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STORY TIME Dozens of children gathered around for story time at the teddy bear’s picnic at Rotary Park on Tuesday. The event was put on for the first time in Merritt by Kamloops-based Children’s Therapy and Family Resource Society with the help of various agencies from around the Nicola Valley. The picnic included visits from Merritt’s fire department and ambulance service, as well as an obstacle course station, bubble station, and face painting, and of course, plenty of teddy bears. The community event attracted about 170 people, which surpassed organizers’ expectations, Children’s Therapy and Family Resource Centre’s Brenda Gustafson said. Emily Wessel/Herald

City, TOTA going their separate ways By Michael Potestio THE HERALD

The City of Merritt has decided to stop working with the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) under its case study pilot project. They have also withdrawn from Destination BC’s Community Tourism Opportunities (CTO) program, which provides funding for tourism activities in B.C. communities, TOTA community development specialist Simone CarlysleSmith said.

At its regular meeting on June 10, city council approved the recommendation put forward by the city’s business and economic development manager to stop the pilot project. The recommendation ends the assistance and funding opportunities the city had received under the project. At the regular council meeting on May 27, Carlysle-Smith asked council to submit a letter in response to the opportunity to continue working together, and consider a website proposal and available funding oppor-



building centre Locally Owned & Operated

1701 Voght St., Merritt, B.C.

tunities. Moving forward with TOTA on the website would have cost the city about $19,000. They could have acquired $8,400 from the CTO program for the website, Carlysle-Smith told the Herald. She said the cost includes not only building the website, but photography and marketing of the website as well. City of Merritt economic development manager Jerry Sucharyna was not at the June 10 meeting and chief administrative officer Allan

Chabot addressed council on the matter. He pointed out there were reductions in the budget to tourism plan implementations, and said there’s a need to harmonize brand implementation with the economic development strategy. Chabot told council the website proposal was one item deleted from the business and economic development department’s budget. Carlysle-Smith said a tourism website for Merritt was identified in the tourism plan as the number 1 prior-

ity for Merritt. She said it was possible to implement a scaled-down version of the website to build upon over time if the full proposal wasn’t possible. Part of the pilot project is the destination and community branding project, which includes producing a wordmark, tagline, brand imagery, positioning statement, web presence audit, website design, a visitor guide, print ad designs and sign concepts, which are summarized in a branding book to guide marketing. The branding book still needs to be finished.

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A recommendation regarding the brand tagline has been submitted to the city by TOTA, CarlysleSmith told the Herald. The city will now need to conduct a legal search to determine the chosen tagline’s availability and undergo the process of registering its trademark. She said TOTA can have the brand book completed after a legal search. The city also has no obligation to adopt one of the new taglines.

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2 • THURSDAY, June 19, 2014


Funding through tourism pilot project off table From Page 1

PRACTISING MEDICINE Local paramedic Sheena Osborne shows children the inside of an ambulance at Tuesday’s teddy bear’s picnic at Rotary Park. Emily Wessel/Herald

Essentially, the recommendation to council slows the city’s branding process and aligns it with its budget and economic development strategy. “I don’t want the recommendation to leave the impression that the city is not going to look to partner with TOTA on tourism marketing initiatives in the future. I think there’s significant value to be derived from the regional co-operation, the regional presence,� Chabot said. “That’s not what’s being said here. It’s being said, ‘Let’s slow down the process, let’s bring it back in-house, let’s align it with budget and with the other priorities in the economic development strategy,’� Chabot told council. Carlysle-Smith told the Herald the city’s branding is already an in-house initiative. She said the only difference

until now was TOTA was acting as the lead on the city’s tourism. The recommendation hands that lead to the city’s economic development manager instead. Carlysle-Smith said the pilot project the city entered into gave TOTA a mentorship and leadership role. “The function of tourism has always been under the economic development umbrella,� Carlysle-Smith said. “The leadership of tourism – for the past year and a half – has been through TOTA as part of the pilot project, which commenced with the Community Tourism Foundation’s tourism plan.� Chabot told the Herald this move gives the city more control over the pace and nature of branding and aligns it with other city priorities for economic development, tourism and promotion. “We’ve got tourism plan over here, we’ve got eco-

nomic development strategy over here, we’ve got different budgets — how does it all fit together and work for maximum impact? And that’s exactly what Jerry’s here to achieve,� Chabot said. By ending their involvement with the pilot project and the funding program, the city is leaving about $8,400 per year in funding, Carlysle-Smith told the Herald. She said TOTA has invested over $60,000 in cash and in-kind services in Merritt for tourism over the past five years. Carlysle-Smith said the deliverables from the branding project cost $17,200, which the city split with funding from Destination BC. “They [City of Merritt] were in a case study pilot project, so they got full advantage of all the program opportunities, and our time, and our mentorship and our expertise,� she said. “Not every community can get that because we just

don’t have the resources.� Carlysle-Smith said she doesn’t think TOTA and the City of Merritt are like-minded in terms of how to lead tourism in Merritt. “It’s their call to decide to take that leadership back, and all we can do is wish them well and I know we’ve left them in a much better place than where they started,� Carlysle-Smith said. Repeated calls to Sucharyna for comment were not returned by press time. “We all saw what happened with ‘Farm fresh,’� CarlysleSmith said of the advertisement published in two magazines a few months ago under the orders of Sucharyna. “Jerry has his own ideas. He’s not interested in following our strategy, he’s not interested in working with me – I’m not interested in working with him, frankly – and at the end of the day, this has not been a good experience,� she said.

“Good Care with a Good Heart.�

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Following her passion to Merritt Shore spends week of holidays at dog rescue By Emily Wessel THE HERALD

It’s not the glamorous of working at an animal rescue shelter that brings Sandra Shore to Merritt from her home in Ontario year after year. It’s the inspiration she finds in the people and the pups that she works with that keep her coming back. Shore came from Guelph, Ont. to Merritt to spend last week volunteering at Angel’s Animal Rescue in the Sunshine Valley just west of Merritt. Last week’s visit was her fourth in three years to the dog rescue. With coonhound Keeper at her side, Shore told the Herald she volunteers at her local humane society and some Ontario-based rescues, but a few years ago, she began following her lifelong passion for animals further afield. She ended up in Utah, where she volunteered at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary — the subject of the National Geographic program DogTown. “I was so impressed with the rehab work that they were doing and the training and how to reverse traumatized situations and all that sort of stuff,� Shore said. “I went to Utah two summers in a row and worked alongside some very experienced caregivers, [and] learned lots of great techniques about how to work with dogs that were coming from difficult situations.� When she returned to her home in Guelph that year, she was supporting some Ontariobased rescues during the Pepsi Refresh project. “Pepsi encouraged you not only to support your own groups but to support other groups that could be doing amazing work. I ended up finding Angel’s Animal Rescue and what clicked with me was their vision of becoming the DogTown of Canada. As soon as I read that, I thought to myself, OK, I know what this means. It means bringing in amazing types of services, rehabilitation needs, training, helping these trauma-

Sandra Shore wrangles three dogs during a visit to the Merritt Herald last week when she came to the Nicola Valley from Guelph, Ont. to volunteer at local shelter Angel’s Animal Rescue. Emily Wessel/Herald

tized animals get past their difficult circumstances and allow them to heal, recover and blossom into who they were meant to be.� Angel’s ended up earning enough votes to receive the $100,000 prize. That June, Shore hopped a plane and volunteered at Angel’s for the first time, only to return that September. “There were so many projects underway that I thought I just had to come back and help,� she said. While she is here, Shore stays

with friends Trish Alexandruk, her husband and their dogs, whom she met when Alexandruk was the volunteer co-ordinator for Angel’s. On that second trip, Shore even adopted a dog and brought her home to Guelph. Since then, she’s made two more trips to Merritt, taking a week’s holiday from her work at the University of Guelph library to volunteer. And it’s not exactly a relaxing vacation. “They’re long days. It’s heavy, physical work, but you come

home feeling great. I love it. I really, really enjoy it.� She said seeing the animals improve — some so much that they’re adopted into families — is the best reward. “When you’ve worked with them and see how far they’ve come and you see them placed in a loving home, it’s amazing,� she said. Shore pointed to Keeper as a prime example of how far a dog can come. “He was literally found in the mud. He was pretty much at death’s door. He had a severe head wound, his ear was all infected ... it was horrific. He couldn’t even move. He had to be lifted from the ground and moved.� Shore said the vet originally gave him a 10 per cent chance of survival from the head wound that left him partially scalped. Today, Keeper, an energetic, curious and affectionate hound, has healed to the point that the scar is almost invisible and he is ready for adoption, Shore said. Shore said the shelter is currently constructing a critical care building, which will help dogs with severe injuries like Keeper heal and in a sterile environment. She said contributions from donors and one particularly generous couple, along with hardworking volunteers, are making that building possible. During her week at Angel’s, Shore did a bit of everything. “I care for these guys, clean pens, haul water, feed them, we do enrichment, we walk them, we play with them, we help sometimes in basic training,� she said, adding there are endless ways to contribute to the cause. “People can volunteer and help in so many ways. In the end, everything that doesn’t have to be done by Judanna and George [Caros, the rescue co-founders], frees up their time to be able to help more and more dogs and spend more and more time with the dogs that we have. Everything goes back into providing care for those most at risk. What they do is inspirational.�

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HES RODE Young cowboys O ACTIO were in Merritt and cowgirls N Little Britches on the weekendfrom throughout for the annual southern B.C. Rodeo. such as barrel racing, The youngste rs took part Nicola Valley tying and pole her mouth,steer riding. (Left) bending, dummy in events Jet out into Ayla Goss from With flagging taperoping, goat tail Douglas the ring (Below) Lake runs clenched in in the Hooper, her horse a treasuredjunior girls goat family from Red tail tying Pitt Meadows member event. comfort of the covered , watches of the Stevenso Little Britches stands. Readthe action from n rodeo the Herald. Ian Webster/Min the Thursday more about this year’s edition of erritt Herald the Merritt

Merritt po lice releas e ďŹ rst quar

By Michae l Potestio THE HERAL those,� White reporter@m D errittherald.c said. om White The majorit who are y of 911 trends in told council drug to Merritt involved calls drug trafficki in local changed Merritt have not first three police during the between tified, police ng. Once idenphine andmuch, noting morwere false, months of 2014 investig of 2014 January and March are appear to heroin trafficki local RCMPaccording to the compar ng the geared toward ations be crime, with same timefra ed to the first quarter detachment’s chargin suspect “Morph increasing. ly report often than thieves more their drug s or disrupting g find being ine is what we council. Betwee me in 2013. to city Out right across steal moneynot attempting to encoura trafficking activity March in n January and cocaine, traded for crackemergency of 109 of the to and cocaine 12 residen 2014, there were “That’s the board.� Merritt. ge them to leave There from vehicles. to be the during that calls received seems one of drug of issues,� of stolen were three reports enter files tial break and sure,� White found to time, 106 were choice for White said she said. our huge be quarter cars in the first police have in 2013. compared to 13 been dealing Sgt. Normtold council. “All 911 false. of with a number in the same2014 and none Drunk Flemming of people told the There investigated calls are fully in public period from Herald who year. to come here mercial were nine comfrom the determine files times morphi that someif somebo last break down this quarter and enter Impaire and are Lower Mainland those with ne is sold by of help,� dy is in need files generally continue d driving offence last year’s , down four from Assaults the “Surrey stolen from prescriptions known as Staff Sgt. Merritt RCMP 13. up, domes Boys.� A total of to keep police busy.s people for or purpose Howeve council Sheila White told disput She tic 23 drivers said resale s. when their licences other break r, there were police have the problem Assault es steady had the detachm presenting He said suspend and enter 13 either 24 from 39 files have gone ent’s quarter this year cally sold morphine is typi- ple is they with these peoreport at files hours, three ed for in ly for cash of 2013 the first quarterup seven days last year. compared to 11 in Merritt will set up shop for an equal meeting the regular council days, or traded to 44 in or up on May for in to period in the same the first switch locationa while, then crack cocainedollar value Police 27. “There quarter 30 days 2014. of s and of 2014. for thefts dealt with 17 files Flemm people will Domest amount ’s a significant The report. from vehicles of come in. new is consiste ing said that total steady and ic dispute files the opening states the Merritt that goes manpower in nt with are first remain RCMP into investig last year’s lem for year compar quarter of this a probquarter. officers Theft, continued the ating have break and ed with ment, WhiteMerritt detachyear. Howeve from the to notice people 10 last enter files consis r, drunk Lower Mainla said. files fell in public There Ten of tent Reports by nd last year over 40 between dispute were 41 domest 2014 came the 17 files for and thefts of break-ins and files in this ic this in March were up 90 between year, with opening Flemm slightly alone. quarter year’s March of January and compar a vehicle ing said theft from to 42 last ed year. is an opportu to 134 in 2014 compared White nistic in 2013. the same period domestic said assaults and disputes are “stable

ter report

See ‘Over

1,200’ Page


• Merritt police release first quarter report The majority of 911 calls to Merritt police during the first three months of 2014 were false, according to the local RCMP detachment’s first quarterly report to city council.

• Local designer a cut above the rest Merritt Secondary Student student Amy MacLaren scored the top prize for her steampunk-inspired Romeo and Juliet costumes in the Design Exchange High School Design Competition.

• BCPSEA, support workers reach tentative agreement • Full Merritt Country Run results

June 30, 2014


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4 • THURSDAY, June 19, 2014

Permissive tax exemption applications due July 31

Are you interested in starting a summer business but need some startup money? The City of Merritt can help you get started. Students in grades 6 through 12 attending school in Merritt are eligible for $200 through the city’s new Venture Investment Program. The application for the program is available on the City of Merritt’s website ( Applications must be in to the City of Merritt no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, June 20, 2014. Please send your application to the attention of: Jerry Sucharyna Phone: (250) 378-8619 Fax: (250) 378-2600 Email: jsucharyna@ Successful applicants will be notified by June 27, 2014. Bonus: Send us a photo of you engaged in your summer business, along with a brief

11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Community Room Downstairs at City Hall.

Come down and meet the Mayor. This is your opportunity to bring forth ideas on how we can make Merritt a better place to live and do business, ask questions about something you don’t understand or if something has transpired that you have not received a proper resolution with.

Register in advance at the Civic Centre 250-315-1050 or the Aquatic Centre 250-378-6662

Investing in city students

Do you want to work in the food industry? Foodsafe is a successful training program for students, workers, supervisors and operators in food service. You will about the purchase and storage of food, personal hygiene, causes of food borne illness and maintaining a sanitary food service operation


JOB POSTING: Casual Maintenance / Labourer – Leisure Services Department Applications are invited for the position of Casual Maintenance / Labourer for the Leisure Services Department in the City of Merritt. For complete details, visit City of Merritt website at Detailed resumes attached with a cover letter will be accepted until 4:00 p.m., Friday, July 04, 2014 and should be addressed to:

report, and you will be entered for a chance to win a $100 bonus. Due: Sept. 5, 2014, by 4:30 p.m.

Carole Fraser, Human Resources Manager City of Merritt PO Box 189, 2185 Voght Street Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 Or by email: We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


A permissive tax exemption is a means for council to support organizations within the community which further council’s objectives of enhancing quality of life (environmental, economic, social, cultural) and delivering community services economically. There is no obligation on the part of council to grant exemptions. Council will consider applications for permissive tax exemptions annually. Applications can be picked up at city hall, downloaded from the city’s website ( or emailed upon request. Applications must be submitted to financial services using the prescribed application form by July 31 of each year. Financial services will review the applications for completeness, and arrange contact with applicants for additional information as necessary.


Water Conservation


Basic Sprinklers

Automatic Sprinklers

6 am - 8 am & 7 pm - 10 pm EVEN ADDRESS: Monday, Wednesday & Friday ODD ADDRESS: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Midnight am to 4 am EVEN ADDRESS: Monday, Wednesday & Friday ODD ADDRESS: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday THERE IS NO SPRINKLING ALLOWED ON SUNDAY Violations will result in a $50 fine.

Hand watering of plants using a hand held hose with a working springloaded shut-off nozzle or a hand held container is permitted anytime. Please clip-out and keep on your refrigerator to remind of regulations!


RFP 07/14 The City of Merritt is seeking Requests for Proposals from qualified proponents for the installation of new radiant heaters for the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena.

The City of Merritt is seeking Requests for Proposals from qualified proponents for the Merritt Central Park Upgrade Project.

This project includes the removal and disposal of the current heaters and the procurement and installation of new radiant heaters.

This project includes the removal and relocation of the current sand volleyball courts, construction of an outdoor regulation size lacrosse box, and the design and construction of a combination washroom/concession building.

Proposal documents may be obtained from the City of Merritt website or from Merritt City Hall, 2185 Voght St., Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 There will be an optional site visit on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 10:00am at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena, 2075 Mamette Ave, Merritt, BC Proposals must be received in a sealed envelope and labelled: “RFP 07/14 - Nicola Valley Memorial Arena – Heater Replacement Project by 2:00pm, June 26, 2014 at: Merritt City Hall 2185 Voght St., Merritt, BC

V1K 1B8

Proposal documents may be obtained from the City of Merritt website or from Merritt City Hall, 2185 Voght St., Merritt, BC V1K 1B8

There will be an optional site visit on Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 10:00am at Merritt Central Park, Voght St. Merritt, BC Proposals must be received in a sealed envelope and labelled: “RFP 06/14 - Merritt Central Park Upgrade Project” by 2:00pm Monday, June 30, 2014 at: Merritt City Hall 2185 Voght St., Merritt, BC

V1K 1B8

Any and all inquiries must be submitted in writing to: Larry Plotnikoff Leisure Services Manager, City of Merritt 250-378-4224 ext. 206

Any and all inquiries must be submitted in writing to: Larry Plotnikoff Leisure Services Manager, City of Merritt 250-378-4224 ext. 206

The City of Merritt reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposal, to waive defects in any proposal document and to accept the quote which it may consider to be in the best interests of the City. The lowest cost proposal or any proposal will not necessarily be accepted.

The City of Merritt reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposal, to waive defects in any proposal document and to accept the quote which it may consider to be in the best interests of the City. The lowest cost proposal or any proposal will not necessarily be accepted.

Next council meeting: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Council agendas and minutes at

City of Merritt ★ 2185 Voght Street, Box 189 Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 ★ Phone: 250-378-4224

THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 • 5


God Rotary Park was buzzing with firefighters-in-training on Tuesday as teddy bear’s picnic attendees were treated to a tour of a Merritt Fire Rescue Department fire truck and some department swag, including helmets and beachballs. Emily Wessel/Herald

Festivals to get fire protection By Michael Potestio THE HERALD

The Merritt Fire Rescue Department (MFRD) will be stepping up its fire suppression services at the old Merritt Mountain Music Festival grounds. Mayor and council approved a new agreement between MFRD and music festival site owner Sterling Hunt at the its regular council meeting last Tuesday. The agreement, titled Extraordinary Special Event Additional Fire Services Agreement, will be activated when an event on the site anticipates an attendance of 5,000 or more people on any given day. For an event expecting between 5,000 and 20,000 attendees, the site owner will pay the city to have seven firefighters on 24-hour active duty throughout the duration of the event. Events with an expected attendance of more than 20,000 on any day, the site owner will pay for the city to assign 13 firefighters for active duty.

The site owner will reimburse the city at a rate of $25 per hour for each firefighter. The agreement is for a five-year term. Prior to this agreement, the MFRD provided rural fire suppression services to the site under an agreement with the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. Those services included responses to structure and motor vehicle fires only. “I think with the experience in Merritt with past festivals and events, sometimes it was hard to get the on-duty, on-call firefighters to the hall in response to events due to traffic congestion,” City of Merritt chief administrative officer Allan Chabot told council. “It’s believed that having them on active duty and circulating throughout the community during an event will ensure that the best possible emergency response capability would be provided.” Coun. Clara Norgaard inquired if it would be better to have the ability to adjust the rate on a

yearly basis rather than set it at $25 per hour in case fire suppression costs rise from one year to the next. Chabot said the $25 rate is expected to be adequate this year and next year to cover anticipated costs, and noted the city could terminate the agreement in the event the city wasn’t recuperating its costs. Chabot said in the event there is a change in ownership of the site, the agreement would still remain intact with the new owners. Coun. Dave Baker said he thinks the agreement will ensure estimated event attendance is accurate. “In the past we have had promoters who tell us we’re going to have thousands of people at the site, and they end up with a couple thousand – thousands over three or four days,” Baker said. “This will be interesting because for their own sake, they probably won’t inflate their numbers to make themselves look good, because they’ll have to pay for it.”

the Word, the World

By Herman Kneller

When we look at the world and see the sickness, the cruelty and crazy weather we should remember that Jesus promised that He would come again and take His people to Heaven. But, how are we to know how to get ready for that transformation?

of mind, body and spirit. When we want to change our habits of eating or drinking things that are not good for us, we don’t just stop eating and drinking but we replace the unhealthy things with something better for us.

The world and the people that claimed So it is with our thinking. We need to fill to be God’s people were not living the way the vacancy with something better. God had outlined for them, so Jesus came Look at the good things you get from and showed us how to live and love and God every day and be thankful for them. work and worship and be happy. Look at the Word, especially the life of Jesus On several occasions, Jesus fed large and see how He left Heaven, became crowds of people. He could have made a helpless baby. The Creator had to be any kind of food, but He fed them with the cared for. He did all this for you and me simple food of the average person. so that we might have a better life here. Jesus healed many. But, to some who The hope of eternal life in Heaven with Him came that were rich because of their life begins with the belief of this. styles, to them Jesus said after He healed Just stop for a minute and think of them, “Go and sin no more lest something what it will be like...There will be no pain, worse come upon you.” no selfishness, no hatred. All that is needed What was Jesus telling them? Stop will be given to us, at no cost to us, as doing what you are doing and change everything was paid for by the love of your way of life or it will destroy you. Jesus Jesus. Can you love Him for that? wanted them to have a complete change

s n o i t a r b e l e C


All activities will be held at Rotary Park 8:00 AM -10:30 AM Pancake Breakfast – Knights of Columbus 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Various Activities – bouncy castle, entertainment, games, face painting by Smart Step, Fire Dept, DJ, vendors 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Art in the Park – Nicola Valley Community Arts Council uncil 12:00 – 1:00 PM Flag Raising - Royal Canadian Legion, Speeches, s, Babies of 2012, Canada Day cake 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM Q101 Games in the Park

Fireworks! 10 PM Central Park

8:45 – 10:00 PM Movie in the Park – City of Merritt


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6 • THURSDAY, June 19, 2014

HERALD OPINION Ontario election lessons for B.C. By Tom Fletcher BLACK PRESS

VICTORIA – “Liberal” is becoming one of the most ill-defined words in Canadian politics. Here in B.C., a Liberal is a Conservative, or at least a fiscal conservative, bent on balancing budgets and battling big unions to force them to recognize today’s world of low growth and low inflation. In Ottawa, a Liberal is currently whatever Justin Trudeau wakes up and decides. One day he’s a libertarian who wants to legalize marijuana, and the next he’s in touch with his inner Taliban, issuing a moral edict on abortion. In Ontario, Premier Kathleen Wynne saved her gut-shot Liberal government by limping to the left of the NDP, promising to spend lots more borrowed money and build lots of transit. This is in a have-not province with an operating deficit that is currently running north of $12 billion. For comparison purposes, B.C.’s deficit swelled briefly beyond $3 billion in the wake of the Great Recession of 2009, and the books stayed in the red until last year as the B.C. Liberals unwound the Harmonized Sales Tax and repaid a $1.6 billion HST transfer allowance to Ottawa. You think B.C.’s energy policy is a disaster? Check out Ontario, where the cops are still investigating the $1 billion cancellation of plans to construct two natural gas-fired power plants before the 2011 election. The gas plants were to stabilize erratic output from wind and solar power, a European-style climate change gesture that involved Ontario ratepayers giving a huge subsidy to Korean tech giant Samsung. The Ontario Liberals clung to power in part by promising a provincial pension scheme on the same scale as the Canada Pension Plan. B.C. has a similar pension program in the works, to be offered to the two thirds of small business and self-employed people who don’t have a group plan with their employer.

See ‘Watch’ Page 7

Publisher Theresa Arnold publisher@

The ethical conundrum of pest control Emily Wessel Merritt MUSINGS People who know I am from Winnipeg cannot believe when I complain about the savage mosquitoes here in Merritt. “But you’re from Winnipeg!” they exclaim. “The mosquitoes are the size of pelicans there!” They’re bad there, sure, but man, they’re bad here too. In the last few years, there has been a big push

Production Dan Swedberg production2@

Advertising Sales Katie Ottenbreit sales2@


back against the City of Winnipeg “fogging” different neighbourhoods because people fear they are being exposed to toxic chemicals. If it kills mosquitoes, they reason, it’s probably not all that great for humans to be breathing in. Well, I am actually kind of glad Merritt doesn’t seem to be dealing with the blood-sucking, buzzing nuisances the way Winnipeg does, because that city sure has some — how shall I put it — unique pest control methods. Let’s start with the gopher, those cute little rodents also known as the Richardson’s ground squirrel, who tunnel underground and dot the landscape with gopher holes that are just the right size

and depth to trip up unwitting walkers. Winnipeg’s administration hired a pest control company to drop poison pellets down the gopher holes so the little guys eat them and then slowly bleed to death internally. Painful way to die though it seems, it would work — if the pellets had actually made it into the holes. Instead, they were kind of strewn across the ground of at least one city park, which also happens to have a large off-leash dog area. So, to no one’s surprise, a pet dog ingested some of the pellets — about a cup’s worth, according to the veterinarian who operated on the pooch — and nearly died. Now there’s a bit of a

Editor Emily Wessel newsroom@

RANITE AVE., PO BOX 9, MERRITT, B.C. PHONE (250) 378-4241

Reporter Michael Potestio reporter@

war of words going on as to who’s to blame — the company for its supposedly shoddy work or the city for its directions to use poisonous pellets in a park known to be full of dogs. Thankfully, the city has suspended the practice of using poison pellets on gophers for now. However, there are also plenty of words being exchanged, even more heatedly, around goose control. Canadian geese have taken to setting up nests near man-made retention ponds near residential areas presumably because there are virtually no predators there. Well, no predators except cars in the constant stream of traffic on one of the city’s busiest arteries. The problem is, the

Sports writer Ian Webster sports@

beautiful birds and their fuzzy little goslings are actually proving more of a threat to humans when they cross busy roadways. Enter the Urban Goose Working Group, members of which go around collecting goose eggs from nests. The eggs are first frozen and then brought to the dump. The group is endorsed by the City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba, Government of Canada and the Winnipeg Airport Authority. My first reaction to this practice was a common one — shock and disgust. It sounds barbaric to go around collecting the eggs and dumping them with refuse.

See ‘Live’ Page 7

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THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 • 7


Late grant for dance school City council approved an extraordinary grant-inaid for $2,500 for the Love to Dance Academy at the regular council meeting last Tuesday. Grants-in-aid are reviewed based on their own merit, and are typically due in November so they can be considered part of budget deliberations in late winter and early spring. However, if there is room in the budget, extraordinary grants-in-aid can be considered.

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City of Merritt deputy financial services manager Ben Currie said the academy showed financial need. “They’ve done a projection on expected dance revenue and they’re being pretty optimistic, so this was just bridging them to be able to operate for one year with anticipation of them being able to fund themselves in future years,” Currie said. The academy had originally applied for a grant-inaid of $5,000.


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Live and let live not easy his 16-year-old daughter come up on the scene on a motorcycle, and as they try to avoid her stopped vehicle, they crash and are killed. The driver faces two counts of criminal negligence causing death and up to life in prison if convicted by the jury. Live and let live is great in theory, and it would be great if it were that simple. But where human habitats have allowed certain species to flourish, we are duly tasked with the unpleasant reality of curbing their populations.

From Page 6 But when humans and animals live in such close quarters, things aren’t as simple as an idyllic “live and let live.” If dumping goose eggs sounds extreme to you, consider an extraordinary court case playing out in Quebec. A 25-year-old woman sees a family of ducks crossing a busy highway south of Montreal and stops her car in the fast lane, gets out and tries to help shoo them along. A 50-year-old man and

PREVIOUS QUESTION How do you support your favourite local charity? MASTERS OF THEIR CRAFT Valley Scrapbooking held its last crop weekend for the season from June 13 to 15 at the Civic Centre. More than 50 people from as far away as Prince George, Cold Lake, Alta., and Washington attended to make scrapbook pages, cards and other crafts. The scrapbookers also participated in various games throughout the come-and-go weekend for prizes. The City of Merritt recreation program will resume its crop weekends in September. Emily Wessel/Herald

Watch how different version plays out From Page 6 Ours would, of course, be voluntary. Not so in Ontario, where large and small businesses will be required to cough up half of the required pension payments. The Ontario model is dumb on several levels. It is to be imposed just as the baby boom retirement wave breaks across Canada’s most populous province, increasing risk that the pension pool may run dry. And it sticks small business with a new payroll tax in a province that has lost much


‘B.C. voters now have three years to see how the Ontario version of the Liberal government plays out, compared to the B.C. Liberal version.’ — COLUMNIST TOM FLETCHER

of its traditional manufacturing base and needs to innovate. Here’s the funny part, if you don’t live in Ontario. Wynne tabled her spending-spree, deficit-bedamned budget in an effort

to convince the NDP to keep propping up the Liberal minority government and avoid an election. Instead, she won a majority and now has to implement her pie-in-thesky promises. Ontario is

bracing for a downgrade in its credit rating based on the election result, and is about to go into provincewide bargaining with public service unions who want their share from the Liberal money tree. Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak ran on a plan that sounded similar to the one presented by Christy Clark in 2013: hold the line on spending, balance the budget, reduce the size of government, stimulate job creation. Hudak was rejected for a second time, and resigned the leadership

on election night. B.C. voters now have three years to see how the Ontario version of Liberal government plays out, compared to the B.C. Liberal version. For us, much depends on resource development, including forest products, natural gas and other trade with Asia. If all goes well here, B.C. can continue to send transfer payments to the fantasyland of Ontario. Tom Fletcher is legislature reporter and columnist for Black Press. Twitter: @tomfletcherbc


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John Isaac


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8 • THURSDAY, June 19, 2014


Nicola Canford mural lives on in school’s new walls By Michael Potestio

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The mural on Nicola-Canford Elementary School will continue to stand, but will no longer be visible. Construction crews at the soon-to-be completed building had to cover up the school’s mural, which has watched students come and go over the years. True Construction superintendent Guy Carter told the Herald he’s had many people inquire with him as to the mural’s fate. “We’re improving the insulation and the exterior finish on the entire building. So, in order to do that, the insulation’s going on the exterior of the building. This is a new system, which allows for a far greater insulating factor, so accordingly we’ve got to put up both a vapour barrier membrane and steel cladding over top of that exterior wall,” Carter said. The mural itself will remain intact underneath the insulation. Carter said over the past few weeks, he’s had many people come and take pictures of the mural. “Just about everyone I’ve met in Merritt has a Nicola-Canford story – they went here, their kids are going here, their kids are going to go here, or they painted the mural or they did something, so it’s a school that seems like it’s been a fairly major part of the community,” Carter said. Former Nicola-Can-

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MERRITT The mural at Nicola Canford Elementary will stay intact, but will be covered by the exterior walls of the new building. Michael Potestio/Herald


Annual General Meeting WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 2014 7 pm @ Merritt Civic Centre All executive positions are up for nomination and election. For more information visit

PRICES IN EFFECT JUNE 20 - 26 Construction at Nicola Canford Elementary School in Lower Nicola is almost complete. Michael Potestio/Herald

ford Elementary School principal Kurt Christopherson said the mural was refurbished in 1999 by its original artist, Merrittonian Lucas Gustafson. Christopherson said when he was the school’s principal, the mural “was starting to show the ravages of time,” so he contacted Gustafson “to see if he would like to bring it back to life again.” He said at that time Gustafson had gone on to the Emily Carr University of Art and Design and redesigned the mural, keeping the same theme, but using some of his newfound

art skills in the update. He said Gustafson even invited some local children to assist him in the painting. “Boy, those kids just adopted that mural as their own and nobody touched it,” Christopherson said. Children who helped paint the mural signed their first names on the top right corner of it. The mural depicts a First Nations man on one end and a cowgirl riding her horse at the other. Between them are children of various backgrounds playing, running and reading. “And that was

basically what NicolaCanford was. It was a large ranching community out there, it probably had the largest First Nations population out there, so he [Gustafson] kind of made it a blend of what the community was like,” Christopherson said. Carter said the updated school is about 92 per cent complete and is on schedule. True Construction – the general contractor on the project – is aiming for a completion date of July 27 to give the school to School District 58 for retrofitting.

Ride2Survive cyclists arrive Saturday

Over 140 cyclists will ride into Merritt Saturday for a pit stop on their one-day, 400kilometre ride from Kelowna to Delta. The cyclists are part of Ride2Survive, an annual bike ride that raises funds for the

Canadian Cancer Society. The ride is the largest independent fundraiser for the society, and has raised well over $2.5 million since it began 10 years ago. The riders will arrive at the B.C. Visitor Centre at the

junction of Highways 5 and 97C around 9 a.m. for a short rest and food before continuing their journey. Organizers are encouraging Merrittonians to wear yellow when they come out to cheer the riders on.




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THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 • 9


Logan Lake celebrates 17 grads By Barrie Ogden SPECIAL TO THE HERALD

While Friday the 13th is traditionally an occasion to hunker down and stay close to home, for the 2014 grads of Logan Lake Secondary School, it was a lucky day. This was the seventh grad ceremony I’ve attended since moving to Logan Lake and, even though I don’t have a child or grandchild in the school system, it is a time of both tears and laughter for me. The tears come from thoughts of “what if ” and “if only” and the hope that each grad will pursue their dreams – even if, right now, they appear impossible. The laughter comes from the joy of all the possibilities which lie ahead for each person in the class of 2014. Any graduation comes with its interesting coincidences. Take, for example, the name Zackary/Szachary/ Zackery. Before moving to Logan Lake, I had never known anyone with the name Zack and then I met Zack and the rest of the terrific Taylor clan. On Friday night, my very first Zack was joined by Zackery Anderson and Szachary Dick to create a team of special young men whose individual skills and abilities will take them far. As recipients of scholarships and bursaries totalling more than $10,000, the grads leaving the ceremony with a favourable financial future included Szachary Dick, Brandon Hunter, Jordyn Bones, Josh Nollet, Megan Drennan and Zack Anderson. Congratulations on a job well done! Hunter and Drennan shared valedictorian duties with wit and wisdom – an unbeatable combination. After the laughter died down from their comparison of parents to “walking bank machines,” the valedictorians acknowledged the important role parents and guard-

The 2014 Logan Lake Secondary School class of 2014 with principal Vessy Mochikas. Barrie Ogden/Submitted

ians play in the lives of grads, saying, “Parents are the foundation of who we are, from helping us learn morals to showing us what social responsibility looks like.” Then it was time to acknowledge teachers – both past and present. “They stay after school to help us if we struggle. They put countless hours of their own time into marking and putting together assignments that would hopefully intrigue and inspire us. We are forever grateful for the many sacrifices you’ve made on our behalf,” the valedictorians said. To conclude their speech, Hunter and Drennan urged their fellow grads to “Take life slowly; enjoy it. Give each experience your full attention because

life is valuable. You only get one.” When we older folks get to hear or read these remarks, we have to truly celebrate the quality of the young people who have grown up in Logan Lake. Graduation day always has a veil of sadness and this year it comes with the retirement of Donna Youd who, after a 34-year career at both Logan Lake schools, is calling it a day. As the emcee at Saturday’s grad banquet, Youd had the opportunity to bid an official farewell, not only to students but to parents, many of whom had attended her classes. In speaking to her later, I asked what she’d miss the most and she said, without paus-

ing to think about it: “The camaraderie with staff members and the interaction with all the lovely young, inquiring minds.” When I asked how she was going to spend her spare time, she said that she’d be volunteering both in Logan Lake and with Developing World Connections based out of Kamloops on international projects; that she wanted to become a quilter and that she and her husband were looking forward to travelling to visit family in Australia and a trip on a cruise ship to the Mediterranean is on her bucket list for next spring. As our time together wound down, Youd said, “I’ve had the time of my life in a wonderful profession. I’m just sorry that it’s ending on

this sad note.” The current political situation obviously had a negative effect on the whole graduation situation both for Grade 12 students and those in Grade 7, but gold stars are due to the parents who stepped up to help organize the grad events, decorate the Rec Centre, and co-ordinate a wonderful weekend for Logan Lake’s 17 grads. The whole weekend was both family-oriented and cozy and the banquet was followed by a dance. At the conclusion of the dance, grads and parents boarded a bus made possible through a $500 donation from the United Way to enjoy a dry grad adventure to Kelowna. Grad expenses were tempered by the incredible fundraising done by grads, family and friends, which totalled $20,000 — most of which stayed in Logan Lake. The grad committee was vocal in its thanks to the district staff at the Rec Centre who, as always, went above and beyond the call of duty to help create a truly memorable, once-ina-lifetime community event for the LLSS class of 2014.

present the event of the year

MSS Reunion Did you attended MSS from 1950-1979, then you are invited to attend this event.

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COMMUNITY MANAGER THOMPSON VIEW LODGE Thompson View Manor Society is accepting applications for a Community Manager for our Assisted Living facility in Ashcroft, B.C. For this position, our preference would be a professional holding the qualifications of a Licensed Practical Nurse. The Community Manager ensures exemplary service delivery to residents within our assisted living residence. This person would provide managerial leadership and direction to staff, coordinate human resources, liaise with the residents, and deal with community relations. The Community Manager will be responsible for some payroll and scheduling duties and must have reasonable computer skills. The Community Manager leads the team in ensuring quality programs and services are delivered according to the resident needs and makes choices to uphold the life quality and resident/family peace of mind. The Community Manager will report to the General Manager of the Thompson View Manor Society. This is a full-time 37.5 hours per week position, with hours distributed between Assisted Living Worker and Managerial duties. The salary is negotiable, depending on certification, experience, qualifications, and education. Deadline for applications will be July 3, 2014. Only short-listed applicants will be notified. You may request a comprehensive copy of the key responsibilities for this position using the address below. Qualified applicants please submit resume and supporting documents to: GENERAL MANAGER Thompson View Manor Society or Box 318, Ashcroft, B.C. V0K 1A0

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10 • THURSDAY, June 19, 2014


Friends & Neighbours Student council dance raises funds for Children’s Hospital

BATTER UP Eleven teams took part in the Journeys Into Tomorrow Transition House softball tournament at Central Park on June 14 and 15. The theme of the second annual fundraiser was “Stop the violence” and dozens of players wore purple to show solidarity with the cause. Along with softball action throughout the weekend, the event also showcased the transition house’s services and hosted an airbrush tattoo artist from Vancouver and a bouncy castle from Kamloops so there was something for everyone, Journeys Into Tomorrow’s Sharon Collins said. Collins said over the course of the weekend, the 29 people who worked at the event saw about 300 people pass through, which means it was successful at spreading its anti-violence message once again. The tournament is also aimed at raising the profile of the transition house so people in the community know it’s there if they ever find themselves in need. MSS student council members from left: Kaitlyn Suzuki, Zoya Khan, Stephanie Tourand, Kevin Keyser, Amrit Sheema and Stephan Chui. Michael Potestio/Herald

Emily Wessel/Herald THE REGION

The Logan Lake Wellness Health and Youth Society is holding its annual fundraiser Walk for a Reason on July 1. The event is intended to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage physical fitness in the community. The event is open to all residents of Logan Lake and their family members of all ages and fitness levels. Participants can choose from three routes around the perimeter of Maggs Park and the lake. Volunteers will provide water and fruit at stations on the routes. Registration for the walk closes at noon on June 27. For more information or to register, phone (250) 523-6229 or email Theft from Logan Lake Lions Club Logan Lake RCMP are looking for information on a theft spree from the Logan Lake Lions Club. Between June 9 and 13, the club’s storage container was broken

Logan Lakers to Walk for a Reason into and several items were stolen, including two large stainless steel pots with the club’s insignia engraved on them; a pressure washer; an easy-up tent with one bent leg; a black plastic tool case

on wheels; tools and barbecue equipment; a stainless steel warmer for food that’s approximately four feet long and weighs 120 pounds; and three old car batteries. The Lions Club is a

non-profit service club that helps in community fundraisers. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Logan Lake RCMP at (250) 5236222 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.



By Michael Potestio THE HERALD

Despite having to manoeuvre around the red tape of the current labour dispute between teachers and government, students at Merritt Secondary School were able to hold a dance and raise money for BC Children’s Hospital. Earlier this month, the student council at MSS held a Disneythemed dance, which they called ‘When You Wish Upon a Star.’ The event raised about $800 for the hospital. “At student council, we try to do events to either raise money or awareness for different charities or issues, so we decided for the

hosted by Conayt Friendship Society

- Craft tables Welcome - Vendors Welcome - Everyone Welcome


end of the year we wanted to do another event, and this is what we decided on,” student council member Kaitlyn Suzuki told the Herald. They sold about 100 tickets ahead of time and about another 50 at the door. Council member Kevin Keyser said he has a personal connection to BC Children’s Hospital as he was born with two hernias and had them operated on at the hospital. Council member Zoya Khan said they were not sure if they were allowed to have the dance given the job action ongoing at the time.

See ‘MSS students’ Page 11



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THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 • 11


Tips for worthwhile renovations DAVID L. BROWN Managing YOUR MONEY

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Know where the money is coming from It’s important to know your financing options. You could access a secured or unsecured line of credit, refinance a mortgage or a personal loan – but the best financing option

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for your renovations. If you live in a condo, check with your building’s management for any approvals you may need. If you’re renovating to increase the value of your home, keep in mind that some improvements offer better returns than others. In any case, how much you spend should depend on where you live as well as how long you plan to live there. For example, the value of an over-the-top reno in a lower-cost neighbourhood may not be recognized by potential home buyers. On the other hand, a reno that improves energy efficiency may not only lower your operating costs and pay back your investment over time, it can also be a selling feature.

To be sure you’ll have the money you need for reno you want – and for all your other life goals – talk to your professional advisor before you start. This column, written and published by Investors Group Financial Services Inc. (in Québec – a Financial Services Firm), and Investors Group Securities Inc. (in Québec, a firm in Financial Planning) presents general information only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell any investments. Contact your own advisor for specific advice about your circumstances. For more information on this topic please contact your Investors Group Consultant. Contact David Brown at 250-3150241 or at david. to book your appointment.

MSS students press on, work around strike From Page 10 Now, due to a fullscale walkout from teachers, the school year has ended early. Much of student council’s preparation for the dance was done outside of school and during lunch hours. The dance was more difficult to organize amidst the labour dispute as teacher chaperones were unavailable and many classrooms were locked at lunch hour due to the strike. The library was also unavailable as it was being painted, so the student council met in the hallway at lunch. For many of the students, it was their first time planning a

dance. However, they did receive help in the form of a $25 gift card from Wal-Mart, discounts on food from Cooper’s Foods and their DJ even gave them a discount. “I think that this dance was possible because [of] the teamwork and the dedication that we had,” student council member Stephan Chui said. The leadership class normally plans school dances, but there was no leadership class at MSS this semester, so initially there were no dances planned until student council got involved. “We thought that would be something fun that we could do and still raise money,” Suzuki said.

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12 • THURSDAY, June 19, 2014


Employer estimates cost of teacher demands By Tom Fletcher BLACK PRESS

The bargaining agency for B.C.’s 60 school districts has put a price tag on what its chief negotiator called “a truckload of benefit provisions” sought by the B.C. Teachers’ Federation. The cost estimate was released by the B.C. Public School Employers’ Asso-

ciation after negotiations broke down Monday and the BCTF proceeded with a full-scale strike that could continue to the end of the school year. Education Minister Peter Fassbender said negotiations were expected to resume Tuesday. BCPSEA calculates that with increased class preparation time and other benefits, the latest offer

from the BCTF adds up to a 12.5 per cent increase in total compensation over the five-year term proposed by the union. BCPSEA has proposed a seven per cent pay increase over six years, plus a $1,200 signing bonus for an agreement ratified by the end of the year. The BCTF countered last week with a proposed $5,000 bonus, to make up for a

year the union has worked under an expired contract. BCPSEA chief negotiator Peter Cameron said the union has disagreed with some of the calculations, but has not provided its own costing, and after weekend negotiations he could no longer determine which of them are still on the table. BCPSEA calculates the added costs of union’s

proposals for year five as follows: • Wages and benefits: $211.1 million • Dropping the bottom two teacher wage classifications: $16.9 million • Expanded preparation time, elementary grades: $86.2 million • Expanded preparation time, secondary grades: $5.9 million • Pregnancy and paren-

tal leave: $22.1 million • Extended health and dental benefits: $11 million • Substitute teacher pay increase: $8.8 million BCPSEA has also calculated the cost of the union’s position on class size and composition at $1.67 billion. That dispute has been the subject of a series of court actions and the B.C. Court of Appeal is expected to rule on it in the fall.

Ottawa approves Enbridge pipeline project By Tom Fletcher BLACK PRESS

The federal Conservative government has approved Enbridge’s Northern Gateway oil pipeline project, despite widespread opposition in B.C. that includes the provincial government, First Nations, environmental organizations and residents of the intended oil tanker port of Kitimat. Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford signalled the government’s approval in a low-key statement Tuesday that endorsed the 209 conditions imposed by a federal review. Rickford noted that the proponent still needs to consult with aboriginal communities and secure provincial permits. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has emphasized it is in the national interest to open a new pipeline route to the Pacific Ocean to carry Alberta oil sands bitumen and break the Cana-

dian oil industry’s dependence on U.S. markets. But a continuing battle over the pipeline plan is expected in the courts, and potentially on the land, where civil disobedience has already been threatened. Opposition demands to reject the project dominated question period in the House of Commons Tuesday. NDP leader Thomas Mulcair called the review panel process “a sham,” and Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen warned that opposition in B.C. may upset plans to develop liquefied natural gas exports in the province. The project doesn’t yet meet Premier Christy Clark’s five conditions for new heavy oil pipelines, which include world leading marine and land spill protections, resolution of aboriginal concerns and a fair share of benefits for B.C.

B.C. Environment Minister Mary Polak said the decision means the project meets the first of five conditions required by the province, a successful federal review.

“We recognize the benefits that the Northern Gateway project may bring, but they will not be at the expense of our environment,” Polak said. The decision by the

Harper cabinet follows last December’s ruling by a federal review panel that the $6.8billion project should proceed, subject to 209 conditions. That followed

Enbridge’s earlier pledges to improve the project’s safety with thicker steel and other measures along the 1,177-kilometre route. The twin pipelines would carry 525,000

barrels per day of diluted bitumen from the oil sands west to Kitimat and send condensate to act as a thinning agent east to Alberta.

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#2267 HUGE LOT




In Lower nicola





new Custom built 3 level home on the Bench. Private setting with lots of room for toys & RV’s. Gourmet kitchen with granite counters, 4 bedrms, 4 baths, sauna, media room, family rm & more.

4 bedrm rancher on 1 +/- acres with a creek, pond and is a gardener’s paradise. Has 20x30 detached garage/shop with power. Open country kitchen, huge family room with woodstove.






Enjoy this 3 bedroom mobile with nicely landscaped yard. The woodstove warms the open concept kitchen & living rm accented by laminate floors. Relax on either deck. Lots of storage.









uce red

7535 sq.ft. lot with exquisite cascading views of the Nicola Valley. Lot is ready to built on and priced to sell. Access roads are paved, water and sewer to lot line & only moments away from amenities.







Large family home with 3 bedrms up, 1 down + 2 bedrm inlaw suite in bsmt. Open design, 3 pce ensuite, central A/C, BI ac, huge backyard with sundeck and large garden area. RV prkg.


3 bedroom home, perfect for first time buyers. 2 bedrms up, 1 down, large rec. room, fenced backyard and several fruit trees. Lots of parking for toys plus a single garage.






Beautifully renovated inside & out. This spacious 4 bedrm home is situated on 0.25 acres with manicured lawn & U/G sprinklers. Has new bathrm, flooring & paint throughout, new windows siding & more.

Private 4 bedrm home on 1.99 acres in parklike setting. Home has new Hickory kitchen cabinets, newer flooring & paint, formal dining, 3.5 baths, full bsmt. Has adjoining 8 ac also available.



Coldwater Hills


3 bedrm rancher, nicely detached garage/shop single attached garage. fenced backyard, room toys.






finished with 24x26 in backyard plus a Large sundeck with for RV and all your



Affordable and spacious 2 bedroom home with a bright & restful interior décor. The living room fireplace adds ambiance and includes a versatile space in the large addition. Relax in the large deck.





uce red

This 3 bedrm home is neat as a pin. Owners have put in a new furnace & roof in 2005. Home is situated on 0.46 acres with beautiful backyard views of Merritt with many options where you would build your dream shop. This property has tons of potential.





Great starter home on corner lot. This 3 yr old home has 4 bedrms up , master suite with 4 pce ensuite & large W/I closet. Open design main floor with kitchen to family rm & formal dining & living rm. Beautiful kitchen cabinetry with granite countertops & S/S appliances.



Small rancher in natural valley setting just west of Merritt. 120 +/- acres of level hay land with Spius Creek to the East & Nicola River to the North this provides abundant water. House sold “as is”.






Large residential lot in the city of 0.62 acres, zoned R2. Lot has potential to be made into 4 city lots or Buyer may apply for possible zoning change for higher density multi-family residential. #2272




Older 2 bedroom home in nice neighbourhood and within walking distance to shopping & amenities. Lot is 13,780 sq.ft. with single garage and lane access. May have subdivision potential. Would be good rental unit.

4 bedroom home with very nice floor plan, in family area close to schools. 2 bedrm inlaw living quarters in the walkout bsmt. Newer kitchen and flooring in past 5 yrs. Spectacular views.





Grandview Heights



Prices Starting at $128,000 + GST Beautiful 10 +/- acre parcel with gorgeous views of the Coldwater River, just 10 minutes from Merritt. Power at lot line & many lots have pre-approved building & septic sites. Some lots have wells, but all have a gov’t required hydrology study to assure Buyers of ample domestic water.   #1442

RESIDENTIAL VIEW LOTS Prices Starting at $85,000 + GST

Fully serviced residential lots with fantastic views of the Nicola Valley and surrounding mountains. Close to shopping and college. Start building your dream home today! #1726

Prices Starting at $109,000 + GST This premier subdivision offers a rural living experience with expansive views of the Nicola Valley. Minimum lot size of 0.5 acre up to 0.96 acre. Offers privacy and room to landscape. The cul de sac design guarantees no thru traffic and crown land surround entire property. The road is paved with city services in place.


#102-2840 Voght St., Merritt, B.C. - 250-378-6166 - Toll Free: 1-877-841-2100

14 • THURSDAY, June 19, 2014

THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 • 15

Century 21 Moving Real Estate BC Ltd. Doug Beech (Owner) 378-4219

Moving Real Estate BC Ltd. DETACHED SHOP

Lana McPharlane 315-3748

Don Gossoo Managing Broker



250-378-6166 • Fax: 378-4344 or Toll Free: 1-877-841-2100

Janis Post 315-3672








Beautiful 4 bedrm home on 0.42 acre lit. Has open concept plan, master on the main, maple HW flooring, large kitchen, 5 pce ensuite, bonus room over garage, central A/C, U/G sprinklers and much more.

This home is a 3 level split with 3 bedrms up + 1 down. Recent updates include new metal roof, some windows/door, exterior painting & tile in kitchen, stainless steel appliances in large kitchen.

Look at the views while eating dinner with family from this 2 yr new home. Open floor plan, 3 bedrooms, vaulted ceilings in kitchen, eating area & family room. Double garage with 10 ft ceilings.

Clean & bright 3 bedrm rancher with full bsmt & vaulted ceilings, within walking distance to all amenities. Large kitchen with new countertops, family rm has gas F/P, 2 baths. Double garage & RV parking.




Look at the views while eating dinner with family or friends. Newer home with modern open floor plan, 3 bedrms, 2 bath rancher with vaulted ceilings in kitchen, eating area & family rm. Double garage.

See this 3 bedrm home in quiet neighbourhood on huge double lot in a park-like setting with private hedges & garden area. Has detached shop & 3 covered carport area.










amazing home


Moving Real Estate BC Ltd.


4 bedroom home with very nice floor plan, in family area close to schools. 2 bedrm inlaw living quarters in the walkout bsmt. Newer kitchen and flooring in past 5 yrs. Spectacular views.




Beautifully renovated inside & out. Spacious 4 bedrm home on 0.25 acres with a fully manicured lawn & U/G sprinklers. Features new bathrm, new flooring, paint new windows, siding, furnace & more.


Personal Real Estate Corporation


3 bedroom home, perfect for first time buyers. Two bedrooms up, 1 down. Has single detached garage, fenced backyard and several fruit trees. Lots of parking for your toys.


Brad Yakimchuk

#102 - 2840 Voght St., Merritt, BC •

Nicely kept 5 bedroom home in quiet area. Has HW floors recently installed & tile in kitchen. 2 bedrms in bsmt and a workshop area plus a 23x12 detached garage/shop & sundeck in back.


Don Ward 315-3503

Ray Thompson 315-3377





manicured corner lot





great views



uc red Spacious 5 bedroom home with huge master bedrm with jet tub in ensuite, open kitchen & family room, Cherry stained cabinets in kitchen, 2 huge sundeck in private backyard plus covered sitting area.

Quality built home with 3 bedrms up, country kitchen, full bsmt with family room & work area. Beautifully landscaped 0.44 ac lot with gazebo, attached garage & 32x28 detached shop & shed.

Home has 2 full floors plus bsmt, 2 car garage and legal 2 bedrm daylight rental suite on main with rear entrance. Bright kitchen with island, living rm with gas F/P. Nice covered deck in back.









sun valley court

Quality built, open & bright home on 3 levels with 5 bedrms + den, 3.5 baths, on demand HW heat, den/ office with coffered ceiling & large windows, chef style kitchen with granite counters, large island & much more.

Recently renovated 3 bedrm, 2 storey half duplex. New flooring, paint, interior doors, moldings, and bathrooms renovated. Also has a walkout level entry inlaw suite that is great for extra family member. Covered deck on top level with views.

Clean & bright 3 bedrm rancher with full bsmt, vaulted ceilings, large open kitchen with new countertops, family rm with gas F/P, 2 car garage, RV parking with sani-dump and a private backyard.

Gorgeous 5 bedrm, 3.5 bath home with HW flooring, ceramic tile in kitchen & baths, 5 pce ensuite & W/I closet. Fully fin. bsmt with separate entrance, extra large rec.rm. 2 covered decks.

Spacious 4 bedrm + den, 3 bath home with newer S/S appliances in gourmet kitchen, dining & living rooms adjoin a walk-out balcony. The walkout bsmt has wet bar & games room. Lot of parking.

Traditional style 3 level home across from elementary school. Home has a bedrm on the main with 2 upstairs and a large rec. rm downstairs. Single car garage. Great starter home.

Impressive home with breathtaking views from the huge wrap around deck. Features beautiful oak doors, 4 bedrms, 3 baths, full finished basement, large family & games rooms. Bathrooms has been refurbished with vintage tub & high end faucets.







adult oriented strata






desirable area



executive bench home


beautifully landscaped




uc red Executive 3 level split family home with stunning view of the valley. Has a grand living rm and dining rm with large vaulted ceilings, open kitchen concept with sunken family rm. 3 bedrms up, large master suite. Upgrades include new bathrm, windows & more.



Executive 5 bedrm family home in excellent location with panoramic views. Great curb appeal and grandiose floor plan. Features Jacobi HW flooring, slate tile, 2 gas F/P’s, extra large kitchen, large master bedrm with 5 pce ensuite. Beautifully landscaped.

Nice 3 bedrm, 2.5 bath townhouse with very unique floor plan. Main fl oor has lots of natural sunlight & large bay window & gas F/P in living rm. Kitchen has newer appliances, tile backsplash & fl ooring. Has been prof. painted up & down. Move in ready.

One of the nicest gated communities in Merritt with views of the Nicola River. Has 3 bedrms, 2 baths, open design living, gas F/P, galley kitchen with nook, laundry on main, hobby & rec.rm down.

Large family home on 18,000 sq.ft. lot with fruit trees, fish pond, garden area and patio at back. Custom 3 level split with large living & dining rooms, lots of windows and fully fin. Basement.

Immaculate 4 bedrm home with fantastic views., 3 pce ensuite with soaker tub & sitting rm. Living rm with gas F/P. Main level has family rm, office, laundry. Double garage. Near college.

Great home in Lower Nicola on 0.35 acres with creek. 2 bedrms up, 1 down in renovated bsmt with new carpets, paint & HW tank. Large living room and a galley kitchen. 24x28 shop.

Quality executive 3 BR family home with HW & cork flooring with spacious rooms, vaulted ceilings & Mill Creek cabinets with granite top on kitchen island. U/G sprinklers, 2 sundecks, private yard.

Large family home with 4 bedrms, open design, bright kitchen, central A/C. Huge, fenced backyard with sundeck and large garden area, plus double garage and deactivated 2 bedrm suite in bsmt.

Beautiful 4 bedrm family home in excellent Bench location and close to school. Has new kitchen, flooring, bathrooms up & down, spacious fl oor plan with open concept living. Large lot with carport & RV parking.










newer apartment



















bench view home





This 4 bedrm home has a recently remodeled kitchen with custom cabinets, granite counters & new appliances. Bathrms have been redone. Enjoy the solarium that overlooks the backyard garden, pool & pond.

Quality built view home offers approx. 4000 sq.ft. on 3 levels. Large chef’s kitchen with all appliances, family rm open to large balcony, 4 bedrms, 3 baths. Fully finished basement. Triple garage.

Urban living in one of the finest strata developments. Nice one bedrm apartment with granite counters, shake style kitchen cabinets & incl. appliances. Clean and ready to move into.

Spacious home with 2 bedrooms and a den or 3rd bedrm, generous living & dining room plus office. Both bedrms have ensuites. Large covered deck, 20x16 detached shop.

Great opportunity to own a one bedroom apartment as investment or for first time buyer. Great affordably price strata unit. $3,000 bonus paid to Buyer upon completion! Don’t miss this one!

Older 2 bedroom home in nice neighbourhood, close to downtown. On extra large 13,780 sq.ft. lot with lane access and well maintenance backyard with 19x16 single garage.

2 bedrm home on its own 0.23 acre lot. Home is very neat with new siding, shingled roof, skirting with insulation & 14x28 garage. Has an enclosed deck & porch. Yard is fully fenced with workshop, RV parking & garden area.

Side by side uplex with 100 amp service. Each side has 2 bedrms, 1 bath and approx 432 sq.ft. Easy walk to shopping & schools. Has had some renovations. Adjacent duplex also for sale.

Exquisite 3 bedrm bungalow in prime location, completely redone inside & out. New wiring, plumbing, furnace, HW tanks, all windows, S/S appliance pkg, stacking washer/dryer plus a fully fin. bsmt.

Great family home with 3 bedrms up, 1 down, 3 baths, sundeck off huge dining room to enjoy the fabulous views. Large family rm in bsmt plus workshop or hobby room. Fenced backyard.






















close to schools

spacious mobile

why rent







Immaculate 2 bedrm strata unit on top floor with extra windowto let in the sunshine. Includes A/C, 4 appliances & window coverings. Walking distance to rec. centre, arena & shopping.

Large family home in good area, close to schools with 3 bedrms up and 2 bedrm inlaw suite on ground level. New paint & flooring on main. HW radiant heat with new boiler in 2009. Large fenced backyard.

2 bedrm mobile in one of the nicest parks. 1 bedrm on each end with an open concept kitchen eating area & living rm in the center. The addition has a large enclosed porch & family rm.

This 3 bedrm home has had some updates, laminate flooring, double glazed windows, electrical upgrade, newer roof. 2 levels, 3 bedrms, 2 baths. Strata fees include heat and hot water.

Why rent when you could own this 3 bedroom home with 1.5 baths, newer windows and siding. Close to schools. Has 100 amp service and a carport in the back.

Great starter home, close to school. 3 bedrms up, large living room and kitchen/dining room. Newer paint & HW tank. Very clean and is move in ready. Fenced backyard with covered deck.

Great starter or retirement home on large pad with garden area. 3 bedrms, 2 baths, huge open spacious plan, central A/C, newer vinyl siding and thermal pane windows & many upgrades.

4 separately titled side by side duplexes with a total of 8 units & some long term tenants. Each side of duplex has 2 bedrms, 1 bath, kitchen and living rm with 432 sq.ft. Has newer shingles, 100 amp service.

Great opportunity to increase your portfolio. One bedroom apartment of 584 sq.ft. in well managed building. Elevator in building, close to store and transportation. Other units available.

Nice 2 bedroom rancher close to downtown and seniors center with newer furnace and HW tank. Concrete foundation, and fenced private yard with shop. Quick Possession.











d l o s


















nice strata unit



Very clean home with 3 bedrooms up 2 baths, new file and newer flooring in living room, newer countertops in kitchen. Has covered carport in back with lane access. Upgraded to 100 amp.

Great starter home for young families or retirees. 3 bedrms, flat private yard with garden, 2 car garage & RV parking. Includes appliances & gas F/P. A quality built home in a desirable neighbourhood.

5 bedrm home within walking distance to downtown & amenities. 2 storey home with single garage. 3 bedrms up, 2 down, large family room with a small kitchenette.

2 bedroom bungalow with big living room, back lane access, within walking distance to downtown shopping and all amenities. Perfect for the handyman. As is where is.

Within walking distance to shopping & amenities, this 3 bedroom home is perfect for retirees or first time buyers. RV parking in back. Has private patio with hot tub. Nicely landscaped.

Cozy 2 bedroom home with 9 ft ceilings in the living room & bedrooms, updated flooring, cabinets and bathrm. Fenced yard with lane access, RV parking and a 16x24 shop.

Great opportunity of 6 strata title townhomes, all within walking distance to downtown & close to all amenities. Being sold below assessed value at $87,900 per unit. Call for more details.

Why rent when you can own? 2 bedroom strata unit with balcony and storage. Large living and dining room. Great for retirees or first time buyers. Strata fees are $212.70 per month.

Perfect home for a large family. Possible 5 bedrm house in great area with with big yard, nice back deck & gazebo and double garage with 10 ft high doors. Lots of extra park with 1.5 lots.

Great corner lot on a quiet street with plenty of room to built a shop. This 2 bedroom home is awaiting your ideas. Home is in need of some TLC but is price accordingly.




















$99,900 • 378-6166 • • 378-6166 • • 378-6166 • • 378-6166


June 19, 2014

Century 21 Moving Real estate BC Ltd. Homes on acreage APPROX. 120 ACRES


IC & I





Nicely renovated 4 bedrm home with newer flooring, bathrooms and paint. Great horse property with 44x36 barn and a 100x44 metal Quonset shop. Gently sloped useable land. Great views & close to town

Custom home on Nicola Lake built with reclaimed timbers & HW flooring throughout, open concept, gourmet kitchen with custom cabinets, great room with F/P, and a detached triple garage.



NEW 9.88 acres with riding ring & only 5 mins. From Mamit Lake. This 5 bedrm level entry rancher with walkout bsmt has had some updates. Open concept with vaulted ceilings, 3 bath, large kitchen & big sundeck.

Compact rancher in a natural valley setting just west of Merritt. Approx. 120 acres of level hay land bordering Spius Creek and Nicola River with abundant water for irrigation. Home is sold “as is”.


9.88 acres







prestigious home



4 bedrm rancher in approx. 1 acre in parklike setting with creek & pond. Home has HW floors, open country kitchen, huge family rm with woodstove & living rm with pellet stove. Detached garage.

Bring your horses! Set up with 3 horse shelters, 2 round pens, 2 hay barns & tack shed. The 4 bedrm home has a new country kitchen, open design, vaulted ceilings, HW floors, gas F/P.

Custom home on 51.99 acres with panoramic views. This private home has open design with custom cut timbers frame beams, HW flooring, 3 bedrms, 2.5 baths & wrap around deck

Spectacular home on Nicola Lake with over 2600 sq.ft. 2 bedrms on main with 2 down & a summer kitchen, gorgeous views, huge wrap around deck, prof. landscaped & beach for swimming

country getaway


10 acres in kane valley

waterfront home

$434,900 #2189





beachfront home



Spectacular horse property just 15 minutes from Merritt. All natural grass land with 2 ponds and a seasonal creek. Great place to start a hobby farm or use as rec. property.




Good commercial building in downtown core. Approx. 5000 sq.ft. of commercial space on the main with 1100 sq.ft. up with a 3 bedrm suite, currently rented. Zoned C-2. Run your business and live upstairs.





Fronts Nicola River in City limits, 0.91 acres, completely flat land this space offers unlimited possibilities to build the home you’ve always dreamed of. City services in vicinity.

Nice flat light industrial bare land lots. Water and sewer are close to the lot lines. Great business opportunity. Each lot is 95 x 198 and zoned M1. In area growing industrial business.



#2237Each $59,900

1 acre lot


Enjoy the great outdoors on this 1 acre lot on Iron Mountain, close to fishing, hunting, cross country skiing & all outdoor activities. Only 10 mins. from Merritt. Perfect for a hobby farm.

3 parcels of Recreation Commercial waterfront zoned C4 for multi-family resort, Pub, restaurant, marina & more. Great opportunity to start your own resort & marina.


#2175Each $900,000

$112,500 12.16 ACRES

incredible investment

12.16 acre treed lot waiting for you to develop it. Many building sites, some with views, has a shallow well.



This spacious 3 bedrm, 2 bath home has open design with huge 48 ft deck to enjoy the sunsets & good times. 24x24 detached shop/garage. Land is fenced & would be great for horses.



Great horse property with riding arena on 9.91 acres & backs onto crown land. 4 bedrm home with huge country kitchen, large wrap around covered deck. Has double garage and detached shop.




Just 20 mins. south of Merritt close to cross-country ski trails, fishing, hunting & snowmobiling and backs onto crown land. Beautiful log home with large wrap around covered deck. Includes a guest cabin, new barn with loft & chicken pen.


4.64 acres


private 30 acres

Magnificent 5 bedrm home on Nicola Lake with unique open designed family area with large bedrms & family rooms with an extra summer kitchen. 3 floors, 2 large covered decks. Has detached triple garage & an underground boat house bunker.



Residential building lot of 0.62 acres, zoned R2. Lots has potential to be made into 4 city lots or Buyer may apply for possible zoning change to higher density multi-family residential.

Fantastic investment with 6 revenue streams – 3 residential suites and 3 commercial units at ground level. Highway frontage for excellent exposure for commercial & centrally located. Call for details.

2 acres







Build your home in the country. Has a drilled well of 15 GPM, power at lot line, septic approval, and driveway are in. Nice view, crown land nearby. Just 20 mins. from Merritt.



DEVELOPMENT LAND Fantastic views of Mamit Lake and valley & just 17 mins. from Merritt on 4.69 acres. Tidy 4 bedrm home with newer kitchen & flooring, huge living rm. 30x40 detached shop, 200 amps.



133 AC + LAKE

Country living on 4.64 acres with beautiful 4 bedroom log home. Spacious loft master suite, newer kitchen & appliances, new electric furnace & heat pump, pellet stove. A perfect hobby farm.



30 acre fenced horse property with beautiful pastures & fantastic views . Very private setting with 3 bedrm house (2 on main, huge master bedrm in loft). Cozy airight woodstove in living rm. Rustic style home to live year round or use a rec. retreat. 25 mins. south of Merritt.


fantastic 157 acres



Great lakefront cabin of 450 sq.ft., recreational retreat on Walloper lake. Crown lease. Easy access off Coquihalla Hwy. Call for more details.






u red

u red

294 acres of development land with 2 titles and incredible views. Property has an allowed legal density of 62 units maximum. Located above Nicola Lakeshore Estates at Nicola Lake.





Only 15 mins. from Merritt toward Aspen Grove. Property has 1500 sq.ft. 2 bedrm modular home with huge ensuite & big deck. Includes 2 shops, corrals with heating automatic watering for livestock.




Private 4 bedrm home with Hickory kitchen cabinets, newer flooring & paint, formal dining & living rm with F/P’s & partially fin. Bsmt. Fantastic view overlooking Guichon Creek & valley. Large detached shop.



Just over 1 acre on Nicola Lake. Great place to invest for a family getaway or retire and enjoy the great weather. Gentle slope & easy access allows for a wide variety of home plans. Includes roll-a-dock.









Great 6 acre property to build your home or use as recreational. Mostly flat with many buildings sites, has shallow well, septic approval, hydro to property & driveway is in. Close to crown land.

Great location on a corner lot on main street coming into Merritt. This 7300 sq.ft. building is zoned C-4 with a site specific zoning for prof. offices, doctors, lawyers etc. Lots of parking.

#2155 Incredible year round off the grid home or use as rec. property, almost surrounds Allie Lake. Includes 2 main cabinet plus 3 additional guest cabins. Great for horseback riding, snowmobiling, fish & more.


Approx. 12,000 sq.ft. building with office space with one long term tenant. Great for professional offices, retail, lawyers, doctors, government agency, etc. Has approval for residential units upstairs.




19.77 ACRES


Private 19.77 acres with spectacular view of the valley & mountains. Located off Petit Creek Rd at end of quiet cul de sac. Property is treed with creek running through it.

Immaculate 8000 sq.ft. precast tilt-up building on corner lot with excellent exposure. Easy access to truck route. Adjoining warehouse has bay door, loading deck office & mezzanine space.





spius creek estates

From 9.8 to 17 Acres 9.9 acres with 3400 sq.ft. custom home on 2 levels with fantastic views. 2 bedrms up, 2 down, HW floors, ceramic tile, 3 baths, large kitchen, living rm with F/P. Has 2 corrals, hay shed & horse shelter.



Gorgeous acreage with approx. 1 mile of Guichon Creek flowing throught the property. A great variet of land with possibilities of subdivision. Not in ALR. Old farm house used for seasonal cabin + shop.




Great acreage overlooking the Nicola River with numerous outbuildings, hay storage & tack shed. Double wide home has 4 bedrms, 2 baths and a partially fi nished basement with cold storage. Big sundeck to enjoy the views.

Build your summer cottage on this 1 acre lot with beautiful views of Nicola Lake. Great lake for fishing, water skiing, wind surfing. Kick back, unwind & enjoy your new investment.







Prices starting at $199,000

Unique property, entirely fenced with 2 small homes (live in or rent out) while you build your dream home. Has large water feature on site, U/G sprinklers & mountain views. Was former putting course.



Fantastic 1.562 acre lot, great for one or two dwellings. Water & sewer are not connected. Now is the change to build your dream home – most lots are sold, don’t miss out.



Country living at its best! These 9 properties are located approx. 15 mins. from Merritt in the beautiful Sunshine Valley. A Phase 1 has been completed and a water report is available. 4 lots are waterfront, all have stunning views of the valley. Area offers swimming, biking, canoeing, horseback riding,motorcycling & more.

GST is applicable

#102-2840 Voght St., Merritt, B.C. - 250-378-6166 - Toll Free: 1-877-841-2100


THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 • 17


Merritt RCMP warn of suspicious person On June 16, Merritt RCMP received a report of a suspicious occurrence from Sunday, June 15 around 10 a.m. near the cemetery on Juniper Drive in Merritt. The complainants’ 12-year-old son was walking to the golf course along Juniper in an isolated area of road when he was approached by a male driving a newer black pickup truck. The male slowed and told the boy to throw his golf clubs in the back and he would take him for ice cream. The boy ignored the man and ran down the hill to the golf course. The male was described as in his 30s with dark skin and wearing a ball cap driving a newer black pick-

up without any kind of canopy. There was no attempt to follow the boy or grab him and he was able to run to the golf course and talked to his parents about it later. Although not common, police have had other reports in the past with different descriptions of suspects and vehicles and want to remind parents to talk to their children about what to do in these circumstances. Children should never get into a vehicle with a stranger or even someone whom they may know without their parents’ permission. When approached by someone who makes them feel uncomfortable, they should tell their parents and go to

a safe place. Parents are encouraged to report any instances to police. Even without a lot of detail, there may be other reports with similar circumstances made to police and in some instances, police have been able to find video

footage or witnesses who are able to identify a suspect. Merritt detachment: (250) 378-4262 Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-TIPS

Please look for our Section B in today’s paper NATIONAL

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Summer + Winter Mountain Passes Best Buy Sale Ends June 30, 2014. Shop online at or call 250.578.5474.

4$)&%6-& 1"(&4

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LOT 1 SUNSHINE VALLEY RD 2078 BIRCH AVE #9-2760 VOGHT ST 1751 GRANITE AVE 2263 NICOLA AVE 1991 MORRISSEY ST 27 SAPPHIRE COURT MLS# 123240 $249,900 $179,000 MLS# 123112 $259,000 MLS# 123165 $181,000 MLS# 123207 $139,900 MLS# 123211 $199,000 MLS# 123223 $139,900 MLS# 123152







LOT 25 PARADISE LAKE 371 BASALT DRIVE #4-2760 VOGHT ST 2137 CLAPPERTON AVE 432 MORGAN AVE 1843 MENZIES STREET 2397 TORGERSON ROAD MLS# 119378 $215,000 $249,000 MLS# 123149 $170,000 MLS# 121116 $173,900 MLS# 122908 $288,000 MLS# 120354 $99,000 MLS# 122150 $599,000 MLS# 122263


House # STREET

Merritt $0 - $200,000 122064 #7-2400 COLDWATER AVE 121453 #317-1703 MENZIES STREET 116995 #9-2390 SEYOME CRESENT 122407 #314-1703 MENZIES STREET 118135 #311-1703 MENZIES STREET 116312 1202 HOUSTON STREET 119925 #16-1226 McMILLAN ROAD 120941 #38-254 HIGHWAY 8 122150 1843 MENZIES STREET 121276 1406 PINE STREET 120487 #211-2295 BLAIR STREET 121275 1404 PINE STREET 121480 1752 NICOLA AVENUE 120579 #304-2295 BLAIR STREET 121249 1602 DOUGLAS STREET 120608 1490 COLDWATER AVE 120810 1952 NICOLA AVENUE 121468 2637 QUILCHENA AVENUE 120481 1902 NICOLA AVENUE 117739 2276 COUTLEE AVENUE 112744 1875 SAGE STREET 121540 #305-1701 MENZIES STREET 121146 1650 LINDLEY CRK RD EXC 2076 CLEASBY STREET 122067 1798 DOUGLAS STREET 122468 2387 COUTLEE AVENUE REDUCED 118294 #206-1701 MENZIES STREET 114978 1859 GRANITE AVENUE 123055 439 BRENTON AVE 121116 #4-2760 VOGHT STREET 122908 2137 CLAPPERTON AVE 123019 2699 QUILCHENA AVENUE 119258 1425 CANFORD AVE 123112 #9-2760 VOGHT STREET 123207 2263 NICOLA AVENUE 121473 1576 HOUSTON STREET 123223 1991 MORRISSEY STREET Merritt $200,000-$300,000 119627 1425 HOUSTON STREET 121236 1626 HOUSTON STREET 120499 #11-1749 MENZIES STREET 121596 1648 LINDLEY CRK RD 122449 1660 HILL STREET 120354 432 MORGAN AVE LN 120892 2625 JACKSON AVE 120921 #32-1749 MENZIES STREET 122960 2549 CLAPPERTON AVE 117659 1610 BANN STREET 117462 2090 CLAPPERTON AVE 121078 1849 1ST AVE 120472 2556 CORKLE STREET LN

PRICE $57,500 $64,900 $64,999 $68,000 $69,995 $74,000 $75,000 $89,900 $99,000 $99,900 $105,000 $105,000 $107,000 $108,000 $108,000 $109,000 $130,000 $130,000 $155,000 $157,000 $159,000 $159,000 $159,800 $160,000 $161,000 $163,000 $164,000 $169,000 $169,000 $170,000 $173,900 $174,500 $179,000 $179,000 $181,000 $199,000 $199,000 $209,000 $209,000 $210,000 $210,000 $210,000 $215,000 $220,000 $229,000 $229,000 $229,900 $239,000 $243,000 $248,000


House # STREET

Merritt $200,000-$300,000 120190 372 TURNER AVE LN 123211 2078 BIRCH AVE 121253 2075 GILLIS CRESC 123165 1751 GRANITE AVENUE 122988 1769 SPRING STREET NEW PRICE 122989 1599 COLDWATER AVE 122494 #21-1901 MAXWELL AVE 122335 2352 IRVINE AVE 117749 1630 BANN STREET 120769 2621 CLAPPERTON AVE 122996 2152 CLARKE AVE 121679 1642 LINDLEY CRK RD 121166 1599 MAIN STREET 121948 1401 CHAPMAN STREET Merritt $300,000+ 121254 2425 IRVINE AVE 122220 3387 BOYD ROAD NEW PRICE 118338 2672 GRANITE AVENUE 121497 #8-2502 SPRINGBANK AVE 122113 2565 REID COURT 117200 2950 MCLEAN PLACE 122398 #2-2502 SPRING BANK AVE 119076 1741 BANN STREET 119260 1700 BANN STREET 120678 2612 FORKSDALE PLACE REDUCED 119803 2138 PARKER DRIVE 117612 1201 QUILCHENA AVENUE 119047 5128 ENGINEER AVE(BRKM) 121959 1681 FIR ROAD 120339 2674 FORKSDALE CRT 123067 2709 GRAND VIEW HEIGHTS 122422 1511 BANN STREET 122957 2662 FORKSDALE COURT Homes on Acreage 118045 5033 LAUDER ROAD (GLMPS) 119378 LOT 25 PARADISE LAKE 116583 4570 WILDWOOD ROAD (GLMPS) 115727 1889 NICOLLS ROAD 122221 3104 PANORAMA DRIVE 119327 420 WILD ROSE DRIVE 121896 1540 MILLER ROAD 117984 1736 MILLER ROAD 122595 4557 IRON MOUNTAIN ROAD 120116 3611 PETIT CREEK ROAD 116493 1444 LOON LAKE ROAD CC 114703 2797 MERRITT-SP.BRG HWY 122263 2397 TORGERSON ROAD 119475 128 COLDWATER ROAD 121142 11570 HIGHWAY 97C 120080 5360 MANNING CREEK 117905 1016 HIGHWAY 8 NW 116197 3793 PETIT CREEK ROAD

PRICE $249,900 $249,900 $259,000 $259,000 $259,000 $265,000 $269,000 $272,000 $280,000 $288,990 $289,900 $298,000 $299,000 $299,000 $303,000 $309,000 $315,000 $319,000 $319,000 $320,000 $325,000 $327,000 $329,000 $329,000 $330,000 $339,000 $349,900 $359,000 $370,000 $389,900 $432,000 $475,000 $230,000 $288,000 $289,000 $399,000 $399,900 $425,000 $449,000 $472,000 $495,000 $499,000 $539,000 $599,000 $599,000 $769,000 $799,000 $1,195,000 $1,350,000 $1,690,000


House # STREET

Homes on Acreage 118481 5240 DOT RANCH CUTT OFF RD Bare Land 120248 2362 CARRINGTON AVE LN 122060 3010 HILTON DRIVE 122061 3006 HILTON DRIVE 122062 3000 HILTON DRIVE 122063 3030 HILTON DRIVE 120479 1638 LINDLEY CRK RD 121605 2730 EAGLE CRESCENT 122077 2701 PEREGRINE WAY 115358 2299 BURGESS AVE 104461 2793 SUNSHINE VALLEY RD 116421 LOT 1 MERR SPEN BRG HWY 120647 8595 HIGHWAY 5A 122172 Lot 3 MIDDAY VALLEY ROAD 122317 6357 MONCK PARK RD 120655 6427 MONCK PARK RD 118598 1101 HIGHWAY 8 120105 2819 ABERDEEN RD LN Commercial 120800 2075 COUTLEE AVENUE 120799 2087 COUTLEE AVENUE 122580 2152 NICOLA AVENUE 119261 2175 NICOLA AVENUE 120483 1952-26 NICOLA AVENUE 120317 2125 QUILCHENA AVENUE 122016 1898 BLAIR STREET 122729 2076 COUTLEE AVENUE 115359 2208 COYLE ROAD 119521 1988 NICOLA AVENUE EXC 1601 WILSON STREET 120109 1988 NICOLA AVENUE Logan Lake 121148 347 POPLAR DRIVE 120942 #205-279 ALDER DRIVE 120654 #279-306 ALDER DRIVE 122725 #14 JASPER DRIVE 121972 #307-400 OPAL DRIVE 121683 #3 AGATE DR 121510 382 GRANITE AVENUE 123152 27 SAPHIRE COURT 122279 244 JASPER DRIVE 120762 403 OPAL DRIVE 120878 227 BIRCH CRESCENT 120767 #5 EMERALD DRIVE 123149 371 BASALT DRIVE 120416 144 BIRCH CRESCENT 123056 13+15 JASPER DRIVE 121368 136 PONDEROSA WAY 122058 11 GARNET AVE 121164 320 BASALT DRIVE 120473 4884 PINERIDGE DRIVE

PRICE $2,100,000 $69,000 $77,500 $77,500 $77,500 $77,500 $79,000 $89,000 $99,000 $134,900 $149,000 $150,000 $175,000 $195,000 $199,000 $199,900 $249,000 $2,000,000 $45,000 $45,000 $80,000 $251,000 $325,000 $350,000 $439,000 $455,000 $499,000 $570,000 $725,000 LEASE $44,000 $72,500 $79,900 $98,000 $115,000 $125,000 $129,700 $139,900 $189,900 $219,000 $234,900 $244,900 $249,000 $249,900 $255,500 $259,000 $298,000 $320,000 $360,000

THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 • 19

HERALD HEALTH Have a sports story tip? Tell us about it by calling 250-378-4241 or emailing

Do you have one leg longer than the other? DR. COLIN GAGE Spinal COLUMN A particularly pleasant gentleman entered my office with leftsided low back pain after raking up the pine needles throughout his entire yard. He had spoken to a physiotherapist who had described his problem as “a rotated hip,” which resulted in “one leg being longer than the other.” He had heard that chiropractors commonly treat a problem like his, so he entered my office seeking help. First of all, I had to clarify that it was not

really his hip joint that was causing his problems. The “hip joint” is the ball and socket joint between the bone of his thigh (femur) and a bone in his pelvis (ileum). I continued by telling him that his pain was actually being caused by the “sacroiliac joint,” which is located in the back portion of his pelvis. Health-care practitioners and patients alike mistakenly call the “sacroiliac joint” the “hip joint.” In fact, the sacroiliac joint is much different than your hip joint. There is one sacroiliac joint on each side of the back portion of your pelvis, made up of a sacrum bone in the middle (where the bottom of your spine attaches and your tailbone projects downward from) and an ileum bone (the large bone you feel at

the side of your waistline). The sacroiliac joint on each side of the pelvis is a common and often misdiagnosed source of low back pain, which may or may not cause pain or numbness to travel down into the groin or leg (sciatica). This particular gentleman put too much stress on his left sacroiliac joint as he repetitively reached forward and twisted his lower back with each stroke of his rake. Although he was not in any pain prior to raking his lawn, it was likely that the individual mobility of his low back and pelvis joints were not at their full potential to begin with. Therefore, when he challenged these joints by working long and repetitively, they could not handle the stress and inevita-

bly became sore and inflamed. As for the leg length difference, this is a complicated item to explain accurately so let’s see if I can help you understand. The movement within the sacroiliac joints allows the ileum bones at each side of the pelvis to rotate or “tip” forward and backward. This motion occurs when you walk, run, bend forward, bend backward, or raise your knee to your chest. In the past, it was thought that the sacroiliac joints did not move at all. However, high-quality medical studies have shown that they do move and actually play an important role in actions I just mentioned. One of the sacroiliac joints can become “restricted” or “jammed” in a

other possibility, and what this gentleman actually had, is when the left ileum is rotated backward. This made his left leg appear longer than the right. As far as treatment goes, the task of the chiropractor is to restore the proper positioning and mobility of the sacroiliac

“rotated forward” or “rotated backward” position when they are injured or even simply become stiff. It is very important that you understand that the sacroiliac joint does not have to be injured or sore for this to occur. As we discussed above, the real “hip joint” is made up of the pelvic bone (ileum) and the thigh bone (femur). Therefore, if the left ileum were rotated forward or backward, it would have a direct effect on the left leg. For example, if this gentleman was lying down and his left sacroiliac joint was jammed or restricted in a position that had the left ileum “rotated forward,” his left leg would appear shorter than the right when you compare the bottom of his heels. The

Grasslands Cowboy Church Sundays, 4 PM 2025 Quilchena Ave., Merritt

Meditation can be a path to a more peaceful, healthful life GWEN RANDALL-YOUNG Psychology FOR LIVING I sometimes write about meditation and find there is much confusion and uncertainty about what, exactly, it is. Some think it is weird. Others think it is harmful. It has even been labeled as ‘new age’ and condemned as a threat to traditional religion. It is interesting how much can be projected on a harmless, innocent practice. Meditation means

to think quietly, to engage in deep and serious thought. It can also mean to observe intently. The act of meditation is quiet thought; reflection. It can even be contemplation on sacred or solemn subjects, especially as a devotional exercise. For a religious person, meditation can be sitting quietly and feeling the presence of God — an awareness that can be lost in the hustle and bustle of daily living. For the non-spiritual person, meditation can be simply clearing the mind of all thoughts, giving it a much-needed rest. There is such an intimate connection between the mind and body, science has

shown, that worry thoughts and thoughts of anger, resentment, fear or anxiety can measurably alter the body chemistry in a negative way. The negative changes persist for six to eight hours after experiencing the troubling emotions. Every time those thoughts come back, the negative changes are restimulated and persist

for another six to eight hours. It is easy to see how thoughts can have a profound effect on our health. Meditation is to the mind what a brisk walk in fresh air is to the body. To think of it as harmful or threatening in any way just adds one more negative thought to the stockpile. On the other hand, taking time each day to stop all

thoughts, just resting in calmness and feeling love in your heart can create positive, healthful shifts in your body chemistry, which, if you resist adding negative emotions, remain for those same six to eight hours. Meditation is a path to a more peaceful, healthful life. Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning psychotherapist.

joints. He or she does this by performing a series of treatments consisting of “manipulating” or “adjusting” the affected joints. Once this mobility is restored, the remaining treatments are done to maintain it that way until the joint is able to heal fully and naturally.

Contact: Brad Miller 250-378-7991 or

How’s your hearing? Ask an Audiologist.

Carolyn Palaga, MSc, Aud (C)

Merritt Hearing Clinic A division of Carolyn Palaga Audiology Ser vices Ltd.

Call Monday - Friday

315-9688 2076A Granite Avenue, Merritt (Located at Nicola Valley Chiropractic)

Authorized by: WCB First Canadian Health Veterans Affairs Registered under the Hearing Aid Act (B.C.)

GOESSMAN DENTURE CLINICS Professional, personalized denture service directly to the public Dentures

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20 • THURSDAY, June 19, 2014

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Prochnau tops the field at 2014 Bar Bender By Ian Webster THE HERALD

For elite rider Bobby Prochnau from Savona, his victory in the Masters class at the 2014 Bar Bender motocross race on the weekend was particularly poignant. “The Bar Bender was my very first race 11 years ago at the age of 16,” he said. “I have very good memories of coming here.” Prochnau has not made it back too often in the intervening years as his chosen sport now takes him all over North America. “I just got back from Texas,” Prochnau said, “and next weekend I’m racing in Sacramento, Calif. We’re gypsies, you could say.” The last time Prochnau was at the Bar Bender was in 2010. “I was actually injured that year. I was crew for my wife who was racing,” he said. One of the reasons Prochnau was able to make the Merritt event this time around is the new date for the annual event. Held on the Thanksgiving weekend the past couple of seasons, the Bar Bender was moved up on the Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Association schedule in an attempt to attract more riders. “I can only get to a couple of PNWMA

events a year,” said Prochnau. “Fortunately, this weekend worked for me.” While Prochnau was the class of the field on Sunday, not too far behind was 23-year-old, up-and-coming racer Ryan Graffunder from Vavenby. “I loved the course today. It was technical but not too slow. The organizers did a really good job,” he said after the race. Graffunder comes by his riding skills honestly, as he is but one member of a real racing family that includes parents, grandparents, uncles and cousins. Ryan’s cousin, Cory, who is based out of California, recently returned from Europe where he competed at the famous Erzberg event in Austria. In third place in the Masters class was Geoff Nelson from Abbotsford, last year’s winner. Local riders did extremely well in the field of 148 riders, with youngsters Grayson McMaster, Charlie Suzuki and Talleah Dalla Vecchia all picking up top-five finishes in their respective classes. Lower Nicola’s Ryan Porada, 24, was first off the line in the Expert class but had to settle for a sixth-place finish. “I crashed about halfway around the first lap,” he said. “Unfortunately,

BAR BENDER RESULTS June 15, 2014 (local finishers in bold) Master Class 1. Bobby Prochnau, Savona


Expert Class 1. Jesse Niefer, Kamloops 5. Alex Marsh 6. Ryan Porada

2:15:57 2:38:46 2:38:48

Vet Expert Class 1. Wayne Reimer, Savona


Super Senior Class 1. Mike Schmidt , Langley


Senior Expert Class 1. Rob Pafford, Chilliwack


Veteran Amateur Class 1. Donald Cliburn, N. Vancouver 2:19:02 Senior Amateur Class LEADER OF THE PACK (Above) Salmon Arm’s Bobby Prochnau (9) was the class of the field in the elite Masters class at the 2014 Bar Bender motorcycle race, held on Sunday in Lower Nicola. A total of 148 riders from throughout the Pacific Northwest took part. (Left) Prochnau and second place finisher Ryan Graffunder from Vavenby. Ian Webster/Herald

it took me about 10 kilometres to recover.” Longtime racer and race organizer Errol Borsky, from Kamloops, was effusive in his praise for this year’s Bar Bender. “This was the most well-marked and safest event I’ve been in,” said

the 66-year-old veteran competitor. “Scott [Dearden] and his crew did a fabulous job.” Borsky should know what he’s talking about. He is the founder of one of Canada’s most successful motocross events — the Monkey Wrench

100 — held annually in Lytton. Dearden and his team were understandably delighted with how everything turned out. “It was a good event. The conditions were great, and the racing excellent,” said Dearden.

1. Mario Jakowski, Maple Ridge 15. Rod McMaster

2:29:19 3:06:43

Intermediate Class 1. Quinn McCullough, N. Saanich 2:19:26 7. Kyle Stirling 2:46:45 Junior Over Class 1. John Shamley, Lytton 3. Grayson McMaster

2:23:06 2:25:09

Junior U15 Class 1. Brock McCartney, Abbotsford 4. Charlie Suzuki 16. Bill Brewer

2:33:04 3:02:33 3:08:13

Women’s Class 1. Anne Bisson, Kamloops 4. Talleah DallaVecchia 5. Caitlyn Weisse

2:59:57 3:25:25 2:01:30

Thunder lacrosse bantams win tournament in Langley By Ian Webster THE HERALD

The Nicola Valley Thunder bantam lacrosse team continued its stellar season on the weekend by winning the gold medal at a seventeam tournament in Langley. The Thunder went undefeated (4-0-1) in their five games against Coast competition, outscoring the opposition 27-17 in total. Friday, the Nicola

Valley bantams defeated Langley 5-3 and Vancouver 6-5. On Saturday, it was a 3-3 tie versus Burnaby and a resounding 8-2 victory against Ridge Meadows. In the championship game on Sunday, the Thunder battled back from a two-goal deficit to edge the Coquitlam Adanacs 5-4. The winning goal was scored by Anthony Tulliani with just 2.6 seconds left in regulation time. Leading scorer for the

Thunder at the tournament was Mack Stead with 10 goals. Tulliani had 5 goals in total, followed by Fred Ware with four. Both Tom Girard and Spencer Vaughan picked up two goals on the weekend, while Travis Simon, Micaela Smith, Gorden Ware and Tanveer Bansi each had one. Kaelen Lester played in net for all five Thunder games. The local bantams

have an even bigger weekend coming up as they host the zone playdowns this Saturday and Sunday at the Shulus arena. On the line is one berth to the provincial championships, scheduled for July 9 to 13 in Victoria/Esquimalt.

See Bantams Page 25 CHAMPS The Nicola Valley Thunder bantam lacrosse team went undefeated en route to winning a tournament in Langley on the weekend. Submitted

THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 • 21


Otters make waves at their own Invitational By Ian Webster

swimmer Gabe Baird who took a full 55 seconds off his best previous time in the 100 metre freestyle event. Other significant PBs were recorded by Ashley and Jensen Cavaliere, Haley Zabek and Laura Lefebvre. Lefebvre and Jensen Cavaliere’s personal bests, by 23 and 29 seconds respectively, came in the 400 metre freestyle — a distance not normally competed at summer swim meets but offered at the Merritt event. Otters swimmers shone in the relays also, as Merritt teams picked up a trio of bronze medals as well as three


The Nicola Valley Aquatic Centre was a beehive of activity on the weekend as over 250 age group swimmers from nine Interior clubs took part in the annual Merritt Otters Invitational Swim Meet. A total of 34 Otters took part in their home competition, including close to a dozen firsttimers. The local participants recorded all kinds of personal bests en route to recording an impressive 114 top-eight finishes. Leading the way in the PB department was eight-year-old Div. 1

fourth-place finishes. Five Otters were aggregate award winners in their respective divisions: Ashley Cavaliere (gold, Div. 1), Miranda Cavaliere (silver, Div. 1), Bianca Cavaliere (silver, Div. 3), Liam Warren (bronze, Div. 3) and Deirdra Holmwood (silver, Div. 7). “As coaches, we felt the meet was a great success, both in terms of personal bests and team spirit,” said Chelsea Harris, who is cocoaching the Otters with Holmwood. “We were happy that our swimmers cheered on not only their teammates, but their friends from other clubs around the region.”

TOP RIDERS Over 100 young cowboys and cowgirls from throughout southern B.C. took part in the annual Merritt Little Britches Rodeo on the weekend. There were more than 30 competitors from the Nicola Valley area — the largest local entry in recent memory, according to Shannon Goss, one of the event organizers. (Left) Merritt’s Kelsey Starrs guides her horse into the ring for the start of the junior girls barrel race on Sunday. (Right) Wyatt Smith’s steer ride on Saturday was good enough for first place. Smith, from Merritt, was chosen the top junior all-around cowboy on Saturday. He also won a buckle for the best weekend average in the junior boys goat tail tying event. Ian Webster/Herald

MERRITT LITTLE BRITCHES RODEO Local Top 10 Finishers Saturday Jr. Girls Barrel Racing

3rd Ayla Goss 8th Maya Starrs

Jr. Girls Pole Bending

4th Ayla Goss 10th Maya Starrs


6 and Evi Slanzi Under Ayla Rednap

4th (25Free), 4th (25Back), 2nd (25Breast) 6th (25Back)

Div. 1 Ashley Cavaliere

1st (100IM,50Free,50Fly,100Free), 2nd (50Back), 3rd (50Breast) Miranda Cavaliere 1st (400Free,50Breast), 2nd (100IM,50Free, 100Free), 3rd (50Fly) Kelsey Jager 4th (50Fly), 5th (50Free) Kailyn Fleury 4th (50Back,100Free), 7th (50Free) Koen Hales 6th (50Free,50Fly) Isaac Asselstine 6th (100Free), 7th (50Free) Cruz Slanzi 5th (50Back), 8th (100Free) Gabe Baird 7th (50Breast)

Div. 2 Avery Warren Paige Asselstine Diya Chhabra Kendra Marklund Mathias Rednap Div. 3 Bianca Cavaliere Cameron Parno Liam Warren Evin Baird Div. 4 Laura Lefebvre Haley Zabek Div. 5 Jensen Cavaliere Jaimie Neill Rahul Chhabra Div. 6 Madie Shea Tyrel Narciso

2nd (400Free), 3rd (100Back,100Breast), 4th (100Free), 5th (50Fly), 6th (100IM,50Free) 4th (100Back), 5th (50Back,100Free), 6th (50Fly), 8th (50Free) 5th (50Breast), 7th (50Fly, 50Back) 8th (100Free) 4th (50Free,100Free), 7th (50Back) 1st (50Free, 400Free), 2nd (100IM,50Fly, 50Back,50Breast,100Free), 3rd (100Fly) 6th (100IM,50Breast), 8th (50Back) 1st (200IM), 2nd (50Back,50Breast), 3rd (50Free,50Fly,100Free) 5th (100Free), 6th (50Free,50Back), 7th (50Fly)

Sunday 2nd Ayla Goss 1st Ayla Goss 9th Maya Starrs

Jr. Girls Goat Tail Tying

6th Gracie Garthwaite 7th Maya Starrs

9th Ayla Goss

Jr. Girls Dummy Roping

6/7/8th Ayla Goss

4th Ayla Goss

Jr. Boys Stake Race

3rd Wyatt Smith 5th Nathan Van Rensberg

4th Wyatt Smith 5th Nathan Van Rensberg 7th Jalen McRae 8th JW Stewart

Jr. Boys Goat Tail Tying

1st Jalen McRae 3rd Nathan Van Rensberg 9th Brayden McRae

4th Wyatt Smith 5th Jalen McRae 8th Nathan Van Rensberg 10th Soren Anderson

Jr. Boys Dummy Roping

2nd Wyatt Smith 10th Brayden McRae

Jr. Boys Steer Riding Jr. All Around Cowboy/Cowgirl Overall Average Buckle Winners

1st Wyatt Smith Wyatt Smith Jalen McRae (Goat Tail Tying) Wyatt Smith (Steer Riding)

5/6th Brayden Mcae 2nd Wyatt Smith Ayla Goss

Senior results in next Thursday’s paper

2nd (100Fly), 3rd (400Free), 4th (200IM), 7th (50Free,50Fly,100Back,100Breast,100Free) 3rd (50Free), 5th (50Fly,100Back,100Free), 6th (100Breast) 2nd (400Free), 4th (200IM,100Fly,100Breast), 5th (50 Free,100Back), 6th (50Fly) 3rd (100Breast), 5th (100Fly), 6th (50Free), 8th (200IM,50Fly) 2nd (100Fly, 400Free), 4th (100Breast), 5th (100Back,100Free), 6th (50Free), 7th (50Fly) 3rd (100Breast), 4th (50Free,50Fly,50Back), 5th (50Breast,100Free) 1st (100Breast), 3rd (50Fly,100Back,100Free)

Div. 7 Deirdra Holmwood 1st (100Fly,100Back) Div. 8 Chelsea Harris 3rd (50Free) Tristan Kimberley 1st (100Free)

IN THE MEDALS The Merritt Otters had five aggregate award winners at their own meet on the weekend: (from left) coach Deirdra Holmwood, Liam Warren, Ashley Cavaliere, Miranda Cavaliere and Bianca Cavaliere. Photo courtesy of Tony Narciso



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Fall Fair Building Lindley Creek Road. Satudays 9 to 3. Sundays 10 to 2. June 21 & 22, July 5 & 6, July 19 & 20, August 2 & 3, August 9 & 10. Over 80 tables of treasures and more. Donations gratefully accepted only during yard sales hours above or Sunday 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Info at 3782303 or 378-6773

Bike for Cancer. On June 21, 141 riders wil be riding through Merritt on the their way from Kelowna to Delta to raise money for Cancer Research. They will be stopping at the Info Centre at appox. 9 a.m., for a short rest before continuing on to Delta. They would love to see Merrittonians out to cheer them on. Dress in Yellow for the yellow mile.

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socialize and enjoy the day. Vendors call Market Manager: Lang Mackenzie 250-939-8605 or Sue 250-378-2031

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MERRITT SENIOR CENTRE Weekly schedule is as follows: Monday: Crib & Whist 7 p.m. Tuesday: Bingo 1 p.m., Duplicate Bridge 7 p.m. Wednesday: Carpet Bowling 1:30 p.m., Court Whist 7 p.m. Thursday: Floor Curling 1 p.m. (third week - shut-in lucheon) Friday: Rummoli & Games 7 p.m. All seniors welcome.

SENIOR-IN-TRAINING Positions now available for Senior-In-Training. Applicants must be 40 years or older. Qualifications include a willingness to have fun and enjoy the company of others. Contact Seniors Association at 250-3783763 for more information.

Phone 250-378-4241 with any events that you may be hosting or email:

Tuesdays 7 p.m. Seniors’ Centre 250-378-5550 Merritt Elks Lodge Clubs Second & Fourth Wednesday 8 p.m. Elks Hall 250-378-9788 Merritt Lawn Bowling Sun., Tues., & Thurs. at 7 p.m. 2050 Merritt Ave. 250-378-2095 Merritt Lions Club First & Third Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Best Western - Han’s Golden Wok 250-378-9509 Merritt Moms Prenatal Post Natal Support group. Monday - Friday - 8:30 a.m. 250-378-2252 Merritt Mountain Biking Assoc. Wednesdays 6 p.m. - ride E: T: #merrittbiking Navy League Cadets of Canada Wednesdays 6 - 9 p.m. Cadet Hall - Ages 9-13 welcome 250-280-6944 Merritt Snowmobile Club Second Tuesday 7 p.m. Civic Centre 250-315-1082 Merritt’s Women in Business Second Wednesday 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Merritt Desert Inn 250-315-5851 Nicola Naturalist Society Third Thursday - 7:00 p.m. NVIT. N.V. 4-H Club Second Tuesday - 6:30 p.m. Central School - 250-378-5028 Nicola Valley Better Breathers Third Wednesdays 1 p.m. Trinity United - 250-378-6266 N.V. Community Band Tuesdays 7 p.m - MSS Music Room 250-378-5031 or 250-378-9894

NVCAC Meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm at The Art Gallery. 250-378-6515 www. N.V. Dirt Riders Association Last Wednesday 7 p.m. Garden Sushi - Scott: 250-378-3502 N.V. Fall Fair Third Monday 7 p.m. 2145 Quilchena Ave. 250-3785925 N.V. Fish & Game (except July and Aug.) Third Wednesday 7 p.m. 2236 Jackson Ave. 250-378-4572 or 250-378-4904 N.V. Heritage Society Last Wednesday - Baillie House 250-378-0349 N.V. Quilters Guild First & Third Thursdays Civic Centre 7 p.m. 250-3784172 N.V. Search & Rescue Second Monday 7 p.m. at the airport - 250-378-6769 N.V. Thrift Store First Tuesday NVGH basement 250-378-9100 N.V. Women’s Institute Second Wednesday - 1:30 p.m. For locations, 250-378-2536 One Way Krew Youth Group Tuesdays 7 - 8:30 p.m. Crossroads Community Church 250-378-2911 Pathfinders Mondays 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Central School - 250-936-8298 Patricia Rebekah Lodge Second & Fourth Mondays at 7 p.m. Lawn Bowling Club Rocky Mnt. Rangers Cadets Tuesdays 6 p.m. 250-378-1302 or 250-572-3775

Royal Canadian Legion #96 Executive Mtg. Second Thursday 6 p.m. - Regular Mtg. Fourth Thursday 7 p.m. 1940 Quilchena - 250-378-5631 Royal Purple First & Third Mondays 1:00 p.m. - Downstairs @ Elks Hall 250-3786788 Rotary Club of Merritt Every Thursday - Noon Brambles Bakery Cafe. 250-3785535 Sagebrush Spinners and Weavers Guild Tamarack Gardens every other Thursday at 11:00 AM Bev at 250-378-2787. Rotary Club of Merritt - Sunrise Every Tuesday - 7 a.m. Brambles Bakery Seniors’ Mixed Curling Mondays & Tuesdays 1 - 3 p.m. 250-378-5539 Soup Bowl Tuesdays 11:30 - 1:00 p.m. Anglican Church Hall Sparks Mondays 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Central School - 250-315-7410 Teen Centre / Fireside Thursday & Friday 3:30-7:30 p.m. 250-378-5660 Valley Scrapbooking 250-936-8298 Valley Visual Artists General club information Fran McMurchy 250-378-4230 Vintage Car Club - Merritt Second Wednesday - 7:30 p.m. Anglican Church Hall Al 378-7402 Jack 378-2662 Ska-Lu-La Workshop Al - 250-378-7402 Ted - 250-378-4195

7 Day Weather Forecast for Merritt, BC - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - Wednesday, June 25, 2014 Thurs. June 19

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Ground Maintenance

Serving Merritt with Excellence for over 20 years t 250-378-4166


Contents are insurable


Approved mini-storage


On-site rentals




Sale of New and Used storage containers

1750 1 17 7 Hill Street Q Phone: 250-315-3000


Merritt Baptist Church 2499 Coutlee Ave. (Corner of Coutlee and Orme)t 4FSWJDF5JNF4VOEBZ4DIPPM4VOEBZBN

CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS Archery Practice Tuesday 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. at the Gun Range Contact BJ Moore for more info 250-280-0304 Brownies Mondays 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Central School - 250-315-7410 CMHA - Merritt Clubhouse Fireside Center - 2026 Granite Ave. Wed/Fri 9 am - 2:30 pm Shirley 250-378-5660 Central School Pac First Tuesday 7 p.m. Lunchroom - 250-378-4892 Community Choir Mondays 7 p.m. - Fall to Spring Collettville Elementary - 250-3789899 Court Whist - Fun Game Wednesdays 7 p.m. at the Seniors Centre 250-3782776 Drop-In Soccer Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Girls & Boys 16+ welcome 250-378-2530 Drop-In Volleyball Mondays 7 - 9 p.m. CMS. 250378-6212. Girl Guides Wednesdays 5:30 -7:00 p.m. Central School - 250-936-8298 Ladies’ Curling League Wednesdays 6 & 8 p.m. Call 250-378- 8175 or 250-3784917 Living With Loss Support Group No meeting in June, July, & August. Support still available. Call Marilyn at 250-378-3513 Merritt Curling Club For League Information 250-378-4423 Merritt Duplicate Bridge Club

Creative Landscape Designs


Tue. June 24

Wed. June 25

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Cloudy Periodss

Cloudy Periods

Cloudy Periods

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Variable Cloudiness

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Nicola Valley Evangelical Free Church .BYXFMM4Ut 4FSWJDF5JNF4VOEBZTBN

Sacred Heart Catholic Church $PSOFSPG+BDLTPO#MBJSt Mass Time: Sundays 9:00 a.m.

Seventh Day Adventist Church (SBOJUF"WFt 4FSWJDF5JNF4BUVSEBZTBN

St. Michael’s Anglican Church $IBQNBO4Ut 4FSWJDF5JNF4VOEBZTBN


HELP US REACH OUR GOAL Would you like to see a movie theatre in Merritt, then the Merritt Community Cinema Soceity can use your help!

Phase 2 has started. Goal to reach $155,000 for design & architect fees

For more information call Rich Hodson 250-378-6794

If you would like to help donate to this wonderful cause please make cheque payable to Merritt Community Cinema Society and mail it to: 1952 Eastwood Ave., Merritt, BC V1K 1K3

Stain Glass by

Almerina Rizzardo

• • • •


Available at Creative Company 2074 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt, BC Monday - Saturday Ph: 250-378-0813

THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 • 23

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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

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Happy Thoughts

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

Education/Trade Schools

In loving memory of

Tuesday issue noon the preceding Friday Thursday issue noon the preceding Tuesday

Marge Moses August 6, 1944 June 23, 2007


Always remembered by those that loved you.

Tuesday issue noon the preceding Friday Thursday issue noon the preceding Tuesday

Love Elvin, all the children and grandchildren


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Obituaries Merritt & District

Hospice Society A Cut Finger Grief is the deepest wound you have ever had. Like a cut Ànger it goes through stages and leaves a scar.

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. SignUp online! 1-866-399-3853



AZ, DZ, 5, 3 or 1 w/ Airbrake • Guaranteed 40hr. Work Week & Overtime • Paid Travel & Lodging • Meal Allowance • 4 Weeks Vacation • Excellent Benefits Package Must be able to have extended stays away from home. Up to 6 months. Must have valid AZ, DZ, 5, 3 or 1 with airbrake license and have previous commercial driving experience. Apply, careers & then choose the FastTRACK Application.

Happy 80th Birthday Ray!


Discover how to earn extra income working 3-4 hours per day from your home or office. No selling, No initial investment of any kind, No inventory.

CONTACT: for details

Community Newspapers We’re at the heart of things™

Fight Back.

c/o 3451 Voght St., Merritt, B.C. V1K 1C6 Contact: 250-280-4040

Celebration of Life

Volunteer your time, energy and skills today.

Keith McGachen Andrews Saturday June 28th, 2014 2328 Aberdeen Road, Lower Nicola

FULL TIME WAITRESS WANTED No phone calls please Please drop off resume to: 2052 Quilchena Avenue Merritt, B.C. An Alberta Oilfield Company is hiring experienced dozer and excavator operators, meals and lodging provided. Drug testing required. 1-(780)7235051. Vernon Service Company requires Journeyman Service Plumbers/Gasfitters, $36.00/hr Call (250)549-4444 or fax 250-549-4416

This celebration will be a time of sharing memories and celebrating the life of Keith with family and friends.

We are so proud of both our son Aaron Rizzardo Please feel free to visit anytime between the hours of 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm

in achieving his MD and daughter-in-law Shirin Rizzardo, in achieving her masters degree of Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences. Frank, Almerina and the entire Rizzardo clan.

MERRITT FUNERAL CHAPEL Celebrating lives with dignity

• Funeral Services • Cremation •Burial •Monuments REGULAR OFFICE HOURS

10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Fri. 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Wednesday On Call 24 Hours A Day


or 1-800-668-3379 2113 Granite Ave. Merritt, BC







Alex James Yastremsky BORN ON



24 • THURSDAY, June 19, 2014

Lower Nicola Indian Band Department: PUBLIC & CAPITAL WORKS Position: MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN ASSISTANT Reporting to and under the direction of the Public Works Clerk, the Maintenance Technician Assistant is responsible for assisting in water sampling, minor repairs and maintenance to community buildings and updating and maintaining the Public Works Àling system.

Areas of responsibility: • Performs all duties and responsibilities in accordance with Lower Nicola Indian Band policies and procedures; • Gather water samples, including analyzing, documenting, sealing, packaging and sending to Provincial Health Authorities; • Conducting minor repairs and maintenance to LNIB buildings; • Updating, maintaining and improving Public Works Àling system; Required qualiÀcations • Grade 12 graduation or equivalent • Knowledge and experience in general maintenance and repair; • Good interpersonal skills to deal effectively with people; • Good communication and organizational skills; • Good computer skills; • Knowledge of general work safe procedures; • Possess WHMIS certiÀcate (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System); • Physically able to meet the demands of bending, lifting and twisting positions; • Must have a class 5 driver’s license, mandatory; • Interest in pursuing a career in Construction and/or Public Works Àeld. If you possess the necessary qualiÀcations and skills, please forward your cover letter, resume and salary expectations, in the strictest conÀdence, by July 4, 2014, to: Lower Nicola Indian Band Human Resources Department 181 Nawishaskin Lane Merritt, B.C., V1K 0A7 Email: Fax: (250) 378-6188 Please insert Maintenance Technician Assistant into email subject heading.


Interior Savings is currently looking for experienced Financial Services Professionals at various levels in both our Merritt & Kelowna locations Interior Savings is the largest credit union based in the interior of B.C. We deliver exceptional financial services and products to over 82,000 members in 14 communities through 21 branches, two Commercial Lending Centres and associated companies. We are seeking solution-focused people to help us deliver our vision – to be the best in the communities we serve. As a valued team member, you will experience a diverse, exciting and rewarding workplace and a great place to build a career. Opportunities: The main focus is to develop new and existing business relationships by providing deposit, investment and lending services to member traffic while ensuring that Interior Savings Credit Union is their primary financial institution. You will also provide proactive financial advice and services which includes dealing with members to understand needs, provide advice/referrals around the areas of Credit, Investments, Financial Planning, and Estate Planning. Accountabilities: x Foster business development through service excellence and product knowledge. x Recognize member needs and promote lending products & deposit services. x Sell numerous Credit Union products. x Achieve individual sales goals and actively pursue internal referral opportunities. x Provide coaching and leadership to administrative assistants in supporting managing and growing the portfolio. Desired Qualifications: x High School diploma/Grade 12. x Possess or be willing to work towards and obtain a Mutual Funds license if required. x Job-related experience in a financial sales & services environment. x Strong communication and interpersonal skills. “For more information or to apply for this posting please see our website:” We thank all applicants for their interest and will contact shortlisted candidates only.



VALUE ADDED LUMBER REMANUFACTURING PLANT Production Workers: $14-20/hr. Drivers with Class 1 & CertiÀed Welders. Steady employment with overtime available. Please submit resume in person to 1195 Houston Street, Merritt B.C. 250-378-6161

Home Care/Support

HELP WANTED Copper Valley Mechanical is looking for a experienced plumber for service work and new construction. We offer an excellent wage, bonus, full medical and dental coverage. Come and join our busy ofÀce with the fun crew. Fax 250-378-5105 or email Graham


2151 Coutlee Ave

CAREGIVERS Dengarry Professional Services Ltd.

is seeking caregivers for 24hr. support of individuals with mental / physical / developmental disabilities in the Okanagan area.

Contact Kristine at (1)250-554-7900 for more detail.



Financial Services BANK DECLINED LOAN? WE APPROVE. Now you can get up to $3.5M business/personal consolidation loan with rate starting from 1.99% with min. of $35K. Bad credit or Bankruptsy welcome. Apply now at 1-866-249-1055




Financial Services

Apt/Condo for Rent

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420


Merchandise for Sale

F/S, heat and hot water included. Starting at $625/mth

Misc. for Sale A- STEEL SHIPPING DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS Used 20’40’45’ 53’ and insulated containers all sizes in stock. SPECIAL Trades are welcome. 40’ Containers under $2500! Also JD 544 &644 wheel Loaders JD 892D LC excavator Ph Toll free 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 newspaper?



COMPUTER TECHNICIAN II Applications are invited for the position of Computer Technician II with School District No. 58, (NicolaSimilkameen) in Merritt. This is a 12-month per year, 7.5 hours per day position. Salary and benefits will be in accordance with the C.U.P.E. Local 847 Collective Agreement. The district has a high percentage of First Nations and other multicultural students and so being sensitive to cultural diversities would be an asset. Job Description: UÊ Based out of Merritt and reporting to the Maintenance Supervisor the Computer Technician II position works with other technicians and the District Technology Coordinator to support infrastructure and education related information technology. UÊ This position primarily includes deploying, maintaining, optimizing and repairing iPads, computer labs (fixed and mobile), servers and network infrastructure. Qualifications: UÊ Completion of a two-year certificate or diploma focused on information technology or computer electronics. UÊ Experience in a wide range of technology operations including current server operations. Microsoft certification (MCSE) is an asset. UÊ Comprehensive Linux (Debian) experience in server configuration and communication systems. UÊ Demonstrated ability to work with, maintain, deploy and troubleshoot both Mac (OSx and iOS) and PC hardware (Windows 7 and 8). UÊ Administer security measures on all hardware, software and network communication equipment. UÊ Knowledge of iPad deployment and management through the use of an MDM. UÊ Experience in network design and maintenance. UÊ Demonstrated administration of VOIP and network based systems is an asset. Job Requirements: UÊ Occasional travel to Princeton may be required as part of this position. UÊ Collaborate with other technical staff to optimize district IT. UÊ Capable of working independently. UÊ Work with all school personnel, students, contractors and suppliers in a professional manner while providing excellent customer service and maintaining confidentiality. UÊ Valid Class 5 Drivers License or greater. For information regarding qualifications, please refer to the district’s website under Jobs, Support Positions, and Current Job Opportunities (Job Code #711490). Application forms are available at the School Board Office, 1550 Chapman Street, Merritt, BC, Princeton Secondary School, 201 Old Merritt Road, Princeton, BC or on-line at, click on Jobs/Support Positions and search under ‘Current Job Opportunities’ and follow the prompts. Applications, including a detailed resume with a minimum of three references, will be accepted until July 4, 2014. Please forward to: Attn: Secretary Treasurer School District No. 58 (Nicola-Similkameen) P.O. Box 4100, 1550 Chapman St. Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 Fax: (250) 378-6263 Only those applicants being interviewed will be contacted.

Spacious 1 bedroom apartments.

Move in bonus - 1/2 month free rent

For appointment call


NICOLA APARTMENTS Clean one and two bedroom. Starting at $600/month. NO PETS

MOVE IN BONUS 1 month free rent


We are currently looking for an outstanding individual interested in continuing their career with Murray Chevrolet Buick GMC in Merritt, B.C. Work with one of the best F&I managers in the business and support our sales department. We welcome applicants interested in the business as well as seasoned veterans. QualiÀcations: • Previous Ànancial or banking services experience. • Strong data entry skills. • Analytical and computer skills. • Previous BDC call center experience a strong asset. Health Care Plan With Full BeneÀts Please contact in conÀdence our General Manager Richard Antonenko at, Phone: 1-250-378-9255 or apply online at

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Lower Nicola Indian Band School Position: LEARNING ASSISTANT TEACHER The Lower Nicola Band School is seeking a dynamic individual to serve as the Learning Assistance Teacher. This individual will oversee the Learning Assistance Program, proposal writing, supervise the SEA Staff, work closely with the classroom teachers, design and monitor IEP’s, liason with Therapists and Professionals in the community for assessments, make referrals, follow up and maintain good communication with parents. It is expected that this individual will implement a holistic approach to working effectively with the students and Staff.

QualiÀcations • Category 4 or 5 Teaching Degree; Teaching CertiÀcation - BC College of Teachers; • Teaching experience, preferably in a First Nations School; • Training and experience in working with special needs students; • Excellent communication, leadership & interpersonal skills; • Experience in supervising support staff; proposal writing, some principal assisted duties; • Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills; • Knowledge and experience using Assistive Technology. • Working knowledge of curriculum, effective instructional methodologies and a holistic approach to meeting the individual learning needs of students; • Willing to continue to gain new knowledge and skills, be Áexible, positive and be a team player; • Experience in developing and implementing IEP’s and special needs programming; • Knowledge of N’lakapamux Language/Culture an asset. Criminal Records Check is mandatory for all positions. SALARY: Negotiable DEADLINE: June 27, 2014 START DATE: August 25, 2014

SUMMIT APARTMENTS Brand new 2 bedroom apartments References required. NO PETS, NO SMOKING. 250-280-7644

FOR RENT 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT 1 unit available, 1st Áoor unit ideal for seniors

Available Jan. 1, 2014

$750/month incl. heat & laundry.

100 OFF 1ST MONTHS RENT Newly renovated units “Clapperton Manor” 2775 Clapperton Ave. 250-315-8340 $

NICOLA APARTMENTS Clean one and two bedroom. Starting at $600/month. NO PETS

MOVE IN BONUS 1/2 month free rent

250-378-9880 Duplex / 4 Plex 2 bedroom duplex. Available immediately. Washer, dryer, fridge, stove, utilities included. Small fenced yard. Close to town, schools and bus. $950 per month. 250-378-0887 Large 2 bdrm unit for rent. F/s, w/d, no pets, no smokers. Avail immed. 250-378-8383

Interested candidates to submit resume and cover letter and three references to:

Modular Homes

Angie Sterling, Principal The Lower Nicola Band School 201 Horn Road MERRITT, BC,, VIK 1M9 Phone: (250) 378-5527 Fax: (250) 378-6389 Email:

Celebration over 35 Years In the manufactured Home Business. We specialize in customizing Modular & Manufactured Homes and Park Models. Price match Guaranteed. 1-800-339-5133

THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 • 25






Homes for Rent

Auto Accessories/Parts

Auto Financing

Auto Financing

Bantams in search of provincial berth

HOUSE FOR RENT 4 Bedroom two level house with master room and large deck. Bench location near school and shopping. Five Appliances $1200 plus utliltes. Contact: 250-378-4201 or 778-938-8595

One bdrm apartment for one adult only. N/S, N/P, heat & cable incl. $525/mon. Ref’s. 250-378-2954

Room & Board

call now for

help and information anytime, anywhere in BC.



If you see a wildďŹ re, report it to

Auto Financing

1-800-663-5555 or *5555

Need a Vehicle?

Suites, Upper

The link to your community

on most cellular networks.

3 bdrm above ground basement suite. Recently reno’d, laminate rs, f/s, d/w, shared laundry. Avail July 1. Ref. required. $950/mon. 250-3780303 or 778-228-6378

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale

Rooms to rent and/or room & board. $400/mon. for room. Room & board negotiable. Seniors preferred. Contact Doug or Donna at 250-378-5688 or No alcohol or drugs.

Transportation Houses For Sale


1988 Quilchena Ave.

May 26th, 2014 1 bdrm Aprt. $600 inc utilities. 1 bdrm Apt. $575 plus hydro. 2 bdrm Apt. $675 plus hydro. 1 bdrm Apt. $600 plus hydro. (1/2 month FREE) 3 bdrm Apt. Grandview Heights, plus hydro. 3 bedroom Upper Level of home on the Bench. $900 plus utilities. 2 bdrm duplex. $695 plus utilities. 2 bdrm duplex. $750 plus utilities. 2 bdrm in Sixplex. $600 inc utilities (Lower Nicola) 2 bdrm house. Newly renovated/ fenced yard $900 plus utilities. 2 bdrm house. $850 plus utilities. 2 bdrm house. $900 plus utilities. Fenced closing to town. 3 bdrm house. $950 plus utilities. 3 bedroom Sun Valley Court townhouse. $1000 plus utilities. 3 bdrm house. $875 plus utilities. 4 bdrm Duplex. $1000 plus utilities. 4 bdrm suite on Houston, 2 ½ baths. Fenced yard. $1200 plus utilities. (Up to $300 Fortis Gas included)

250-378-1996 Call for all of your Residential or Commercial Property Management needs! MERRITT REAL ESTATE SERVICES Property Manager: Lynda Etchart

Call the

Available 24/7 •

Guaranteed Approvals



Call Steve Today 1.855.740.4112



Auto Financing



ROOFING CONTRACTORS For the replacement of the roof of a Non-ProÀt Society located at 2164 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt, B.C. Conayt Friendship Society invites submissions from RooÀng Contractors for the replacement of a torch-on tar and gravel, à at roof on a one storey ofÀce building. The two separate structures share an adjoining roof of approximately 8,200 square feet. The work is scheduled to be completed summer 2014.

From Page 20 The top-ranked Thunder will be up against three other Interior teams hoping to win the one qualifying spot to Provincials. They are the Penticton Heat, the Kamloops Rattlers and the Shuswap Outlaws from Salmon Arm. The four teams will play a round robin on the weekend to determine first place and who goes to the B.C. championships. Interspersed amongst the bantam playoff games are three other games involving Nicola Valley Thunder teams. Below is the complete weekend schedule: Saturday 10:30 12:00 1:30 3:00

Bantam Midget Bantam Midget

Nicola Valley vs Shuswap Nicola Valley vs N. Okanagan Penticton vs Kamloops Nicola Valley vs Kelowna

Sunday 9:30 11:00 12:30 2:00 3:30

Bantam Bantam Peewee Bantam Bantam

Nicola Valley vs Kamloops Shuswap vs Penticton Nicola Valley vs Penticton Shuswap vs Kamloops Nicola Valley vs Penticton

RooĂ€ng Contractors are required to submit, and will be selected based on the following information. 1. Contractor’s QualiĂ€cation Statement, including attachments as follows: • Number of Years operating a construction/rooĂ€ng installation business; • Financial capability; • Current and previous projects (similar in construction cost, type and complexity); • Personnel; evaluation will consider qualiĂ€cations and relevant experience; • References including two references from previous projects • Experience working with Aboriginal communities and organizations 2. CertiĂ€cation of good standing from WCB. 3. Proof of residential/commercial business licence in good standing. 4. Ability to provide a homeowner warranty for this project. 5. Proof of insurance coverage. 6. Proof of surety that the contractor is capable of completing the project. 7. Bid price breakdown, material, labour, management fee. Preference will be accorded to an Aboriginal contractor or contractor using Aboriginal management and labour. Contractors shall consent to the veriĂ€cation of all information provided in their submission. Submissions shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and be clearly marked “ROOF REPLACEMENT: 2164 QUILCHENA AVENUEâ€? and must be received by 2:00 p.m. local time, Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 Please address submissions to: Executive Director, Conayt Friendship Society 2164 Quilchena Avenue P.O. Box 1989, Merritt, B.C. V1K 1B8 Tel: 250-378-5107 Fax: 250-378-6676 Email:

Sabrina Samra, Grade 8+ Division

YOUTH SOCCER WRAPS UP THIS WEEKEND Another successful season of Merritt youth soccer comes to a conclusion this Saturday. Champions will be determined in the three oldest divisions. Over 300 youngsters, ages 4 and up, took part in this year’s MYSA program. Ian Webster/Herald

Merritt Youth Soccer Association Home and Land Packages Springbank Ave, Merritt


Completely Serviced City Services Turn Key STARTING FROM




Call 250-573-2278 Toll Free 1-866-573-1288

7510 Dallas Drive, Kamloops


GR. 4-5 Blazers 4 Blue Bandits 2 White Lightning 2 Red Devils 0 FSMFC 1 Panthers 1 GR. 6-7 Pumas 6 Manchester U 4 Pumas 5 GR. 8+

Team Blue 0 Whitecaps 2 Ice Blue 2

Chelsea 6 Gunners 1 Green Machine 5 Whitecaps 4 (SO)


June 19, 2014

Your Local DENTIST




! welcome s y a w l a T AND ents N e w p a t iALL CITIZENS OFARMEEARSRIT G SERVIN SURROUNDING 7 rs: 50-378-587 Office H- ou 2 Y A iday D ) O T Monday Fr PM Credit Union CALL 8 AM - 4:30 t (next to the 8 t Stree 1999 Vogh 3090, Merritt, BC V1K 1B t. en m nt oi PO Box App k Your

Boo Call Today to Ph:





Serving the BC Interior since 1911

Ben van der Gracht is in the Merritt office on Thursdays. Drop by or call to make an appointment.

250.378.4218 1988 Quilchena Avenue hertko orellic www.m 1.888.374.3350


Available 24/7 •


Quality products, friendly service!






• Vinyl & Hardie Board Siding • Aluminum Soffit, Fascia & EAVESTROUGHS

CALL: (250) 378-2786 “When others have come and gone, Ivan’s Siding is still going strong�







FREE CONSULTATIONS 2 FULL TIME DENTISTS & ORTHODONTIS T ON SITE Call 250-378-4888 to book your HOURS appointment. 2731 Forksdale Avenue, V1K 1R9

Dr. Sunil Malhotra

Tuesday - Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Friday and Saturday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Dr. Jaspal Sarao


MPLOYMENT SERVICES EEM MERRITT BC • Client Computer Work Stations • Job Search Assistance • Access to Training eer Exploration • Employment Counselling • Car kshops Wor • ary Libr e • Resourc T: 250.378.5151

Member of the RJS Craft Wine Making Academy


2099 Quilchena Ave., Box 358

Merritt, BC

The Employment Program of British Columbia is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia

) Location: 2865C Pooley Ave (Hack Electric




2152 DOUGLAS ST., MERRITT, BC 250-378-5382 • 250-314-4249

7x9x8’ Gum Wood Ties Untreated $12 - $18



Mon to Fri.: 8 am - 5 pm & Sat.: 8 am 4 pm



• Tune Ups • Brakes • Exhaust • Suspension • Lube/Oil •Radiator Service • Shocks & Struts • Air Conditioning Service 2026 Mamette Avenue





Safe, Secure, Easy Access, 8’ to 40’ Shipping Containers SUITABLE FOR: • Cars • Boats • ATV’s • Snowmobiles, • Household Goods • Monthly & Yearly Rates • Business or personal ďŹ les & More.....

Starting @ $45./month with HST

at HACK Electric 378- 5580 2865C Pooley Ave., Merritt , B.C. Full-time Watchman on site

• Kitchen/Bathroom • Tiling • Window/Siding Installation

• Patio/Deck • Moving Local & Long Distance

DAT Construction



N ic ol a P lu m bi n g & H ea ti n g Fully QualiÀed Tradesmen in..

Plumbing, Heating, Bonded Gas Fitters. Service Work & Furnace Service. Custom Sheet Metal Atlas RV Parts & Repairs

PHONE: 250-378-4943

2064 Coutlee Ave., Merritt, BC


Are you ou exp expanding p your client base? Looking for an accessible way for people to Ànd you?

JOIN the Herald’s “Local Business Directory� page Every Thursday, Always Full Colour! *with minimum 3 month committment Reach over 6330 readers each week.

Contact Theresa at 250-378-4241 or Email:

THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 • 27


Landscaping – Irrigation Design & Install Quality Workmanship Outstanding Service

CONTRACTING y ellp you get read he Let us h

ctivation • Irrigation A Clean-Up rd Ya g • Sprin atching Th • • Aerating n • Fertilizatio • Seeding n tio la al st • Turf In Walls • Retaining t Sweeping Lo g in rk • Pa RATES, REASONABLE

stomers while using cu y time efficientl

Call for a free estimate

Eyebrow Threading or Waxing

More Services Avaiable New Esthetician! Call and book your appointment today! C

Call 250-315-2118 HAI HA HAIR H A AIR AII R & BODY BO B O DY DY

Consolidate Debt, Top Up RRSPs, or Tackle Renovations.


2071 Quilchena Ave., Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 2


CARPET CLEANING UĂŠ1*"-/ ,9ĂŠ    ĂŠĂŠĂŠ UĂŠ/ ĂŠEĂŠ,"1/ĂŠ TF: 1-877-612-0909



All Ages Welcome Learn to Play Piano

Brenda’s Piano Studio

For All Your RooďŹ ng Needs



ICE VIC E SER V MER RITT TREE • Fully insured, certiÀed faller • WSBC covered • Dangerous tree assessment ³ Schedule your FREE Estimate

CALL JIM at 250-378-4212

Soluti ons for your tree proble ms!


Gary’’s Mini Excavating Serv



$FMM IMATES: 250-378-4312





and Co. Chartered Accoun beellll a pbe mp am Ca C erience Over 40 Years Exp

providing professional serv in in p

ice to all of our clients.

new clients and We are currently acccepting you about any of look forward to meeting with needs. your accounting & taxation




tthe g gage mortg m



Shingles ~ Cedar ~ Metal ~ Torch-on


Harr y@h arry how



Phone 250.315.0340 for details

17 7 wa rd (250)37 8-9 Ca ll Ha rry Ho ward .ca ryho .har www • ca ard.



850 Full Face Wax or Threading $2300 Pedicure $3500 Manicure $2000 Make Up $2200 Gel Nails $3500

MORTGAGE BROKER Use the equity in your home to

5074 CALL 250-315-


BEAUTY SALON Grad Special!


ess will add value to your busin We are confident our team y accounting services, by providing reliable and timel ess. busin your grow allowing you more time to


Over 30 years experience

Residential & Commercial


e office)

(Royal Lepag 1988 Quilchena Ave. Merritt, BC V1K 1B8

Phone: 778-257-4129 e-mail: Merritt@camp


email: 2865C Pooley Ave., Merritt

Reg. No. 14246


FINANCIAL ADVISOR Need help to create a plan to enjoy the life you desire today, & tomorrow?


David L. Brown is here for you ➣Personalized Retirement Plans ➣Detailed Risk Analysis ➣Insurance & Estate Planning ➣Strategic Retirement Analysis & much more

5 item Buffet $999

CFP CertiďŹ ed Financial Planner x CPCA CertiďŹ ed Professional Consultant on Aging

veggie & non-veggie + DESSERT! 2063 Quilchena Avenue • 250-378-9093

It’s never too early to start planning for the future.

We love numbers. Can we work with yours?

call me at: 250.315.0241 E-mail:

28 • THURSDAY, June 19, 2014

Beer & Wine Store


Delivery Cut off:


WE DELIVER! Go o ahead h d make ke your day, d give iive us us a call and we’ll be on our way! y!

250-3 78 Grea -2229 t De No

al D U I s, ’s


Â˜ĂŠ/ÂœĂœÂ˜ĂŠÂ‡ĂŠÂŁ UĂŠ ĂŠĂŠ  * ä \ĂŽ ʙ ʇ ˜ Ăœ /Âœ vĂŠ Âœ "Ă•ĂŒĂŠ

Woody’s dy’s ers Coolers


Wisers Deluxe xe





savings off $1.50


28 00

Super C Cold ld Budweiser, Budlight, & Kokanee DBOT




! N EW Palm Bay Frozen Drink Packs






Each purchase of $25 earns you a stamp. Fill your card with 10 stamps and get $20 off your next purchase!

250-378-2229 3-3623 Dewolf Way (up on the Hill)

28 00


! W O W more in-st draw ore s and s pecia ls!

All pric es includi ng taxe s, and dep osit

Merritt Herald - June 19, 2014  

Merritt Herald - June 19, 2014

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