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President’s Message The flowers are blooming, the weather is warming, and as they say “hope springs eternal” here at Mercy Foundation. This edition of Horizons is full of uplifting stories that are fitting for this season of new life.

Sister Sheila Browne, RSM, vice president of mission integration at Mercy San Juan Medical Center, lives and cultivates the mission of the Sisters of Mercy every day.

Bringing the Mission into Our Times Sister Sheila Browne, RSM, on meeting today’s needs

hospital and its employees. “I see my role as ensuring that the mission and values of the Sisters of Mercy, as well as our story, is integrated into everything we do.”

After nearly a decade away from Sacramento, Sister Sheila Browne, RSM has recently returned to the area to serve as the vice president of mission integration at Mercy San Juan Medical Center. Mercy Foundation and Dignity Health are excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with her once again. While she is responsible for coordinating the volunteer program and ensuring the spiritual needs of patients are met, she is principally a guide for the overall spirit and culture of the

Stories of the Sisters’ courage during historic flooding in 1861 provide important context for our health care ministries today. As Sacramento lay under eight feet of muddy water, the convent became the center of flood relief, even though the entire first floor was submerged. During the five months of consistent floods, the Sisters went out in boats daily, climbing in and out of second story windows to minister to the sick and dying. Continued on page 2

We are overjoyed to have Sister Sheila Browne, RSM, return to serve our local health care ministry after several years in Southern California. She has served as the President of the Sisters of the Mercy of the Americas in addition to holding many other governance roles. She was also instrumental in helping to establish Cristo Rey High School Sacramento. We are excited to work with her again. Recently, Mercy Foundation also had the distinct pleasure of naming Dr. Ram Lalchandani as our 2019 Physician Philanthropy Champion. His partnership in philanthropy and his outstanding patient care make him a very deserving recipient of this high honor. Continued on page 5

The Sisters of Mercy


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It is a striking story that tangibly illustrates the mission of the Sisters of Mercy to care for those in need. Sr. Sheila is interested in finding this same spirit of dedication in the work we carry out today. “We are inspired

lead and inspire, it is community members who will carry out this work today. “Catherine McAuley never called it ‘philanthropy.’ She was simply connecting those in need with people who had the resources

The question is: how do we create new inspirational stories today? How do we seek what the first Sisters sought to accomplish, but in our times? by the stories of Sister Mary Baptist Russell and the Sisters of Mercy who founded our ministries here, as we should be,” explains Sr. Sheila, “the question is: how do we create new inspirational stories today? We have wonderful people doing wonderful things on behalf of our mission. How do we seek what the first Sisters sought to accomplish, but in our times?” “The Sisters of Mercy have always sought to respond to the needs around them,” recounts Sr. Sheila, “if a school was needed, they established one. If there was a lack of health care, they built a hospital. Today, we have new needs: addressing the behavioral health crisis, improving wellness care, and transitioning toward more outpatient and in-home care are all examples of how we can meet needs through our health care ministry.” Although the Sisters continue to 2

to help them. We can continue that tradition,” Sr. Sheila explains. “Now, more than ever, philanthropy is essential to the sustainability of our ministries. We can’t continue without people’s support because of limited capital and tight budgets. We must have the support of our community.” She believes that, together with Mercy Foundation and our wonderful community of donors, we can accomplish great things. “There is so much potential here to take our health care ministry to the next level,” Sr. Sheila says of her impressions from meeting leaders at Mercy San Juan. “We are working toward certification as a Healing Hospital and I think it’s incredibly important.” The Healing Hospital Certification is awarded to medical facilities by the Erie Chapman Foundation in recognition of exceptional quality and commitment to a culture of Radical Loving Care. This approach emphasizes creating

patient experiences that honor the vulnerability of people in need and consistently provide each patient with loving care from all their care givers. To foster this culture, she hopes to share with employees a sense of the organization’s history and purpose. “I believe we lead by example. I want to support employees to become strong mission leaders so that they will be successful in continuing this work.” As a visible representative of the Sisters’ mission to serve and care for those in need, Sr. Sheila is the perfect person to guide us as we continue to meet the needs of our times. Mercy Foundation looks forward to working with Sr. Sheila as she continues to cultivate the culture of mission-driven service and philanthropy at Mercy San Juan Medical Center.

To learn more about the history and heritage of the Sisters of Mercy, and/or read stories highlighting individual Sisters, please visit our website at:

supportmercyfoundation.org/ about-us/sister-of-mercy

Partners in Philanthropy


Dr. Ram Lalchandani Honored as Mercy Foundation’s 2019 Physician Philanthropy Champion Mercy Foundation was honored to celebrate the inspirational generosity of Dr. Ram Lalchandani at our Annual Physicians’ Reception, held April 17 at Revival at The Sawyer. Known for his outstanding dedication to his patients, his kindness and his humility, Dr. Lalchandani has been a beloved oncologist at Sierra Hematology Oncology Medical Center for over thirty years. In addition to providing outstanding care and inspiring his colleagues, he has also been an exceptionally generous donor to our health care ministry through Mercy Foundation. In grateful recognition, Mercy Foundation was pleased to name Dr. Ram Lalchandani as our 2019 Physician Philanthropy Champion. Congratulations on an honor well deserved, Dr. Lalchandani!


2019 Physician Philanthropy Champion, Dr. Lalchandani (center) with colleagues, Dr. Kailath (left) and Dr. Blair (right).

Do you want to make a significant gift that will transform the work of Mercy Foundation for generations to come? You can do it today—with a legacy gift through your will or trust. Costs you nothing during your lifetime Preserves your savings and cash flow Can be changed or revoked as needed Allows you to be far more generous than you ever thought possible Easy to arrange For more information on how you can leave a legacy in our community, please contact Kevin Duggan at kevin.duggan@dignityhealth.org or (916) 851-2703, or visit planyourlegacy.supportmercyfoundation.org. 3

Partners in Philanthropy


The Gift of Giving

Bill and Cindy Krause on Why They Support the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit “Once you start giving, it blooms

recounts, “I asked why, and they said there was no volunteer to staff it that day. As I left the hospital, I read the sign that says ‘this hospital is dedicated to furthering the healing ministry of Jesus.’ That’s when I knew I was being called to volunteer at the hospital.” That was five years ago, and her dedication to Mercy San Juan and its mission has only grown over time.

and grows in your heart,” Bill Krause says with enthusiasm. Together with his wife of nearly 50 years, Cindy, they run a community church located in North Highlands. Their dedication to helping those in need has led them to support the healing ministry of the Sisters of Mercy. They recently made a significant gift commitment to help build the all new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Mercy San Juan Medical Center. As you learn their story, it is clear there are many reasons behind their remarkable generosity. Bill and Cynthia Krause—inspiring philanthropy, saving lives. Bill and Cindy are originally from Detroit, Michigan, where they met in elementary school and grew up together. They were married, had five children, and then Bill was called to minister. “The call of God was upon him,” said Cindy. After Bill attended Protestant Bible School, their family relocated from Michigan to California. Since 1989, they have run the Family Community Church to serve the community. “One day I was at Mercy San Juan visiting a parishioner and I noticed that the gift shop was closed,” Cindy 4

Cindy is warm and outgoing. It’s hard to believe when she says that until recently, she did not find it easy to talk to new people. What changed? “Volunteering brought something out in me. I opened up. Now I can talk to anyone and I really couldn’t do that before,” Cindy says. “Her work with the Mercy San Juan Guild released her gifts,” Bill adds. Cindy volunteers several hours a week at the hospital gift shop, so she learned early on about the need for a new NICU and the

opportunity to contribute. The current NICU was built to serve a much smaller population and the size of the equipment needed to care for premature and seriously ill newborns has grown over the last two decades. Cindy saw the amazing work the NICU team was doing and wanted to help build a larger facility. “It’s like anything else, the more you nurture it, the more that comes of it,” she says of her gifts to the hospital. “One step leads to another, we’re on a journey,” says Bill, “God keeps opening new doors and giving us more opportunities to help.” Their journey toward supporting the NICU started years ago in Detroit when their second child, Therese, was born two months premature. “They expected her not to make it,” said Bill, “she was born with all sorts of problems and they didn’t have the technology they do now.” Therese was in the NICU in downtown Detroit for several weeks, and the experience was extremely painful for both Cindy and Bill. “I fought to get into the NICU every day and every hour,” says Bill, “I wanted to see my baby, but at that time, they didn’t allow the fathers or grandparents in.” When Bill learned that the new NICU at Mercy San Juan will feature space for a family member to stay with each tiny patient, he was also moved to give. “We can identify more than most

with the struggle of these parents. Your involvement is much deeper when you’ve had a baby in the NICU.” Another reason for their attachment to Mercy San Juan Medical Center is that all twenty-two of their grandchildren were born there. “Yes, every blessed one of them!” exclaims Cindy. “Because of our personal experiences, we have a great passion for serving the hospital,” explains

Bill, “we have a great passion for family and children, its part of who we are. So when this project came to our attention because of my wife’s involvement with the Guild, we felt called to support it.” Mercy Foundation, Mercy San Juan Medical Center and the Sisters of Mercy are all deeply grateful for the generosity of the Krauses. Their gift and those of others will make

a significant difference in the care we can provide to the most fragile and seriously ill babies in our region. The new NICU is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in Fall 2020. It will be fourteen times the size of the current facility and will care for nearly twice the number of babies. Thank you to all the donors who have generously contributed to this important project! President’s Message



You’ll have the opportunity in this newsletter to learn more about the amazing work you are making possible. We are celebrating the successful conclusion of our Fight Against Human Trafficking initiative that is making life changing resources available to victims of trafficking, and residents at Mercy McMahon Terrace are enjoying the warm weather in their newly renovated courtyard thanks to you! Thank you for making a difference in our community every day! With gratitude,

Kevin B. Duggan President & CEO


Partners in Philanthropy


The Fight Against Human Trafficking Initiative is Successfully Concluded

Mercy Foundation would like to thank all the generous donors who contributed to the Fight Against Human Trafficking. Your support has helped to establish the Mercy Family Health Center at Methodist Hospital of Sacramento as a comprehensive medical home for survivors and also helped to make robust behavioral health resources available through our local partner organizations. Mercy Foundation, Dignity Health, and the Sisters of Mercy are all deeply grateful for your generosity as we established services for these vulnerable members of our community. Nearly two years ago, this effort was launched to confront a heartbreaking situation: human trafficking is a crime taking place at alarming rates in the Sacramento region. Women, children and men are being exploited, abused and traumatized in a cycle that destroys lives. A largely invisible epidemic, human trafficking can be difficult to spot and disrupt. Now, thanks to you and other generous supporters like you, vulnerable victims are getting the help they need to become resilient survivors. In partnership with local direct service organizations: Bridge 6

Network, Chicks in Crisis, City of Refuge, Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH) and My Sister’s House, we are now able to offer enhanced behavioral health support and provide meaningful connections with our Medical Safe Haven for Human Trafficking Victims and other community resources. With donor support, trafficking victims now have a place to turn to begin the road to recovery. The Mercy Family Health Center and the Trauma Therapy Program together are meeting the needs of those who wish to get treatment and assistance to make a fresh start in life. To date, over 200 victims of trafficking have A Story from Bridge Network “Fran” is currently in a recovery home and trying to reestablish a normal life. She has expressed that group therapy is the highlight of her week, even though it is difficult for her to complete the reflection “homework” that prompts her to go deeper emotionally. Each meeting she looks forward to the candid discussions, talking about her difficult past, and the hope inspired by the healing taking place. She is sharing her wisdom with other participants in her recovery home. While she admits that she struggles with backsliding, she no longer feels alone in this process and has attended every weekly session so far.

received treatment at the Mercy Family Health Center. Because of your support, they were able to obtain medical evaluations, counseling, imaging, lab work, dental care, vision care, and tattoo removal for those marked by their traffickers, all free of cost. Nearly 1,500 have benefitted from individual, group or art therapy to begin the process of stabilizing and confronting their trauma. Now that these outstanding programs are established and running smoothly, they will provide compassionate help, resources and support to victims of human trafficking for many years to come. Thank you for making a difference!

Residents Enjoy a New Courtyard at Mercy McMahon Terrace On April 10, Mercy McMahon Terrace celebrated the grand opening of its beautiful new courtyard. Nestled in the middle of the East Sacramento assisted living facility, the courtyard has always been a quiet, secure place for residents to enjoy the outdoors. The newly renovated courtyard was cause for celebration for residents who enjoyed strolling, resting and listening to live music during the grand opening reception. New, paved walking paths in the shape of a figure eight wind around a natural rock fountain, stream and pond. “Previously, our residents would start out down the walkway, and have to turn around and come back because it was a dead end,” says Mary Erickson, Executive Director of Mercy McMahon Terrace. “Now they can safely get some exercise in the sunshine or enjoy the views from the park benches.”

New plants and trees complete the courtyard, giving it a park-like feeling. A pink dogwood sapling was planted in loving memory of Bishop Francis A. Quinn, who was a longtime resident until his recent passing. This heartfelt gesture truly completes the project and makes the space feel sacred as well as beautiful. The courtyard renovation was made possible by a $75,000 Mercy Ministries Grant from Mercy Foundation. These grants are made available each year to meet needs at our ministries in the community through the generosity of donors like you! Thank you for making a difference! “We are so grateful that

Bishop Francis A. Quinn 1922 – 2019 Mercy Foundation was blessed to know and work with Bishop Francis A. Quinn, who was a wonderful friend and loyal donor. He truly valued all people, and his legacy of love for others will live on through those he inspired.

we received this Ministry Grant,” said Mary, “our improved interior courtyard will truly enhance the lives of our residents and their families.”

Make a difference today! To learn more about the many ways you can support the programs highlighted in this newsletter, and/or other programs and projects, visit:



Non Profit US Postage Paid Sacramento, CA Permit #296 3400 Data Drive Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 supportmercyfoundation.org

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Questions or comments about this newsletter? We welcome your feedback. Contact us at mercyfoundationsac@dignityhealth.org or (916) 851–2700 to share your comments or sign up for an electronic version of Horizons.

Mercy Medical Group Golf Tournament Breaks Fundraising Record

Ram Mahendra (left) and Bob Emge enjoying the game!

Mercy Medical Group held its 7th annual golf tournament at Whitney Oaks Golf Club in Rocklin, raising a record $44,143! This brings the total amount raised since the tournament began to over $200,000. This year, proceeds benefited the following Mercy Foundation ministries: Cristo Rey High School Sacramento, and the Fight Against Human Trafficking and Sacramento Loaves & Fishes. Thank you to Mercy Medical Group for their continued support, dedication and commitment to the Sisters of Mercy mission to help those in need!

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