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President’s Message It’s an exciting time at Mercy Foundation as we celebrate the much anticipated publication of Sister Katherine Doyle’s new book, Braided Lives. One of its resonating themes is partnership–how we are all stronger together, and as she notes, “the only essential prerequisite required to serve need is a love that has no boundaries.” A truly inspiring and timeless message!

Sister Katherine Doyle, RSM, historian, author, educator and friend.

150 Years of Excellence, Courage, and Mercy In her new book, Sister Katherine Doyle, RSM, shares the incredible and inspirational historical account of the Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento Generosity, bravery, resilience, adaptation, and selfless service to others. These are just a few of the inspiring themes in Sister Katherine Doyle’s new book, Braided Lives: The Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento, 1857-2008. Covering the incredible 150-year history during which the Sisters faced daunting challenges of harsh weather, growing populations, housing issues, societal opposition, bureaucracy, and more, Braided Lives lovingly shares stories of not only surviving crises, but persevering and succeeding through them. Truly an accomplishment of both research and storytelling, Braided Lives is Sister Katherine’s second book, as in 2004 she wrote Like a Tree by Running Water: The Story of Mary Baptist Russell, California’s First Sister of Mercy. Sister Katherine—who was named for two Sisters of Mercy and entered religious life in 1962 as a Sister of Mercy of the Auburn Community—explains the differences between her two books; “Like a Tree by Running Water tells the story of a person, Mother Mary Baptist Russell. Continued on page 2

In the book, Sister Katherine asks, “If the Sisters could do what they did, can we do the same for our times?” I know my answer (a resounding “yes!”), and hope that in this edition of Horizons you see how your generosity and compassion serves those in need today. As a member of the Mercy Foundation family, you’re part of the rich history of the Sisters of Mercy and you have been essential in furthering our shared mission. Thank you for the tremendous impact you continue to have on our community. Wishing you a summer full of health and happiness spent with your loved ones.

Kevin B. Duggan President & CEO

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Braided Lives is about a circle of women who transformed our city and its people through their hard work, commitment, and relationships with friends and benefactors.” Braided Lives begins in 1854 when the first Sisters arrived in San Francisco from Ireland. Within three years, the decision was made to send a small group of Sisters to serve the growing needs in Sacramento—a booming area because of its proximity to gold country. Incredibly, within 30 years of creating their own community in California, the Sisters had opened three elementary schools, a hospital, an orphanage, an employment service, a library, and a home for the aged—relying on philanthropy and music lessons for income.

events emphasize the deft ability of the Sisters to adapt and meet the needs of the next societal change. While doing so, new requests for help continued to come from the community, and the Sisters answered “yes”—bravely adding to their ministries.

Throughout the book, stories of the Sisters are shared within the context of Sacramento and world history: The Great Flood of 1862, which took six months for water to recede; the influenza pandemic of 1918; World War I; World War II; Vietnam; the space missions; and more. These

Sister Katherine shares that an important reason for preserving the 150-year story of the Sisters of Mercy is to make these women and their accomplishments more known and understood by us today. Acknowledging their incredible contributions, Sister Katherine says,

In the late 1800s, Mother Mary Ligouri Madden started a nursing school, partnering with physicians to train nurses to serve those in need.


Even in the early years, excellence and inclusivity were key characteristics of hospital values. Patients received high-quality care delivered with respect and compassion. “For generations of Sacramentans, Mercy is a familiar name associated with hospitals and schools, but behind these institutions are the Sisters of Mercy—dedicated to the care of the poor, sick, and uneducated. In fact, women religious across the country were the forerunners of women’s autonomy. They’re the ones that ran the hospitals, schools, shelters and social services; they provided a social network at a time when society didn’t.” Describing the Sisters of Mercy’s mission and relationships, Sister Katherine shares, “There’s a direct continuity in action and intent between the work the Sisters did in 1857 and the work they do in 2022.” She continues, “When we look at the works of mercy today, they are the same—mercy is always looking to the margins. When you think about some of the initiatives of Mercy Foundation—Human Trafficking Medical Safe Haven, Mercy Housing, Mercy Pedalers, Sacramento Loaves & Fishes, Dignity Health hospitals and clinics—these are works that demonstrate everyone should be

treated with human dignity no matter their situation. The mission has always been to not just serve those in need, but serve them with the excellence they deserve.” With great excitement, Sister Katherine reflects on how the stories in Braided Lives are a source of inspiration for our times. “These wonderful, dedicated women overcame tremendous challenges to serve those in need. From the very beginning, no one was excluded; they accepted people of all faith traditions at their schools and advertised hospitals as non-denominational, making it clear that everyone was welcome. Those values—excellence and inclusivity—have never changed. After all, mercy is an action word!” Newspaper excerpt from the 1800’s on the inclusive nature of the Sisters’ hospital

A Sister of Mercy will meet you at the door and extend a welcome that is given to everyone who enters. There are no class distinctions here, no sectarian restrictions, no questions of belief to answer, no pledges to make, no hindrances of creed; the saint and the sinner, the pure and the defiled, the godly and ungodly pass side-by-side through the open doors of the Sisters’ hospital.

Mater Misericordiae Hospital expanded four times between 1897 and 1923 to keep pace with Sacramento’s growth.

Since their earliest days in Sacramento, philanthropy has been key to the sustainability of the Sisters of Mercy mission. And the stories in Braided Lives underscore the important partnerships with the lay community—teachers, nurses, donors, civic and community leaders, and more. Reflecting on the vital need of this support, Sister Katherine says, “The mission cannot thrive without donors and partners. As I was writing the book, over and over I came back to the fact that the Sisters were not solo operators—they were surrounded by the supportive circle of friends and benefactors who provided the resources they needed. Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, always talked about connecting those with resources to those in need, and that’s the role of philanthropy. There have been so many people who’ve inspired and supported us over the years and the ministries would be impoverished without them.” Thank you, Sister Katherine, for your tireless dedication and diligent research, which produced this

fascinating and inspiring work—a true guidebook for acting with courage and compassion. The history and stories in Braided Lives link each of us who carry forward the mission of the Sisters of Mercy and call us to face the future with the same vigor, faith, and determination that the Sisters have exemplified since their very beginnings. At Mercy Foundation, we are grateful to all of our many generous friends and partners, who continue the vital works of mercy—now and until the end of need.

To purchase a copy of Braided Lives: The Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento, 1857-2008, visit www.through-time.com or Amazon.com.


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Securing the Dream for Cristo Rey High School Sacramento Mercy Foundation recently held an exciting media event at Cristo Rey High School to celebrate our philanthropic campaign: Securing the Dream. This exciting initiative was created to ensure Cristo Rey remains a beacon of hope for underserved students in our community for years to come. Cristo Rey High School Sacramento transforms lives by providing a Catholic, college preparatory education and professional work experience to high school students with limited financial resources.

COLLEGE BOUND In 2021, 99% of Cristo Rey’s graduating seniors were accepted to college, many on full scholarship, and in 2022, acceptances include Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Sacramento State University, Santa Clara University, Vanderbilt University, and many, many more. Cristo Rey students apply and are accepted to UC campuses at over three times the average rate of all Sacramento area high school students. 4

“Cristo Rey students are going to college, they’re finishing college, then returning to Sacramento and giving back to their community.” – David Perry, President of Cristo Rey High School

“Cristo Rey students are going to college, they’re finishing college, then returning to Sacramento and giving back to their community.” —David Perry, President of Cristo Rey High School

With its outstanding culture of faith, service, and achievement, Cristo Rey improves the lives of its hard-working students and their families. Thanks to incredible local support from more than 70 generous donors, Mercy Foundation and Cristo Rey High School have secured over $7.5 million in gifts and in-kind donations to date. Now we are inviting the larger community to help us reach our goal of $8 million to cross the finish line! David Perry, President of Cristo Rey High School, commented, “We wouldn’t be the school we are today in Sacramento if it wasn’t for the ongoing support of the broader community.” He continued, “This campaign is to make sure we’re sustainable for the long term so we can continue to deliver on our mission and serve the community for years to come.”

Added Sister Eileen Enright, RSM, Former President of Cristo Rey High School and Securing the Dream Cochair (along with Paul and Sara Esch), “We’re educating a generation of young people who have few options. They’re the first in their families—they’re real pioneers! Every time we graduate a student from Cristo Rey, I know in my heart and soul that we have given back to the Sacramento community.” She continued, “The generosity of our donors is unbelievable—they are deeply committed to education, to the common good and to helping these young people. I just am in awe.” We are grateful for the continued support of our donors who are ensuring Cristo Rey remains a vital community resource well into the future. To donate to the Securing the Dream campaign, visit:

supportmercyfoundation.org/ CRHS/SecuringtheDream

New Home for the Heart and Vascular Institute at Mercy General Hospital Mercy General Hospital, Mercy Foundation, and community leaders recently announced plans to create the Lucchetti Anderson Heart and Vascular Institute, a new, world-class, patient-centered cardiovascular institute at Mercy General Hospital. This exciting project is made possible in large part by a generous lead gift of $3 million from the Lucchetti and Anderson families who, as previous cardiac care patients at Dignity Health, were motivated to enhance the patient experience beyond its already excellent standards. Their gift will help provide cardiovascular patients in our region with a new and robust patient-centered health care experience; add professional staff who will facilitate treatment coordination and collaboration; and help improve patient access to clinical care providers and hospital services.

Shown here: Members of the Lucchetti and Anderson families, leaders from Dignity Health and Mercy Foundation, Mercy General cardiac care team specialists and surgeons, and local Sisters of Mercy. The newly created Lucchetti Anderson Heart and Vascular Institute at Mercy General Hospital will improve the patient, family and caregiver experience. A campaign to raise the additional $3.2 million needed for the project has begun, with a goal of project completion in 2023.

on this campaign is a true honor and their generosity has already changed many lives in our community.” We are deeply grateful to the Lucchetti and Anderson families for this incredibly generous gift that will help patients at every stage of their heart health journey.

Arash Aryana, MD, PhD, Cardiovascular Medical Director of Dignity Health, Sacramento Division, said, “It’s a privilege to have cared for members of the Lucchetti and Anderson families as patients, and to have them entrust us with their health. To partner now with them

To learn more about this exciting initiative and how you can help support it, please contact John McIntyre at john.mcintyre@dignityhealth.org or (916) 851-2011

Did You Know...? Thanks to an operating grant from Dignity Health, 100% of your charitable gift will benefit the ministry of your choice. Together, we help feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, educate the underserved, and care for the sick at local Dignity Health hospitals and clinics.

supportmercyfoundation.org 5

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G e n e r o s i t y 6

Mercy Ministries Grant Awards

Helping Breast Cancer Surgery Patients at Mercy Hospital of Folsom

Mercy Foundation is grateful for our donors who make gifts designated to the area of greatest need. With these generous gifts, each year we are able to award special Mercy Ministries Grants that support local Sacramento area Dignity Health hospitals and clinics, and Sisters of Mercy supported ministries that help those in need.

This system, used in reconstructive surgery following breast cancer treatment, allows the surgeon to visualize blood flow in vessels and related tissues during procedures and leads to improved surgical results.

The Mercy Ministries Grants Committee was pleased to award $1,590,025 in grants that will positively impact the lives of many. Thank you for your steadfast support, which helps fund important programs and health care equipment. The following is a sampling of how your generosity is changing lives in our community: Saving the Lives of Heart Patients at Mercy San Juan Medical Center Heart/Lung Profusion Machines Essential to performing life-saving operations, these machines, also known as cardiopulmonary bypass pumps, act as the patient’s heart and lungs while surgeons perform coronary bypass surgery and heart valve repair and replacement. This important equipment ensures the tissues in the body and brain get the oxygen they need during over 150 complex procedures each year. This vital emergency backup support also keeps Mercy San Juan Medical Center at the forefront of cardio bypass surgery and enhances its already impressive high-level quality of care and expertise.

Portable Handheld Imaging System

This innovative, lightweight, hand-held device helps our surgeons achieve the best possible outcome for every patient undergoing breast reconstruction. Providing Essential Support for Those Experiencing Homelessness Mercy Volunteer Corps (MVC) Program This Sisters of Mercy supported program professionally places a committed, dedicated volunteer in a one-year service role, and cultivates in them a lifelong passion for serving the poor and hungry through hands-on, direct service. This year, your generous gifts enabled the service role placement for Shawna Weber, a hardworking, compassionate volunteer at Sacramento Loaves & Fishes’ daytime drop-in center, Maryhouse, which provides essential survival supplies for nearly 1,000 local women and their children daily.

These vital works would not be possible without your caring generosity—your commitment and support are truly inspiring!

Meet Shawna Weber Originally from Wisconsin, Shawna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Criminal Justice and applied to the MVC program to gain a different life perspective and expand her experience in service. In her role at Maryhouse, Shawna starts her day serving coffee to guests who come from shelters, camps or sidewalks nearby, then hands out essential survival supplies, clean clothing, and hygiene products. She says, “I also am there as a support–offering hospitality and a personal connection to women and children who may not experience that in their day.”

Shawna Weber, Mercy Corps Volunteer provides compassionate service to the poor at Sacramento Loaves & Fishes.

Since starting at Maryhouse, what has surprised Shawna the most is seeing the innate resilience in people and witnessing how they find joy in community. “At Maryhouse we provide a place to shower and get a clean change of clothes. But it’s so much more than a drop-in center. Our guests have love to give and Maryhouse is their family. It’s been incredibly rewarding to be a part of a place that offers people such kindness.”

To Mercy Foundation donors, she shares her gratitude and says, “This experience has opened my eyes to the importance of being of service and helping your community. I know it’s created in me a lifelong calling to stay involved and continue to advocate for people experiencing homelessness.”


Do you want to make a significant gift that will advance the mission of the Sisters of Mercy for generations to come? You can do it today—with a legacy gift to Mercy Foundation through your will or trust. • • • • •

Costs you nothing during your lifetime Preserves your savings and cash flow Can be changed or revoked as needed Allows you to be far more generous than you ever thought possible Easy to arrange

For more information on how you can leave a legacy in our community, please contact Kevin Duggan at kevin.duggan@dignityhealth.org | (916) 851-2703 | visit mercylegacy.org.


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Mercy Foundation recently celebrated the muchanticipated publication of Sister Katherine Doyle’s new book, Braided Lives: The Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento, 1857-2008. Gathering at this special event were local Sisters of Mercy, as well as loyal Mercy Foundation supporters and friends. Together, we heard inspiring stories of the Sisters’ boundless faith, courage, and perseverance. Sr. Katherine Doyle, RSM with Sr. Sheila Browne, RSM

Larry and Christine Garcia

Dr. John Schafer and Rhonda Camby

Dr. Jose Abad with Sr. Katherine Doyle, RSM

Mercy Foundation is proud to be a part of the Sisters’ incredible legacy and is grateful for our generous donors, who have partnered with us to advance their mission since 1954.

Local Sisters of Mercy

Generosity in Action Mercy Foundation recently celebrated Drs. Jane and Richard Crable for their generous gift in recognition of the CSICU nursing team to benefit the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit (CSICU) at Mercy General Hospital. As Senior Director of Nursing in Cardiovascular Care at Mercy General Hospital, Dr. Jane Crable improves lives every day with her compassionate and dedicated care. We were delighted to honor the Crable’s gift and their legacy of generosity and kindness with a plaque placed outside the CSICU—a permanent testament honoring the hospital’s exceptional nurses and the care they lovingly provide! 8

Drs. Richard and Jane Crable, inspire philanthropy at Mercy General Hospital.

Dr. Gregory Cooper Legacy Scholarship Awards Announced The 2022 Dr. Gregory Cooper Legacy Scholarship awards have just been announced and 13 local high school students are feeling very grateful and proud to be among those chosen for recognition. Dr. Cooper was instrumental in the growth and success of Mercy Medical Group and he exemplified the mission and values of the Sisters of Mercy throughout his career.

“I want to thank the Dr. Cooper Scholarship committee and Mercy Foundation donors for their generous support and kindness! As a first-generation student, getting a college education has always been a goal for me and this scholarship will help me pursue my dreams of majoring in Political Science at a prestigious university. I am incredibly grateful for this support as I prepare to enter some of the most important years of my life.” —Lilianna Morales, Cristo Rey High School, Class of 2022 future Vanderbilt University student

In honor of his retirement in 2018, the Dr. Gregory Cooper Legacy Scholarship was created to provide local students the support Dr. Cooper himself had as a young adult. With the help of scholarships he received, he went on to graduate from Vassar College, become a podiatric surgeon and earn his MBA from UCLA. The Dr. Gregory Cooper Legacy Scholarship is awarded to economically disadvantaged students attending Grant High School and/ or Cristo Rey High School who will be the first in their families to attend college and are active in the community and academically prepared to succeed. This year’s class of bright, determined, and deserving recipients shared deeply compelling stories of their incredible goals for the future, their continued commitment to serving their communities, and their

“This scholarship will help Lilianna with college expenses such as tuition and textbooks that our family is unable to afford. With this amazing assistance, I know that she will be able to take care of those needs and further her education.” —Gladys Morales, mother of Lilianna

desire to make their parents proud. Mercy Foundation believes in each of these students and knows that the scholarship they earned will help them access much needed resources for college.

Thank you for your support, which will enable these local, hardworking students to further their education and realize their potential as future leaders in our community! 9

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Leaving a Legacy of Love and Generosity It all started with an inheritance. Two-hundred years ago, in Dublin, Ireland, William Callaghan wrote his will, leaving the bulk of his estate to Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. “To my kind friend,” his will began–and leading with those words, he created a document that secured Catherine’s future and fueled her work to help those in need and establish the Sisters of Mercy. All of us in the Mercy community are indebted to William Callaghan for his inspiring generosity, which reminds us to look towards the future, and protect the people who count on us and the causes we believe in.

*William Callaghan gifted his estate to Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy.

As a service to our valued donors like you, Mercy Foundation has partnered with FreeWill.com: a free, online tool that allows you to create a legally valid will at no cost in under 20 minutes, or to easily gather information you’ll need should you choose to work with an attorney. The online process is simple, secure, and revocable.

freewill.com/mercyfoundation You will also have the opportunity to include a legacy gift to Mercy Foundation when creating your will—a powerful and enduring way to continue the mission of the Sisters of Mercy by helping feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, educate the underserved, and care for the sick at local Dignity Health hospitals and clinics. If you have questions about using this simple tool to create your will or would like to learn about making an estate gift that will benefit you in your lifetime, please contact Kevin Duggan at kevin.duggan@dignityhealth.org or (916) 851-2703. If you have included Mercy Foundation in your estate plan, please let us know so we may thank you and recognize you as a member of our Legacy Society.

Your will and living trust are your legacy. Your generosity and planning today can transform and protect those you love.

freewill.com/mercyfoundation 10

* Photo source: William Callaghan. Twitter post. 11/09/2020. Mercy International Association@mercyworldwide.

Mercy Medical Group Golf Tournament Returns

Environmentally Friendly Communication Consistent with the Critical Concern of Earth by the Sisters of Mercy, who encourage adopting more environmentally sustainable practices, we’re reducing our use of paper.

After a two-year hiatus, Mercy Medical Group’s annual golf tournament was held May 7th at the Teal Bend Golf Course. Golfers enjoyed a wonderful day on the course and tournament proceeds will benefit the Mercy Foundation supported ministries of Cristo Rey High School, The Fight Against Human Trafficking, Sacramento Loaves & Fishes and the Dr. Cooper Legacy Scholarship. We are deeply grateful to the tournament’s generous sponsors, donors, and golfers who participated—through their support, they are truly changing lives in our community. If you would like to participate as a golfer or sponsor in next year’s tournament, please contact Kevin Duggan at kevin.duggan@dignityhealth.org.

Your generosity and kindness means everything to those in need. Thank you for Inspiring Philanthropy and Changing Lives!

Communication with you regarding activities at the Foundation and the impact of your generosity remains our top priority! To help us share updates, please send your email address to: mercyfoundationsac@ dignityhealth.org and include your first and last name. We’ll continue to bring you stories that show the impact of your kindness and how you are making a difference for your families, friends, and neighbors. Thank you!

Mercy Foundation respects your privacy and recognizes we must maintain and use your personal information responsibly. We will not trade, share or sell your personal data with anyone.


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