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President’s Message

Sister Katherine Doyle, RSM, is an educator, historian and passionate writer, who lives and breathes Mercy every day.

Called to Tell Our Story Sister Katherine Doyle, RSM talks about her new historical account of the Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento “I’ve always loved stories.” Sr. Katherine Doyle, RSM, begins. She is explaining her current project to research and write the history of the Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento. “If I hadn’t become a Sister, I was considering a career as a journalist,” she continued, “but I’ve loved all the ministries in which I’ve served.” Sr. Katherine knew from the time she was 10 that she was called to religious life and joined the Sisters of Mercy at the age of 17. “I am a native Sacramentan, I’m a Mercy General baby, and I had the Sisters as my teachers. Mercy goes all the way into my roots. I was even named after two Sisters of Mercy!” With a career that began in education, Sr. Katherine found a passion for shaping the minds, hearts and spirits of young people. “I just love teaching in any form,” she continues. “After nearly 20 years in secondary education, I was called to help develop faith formation programs in parishes where children couldn’t attend Continued on page 2

Social distance is a phrase we have heard over and over again in 2020. At every turn it seems, we have been reminded to stay apart. No doubt, this year has been a challenge for each of us in a myriad of ways, but as I look back over the year, I find myself filled with optimism and celebration over the ways we have connected. Technology helped us stay close (hello, Zoom!) but most importantly, our community came together and donors like you reached out and maintained the human connections that sustain and fortify us. Please know that your generosity provides real help and hope to so many who are served by our ministries. As you read through this edition of Horizons, I hope you will enjoy the cover story, an interview with Sister Katherine Doyle, RSM, who is writing a history of the Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento. Her stories of the Sisters’ courage and determination are both moving and inspiring. Our McAuley & Legacy Societies’ donors are also Continued on page 5

The Sisters of Mercy


Continued from cover

Catholic schools. We wanted to teach them prayer and worship, but also core values; how to share, how to be kind to one another, how to live a life of service.” Sr. Katherine’s faith formation work eventually expanded to dioceses across the nation. She was then called to a new ministry in community governance for the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. “I was in leadership for

this means painstakingly combing through newspaper archives.

“I think what’s most exciting is to find these gems of forgotten history and bring those forward in a way that helps people understand the tremendous courage and selfsacrifice of the women who have brought us to this moment,” says Sr. Katherine. “We walk in their image and today we are still as committed to this city, especially to those

I want to acknowledge in awe and wonder the bravery, the faith and the sacrifice of the women who have gone before us. Because they are part of my story and part of our story. about ten years and I was also the director of our retreat center,” she tells us, “And today I am a novitiate pastor, helping to form new Sisters.” In addition to working with women entering the order, Sr. Katherine is writing the very first history of the Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento. “The more I write this book, the more excited I get,” she says, smiling. “It spans from 1857, when we arrived, to 2008, and it looks at our relationship with the city.” Sr. Katherine is spending much of her time doing historical research since nearly all the Sisters’ records were lost between 1890 and 1948. Often 2

without resources.” The early stories of the Sisters are full of heroism and selfless determination to meet the needs of the people in Sacramento. “The amount of hardship the Sisters encountered really strikes me,” she explains, “Because of the climate and the marsh in the city, a number of the Sisters died of malaria when they first arrived, and others became gravely ill. Their living conditions were just not conductive to good health.” Sr. Katherine becomes animated as she describes the tremendous obstacles that the Sisters faced in

achieving their mission. “What most Catholics don’t know is that at that time, religious communities were not funded by the Church. The women were personally responsible for all their own expenses.” Often this meant taking out loans to build much-needed schools or hospitals, and the only way to reduce this debt was through the generosity of the community. “The Sisters of Mercy borrowed money to build Mater Misericordia (the present day site of Mercy General Hospital). There was a huge amount of debt to repay, so the Sisters lived as simply as possible to erase that debt. Until they did that, that couldn’t take on another ministry.” Fortunately, the City of Sacramento wanted to help the Sisters as much as the Sisters wanted to be of assistance to the community. “We talk about the Sisters as a Mercy community, and from the beginning, this community has had multiple circles of support. The Sisters’ co-workers, their donors, city leaders—they were all part of this community.” One interesting fact that emerged from Sister Katherine’s research is that the women of Sacramento actually held fundraisers to pay for the Sisters of Mercy to come from San Francisco. The most pressing need at first was for education. So a small group of Sisters left their health care ministry in San

Francisco and established schools in Sacramento. This was only made possible through the generosity of these women who wanted these schools for their children. These accounts link us with our past and help us understand our role as partners in the mission of the Sisters of Mercy as it continues today. Sr. Katherine believes that this book is about more than just preserving the story of the Sisters. “If you don’t know your history, then you don’t know your roots,” she explains. “Readers will find inspiration in

these stories. And I hope they feel a sense of belonging, and a greater sense of identity knowing the history of their city.” Like many of the Sisters, Sr. Katherine draws strength from the histories she reads. “I want to acknowledge in awe and wonder the bravery, the faith and the sacrifice of the women who have gone before us. Because they are part of my story and part of our story. There’s something in it that tells us we can do something difficult knowing that those who came before us did it under harder circumstances. And

this needs to be passed on, not only to novice Sisters, but to everyone in the Mercy community circles.” Mercy Foundation is honored to work alongside Sisters like Sr. Katherine to advance our common mission to serve those in need.

generous donors Thank you to all our

without whom our ministries would not be possible. You are a

vital part

of the Mercy community!

We are in this together! Thanks to generous support of our COVID-19 Response Fund, a new Pulse Oximetry Remote Patient Monitoring program allows patients experiencing symptoms to be monitored in the comfort of their own homes. This program reduces the utilization of staff, personal protective equipment and cost, while ensuring the safety and health of our patients. Dignity Health’s Sacramento area hospitals and clinics have also experienced a record-breaking outpouring of community support through in-kind contributions. To date, over 350 individuals and businesses have generously donated personal protective equipment, cloth masks and meals for our health care heroes. Below is just a sampling of the kindness in our community.

If you would like to help support our COVID-19 patients and frontline caregivers, please visit: supportmercyfoundation.org


Partners in Philanthropy


Finding My Cause:

project was met. Karen had to make a choice about where she’d like her gifts to go next and it created an opportunity to help in a new way. Most of the babies cared for in the NICU are from low-income families. The NICU team needed swaddles and baby clothes that could be used in the NICU and that the families could take home with them when their little ones were discharged. Karen was overjoyed to help.

A Dignity Health Employee Talks about the Joy of Helping Others Karen Lovell is approaching her 24th year of service at Dignity Health. “My daughter had just turned one when I started here and now both my kids are out of college!” she jokes. With a career that began in payroll, Karen first learned about Mercy Foundation because she processed employee donations to the ministries supported by the Foundation. “In the last ten years, I was inspired to become a donor myself and realized I could give more using my PTO (vacation hours),” explains Karen. She was drawn to helping babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Mercy San Juan Medical Center because both her children were born at Mercy

Now Open!


Karen Lovell inspires philanthropy and changes lives through employee giving. San Juan and her daughter is now a Respiratory Therapist in a NICU in Kansas City, “so I really know how important NICU departments are,” she says. She was generously contributing toward the current construction of the new NICU at Mercy San Juan when the fundraising goal for that

“It’s really a win-win,” says Karen, “I tell everyone to donate to Mercy Foundation! It’s very easy and quick and you know you’re doing something really good to help others. Mercy Foundation is very grateful to Karen and the hundreds of generous Dignity Health employees like her who go above and beyond to make our health care ministry great. Thank you all for your outstanding generosity and goodwill!

The newly expanded Robert S. and Star Pepper Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Mercy San Juan Medical Center opened in November. Thanks to the support of many generous donors, the new NICU will be able to care for even more of our most fragile and tiniest patients.

You are Their Angel in Times of Need Thank you for supporting the Angel Care Fund! A cancer diagnosis is terrifying for anyone, but if you are living on the edge of poverty, the financial implications of your illness can feel completely overwhelming. For many, the cost of transportation or co-payments is so prohibitively expensive, they consider refusing treatment.

“I utilized the Angel Care Fund to help an older patient pay for necessary gas to travel to daily radiation treatments,” said one Oncology Nurse Navigator. “He didn’t have anyone to drive him and he simply couldn’t afford it. He was so thankful because without this assistance he would have had to refuse treatment.” For others, your generosity is providing support for family members. “I am working with a 41-year old brain cancer patient,” explains another Oncology Nurse Navigator. Because of your support, Mercy nurse navigators like Rachel McConachie (left) and Ann Chrisler (right) are able to help cancer patients in need by assisting them in securing transportation to and from appointments so they may continue to receive the vital care they need.

Fortunately for patients of the Dignity Health Cancer Institute of Greater Sacramento, you provide critical help and humankindness. Your gifts to the Angel Care Fund are making a world of difference to cancer patients in need. Our Oncology Nurse Navigators work one-on-one with patients to help remove barriers to care and ensure they get the best treatments in a timely way.

“His mobility and use of speech are becoming progressively worse due to progression of his illness. He is married and has children aged six and one. His wife was recently forced to stop working to care for him, and we used the Angel Care Fund to provide home care assistance during the week so she could care for her children. His wife said she cannot express how grateful she is for this help.”

President’s Message (continued)

recognized in this issue. They, and each and every member of our Mercy Foundation family, make our work possible. From helping COVID-19 patients to cancer patients in need, your support for the mission of the Sisters of Mercy is changing hundreds of lives every day. I thank you again for your partnership with Mercy Foundation and the Sisters of Mercy. Together, we are continuing a powerful legacy of care for those in need in our region. I wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season. Sincerely,

Kevin B. Duggan President & CEO

These are just two of hundreds of similar stories. Thank you so much for your continued support for this fund. These stories would simply not possible without your generous gifts and these patients are so grateful to have you as their angels. You truly exemplify humankindness and compassion!


McAuley Society


Owen and Renee Taylor Stephen and Grace Thomas Thomas P. Raley Foundation Merrily F. Wong and Gordon A. Wong, MD $100,000 - $249,999

The McAuley Society honors donors who have contributed lifetime cumulative gifts of $25,000 or more. The society is named for Sisters of Mercy Foundress Catherine McAuley, who more than 150 years ago built a house of mercy for underserved women and children in Dublin, Ireland.

$1 Million Plus City of Folsom Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Claudia and William Cummings Harry C. & Deborah L. Elliott Family Foundation Rodney and Mary Louise Klein Lanie Albrecht Foundation Dave and Chris Lucchetti / Pacific Coast Building Products Dennis and Nancy Marks Mercy General Hospital Guild Mercy San Juan Medical Center Guild Methodist Hospital of Sacramento Volunteers June and Ritz Naygrow Robert S. and Star Pepper Foundation The Tsakopoulos Family $500,000 - $999,999 Ken and Joyce Adamson Arata Brothers Trust Beneto Foundation County of Sacramento Diocese of Sacramento Paul and Sara Esch Fletcher Jones Foundation


GE Medical Systems, Inc. Bill and Cindy Krause Mercy Medical Group, Inc. Dr. John Schafer Barbara V. Thomas Western Health Advantage $250,000 - $499,999 Abbott Laboratories Buzz Oates California Wellness Foundation Carrera Joffe Foundation John and Sandra Cook Eli Lilly and Company First 5 Sacramento Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc. Eric and Stacey Henrikson Lynda and John Jackson, Jr. Jesuits California Province Michael and Jane Jonsson KCRA 3 / KQCA 58 Kenneth Jonsson Family Foundation Lawson Mechanical Contractors Mercy Radiology Group, Inc. Kevin M. Nagle Drs. Alan J. and Julie R. Shatzel Sierra Health Foundation Sierra Hematology and Oncology

Liz Welsh Abad and Dr. Jose Abad Anthem Blue Cross AT&T Services, Inc. Bank of America Steve and Cory Bauer Michael and Una Berrigan Janice and Harry Campbell Sammy and Kim Cemo City of Citrus Heights Randy Clegg Jim, Patrice and Kit Coyle Jim and Jana Cuneo Dean and Jean Decker DeNardo Education and Research Foundation Jack and Karen Diepenbrock Donant Foundation Roger and Carol Wieckowski Dreyer E.L. Wiegand Foundation Edwards Lifesciences Emergency Medicine Physicians Friends of NICU Patrick and Renate Fry Lawrence and Christine Garcia Barbara and Michael Genovese George and Lena Valente Foundation Laurie Harting and Ron Pettibone Health Financial Systems Jon and Sue Hillegeist J M Keckler Medical Company Joyce and Jim Teel Family Foundation Dr. Robert and Mrs. Janet Kahle AG Kassis Julia Kelly Kelly Foundation Bill and Stephanie Kenney The Patrick and Mary Claire Leonard Family Luppen and Hawley, Inc. Howard and Ardith Marguleas Merck & Company, Inc. Ron and Darin Mittelstaedt Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Inc. Donald and Pamela Murphy

Edward R. and Mary Nacey National Multiple Sclerosis Society Alex Nee, MD Novartis Pharmaceuticals Pfund Family Foundation Radiological Associates of Sacramento Medical Group, Inc. Raley’s Incorporated RCA Community Fund Mark and Patty Read Donald and Sharon Redmond Regional Cardiology Associates Medical Group Sacramento Anesthesia Medical Group, Inc. John A. and Susan Sobrato Hans Sprong Anne Steiner Terry and Lori Street Swing at Cancer, Inc. Teichert, Inc. Randal and Shannon Terwedo The Doctors Company Gomer N. Thomas Turner Construction Michael and Linda Ubaldi Roger and Marie Valine VSP Chris and David Wagner Wagner Kirkman Blaine Klomparens & Youmans LLP Wells Fargo Bank Tammy and Kevin Wilcox William C. Cummings Real Estate Investments Mathew and Nancy Wroblewski $50,000 - $99,999 Osa E. Aimufua Robert and Marilyn Baskerville Bernau Development Corporation Biogen, Inc. Blackbird Associates Scott, Cary, Wesley and Landon Boese Richard Boje Frank M. Booth Boyd Foundation Brian and Elizabeth Brennan Cardinal Distribution Neal A. Cardosa Aileen Carriere Celgene Corporation

The Family of Yu Shun Chung Community Services Planning Council Dr. Gregory Cooper and Barbara Miller Anita Prietto and Jose Cueto Cecilia Delury and Vince Jacobs Diagnostic Pathology Medical Group, Inc. Dr. Patrick C. and Dolores M. Dietler Beth and Kevin Duggan Michael and Susan Erne Five Star Bank Frontier Communications Richard F. and Joan Gann Roger Mills Gilbert, MD Frank and Fay Giordano The Harris Family Mrs. Dee and Dr. Joseph Hartzog Jose Hermocillo and Valerie Hawkins Todd and Amy Hoddick Cindy Holst Malcolm Hotchkiss and Virginia Varela Wendy J. Hoyt Don and Gail Hudson William and Charlene Hunt Gayle and Gary Hursh Instrumentation Laboratories Tom and Maria Johnson Glorina Jugo Kimmel Construction, Inc. Russ and Mary Knapp Richard and Connie Koppes Craig E. Lighty Fund Dr. and Mrs. Lucian Maidan Sandy and Mick Malaney Kathleen and Pat McClain Miles Treaster & Associates and Herman Miller, Inc. Patti Monczewski Mr. and Mrs. Edson Moore Morton and Marcine Friedman Foundation Marilyn and Raymond Nelson Veleda and Mike Newman Larry and Kathleen O’Connor Mrs. Gloria and Dr. Joseph Pawlowski Philip Jonsson Foundation Quest Ralphs/Food 4 Less

Rod and Nancy Read Linda and John Rinset River City Bank Robin and Katherine Rogness SAFE Credit Union Shelly and Eric Schlenker Carrie W. Sens Setzer Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Kavian Shahi Dr. Francis and Mrs. Jean Silvey Dr. Peter and Jamie Skaff Slakey Brothers Incorporated Marcos Smith Stryker Endoscopy Dr. and Mrs. Amir Sweha Teva Pharmaceuticals U.S. Bank Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Uboldi Wallrich. Jim and Jill Walsh Amy Wandel, MD Up to $49,999 AAA-California State Automobile Association Carol and Cary Adams Advanced Cardiovascular Systems Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation Tim Ainsworth and Karen Leaf Gil and Kay Albiani Denise K. Allen Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Allen Robert and Virginia Allen Jennifer Alpert Dr. Kathryn Amirikia Patty Armond George and Jean Artz Astra Merck AT&T Stan and Kristen Atkinson Dr. John and Dr. Marie Babich Ernie L. and Kathleen M. Baciocco Phyllis Baltz Barcellona Family Foundation Bard Cardiology/C.R. Bard, Inc. David and Sara Bardoni Marshall G. Barnes, MD William Patrick and Carol Ann Barr Family Gene and Sherri Bassett Lela S. Bayley Joan and Richard Beach Kathleen and Robert Bellew

Ronald and Carola Blubaugh Blue Diamond Growers Blue Shield of California Blue Sky Day Spa Ian and Katherine Boase Books Are Fun Michael K. Brady Susan Brauner Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Broadbent Kelly and Augusta Brothers Burnett and Sons Planing Mill and Lumber Company California Correctional Peace Officers Association Norman and Tina Campbell Capital Beverage Company Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. Carlson Price Fass & Company Marilyn Slakey Carmazzi Dr. Richard and Noreen Carvolth Edmundo and Veronica Castaneda Catalyst Communications, Inc. Meredith and Brian Cathcart CFB/Lincoln National Michael Chang, MD Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation Kelly Ciotti and Steve Noyes City Building, Inc. Coact Designworks Stephen and Cathleen Cockrum Dr. Clint R. Collins Comcast Comstock Carlson, Inc. Melanie Conover Alan and Mary Lynn Cordano Karal and Ann Cottrell Bob and Pat Crosbie Steve and Marsha Crosbie Adrienne Crowe Rondi Crowley Crush MS Linda Beech Cutler David S. Taylor Interests, Inc. Brenda Washington Davis and Edward Alexander Phillips Sandra Davis Houston and Roy Houston Shannon Deary-Bell and Nor-Cal Beverage Co., Inc. The Family of Linda Denton Tita Crilly Diepenbrock Discovery Door, Inc. Jill and David Dryer

Kasey Dyer E.A. Boyd Foundation EMD Serono, Inc. June Maria and Anthony Errico Kelley and Kim Evans Farmers Insurance District #30 Charles and Nancy Feddermann Barbara Fingerut First Responder Emergency Medical Services, Inc. Walter and Bobbie Flatt Stephen and Kelley Foerster Foley & Lardner Folsom Chamber of Commerce Folsom Lake Bank Folsom Ob-Gyn Fong & Fong Printers & Lithographers Doris and Robert Frazier John E. Frisch Dr. Allan and Mrs. Elizabeth Galbreath Louis Gallia, MD, DMD, FACS Elizabeth Garcia GE Healthcare Lifecare Solutions Genentech USA. Inc. Genovese Burford & Brothers Genzyme, A Sanofi Company Genzyme Corporation Catherine Geraty Hoag Geremia Family Drs. Katherine and Michael Gillogley Lois and Y.W. “Bill” Glazebrook Gary A. Glenesk, MD Golden 1 Credit Union Diane and Larrie Grenz Thomas and Phyllis Hammer Harold and Winifred Swanton Foundation HDR Architecture Health Net of California, Inc. Hefner Stark & Marois, LLP Kit Henderson Barbara L. Hoffert Gordon Howie and Wilma Reichard Brian and Jennifer Hutchinson Albert Hwang, MD Louise and D. Scott Ideson Intel Corporation IPS Printers, Inc. Dr. Ralph and Dolly Isola Angela Isola Israelson Family  Deceased


McAuley Society


Up to $49,999 (cont.)

Daniel and Dana Jacques Skip and Marsha Jahn Bonnie and Rob Jenkins Dr. Bruce and Ellen Jensen Colonel and Mrs. James H. Jensen John F. Otto, Inc. Devan and Kimberly Johnson Karen H. Jordan JPMorgan Chase Kaiser Permanente David J. Kassis Michael and Geri Kearns Dr. Neil and Mrs. MJ Kelly Dr. and Mrs. Harry Khasigian Dr. Mitra Ayazifar and Mr. Marty Khatib Kikkoman Foods Foundation, Inc. Kimball Hill Homes Jack and Janice Kimmel Cyndi Kirch Veronica Knudson Debbie and Michael Korpiel, DHA Mary L. Lambert Vicki Lange Frank and Marcia LaRosa Ginny and Jack LaRue Matt and Christy Layton Linet Americas, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Louis G. Livoti Vicki and Gary Lovotti Reginald Low M.D. Patrick and Pamela Lynn M & M Whitmire Family Foundation T. Grace Macdonald Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Sharon A. Margetts Robin and Debbie Martial Mrs. Virginia and Lt. Col. Robert McBratney McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. McClatchy Newspapers, Inc. McDermott Will & Emery John McIntyre and Francesca Negri The McIntyre Family The McKeever Family McKesson Bernita McTernan Medtronic Pacing, Inc. Drs. Janak and Nalini Mehtani Jan and Rob Mellen Mercy San Juan Vituity ED Physician Group John and Beverley Messner


Metropolitan Anesthesiology Consultants The Mette Family Dale Meyer Tim Mickiewicz DDS Burnett and Mimi Miller Vonda Morris Dr. Peter J. Murphy Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld, LLP Dr. Jonathan Musicant and Ms. Yayoi Kushida Nacht & Lewis NCO Financial Systems, Inc. Niello BMW Northern California P.E.T. Imaging Center Nuclear Physicians Medical Group Tracey Okabe-Yamamura Glenn and Devon Olson Dr. Gearoid and Kathleen O’Neill Optimist Club of Sacramento Foundation, Inc. Carol and Carl Otto Sigrid and Mark Owyang Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Page & Otto Marx, Jr. Foundation PAIR design, LLC Albert and Marie Pardini Parker Development Company Parker Family Foundation Bob and Colleen Pascuzzi Patterson Travel Mr. Ronald Petrich and Dr. Mary Pat Pauly Perry’s Restaurants Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Petersen Michele Peterson Dan Petrocchi Pinebrook Social Club Deanna Plewik Steve and Karen Polansky Mariann Poletti Denny and Michelle Powell Todd Prigge Elanie and Tim Purkis Oma and Opa Purkis Stan and Florence Quon Freda and H.J. Bud Ravizza RCA Medical Group RCB Foundation Donald and Laverna Reid River City Medical Group Dr. and Mrs. David K. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Robertson Rod Read & Sons Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Rossiter Rotary Annes of Folsom Rotary Club of Folsom Roxane Laboratories, Inc. William C. Ruark Sacramento Bee Sacramento Metro Chamber Foundation Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission Martin and Alison Sadler Safeway Food & Drug Safeway Foundation Dr. Rahat Saied Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Salontai James and Karen Saponaro Jane Saunders Dr. William and Elaine Schaedler Schering Plough Vince and Lynn Schmitz Schneider (USA), Inc. Donald and Jean Schrader Betsy Self David C. Sharp Ofer Shaul Stanley and Billie Shawl Jim and Shirley Shotwell Jim and Susie Simas Bob and Mercedes Slakey Sleep Train, Inc. Wayne E. Soo Hoo, PhD Sovereign Military Order of Malta- Western Association Spence Enterprises, Inc. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Daniel and Christine Steiner Sulzer Medica Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Chuck and Sally Sylva Drs. Timothy Takagi and Sandra Mendez Patricia Takeda, MD Fred Taugher and Paula Higashi Thomas Company George Tometti Kathryn Traversi Dr. James and Mrs. Marie Louise Trowbridge Katina Tsakopoulos Markos and Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis

Tucker Sadler & Associates Ungaretti & Harris Unger Construction Co. United Business Bank James and Kris Van Cleaf Cordell and Linda Van Rees Bud Turner and Lynn Van Vleck Turner Vandenberg-Keil Vasko Electric, Inc. Tom Walcott Drs. Anthony and Mona Wartell Ken and Kathy Watrobski Watson Wyatt & Company Wells Fargo Wealth Management Group Deidre Wentworth Western Contract Garry and Kathleen Westover Nancy Ann White Wilke, Fleury, Hoffelt, Gould & Birney LLP Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson Kathy and Rod Winegarner Doreen Wysocki Rick Xiong David Yamasaki John K.H. Yen Dr. and Mrs. Don Yokoyama Lim Young Fred and Patricia Zanetta

Mercy Foundation is grateful for the generosity of all donors and respects the wishes of those donors who prefer to remain anonymous. We value their quiet support. While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of our recognition lists, if you notice your name has been omitted or misspelled, please accept our sincerest apologies and notify Mercy Foundation at (916) 851-2700, so that we may correct our records.

The Mercy Legacy Society

The Mercy Legacy Society honors donors who have included Mercy Foundation in a will, trust, beneficiary designation or other planned gift.

Gil and Kay Albiani Stan and Kristen Atkinson Dr. Johnand Dr. Marie Babich Robert and Marilyn Baskerville Michael and Una Berrigan Robert and Nancy Bradford Michael K. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Terry O. Bush Marilyn Slakey Carmazzi Nancy McCormick Clavere Bettye M. Cummins Denise D’Anne Brenda Washington Davis Dean and Jean Decker Jack and Karen Diepenbrock Beth and Kevin Duggan Lisa and Jim Ferrin Lawrence and Christine Garcia Bryan and Lisa Gardner Barbara and Michael Genovese Roger Mills Gilbert, MD

Joseph Girimonte Kathleen and Jeffrey Glasser Lois and Y.W. “Bill” Glazebrook Doris J. Guelzow Marty and Sue Haley Michael Hardy Jon and Sue Hillegeist Cindy Holst Mr. and Mrs. John P. Horgan III Tom and Sheila Inks Jack and Nancy Kearns Hugh W. Kitchener Rodney and Mary Louise Klein Ginny and Jack LaRue Nancy B. Maliani Sharon A. Margetts Eleanor McGill John McIntyre and Francesca Negri Don and Lynda Middleton Don Jarrell and Jona Milo Patti Monczewski

Mr. and Mrs. Edson Moore Veleda and Mike Newman John and Valerie Piotrowski Mark and Patty Read Donald and Sharon Redmond Alice G. Reed Donald G. Riley Beth and Ed Schatz Carl and Pamela Schubert Marge Schweinfurth Davida C. Silva Bob and Mercedes Slakey Hans Sprong Barbara V. Thomas Gomer N. Thomas Stephen and Grace Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Unciano Chris and David Wagner Kerry and Sam Wood

Make a difference today! To learn more about the many ways you can support the programs highlighted in this newsletter, and/or other programs and projects, please visit supportmercyfoundation.org  Deceased


2019-20 Honor Roll


The vital work of the Sisters of Mercy would not be possible without the caring generosity of all donors, whose commitment and support are truly inspiring. Mercy Foundation sincerely thanks our many generous donors who contributed $1,000 or more to support the Sisters of Mercy ministries from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. $1 Million Plus

$10,000 - $24,999

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Mary M. McDonald

Liz Welsh Abad and Dr. Jose Abad AMPAC Fine Chemicals Beneto Foundation Bogle Vineyards Winery Boy Scouts of America, Golden Empire Council Donna and Jeff Brotman Meredith and Brian Cathcart Jia and Joe Christopher Paula Corsiglia Crush MS Sister Clare Dalton, RSM EMD Serono, Inc. Dorothy and Richard B. Feiertag, MD Harbor Frieght Laurie Harting and Ron Pettibone Hospital Alliance Association, Inc. Intel Corporation Lawson Mechanical Contractors Mercy Medical Group, Inc. Mercy Radiology Group, Inc. Mercy San Juan Medical Center Guild Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Inc. Takeform, Inc. SAFE Credit Union Genzyme, A Sanofi Company Jane Saunders Serotonin Surge Charities Brian Sevier William Woods

$250,000 - $999,999 Vivian Buletti Sevy and Neva Cimaroli Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Lynda and John Jackson, Jr. $100,000 - $249,999 Walter C. and Agnes V. Anderson Bill and Stephanie Kenney Dr. James W. and Mrs. Thelma Martin June and Ritz Naygrow Public Health Institute Dr. John Schafer $50,000 - $99,999 California Department of Public Health Celgene Corporation Michael and Jane Jonsson Mr. Malcolm Minasian William G. Irwin Charity Foundation Mathewand Nancy Wroblewski $25,000 - $49,999 Michael and Una Berrigan Biogen, Inc. Friends of NICU Sister Bridget McCarthy RSM Dale Meyer MJ Brats, LP Operation Gratitude William and Elaine Schaedler Sierra Health Foundation Christine and Daniel Steiner Stephen and Grace Thomas Unger Construction Co. Wells Fargo Bank Doreen Wysocki


$5,000 - $9,999 AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah Osa E. Aimufua Terri and Robert Bigler Robert Bigler Blue Diamond Growers Mrs. Sarah Brechtbill Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Sister Sheila Browne, RSM

Burgers & Brew Christine Canelo Drewski’s Food Truck Jill and David Dryer June Maria and Anthony Errico Genentech, Inc. Hershey Company High-Hand Nursery Bill and Nina Iliff Kentucky Fried Chicken Cyndi Kirch Loretta and Donald Lawson Karen Lovell Paul and Frieda Maisel Fund Marchon Eyewear Monsignor Brendan O’Sullivan Palladio Performance Products Co. Annabelle Marceno-Pericin and Mark Pericin Pizza Guys Franchises, Inc. Re:THINK Ice Cream Mark and Patty Read Regeneron Mary Jo and Steve Riehl Terri L. Scott Shark Energy Drink Dr. Peter and Jamie Skaff Marcos Smith Beverly Steiner Terry and Lori Street Denise and Donald Timmons Trexboxx Llc University Of Massachusetts Rick Xiong David Yamasaki $1,000 - $4,999 Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc. Advantage Construction Supply Gil and Kay Albiani Alberto Aldueza Sabrena Alias Robert and Virginia Allen John and Heidi Anderson Patty Armond Kathleen L. Asay Drs. Karen Azama-Kihara and Rodney Kihara Ernie L. and Kathleen M. Baciocco Bad Bakers Bayside Church Bayside Church Folsom

Joan and Richard Beach Mr. and Mrs. Adam Berman Shakintala Bhim Ian and Katherine Boase Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. Richard Boje Bombas Giving Team Borderlands Bakery Frances Bozdech and Marek Bozdech, MD Brian and Elizabeth Brennan Barbara Brown Casey Burger Patch Burton Snowboards California State University, Sacramento Flora and Richard Carli Julie Carrasco-Minton and Jonas Minton Lara Cartoscelli Anne Carvalho Lori Cashio Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota Catholic Foundation of the Diocese Of Sacramento, Inc. Jean Cavanaugh Sandra Cerro Chick-Fil-A Chiesi USA Chinese American Community Hand-In-Hand Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters Ruth and Stanley Chun City of Citrus Heights Laurel Clark CLIF Bar & Company Dr. Gregory Cooper and Barbara Miller Alan and Mary Lynn Cordano Corymbia Education Foundation Karal and Ann Cottrell Michael and Julie Cox & Family Jeremy Crawford Claudia and William Cummings The Cunningham Family Chris Cunningham Dr. and Mrs. Royal DeLany Mark Declue Bernadette and Richard DeCuir Mary Driscoll Raquel Dudderar Beth and Kevin Duggan E2 Church

Eagle Pharmaceuticals Edible Arrangements Elk Grove Chinese Association Enlightened Beauty Evelyn G. Fainsztein, MD Evelyn Fallon Farmers Insurance Agency Justin Ferguson John Fetsch Margaret Fisher Five Star Bank Walter and Bobbie Flatt Kathy Foley Folsom Cordova Unified School District Fortune Scholars Care Project Wiley Fowler III Basil K. Fox, Jr. and Leonor M. Fox Doris and Robert Frazier Freshmed Catherine Fuller Carol and Cornelius Gallagher Garden of Eat’n Barbara and Michael Genovese Genovese Burford & Brothers Genzyme Corporation Catherine Geraty Hoag Jacklyn S. Ghelfi Girl Scouts/Heart of Central California Ines Gourley William and Katherine Gray LeMone Green and Family Sharon and Ronald Guerra Philip and Nani Haines Carolyn and Tom Harris Jay and Andrea Heckenlively Joyce E. Higley Tracy Hodges William Hodges Fran Maisano Hoffer Collette Howell William and Charlene Hunt Jean Iacino Jason Ijirani Jackson Catering & Events Don Jarrell and Jona Milo Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles Joni Johnson Mary Ann Johnson, MD Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Incorporated

Johnson & Johnson Medical Products Jennifer Jorra Carmen Kaufhardt Jack and Janice Kimmel Denise and Joel Kmetz Russ and Mary Knapp Catherine and Jerry Koewler Armin Krueger Joyce Krula Steve Kuang Yayoi Kushida Elden and Stacy Laciste Tiffany Lan Vicki Lange Teresa Childers and Philip Laughlin, MD Philip Leake Christina Le-Nguyen Sheryl Lenzie The Patrick and Mary Claire Leonard Family Lewis Kassis Foundation Craig E. Lighty Fund Renee Linder Little Caesars L-Nutra Betty and William Loftus David Long Barbara and Dennis Luther John Lyden Mrs. and Mr. Catherine L. MacDonald Kathryn and Joseph Marcotte Sharon A. Margetts Robin and Debbie Martial Pamela Martinez Maren McCallister Marsha and Joe McCormick Linda McCormick Cynthia McCrady Candace McGahan John McIntyre and Francesca Negri John and Margo McKay Christy McMurray N. Keith McMurry, MD and Anne McMurry Niall and Carol Meagher Mendocino Farms Mercy Imaging Lisa Merritt John and Gerlinde Millar Delberta Miller Burnett and Mimi Miller John Moltzner

James Moore, RN Denise and Christopher Moore Mosaic Law Congregation Mountain Mike’s Pizza Gail Moxley Beth Mullen Mary Jane and Frank Murawski Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation Dr. Jonathan Musicant and Ms. Yayoi Kushida Sandra and Richard Nelson Diane F. Newcombe Newstar Chinese School Tammie Nguyen Nor Cal Beverage Company, Inc. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Novo Nordisk Inc. Novocure Helen Nutter, MD and David Nutter Larry and Kathleen O’Connor Shiron Olson and Christopher Olson, MD Optumrx Inc. Outsolve,Llc Sigrid and Mark Owyang Panattoni Development Company, LLP Rick Parker Bob and Colleen Pascuzzi Mr. Ronald Petrich and Dr. Mary Pat Pauly Mary Lee Pennington Julie Pennington Penumbra, Inc. Pfund Family Foundation Marcy Phipps Pizza Guys Sherri Pospisil Ms. Amber N. Quezada Bhagat Ram Maria and Jesus Ramirez Laura and William Randolph Rapetti Farms Sreenivasa Ravuri, MD Rod Read Rebecca and Paul Read Rehab Without Walls Claudia and John Reilly, Sr. Retirement Benefits Group Gregory Rogalski, MD Lucille Rogers Robin and Katherine Rogness William C. Ruark Mary Rydman

A.C. Saechao SAFE KIDS Worldwide Sagara Farms, Inc. Nancy Sahrakar and Kamran Sahrakar, MD Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Salontai Kuldip Sandhu, MD Evelyn Santangelo Sauced BBQ and Spirits Shelly and Eric Schlenker Maria Schmits Mark Schultz Senior Citizen Lawyer Dustin MacFarlane Carrie W. Sens Gurvinder Shaheed, MD Kapil Sharma, MD David C. Sharp Susan and Larry Sheridan Michael Shimoide Yasmeen Ansari and Shahzad Siddique, MD Laura Siddique and Shoab Siddique, MD Siemens Michael Silveira, RN Amardeep Singh, MD Elizabeth and John Smrekar SoFi Stahl Companies, Inc Stanford Youth Solutions Sufi Psychology Association Altaf Tadkod, MD Mr. Mark Taurone Jennifer Tehaney Thrive Causemetics Cordell and Linda Van Rees Varian Medical Systems Vibe Health Bar ViOptix, Inc. Jim and Jill Walsh Amy Wandel, MD Florence E. Weyand Robert Wiebe, MD Ellen Wiegner Tammy and Kevin Wilcox Barbara and David Willis Daniel Wilson Kathy and Rod Winegarner World’s Finest Chocolate Yolo Hospice Rosemary Younts YourCause, LLC Fred and Patricia Zanetta F. Zboralske  Deceased


Non Profit US Postage Paid Sacramento, CA Permit #296 3400 Data Drive Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 supportmercyfoundation.org

Mercy Foundation Board of Trustees Officers


Thomas Alan Shatzel, Johnson DO Chair

A. Albiani Gil Albiani Edmundo Edmundo Castaneda Castaneda Costanzo Costanzo DiPerna, DiPerna, MD MD Roxanne Elliott Paula Higashi Sister Enright, RSM LaurieEileen Harting Laurie Harting Nina Iliff Nina Iliff Chris Garry Lemmon P. Maisel Garry P. Maisel MD Janak Mehtani, Paige McCall Mark Read Mark Read John Stevenson, MD Alan Shatzel, Terence StreetDO John Stevenson, MD Terence Street Linda Ubaldi

Sister Eileen Thomas Johnson Enright, RSM Vice Chair Brenda Davis Secretary Michael T. Genovese Treasurer Sister Gabrielle Marie Jones, RSM Sisters of Mercy West Midwest President Designee Kevin B. Duggan Mercy Foundation President and CEO


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