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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by  the things that you didn’t do  than by the ones you did do. So  throw off the bowlines. Sail  away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your  sails. Explore. Dream.  Discover.”  ― Mark Twain     

5: The HyperGrid Traveler: Evermore & Serenity in DigiWorldz 7: J&S Landscapes: J0hn and Sera Sm1th - Pt 1 13: Resident Solutions: Please let us know if you have any questions. (notecards can be sent to Ricky Maya or Orb Emerald in DigiWorldz)

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16: Meet the Masons

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21: Jane Stonecrow DigiWorldz Community Manager

29: J&S Landscapes - Pt 2 34: The Wonderful World of Nancy 35: Themed Greedy Tables



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Meet Our Team


Orb Emerald: Publishing Director / Columnist Orb has been in virtual worlds since 1995 and says, “If you work hard and stay busy you’ll learn something new every day, I love that reality”. As a staff member of DigiWorldz she strives to support the program from within the community and help it to thrive and grow.

Ricky Maya: Publishing Editor / Columnist - “ I bring my knowledge as a writer of the technical and scientific aspects of my training and work experience to Virtual Reality. With my respect for the fine arts, I am finding the virtual world a rich place to release my artistic side, and to aid all who may come here in that same endeavor.”

4Ever Amore: Staff Photographer -” Like many people here, I have had a long virtual life (12+ years) from SecondLife, Inworldz, Discovery and Digiworldz. I have been many things in different worlds including a Photographer/Videographer. I love the artistic talent and ambition of so many creators, builders and designers here; all of you are the reason I remain as an artist to grow through exploration, creative risk and a willingness to interact with others to evolve.”

Contessa Lacombe: HyperGrid Traveler / Columnist - Contessa has been traveling in VR since 2009, and now calls DigiWorldz home. “I began my VR journey while helping build a university sim in SL and quickly realized what a fantastic outlet VR can be for learning and creativity.” Tessa has had several business ventures in VR, including Metaphysical Mercantile, Elemental Jewelry, & is currently a co-owner of Guild. She is the owner of Brigantia, a medieval/fantasy roleplay estate in DigiWorldz.

| …Meet Our Team cont.|

4 Tari Tari: Feature Columnist - I have existed in Virtual worlds since 2006. Started my journey in Secondlife box wearing Newbie style. I love being creative and began my prim building there. I started my Jewelry business in Sl and eventually introduced my creations to OpenSim. I feel I am a fun loving, easy going person and I do enjoy a good Greedy game from time to time. I love to shop and have come to the conclusion that I am a Virtual Shopaholic; yes i need help (lol) Is there a SAA for Virtual worlds. Well I can go on and on but find out for yourself what Tari is like. heehee.. Enjoy & Hugzzz

Luna Stormfeather: HyperGrid Division Director / Columnist - Luna has been writing about virtual worlds for ten years. She joined Second Life® in 2009 and almost immediately started blogging and writing for inworld magazines. Since then, she has joined many virtual worlds and has designed her own magazine issues as well as writing for others. (NOTE: With Luna’s guidance and support this magazine is in existence. Thank you Luna.) ​FEATURED






The Wedding of Cataplexia Numbers & Clifford Hanger On Saturday, August 3rd, 1 PM PSTAt The Secret Garden in Koryphon, OS Grid Reception to follow with Music by DJ Rachel Rose The Wedding of Orb Emerald & Ricky Maya On Monday, August 26th, 1 PM PSTAt the All Faith Chapel in Eclectique, DigiWorldz Reception to follow (Camping Theme) with Music by DJ Trynatie in Eclectique (925/632/28)

5 ​The HyperGrid Traveler

Evermore & Serenity in DigiWorldz

The Blue Ridge Parkway, in RL, is a scenic highway that follows the Blue Ridge Mountains through parts of Virginia and North Carolina. On a recent expedition in DigiWorldz, Joe Love informed me that his 4x4 named Evermore "IS the Blue Ridge Parkway". Joe and his partner, Kristy Love, each own two 4x4's, Evermore, Serenity, Aspire, and Amor (collectively, Serenity Estates).

turn right to Evermore. Of the four regions, Evermore contains the most land mass, being the mountains of western North Carolina. The Evermore Mall is located in the northeastern corner of the region, and directly in front of the Mall is peaceful Evermore Park, where you can take a walk with your honey, sit and watch the ducks, or play on the seesaw.

At the Serenity Welcome Center (which includes a Rodin Shuttle Station if you prefer to travel that way) you can gather landmarks to points of interest and even get a free bike or motorcycle to ride. (Welcome Center: hop://login.digiworldz.com:8002/Sere nity/ 130/177/22) But, for the best experience, leave the landmarks and drive down the highway. Take a left out of the Welcome Center, pass the Serenity Airport, then

But, if you continue straight, past the Mall, you'll head east, into the mountains. Now, I'm very familiar with western North Carolina, and after spending some time traveling Joe's pixel parkway, I have to say it truly is a fine representation of the real thing. The highway weaves up, down, and around Evermore, providing pastoral vistas and activities along the way. Toward the middle of Evermore, you'll see a sign for Mt. Poe, and there

6 you'll find Jumping Rock Mountain where you can take a hot air balloon ride for an aerial view. After that, circle back and continue along the main road, where there's a pretty church that would make a great wedding venue. You'll begin to hear horses neighing. It's not your imagination--at the next crossroad, turn toward the stables at Evermore Ranch, saddle up and take a ride through the mountains! Joe and Kristy also have some charming beach cabins facing the open sea on Amor.

The other three 4x4's are mainly open sea with stretches of beautiful beach front property. "We love to sail", Joe told me. Later that day, he and Kristy picked me up while I was wandering along the beach and took me for a boat tour.

You can take a water tour yourself too! There are several docks throughout the four regions where you can rez your own boat. But, if you continue down the road, you'll next cross out of the mountains and back into Serenity. And here's the surprise...this is not RL, so we can jump from the western North Carolina mountains straight to the eastern Carolina shore in the blink of an eye! I told Joe that I'd never been to the Outer Banks in RL, but have always wanted to go. "Well welcome to our version of Highway 12!", he told me. North Carolina Highway 12 runs through the islands of the Outer Banks, connecting them to the mainland and extending all the way to Cape Hatteras. Joe's version does the same, including the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse! And, of course, there are many attractions along the way.

7 You'll find the expected beaches, with opportunities to go boating or kayaking, and you can grab a surfboard or windsurfer and tackle a big tidal wave--I wish you luck! I did give it a try, but for my part, I'd prefer to go up the hill to Love's Hookah Bar. (Kristy told me she wasn't at all sure there was really a hookah bar at Outer Banks, but...hey...poetic license.) Relax in a bean bag chair, put your feet up, ahhhh. The guy sitting next to me looked like he'd been there way too long! But, I also ran into Joe, who bought me a drink. Ozzie, the famous bartender, makes a mean margarita! ...The Neuschwanstein Castle. (This was After that, have a nap on the beach, actually what brought me to Joe and because later in the evening you'll Kristy's place. Build a castle, and I will have to put on your party clothes...it's come. But now I'm wondering how it time to visit Love's Jazz Lounge. landed in the middle of North Carolina.) I see a pattern emerging...Joe Love has a Now, you'll need to look carefully, passion for recreating real life places in because you won't see a traditional pixels. Joe says he's been working on building, just a sign and a torch in Neuschwanstein Castle for about a year. front of a big sand dune. Joe says Here and there, you'll see photos of the that Love's Jazz Lounge is "Digi's RL castle posted--Joe's working from the only underwater lounge". That's photos. The castle isn't completely right. After wandering through a finished, but it's already quite an cave, you take an elevator impressive build. down...below sea level, to a sparkling submarine venue. Joe and Kristy Our tour is nearing its end. Just down the have a music stream, so you can road from the castle are some high end dance any time, but they also have beach houses that are for rent, as well as live entertainment. But, the highway the beach house where Joe and Kristy doesn't stop there‌ reside, then on to the Amor region, where Past the Hookah Lounge, the highway continues along the upper edge of the Aspire region, leading over to...ready?

you'll find the Amor Dunes. For your last big activity, take a jeep ride over the dunes.


When I first talked to Joe Love, I asked him if there was a theme at Serenity Estates. He told me, "It's supposed to be fun here. The whole place is for everyone to enjoy." Well, I think he and Kristy have hit their mark! Not only is their creation beautiful and peaceful to look at, but you'll also find places to explore and activities to do scattered throughout. If you're feeling like you need a trip to the beach, but you can't go in RL, take a virtual trip to Serenity. It's the next best thing. ~Contessa Lacombe

Visit Contessa and all the members of Become a Become Visit a Sponsor Sponsor of of the the Isle of Myst DigiWorldz Wide Hunt DigiWorldz Grid GWHG. Look for Medieval Roleplay. Look for Future Hunts Here Future Hunt Announcements and IninDigiWorldz! Everyone is welcome to Here the HGZ Magazine! join in and chat by the fire. Meet Visit Contessa With the Isles and of theMyst Roleplayers.. Isles Of Myst Medieval ALL Roleplayers: are Welcome


J & S Landscapes:

Recently, I was fortunate enough to sit down and chat with J0hn and Sera Sm1th, owners of the fine J & S Landscapes establishment, and their surrounding work-in-progress region of Peacock Grove. The tale involves the fortunate meeting of the minds’, (and hearts), of two curious and inventive individuals, and is pleasant in it’s serendipitous weaving of their combination of love and respect for each other, and the talent and artistic flair they each demonstrate. I asked them how long they have been active in VirtuReality(VR), and how they each got involved with VR?

J0hn and Sera Sm1th - Pt 1

Sera: “Well as most people are curious, J0hn was curious, and very interested in Sci-Fi. He had heard about the grid Utherverse, and that it was Sci-Fi based, so he decided to check it out. He learned basic building skills when he built his first spaceship and docking station. He also put in a club within the spaceship. In order to get there you tp'd to a space station first, and from there you had options to teleport to various locations in the ship. That was his first endeavor. J0hn stayed there for a few years, and that‘s the time period when Second Life(SL) was being built and all the hub-ub started with Second Life. So he decided to check out SL. Liking what he saw and all the possibilities and people, he decided to stay. J0hn is a people person:) He made many friends with varying interests there, and that's where his interest in building and landscaping took off. SL gave him his ‘bones’ so to speak. After several years there, J0hn felt it was time to move on, not for any one specific reason, but to check out our grids. So, he had heard about InWorldz(IW) and decided to check that out. J0hn made friends quickly, and made a name for his landscaping abilities quite quick so decided to make it a business within IW.”

10 J0hn: “And this is where Sera enters the picture. Known in IW as Seraphine … So to backtrack a little ... Sera had joined SL first, as most people do. She was bored. She had little kids at home in RL and wanted some kind of ‘chat’ to be a part of. She had also seen all the hub-ub of SL and decided to join. Well, her experience was not long lived, having gone to quite a few clubs, and done a lot of shopping :), she found she just wasn't getting the friendly atmosphere. So while Googling one day, she came across InWorldz(IW). The article had said how it was the up and coming place for virtual worlds. She was intrigued and signed right up. At that time IW was very to explore on her own. She came across a much like Digi ... when she landed there particular DJ that she got a long with well she was warmly greeted and made to and would kind of follow around to a lot of feel very welcome. She liked it!! (LOL) the clubs. Unbeknownst to Sera there was After a few days of people helping her someone else who also visited these clubs get her avi set, she started that this particular DJ was at. Sera began to notice that this person J0hn was always where she was ... hmmmm …” Sera: “Well after a couple days, J0hn finally got up the nerve to ask me to dance, which I accepted. At that time J0hn was partnering with someone on a club, so they had rented a sim. The other person was managing, putting together the club, and J0hn was landscaping, So one day J0hn says ‘...Hey, want to see my club that we're building?


I said … ‘sure’. Well, when John had taken me there and taken me all around, I was blown away. I mean really, to create this type of environment that you could actually walk around and participate in, how cool was that(?) In my head, I could not fathom being able to ‘build’ something like this. He had caves, and trails, and a mountain that you climbed to the top. Once you got to the top, there was a hot tub situated ‘just so’. We spent a lot of time in that hot tub, just talking all night long. There were beaches with fire pits and seating. It was really cool. I was impressed. However, as in RL, something happened to the partner just after the club opened and he had to close it. But that did not discourage J0hn. He continued receiving requests for landscaping. At one such job J0hn had im'd me and said … ‘Hey want to see what I'm working on

now?’ And, of course, I said yes. This is where I started learning to build. J0hn says here …’Why don't you make some copies of this board. I was like ‘whaaaatttt......’ I didn't know how to do that....make copies??? So I had to fess up and tell him, “Well, I do not know how to do that.’ He said, ‘No problem’, and explained how it was done. So I made copies of boards, lol . That was just the beginning. I started following him to all his landscaping jobs. Then one day J0hn says, ‘how would you like to be my manager for JS Landscapes? Doing notices, etc.’ I said, ‘Sure I'd love to do that.’ So we used to say that I was ‘Quality Control’. (lol)

~ Ricky Maya

...continued in Part 2 of J&S Landscapes: J0hn and Sera Sm1th


Update - Grand Opening: August 3rd @ 4pm


1) Select your inventory 2) In the upper right corner select the drop down labeled "All Types" next to "Filter:" 3) Select "Custom" at the bottom of the list 4) Check mark "Always show folders" At this point, your Suitcase folder will be listed alphabetically, directly under the "Lost And Found" folder, and before the "Notecards" folder.

This month, I’ll be going over a few tidbits of help that I’ve discovered from others that may aid in the daily usage of one’s Inventory. It can be frustrating for individuals to find directions to correcting these instances, so maybe this will help head off those times. One common question for new users is the whereabouts of their “Suitcase” folder. Here is a way to find your suitcase if it isn't listed in your inventory:



The next hint involves finding recently acquired or recently used, taken, deleted or returned (to your “Lost and Found” file) items. Often, this occurs after a voluntary or forced relog, especially when returning from Hypergrid exploring.To find items recently used or acquired that have become “lost” from the recent tab due to relogging: 1) Select your “Inventory” tab 2) Select the "Recent" tab 3) Select the "All Types" drop down next to "Filter" 4) Select "Custom" at the bottom of the drop down: At this point, a column called "Recent Items" will appear. Near the bottom, you will see a "Since Logoff", "-OR-", then "Newer than" and "Older than" buttons to select. By changing the "Hours" and/or "Days" values, you can filter back to past actions of usage or acquisition and find those items listed. This is true in both Firestorm and Singularity, the menus being almost identical.

Another tip that was shown to me recently involves the tools tabs along the bottom of one’s viewer. To customize your toolbar in Firestorm, right click on a toolbar button and select “Toolbar Buttons” from the dropdown. A menu of all the available buttons will then appear. Optionally, choose “Avatar” at the top of your screen, then choose “Toolbar Buttons” to get to the same menu. In Singularity, choose “View” at the top of your viewer and choose “Toolbar” to toggle the buttons on or off, and “ Change toolbar buttons” to get the full menu of available buttons.

We’re here to answer your technical questions. Please feel free to submit questions in a notecard to: Ricky Maya & Orb Emerald



DiscoveryGrid: RockinTheBlues DJ Kith 6:00 pm DJ Cataplexia 7:30 pm Open Sim's Smokin Hot Blues Club Rockin The Blues Friday nights...

Come join the Tribe on Wyldwood Bayou @

http://discoverygrid.net:8002:Wyldwood Bayou (416, 643, 26) Click LM twice to get from Landing Point



​ Meet the Masons Trynatie and Perry Mason were prominent residents of InWorldz. I met Trynatie at a club where she was DJing called East Coast 80’s which was a popular club owned by Sonny Darkrose (who is also a resident of DigiWolrdz now). The years that followed had Trynatie and me crossing paths again and again as we were both involved in oYo, which is a virtual animal breeding and sales company. oYo was as popular in InWorldz as it currently is in Second Life.



17 Trynatie and her husband Perry were both Auctioneers and very active as oYo animal breeders. They also bought and sold all sorts of livestock as well as provided space for other people’s animals on their region. The Masons were always there for us, to answer our questions, and assist new people just coming into the business. They’ve always been like that, friendly and helpful to everyone. We’d like to introduce them here in HGZ Magazine and share their story.

Mason 2-4pm and every other Sunday at the Welcome Center 2-4pm].” So yes, we dropped a bit of an ad there, but we think you should know there are some talented DJ’s here in DigiWorldz who are active and very busy with their sets at multiple clubs. There’s always something to do here and it’s nice to cut loose from building once in a while, head out to a club, and listen to some great tunes. Trynatie has those for us, her sets are packed with a wide variety of music so there’s something for everyone’s taste. “Hi my name Is Trynatie (Trinity), I got my name off the first Matrix movie :) I am 59 in RL and I live in the state of Oregon while Perry lives in Alabama. Perry and I have been partners since InWorldz (2/1/16). I am a fun person, outgoing, and love to explore. I am also a DJ here in DigiWorldz. [My schedule is Mondays @ Club Element 6-8pm, Wednesdays @ Club Whatever 2-4pm, Thursdays @ Tombstone 4-6pm, Sundays @ Club

Another interest of theirs is creating art. Trynatie tells us, “I own a store, along with my Partner Perry Mason, named ‘FrameWorks’ where I create framed art and wall decals, signs etc. Perry builds houses, docks and other things. We both love to spend our spare time away from RL in DigiWorldz.” Perry then explained, “I build with prims and it’s cool once you learn what you can do with them”.


Most of us who have known Perry for a while know that he’s a man of few words, but when he says something we know it’s something he really believes in. He’s been building for years and use to sell his creations back in InWorldz. Yet he didn’t let the closure of IW hold him back because he continues to build and sell some really nice things in DigiWorldz. There are booths at the DigiWorldz INTERCHANGE region where the Masons have provided examples of items that they’ve each created. They are as unique and distinct as their personalities. Trynatie and Perry have grown together over time and support and encourage one another along the way, which is evident when you notice that their cute little shops are side by side at the Interchange Expo.

Getting back to when InWorldz went down, it had affected many people in different ways. Some had lost years of their creative hard work. Other people were able to transition seamlessly as Trynatie explains, “When IW (InWorldz) was going down I had explored DigiWorldz, but before that I had heard rumor through the grapevine that ‘Digi’ is where most went... so here we are. We’ve explored other grids but we really like this one.”

When I asked: ‘What would you like to accomplish in DigiWorldz?’, the answer was similar to what others wish for here in the virtual world, “We would love to learn more on building, make more friends, and do more socializing.”

19 As we often ask people during HGZ Magazine interviews, ‘what is your advice on what a new resident should know about or do in DigiWorldz’, their answer was, “That DigiWorldz is a wonderful place to be where you will find loads of friendly people who are willing to help with anything you need to get you started. Also explore, because there are loads to see here in ‘Digi’ but you have to get out there to see it all :)” Trynatie offers, “Welcome to DigiWorldz , if I can be of any help please let me know :)”. Trynatie takes us back several years... “My first day online in a virtual World was on 10/18/2010 where I found Second Life. Well, being a Noob In SL, I had A LOT to learn and that was in part ‘the bad and the good’. Over time I learned about the people - which there are bad and good along with them as well. First I learned to host... then a good friend of mine taught me how to DJ in 2013, so I’ve been DJing ever since.” This is when Perry mentioned that he’d like to learn to DJ too, and I have to say he’s got a really fun southern accent. So he has a unique style right from the start, which most DJs would envy and club goers would enjoy. At this point Trynatie pauses, then mentions that she hasn’t had any serious conflicts online but tells us, “ I can not say that I have had a conflict here in ‘Digi’, but if I did, I suppose that I might walk away. If I had to mute someone because of a

bad conflict I would, but I would try to work it out first. If a ‘no go’ then it’s a ‘mute’ :) Not sure what else to do about it. Oh, and let it gooo!”. Exactly, that is good advice for us all, since it never pays to hold grudges or get into negative situations to begin with. Solving problems by talking about them works the same in all realities. Trynatie and Perry tell us that some of the things they like about being online in virtual are, “The clubs, parties, malls, places to explore, and meeting friends. Just having fun with friendly people… these are the best things about virtual life.” Trynatie suggests that, “Adding more people would be good for ‘Digi’ :) ”

They both see themselves online in the coming years and they want to “learn to build more creative things, make more friends” and enjoy their lives together in DigiWorldz. ​~Orb Emerald


Cosplay Corner​ has an assorted collection of costumes in stock for your role-playing needs. Whether it be a Super Hero, Medieval warrior or Steam-punk; we're sure you'll find something that suits your needs. If not then drop Artman Xue a message via notecard to request your special order. Yes that is right! You can order an outfit of your liking that you don't currently see in the shop. Artman Xue also builds/creates custom classic avatars. So drop by today and browse Cosplays Corners selection of many items. hop://login.digiworldz.com:8002/Taiga%20Merlin/492/781/24

21 ​|

Jane Stonecrow


DigiWorldz Community Manager

Going back to where it began for her, Jane’s first experiences with the online community were gradual and unfolded over a long course of time. She explains, “I first got online about 10 minutes after the internet was invented, but it was only about 10 years ago that I got interested in virtual. Like many people, I started out in SL. Transferring my graphics skills was easy, but prim and mesh building was a whole new world I’ve had to learn about.” Later, after serious consideration, she found her true home.

Jane Stonecrow​ ​is the Community

Manager here in DigiWorldz and has a lot to say when it comes to her life, virtual & real, and her activities on this amazing grid. She’s full of energy and has a great time while performing many tasks and duties here. She begins this dialogue as she tells us enthusiastically, “Well, I’m 50 years old, I’m an artist and a web developer IRL. I spent about 20 years bouncing between marketing and finance before striking out on my own. I’m a lot poorer this way, but happier!”

“I had decided to leave SL once and for all. What I really wanted to do was build a project I’ve had in mind for a long time now—but costs just made it impossible in SL. So I decided to jump the fence into opensim. I started reading about different grids, because this would be a long-term project and I wanted to be sure the grid I chose would be around for a while, or that if worse came to worse, I would at least be able to preserve my work. I even considered just making my own grid, but I really didn’t want to have to deal with that whole side of things.” Similarly, after investigating the different grids in OpenSim and choosing DigiWorldz (for me it was after InWorldz disappeared), Jane found a lot of information and she deliberated on all the aspects of the different grids.

​22 She tells us, “As I read more, DigiWorldz started sounding better and better. In particular I noticed that in comments on articles, Terry was always courteous and helpful, didn’t get dragged down into the bickering I saw going on. That made a real impression on me, he struck me as a person of integrity. You put a lot of trust in those who run your grid, host your virtual life and work. So Digi went to the top of the list of grids to check out.” Jane, I wholeheartedly agree with those important points about DigiWorldz and its owner Terry Ford. More about some of the things that Jane does best…

“Prior to Digi it was mostly my art/graphics skills that transferred to virtual. I couldn’t build anything besides a prim box, but I was doing a lot of custom texturing for myself and friends. DigiWorldz has called on a lot more of my RL skills, such as organization and

admin. Never expected to get so involved—I just wanted a quiet corner where I could spend years working on my project, a few friendly people to chat with on occasion. But somehow (NOX!) I quickly became involved in the community here and committed to helping Digi be a great place to be. So, about 3 months after I joined DigiWorldz I was at the quarterly Community Meeting when Nox asked for volunteers to help get Metaverse University up and running. I don’t know enough about building to teach anyone, but I told Nox I’d help on the organizing side of things.

Education has always been a priority for me, and IRL I’ve been a presenter in city educational programs, as well as doing volunteer tutoring for literacy, ESL, and after-school homework programs—so it seemed like a good fit for me, as a way to get involved. Anyway, by the end of the meeting people were coming up to

23 me saying, ‘Nox says you’re in charge of the university so I should talk to you about teaching.’ :| So I just dove in! Getting volunteer teachers on board, schedules organized, marketing, graphics work, getting students in, supporting teachers as they got their classes rolling. It’s called on a lot of my RL skills.” She’s got a lot of experience to pull from, many of us do, what we need to understand is how to bring that into virtual and translate those skills and share them here… in ‘Digi’..” “My position as DigiWorlz Community Manager came about after I started as the Educational Director of MVU (Metaverse University). I guess at that point I’d just thrown out any pretense of being a hermit in virtual; I kept telling Nox about ideas I had for doing this or that community project or activity or group. About that time she was organizing the Activities Coalition, to help promote other aspects of the community here. So she asked me to take on the role of Community Manager, develop some of my ideas for the community, and help get the Activities Coalition running.” We have to add a belated congratulations to Jane, and Nox. We sure do enjoy the MVU. More of Jane’s story… “What these disparate things have in common —Metaverse University, the Activities Coalition and its events, the

still-to-come projects and groups—is creating places for people to find community in DigiWorldz. To meet others, share interests, build an economy, find places to go and activities to enjoy. DigiWorldz is young, and growing fast.

24 |

Images by Jane Stonecrow of the MVU ​~ Metaverse University in DigiWorld ~

We’re looking forward to the unvailing of the new University being designed by Jane..


25 There are a lot of creative and interesting people here, doing creative, interesting things. My job is to help build the infrastructure for all those people to find each other, I guess you could say.” “My main suggestion would be to take advantage of the tools available at Welcome when you arrive—from avatars, freebies, and learning tools to all the available ways to connect with the community. The Events Calendar and Metaverse University Calendar are at Welcome (and on the web). There are Group Join Boards, where you can find all sorts of help, interest groups, social chat groups, places to go and things to see. Don’t be afraid to join some, go to some events. People are very welcoming here. They even volunteer to be so—the Greeterz and Mentorz you’ll meet at Welcome are probably your greatest resource of all!” ​Thanks Jane, we’ll take that advice and pass it on =) Of all the times she’s spent in virtual she’s always managed to organize and be productive. Along the way there has been, and always will be, challenges, but she always finds a solution. She wants us to know that, “Getting Metaverse University up and running has probably been the biggest challenge. IRL I’ve started businesses and been part of start-ups, helped launch programs and found groups—

and it’s hard to get a new thing going! Really hard. People don’t want to go someplace unless there’s people there; so how do you get them there in the first place? I was prepared for a long hard haul to get it off the ground. But I must say that from the very beginning, the residents of DigiWorldz have been committed to it, and to the idea of education resources in virtual. It’s been really wonderful to see so much communal support for a project. Our teachers volunteer so much of their knowledge, skills and time to the rest of the community—and the students come to learn! Now that we have our feet under us, the next challenge is to ramp it up!” Ramping it up is what we’re definitely going to do. Ricky Maya and I have future plans that include teaching at the MVU. We’ll be exploring RAW files and will lend a hand at helping the community understand how to translate graphics into RAW files which are used to create terrain here in virtual. So be sure to stay tuned for that in some not so distant classes on this subject. ~Orb Emerald





J & S Landscapes: J0hn and Sera Sm1th - Pt 2

J0hn: “ And that's how JS Landscapes got our start. In the beginning, being new to the whole ‘building’ thing, Sera helped with the landscaping jobs, but as she got better at that, I could see she had an eye for color, and arranging. So I pushed her to make her own designs. So that's how we came up with making the setting of trees and flowers that you can just set out and be done. The funny thing is, it's named for John, John Sm1th

At this point, I felt that there was more to the story, as their trail from SL and IW to Digi wasn’t totally clear and obvious to me. I asked how they found their way to DigiWorldz, and what aspects encouraged them to stay.?

Landscapes. But now it's known as: ‘J0hn and Sera Landscapes’. Hmmmm, maybe fate knew something before I did when I chose that name ... So now we are here in Digi, offering our services to Digians. :)”

Sera: “We were at the time in IW, and just felt that IW was not what it used to be. People were leaving, there just was not the fun atmosphere that it had when we joined. So, we had heard about Opensim and were very intrigued and interested in the fact that you got so much land for such a good price and the things you could do with that. But J0hn didn't want to leave IW. It was where we had our start and we would be leaving a lot behind. But as the

30 time progressed we could see things were changing. I guess you could say we didn't feel welcome.” --J0hn: “So Sera decided to check out Digi. She first rented a cottage to get the feel of the place. She could not get over how nice and helpful people were here. Hey, we didn't know what hyper gridding was. We didn't know that there were all these cool places to go visit. Kind of like traveling around the world. And Community Chat, what a great way to meet people, I thought that was genius. So anyways, after Sera kept telling me about the people in Digi,I finally agreed to make an avi … Woot! It didn't take me long to see ... yep, this is a great place. Soon after that, Sera purchased a sim, then ran out of room, ... well almost, ... then got an extra sim. Yeah, well now we have a 5x5. (lol) This size provides us the room to have our home area, our work area, a fun play area and our shop area. And not to mention the Digi customer service.” --Sera: “Any time John or I have had an issue, we are able to get help almost immediately from the staff, and any tickets are usually handled in a very timely fashion. That's our experience, anyways. I know at other places you could wait days before your issue was even looked at. And really, here on Digi, we haven't had many issues at all, so that speaks to the care that the staff put in to making Digi work the way it does.”

I then asked if they could describe their present involvement here, and what they do daily as a rule within VR and DigiWorldz?

31 What have they learned of significance here that they would pass on to others who spend time here or are considering choosing DigiWordz as a home? Sera: “We would like to think we are very involved, J0hn is currently working on a few Digi projects, top secret :), and I like to get around to the clubs and be involved where I can, that's what makes the community right. However, for myself, RL has been tough on me lately and I am not here as much as I would like. But you can usually find both of us online pretty early in the day, and I try to make it back in the evenings. We don't really have any daily rules. We used to try to make it a habit to build something new everyday. We want our customers to always have something new to see in our shop. Time lately has been sparse. But we are hoping it will get better.

We have a few builds in the works presently. When you visit our shop, we hope that you take the time to walk around. Follow the paths, it's quite a large area. There is a newer area that goes down a level that showcases some of J0hn’s bridges that he's built, and there is landscaping around them that can also be purchased. He's also created a section toward the back that he likes to call ‘The Cottages’. It's arranged like a little village with quaint old style buildings. It's also a landscaped area with items for purchase or maybe just walking around the area will inspire YOU to try your hand at landscaping. If you don't feel you have the skills, you can always contact J0hn ... he'd be happy to discuss your project with you.” J0hn: “The biggest thing we think is to be patient. Everyone here has a RL,

32 so be patient. Also, I guess, there's the golden rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated. I can honestly say this is the friendliest group of people. Who wouldn't want to choose Digi for their home(?)” We then discussed their plans for the future here. Were there projects ongoing or in their future that they would tell us about?

So that's kind of where we are at now. And the fact that J0hns computer died isn't helping, he's running on basic right now. So things are slow to rez and slow to move, so building is taking longer. Remember patience … lol As for the future in Digi, we both hope to be more active in the general community, whether it's participating in, or helping organize grid functions, or in building.“

Sera: “Well, in addition to expanding on our shop, we have really not had much time to work on our sim. We wanted it to be a home, work area, and fun too. So, I'm sure those that have visited have looked around. We have a road that goes all the way around the sim, and there's an airport on top of a hill, and some rivers that are started. So our plans were to make it scenic. You'll be able to drive the roads and we were putting in rivers and lakes for boating. J0hn even built a yacht club. We thought about how fun it would be to have our I finished by speaking to them of the own place to have a party, or wonderful ideas and builds I’d seen from ‘what-not’, in a yacht club. them on their region, and others’ where they have worked, anticipating the chance to see more in the future. Was there anything else they would like to add? J0hn: “We just would like to thank everyone who visits, or purchases from our shop, or hires us to landscape their sim. We enjoy helping others create their Digi space, and have made many friends that we may not have otherwise.” J0hn and Sera together: “So THANK YOU!” You’re certainly Welcome! ~Ricky Maya


Look​ for our new feature in next month’s issue of HyperGrid Zone Magazine. Tari Tari is going to cover a wide range of topics and add some spice to our lives. “TaryTyme” is her creation and she’s ready to write her first feature magazine article for Issue #2 !.

Tari Tari says:

Step into my world​ ​to find a path of energy, smiles, and hugzz. I am somewhat of a dreamer and a lover of fairy tales and reading a good book... I do love to write now and then and have 100's of novels shoved into my brain to one day make a paper. I love the idea of being able to put my creative thoughts, ideas, and dreams in print. Join me on my journey of inspirational, motivating, idealistic, and of course funny content. Have a Great Virtual Life !!! ~Tari Tari


-----------OF NANCY----------and with her, the support hasn’t stopped. Nancy is also a participant in the DigiWorldz Interchange where we recently held our Open House Exposition. Her booth there is remarkable and lights up the entire area at the INTERCHANGE region. She’s a treasure and we think a great subject for an article here in HGZ Magazine. We’ll get to know more about her while having an adventure through one of her creations… “The Wonderful World Of Nancy” , ​Serendipity (220, 138, 23).

When I first met Nancy it was through an ad I had posted in Facebook about my rental homes in DigiWorldz. On first impression I found Nancy to be extremely cordial and bubbly, and well, just really nice. That impression remains, except that she’s an even kinder person than I originally thought. Sometimes we run into the most friendly people online and these are the gems we need to hold on to. Nancy rented a home in Crystal Valley and moved in immediately. Her decorating style stood out in a welcoming way. From doorstep to backyard everything she placed was warm and inviting. It inspired me so much and I felt amazingly uplifted about inviting people to the neighborhood we were setting up. It does make all the difference in the world to have people such as Nancy join in on a project,

We love getting to know the real person behind the avatar, so here’s where it begins as Nancy tells us...

35 “In rl I am a married mother of 4 and a grandmother to 5 adorable children. I'm also the special Guardian to one of my Grandsons.” Nancy is one of the many ‘mature citizens’ here in DigiWorldz, and is very proud of her family. It means a great deal to know that we can be open about who we really are. As avatars we’re all so impeccable (well, in most cases lol). It’s just comforting to have something ‘real’ and Nancy is special in all realities. Nancy goes on to mention where her RL met her VL… “I first came online when I joined Second Life in 2006. I started out as a complete noob, and started at the beginning. Then I learned along the way, by trial and error, through the help of friends and from my husband that I had met in Second Life as a friend and eventually met in rl. We have now been married for 7 years.”...the beginning of a wonderful story, with a vitally significant outcome.

couple of years and a small few decided to set up here in Digiworldz. I decided to come and see what Digiworldz was all about and to keep in touch with friends that had moved here.”

We’re so fortunate to have Nancy in our DigiWorldz community. She’s a very learned person who has had a lot of experiences over the years in different areas of her virtual life and she’s open to She goes on to explain about some trials share these with us. She tells us, “I can turn my hand to pretty much anything. and tribulations along her virtual path. Over the years I ran clubs, have been an “Around 7 years ago I was told about a estate manager, owned shopping malls grid called Avination (the same as and mentored. But my main skills are secondlife... well it was very similar). Here I had my first taste of opensim and sim designing, terraforming and photography.” made many friends there, one of which decided to open a grid called Zandramas. This is where my husband Speaking of Photography, Nancy wants us to know, “Photography is my passion and I joined as testers when in the beta stage. Eventually the grid was renamed in rl and virtual. Zangrid, but sadly the owner of the grid decided to close after a

36 As the Official Digiworldz photographer, it is my aim to capture the beauty and the amazing talents that Digiworldz residents have to offer. Also to promote this through my photos via social media platforms such as Facebook and MeWe. Eventually I'd like to extend the social media audience to start reaching those via Twitter and Instagram, Slowly these platforms are becoming more popular as an advertising platform for the virtual worlds.”

Nancy Sinatra gets immersed in the ‘Digi’ community where she inspires and encourages us here. Her advice to new residents? “When I meet with a new resident I always suggest that they join the community chat groups as a way of getting to know people and to see for themselves what a helpful friendly lot we are.” Nancy hosts a group in DigiWorldz e called th the the


‘Community Chat Group’ where many members talk about their day to day virtual lives and where other more experienced members are always willing and ready to help new folks. Her appreciation for DigiWorldz brings her back and here’s why, “For me the stability of a grid and good support is very important which are Digiworldz' greatest assets as well as its wonderful residents. It’s the most stable grid I know in opensim/ the hypergrid.” She adds, “Today I can honestly say that Digiworldz is meeting all my virtual needs. ofc that isn’t to say that improvement is not needed... but personally I’m very happy. It’s always good to keep listening and to continue to be up to date.” It’s obvious that Nancy knows a good thing when she experiences it.

So, I asked the imperative question: Where do you see yourself and Digiworldz in five years?

37 Her answer… “Wow, now there’s a question, and one I’m not sure how to answer, since I very much live for the day... no big plan here, but I’ll stay where I”m happy so here’s to the next five years in Digiworldz”.

Sounds good to me Nancy, we’ll see you around the grid. *big grins* ~Orb Emerald *See some of Nancy’s art with shared photos of Tari Tari’s Grand Opening of the Nefertari Resort Hotel Pages 42 & 43.


​VISIT: Kushi’s Textures & Mesh ~ High Quality Renderings

for Your Important Creations.

39 ​ Themed Greedy Tables Created By Jimmy Olsen If you are a Greedy aficionado, Tromso in Great Canadian Grid is the place you want to visit. Jimmy Olsen has created 34 Greedy tables, each of a different theme. Some of the themes are fishing dock, tiki raft (for couples), children’s, mermaid, gaia gate, Viking tavern and hot tub. The most popular is the bar Greedy table.

Jimmy explains how he got started making Greedy tables, “When I first saw a Greedy table at OS, it was very ugly and script inside very simple. I used to play it at SL [Second Life®] and was looking for a decent table here so after looking for months at many many sims, I finally found one.” He’s modified both the scripts and the layout. He offers them for free and full permissions.

Looking for a Greedy table?​ ​Click to find the website​ and from there you can hypergrid to Tromso. To find them on Tromso sim, walk into the buildings and see the tables rezzed out. Buy your favorites for $0. You can also step into the Asgard Kaffe and play a game or two. AlTIme, several players gather to play with Jimmy.most every evening around 7 pm grid

40 While you’re on Tromso, feel free to explore. “Based on a RL Northern Norway city (same name) and way of life,” is stated on the website. Although Jimmy doesn’t live in Norway, he loves the language, people, culture and food. He says, “I’m not from there RL but probably my soul is.” He even changes the weather on the sim to match the weather in the real city. Jimmy joined Second Life® in 2007 and first came to Great Canadian Grid (GCG) in 2015. He describes his early time there, “At that time I had no friends here and didn’t know we could hypergrid. Then, since 10th Feb 2018, I bought this standalone sim and been playing daily.”

He chose to name his avatar after his beloved dog Jimmy (who passed away in 2017) and added the surname of the newspaper reporter in Superman. ~Luna Stormfeather


LUNA @ The Piazza!!, Becs Heaven (230, 219, 21) Great Canadian Grid The Piazza - SCHEDULE ----------------------------Wed DJ Jack 5-7 pm GCG Firday Fry's Diner 7-10pm GCG Saturday Steven 5-6pm GCG Sunday Ms Munk 4-6pm GCG



REVIEW: Grand Opening - Nefertari Beach Resort Images courtesy of 4Ever Amour and Nancy Sinatra


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This is a back issue of the HGZ Magazine published for Terry Ford, owner of the DigiWorldz Grid, www.digiworldz.com


This is a back issue of the HGZ Magazine published for Terry Ford, owner of the DigiWorldz Grid, www.digiworldz.com