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Meteorite-Times Magazine Witnessed Fall: Pirgunje, Bangladesh by Martin Horejsi Like

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An August 1882 Witnessed Fall: Pirgunje, Bangladesh

No Next of Kin Pirgunje and its Anticedents

Falling 128 years ago t his mont h, t he L6 chondrit e Pirgunje reminds, us, well me anyway, why met eorit es are covet ed in collect ions. Even t hought t he crust and mat rix of Pirgunje is similar t o many ot her chondrit es, f act s including t he age of t his f all, it s sub-kilo T KW, it s low collect ion dist ribut ion, t he large size of t his slice, t he abundance of crust , and t hat a vast majorit y of t he single Pirgunje st one is st ill int act makes t his part icular collect ion specimen a real t rophy met eorit e. T he t hin descript ion surrounding t he Pirgunje met eorit e ext ract ed f rom a 1889 let t er barely t ops 25 words: “A st one labeled “Pirgunje, 29.8.82″, was sent f rom India t o E.A. Pankhurst of Bright onby a man who had no knowledge what ever of it or it s ant ecedent s.” Pirgunje is not t he oldest wit nessed f all in Bangladesh, but it does have t he smallest t ot al known weight –but not by much. Int erest ingly, of t he eight met eorit es claiming Bangladesh home, all are f alls wit h t wo of t he met eorit es (coincident ly bot h f alling in 1935) making up 80% of t he Count ry’s T ot al Met eorit e Mass (CT MM).

Wit h 50% of t his part ial slice’s edge crust ed it really doesn’t get much bet t er t han t his wit hout t he upgrade t o a complet e slice. When a met eor goes t hrough pubert y, it grows f usion crust and leaves behind it s vagabond lif est yle. Once on t he f ar side of it s at mospheric rit e of passage, t he met eorit e breat hs oxygen and absorbs wat er unt il old age cat ches up wit h it . Some lucky met eorit es live a luxurious lif e bat hed in nit rogen and venerat ed by lab coat wearing humanoids, while ot hers are hacked and beat en t o pieces bef ore being sold int o t hralldom becoming not hing more t han personal propert y. Falling in t he year of Charles Darwin’s deat h, t he evolut ion of my slice of Pirgunje st ops here hopef ully remaining f orever as it looks t oday. Bangladesh has a colorf ul hist ory t o say t he least . When when one overlays t he region’s hist ory of recovered met eorit e f alls across t he cult ural event s of t he area, a curious pict ure develops. All known met eorit es f rom Bangladesh f ell in t he span of years bet ween t he Indian Rebellion of 1857 and t he end of Brit ish colonial rule in India. No met eorit es bef ore 1863 and t hus f ar none af t er 1940. In specif ic, of t he eight wit nessed f alls in Bangladesh, seven are ordinary chondrit es (f our L6s, one H5, one H6 and one LL3-6), and t he only non-chondrit ic out lier is a mesosiderit e named Pat war.

Wit h L6 chondrit es, you have t o enjoy what ’s available. In t he case of Pirgunje t here’s not much act ion. Pict ured above is t he int ersect ion of a met al inclusion wit h a dark, likely shocked carbonaceous area.

T he 6 in L6 basically means good luck f inding a chondrule, but t he L, alt hough meaning a lower concent rat ion of iron, does not t ranslat e t o a f ruit less search f or any element wit h 26 prot ons. Bangladesh is a count ry where almost a t hird of it f loods each year during t he f our mont h monsoon season beginning around June f irst . It would be easy t o blame t he weat her f or why t here are f ew Bangladesh met eorit es, however somet hing seemingly cont radict ory appears when comparing t he monsoon season t o t he calendar of Bangladesh met eorit e f alls. First , June, July, August , and Sept ember are act ive monsoon mont hs so t hose mont hs should be t he least product ive f or wit nessing and f inding met eorit es. However, t he f all days f or Bangladesh’s met eorit es are March 27, May 14, May 23, July 29, August 7, August 11, August 29 and Oct ober 22. T hat means t hat half of t he wit nessed f alls f ell during t he monsoon season, and six non-monsoon mont hs of f ered up no met eorit es. So it seems t here is somet hing else at work here. Any ideas?

Posing wit h a crooked smile, t he part ial slice of Pirgunje represent s t he second largest piece in any collect ion anywhere. Not surprisingly, t he main mass of Pirgunje, as list ed in t he Cat alogue of Met eorit es, resides as a 732g specimen in t he Nat ural Hist ory Museum in London. Beyond t hat , 28g are list ed in t he Field Museum collect ion, 23.1g in Canada, 23g in at t he American Museum of Nat ural Hist ory, 16.2g in Calcut t a, 9g in Vienna, and 3.8g f or t he Vat ican. What does all t hat mean? Not much except t hat t he piece in my collect ion is second largest piece of Pirgunje in t he world. Or, as I like t o t hink of it , since t he main mass is st ill 87% of t he original mass, my piece is t he largest slice* in t he world. *Subject t o change wit hout not ice.

Back in t he early 1990s, Blaine Reed acquired met eorit es f rom t he est at e of t he lat e Terry Schmidt . From what I have been t old, Mr. Schmidt was able t o obt ain some remarkable samples of very rare met eorit es in a quest t o st udy f usion crust , and it is my assumpt ion based on t he December 1992 acquisit ion dat e t hat t his slice of Pirgunje was one such Schmidt specimen. T he count ry of Bangladesh is about t he size of t he US st at e of Iowa. Bangladesh is surrounded overwhelmingly by India wit h good dose of t he Bay of Bengal and a smidgen of Burma. It ’s met eorit e f all hist ory over t he past one hundred and f if t y years is f ull of f it s and st art s, but t oday it seems t ot ally st alled out wit h t he most recent met eorit e f all 70 years ago. While f or some met eorit e collect ors t hat makes specimens f rom Bangladesh all t he more desirable, but t o me it means t hose collect ors need t o t ake a closer look at t he f act s because Iowa hasn’t had a wit nessed met eorit e f all since 1890! Unt il next t ime…. T he Accretion Desk welcomes all comments and f eedback. Please Share and Enjoy:

Meteorite-Times Magazine Tektite Lamp by Jim Tobin Like

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The Tektite Lamp My art icle t his mont h is maybe t he one of t he best examples of t he convergence of hobbies t hat I have ever shared. It was act ually well over a year ago t hat t his all happened but I have just not be sure t hat I want ed t o say anyt hing about it . As I plan on doing more of t his kind of work I t hink t his maybe t he t ime t o t alk about it . I was maybe f if t een when my f at her f ound an old leaded glass window at an ant ique st ore and decided t o use t he major art ist ic port ions of it t o modif y our f ront door at home. It was well over a hundred years old I am sure and very nice. I got my f irst int roduct ion int o cut t ing glass and soldering lead came way back t hen. I have kept up wit h it over t he years making window hanger decorat ions and Tif f any st yle lamps. I have added et ched glass and carved glass t o t he project s as t ime passed. I have used slabs of agat e, but I had never incorporat ed any t ekt it es int o t he glasswork. When Paul and I visit ed Darryl Fut rell at his home t here was always t he t ekt it e lamp he had sit t ing in t he room of f t he side by t he f ront door. But , it was not what I decided I want ed t o make if I ever did. His had relat ively f ew really t hin t ransparent pieces of glass. If I ever made one I want ed it t o really glow wit h t ransparency.

Close up phot o of a small area of my lamp

So a year ago I sat down wit h t wo big boxes of what we consider scrap t ekt it es and st art ed going t hrough it looking f or t he t hin t ransparent pieces. I worked my way t hrough one of t he boxes holding up probably a t housand t ekt it es t o t he light t o examine t heir t ransparency. I was gradually building a pile t hat would work f or t he lamp. I never exhaust ed t he supply in t he f irst box of broken t ekt it es so I know t hat t here are plent y more lef t f or project s in t he f ut ure. We have at least t hree of t hese big boxes. It was mat erial t hat we had t o t ake when we got t he Fut rell collect ion of beaut if ul t ekt it es. Af t er sort ing out a couple hundred t hin pieces I had t he night ly chore of wrapping t hem wit h copper f oil around t heir edges. T hat t ook a week or so of spare t ime. Af t er t hey were wrapped t hen it was of f t o t he garage t o make a mold t he shape of t he lampshade I was going t o creat e. Once t he mold was ready all I needed was a brass disk t hat would be at t he very t op f or t he lamp base t o go t hrough and t hen I could begin soldering t he glass pieces t o each ot her. All sounds very simple just solder t he pieces t oget her. Only problem is t hat I am not working f rom a pat t ern wit h nicely cut pieces of glass t hat are made t o f it t oget her. T his was t o become a t hree dimensional puzzle where I would f it dozens of pieces in every locat ion unt il I f ound one t hat would leave t he smallest gaps t o lat er be f illed wit h solder. Progress was slow but st eady and t he lamp came t oget her in about one solid weekend of work. Af t er all t he t ekt it es were t acked t oget her wit h a couple spot s of solder t he copper f oil must be complet ely covered wit h a nice smoot h domed layer of solder on t he inside as well as of course t he out side. It is t his complet e soldering t hat gives st rengt h t o t he glass project be it a lampshade or anyt hing else. Anot her day of of f and on work and I had it all soldered. T he t ricky part is t o layer t he one side wit hout melt ing t he soldering job you have done on t he ot her side. You have t o work f ast and not allow t he heat f rom t he soldering iron t ip t o remain in a spot long enough t o melt out t he work you have already done. And it is hot work and you have t o keep gravit y in mind because you need t o remember how your solder will f low and not let it run down or out or of f t he area you are f illing. Af t er t he soldering you have t o do a super good job of cleaning t he glasswork t o remove f lux and splat t ers of solder and what ever. It has t o be clean so t hat it can be ant iqued t o a black pat ina. T he chemicals are nast y and smelly and you only want t o use t hem once. So get t ing it clean t he f irst t ime is somet hing you learn f ast .

I hunt ed around at some swap meet s and junk st ores looking f or a nice art deco st yle lamp st and t o go wit h t he lampshade and f inally f ound one I like well enough. It needed rewiring and a new swit ch. T hat was easy enough. And t he f inial was appropriat e enough t hat came wit h t he lamp. So it was done. I guess all t he t ime involved would be a couple hundred hours. About 200 hand select ed pieces of T hailand splashf orm t ekt it e glass and probably at least a pound of solder, a f ew dollars f or t he st and and t he swit ch and wire, so what is it wort h? I have no idea. It is almost unique, almost a one of a kind. But , I may change t hat soon wit h ot hers. But , t hey may not be 100% t ekt it e glass. T hat is just one mean f it t ing chore. I act ually t oward t he end had no pieces lef t t hat would f it t oget her and had t o go back and sort out more t o get addit ional pieces t o work wit h in order t o complet e t he shade. I t hink maybe using t ekt it e pieces here and t here in project s is t he direct ion I will go in t he f ut ure.

Paul has t he lamp at his home. I gave it t o him when I f inished it . T hat kind of f orces me t o make anot her doesn’t it ? Have a great mont h and I look f orward t o sharing again next mont h. Please Share and Enjoy:

Meteorite-Times Magazine Meteorite Market Trends by Michael Blood Like

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This Month’s Meteorite Market Trends

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Meteorite-Times Magazine Summer Vacation – 2010 by Robert Verish Like

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Summer Vacation – 2010 Summer vacation is a great time to catch-up on reading about meteorites. Here is my select list of some recent abstracts.

You can blame t his abbreviat ed version of Bob’s Findings on my “summer-t ime schedule”. T he weat her t his summer has been so mild, here where I live, t hat it is hard t o st ay indoors and work on comput er-relat ed project s. But , I do hope t o cat ch-up on my reading t his summer. I’ve made a list of art icles and journals t hat I want t o read, and some of t hem include t he abst ract s t hat were present ed at t he 73rd Annual Meet ing of t he Met eorit ical Societ y which was held last mont h in New York Cit y, USA. You can f ind t hese, and all t he ot her abst ract s, on-line and published in t he “Supplement ” issue (Vol. 45, 2010 July) of t he Met eorit ical Societ y journal, Met eorit ics & Planet ary Sciences (M&PS). Here is a “short -list ” just t o give you an sample of t he various abst ract s t hat were present ed: 5291 “MET EORIT E FALLS OBSERVED BY T HE DESERT FIREBALL NET WORK: AN UPDAT E” 5236 “NOBLE GAS ANALYSIS OF T HE GRIMSBY H-CHONDRIT E” 5353 “T HE RECENT MET EORIT E FALL IN LORT ON, VIRGINIA, USA ” 5427 “ALL SHOCKED MET EORIT ES WERE SHOCKED AT SIGNIFICANT DEPT H IN T HEIR PARENT BODIES” 5020 “LIQUIDUS HIGH-PRESSURE ASSEMBLAGES IN SHOCKED MART IAN SHERGOT T IT ES: CONST RAINT S T O EQUILIBRIUM PEAK SHOCK-PRESSURES AND CONSEQUENCES T O RADIOMET RIC AGES” 5104 “MINIMET EORIT ES FROM T HE T RANSANTARCT IC MOUNTAINS” 5365 “DOPPLER WEAT HER RADAR OBSERVAT IONS OF T HE 14 APRIL 2010 SOUT HWEST WISCONSIN MET EORIT E FALL” 5357


73rd Annual Meet ing of t he Met eorit ical Societ y Link t o t he websit e wit h t he lat est issue of : MAPS Vol. 45 – Supplement – 2010 July

My previous art icles can be f ound *HERE*

For for more information, please contact me by email: Bolide*chaser

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Meteorite-Times Magazine IMCA Insights – August 2010 by IMCA TEAM Like

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IMCA Insights – August 2010 2010 IMCA Board Elections – Special Edition In t he last years, many of our Members complained t hat t hey hadn’t been aware of our annual elect ions t o t he IMCA Board of Direct ors. It t urned out t hat several of t hese Members didn’t receive our IMCA Mailing List messages, or t hat t hese messages had ended up in some spam f ilt er. Wit h our new Mailman-based Mailing List t hese cases are get t ing more and more rare, but st ill some Members did f orget t o updat e t heir email addresses wit h us or disabled t he receipt of list emails, and so t hey missed our announcement s, and t he opport unit y t o vot e, or t o nominat e candidat es f or t he IMCA Board. To avoid t his, we decided t o make our annual elect ions public a bit earlier, t his year, and t hus t his Special Edit ion of IMCA Insight s t hat ’s more of an announcement , and a brief t ut orial t o t he IMCA Board of Direct ors, and t he elect ion procedures. Let ’s st art wit h some background inf ormat ion. T he IMCA Board of Directors Right now, t he IMCA Board of Direct ors is comprised of nine Board Members, wit h f our of t hem serving as IMCA Board Of f icers (t he year in bracket s behind each name ref ers t o t he year in which t he respect ive Board Member’s t erm ends): Norbert Classen (2010) – President Anne Black (2010) – Vice President Andrzej S. Pilski (2012) – Secret ary Maria Haas (2012) – Treasurer Jef f Kuyken (2010) Dave Gheesling (2012) Larry Lebof sky (2011) Mart in Alt mann (2011) Sergey Vasiliev (2011) According t o our ByLaws, each Board Member is elect ed t o a t erm of t hree years, and t his year t he t erms of t hree Board Members are expiring: t he t erms of Jef f Kuyken, Anne Black, and Norbert Classen. All of t hese t hree might opt f or running up f or re-elect ion, but t his is not really sure at t his point . 2010 Election of T hree New Directors f or the IMCA Board In accordance wit h our ByLaws, t hree Board Members will be elect ed in 2010, and at least six Candidat es will be up f or elect ion (our ByLaws require a minimum of t wo Candidat es f or each vacant Board posit ion). Somet hing t hat brings us t o t he f irst phase of our public elect ions: t he Nominat ions. Nominations: Volunteers Wanted! T he requirement s t o be a Candidat e are very simple: you must have been a IMCA Member in good st anding f or at least t wo years. If you have any quest ions regarding your Membership, t his would be a good t ime t o cont act us, and t o ask about your st at us. A great many of you do qualif y. So t ell us now t hat you want t o part icipat e in t he shaping of our Associat ion f or t he f ut ure. If you really must t hink about it f irst (or ask a f ew quest ions) we will give you until September 14 , 2010, but we must have your email announcing your candidacy no lat er

t han Sept ember 14, 2010, midnight (East ern Time). Remember – we need at least six Candidates as our Bylaws require t wo Candidat es f or each open slot on t he Board. We’re just wait ing f or a sign f rom you! Cont act t he Nominat ions and Elect ions Commit t ee at elect t o let us know t hat you want t o be a Candidat e f or t he Board of Direct ors. If you want t o nominat e someone else, t hat ’s also f ine wit h us – just make sure t hat t he Nominee is aware of t hat nominat ion, and t hat he’s act ually willing t o accept it . In any case, we will have t o receive a f ormal not ice by t he Nominee, st at ing t hat he accept s his nominat ion no lat er t han Sept ember 14, 2010, midnight (East ern Time). FAQ: How much Work is it? We of t en have been asked how much work it is t o serve on t he IMCA Board of Direct ors. Is it t ime consuming? T here’s no simple answer t o t hat , and it cert ainly depends on if you are just serving as a Board Member, or as a Board Of f icer. Nat urally, t he Of f icers will have t o invest a bit more t ime and energy int o t heir respect ive t asks – but t hen, you won’t have t o volunt eer f or an Of f icer’s posit ion af t er t he elect ions. In any case, be prepared t o engage in a f requent discussion wit h t he ot her Board Members, vot ing on Membership Applicant s, resolving disput es, invest igat ing complaint s, et c. Besides t hat , you might be asked t o serve on one of t he Commit t ees, such as t he Nominat ions and Elect ions Commit t ee, t he Membership Commit t ee, or t he Websit e Commit t ee. Of course, you will be a bit busier if you are a member of t he Nominat ions and Elect ions Commit t ee at t his t ime of t he year. Besides t hat , working on ot her Commit t ees, such as t he EoM Commit t ee, can mean a lot of work: just ask Sergey Vasiliev who did a f ant ast ic job in re-creat ing t he new IMCA Encyclopedia of Met eorit es. Just have a look, and you will see what we mean. T hanks t o Sergey f or all of his t ime, his great work, and ent husiasm. And t hanks also t o EoM Commit t ee Member Bob Falls f or his help wit h t his. T he cont inuing work on t he EoM, t he open discussion of Int ernat ional Met eorit e Laws, and ot her import ant issues will sure keep all new and old Direct ors busy, but don’t worry, we all have a lif e beyond IMCA and it s Board of Direct ors, and we are all used t o t eamwork. Of course, we would pref er t o see Candidat es running t hat are more act ive Members, and who are act ually willing t o give t heir best f or our Associat ion. But t hen, we are f ully aware of t he nat ural rest rict ions put upon us by everyday lif e, and ot her commit ment s. So, What’s Next? Af t er t he nominat ion phase, which will end on Sept ember 14, 2010, midnight (East ern Time), we will t ake a f ew days t o verif y t he eligibilit y of all t he Candidat es, and we will publish t he names of all t he Candidat es on Sept ember 17, 2010 via our IMCA Mailing List . T he Candidat es will t hen have t wo weeks t ime (f rom Sept ember 17 t o Oct ober 01, 2010, midnight , East ern Time) t o explain t o our Membership why t hey want t o be a Direct or, and t o answer all your quest ions (again, via our IMCA Mailing List ). And we will act ually vot e during t he week of Oct ober 02 t o Oct ober 09, 2010. Please have a look at our of f icial Elect ion Schedule f or more inf ormat ion, and t echnical det ails. Of f icial IMCA Election Schedule Sept ember 14 (midnight East ern Time): Deadline for Nominations Cont act t he Nominat ions and Elect ions Commit t ee t o let us know t hat you want t o be a Candidat e f or t he Board of Direct ors. (eligibilit y requirement s – 2 years as a dues paying member in good st anding) Sept ember 17: Publication of the List of Candidates Sept ember 17 – Oct ober 01 (midnight East ern Time): Campaign T he Candidat es may t ell t he Members (via our IMCA Mailing List only) why t hey want t o sit on t he Board of Direct ors, and answer ot her Member’s quest ions. T heir st at ement s and answers will be published t o our ent ire Membership during t hat t ime (again, via our IMCA Mailing List only).

Oct ober 02 – 09 (midnight East ern Time): Election Week All members may vot e f or t he t hree Direct ors only ONCE at any t ime during t his period. Vot ing begins Oct ober 02 and ends midnight Oct ober 09 East ern Time. T he special vot ing email address will be published via t he IMCA Mailing List . (If you are not on t he IMCA Mailing List and wish t o vot e, cont act t he Nominat ions and Elect ions Commit t ee). Please be sure t o use t he mailing address we have on f ile f or you, so we may verif y t hat t he vot e is coming f rom a regist ered, eligible Member. Please cont act us if you have any quest ions. We’re looking f orward t o your part icipat ion, and t o your vot es. T hanks. Other Ways to Support the IMCA If you are not sure if you want t o run f or t he IMCA Board of Direct ors, but willing t o act ively support t he IMCA t here are indeed ot her opt ions, such as volunt eering t o help in one of our various Commit t ees, or by answering some of t he many quest ions which we receive via our Cont act f orm. We would be very grat ef ul f or any kind of help you can of f er, especially since t he number of quest ions and request s has been exploding ever since t he “Met eorit e Men” have become popular t hrough T V, and ot her media have f ocused on t he subject . So if you are willing t o help, cont act us, or just drop us a line via our Cont act f orm, and we will be in t ouch wit h you. T hanks. Best Regards t o all of you! In t he name of t he IMCA Board of Direct ors, Norbert Classen, President IMCA Inc. Anne Black, Vice President IMCA Inc. • IMCA Home Page • IMCA Code of Ethics • IMCA Member List • Join IMCA • IMCA Meteorite Inf o Please Share and Enjoy:

Meteorite-Times Magazine Efremovka CV3 by John Kashuba Like

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Chuck, Just t he exot ic name made me want it . Ef removka. It ’s a CV3 t hin sect ion and looked dif f erent so I bought it . (It wasn’t cheap.) T he st one was f ound in Kazakhst an in 1962. Back t hen it was called t he Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. T he sample on t he t hin sect ion is a good size and has t wo large f eat ures t hat caught my eye. Here, check t hem out . John

T he sample is about 27 mm long.

At t he bot t om right is a f ragment of a huge chondrule. T he original chondrule was at least 12 mm in diamet er. Toward t he lef t is a 5 mm chondrule.

T his and t he rest of t he shot s were t aken f rom t he ot her side of t he sect ion. T he label is on t he main slide but I pref er t o shoot t hrough t he t hin cover slide – t he ot her side. T his f ragment has been t hrough a lot . T he st eps on t he lef t are f rom layers shearing f rom ot hers. It looks like t his happened early on. T he ot her breaks, now f illed, probably happened lat er. T his is shot in incident light . T he f ield of view is about 10 mm wide.

In cross-polarized light it looks like it is most ly pyroxene. T he part on t he lef t has a f ine radial st ruct ure.

Now t hat 5 mm chondrule. In incident light we see met al in t he middle in well rounded blebs. Furt her out it is in irregular masses and f urt her st ill it is f inely dispersed.

Transmit t ed light shows t he layering well.

And in XPL. Did t his t hing build up around a grain t hat st ill lies in t he cent er?

A close-up of t he t op lef t corner. Rounded met al blebs, irregular masses and f inely dispersed. Again, t his is in incident light .

Transmit t ed light . T he bright spot below and lef t of cent er is where mat erial was lost , “plucked�, during t hin sect ion making.

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Meteorite-Times Magazine Bob Walker by Editor Like

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T his f eat ure is devot ed each mont h t o one of t he personalit ies wit hin t he met eorit e communit y. T his mont h we are delight ed t o share an int erview we had wit h Bob Walker of t he Queensland Met eorit es Int erest Group’s Home Page (QMIG).

Met eorit e-Times (MT ) What or who got you int erest ed in met eorit es and how old were you when you got your f irst met eorit e? Bob Walker (BW) I have had an int erest in rocks f or longer t han I would care t o remember – but I recovered my f irst met eorit e (Tenham) during a visit t here in t he lat e 1990s… My colleagues in t he Aust ralian Regular Army of t en laugh at me pot t ering around looking f or rocks, cymbidiums and nepent hes when we are f ar f ar away on deployment /s bot h here in Aust ralia and overseas ! I st ill have f ond memories of f inding a communit y of Nepent hes Aust ralis growing wild at RAAF Scherger (Weipa) last year – no met eorit es f ound at Weipa but acres of bauxit e… (MT ) What was your f irst met eorit e? (BW) Tenham. (MT ) Do you st ill have it ? (BW) Yes.

My gorgeous 220g Tenham individual. (MT ) Do you have special areas of int erest t hat you f ocus on in regards t o met eorit es (t hin sect ions, phot ography, chemist ry, age dat ing.. et c)? (BW) My primary f ocus has been on Queensland (my home st at e) met eorit es ! I had earlier f ond hopes t hat my websit e ht t p:// would spur a wave of parochial met eorit e websit es f rom readers’ home st at es but alas no. My current f ocus is on t he micrography of t hin-sect ions t o keep me mot ivat ed, cheerf ul and busy now t hat I am on convalescent leave wit h t erminal cancer… I st ill hope t o see Christ mas 2010 (and longer) and whilst I am donat ing my Queensland collect ion t o t he Queensland Museum – hope t o have enough t ime t o complet e a variet y of project s part icularly micrographing enough t hin-sect ions t o act as a resource f or a book t hat a colleague may writ e and t o produce a Tenham met eorit e medallion. Earlier int erest s have included hammer st ones and iron met eorit es.

T hin-sect ion of Wint on 1, a recent Queensland f ind undergoing classif icat ion. (MT ) Does your Family share in your int erest in met eorit es? (BW) No. (MT ) Do you have any special approaches t o collect ing? (Type collect ion, only st ones, only irons, only by aest het ics, et c. or any and all t hat you like.) (BW) I have a f ocus on Queensland met eorit es and part icularly a f ocus on repat riat ing

unclassif ied and rare Queensland specimens back home.

T he Queensland Museum f irst ever public met eorit e display. (MT ) Do you mind saying how many locat ions your collect ion represent s? (BW) My collect ion is most ly Queensland chondrit es wit h a sprinkling of t he occasional worldwide assort ed t ype/s t hat have int erest ed me ie near misses and met eorwrongs t hat you would swear must be met eorit es such as t he Mendot a met eorwrong – classic f rauds like t he Emerald met eorit e also have a special place in my heart . (MT ) Is your collect ion displayed or kept in a dry box or bot h? Bot h. Yest erday (August 5, 2010), I helped t he Senior Geoscience Curat or, Dr. Alex COOK, set up t he f irst ever public display of met eorit es at t he Queensland Museum where I have loaned half t he display.

Dr Alex Cook, t he senior geoscience Curat or of t he Queensland Museum and t he display we set up. (MT ) In what ways do you use your comput er f or met eorit es?

(BW) My comput er is used mainly as a vehicle t o access t he met eorit e mailing list and t o edit and updat e my websit e and also of course t o email met eorit e colleagues here in Aust ralia and around t he world – My websit e act s bot h as a educat ional and collect ing resource and t o channel quest ions about Queensland met eorit es including t heir ident if icat ion and classif icat ion alt hough I have been asked t o ident if y more met eorwrongs t han met eorit es! (MT ) Do you ever hunt f or met eorit es? (BW) Yes. (MT ) What is your f avorit e met eorit e in your collect ion? (BW) Tenham. (MT ) What is your f avorit e overall if it is not t he one above? (BW) Tenham is my f avorit e met eorit e which I have described as t he “signat ure” met eorit e of Queensland. (MT ) What makes t hese of special int erest ? (BW) Tenham st ill can be f ound wit hin t he Tenham st rewnf ield and t here is an amazing variat ion of colors and f eat ures wit hin t he mat rix… and of course t here are st ill new f inds t o be made in and around t he Tenham st rewnf ield. (MT ) What met eorit es are current ly on your wish list ? (BW) My major project at t he moment is keeping myself mot ivat ed, cheerf ul and busy wit h a project micrographing t hin-sect ions bot h as a educat ional and collect ing resource… it is hoped t hat a colleague will writ e t he def init ive book on t hin-sect ions using t hese as a wonderf ul resource. I wish t o t ake t he opport unit y t o ask readers if I can borrow any int erest ing t hin-sect ions f rom t hem t o have micrographed wit h a part icular f ocus on “pret t y” and “int erest ing” t hin-sect ions as well as t hin-sect ions of hammer st ones. I will cont inue t o updat e t he met list wit h det ails of new t hin-sect ion webpages and will warn readers bef ore I delet e webpages t o make room f or new webpages wit h my plan being t o rot at e ? t en webpages at a t ime.

My MOSSGIEL t hin-sect ion. And – if I can cont inue t o repat riat e unclassif ied and ot her rare Queensland met eorit es – t his can only help t he Queensland Museum who I will bequeat h my collect ion t o where it will reside as a communit y and universit y resource wit hout seeing our hist ory and herit age chipped away int o one gram ebay sales so t hat my grandchildren and f ut ure generat ions have somet hing t o see t hat I hope will inspire t hem t o go on and st udy.

(MT ) What met hods have been most successf ul in building your collect ion? (Buying at shows, f rom dealers by mail, auct ions on t he web, t rading‌ et c) (BW) All of t he above ! t hough I must admit t o being overly f ond of my ebay bidsniper! (MT ) Do you also collect relat ed mat erials like impact glasses, breccias, melt s, t ekt it es, shocked f ossils, nat ive iron rocks et c? (BW) No. (MT ) Do you prepare any of your own specimens? (cut , polish, et ch, et c.) (BW) No. (MT ) Have you had t o t ake any special measures t o prot ect t hem f rom t he environment ? (BW) Some of my iron specimens require caref ul and regular oiling and are surf ace sprayed wit h a t ransparent f ilm prevent ing rust easily removed wit hout damaging t he irons and even some of my high iron chondrit es require a bit of a similar t ouch-up. Please Share and Enjoy:

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Bensour Brecciat ed LL6 chondrit e Fell February 10, 2002 at around 4:30 PM in Morocco. Images, t ext are Copyright Š 2010 ROCKSFROMSPACE.ORG. No reproduct ion wit hout writ t en permission. Web design by Michael Johnson of rocksf ROCKS FROM OUT ER SPACE Please Share and Enjoy:

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Once a few decades ago this opening was a framed window in the wall of H. H. Nininger's Home and Museum building. From this window he must have many times pondered the mysteries of Meteor Crater seen in the distance. Photo by Š 2010 James Tobin

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