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Zara Home is in Hong Kong now!

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Special treats for your sofa

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Geometric Fun - Korla

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Scent with Love - Tree Flowers

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Haute Couture by Hoo

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Oxfam 1/8

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artichoke - The Creative vegetarian

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Kopi Luwak

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Lotus Veggie Noodles

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Party time (Part 1)

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Editor’s Letter Merci! Thank you for staying with us. For the second issue, we are having more updated trends for home decor section. I would really appreciated our team has been working so hard for the efforts! As all we know Christmas is soon to be here! Hence our editors had been picked up some of the good and nice items for your inspiration.

When it’s time for celebration, don’t forget there’s people still live in hunger in the world. On this issue, we have an interview and show you the project created by Oxfam Hong Kong and Groundwork Architecture + Urbanism Limited. “ONE-SEVENTH Exhibition. Hope arise the public awareness of global food problem.

We will try to have more update and all kind of inspiration for you for next issue. Please stay turn with us, I am sure we will have more surprise for next issue. Thank you!

Peggylui merci magazine


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Carmen Au

Director of Nicywedding and Nicywedding Design.

Yoga lover, foodie( mostly vegetarian), love traveling when have time, best way to learn local cuisine!

Worked nearly 10 years in the industry of Housewares, particularly in Stainless Steel and Wooden product. Find it is interesting to know how a product to be finalized from a drawing to be in an actual product.

Carmen is an IT professional with extensive experience in the software sector. After completing a Master of Education in her Canadian hometown, she now focuses her career in Hong Kong. She is also an ESL educator and has always been fascinated by art, architecture, culture and design.

Passion in photography and turned passion into career. Now travelling around the world for overseas wedding photography

Cook more, play more with recipes, creating more home-food like making art. Food brings memories !


Editor (Wine & Coffee) Winnie Ng

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Editor Picks


GOLDEN SEASON Season holiday is coming, getting ready for parties?

DIRECTOR {Peggy Lui}

LadurĂŠe Home fragrance. 100ml Iris


Zara Home Checked Design Bottle HKD $899 Linen House Cushion 8

merci magazine

Golden season

Jonathan Adler Natural and gold agate coasters HK$599

Oscar de la Rentra ORANGE CLOVE CANDLE

LELA ROSE Wool-blend sateen and lace dress $15,560

Zara Home Wine Coaster

JIMMY CHOO Limit tri-tone leather pumps $5,120 merci magazine


Editor Picks


Beautiful Christmas EDITOR { Jenny Ho }


Bamboo Wave Bowl - Green

Urban Outfitters

Blum & Bow Libby Side Table


merci magazine

Holiday season is coming! Red and green reminding us the joyfull time with family and friends. Let’s getting ready for party prepration!

Anthropologie Measuring Hedgies


Leather Driving Gloves

Beautiful Christmas

Amazon Craft Cocktails

Daydream Nation Unicorn Felt Beret

Anthropologie Lexi Holiday Candle Tin

Daydream Nation Neverending Story Dress

Bodum Bistro (Lime Green)

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Editor Picks



revolution EDITOR { Winnie Cheung }

Math is fun! Combination is Fun! Are you ready for the revolution?

Marc by marc jacobs Toboo Print iPhone 5 Case


Two-sided Soft Scarf HK$299


merci magazine

Zara Home Plaid Dessert Set



Marc by marc jocobs

Preppy Nylon Aimee Plaid Framed Big Blitz

ZARA Checked Studio Cape HKD$1,990.00

Marimekko Valija socks

Shiraleah Reindeer Square Pillow HKD$ 567.00 merci magazine


In Love with the holiday season Photo: Courtesy of Zara Home IInspired picks by Peggy Lui


merci magazine merci magazine


Festive Picks from

merci’s editors

by Peggy Lui/ Jenny Ho/ Winnie Cheung/ Winnie Ng

Linen House Dazzle Cushion HK$696

Nespresso Christmas 2013 Coffee Machines

Tree Mariko Jesse London/ Hong Kong themed ceramic mugs HKD$ 225 16

merci magazine

Nespresso Christmas 2013 Les Collections Gift Sets HKD $500

Zara Home Skull Table Cloth

Jonathan Adler Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers HKD $400 Anthropologie Mushroom Measuring Spoons

Bottega Prosecco Gold Telford HKD $298 merci magazine


Festive Picks from merci’s editors Mummolan Marjat Apron Marimekko

Juhannustaika Tray Marimekko

bel air mini scoop vase Jonathan Adler

Set of four mr. & mrs. muse brass place card holders Jonathan Adler

Oiva Tableware Marimekko 18

merci magazine

Unikko Notebook Marimekko

nixon coasters Jonathan Adler






One of merci’s team favourite eco-soy candles, luscious scents from Australia Handily gift boxed and ready to ‘take away’, choose from four magical scents. Sniff candles are 220ml with a burning time of 48 hours.

1. Iced Gingerbread 2. Snow Kitten 3. Christmas Tree 4. Spiced Orange HKD$ 395 merci magazine



treats for Your Sofa Need some refreshment for your sofa? Get some colourful cushions; treat your sofa and living room more colourful and fun!

Produced by Peggy Lui


merci magazine

Colourful treats with Your Sofa

Kurpitsa Marimekko

Cubes-Indigo Korla

Bhutan Lattice ReverseWarm Red Korla

Korla-Ayers Rock Korla

Lotte Linen House

Pieni Unikko Marimekko

Puketti Marimekko

Grand Kyoto Koi-Indigo Korla

Grand Bhutan Lattice-Angel Blue Korla

merci magazine


Geometric Fun Photo: Courtesy of K âˆŤ Produced by Peggy Lui


merci magazine

Geometry originated as a practical science concerned with surveying, measurements, areas, and volumes. Among the notable accomplishments one finds formulas for lengths, areas and volumes. But do we need all these elements as principle to design your home? I am sure the answer is no. All we need is matching with nice colours, different patterns on curtains, cushions, lamp cover, or even sofa to delighted your home. Gifted in beautiful designed especially by Korla. All you need is pick the fabrics you like, play around with colors and patterns, mixing and matching. You will find your own perfect combination to refresh to any rooms instantly!

merci magazine


HOME DECOR Mix & Match

Ayers Rock Korla HK$425.32 /Metre

Kyoto Koi-Fuschia Korla HK$425.32 /Metre

Blue Black Korla HK$425.32 /Metre

Cubes-Indigo Korla HK$425.32 /Metre

Grand Kyoto Koi-Cherry Korla HK$425.32 /Metre 24

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Scent with Love

Choose flowers from the heart creations to brighten up your or someone special’s day!

Located next to the TREE café is the newly launched flowers from the heart where you can pick from potted plants, readily made bouquets or request bespoke flower arrangements created just for you by TREE’s very own floral artistes. With deliveries available and even a subscription plan for regular floral deliveries.

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merci magazine

Career Features Bespoke Millinery



“Milliner” is one who designs, makes, or sells hats for women. Photo: Courtesy of Jaycow (hats are poems) ∫ Interview by Peggy Lui ∫ Text by Carman Au

Jay Cheng is Hong Kong’s first milliner, a pioneer introducing the romance of millinery to the region in 2005 and continues to redefine hat fashion ever since. From design, production to marketing and sales, Jay brings passion to her work and her bespoke pieces are described as stunning, extraordinary and even outrageous.

merci magazine


The collections combine bold thoughts, fluid lines, explosive colours, a mix and merge of textures and shapes, visual arts and design.

Her millinery is unique and exquisite. In Fall 2013, she was one of the design talent selected by the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design (HKAOD) to be showcased in the Hong Kong Brussels Design September in Belgium. Her collection appeared in the ta’ ta’ ta’ exhibition and the Hong Kong Designers’ Exchange held at the Egg Brussels. In developing their collections, Jay and other designers breached the boundaries of gender stereotypes and created collections that redefines the closets and lifestyles of today’s society. 30

merci magazine

Bespoke Millinery

Q: How did you become involved in the Hong Kong Brussels Design September?

After seeing my designs for a Berlin exhibition, my friend who is a HKAOD panel member encouraged me to develop the European market and to give more exposure to my creations. Other members also viewed my designs and believed they were unique and exquisite...I submitted an application, the panel felt that I was a strong participant and a valued addition to the team representing Hong Kong.

Q: Tell us about the ta’ ta’ ta’ exhibition and its theme.

The theme ta’ ta’ ta’ means she, it, he in Chinese. It represents no gender, transcending borders and boundaries of gender stereotypes. The concept allowed a lot of room to express and create. All the designers ditched their commercial flare and let their designs run wild in this creative space.

The concept was actually developed by us. We wanted the theme to have universal appeal, also one that would intrigue and fascinate everyone who came to see the collections regardless of their gender. merci magazine


Stemming from a flagship program organized by HKAOD, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting design talent, the Hong Kong Designers’ Exchange is an exhibition of cross-disciplinary works created by emerging artists and designers from Hong Kong and a partner country of the Business of Design Week (BODW) in Hong Kong. 32

merci magazine

Bespoke Millinery

Q: What did the exhibition mean to you?

Q: How did ta’ ta’ ta’ translate into your collection?

My collection is entitled The New Species: A Collection of Puzzle Hats. Hats play the role of communication. Both men and women attract attention and comments when they wear hats, especially when they have a unique character. By exploring the process of making hats, destroying hats, and rearranging hats, a new species of hats is formed. The hats no longer bear a particular shape, gender and direction. The communication role of a hat is destroyed. By wearing the transformed pieces, one unavoidably communicate something new to the surrounding. Is it oneness? Openness? Creativity? Belonging?

I am happy to have joined such a terrific exhibition in Europe and to have met up with the master of milliner from Belgium, Elvis Pompilio. It was a great honour that Elvis explicitly came to see my collection. This show is a stage for me as a designer to focus on hats as an art form. Besides bringing New Species to ta’ ta’ ta’, I also had the opportunity to do something for myself. That is to deconstruct, recreate and experience new forms for myself.

Facebook: Jaycow Millinery

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merci magazine

Haute Couture homes Photo: Courtesy of hoo Limited

HAUTE COUTURE usually refers to the creation of exclusive customfitted clothing. Have you ever think of Haute Couture for you home? YC Chen, a true perfectionist, a home creators who can bring your home with unique taste, not just interior, as home creators, he can bring your home have its own character. hoo design explained and show you what is Haute Couture. He said today, Everyone is unique. Likewise, every home should have its own character.

“home of one, one of a kind.�

merci magazine



It’s a bright and airy 1-suite-1-study home for a discerning couple.

French wall details. Vintage furniture and decorative lights. Lush tropical plants on the huge balcony. All in a leafy neighborhood with a fantastic view.


merci magazine

merci magazine


HOME DECOR Home Inspiration

Location: Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Size: 1,800 Square Feet Remember the days when Hong Kong was still a British colony? Let’s go back in time and feel a little nostalgia. All the walls were taken down, leaving only the classic colonial pillars and an open space that was once a 3-bedroom family apartment. Now it’s a bright and airy 1-suite-1-study home for a discerning couple. French wall details. Vintage furniture and decorative lights. Lush tropical plants on the huge balcony. All in a leafy neighborhood with a fantastic view.


merci magazine

merci magazine


HOME DECOR Home Inspiration


merci magazine

merci magazine


HOME DECOR Home Inspiration


merci magazine

merci magazine


Event Inspiration



merci magazine

1 8

population 八分一人口


merci magazine


Event Inspiration

About Oxfam Hong Kong Oxfam is dedicated to fighting poverty and inequity worldwide. The international and independent development and humanitarian organization tackles poverty in four main ways: sustainable development in poor communities, disaster relief, local, national and global advocacy, and education with Hong Kong youth. Established in Hong Kong in 1976, Oxfam Hong Kong is a founding member of Oxfam, an international confederation that has assisted poor people in 94 countries. Oxfam Hong Kong alone has supported poor people in over 70 countries/regions.


merci magazine

THEY ARE BACK, FOR THE 1/8 POPULATION WHO ARE STILL HUNGRY. Every time when you threw away amount of food, have you thought about how many people live in hunger in the world nowadays? In 2011, one in every seven people was in hunger. Oxfam Hong Kong and Groundwork Architecture+Urbanism Limited create a project “ONE-SEVENTH Exhibition” which arise the public awareness of global food problem.

This year, they are back! Oxfam and Manfred Yuen (founder of Groundwork Architecture+Urbanism Limited) rerun the project into “ONE-EIGHTH Exhibition”, since there are still nearly 870 million people in the world do not have enough to eat which means that one out of eight people goes to bed hungrily. 14 artists from different industrial aspects including illustrators, photographers, architects, industrial designers and advertisers. Through their artworks, it can be shown that their impressions and concerns about global poverty and hunger issues. The 1st stop was in Edge Gallery, Happy Valley during early October and followed by The University of Hong Kong, a global citizenship programme on Food Justice – GROW at the end of October. The upcoming showcase will be held in March next year in Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery, Macau. Moreover, most of the artworks will be in auction in 20th November at Hong Kong Island Shangri-La Hotel for generating funding for Oxfam’s program in mainland China. By the year 2050, there will be 9 billion people in this planet. How much food we need to produce to feed us? How much food will be gone into wasteland at the same time? How many people will still in hunger? Hope this exhibition can inspire the audience to fight against food waste and action to build a fair and sustainable food system in the future.

About Curator Oxfam is dedicated to fighting poverty and inequity worldwide. The international and independent development and humanitarian organization tackles poverty in four main ways: sustainable development in poor communities, disaster relief, local, national and global advocacy, and education with Hong Kong youth. Established in Hong Kong in 1976, Oxfam Hong Kong is a founding member of Oxfam, an international confederation that has assisted poor people in 94 countries. Oxfam Hong Kong alone has supported poor people in over 70 countries/regions.

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Event Inspiration


merci magazine

Bryan Poon

Martin Fung x Twins Kitchen “Wasted Feast (Food waste, plastic mirror)

“Quiet is the new loud” (Mixed media) Living in stability makes us less aware of the poverty in the world. I wish we could listen to the missing voice and restore the balance of a perfect world.

Can you see your own self between the deprivation of the 1/7 and the excess of the 6/7?

Kacey Wong

Parallel Lab

Stephen Chung & Jennifer Yip

“The Land of Plenty” (Epoxy resin, wooden sculptures, dried corn)

(Geraldine Borio & Caroline Wuthrich) HK$68.70 (Photography)

The Wrong Tag# (Mixed Media)

The land was originally rich and prosperous. Ever since the appearance of human beings, a structural change has occurred in the relationship between the land, the animals and the plants. Greed is like a black hole sucking up all the food towards our world. All that remains on the outer edge is barrenness and endless hunger. Real abundance is not about plentiful possessions; rather, it is about the clever and thoughtful use of resources so that the land and all creatures can live in perfect symbiosis.

21 December 2008, a small market of suburban Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia; a mother of three children is bargaining for 1/4 of an onion. After the negotiation, she puts it in her big plastic basket branded Huajian Group. Everyone in the area knows these bags; they were given to the families that were recently kicked out of the land their ancestors have been cultivating since generations.

For those who are environmentally minded, they don’t need to be reminded. In this digital age, we are online all the time. It is easy to acquire any kind of information as long as you have the motivation. The problem is for those who don’t care about the environment, how can we remind them? The answer is the ‘hashtag’ (#) function of the iPhone app Instagram: “#pretty” for photos of hot girls, “#dinner” for photos of your meal.

28 November 2013, Wellcome supermarket, Hong Kong; Kwansin is shopping for tonight’s meal. She picks up a Styrofoam basket where 1/7 of an onion is delicately wrapped by cellophane. She thinks to herself, “Gosh…HK$68.70, prices have gone up again…” Unfair economic system is the principal cause of hunger. But for many people, it is often too abstract to understand the link to our daily life in Hong Kong. Through a photographic still life, we will offer a glimpse of what it could be if Hong Kong’s status would change.

So please take a photo of this art piece. Then upload it to Instagram and hashtag it with the keywords on the frame. Let us remind those who may not be concerned about the environment - but only want to see photos of #yummy #dinner #hot #fashion #car #lunch #yummy #restaurant – of this important message.

merci magazine


Food Inspiration



merci magazine

The Creative vegetarian artichoke [canteen] Photo: Courtesy of Phoneix Sweet Interview by Jenny Ho/ Peggy Lui Text by Jenny Ho

artichoke [canteen] gives a “home� feeling when you first enter, semi-open kitchen with a long timber table, green colour steel chair with timber strips, a comfortable sofa right next to the table which totally appropriate for family and friends gathering; natural wooden strips feature wall on both side and white cultural stone located right opposite toof [contemporary] which gives a sense of balance to the whole air|space. Moreover, a wonderful outdoor terrace that can overlook the Lamma Island, people can enjoy the view in day and night.

merci magazine


Food Inspiration artichoke

artichoke [canteen] mainly offer vegetarian menu which using seasonal vegetables, source the fresh and organic ingredients, filter water and use nonpreserved products locally grown and from around the world. They aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and hope the customers remember the values of the food and taste their original flavours. 52

merci magazine

Wooden Backed Tuna & Organic Leaves

Taleggio Cheese Burger

Wood Roasted Purple Artichoke Heart Stuffed with Quinoa Salad

merci magazine


Restaurant Inspiration artichoke

Greek Wrap

Heirloom Tomato Salad & Burrata

Up-coming event in air|space The Art of coffee: Introductory

This course is suitable for any Coffee lovers who seeking for a valuable insight

Barista Workshop by Barry Yuen

and practical experience. HKD 1,750 per person and 3 course lunch at

at 23rd November, 2013, 11am.

artichoke [canteen] will be included. Here is the special offer for our merci

Artichoke [canteen] has teamed

magazine readers, please check out the voucher.

up with the Coffee & Tea Academy of Hong Kong and China, offering an Entry Level Coffee & Barista Couse in Hong Kong taught by UN convention speaker and CID UNESCO Member Barry Yuen.


merci magazine

Heirloom Tomato Salad & Burrata

merci magazine


Contemporary Inspiration

** Guilherme Kramer - HUMANHOOD - 27 September – 17 November 2013 Hong Kong toof [contemporary] | +852 97793238 | |


merci magazine

toof [contemporary] | “Open your eyes and see. We believe art is everywhere, in everything and for everyone.” Photo:toof [contemporary] Text by Jenny Ho One of the evenings, I hopped on a shuttle bus from central which brings me to an uncertain place. It seems a place where close to the sea and green hills, some industrial buildings around and full of mystery. When the lift opened in 3/F, a sharp green neon signage, red carpet and Hollywood full-height mirror are welcoming us. The Grand opening of air|space was ready to start. Today, there is a lot of energetic and diverse art scene permeating some of the restaurants in Hong Kong. The first art gallery and resto bar is ready in Ap Lei Chau, part of the South Island Cultural District (SICD). air|space is an event place, includes art gallery, toof [contemporary] and resto bar, artichoke [canteen] which opened by Birgit Vagani and Riccardo Bardallini. It provides 4500 sq. ft. spacious indoor and outdoor area where suitable for any kind of private and public events. Birgit passions about art and design and experienced in marketing and event branding, while Riccardo is a DJ and has a lot of F&B, media & entertainment industries’ experiences. air|space is a special and unique project with this perfect match. Birgit and Riccardo aim to create a ‘location destination’ for people to share their culture, art and design, meet new friends and spread their love and passion to others. “We want people to leave feeling better than when they came, more inspired and engaged in their own lives.”

merci magazine



merci magazine

Contemporary Inspiration

Guilherme Kramer‘s Indian ink illustrations burst to life with detailed, vivid faces seen from the streets as well as those from the depths of his imagination. All of his works begin with a black-­‐and-­‐white aesthetic, and some are energized with strong earthy tones, which are in contrast to the urban landscape, his main source of inspiration. toof [contemporary] brings Kramer’s Humanhood’ collection to Hong Kong to emphasize the need to pause and reflect on how we see and experience our lives as an individual within the crowd, within the ‘urban theatres’ that arise in our compact living environment. The thirty main illustrations are curated as a 5-­‐part series, named The Journey from Private Life to Public Space, All Eyes and Ears, Those Who Want to be Heard, Overloaded and Homesickness, which follows the emotional phases in Kramer’s work process.

Birgit Vagani Marketing, Photography, Event and Branding background | passionate about design and Interior design, previous VP Global marketing for healthcare company, extensive traveling and working in Brazil.

Riccardo Bardallini F&B, Media & Entertainment Industries, Video&Sound Production, DJ, previous Operations Manager, including Store Openings for Classified, owner Yellow Frog

merci magazine


Wine & Coffee Clos des Lunes

The Plot of the Moon Clos des Lunes Photo: Courtesy of Clos des Lunes Text by Winnie Ng

How enjoyable it would be to have a nice wine with your beloved at an outdoor romantic restaurant under the moonlight! Here the owner of one of the most famous wineries in Bordeaux, Domaine de Chevalier, has started with his team to develop another good quality dry white wine in Bordeaux- Clos des Lunes


merci magazine

merci magazine


Winnie Ng Editor of merci wine and coffee section WSET Level 3 Now a register tutor in ERB wine course


Bordeaux, the largest and the most famous wine region in the world, has been producing plenty of wine every year with a total vineyard area over 120,000 hectares in 54 appellations. Average vintages produces over 700 million bottles of wine ranging from everyday table wine to the finest and the most expensive ones from famous wineries, like Chateau Lafite, Chateau Margaux, Petrus, etc. Among all, almost 90% are red and the rest are white, sweet and rose. You may have heard of the terms of “the left bank” & “the right bank” in Bordeaux. Yes Bordeaux is defined into 3 sub-regions(the third one called Entredeux-mers) by the Garonne and the Dordogne rivers. Wine from each of the region is showing its own character towards the specific terroir due to the climate, soil and geographical location of the specific vineyard. Clos des Lunes are dry white wine produced in ancient vineyards from a traditional famous sweet wine region called Sauternes. The most expensive and highly ranked sweet wine is produced there, like Chateau dÝquem. The Bernard family, the owner of Domaine de Chevalier, located in PessacLeognan which is famous of its fine dry white, aims to produce great dry white wine from Sauternes region with adoption of the wine making philosophy from Chevalier to Clos des Lunes.


merci magazine

The vineyard has a great contribution to the character of the wine, giving it power and with freshness. The grapes are planted in the direction with optimum exposure towards the sun and naturally good drainage from the soil. All grapes are handpicked when they reach enough ripeness, turning the skin colour to gold, only in the morning by experienced harvesters. Clos des Lunes produced 3 different wines: Lune Blanche (the white moon), le plaisir immédiat nice to drink young and to enjoy on its fruit; Lune d’Argent (the silver moon), the “grande cuvée” is the result of an intransigent selection, whereas Lune d’Or (the gold moon), the “cuvée Premium”, expresses the very quintessence of the estate. The colour of the moon is shown in each of the label. All the wine are blended with 70% Semillon and 30% sauvignon blanc. Vines on average are 30 years old. Each of the wine has its own winemaking and ageing method to show its own characters. 2012 is the first vintage of Clos des Lunes and is now mainly available in France. Lune Blanche, as the second wine of Lune d’Argent, is available in Hong Kong now.

Wine & Coffee Clos des Lunes

The vineyard has a great contribution to the character of the wine, giving it power and with freshness. Appearance: Bright and shiny pale gold colour Aroma & Palate: Vibrant aromas of white peach, lychee and acacia flower. Concentrated ripe and pulpy fruit with richness showing the character of Semillon; a hint of grass and fresh acidity from sauvignon blanc balance the richness in body. Gravely mineral character can also be detected. Conclusion: A refreshing white wine with intense fruity flavour is good to drink young. Suitable for all seasons. Good to pair with white meat like chicken, fish, seafood and salad. Served between 10-12째C. Enquiries: tel: 2851 7818 merci magazine


Wine & Coffee Kopi Luwak

No matter if you are a coffee lover or not, one type of coffee you must have heard of albeit perhaps not tasted: KOPI LUWAK, the most expensive and rarest coffee in the world. For some people, coffee is an essential for everyday. Range from a small cup of espresso in the morning up to several cups of different coffee types during the day. Similarly, desired effects for drinking coffee are various: it can fight off the feeling of sleepiness, help in giving inspiration or just offer a good reason to have a tiny moment of relaxation. Coffee can also be treated as a kind of attitude in life, reflecting certain culture, enjoyment and lifestyle. Kopi Luwak, also known as civet coffee, refers to the beans of coffee berries that have been eaten and excreted by the Asian palm civet. The name is also used for marketing brewed coffee made from these beans. Kopi Luwak comes from the islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia that are well-known for their excellent coffee and have a native population of civet cats called `Luwak´. `Kopi´ refers to coffee in Indonesia. Civets live in the trees and like to eat the red and ripe coffee cherries. These animals eat the whole cherries, including the bean, which undergoes chemical treatment and fermentation processes during digestion before being excreted. Then, these still intact beans are collected from the forest floor, cleaned, roasted and ground just like any other coffee. Certifications are only given to 100% authentic Kopi Luwak Coffee.


merci magazine

Indonesia is the country with the largest Kopi Lu-

wak production in the world. In addition, civets can also be found in the rainforests of Philippines and Malaysia as well as on some farms of Vietnam, making coffee production to be possible in there, too. One Malaysian farmland that is 48 years old and having 80 acres of plantation has started to import the 100% wild and authentic Kopi Luwak coffee directly from the farmland to Hong Kong. Shipping is based on customers’ orders and quantities are small but freshness of the coffee is guaranteed. Price is also more competitive compared to Indonesian suppliers that distribute the coffee through a longer chain before reaching the actual consumers. The coffee is packed in a standard 100g package, alternatively you can buy a gift box with 4 portions which is excellent as a gift or to be included in hampers. Kopi Luwak coffee is like no other. Let’s enjoy!!!

Aroma & Palate:

Rich and heavy with hints of caramel and chocolate. Earthy, musty, and exotic in character but smooth and syrupy in body.

Recommendations: Should be served without milk. Recommend to use French Press, Siphon or Drip method to brew Kopi Luwak. Best fit with fine chocolate. Enquiries:

Tel: 852 2961 4641

merci magazine


Editor's Recommendations Christmas is soon coming. It’s time for parties and gifts. We are going to have some X’mas gift recommendations in both November and December publications to help you figure out something in good value for money.

Bottega Prosecco Gold HKD $298 Origin: Valdobbiadene (Veneto), Italy This fashionable golden bottle of prosecco has light straw yellow in color, with a steady stream of fine bubbles. A clean fresh citrus, flowery and herbaceous, with hints of honey, apple and pear. Rounded and complex taste, a well prosseco with a lovely finish. Food pairing: Perfect match with any seafood, sushi, especially oyster Bronze Medal – Decanter World Wine Award – UK (2012) 1

Kumeu River Mate's Vineyard Chardonnay 2010 HKD $298 Origin: Kumeu, New Zealand 11 months maturation in barrel. Hints of the golden queen peach and mineral notes from Mate’s Vineyard. On the palate, the flavour is very concentrated and distinctly rich, but maintaining a perfect balance and freshness that sets this wine apart and makes it wonderful.

Food pairing: Seafood, cream sauces, roast chicken 94 points, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate 2012 92 points, Stephen Tanzer 2 Enquiries: (1) 2315 2566 (2/3) 2873 5733 (4) 2851 7880 (5) 2526 8733


merci magazine

Xanadu Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 HKD $202 Origin: Margaret River, Australia Deep red with garnet hues. Aromas of Dark fruits of the forest, boysenberries and cassis integrated with mocha chocolate, cinnamon and spice. Full-bodied yet refined, the plush palate offers a core of inky berry fruits; boysenberry, blackcurrants and Satsuma plums all well framed by subtle cedar/spicy oak characters. This dense wine is well structured, with a taught acid backbone layered with dark fleshy fruit characteristics, ripe tannins and a lingering fruit finish. Food pairing: steak, roast beef, lamb chops, roast duck 93 points, James Halliday 3 Chateau Paveil de Luze 2008 HKD $260 Origin: Margaux, Bordeaux, France Supple, soft, balance, comfortably intensity and weight on palate with fruity flavour. This is an ideal and perfect model for Margaux wine. Excellent as gift or as every weekend wine.

Food pairing: steak, lamb chops, beef, roasted red meat 4

Barbaresco Sori Paitin Vecchie Vigne 2008 HKD $680 Origin: Margaret River, Australia Origin: Piedmont, Italy The blackest of cherries, spices, incense, tar and scorched earth are some of the many nuances that emerge from the 2008 Barbaresco Sori’ Paitin Vecchie Vigne. This dark, brooding Barbaresco is all about power. The 2008 impresses for its fabulous balance and pure length. With time in the glass, the wine becomes increasingly more refined. It is a striking Barbaresco to drink now and over the next 10-15 years, perhaps longer. The 2008 was aged in 25-hectoliter cask and bottled in June 2012. Anticipated maturity: 2016-2028. Food pairing: Truffle, Wild mushroom risotto, beef steak, lamb, old strong cheese 93-95 points, Robert Parker 92 points, Wine Spectator 5 merci magazine




Quick & Easy lunch.

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Lotus Veggie Noodles Photo & recipes by: Kaman Yip The editor asked me to think of something slightly heavy for Fall recipes. However, HK weather is still pretty hot although everyone is making Pumpkin recipes from leftovers from Halloween or for incoming thanksgiving season menu. I picked something more Asian Fusion recipe for this issue as it’s still sunny dry hot in Asia zone. Noodles are most favorite things for many of us , just like other option of pasta dishes but lot lighter and easier for Asians to digest. Noodles are just so easy to cook and go along with everything like Italian pasta. This recipe ideally for people who don’t have much time to cook, as you can purchase ingredients easily and premade for lunch box. Cooking time is less than an hour.

Ingredients: • Washed all vegetables, drained & chop • Soya noodles - Japanese stored brought Chinese cabbage & Okra garlic pan-fried 2 (pre-made) packed with sesame sauces. cloves of garlic, Drin the water out, heat up 1-2 mins to warm up (personally preference in • 2 bundle small Chinese cabbage warm or cold dish) Chinese cabbage - Add garlic in a fry pan, 2 tsp olive oil , until slightly turn gold, add P.S. If you wanna make your own: all chopped cabbage in, some water to cook until it’s soften, okra sautéed *To make sesame sauce: Add garlic in a fry pan, 1 tsp olive oil, White sesame paste or tahini paste, add add chopped okra into a pan, then 100cc some water, soya sauce, dark vinegar & water to sauté to cook until is soften. bit of black sugar • Mushrooms black (chinese porcini) chilled sesame pan- fried chinese black procini. Add 1tsp olive oil, red chilies, mushrooms, handful pinch of salt in for sauté, drips of water, until soften. This should be dry no sauce dish. Add white sesame topping. • Firm Tofu salted cube. Scrub sea salt onto both side of firm tofu and pan-fry them in thick slices with small amount of olive oil. After it turns brown, off heat, wait till compose.

After all preparation cooked vegetables. Now, you can compose your dish with all cooked vegetables and noodles in the middle and topping with sweet basil herbs.

Enjoy this lotus veggie dish!

xx kaman

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party time

(part 1)

Is about time to prepare well for your skin before the X’mas party!

(A) M.A.C Lightful Softening Lotion


This lotion definitely is one of best pal in my make-up trolley. It quickly replenishes skin’s moisture and instantly soften the roughness without any heavy and greasy layer. Additionally, this lotion toner also contains green tea extract and vitamin C to help skin fight free radical and soothe skin.

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(B) SK-II Cellumination Essence EX Non-greasy and fast-absorbing essence. With an instant effect to brighten up and make your skin dewy. In winter time. A tip for you is: Use the SK-II Cellumination Essence EX with simple 5 minutes to message in circular motion. To soften your skin and enhance blood circulation. You will definitely see the differences.

(C) RMK Creamy Polished Base - N A moisturizing base that refine pores and fine lines yet smooth and light to facilitate better foundation application. It is also great to apply on bare skin with right proportion of loose powder to make your skin glow!

prepare well for your skin before the X’mas party Hair & Makeup: Hugo Lam. Annie Poon Photo by Jenny Ho Model: Simmy Ling merci magazine


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