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Stephanie Kavanaugh Starting at a gym can be intimidating, but at Revolution Fitness the trainers make you feel really at ease. They care about you and make you feel comfortable. It's just so fun and exciting to work out with a group and the trainers workout with you too, so they're not just instructing you, they are participating and motivating you as well.

Dr. Johnson What I find different about Revolution Fitness is the professionalism. They are really invested in the individual and helping you reach your goals. They have high quality trainers, equipment, programs and small groups. I'm getting motivated by other people and still getting the personal attention of the coaches. I don't get bored, It's always something new, something fresh.

Revolution Fitness NOLA has taken the leading training methods from around the country and put them all under one roof. No matter what your fitness level is, we have something for you.

When it comes to fitness, we know you want quick, long-lasting results. It won't take long before you start noticing and seeing those results you crave.

by: lindaCUCCIA

Trainer’s Choice began when owners Mike Mills, ACSM certified personal trainer, and Greg Ducre, trainer, professional bodybuilder and former two-time Mr. Universe, Mr. America and Mr. World, met with Bob Thirstrup, owner of Slidell Athletic Club. The three fitness enthusiasts developed a unique business plan that would provide unparalleled customer service by certified personal trainers instead of sales clerks. As a result, customers of Trainer’s Choice Vitamins, Supplements, and Nutritional Products get more than a total at the cash register. They get advice, guidance, and instruction to help them make informed choices. According to Mills, "What sets Trainer's Choice Vitamins, Supplements, and Nutritional Products apart from other stores is the passion our staff has for nutrition and wellness, as well as the education to recommend the correct product to help someone reach their personal goals.” In addition to meeting the needs of individuals in the community, Trainer’s Choice offers a wide variety of discounts to gym members, clients of personal trainers, student athletes, senior citizens, and members of the Military, Police and Fire departments. Trainer's Choice has also sponsored many local athletes from various sports such as bodybuilders, Women's figure and bikini competitors, marathon runners, and MMA fighters.

Weight Loss: My favorite weight loss supplements are D4 and Super HD Weight Loss: My favorite weight loss supplement hands down is Trainers Choice Whey Protein. With only 1g of carbohydrates, 26grams of pure whey isolate, and sweetened with Stevia, this protein powder is a no brainer for me. Protein plays such an important role in weight loss and you need it in every meal. I don't have the time to cook and pack enough meals each day and this is where protein powder makes the weight loss journey that much easier. Building Muscle: Building muscle is all about recovery. Cellucor BCAA’s is my go-to supplement to increase my endurance in and out of the gym. Loaded with over 5 grams of high quality BCAA’s and betaalanine this product increases strength and drastically reduces soreness.

Over All Health: Weight loss or not, vitamins are vital for overall health. Trainer’s Choice Vitapak has everything you need to get your full daily dose of vitamins and minerals along with fish oils, super foods complex, and men’s/women’s support. Multivitamins are one of the best options to improve the overall performance of your body, especially for those with an active lifestyle or a job that causes you to miss meals, eat at irregular times, or a diet consisting of the same foods.

from Cellucor. D4 is awesome! It gives me TONS of energy and you only have to take 1 pill a day. Super HD enchances my mood and helps my metabolism burn more fat when I am dieting for a competition. I highly recommend trying them both.

Building Muscle: Complex Carbohydrates are very important when trying to build muscle. They help restore glycogen to the muscle cells which makes them grow larger. My favorite complex carbohydrate formula is Karbolyn from All American EFX. It contains zero stimulants and is safe for high school athletes. Not only does it give me MASSIVE pumps when I workout, it also tastes great! Over All Health: Blood Sugar Support is formulated to help the body maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I use Trainer's Choice Blood Sugar Support when dieting for a competition because it keeps my glycemic index in check, which helps lower body fat and stay lean. Blood Sugar Support contains all natural and safe ingredients such as Banana Leaf, Bitter Melon, Cinnamon, and Gymnema Sylvestre.

Weight Loss: My favorite weight loss supplement is CLA. I use it all year long with great results. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is an Omega-6 fatty acid that’s important for our health. It has many benefits such as increasing metabolic rate, increasing lean muscle mass, lowering cholesterol, and strengthening your immune system.

Building Muscle: I was really able to increase the intensity of my workouts once I started supplementing AfterGlow as my postworkout drink. It has EVERYTHING I need to recover, grow, and rehydrate from a hard workout. It’s packed with 20grams of whey protein isolate, over 10grams of BCAA’s and glutamine, and much more. The best part is the taste. It’s delicious and I can’t have a workout without it!

Over All Health: Trainer's Choice Thyroid is one of my secrets when trying to boost my metabolism while dieting for bikini competitions. Having an under-active thyroid can slow your metabolism down and cause fatigue. The allnatural ingredients in Thyroid Support help give me the energy I need when on a calorie restricted diet and ensure that my metabolism is working properly.

Weight Loss: My favorite weight loss supplement is without a doubt the 30:90 Program. It contains everything you need to lose 30 pounds in 90 days! The kit includes a 7-Day Cleanse, Men's or Women's Vitapaks, Raspberry Ketone Complex, and Ultra Whey 26 Protein powder. If followed correctly, the 30:90 program puts your body in a 1,000 Calorie deficit each day. 3500 calories equals 1 pound, so if you can burn 1,000 more calories than you consume every day you'll lose a pound every three to four days. Building Muscle: Protein is a VITAL nutrient when trying to build muscle. For this reason I recommend Pro Whey PW-30 Protein from SNI Global Nutrition. Pro Whey contains 30 grams of protein, over 8 grams of BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids), CLA (Conjugated Linolec Acid), and 7 Grams of Glutamine per serving. These amazing nutrition facts make Pro Whey one of the very best options available for building muscle.

Over All Health: Trainer's Choice Choless Control contains Policosanol, Plant Sterols, Garlic, and other all-natural ingredients to help lower and control cholesterol levels. This safe and effective formula can be taken in conjunction with prescription medications and has ZERO side effects. I recommend trying the product for at least 90 days to determine how well it is working for you.

Weight Loss: My favorite weight loss supplement is Trainer's Choice Brazilian Burn. It has a blend of Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, Kelp, and other all-natural ingredients that will help you burn more calories throughout the day, as well as give you natural energy.

Building Muscle: At 50 years old my body does not produce the amount of testosterone it once did, so I supplement with Test Charge from All American EFX. Test Charge gives me energy and helps me feel like I am in my 20's again! I have increased strength, lean muscle mass, and libido, as well as reduced fatigue. It is all natural and safe and comes with an aroma blocker, which keeps you lean and reduces side effects of increased testosterone production like estrogen.

Over All Health: Trainer's Choice Blood Pressure Support helps keep my blood pressure in a safe and healthy range. It is all-natural and has no negative side effects. Blood Pressure support contains Olive Leaf and Hawthorn Berry Extracts, which have been proven to have antihypertensive effects.

Do you think that losing weight is physical challenge? Many people think that, and then proceed to fail at their attempts at weight loss. They’ve busted their butts in the gym and they’ve tried their hardest eating right, but eventually 90% of those people go back to their normal everyday routines of little activity and comfort foods. Losing weight is not a physical challenge Too many times people approach weight loss as if it’s a matter of following a blueprint. They think that as long as they follow step by step the workout program and diet plan laid out in front of them, that the weight loss will come off. This might be true, but it’s easier said then done. It’s easy to follow a plan on paper, but anyone who’s tried to lose weight knows that once it’s game time, it’s not so easy after all.

Losing weight is a mental challenge So lets dig a little deeper. Why are you trying to lose weight? Do you have a goal in mind, or are you just trying to wing it? I can tell you that if you haven’t sat down and thought about what and why you are about to undergo one of the biggest challenges in your life – you are setting yourself up to fail. Your mind is not in the right place. • That first hint of a food craving – you’re grabbing a comfort food.

• The first time you don’t feel like working out – you stay in bed instead. • All your friends around you are eating pizza – you’ll start dieting again tomorrow. • That workout you have planned after work – you don’t have time to do it. • The hunger pains are setting in – you’re all of a sudden OK with being overweight. Do any of these sound like you? There are thousands of excuses that come out of the woodwork when you feel like you’re backed into a corner being forced to do something you don’t want to do. Your brain will throw everything it’s got at you to try and derail your plan.

Take control of your mind and body and the weight loss will follow You’re body wants to be fat. Your body loves the bombardment of sugar and processed foods. It makes it feel good. It send out all sorts of feel-good chemicals when you eat that bad food. These chemicals cause a

by: travisMANNY

food addiction to occur. It’s this addiction that makes it so hard to diet. Herein lies your biggest mental challenge – breaking your food addiction. If you can do that, and ignore all those thoughts your brain is telling you, you will succeed. When you’re in the moment, all those reasons (excuses) for why you shouldn’t eat this or that, or why you don’t need to work out today all make perfect sense. Before you know it, you’re back to square one – beating yourself up for being overweight, and unhappy with the way you look and feel. Know beforehand that you are going to have those thoughts. We all do. When those perfectly irrational thoughts enter your head, tell yourself that you have a goal to accomplish, and that you have control of your mind and body. Know that those thoughts are irrational. The moment you make that connection, and break through that mental challenge, the weight loss starts – but not a moment before that. Once you take control of your mind and body, the weight loss will follow. However, if you let your mind and body control you – you will be destined for a life in which you are always reaching, but never getting.

by: travisMANNY If you are reading this, you already realize that fitness is an integral part of health and happiness. However, a personal trainer can help you attain the results you want in a minimal amount of time. Think about how scattered you would feel if you left on a vacation, but hadn’t prepared anything ahead of time. No room reservations, no rental car, nothing packed, no knowledge of where to go or what to do. You might feel like turning around and going back home! When you prepare yourself for a vacation ahead of time, it is then that you are able to go, relax and enjoy the whole experience without panicking. It’s similar with our experience in a fitness facility. Many people will not try equipment because they simply don’t know how to use it or how to do the exercises properly. A personal trainer can assist you in learning proper technique, new and exciting exercises, and education about nutrition. Then, you can feel far more prepared to not only enjoy but to excel at your fitness experience! Plus, they know what they’re doing, so it’ll curb your risk of injury. Sometimes you can’t do it all on your own. Keep reading to learn the most important reasons why you should hire a personal trainer this year.

Accurate evaluation: Personal trainers evaluate your fitness goals to design a progressive program that will get you where you want to go. This starts with a thorough evaluation of your current fitness level that can be duplicated in the months that follow. Your trainer will make sure you know just how much you’ve improved.

take them lightly. Better body positioning on cardio and strength-training equipment will help you maximize each movement and avoid injury.

Education: A personal trainer knows the why behind every squat, curl and crunch you make and how it will get you one step closer to reaching your fitness goals.


Follow through:

Not only do trainers make great exercise buddies, they offer a no-excuses attitude to motivate you to continue working toward your goals.

Your personal trainer is invested in your success, too. When confidence waivers, your trainer will be there to pick you up and keep you going.

Perfect positioning:

Self-motivation is the internal drive to achieve, produce, develop, and keep moving forward. Personal Trainers help teach self-motivation. That's why they are such a fundamental tool for reaching your goals, achieving your dreams, and succeeding, in this journey we call life.

Head neutral, back flat, core tight, shoulders retracted – these are some of the instructions your personal trainer is likely to command. Just don’t

by: travisMANNY If you find yourself lost and confused with your strength and conditioning work, I have one exercise that will crank up the intensity, and won't cost you a dollar. Let's forget about all the "ancient" breathing systems and latest fitness devices. A few minutes of

burpee conditioning will quickly convince you that your own natural bodyweight provides plenty of resistance for an awesome total body workout that blasts your stamina and fat loss through the roof. A lot of exercises can be considered full-body exercises. For example, one could argue pushups are a full-body exercise because even though they mostly work your chest and arms, they also challenge your core, back and legs to a degree. Burpees, however, are

Here are some variations: Burpee + Pushup - You can add a pushup to every burpee if you want to make it a little harder. When you go into the pushup position, just do a pushup before you hop back on your feet. Burpee + Pull-up - Another more challenging variation is standing under a pull-up bar and doing a pull-up at the end of each burpee. Burpee + Pushup + Pull-up - Lastly, if you really want to be a He-Man, you can combine all three. For all you SUPER STUDS out there, try using a weighted vest while doing Burpee + Pushup + Pull-up.

inarguably a total, full-body exercise. Burpees work your legs, arms, chest, shoulders and back equally while your core stabilizes you throughout each repetition. If that wasn't enough, they also test your cardiovascular strength like no other exercise because you're using all of the largest muscle groups in your body in one fluid motion. In other words, they get your heart pumping fast, quickly. This also means you'll burn a ton of fat doing them. A traditional burpee is done by squatting down, kicking your legs back and getting into a pushup position, hopping back on your feet, and then jumping as high as you can. If that isn't hard enough, you can actually make the exercise more challenging -- or less -if you prefer. If you really want to test your strength and endurance, try doing 100 burpees for time. Just remember, these aren't jumping jacks. Don't be surprised if this takes you 30 minutes or longer. However, if you're in pretty good shape, it will probably take you about 15 minutes... it will just be the worst 15 minutes of your life.

Set Yourself Up For Success New Habits to Lose Weight Today It's the small things that count and with weight loss, it's the small habits that add up to big changes. By simply doing one or two of the habits mentioned below, you notice a difference.The power is in numbers. By combining all of the habits below with a good healthy diet, I personally guarantee success in your weight loss journey.


Stick to these habits for a good eight weeks and rejoice in your newly found body. 1. Hire a personal trainer to hold you accountable. Having someone to hold you accountable while on your weight loss journey could be the difference between success and failure. Everyone needs a second pair of eyes to keep them on track while guiding them to success. 2. Study your eating habits. Are you eating junk or sugary food late at night, nibbling while cooking, finishing the kids dinner? Take a look around, and it will be easy to identify a few behaviors you can change that will add up to big calorie savings. It'll be hard to succeed if you truly don't know yourself. 3. Learn to read the nutritional facts on foods. Pay attention to serving sizes and the content of the food you're about to eat. It's all about the protein, carbs, and fats. Remember knowledge is power. Know what you’re putting in your mouth. Don't just put something in there because it tastes good. Save that for your cheat meals. 4. Fail to plan, plan to fail. You need a plan and strategy for your meals. Take a few hours in the week to cook and pack your meals. Pack them into Ziploc bags or storage containers.This is the number one key to success. 5. Start your day with breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. After a long night's rest, your body needs fuel to get your metabolism going and give you energy for the rest of the day. 6. If you snack during the day, treat the snack like a mini-meal. The best way to snack is with high protein. Throw some fat in there to create a feeling of fullness. Stay away from junk and processed foods. 7. Eat for you body, not your tongue. Everything you put into your mouth should have a purpose.Think of it like planting a garden. You wouldn't plant weeds on purpose, only plants that add to the beauty of the garden. So it is with food. Your body is the garden. Don't clutter it up with weeds (junk food). 8. Eat before you go to bed. Don't fall victim ot the age-old saying “Don't eat after dinner.” Somebody made that up a long time ago before we knew anything about nutrition. The key to this meal is to ONLY eat protein and fat, and keep it somewhat small. 9. Eat carbs in the morning and fats in the evening. To really maximize your weight loss, try eating carbs in the morning then switch to fats in the evening. Remember to have protein with every meal. 10. Reward yourself with cheat meals. If you’re going out with friends, go ahead and indulge in some tasty foods. New Orleans has plenty to offer, just don't go hog wild. Always have a plan, understand what you’re eating, and why you're eating it. Remember, these meals are designed as rewards for keeping up with your diet. You have to keep yourself motivated. It may be by reading motivational books or quotes, talking with friends and family, or reading Metro Fitness over and over till you can recite each article. Whatever route you choose, the main thing is motivation. The amount of free resources we have at our fingertips is unbelievable. Use them, there is no excuse. Remember, no war has ever been won by an unmotivated leader. You're the leader in this war on fat. Lead the way in your life and change it. Wave your flag high and show the world your colors. You can do this.

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