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The Real Housewives of New York City

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36 Cover Story Sonja Morgan

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New York's Housewife

FEATURE 36 Sonja Morgan

TASTE 44 Vic's 46 Bedford & Co 48 Fresco by Scotto 50 N  eta 52 Balvanera 54 Dining for a Good Cause 56 Uproot Wines 58 Invivo Wines 60 Small Berry, Big Benefits

14 It's In The  Bag

48 Fresco by Scotto

20 Think Pink! 32 Anat Fritz

30 Halston



MAY 2017


JETSET 62 Paul Meyer & Royal Hawaiian Hotel 64 Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas 66 Anantara Layan Phuket Resort 68 The Grand Hotel Majestic "Gia Baglioni" 70 Hotel de la Ville & La Villa 72 Las Alcobas 74 The Crane Resort 76 The Peninsula, Hong Kong 78 Kaskades Hotel 80 The Westin New York 82 Spring Break Getaways

REGIMEN 84 Refresh Your Hair 86 How to Eat Right?


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Beauty with a Twist

If your look is not becoming to you, you should be coming to Twist Beauty Bar.


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Spring is in the air (and I literally mean this, just ask my allergies!) and we couldn't be more excited for the wonderful pleasures associated with the coming season. I, for one, am excited to eat fresh, locally grown vegetables again! As for the magazine, we are filled with pride and joy to feature our cover girl, Sonja Morgan. Known in New York for her sense of style and work with good causes, and internationally as one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja is a force to be reckoned with! With grit, determination, a sense of purpose and undeniable class, Ms. Morgan has left an unambiguously terrific mark on this fair city. We are so happy to be working with her! May is our Spring Travel Issue and we love introducing our readers to the best of the best in travel. From Thailand, Hong Kong, Italy and everything in between, we scour the earth to find the most luxurious, most secluded, most glamorous properties, so that you don't have to! As always, we have fashion, dining, art and so much more! We hope you enjoy these pages as much as we enjoyed putting them together! Lastly, thanks to Nori Inoguchi for an amazing Furla (our monthly still-life shoot) story. We love working with him and having the ability to showcase his stunning work. Have a wonderful May!

Chase Backer Publisher

How to get from money to wealth. Yes, it takes financial expertise. Yes, it takes sound strategic thinking. Yes, it takes years of experience in all kinds of markets. But, even more, it takes an advisor who is always there for you anytime, day or night. Whose principals invest and manage their own money right alongside yours. And who make you feel like you’re their only client.

516-935-1200 w fliinvestors.com


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BAG. Photographed by Nori Inoguchi Produced by Christopher A. Pape

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(I'm with Good Company)...



Styling by Takayuki Sekiya Produced by Christopher A. Pape Hair by Kristian Kanika | Bumble & Bumble Make-Up by Ashleigh Ciucci | Nars Models June and Olesya | NY Models

Olesya (L) 2ND DAY Pink Leather Dress, Price Upon Request, day.dk/eu/en/2nd-day June (R) 2ND DAY Pink Top, $365.00, day.dk/eu/en/2nd-day RUBIN SINGER Leather Skirt, $1,390.00, rubinsinger.com

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PRIVATE POLICY Bomber Jacket, $795.00, privatepolicyny.com SITA MURT Dress, $219.00, sitamurt.co.uk CONVERSE Shoes, $53.00, converse.com


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Red is Dead.

AGNES.B Tops, $295.00, agnesb.us 2ND DAY Wide Pants, Price Upon Request, day.dk/eu/en/2nd-day


Blue is Through.

24 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

June AGNES.B Pink Jacket, $495.00, Shirt $345.00, agnesb.us Olesya 2ND DAY Multicolor Jacket, Price Upon Request, day.dk/eu/en/2nd-day Shirt, Price Upon Request


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2ND DAY Shirt, $275, day.dk/eu/en/2nd-day Pants, Price Upon Request AGNES.B Shoes, $395, agnesb.us

JOSEPH Top, $235, Joseph-Fashion.com PRIVATE POLICY Pants, $535

Green’s Obscene.

RUBIN SINGER Dress, $1,875, rubinsinger.com

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2ND DAY Polo, $150.00, day.dk/eu/en/2nd-day

Brown’s Taboo.





he world of fashion design was turned upside down at an international runway show held in 1973 at France’s Palace of Versailles. American designers pitted themselves against the giants of French haute couture. In what was later called a runway revolution, the fresh and innovative designs of the Americans achieved a trailblazing victory over the French designs, catapulting American design to global superstar status. At the forefront of these victorious Americans was Iowa-born Roy Halston Frowick, known to all as Halston. Through July 9, Nassau County Museum of Art in Roslyn Harbor has filled all of its galleries with an exhibition celebrating

30 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

BY DOR IS ME ADOWS Halston and his achievements in fashion. Titled Halston Style, this is an exhibition that Museum Director Dr. Karl E. Willers calls “the first-ever comprehensive retrospective about this important American designer, and one of the most ambitious projects the Museum has ever undertaken.” Willers’s partner in organizing this unprecedented exhibition is Guest Curator Lesley Frowick, Halston’s niece and the author of Halston: Inventing American Fashion, a deluxe book that serves as the exhibition catalogue. Frowick, the heir to her uncle’s personal archives, which she drew on for the exhibition, says: “This is a story of a self-made man who rose from the amber prairies to the glittering heights of success

in Manhattan. Along the way he created a uniquely American definition of chic that remains relevant to this day – one of simplicity made elegant. He was the first superstar American designer.” Willers’s and Frowick’s groundbreaking work is supported by the generous sponsorship of “H Halston exclusively at Lord & Taylor.” Halston Style includes more than 60 Halston fashions, juxtaposed with photographs, artwork, illustrations and accessories, as well as film and video documentation. Among the highlights of the exhibition is Halston’s iconic pillbox hat design, made famous by Jacqueline Kennedy in 1961. Different sections of the exhibition focus on various milestones of Halston’s career, such as his early work within the elegant Hat

Salon at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, and his use of luxury materials such as comfortable cashmeres, hand-painted silks, and the newlydeveloped Ultrasuede. According to Frowick, Halston incorporated “familiar garments such as the shirt or tee shirt and transformed them into sought-after gowns in sexy luxurious silks and cashmeres.” Halston collaborated with many of the most famed artists of his time. Elsa Peretti designed the classic Halston fragrance bottle as well as much of the jewelry that accessorized Halston’s fashions. He designed numerous costumes for dances choreographed by the legendary Martha Graham. Halston’s cosmetic ads, fabric designs and more emerged from his close

personal and professional association with Pop artist Andy Warhol. Halston, who once said “you are only as good as the people you dress,” created fashions for many celebrated women, among them First Ladies Jacqueline Kenney and Betty Ford and theatrical luminaries Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Bacall and Liza Minnelli. Nassau County Museum’s exhibition affords viewers an insider’s glimpse into Halston’s glamorous life and lifestyle, especially his close professional and personal relationships with such celebrities as Minnelli, Warhol and Bianca Jagger, among many others. Through fashions and photography, the exhibition portrays their memorable evenings at Studio 54 during the late

1970s when that famous club was ground zero for the disco scene’s razzle-dazzle melding of music, nightlife and fashion. In sharing Halston’s legacy with the world, Frowick says that her hope is that visitors to Halston Style “have a greater appreciation for Halston’s great belief in his country and fellow artists, and that he realized its design potential on the world stage.” Halston Style is on view at Nassau County Museum of Art through July 9. The Museum is located at One Museum Drive, Roslyn Harbor, just off of Route 25A/ Northern Boulevard. nassaumuseum.org

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It’s truly amazing that you have been able to develop so many distinctive products and collections under the Anat Fritz brand. In terms of designing, I just know exactly what I want and I already see the finished product in front of me, and then I work backward so to speak and ask myself what “does it require?”, until I can finally hold the finished product in my hands. That pretty much describes my design process. Before I moved to New York I had my own fashion brand, as well as a studio for creative consultancy. I just love to create. I am a

32 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

perfectionist and proportion fanatic and it is really hard to please me aesthetically. Of course, the few designers that I adore will have what I love, but honestly, I like to wear something beautiful with my own name written on the –label – that is much more satisfying to me.

Tell us about yourself? In addition to my fashion and fragrance lines (anatfritz.com), I also oversee all aspects of my art direction, my branding, styling, and design. I direct all my shoots, look books and campaigns myself and

do visual consulting and collections for other brands. I also do a significant amount of free-lance work consulting on creative direction and exploring new brand partnerships. Presently, I am in development on a wonderful anti-aging face cream, unlike anything on the market.   

How did you get started in perfume? I am always on the search for that perfect thing. If I cannot find it somewhere, I sit down and make it. I was always looking for the perfect scent to accompany my

daily life. Something that leaves a trace of me in the atmosphere. A scent with depth, personality and impact – but on a subtle level. A memorable, but refined scent.. I have very high standards with everything I do.

What is your philosophy on scent?   

a perfect match all together. I rarely spend more than five minutes in front of my closet. I love to be inspiring eye candy to people I meet and I value when others make an effort with the same. Isn´t it so much nicer to study a woman sitting across from you in a cafe and finding inspiration in her outward appearance and to possibly get a glimpse of her personality and maybe character?  

The only purpose a perfume has is to flatter, expose, enhance one´s personality and make the wearer´s individuality visible. I cannot Sounds like you would make an excellent understand how people can walk in a cloud of stylist. these commercial synthetic celebrity scents, that For the right client, I would. As long as I am I given smell the same on every person —and people say the creative freedom I require. “wait, are you wearing Fahrenheit? Or is that Daisy by Marc Jacobs? I recognize it!” Those perfumes Final thoughts? function like a blanket that covers your personality.   I like to create beautiful things and inspire people.   If it comes to an idea or vision of a naked woman on What are your influences? a horse, I like to be that woman. Sexiness comes from My influences stem clearly from the late ’70s. Just inside whatever your age. I do yoga and exercise and think Annie Hall! The proportions, the shapes, the I’m a proponent of healthy food. The ultimate for me combinations. I am a big fan of functionality paired is raw, unprocessed food. In fact, I also have a book with effortless chic. I like classy, timeless things in out with raw food recipes that has been translated every category. Feminine but not overly vampy, still into a few languages. I get great satisfaction in a bit held back so that there always remains a part helping other women rediscover their feminine power that needs to be discovered. Over the years I have and joy of life. built “the perfect wardrobe.” Once it makes it into the archives, it will blend and mix with every other piece I have. I can just grab anything and it will be anatfritz.com 

Photography by Willy Somma

“Sexiness comes from inside whatever your age.” April 2017 | 33

La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion, $520 laprairie.Com Bite Beauty Love Bite Lip Set, $42 sephora.com

Jo Malone London Silver Needle Tea Cologne, $340 jomalone.com

The Creative Classic Gold Hair Brush, $40 creativehairtools.com Cartier Baiser Fou, $95 sephora.com


Instytutum Oyster Renewal, $350 instytutum.com

Dior Presitage La Crème Texture Riche, $390 dior.com

Anat Fritz Classical Perfume, $155 anatfritz.com

Smashbox Be Legendary Cream Lipstick Palette, $75 smashbox.com

The Creative Classic Gold Hair Brush, $40 creativehairtools.com

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nown across the country for her over-thetop style and impeccable taste, Sonja Morgan epitomizes what it means to be a Real Housewife of New York City. She’s a woman on a mission to dress her customers in the most flattering, best tailored pieces available. As a business woman and a mother she is driven, passionate and dedicated to building a lifestyle brand in her own image and raising a daughter who achieves all of her goals. Ms. Morgan uses her self-confidence and playfully brash demeanor to accomplish her goals in the business and art worlds. She has ventured into the theater, obviously done television, created an iconic fashion line and has a budding

empire, of which she is rightfully proud. But more than that, she is a caring, loving, thoughtful, inspiring, powerful New York woman. We sat down with Sonja to learn more about her recent updates, her business ventures and delve into the world of the ladies of Real Housewives of New York City. I hope you enjoying reading about Sonja as much as we loved working with her!

Tell us about what’s new that’s going on. I’ve been refreshing my townhouse with interior designer and longtime pal Nancy Pearson. She’s helping me out while I’m in-between. I don’t want to redo the house, but it needs some new fabrics and paint here and there. When not filming

Hair: Loretta Wollner, Makeup: Jiyeon Kim, Styling: Montgomery Frazier, Art Direction: Heidi North Cover look: Dress by Malan Breton, Glasses by Glassing. Left: Halter gown by Emilio Pucci, Jewelry by Ottaviani. Shot at Sonja Morgan's Town house.

April 2017 | 37

Above: Black satin ruffled gown and black leather opera gloves by Malan Breton, all jewelry by Chamak Left: Faux-fur collar, silver floral silk great-coat by Malan Breton, earrings by Ottaviani, black platform heels by Steve Madden

April 2017 | 39


40 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Always entertaining. Every year it’s different. This year it’s funnier and on the kooky side with deep emotions involved.

I travel. So I’ve been to LA, Atlanta, the Hamptons, Phuket, Paris and Burgundy. I’m headed back to Europe soon, right after Palm Beach. My daughter is coming with me on some of the trips so that makes it extra special for me. I miss her now that she’s off to boarding school.

What new ventures are you working on? I’m continuing to build my Tipsy Girl Sparkling wines and Sonja Morgan New York Fashion Lifestyle Brand. Sonja Morgan New York is now available at the Vanessa Noel store on East 64th Street as well as online. In addition, I am co-producing and acting in an art-house film. It’s taking place in New York City. The content is very different, but the process is similar to when I produced The Marsh in Toronto.

What inspires you to pursuing these goals? I’m motivated by my creative side and then by the people I work with. For example, the recent Off-Broadway play I did. Sex tips for Straight Women by a Gay Man is the longest-running comedy Off Broadway. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I was nervous. But my daughter was like you have to do this. There were many rehearsals every week. The other two seasoned actors and I had to memorize 70 minutes of exact script. There were two back-to-back shows on Saturdays. But it struck my creative cords and I loved the cast and team I worked with. It was a real New York moment in life. Plus I love making people laugh. 

How is the show for you this season? Always entertaining. Every year it’s different. This year it’s funnier and on the kooky side with deep emotions involved. I work on myself, my relationships with the girls and my romantic life in a more serious fashion now that my daughter lives out and my life is settled.

What do you like most about RHONYC? The freedom I regained after my divorce. I was able to take care of my daughter, to rebuild, rebrand and continue to support my charities while inspiring others to stay strong and independent and to realize their dreams. I love the emails from people saying I helped them through tough times.

You’re an iconic dresser, what inspires your sense of style? Favorite designer? I’m inspired by the classic timeless designers with a sexy twist. Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino, YSL, Cavalli. I always like a touch of leopard. It’s my neutral—alongside red and fuchsia

Tell us about your fashion line. It’s timeless, seasonless and travels well. Fine fabrics with detail. I like to have a sexy twist with cutouts, showing a little skin, and with animal prints here and there. I have an affinity for the tuxedo style as well. My swimwear sold out instantly due to its price point. I’ll be working on favorable price points down the road for everyone. But I’m enjoying the designing part now.  I’m very proud of my collection and love seeing it on others and love to wear it myself.  Fuschia gown by Emilio Pucci, earrings by Ottaviani.

sonjamorgannewyork.com April 2017 | 41

The Match Restaurant Group


388 Willis Avenue Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 p: 516.621.3888, f: 516.621.3883 388restaurant.com

Chris & Tony’s

352 Jericho Turnpike Syosset, NY 11791 p: 516.496.1011, f: 516.496.2307 chrisandtonys.com

Italian 101

17082 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles, FL 33160 p: 786.802.8111, f: 786.802.8110 italian101miami.net

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Restaurant, Catering & Private Party Rooms

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magical Italian restaurant was created in Noho under the hands of three long-term partners. Vic’s is the passionate result of Victoria Freeman, Marc Meyer and Chris Paraskevaide’s renovation -- it is now a reimagined Mediterranean restaurant. once called Five Points, with a new chief chef, Hillary Sterling. Focusing on locally sourced ingredients, including New York State flour used for the homemade pizzas and pastas; a variety of fresh Italian-influenced dishes now rise from the wood-burning oven. Stroll through Noho and be drawn in by the bright red bricks on the restaurant’s facade and white doors with a light-blue striped awning that reads, “Vic’s.” Walk into a well-lit, open wood-floored room illuminated by hints of lime and suspended lights under a coffered ceiling. Sit inside, or outside on the patio in the warm weather and enjoy brunch. Share freshly baked Focaccia bread with tomato, garlic and creamy ricotta. Bite into the Roasted

44 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Brisket and Egg sandwich with pickled peppers, sweet onions, a dash of mint and crispy potatoes. Or try the Soppressata Pizza with Calabrian chilies, mozzarella and savory thyme. Cool off with a refreshing Bloody Mary, imagined five ways, or share a pitcher of the Southern Mary, with Bacon-infused Bourbon, maple syrup with a salt and sugar rim. Sip a Basilica Mary, a basil-infused vodka, with balsamic and a salt-andpepper cracked rim. Start off with Roasted Beets served with blood oranges and poppy seeds. Share fresh, Crispy Baby Squid family style, served with pickled peppers, garlic and oregano vinaigrette. Choose from the succulent Roasted Chicken served with charred broccoli, sweet baby onions, fingerlings, chilies and basil, or for the meat lovers, Skirt Steak served with roasted mushrooms and salsa verde for an entree. Enjoy the taste of freshly baked pizza, ordering the Spinach pizza, with crescenza, Fresno chilies and lemon. On a warm spring evening fall in love with the

Fregola —a Sardinian couscous with fresh Maine crab, refreshing lemon, chilies, green onions and garlic. Their “Borsa” pasta (meaning little purse), filled with ricotta, hazelnut and lemon is a little burst of heaven in your mouth. These soft and decadent pillows of pleasure are a standout on the menu. End your meal with a Chocolate Mascarpone Torta, with salted caramel, orange and pistachio. Watch the sunset with an Affogato, sweet walnut gelato, amaro, walnuts and smooth espresso. Cleanse your palate with lemon rosemary Sorbetti. Relax with the ZZZ tea by Serendipitea, with chamomile and lavender, or sip on a house-made limoncello liqueur. Stroll off into the night after savoring the comfort of Vic’s Italian cuisine. 31 Great Jones Street New York, NY 212.253.5700 vicsnewyork.com

Enjoy locally sourced Italian cuisine at Vic’s

Their “Borsa” pasta (meaning little purse), filled with ricotta, hazelnut and lemon is a little burst of heaven in your mouth. These soft and decadent pillows of pleasure are a standout on the menu.

April 2017 | 45


Bedford & Co.



he Renwick Hotel, once a retreat of the lost generation, serves as the home for Bedford & Co. and showcases the regional dishes that stem from John Delucie’s extensive travels. Designed by Meg Sharpe Interiors, the restaurant is a wanderer’s dream, with wood sleekly covering the walls, custom lighting, an antique mirror and warm veined-marble bar, poured concrete floors and its signature wood burning open grill that gives each meal from land or sea, a smoking, unmistakable depth. Begin your dining journey through Delucie’s and chef de cuisine Justin Neubeck’s innovative vision by sampling market fresh seafood, including East Coast Oysters, either refreshingly chilled or smoked on that legendary wood grill. Or try the Head-on Sun Shrimp with quinoa, almond, citrus and kohlrabi salad.

46 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Sample one of the homemade pasta dishes, such as their Squid Ink Spaccatelli made with squid, nduja sausage, chili and basil. Dig into the perfect cut of the Berkshire Pork Chop accompanied with rhubarb, spring onions, pickled mustard seed and a sweet honey glaze. Customize your meal with a side of your choice, including Wood-grilled Broccolini or Herb-infused Fries. Choose from a well-edited selection of red and white wines from Argentina, Italy, the United States or France. Or sip a Ransom Note cocktail, Whistle pig 10-year-old rye , Ransom dry vermouth, or an Amaro served neat. Specialty cocktails include the Zelda, made with Cimarron Blanco tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime, grapefruit and a touch of jalapeño. End your meal on a high note at Bedford & Co with a dessert prepared by pastry chef, Fatimah Canty. Bite into the Blueberry Crostata with sweet vanilla gelato

paired with Trimbach late harvest Pinot Gris 2000. Share a dessert plate with family or friends with the chef’s handpicked assorted cookies or the chef’s selection of seasonal fruit, with gelato and a decadent Moscato. Whatever you choose will be sure to be memorable. It is a rare treat in Manhattan dining when the design of the restaurant goes hand-in-hand with the quality and deliciousness of the food. But at Bedford & Co., it would not be an understatement to say that this restaurant is one of the brightest stars today in modern Manhattan dining.

118 E 40th Street, New York, NY 212.634.4040 bedfordandco.com

April 2017 | 47


Fresco by Scotto


What you and your family do for fun to relax during the summer? My family and I really enjoy the summer out at the beach. In fact, my parents, Marion and Anthony, my sister Elaina and her husband Brett Yormark, my husband, Lou Ruggiero, and all our kids live in, what we affectionately call, an upscale share house. We bought the house together ten years ago. It is a home filled with cooking and laughter. We love to entertain—whether it’s a casual barbecue or our enormous Sunday dinner. My brothers and their wives have their own homes, but they know Sunday is family day and their kids don’t want to miss that pasta and meatballs!               Any favorite Hamptons’ memories or traditions? We have thrown birthday celebrations and prewedding parties at our house. Each one is special. We also remember when our Fresco on the Go catered Bridgehampton polo for several summers. The food became a very popular part of the match.

48 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

We couldn’t keep up with the demand for serving our pizzas and potato and zucchini chips, so we put fake mustaches on our children and enlisted them as waiters. It was hysterical and practical. We have since stopped doing polo, but we still do party catering and backstage concerts for some of the biggest names in music! Does Fresco by Scotto offer any summer specialties on the menu (food/drinks)? At our restaurant in midtown Manhattan, we try to use the freshest ingredients that are seasonal. For example, some of our summer salads will include peaches and watermelon. Soft shell crabs will be served crispy over a refreshing salad. We will also be preparing a delicious pesto with fettuccine made with arugula and basil. However, the Fresco favorites, including our eggplant and zucchini pie and tuna tartare, are enjoyable any and every season.

Any pet projects/causes you want to promote? My family and I have participated in the Strides for Life, Lung Cancer awareness walk in Southampton. My parents lost a dear friend and their families keep her memory alive by raising funds for a cure. Any celebrity/news anecdotes from the past year that made an impact on you? Fresco by Scotto attracts a very eclectic crowd— from journalist/feminist Gloria Steinem to actress/singer Hailee Steinfeld to legendary crooner Tony Bennett and business powerhouse Ken Langone. All of them are friendly and easy to talk to.

34 East 52 Street New York, NY 212.935.3434 frescobyscotto.com

Daniel Gonzalez

Rosanna Scotto along with her mother, Marion, brother, Anthony Jr, and sister Elaina Scotto co-own Fresco by Scotto restaurant for over 23 years. Rosanna is also the co-anchor of Good Day New York on Fox5.

April 2017 | 49





eta New York City, located at 61 West 8th Street, is home to acclaimed chef Sungchul Shim, who brings both Eastern and Western culinary expertise to everything he prepares, gained from years of training at some of the finest restaurants in New York City and Asia. Stop in for the daily Omakase, (chef’s choice), small plates or a full sushi menu, as well as an array of exciting and innovative Japanese dishes. At lunchtime you can enjoy the three-course prix fixe special for only $35.00. Start your first course with Tori Kurozu, a succulent sweet and spicy sasso chicken karage with white onions and scallions. Follow with the Chef’s hand-picked choice of five pieces of the freshest sushi and one roll. End your lunch with house-made ice cream with monaka. Bring your colleagues or the entire family and experience the variety of freshly prepared fish for dinner

50 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com


with the Omakase. The menu is seasonal and offers the best available ingredients. Each course is designed to be harmonious. Begin with the tender Soft-Shell Shrimp Tempura served with a tangy sweet chili dashi. Follow it up with a refreshing Cucumber and Avocado roll. Or try the Duck Foie Gras, Pekin Duck, Hudson Valley foie gras and a cucumber cup. Seafood is not the only delicious choice on the menu. Try the Kobe Katsu, Snake River Farms Kobe beef strip loin, served with uni, drizzled with a sweet ginger-kurozu glaze. Accompany your dinner with equally unique cocktails. Try the Wakaba with vodka, green tea, Toasted Rice & Lemon—it is complex, refreshing and lively. Or perfect for a summer night, the Lime & Yuzu Shaved Ice Shot—Tequila Ocho Blanco, smoked salt, shiso and a perfect hint of  lime. Or choose from an

extraordinary selection of wines ranging from sparkling, red, white or rose. Dare to explore the endless Sake menu, from Maboroshi “Mystery” sake with Hiroshimaken and Junmai Ginjo to Takasago“Divine Droplets” with Hokkaido-ken and Junmai Daiginjo. All handcrafted by beverage manager and barman, Cole Schaffer. Executive Chef Sungchul Shim has elevated sushi in New York City within the walls of Neta’s sleek, minimalist design.

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ocated on the Lower East Side of New York City on Stanton Street sits Balvanera, an Argentine steakhouse named after a barrio in Buenos Aires, where the creative types of the city come to mingle.The service here is attitude-free, in a neighborhood where you’ll often encounter a pretentious wait staff. It’s a cozy spot, with its rustic dining room featuring adapted elements of Spanish and Italian cooking, filled with a downtown crowd. The menu strays from straight-up Argentine cuisine, although there are expertly grilled meats, traditional flaky empanadas, house-made chorizo and a chimichurri sauce that transports you to Buenos Aires. While, obviously, meats are the highlight here, including their dry-aged, grilled bone-in rib eye, the restaurant is not just about steak, and vegetarians and pescatarians will enjoy many facets of the menu.

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BY W.A. MULLE R including fresh burrata with peaches and almonds, octopus and pasta. There is gnocchi special on the 29th day of each month, an Argentine tradition where everyone typically eats pasta on that specific day of the month. The restaurant is the first project of Argentine Chef Fernando Navas (with stints at El Bulli and Nobu) representing the cuisine and spirit of Buenos Aires. The wine list is curated in collaboration with Argentine Wine Consultant, Sebastian Koncurat. As you would suspect, there are many noteworthy selections of Argentine wine, available by the glass, carafe or bottle; but not to be missed is their Sangria de la Casa. As you enter the space, you’ll be welcomed by an elegance and charm that invokes the Buenos Aires vibe. There are two full sides of French doors drenched with sunshine during the day. At night, the lights dim and the action begins with a mixed soundtrack of everything from classic rock and jazz to funk and soul. There is, of

course, Argentine music sprinkled within the rotation. The restaurant serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-4:30pm, and offers happy hour Monday through Thursday from 4pm-7pm with table seating; and Friday through Sunday 4pm-7pm with bar seating. On Monday evenings from 5:30-11pm there is a BYOB option, with no corkage fee! To sum it up, Balvanera is an excellent choice for a night out in Manhattan. From the tapas style starter plates of octopus, anchovies and savory pastries to the main plates of grass-fed beef, pasta and fish, you’ll enjoy a fabulous evening of quality wines and attentive service for a meal to remember.

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Dining for a Good Cause 10TH TASTE OF THE UPPER WEST SIDE



his year marks the tenth anniversary of Taste of the Upper West Side, presented by American Airlines and Mastercard, New York City’s most successful culinary fundraiser. Launched in 2007 by the Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District (BID), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization representing merchants and property owners on Columbus Avenue, from West 67th to West 82nd Streets, our initial goal was to raise awareness of the wonderful restaurants and retail on Columbus Avenue and the Upper West Side. We also hoped to raise funds for our Neighborhood Streetscape Beautification program, as well as community-based charities. And it worked! Not only is the Upper West Side considered a dining destination today, New Taste has funded a sustainable block on Columbus Avenue that has become a neighborhood amenity with seating, as well as an educational tool featuring the city’s first bioswale. In addition, the BID was able to purchase $84,000

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worth of Big Belly Solar-Powered Trash Compactors for Theodore Roosevelt Park, and has donated thousands of dollars to such organizations as Wellness in Schools, the Greenhouse Project, and Citymeals-on-Wheels. All from the proceeds of this amazing event! Taste of the Upper West Side, presented by American Airlines and Mastercard, is the ultimate food-lovers’ extravaganza and benefit, attended by more than 3,000 people over two nights each year to celebrate exceptional fare prepared by more than 90 top-rated chefs in a gorgeous setting with music, acrobatics, entertainment and more. This year’s first event, Summer in the City: Surf & Turf, is Friday, May 19th, from 7- to 10 p.m. More than 45 restaurants will be delivering creative takes on summertime favorites. This year’s hosts are TV personality Adam Richman and restaurateur and Food TV celebrity Alex Guarnaschelli, who will be signing her book “Old-School Comfort Food. In addition, New York Times Op-Ed writer and former restaurant critic Frank Bruni, will be the night’s special guest, showcasing

his recently published cookbook, “A Meatloaf in Every Corner.” The next night, Saturday, May 20th, offers two exceptional events dedicated to haute cuisine: Best of the West VIP Reception Presented by 21 West End, from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.; followed by the main event, Best of the West, presented by Park West Village, from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. The evening’s honorees are Michelin Star recipient and James Beard award-winning chef April Bloomfield and her business partner and fellow James Beard award-winner for Best Restaurateur in the United States Ken Friedman. In 2016, they opened their first Upper West Side restaurant, White Gold Butchers. 10th Taste of the Upper West Side is held under a grand 60-foot-high tent at the O’Shea Complex Schoolyard on Columbus Avenue between West 76th to 77th Streets.


Eat. Drink. Celebrate.

72 Madison Avenue, NYC, Between 27th and 28th Streets, 212.696.9660, roccosteakhouse.com


Uproot Wines


About Uproot Wines: We started Uproot in 2011 with a very specific goal in mind: Create a new kind of winery focused on handcrafting small-lot wines, while simultaneously utilizing innovative delivery, marketing, and customer service techniques to help bring the wine world into the 21st century.

Why wine and how it got started? Our winemaker, Greg Scheinfeld, is originally from New York. After some time on Wall Street, he realized it wasn’t the profession for him. Greg had always been interested in wine growing up – his father has an extensive wine collection – so in a burst of spontaneity he “uprooted” his life and moved out to California to learn as much about wine as he could. This was in 2006. After stints at some amazing wineries including Cakebread, Jospeh Phelps, and Vineyard 29, he left as cellar master and with a desire to start his own winery. Enter his friend and Uproot co-founder, Jay Levy – additionally Jay is the co-founder of the venture capital firm Zelkova Ventures. They knew if they were going to create a successful winery they would have to come up with something that would separate them from 56 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

the old guard of wine. The light bulb went off as many friends of Greg and Jay came out to Napa to visit. Much like themselves, their friends were just starting to get comfortable in life. They were building their careers and finally starting to save some money. They were becoming more interested in wine and their tastes were moving beyond the standard $15 bottle. Yet, the one complaint they heard over and over again was that there wasn’t a wine directed towards them (the late 20s to early 40s market).

Why your wine? Why is it special? First and foremost, we wanted the wine to speak for itself. We started by hand-selecting vineyards in Napa Valley and the Santa Ynez Valley. We wanted vineyards that had distinct and interesting characteristics – like Beatty Ranch (located high atop Howell Mountain in Napa), which produce powerful, intense wines from small clusters and Camp 4 Vineyards (situated along the cool eastern edge of the Santa Ynez Valley), which is known for the production of unique varietals that are fairly uncommon amongst American wine drinkers (Grenache & Grenache Blanc). Next, We wanted to work with farmers that would let

us be hands on. So, each vine is meticulously farmed to our specifications to ensure a more natural and hands-off winemaking approach. Grapes are then harvested to the ideal ripeness, hand-picked and sorted, cold-soaked for a few days, fermented, pressed, and barreled into a mixture of our preferred French cooperages. To really set us apart from the pack, we leveraged Jay’s business acumen to create a fun and interesting marketing strategy, a one-of-a-kind ecommerce platform, and an exceptional customer and lifestyle experience that the younger generation has come to expect. We were the first winery to integrate Shopify and ShipCompliant directly into our website. This has given us the ability to streamline our delivery and fulfillment systems. We also realized that the younger generation has become accustom to fast shipping at a low cost, something not typically associated with wine. We set up 2 shipping facilities, one in Napa and one in St Louis, that allow us to ship directly anywhere in the country in 2 days. We then decided to include shipping on orders of 3 bottles or more. We never want shipping costs to deter someone from enjoying our wines. drinkuproot.com

Uproot’s lively RosÊ keeps the summer vibes going well past the time the sun goes down, with flavors of Strawberry, Watermelon, Sour Cherry, Pink Lemonade & Rose Petals.

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Invivo Wines



nvivo Wines is the brainchild of New Zealand natives and childhood school friends, Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron (Invivo’s winemaker), both passionate about wine, the duo hatched their plan over too many drinks in a pub in 2007 when they discussed opening their own winery. Made from grapes, time, and two maxed out credit cards, is truly how it all started. Since the winery’s inception in 2008, they have made a name for themselves as New Zealand’s fastest-growing winery. Invivo Wines, a premium brand making top quality wines, will have its desired blends available across the United States, the number one market for New Zealand wine. Americans can now sample and savor Invivo’s Sauvignon Blanc, Invivo’s Pinot Noir and their most famous blend, a collaboration with UK’s most popular talk show host Graham Norton’s special edition Sauvignon Blanc – now one of the world’s fastest

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BY W.A. MULLE R growing wine brands from just 12,000 bottles in 2014 to 1.5million bottles in 2017. After being introduced to Invivo’s Sauvignon Blanc, Graham Norton enjoyed it so much he decided to take a shareholding in the company and was keen to put his name behind it. Invivo launched a limited edition GN Sauvignon Blanc – produced by Graham Norton himself where he literally crushed the fresh picked Marlborough grapes (which were flown into London) himself live on the set of his show. The juice was then taken back to New Zealand and added to Graham’s wine. Now that blend will be able to be bought in the U.S. Tim and Rob’s ethos is to make wines that are approachable and appeal to both those new to wine and to the connoisseurs, all without the unnecessary complexity often associated with wine itself. Invivo tends to not use classic

vineyard shots in their promotions, once using a giant Pinocchio on a billboard stating, “For a complex oak nose try Pinocchio, for a great Pinot Noir try Invivo!” Since launching their first wine, a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, in 2008 Invivo has been awarded over 150 medals in wine competition including World’s best Sauvignon Blanc trophy and 90+pt ratings from leading publications. Their campaigns are creative and witty and will continue in the US market. The corks will be flying in the tri-state area this summer, including the Hamptons and summer areas alike. Invivo will be sampled at some of the most coveted events. Be sure to keep a look out on which star power will be associated with the brand next.


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Small Berry, Big Benefits



’ve been hearing about the acai berry for some time now, but never paid much attention until a vendor started selling acai bowls at the gym I go to. I’d never had one before, and once I did, I was amazed at how delicious it tasted and became inspired! It was time to get on board with the berry that’s become a craze – not just in New York, but throughout the rest of the world. I became curious as to why this berry has become so popular, and discovered what a superfood it truly is – it’s packed with antioxidants – two times what’s found in blueberries and 10 times what’s found in grapes – as well as fatty acids. As a result, these berries can do a lot: reduce inflammation in the body, fight fatigue, and improve concentration, circulation, memory, and focus. They’re also amazing for your skin because they can increase the regeneration process and boost collagen production, helping to fight wrinkles, blemishes and age spots. And if that’s not enough – they can even help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite. These berries are truly amazing. After tasting the acai berry and reading up on the tremendous health benefits, I knew I had to incorporate this incredible ingredient into my world of entertaining. The acai berry is deep purple in color, smaller than a blueberry, and native to Central America and South America where it grows in the rainforest, which is why you don’t typically see them. Typically, you have to buy them in frozen, powdered, or pureed form. The brands I recommend are Sambazon or Navitas Naturals – you can find them online or at your local health food store. Once you have the main ingredient, what do you do with it? Well, with spring approaching, as well as fun holidays like Mother’s Day, there will be many

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brunches in your future. Why not host your own and bring the trendy acai bowl to your brunch party? Your guests will be in heaven, especially those avoiding less healthful (but still delicious) breakfast foods like bagels and bacon. The at-home acai bowl is a fun twist on a traditional breakfast bar. To start, take the acai powder or puree and blend it with bananas and other fruit, along with some yogurt or protein powder (customize it to your liking), and place in the freezer before serving. Place an ice cream scoop next to the bowl, and surround it with different breakfast toppings, such as granola, shredded coconut, almonds, berries, honey, peanut butter, and more. Your guests will love getting to create their own acai bowl. You can also use acai puree to “trick” your kids into eating healthy. Add some water to the puree, along with lime juice and a bit of sugar for sweetness and pour the mixture into fun ice pop molds. When frozen, these pops are a beautiful deep purple color and have a delicious berry flavor that your kids will love. They won’t realize how good it is for them, and they’re so good you may want one yourself for a fabulous warm weather treat. If you have an ice cream machine and are looking for a new, fun flavor, try adding acai to the mix. It’s a fabulous way to incorporate a powerhouse ingredient into a delicious treat. If you’re having guests over, you can serve mini acai ice cream cones for dessert, or set up a sundae bar with all of the fixings. The acai berry is a very versatile ingredient – a few other fun ideas include adding the berries to your morning smoothie for a great way to start the day, or making delicious jams or jellies with acai instead of traditional blueberries or strawberries. For a healthy snack, create raw “truffles” with acai berries by

combining them with coconut, raw nuts, and seeds. Or, if you’re feeling more indulgent, try making acai muffins or even acai cheesecake. There are so many fun ways you can incorporate acai into your diet – any time you use a more traditional ingredient like blueberries, think about using acai instead for a new interesting flavor that’s packed with nutrients. The possibilities are endless!

Andrea Correale, President of Elegant Affairs, is a celebrity caterer and the new national entertaining expert for the Lenox brand. Andrea has been featured in multiple magazines and on television networks such as People magazine, Woman's Day magazine, Oprah.com, FOX 5, WCBS, Bravo, VH1, Lifetime, and Martha Stewart Living. L'Oreal Paris Academy calls her their lifestyle expert with a series of entertaining videos used to inspire women nationwide. elegantaffairscaterers.com

There are so many fun ways you can incorporate acai into your diet

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Paul Mayer Goes Hawaiian! W.A. MULLE R


his year marks the Royal Hawaiian hotel’s 90th anniversar y. To commemorate this milestone, New York-based shoe designer Paul Mayer collaborated with the iconic destination on a special edition capsule collection of Royal Hawaiian-inspired shoes. Mayer’s love affair with the Royal Hawaiian started over 25 years ago, and since then, he has regularly visited the hotel known as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific.”  He considers the Royal Hawaiian his home away from home and has been known to fly there for a weekend, settling into his favorite suite with a pair of RH slippers before heading to the Mai Tai bar, relaxing at the Malulani Pool or sailing on Kepoikai. It comes as no surprise that his passion for the Royal Hawaiian inspired what have become Mayer›s brand colors.  Today, his whimsical pink and black shoe boxes are as collectible as his flats, wedges and chunky heels, of which patrons are known to buy in multiples for their comfort and style. French born Mayer founded his namesake brand with partner Jeff Levy in 2004. In the time since, the duo has stayed true to their vision for Paul Mayer Attitudes collection -- offering fashionable, feminine, and comfortable shoes for women of all ages. With his attention on comfort, Mayer was one of the first footwear designers to fully pad his insoles and to offer lightweight and flexible rubber compound soles on non- athletic footwear. Paul Mayer aficionados have been known to shop for shoes in the dozens. Knowing this he created lavender scented soles to fragrance their closets. In commemorating the Royal Hawaiian anniversary, Mayer, aka the Master of Ballet Flats, wanted to create a collection as classic and chic as its inspiration. The resulting designs feature flats, wedges and blocked heels in the signature pastel pink of the Waikiki hotel’s famous facade. As a tribute to the hotel, Mayer researched the font used in the original Royal Hawaiian logo, and it is embroidered on certain styles in the very same teal used 90 years ago. Since the Royal Hawaiian Hotel opened on February 1, 1927, it has cemented its iconic status making cameos in movies and TV shows, from the 1932 film Gidget Goes Hawaiian to television shows Charlie’s Angels in 1977 and, most recently, Mad Men in the early twenty-tens. Thanks to Mayer, Royal Hawaiian devotees can take a piece of the Pink Palace home with them in the renowned  hotel’s true style of elegance and sophistication. The Royal Hawaiian x Paul Mayer collection, retailing for approximately $220, is available at the Hotel’s Pashma boutique and Bloomingdale’s in Hawaii.

paulmayerattitudes.com royal-hawaiian.com

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Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas ATTAINABLE PARADISE



ave you ever had a dream about being on a deserted tropical island only to have awoken feeling sad that it was only a dream and you are a long way off from being in paradise? Well the good news is paradise does exist and it is not out of your reach. Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas is that paradise. One of Thailand’s premier island destinations it offers unspoiled landscapes with luxurious accommodations. The resort’s main focus is on relaxation and privacy. In addition to the natural beauty that surrounds you,

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as it is located on a prime stretch of Mai Khao Beach and has the Sirinath National Park as its backyard, you won’t despair if you are looking for adventure; you have come to the right place. Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas offers trips to suit your interests on land or sea. Ranging from jungle exploring to wildlife watching, there is no shortage of things to do and places to see. Try elephant trekking, sailing and sea cruises to the Similan Islands. There are rafting, diving and even private surfing lessons. A five-minute walk from the resort brings you to Mai Khao Beach where you can enjoy lounging, snorkeling,

sea kayaking and windsurfing. Whatever you do, and especially if you have brought your children along and it is the right season, don’t miss watching baby turtles hatch on the beach. It’s a once-in-a- lifetime experience and the resort is a benefactor of these egglaying sea turtles, donating one US dollar for every night a room is occupied. If activities are not your thing and you’ve come just to relax and be pampered then please indulge with a Thai massage, scrub, body wrap or a variety of Ayurvedic therapies. Have you tried meditating? Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas is the ideal setting for this and if yoga is your thing classes

are conducted on a regular basis. The amenities at Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas feature an infinity-edge beachside swimming pool, architecturally designed gardens, 91 private pool villas, tennis courts, a cooking school and four restaurants. Take advantage of the guest bikes that are available on the premises and absorb the fresh air, sweet aromas and sounds and scents of the jungle. You haven’t lived until you’ve had this kind of experience as it is like no other. If this is a family holiday have no worries. Activities can be enjoyed with or without the children. Babysitting is available for the very young and activities for the older

children are available. These include batik classes, glass painting and candle-making sessions. Children from ages 4 to 12 can take their pick of computer games or sports, such as snorkeling, nature hikes in the Sirinath National Park and island excursions. The restaurants at the resort offer a delightful range of cuisines. The Tree House features Thai-style tapas and cocktails, best enjoyed at sunset. The Tasting Room designs individual menus and serves fine wine. Sea.Fire.Salt serves seafood barbecue on the veranda. Of course you are also welcome to venture off the resort and try the local jaunts such as the jazzy nightclub Siam

Supper Club whose menu includes pizzas, grilled fish and meat along with cocktails. Want something more casual? Try Lotus with breathtaking views of the sunset. And then there is Silk, a sophisticated establishment serving contemporary Thai food. Paradise truly is there for the taking. Book a trip today and experience heaven on Earth. Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas is a destination of a lifetime and one that must be experienced.


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ituated along the clear waters of Phuket’s western shore, Anantara Layan Phuket Resort is the closest you can get to heaven on earth. This dream-like sanctuary represents one of Thailand’s most prized possessions, boasting a luxurious variety of 30 hotel rooms and suites as well as 47 pool villas. Tucked away from Phuket’s busier shores, Layan Beach offers the perfect setting for Anantara’s lavish fivestar accommodations. Whether you are looking for a romantic couple’s retreat or an action-packed getaway with friends and family, Anantara Layan Phuket Resort promises a travel experience rich in beauty, style and indulgence.

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For those in search of something a bit more permanent, The Residences by Anantara provide the opportunity to privately own a slice of this tropical paradise. Each of the 15 extraordinary homes in this residential development features a stunning pool and open-air rooftop along with breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea. Discover pure elegance in the modern yet classically inspired Asian design of these two-story homes and immerse yourself in the tranquility of island living. Also available to the private residences are the amenities found at Anantara Layan Phuket Resort, including an array of exquisite dining options. Experience the freshness of local ingredients while taking in the beautiful island backdrop all without

ever setting foot off the resort. Sala Layan, the resort’s Mediterranean restaurant, offers delectable breakfast, lunch and dinner menus set on exclusive beachfront property. For a taste of local cuisine, Dee Plee serves regional specialties showcasing the traditional Thai four-flavor balance of salty, sweet, spicy and pungent. On days when you would prefer the privacy of your room or villa, both Sala Layan and Dee Plee provide dine-in options to satisfy your tastebuds in the complete comfort of your own space. Even more personalized is the unique Dining by Design experience. Treat someone you love to a romantic evening of fine dining under the stars masterfully prepared by your personal chef and you are guaranteed a night you will never forget.

Or if you are feeling inspired and care to broaden your culinary techniques, Spice Spoons – Anantara Cooking School will take you on a step-by-step journey through the ingredients, flavors and preparations of Thai cuisine. At this Anantara resort you will also discover a plethora of both resort activities and area excursions. Take advantage of Anantara’s state-of-the-art gym to start your day or head right to the calm waters at Layan Beach for your ultimate refreshment. While you’re there, enjoy the ocean breeze as you join in the water sports adventures. Choose to snorkel among vibrant schools of fish, kayak, windsurf or sail across gently rolling waves. Take a day trip to the Similan Islands

and dive down to behold the underwater splendor of remarkable coral reefs teeming with sea life. Whether on a 90-foot chartered yacht, 36-foot speedboat or local long-tail boat, explore nearby islands and exotic beaches with dramatic sunsets on the horizon. Spoil yourself a bit more and visit the luxurious Anantara Spa. Experience invigorating wellness and relaxation within this sanctuary that houses seven lavish private treatment rooms. Surrender to the highesttrained therapists and allow them to fulfill your wellbeing and beauty desires. Enjoy healing massages or treat yourself to one of the many rejuvenating services offered by the salon, including deluxe nail treatments, customized facials and revitalizing body scrubs. Take

things to the next level and indulge in one of Anantara’s Signature Spa Treatments where you can enjoy a private tea service as you soak in a signature Romance Milky Bath and inhale the exotic aromas that are sure balance your body, mind and spirit. If you have somehow found yourself still wondering why here the answer is quite simple. The style and elegance in every detail of the Anantara Layan Phuket Resort coupled with the heavenly beauty of this island destination makes it an oasis fit for a king. So the real question is, why not?


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The Grand Hotel Majestic “Già Baglioni” BOLOGNA'S GRANDEST BY MAR IANNE B E LMONT E


raveled to Italy recently? If so, did you visit the majestic city of Bologna? No? Well you are missing out on one of Italy’s magical city centers. Located between the Po River and the Adriatic Sea Bologna is a capital within the Emilia Romagna Region and is truly one of Northern Italy’s major highlights. If you love the antiquity of Rome and the romance of Renaissance Florence, Bologna offers both of these as well as one of Europe’s most preserved large cities of the Medieval period. Additionally it is home to the oldest university in the world—Alma Mater Studiorum (University of Bologna).

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Now that I’ve gotten your attention, may I recommend that during your stay in Bologna you treat yourself to a royal experience and book a room or suite at the Grand Hotel Majestic “Già Baglioni." Located in the heart of Bologna across from the Basilica of Saint Peter's Cathedral and walking distance from Piazza Maggiore and the renowned Due Torri, you couldn’t ask for a more convenient and desirable location. The Grand Hotel Majestic “Già Baglioni" is the only five-star hotel in Bologna and a member of “The Leading Hotels of the World” association. Originally built as an Archbishop’s seminary the building has been used as a hotel since 1912. Constructed in the

18th century it is a palace made to accommodate royalty and those of us who would like to imagine ourselves as royalty, if only while on vacation. Opulent and decadent, the furnishings and the structure are historical and if your passion is architecture and art, then you’ll have it all at the Grand Hotel Majestic “Già Baglioni." Although the hotel has undergone a recent renovation, their aim was to preserve the ancient palace and its splendor, adding modern comforts. All 109 rooms are fashioned in a Venetian-traditional style, incorporating 19th century French antiques. The result is magnifique.

Recently a more modern suite was created. The Art Deco Terrace Suite is the hotel’s flagship suite and is the only room on the fifth floor that contains its own private elevator. The suite has a large living room with a fireplace and bar area. The two bathrooms are done in black-and-white Carrara marble and nothing has been spared when it comes to the details. Best of all, the suite has a terrace with a breathtaking view of the city center. The Grand Hotel Majestic “Già Baglioni's" premiere restaurant is I Carracci, which has been awarded with The Michelin Guide "Three Forks." This prestigious award onfirms its attentive enchancement of

gastronomic made-in-Italy culture. Frescoes, dating back to the 16th century attributed to the Carracci brothers, will have you feeling as though you have been transported to another era. The haute cuisine is a combination of rustic regional specialties, such as tortellini, tagliatelle and lasagna with some national and international dishes represented as well. While staying at The Grand Hotel Majestic “Già Baglioni" and enjoying all of its amenities don’t forget to explore Bologna. This city is home to art, culture, business and world-renowned for its auto industry. You might even want to visit the Ferrari factory, a train ride away from Bologna or perhaps go to the Luciano

Pavarotti House Museum also in the region of EmiliaRomagna. Wherever or whatever your interests are, you can’t ask for better accommodations than at The Grand Hotel Majestic “Già Baglioni" where you will be treated like royalty with impeccable service and Italian graciousness. Trust me when I say you will remember this experience long after your stay and will want to return to experience, as the Italians say…La Dolce Vita.

grandhotelmajestic.duetorrihotels.com condenastjohansens.com/ghmajestic

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aving traveled the world and spent many days in my ancestral homeland, Italy, it is a rare treat to find a place that I would love to call home. The city of Monza, a superb suburb of Milan, is one such destination. And its finest hotel, Hotel de la Ville & La Villa is the hotel (house) where I would love to live! This impeccably designed property, with its English club-like atmosphere (woods, antiques, drapery, leathers, wall clocks and so much more) is a step back to another time; a gentler, more genteel time where one

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can truly experience il dolce fare niente (the sweetness of doing nothing). From owner to bartender, the entire staff at Hotel de la Ville & La Villa was accommodating, knowledgeable, professional and above all else, friendly. Mr. Tany Nardi, co-owner with his brother Luigi and Director General of the hotel, showered us with his love for Monza and Italy and its food and culture. This desire to showcase the passion they have for their home permeated through everything—from the beautiful room and its furnishings to the most delicious meal at their restaurant, the Derby Grill.

Hotel de la Ville, a luxury four-star accommodation with views over the Monza Villa Reale, is a magnificent location and is ideal for the requirements of both work and pleasure. In this strategic location, the Hotel de la Ville and its annex, La Villa, are surrounded by the clean air of the Reggia Savoia Park and are approximately 9 miles from Milan Central Station and about 13 miles from the Fiera Milano Rho. The hotel is inspired by the Palazzo Reale, the summer residence of the Savoy family, which the hotel overlooks. The Nardi family, with their impeccable taste, transformed each of the splendid rooms and suites

of the hotel and its beautiful annex, La Villa, in tribute to the style of the men and women who have made Italian history. With its 70 rooms, including five junior suites and three suites, the hotel is the perfect size —not too small to be cloyingly intimate and not too large to be informal. This ethos shines through, as you are welcomed by the Italian staff with warm smiles and a helping hand. The real treat, beyond the soft bed and luxurious amenities, is the fine restaurant, the Derby Grill. Helmed by fellow southern Italian (interesting fact: the chef

actually knows where my grandmother was born), Fabio Silva, the restaurant was a treat and helped me discover why northern Italian cooking is as impressive as southern. One of the most famous restaurants in the Lombardy region, the Derby Grill is a culinary tribute to Italian tradition, a fascinating journey through the regions of Italy and offers an exceptional wine list. The menu, art collections and extraordinary skill in both kitchen and dining room makes it the ideal location for a romantic dinner, an exclusive business lunch or to celebrate an important occasion. Next door, the elegant American Bar is ideal for any type of event

and social gathering – a piece of New York in the heart of Monza. Whether there for business or for pleasure (be sure to stop by the Villa Reale just next to the hotel; it is a real treat!), the Hotel de la Villa & La Villa and Monza itself will delight. Stop by for more than a day and you’ll understand why I would not hesitate to call this place home.

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n the heart of Mexico City’s sophisticated neighborhood known as Polanco, Las Alcobas is an intimate boutique hotel that exemplifies the attitude of the posh Presidente Masaryk Avenue on which it resides (think Rodeo Drive). The hotel offers you a home away from home, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of this expansive city. The hotel is quite literally a contemporary work of art fusing together a palate of lush textures and warm colors creating a visual feast for the eyes. The interiors are sleek and modern and masterfully designed thanks to the North American design team of Yabu Pushelberg. There are just 35 guestrooms here, all with custom-made rosewood furniture, marble baths (complete with luxury rain showers and whirlpool tubs), goose-down bedding and a state-of-the-art electronic system that operates everything from the

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room’s lighting to the curtains. The rooms and suites range from an Executive Suite to their magnificent Presidential Suite with a wrap-around, landscaped terrace and indoor-outdoor fireplace. Complimentary amenities in all rooms include locally hand-made body soaps, Internet access and a fully stocked mini bar and refrigerator. The Spa at the hotel, Aurora, is small but offers an extensive treatment menu from facials and massages to body treatments (be sure to try their Nourish Scrub Wrap). But perhaps the real gem here is the warm Mexican hospitality you will feel the minute you arrive. While we’ve all had to maneuver around a language barrier when traveling, the primarily Englishspeaking staff made it quick and easy for me to check in. And when realizing my computer was left behind in my car transfer they quickly tracked down my driver to ensure it was promptly returned to me, a testament to the meticulously well-trained staff.

The main focal point of the lobby is its seven-floor spiral wood staircase that winds through the middle of the hotel. It immediately captures your attention upon arrival, yet seamlessly blends into the warm earth tones and peaceful environment of the reception area, which also includes geometric carpeting and nude paintings. The hotel’s upscale dining option, Anatol, offers a wide variety of farm-to-table dishes under the direction of Executive Chef Justin Ermini, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America with stints at numerous Michelinstarred restaurants including NYC’s Jean George. Although the hotel caters to a primarily business crowd, the leisure visitor will benefit from its prime location to some of Mexico’s City highly acclaimed museums and restaurants. Las Alcobas provides the perfect antidote to those seeking upscale amenities in an intimate boutique setting.

Spirited Celebrations in the Grand Salon Expansive bouquets of red roses and ceiling crystals cascading from sparkling chandeliers enhance the festive setting of the Grand Salon. The seasonal centerpiece of the majestic space is the recently-installed Baccarat Red Grand Genre vase. Inspired by the iconic Harcourt design, this exceptional creation is double cased with red crystal and exalted with diamonds, and on display throughout the season for all to enjoy. April 2017 | 73


The Crane Resort



he Crane Resort, a luxury health and wellness haven in Barbados for more than a century, is enriching its holistic approach to hospitality and well-being with the opening of a new onsite juice and smoothie spot, Serenity Bar. Conveniently located adjacent to The Crane’s fullservice Serenity Spa, the bar is a wholesome new take on both nutrition and indulgence, serving fresh juices, smoothies as well as light lunch options daily in a tranquil poolside setting overlooking the property’s breathtaking Crane Beach.  Ideal for sun-seeking travelers who truly take their health to heart, Serenity Bar allows guests to follow a relaxing facial at the spa with a “Vitality Plus” juice of kiwi and honey, or refuel after a workout at The Crane’s fitness centre with a protein powder and blueberryblended “Super Food Shake.” 

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The world-renowned swimming pool at The Crane remains the centrepiece of this luxury resort, being set at the top of a cliff and framed by a row of classic Doric columns, overlooking the naturally spectacular Crane Beach. The Crane is the Caribbean’s first resort hotel. First opened in 1887, this truly unique property combines old-world charm and incredible natural beauty with a romantic sense of seclusion. With 252 luxuriously appointed residences and suites, this cliff-top resort looks out onto the powder pink sands of Crane Beach, voted one of the world’s best beaches. The Crane goes beyond the typical Caribbean vacation packages, and offers unparalleled service and spacious, luxurious accommodation including private pools, gardens, and rooftop terraces. The resort also boasts award-winning cuisine (five restaurants, two bars), a relaxing spa, six outdoor pools including a cascading waterfall and

whirlpool, and duty free retail shopping. Many guests at The Crane visit simply to enjoy the resort’s natural beauty and tranquility -- and therefore spend much of their time relaxing on Crane Beach, lounging in their private pools, or tanning at the several pools overlooking the ocean. Nearby nature activities include the “Bat Cave,” a natural bat habitat within walking distance of the resort, and Hawksbill turtle watching, just south of The Crane at Foul Bay. For those who wish to have a little more activity during their stay, The Crane also offers a weekly catamaran cruise for guests in residence and can book a variety of additional activities, including deep sea fishing, island tours, golf or dinner theatre shows..


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The Peninsula Hong Kong CELEBRATES ITS 150TH YEAR


xtravagance, grandeur and luxury set the stage for the dazzling celebration commemorating the 150th Anniversary of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited (HSH) which took place this past November at one of its most iconic properties, The Peninsula Hong Kong. From the earliest days of The Hong Kong Hotel’s opening in 1868, to the grand gala opening of The Peninsula Hong Kong in 1928, this prestigious brand known for their stunning properties and hospitality, welcomed Hong Kong’s high society, business magnates and jet setters alike. Complete with an entire evening of dancing, flowing champagne and exquisite delicacies, this grand gala proved not only to be a momentous occasion, but an impressive assemblage of over 2000 guests from Hong Kong and around the world. As Hong Kong’s oldest hotel, and as the flagship of The Peninsula Hotels, The Peninsula Hong Kong proved the perfect backdrop for HSH to celebrate its storied heritage, while looking to the future. No wonder it has earned the moniker “The Far East’s leading hotel company” with the concept of “Tradition well-served,” which has remained fundamental to the company’s

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BY JE NNIFE R PE LE AZ ethos for the past 150 years. Upon arrival, guests were immediately greeted in the Forecourt by a giant helium balloon adorned with the HSH 150th anniversary logo, and flanked by two vintage Rolls-Royces, including a 1936 Phantom III from Sir Michael’s private collection, in a nod to The Peninsula’s famed fleet of Rolls-Royces. However, the true star proved to be their monumental series of seven helium balloons which were anchored onto the hotel’s legendary façade and seen from miles away. Featuring a rendition of renowned sites – including The Peak Tram, The Peak Tower, The Repulse Bay Complex, The Peninsula’s Phantom II vintage RollsRoyce, The Peninsula’s Helicopter, the HSH-themed Montgolfière-style balloon, and even a giant Peninsula Pageboy -- showcased together, in what will become a travelling exhibition to HSH properties around the world in 2017. Inside the spectacular and iconic Peninsula lobby. the evening’s Master of Ceremonies, renowned Hong Kong actress Sarah Song, welcomed guests and introduced the gala’s guest of honor: Chief Executive of the Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, The Honorable C Y Leung, GBM, GBS, JP. Chief Secretary for Administration of the Government of

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, The Honorable Mrs. Carrie Lam, GBM, JP was also in attendance at the VIP reception earlier in the evening. Showcasing a decadent menu of gastronomic delights developed by The Peninsula Hotels’ Group Executive Chef Florian Trento, and their talented kitchen teams, guests indulged in delectable caviar, canapés and sumptuous dessert buffets, that were served to highlight the cuisine of all seven of The Peninsula’s award-winning restaurants, including The Lobby, Gaddi’s, Spring Moon, The Verandah, Imasa and Felix, complemented with a curated list of fine wines, Champagnes and spirits carefully selected to pair perfectly with the fabulous dishes. As the festivities continued late into the night, of what will undoubtedly come to be remembered as one of the parties of the century, HSH directors, guests, hotel guests, employees and the Kadoorie family, collectively paid homage to the enduring legacy of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited.


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Kaskades Hotel MIAMI SUITE


s sister property to the Gale South Beach located just across the street, the luxurious Kaskades South Beach offers a sophisticated stay in the heart of SoBe. Originally a residential building, this newest offering from the Menin Hospitality includes 24 luxurious rooms with amenities not often found in other upscale hotels. For instance, their marble bathrooms all have rainforest aromatherapy steam showers and hi-tech Toto toilets. Each room contains a 55-inch flat-screen TV; all these indulgences may entice you to have a “staycation” in your room—these suites exude luxury! You’ll also experience a VIP express check-in at their new guest lounge, a complimentary continental breakfast and sunset happy hour with wine and refreshments. The property is located two blocks from the ocean, but a quick walk to their beach club (in partnership

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BY W.A. MULLE R with the Shelborne Beach Club) will land you in complimentary lounge chairs facing South Beach’s blue waters. The hotel has a rooftop lounge deck with a small plunge pool that I found perfect for a quiet alternative to the noisy and trendy pools at other hotels. However, if you are seeking more of a South Beach scene, all guests at the Kaskades have access to the Gale Hotel’s larger rooftop pool next door. Additional amenities include preferred entrance, based on availability, into the hot and happening Rec Room also located in the Gale Hotel, as well as any nightclub venue affiliated with the Menin Hospitality Collection, which includes the Radio Bar South Beach, Bodega Taqueria y Tequila, Set and Mokai. You need not venture far from the hotel for one of the best meals in town. Dolce Italian, a modern Italian restaurant located inside the Gale Hotel playfully captures Fellini’s Rome of the 1960s with plush

gray lounges and walls lined with black-and-white photographs. The fresh ingredients used in all their dishes were evident throughout my meal, and along with the simplicity of their dishes, Dolce Italian serves up a memorable meal in a sophisticated environment. Beyond my first course of creamy burrata and tasty grilled octopus, my pasta dish, Sweet Pea Tortellini prepared with shrimp, cherry tomatoes and lemon, was a symphony of flavors harmoniously blended on one plate. The roasted Branzino with broccoli rabe was perhaps the freshest fish I have tasted in some time. A meal at this restaurant is a must-do dining experience while staying in South Beach. Kaskades South Beach offers an upscale stay in understated luxury close to the action, but within a peaceful environment. kaskadeshotel.com.



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he Westin New York Grand Central (formerly the New York Helmsley) continues to be a full-service, luxury hotel that’s perfect for the out-of-town guest. Modern and stylish, and located in the heartbeat of New York City, the hotel features 774 very spacious guest rooms, all over 300 square feet. The hallways and rooms are adorned with iconic images of both New York City and Grand Central Terminal that will instantly put any guest in a New York state of mind. But the room’s subdued earth tones, minimalistic feel and contemporary furnishings offer a calmer New York City inside, in contrast to the bustling street life outside.

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Part of the Starwood Group, the Westin signature services do not disappoint at this property. Their WestinWORKOUT studio, a sprawling 3,000-squarefoot fitness center, is a rare find in most city hotels, and their attentive service professionals and upscale amenities would make any visitor feel at home. The hotel takes its approach to sustainability very seriously as they maintain a high level of environmentally sound practices, utilizing energy-conserving LED lights, waterconserving plumbing systems and Greenguardcertified solar shades. The hotel’s restaurant offering, The LCL: Bar and Kitchen is exactly what this neighborhood needed. It’s hip, sans the attitude, with farm-to-table comfort food.

Their deviled eggs and chicken pot pie were winners, while the “Bonfire on the Bayou” cocktail (gin, rhubarb syrup and bitters) will quench any discerning gin-lover’s addiction. Need to work off an indulgent dinner experience? The hotel offers a 3-mile morning run down the East Side with their “running concierge” —perfect for any out-of-towner who might be a bit intimidated to take on the streets of New York City for an early jog. The Westin New York Grand Central is the perfect spot for both the business and leisure traveler and could not be a more welcome addition to the neighborhood. starwoodhotels.com

L I F E S T Y L E LUXURY CONCIERGE SERVICE Exotic cars are a part of the red carpet lifestyle.


The Lifestyle You Deserve Luxury concierge providing vacationers with an unmatched travel experience. RED CARPET LIFESTYLE • 220 Old Country Rd, Mineola, NY 11501 • www.rclstyles.com | 1 (800) 793-0310 April 2017 | 81


Your Extended Spring Break


Just Because spring break has passed does not mean your chance for a beautiful spring vacation is over. There are plenty of gorgeous and exquisite destinations to travel this season. From the pleasant white-sandy beaches of Riviera Maya in Mexico to the historic settings of Dublin, Ireland, here are five must-see Jetsetter destinations.

Rosewood Mayakoba Residencies, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


he Rosewood Mayakoba is a luxury retreat situated along a mile of white-sand beach on the Riviera Maya in Mexico just north of Playa del Carmen surrounded by a mangrove jungle at the heart of an ecological enclave. An unparalleled Mexico spa vacation destination, the indulgent spa situated on a private island and the beach offers Caribbean blue water and borders the second largest coral reef in the world. Guests have access to all features of the Mayakoba enclave, including a championship Greg Norman designed golf course. Even better are the new residencies offering a home amidst this unique combination of luxury and natural beauty. www. rosewoodresidencesmkb.com

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Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London


robably The luxury hotel in London’s exclusive Knightsbridge neighborhood overlooking Hyde Park. Widely renowned as not only one of London’s though also the world’s most celebrated hotels, it features world-class accommodations, extremely knowledgeable concierge staff, and extraordinary dining. Hidden from view behind and underneath the classic façade of the establishment and following an extensive excavation plus renovation lies the new Fitness center and swimming pool. The facilities have a cutting edge design blending chic materials into a subtly powerful visualization of what an ideal luxury gym and swimming pool should look like. Alongside dining by Daniel Boulud and Heston Blumenthal the London Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park has yet another five star string to its bow and yet another reason to not put off a stay in the near future. The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park promises a stay that will delight and refresh visitors who seek the ultimate in comfortable and elegant accommodations in the heart of London. London Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park will be going through renovations which, will surely expand their luxury experience, and will remain open during the process. www.mandarinoriental.com/london

Silversea Cruises


hy not spend this spring at sea in the lap of five star luxury with Silversea in the Caribbean ? The ships of the Silversea fleet are renowned for their level of comfort, service and facilities. Silversea has the only Relais & Chatueax dining experience, Le Champagne, afloat. Itineraries range from 7 to 17 days and trips from New York or Florida to a number of exotic locations and even California via the Panama Canal. www.silversea.com

The Ritz-Paris, France


ince its opening on June 1, 1898, the Ritz Paris has been a symbol of elegance and the understated luxury. The privacy and glamour of this unique environment immediately made it a gathering place for the greats of this world, royalty, artists and writers, first among them Marcel Proust and Ernest Hemingway. Always loyal to the Ritz Paris, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and Maria Callas contributed to the mystique of place Vendôme. Following its restoration, its grand décor and intimate salons welcome guests to rediscover a unique atmosphere and the inimitable French art de vivre. Inextricably woven into the fabric of Parisian society and culture, the Ritz Paris is renowned for its incomparable savoir-faire in making every visit exceptional, from Haute Cuisine by Chef Nicolas Sale to custom cocktails at the Bar Hemingway and indulgent beauty treatments at the exclusive new art of skin care area, “CHANEL au Ritz Paris”. www.ritzparis.com

The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, Ireland


he Shelbourne Dublin, A Renaissance Hotel blending traditional luxury and contemporary convenience provides the backdrop for an exceptional visit in Ireland’s capital city to welcome the New Year. Housed in a 200 year-old, historic building, The Shelbourne is brimming with five star amenities like pillow top mattresses, marble bathrooms and high-speed Internet. The hotel offers some of the city’s best dining, as well as two vibrant bar and lounges. Additional amenities include a five star spa, salon and a modern Health Club. www.marriott.com

The Quintessence, Tremblant, Quebec, Canada


he Quintessence is Tremblant’s premier 5-star boutique hotel, offering unparalleled beauty, comfort, luxury and service in the heart of the Laurentians. Inspired by old-world estates, Hôtel Quintessence is your exclusive waterfront retreat featuring 30 luxury suites on picturesque Lake Tremblant for a memorable vacation. The Restaurant La Quintessence offers, in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, an unforgettable experience. Discover this destination, awarded ‘Best small hotel in northeastern America’ by Conde Nast Johansens and ‘Best luxury hotel’ by Trip Advisor with all the services that only a grand hotel can offer. www.hotelQuintessence.com

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pring is a season of renewed energy and aliveness. You can feel the freshness and excitement of new beginnings in the air as the weather warms and spirits rise. Whether in the form of a sassy chop, added extensions, or a fresh color the results of a good hair transformation always bring out this same sense of newness and increased energy. When do you feel more fierce and ready for anything than during your stroll out of the salon, hair bouncy and styled to perfection? This season take that feeling to the next level by giving your outlook a boost with a hair transformation.

How to go about the process of transforming your look this season: 1.Decide on the level of commitment you’re ready for. Are you in the mood for something drastic like a change in color and length, or do you prefer a low commitment boost in the form of a new styling technique? 2. Get inspired by the latest trends. The bob: The bob is definitely having a moment in the spotlight as the hot look of Spring/Summer 2017.

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BY B R IT TANY MADR ID This fun freeing cut has been spotted on celebrities like Selena Gomez, Cara Delevigne, and Miranda Kerr. A good bob is blunt, bold, and sassy. So if you need a little more of that energy in your life then chop accordingly! Wigs: The wigs that are currently available look more realistic than ever before and provide the wearer with endless options to frequently change their look without inflicting damage to hair. Whether you want to try out a new color or length, wigs give you the option of going short and sassy on a Friday, long and wavy on a Saturday night, and back to short for Sunday brunch. Hair Extensions: Extensions are a great way to create a semi-permanent instant change. Extensions have been making a splash for a while now, and E! News Host Maria Menounos is another notable who has recently undergone a dramatic hair transformation with the help of long luxe extensions. Her new look lends a fun flirty vibe to her persona. 3. Choose the look that excites you and expresses the energy you want to channel this season. If you’re currently sporting a low maintenance cut and would like to get in touch with your inner glam

goddess, go for long luxurious hair extensions like Maria Menounos. On the other hand, if you’ve been rocking mermaid hair for a few seasons and want to embrace a low maintenance laid back vibe, a bob a la Selena Gomez is the perfect choice. 4. Commit to keeping your new look healthy. No matter which transformation tools you choose, it’s best to baby your new look. The Spring/Summer months are typically more damaging for hair due to a range of lifestyle factors from increased time spent in the sun to chemicals found in pools, and the drying effects of salt from the ocean. To prevent ending up with a dry mane of damaged hair add a weekly conditioning treatment to your regimen. I recommend nourishing hair with a fresh organic treatment like pure coconut oil. Not only does the oil have that beachy coconut smell, it’s free of the mystery chemicals found in most salon hair products! I use Spectrum Essentials Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil for a luxurious feeling treatment under $10. After just one application your strands will have mega-watt shine and sultry softness. www.thrivemarket.com

Easy at Home Coconut Oil Mask Fill up your sink or a basin with warm water. Place the closed jar of coconut oil into to water, allowing it to sit for 3-5 minutes. This will turn the mixture from a paste to an oil, allowing maximum absorption of the product. Apply the oil to dry hair and allow it to soak in for 20 minutes. Rinse and condition hair according to your usual routine.

When approaching the idea of updating your look, remember that what really counts is not so much what you do, but how you do it. Embrace the spirit of transformation and be fearless! Use the fresh energy of this Spring season to explore, experiment, and above all have fun!

*Pro Tip- Rinse your hair at the very end with extra cold water to remove any residue and boost shine.

Brittany Madrid is the creator of the BZEN Total Transformation Program for mind + body + spirit. She transforms women from the inside out helping them achieve the very best version of themselves. Brittany is also a television personality, producer, and actress. She’s appeared on ABC, WETV, Time Warner Cable Sports, and in advertisements for the likes of BMW and Verizon. For more transformation inspiration and to get in touch with Brittany to plan your transformation journey visit www.brittanymadrid.com

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How to Eat Right?



n an attempt to eat healthier and manage our weight and overall wellbeing, we often rely on word-of-mouth or social media to get nutrition recommendations. Since food trends are sometimes confusing, many clients ask me to decipher which ones are worth their attention and money, as well as those that are not. Here are three food trends you may want to ignore:

1. Cold pressed juices Cold pressed juices have become increasingly popular over the years. These drinks are packed with vegetables like kale and spinach, all of which are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is undeniable that there are some all-star ingredients crammed into those small bottles. One fact that is not as obvious, however, is that the fiber from these ingredients is often stripped during the juicing process. Similarly, these juices are often loaded with fruits like apples, pears, and oranges, which help naturally-sweeten the beverage but bump up their overall carbohydrate content. In fact, some juices contain 25-30 grams of carbohydrate per bottle. This is the equivalent carbohydrate count found in 2 slices of white bread! Because there is very little (if any!) fiber or protein in these juices, they are not as filling as you’d hope. It is a better idea to eat these vegetables in their whole, unprocessed forms. Or, if you’d prefer to drink them, add them to a smoothie since “blending” them does not extract the belly-filling fiber component the way that the “juicing” process does.

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2. Gluten-free bread As gluten-free foods become increasingly widespread, many people assume that “gluten” is inherently “bad” for you. Simply put, this is not necessarily the case! If you have an allergy or are actually intolerant to gluten, you should certainly avoid it. If you want to decrease your gluten consumption “just because,” that is ok too, but understand that “glutenfree” does not always mean “healthier.” Many glutenfree breads on the market are made from refined flours and processed starches, and are produced with extra fat and sugar to make the bread’s texture and taste more desirable. If you decide to consume gluten-free breads, make sure to read the ingredient list and the nutrition facts panel. The bread should be made with whole grains (like brown rice, quinoa, or oats) and contain no added sugars.

3. Matcha lattes As I explained last month, matcha is an antioxidantrich superfood that is gaining a lot of attention. To get the most “nutritional bang” out of this beverage, I recommended drinking it plain rather than indulging in that buzzworthy sugar-laden matcha latte. A pricey (costing about $5-8 per cup!) 12-ounce nonfat matcha latte from a popular coffee chain packs in 140 calories and 24 grams of sugar. Notice that containing matcha or being “nonfat,” does not mean that this drink is low calorie, low sugar, or ultimately healthy. Matcha itself is unsweetened and has no sugar or calories whatsoever, so it is best to enjoy it as is.

Lindsay Brustein Rosen, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and the founder of Nutrition by Bru, a nutrition counseling and consulting practice in New York. She received a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as the Greater New York Dietetic Association.


100% vegan, with a focus on organic, seasonal, and gluten-free cuisine Three elegant locations in Manhattan Chelsea, West Village, Upper West Side Organic & local wine, cocktails, and beer Special Events and Catering Available Certified Kosher


5 | Blossom Restaurants

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SUZANNE SUNSHINE Artist Suzanne's professional and personal life has had three areas of focus: Art, as a painter, an art history student, a documentary filmmaker and an assistant art curator for a major corporation. Community Development, by organizing public-private partnerships to build supermarket-anchored retail centers in inner cities as well as funding/promoting brain science collaboration and research. Social Entrepreneurship, as founder of commercial real estate firm, S. Sunshine & Associates LLC, which advises nonprofits regarding their real estate and gives back philanthropically.

Suzanne Sunshine



hile pursuing an undergraduate degree in International Relations at Brown University, Suzanne researched and wrote catalogue entries for the art exhibition at the Bell Gallery at Brown and The Parrish Art Museum in Southampton, Long Island called “Flying Tigers: Abstract Expressionist Painting and Sculpture in New York 1939-1946.”  Suzanne was the recipient of a Rhode Island Committee of the Humanities grant in 1985 that was utilized to produce a short documentary film about the Abstract Expressionists and the origins of their paintings and sculptures in New York City during WWII. Shortly thereafter, Suzanne became an Assistant Art Curator at Equitable Life, where she collaborated on the art program for the new mixeduse skyscraper Equitable Center located at 787 Seventh Avenue in New York City. The curators commissioned artwork and coordinated the collaboration between architects, designers, and such artists as Roy Lichtenstein, Sandro Chia, Sol Lewitt, Barry Flanagan and Scott Burton. The Whitney Museum also opened a branch at the project, where the restored Thomas Hart Benton mural “American Today” was hung in the lobby. Offices were curated with the Equitable corporate art collection and works for the restaurant collections of Le Bernardin and Palio located within the Equitable Center were commissioned.  Suzanne has a 30-plus year career serving the nonprofit sector, as vice president at The Dana Foundation for Brain Research, as a program officer at LISC to develop supermarket-anchored retail nationally, and as a leading commercial real estate advisor for morethan 150 nonprofit organizations in arts and culture, education, health, social services and philanthropy.  At Columbia Business School, Suzanne researched and published a paper on the economics of building retail in inner cities  Suzanne is a member at the Art Students League in New York City and has been studying there since 1994. She began her professional career as a painter in 2014 and has had four exhibitions, bringing together commerce, philanthropy and art.  Her paintings are in numerous private and nonprofit collections, including a permanent sky lobby installation at 1560 Broadway in Manhattan.  Suzanne Sunshine lives in New York City with her husband, daughter and son.   http://www.suzannesunshine.com/shop | sunshineassoc.com    

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“My paintings utilize an edge as a starting point —of light, of sound, and of touch - in our daily lives. .”

Above Left: Resistance (Sunrise 4), 2017 acrylic on canvas 16 x 16"

Below Left: Awakening (Sunrise 3), 2017, acrylic on canvas 20 x 20" Right: G8, 2015 acrylic on canvas 60 x 48"

April 2017 | 89


The Art of Ann Chernow EXPLORES NOIR




The Inscrutable Orient, 30 x 24"

nn Chernow experienced much of the New York art world of the 1950s and 1960s. She has since created a personal, unique body of work with media skill, emotional impact and aesthetic significance: moments of suspended reality, most recently based on the steamy genres of “Pulps” and “Film Noir” from the 1930s and 1940s – totally reinvented in her own vocabulary. She works with unbridled passion using subversive, erotic subject matter, taking the viewer back to a dark, edgy time in our movie culture. Chernow’s work has been exhibited at numerous galleries around the globe, including: Hubert Gallery in Manhattan, Odetta in Brooklyn, Albert Merola Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Adams PMW in Connecticut, the Brooklyn Museum, Dorothy Rogers Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Silvermine Center for the Arts in Connecticut, Galerie Matarasso in Nice, France, Lessedra Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria, the National University of Taiwan and many other national and international venues. Myriad public collections include: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Yale University. The Museums of San Francisco, the Janet Turner Print Collection, the Smithsonian, the Museum of the City of New York. Recently, The Gabor Peterdi International Print Collection housed at the Silvermine Center for the Arts has acquired an archive of 388 original prints by Chernow. The Housatonic Museum of Art and the Westport Arts Center recently mounted major exhibitions of Chernow’s “Pulp” and “Noir” work. She currently shares her time between New York City and her studio in Westport, Connecticut. A documentary about Chernow’s life and work by filmmaker Martin West is slated for release December, 2017. Chernow also costars in a recent feature film by Manny Kirchheimer: Art is The Permanent Revolution. annchernow.com

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1940s De Soto, 50 x 40"

Hyacinth, 50 x 40"

The Bad Girl, 30 x 24"

April 2017 | 91


Meet Master Abstract Expressionist, George Schulman SCHULMAN IS BRONX-BORN AND ELITE-BRED. BY DE B R A ROT HB E RG



Tonto Amor-So Much Love, 40 x 33" Collage, Acrylic, & Burlap on Handmade Wood Stretcher

92 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

n artist’s artist, master abstract expressionist George Schulman took a lifetime to achieve his well-deserved success. Schulman, now 69, comes from generations of creatives, including—perhaps most notably—his second mother, Freda Diamond, the Martha Stewart of the 50s. By 23, he was already an active member of New York’s vibrant art scene. He showed on Madison Avenue, managed SoHo’s Jamie Canvas art supply store, and advised and befriended scores of artists—from a not-yet-discovered Jean-Michel Basquiat to Knox Martin. Listening to Schulman’s stories today, it is easy to lose oneself in his tales of studio visits and adventures with 20thth-century art icons. But for decades, Schulman could not revel in the New York artist lifestyle. Married young and desperate to keep his family far from the street gang and thugs of a changing Bronx, he used his art sales to move his family to Huntington, Long Island. Family responsibilities forced him out of the New York art scene. Though he stood shoulder to shoulder with his contemporaries, Schulman convinced himself that it was not his time. Schulman opened Schulman Custom Stretchers and taught at the Art League of Long Island in Huntington for a decade, but he lacked the volume he needed to support his business. He needed a corporate job. While it paid the bills, taking the position meant spending 40 hours a week at his desk without painting. Schulman’s luck changed when Home Depot closed its luxury chain and gave Schulman a large payout and pension. This fortunate occurrence finally afforded him the time and money he needed to paint full time. It even allowed him to pursue an artist residency at the prestigious Vermont Studio Center, where he was surrounded by a community of international artists. After years of experimentation, Schulman is back to market with a vengeance and enjoying the accolades from fellow artists, gallerists and buyers. Last December, Artsy.net voted him a “Top 80 Artist” at Miami Art Week. Schulman’s more recent paintings and collages—some painted with 24-karat gold—tell stories of love, disappointment and false security. They show escapes to scenic locations, as well as the decaying Bronx streets. “I love to paint,” says Schulman. “To understand anything, you must live with it, you must observe it, you must know all its content, its nature, its structure, its movement. One of the most difficult things in the world is to look at anything simply. In the end, [looking] is a lifelong process, so you need innocence, humility and courage.” Schulman’s exaggerated forms, colors and textures take his viewers on a crazy ride. Yet they exist in flattened spaces, not unlike the synthetic cubism of Picasso. That is not to say

“As shapes occur, I look for their rightness, their harmony.” –George Schulman

that Schulman’s work is flat. It is far from flat. His paintings are emotionally explosive linear dances on twisting whirlwinds in unexpected palettes. Underlying everything is a golden section of grid work, which establishes a foundation of mathematical harmonies much like music chords. Shapes and patterns sometimes appear to be a spider web of strings, a lathe of dots or a colorful patchwork. “As I paint, I am constantly examining things,” says Schulman. “I paint in strokes, but I see in patches. I also use grid systems. There is something programmatic within. As shapes occur, I look for their rightness, their

Homey, 2011 3 x 4', Collage, Acrylic, & Burlap with 24kt Gold Leaf on Handmade Wood Stretcher

harmony. Color creates its own sensation, reacting as the painting progresses and takes shape. The magic is in discovery.” Wildly colorful, kinetic, exuberant and at times visually tense, the master abstract expressionist’s body of work is his personal alphabet of mark making. The painting itself dictates the moves Schulman makes as he works, allowing color to create mood and light within the painting. He takes some of his cues from nature—how shadow naturally defines light—and uses white to define form within the painting. This process involves many layers of paint. Schulman is constantly

referencing the “golden mean” in the making of his paintings, in part linking himself to the old masters, particularly Titian and his dynamic use of space. Today Schulman works out of his penthouse studio at Artspace Patchogue Lofts, which has tall ceilings and natural light that stream from floor to ceiling. With the Long Island Rail Road just around the corner and Southampton and MacArthur airports a mere car ride away, Schulman is well situated to enjoy his explosive success. “The ‘new’ is just around the corner,” says Schulman. “The beauty is discovering the unknown.” April 2017 | 93


Lydiane Interdonato, Stellar Interiors Designs New York City Medical Practice, Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates


tellar Interiors design company specializes in modern, contemporary and transitional designs for both commercial, residential design and staging. Lydiane Interdonato, founder of Stellar Interiors LLC said when creating her company she wanted a design company with diversification. Stellar Interiors caters to all areas of design, adhering to the current trends in the design industry with a team of professionals that handle all specific areas of design and construction. “When asked if I have a favorite, the answer will be instantaneously; ’no I enjoy both commercial and residential design equally.’ Design is a passion of mine that transcends to all areas. As long as I am designing something I am enthralled, ’I love what I do!’ My passion for design was the catalyst in creating Stellar Interiors I feel very fortunate and immensely grateful that I am able to do what brings me deepest pleasure. “As a mother of two boys and business owner the two most important things in my life are my family and my work, everything else is secondary! When I approach design the two main things are the home and the work environment, both are interconnected, enabling a positive flow of energy emotionally, economically and socially. Your home is your oasis where you retreat and gather with friends and family. It’s the place you spend a significant portion of time, and it should be ones sanctuary. Your work is the second environment where you spend the

94 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

BY LYDIANE INT E R DONATO majority of your time. In a work environment you want to ensure that your employees are productive and create an environment that is pleasurable for your clients. Both work and home environments are pivotal to ensuring optimal well-being. “When designing, whether it is a home or commercial space, the emphasis is on always giving my client an environment they can flourish in. I relish in conjuring up a design and seeing the evolution process from infancy stage to completion, it’s thrilling and quite rewarding!” Commercial design encompasses far more than the perceived aesthetic look of the space. “The key in designing commercial spaces is to infuse a design aesthetic that is both functional, ascetically appealing, but representative of a company’s core focus. Designing a commercial space is a full comprehensive design immersion that targets a company’s logo, brand, functionality, use of appropriate color schemes and style that will optimize work productivity while simultaneously creating an inviting environment for clientele, When I create a design plan I take into consideration all these factors that contribute greatly to the design objective. It ultimately effects my selection of paint colors, wallpaper, wood finishes, flooring, carpentry, and bathroom design, everything that goes into a full gut commercial renovation. Most of my clients have an idea of what they would like to achieve in the space, I will incorporate those ideas into the design scheme, I believe great design is the ability of the designer to create personalization to the space.”

Designer: Stellar Interiors email: stellarinteriorsbyl@gmail.com

April 2017 | 95


Jody Sokol Designs Helps Couple Redesign Home


ast winter, we received a call from a couple in desperate need of help redesigning several rooms in their house. After years of accumulating old family furniture and letting life take precedence over updating their home, it was definitely not reflective of two working professionals. Now it was time to transform their home to fit their unique style. First, they wanted to re-vamp a small screened-in patio so that it would function as a room for hosting get-togethers and asked us to design the space. Next, they wanted us to accessorize several rooms in their house, and last and most importantly, they wanted to redo their living room.  More than any other part of their house, their living room clearly did not reflect where they are in their life now. The couple wanted to create a warm and cozy place to entertain family and friends and the furniture that they had accumulated over the last twenty years

96 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

BY JODY SOKOL just didn’t fit their mindset. When they contacted us, they knew it was time to up their game and create a living space that fit their style. After meeting to discuss design concepts and color direction, the marathon began. The plan was to design a light and airy coastal concept of creams, turquoise, blues and greens. We started with a cream sofa in a heavy-duty fabric. We added drapes in a gorgeous cream-and-turquoise patterned linen fabric, and woven shades for privacy were added to the large front window. A small cocktail table was designed that fit their space perfectly, and we brought in two comfortable chairs, added two cute plaid ottomans for additional seating, and finished off this room by adding a gorgeous piece of artwork that makes the room sing. Funky sconces make this room a stand-out, while a gorgeous rug grounds the space, and the pale green grass cloth wallpaper adds just the right amount of texture, making everything else pop.

Designer: Jody Sokol email: Jody@jodysokol.com

BELTRAMI A Men’s Store

SCABAL A PASSION FOR CLOTH At Beltrami, you will find the finest in Men’s Clothing, Suits, Sports Jackets and Slax. Cloth for ready made and custom clothing by: Ermenegildo Zegna, Cerruti 1881, Loro Piana and Scabal. We are proud to be the first on Long Island to carry Scabal ready made, exclusively.


7953 Jericho Tpke. (Woodbury Village) Woodbury, NY 11797 (Corner of Jericho Tpke. and South Woods Road)

Phone: 516.466.0117

Large selection of dress shirts, ties, sportswear, jeans and shoes. Complete tuxedo department, also offering tuxedo rentals.

April 2017 | 97



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ary Brustein has always been a man on a mission. Known throughout New York has the exotic car impresario, Mr. Brustein, has worked with countless New Yorkers (and many beyond our fair boarders) to help put clients into the luxury car of their dreams. From Ferraris to Bentleys and everything in between, Gary always has the right car for his well-heeled customers. Many of you may remember Champion Motors as the premiere dealer for Bentley, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini on Long Island. Coupled with his years of experience and expertise, Gary welcomes you to the next phase of Champion Motors. A beloved force in the luxury automobile sales industry (he has almost 40 years of experience), Mr. Brustein owns and operates the new Champion Motor Group. The group has one of the largest selections of pre-owned luxury, highline and exotic automobiles to choose from, such as Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche and Rolls-Royce. It also occupies a 40,000-square-foot, state-of-theart showroom; at Champion, it’s all about the experience of buying an ultra-premium automobile. That’s why the cars – from these most luxurious of automakers – are displayed like the works of art. Champion’s new location is located in Syosset, NY. Upon entering the space, it is clear that Gary paid close attention to details and has created an environment that is both comfortable and requisite in the Exotic and Classic Automobile industry. You would expect nothing less from the undisputed champion of the classic, exotic and luxury car market.

Gary Brustein owner of Champion Motors April 2017 | 99



100 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

It also occupies a 40,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art showroom; at CHAMPION, it’s all about the experience of buying an ultra-premium automobile. That’s why the cars – from these most luxurious of automakers – are displayed like the works of art. April 2017 | 101


MUSEUM QUALITY STORAGE 102 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Gary, whose reputation across the country is one of respect and confidence, can walk into car auctions or events, like the one at Pebble Beach in California, and command attention. And yet, he has always believed in a handson approach to running a dealership. Mr. Brustein meets and greets every customer who sits with any of his salespeople. It is easy to tell that Gary’s business philosophy has always focused on delivering quality customer service with a close attention to detail. And he has built an impressive record as one of the premier automotive sales executives in the country, recognized for his extensive knowledge and commitment to customer service. Champion Motor Group also has an Antique and Collectible Division that specializes in selling award-winning cars from the 1920s to the 1970s. In addition, Gary has a top-of-the-line service department, with a knowledgeable and dedicated service team that is fully qualified to satisfy the repair and servicing needs of his customers. All of their professional technicians are factory-trained and have extensive experience with luxury cars. Gary has also developed one of the largest car leasing companies on the Eastern seaboard. But do not take Gary’s or our word for it. There have been many recent articles written about how the luxury and classic car market has outperformed all global stock exchanges in the last 10 years. In 2014 alone, the value of classic collectible cars rose over 40% in value. This figure is nearly four times the value gained in a single year compared to the Dow Jones, S&P 500 or NASDAQ. Beyond his professional interests, Mr. Brustein actively supports charitable causes and associated medical organizations such as the American Heart Association and North Shore LIJ Hospitals. His personal interests include attending automobile shows, playing golf and tennis and international travel. As for who Gary is, ask his many friends. They’ll say, without pause, that he is an impeccably dressed man who genuinely cares about his friends and his employees. He is a man with the right connections, ready to make the best deal for his clients. A man who has given most of his adult life to the car business and one with deep and extensive knowledge, that he brings to bear for his many satisfied customers. To top it all off, he is a dedicated husband with two beautiful and successful children. One might say he is the luckiest man in the world (and you wouldn’t be far from the truth). championmotorsinternational.com 516.682.8000



Michael Atinel



hat separates one business from the next? Its service and loyalty to its customers in a digital age. Michael Atinel’s John Michaels Jewelry focuses on family first. The business began with his family in Turkey five generations ago. Atinel spent his childhood learning the jewelry trade beside his father and it eventually grew into a local business, known for its custom jewelry and diamonds. “We have a strong rapport; people come from Farmingdale, Massapequa, all around.” Located at 8025 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, John Michaels Jewelry also offers jewelry repairs, appraisals and ear piercing. Pre-owned and made-to-order watches are available featuring, Michele, Raymond Weil and Ritmo Mundo. If you have any watches you would like to trade in, services also include buying and selling upscale watches. Atinel has recently stated that the business will begin to increase its presence online, in order to attract nonlocal customers.

104 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

VALE RIE VITALE It all starts with family and at the heart of John Michaels Jewelry is making sure the customer’s needs come first. You will not feel rushed or pressured when choosing among the hundreds of beautiful watches and jewelry selections that Atinel carries, “bending over backwards, staying open late, and home delivery,” are just a just a few examples of Atinel’s extension of care to his customers. He strongly believes that everyone should be able to walk in and find the perfect gift or personal, glamorous creation. Whether it’s spending $100 on a bracelet or $200 for a graduation present, Atinel will ensure that you get exactly what you were looking for within your price range. “It’s not like you have to come in and spend four or five thousand, we are a family jewelry store, I want you to come to me for all your needs. . .Let’s say something for $300 for a graduation gift, I accommodate that too.” Atinel’s experience in the business has trained him to be diligent about receiving the best diamonds in the ever-changing market by using established sellers

and states, “it is a matter of what type of business you would like to run,” when discussing receiving only the best cut. “If you really know jewelry, quality, stick with existing members…” Beyond business etiquette, his childhood working closely beside his father ignited a passionate eye for finding just the right diamond that will shine brightest in everything from a brilliant ring, to your child’s first diamond-studded earring. “When you put a diamond in a piece of jewelry you see the color and brilliance—only microscopically can you see the quality.” An in-house custom designer can help in turning any of your old jewelry into an extraordinary new creation. Bring in your old gold, silver or diamonds and have them transformed into your dream piece. “We can create anything you imagine. Rings, bracelets, earrings with your stone. Come in with your old stuff, pick out a design or bring in a picture and we can make it.” johnmichaelsjewelry.com

“We can create anything you imagine.”

April 2017 | 105




mergency vehicles and bomb squads blocked the perimeter around Microsoft headquarters in New York City where a manhole cover had just exploded just as Pelak’s cybersecurity event reached capacity. The beautiful and edgy Natasha Pelak is not your typical technology space devotee. A witty, fashionable social entrepreneur with a penchant for photography and art, she rather identifies as an engaging individual who cares deeply about the changes that affect our society on a global scale, and remains an avid supporter of the ever-evolving and rapidly changing cybersecurity industry. We met at an upscale photo shoot, and between beguiling sessions, the original thinker made sure to articulate her passion for an industry that is indispensable to our future yet less acknowledged by popular belief. Far from being a glamorous world, cybersecurity is at the core of what sustains and protects all industries on a global scale, ranging from intellectual property protection to national security and critical infrastructure.

106 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

BY VIRGILIA VIR JOGHE Due to the always increasing volume of mobile users and technology applications, computer viruses and hacking attacks are more frequent than ever, requiring constant attention and education. Pelak’s world revolves around promoting strategies that showcase the incentives and indispensability of technology innovation. Her most recent endeavor was orchestrating the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project 501c) Innovation Showcase at the Microsoft Headquarters in New York City. Building a foundation for her company, Natasha Pelak and Associates, a boutique marketing strategy firm, required many years of ardent research, vision and persistence in finding her niche market, and building a strong network. She is firm believer in teamwork and strong, effective communication and execution, and aims to build an all-women team in the future. How do you feel operating in a male-dominated field in relation to sexism and objectification? “Women are welcomed in cybersecurity, however, it has taken me years to build credibility. The business model in digital forensics, cyber intelligence or enterprise security changes every six months. Adaptability, agility

and intuition are highly valued in this field because the talent pool is small and the assignments are sometimes critical to national security. Because the bar is set high, and entry isn’t easy, in order to survive in this field you need to act with integrity, always. Rooting your business model with strong ethics is the key to lasting success.” Natasha is passionate about being part of an everevolving, learning environment, where compassion brings us together though an elevated, conscious effort to remain connected in a world that has the tendency to rather disconnect us. Her events have the impact of a TED Talk where bright minds debate and offer solutions to existing problems. You may call her an idealist in the very specific field of technology, but one can never underestimate the power of the butterfly effect. She certainly adds an enticing dimension to a field that is expected to prominently feature women. And I am sure we have only seen but a fraction of its capabilities


Neiman Marcus, Long Island, Valentino dress and The Row, leather jacket.

April 2017 | 107


Neil Wolfson Knowledgeable and Educated Team at House of Hair “WE’RE NOT LIKE A FACTORY, IN AND OUT.”


air salons aren’t just about looking good; they’re about feeling good. Getting that boost requires a carefully planned and imaginative experience. “I have a number of businesses— hair salons, gyms, insurance companies,” says Neil Wolfson, owner of House of Hair in Woodbury, which opened in March 2016. “I’m very creative and I wanted to have a creative business.” He also wanted that business to be a smart one. Wolfson decided to distinguish House of Hair by assembling a highly knowledgeable team: “We’re different because of education.” Three House of Hair colorists are educators for Goldwell, an internationally recognized hair product company. Goldwell educators are responsible for going to other salons to educate colorists because quality hair color needs to be meticulously formulated. Education gets the wheels turning for innovation. At House of Hair, that means striking a balance between work and play. The staff are professional while still being hospitable and fun. “It’s about the environment,” says Wolfson. “It’s very warm and friendly. We have 13 chairs, so we’re not like a factory, in and out. Everybody kind of knows each other. There’s no hurry. It’s a quaint atmosphere.” Of course, not everybody is a regular and there’s a process in place for newcomers. When

108 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

BY W.A. MULLE R a new client arrives at House of Hair, the first step is to schedule a brief consultation. “We seat them in our waiting area and offer them hors d’oeuvres, coffee or water,” says Wolfson. “Then the stylist will do the consultation to gather information about what the client is looking for in terms of color and style.” From there, the client enjoys a shampoo and conditioning treatment before returning to the chair with the stylist. The stylist will confirm what they want to achieve before getting to work. House of Hair is a full-service salon that offers hairstyling, color, keratin treatments, updos, bridal treatments, full makeup and eyelashes. That being said, it is strictly a salon and does not offer spa services, like massage or hair removal. Wolfson believes that this fact allows the team to specialize in incredible hair.

Ideally, incredible hair is for everyday, but it’s particularly necessary on one’s wedding day. House of Hair offers special hair and makeup services for brides and bridesmaids. Prior to the wedding, a bride should make an appointment for her trial hair and makeup to ensure that she gets the look she wants. “When she comes in, the bride will explain in detail the kind of look she’s trying to achieve,” says Wolfson. “Whether it’s a soft look, dramatic look, fresh look. Depending on what she’s looking for, that’s what she will get.” On the wedding day, the bridal parties either come to the salon or go on location. The House of Hair team has served brides and bridal parties all over Suffolk and Nassau counties. Generally, the team goes to a hotel close to where the bride is getting married to do the hair and makeup there. House of Hair also offers treatments for other special events, such as bar mitzvahs and sweet 16 parties. The salon currently is running a prom package through the end of June. “No matter the client or occasion,” Wolfson says, “We take great pride in the customer experience and stylists’ education. We specialize in hospitality and we are very service-oriented.” Keep that in mind next time you hope to raise your look to new heights. 8223 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury NY houseofhairwoodbury.com 516.802.7077

April 2017 | 109


Longines Global Champions Tour HEATS UP MIAMI


ust short of unicorns, this tour is the ultimate equestrian fantasy. If I had to sum this horse show up, I would call this the St. Moritz of SOBE. Only instead of horses on the snow, this is equestrian luxury on the beach. Following the Wellington Equestrian circuit, several riders complete their winter show jumping circuit on the sunny beaches of Miami. Presented by Longines, riders and horses compete as part of the Longines Global Champions Tour, where the best riders in the world compete. Having been a professional equestrian myself for most of my life, this truly is one of the most unique shows that I have been to. Conveniently located on the beach behind the W Hotel (were you can valet within a few steps of the show ring) and Setai Hotel, this oceanfront showground has become iconic and a must-attend for the third consecutive year. South Beach, already known for its draw of the Who’s Who, has yet again presented another attraction to intrigue some of the world’s most affluent. Against the sunny, turquoise ocean backdrop,


| MetMagNY.com | 25Amagazine.com


Longines Watches provides a stylish atmosphere for riders to compete, while putting on a spectacular performance. Featuring a prominent Longines timepiece, the competition ring is lined by a worldclass VIP grandstand, where 2017 attendants included former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, tennis star Martina Navratilova, former Boeing Chairman Jim McNerney, and many other notables. In the ring you will find riders from around the world competing as part of the five-star show-jumping tour held throughout Europe, North America and Asia. These riders include leading equestrians, such as Edwina Tops-Alexander, Jennifer Gates, Kent Farrington, Georgina Bloomberg and Jessica Springsteen. Longines, being a part of the sport in many areas, is also a great supporter of the equestrian-based humanitarian organization JustWorld International. Representing strong social awareness competitors such as Hannah Selleck, daughter of actor Tom Selleck, who acts as an Ambassador for JustWorld. For the main class, 25 horses and riders competed

over the Grand Prix course, designed by Italian course designer Uliano Vezzani. Jérôme Guery from Belgium, riding Grand Cru van de Rozenberg lead the victory gallop as the winners of the €300,000 LGCT Grand Prix, followed by Alberto Zorzi riding Cornetto K for Italy coming in second place, and Nicola Philippaerts riding Chilli Willi taking third place. With the sun setting on the beach, where the most athletic and muscular beach bodies were horses, trendy SOBE also offers some outstanding nightlife within walking distance of the show. Should you not have had enough equestrian extravagance throughout the day, I suggest completing the evening with unicorn magic in one of my personal favorites, Pao by Paul Qui in the Faena Hotel. The dining room, centered on its iconic unicorn, features savory modern Asian cuisine. Also located in the Faena, and ideal for after dinner drinks, is the Living Room and the Saxony Bar, both providing one final seen and be seen opportunity for the day. .veratidesign.com | denisefraile.com


Have the long, thick, Have the healthy-looking long, thick, hair you’ve healthy-looking always wanted hair you’ve instantly! always wanted instantly!



Call for a complimentary consultation 212.883.6620


EXTENSIONS |TOP PIECES| |EXPERT EXPERTCOLOR COLOR PONYTAILS TAILS EXTENSIONS PIECES | |PONY Call| for aTOP complimentary consultation 212.883.6620 | WIGS | EYEBROWS | MAKEUP BANGSBRIDAL | BRIDAL | WIGS | EYEBROWS | MAKEUP EXTENSIONS | TOP PIECES | EXPERT COLOR | PONY TAILS www.angelodavid.com www.angelodavid.com BRIDAL | WIGS | EYEBROWS | MAKEUP 420E.Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor | New York, NewYork York10017 10017 48 43rd Street, 2nd floor | New York, New





ctress Lena Dunham was hospitalized following her appearance at the Met Gala on May 1, according to Fox News. A source said the emergency hospitalization was caused by Dunham's battle with endometriosis. The 30-year-old star of "Girls" was released after being treated. Her hit show "Girls," which recently aired its series finale, has been open about her battle with endometriosis and has been an advocate for women suffering from the painful medical disorder... Wearing the multiple hats of wife, mother, filmmaker, vocalist, actress, fashion & jewelry designer, musician and interior designer, extremely busy, is the only way to describe Karina Tatarski's life. The wife of Dr. Petko Tatarski, a sought after internist and mother to four-yearold twins Vivian and Sylvester, Karina still manages to find time to put her artistic talents to work and recently painted the fence around her stunning Brooklyn home herself, while taking boxing lessons to prepare for her role in "Kandy Girl," a film which she is producing and also sings the theme song for. Karina is working with a director who is a Cannes Film Festival winner. This multi-talented woman is hoping to one day have a Palme d'Or setting on her shelf one day in the future...

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ational Action Network (NAN) founded by civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton, convened its annual National Convention from April 26-29 at the Sheraton Times Square in New York where the country's most influential voices, including former Attorney General Eric Holder and Senator Bernie Sanders weighed in on critical issues,such as voting rights, criminal justice reform, healthcare, economic equity and more in a Trump era. Among the highlights of the convention was an award given to Jennifer Jones Austin, CEO and Executive Director of FPWA (Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies), and a NAN board member, for her tireless work around eradicating poverty. She received her honor during a luncheon in the name of her father, the late Rev. Dr. William A. Jones Luncheon, an annual NAN event recognizing those in the faithbased sector that have paved the way in social justice and civil rights...


nimal lover Lee-Ann Germinder has made quite a name for herself in the multi-billion -dollar global pet industry. Word on the curb is her firm, Germinder & Associates, is a proud Diamond-level sponsor of the prestigious Big Apple Awards presented by the Public Relations Society of New York (PRSA-NY). Her niche publishing platform, goodnewsforpets. com, is a terrific resource for pet lovers like me to learn about the latest tips and pointers for keeping pets safe and well. Diamonds are indeed a girl's best friend...


he New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (The NYSPCC) hosted its Sixth Annual Spring Luncheon on April 19 at The Pierre Hotel in Manhattan as part of its efforts to raise awareness surrounding National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The fundraising event was packed with VIP guests, including Brooke Shields, new ACS Commissioner David Hansel, Dori Cooperman, Diandra Douglas, Jean Shafiroff, model Frederique van der Wal, Michael Gross, Valesca GuerrandHermes and Wendy Neuss. The speaker was Eric MacLeish, the renowned attorney who was portrayed in the Oscar-winning film "Spotlight" for his past work defending hundreds of victims of sexual abuse against the Archdiocese of Boston...

TOM FORD · chanel · caRTieR · ThOM bROwne · DiOR · OliveR peOples · Oakley · Maui jiM · DiTa

We are Please to Announce Michelle Battaglia-Capogna, OD Formally of Pearl Vision Center of Manhasset has Joined Our Practice

Monday-Friday 9-6 · Wednesday 9-7 · Saturday 9-5 360 Willis Avenue · Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 roslyneyecentre.com · 516.484.8899 April 2017 | 113



Photos by Paul Prince

Fox News anchors and executives as well as New York personalities packed Four Cuts Steakhouse to congratulate Ainsley Earhardt on her March cover. Thank you to all our sponsors including: PunZoné Vodka, For Five Coffee Roasters Four Cuts Steakhouse, Aesthetic Rejuvination.


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The New York City Mission Society held its annual Jean Shafiroff at The New York City Mission Champions for Children fundraising Gala at the Society’s annual Champions for Children Mandarin Oriental. The Gala was co-chaired by author fundraising Gala ©Patrick McMullan and philanthropist Jean Shafiroff and Katrina Peebles, NYC: Don Peebles, Gayle King, Katrina Peebles ©Patrick McMullan

Cicely Tyson and Dr. Penny Grant at The New York City Mission Society’s annual Champions for Children fundraising Gala

David Dinkins at The New York City Mission Society’s annual Champions for Children fundraising Gala ©Annie Watt 116

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Bill Ritter and Dr. Adal M.Hussain at The New York City Mission Society’s annual Champions for Children fundraising Gala ©Annie Watt

Diahann Carroll at The New York City Mission Society’s annual Champions for Children fundraising Gala ©Annie Watt

Elsie McCabe Thompson at The New York City Mission Society’s annual Champions for Children fundraising Gala ©Annie Watt

Diahann Carroll, Jean Shafiroff, Katrina Peebles, Don Dustin Lujan and Victor de Souza at The New Peebles, and Elsie McCabe Thompson at The New York City Mission Society’s annual Champions York City Mission Society’s annual Champions for for Children fundraising Gala ©Annie Watt Children fundraising Gala ©Patrick McMullan

April 2017 | 117




Restaurateur Gianfranco Sorrentino hosted a Members & Press Cocktail Reception for his non-profit organization Gruppo Italiano (GI) at Il Gattopardo, NYC: Maurizio Forte, Paula BollaSorrentino, Gianfranco Sorrentino ©Patrick McMullan

Sean Young at the Gruppo Italiano (GI) Members & Press Cocktail Reception held at Il Gattopardo, NYC ©Patrick McMullan

Charles Scicolone and Michele Scicolone at the Gruppo Italiano (GI) Members & Press Cocktail Reception held at Il Gattopardo, NYC ©Patrick McMullan

Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc 27th Edition, Dominique Serra at the Rallye Aïcha des the only international off-road Rallye race. For Gazelles du Maroc 27th Edition ©Maienga the closing Gala the room was decorated under the theme “Garden of Roses” Kiera Chaplin, Cindy Fabre ©Maienga

Jeanette James at the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc 27th Edition ©Maienga

RAND Luxury’s 2017 Luxury Technology Show showcased the finest luxury technology brands including Turing Robotic Industries, Thiel Audio, Blackberry, simplehuman, ONO 3D, Tidal Force NYC: Steve Conte, Bradford Rand ©Marzio Fulfaro

NYC’s top philanthropists, along with those involved in the arts, entertainment and fashion attended Culture For One’s Fifth Annual Benefit at espace, NYC: Josh Groban ©Patrick McMullan

Ramona Singer’s Birthday Party produced by celebrity event planner Larry Scott of Lawrence Scott Events at The Glasshouses, NYC: Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, Larry Scott, Dorinda Medley, Carole Radziwill ©LMG




872 Willis Avenue, Albertson, NY 11507| 516.280.5753 5380 Merrick Road, Massapequa | 516.541.5670 April 2017 | 119


Real estate developer, film distributor, and patron Greta Gerwig, C. Mason Wells, and Noah of the arts, Charles S. Cohen, announced the Baumbach at the Quad Cinema opening opening of New York City’s original multi-screen ©Marion Curtis/StarPix theatre, the Quad Cinema, NYC: Charles S. Cohen, Clo Cohen, Julian Schnabel, Louise Kugelberg ©Marion Curtis/StarPix

Harris Dew, Mathew Fournet, Melissa Anderson, and Amélie Garin-Davet at the Quad Cinema opening ©Marion Curtis/StarPix

Harvey Keitel, Charles S. Cohen, Daphna Kastner, and Martin Vhatra at the Quad Cinema opening ©Marion Curtis/StarPix

C. Mason Wells and Paula Scher at the Quad Cinema opening ©Marion Curtis/StarPix

Nicholas George and Tomris Laffly at the Quad Cinema opening ©Marion Curtis/StarPix

Lobby at the Quad Cinema opening ©Marion Curtis/StarPix

Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach, and Charles S. Cohen at the Quad Cinema opening ©Marion Curtis/StarPix

Theater at the Quad Cinema opening ©Marion Curtis/StarPix

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Jackie’s Joke Box Stanley says to the doctor, "I'm thinking about having a vasectomy." The doctor says, "That's a pretty big decision. Have you talked it over with your family?" Stanley says , "Yeah. They're in favor of it, fourteen to three." • An old couple's sitting on the porch when all of a sudden Grandma gets up and smacks! Grandpa. He says, "What was that for?" She says, "That's for fifty years of terrible sex." Ten minutes later, Grandpa gets up and smacks! Grandma. She says, "What was that for?" He says, "That's for knowing the difference." • A blind guy's walking his dog when they stop at a light. The dog lifts his leg and pees on the blind guy's leg. The blind guy reaches down and pats the dog on the head. • A guy standing next to him says, "Hey, that dog just peed on you. Why would you pat him on the head?" The blind guy says, "First I have to find his head, then I can kick him in his ass." • Three Baby Boomers are bragging about their memories. The first one says "I can remember breastfeeding." The second one says, "Yeah? Well, I can remember being in my mother's womb." The third one says "That's nothing. I can remember going to a party with my father and coming home with my mother." • There's an accident at the lumber camp and Stukowski's ear gets cut off. Everybody's looking through the sawdust when one of the guys picks up an ear and says, "Stukowski, is this it?" Stukowski says, "It can't be. Mine had a pencil behind it." • "Last year for our anniversary I took my wife to Alaska." "What're you going to do this year?" "I'm thinking I might go back and get her." When's the last time you "Used Your Finger!" and dialed (516) 922-WINE ?! Still going, 38 years later ... [ 516-922-9463 ] Please tell everybody you know, to get on the list for monthly jokes just e-mail jokeland@aol.com. April 2017 | 122

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