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17th Annual Heartland Artists Exhibition Tim Murphy Art Gallery

“Ambient Blues” by Beverly Amundson

“First Friday” by Beverly Amundson

“Pure Notes” by Beverly Amundson

“Feasting on Zinnias” by Kimberly Beck

“Tapestry and Artichokes” by Kimberly Beck

“A Study in Time” by Rita Beckford

“Gathering Shells” by Eugene Bortnick

“Dipping Sauce” by Cindy Brabec-King

“Fruitcakes” by Cindy Brabec-King

“Salsa” by Lonnie Broden

“Railroad Bridge in Matfield Green” by Alice Broughton

“Grizzly Moving On” by Cecil Brown

“Indian Corn and Pots” by Verna Marie Campbell

“Sunflower in Aspen Vase” by Verna Marie Campbell

“Burning Fields” by Bruce Charlton

“Late Summer” by Jean Cook

“The Apothecary Shop” by Jean Cook

“…With Liberty and Justice for All” by Anita Cox

“North Guadalupe” by Ronnie Cramer

“Wyeth Hall” by Ronnie Cramer

“Pigeon” by Diana DeSantis

“North of Whaw” by David DeArmond

“September Challenge” by David DeArmond

“Santa Fe Trail” by David DeArmond

“Birches by the Lake” by Pat Deeter

“Equinox” by Larry DeGraff

“Childhood Artifacts” by Larry DeGraff

“Root of the Righteous” by Larry DeGraff

“Down the Road” by Denny Dowdy

“Same Creek Different Place” by Denny Dowdy

“Mountain Creek” by Denny Dowdy

“Isolation” by Bess Duston

“Decisions, Decisions” by Bess Duston

“Scarlet” by Wendy Erichsen

“Breakfast” by Loreta Feeback

“Ocean Plants” by Loreta Feeback

“The Artists” by Loreta Feeback

“He Loved Her to Distraction” by Jan Fellers

“Rays in Dry Dock” by Erlene E.C. Flowers

“First Cove Arch” by Karen Harding

“Maui Fishermen” by Karen Harding

“Between Storms” by Richard Hayek

“Warm Front Over Osage Hill” by Richard Hayek

“Galisteo Canyon” by Richard Hayek

“Life Goes On” by Norma Herring

“The Secret Byway (Flint Hills)” by Norma Herring

“The Collectors” by Ione

“Mirror Mirror # 3” by Ione

“French Chinese Market” by Pat Jessee

“Joanna & Hats” by Pat Jessee

“Field of Dreams” by Ted Knapp

“1881 Ranch House” by Ted Knapp

“Flurries Near Farley” by Randall Kronblad

“Mooove Over” by Randall Kronblad

“October Splendor” by Randall Kronblad

“Pressurized” by Scott Ledbetter

“Daisy Bucket” by Lacey Lewis

“Jason Divad II” by Lacey Lewis

“Violet Vendetta II” by Lacey Lewis

“Into the Light” by Elaine Lierly-Jones

“Rolling Through” by Elaine Lierly-Jones

“Clear Road Ahead” by Dianne Maher

“She Dips, Then Sips” by Eileen D. McCoy

“The Negotiator” by Tim Mispagel

“Red Rocks and Reeds” by Constance S. Mowe

“Gravity Field” by Kaylyn Munro

“Carrot Color Field” by Kaylyn Munro

“Kohlrabi Nebula” by Kaylyn Munro

“Magpie” by Keely Perkins

“Mudbug” by Keely Perkins

“The Soloist” by Marlin Rotach

“Girl in Green” by Patrick Schlotterback

“Dani” by Patrick Schlotterback

“Red” by Patrick Schlotterback

“January Sunshine” by William Schneider

“The Mercenary” by William Schneider

“Evening Farm Scene” by Peter Smokorowski

“Fancy Dance” by Peter Smokorowski

“Kansas Gift” by Diane Stolz

“Peonies” by Diane Stolz

“Dress by Form” by Marcia Streepy

“Early Sunday Morn” by R. Gregory Summers

“Sunrise at the Perry Yacht Club” by R. Gregory Summers

“Cleo Sleeping on the Bed” by Laurie Teitjen

“Pepper’s Tack” by Laurie Teitjen

“Fall Canopy” by Jean Terry

“Golden Point” by Jean Terry

“Let the Rocks Cry Out” by Pat Thompson

“Waiting for Him” by Jill Tichenor

“Merchant” by Jill Tichenor

“Road Less Traveled” by Crandall Vail

“Hawk’s Eye View” by Crandall Vail

“Turkey Season” by Michael Walsh

“Lighted Path” by Michael Walsh

“Morning Sun” by Jim Ware

“Swope Park Winter” by Chris Willey

“Kansas Giverny” by Chris Willey

“Mammoth California Fall Colors” by Donna Yeager

“Beautiful as a Rose” by Mary A. Young

The Tim Murphy Art Gallery Tim Murphy was an unusually dedicated employee with a passion for his job. One of Tim’s major accomplishments was the development of our art gallery which has been in existence since 1996. Tim organized 188 art exhibitions for the city. Our Gallery was named The Tim Murphy Art Gallery on March 3, 2012.

Timothy Michael Murphy (1954 – 2012)

Thank You! • Merriam City Council Members: Mayor Ken Sissom, John Canterbury, Chad Rowe, Al Frisby, John Crabtree, Chris Evans Hands, Nancy Hupp, Pam Bertoncin, Gayle Stevens. • Merriam Parks and Recreation Advisory Board members: Thelma Fowler, Tom Heffron, LaVera Howard, Brian Knaff, Caitlin Dailey, Kathy Stull, Kathy Rowe. • Foundation Board Members: Carol Eubank, Nancy Hupp, Irene French, Myra Jenks, Jane Doerflinger, Lori Hanson, Susan Hayden, Kathy Rowe, Frank Dover, Lanny Bachtle, LaVera Howard.

2013 Heartland Artist Exhibition Works  

The 17th Annual Heartland Artist Exhibition Opening is this Saturday, March 2nd, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the Tim Murphy Art Gallery (located...

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