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was at the recent Midwest Travel Writers Association (MTWA) conference (and on the Merriam tour which included K.C. Strings!!) and wanted to write and tell you how much I love the travel candle you gave to us! The orange-vanilla smells absolutely beautiful, and I’m a big fan of travel candles because they make you feel so much at home while at a hotel. This is a wonderful gift. Best regards from Chicago!

- Patricia W.

Chicago Division - Tourist Office of Spain

Merriam Visitors Bureau

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F r o m t h e D i r e c to r - K a re n C r a ne, K D S C TA

The year 2013 made a remarkable comeback resulting in impressive tourism spending, new developments and a substantial increase in Merriam visitation. To build upon this exciting momentum, the Merriam Visitors Bureau is ready to propel into 2014 with continued energy and tenacity. Tourism IS economic development -- it’s also a wise investment. As the 3rd largest industry employer in the State of Kansas, tourism creates one new job for every 217 visitors to the state. Visitor spending not only creates jobs in Merriam, it also reduces the taxes paid by homeowners. Tourism dollars help enhance our community by increasing the real estate value of Merriam homes and businesses. In short, visitor spending drives economic growth, generates community pride and improves our destination’s overall image and appeal. What’s next for Merriam? We will stay the course in our goal to establish Merriam as a premier regional destination in the Kansas City area. To all who have contributed to our community’s success in the past year, THANK YOU!

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The special offers page on consistently ranks in the top three most visited pages on our website.

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We laced up and discovered the beauty of the Byw located along the Frontier Military Historic Byway, hosted our first fundraising event in history. “Walk w Merriam’s Turkey Creek Streamway Trail with Dave Li set out to walk all of Kansas’ 11 byways in an effort to ra beauty of our state. Learn more about Walk with L&C a

14 Weeks of Summer – Weeks of Summer” leis markets. Many Merria in-kind donations and This campaign resulte likes; 4,977 ad clicks; impressions with the impressions with radi KC Destinations ran gained an additional 5,

RePin it To Win It – Merriam understands t in 2013, we added Pinterest to our suite of so followers and interest in Merriam, we hosted a featuring 20 things to see and do in Merriam ov asked to “repin” any of our images for their chan prize package. This contest yielded 85 repins an Pinterest page. Check out our pins at www.pinter

Travel Writers Take on Kansa professional travel writers, pho come to Kansas City for the M Convention. This is a very un that is new in Merriam. In 20 two-day familiarization tour a the “Made in KC tour” with a in-room gift (Recipes from the

Groundbreaking news! Like all of Kansas City, w attend the ground-breaking ceremony of the newest IKE to Merriam in the fall of 2014. Because this store wil Merriam on the map as a shopping destination, the V looking forward to the new and repeat visitors IKEA w community.

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way. Merriam is proud to be and in 2013, the FMHB group with L&C” featured a trek along indstrom and Jerry Cook, who aise awareness of the natural at

– In April, KC Destinations launched a “14 sure campaign in the Omaha/Des Moines am hotels and attractions generously contributed d room nights to assist with prize packages. ed in 778 unique leads; 2,213 new Facebook 800,200 online and 210,036 print Des Moines Register; and, 155,058 io online banner ads. Additionally, n a holiday shopping campaign that ,130 new Facebook likes.

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In 2013, we were visited by Kate Tyner, the great, great, granddaughter of Merriam’s original founder, David Gee Campbell. Kate and her husband, Steve, now live in Alaska!

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171 Repins 83,930 organic FB reach 521 FB fans 9,228 web views 134,556 web impressions 723 blog biews 411 phone inquiries 267 meeting room patrons 5,056 guides distributed 1.6 million Merriam marketing impressions 1.5 million regional marketing impressions 111 geocaches discovered 724 group tour attendees

Thank you Karen Crane and Merriam CVB! We appreciate all the hard work and efforts to promote our business and bring new visitors to Merriam and Strawberry Hill Povitica Company. We are proud to partner with the Merriam CVB! - Steve Trenholm, Strawberry Hill Povitica Company


ooking ahead to 2014... • • • • •

Mobile Ready Big 12 Bus Program (March, 2014) Campbellton to Merriam...150 years! Community & Visitors Guide What’s Your KC Destination?

Connect with us: 6304 E. Frontage Road, Merriam, KS 66202 • • 913.403.8999 • 866.707.6534

2013 Merriam CVB Annual Report  

2013 Merriam CVB Annual Report

2013 Merriam CVB Annual Report  

2013 Merriam CVB Annual Report