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Photographer:Morris Antebi @morrisantebiphotography May 2021



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May 2021





Challenger 300/350 Jet Card

Jet Card is part of the Jet Card Ownership portfolio at Magellan Jets. 4

*Image credit: Bombardier Aerospace

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Membership Membership

Jet Jetmembership membershipprovides providesguaranteed guaranteedaccess accessto to òñèòé$æä÷èêòõìèöòéäìõæõäé÷Îñíòüæòñùèñìèñæè òñèòé$æä÷èêòõìèöòéäìõæõäé÷Îñíòüæòñùèñìèñæè ĥèûìåìïì÷üäñçĥüäöðøæëòõäöïì÷÷ïèäöüòøñèèç ĥèûìåìïì÷üäñçĥüäöðøæëòõäöïì÷÷ïèäöüòøñèèç with withthe thefreedom freedomto toschedule scheduleon on just just12 12hours’ hours’notice. notice.

+1 +1866-257-3488 866-257-3488

www.MagellanJets.com www.MagellanJets.com

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From simple to intricate designs, California Closets systems are custom designed specifically for you and the way you live.



GREENVALE 25 Northern Blvd, Greenvale 516.334.0077 CONNECTICUT 565 Westport Ave, Norwalk 203.924.8444

Product availability may vary by location. ©2021 California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Each franchise independently owned and operated. CT HICMay #0657205 2021






ON THE COVER Model: Lita Cline Photography : Udo Spreitzenbarth 8

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May 2021


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roccan Adventure





One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years. - Tom Wolfe

“You set a goal to be the best and then you work hard ever “We become brave by doing brave acts.” - Aristotle New York City has always been a city striving of heroes. to reach that goal.” - Don Shula

Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow

- John Lennon

It doesn’t take a pandemic or a terrorist attack September there 11, 2001is to this iswail a city of heroes Every day on in Manhattan therealize haunting of the ambulance siren ann Greetings and welcome to our inaugural issue of Metropolitan Palm Beach. A magazine tha and fighters. Our fire department, ourcovid-19 police, our doctors and nurses, our small business owners, andNYC hospitals patient being rushed by first responders to overworked Chase Backer, the publisher of Metropolitan Palm Beach and as a native New Yorker and I’ve g corporations even our cultural institutions will not be kept down no matter what the crisis. This city isbuthumanity workers risk their lives to try to save other New Yorkers. Right now is in Palm Beach. The sunshine, beaches, restaurants, stores, boats, and cars most of all, the hitney Retrospective not only the epicenter of the world it isstruggle the melting pot and great American experiment in action. A city to survive a merciless enemy. Right now there is fear of the unknown a certain aura ofto contentment. There a more feel here —in thebig Hamptons or Welcome to our Spring Fashion issue. I’m excited to introduce our readers our latest cover star,isLita Cline,relaxed a small-town girlthan from say Texas with om A to B and Back Again where people from all corners of the globe have together to live can together, work together, speak know. But Where ascome the pressure mounts and the current reality forces the world to sh excitement. else Palm Beach someone a morning at a boat dreams. Lita with the help of our talented and hardworking fashion team offers a but modern take on the retro-chic lookspend that has been reignited by show or po freely, worship freely and say to the rest of the world-it can be done. President of the United States and dinner at a five-star restaurant? Florida is thriving. TheThe Gov those among us who feel the pull to be brave for others. To provide hope. the Netflix hit, The Queen’s Gambit.   economy and there is renewed hope days. new ways to adapt and help ca the families, the workers—all of for usbetter are finding must go on. As city, as a countryPalm afriends world. inas onBeach. and neighbors andyears to engage in small I’m alsoWe excited to announce thealaunch of Metropolitan A magazine that’s been many in the making. Palm acts Beachof haskindness so much toto let eve Melillo Our star, Mara a distancing, Palm Where Beach else resident not only and bright als while social know that somehow we will all getbut throu offer. The sunshine, beaches, restaurants, stores, boats,contact andcover cars--with, but most ofMartin all,  theispeople. but inwho PalmisBeach canbeautiful someone spend We are so honored to bring you her story and those of some other local insiders and personalit Fritz We at must find our collective individual to persevere during thisand global pandemic andare to trying hard to a morning a boat show or polo match, orand an afternoon withstrength theMetropolitan recent President ofMagazine the United States,  dinner at a five-star restaurant? issue of focuses on some folks who People here in Palm Beach might seem stillsmartest, waters deep. Here you will fin Palm Beach the bestas of a theglobal best. Billcommunity Gates to sports icons like Tiger Woods, Joe emergency Namath, andmore beyond. Some but ofdoctor the most workoffers together to combat and conquer Covid-19. Atrelaxed Metropolitan Magazine te Janette Nesheiwat, an and family whorun offers tips to follow C Woodsyou and Some of thebusiness smartest, most successful and self-actualized individuals o successful, and self-actualized planet.  Here willbeyond. find thought-leaders, titans, captains of industry, all shares hanging we are trying to doindividuals our partontotheinform andduring inspire during these difficult days. We will get through this out safe this unprecedented time. Cover girl Julie Mintz the soul of a leaders, cruising businessalong titans, captains of industry, all hanging out at the pool, the tennis court, gol at the pool, the tennis court, golf course, or in shiny automobiles Worth Avenue.  together. her struggles with isolation intoJupiter, beautiful musicand while Jilland Lotenb along Worth Avenue. Palm Beach, Wellington, the photographer surrounding areas resid ce perspective on New York City during our most difficult challenge. staff to tell their stories, explore, make new friends and do what we do best—arguably bette Palm Beach, Jupiter,star Wellington, the surrounding areas and residents inspire me and our hard-working staff to tell their stories, explore, make Our cover is Pauland Teutul Sr. The popular patriarch of American Chopper. What a terrific guy! world, entertain, and indelight. Ourentertain, readers are what matter theOur most to us. We want yo new friends and do what we do best—arguably better than any other luxuryinform magazines the world,  inform, and delight.  readers Check out our social media platform New where Paul Sr. willstaying share BTS video and thebut secrets creating Yorkers are inside these days that to doesn’t mean we are givin worthwhile, thought-provoking, and resonant. are what matter the most to us. We want your experience with all ourenjoyable, magazines unpredictable, to be worthwhile,thrilling, enjoyable, unpredictable, thrilling, thought- We want to te amazing motorcycles and discuss the challenges of being a good dad. Paul Sr.’s relationship with his the ones you aren’t expecting. e the country and the world are watching and rooting for us as we provoking, and resonant. We want to tell the stories that you want to be told and the ones you aren’t expecting. Every month with Metropolitan listen to New sons hasgive always been of beauty the most fascinating aspects ofand hisfine TVdining show. Inthe the worlds of beauty and regular updates from Palm Beach we’ll you luxury and one fashion, andCuomo health, artprovide and culture, travel —and thebattlefront. types of profiles, features, and Every month we’ll give you luxury and fashion, beauty and health, art and culture, travel an luxury, Dorota Wallace is leading the way with new techniques and procedures to help her guests look cover stories that have made Metropolitan and 25A renowned in magazine circles globally as one of the most beautiful, trend-setting, elegant, features and cover stories thatJadan have made Metropolitan and 25A renowned in magazine circa amazing and enjoy the very best in post-operative care. Every night at 7pm a noise can be heard from open windows in skyscrapers edgy, inspirational coffee-table magazines in the world. Our Palm Beach Features Editor Horyn and dear friend Margaret Luce with her ENT trend-setting, elegant, edgy, inspirational coffee-table magazines in the world. incredible, “If You Haven’t, You Should” column, have all the answers on what’sofhot and cool in Palm Beach.  across the island Manhattan - wild cheers, pots being banged, whistles and From Venice, Italy to Argentina to Orange County,ofNew York we have sought out to artists, designers, cacophony appreciation across our city serenade our healthcare and fir We Palm love our readers we endeavor to be the bestis at what we do. Just like you. Take it from a Take itmedia from a New Yorker, you’re going love Metropolitan Beach and ourand Spring Fashion issue.  Anything possible personalities, and to everyday heroes sharing their efforts to cope with the pandemic and bring aandalso battling in the trenches... telling them thank you for being bravewhile thank yo are so happy to have this opportunity to celebrate your special community providin if you can just... smile toimagine. others. From the world of art,for contributing editor extraordinaire Rachel Vancelette keeps us all a better tomorrow. Stay safe, wear a mask, social distance and let’s all look after each other. We are all in this tog up to date on trends in art and jewelry. Another in the spotlight is Robin Kofflerhas with her amazing these challenging times! heartist terrible global Covid-19 pandemic made us realize that Enjoy! cityscapes of the greatest city in the world. Hersolidarity painting of the Reservoir is simply sublime. Justoflike New is not Stay safe and stay strong! is essential for our survival. This state affairs Group Travel Awards York City in the fall. Thank youlimited for lettingtousainto your world and for joining us in ours. country or a continent, and we are today living in a new global reality. Funds are desperately needed for those in cial Scene We are thrilled to make your acquaintance and welcome you to Metropolitan Palm Beach. Enjoy! communities who have been impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. e These include friends, creatives in the art and design communities, Be safe and watch out for each other. ne medical workers and COVID-19 first responders and many more who day-in and day-out are fighting this global pandemic. V&C have joined forces for a joint storytelling initiative between VANCELETTE SIGNATURE® and CHÉRUBINE ® brands Pub to raise both awareness and needed funds for those in communities who have BY G HI SL AI N E H O R E N B AC H Chase Chase Backer Backer been impacted by the horrific COVID-19 pandemic. Publisher, Metropolitan/25, Publisher, Metropolitan/25A



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This ain’t no Mudd Club or CBGB I ain’t got time for that now -Talking Heads, “Life During Wartime”

“Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!” ‑Jay Gatsby It’s September and the Yankees and Mets are playing ball and giving New Yorkers and sports fans a much-needed sense of normalcy. School is back in session and our City continues to show signs that we are tough and smart and kind. Springtime in New York and is magical. before weand speak of today on andwith tomorrow, let’s cautiously talk about what got us tothat our Spring Fashion issue and We wear our masks socialBut distance continue our lives optimistic another wonderful surprise. we will eventually make it through this pandemic thanks in large part to the endless courage of our frontline heroes.

Some years ago, our publisher, Chase Backer became enamored with the very same larger-than-life Long Island mansions that first inspired

F. Scott Fitzgerald to write The Greatfigures Gatsby.recently A successful and entrepreneur who likes to Hall act boldly and think bigger always, Chase New York lost some legendary withbuilder the passing of New York Mets of Fame knew that a premier luxury dedicated to these properties to the remarkable individuals who inhabited them would pitcher Tom Seaver andmagazine respected journalist andmagnificent writer Pete Hamill.and They now belong to the annals beNew the stuff thatrich dreams are made of. That vision, that green light at the end of the dock, would lead Chase to publish 25A magazine and of York’s history. then Metropolitan and now, finally and inevitably, Metropolitan Palm Beach. When people speak of our Publisher it is often the way Fitzgerald’s

flappers and partygoers information andfrom gossipAmerican about Jay Gatsby. The current issue haswould a littletrade bit of everything Chopper star Paul Teutul Sr. who invited our publisher Chase Backer into his garage at Orange County Choppers to talk about Those who getand to know will tell you heinisManhattan’s a visionary, a dreamer, a realist and maverick, a gentleman risk-taker who loves to live life motorcycles life Chase to a new player luxury beauty business in the form of and Dorota to the fullest. dares to dreamSpa. biggerTalking than most, and his magazines are aFrantz reflection of that daring.on As aChase Wallace andChase her Berry Blonde Heads Drummer Chris takes readers trip confided to me recently, he can memory sometimeslane be a little tooBowery unfiltered. But thatofauthenticity confidence what makeCBGB Chasewould Backer who down to the section New Yorkand where a littleare club called be he is. Chase is a born leader, to butThe it is his compassion for others, thatTelevision, defines him as a man, aThe father (Chase’s brilliant daughter Jaime istoour Associate Publisher!) home Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, New York Dolls and Patti Smith and an just advocate forThe those talented andnew inspirational souls that enlighten the pagesanecdotes of our magazines share their name a few. Drummer’s autobiography offers incredible andand memories ofinner greatness and passion ourCity readers. So,scene if this letter about our publishertravel Chase across and his goal entertain, inform and delight, it also a story about love the Newwith York music thatiswould eventually the to pond to England to inspire andbirth respect. love for our readers abiding respect for the remarkable peopleabout who liveformer in New band York City, The Hamptons, and now...Palm the of APunk Music. A full, and no-holds-barred interview with Frantz members Beach! Byrne, Tina Weymouth, and Jerry Harrison will be something to look forward to in October. David Fall is the best time of the year in New York City. There is excitement and change and hope. Wishing Moving forward to our glorious to Spring Fashion issue, is our young cover is star who shows off her versatility that New Yorkers continue show the rest ofLita theCline world that no crisis too big for the fighters andas a model wearing the celebrity-adored fashions of The Blonds on the cover of 25A and retro-chic lookTogether on the cover Metropolitan, heroes that make up our Metropolis. That together wethen shalla overcome. weofshall heal. that is all the rage thanks to  Golden we Globe-winning actress Anya Taylor Joy and her Netflix hit, The Queen’s Gambit. Our fashion editor/celebrity stylist Ty-Ron Mayes, Together shall rise again. photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth and model Lita Cline created some truly classic looks. Features Editor Jadan Horyn gets us up to date on

NFT art andBe artstrong. world connector Stay Safe. Be kind.Rachel Vancelette provides a remembrance of a beloved mentor. Also, Amy-Lynn Schwartzbard and the

Kaleidoscope Project team up with Ellen DeGeneres and 23 top designers to transform an 18th Century Inn into an incredible show house. Finally, after more than a year of darkness, there is light.  As we attempt to get through this pandemic together let us remain vigilant, smart, Adam Kluger kind, and look after each other. Follow CDC guidelines. Be safe and stay strong! Thank you and enjoy our Spring Fashion issue and please Editor in Chief, Metropolitan check out Metropolitan Palm Beach.      


Adam Kluger Editor in Chief Metropolitan/25A Metropolitan Palm Beach


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May 2021


Publisher Chase Backer Editor-in-Chief Adam Kluger Assistant Publisher Jaime Backer Art Director Jeffrey Saks Associate Editor Margaret Bastick Luce Assistant Editor Willy Nichter Copy Editor Sean Buttimer Special Projects Editor Norah Bradford Lifestyle Editor Elizabeth Langevin Cover Editor Adam Kluger Features Editor Jadan Horyn Luxury Editor Stephanie L. Howitt Editor at Large | Art, Culture & Fashion Rachel Vancelette Fashion Photographer Matt Licari Profiles Editor Alexandra Appino-Tabone Social Editor Clara Morgan Food Editor Andrea Correale Nutrition Editor Lindsay Brustein Rosen, M.S., R.D., CDN Gold Coast Writer Monica Randall Digital Media Director Nancy Molina Make-up Peggy Mackey Interns Jolie Hudson, Lonee Telemaque Contributors Rachel Vancelette, D.D. Rice, Paul Prince, Peter Elston, Johnny Angel, Harry White, Victoria Crosby Contributing Photographers Matt Licari, Rene Bernal, tama66, pixel2013, Michael Gaida, Benno Klandt, Michael Paniccia, Jay Mathews, Filip Shobot, Chris Carroll, Lenny Stucker, Patrick McMullan, MA , Tom Fitzgerald and Pam Deutchman, Sandy Ramirez, Jan Klier, Mitchel Gray, Paul Prince, Kristiina Wilson For advertisement info: 646-300-1852 Info@metmagny.com | metmagny.com Facebook.com/metropolitanmagazinepb | Twitter.com/metmagny Writers, models, musicians and photographers, please inquire. © Copyright 2021 by Metropolitan Magazine, All rights reserved. Metropolitan is published eleven times per year. Reproduction without permission of the publisher is prohibited. The publisher and editors are not responsible for unsolicited material and it will be treated as such and unconditionally assigned for publication subject to Metropolitan magazine’s right to edit.


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May 2021



Actress Anya Taylor Joy’s Golden Globe - winning performance in the Netflix hit,

T H E Q inspires U E aEretro-chic N ’ Sfashion GA M B I T trend featuring hats by Anat Fritz


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Lita checkmates her opponents in primary and tertiary blues. The Queen’s Gambit Collection with a double thread cotton with seam denim hat paired with petrol merino mix cape, Anat Fritz.

May 2021


Lita gets groovy in this Queen’s Gambit Military double thread knit hat, Anat Fritz. Vegan leather jacket, Donna Karan. Black chenille turtleneck, Black cropped pants, Zara.

Photography: Udo Spreitzenbarth Contributing Fashion Editor: Ty-Ron Mayes Make-up and Hair: Ty-Ron Mayes (Paper Faces using Derma Blend Cosmetics) Model: Lita Cline Location: Loft 29


Metropolitan Magazine | 25AMagazine.com

Lita Cline is a Queen of Hearts in this Queen’s Gambit Series double thread red hat, Anat Fritz. Red dress, Tommy Hilfiger.

May 2021


Lita Cline shines in this lemon yellow, funnel neck car coat, Just Cavalli. White shift, Alice and Olivia. White patent leather pumps, Stylist’s own.

September/October 2020 | 3 38 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com


Metropolitan Magazine | 25AMagazine.com


MEET ANAT FRITZ Designer, Creative, Renaissance Woman By Adam Kluger Editor’s Note: Anat Fritz is no stranger to the readers of Metropolitan/25A. Anat galloped onto our pages like Lady Godiva (her “nude lady on a horse” fashion photo still graces our website: Metmagny.com) and has introduced us to her many talents as a perfume maker, Vegan Chef, clothing designer, health/lifestyle advocate and entrepreneur. Serendipitously, Anat has even found a way to bring her sense of fashion, style and whimsy to the hit Netflix show Queen’s Gambit! Ms. Fritz is not only a once in a lifetime talent, she is a multi-faceted woman who wears many hats! -AK


ust when I was thinking about designing hats again, after having been focused on my perfume line and creative direction for the past 15 years, one of my hat collection pieces I created 16 years ago, miraculously showed up in a Queen’s Gambit scene. That crocheted hat was a actually a big success— 16 years ago! I sold that collection throughout Europe to many luxury boutiques and department stores. It just so happened that the costume designer for Queen’s Gambit had purchased my green hat back then and had it ever since. Isn’t it crazy that this hat was still in good shape, well, good enough to crown Anya Taylor Joy’s head in that pivotal scene? Good quality is timeless I guess! It was a nice confirmation for me to finally pick up my crochet needle again, just as I had planned to do anyway. Sometimes - no - all the time, divine timing and orchestration is at work. A force that shapes our destiny in the most colorful ways. You can’t make this stuff up! It also shows me that beauty fades but true style and class does prevail. This beautiful photoshoot by Uber-talented stylist Ty-Ron Mayes and amazing photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth shows that this collection still rocks, not only in 2005 but even more so in 2021. And Lita Cline, the model: what a timeless cutie! Seeing this collection interpreted by these three gives me living proof! Fast forward: needless to say, get ready for a relaunch. I am so inspired to bring that ‘old’ - now 16 years later I guess we can call it ‘vintage’ collection - out of the closet again. It will be available in the next few weeks via www.anatfritz.com and of course on instagram @anatfritzdesign . I just finished the photoshoot for the website with photographer Will Shargo and my new dig-out Cayetano Amato, who I am collaborating with on the trajectory on the Anat Fritz brand. Lots of cool things to come! One last funny detail: just as I love it, my original producer as well as the original yarn supplier from 16 years ago are on board again as well - Sustainability at its best, right?

Photographer: Will Shargo www.anatfritz.com instagram: @anatfritzdesign May 2021



By Ty-Ron Mayes / Photos by Udo Spreitzenbarth


nspired by the Queen’s Gambit make-up look from the hit series? Well, my name is Ty-Ron Mayes and I am going to help you take that look all the way to the runway! Together we will reimagine the look of yesterday and transform it into the world of tomorrow by taking it to the next level! Try a dash of Edie Sedgwick, three scoops of Beth Harmon, a sprinkle of Barbarella and a huge serving of Twiggy and voila! You just took your beauty and catapulted your look to out of this world proportions! Do not do your foundation. You will start with your eyes first. After priming your eyes, take your favorite black eye pencil and lightly sketch out your liner. Divide your eyes into three sections. Top lash line, bottom lash line and eye socket. For clarity, the “TyRon Mayes Eye” is three eyeliner treatments in one! Start by carefully drawing your first eyeliner treatment, “The Doe Eye.” This is a classic eyeliner shape made famous by Audrey Hepburn. Make sure you angle the point to tilt your eye and give it a lift. Next, create bold lines in the socket of your eyes. This is your, “Deep Set Eye”, which is done by tracing the top eye sockets. This exaggerated eyeliner treatment was made famous by Edie Sedgwick. The third liner treatment is your, “Bottom Liner.” We know the bottom liner was pretty much made famous by Supermodel Twiggy. Just like Twiggy, instead of drawing the liner on the bottom of your lash line, move that line down a scosche. This will create the illusion of larger eyes by lining your eyes below the lash line. Now that all of your lines are in place, connect all three of your lines together in the outer corners of your eyes. This will give your eyes a tilted, wide eye effect. Take a q-tip and dip it into some make-up remover. Make sure all of your lines are clean and both eyes are balanced. Symmetry is key here. Fill your eyelids with a metallic eyeshadow and layer that with a metallic liquid eyeshadow. This will give your eyes that extra sparkle when you blink. Now here is the fun part. Retrace all of those lines with liquid liner for depth and richness. Let them dry before you open your eyes. You don’t want the liquid liner to migrate into places that it doesn’t belong. This is where your eyes will come alive. Use three sets of eyelashes! Yes, I said three sets of lashes! Carefully detach the lashes from their cases and take a measurement. You may need to cut the false lashes


Metropolitan Magazine | 25AMagazine.com

according to your particular eye shape. Here is a big industry secret! Wiggle and bend your falsies so that you can reshape your falsies from the manufacturer’s package shape into a shape that will easily mold into your eye shape. I call this modeling your lash. Start with black eyelash glue and add a thin strip of glue onto your lash strips. You must have a very thin application because glue can be a tad bit messy. Then go back and add an extra micro dollop of glue on the outer corners of your falsies. The extra dollops will assure proper adhesions to the corners of your eyes. Let them dry down a bit. You need them to be a little sticky before you apply them. Grab your tweezers when applying your lashes. While looking in the mirror, tilt your head back and look down you nose like a snooty bitch. I hope you are laughing. This head position will allow you to see the groove of where the eyelid ends and your natural eyelashes begin. Angle each lash strip into the groove so your natural eyelashes receive the lash strip and integrates with your real eyelashes. Once they are in place, take an eyelash curler and gently curl your real eyelashes with the falsies for a seamless appearance. Now it’s time to add the bottom lashes or “Twiggies” as they were called because Twiggy drew her eyelashes on the bottom of her lids. But, we will recreate them with a real three dimensional lash strip worn upside down. Remember you are borrowing from the Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy era. So, you do not want to apply the lashes on the lash line. You want to apply the lashes to the augmented liner line. Your beautiful eyeliner strokes that were just below your natural lash line. Repeat the glue and wiggle treatment and when your lash strips are sticky, apply they eyelashes to your new lash line. Wow! Did your eyes just open up or what? This next step is not for the faint of heart. You will literally take your eyes to a place where no woman has gone before! Add the final lash strip to your deep set eye socket line. This will give you the look of MEGA EYES! And with a few swipes of mascara on the top and bottom lashes, your eyes will be an explosion of blooming, high impact, mega lashes! Apply your make-up around you eyes remembering to stay with a neutral palette including nude lips, tons of contour and a pinch of luminizer on the high points of your cheek bones. I promise, you will be the talk of the party!

May 2021



Metropolitan Magazine | 25AMagazine.com


Val Du Grace Filipino fashion designer Job Dacon’s new collection “Val Du Grace”, which is French for “Valley of Grace”, are made of wispy, lightweight fabrics meant to follow the wearer as she glides on the antique granite floors of a century-old mansion. Fabrics like Crepe-de-Chine, French Gauze and fashion staple Tulle were used.

“The theme of the collection is meant to give viewers a sense of dark yet graceful vibe, similar to the Cliffs of Normandy after World War II like 20 years later, with ruins of a once-peaceful place now taken over by vines upon vines of Poison Ivy and Roses,” the designer said.

Words: Marane Plaza Photographer: Roj Miguel Fashion Designer: Job Dacon Hair and Makeup Artist: Kate Munar Models: Sarah Holmes and Meili Holmes

May 2021


Fleurs de Villes

The Fleurs de Villes girls, Tina Barkley and Karen Marshall, pulled off another success with 26 pop up flower installations and sculptures decorating the Bal Harbour shopping area in Miami, Florida. 


Metropolitan Magazine | 25AMagazine.com



he cameras were clicking and the smiles were beaming as the public oohed and aahed over the creative talents of some of Florida’s most inspiring floral artists interpreting the theme of supporting breast cancer research. Many retail stores now are creating floral sculptures and installations which become catnip to the public and enhance their brand too. In fact, the Bride Candy’s extraordinary peacock with feathery soft pink plumes became the go-to place for Instagram moments.

colorful tropical palms, lush roses and anthurium, it was also accessorized with a pearl necklace of white hypericum berries. The rainbow of multicolored blooms infused in this creation was like a kaleidoscope of good karma and the headdress was also happy and chic.

bunny tail and moss to tell a story. In this sculpture, they used coconut husk to illustrate new growth of hair and then a crown of hair blooming out of the scalp to show how a better tomorrow is around the corner. Loved the use of coconut shells as well in the dress and the dark calla lilies and garnet roses.

Notice the detail of how she is looking at the mirror which the artist said is a message to encourage appreciating and reflecting on life this year no matter what comes your way.

In the category of Most Realistic design, Gilded Group Decor created this mannequin sponsored by Chopard. The judges loved the intricacy of the braided bodice. Many artists chose to use rose petals or pressed orchids, but this braided bodice was simply and elegant as was the flow of the dress.

In the category of Best in Show, Aniska Creations won for this fab floral dress with zebra print top made of preserved fern in black and white - that matched the shoes. Her skirt complimented the animal print with hot pink roses that were finished with step grass to emulate the appearance of ostrich feathers. Cool right? Also liked how this mother-daughter team inverted a rose as an earring. Nice touch don’t you think? Turns out Anais Vivas was a pop singer in Venezuela before joining her mom’s floral business.

Artists get inspiration from many sources. I loved how Luxury Design Miami looked at this Lafayette jacket and built the whole concept around it. The strips of greenery used in the poncho pants - which is trending - was so inspired and this outfit felt modern and fun. So chic isn’t it?

In the category of Most Original design, the winner was Hayal Flowers sponsored by the Fisher Island Community which raised $1.4 million to help those impacted by th-e pandemic. And here they are sponsoring a floral sculpture since flowers have been such a soothing comforting elixir to so many this year. Wearing a modern jumpsuit and a skirt made of

Speaking of creativity, we all know that one of the emotional triggers of the disease is when one loses their hair. Check out how Raphael Lopez and Harrison Gabor created a blowdryer out of dried

Another jaw-popping beautiful exhibit was this one from La Feterie sponsored by Whispering Angel. The blue hydrangeas at the bottom were used since the company’s farm Chateau d”Esclans is lined with rows of memorable blue hydrangeas. The hundreds of roses in the skirt were of different sizes, small, big, white ivory and pink, to reflect how everyone can be affected. The dress was glamorous with in its design but the wings were purposely expansive. After all, we need angels in our lives to get through any challenge, flowers to cheer us up and inspire us and we also need on occasion a nice sparkling glass of rose or champagne. 


May 2021



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May 2021


Gyunel Couture 32

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May 2021




ulia Daviy is a pioneering luxury designer creating the fashion industries most innovative sustainable garments, using a set of advanced technologies. The Los Angeles-based designer uses zero waste 3D printing to create innovative, ethical, cruelty-free, carbon-neutral and sustainable collections, holding them to the highest ethical and environmental standard, while standing as true efficacies of exquisite taste.


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Fashion Issue: November 2020 | 69

May 2021


April 2021 | 115


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HUDSON Clothier


elcome to Hudson Clothier... haberdasher, jeweler, milliner and purveyor of fashionable goods, all ethically made-inthe-USA. Home to more than 70 American designers, this unique boutique features a full menu of stylish clothing for women, men and everyone else. Established in 2014 in Hudson NY, Hudson Clothier offers an impressive selection of small batch jeans, overalls, hand-made handbags, and men’s and women’s goods from underwear to outerwear. The store is the brainchild of fashion

entrepreneur, Mary Vaughn Williams. Wearing many hats - proprietor, skilled buyer, smiling host - she welcomes visitors and locals alike to her collection of classic heritage brands and innovative young designers. Thanks to revitalized garment industries in Atlanta, LA and Brooklyn, among other cities, Hudson Clothier is proud to showcase quality apparel and accessories made across America. Williams settled in Bali in the 1980s, where she and her former partner worked closely with the Indonesian community to design and import Batik clothing and textiles. Their business was wildly

successful, selling to hundreds of stores from Tokyo to Alaska. Eventually moving to Hudson in 2003 they co-founded White Rice, a retail store named in honor of their clothing label. Over time Mary Vaughn wanted to strike out on her own and develop a new brand. With twenty five years experience, a fashion business that would support American manufacturing was born into a storefront in historic Hudson. In 2019 she doubled that space and expanded her offerings to include more for men and women. Growing again, Hudson Clothier may be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

May 2021


Jessica Jordaan WarhorseUSA Jessica hails from humble beginnings in the American Rocky Mountains. Inspired by the beauty, grace and elegance of horses, Jessica first discovered her love of horses at an early age  while living in  Cody, Wyoming, the  “rodeo  capital”  of the world. She was quickly hooked and horses became a part of her life.  She began working with a local ranch offering trail rides.  She also  worked  at  the Cody  rodeo,  learning about horses and otther livestock and how to care for their needs.  As an adult  living in Colorado,  Jessica was inspired to create change for  America’s  wild  Mustangs after a visit to a local Mustang  sanctuary.  Moved by  the grave injustice that awaits many of these inspirational, magical and historically significant animals, Jessica formed  WARHORSE USA  to raise  awareness for Americas  wild and domesticated Mustangs. After a 10-year career as an international model, Jessica has been published and featured in numerous television shows, magazine publications and articles. In 2018, she had the privilege to serve Colorado as The Mrs. Colorado America FRU where she was able to share her time and experiences with the charities that are close to her heart. Today, Jessica is  usually  found hacking her horses, “Fritz” and “Afrika,” training with her coach for her competitive show season, taking Afrikaans lessons, volunteering, working out, or sharing time with her husband and seven children. Jessica resides in  Colorado,  with her husband, Hendrik Jordaan. Along with supporting Jessica in her mission to save endangered wild horses, Hendrik has his own cause that he feels passionate about. He co-founded and serves as President/CEO of an international private equity fund that is backed by some of the world’s leading families. With the use of investments, he generates jobs that provide economic freedom to thousands of people across the world. A current member of The Equus Foundation, Cottonwood Riding Club, USEF, The Denver Polo Club and Herd Member, Jessica  has  a  deep  understanding of equine causes and is committed to sharing her time, knowledge and dedication to benefit the equine community around Colorado, the country and the world. For more information,  please see  WARHORSEUSA.org https://warhorseusa.org/


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May 2021



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Mission Statement: The funds we raise provide assistance with herd documentation, fertility control, special range projects and promotion of the land and wild horses. Off the range, the funding also provides training, adoption and education about Mustangs and Burros, while offering sanctuary for those in need. We foster a connection with children and adults through community education, outreach, tours, field trips, overnight retreat programs, therapeutic programs and clinics in order to increase awareness and education.

May 2021


Recap: Spring Fashion Week 2021


Photography: Infinity Creative Agency 44

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gainst the bleak backdrop of mid-Pandemic New York, Fashion Week F/W 2021 was held as news of widespread vaccinations and lowering caseloads became common. While most shows were held virtually some designers forged ahead with in-person shows and presentations in hopes of retaining a sense of normalcy. The rapid evolution of comfort fashion continued with designers imagining indoor comfort with knits and the now ubiquitous sneaker wear. Yet there were also those foreseeing the world beyond the pandemic, designers dropped bold, new, and refreshed looks for those seeking to impress the unquarantined world. Notable designers who presented a sense of normalcy included: Jason Wu who gave us a flair for now with subtle mix and match pieces and clothing that was ready to wear. Rebecca Minkoff, whom this writer spoke to at length, sought to provide bold prints - as is her style - but also cohesive singular looks with heavy accessorization. Fashion week also saw the debut of numerous Black designers with emerging menswear designer Justin Wesley a former Kansas University basketball player. Virtual presentations and runways offered a more bold aesthetic. Chanel presented the very chic and very in alpine life with slopestyle declaring winter as a time for a vacation - perhaps prescient towards the pandemic end. Tom Ford offered up the catsuit as the defining silhouette of the season - a nod to summer bodies and the return seeing and being seen, quite revealingly, by others. The familiar and the future, comfort and the conspicuous, NYFW F/W 2021 offered up the here and now but also the fearless future that appears nearer everyday. Overall, this Fashion week tailored from the heart of a pandemic proves one thing above all, the show must go on.

May 2021



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May 2021


Kelly O’Shea Public Relations

May 2021



Photographer: Scott Schuman


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May 2021



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Photography and art direction Olesja Mueller @olesjamueller Wardrobe styling Angel Tailan @AngelTailan assisted by Ellen Jong @____ellenjong   Makeup/hair Martin Lane Christopher @martinlanechristopher Models Anna and Alex Straser Shot on location at Insomnia Cafe LAIG: @anna_kathryn05IG: @alexvalentine07

May 2021


Disco may be dead, but Glam Rock lives forever with this retro inspired glam rope chain headdress with green crystal and metal mesh corset dress, The Blonds. Gold Metallic boots, Alexander McQueen (Courtesy of Albright Fashion Library).


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Lita Cline

A S M A L L TOW N G I R L WITH BIG DREAMS by Adam Kluger Fashion by The Blonds, Stylist/HMU Ty-Ron Mayes, Photography by Udo Spreitzenbarth

Hey, Lita what’s up? Right now I’m back home and really loving it hanging out with the fam. I’m from a small town in the north of Texas it’s about 30 minutes from Oklahoma. It’s awesome I have two nieces and like I said it’s a small town so we’re able to go out and the weather has been nice so we’ve been able to ride the golf cart around and go out to the park and just hang out do some things because everything else has been closed down. It’s nice to spend time with them while I can... (ring!!) Do you need to get that phone? No, that’s ok I live with Grandma right now while I’m in Texas, and her home phone rings but it’s always a telemarketer. (laugh) My Grandma is very confident in me and my career. She always says “stand tall and don’t let them get to you. Be the ice princess, “ when I’m taking pictures because we watch Frozen and the look that Elsa gives and Gram is like,” oh my gosh she looks just like you,” and I’m like ok (laugh) What does your family think about your modeling career? They love it. It’s amazing how much support I get from my little town and my family. My nieces will call me on a random day and say, “Aunt Lita tell my friends that you’re a model!,” and I have to tell their friends that I’m a model (laugh) and they really love that too. Tell us about yourself I guess I would say that I’m a pretty quiet person at first but as soon as I open up to people and I’m comfortable it’s a whole different game and I love to meet new people and I’m always down to find new friendships and travel. I’m definitely one who wants to travel the world one day. What do you like to do for fun? Normally I like to dance, I like to go dancing I like to play basketball with my friends and hang out and watch Netflix. I like to cook a lot.

May 2021


Speaking of Netflix what do you think of The Queen’s Gambit? I watched Queen’s Gambit in one day. It was very interesting. My roommate is a composer so we really got into the background music, it was really intense throughout and awesome. The fashion was amazing! Whenever we were doing this Queen’s Gambit-inspired cover shoot and Ty-Ron pulled out all of the clothes, I wanted to buy all of it! (laugh) I go shopping a lot and I look for those styles, I pull from magazines and the internet. I think it’s very cool. What did you think of the shots of you wearing the Anat Fritz designed hats, one of which was worn by actress Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen’s Gambit? I saw a couple of them, black and white and a brown tannish hat and my mouth is wide open and my hands are by my head. I thought that shot was pretty cool. I think the eye make-up whenever I closed my eyes it would give a whole different look from when I opened them. I kept taking pictures and kept opening and closing my eyes so I could see the make-up. Udo and Ty-Ron even pulled out pictures of Twiggy to do some of the poses she would do back then. I’ve been told many times that I look like Twiggy and resemble her, especially my hair. I appreciate that I think it’s such a great compliment. Any other models who inspire you? Growing up I wanted to be a model and I always looked up to Eva Longoria and of course Tyra. I always watched America’s Next Top Model and I wanted to be one growing up and as I grew up I had more of a tomboy vibe, then Madison Page she’s really cool I followed her in high school and that’s what made me cut my hair short and kind of just do a whole different look What’s it like working with Celebrity Stylist Ty-Ron Mayes who has worked with so many Supermodels? Ty-Ron is so amazing! I was able to work with him on my first trip to New York and he gives me tips, he tells me so much stuff to work on, he just really helps and he’s such an amazing guy I love working with him.

Why China? That was my first contract. I went into an agency and they said,” we have someone from China coming in would you like to meet with them?” and I said yeah and she said that she wanted to sign me so then I did my first test shoot and went to China I was actually in school and working in a hospital as a lab tech doing phlebotomy going to school to become a laboratory technician and that’s when everyone said,” you’re so pretty you should model,” so I tried it and I loved it I fell in love. What did you think about wearing the clothing line of The Blonds? Those are some of my favorite pictures I’ve ever seen and the clothing was amazing! Ty-Ron was telling me some of the history on the clothes and the previous people that have worn them and they fit so amazing. You know they’re heavy but they are comfortable and that was one thing I really liked and they were so neat and shiny I don’t have very many clothes in my wardrobe that’s that cool I guess. You kind of look like an Egyptian Pharoah in the gold headdress That’s what I told my Grams. I told her that’s one of my favorites and I used to have long blonde hair too and I had it shoulder-length one time so it really reminded me of my hair when it was that way. What about being photographed by Udo? He showed me some of his pictures and my jaw dropped I showed my mom and she was like “oh my gosh...all of them!,” she fell in love with all of them... and Udo is such a cool guy I met him in Texas actually almost two years ago he was one of my first shoots. How did the dog get into the shoot? Oh, that’s Luke. I met him when he was just a puppy and he’s 8 months old. That was the dog’s first-ever photoshoot and he was so well behaved and so sweet and was just standing there doing everything we told him to do. What’s your style? I do wear a lot of black especially in the winter I try to bring out more neutral colors not too many bright colors. Maybe high fashion but not too high fashion. How did you get into modeling? I got into modeling 2 years ago. I went to China and spent three months there and then I went to New York.


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What goes through your mind when you are modeling? I’m usually thinking how much of a dream it is and how lucky I am to be able to do something so amazing that I love that keeps me entertained and happy. What does your family think about your modeling career? They love it. It’s amazing how much support I get from my little town and my family. My nieces will call me on a random day and say “Aunt Lita tell me friends that you’re a model and I have to tell their friends that I’m a model and they really love that too.” For your new fans what kind of music are you into, favorite TV show/film I’m into alternative rock. I really like listening to two door cinema club, you should check them out they are really good and the arctic monkeys. my favorite tv show right now is either Schitt’s Creek or The Good Place and my favorite movie right now is Inside Out. Anyone you really want to meet? So many people...Ummm...Coco Rocha, she’s pretty cool and I think since working with Udo and Ty-Ron they told me all about her and they introduced me to her book Study of Pose: a thousand poses and I would like to just ask her questions about all of that and how she worked and taught classes I think it would be cool to sit and have a conversation with her about her career. She’s so young you know. Any interest in acting I love to act. I did some acting in high school. I had a bunch of acting auditions and I got 15 callbacks so, hopefully, one day that will work out. I love Jennifer Aniston and Catherine O’Hare too.

Lita finds a silver lining in this crystal fringe corset dress with sequin panty, The Blonds. Glitter boots, Tamuna Ingorokva (Courtesy of Albright Fashion Library).

May 2021


Lita parties like a rock star in this black vinyl and silver spike crystal dress, The Blond. White ankle boots with crystal mesh, Christopher Kane (Courtesy of Albright Fashion Library).


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Lita goes for the gold in this sequin 3/4 length coat, crystal panty and waist cincher with gold hardware, The Blonds.

Photography: Udo Spreitzenbarth Contributing Fashion Editor and Text: Ty-Ron Mayes Make-up and Hair: Ty-Ron Mayes Model: Lita Cline Fashion by The Blonds Dog: Luke The Great Dane (care of Dr. Franziska Huettner) Location: Loft 29 May 2021



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Photographer: Michel Nafziger Model: Mie Iwatsuki Beige Dress and White suits: Halston May 2021



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By Luciana Pampalone

May 2021



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May 2021



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May 2021


April 2021 | 25


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lavor is that elusive characteristic to describe yet alluringly simple to identify. It breaks across the palette like fireworks: bright, bold, fresh, with heat or tang. It is something that opens minds and breaks down cultural barriers. Flavor is after all what caused our European forebears to venture to parts unknown in search of spices to season their bland daily fare. Today, foodies are always on the search to find new and inventive flavors and the creators behind them. Often in hip neighborhoods or posh places, these cultivators of cuisine become cultural centers all their own. PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens is an unusual locale for such an establishment yet it is where you can find Chef Pushkar Marathe at Stage (pronounced STAAHJ).  Stage is the brainchild of general manager Andy Dugard (right), a native of Liverpool, England, and Chef Pushkar Marathe (left) native of Nagpur, India. Marathe previously worked at Ghee in Miami, a two-time James Beard-nominated restaurant. These two friends and collaborators saw Palm Beach as an area in South Florida ripe for a culinary revolution. I spoke with Andy and Chef Pushkar on Covid, cuisine, and community.  JH: PGA Boulevard seems an unlikely place for a bold inventive restaurant. Why this location? Chef Pushkar: Well, economics of course. But we realized a majority of our clients were coming from North Palm Beach, from Singer Island, from Jupiter Island. Most are very well-traveled and they are open to a concept that they may get in a more cosmopolitan city such as New York or Miami.  They know good food, but there weren’t a whole lot of options. Most people were hesitant to open this kind of concept because they weren’t sure the community would be interested.  JH: Yet you survived the worst 2020 had to offer.  Chef Pushkar: Yes, we were open for a few short weeks before the statewide shutdown order. Thankfully, we made a buzz. People wanted our food. We pivoted to takeout. And put curries on the menu.  I didn’t want to put curries on the menu. This isn’t an Indian restaurant, it’s a flavor restaurant. But we make an incredible butter chicken. People ordered it in droves. I’d say it paid our bills for months.   May 2021


JH: You mention curries, after all, you are from India. What made you passionate about food and flavor? How has that informed your cuisine? Chef Pushkar: My father served in the Indian military. So growing up we traveled and lived all over India. The north is as different from the south as China is from India. The food, flavors, techniques, language, are all so varied. I had a natural affinity to food and flavors. I learned my love of cooking from my mom. But I was curious about all the different techniques I saw being used. I would try to do them myself by telling my parents about them in the third person so they didn’t know it was me who was doing it. JH: (Laugh) What? You didn’t want them to know? Chef Pushkar: I was just so excited but being a chef was a foreign concept to me and my family.  JH: How foreign? Chef Pushkar: Well the first time I left India was for culinary school in Switzerland. I landed and tried smoked salmon. It was revolting, like nothing I ever tried. But I said to myself I am here to learn. To grow. To experience new flavors. After a few weeks I learned to like it and today I make an excellent smoked salmon.  JH: So you expand your palate and skills? Chef Pushkar: Very much so. Each place I went I learned new flavors and techniques. In Florida, I learned local seafood and citrus; in LA, I learned vegan and Mexican; in the Caymans; and in the Bahamas, I learned tropical bold flavors. My stint in the Middle East brought a whole new variety of spices and methods of cooking. I staged in Peru, and we named Stage as an homage to that touchtone experience.  JH: You are well-traveled, Chef.  Chef Pushkar: Flavor has afforded me a life I would have never known.  JH: Incredible, what is it about flavor that you think changes the experience of those that taste it? Chef Pushkar: Well, with my food. It’s the salty hits, then you get a little bit of sweetness. Then you might get a little sour and then spice. And then you try another dish, it’s almost like a party. And that’s when you go back for more bites. Cause you don’t understand what it is. So the complexity is there with lots of simple ways of putting it together. You don’t need a hundred ingredients or 15 gradients in a play to make a conflict. But with the right flavors, with the right amount of balance of texture and balance of


Metropolitan Magazine | 25AMagazine.com

vices, you can create the incredible. The varied complexity of it is fantastic. And then you go back for it and then you’d finish your meal and you’re like, it’s gone. And then he’d come back for it to understand. And that’s like the whole idea of my cooking. It’s like if you do an electrocardiogram, a speed line is dead. But if you have a lot going on, the line is all over the place. It’s a lot of fun. Do you know what I mean? It’s like a DJ, like how the mix beats. That’s how I look at the food and flavor.  JH: You are changing lives? Chef Pushkar: It’s that experience that brought me to Stage. I want to change lives. Our customers and our employees.  JH: Explain.  Chef Pushkar: Not only do I want our customers to experience an entirely new flavor experience. I want our employees to experience an entirely new restaurant experience. Gone is the negativity. If you are angry that passes into your food, your staff, your customers. I strive for positivity and extend that to our staff.  At Stage, we offer full healthcare for our employees. We did that even with the pandemic. We want to ensure they can afford to care for themselves. We limit hours as much as we can so that people are not overworked. During the pandemic, we sought to keep our employees on as much as possible. You cannot have a family in this business, you cannot have balance in this business. We want to change that.  JH: What you are talking about is revolutionary, isn’t it? Chef Pushkar: Yes, Yes it Is.  Stage distinguishes itself with nearly zero food waste. If something can be repurposed it becomes a future innovative addition to a food. Chef Pushkar sources fresh produce daily, from local farms and markets. Farm to table, fishmonger to table, ranch to table. The ingredients are holistic and carefully selected. Chef and I spoke at length about the passion he has for food and flavor. He is undoubtedly a rising star in the culinary world. One who invites everyone to join the flavor party and experience it for themselves. Bon appétit ! https://www.stagepga.com/

May 2021



Gourmet Chef who offers food for thought and pearls of wisdom By Adam Kluger


Metropolitan Magazine | 25AMagazine.com

Adam: I stumbled on to your FB posts and was immediately fascinated by your combination of Kerouac meets Hip-Hop word-flow and your incredible skill as a gourmet chef- where in this world or some other galaxy did you come from? Laurie-Beth: So kind! Thank you Adam. I was born and raised in The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont two hours south of Montreal, Canada. Adam: You stay in such incredible shape and have such a positive view of life, it is such a breath of fresh air in these unprecedented times...how do you do it? Laurie-Beth: That is gracious and humbling and for which I thank you too. Because of how I eat, (healthful exotic cuisine in mammoth portions albeit only once a day), I am able to eat and drink what I wish. My attitude and view of life is fueled from the vicissitudes of each day. Everything is an opportunity. (To grow, to glow or to go)! EVERYTHING! Adam: Your ability to tell stories and articulate ideas is so next-level, have you ever thought of performing a onewoman show on stage? Laurie-Beth: I love how you think - thank you very much - and yes, I am open to entertaining that idea and opportunity. Adam: What advice do you have for our readers on living a healthier, more fulfilling life? Laurie-Beth: Eat food that you love and that loves

YOU. For all of us that is different, ergo, don’t follow diets and fads. Listen to your inner voice, palate and soul. It knows! Adam: What do you do for fun? You seem to have a nolimits approach to life. Laurie-Beth: Fun to me is what I do daily that is shared with the world - writing, speaking, plating food or teaching wine etiquette and enjoyment. My fun is upfront for all to see. I never show my “boo boos” or post or talk about what isn’t fun, unless mentioning it in a column as hindsight via the growth arc and with the hopes that it shall help someone. Adam: Where did you learn to become a master chef and where did you get all the amazing outfits you wear? Laurie-Beth: At age 6 in rural Vermont I asked my parents for octopus salad and frog legs (to eat) and the jury is still out on where in the hell that came from. Not from our black and white television with two channels nor my friends or siblings then. To their credit, my parents fostered my curiosity and helped uncork my interest in culinary and oenological doings. Hence food/wine (my first glass of vino being served to me at the dinner table at age 10) and public speaking became a blend leading to sentimental solace in many ways. On fashion: after many years of thinking I had to have a red Louboutin sole, (at one time having 42 pairs), I “did the work” and rid it all, and now care more

about showcasing that RED PASSIONATE SOUL within and I buy clothes and shoes on Amazon. (I can order a dress, book and paprika from the Syrian border - all with one click and receive it two days later. That makes far more sense to me than how I once lived). Adam: You inspire so many of your fans with your incredible energy, words, wit and inner and outer beautywho inspires you? Laurie-Beth: Thank you! To know that means so much. I was blessed in the parents department more than many. My father died a couple years ago and my mom is still here. Kindness and strength came from them both. Survivors (Holocaust, Hostage, and Other) inspire me greatly too. As a “Taken” survivor (from the international and diabolical fiefdoms of sex slavery and trafficking abroad and one lucky woman to be alive - themes the masses may relate to via the famed Liam Neeson “Taken” series); I have found tremendous inspiration and moreover TRANSFORMATION in my healing, growth, and forward living and sharing with the world, from my connection to other survivors of atrocities in our world. (We may have been victimized but we do not choose to be “victims” and instead have chosen to be victors and do our best to help others free themselves from any tumult they have navigated too). Contact: facebook.com/lauriebeth.robbins

May 2021


Sommelier Antoinette Cialdella 74

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SOMMELIER ANTOINETTE CIALDELLA OF FINE WINE 007 By Contributing writer Anthony Lotito


n a warm summer day in the coastal region of Tuscany, Italy, in a virtually unknown vineyard, a Vermentino is being sampled by a small group of wine experts. Sitting at a vintage table made of poplar wood, among the ancient vines and the region’s vast beauty, one of the experts declares “, What a find, excellent! This is perfect!” Selecting a truly great wine is a complex undertaking. Finding an absolute gem among the thousands of varietals produced around the world requires expertise and a lot of patience. Until now. “The search for a great wine experience is my passion, sharing it with my friends, clients, and colleagues is my pleasure,” declares wine Sommelier, Antoinette Cialdella. Antoinette is living the dream, turning her personal passion for all things wine into a career. Growing up in the competitive environment of New York City, Antoinette entered the world of Wall Street as an investment banker with one of the top investment banks in the world. “Wall Street and working for a premier bank has taught me a lot!” explains Antoinette. “As an investment banker, we spend a lot of time entertaining clients. My knowledge of wine and sharing that with my Wall Street clients always gave me an advantage. People love wine. Even the most sophisticated wine lovers need help. That is why I created FineWine007,” this 42-year-old financial wizard turned wine aficionado declared with great enthusiasm.

wine.” Says Antoinette and continues, “however, our virtual wine experiences bring the vineyards of the world to you and your social circle regardless of where you or they are located. It’s virtual, but we provide the wines to actually taste. The wines are delivered to each participant’s home in advance and shared during the virtual session. Everyone wins! Everyone loves it!” explains Antoinette. FineWine007 encourages their clients to ask for assistance for any occasion turning a social event such as a birthday, anniversary, corporate networking event, bridal shower, or any social event into a memorable wine experience. The world of wine is vast. The complexities and subtleties of wine selection, and enjoying a perfect wine is a daunting task. Appreciating the different expressions of grape varietals, the regions from which they are born, the curating of an amazing wine experience is sometimes overwhelming. Antoinette has made this complex process simple and affordable as she continues with sincerity to explore wine. “Wine can elevate so many different aspects of our lives. It is joyful to bring wine enthusiasts together from so many different parts of the world.” So, next time you reach for a beautiful bottle of wine or are presented the wine list at your favorite restaurant or just want to change drinking wine into a memorable experience, remember FineWine007 and its founder Antoinette Cialdella. The “secret agent of wine” is always out there searching the world for that next amazing wine experience.

Despite the demands of an investment banking career, Antoinette accomplished the challenge of attaining her certified Sommelier title by studying evenings and weekends at the International Culinary School’s Intensive Master of Wine Program. “It was a challenge juggling my work schedule and study time, but anything worth having is worth sacrificing for,” says Antoinette. She then went on to study with the Vinitaly International Academy in Verona, Italy, and traveled the world exploring wine vineyards and producers all with one goal in mind, delivering an excellent wine experience for her worldwide clientele. “Most people enjoy vacations at the beach or mountains, I investigate wine.” FineWine007 is the secret agent of wine. The critically acclaimed company prides itself on uncovering excellent wines and creating amazing wine experiences, which includes finding great wines to drink, educating clients on the top wine regions and the many varietals they produce, food pairings, and social tastings. Antoinette pivoted her business at the start of the pandemic to create a virtual vineyard destination as an alternate solution to stay connected with friends, family, clients, colleagues in a fun, uplifting social setting as the pandemic prohibited our customary ways of dining, drinking, traveling and gathering. This virtual experience has allowed individuals to travel the world through their wine glasses without leaving the comfort of their homes. The result is magical. Antoinette brings the magic to life virtually in your home, a restaurant, a corporate event, or any venue a client wants. FineWine007 curates wine experiences in uplifting social settings. “Nothing is better than socializing with

1-888-Wine007 | www.FineWine007.com | @FineWine_007 May 2021




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Nestled along the northern reach of California’s central coast shoreline, near a cliff-edged plain that drops into the turbulent Pacific, sits an idyllic collection of berry brambles in manicured rows behind a washed-out sign warmly declaring “Fresh Made Pies.” When you leave California’s Pacific Coast Highway and pull into the crushed stone driveway, reminiscent of the Napa & Sonoma recreations of Tuscan or Provincial farmsteads, you see a whitewashed farmhouse aged in that wealthy kind of way that one would see in coastal New England. Berry fields on either side caressed by white mist from the Pacific pops with bursting color when the rare ray of sunlight penetrates through. It is in this setting, one that paints a picture for the eyes and a bountiful harvest for the stomach, that Swanton Berry Farm makes itself at home.

between a blackberry and a red raspberry, and named after the river Tay in Scotland - and an olallieberry - cross between the ‘Black Logan’ and the youngberry - provide floral bouquets of flavor featured in their homemade pies and jams. These uncommon berries lend themselves to equally uncommon pies. While the Olallieberry pie was delicious and had the most beautiful striking purple color, the Tayberry pie was the showstopper. A mouthwatering pastry of juicy berries densely packed into a slightly sweet pie that conjures the mature taste of Mulberry and the refreshing tartness of overripe raspberries. The pie’s aroma adds an extra dimension of experience to those fortunate enough to have stumbled above this little slice of heaven.

Swanton Berry Farm in Davenport California is a certified organic, socially-just, union labor co-op venture.

As you may suspect, neither pie made it out of the parking lot. We ate them in the convertible, top-down, staring into the deep blue Pacific - immersed in a multi-sensory experience - sun, mist, ocean, berry brambles, and pie, with slack-jawed smiles on satisfied faces, and a deep appreciation for the little slice of heaven.

Besides their unconventional socially conscious values they also cultivate uncommon varieties of berries. Tayberry - a cross

They are located off of California’s PCH at 25 Swanton Road Davenport CA. http://www.swantonberryfarm.com/

May 2021




very day of the year holds a captivating reason to celebrate at the enchanting Southampton Inn. The idyllic property in the heart of the Hamptons offers yearround relaxing escapes and enchanting vacations. All seasons on the calendar year serve up full availability of elegant accommodations that feature 90 guest suites. Each room uniquely highlights specialized decor, individual temperature control, sparkling tiled bathrooms, refrigerators, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a few specially designated pet-friendly guest rooms. The beautiful grounds consist of several manicured acres of lawns and gardens with fantastic amenities that every guest can fully enjoy. A 50-foot heated outdoor pool, all-weather tennis court, croquet and volleyball spaces, game room for all ages, and Claude's Restaurant offer each guest a variety of opportunities to embrace the ultimate vacation. In addition, there are complimentary bags of Bedside Reading™ books to collect upon arrival


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in the lobby. Enjoy hours of entertaining reading privately in your room or anywhere on the grand property. Located in the heart of historic Southampton Village, just steps from Main Street and Jobs Lane, the Southampton Inn is a special place to enjoy year-round. This tranquil Tudor-style getaway by the shore provides the perfect starting point for a much-needed staycation, an engaging cultural retreat with your significant other, a fitness weekend with your sports club, or an invigorating nature escape with the whole family. Additionally, package offerings found from winter to summer days can help you stylishly celebrate holidays, weddings, and special events. The Inn is in close proximity to legendary beaches, as well as local shops, theaters, art galleries, and historical sites. Restaurants offer their local fare with outside dining, take-out, and socially distanced indoor dining in line with current government protocols. Whether you prefer enjoying the Inn’s many on-site amenities or plan outings arranged through the hotel’s guest services, there is

something special for everyone. And, for a perfect onsite family meal or festive date, Claude’s on the premises is offering its awardwinning breakfast daily from 7:00 am to 10:00 am, and brunch on weekends from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. You can feast in Claude's café and outdoors in their courtyard, or order your food to go to dine in your room or at any of the beautiful sitting areas around the property. Claude’s is also available for intimate dinner parties, corporate events, and micro weddings for groups with fewer than 50 attendees. The housekeeping staff proudly abides by CDC cleaning protocols, and even goes above normal cleaning standards as they use Sterile-Bright™ UVC sanitizing lights for each guest room and restaurant disinfecting. Masks are required indoors in all public areas. Southampton Inn hopes that you will join them for an idyllic getaway any day of the year. Southampton Inn & Claude’s Restaurant 91 Hill Street, Southampton, NY 11968

May 2021



Artist: Gary Kaleda Meditation, 2016 Tokenized as an NFT in 2021. JPG, 3300 px x 2700 px, QR code signature, edition 1 of 1. Available on Rarible, https://rarible.com/gkaleda


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$69 Million. That is the all-time record for the sale of artwork by a living artist, and the third highest sum by anyone. - In this case, anyone is Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple. Auctioned by the storied House of Christie’s on March 11th, beyond the number is the art itself. An NFT or non-fungible token. NFT’s are built on the revolutionary technology that undergirds Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Simply put it attaches a dispersed and permanent transactional record of ownership for a created work. Portion.io CEO Jason Rosenstein spoke with me about the future of the art market and how NFT’s protect artists and provide assurance to collectors.   Portion was one of the first companies in the NFT space, utilizing a unique innovation called the smart contract. Basically, a smart contract attached to a piece of unhackable code is partnered with a piece of art; whether physical or digital. This contract assures the owners, collector, and investor that the art is unique and original. In Rosenstein’s words “assures the authenticity and provenance of the work.”   While it’s easy to get lost in the technical aspects, for tried and true art collectors and investors, Portion.io proprietary technology and companies like it are replacing traditional in-person auction houses. By bringing artists together with collectors, they are seeking to revolutionize the way art is bought and sold.    One of those digital artists is Gary Kaleda who has been involved in creating digital art since the mid 90’s. He described his work thusly “at the most basic level, it expresses the synergy of humanity’s collective relationship to technology.” His arts’ definitional orientation lends itself directly to NFTs.   “NFTs are not only changing the way we create, buy and sell art, but the way we experience it as well. Will NFTs be displayed on monitors, or printed and framed, or turned into 1000 throw pillows, or simply traded without really being looked at? Probably all of these things and more. It’s an amazing time to be an artist because it’s all changing right now.”   Gary is a pioneer in the digital painting world. He sees immense potential in digital art truly having arrived on the world stage with the advent of NTFs. “They are everywhere

right now; some good, some bad, and some really bad. It’s like everyone is throwing anything and everything at the wall to see if it sticks or sells. Thankfully, there is a bit of democracy to the process in that popular work will get attention, but great work can easily get lost in a sea of random options. There are also curated NFT sites, but these have the potential to operate like the gallery system with a select few promoting a select few, but then that may change. The world of NFT art is in the process of discovering and defining itself right now and it’s evolving insanely fast.” His own NFT-based work is specifically designed for this new marketplace as he creates and expands two series. “One series is a selection of abstract digital paintings designed to feel very different from a lot of the character-driven, gameinspired illustrations and gifs currently flooding the NFT space. Paintings like Meditation and Beacon of Benevolence 4 capture more of a quiet, powerful spirituality. I wanted to create something you could really live with and look at on a daily basis. At the same time, some of the character-driven work was so fun and imaginative, I was inspired to create my BRUSHeeZ 3 Series. These are a collection of characters based on digital brushes from image editing software where the actual characteristics of the brush are kind of brought to life.”   All of Gary’s digital paintings, including his NFTs are available, and have a QR code that reveals information about them when scanned. The Brusheez are currently available on Mintable (https://mintable.app/u/gary.kaleda). The NFT platform for Meditation, Beacon of Benevolence 4 and others will be announced on his website soon https://garykaleda. com/nft   For those skeptical or confused by the lingo of this emerging field, NFTs provide an additional way for artists and creators to create and allow collectors and investors to diversify one’s collection and hedge value. That alone means it’s worthy of consideration. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, commoditized art that can be authenticated becomes ever more essential. Blockchain technology has opened that door and the pandemic moved the time horizon up nearly a decade. An industry in its infancy is always an investment opportunity for those willing to see the potential. 

May 2021





my Lynn Schwartzbard is the real deal. A thirtyyear veteran of the design industry, Amy Lynn likes to think big and lead with passion. She believes in always looking forward to “what’s next.” Her latest design endeavor, The Kaleidoscope Project (www. thekaleidoscopeproject.com),  is an enormous undertaking, to foster greater inclusivity within the Interior Design Community.


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The Kaleidoscope Project, TV Talk show host and pioneering social activist Ellen DeGeneres,  and over thirty top design brands including,  The Shade Store, Kravet,  Caesarstone, Design within Reach,  and  Benjamin Moore,  have all joined together, under Amy Lynn’s direction with Co-founder Patti Carpenter, to launch the first in-person designer showhouse of 2021, to celebrate the diversity and talent that exists within the creative interior design industry. It is the

Room design by Purvi Padia ; Photography by Frank Frances

May 2021


Room design by Rhydima Brar; Photography by Frank Frances


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first designer showhouse that will remain in perpetuity and become part of the legacy of the 18th century Cornell Inn, in Lenox, MA. 

(BADG), Parsons School of Design, and the  New York School of Interior Design (NYSID).

“The extraordinary talents of so many designers of color are often not seen and their voices are not heard. We are a creative industry. It’s up to us to bring all of our best talent forward and create an equitable platform for all of our design community. It is my responsibility to create a path for our young talents to join the industry and have the opportunity to succeed.  With this mission,  The Kaleidoscope Project was born,” says Amy Lynn Schwartzbard, Principal of The Life Designs Group (www.TheLifeDesignsGroup.com), LD Hospitality Resources, and co-founder of The Kaleidoscope Project. 

ED by Ellen DeGeneres  (www.edbyellen.com) supported the Kaleidoscope Project with all the  Table Top  for the dining room, by Virginia Toledo. Coffee mugs for all the guest rooms, as well as rugs and bath towels. “With the advent of the Black Lives Matter Movement, we in the design industry community sought to support our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community in an actionable fashion,” shares Patti Carpenter, Principal of carpenter + company  and co-founder of the Kaleidoscope Project. “We are seeking to show the true colors present within our community and to create welcoming and inclusive spaces that reflect a broader design narrative.”   Schwartzbard, Carpenter, along with Liz Nightingale, EVP of marketing, have rallied an entire industry, sponsors and social activists, and educators to help support the mission. “The Kaleidoscope Project’s mission is to foster this under-acknowledged community and create a more representative view of our design trades and the world wherein we live and create,” says Amy Lynn Schwartzbard.

The Kaleidoscope Project has invited 23 leading designers of color to  redesign  the historic Cornell Inn, a 28-guest room property nestled in the heart of the Berkshires in Lenox, Massachusetts. The showhouse will open to the public from May 16- June 6, 2021, with all ticket proceeds going toward creating scholarships for young designers of color interested in pursuing an art or design career. Educational partners include the Black Artists + Designers Guild

May 2021





he pieces of Peruvian born artist Lorena Cairns are an Explosion of ideas of what goes through in her mind transmitted on to her art work . She doesn’t just want people to like her art she wants them to remember it . Finding creativity in anything in her surroundings she uses her imagination all the time . Visualising what materials could be put into place to create art. That’s where the magic begins. According to this artist you can never make a mistake in art because it can always be corrected and made even better than it was before. The ideas that pop into her head are never ending .She feels she’s never finished with a work of art . Lorena uses a self taught technique by incorporating whatever materials it takes to make her caricatures come alive. She incorporates objects, pieces of natural material, fabrics anything to create what she viualises in her mind transcending it into her art work. Using her imagination as her main tool to fuel her creativity into all her art work. It’s important that her art make people stop on their tracts and make them say “WOW”. She only feels she’s a true artist when her work touches people making them forget their Lifes worries by making them laugh and be happy. Born in Peru in 1974 to Richard and Carmen Sanford . She was raised both in Lima Peru and USA . Where her aunt Ada and grandmother Angelica played a great role . From the very young age of three she knew what she was meant to do. Her parents, aunt and grandmother were all very supportive . In 1981 Lorena enrolled in Art Classes run by Ms. Goldstein. When her parents purchased their home in Long Island they made sure there was an art studio surrounded by windows full of light so their


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daughter could paint. Lorena spent many hours and weekends consumed in her art work. She also has a eye for design being able to whip up any costume in seconds . In 1983 she designed and won a custom contest which was published in the News Paper. 1984 through her school she was the only student selected to exhibited her first work of art represented her school. Her collage of an owl was exhibited in The Republic Of China. That same year she was enrolled in the Metropolitan museum of art attending art classes every Saturday in New York City. Accompanied by either parent , aunt or granny. In 1988 through the Metropolitan museum she was admitted to an art camp in Buffalo NY. In 1990 she attended the Prestigious Dwight School in NYC on a full Art scholarship. she attended The Arts Student League in New York City as well. In 1993 after graduating from The Dwight School she was accepted to The Neighbourhood Playhouse in New York City. Where she briefly studied acting. In 1993 She attended Marymount Manhattan College where she majored in Art History. She dabbled in modelling and acting in Peru being accepted to Stock Modelling Agency and being in two Soup Operas in Lima Peru. She also did a Kodak Billboard add as well as hair add in New York. Although having Ample opportunities to have been an actress she opted for her passion in pursuing her art. She is happily and proudly married to Mr. Roger Cairns with two daughters and two step daughters her dogs and rabbits. Sarah and Carmen are very creative and enjoy learning and doing art with their mom. Mr. Cairns owns many of the finest nursing homes in the UK. where he proudly displays his wife’s art work.

May 2021



Edwina Lucas

Edwina Lucas lives and works in Sag Harbor, New York. She has exhibited her work in galleries and museums on the East End of Long Island. Her current body of work is a series of large scale florals. Lucas makes an effort to work from life and in natural light. edwinalucasartwork@gmail.com www.edwinalucas.com 88

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Maryann Lucas

Maryann Lucas lives and works in Sag Harbor, New York, where she enjoys year-round inspiration from nature. Lucas works exclusively in oils and her colorful and realistic oil paintings celebrate the bounty of eastern Long Island. mamoosss@aol.com www.maryannlucas.com May 2021



Jose Trujillo


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May 2021


A PLACE EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER SHOULD GO By Elizabeth Darwen, Photo credit Ann Lawlor Since the pandemic started in 2020 people are now thinking of where their first trip will be out of lockdown. We sat down with New York photographer Ann Lawlor about the one destination that everyone should visit. “There is something magical about Africa. The animal kingdom is a sight to behold. Safari photography gives you a different perspective on the world and people. It lets you see the magic of nature.” The Maasai Mara National Reserve is an area of preserved savannah wilderness in southwestern Kenya, along the Tanzanian border. Its animals include lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras and hippos. Wildebeest traverse its plains during their annual migration. The landscape has grassy plains and rolling hills, and is crossed by the Mara and Talek rivers. annlawlor.com


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n Lawlor

York ebrity awlor Oliver art.

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stner, Tim usch, arker, arter, Keith chael Davis,

FROM CAMERA TO CANVAS By Lillian Langtry Photo credit Ann Lawlor Sheltering at home in New York during the pandemic, celebrity photographer Ann Lawlor collaborated with artist Oliver Corwin turning her photographs into art. “It was always something I wanted to do, but never had the time.” Ann is sharing a sneak peek of some of the photographs she plans to show in an upcoming exhibition this fall. Celebrity photos include: Kevin Costner, Tilda Swinton, Tony Bennett, Tim Robbins, Martin Scorsese, Jim Jarmusch, Farrah Fawcett, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kanye West, Helena Bonham Carter, Kim Kardashian, Sean Combs, Keith Richards, Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Stipe, Helena Christensen, Viola Davis, and Sting annlawlor.com

May 2021



Editor’s note: Metropolitan is always looking to spotlight the best of New York City. Sometimes that means addressing problems too. A lifelong New Yorker, dear friend and small business owner recently brought to my attention the growing problem of graffiti and urban blight and it’s negative impact on New York City. Our intrepid political reporter Jadan Horyn offers his expert insight on the issue.


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When is art not art? That question vexes many a critic and commoner alike. Often it’s said when art is offensive it crosses a line from art to obscenity yet most would say art can offend. But what if art transgresses another boundary from offensive to injury? When art is used to deface, vandalize, and injure another could this transform it from art to something else entirely? The answer is no and yes. Discerning the difference is a morals and values test and one that becomes self-evident. Graffiti falls into this category. Graffiti as protest art has a long and storied history, perhaps most famously as a defacement to The Berlin Wall. That permanent symbol of Soviet brutality and inhumanity was defaced hundreds of times daily. Today, its shattered pieces are scattered among the globe’s museums forever immortalizing both the wall itself, but also those that expressed their silenced opposition to tyranny.  Yet Graffiti is also used to deface the property of others as a signal. This type of graffiti has seen a resurgence in New York City. It is not the pop-up art of Banksy but the spontaneous visual outlet of a population detained to their homes, a city that has turned a blind eye to quality of life crimes, and a police force that has adjusted priorities. The result is the defacement of thousands of properties.  And it is defacement, this isn’t art that contributes to the property owners and tenants of the buildings tagged. It’s often offensive, done on existing signage, over windows impeding sunlight to a sun-starved populace, and requires cleanup to return property to former use. The NYPD reported upwards of 6,000 taggings in 2020 and the pace is continuing in 2021. Especially hard hit are restaurants, already limping under the strain of economic hardships due to covid restrictions, for many of them, the Graffiti is the straw breaking the camel’s back.

With clean-up costs running into thousands of dollars, they have to choose between rehiring staff thrown out of work, or cleaning up their business so people return to patronize them. Art may take many forms and serve many purposes, but when it is literally taking food out of the mouths of hurting humans, it isn’t art, it’s something else. Meanwhile, city hall action has been nearly nonexistent. Mayor de Blasio, perennially unconcerned with any business interests, refuses to see the human toll that shuttered and violated businesses cause. It is his leadership that has

enabled a proliferation of property vandalism and that is why the NYPD, the only functioning organ of NYC government, is stepping up with a new campaign to marshal the resources of the community to clean up the defacements and impose targeted enforcement of defacement and vandalism laws. This widespread community effort called Graffiti Clean-Up aims to use citizengenerated feedback to report new tagging and NYPD databases to highlight graffiti hotspots for cleanup. Street art has its purpose in an urban metropolis as vast as NYC. That purpose cannot be to injure others.

May 2021


IF YOU HAVEN’T, YOU SHOULD By Margaret Bastick Luce

Each issue I want to bring to you experiences both bold and benign, luxe and leisure, for long-time residents and transplants alike. The Hamptons have much to offer, and I want to be your personal guide. Follow me as we begin this journey together because if you haven’t, you should... Active

I can’t help but feel I’ve stepped into a A Merchant Ivory film when I see the Kelpie at full sail. Named for the loch dwelling transmogrifying water deity of Scotland, the yacht of a sailboat sitting in picturesque Sag Harbor, if glamour is your aphrodisiac then this 78 foot traditional gaff-rigged schooner built in 1928 will transport you to a sea sprayed heaven. You can cruise the harbor for two hours or opt for longer and venture out into Long Island Sound as you luxuriate in the serenity of the sails. A divine and otherworldly experience awaits you when you mention me #Margaretlucetip - enjoy! Contact Shannon at YachtKelpie.com



Before departing for the Hamptons, that 2+ hour journey that makes many a person dour, jump downtown to 45 Grand Street and see Karen at Sia she has a way of removing all angst from your face in 60 minutes.... jumpstart the unwinding process in advance and leave calm cool collected with dewy radiant skin. Telephone 347-247-6381 My favorite colorist Lauren is at Eddie Plishti salon in Manhattan. I have known this beauty and new mommy for over 20 years! She gives me my sun kissed highlights and a gloss that the city nor the summer sun can mess with. FYI, I hear Eddie’s cuts are great too, will try this summer :) I am quick to say yes to a night out when I am blow-dry ready. Lauren the colorist is at Eddie Plishti Salon Manhattan and Hamptons 212-7373388 https://www.eddieplishti.com/

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Restore, refresh, and renew at Float in Watermill, NY, an immersive salt bath experience. My trick is to unwind in the Infrared sauna first and then head to the private salt float. I listen to Pink Floyd and beam out, afterwards I shower away all worries in my private suite. Float is a relaxed environment where I literally float out of there. Treat yourself, you will thank you and me. Hamptonsfloat.com

Daily Affirmation If a name keeps coming to mind, call that person! Believe in telepathy, it’s powerful as are you! Margaret Bastick Luce IG @margaretbastickluce Use #margaretlucetip

May 2021





iv Hanna has got a lot to say. After telling Liv that her voice reminds me a bit of Nelly Furtado who I once interviewed for CNN Showbiz Today for her breakout song “Like a Bird,” Liv was off and flying, revealing among other things that she loves Nelly Furtado and was listening to one of her songs earlier today. As a former longtime entertainment producer for CNN, I’ve been lucky enough to interview a “who’s who” of female singers from Madonna, JLO, and Mariah to Whitney, Beyonce, Bjork, and beyond over the years. Even a young “Oops, I Did it Again!,” Britney, who burned with ambition and dreams of fame. And I’ll tell you, Liv Hanna impressed me.   A quick chat with this super-talented singer-songwriter revealed that she has a really good head on her shoulders to match her angelic voice.   Liv credits her family with guiding her on the right path and protecting her. Intelligent, self-aware, and hardworking, Liv Hanna she has a creative team she adores and soulful songs that are born from personal relationships and self-reflection. Liv loves 70’s fashion and candles is not dating during the pandemic and has written a song called Bedroom to provide solace for young people who have negatively impacted by Covid. A staunch advocate for mental health, Liv meditates and writes songs and does all the normal stuff a soon-to-be college freshman at U of Miami would do. Liv thought that Harry Styles was a scream at the Grammys. And like a young Britney who once told me about how super excited she was to have an acting cameo on, Dawson’s Creek, Liv Hanna also wants to act and sing-- and do it all.     Q: So you have two songs that are ready to drop in Bedroom and Self-Made? A: Yes, they are different than anything I’ve done before. In the past, I was mainly pop and I was only 14 or 15 when I was writing the songs that I’ve been releasing lately and these are the two songs that I’ve written most recently and they are just more my vibe. They are kind of Indie Bedroom Pop like R&B Soul Indie instead of regular mainstream pop and I’m really excited for them to come out they are just edgy you know and one of them has a bit of rap in it and I’m really excited for everyone to hear that. Q: How important is it for today’s musical performers to understand their niche or musical categories? A: I think it is a little bit of both because when you put a song on Spotify there is a whole process to uploading it and you have to select the genre and subgenre and you really have to categorize your song. (laugh) and it is very difficult for me to do that because I like to believe I’m a little bit of everything and I don’t really like to categorize myself as an artist because all the music I listen to and get inspiration from come from R&B, come from Soul, from pop even, rap, indie, bedroom pop you know all of it. I usually put indie and R&B when I upload my songs but you have to understand it to kind of label it. Q:  Who else is in your musical niche? A: my niche is a lot of genres so here is a list for you of musicians that inspire me... Fleetwood Mac, I love Stevie Nicks. I listen to their album Rumors every day... Amy Winehouse, a little bit of Billie Eilish, Tyler the Creator, Rex Orange County, Frank Ocean, some Kanye West are my favorites. I love that vibe, Daniel Caesar, and a little bit of Quaro. so it’s just indie R&B and then ‘70s is my favorite genre in general. I listen to 70’s music every day any artist any day I love 70’s music. Elton John, Billy Joel I have a whole 70’s playlist, and the 40’s, The ‘50s, and 60’s too.


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Q: Did your dad being a musician impact your musical tastes?  A:  He goes through phases where he listens to different genres and when I was younger it was always 80’s and rock and he’d playing AC/DC and I would sing Back in Black and Highway to Hell “ when I was little and then he went from the ‘80s and rock and started listening to just jazz months on end...I also learned about jazz in my choir that I did outside of school for a few years so I’m really open to all music. Choir music, classical music, and my voice lessons and my mom was in choir when she was little so we would sing Hallelujah and Gloria and all the classics. I’m open to everything! I think Glee Club is always cool. Q: Anything else that you are interested in besides music? A: I actually started acting. When I was 7 I got a call back for Matilda on Broadway. It was me and about three or four other girls for Matilda and then told me no-because I was too tall (laugh). Q: What inspires your songs? A: Two things. Experience and I  write from a personal point of view. Billie Eilish wrote a song called Bad Guy but that was never her. She never lived that, she was just creating scenarios but for me, I like my songs to be very personal and they come from experiences that I’ve gone through. Bedroom talks about the isolation that my generation is experiencing with Covid and how things in our lives have changed so drastically.   Everyone is quarantining and wearing masks and for high school students their whole lives have changed and we can’t control what’s going on and we’re kind of stuck and that is kind of what that song is representing. Q: Are you shooting music videos for your songs? A: We are able to shoot music videos. The people involved with the music videos I see on a daily basis and we are taking the correct precautions. The director is actually my cousin. He is a cinematographer and he films the videos and my manager is onsite too it’s just three people. So we are able to shoot music videos but that’s not the priority as long as the music is on Spotify or Apple music that way people can stream it and hear the message that’s the most important thing because the video is just a nice embellishment a cool visual to get the message across but as long as people can hear the song that’s all that really matters to me. Q: What is the message of New You? A:  That’s about coming into your own and letting certain people go. One of my goals for 2021 is just to work on myself and my mental health is my priority so I journal and I meditate and I don’t really keep in contact with some of the friends that I had in high school because some became toxic friendships and we weren’t supporting and encouraging each other so once I’ve started to surround myself in a more positive environment and worked on myself and my music and my craft I kind of began to flourish more and I’ve just studied the business and worked on my music and being alone and immersed in my craft just helped me appreciate it more learn more about it and being in the studio more with our team has just helped me so much.

May 2021





odd Fredericks was born in New York City  where he developed a love for music early on in life. Not surprisingly since his parents were both active in the music  business  in the 50’s/60’s. His father was a well known radio DJ in the NY area spinning tunes on his “Night Train” show, and his mother managed rock bands such as The Bell Notes who had the 1959 hit “I’ve Had It”.

TF: I wrote “Lonely & Blue” while I was sitting in my living room looking out the window wondering where my life has been going and where and how do I fit in. It’s not a sad song but a song about selfhonesty and that it’s okay not to be “on” or on top of the world. The clouds will be gray and the sun does disappear but we are all here together. Hopefully, we will all be okay “if not for you/us”. I tried to keep my singing honest and vulnerable. Here I am.

Todd picked up  his first guitar  when he was at NYU  and started to compose, play, and sing his own songs. He played in various local bands such as String, The Nigels, and worked on many music and acting projects on and off over the years.

SC: How would you describe your sound? TF: My “sound” is really about my love of many different types of music. I’ve been in a 50’s/60’s music kick recently. I love the angst and immediacy of the songs and all the wonderful backing vocals. My Dad explained to me years ago some of the history of early rock/R&B backing vocals. It was to create a poor man’s symphony. For example, the kids who used to sing Doo-wop on the street corners came up with all these vocal sounds because they couldn’t afford to hire an orchestra or didn’t own a guitar or who could afford a trumpet? They wanted that “full sound” so they created it themselves. That notion excited me when working on some of my new stuff. I also really think of recording songs like a painting. First there’s the sketch and then what layers can I add? What can I do with my voice or can I create some interesting textures with a particular sound.

Fast forward to 2020. While music has always been an integral part of Todd’s life,  while living in the Netherlands,  the  lock-downs  during the COVID pandemic opened a new path for him to create music again. He kept to some strict creative considerations such as that all work on each song can last no more than two weeks from either writing new material or modifying a few old favorites to the final mix. Each song should be between 3-4 minutes, and no longer. And for fun shoot a music video for each one using interesting locations throughout the Netherlands, and other places in Europe. Last very strict and unmoveable consideration. Have fun! This worked out very well for Todd. Since April 2020 to the end of the year, he has recorded 10 new songs. Each one telling its own story and sharing emotions without boundaries or limitations. Stay tuned there are a lot more songs to come. SC: Who are your musical influences? TF: I grew up listening to a wide range of music from The Beatles, Nilsson, Sondheim, Sinatra, Ella, with many jazz greats sprinkled in, classical music, and endless film scores. Many of these influences opened my ears to song structure, melodies, and also that it’s okay to bend and break rules. There is no correct way to do anything. Most of the brilliant songwriters/ musicians out there cannot even read a note of sheet music. There’s a great John Lennon observation he made about himself in an interview. He said he considered himself an artist and not a “musician”. He said he may not know how to play tuba but give him a tuba and he will create a “sound” with it. A cool sound you will remember. I consider an attitude like that a wonderful form of artistic freedom. Do whatever the heck you want to do. The music is you! SC: What’s the story behind your music video a lonely and blue?

SC: How has covid impacted the music business? TF: I think Covid has hurt the music business in terms of concerts, local music festivals, and the power of audiences getting together. But on the other hand, a new door of creativity has opened up like an explosion with more self imposed projects like I’ve been working on, and very solid online collaborations. So much amazing creativity happening. Lots of innovation. For example, a good friend of mine living on the other side of the world was able to contribute a ukulele, and a few other instruments on some of the songs. We did this thanks to the internet, a few recording techniques, and a “we can do this” attitude. The experience was amazing. No matter what’s happening in the world there are so many ways to get your voice, creativity, and point of view out there! Just keep doing it.   SC: Future plans? TF: I just moved back to the New York City area after living in Europe for the last several years. I’m very looking forward to continuing working on my music, releasing some more tunes, and jamming with some old and new friends. I also cannot wait to get a slice of some great NY pizza! Let’s not even talk about the bagels!

https://open.spotify.com/artist/2JyKkoa16HTiuxwTlbBO6T https://music.apple.com/us/artist/todd-fredericks/1564662711 https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Todd+Fredericks&i=digital-music&search-type=ss&ref=ntt_srch_drd_B093KBXY5N https://www.youtube.com/user/fredericksny/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHzFnhx8oYMFnb03wsgkHkw 100

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rare glimpse into the world of musician and songwriter Katie Rush, whose inspirational music has impacted a new generation of activism, call to action, collaboration and new-found unified musical creativity among her community during COVID19 pandemic. What inspires you? Spirituality holds a big place in my life, and that has inspired me, as have different aspects of love, friendship, and spacetime, which best explains how the universe works.    In the case of  World Leader, I was inspired to write by current events, but especially by the environment and global warming, which I believe are issues that need to be faced immediately. Can you tell us about your career in music, and what advice you would provide to your younger self?   I always sang, but I didn’t start making music until about seven years ago when I met my former collaborators Zak Mering and  Sam Mehran.    They taught me songwriting and produced for me.  Before then, I had been a major music fanatic, going to a ton of underground shows in NYC, but hadn’t believed in myself as an artist.  Zak and Sam really showed me that I could make music. When Sam moved to LA, I continued to work with him on periodic visits to make my second and upcoming third album.    Sam passed away in 2018, and it’s been difficult to get the third album finished but I’m proud to have released  World Leader, the first single off of it, right in time for the US Presidential election.  The advice I would give to my younger self would definitely be “don’t be afraid to ask people to collaborate, and learn how to play an instrument because you deserve to know that you can actually really write! You mentioned that music sends a message and can evoke activism...etc etc, can you tell us a little about your inspiration for World Leader? I started thinking about writing World Leader when Trump was elected President four years ago. As someone who cares deeply about the environment, I’ve become horrified at his indifference to both the planet and to all of us living here.  His extreme

narcissism, outrageous behavior and hollow beliefs pushed me to release my song in an effort to both express myself and to spur on voting.   When did you first start singing and who is your musical inspiration? I first started singing as a little girl, pretending to be Cosette and Eponine from Les Miserables. Musical theater was my musical world back then, which translated into a love of the very theatrical David Bowie and Lady Gaga as I got older.    My tastes evolved into more lofi pop as I started going to shows, but the thing that will always get me no matter what style of music I’m enjoying is a dramatic and catchy pop hook.    Interestingly, my late collaborator Sam’s solo act as Outer Limits Recordings is my all-time favorite music, blending all the factors I love most: irresistible catchiness, lofi recording, and a thrilling dramatic flare. Do you write your own music? I do write my own music.    And while melody and lyrics are my strong suit, I’ve been able to work with great collaborators, like Sam and Zak. They’ve helped    me take songs like  Stage Life and  Disappear  to completely new and elevated levels.       Speaking to a year of many changes, how do you think the music industry can improve in this time of COVID19? I’m really glad you’re asking about this. As much as I love making music, the business of music can be really difficult. And right now in the pandemic, the few artists who were actually able to make a living off touring are of course not able to do so.  I think the music industry could do a much better job of boosting independent, talented artists who may not have the perfect marketing package, but I frankly don’t see anyone trying to do anything like that. I come from DIY music culture, and since I’m not seeing it being done, I’m doing it myself.

it easy for fans to find musical gems among all the noise - beyond what’s already popular. From there, I’d like to organize my own super interactive concert livestreams featuring other artists.   What are your future goals and hopes for 2021?  I plan to release my third album with Sam, “Out of a Dream” LP, and launch Wavculture, the concert livestream directory I mentioned.  I’m also working on and hoping that Sam’s final solo album will be properly released. One of the things that really hurt Sam before he passed was the difficulty in making a living off of music despite his incredible gift; because of this, I will always fight for the musical cream to rise to the top in a sustainable way for artists in 2021 and beyond.

Quickfire Tips: Website: https://www.katierush.com YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/ Instagram: Rachel Vancelette @rvancelette Website: www.vanglobalart.com watch?v=V3lO1tWaV9c&feature=youtu.be

I’m in the process of building a platform called Wavculture  that will address what    is most immediately needed during the pandemic; a simple directory of livestreamed concerts organized by date and genre.  Wavculture will help independent musicians like me get their music heard, and make

May 2021


Remembering Barbara Rose

THE EYE OF AN ART CRITIC by Rachel Vancelette

In Memoriam: Barbara Rose (1936-2020), an influential art historian and critic influenced generations with championing avant-garde 20th century art. The one-on-one interview of Ms. Rose took place with Rachel Vancelette, Art, Culture & Fashion Editor At Large in June 2019 in New York City. This personal insider interview with Ms. Rose is noted as one of the last personal interviews she offered to the public discussing her life, influences and her important impact on generations of contemporary artists, curators, art historians and art collections. 102

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rt Critic and Historian Barbara Rose began writing art criticism in the 1960s, where she mingled in the New York art scene with greats such as Richard Tuttle, Andy Warhol, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Al Held, Lee Krasner, Beverly Pepper, Claes  Oldenberg and Frank Stella  to name few. A former contributing editor to Art In America from 1965 to 1971, Rose’s critical writings have made a profound impact on generations of art aficionados. Publications such as ArtForum, New York Magazine, Vogue, Partisan Review and multiple international periodicals and newspapers globally have memorialized, archived and republished many of her writings recently. Rose is currently focused on finishing her memoirs with many followers and fans anticipating the release.    She wrote her first contemporary art book, America since 1900, A Critical History, which was distributed and used by colleges nationwide. Rose’s keen eye and great foresight to dive into new concepts over the decades in contemporary art put her at the forefront of experiments dealing with art and technology back in 1972, before the age of the internet. Her first love is to continue to dedicate her work towards curating exhibitions, executing  catalogues  and essays for her close artists’ friends. During her long career, she has curated countless exhibitions, essays and films earning her distinguished awards such as the prestigious College Art Association Award plus many more.  Rose made the decision  recently to donate many of her papers to the Getty, a selection of research on post-war and contemporary American artists from 1960-1985. This selection includes sound recordings and personal interviews with artists conducted over coffees, during studio visits and from meetings with some of the most famous artists to date.     Rose’s critical voice has impacted generations of artists, critics, and curators with writings which are known as both polarizing and innovative, controversial and revered. She executes her writing daily with a powerful voice and self-driven spirit. With her unique eye, Rose forges ahead to always find a new path which will push the art conversation forward. Dedicated to tackling the rarified art world with personal force, Rose’s interviews  capture rare insider views from her platform as an art critic, historian and curator. Continuing to always surround herself with trusted artist friends, she weaves the story-telling and history of those who have been around her into deeply insightful and concrete art history for generations to explore. Sitting with this repository of art knowledge provides one with a rare window into the world of Barbara Rose sharing her immediate thoughts on life, art and more. 

Has art always been an influence in your life? No. I never saw a painting before i was twelve years old and went to the museums in dc alone. Then i spent the whole time in them. What did you want to be when you were a child? A concert pianist like my mother’s cousins or betty grable. I was a very good tap dancer.   Has your personal taste changed over the years? No   Do you live with art in your home or daily life?  Yes                                         How often do you visit art studios? A few times a week usually. Most of my friends are artists.   How do you feel about the art galleries of today?  90 Percent cheap recycled trash. 10 Percent quality that will last   Did you ever collect art personally?  Yes, always. Mainly presents from friends. I can’t afford to buy.   What do you think about collecting art today, ie art collections/art collectors/etc. Not worth looking at for the most part. Trivial toys, games, jokes, sensations. Fine for those who are satisfied with these experiences.   Do you think connoisseurship lives on today?  I have a handful of old friends who are connoisseurs and have collected all their lives.   They buy, don’t sell. Good artists collect, usually friends’ work. Connoisseurship takes years of reading and especially looking and comparative judgment. You dont acquire it overnight or from your “art consultant”. It requires sensitivity and training. Artists have the best eyes.   Who and what has been your greatest inspiration? My teachers, especially meyer schapiro, my friends and of course the artworks themselves. Both 1 and 2 are meyer schapiro also john cage. I dedicated my first book to them. They were the biggest influences on my life   What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind for future generations?  To help them see the complexity and learn about the historical context of an art work.   How important is the artist to the curatorial relationship?  Not at all. The artist makes, the curator chooses. Good curators have artist friends and spend all their time in museums and studios, reading, not going to dinners and cocktail parties. 

What writers have influenced you over the years? In terms of art history panaofsky, of course schapiro, william rubin, julius held, leroi ladurie, braudel,  merleau-ponty, foucault, wittgenstein, benjamin not necessarily in that order. And of course there are many more, mainly german, the frankfurt school.    What do you think future generations will remember about the art of today in 2019? The masters will still be there of all periods. The rest will turn to dust as they are tired, which will be fast since all today is speed or pure materialism.  Art is for those who contemplate, concentrate, absorb, consider, evaluate, and need the experiences. It is not sensation, diversion, fashion, or pop goes the weasel. We live in an infantile, materialistic culture in which little lasts and little means anything true or beautiful.The ugly becomes beautiful if it transcends the mundane.     It will be interesting to see how long it takeswarhol to get boring. Then what is interesting about his work will emerge. He is not a zero although what came in his wake is ephemeral sensation.    What collectors or collections do you think are making an impact in today’s world? Impact on the world today doesn’t mean an impact on the world tomorrow. Private collectors now fund their own tax-deductible museums which are generally lousy outside of the frick collection, the philadelphia museum, the jewish museum, dis and the menil collection. I think european museums, especially in paris and london are better, more rigorous and quality oriented. I like the dali museum in st. Petersburg, florida as well.   You taught for many years, what is your favorite part of the process of teaching a younger generation?  Seeing my students make a difference with their own work. I’m especially proud of linda shearer, lyn gamwell, martin puryear, lois land, jacqueline serwer, jim turrell, jacqueline weld drake, but there are many others who have made important contributions.    What artist that is no longer around would you wish to sit down with again today and continue a conversation with?  I’d just like to keep talking to bob rauschenberg.    Is there anyone you wish you still could meet? Mme.De stael     The age old question - if you could choose one person for dinner who would it be?  Avigdor arikha May 2021





reaming big takes motivation, perseverance and capital. If you own a business, you know that finding others who are willing to buy into a dream and share their resources to grow your business beyond the initial start-up costs can be a challenge. If you’ve ever watched the reality TV show, Shark Tank, you might relate to those small business owners desperately competing for that elusive infusion from complete strangers with the money to make a difference. The drama becomes all too real when the success of your big idea is on the line. Let’s say you are one of those kind strangers with money to invest and you want to find a growing industry but you have questions. Deciding where to invest takes trust. Knowing who to trust takes time, research, and relationship-building. Does the company have the capacity to grow if I invest in it? What kind of return can I expect? How soon? What’s the risk?  Fortunately for the rest of us, Brett Hickey, CEO and founder of Star Mountain Capital, LLC, created a safe haven for this purpose, to strip away some of the mystery and provide the research and relationships that give reassurance to potential investors and financial hope to growing businesses. Adding to the complexities of already delicate relationships, Hickey navigates tough questions from nervous investors during a global pandemic.       With the world still upside down with the Pandemic, we asked  Brett Hickey, CEO and founder of Star Mountain Capital, LLC, how to invest wisely in such an unprecedented time?   “It is important to have deep industry expertise and a strong network of private business owner relationships in order to find companies who continue to grow and thrive in the current market


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environment. For example, technology and healthcare along with certain logistics businesses can have strong growth trends. Star Mountain’s Collaborative Ecosystem ® which includes over 500 aligned investors, over 40 full-time people and an additional 30+ operating partners helps provide us with differentiated capabilities allowing us to be a preferred partner to established private business owners looking for strategic debt and equity capital.”   Hickey says he sees a number of trends developing in these uncertain times, “the current market reminds me of the late 90’s when there was a lot of change in the way people consumed products and did business. This will likely result in a lot of volatility with many people making and many people losing money. It is rare to systematically be correct investing in fads or businesses that lack attractive fundamental valuations. Sectors Star Mountain Capital invests in, such as telehealth and technology-driven advertising platforms, continue to perform well and can provide attractive value if one can find the right businesses at fair valuations.”   Hickey has some advice to offer investors who are feeling nervous during the Pandemic. “Keep a diversified portfolio including finding assets that have low correlations (beta) to each other given the only thing that is certain about the future is uncertainty. It is “OK” to miss some good deals if you ideally also miss the bad ones. Work with experts and specialized investment teams who have a deep understanding and economic alignment of interest with you and a strong correlation in how they and you are investing.” website:  Star Mountain Capital - Lower MiddleMarket Focused Asset Management




he Hamptons real estate market is unlike any other. 25A Magazine recently sat down with Andrew  Ragusa, CEO/ Broker of REMI Realty (remiagency.com) on Long Island  to ask him his advice on  selling a luxury home in the Hamptons and other real estate trends in the area.    Ragusa is a Licensed Real Estate Broker, Sellers Representative Specialist, Accredited Buyer Representative, & Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Specialist. He is a highly regarded media expert on real estate issues. Here are a few of  Ragusa’s  expert tips on selling your luxury home in the Hamptons: “When you are selling to a customer that has no issues with money and price limitations, the goal of the sales professional is to evoke emotion and the presentation of the home will be the center focus of a successful sale. Buyers need to be able to walk through a property and picture themselves enjoying the space. They need to see themselves living the lifestyle they are looking for and envision

their children in the school district. The buyer will need to feel like the property is “home” and see how they can have their family live happily with them. The goal is to trigger an emotional reaction and make them fall in love with the home and that all falls down to the presentation,” says Ragusa.

resources while they rent. There is a lower cost to live with rentals since no renovations are done by the tenant, no mortgage interest is accrued, and no wear and tear maintenance is performed by the tenant. A flat fee for living with amenities is going to be the next big thing.”

As for some other real estate trends, Ragusa sees happening in the Hamptons housing market for the next few years, the broker points to the rental market.    “I think Condos and luxury rentals are going to be the next in-demand  real estate products. Buyers are starting to be more service-oriented and the maintenance that comes with homeownership is not for everyone. Luxury rentals  which include amenities and services will be a big hit soon. Rentals are positioned to boom over the next 5 years as prices keep  going up and the consumer looks for convenience more than they value longterm investing. People can take the money they would use for a down payment and to maintain a property and invest it into other wealth-building

Website: https://remiagency.com/

May 2021





n White Smoke, the critically-acclaimed second novel by Itamar S.N, the character  Yonatan Green is a bisexual intellectual playboy, who will do anything to provoke his right-wing father, Israel’s Prime Minister, who always puts the country before his family. However, Yonatan finds himself proud of him for the first time with the creation of Isratine – a democratic union of Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the small area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. When Yonatan meets Meir, a shy High-Tech entrepreneur, he falls in love for the first time, and the couple decides to get married. The family grows when fate brings Amal into their lives - a Palestinian girl, who is the victim of a family honor acid attack. Their “perfect” love story grows alongside the new state, however, the euphoria of peace and unification is fading, while both Jewish and Arab anti-liberal forces feel strong enough to join hands, putting the democratic heritage in jeopardy and threatening the life of the family. As smoke spreads over the country, the Prime Minister must acknowledge his mistakes and rethink the ambitious dream of Isratine. Will hope overcome primal fears and hatred? Itamar S.N recently spoke with us about his controversial yet beautifully written book. “The heroine, muse, my deus ex machina, Amal, a young Palestinian woman with secret college dreams, is cloistered in a conservative, patriarchal community. Her brother throws acid on her face, for merely suspecting that she dishonored the family by sleeping with Jews. Her saviors, unexpectedly, are a powerful, gay married couple. It makes Amal


question everything she knows. White Smoke was born to undermine the traditional “right and left” conception. The ultra-right prime minister, the father of our gay married hero Yonatan, brings an out-of-the-box solution to the negotiating table, and then, with the Palestinian president, unites Israel and the Palestinian Authority to one liberal democracy: Isratine. Ultra-left Yonatan, who can’t believe what his father is doing, asks if he is dreaming, but actually, it’s not a fantasy, not Yonatan’s, not anyone’s. It’s actually, as weird as it might sound, the almost shared dream of both the extreme left and right here, creating the perfect circle. Only a real face-to-face relationship among the different tribes of any heterogenic country might cure the demonization of any single tribe. Does the reconciliation between the two nations enable gender liberation?   Hell Yes!! Can a society that suppresses its citizens continue the oppression under a democratic regime in the name of Multiculturalism? Hell, No!!”-Itamar S.N, Author, White Smoke  About the author: Itamar S.N is an Israeli writer and musician who has been having a 20-year love affair with the restaurant business of sunny Tel Aviv. In his literary writing, he combines his education and interest in the history and politics of the Middle East (human rights in particular). He owns two cats and one big window with an ocean view for inspiration. In his spare time, he volunteers with the LGBTQ movement and as a writer for an Israeli Parliament Member. His debut novel, Niv, was published by the UK publisher Wilkinson House. White Smoke is his second novel. Available now on Amazon

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“In our house of cards, everything is well known. Yonatan is the one card that cannot be touched. Remove it and everything will collapse.”White Smoke




acrilegious. Irreverent. Shocking. All apt superlatives for John Matthew Gillen’s debut episodic novel: American Blasphemer. Part narrative, part collection of short stories, part memoir, part fiction the book follows the life of a twenty-something lovesick heretic; a young man deeply wounded by life, liars, and lost love, who is bold enough to confront the absolute authentic insanity that everyday existence throws at him. Deeply human and totally absurd, the reader confronts accounts of mundanity that Mr. Gillen invariably paints in vivid colors with deep descriptors that hover on the edge of believability. In Manslaughter at Fight Club, Mr. Gillen is knocked out cold on the dance floor after dancing on another man’s woman. As he comes to, a man offers to assist him with ice and invites him to a place where he can let out the desire for revenge. He went. “At 2:00am I was standing on the corner of Fortieth and Park. Hi Bob I said” - a direct connection to Fight Club - “You ready? He asked. I am Jack’s raging bile duct. He smiled and took a blanket out of his backpack. Take this and sit up there. They won’t know you’re here. Just watch for tonight. “By 3:00am there were eight of them. Eight anonymous men in a little circle outside of a Park Avenue office building at 3:00am in the dead of winter. There was something low about them. Stooped shoulders. Eyes on the street. Slow feet. Desperate losers with impotent rage. They all had their reasons for being there and most of the reasons were obvious.” -

What followed was a tirade of verbal vitriol delivered to each man. They demeaned and castigated each other. This accelerated until one man said something that hit an unknown and hidden hurt. That man lashed out and slashed the other man with something else he had hidden - a knife. “I was still shivering on the steps outside the Kalikow building as the sun came up Sunday morning. Staring at the blood. Counting scars. I never went back to Fight Club. But I still have the blanket.” It is these small narratives, with their disarming non-linear story resolutions, and abrupt endings that make American Blasphemer an unstoppable read. In story after story, witty rejoinders or lack of conclusion leaves the reader stunned either laughing to themselves or shocked and deep in thought. Mr. Gillen has woven a tapestry of 2020’s twenty-something male angst. The novel is raw and powerful. It is a must-read for those seeking a literary shock-jock tour de force coupled with deep spiritual hunger and lost love. American Blasphemer will offend but great literature ought to challenge us with authentic reflections of our own experiences. This is not just another novel, and it is not meant to be, but for those who have earned their place in the home of the brave, Blasphemer throws down the literary gauntlet. You can purchase American Blasphemer on Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/ American-Blasphemer-John-Matthew-Gillen/ dp/1951937120

May 2021


DOMENIC MELILLO A MAJOR LEAGUE LOVE By Adam Kluger What is A Major League Love about? This is my first love story. It is about the search for love and how we can be convinced by others that our own vision of what love should be is somehow wrong or misguided. It is about trusting that vision, walking the path to where it leads and then having the courage to trust another person with that vision even when that other person might not fit with other people’s concept of what is right for us. What got you interested in baseball and how is this book different from other books on the subject? My father who loved baseball, had me swinging a bat when I was 3 years old. I played baseball continually, Little League, High School, College, Summer Leagues and Senior leagues until I was about 35. So, I have a lifelong love of the game. This is not a book about baseball, it is not a book about poetry. It is first and foremost a love story. Not a romance novel, a love story. But that love story is built upon and reinforced by the love for the game and the love of poetry. For Luca in the story, one cannot be separated from the other. They are all intertwined. I don’t believe that any other book has ever combined these three things in this way. I think that is a key part about what makes this book unique


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I’ve always thought there was a Zen-like quality that comes from watching a live baseball game, but you liken it to poetry -please explain You are not wrong Adam, there is a peacefulness and gracefulness that the game and the environment exudes, especially as you descend the scale from Major Leagues down to the little league level. I address that in the book when Luca ruminates on his experiences playing ball before crowds in NY vs what he feels playing for the Durham North Carolina team. But, given Luca’s affinity for poetry, he sees the game through a different lens. For him, the movement, the rhythm, the sights, sounds and smells of the game are part of an artistic and emotional tapestry which spills out of him as poetry. And not just about the game. It is a source that colors how he sees everything else in life also. Who will this book appeal to- baseball players, fans? Good question. This is a love story. It is not a romance novel, so it is very wholesome. It is set in the early to mid 1980’s and the world was a different place back then, simpler more innocent. If someone is expecting Bull Durham here in this book, they will be disappointed. Fans of Nicholas Sparks will be attracted to this story. Young adults will enjoy it. Fans of the Hallmark Channel will love it. The love story and poetry may appeal to women. The baseball aspects will make it enjoyable to

men because all of that was inspired and informed by my own 30-year baseball career. You can write authoritatively about baseball because you have played the game, but how were you able to speak through the female characters of the book so comfortably? Another great question. There are more major female characters in the book than male characters, so this was critical. My publisher was concerned about that also and we actually discussed having me use a female pen name for this book. After he read the final version, he was much more comfortable that I had represented the female characters in a way that would appeal to women. I have a wife from the south, a southern mother-in-law, 1 athletic sister, 2 very athletic daughters and many female cousins and coworkers. I have taken a bit from all of them when crafting the characters, inner conversations. conflict and resilience exhibited and engaged in by the female characters in the story. The most enjoyable part for me was crafting the segments of the story written from the female point of view. Honestly, it really just flowed naturally. Not sure why that was. But it was great. How does the poetry part fit in? Is it just a hobby for Luca? A point of view on life? Or is there something more that it adds to the story?

Poetry is a bridge in this story, a connector. It provides a window into the minds and hearts of the characters at any point in time. It provides selfenlightenment for them in some instances, while providing perspective to others. The characters are expressing their hopes and wishes, their dreams. It is an emotional outlet. It becomes a measure of emotional and romantic growth. Finally, it becomes a lifelong record and commentary on the couple’s relationship. They will someday look back on the collection of poems written over the years and it will tell the tale of their love. I know that spirituality and family are both very important to you as a successful and popular writer - how does baseball fit in to all that? You are right, my faith is the foundation of my life and all that I do and all that I am. Baseball fits into that in that I always felt that using a talent that was given to me by God, was a way of praising Him. It may not have been top of mind at all times ( like when I was yelling at an umpire or barreling over the catcher) but always after a game, I felt a great sense of gratitude and thankfulness for having the chance to play. The game never superseded my faith, but it allowed me to “dance before the Lord” in thankfulness and joyfulness like David did in the bible. It was also a way for me to connect with my dad and make him proud and for me to connect with my children, and hopefully may grandchildren.

May 2021


‘DR. LISA’S’ REALISTIC COVID TIME TIPS I’m Dr Lisa - the unlicensed therapist who is honest, because legally, I can be. I’m sick of being advised by experts to meditate, limit media and wear multiple masks at one time. Here’s some tips that are much more practical:

TIP #1 Get rid of your kitchen—it takes up too much space and is making you miserable. Convert it to a useful room. Substitute knitting for sourdough bread making. TIP #2 Throw away your best clothes. Looking at all of it in the closet is upsetting and the last thing you want to think about is trying it on right now. TIP #3 Stop trying to maintain relationships. It’s too much trouble and you don’t have time. There are apps you need to be on with strangers so you can network to whatever might possibly be the next big thing.

TIP #4 Pretend your life is great across all mediums whenever you get a chance. You need to release your passive/aggressive competitive impulses somewhere!

TIP #5 Remember this: if you’re conflicted about being in a relationship versus being on your own—it’s all equally bad—just in different ways. No need to try and improve or change your circumstances.

You’re welcome. Dr. Lisa

About Dr. Lisa: Dr. Lisa has been practicing unlicensed therapy since 2001. She’s worked with over 1,000 clients including artists, comedians, musicians, politicians, writers, actual shrinks, celebrities and complete strangers. Listen to her live every Thursday, 2-3pm or download and enjoy over 250 recorded episodes at Dr. Lisa Gives A Sh*t on Radio Free Brooklyn. www.listentodr.lisa.com www.lisalevyindustries.com www.radiofreebrooklyn.org/show/dr-lisa-gives-a-shit instagram: @lisalevyartwork Photo: Eva Mueller


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Deana Lenz Interiors’ signature look is creating a balance between choosing modern elements and layering them in a space that holds a sense of tradition and warmth. Deana oversees full renovations and has a knack for sourcing one of a kind treasures that make a space artful and inviting.




“My dream is that when patients visit their doctors that instead of asking, ”what can you give me?” they ask, “what can you teach me?” There’s a reason for that. That’s what empowers us to be better and achieve a healthier,  better lifestyle.” Dr. Ken Grey, Holistic Physician Dr. Ken Grey is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine / Acupuncture Physician. Dr. Grey’s unique approach to holistic healing has taken him abroad to lecture in Germany and treat sports professionals in Hawaii and France and at the Honda Classic as well as at his office where he is sought after by golfing and tennis greats.    Dr. Grey has proudly served on the advisory board of the Lighthouse at Jupiter Medical Center as well as an Executive Board Member of the AFFPC (Alliance of Families Fighting Pancreatic Cancer) Foundation.  His office is in Jupiter for over 15 years where he is a proud resident.  Dr. Grey is the host of Maximum Health Radio “Quality Living” podcast. For Dr. Ken Grey, a Holistic Physician, knowledge is power and the key to living a healthier, longer life.   “Teaching the patient is a big part of what I do. I may run into a former patient on the street who I may have helped in their effort to get pregnant by introducing them to healthier foods and diet and have a healthier body in order to get pregnant and they say, “I don’t always remember what your treatment was but I still remember what you taught me about healing foods,” so I really feel that that’s the thing that sticks,  is the education aspect, as that continues to heal them to this day.”   Growing up, Dr. Ken Grey was always amazed by people who could heal others. Whether it was a preacher in church laying hands on someone, or his own mom who taught a young Ken about the healing powers of certain foods. “I think my journey started with just wanting to heal and wanting to help. My mom’s cooking, that’s how I first learned about food and how food can heal. At eighteen I became a chiropractic assistant. I felt


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like there was all these missing pieces and I wanted to fill and I started thinking holistically I wanted to help people with herbs with food with all the things I grew up knowing, with massage, with all of that and I couldn’t figure out how to do all of that so I started looking up naturopathic medicines and I saw that that was very limited and strictly about foods but what it also showed was acupuncture. So, in order to become a doctor of oriental medicine  I really wanted to figure out how to use all of my skill sets or talents in a legitimate way and that’s what this gave me so it wasn’t acupuncture that intrigued me or allured me it was my entry point. I thought ok, I’m going to learn food therapy, I’m going to learn homeopathy, I’m going to learn all these things that I already know,  but I am going to learn them through professional licensure and I am going to be able to be a primary physician and take care of people and so my goals early on were to do that and move into an area of medicine but also fuse it integrate it with MDs and surgery in places where it had not gone before. So I really wanted to be a pioneer  and that’s really what happened.” Dr. Ken Grey is now one of the pioneers in a new field of medicine that combines holistic health practices with more conventional medical treatments.   “I’ve written a 500 page book called Health In Balance. My co-writer on that was someone who I helped survive cervical cancer without any chemotherapy or radiation, so she wanted to write this book with me and she has been 10 years cancer-free, knock on wood, thank G-d. I started with dentistry. I shared an office with a dentist and did that for two years pioneering acupuncture and dentistry, I still to this day get asked to lecture on that. I wanted to do it in surgery in ICU I want to do it for people with doctors so they know they don’t have to choose. And it was very popular in helping in the cancer-related surgeries, breast cancer related and things like that.” For Dr. Grey, another key aspect of quality living is to create healthier patterns and paths toward better health. The first step is often educating yourself to

make better choices instead of falling for a fad diet. “patients often get a long list of things that they shouldn’t do and they walk away feeling hopeless. No one wants to live their life in a negative. I’ve been able to help create a sense of balance. You can have your celebration days - a day of pizza and wine or bourbon or vodka whatever it is but learn how to balance those days with maybe a day of juicing and what does carrot juice do?  How does that help your life?   How does beet juice - how to make it taste good? What are your root vegetables what are the organs and corresponding complaints or emotional content and the foods that heal them? So,  I think that education that is readily available to me,   becomes readily available to my patients and that is more accessible in developing a sense of pattern than these fragmented,   limited diets that are very short-lived and not realistic. If you can create a pattern where you are aware and you are educated then you can make better choices.” In order to help people interested in incorporating holistic practices in their daily life, Dr. Grey is developing a new app that will make living healthier as simple as clicking your smart device.

tools of an app and learning how to self-heal or at least complement their healing processes. So, a medical doctor can even prescribe this app to help patients by answering questions that they don’t know because a lot of times even food therapy, meditation therapy, yoga all of these things are very foreign to MD’s but they still want their patients to do it, they just don’t know how to prescribe it or in what frequency or style,   so it will be a tool not only for physicians to prescribe for their patients, but also the everyday person will be able to simply access it and understand it and simplify their lives as well as their healing process.” website: www.drkengrey.com Dr. Grey has proudly served on the advisory board of the Lighthouse at Jupiter Medical Center as well as an Executive Board Member of the AFFPC ( Alliance of Families Fighting Pancreatic Cancer ) Foundation.  His office is in Jupiter for over 15 years where he is a proud resident. Dr. Grey is the host of Maximum Health Radio “Quality Living” podcast.

“I’m working on an app called VELL and it’s kind of combining the two worlds very well and it will be the first app of its kind. There’s nothing like it available. It will give users the option to go through precision holistic medicine plan programs for any major complaints and for those who seek to be balanced and it will help them with every aspect of their lives and help them to create patterns. It will give them accountability and give them accessibility to all of the things that they need to succeed in a better health situation. This app is multi-purposed and multi-faceted so for the first time it would be like a patient going to see someone like me, accessing me at their fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, being able to ask questions,   being able to access products if they need them. Being able to access certain treatments, access everything from their meditations to their exercises and its all-encompassing in that sense. But really it’s developing a holistic lifestyle using the

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(Editor’s Note: Lisa Krohn is so much more than an enlightened career/life coach and personal organizer. Lisa is an unparalleled business networker, writer, and personal assistant/advisor to CEOs. Helping likeminded industry leaders connect the dots together.  So pleased for Lisa to share some of her invaluable insights with our readers! -AK)


rganizing ourselves from the inside out is a primary strategy to seeking self-esteem and liking ourselves. Each of us is searching to control ourselves, our lives, and to better connect with the people around us. Mindfully exchange the word control for command. Trite and simple? No. Profound and prophetic. This one word can literally recalibrate how you feel and act in realtime! Define what is healthy vs normal for yourself. Strive for excellence vs perfection when applicable. 


Failure is crucial to one’s success in life both personally and professionally. The few people I know who have never experienced true failure are not as evolved. They lack the skills of resiliency, fortitude, and empathy. They are also void of selfexploration, as failure can be either a pandora’s box or a gateway to thriving. Learn to listen and trust your instincts and life wisdom. Give yourself permission to stop allowing outside opinions in unless you respect the person and what they are suggesting. The path to clear thinking, quietude, wisdom, joy, and solace exists within you and no one else. Integrity and virtue will soon follow organically. If you embrace your emotional and social intelligence you will evoke natural civility that is inspiring to everyone who meets you. Grace is an intimidating word to most of us. It has a cacophony of resonance

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vs that which is simply mellifluous. Practicing grace in the workplace can have a visceral effect on others and how they see themselves and us. When grace is spoken it oozes from every pore from our bodies.   If we practice these rituals above,  in the same ways we stretch our physical muscles, we will be in mindfulness. To contact Lisa Krohn:  lisakrohnllc@gmail.com, lisakrohnllc.com



(Editor’s Note: Henry Buck is much more than one of New York City’s very best acupuncturists and healers. Henry is a kind and wise soul with a great sense of humor who possesses the knowledge and skill of a classical violinist. My older and wiser sister Jane, who knows all the best doctors in Manhattan, sent me to Henry at his relaxing UWS office when I had a frozen shoulder and could not lift my arm over my head. Henry healed me when no one else could. Henry is not only an amazing acupuncturist, but he’s also one of the best people I know)


cupuncture offers a model for health by taking into consideration the human body as a complete system. By looking beyond the presenting symptoms such as headaches, the acupuncturist tries to decipher how the energy/ chi is flowing. What is the pattern and how is the energy stuck? Chi in its very nature has a tendency to spiral upward, therefore, we often feel our heads are spinning. To oversimplify the acupuncturist can put needles on the head to disperse the excess energy in the head and using distal points to bring down the energy.

One of the reasons why acupuncture is so popular and effective is this form of treatment does not have side effects as with most medications. I was a concert violinist by training but became disillusioned by the business end of it. I needed to find another way of communicating with people. As a violinist, I only needed to express the music but didn’t need to understand my audience which could be in the hundreds. In acupuncture not only do I have to master my skills but I certainly have to understand my audience of one. In 1982 I enrolled in the Swedish Institute of Massage then further my education by graduating from the Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Stamford, Conn in 1987. Because I was a professional violinist my first clients were musicians with the specialty of treating hand injuries. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was training to compete in marathons and actually participated in two New York City marathons and this sounds insane but I did the Empire State Building Run-Up in 1991 with the time of 16 minutes then trained all year

to improve my time to 15 minutes for 80 floors the next year. My musical and athletic training led me to be more experienced with these types of injuries and how to treat them. Presently my clientele is musicians and stressrelated professionals. In my 39 years of practice, I had the privilege to have treated some of the most famous musicians in the world. Always taking into account their presenting symptoms and since we are mostly “type A” New Yorkers much of the session is devoted to de- stressing. We are all energetically depleted, especially in these times of COVID, social and political uncertainty. The mind affecting the body and the body affecting the mind. This is the nature of how our energy flows in all of us. This is the perfect time to take charge of our own health. Henry Buck, L. Ac. Licensed Acupuncturist Contact inf: mobile 347-563-1108 email: hbuck@nyc.rr.com Photographer: Jonas Gustavsson May 2021



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May 2021



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