertising relationship with Metropol three years ago after previously relying on word of mouth, builders, designers and architects that we have worked with over the past 19 years. We have found that our partnership with Metropol has enabled us to promote and showcase Murray Hewitt Joinery to a wider Christchurch area with great results. We love working with Jeanne and the rest of the team, and the advertisements and editorials are spot on every time. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary.

Peter Worsp

Terra Viva opened almost 21 years ago and for most of that time we’ve worked with Metropol – and loved it! We’ve both developed our niche markets through those years and Metropol has certainly been a positive element in Terra Viva’s progress. Their consistency, their professionalism, their forward thinking and their willingness to embrace change has made them both a sound marketing avenue and a pleasure to work with. Keep up the great work, Team Metropol!

Owner Terra Viva

National Multi-Award Winners 2013 - 2017 P 03 343 3669 I METROPOL.CO.NZ


Join the success: Contact Tracey Prince - 28 June 07, 2018 Metropol

THE COURT THEATRE OPENING NIGHT The Court Theatre’s latest play “In the Next Room, or the vibrator play”, opened last month to rave reviews. The play is a funny but moving tale of Catherine, wife of the inventor of a very different kind of medical device. Helena Ross, Laura Hill

Tim McGoldrick, Lynette McFadden, Kirstyn Hay, Ben Deans


The Air Force Museum in Wigram recently played host to the annual Harcourts Awards. Breakfast was enjoyed while recognising talent throughout the region, Harcourts Gold made a strong presence among award recipients.

Megan Walsh, Julian Bruce, Martin Boose, Michelle Cotton

Adrian Mathieson, Sue Irons

Laura Borrowdale, Dan Bain

Charlotte Dodson, Eliza Ballantyne, Amber Russell, Caitlyn Crocker

John & Lynette McFadden, Cameron Bailey

Daniel Herd, Serena Cotton, Megan Herd, Samantha Jukes, Dan Buckingham

Margaret Danzer, Sam & Belinda Dunster

Deb Harvey, Mary Turnbull, Di Morgan

Rachel Vavasour, Rachael Wilkinson

Chris Moore, Fenella & Philip Aldridge

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event.

Back: Harrison Hopman, Brendan Hart, Kirstyn Hay, Cameron Bailey Front: Samantha Sweeting, Lisa Ny

Jenny Fowler, Kaye Caddick, Sharon Trumper, Estelle Yang

Lauren Clemett, Greg Seaward-Searle

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event.

Simple wholesome fillings & golden pastry make these pies truly irresistible!

Phone 03 381 1048 Factory: 38a Waterloo Road, Hornby

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Janice & Roger Dawson, Kerre McIvor (MC)

The Child Cancer Foundation held its annual black tie gala at Te Whareroa, Ara Institute of Canterbury. A massive sum of $132,000 was raised for the valuable work of this foundation.

Hatsumi Kaihara, Alistair Burbury (AB’s Reflexology)

AB’s REFLEXOLOGY & SHALA HALL AB’s Reflexology and Shala Hall teamed up at Dux Dine to promote their two diverse ventures, a mobile reflexology service and Shala’s recently published children’s book.

Rose Cavanagh (Ball Committee), Jude Tuuta, Deb Elstob, Paula Goodman

Adrian & Kerry Vance

Brent & Lisa Morrison

Kerry & Debbie Elstob, Paula & James Goodman

Destiny Le Lievre, Jude Hall

Shala J Hall (Author)

Sabine Parry (XBODY New Zealand Ltd)

Lorraine Terris, Denise Robertson Brent & Lou Mitchell, Renee Waru, James & Catherine Flanagan, Shannen Greig

Ty Poll, Tom Gallant, Sam Hayward Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event.

Mike & Lynne Clark

Jocelyn Anderson, Richie Dimbleby, Angela Flynn, Kelly Fay

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event.





At Chatswood Retirement Village, we are thrilled to be celebrating the 100th birthday of one of our much-loved residents, Stella Watson. To commemorate the amazing milestone, close family and friends will join Stella here for an afternoon tea over the weekend. The staff will then celebrate with Stella “Chatswood style” with a cake, flowers and live entertainment on her special day, the 6th June 2018. The staff and management at Chatswood Retirement Village wish Stella a wonderful 100th birthday and are very happy to be able to share this special day with her.



Ella Jones, Maggie Hewitt

Taylor Boutique staff and customers gathered in the Merivale store recently to spend an enjoyable evening with designer Maggie Hewitt, founder of internationally acclaimed fashion label Maggie Marilyn.

Julie Lyons, John and Cameron Wright (Cutler & Co), Jeremy Finch

CUTLER & CO. FLAGSHIP STORE OPENS Christchurch’s fashionable set relished the chance to browse the newly opened branch of menswear retailer Cutler and Co at its sophisticated Colombo Street location.

Jane Meyer, Kelly Root, Anastasia McIntyre

Sarah Louise, Andrea Hill

Craig Nicholas, Maureen Nicholas, (Developers)

Simon Xu, Chrisse Westbury Chris Prebble, Chris Boniface

Keri Brickmann, Tracey Prince, Liesl Johnstone

Jimmy Farrant, Mark Johnstone, Matt Bowness

Liam Strachan, Alice Baird, Danielle Fowler. Gus Yeates

Sarah Louise, Jeanette Sharp, Sophie Plaisted, Victoria Cooper-Smith

Layne Watson, Julie Lyons, Emma Watson

Richie Connell, Tamara Reynolds, Andrew Oorschot

Photos by Jessica Langtry Photography - for copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event.

Gregory Cooper, Shelley Frost

Tracy Austin, Phil Frost

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event.

We’ve got your next step sorted.

Take the next step with one of Hagley’s tertiary pathway programmes or specialist courses. From Sports to Cuisine, Fashion, Pre-Health, Music, Theatre, Dance and Animation, Hagley has a range of courses designed to pathway you to tertiary study or help you gain real skills for work. Visit our website today for more information on your study options for 2019! | (03) 379 3090 Metropol June 07, 2018 31

in the city

City’s New Heart Coffee, cuisine and community are at the heart of any city and all three will be coming together in Christchurch’s CBD when the new central library, Tūranga, opens its doors later this year.


he $92 million public facility will feature an array of high-tech learning experiences, as well as a new café and espresso bar split between its ground and first floors. The venues, both called Foundation, will be jointly operated by The Catering Belle owner Ruth Trevella and current part-owner of Linwood’s Under the Red Veranda Amanda Heasley. “Tūranga is going to be an amazing 21st century facility for the city and a real destination for residents and visitors,” Head of Libraries and Information Carolyn Robertson says.

“It’s absolutely going to change the way we think about libraries and use their services going forward.” Ruth says she and her team are looking forward to being a part of the excitement surrounding the opening of the city’s new central library. “We see the café as an extension of the world-class facility that Tūranga aims to be – a source of pride for Christchurch, promoting the regeneration of our city. I feel very privileged to be playing a part in that.” Under construction on the corner of Colombo Street and Gloucester Street,

Tūranga will be the South Island’s largest public library and a third larger than the city’s former earthquake-damaged central library. It will connect five floors of knowledge, products, services and experiences, including a hands-on technology and innovation zone, a cafeteria, a 200-seat community arena, activity rooms, an exhibition space, study spaces, meeting rooms, an arts and crafts space, a video editing suite, music studio, two outdoor terraces, a children’s playground and more. As the flagship for the Christchurch City Libraries network, Tūranga will support 19 community, digital and mobile libraries. It is scheduled to open in the third quarter of this year.

Ricoh Smart Screens Board and Meeting Room Solutions

+ Smart TV + Whiteboard + Tablet + Video Conferencing LOCK IN A DEMO NOW AT 24 MOORHOUSE AVE

email. ph. 03 374 8371 32 June 07, 2018 Metropol


in the city



Broadway hits Back to back hits from two of the biggest names on Broadway, Cole Porter and Andrew Lloyd Webber, will be performed at the Isaac Theatre Royal, with four performances from 13-15 July.


merican born Porter wrote more than 800 songs across a fivedecade career, conquering both Broadway and Hollywood. His soaring melodies, offset with urbane and witty lyrics, gave rise to his signature musical genre known as ‘the Cole Porter song’. Iconic musicals like Anything Goes, Can Can and Kiss Me Kate remain stage and screen classics, finding new audiences with every decade; his greatest songs covered by modern stars from Michael Bublé to Lady Gaga. British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is arguably the best-known name in modern musical theatre. The first composer to have four musicals playing simultaneously on Broadway since 1953, he has written some of the world’s most loved and successful musicals including Evita, The Phantom

of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar and CATS. Broadway Hitmen features favourites from these two musical theatre hit makers performed by an onstage orchestra under the baton of Ravil Atlas, along with soloists and a large chorus. Amongst the soloists will be West End singer/actor Nic Kyle, who toured with Elaine Page in 2012; soprano Charlotte Taylor who has performed with NZOpera and Showbiz; jazz and blues artist Kate Taylor of the All Girl Big Band; and Kira Josephson who recently played Nessarose in the Showbiz production of Wicked. Bookings through Ticketek, 0800 842 538, or

Charlotte Taylor will feature as a soloist in Broadway Hitmen. Photo Wendy Riley

FAST EFFICIENT IMMIGRATION MEDICALS AND XRAYS Completed within 1-4 working days We provide immigration medical examinations for the New Zealand Immigration Department & belong to the onshore panel physician network. Chinese, Filipino Portuguese & French speaking staff available 71 Bealey Avenue

Instore: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm Open Hours Monday to Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm Saturday & Sunday 10:00am – 3:00pm

Ph: 03 377 1585

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editor’s picks There are sartorial treasures hidden throughout the city. We’ve hunted out our favourites.

Time to rock the rockabilly look, in the prettiest of ways. HELL BUNNY VIXEN DRESS. Madam Butterfly’s, 477 Ferry Road, Woolston.

Fashion’s panacea, the tailored black pant goes with everything. KETZ-KE TANGY PANT, Ketz-Ke Getting ‘down’ with sustainability with recycled PET bottle Ecodown®. VOYAGE VEST. Untouched World,

You’ll want to be a Prima Donna with these Belgian beauties. PRIMA DONNA MADISON FULL CUP BRA & BRIEF. The Fitting Room, 207 Fendalton Road, or 360 Colombo Street, Sydenham.

What a stud! The true definition of arm candy. STUDDED HANDBAG. Missguided,

Delicious detailing, from the ground up. DJANGO & JULIETTE FERRAS BOOT. Wink Shoe Store,

Winter never looked this hot! DAWSON COAT. Repertoire Christchurch,

34 June 07, 2018 Metropol

Dress up any look with this pretty timekeeper. KATE SPADE NEW YORK WATCH. Fossil Group, www.fossil. com/au.


Caped Crusader By Melinda Collins

If fashion is searching for its seasonal superhero, this may just be it. Capes are one of the coolest cover ups on the catwalk and now their cool cred has filtered down to street level.


ilan and London offered numerous takes on this sleek silhouette in their autumn/winter 2018 showing, taking the form of jacquard, leather and leopard print, while in Paris, the caped creations continued to make their sartorial mark as designers from Saint Laurent to Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Alberta Ferretti reimagined the cape’s 2018 incarnation. The perfect piece for winter layering, they’ll work next season too. Hung over cropped jeans, or a cropped cape itself can lend its cool cred to the most traditional of outfits. If it’s a snug wintry look you’re after, tartan designs and chunky knits are the hottest look for winter while minimalist muted tones of grey and white make a classic sartorial statement. In the office, a chic black number can contemporise a classic crisp white shirt and tailored pant combo like no other.

TRANSFORM YOUR SMILE EVERYDAY WITH The clear alternative to braces


First consultation

Merivale I Cashmere I Ashburton 0800 Orthodontix (0800 678 463) Ph. 03 337 3373 Metropol June 07, 2018 35

fashion Written by Louise Heller, Fashion Editor – Magpie Style


FOR THE LOVE OF NAVY Falling for hues from the deep

Softer on the skin than black, navy is a great go-to choice if you are looking to deviate from an allblack or black-heavy wardrobe. Try these tips on how to style, what is fast becoming, a colour staple in women’s wardrobes from north to south.


Freshen up: Navy will provide contrast to an outfit without being too visibly harsh. Pair it easily with softer tones, neutrals and brighter colours. Navy always looks polished with white, whether it’s with separate pieces top and bottom, or a print such as a pin-stripe.


A touch of the blues: Navy and denim are a match-made in heaven for chic casual dressing. Accessorise with a navy-blue bag, shoes and jewellery or even nail polish. This is an easy starting point when it comes to adding navy blue accessories into the wardrobe. Navy and denim also work wonders when worn with fabrics in lively prints.


Outerwear: Navy is effortless, chic and forever timeless. This is a colour that never will date like an in-season colour. Investing in a navy beautiful trench, blazer or coat would never go a miss… especially when teamed with white underneath.


New & NZ exclusive White Label Noba!

magazine designer clothing

Windmill Centre, 188 Clarence Street Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 021 686 929

Size 10 - s 26


Beautifully lightened perfectly blended...

Great Pices!

The BLONDE Hair Specialists


A new definition in style

House of Allure

151 COLOMBO ST PH 332 1238

9 Gerald St Lincoln • Phone 325 2390

Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm

36 June 07, 2018 Metropol

Shop 1, 680 Barbadoes St St Albans Ph. 03 385 9903

fashion Paula Ryan Ricco boots, $590.


Black and Blue... Can you? You won’t be shunned from the fashion set, but if you are going to wear navy and black together there are some guidelines with how to do this without looking like a bad school uniform. Wear navy and black together, but in a textural way. Keep similar looking fabrics away from each other and wear faux fur and knitwear, or pleats and plain fabric to visually separate the two tones. When pairing the two tones together, aim to add metal or coloured accessories to break it up.


In the navy: Going head-to-toe in monotone navy seems scary to begin with, but this is one way to feel elegant, timeless and completely ‘put together’ without trying too hard. A navy trench paired with a navy pair of jeans, a navy skirt teamed with a navy top makes it undeniably stylish and expensive looking. Break it up with coloured accessories, otherwise go all-out and add in more navy!


Ph. 371 9297 + 830 Colombo St Metropol June 07, 2018 37



uch like his designs themselves, the scent is elegant and discreet. Subtly combining refined woody essences, sensual spicy notes and the heady smell of leather, avantgarde perfumer Quentin Bisch has crafted a perfume which is both heady and sober, modelled on the fantasy universe of Marc-Antoine himself. After a perfume, a candle is a way of living a smell daily: entering a room, closing your eyes and slowly inhaling it for the enjoyment. With the desire to then fill the MarcAntoine Barrois Maison de Couture boutique at N°6 rue de Budapest in Paris with the scent of authenticity and refinement, a scented candle was developed to explore the universe of the couturier. Working around the same leathery, woody and spicy frame as the fragrance, the aptly named N°6 candle incorporates amber scents, smoothed with smoky notes, resulting in a scented candle which shows his taste for refinement. Both the scent B683 and the candle No.6 are now available exclusively at WORLD. For more information visit the Christchurch store at 11/181 High Street in the city, phone 03-974 3028 or visit

A worldly fragrance French couture and perfumery have always been interconnected. After working for Jean-Paul Gaultier, French couturier Marc-Antoine Barrois opened his first boutique in 2013. As a designer he seeks the art of simple luxury without ostentation. Now he has launched his first perfume – B683.

Evolve® Hypromellose 0.3%

For Mild Dry Eye Evolve® Carmellose 0.5%

For Moderate Dry Eye Evolve® HA - Sodium Hyaluronate 0.2%

For Severe Dry Eye Evolve® Eyelid Wipes

For Daily Eyelid Hygiene





Available at your local Optometrist 38 June 07, 2018 Metropol

12A Main North Rd, Papanui, Ph. 352 9789

Metropol June 07, 2018 39


Habit of Care Soho Hair salon owner Sarah Marsh believes more people should experience the regular blow-dry in their daily haircare lives.


think there’s definitely potential for people to put themselves a little higher on the agenda,” Sarah says. “Having a regular time to come in, have a coffee, massaging wash and blowdry just sets you up for the next five days of feeling great,” she adds. Soho’s ten staff, including three elite stylists with over 15 years’ experience each, still enjoy the loyalty of clients who were pre-quake customers in the central city. In their spacious Addington salon, large sofas

and polished floors add a relaxed vibe to the atmosphere. “People come to us from all over,” she says. Having plenty of available carparks right outside means the weekly haircare session is stress-free. Sarah would like people to know that blow-dries are not all the same. Some target thinning hair, increasing body and texture; others produce waves; yet others coax out gorgeous curls. “Our stylists can nurture people’s hair via

blow-drying techniques in exactly the way they specify, whether that be to smooth it, straighten it, or help loose waves to form through the ends,” she says. “And when we look great, we attack our to-do list with more verve and confidence. We just tend to conquer more, with more energy.” The staff at Soho Hair will always quote first on differing cuts and treatments, along with consulting fully with clients at the outset.

Have a free consultation and receive a skin conditioning treatment for only $50! Choose from: - Microdermabrasion - Sonophoresis Infusion - Light Therapy Merivale, Sydenham, Riccarton and Rolleston

0800 458 458

Wearable Arts Competition

13 October 2018 7.30pm Lincoln Event Centre Tickets On Sale July 1! *This offer is only valid between May 14 and June 30 2018, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. 40 June 07, 2018 Metropol Email: Find us on Facebook

E T O at


Simply spend $10 or more at any of the participating stores (in a single transaction on one day) and go into the draw to win one of four $250 gift cards from Fresh Choice Barrington!

[A] New Exterior Fascia Panel with 3D Text & Digital Backing

the details

Page 1 of 5

3D TEXT EXAMPLE SIZE: 8500 x 800mm BACKING PANEL: 4mm thick ACM MEDIA: 3M IJ35 - Full colour digital - Colour fade to background with strong drop shadow for 3D LAMINATE: Lustre TEXT: All laser cut from 10mm thick solid acrylic with Automotive 2Pac paint finish OPTION 1: FRESH MEATS BARRINGTON = Silver TRADITIONAL BUTCHER = White OPTION 2: FRESH MEATS BARRINGTON = White TRADITIONAL BUTCHER = White

Winners will be notified on 11, 18, 25 and 2 July. Promotion runs from the 1 – 30 June 2018.





Fresh Meats Barrington - Traditional Butcher

Richard Peter Shane Craig Inder Randall Bennett Alderson


256 Barrington Street, Christchurch 8024

Phone: 03 332 4221

Metropol June 07, 2018 41

“Take the first step to healthier feet with us,” she says. “We provide specialist footcare advice for everyone – children with foot problems, the elderly with diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, sports enthusiasts and people seeking relief from corns and calluses, heel pain or ingrown toenails. It’s often only when our feet start to give us pain that we realise we only have one pair and we need to look after them.”

Treating feet is not a luxury, but rather a necessity

a foot above the rest

It would hardly be an exaggeration to claim the majority of us take our feet for granted, not putting them first in our health and wellbeing regimen. Charlotte Russell of Feet First Podiatry says that treating feet is not a luxury, but rather a necessity.


podiatrist for more than 30 years, Charlotte knows what she is talking about and the clinic she established

where four podiatrists now practise, has been on its prominent Upper Riccarton site for 23 years.





Charlotte emphasises how important it is for diabetic patients to have regular podiatry visits. “Poorly controlled diabetes may lead to nerve damage which impairs sensation. Preventative treatment is key to avoid ulcers or gangrene.” Prevention and management are two words you will hear constantly from podiatry specialists. “Many foot issues can be managed through physical stretching or the use of orthotics – shoe inserts designed to support, align or improve the function of the foot. We custom make these and have a great range of quality, stylish podiatric shoes in our retail Shoe Room.” You can find Feet First Podiatry at 37 Main South Road, Upper Riccarton. Phone 03-348 7910.

Stylish WINTER Footwear Available now at

Feet First

Conditions Apply



5 Colombo Street Phone 942 4179

37 Main South Road, Upper Riccarton, Ph. 348 7910

POWER PAMPER PACKAGE 7 spa treatments in 75 minutes for $199!

Neck & Shoulder Massage Hauté Couture Facial Gel Peptide Mask Brow Sculpt Brow Tint Head & Scalp Massage File & Polish (choose fingers or toes) Please mention Metropol when making your booking 110 Papanui Road, Merivale │03 365 3630 │ 42 June 07, 2018 Metropol



What is your favourite part of creating your visual diary? We all probably have different opinions on our favourite part of the process, but we all really enjoy the inspiration that comes with seeking out what’s new, different or interesting.

four eyes fashionable

It’s long been bandied about as a tongue-in-cheek quip to describe the bespectacled friends among us, but these days, ‘Four Eyes’ brings to mind the unstoppable sartorial force that are Chin, Danny, Mino and Alex of


You’ve made a remarkable impression on the sartorial scene in NZ with your candid and insightful commentary, how did this all begin? We pretty much fell into it. It began very casually as a hobby after a couple of us discussed the idea over a Facebook chat.

uthors of FOUREYES, a beautiful hard-back compilation of their favourite photographs, the brains behind one of New Zealand’s most prolific street style fashion blogs and stylish jetsetters to boot, the clever creatives talk to Metropol about their loyalty to celebrating true individuality.

What have been some of your biggest ‘wow’ moments? Our first New Zealand Fashion Week was definitely one of the early ‘wow’ moments. It was only a few weeks after we first began so it was all extremely new and very exciting. Publishing our book, FOUREYES, was another highlight. We’d all daydreamed about maybe doing one someday, then suddenly it was happening. Who are some of your favourite New Zealand designers? We have pretty eclectic tastes so there are loads! Zambesi, Jimmy D, Karen Walker, Maaike, Kate Sylvester and Lela Jacobs are all in our wardrobes.

Semi Permanent Make Up Solutions Natural Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Enhancements Before


MAKING FACES Medical And Cosmetic Micropigmentation Specialist

Experts in semi permanent makeup, the natural eyebrow eyeliner and lip enhancement specialists. 4/36 Settlers Crescent, Ferrymead Ph. 03 974 1600 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am -9am, Sat 9am-5pm


Metropol June 07, 2018 43

Beauty & Relaxation I N D U L G E N T

Clients stepping into Waltham Road’s Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa are assailed by wonderful aromas and gentle music in a cocoon of warmth.


his haven of calm is where beauty treatments by leading therapists Wendy Barker and Fiona Edwards are administered. Both Wendy and Fiona have extensive beauty and spa experience. Wendy established a well renowned Spa in 2000, before opening Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa in 2007. Rapid growth has meant that Wendy recently welcomed Fiona Edwards to the team. Fiona’s experience as a therapist also spans decades, as does that of Thai-massage therapists, Anne and Orn. The team uses naturally formulated, plantbased ‘GERnetic’ products, which originated in France to heal third-degree burns. The fine molecular structure and efficient delivery system of these products allows percutaneous penetration, similar in activation to slowrelease medical patches. Wendy finds GERnetic superb for sensitive or sun damaged skin and for those susceptible to eczema. It’s especially great as a skindefence system for those suffering reactions to the recently-chlorinated Christchurch water. Also ideal for mature skins, GERnetic’s antiageing properties have produced spectacular results; firming skin, lifting facial contours, improving skin tone and reducing fine lines and blemishes within a few weeks.

Be nice to your nails

Fiona (L) and Wendy (R)

Beauty treatments by leading therapists In celebration of Fiona’s return to the spa, Wendy is promoting her Pure Indulgence Treatment; a holistic hour and a half of rejuvenating tension-relief massage for feet, face, back, neck and shoulders. Visit

AB’S Reflexology

The Ultimate Relaxation with gorgeous colours!

Mother’s Day!

Manicure & Pedicure Shellac Acrylic Gel

Brighten up your Nails at


180A Papanui Rd Merivale P. 355 2863 Open 7 days

44 June 07, 2018 Metropol

Mobile in home/office service One hour - $60 (conditions apply)


Alistair Burbury Ph/text 021 1060 158


F Finding your signature style By Liesl Johnstone

It’s a significant step forward for daily life when getting dressed is simple. A first-world problem it may be, but a perennial one. Left to itself, dressing impeccably is problematic.

ulsome wardrobes are no help. On early, dark mornings, the coordination factor can feel insurmountable. Identifying your own basic wears is the answer. So, how to find them? Those pieces of clothing which underpin additional ‘wow’ seasonal items? Step one is to walk wardrobewards and select those clothes you invariably feel good in. Those ‘friends’ that you never end up de-friending before heading out. They’re often quite basic but a great shape (maybe tailored) and of quality fabric with a teensy amount of elastine in the mix. These elemental beauties might include the perfect long skirt that just works with most tops, or


the classy underdress with a fab hemline. Don’t forget the crop-top with fine sleeves for days when arm exposure seems over-rated. Be ruthlessly honest. The fit must be perfect. Ditto the colour. Even if neutral it should ‘lift’ skin tone; not make you appear tired. Especially if you are. Next, hang these crucial items together, in plain view. Then it’s time for step two. Once you’ve assembled basic goodies on the most accessible rail, hang colourful or embellished coats, jackets and oversized jerseys on another, with scarves, hats, statement socks and hosiery nearby, also easily seen. It’s one strategy to make mornings easier. Just saying.


Merrell - LeveL 2, WestfieLd RiccaRton let’s Get Outside - 11 the MaLL, QueenstoWn w w w. m e r r e l l . c o . n z

Metropol June 07, 2018 45


Clever Collaboration


hankfully, two iconic brands have released a collaboration that is going to make this the most stylish of wet seasons. Blunt Umbrellas and celebrated New Zealand fashion designer Karen Walker have combined their commercial talents to create the ‘Karen Walker for Blunt Wild Flowers Umbrella’, a limited-edition release that sees the trademark Blunt structure embellished with floral designs, inspired by rolling English landscapes and its eccentric, aristocratic country gardeners.

The temperatures are plummeting, along with the rain. It’s the time of the year you need to enlist the support of the most trustworthy of seasonal sidekicks. Yes, from May to August, a beautiful brolly is worth its weight in gold.

Enlist the support of the most trustworthy of seasonal sidekicks Known for her chic-meets-eccentric handwriting and love of colour and print, the mixing of bespoke print and utility are deeply rooted in the Karen Walker DNA. “Our style’s always based on mixing utility and practicality with glamour and I think that this umbrella captures that perfectly,” Karen says. “We’re in this business because we love to work with and create new ideas, especially ones that put a smile on people’s faces, and we’re always thinking about and working on projects that are new and exciting.” I don’t know about you, but we’re finding ourselves coveting a beautiful brolly now more than ever.

Loveyour Smile

New clients welcome Ph. 03 355 8297 46 June 07, 2018 Metropol


In recognition of Men’s Health Treat your menfolk this June Month we are proud to offer a to a shape with

BARBER MAHS and he’ll receive a FREE shave !!! Service usually valued at $75

For June




NEW CLIENTS ONLY $35! SERVICE INCLUDES: Full haircut and either a full face hot shave, or partial face hot shave with beard trim and shape.




Cnr Cranford Street & Westminster Street, St Albans Ph. 03 355 1108 |

the finer details By Melinda Collins

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory,” Coco Chanel’s words of wisdom have likely saved many an overembellished lady – or lad.


nd, while we’re certainly all for supporting a less is more approach to many things, when it comes to fashion, sometimes it really is all about the finer details. Attention to detail is the name of this fashionable game. Whether it’s elaborate embroidery, statement earrings or studded arm candy, there’s


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

designer detailing in just about every look. Importantly, it’s about mixing things up and keeping things fresh. It’s an attention seeker, but in all the very best ways and, if you play your sartorial cards right, its attention seeking ways will be working in your fashionable favour. Check out our moodboard for some inspirational accessorising.



Attention to detail is the name of this fashionable game 5.

4. Metropol June 07, 2018 47



World-class radiology delivered locally. After Hours Medical Centre | Ashburton Canterbury Breastcare | Forté Moorhouse | Northwood | Reflect Riccarton | St George’s | Southern Cross Timaru | Wigram

0800 869 729

Are You Overweight and have Type 2 Diabetes? Southern Clinical Trials is currently conducting a clinical trial to investigate a new injectable medication. You may be eligible to take part in this study if:

• You are aged 18 - 65 years • You have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes • Overweight: BMI ≥27 kg/m2

For more information please contact the Research Nurses on 03 3371979 or 0800 358 788 or Email

LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN! Exciting News! We are expanding and opening another Medical Practice in Lincoln LINCOLN HEALTH – 3 Vernon Drive A doctor visit doesn’t need to be stressful. Complete Care – Hassle Free • • • •

Two in three kiwis will develop skin cancer over their lifetime. Early diagnosis is vital, so go to an expert trained in detecting skin cancer – a doctor at Molecheck.

We provide:

One stop service in a world-class facility Same day appointments Extended opening hours An APP to treat simple medical problems

67 Skyhawk Road, Christchurch Ph 03 349 8613 Open 8am-8pm Mon-Fri  10am-4pm Sat 48 June 07, 2018 Metropol

143 Aikmans Road 03 355 5089


n a clinical trial, human participants receive specific interventions or treatment according to the research plan or protocol. Participant safety is always paramount, Southern Clinical Trials Group Medical Director, Dr Simon Carson says. Before conducting a clinical trial in New Zealand, approval must first be obtained from an Independent Ethics Committee. In New Zealand this is a centralised function conducted by one of the five Health and Disability Ethics committees. All the parties involved with the development and testing of the study medication must follow the study protocol, as well as a specific set of international guidelines called Good Clinical Practice (GCP). GCP puts participants’ rights, safety and welfare at the centre of the whole trial process. All possible risks are advised beforehand and, before a clinical trial can begin for a treatment, medication, or device, it has to have already shown promising results in laboratory tests. All trials have guidelines about who can participate and the criteria might include age, a specific medical condition and previous treatment history. For any participant in a clinical trial,

the process begins with health checks from the team of health professionals, followed by specific instructions for using the treatment, medication or device. The team monitors the participant throughout the trial. In some trials the participants can access new treatments before they are generally available. Director of Clinical Trials, Julia Mathieson, says participants are able to leave the trial at any stage before it is completed. Participants’ GPs are kept informed of their participation and any significant findings or results. Southern Clinical Trials Group has four further privately owned clinical trial sites, so you don’t have to be Christchurch-based to participate. All are well equipped research units, staffed by experienced primary health care practitioners that have established relationships with specialists for the more complex studies. If you are considering becoming a research volunteer, contact 03-337 1979, or you can add your name to the volunteer list online at Metropol June 07, 2018 49


north canterbury

f coffee is your thing, then you can’t go past Coffee Worx’s Rangiora Café. It is, after all, the proud winner of several New Zealand coffee awards. On the side of State Highway 1 in Leithfield, Pukeko Junction Café & Deli is worth slowing down for. A unique hangout in Waikuku, the Brickmill Café is famous for its wholesome home-cooked fare. The historic building on State Highway 1 has a long history as a rope and twine factory and is now a hub for local artists, a pottery workshop, an antique shop and the café.

Cosy cafés to places to tickle your culinary fancy


Northern Neighbourhood We’ve sought out some favourite stopovers for the next time you’re heading to the northern neck of the woods, from cosy cafés to places to tickle your culinary fancy.


There’s something for everyone amongst the extensive selection of sumptuous fare at Route 72 Café and Bar Emporium in Cust, just 40-minutes from the city. While you’re out that way, why not call into Done and Dusted, a treasure trove of collectables and retro vintage finds. Lemongrass may be off the beaten track, but the Thai restaurant located in a hazelnut orchard north of Rangiora is worth the effort. The food is spectacular – bold flavours, aromatic delights, contrasts of texture and colour, all with a spicy kick, but you need to book ahead. Meanwhile, the geography, soils and climate of North Canterbury combine with the magic of winemakers to produce regional specialties – so head out to one of the regional restaurants for a tasting and meal. There’s certainly plenty to choose from in this northern neighbourhood.

collectables retro furniture

vintage antiques

Specialists in natural fibres, fair trade & NZ made



Baked daily. Made to order. Famous & authentic bagels. Only at Coffee Worx cnr Ashley & Blackett St Rangiora. P:(03) 423 3243

50 June 07, 2018 Metropol


Stockists of Men’s & Women’s Clothing & Accessories /marmaladeclothingNZ

49A Main Street, Oxford Tel: 03 312 3382

entertainment By Tracey Edwardes

It can get mighty cold out in the North Canterbury winter, so what do the locals do? Embrace it, of course! Cold season extravaganzas have gained traction in the region, over the last few winters – luring folk from all over to enjoy icy-themed family entertainment. Department Store in Kaiapoi. The infamous Victor Cagayat will be sculpting four spectacular statues from giant blocks of ice, which will be lit up from 6pm to 8pm when the fire poi artists hurl balls of fire into the air to the sultry sounds of Latin guitar. The night market will also serve up warming mulled wine and cuisine from around the globe.

A great range including cardstock, papers, dies, embellishments and much more...

137 Main North Rd, Woodend Ph. 03 312 2276


Enjoy icy-themed family entertainment The Waimakariri Winter Festival, sponsored by Raywhite and Mike Greer homes, leads in with the Kidsfest Kid’s winter party 18 to 20 July, and the Winter Palace Cocktail Party on July 20, before the High Street to Blake Street carpark explodes with family fun on 21 July. There’ll be all sorts or action from bouncy castles though to rocking music, tasty food and market stalls. There’s the opportunity to go into the draw for a Singapore Airlines holiday and an outdoor movie screens from 4:30 to 6:30pm. Find out more at


he season’s events warm up with The Oxford Winter Lights Festival – from June 16 to 24. Families and businesses will be lighting up the charming little Oxford town, winterwonderland style, creating a community of neon magic. The Facebook page has a list of events. Blackwell’s Fire and Ice Festival is in its third fantastical year on 14 July outside Blackwell’s

Wedding & Events Venue

Now taking bookings


19 Old Nth Rd - Kaiapoi

Looking for the home of your dreams? Give me a call. Marijke (Ma-rye-ka) Sheppard Licensee Salesperson 027 461 6127

Morris and Co Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)

Metropol June 07, 2018 51

north canterbury


Scrapbooking & Paper Crafting Supplies

canterbury bride

Back Basic to

Love is, of course, at the very heart of your wedding day. But, just quietly, when it comes to the most important elements of this special day, the dress is a pretty close second. Because, although it’s merely a superficial embodiment of the sentiment and commitment of what this date means, it’s one which you will look back on for the rest of your life – not to mention the photos!


nd, while at face value all the focus should be on the bride’s front, it seems the backs of our wedding dresses are increasingly taking centre stage. The less is more approach to bridal design has been gathering in momentum for a few years now, as we increasingly seek simple, timeless designs over more elaborate creations, illustrated beautifully by the recent royal wedding. But now it seems we’re taking that concept to the next level and getting back to basics with our dress design – both in the figurative and literal sense of the expression. Backless dresses are making a strong statement this sartorial season, bringing simple elegance and old Hollywood vibe to the day. We’ve got the low-down on this low-back look.

52 June 07, 2018 Metropol

Whether your bridal theme is effortlessly cool, elegantly bohemian, chic, sassy or structured and by the book, there’s a backless wedding dress that can fit the brief. Rocking a backless gown is a classy way of showing some skin on your wedding day, without taking it a step too far, adding intrigue to what might otherwise be an understated design from the front. Bridal dresses in 2018 are all about subtle sexy; the ‘U’ shape isn’t as wide, the ‘V’ shape is deep and dramatic without risking exposure, but don’t think this broad brushstroke of a description is a one size fits all affair. This year there’s plenty of eyecatching options that fit the ‘backless’ brief – open, straps or even illusion. Open back: when the bottom of the ‘U’ or

‘V’ shape drops at mid-back or upper-lower back is a beautiful aesthetic this year. Straps: criss-cross spaghetti straps or a lace T-strap offer fresh new options for 2018 brides. Illusion: an alluring look without showing too much skin, its options include sheer fabric, sheer lace or sheer fabric with a lace appliqué for a more dramatic affect. Last season, we noticed a proliferation of open backs framed with lace; a striking keyhole style that was re-imagined in this season’s new collections, with fashion houses taking embellished back views to the next level. But now’s the time to re-imagine this simple styling your way, after all it’s your wedding day, so you want to put your best foot forward, or behind, as the case may be.

Designing has always been what floats Clare’s boat. Training initially as an architect, the Manager of Via Sollertia knew that jewellery design was actually where her heart lay. It still does.


hich is kind of great for someone who collaborates with couples over rings; the symbols of their enduring love. Clare custom-designs for both locals and clients across the globe, from Via Sollertia’s New Regent Street boutique. Increasingly she’s asked for peachy, pinky, champagnecoloured diamonds in oval, marquise and pear-shaped engagement rings. The stones and metallics at Clare’s atelier are spectacular. She lights up when talking about cuts of diamond and how a jewel will sit on a hand; matters of size, proportion and reflective qualities… all brilliant designer elements of every bespoke gift.

The backs of our wedding dresses are increasingly taking centre stage

Metropol June 07, 2018 53

canterbury bride


Celebrating the jewellery of love

hanmer springs

An alpine mecca By Tracey Edwardes

Hanmer is the ultimate – a quintessential alpine village and a burgeoning getaway destination with a buzz.

CLEAR RIDGE APARTMENTS 5 STAR LUXURY IN THE CENTRE OF HANMER SPRINGS Ideal for individuals and groups. Conference room available for smaller business meetings. Some apartments with spas - outdoor heated pool & spa. The refreshing mountain air beckons. Ph 03 315 5144 or 0800 555 596 Enjoy the

Autumn Season with us...

Mon - Thurs 8.00am - 4.30pm, Fri 8.00am - 8.00pm, Sat & Sun 8.00am-5.30pm

2 Highfield St, Culverden Call 03-315 8492


ith a permanent population of under 1000, there’s plenty of room for growth, and the thousands of visitors who come here to have it all – fresh air, peace and quiet, but also a place to shop, dine, party and explore the days and nights away. Most people are on holiday here, so it’s an idyllic destination during the week when it is quieter but just as welcoming. Increasingly, Hanmer is a shopping mecca to rival them all, from affordable designer fashion to exclusive giftware. Boulder Point Precinct is the smart new development which opened last December. So far it is home to Salt and Pepper Café and Boulder Burgers – to add to the high calibre of the many eateries in town – Kjole for contemporary Scandinavian clothing, Creative Genius for handcrafted gifts, and Mickey Raes for craftwork supplies and charming wedding accessories. Hanmer is a magical wedding destination all year round says passionate local Debbie Moody, from Amazing Days. With oodles of accommodation, the township is also well geared up for conferences and tour groups. And a new health and fitness centre opening next month will be a bonus for sporting groups especially. “We absolutely love visitors here in Hanmer.” That fresh mountain air creates energy for outdoors pursuits, but also indoor action. The Hurunui district haven is home of the famous

Increasingly, Hanmer is a shopping mecca to rival them all Hot Springs Salsa Annual Winter Festival, a family event from 6 to-8 July. Visit www. for details.

Your Hanmer Springs & North Canterbury Property Specialists Our sales consultants have a wealth of knowledge of the area and have over 40 years combined experience in real estate. For all your real estate needs contact us on 03 315 7084 or Residential | Rural | Business/Commercial | Property Management

Jackie Frame

June Manion

Harley Manion

Annie McLean

Mark Longmore

M. 027 435 9810

M. 021 823 824

M. 021 149 8050

M. 027 315 6024

P. 03 315 7084

Branch Manager & Sales

Sales Consultant | Licensed Agent REAA 2008 54 June 07, 2018 Metropol

Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant

Property Management

Our food is made from scratch to satisfy all of your needs. All of the ingredients are carefully selected by Chefs who will always ensure that you have an amazing dining experience at MK Restaurant.

24 Conical Hill Rd, Hanmer Springs (Located in the Village Complex) 03-315 5323 or 02108206256

The Pied Piper of Hanmer

Join the Hanmer Bakery gourmet pie fans and head on down to our fabulous bakery located in the heart of Hanmer Open from early morning until late afternoon 7 days a week, 6am - 4pm. Shop 6, Village Shopping Mall Hanmer Springs 7334 Phone: 03 315 7714 Email:

cuisine Transformative Dining By Liesl Johnstone

“We’ve been eating left-overs for so many years, I just can’t recall the original meal,” Anon.


t’s a lot like that at my house. To sustain ourselves sustainably (repetition completely intentional), using up left-over food is huge. When we can’t face another grocery run or haven’t ordered online in time, things could be worse. It’s an opportunity to use up random bits of food lurking in fridge and pantry; anything which hasn’t yet changed colour or grown a culture. And if a dire need of chocolate, chips or pet-food hasn’t yet driven you shopping, (OK, mostly guilty as charged), finding the available raw materials and some inspiration can produce restaurant-worthy results. It’s how so many classic dishes were born.

Odd assortments of vegetables need just a fried tad of butter, oil, garlic and cream to make them sing. A tin of tomatoes sitting forlornly in the pantry could get together to beautiful effect with left-over casserole juices, milk, or some mashed pumpkin and become soup. Left-over rice is always a call to fried-rice heaven. All you need is an egg or two and five-spice, plus all the slightly sad but nutritionally stable veges still in the vege-box. Because of this, investing in little jars of crushed chilli or ginger, green and red curry, stock cubes, garlic cloves, cream, butter and coconut oil will always pay dividends. Freezer-dwelling pastry-sheets and mixed greens are gold. Our grandparents would be proud.





Metropol June 07, 2018 55


How did Hello Sunday first come about? When my business partners Jonathan Spark and Yasmeen Clarke moved their business Pascha (now my next door neighbour) they were left with a desire to fill the small building on the lot with a café. Jonathan had known of my intentions of starting my own establishment and emailed me. At the time I was in Spain on holiday but as soon as I got home the whole thing began. Why did you make the decision to open 5th Street across the road earlier this year? We were hungry to expand and, in particular, to get into evening dining. When the space directly across the road came up as an option, it happened very organically and naturally. It just seemed right. Our own space. Our own renovation. No restrictions. It’s become our own little hub.

Why Hello! Metropol says hello to Chris Penny, the clever creator of Hello Sunday and its culinary sibling, 5th Street about his hunger to expand and the key ingredients for success.

How do the two differ? Well there is somewhat of a change that happens when moving from days into nights. 5th has a bit more space and comfort and a little bit more luxury to it than the homely comforts of the café. But the same mentality of simply caring 100 percent about the people that you are hosting holds true through both establishments. Our staff are our family and we all love and care about what we do. You’ve won some impressive accolades now. What are the key ingredients of success? Staff, your environment and a genuine desire to want to make people happy. The first thing we think about when creating in our establishments is, how will this make people feel? When it comes down to it, hospitality is all about the feelings you evoke in people; whether it be food, drink, atmosphere, interaction… all that matters is how that person feels about it all. What do you love about Christchurch and what are some of your favourite places to go, see and do locally? A lot! I love getting to be a part of the growth of a new city. Getting to see all the new things happening is so exciting. I love going to other restaurants and bars and cafés. It’s always been something I’ve loved doing and a huge part of why I’ve ended up in this game. In particular places like The Last Word, 27 steps, Grain, Bicycle Thief, Monday Room… the list could go on. What do the next 12 months have in store? The next 12 months is just all about seeing what we can do to make Hello Sunday better and how we can further connect with our followers. And then also really developing our idea with 5th Street and finding our identity in Christchurch with that concept. I’m sure what we have now will keep us more than occupied for the next 12 months but you never know…

56 June 07, 2018 Metropol



tefan is the head chef at the Laura Fergusson Trust Canterbury’s initiative, Can Do Catering. It’s a social enterprise business with a clear goal – to provide ordinary life opportunities for people with traumatic brain injuries and other physical disabilities. The catering business was set up in 2015 by the Laura Fergusson Trust Canterbury with the aim to give its clients “ordinary life opportunities” and gain meaningful, paid employment. The organisation plays a leading role in providing traumatic brain injury rehabilitation in the South Island, and is dedicated to changing how we see and value people with brain injury and other disabilities. Stefan, who is from Blaidhach, Germany, jumped at the chance to be part of the catering enterprise where he helps the employees create quality cuisine. “The residents are really inspiring, and it’s amazing to see them thrive and feel pride in their work,” Stefan says. Seven disabled employees work alongside Stefan to prepare and deliver food for a variety of functions, morning teas and board meetings, for clients including the Christchurch City Council. Stefan joined Can Do Catering in April 2018 as the Head Chef, bringing 16 years of global cuisine knowledge with him. He started his career in a small, traditional German restaurant, but it was the

lure of travel that led him to jump continents, cooking in kitchens in Australia, Dubai and Bermuda. “When you come from a small town in Germany, it is eye-opening to work in different parts of the world and such a great opportunity to work with top chefs,” he says. Stefan, who also cooks for the less fortunate through Christchurch City Mission in his spare time, says he was ready for his day job to become more meaningful. He left the hotel industry after working for five years in New Zealand – and he knows he has found the perfect fit. “At Can Do Catering I help residents to get back into the workforce and see them succeed. It’s inspiring to work with them every day,” Stefan explains. “I had one resident who started off very shy, but after showing him a few recipes in the kitchen and getting him to help with chopping and peeling, he can’t wait to come back to work. “It’s an amazing feeling to come to work every day knowing you’re making a difference in someone’s life.” For more information, visit or www.

Metropol June 07, 2018 57


good bone to the

Catherine and Alex are the owners of The Little Bone Broth Company, which came to commercial fruition at the beginning of March.

Made local & delivered to your door Chicken, Beef & Pork available each week

text 027 621 9138 to order yours today Or see us each Saturday morning at The Christchurch Farmers Market


hile they both have a passion for fitness and wellbeing (and bone broth it seems...!), Alex is a kick-ass cook with a passion for making food taste good naturally. This clever company hand makes and sells a range of collagen and nutrient-rich bone broth. Current flavors include the ever-popular Chicken and Beef Broths, the specialty Pork Broth and the weekly changing Seasonal Vege Broth, (vegetarian/vegan). All the ingredients are sourced from within a kilometer of Cat and Alex’s Richmond home, and they only produce a small amount each week in order to keep the product 100 percent, true to its original recipe, taste and quality. The broth cooks slowly for up to three days, allowing all the goodness to come out of the bones and veges. Seasoned to taste using pink Himalayan salt, it’s sold in glass jars at the Christchurch Farmers Markets and, to encourage reuse of the jars, Cat and Alex offer a discount on their customers’ next purchase. The benefits of bone broth include immune system support, improved gut health, stress and anxiety relief; it’s a baby superfood, brain food for kids, supports fertility and pregnancy health and it’s an anti-aging beauty tonic.

Book your function with us

• Birthdays • Corporate • Engagements • Baby Showers • Celebrations • Fundraisers Cnr Riccarton Road & Hansons Lane

Mon-Fri 7.30am-4pm, Sat & Sun 8.30am-4pm 58 June 07, 2018 Metropol

Sally Anne Photography

A range of collagen and nutrient-rich bone broth Alex pours his heart and soul into each batch he makes, and is blown away each week at the market when people try a hot sample and tell him they think it’s amazing!

Attractive cabinet food or options from breakfast/lunch menu plus delicious Weekend High Tea served

Kiwi as!

It’s definitely ‘Kiwi as’, from its traditional ma’s savoury mince dish to the rustic recycled fence planking around its servery counter. And of course there is the name and its association with a cheeky Kiwi flightless bird, the weka – though you may not find any purple ones in the wild.


eing Kiwi is the essence of the Purple Weka Café and Bar’s charm. It’s owned by a Kiwi family and offers great Kiwi hospitality, service and food. That’s why people from all over town who have discovered the café keep coming back, especially in the weekend, to enjoy a lazy breakfast, brunch or lunch among convivial company. Many customers have met over the café’s substantial hearty food and become friends for life. Great comfort food, great coffee and a warm friendly atmosphere are what we look for in a café as we come into winter. The Purple Weka is in its element at this time of the

year. How better to warm yourself up than with a serving of hot cakes with lashings of maple syrup, or creamy mushrooms served on toasted ciabatta, or one of the café’s famous soups? Perhaps a big breakfast with all the trimmings, a steak sandwich, or even a generous serving of blue cod and fries are more to your taste. The Purple Weka knows the way to a Kiwi’s heart is through tasty food, cooked and served superbly well, all at very reasonable prices. Another plus for the cafe is the abundant parking right outside the door at 48 Fitzgerald Avenue – not something you generally find so close to the CBD.

Being Kiwi is the essence of the café and bar’s charm

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W oo-ing the Nation Josh Emett heads an empire that counts some of the country’s much-loved hotspots in its repertoire, including Rātā, Ostro and Madam Woo. Metropol talks to this culinary creative about his new restaurant offering, a new cook book and Woo-ing the nation.

Providing genuine customer -focused experience using natural products, delivered by our family-focused team.

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We’ll take the work out of your next dinner party

Gold Award Winner




376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421

You started Rātā in Queenstown, Ostro in Auckland and the Madam Woo restaurant chain. What are you up to now? Yes, I have been extroidanairily busy in the few years since I returned to New Zealand from working overseas. My business partner Fleur Caulton and I are very proud of Rātā in Queenstown and our Madam Woo restaurants in Queenstown, Christchurch, Hamilton, Dunedin and Takapuna. They are much loved and are becoming well known across the country. We’ve had a very busy start to this year actually, with the launch of our fast-casual spin off of Madam Woo — Hawker & Roll — first up at Sylvia Park in Auckland this past December, and more recently we opened the second one in Queenstown. That’s taken a lot of my time recently, as well as planning a new cook book and of course always innovating our menu at Madam Woo and keeping it fun, fresh, and exciting for customers.

We try to create the sort of dishes that will make people turn around and come back

What is the winning recipe for a great dining establishment? We have a few keywords we use for Madam Woo, especially for service staff, which are fun, energetic, knowledgeable, delicious, and genuine. It needs to be all of those things when you come in to have a good time. The vibe has got to be noisy and energetic; food needs to be absolutely delicious and that will always be a massive focus of ours. We pour so much energy into making sure the food is outstanding and consistent, and that the service is lively and really genuine. At Rātā we have a very different approach, but we still use similar keywords like genuine, knowledgeable and fun as we think they are key to creating a great experience.

How did your childhood growing up in the small farming community of Ngahinapouri in the Waikato influence your tastes and culinary preferences? I had a deep respect for fresh produce ingrained in me from a young age because I had the privledge of growing up on a farm where we had access to amazing ingredients; my mother did a ot of preserving and was a great cook. When I was still quite young I spent a lot of time in my parent’s kitchen experimenting with flavours and that love and passion for cooking is what ultimately drove me to pursue it as a career. Heading into winter, what are some of your go-to comfort meals? My go to dish for winter has got to be a curry. There’s something super comforting and warming about having a nice bowl of hot & spicy veg and meat, served with coconut or steamed jasmine rice. How does a day in the life of Josh Emett look these days? My days are usually extremely busy. I‘m up early every morning before the kids rise to train and exercise. Always a coffee and always a decent breakfast to set me up for the day ahead, then some time with the kids before they head off to school. Helen and I always have a catch up about who is doing what and when. Then I am either at my desk and on my phone working or often travelling around the country visiting restaurants, talking to my chefs and staff, testing dishes, planning menus etc. I am always on the lookout for new sites wherever I go. I try and divide my time between all of our restaurants as much as possible across the month. What does the next 12 months have in store for you? I always have lots of things going on although I do try to have a balanced life. There’s a lot of focus on the development of Hawker & Roll, hopefully we will open a few more— we’ve already signed onto Commercial Bay in Auckland so that will happen in the next 12 months at least. I’m also writing a new cookbook which is exciting. Aside from that we always have our heads down focused on all our restaurants to make sure they are running like clockwork.

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Where did your passion for food come from? I have always loved cooking right from a young age and I am very lucky to have turned that into a great career for myself. I use the same approach every time, regardless of what restaurant or what style of cooking, it’s all about the produce and ensuring that whatever comes in the back door of the restaurant is great, as local as possible and seasonal. We use free range wherever possible and we try to create the sort of dishes that will make people turn around and come back and eat them again the next day. I love being able to share my food experiences with our customers through ingredients they know, presented in a different or challenging way.






American comedienne Phyllis Diller is famously said to have quipped “I’ve buried a lot of my laundry in the back yard”. Rather than Christchurch businesses having to resort to that radical means of dealing with soiled articles Quality Laundry Services Ltd offers a personalised package – pick-up, laundering and drop-off. No need to take the staffroom tea towels home to wash. They will come back pristine clean, folded and ironed.

wner Paul Gray says Quality Laundry Services is a small business doing work for other small businesses. “We like to stay small and personal. Clients really like that and our helpful staff members, many of whom have been in the laundry business for years and years. Our company began back in 1995 so we do know a thing or two about washing and ironing and how to treat each and every item. We can handle whatever businesses send our way – from table clothes and napkins for cafés and restaurants, overalls, uniforms and high-viz vests for construction and the trades, or towels and sheets for motels.” Quality Laundry Services uses specially-formulated eco-friendly laundry products which allow them to achieve perfect results at lower temperatures, saving energy and cutting out potentially harmful chemicals at the same time. Stain removal is a specialty, without resorting to colour-fading bleach. The largest of the company’s washing machine fleet manages a massive 70kg load and the Huebsch dryers automate the perfect drying time. Visit to see a complete list of services. Email or phone 03-374 2188.

Every dish has a story... From Akaroa salmon and Wakanui beef cheek to venison from the Canterbury high country, we have travelled near and far to source the finest local ingredients for our dishes. Sample the best of our shared menu with the new ‘Trust the Chef’ selection.

OPEN DAILY, 5:30pm - 10pm 764 Colombo Street, Christchurch 8011 | 03 741 2829

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The International Culinary Studio recognises the number of people that love their jobs working with food and wish they could get qualified; the many enthusiastic amateurs, aspiring to a professional finish on their creations, if only fulltime work, family and other responsibilities didn’t take up all their time.


he culinary studio can solve those dilemmas simply and economically with its online accredited courses. You complete the course whenever, and wherever, you are – it fits into the life you lead. International Culinary Studio Marketing Manager, Tracy Kruger says one recent student is a mother, who worked full time nightshift. She had no fancy equipment in her kitchen, but through working to suit her lifestyle, at her own pace and after completing her hours in the industry, she received her Diploma in Patisserie and now has her own business. She will soon be able to give up her night job to do what she loves.

Gorgeous Food

Professional chefs and restaurant owners endorse the studio: it enables staff to continue their role while gaining their qualifications. Theory is online and students can watch the lessons over and over, even complete quizzes on their phones. They upload videos of themselves cooking, which chef instructors watch. The courses offer personalised one-on-one interaction with an executive chef in a way that isn’t possible in a standard classroom lesson. Students taste test their work using a flavour wheel and can take 12 months to complete but could get qualified in six. So, what are you waiting for? Change nothing in your life but upskill now!

Qualify as a Professional Chef with an internationally recognized City & Guilds qualification from International Culinary Studio.

Introduction to Culinary

Gorgeous Food

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Freshly baked, healthy, handmade on the premises, gorgeous takeaway food. Extensive range of slices, sandwiches, pastry products, Vivace Coffeefee

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100% Guaranteed Industry Placement* Advanced Support with a free Google Home Mini Device 1 on 1 Chef Instructor Mentoring Unlimited Access to Course Materials Exclusive Culinary Library Access Join a Global Community of Student & Alumni Chefs Blended Learning – No Need to Travel to Classes Earn While You Learn – Upskill from Any Kitchen Up to 5 Short & Artisan Courses for FREE Cake Baking & Decorating Plus The Art of Chocolate Confectionary |Sugar Craft|Café Chef|Special Diets

Get the QualificationsYou Deserve - ENROL NOW *T’s & C’s Apply

Open 6 days | 66-68 Springs Road, Wigram Retail Shop 03 344 6043 Kitchen 03 344 6044 Metropol June 07, 2018 63


A Culinary Crusade

At Gordon’s, we pickle whole & sliced At Gordon’s, we pickle onions, whole & sliced gherkins & onions, and relish. gherkins and gherkin relish. ‘Pickle Your Own’ ‘Picklepickling your own’ peeled pickling onionsalso & peeled onions & whole gherkins whole gherkins also available, to create available, to create your own favourite recipe! your own favourite Prime Smoke premium hot recipe! & cold smoked Prime Smoke premium hot & cold smoked salmon now in-store. salmon in-store at ‘TheShop Picklery’. Thenow Picklery - Retail

The Picklery - Retail Open weekdays 9am –Shop 3pm Open weekdays – 3pm3480 223 1 Timothy Place, Wigram9amPh.03 1 Timothy Place, Wigram Ph.03 3480 223 E: E:

Call by now for your very own Bento Box at Sesame Sushi Order yours now!

Sesame Sushi & Asian Fusion 33 Elgin Street (Corner of Colombo St & Elgin St) Ph. (03) 943 7872

Yumm. is your friendly food supplier using locally grown produce and goods baked fresh daily. A great range of luxury pantry items and kitchen equipment from well-known NZ brands. Friendly staff on hand to help!


The Colombo Mall, 363 Colombo St Ph. 03 365 2440 Find them on Instagram

Craft Beer & Cider Fillery It’s time to stock up for winter! A craft beer oasis in Rangiora. Free tastings and knowledgeable advice to help you choose from 20 taps pouring an ever changing selection. A new kind of craft beer experience! Due to our impending UK trip - limited opening hours June 23rd to July 15th. Check website and facebook for opening hours during this period. 7 Durham Street, Rangiora

Rangiora’s newest butchery, with beautiful handcrafted sausages, dry cured meats Wild game and Home kill processing Cakes, Cakes, Cakes by Sallys. With years of experience, Sally produces stunning cakes for all occasions, hand-made and decorated to your liking. contact Sally: Ph. 022 350 3318 64 June 07, 2018 Metropol


Wine Of the Month Chardonnay. A seriously drinkable winter wine served best at 11 to 13 degrees don’t over-chill me, put me with chicken, pork, fish, platter of cheese. Traditional style chardonnay - barrel ferment - creamy with vanilla & nut overtones. Cellar door open 7 days

The Butcher’s Mistress 84 High Street Rangiora Ph. 03 313 7191

Straight 8 Estate 2321 Main Sth Rd, Burnham, Ph (03) 347 6878 or 027 722 8416

A taste of Europe in Lincoln Charming old-fashioned deli showcasing local, organic and small batch artisan foods including NZ and imported cheeses, oils, condiments and European homewares. GF/DF/Paleo friendly. Awesome Atomic coffee. Gift hampers and vouchers available. Follow us on Facebook.

The Lincoln Pantry

Open daily including weekends 5 Robert Street, Lincoln | P. 03 325 7717

An authentic boutique family winery producing powerful, vibrant wines including the one of a kind Méthode Traditionelle Sparkling Riesling. Order direct from the vineyard. Free delivery nationwide.

Clark Estate Phone: 03 579 4752 / 021 386 831

Autumn Special = Diced beef steak only $14.99/kg Multi award winning butchery. Great service, great value, great quality!

Euro Gourmet Meats

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Salmon Heaven - it’s to die for. Our Merivale store is conveniently facing the mall carpark area. We are proud to announce our NEW store opening at The Colombo soon. (inside the mall) Huge selection of NZ Sovereign Smoke Salmon (We use Stewart Island Salmon) plus Smoked Mussels, Over the Moon Cheeses, Gordon’s Pickles and Silverstead Pastes

Make a moment sharing together with family, friends and Gelato Roma mobile Christchurch… Our Customers are saying “We Have the Best Gelato in Town” so what are you waiting for? We’ll come to your special events, wedding, private functions or follow us at GelatoRomamobileChristchurch/ to know where we will be going next...

Salmon Heaven

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Gelato Roma Mobile Christchurch

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Gin Connoisseur….

Curiosity Gin is a premium spirit for anyone who appreciates the flavour of a crafted contemporary gin. Our Christchurch made Gin, showcasing NZ native botanicals, has gained international recognition winning gold, silver and bronze medals in Europe, San Francisco and New York. If you want to taste the G in your G&T enjoy the unique flavour of Curiosity Gin

We have it all @ I Spy food. Damn delicious pies, seriously good vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. Fresh bread and gorgeous cakes. Coffee and a micro roastry onsite.

I Spy Food

78 Barrington St, Somerfield Ph. 03 337 0422

CANTERBURY KOMBUCHA New local salubrious probiotic drink live & raw Made with Fair Trade and Organic Ingredients Buy direct or ask for us at your favorite café and whole food store

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Once tagged as ‘the garden city’, Christchurch might now be classed as ‘the city in a garden’. Its people are bringing food production into the CBD, from a hotel with beehives on the roof to an inner-city café with its own vegetable patch.



urban food production

Open your own Coffee Cartel. With a micro-roastery in every Cartel, we’re the worlds first coffee roasting franchise. Spread the art of coffee with us, become a franchisee — enquire online.

Come and visit us in the historic Ironside House, built in 1899 Christchurch’s oldest restaurant Spagalimis Salisbury Street Pizzeria and Bar • Full bar and cocktails • 39 Delicious Pizzas on the menu • Outdoor dining and deck area • Private dining room 381 Montreal Street, Corner of Salisbury

Ph. 379 7159

Open Mon-Tues 4pm to late & Wed-Sun 11am to late 66 June 07, 2018 Metropol

Ōtākaro Orchard Ōtākaro Orchard is under construction but once finished it will be New Zealand’s first urban food hub, where people will be able to grow and share food, enjoy cafe cuisine and learn about the city’s sustainable local food system. It will feature Christchurch’s first ever commercial earth building, which will house a food information centre and café. The team behind Ōtākaro Orchard say the project is about “reimagining our urban green spaces as edible ones”. C1 Espresso C1 Espresso operates out of an old post office building in central Christchurch – one of the few heritage buildings left standing after the city’s 2010/2011 quakes. The café grows ingredients for its kitchen in its urban organic gardens and has a vineyard in the forecourt. C1 Espresso

recycles all organic waste, glass, plastic and cardboard and is heated using waste energy from the coffee roastery and kitchen. The café’s tables and joinery are made from recycled demolition timber.


Hotel Montreal & Ballantynes Department Store An increasing number of CBD businesses are investing in rooftop hives, including Hotel Montreal (pictured) and Christchurch’s popular Ballantynes Department Store. Hotel Montreal has a handful of hives on its rooftop and the chef uses the honey produced in specialty dishes in the Polo Bar & Restaurant kitchen.

Sustainable urban agriculture Sustainable urban agriculture is on the cards for an area of Christchurch known as the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor. It may form part of a mix of activities in an 11-kilometre stretch of land described as the ‘residential red zone’ following the Canterbury earthquakes, owing to the houses that once occupied urban sections there. The land is currently under the microscope as local agency Regenerate Christchurch leads a decision-making process about its future. Other land uses may include wetlands, community spaces and adaptive housing.


Kākano Café and Cookery School Kākano Café and Cookery School opened a couple of years ago and recently moved to its new home in Manchester Street, where its wooden garden beds spell out ‘Kakano’, which means ‘seed’. The business belongs to Jade Temepara, a busy mother of five, who says the café champions a “revamped version” of indigenous Maori cuisine.

From a hotel with beehives on the roof to an inner-city café with its own vegetable patch.

Perfect for larger groups Social dining at The Monday Room

To book phone 03 377-5262 or email:

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START YOUR DAY For residents of Lincoln, the Famous Grouse Hotel needs no introduction. Standing proudly at 2 Gerald Street Lincoln, it has been the epicentre of culinary eats, thirst-quenching beverages and great local tales for many a moon.

he building itself has had many names since completion way back in 1868 however, since 2010, the Famous Grouse Hotel has instilled a sense of unparalleled loyalty from its patrons. The hotel offers accommodation, a main bar, garden bar and separate restaurant, serving up a fabulous gastro pub style hearty breakfast, a mere 20 minutes from the centre of town. Talking of the breakfast menu, dishes like the Sweet Corn and Feta Fritters or the aptly named Breakfast Burger, provide the perfect way to start your day. Plus those with bigger appetites should give the hearty Farmers Breakfast a go. Containing two sausages, grilled tomato, batard, mushrooms, bacon, baked beans, hashbrowns and two free range eggs cooked to your liking, you can’t get more Kiwi than that. The hotel itself is the perfect place to stay. Whether an overnighter or for weeks on end, the nine modern rooms are available for bookings, along with hire of the conference room and facilities. So, whether you intend to stay, eat, drink or soak up the history of a venue that looks to the past but embraces the future, the Famous Grouse Hotel has all this and more. For more information or to make a booking, visit or call 03-325 2408.

Laundry? We can handle that!

29 Talfourd Place Ph/Fax 3742188





FERRYMEAD 2a Waterman Place, Ferrymead Christchurch Ph. 03 3764071

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who pies

ate all the

By Nicholas Henare

One thing New Zealand has that seems to be unique, is its desire for the humble pie. A staple growing up in Aotearoa, the once soggy, gravyfilled pastry parcel has developed into a passion which has cafés and companies striving to create the best of this culinary classic.

Cafés and companies strive to create the best of this culinary classic Once they have passed the weight test, the pies need that culinary x-factor; something that makes them a stand-out for the judges. Initially they are looking at the colour on the top and bottom of the pastry, whether is it cooked properly, that the base is the right thickness and doesn’t have a soggy bottom – nobody likes a soggy bottom – and whether the pastry has a nice top lift, but retains its shape. “When I’m judging pies I’m looking for surprises, good surprises and those can happen in any category,” NZ Bakels Supreme Pie Awards Chief Judge Tim Aspinal says. “Maybe there’ll be a different cheese used in a pie in the Mince and Cheese category, or in the Gourmet Meat some exciting ingredients might make me think I need to take another bite of that one. And you know when I take another bite, that this particular pie has caught my attention. I’m looking for plenty of good surprises this year.” Many a discussion/argument has ensued in our office over where has the best. One individual claims the Mobil station $4 number is the best with good pastry and seriously good fillings, while another touts BP as his location of choice. Heathens! You can’t go past a proper bakery! Looking for social media feedback, my personal favourite, The Fairley Bakehouse stood out, with some of the office favourites including The Bakehouse Cashmere, Mrs Dentons, Una Bakery, Halswell Bakery, Hanmer Bakery, Gorgeous Bakery, I Spy Food and Yumm at Colombo Mall. Like this year’s judges, I’m on the hunt for Canterbury’s best. In 22 years, a South Island Pie has never won the supreme award. This is our year! Metropol June 07, 2018 69



y passion for it has me looking closely at the annual Bakels Pie Awards. Entries close 28 June with judging day 26 July, with the awards night held 31 July. The game is on amongst New Zealand’s best to achieve pie glory. When it comes to the award-winners, it’s not just about looking the part. They need to be the correct weight before any further judging. Most of the categories need to be 280gms or less (Gourmet Fruit, Café Boutique, Potato Top can all be 300gms). There are 12 categories, though Commercial/ Wholesale is limited to bakeries that produce on average 60,000 single serve pies or more in a six-day period.





aint is all about making big changes for small change and this year the latest colour trends are getting a sophisticated makeover. With tech-free sanctuaries a key colour trend this year, the calming effect of blue is making a big splash in the home. Pantone named Ultra Violet the 2018 Colour of the Year, with this rich, thoughtful shade of purple capable of adding energy and depth to any room.

By Melinda Collins

When it comes to home décor, colour has transformational abilities that are only limited by one’s imagination and the speed of a brush stroke.


Start from a plan or start from scratch.

We can build bespoke, or any one of our many house plans can be tailored to suit your lifestyle, giving you more choice, pure and simple.

Start choosing at

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The calming effect of blue is making a big splash in the home We’re currently crushing on all-black rooms and 2018 is totally onboard with the sleek and sexy trend. Meanwhile dusty rose offers a beautiful reimagining of modern neutrals, with its pared-back elegance combining the simple chic of ecru and the vivacity of a classic pink. On the other side of the spectrum, we’re seeing fiery reds, vibrant yellows, turquoise and rich earthy tones, while metallics never really left the colour party. Chalky paint from the likes of Annie Sloan (pictured) is all the rage right now, with a matte finish that creates the soft, rustic incarnation of the urbane hues of 2018. If you need some help imagining how they might play out in your own space, then look no further.

“You’ll receive more kitchen than you dream is possible.”



Owner of Dream Doors Adrian Kay is not only celebrating six years in business in Christchurch, but also winning best Dream Doors franchise in New Zealand for a fabulous fifth year in a row.


ream Doors is best known for giving your existing kitchen a facelift, but how far you wish to go with the

concept is up to you. It can be as simple as new cupboard doors and drawer fronts, perhaps adding in a bench top, but it

The company offers the full range of materials and colours, but a current favourite with customers is the brand new Lazer Edge Melamine finish. It gives a really clean finish to the joinery, with sharper lines and increased durability. Adrian loves it so much he is offering a free upgrade to Laser Edge for a limited time. Covering the area from Oxford to Ashburton, Dream Doors Christchurch manufactures locally. It’s all made to measure – Adrian himself comes to you to do the free measure and quote and discuss your ideas, so you know the finished product will be exactly what you want. “We provide great value for money,” Adrian says. “You’ll receive more kitchen than you dream is possible.”



• Nature clean biodegradable house hold chemicals and hardware • MYTEE Microfibre mops and cloths • SCOOPY window condensation removal • SHOWER SHOCK shower and bath cleaner

12C Symes Road, Wigram, Christchurch Metropol June 07, 2018 71


can also mean remodelling a section of your kitchen, or the whole thing. Dream Doors will take care of all the trades you need, as well as assist with splashbacks and flooring, and the company is fully equipped to design and fit a kitchen into your new build as well.


‘Watts’ Hot By Melinda Collins

A home design trend that’s easy to implement in every room, statement lighting is about so much more than pendant choices. Cord length, materials, size and shape all make an impact. So we’re shining the spotlight on some of the brightest trends in lighting design.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Kitchen Facelifts & New Kitchen Specialists


For Quality Workmanship in Painting, Gib Stopping & Wallpapering ... Residential

Clever, cost-effective solutions to transform your home




NZ Master Painters Award Winner with over 36 Years Experience Phone Gary 021 329 881 E.

0508 MY KITCHEN 414 Tuam Street, Phillipstown

Expanding into

NthWest Christchurch

Handyman maintenance service for all domestic and commerical clients.

Piccadilly Bookshop in Avonhead Mall for the most amazing selection of fiction and non fiction books in Christchurch.

Cnr. Merrin and Withells, Avonhead Phone 03-358 4835 LATEST RELEASES


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0800 22 22 75 Milton Souster Ph. 329 8832 I 027 6734937



Au naturale: While timber has long been regarded as an easy and effective way to add natural warmth, eco-friendly plant-derived textiles are evolving into glamorous green alternatives. Size counts: Big is better when it comes to the current crop of shades and fittings. No need to be shy! Take a walk on the super-sized side.


Old school: Our dalliance with dĂŠcor of the authentic, aged look has gained even more traction, with antique aesthetics and weathered paint effects hitting the nail on the fashionable head.




Industrial edge: The stripped-down, hipster-inspired designs of the urbanindustrial dĂŠcor trend remain an everpopular inspiration for lighting. Metallic mastery: Metallics have remained on centrestage for the longest of times, with copper and rose gold especially popular, while polished chrome and steel tones make their magical mark. Generous geometrics: The visual contrast geometry brings to the home has made it an enduring aesthetic, with everything from table lamps to central shades catching the geometry bug.

We supply premium quality tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls, entrance ways and outdoor living areas.

Premium quality tiles at excellent prices

03 423 1696

Lester Lane (off Deans Ave), Addington Metropol June 07, 2018 73


I have never had a day in my life where I haven’t wanted to be a better person or to do things in a better way. I’ve been told that some people have this blueprint in their DNA and fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it), I’m one of them.

the top industry and business leaders spoke, I explored this concept more thoroughly.

I find it hard to accept the status quo. In a business arena, deeply ingrained methodologies are amplified, so challenging the status quo can cause considerable grief at times. Breaking new ground and introducing deeply client-focused actions and innovations can be very uncomfortable for your professional competitors.

Three seconds! How fast is that? What can you do in three seconds but blink twice? Within that blink of an eye, however, a considered process has begun, determining whether you are worth trusting on the basis of twelve key assumptions. That’s all it takes someone to decide whether you are worth talking to, working with or doing business alongside.

As an industry, we have long been taught that if you’re not going forward, whether by the inch or by the mile (excuse the Imperial measures, but I prefer this analogy), then you are sliding backwards and, unsurprisingly, the years have confirmed this belief. The nucleus of this action isn’t, as some would think, strong processes, world-class technology or bigger offices – it’s trust. Trust is everything, and at a conference I recently attended in Australia, where some of

One of the speakers presented research showing that it takes clients just three seconds to decide if they like you and whether they want to do business with you.

To all those consultants who struggle even to look people in the eye, or at best proffer a weak or sweaty handshake, your three seconds are not looking good. The trust pendulum is not going to swing your way if you don’t look like you are going to do what you say you will or if you don’t appear to have a strong knowledge of your marketplace and everything connected to it or, of course, if you behave in a manner that

engenders suspicion rather than builds early trust. Let’s add to this assumptions that are made about your status, intelligence (although that can be fairly obvious!), conscientiousness and your level of success (whether real or manufactured). There were more assumptions that I won’t elaborate on, and the research around these was both enlightening and frightening. These conclusions are being reached in super-quick time. For anyone in my industry, it’s so easy to get it wrong, to leave an impression that, quite simply, doesn’t impress and to be passed over. So how do you push past a ‘three-second impression’? Have a reputation that proceeds you and an intention that defines you – listen, smile and offer a firm, friendly handshake. That’s the signature I try to have, but it’s taken over 24 years to develop and not just a threesecond moment in time!




PH 352 6166 OR 0274 486 270

PAPANUI 352 6166 International & Migrant Division (+64) 3 662 9811 REDWOOD 352 0352 • PARKLANDS 383 0406 • NEW BRIGHTON 382 0043 GOLD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 352 64 54 GOLD REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD LICENSED AGENT REAA 2008 A MEMBER OF THE HARCOURTS GROUP 74 June 07, 2018 Metropol


home F I N D I N G


There’s either joy or angst to be found in stylistic matters. To many, the colour, pattern, or material choices in a home are huge, and we’re not talking price-tags.

Colour of Happy V By Liesl Johnstone


isual realities have the power to make us bubble with enthusiasm or wilt with depression. Seeing colours which personally jar, or cheeky blasts of too many bright co-existent elements in one space… now that’s the stuff of negative energy. So much that we’d happily take charge and be on the end of a paintroller into the wee hours. For repeat open-homers, (i.e. people who view other people’s dwellings as a form of weekend entertainment) it might currently be de rigeur to paint everything black outside, white inside. And to let plants and flowers introduce the sole jolts of perceptible colour. But we’re all different. For

some, it would be impossible to drive a vehicle that belched gas and fumes without taking a trip straight to the oil changers. That’s good. To many of us, our visible surrounds are pivotal to happiness. There are people who need surroundings of white, tea or cream; others so highly tuned they can’t bear spying a pair of shoes kicked off in the wrong spot. Yet others prefer dark, cave-like surroundings. Some folks glean warmth and wellbeing from the likes of a purple flocked wallpaper, mustard couch and red shagpile cushions. In a world where so much isn’t personal, stylistic stuff happily just is.





We cover all of aspects of exterior plastering including Commercial Residential Repair work Bespoke interior finishes Contact Lewis on 027 333 0128 email

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Customised Louvre Roofs for all Year Round. Over 10 years experience Louvre Roofs I Gates I Fences I Chimney Cowls Horizonal & Vertical Sun Louvres Cedar Louvres I Commercial & Residential I 10 Year Warranty phone 0275 356 286


naturally tiles the natural choice for unique design

13 Mandeville St Ph: (03) 343 0933 Christchurch 76 June 07, 2018 Metropol


hether you prefer it bold and bright or a more subtle earthy tone, mustard is a delicious hue that echoes the beauty of the great outdoors. Though new cushions and throws should already be on your seasonal shopping list, duvets, rugs, lamps and prints are all tempting ways to incorporate the taste of mustard in the home. Neutral and elegant, yet bold and brassy, mustard comes into its own when paired with the perfect partner. While navy, deep reds, olive greens and charcoal are all comforting combos, it’s a more striking contrast that makes this earthy yellow pop. The direct complementary colour on the colour wheel to Pantone’s Colour of 2018, Ultra Violet, the two make a clever colour companionship. Berry tones such as fuchsia and magenta make for a powerful partnership, while rich mustard yellow and pale mauve-pink make an unexpected, yet cheerful combo. After all, as they say, opposites do attract.

By Melinda Collins

Much like its ability to add some fire into our culinary creations, mustard is putting some heat into our homewares and our winter is going to be so much warmer for it.



2. 6. 4.


Metropol June 07, 2018 77


hot mustard


Architectural Residential Commercial Quantity Surveying


Rose & Heather Trenail Bed Sleep on New Zealand’s most luxurious natural mattress. 100% natural fillings with no foam, glue or polyester. Visit our New Showroom! 96 Disraeli Street

Ph. (03) 343 5105 Freephone 0800 753 754

03 9424332



17-18 June 2018

Horncastle Arena, Christchurch




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Child’s Play By Melinda Collins

When it comes to creating inspiring spaces for the littlies in our lives, it’s a great opportunity to move away from the neutral palette and generic furnishings we’ve used elsewhere (sssshhh, I won’t tell if you won’t).



t’s a special place in the home where imaginations can run riot, where our littlies can explore the universe through their own unique perspectives and a safe place where they can stake their creative claim on the world. So go wild and unleash your big kid at heart. Start with your child’s interests and go from there, whether it’s wild animals, anything with wheels, or

perhaps everything has to be pink. Drapes and duvets are a quick and easy outlet, putting creative vision on centre stage, with cushions and rugs playing a strong supporting role. Big ticket items may just need a lick of paint, while vinyl stickers can customise a space in anyway you choose. Magnetic and chalk board paints create larger than life blank canvases that open the revolving door to creativity.

However you choose to decorate, it’s about embracing all it means to be a child, inspiring them to dream big and discover who they really are. This is after all, one space where form and function can thrive, with a child’s surroundings playing a significant role in how they grow and develop. So have some fun of your own and get creative with colours, concepts and creations. The world is your creative oyster. Metropol June 07, 2018 79


It’s a new avenue that future research will traverse. Increasingly popular is the idea of one tech-free day per week; one day when you’re not within arm’s reach of your phone or computer. And that means 24 hours, not twelve.

Every tiny sliver of light in the room is a dangerous chink in your good-night armoury ADAIRS


By Liesl Johnstone

Life is challenging enough without adding blue light to your bedroom. That seems to be the consensus from researchers in the field of sleep.


t’s what’s emitted from computer and phone screens and, while blue light filters are available to buy, most of us haven’t bothered… yet. Blue light isn’t all bad. However, at night

it has the potential to interrupt circadian rhythms. Now it seems that even good mental health and happiness can be adversely affected by too much blue light when our bodies instead require deep sleep.

It’s the new mini-technology-fast, and people who’ve tried it report feelings of greater calm, relaxation and control. Other strategies toward having a wonderful hibernation every night include banishing pin-pricks of light and minimising noise. Thick carpet, padded headboards, black-out curtains, and black-out masking tape over digital device lights are all great helps. Every tiny sliver of light in the room is a dangerous chink in your good-night armoury. But what if your phone is also your alarm? It will still activate if on flight-mode and inside a nearby drawer. Don’t discount the hours before turning in, either. Cutting down on screen time once evening falls pays dividends, researchers say.

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Original oil painting by Jacqui Gibbs Chamberlain from her exhibition ‘Leap of Faith’ held at Little River Gallery from June 9 to July 4.

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Industria now has its name in bright lights at burgeoning Rolleston Square.


he design and gift store specialist with a spacious funky fitout opened a second location last month – the ultimate for practical, well-made and quirky designer items and furniture. Serving the Selwyn region, owner Janine Reese, along with Bronwyn and Mel, are proud Rolleston locals who know just what customers want. “More people care about buying sustainable and ethical than ever before,” Janine says. “LilyBee reusable, beeswaxlined food wraps, made in Hawkes Bay, come in incredible designs. Our first shipment sold out in two weeks.” There’s stainless steel straws, Joco glass reusable cups and S’well bottles for hot or cold drinks on the go. Most items are New Zealand made or designed – from jewellery ranges such as JHD Designs to amazing artwork from New Zealand artists and affordable gifts. A click and collect option on to pick up from Rolleston Square or The Colombo in Sydenham, makes life even easier.

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new things

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Winter’sWindows T H E



A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s, I n n o v a t i o n s Metropol June 07, 2018 83


luxury in Lyttelton Post-earthquake, the scale of home building is a remarkable spectacle, but few homes have captured the soul of our environment quite like Black Rock House.


amed for its situation on the Black Rock Headland in Lyttelton Harbour, the house is as secure in its position on the shortlist of the 2018 Canterbury competition of the NZIA Awards: House Category, as it is on the dug-in platform which minimises its prominence in the landscape. With winners announced on 7 June, the judges must be impressed by the new emphasis this home gives to the phrase “locally sourced materials”. The lower floor is clad in the red rock of Banks Peninsula, dug out of its site. It’s more red than black presence blends into the surroundings, a rocky outcrop with a drop to the sea. Jasper van der Lingen, Director at Sheppard and Rout regards it as a career highlight. “It isn’t diluted by the factors that often trim a concept, and the first ideas were in 2007. The concept had time to mature, evolve and get better and better.” Invisible from the road above, the roof is stunning – solid concrete edged, permanent feeling, organic curves based on the headlands and bays swooping sinuously in and out around the Lyttelton

84 June 07, 2018 Metropol

harbour. Jasper’s interior favourite is a sheltered outdoor room. It faces north, where the sounds of the sea magnify as they bounce off the ceiling. Underfoot, the teak decking takes you back to the days of the sailing ships that plied their trade in the harbour. Bowater Builders’ skilled team made the design a reality. Greg Bowater heads the Lyttelton company started by his father more than 50 years ago. “It’s a generational love affair with building on the Peninsula.” The steep rocky hillside had its challenges, but the experienced team of subcontractors with a background in this type of project, created the very special outcome. Greg feels privileged to have worked with Sheppard and Rout and the owners to build a home that reflects well on the design of the era – creating its own piece of history. Bowater Builders has another architectural build in the 2018 NZMB House of the Year competition. Sydenham Joinery was chosen for its high end bespoke quality service. Manager Grant Weston ensured an elite finished product to meet the standards of the home

and its outlook. “Working with Sheppard and Rout on architectural builds is an organic and very rewarding process,” Grant says. Modern styled, the materials are American White Oak timber veneer, paint lacquer in darker moody blues, and the kitchen in solid stainless steel plate. Stunningly crafted window seats in the kitchen provide a spot to contemplate the view, while the beautiful joinery combinations flow through the dining area and outdoor room, to the luxury of the library fitout.

PROJECT PARTNERS Sheppard & Rout Ph: 03-366 1562 Web: Sydenham Joinery Ph: 03 379 6840 Web: Bowater Builders Ph: 027 359 473

FOREWORD Editor: Melinda Collins


hile Christchurch is changing at street level almost daily, the way we’re living too is transforming at an unprecedented pace, as we increasingly seek affordable, sophisticated living with a strong focus on community and proximity to amenities. Apartment living is winning fans offshore and now it’s increasingly establishing itself as a smart living solution on home soil. Medium density is classified by the Ministry for Education as comprehensive developments including four or more dwellings with an average density of less than 350m2 per unit. Dubbed ‘the missing middle’, it includes units and apartments in its architectural portfolio. In layman’s terms, this translates to a new generation of housing that ticks all the boxes, summarised best by Architectural Designers of New Zealand CEO Astrid Andersen. “When done well, medium density can benefit the whole of New Zealand; we see improved health outcomes, less car usage and less power usage. (It) meets the requirements of a diverse community with mixed housing options; creates communities; keeps New Zealand arable land for arable use and fulfils key sustainability principles.” We’ve profiled some local apartment developments that are making their mark on the local landscape in the pages ahead, not because they’re big or ostentatious, but because of the impact they’re having on the burgeoning residential sector. Although the creative re-imagining of our rapidly developing urban spaces is catching international attention, our residential zones are the quiet achiever that will see our southern city prosper.












Winter’sWindows T H E



A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s, I n n o v a t i o n s






High performance windows are an integral component of winter warmth. We look at ‘Klima’ uPVC windows, thermally broken options and the Smartwood option – page 94.


A lining option that’s as tough as nails TRIBOARD LINING & TGV PANELS are a great solution for garages and IMPACT RESISTANT sheds where there’s limited fixing. Panels can be joined off frame, no studs – no problem.

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The Influencers

Leeann Watson

Albert Brantley

Bishop Paul Martin SM

Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive

Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive

Catholic Bishop of the Christchurch Diocese


arliament’s Education and Workforce Select Committee has begun hearings on the Employment Relations Amendment Bill; legislation that has the potential to have far-reaching consequences for businesses and workers in Canterbury. The Government has stated it aspires to create a high wage, high productivity economy. However, it is the view of the chamber that this bill will not deliver those goals. The bill compels businesses to collectively bargain, removing the long-standing convention in NZ and internationally that collective bargaining is voluntary. It allows unfettered access by unions to workplaces. It can create a situation where even non-union workers are effectively covered by any collective agreement in place. It also compels employers to provide your personal information to unions, whether you are a member or not. Also on the horizon are a set of rules creating what the Government has called “fair pay agreements” which look like a return to the days of industry awards. Those who remember the industrial relations environment of the 1970s and early 1980s will remember this system provided a confrontational, noncollaborative working environment; the opposite to the high productivity goal the government aspires to. The chamber and Business NZ are advocating strongly that the government changes this bill and takes a more collaborative approach to the employment relations system. We have seen the success of High Performance Engagement in the workplace, implemented by both Air New Zealand and KiwiRail under New Zealand’s existing employment relations structure. If this bill proceeds as proposed, it will have major ramifications on the ability of businesses to grow financially and employ more people – not an outcome anyone wants to see.


onfirmation that construction of the Metro Sports Facility will proceed with all the core sport and recreation features intended should be considered great news for the active among us. With a 50-metre pool, diving pool and space for nine indoor netball courts, Metro Sports will be the largest sport and recreation venue of its kind in New Zealand, catering for everyone from social to elite level athletes. The effort that has gone into the design is an acknowledgment of the highly-visible central city site adjoining Moorhouse Avenue on which it sits and its status as a venue intended to attract both national and international events to Christchurch. As is the case with the design of any building, large or small, changes must be made to accommodate the budget. The Metro Sports Facility is no exception and, throughout the design process, considerations of costs have been balanced against the venue’s importance, giving priority to the function of the building over the form. The net result is, come the end of 2021, Christchurch will be home to one the country’s premier sporting venues. We have now begun talking with contractors capable of building the facility, with aim of signing a contract by March 2019 and main construction work starting shortly after. With Metro Sports back on track and the other Anchor Projects progressing well, the time is right for me to hand over the reins. This is my last column as the Chief Executive of Ōtākaro Limited, so I would like to thank you for reading and for your continued interest in the regeneration of Christchurch. .

The window

to your world For information, ideas or advice about our exceptional windows and doors talk to Canterbury Aluminium on 0800 388 520 or visit us online. 86 June 07, 2018 Metropol


aving been consecrated as Bishop less than three months ago, I am coming to understand the size, scope and complexity of the many facets that make up our diocese. While looking after the spiritual needs of our diocese (South, Mid and North Canterbury, plus the West Coast down to Haast and the Chatham Islands) is paramount, we must also pay attention to the needs of our 26 parishes. Excluding school buildings, there are 128 buildings throughout the diocese that require work, be it earthquake damage, maintenance or work to bring up to greater than 33 percent of the National Building Standard. Seventeen churches were either destroyed or rendered unusable in the earthquakes. A further eight have undergone temporary repairs to enable them to be used while a permanent solution is put in place. The fate of the Cathedral is a high priority and I have decided to broaden the scope of this investigation. Saving and rebuilding the existing Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament comes with a substantial price tag. Is this the best use of our financial resources? Does spending such a large amount on one building fit with our Christian ethos? And how would the spending of such an amount impact on other work required? All these questions will be considered in a timely manner. A strategic review of parish locations and parish facilities is now underway as we work to confirm what buildings will be needed to fulfil our mission over the next 50-100 years. Because we are planning for the next 100 years, I will be ‘making haste slowly’ to ensure we reach the right decision, not the first decision.

Mason Reed

Dr Megan Woods

Regenerate Christchurch CEO

Fraser Thomas Director - Geotechnical Engineering

Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister


egenerate Christchurch’s exhibition of the refined shortlist of land uses in the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor Regeneration Area is underway. When we began work on this early last year, we sought public input to develop a vision and objectives for the area’s regeneration. We then obtained extensive technical analysis and expert advice to determine the best combination of land uses for this area. As well as demonstrating the outcome of our work to date, it’s appropriate that we all consider what forms of public and private investment will be required. Typically, most private investors might look to invest once public investment has laid the groundwork. I don’t believe this is necessary with the river corridor, as it offers a very different proposition with opportunities ranging in size and scale, with not all dependent on ownership of the 602-hectare area being finalised. As a city, we shouldn’t look to the ratepayers and taxpayers to fund everything and, in the process, shoulder all the risk in what will be an intergenerational transformation of the area. We must be willing to consider the benefits of attracting significant private investment sooner rather than later. I would, therefore, encourage you when you visit the exhibition at 99 Cashel Mall or online at to also consider the investment potential. We aren’t yet at the point of any formal process but, if you’re a private, philanthropic, social enterprise or notfor-profit investor, email us at info@ to let us know you are interested in being a part of what comes next.


uring the 2017 election, the Labour Party was very effective at pointing out National’s failure to provide ‘affordable’ housing, announcing its own solution, Kiwibuild, which promised to deliver 100,000 affordable new houses within 10 years. The definition of ‘affordable’ has not been well quantified by either party, with the government recently describing a $550,000 one-bedroom Auckland unit as ‘affordable’. Anywhere else, $550,000 for a onebedroom unit would be considered extortionate. Although it may be ‘affordable’ in Christchurch, it’s unlikely you would pay that for a one-bedroom unit, with most three-bedroom houses costing less. Cleary what is ‘affordable’ in Auckland is different to Christchurch. A blanket definition of ‘affordable’ should not be applied to the entire country. The housing affordability issue is essentially an Auckland problem. That being the case, the Government should stop introducing new policy and legislation which affects us all when, in reality, it’s designed to address a problem in only one part of the country. If the government is concerned about housing affordability in Auckland, they should be identifying Auckland based companies with employees who can’t afford to buy in Auckland and providing incentives for these companies to relocate their offices to the regions. The cost of housing in Christchurch is roughly half that of Auckland. First home buyers could pick up a suitable house in Christchurch for less than $350,000. This would be a win-win for the country, as it would save tax payers having to pay billions to subsidise the construction of dwellings in an overinflated Auckland market, create jobs for the regions, reduce Auckland’s housing supply pressure and provide ‘affordable’ housing from the existing nationwide stock.


t was a privilege as the Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration to announce the $300 million Acceleration Fund for Canterbury as part of the Coalition Government’s first Budget. We have always said that generating momentum in Christchurch was a significant priority for us. That’s why we have created this fund in order to accelerate a recovery that has so far been too slow, and uncoordinated. Christchurch City Council will now be able to apply for capital investment through the fund to complete projects beyond the arrangements already fully dealt with in the Cost Sharing Agreement, which will help speed up important projects. We’ve also committed funding to establish an independent insurance tribunal to resolve outstanding claims so people can get on with their lives. The wait on both the recovery and resolution of claims has been dragged out for far too long and this has got to change. Local decisions and local people need to be at the core of the recovery, not decision makers in Wellington. We have recognised this which is why the fund will be guided by what the people of Christchurch want. It will help deliver projects that will make an enormous difference for local people. Making sure that we get to the bottom of the unresolved claims is also crucial so that Cantabrians are no longer trapped in limbo. We want to ensure that Christchurch reaches the potential we know it has – to be a vibrant, energetic and world class city.

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The Influencers

Ivan Iafeta


an awesome enterprise A social enterprise established in the dark days post-quake to encourage positivity, collaboration, activation and support for a city that was struggling to survive, the Ministry of Awesome is a creative crew making some pretty cool moves. We talk to the organisation’s Chief Awesome Officer, Marian Johnson about the awesome work of this clever collaboration.



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How integral is it that we support entrepreneurs and start-ups here in Christchurch? Entrepreneurs and innovators are key to Christchurch’s successful future as the ‘City of Opportunity’. And, for these change-makers, there is no better place to be than Christchurch whose ambition is to transform into a world leading city in its approach to sustainability,

innovation and a collaborative economy. By delivering the essential ingredients necessary for a flourishing startup and innovation ecosystem, we provide an environment that powers our fellow citizens forward to success. And, by creating this nurturing and dynamic environment, Christchurch will attract regional, national and international talent, all of whom will be part of this great future Christchurch - the City of Opportunity. How did you first become involved? I’d heard stories of Ministry of Awesome and had a vague understanding of the positive work it was doing but was light on detail until I was a founding member of Fluent Scientific, a tech startup from the Powerhouse Ventures stable. Ministry of Awesome played a crucial role in our early market validation process by opening up their powerful network, particularly in the area of tertiary education providers. This early introduction allowed us to run successful pilot programmes that validated our product, customer and market. Without

those initial introductions, it would have taken us 12 months or more to open those relationships and get traction. For a startup with a short runway, early and efficient market, customer and product validation are critical. When the role of Chief Awesome Officer came up, I was already a convert of the organisation and could see the positive impact the organisation was having on the city’s nascent startup scene. I love Christchurch, I love our organisation’s mission, and I couldn’t be more grateful to our community, our supporters, and our trustees for allowing me to lead this mission. What’s the most fulfilling aspect of what you do? We are so lucky to see innovation first hand and to meet so many talented individuals every day. If the average citizen of Christchurch could see the innovation and sheer talent in our city, they would be equally inspired and so very excited to live here. We are telling these stories as loudly as we can alongside some incredible organisations like ChristchurchNZ, EPIC, Canterbury Tech, XCHC, The Chamber, Canterbury Angels, ARA, and UC’s Centre for Entrepreneurship.


Artists impression


CHRISTCHURCH 55 Hands Road Ph: (03) 338 9063

Sought after location on Halswell Junction Road. Brand new Primary School scheduled to open early 2019 just across Halswell Junction Road. Everything Halswell has to offer and close to Christchurch City.


Metropol June 07, 2018 89


You’ve just celebrated six years in business, what is the organisation’s main role? Ministry of Awesome is the starting point for entrepreneurs, innovators and startups. We deliver the essential ingredients necessary to ensure a thriving and dynamic entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. We offer a Startup Activation Programme for any early stage entrepreneur or startup, which includes capability training, introductions to networks, and 100+ events every year that sustain our city’s influential and supportive innovation community. Last year, we saw more than 1,000 entrepreneurs come through our doors! We also operate AwesomeHQ – an inspiring co-working space at 192 St Asaph Street in the city centre.


Shigeru Ban’s L E A D I N G



He’s already known for the design of one of Christchurch’s most progressive and unique buildings, now award-winning Japanese architect Shigeru Ban is turning his talented hand to the design of a second new building for the South Island’s largest city.


higeru, who won the 2014 Pritzker Prize for his work pioneering the use of cardboard as a structural material, created the innovative Transitional

‘Cardboard’ Cathedral in collaboration with Australasian architectural design practice Warren and Mahoney in the wake of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

Do you have any concerns about the state of your foundation and floor levels? At Precision Solutions, we are industry experts in house relevelling specialising in concrete slabs. As a result of the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence we have developed a unique and precise solution to raise, re-level and repair your home to millimeter accuracy. We focus on putting your needs first.

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90 June 07, 2018 Metropol

Teaming up again, the architectural heavyweights are designing a building that will make its home on the site next to the city’s original Christ Church

build build

Cathedral in Cathedral Square, where it will house an office space, courtyard-style cafĂŠ, restaurant and tourism retail. Shigeru has established himself as the master of unconventional materials – from structures incorporating paper tubes to a house built from furniture cabinets and a touring exhibition space made using host cities’ on-hand shipping containers. This project is no different, incorporating glued laminated timber or ‘glulam’ to create an engineered wood product that is stronger, lighter, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly than steel. The concept design features columns made from layers of New Zealand pine bonded together and curved at the top to create a twisted effect – reflecting the Canterbury region’s unique braided rivers. The interiors will be reflective of Shigeru’s signature style, with clean lines, warm materials and an abundance of natural light, aided by the building’s 10-metre high stud. The building was commissioned by property owner Richard Hanson of Redson Corporation Holdings Ltd and will house the company’s tourism business – Aotea Gifts. Hanson, whose father opened the first of Aotea Gift’s stores in Cathedral Square in 1979, says the building will be an iconic landmark anchoring the southern corner of Cathedral Square and providing a visual prompt for the city’s geology. It has been an “exciting processâ€? so far, where “all parties are continually

SHIGERU HAS A FANTASTIC ABILITY TO INTERPRET STORIES IN STRUCTURE.� challenging each other’s thinking�, he says. “Shigeru has a fantastic ability to interpret stories in structure. Braided rivers have crafted the landscape and people of Canterbury. “For visitors flying into Christchurch, the braided patterns of the Waimakariri River are a distinctive feature that signifies not only the beauty of our landscape but also the history and future of this city.� Shigeru says when he was first sent an image of the stunning braided river system, he didn’t think it was real – but rather, a

computer-generated graphic. It wasn’t until he came to New Zealand to meet Hanson that he saw the stunning landscape for himself – from a helicopter piloted by former All Black captain Richie McCaw. Shigeru decided to honour the natural beauty he saw by incorporating 38 different river patterns into the building’s exposed wooden columns. It is anticipated that construction will start in October 2018 with completion scheduled for late 2019.

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leaps & bounds LOCAL

The regional rebuild is moving forward with leaps and bounds. A thriving hospitality scene, brand new retail precincts and booming hotel sector are proving a hit with visitors to our southern spot.


ecord-breaking tourist numbers injected more than $1.24 billion into the region’s economy. ChristchurchNZ Chief Executive Joanna Norris says the region is enjoying the

spotlight with figures showing February’s tourism spend is up 21 percent on last year. “It’s great to see visitors and travel trade increasingly including Christchurch in their


Customlight Engineering Customlight now has a manufacture customised new 120 tonne Durma LED MISTFREE MIRRORS CNC Press Brake. have been delivering right here in Christchurch. Capable of folding up to Plus... 3 metres of 6mm steel. Christchurch people their

visions in granite, marble Sheetmetal work Powdercoating and engineered quartz, since Folding/Pressbrake 2001, and now also Neolith Lighting manufacture which is a product that is Fabrication fast growing in popularity,Metal Spinning bringing beauty to Homes and Outdoor Areas.

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Asbestos Management Meth Decontamination Toxic Mould Abatement Erosion & Sediment Control Contaminated Land Remediation Managing the environment around you isn’t always easy. That’s why MBC has been providing specialist environmental management solutions to clients for the past 20 years. | | 03 354 4377 | Northcote, Christchurch 92 June 07, 2018 Metropol


itineraries, staying for longer and experiencing the wider region.” The city’s hotel sector is booming with two new hotels – Crowne Plaza Christchurch and Distinction Christchurch Hotel – opening their doors in the past 12 months, adding 384 new rooms to the city’s accommodation portfolio. Other highlights include the opening of Christchurch’s brand new $140 million hospitality complex The Terrace, with its vibrant new bars and restaurants, while the city’s biggest retail development, The Crossing, is also attracting attention on the national stage. State Highway 1 to Kaikōura has re-opened 24/7, allowing visitors to enjoy some of the best whale and dolphin watching experiences in New Zealand. The region’s Alpine Pacific Touring Route has a new website encouraging visitors to explore the wider North Canterbury region. Joanna says there’s plenty more to look forward to as well, with an amazing new central library on the way, a Hoyts cinema complex opening in the CBD, Christchurch Convention Centre construction underway and an impressive central-city farmers’ market complex in the pipeline, along with recent confirmation from central government that Christchurch is to receive a Multi-Purpose Arena and Metro Sports Facility. “Our city is also set to regain its status as the events capital of the South Island,” she says. March figures show Christchurch received $305 million in tourism spend – the nation’s secondhighest share behind Auckland and 11 percent of national spend. We’re also playing host to the biggest event of the New Zealand tourism calendar

when TRENZ returns to our city in 2020. More than 30 tourism operators from Christchurch and Canterbury exhibited at this year’s event in Dunedin, including 10 operators exhibiting for the first time – from new scenic flight operator to a brand new hotel. Joanna says this unique business opportunity will allow Christchurch to showcase our new city while helping to grow the country’s $10.3 billion export tourism industry. “Christchurch enjoys playing host, showing off our innovative city and our region and ensuring visitors have a memorable experience. “Our city is more than ready to welcome the international tourism buyers and exhibitors to back to the Christchurch and Canterbury region – we can’t wait to show off our exciting new city to the world.”

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Pat Smith Interior Plastering Offers:  Free quotes  Commercial and residential fixing and stopping (including supply of gib) Stopping to level 4 and 5  Fibre fuze (to reduce future cracking)

 Coving  Ornamental plastering including stipple ceilings, nitches and archways  Painting (external & internal)  All EQC work (we are EQC accredited)

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in its


A culture of loyalty is what drives locally owned First Windows and Doors Christchurch, a family owned company specialising in supplying aluminium windows and doors to residential new builds and renovations.


anaging Director Simon Carrodus, says loyalty to customers, suppliers and staff has seen the company thrive on repeat business, serving some clients for more than twenty years. Simon recently bought the company from his father and plans to continue the thirty-year tenets of doing the basics well: delivering on time and ensuring the windows fit. Although long known as ‘the builders’ choice’, the company is happy to deal directly with the public. First Windows and Doors has all the thermally efficient options and is seeing the market share for these windows grow. Simon says ‘Klima’

94 June 07, 2018 Metropol

uPVC windows are the best performing for thermal efficiency and the company has two different aluminium thermally broken options as well. There is also the unique Smartwood option – windows where the inside frame is wooden, with aluminium exterior – a popular choice for a classic home. There are 22 staff on the floor and eight in the office, including three sales reps and a full-time site measurer offering free measure and quotes. Simon says, “We give such great personalised service that people are always surprised at how big we actually are”. Visit the website or phone 03-375 0700.

Combining traditional techniques with the highest quality timber, family-owned business Halswell Timber has been providing a specialised service for the past 21 years.

Attention investors You do the sums!

The returns are yours to make! Contact our agent now to invest.




TRADE ME #1585798665

SOMERFIELD 97 Milton Street $395,000




TRADE ME #1593576473

BISHOPDALE 21 Bainton Street $419,000

CONTACT Julia Golding Harcourts Hornby Ph 03 349 9919 Mob 027 431 4800 Metropol June 07, 2018 95




ith an extensive range of imported, native and exotic timber species to choose from, the dedicated and experienced team can assist with any timber needs – whether residential or commercial. The comprehensive selection of pre-run standard profiled timber includes weatherboards, flooring, panelling, skirting, architrave, mouldings and fencing, for construction and finishing, both interior and exterior. Delivering a one-on-one service and expert knowledge, customers can talk to the specialised staff for guidance and browse the selection for ideas and inspiration, says Yard Manager Mark Batten, who has been with the company for 17 years – one of the many qualified, long-standing staff. “We are opening a showroom soon and have just installed a new machine, enabling increased capacity and the ability to custom-make or recreate any profile to match your home.” Halswell Timber has its own pre-priming paint line on-site and the team is also an expert when it comes to laminating beautiful timber benchtops. The company has built a strong reputation for excellence over the years, as well as close relationships with the New Zealand-wide timber supplier base, enabling the most efficient sourcing possible. Call the Halswell Timber team on 03-338 9199 or see them at 193 Halswell Road. Visit for more information.



Wall linings WITH BENEFITS

Triboard TGV is an innovative, engineered wood panel, offering an alternative to plasterboard, manufactured by Juken New Zealand Ltd (JNL).

his product is specifically designed for the lining of high-impact areas such as garages and rumpus rooms,” explains JNL Sales and Marketing Manager Gordon Wilmshurst. “These areas are commonly lined with plasterboard products. Holes in the plasterboard are often caused by car doors being opened onto the wall lining or kids’ bikes scrapping down the wall which often enough, requires a trade person to carry out remedial repairs.” Triboard TGV tongue and groove panels have been developed specifically for high impact resistance. Because of the panels’ inherent strength and size – available in 400mm sheets – they can be joined off frame and bear weight. “There’s nothing better than having positive fixing in the garage or rumpus room. To be able to fix a shelf or the dryer directly onto the walls without fixing to studs is hugely beneficial. Their manageable size means the sheets can be installed easily by one person, reducing construction time and cost.” Triboard is a three-layered panel with a wood strand core sandwiched between MDF outer ‘skins’. The result is a clean-lined panel that has high resilience and impact resistance, and greater stiffness than other similar products. If you would like to know more about Triboard TGV, contact the team at


A great team for all Plumbing & Drainage Domestic & Commercial AFTER


96 June 07, 2018 Metropol

027 9508 118



Shortlisted plans for the sizeable space encompassing the Residential Red Zone have finally been revealed, with a gondola and water sports amongst possible features.


egenerate Christchurch has opened its public ‘Red Zone Futures’ exhibition of land use options on the back of years of groundwork, including previous public

consultation on 10 possible options, which received more than 1800 public submissions. The options feature a green spine and three distinct zones:

The interactive exhibition, which includes a virtual reality kayaking experience, has been organised by Regenerate Christchurch to get public feedback on the refined shortlist of land uses for the 602-hectare Regeneration Area, which includes the former residential red zone. “This exhibition is an exciting opportunity for people to help shape one of the largest geographical areas in Christchurch,” Regenerate Christchurch Chief Executive Ivan Iafeta says. The feedback Regenerate Christchurch receives during the exhibition will help shape the draft Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor Regeneration Plan. The Red Zone Futures exhibition will run until 30 June at 99 Cashel Street, Cashel Mall. Doors are open daily 10am to 3pm, and until 7pm on Thursdays. An online version of the exhibition is also available and a travelling exhibition will be making its way around the city.


’s experience

Commercial Residential Hill Build Specialist

Contact Hamish 027839 5427 or email

QUALITY AND EXPERIENCE ARE OUR HALLMARKS High quality workmanship guaranteed from a locally owned and operated company with over 20 year.

Metropol June 07, 2018 97


• The Ōtākaro Loop Reach between Stanmore Road and Gayhurst Road contains land uses relating to ‘Activity and Play’ • The Horseshoe Lake Reach from Dallington to Avondale holds ‘Food and Culture’ themed activities • The Eastern Reaches from Burwood to Bexley becomes an ecological haven with its ‘Experiencing Nature’ land use.


STRUCTURALLY SOUND Naturally when it comes to structural engineering firms, you want a name you can trust, which is why Cephas Rock Limited should be top of your list.


ounded by experienced Chartered Professional structural engineer Joshua Wong in 2010, Cephas Rock Ltd specialises in the property service industry. Joshua

and his experienced team are well trained, qualified design and structural engineers, able to provide you with a range of services to cater to all budgets. Whether you are undertaking a new build or planning an extension on your existing property, you can be safe in the knowledge of Joshua’s experience of more than 500 build projects. Ranging from single storey houses right up to the very best architecturally designed homes, Cephas Rock will meet with you and your architect and go over the design to completion process step by step. Along with its structural engineering services, Cephas Rock can provide geotechnical reports to determine the ground conditions of your site. After nearly a decade of seismic activity battering our city, the structural assessments carried out by Cephas Rock are also essential to give you a clear understanding of the potential damage your building has sustained and its repair methodologies etc. For more information on what Cephas Rock Limited has to offer, visit for more information, or phone 03-338 5387.

SPECIALISTS IN STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING, DESIGN ENGINEERING & STRUCTURAL ASSESSMENT Structural design for Commercial, Industrial & Residential buildings Structural assessments and reports DSA (DEE) ISA (IEP) Seismic strengthening Soil reports & foundation design House relocations. Joshua Wong

Unit 1B/1 Stark Drive, Wigram P: 03-3385387

Structural Engineer/Director BEng (Hons) MIPENZ CPEng IntPE (NZ)




Experience Knowledge Expertise

Phone Nathan 027 5499 670 98 June 07, 2018 Metropol

Lifting the bar It may be a commercial art and theming company based on the northern edge of the city, but Dream It Ltd has been helping to raise the bar for nightlife throughout the city, both in the figurative and literal sense.


hen hospitality owner and developer Max Bremner wanted to renovate Yellow Cross in Sol Square, he approached owner of Dream It, Dean Johnstone. With the ability to conceptualise and create themes, the company has completed about 23 bars. And, although the earthquakes put paid to the Yellow Cross renovations, they opened up the opportunity for another job, three years later. When Max rebuilt popular Irish bar The Bog on Victoria Street, he tasked Dean with

the radical new ‘steampunk’ themed décor, before the contract extended to include the signage and overall interior theme, including the back bar whisky displays etc. “Dean did an absolutely magnificent job,” Max says. “He’s an extremely talented man I wouldn’t use anyone else. The success of our bars has very much come down to his artistic talent.” When Max went on to purchase and develop the building alongside the Strip with Richard Peebles last year, Dean was tasked with the theming of the three

hospitality venues which made their commercial homes here – Fat Eddies, Kong and Original Sin, working alongside Architectural Designer John Ayers. “It was a great opportunity, with its challenges, creating three completely unique environments,” Dean says. The latest fitout for Max has been the new Bealey Ave Steak and Alehouse earlier this year. Previously part of the Speights Alehouse brand with its Dunedin specific branding, Max has created a Christchurch focused theme, with Dean responsible for bringing his plans to life. “The Bealey was particularly challenging because it was a live bar,” Dean says. “While the work was being carried out, people would be drinking at the bar and you know we’re all experts when we’re having a few,” he laughs about the unsolicited advice from patrons. “On a more serious note, we did what it took to work around a functional bar, building throughout the night, early in the morning and doing what we could off site. That’s the range of capabilities we have. “We’ve had a seven-year long relationship with Max and it’s still going strong.”

Metropol June 07, 2018 99

Show-Stopping Bathr

It’s the crème de la crème of bathroom showrooms – where the product selection is outstanding, and the customer service top notch.

6 Wigram Road, Middleton, Christchurch, Ph 03 335 0053 10 Latter Street, Timaru, Ph 03 688 9610 41 Glenda Drive, Frankton, Queenstown, Ph 03 409 2017

100 June 07, 2018 Metropol


Redefining the home’s most essential little room


ith competitive pricing added to the mix, Harrison Bloy Bathroom and Plumbing puts the luxurious into the home’s most essential little room. “It’s nice for the bathroom to be a place you really want to go to spend time in, rather than just having to go there,” says Showroom Manager Jason Tibbotts. “You can create a focal point and a welcoming place for guests. We aim to stock different products – that are not too conservative – with a really high standard for a value-formoney price.” Harrison Bloy is owned and operated by seasoned industry experts Ben Bloy and Callum Harrison. They rebranded in November, from Chesters, to introduce a focus on exceptional customer service and an incredible product range. Eight months on, it’s already a go-to destination for new and renovated bathrooms. The three inspiring showrooms are located in Christchurch, Timaru and Queenstown. The bathroom showroom on Annex road, Christchurch, is a spacious, serene atmosphere, with plenty of staff on hand to assist, inform and provide expertise. The cosy couch area has a TV for the children and a coffee machine for mum and dad. “Homeowners can bring in their plumbers, builders or architects and go through the plans around our consultation table,” Jason says. If there is a sensational European must-have item in an overseas magazine, for example, he will likely be able to source it. Every current brochure, on every range, is at the ready to take home and browse and Harrison Bloy will be able to seamlessly order in a chosen model. After being wowed by the colour-splashed Waterware Coco bath in the entrance, what’s striking here is the diversity of product to compare. There are nods to retro and classic in the mix – but always with an innovative twist and modern functionality, as you would expect with quality contemporary fittings. Besides the usual shiny chrome, tapware comes in brass, brushed nickel or brushed chrome, aged brass or iron. “Black fixtures look like they’re here to stay,” says Jason. “It really stands out in matte or gloss, blending in with most colour schemes from vessel basins to vanities. “For example, the hinges and handles in the Crest Lacunastone frameless shower,

with matching matt black Ferono tapware, transform the ordinary into a focal point which redefines these features.” Available are New Zealand brands such as Methven Tapware, Clearlite, St Michel and of course many oh-so-stylish European brands. There’s everything a bathroom needs from super tubs to designer mirrors with soft back-lighting. Four walk-through ‘pods’, each with a slightly different theme, are set up as complete bathrooms. The classic pod is an exquisite example of modernised traditional styling. With the English-made Perrin & Rowe Edwardian toilet, Heirloom towel rail and a Michel Cesar Dolce Vita moulded vintage-style washstand and oldschool double-tap goose-neck tapware, it’s modern functionality with classical styling – a stunner combination in a character home. Other display pods emulate the diversity that can be incorporated in a personalised contemporary bathroom – mixing and matching for size, function and effect. There’s also a ‘small space’ area showing how a tiny rectangular bathroom can still work the space and look fantastic. The working shower enclosure is a mustsee – showcasing every imaginable rainhead and showerhead variety. A consultant will turn these on so customers can see the cascading water feature of comparisons in action. Jason says the wow-factor matt black freestanding outdoor Soho shower, by Jee-o, has been a show-stopper. Sometimes a product itself gets design ideas flowing. Having a leisurely openminded look around is key. There is also a range of Comfort Plus radiator heaters, and for kitchen ideas customers can walk through to NC Design, who share the sizeable space. Browse and dream in the luxury showroom, which caters for all tastes, at 221A Annex Road, Middleton. Showroom opening hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm and weekends 9am to 4pm on Saturdays and 10am to 4pm on Sundays. There’s ample off-street parking in this conveniently located destination. Or visit or phone 0800 508 8009 for the Christchurch, Queenstown and Timaru showrooms. Find Harrison Bloy on Facebook at

Metropol June 07, 2018 101



Mandeville Village on Tram Road is open after an extensive five-year rezone, consenting and construction process by developers Ratua Holdings Limited and the main contractor, Apollo Projects.

102 June 07, 2018 Metropol

urveys provided an insight into what the community wanted and helped us to provide a village that meets the needs of the locals while providing a community heart,” says Apollo Projects National Business Development Manager and Ratua Holdings Director Bevan Hames, a Mandeville local himself. Tenants include Sweet Pea Early Childcare Centre, Supervalue Supermarket, She Believed Beauty Salon, Mandeville Fish and Chips, New Delhi Food Junction, Thaiger

Mountain Thai Restaurant and the Platform Heineken Bar and Restaurant. Locals also signalled they wanted discount fuel, so a selfservice petrol station under the NPD brand completes the village. The Mandeville Village Facebook page has kept excited locals informed of progress. “The community is right behind the development creating a great atmosphere. We have received a lot of messages of support and the feedback has been outstanding.” The village will be the biggest employer in the area and employment opportunities from the village businesses have been well received, with a lot of local interest in jobs. Given his wife Kelly runs the supermarket, Bevan’s favourite feature is a tough call, “I really should say that – although the architectural features make the village unique and really complement the surrounding area, including the cedar cladding and timber pergola with greywacke stone bases. Also, the tenant mix really responds to the local convenience needs.” This Apollo Projects masterpiece is open and buzzing for the community that has championed it every step of the way.


COLLABORATION By Tracey Edwardes

A multi-unit project in Edgeware came together seamlessly – thanks to thorough communication between the three insurance companies, PMO, the four homeowners and the main contractor.


2 Developments Limited won the competitive tender to rebuild 160 Geraldine Street, from the remedial groundwork to completion. “We provided a comprehensive breakdown of costs with no hidden surprises,” says owner Matt Anink, whose company has been prominent in the residential rebuild with its competent team of carpenters and labourers. Commencing in November with TC3 ground remediation, the project required additional excavation work and the capping of an artesian

For information, ideas or advice about our exceptional windows and doors talk to us. GA Aluminium 0800 FAIRVIEW 106 Mowbray Street Waltham

EXPERT NEW BUILD ELECTRICAL SERVICES New Housing, Renovations, Heat Pumps, Security Alarms Call Matt on 022 123 8170 or Garren on 022 123 8171


Electrical Solutions Ltd

Metropol June 07, 2018 103


well prior to the relevelable RibRaft foundations. “We absorbed this unanticipated extra work within the project programme to keep to our pre-Christmas target of a roof on for the holiday break.” Cam Sheppard, M2’s project manager, was at the helm throughout. “He handled ongoing negotiations with everyone involved, from the council to insurance companies – he was great,” Matt says. Three 90sqm units, separated by firewalls, are single level, with the fourth above the group’s garages. The original dwellings were similar to the Summerhill Stone units next door. Looking fresh and contemporary, the new units stand solid with James Hardie Linea weatherboard in siltgrey tones of Resene’s Half Delta and Alabaster trim. “Owners were engaged throughout the project and could choose to upgrade and personalise their midrange fit-outs,” Matt says. “Two opted for stainless steel kitchen benching. One chose a wallpaper feature wall, black door handles and tapware.” Exposed-aggregate driveways and new fencing completed the project before the keys were handed over to very contented clients. Visit



Jennian Homes has been building top quality homes in the larger Canterbury region for more than 20 years. Part of a nationwide franchise company, Jennian Homes, is a Registered Master Builder and provides a 10-year Master Build Guarantee and a 36-month maintenance warranty.


he company has a solid reputation of design quality and customer satisfaction. Canterbury North

Proudly supporting Jennian Homes

General Manager, Dwayne Prendergast and Operations Manager Paul Jenkins uphold that reputation by overseeing all

Need an efficient, prompt, professional plumbing & gas solution?

projects from sale to completion of the build, through to handover. Jennian Homes Canterbury North offers several build choices, including house and land packages, and design and build options, all over Canterbury. “We want to make the building process as easy as possible for our clients,” says Client Liaison Sue Prendergast. The company has a presence in several well-established subdivisions such as Faringdon in Rolleston, where there is a display home at 7 Lemonwood Drive. There is also a display home at 9 Westpark Drive Rangiora. Both are open Wednesday-Sunday 12-4pm and are great examples of the stunning homes that can be produced. It is proud to be one of the preferred building companies in two of Canterbury’s newest subdivisions, Ravenswood in North Canterbury, and Halswell Commons, in Christchurch. There are also many house and land options available in the greater Canterbury area as well. “At the moment, we have house and land packages from $550K, superior quality family homes, in Halswell Commons,” Sue says. “We can also do design and build. We help you find the perfect section, and you tell us what you want in your home.” Contact Dwayne on 03-741 1436, or via email at

Proudly supporting Jennian Homes For ideas and advice about our exceptional windows and doors talk to Shearmac Aluminium on 0800 509 509, stop by our showroom at 4 Line Road, Methven, or visit us online.

Call us now! 021 0291 1764

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on the

Brendan Murray is a young guy with a solid future. At just 27 years old, he’s been building for ten years and operated his own building company, Brendan Murray Construction, for nearly three years.


e’s got a lot of experience, whether in light commercial fitouts or building architecturally designed homes. Brendan works with a team of builders and apprentices and project manages all the jobs he’s involved with. He also works with designers and architects and has an affinity for constructing architecturally designed houses. They are more challenging and rewarding, he says. “Every day’s a learning curve. But rather than thinking I’m the be all and end all, it’s a much smarter move to seek advice from people that have been doing it a lot longer than I have. Always an apprentice to the trade.” This wisdom he brings to all projects. His latest job is one such home in St Albans. A 220 square metre two-

storey house, he’s worked closely with the designers and is bringing the client’s vision to life. From having the existing house demolished (including some asbestos removal) and the property cleared, to installing 25 14.5m screw piles and constructing the five-bedroom, four-bathroom house, Brendan and apprentices Morgan and Jack are on track to finish the project in good time to segue perfectly to his next job, another architecturally designed house in Sefton. Brendan employs another qualified builder and together they oversee their apprentices, training a new generation of builders. A Site Safe member, Brendan prides himself on customer satisfaction and attention to detail. He can be contacted on 0274 900 592.

Proud Suppliers of Aluminium Joinery for Brendan Murray Construction

JRS Plumbing and Gas is proud to work with Brendon Murray Construction

P: (03) 3777 708

11 Iversen Tce, Christchurch

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Exceptional Spaces By Cheryl Colley

Our work is shaped by our surroundings and office space is vital in business. Often modern offices have a certain sameness – the blandness of a standard corporate look. Sheppard and Rout Architects set about overturning this convention when designing the fit-out for the new ChristchurchNZ offices in the BNZ Centre, a Canterbury regional NZIA awards entrant.


hristchurchNZ is the city’s economic development and profile agency charged with stimulating economic activity and attracting visitors to Ōtautahi Christchurch,” Sheppard and Rout Director Jasper van der Lingen says. “It needed to be a warm and friendly space; conducive to the development of ideas, an interesting and people-oriented place and one which would also showcase products from the region. We were working to a tight budget and had to be creative.” 106 June 07, 2018 Metropol

The resulting 1200sqm space is both efficient and stylish with its mix of open plan work areas and break out/meeting rooms. “Flexibility was key, so there are meeting rooms for all different purposes – from the very small for privacy, up to mini conference size. Because visitors come to these rooms we made sure they were sited for the best views of the city and the Port Hills.” The design also makes use of natural and sustainable materials; timber joinery

around the meeting rooms for warmth and carpet tiles made from recycled fish nets echo the natural palette of browns, creams and charcoals, creating a calming mood and effect. One feature which pushes the boundaries of what can be done with office space is the lack of suspended ceiling. “We simply got rid of it, exposed all the services and painted everything black. It gives a great sense of increased height.”

Babbage Consultants congratulates Sheppard & Rout on their selection for the NZIA Local Architecture Awards - Christchurch NZ fit out, in the BNZ Centre

Engineering communities for over 80 years

128 Montreal Street, Sydenham P O Box 2373, Christchurch 8140 T 03 379 2734 E Christchurch | Auckland | Hamilton | Melbourne Auckland | Hamilton | Christchurch

Structural | Civil | Geotechnical | Environmental | Building Services Metropol June 07, 2018 107

Award Winning Builders

Thanks to all our Award Winning Team With a combination of Professionalism, Expertise and Design Whyte Construction received a Silver award for 8 Nelson Street, Christchurch, owned by the Dunn Family Partnership at the 2018 New Zealand Commercial Projects Awards last month.

For a complete turn key package Contact David 0800 333 360

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