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WELCOM Mentone Grammar is the benchmark for outstanding coeducation in bayside Melbourne. We offer a progressive, well-supported learning environment with wide-ranging opportunities for students from our Early Learning Centre to Year 12.

Mentone Grammar is fortunate to have a very high demand for enrolments into the future. As you can imagine, this is a good situation for our School and clear indication that the School is doing great things, even in challenging times.

We are renowned for our successful learning model of Together-Apart-Together, where girls and boys in the middle Years (Years 5-9) learn within a coeducational environment in gender specific classes. In Early Learning through to Year 4 and in Years 10-12, students learn in a fully coeducational environment.

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Front Cover: Year 11 Psychology students discover 'trick-art' at ArtVo Immersive Gallery, Docklands, as part of their studies.

ME We really appreciate that people are so interested in our School and, if you are aware of anyone who wishes to be on our future waiting lists, we would appreciate you reminding them that it is critically important to access our website www.mentonegrammar.net/enrol to register and pay a (non-refundable) registration fee per child online.

We encourage early applications to increase the likelihood of securing a place in the preferred year of entry. Places at Mentone Grammar are offered according to waiting list priorities, in order of the date of application and at the Principal’s discretion. Choosing a school for your child is one of the biggest decisions that families will make – but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. I’ll tell you a Registrar’s secret… we actually want you to find the right school for your family, whether that is our school or another. The reason for this


REGISTRAR is that a school is made up of its people and the communal values they share. It is in the best interests of both the school and your family to find a community that aligns with your values and will support you in raising your child. Too often, we are contacted by families who are overwhelmed by the choice, information overload and perceived pressures of making a decision. We want your family to really enjoy the process of learning about the exciting opportunities on offer for your child. Once our School reopens to the wider community, we invite you to visit us at Mentone Grammar. There is nothing more powerful and informative than physically visiting the Campus, so you can observe the students and staff and really feel the vibe of the school. It can completely change your decision. We offer families three ways to tour our vibrant Campus: School Tours, Open Days

and Private Tours. If you prefer a more casual approach, check out the School’s website for future events such as theatre productions, art exhibitions, musical performances and free parenting seminars, just to name a few. This is a brilliant way to see inside our school without having to register your interest and have a bit of fun in the process. Please register online: www.mentonegrammar.net or contact me at: enrol@mentonegrammar.net If you wish to discuss enrolments and the many opportunities available for your sons and daughters at Mentone Grammar. We want your family to really enjoy the process of learning about the exciting opportunities on offer for your child. I look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Community. PERNILLA EKLUND ALLAN REGISTRAR

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01 School Registrar, Pernilla Eklund Allan, tours the grounds with Year 12 School Tours Captain, Lachlan.

02 There is nothing quite like being back on Campus with friends!


FROM THE PRINCIPAL In 1923, a very small, unsophisticated School was founded here in Mentone. It was called Mentone Grammar School and its infrastructure consisted of Frogmore House, a church hall and a paddock, that we now identify as our oval.

It has since grown to include three properties located in Mentone, Shoreham and Keysborough sitting on over 100 titles of land with a student population of over 1670, a staff of over 150 full time people, offering a broad range of programs both within the classroom and outside of it and with learning resources that are highly sophisticated. Our students travel all around the world doing their learning but, most importantly, they are happy, healthy and they aspire to do their very best in all that they undertake. Change, therefore, has been a constant as our School has developed and grown. No greater a period of change has occurred than over the last fifteen years when the availability of educational research has never been stronger. Often when I am asked to describe the nature of the change in more recent years, I explain that we have taken an excellent, traditional boys-only school and have transformed it into a contemporary, coeducational school with the same values underpinning it as existed all those years ago!


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

Each Headmaster and Principal has brought with them positive change and the accumulation of all of these changes has resulted in the amazing School we now experience. With those changes has come increasing success for our School in academic performance, sport results, in the performing arts, in the visual arts, in chess, in social service and cadets, along with a range of other experiences our students participate in. We are proud to be an Anglican School and we are also honest in saying that manners are important! Not every organisation nurturing young people prioritises this as we do but, as I tell the students from time to time, it is values like this that will get them a job one day. We have clearly articulated School Values and we have an expectation that all associated with this School will not only exhibit these values but will live them in the truest sense. When we consider the concept of success it is important, in a school context, to realise that nothing can be more important than the wellbeing of all within.

Topping the ATAR rankings, sporting premierships, high level performances in productions as such rate second to everyone’s wellbeing and, at Mentone Grammar that is witnessed all of the time. And so, from those small buildings that made up this School in 1923 we have all contributed to this booming environment that is our dynamic, ever-evolving School. A School that I am proud to have been associated with and I hope that you are all proud to be associated with. We should also be incredibly grateful to all who have come before us. As I reminded the staff and students at our Founders’ Day service, we are making the history of the future. Let’s work together to ensure it is a history we will all be proud of.


FROM THE BOARD The first recorded use of the phrase was by English Statesman and Nobel Laureate Sir Austin Chamberlain in 1936. It was a favourite saying of his father and he added the ‘ancient Chinese proverb’ by way of embellishment. Regardless of its origins its meaning is clear. Disguised as a blessing, it is in reality a curse. Uninteresting times of peace and normalcy are far more lifeenhancing than interesting times. This year is certainly proving to be an ‘interesting’ year for the world, Australia and Mentone Grammar. The world has the ongoing challenge of finding a way to effectively deal with climate change and the more immediate challenge of containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For Australia, both of these problems are very real with our recent bushfire season adding a sense of urgency to the climate change debate and dealing with the threat posed by COVID-19 remains a challenge with each passing day. The saying was also used by Robert Kennedy in a speech he delivered in Capetown in 1966. Kennedy said, ‘Like it or not we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty, but they are also more open to the creative energy of men than at any other time in history’. Times at Mentone Grammar at the start of 2020 have certainly been interesting. Whilst we were fortunately spared the direct impact of the bushfires, we are right in the midst of the threat posed by the spread of COVID-19. This has placed an enormous additional workload on the Principal, Executive, staff and students of

The oft quoted ‘ancient Chinese proverb’, May you live in interesting times, is in fact neither ancient nor Chinese.

the School. We are also aware of the social and economic impact of this crisis on School families. In this situation the single point of reference for all of our decisions is: What is in the best interests of our students? It was in answer to that question that we decided to bring the end of Term 1 forward by one week. For the same reason we moved from classes at the school to off-site learning. Our move off-site is however nuanced to allow for the fact that small numbers of students require access to school facilities for short periods, and some families are unable to look after children at home. As Robert Kennedy suggested in his remarks in 1966, now is the time for us to use our creative energies to find effective solutions and find them quickly. Whilst we have been developing our digital capacity for some years now, more progress has been made in the last school term than in the previous two years. The week before we transitioned to off-site learning, staff conducted a successful trial whereby all Years 9 to 12 students connected with their teachers from home, whilst simultaneously all Years 7 and 8 students also connected with their teachers from their classrooms. The students accessed online content that staff had recently developed and our learning platform coped well. The Teaching and Learning Coordinators and IT staff have done an amazing job. The COVID-19 situation is a constantly evolving one and we will continue to respond as required.

I assure you that we will be totally transparent and honest with you in all of our communications and that we will continue to act always in the best interests of our students. The other ‘interesting’ thing taking place at Mentone is the search for our next Principal. The search part of our endeavours commenced in late December 2019 and continues apace. As a result of the search component and a national advertising campaign, we have assembled a very strong field of candidates. The current travel bans and assembly restrictions have made the next stage of the process, which involves speaking to short-listed candidates face to face, impossible at this stage. For that reason, we have paused the process until the current crisis and its associated restrictions are eased. As a consequence our timeline for the appointment has been pushed out by at least three months. Following discussions with our Principal, Mal Cater, I am delighted that he has agreed to delay his departure for 12 months until December 2021. This will mean that Mal will continue to lead the School through these difficult times. It also gives the selection panel time to not rush the process of finding his replacement. The Board (and I am sure the whole Mentone Grammar Community) is both pleased and grateful that Mal has been prepared to act so selflessly in the best interests of the School. Times are indeed interesting, however, at Mentone we are using all of our creative energy to adapt, change and hopefully prosper. Labore et Honore GEOFF RYAN AM CHAIR





In consultation with our entire School Community, the School Executive has delivered a well-considered, significant roadmap for the next four years that will include the School’s Centenary year of 2023.


VISION Our vision is to develop resilient young people with a wide range of skills, interests and attributes to find their place in an ever-changing world, through a leading educational environment which challenges and motivates within a caring community.

MISSION Our mission is to provide our students with a dynamic learning environment in which well-resourced and committed staff lead engaging academic, wellbeing and cocurricular programs.

VALUES Mentone Grammar is an Anglican School that welcomes students of all backgrounds and religious beliefs. Our Values are: Caring, Respect, Integrity, Endeavour, Service, Discipline and Resilience.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

This Plan has been formulated knowing that the educational environment is one of change, that our learners are now more empowered and that the future our students will be entering will be one that is far more dynamic than ever before.

The Plan ensures that the School is stable enough to provide strong foundations for the future but agile enough to accommodate change. Significant research has been undertaken in the formulation of this Plan including:

• staff, student and parent forums • literature reviews • scanning of the educational environment through the lens of other schools and professional associations

• reviews of internal data and survey results • discussions with leading educational experts • market research.



There are six core pillars that underpin this Strategic Plan:




Underpinned by Visible Learning, Formative Assessment and with a particular focus on Differentiation, we will continue to develop more effective teaching practices in line with the latest research.

We will continue to develop learners who have a genuine desire to gain more skills and knowledge.


Our increasing focus will be on developing independent learners in a student-centred environment. We will ensure that our students are prepared for the digital world into which they will enter after School.

Mentone Grammar remains committed to the concept that ‘It Takes a Village to Raise a Child’ and that the wellbeing of all of its community is paramount. Ensuring that our people are in a good place and so too is the organisation is the key to this pillar.


DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION The Foundation of Young Australians has identified that ‘the’ critical literacy all school leavers need to possess is that of being digitally competent. We will ensure that our School is reflective of the world into which our students will transition i.e. highly digitally literate citizens. We will also undertake a review of all of our operations to ensure that they are digitally based, increasingly efficient and easy to manage for all stakeholders.

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Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020



The School’s Centenary represents a ‘coming of age’ for a school that has come from humble beginnings in a seaside suburb to the great school we know and love today!

There is a real movement underway to develop ‘Schools of the Future’. Our School has modernised its programs over the last 15 years but further change is not only anticipated, it is upon us. As a result a full review of our structures and strategies for programs across all levels of the School will be undertaken. This should be seen as an audit process designed to ensure the School is offering the most appropriate programs in the most effective manner. This will be a macro, high level audit as opposed to the usual review of individual elements of the School.

Celebrating this milestone represents an opportunity to acknowledge all who have come before, all who are presently in the organisation and all who will come in the future.


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Once again, the School celebrated and farewelled another Year 12 cohort who had lived out the School’s values to achieve impressive ATARS and well-rounded success in all aspects of school life. The Class of 2019 was a terrific year level that created many highlights along the way. Cameron Lancaster, Head of Frogmore, welcomed back staff in January with these words: As always, I will start by saying that while these numbers will never define or fully convey the stories of the young people that they represent, they do, of course, provide opportunities and access to pathways for our students and it was wonderful to catch up with many of our students at our Celebration Morning Tea late last year, to see their joy and sense of achievement, and to hear of what now lies ahead for them.

Mentone Grammar takes great pride in celebrating the success and achievements of its students across academic, sporting, creative and personal pursuits.

Most importantly, our Class of 2019 has graduated as Happy, Healthy and High Achieving young people with a broad range of skills to equip them in the world beyond Mentone Grammar. MAL CATER PRINCIPAL

This group set high goals, worked consistently, maintained their motivation, collaborated effectively to build each other up and supported each other to achieve personal best results. And when a team of passionate, dedicated and focused young people work to support each other, results such as these are achieved. The Class of 2019 shared some of their own thoughts on classroom life and I have added some of my own observations from 2019: T  here is no doubt that the strategies implemented throughout the past few years are paying significant dividends for our students and the wonderful work of our Teaching & Learning teams certainly deserves acknowledgement. While staff are leading the way, our students are taking those strategies on board and applying them within their own learning context to further develop the depth of their understanding. Again, it might be stating the obvious, but quite simply we expect more of our students and, most importantly, they expect more of themselves. This was certainly true of our 2019 cohort who clearly established high goals – and subsequently maintained their motivation and worked consistently to achieve them. When coupled with the high level of support provided both within and beyond the classroom, we are seeing more and more students achieving personal best. S  trong teams are at the core of sustained success – be they staff teaching teams or our student learning teams. When we see strong collaboration within effective groups, the results follow.

T  he ongoing refinement of our Year 10 elective program continues to ensure students are well prepared for VCE expectations, and I thank all staff, and particularly our Careers Counsellors, for the advice they are also providing to students in regards to subject selection. We are seeing more students selecting subjects they enjoy and in which they have a genuine interest. It is no surprise that students are performing strongly in subjects they are well suited to. Our current 2020 Year 12 cohort was amongst the first, as Year 10s, required to achieve a 75 per cent or higher score in their precursor subject, to ensure they were able to undertake a Units 3-4 study in Year 11. Our students responded and, as a result of their deeper level of understanding and more effective work habits, the percentage of 40+ amongst the cohort rose to 49.46 per cent - the highest we have achieved as a coeducational school. For our current Year 12s, this data certainly highlights an exciting opportunity for the year ahead. Our VCE results are the culmination of each individual student’s journey through our School, whether they started in the ELC, Eblana, Bayview, Greenways or Frogmore. And so, no matter where that journey began, I would like to finish by thanking all of you who have guided, supported and assisted our students along the way. CAMERON LANCASTER HEAD OF FROGMORE


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020


BEST EVER VCE RESULTS YET AGAIN! 02 The Class of 2019 returns 01 

to celebrate their successes, along with the many current Year 12 students who achieved highly in Units 3 & 4 subjects during Year 11.

Dux of 2019, Zac Angus, 02 

returns to the applause of the School. He is congratulated by Principal, Mal Cater, on a spectacular year as both Dux and as a Head Prefect.

We are delighted to report that our VCE performance has improved year on year for the last six years. This is great testament to the happy, inspired and determined young people who we are privileged to work with every day.

CLASS OF 2019 VCE RESULTS Median ATAR 85.05 18% ATARs over 95 – Top 5% in Australia 37% ATARs over 90 – Top 10% in Australia 22% Study Scores over 40 Median Study Score 35 Dux - Zac Angus (Perfect Score 99.95) The Class of 2019 also saw our VCAL students perform strongly and create meaningful pathways for the future. The cohort celebrated six AGSV Premierships, performed in outstanding drama, dance and music concerts, and rose to the challenge in public speaking and debating competitions – just to name a few of their achievements. They have been exceptional leaders for their Houses and inspiring role models for all Greenways, Bayview and Eblana students.


2019 HIGH ACHIEVING AWARD RECIPIENTS T  onkin Prize for English Mekhala Bera  Ekanayake Prize for Mathematics Zixuan Wang

 Beruldsen Prize for Physics Zachary Angus  Dunk Family Prize for LOTE Edward Yang

T  oovey Family Award for Resilience Nicholas Collins Toovey Family Award for Resilience Nicholas Opie


Alana Jones

Alexandra Sheppard

Lucas Armstrong

Jeremy Miao

Holly Svojtka

Jefferson Bauer

Amelia Morris

Max Tulloch

Mekhala Bera

Charlie Officer

Jesse Turner

Torey Bernamoff

Ziqi Ou

Zixuan Wang

Charlotte Bratuskins

Benjamin Pertich

Jack Williams

Isabella Daddo

Alexandra Richards

Edward Yang

Olivia Dickson

Jessie Rosaia

SPECIAL AWARDS AND PRIZES CERTIFICATES OF EXCELLENCE A  rtissimo Music Award Ryan White A rtissimo Dance Award Megan Bresnehan A  rtissimo Drama Award Andrew Lancaster T he Good Samaritan Prize Iona Rich and Tiffany Spitzer T  he Principal’s Award for Art Kayla Skafte T he Mentonians Association Acquisitive Art Award Emma Rothberg

Excellence in Applied Learning Awarded to the Year 12 student who has demonstrated ongoing commitment to vocational training, academic endeavour and personal growth within the VCAL program.

Patrick Distefano T  he Spirit of Mentone Grammar Award Awarded to the Year 12 student who demonstrates ‘the spirit’ of what our School stands for.

Samuel Pritchard T  he Gibson-Roberts Memorial Prize Awarded to the best all-round sportsman and sportswoman in Frogmore for 2019.

Jai Florent, Matthew Scott and Charlotte Pate



2019 We congratulate all of our students on their exceptional achievements across so many different areas of the School.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020



 Acknowledgement of the 2019 Head Prefects Zachary Angus and Bronte Reark T he Simon Appel OAM Medal

In honour of Mr Simon Appel’s service as Chair of the Mentone Grammar Board, this award acknowledges leadership, scholarship and the broad engagement a student has had within the School. It also acknowledges the positive influence the student has had on our School Community.

Joshua Cooley


Victorian Universities (90.5%) Victorian Universities (90.5%)

Employment (4.5%)

Employment (4.5%)

TAFE (4%)

TAFE (4%)

Interstate and Overseas Engagements (0.5%)

Interstate and Overseas Engagements (0.5%)

Independent Institutions (0.5%)

Independent Institutions (0.5%)

CLASS OF 2019 VICTORIAN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 2019 DESTINATIONS VICTORIAN UNIVERSITY Monash University (44%) DESTINATIONS RMIT University ( 17%) Monash University (44%) Deakin University (14%) RMIT University ( 17%)of Melbourne (11.5%) University Deakin University (14%)

Swinburne University (7%)

University of Melbourne (11.5%)

Victoria University (3%)

Swinburne University (7%)

La Trobe University (1.5%)

Victoria University (3%)

Australian Catholic University (1%)

La Trobe University (1.5%)

Colleges Australian Independent Catholic University (1%) (1%) Independent Colleges (1%)

CLASS OF 2019 COURSE DESTINATIONS & Commerce (29%) CLASSManagement OF 2019 Health (15%) COURSE DESTINATIONS Society & Culture (13%) Management & Commerce (29%)

Creative Arts (11%)

Health (15%)

Natural & Physical Sciences (10%)

Society & Culture (13%)

Engineering (8.5%)

Creative Arts (11%)

Architecture & Building (5.5%)

Natural & Physical Sciences (10%)

Information Engineering (8.5%) Technology (5%) Education (2.5%) Architecture & Building (5.5%) Agriculture, & Related Studies (0.5%) Information TechnologyEnvironment (5%) Education (2.5%) Agriculture, Environment & Related Studies (0.5%)


A LOOK AT LEARNING With such impressive increments in our academic success over recent years, it has been interesting to have a look inside the classroom, virtual or real, and see exactly what it is that gives our students a learning edge in VCE. Beyond the close relationships that exist between staff, students and support mentors, there are great examples of innovative, collaborative learning taking place every day, now, both at home and at School. Here are a few insights from Term 1:


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

YEAR 12 HEALTH AND YEAR 12 PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Health and Physical Education Faculty strongly believes in collaborative learning amongst both staff and students. As a consequence, the teaching team set up ‘Aiming for the Next Level’ lunchtime and after school seminars, usually organised prior to major assessment tasks. The seminars are attended by all the classroom teachers in order for students to listen to a range of ideas and to hear a topic explained from a different voice. Past, high performing students are also invited to run some seminars. This is our past students’ way of giving back to the Faculty and the School whilst our current students learn ideas and tips from those who have succeeded before them. Our Aiming for the Next Level sessions help foster an environment that aligns with our #HPEculture which is built on collaboration, hard work, kindness and helping others.


‘The sessions are great for those who need a little extra help.’ ‘The sessions have been beneficial to go through practice questions in depth and to get detailed feedback on your answers.’ ‘Was good to get a different teacher’s perspective and it was great to hear things explained differently by different teachers.’ ‘The culture was good to see who was motivated to work hard and helped identify peers you could seek help from and collaborate with.’ MICHAEL WOOLHOUSE AND JENNA OLIVER HEADS OF HPE


YEAR 12 PSYCHOLOGY Active learning is at the core of how students grow in their experience in Psychology. Students in Year 12 Psychology are constantly applying their learning in class to real world examples. When learning about Parkinson Disease and Alzheimer’s students apply their understanding to real life case studies. In their learning about Stress and Memory, students are able to use their theoretical knowledge to then use in their own day-to-day life. Students are also encouraged to research further about the topics that they are learning to then share their understanding with the class and also at home, to truly be expert learners. Students are given many different opportunities to show their understanding of the course. Examples of checking in include: What stuck with you? Exit tickets: What questions do you still have? These strategies give students the ability to ensure they are correctly building their knowledge as they are learning. Students are also challenged in class discussions to explain their thinking by consistently being asked: ‘Why do you say that?’, ‘What is another example of this?’. Students also enjoy online check ins such as Kahoots and Quizziz on topics they are learning each week. Students use collaboration techniques in and outside of the classroom to better build their understanding of the course. Term 1 examples of these strategies included students working in groups to make their own annotated nervous system, students completing jigsaw activities to become experts on a topic such as different sources of stress, to then teach each other. Students also use Verso weekly (another formative assessment tool) to practise applying their knowledge to past exam questions.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

Verso allows students to peer-review each other’s responses to build their use of psychology terminology. Students also enjoy group ‘think, pair and share’ activities where they discuss their responses first to further add to the class discussion on a topic to better build their understanding. As Vygotsky, a renowned sociocultural theorist, states ‘What the child can do in cooperation today he can do alone tomorrow’. While moving to online learning, students have still been able to collaborate by working in groups on Microsoft Teams to then present via video to the whole class. These tasks build a student’s confidence in their learning in by not only becoming an ‘expert’ on a topic such as Memory, but they also allow students to practise critical thinking regarding the best way to communicate a topic to an audience and refine their presentation skills, all skills needed for life beyond Mentone Grammar. KARA BAXTER AND SALLY SMITH PSYCHOLOGY TEACHERS

YEAR 12 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT In Units 3&4 Business Management classes, our students have seen continued success in their learning when they take ownership of their studies and are given options on what they feel works best.

As part of their revision, students are given the choices of either Visual Mapping or Flash Cards to prepare for their SACs and end of year exam. With these resources, students are given the opportunity during class time to go for a walk around the Frogmore Campus, verbalising content aloud and placing themselves in the mindset of a teacher and explaining, to their peers, key ideas. This further embeds their own understanding of information and allows for peers to be assessed formatively and further ensures their own reciprocal practice.

the use of real-life business case studies that students apply their learning to. Students find this an important part of their learning to ensure they can see, in practice, how the theories apply in business. To ensure students are working in the classroom as they would in a business, students are constantly engaged in group collaboration to learn new business principles or in fine tuning their responses to SAC questions. Students are encouraged to ‘be the assessor’ and critically evaluate best responses to constantly refine their work. NIZAM ABDALLAH COMMERCE/HUMANITIES TEACHER

Year 12 Business Management students are also engaged in their learning through





Leadership 2020 began back in Term 3 2019 when our most senior leaders were chosen and badged. They were given the unique opportunity to begin their roles as they transitioned into their final year of study. Principal Mr Cater, impressed upon them all that leadership is a privilege and an opportunity to serve others; to allow others to learn and grow. For the first time, the positions of House Captains and Cocurricular Captains are all shared roles. The School congratulates the following leaders:

CITATIONS OSKAR PHILLIPS You have been a student here since Prep and, having observed you along this lengthy journey, you have been an impressive young person throughout. Despite the fact that you defeated me in a wholeschool chess tournament when you were in Year 4, I have always held you in high esteem, as have your peers and teachers. In 2020 only a small number of students will participate in four senior sports. You will be involved in Swimming, Basketball, Football and Athletics. You will also continue your Duke of Edinburgh Award as you aim to achieve Gold status. You have been an ambassador for the School in external activities and your Learning Profile is extremely strong. You are a Sergeant in our Cadet Unit. Outside of School you coach Basketball, serving the community. You exhibit the School values in an exemplary manner and l am delighted to appoint you as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar.

HANNAH SCHMIDT You have been here since Year 7 and have been a positive contributor throughout your time. You are actively involved in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics and have also represented the School in Water Polo and Lifesaving. You are a Sergeant in our Cadet Unit and you volunteer as a life saver at the Mentone Life Saving Club. You have been involved in the School Production of The Lion King and are an active member of our Debating and Public Speaking Club. Your Learning Behaviours are a very positive reflection of you as a learner and you are well regarded by your teachers and peers. You are a highly enthusiastic young person who cares for others and who truly exhibits our School values. I am delighted to appoint you as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

HEAD PREFECTS 2020 Oskar Phillips and Hannah Schmidt with Principal, Mal Cater.

I commend all students who applied for leadership positions. The fields for all positions were extremely strong and this is an excellent indication of the depth of talent within the School. I remind all of our students that you do not need to wear a badge to be a leader and, ever so often, those who make the biggest difference actually do not seek recognition. We also congratulate the following 2020 leaders, who will represent their Houses or specialist areas of our Cocurricular programs:

HOUSE CAPTAINS ANDERSON Teagan Gilligan and Akul Saigal DEIGHTON Chloe Garifalakis and Adam Hegarty-Laws DRINAN Jeremy Campbell and Tayla Fox FINLAY ANDERSON Lucie Kent and Charlie Webster JONES Madeleine Johnson and Thomas Spencer LIONEL LARGE Bethanie Bridge and Trent Meakins WERE Mitchell Callahan and Stephanie Warmuz WHITE Brooke McCullough and Gustaf von Zweigbergk

COCURRICULAR CAPTAINS ACADEMIC Joshua Madden and Ella Mairs INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Yifan (Ivan) Liao and Ziyu (Faye) Zhen PERFORMING ARTS Harrison Dart and Charlotte Holland PUBLIC SPEAKING William Currey and Sarthak Singh SCHOOL TOURS Lachlan Howard SOCIAL SERVICE Loren Henry and Kira Walters SPORTS Thomas Dale and Charlee Peachey VISUAL ARTS Anna Caley and Xavier Hogios WELLBEING Annika Challice



L-R Back Row Head of Frogmore, Cameron Lancaster, with Gustaf von Zweigbergk, Mitchell Callahan, Trent Meakins, Thomas Spencer, Charlie Webster, Jeremy Campbell, Adam Hegarty-Laws, Akul Saigal.

L-R Front Row Brooke McCullough, Stephanie Warmuz, Bethanie Bridge, Madeleine Johnson, Lucie Kent, Tayla Fox, Chloe Garifalakis, Teagan Gilligan.


L-R Back Row Sarthak Singh, Lachlan Howard, William Currey, Harrison Dart, Yifan (Ivan) Liao, Xavier Hogios, Joshua Madden, Thomas Dale.

L-R Front Row Loren Henry, Charlee Peachey, Charlotte Holland, Cameron Lancaster (Head of Frogmore), Anna Caley, Kira Walters, Ella Mairs. Absent: Annika Challice, Ziyu (Faye) Zhen.

CADET LEADERS 2020 Congratulations to the Cadet Leadership rank of 2020. All CUOs have led a comprehensive training program for rank and recruits, both on the ground and online throughout Terms 1 and 2.



Congratulations to Bayview Captains 2020 Jordan

Year 4 students, Chloe Britter and Lachlan Smith,

Pyszczek and Rohaan Thilak-Mathew, pictured with

have shown themselves to be enthusiastic leaders

Head of Bayview, James Walton.

of the Eblana Campus so far this year.



FOUNDERS’ DAY 2020 The date of Founders’ Day was confirmed in 1973, the year of the School’s Golden Jubilee. Thursday, 1 March 1923 was the date on which Mentone Grammar School opened its doors to boys, with an attendance of 56 pupils at the Stawell Street site. Two days later, the official opening of the School took place at its new location 63 Venice Street. On Tuesday 3 March 2020, on behalf of Principal, Mr Cater, Bayview Captains Jordan and Rohaan welcomed all staff, students and special guests including the Chair of the School Board, Mr Geoff Ryan AM, Councillor Geoff Gledhill, Prefect, Mr Ian Thomas (1970) and Head Prefect Mr Peter Gowdie (1995). In recognition of the School’s rich sporting history, Year 11 students Grace, Joseph, Serena and Sam presented a fascinating timeline of Mentone Grammar AGSV sports’ highlights in celebration of the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV) centenary year. Founded just three years prior to our School, the AGSV provided an inclusive alternative to the existing Associated Public School’s (APS) competition with a vision to: promote a strong sporting culture of reliability, commitment and persistence. It welcomed schools with varied religious alliances along with coeducational schools. It was in 1958 that our School became an AGSV member, joining founding schools, Trinity, Camberwell and Ivanhoe Grammar along with new members, Assumption and Penleigh and Essendon Grammar (PEGS). Later, Marcellin, Peninsula Grammar and Yarra Valley Grammar would complete the nine-member Association.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

In any season, the competition provides games for over 12,000 students in traditional school sports, such as Cricket, Football and Tennis along with less traditional sports such as Table Tennis, Golf, Touch Football and Water Polo; sports that reflect the diversity and broader preferences of the boys and girls who play each Saturday. One hundred years ago, who would have thought that girls would be playing Touch Football, women’s Cricket, AFLW or sharing a hockey pitch with boys! For 63 years of fierce, fun and fair competition, our School has certainly made its mark on the competition and has created an enduring legacy of School pride, great sporting highlights and a reputation, mostly in the water, for being that formidable bayside school that plays fair but never gives up. Our first ever AGSV Premiership was three years in the making when, in 1961, we shared our first Premiership with Trinity Grammar, for Tennis. The pride and celebrations ignited a passion for more success and in 1965 our first Swimming Premiership began the extraordinary history that this School has in the pool. Formidable, proud and disciplined our swimmers, through time, have created a sporting legacy that is unlikely to be surpassed. It would be another 15 years before we would, briefly, relinquish the Premiership Cup to Ivanhoe Grammar.


Since 1980 the competition has spurred a fascinating rivalry in the pool that has seen our School bring the Cup home another 18 times! But it is not only Swimming that has built Mentone Grammar pride and history. We have also claimed premiership wins in: Tennis (17 times), Cricket (10 times), Athletics (7 times), Table Tennis and Volleyball (4 times), Cross Country (3 times), Squash and Touch Football (twice) and Soccer and Hockey, once. Since becoming a coed school in 2006, our girls’ teams have also made an extraordinary contribution to our premiership successes. In their combined APS/AGSV competition they have had success in Touch Football, Cross Country, Swimming and Athletics. Just some of the great sporting heroes who have competed for Mentone Grammar include international cricket legend, Shane Warne, 2019 Stawell Gift winner, Dhruv Rodrigues Chico, threetime Olympic runner and current coach, Craig Mottram, and AFL players including, Mitch Brown (Essendon), Kate Hore (Melbourne), Ollie Florent (Sydney Swans) and Courteney Munn (North Melbourne).

The traditional Cutting of the Cake is performed with Colonel Weir’s original sword. Colonel Weir was a significant person in the Founding of Mentone Grammar, and a distinguished soldier.

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR FOUNDERS’ SPEAKERS:  WELCOME: Bayview Captains, Jordan Pyszczek and Rohaan Thilak-Mathew  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COUNTRY: Ethan Green, Year 9  THE THANKSGIVING: Jennifer Bodinnar, Year 9  THE LESSON: While we get excited about our many AGSV premiership victories, it is really the untold stories that are important here. The Association has provided a wonderful backdrop for stories such as winning when it seemed impossible, lasting friendships made through teamsmanship, shared resilience on those frosty winter mornings, singing loud and proud on the bus, Macca’s on the way home, that first ever goal, making your coach proud, the Wogga, a new PB, a new School record, discovering a new sport or simply being part of Mentone Grammar’s sporting history. Thank you to the current Sports team of Mr Bainbridge, Mr O’Gorman, Ms Hunt, Mrs Nish, all of the Sports Directors who have gone before them and all the dedicated coaches, parents and the School for the countless proud and memorable moments we have been a part of both on and off the field.

In acknowledgement of the importance sport and a healthy community play in our lives, this season our School has been ‘giving back’ by raising money to support FAIR GAME, a charity that delivers health and fitness programs and resources to remote and under-serviced Indigenous communities. Every point scored during our Basketball matches in each of our Centenary rounds will add another $1 to this worthy cause. We aim to raise $5,000 by 31 July this year. Please consider donating by visiting our Go Fund Me page. In the spirit of the centenary year, may your 2020 matches be fought with true Mentone Grammar spirit. As is a proud tradition of the School, the Founders’ Day cake was cut by a former student, along with the two youngest students of the School. This year, it was a pleasure to welcome back Prefect Ian Thomas (1970) to cut the cake with ELC students Sahiba and Patrick along with Head Prefects, Oskar and Hannah.

Peter Gowdie (1995)  AGSV PRESENTATION: Grace Oliver, Joseph Shim, Serena Zhang, Sam Dyer  SCHOOL ANTHEM: Kate Friend (accompaniment)  PRAYERS: Eblana Captains, Lachlan Smith and Chloe Britter  SCHOOL PRAYER: Stuart Cleeve (2005), current staff member  CUTTING OF THE CAKE: Ian Thomas (1970), Sahiba Dawar, Patrick Marshall, Oskar Phillips and Hannah Schmidt BLESSING: Rev. M Prabaharan




Welcome to our Early Learning Centre, a place where the joy of learning occurs through play, where children have so many delightful opportunities to explore their interests in great depth, where different ways of thinking are shared and where children are encouraged to make choices and to take considered risks.



Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

Children are our leaders of the future and our intention is to provide them all with the tools necessary for lifetime learning... Our ELC is a dynamic, colourful space, and if you drop by you will see children and staff exploring the many nooks that encourage curious minds and energetic activity both inside the rooms and out and about in the gardens. The joy of learning is everywhere and respect towards each other and the environment is obvious. Our program encompasses a consistent sustainability practices with a gentle philosophy of ‘reuse, repurpose, reduce, respect, rethink and recycle’. A part of this intrinsic learning is to actively give the children positions of responsibility such as being a Light Monitor, to turn off lighting when we leave the room; we have Water Monitors to check taps are turned off properly and that we all collect water to be used on our gardens. We are most fortunate to have very supportive ELC families who are excited to be on board with donated repurposed and recycled materials for our many projects around the Centre. The message we convey is to instil a respect for our environment and, by example, we hope to show that we can all have a positive impact upon the world we live in if we rethink what we need and actively work to reduce our waste. It constantly amazes us all just how receptive such young minds can be to such large, global concepts. We thank our entire community for being so supportive of our sustainability programs and practices. We look to resume our Bush Kindergarten program, with the teachers of our 4YO groups currently preparing a half-day program at our Keysborough Playing Fields. The purpose of this adventure is to give the children more autonomy with their play and to experience learning outdoors in this lovely expansive setting with little or no man-made materials on offer. Our 3YO groups will also have this opportunity later in the year.

This year, we are also working to establish a connection with our local Mentone Senior Citizens Club. I am sure a lot of families watched the 2019 ABC TV program, Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds, which highlighted the joyful, reciprocal benefits for not only the senior citizens but for the children and their families as well. More information on this new initiative will be available once restrictions are eased. One of the joys of our Mentone location is our proximity to the bay and all the learning that comes from that. Once again, this year we plan to take a beach walk down to Mentone Beach, and follow this up with a visit from Rockpool Encounters to learn more about our local bay inhabitants and how we can care for both them and the bay. Later in the year, we shall visit our magnificent beachside camp at Shoreham on Westernport Bay. There, the children will be exposed to a variety of learning opportunities as they explore the wonders of the shoreline and the natural setting of the campgrounds. Shoreham Camp holds many special memories for Mentone Grammar students, and we are truly blessed to be able to introduce our youngest students to this wonderful place so early on in their learning journey. Children are our leaders of the future and our intention is to provide them all with the tools necessary for lifetime learning; skills such as resilience, persistence, empathy, respect, cooperation, problem solving, collaboration, adaptability, curiosity and imagination. It is an honour to help set them on the path to future success. We cannot wait to see how each child blossoms over the remainder of the year and we look forward to sharing their successes with the wider community. LIBBY CHISLETT HEAD OF MARY JONES EARLY LEARNING CENTRE


EBLANA FOUNDATION-YEAR 4 Eblana students pack a lot in to every week and this is what makes our Campus such a dynamic learning space. Term 1 saw the celebrations of both Founders’ Day and Harmony Day, on both occasions students reflected on their experiences and themselves as both students and citizens in the world.




Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

One of the strongest elements of Eblana is its sense of community. The move to off-site learning in our last week of term was an amazing example of this.

Students were encouraged to consider the world they live in and how they as individuals can impact and improve this world. In support of this focus, it was a great pleasure to badge our dynamic Year 4 leadership group for 2020. Led by Captains Chloe Britter and Lachlan Smith our Year 4s are proving to be very resilient and creative leaders both on and away from our Campus. Eblana students’ knowledge of Sustainability continues to grow as they investigate and explore the positive impact they can have, no matter how small. Our students are now aware that if something is sustainable, it means that we could keep using or doing it for a long time. Sustainable living is trying to live in a way that reduces or lessens our use of resources. This means using less where we can and recycling, reusing or reducing - and this is where Eblana plans to start. We are indebted to our enthusiastic Sustainability team, led by Belinda McKindlay from our Library, who are changing the way we all think about our

lunch boxes, gardens and what we put into our rubbish bins. Thank you! One of the strongest elements of Eblana is its sense of community. The move to off-site learning in our last week of term was an amazing example of this. Families rallied together to support each other and there were some great stories coming through of adaptability and resilience. These included a group who set up handwritten pen pal letters being posted to each other, other groups creating Zoom chats amongst class groups to keep the children connected and families reaching out to those who needed it. I myself was humbled to receive an overwhelming number of offers to bring me groceries (and toilet paper) while I was in self isolation. We look forward to seeing you all again as we return to our bustling, happy Campus once again. We truly are blessed here in Eblana! JESS RICHARDS HEAD OF EBLANA



Taking your first steps in a new school can be a nervous, yet exciting time. As such, taking those steps within a supportive community can make all the difference in settling in quickly and getting used to the rhythm of day-to-day life. Within the Bayview Campus, we see a lot of new faces each year, whether arriving from Eblana or from other schools, so we place a lot of emphasis on making this transition as smooth as possible, adopting the broader School mantra that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.




Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

... in the Bayview Campus, we continue to strive to create a supportive environment, where each student can find their own way to belong in our village.

The Bayview ‘village’ begins with our Mentor system and Wellbeing program. Upon arrival, Bayview students are assigned to a Mentor; a teacher who is the first point of contact for the wellbeing of each child in their group. This teacher sees their students each morning to check in and they teach them for one of their subjects, but they also engage them in wellbeing sessions where they cover our RULER program and the key skills needed to adjust to the routines of a new school. The RULER program becomes an important part of the new students’ experience early on, as each class in Bayview begins the year by building their Class Charter, a document that the group develops together, as they agree on words to describe how they would like to feel each day and then how they will help each other achieve this. Further lessons focus on tools that help students to recognise, understand and label their emotions, as well as how they can then express and regulate their emotions effectively. Through this program, students improve their understanding of themselves and build empathy for each other, helping establish a cohesive and safe environment for them from the moment they arrive.

This sense of belonging is further established within our Campus through our ACAS document, which we publish at the start of each year and that provides an overview of the many cocurricular offerings available to each student. Mentors discuss the Academic, Creative, Active and Service opportunities with their group, encouraging them to find something that they love to do or have never tried before, as a way to meet new people and help them feel well connected within the Campus. Within our latest Strategic Plan 2020-2023, personal and organisational wellbeing is an important pillar. The aim of this pillar is to ensure that our people are in a good place and this is our aim for all of the initiatives we employ as students begin their journey through our School. Whenever a student arrives at Mentone Grammar in the Bayview Campus, we continue to strive to create a supportive environment, where each student can find their own way to belong in our village. JAMES WALTON HEAD OF BAYVIEW

Recognising the importance of forging a sense of belonging early in secondary school when most of our new students join us, students in Year 7 are also given time down at our Shoreham Camp early in Term 1, to further consolidate the bonds being built in the classroom, in an outdoor setting. Students in Years 5 to 7 will go to Shoreham through the year, surfing, snorkelling, hiking and tree-surfing with their new peers which enables our Year 7s to build memories that will last them long beyond the week, forming a strong foundation for their time together in the School.



Greenways students commenced the 2020 school year keen to learn and embrace everything on offer. Our aim is always, to continue to provide an innovative learning program for our Year 9 students both on and off the Campus.



Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

We all began the year at a busy pace. This ‘busyness’ I often refer to is strategically geared to developing the whole Year 9 student – academically, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I honestly believe that we have created a special place for Year 9s within Mentone Grammar. Education and the delivery of curriculum today is very different to the school experience ‘in my day’. Most parents did not have access to the diverse range of subjects, sport, cocurricular opportunities and programs that we see on offer at Mentone Grammar. A positive learning culture has always

defined our Campus. Even with remote learning, I have the opportunity to witness classes in action and it’s impressive to visit a space where students are eager to engage in learning. I am proud of what our staff and students have been able to achieve so far this year. Prior to our move to online learning, the attendance at Greenways Study Sessions had been exceptional. These sessions are an opportunity for students to work in a setting where additional support is offered by staff and tutors. It is not uncommon to see a number of teachers working with students beyond timetabled classes to support them achieving their personal best. Collaboration has also been evident at these times with students working on group tasks in designated spaces. Our morning sessions were well-attended, and students often used this time to ask

questions about a concept or topic that requires further exploration. Students were able to gain further clarity around the topics studied before attending timetabled classes. Most students found afternoon study sessions a chance to work on tasks with a buddy or complete set homework or revision before they headed home. We look forward to recommencing this program in Semester 2. Technology has become an integral part of learning. We have seen the successful implementation of offsite, online learning during our management of COVID-19. Staff have developed effective programs that engage our students to deliver curriculum in an online world. Our teachers have continued to provide flexible environments that accommodate the learning needs of students. It has been wonderful to see staff and students interacting on a completely different platform and the feedback has been very positive about this experience. I would also like to praise our students for the way in which they have embraced online learning and continued to connect with staff, classmates and curriculum in a constructive manner. This has opened the door to develop further opportunities that provide flexibility to suit the learner and equip students for life beyond Mentone Grammar. Prior to offsite learning, the Fitness Sessions offered students the chance to participate in a beach walk, workout in our school gymnasium or build greater cardio fitness through a Wednesday morning run. These sessions were also well-attended and it has been a chance for students to train with a friend, enjoy team activities and to keep fit. Healthy body, healthy mind. We look to reimagining this program for the winter months. The wellbeing of our students and staff is a priority. Our Year 9 Mentor Program focuses on the development and wellbeing of this age and stage. We have covered topics such as RULER, procrastination, communication and safety, to date.

We have seen the successful implementation of offsite, online learning during our management of COVID-19. This year, we will also be addressing other areas such as identity, respectful relationships, cyber safety and leadership. All classes will also work with Angela from Be You to learn mindfulness strategies and techniques. Students are encouraged to continue to connect and communicate with key adults in their lives, especially within our School environment. As part of the Greenways Café experience, our Term 1 students completed a certified Food Handling course and can now operate a fully functional kitchen in conjunction with qualified staff. In the Café, our Year 9s gain the experience of operating a real small business – they develop financial literacy and market their business accordingly. The students’ barista training has been an extremely useful tool and, prior to our departure from the Campus, our Mentone Grammar Community of teachers, staff and parents all enjoyed a latte or chai tea delivered by a team of very accomplished baristas. We look forward to a time when we can enjoy more great service. The balance of programs on offer in the Greenways Campus continues to attract high levels of interest from the School and wider community. Our 2020 enrolments are close to capacity and we are continuing to evolve and enhance our curriculum to cater for Semester 2 and beyond. Staff from other schools regularly approach me about the possibility of teaching in our dynamic learning centre. This makes me realise everyday how lucky we are to have such a wonderful Campus and program, both online and offline. NATALIE MCLENNAN HEAD OF GREENWAYS



It is always wonderful to commence a new academic year amid the noise and excitement a return to the routine of classes brings. Students and staff sharing stories of their summer break and reconnecting ahead of the academic year, I commend all members of our School Community on the seamless manner in which they began this year’s journey.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

While each year will bring with it inherent challenges, 2020 has certainly been unique and it has been heartening to see our staff and students demonstrate their strong sense of caring, endeavour and resilience as they have moved to support each other and overcome the challenges that have arisen. As our Frogmore students and staff have moved to adjust, we are well placed given the programs in place to support, having already made adjustments in areas such as our Student Leadership Program and Wellbeing Program to better support and prepare our students.

Mrs Terry Matthew, our newly appointed Head of Wellbeing (Programs), is working with our House Coordinators to oversee the ongoing development of our Pastoral program within the Frogmore Campus and further develop the sense of connectedness and community our students both need and enjoy. The incorporation of The Resilience Project into our Frogmore Wellbeing Program was widely well received in 2019 and we have taken further steps to enable our students to better develop their resilience and sense of wellbeing in 2020. In particular, incorporating the use of our Wellbeing Journal within our Mentor Program enables our students to routinely practice the three tenets of Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness while recording their Daily Reflections and undertaking their Weekly Preparation. It was particularly heartening to see our students posting their Special Mentions on walls within classrooms and locker bays to convey a sense of appreciation and acknowledgement for each other. Those behaviours, regularly practised and incorporated into a daily routine, feed into a cycle of positivity that hopefully proves uplifting for all.

Leadership within our School is seen as service and, as such, Frogmore students are encouraged to explore the concept that good leaders are required to serve others. With this in mind we developed the Mentone Grammar Leadership Diploma which, under the leadership of Deputy Principal Jarrod O’Neill, aims to promote that student leadership is not a selfish pursuit, but rather it is an intangible quality that allows others to learn and grow. In looking to implement our Leadership Diploma, and broaden the leadership opportunities previously in place, we acknowledge the important role our students can play both within their School and, as they move beyond our gates, as future leaders of industry, politics and society. With this in mind, the Mentone Grammar Leadership Diploma provides opportunities for our students to examine the skills and traits they need to possess in order to become confident, inspiring and respectful leaders. Through engagement in the Leadership Diploma our students will, amongst other outcomes, create their own model of good leadership, develop a greater self-awareness and understanding of themselves as leaders, believe leadership can be learnt by anyone, analyse the traits of other leaders within our community and foster collaborative leadership practices. As we look to further develop opportunities for our students to enhance their learning, the concept of understanding how they most effectively learn has also taken on a greater significance. To further support our students, we trialled The Science of Learning as a program with our Year 12 students in one of their Study Periods each week during Term 1. Kara Baxter, our Head of Teaching and Learning (7-12), has led our students through a series of seminars and discussions, exploring the concept of learning and the stories we tell ourselves that shape the way in which we interact with the world. Our Year 12s were first introduced to The Science of Learning, and Dr Jared Horvath, at their Year 12 Conference late in 2019 where the concepts covered resonated strongly with them. Having now undertaken a series of seminars, it has been rewarding to see our Year 12 students implementing the strategies to support them during their final year.

... 2020 has certainly been unique and it has been heartening to see our staff and students demonstrate their strong sense of caring, endeavour and resilience... Indeed, now having experienced the unprecedented position of moving to an online learning environment, isolated for the most part, and existing at a time where our wellbeing, self-discipline and concept of learning are all being challenged, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the wonderful work of our staff in supporting our students and indeed each other. Not only have our staff maintained contact through timetabled online lessons, they have reached out to touch base with their students and simply ask – are you okay? In these uncertain times, those simple moments are having a magnificent impact and it is heartening to see the way in which our community has responded. At a time where our world is rapidly changing, and the challenges facing us are becoming increasingly complex, it is reassuring to know that not only are our students learning and practising the skills they will require to apply their knowledge as they go forward to meet these challenges, but that they are doing so within such a nurturing and caring community. Some affirming news to arise during this time was the exciting news that two of our 2019 graduates have received VCE Premier’s Awards. Zac Angus, Head Prefect 2019, has been announced as one of the Top All-Round VCE High Achievers. Only 28 students have been awarded this honour. Zac has also received an award for his studies in English Language. Zixuan Wang has also been acknowledged as one of the Top Three International Students in the State last year. These are achievements that acknowledge the outstanding education and mentoring these young men have received at our School and the work they have put into their studies. Both are fine young people who were outstanding members of our Class of 2019. CAMERON LANCASTER HEAD OF FROGMORE



THE VALUE OF EXCURSION AN Art galleries offer a dynamic opportunity to expose students to experiences and to explore new things in a rich and educational environment. Through exhibitions, lectures and hands-on workshops, students have the ability to take ownership of their own learning and develop and explore their own curiosities. This unique exposure provides the foundation for creativity, critical thinking and connection to the world around them.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

So how does a visit to a gallery fit in with our Visual Arts curriculum and how do we build on this opportunity? In an unprecedented, world premiere exhibition, the National Gallery of Victoria presented the work of two of the most significant and influential artists of the late 20th Century in Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Exclusive to Melbourne, the exhibition offered new and fascinating insights into their unique visual languages and revealed, for the first time, the many intersections between their lives, practices and ideas. On 10 March this year, both Year 10 Art classes visited the National Gallery of Victoria with Ms Wootton and Ms McLennan.

Once we planned to attend this excursion, we immediately developed our Year 10 program to incorporate both practical and theoretical units of work. We introduced the students to Basquiat and his art, we discussed important influences, personal style and his choices in art making. Practically we began to explore how Basquiat used materials and techniques, technologies and processes to realise the intention in his artwork. During theory classes we continued to identify specific features of Basquiat’s work to a wider historical, cultural and social context. On the day of the excursion we started with a one-hour lecture which provided students with a comprehensive insight into each of the influential artists, as well as an understanding of their broader impact, both in the 1980s and 90s and their continuing influence today. Students then moved into the exhibition space, which surveyed each artist’s tragically short, yet prolific career, featuring works created in public spaces, paintings, sculptures, objects, works on paper, photographs, original notebooks and more.

After lunch, students attended a hands-on workshop where they created a Beat Pop Postcard inspired by the process of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Following the excursion students continued back at school to work in their visual diaries, exploring selected works and developing their own ideas for a major artwork. Each Year 10 student has been tasked with creating a response using acrylic paint and oil pastel on canvas. In a world where students spend over six hours a day glued to a screen, the importance of taking students to an art gallery is both obvious and crucial. When students are learning with digitally oriented curriculums, there is something really special about showing them tangible artworks. Galleries give students the opportunity to explore the textures of paintings up close, the form of a sculpture, and the scale of a large canvas. This puts art in a completely different perspective to viewing it on a phone or a laptop. Learning about art in the flesh within the context of a gallery is why we value the opportunity to take our students on an excursion. KIM WOOTTON HEAD OF VISUAL ARTS




CREATIVE For Performing Arts, 2020 began with such promise. Within the first number of weeks the new Year 6 band commenced, auditions for our productions of Jekyll and Hyde, Jungle Book and Cre8tive Dance were completed. Preparations for the Limelight and Rock Band performances commenced, along with the midyear Performing Arts Showcase. Generations in Jazz workshops for Froggers, the Cat’s Meow and the new Rocket No.9 were scheduled, including the pre-competition camp. The Eblana semester concert, incorporating the Instrumental Program, started to take shape, and the Jazz Cabaret program was drafted. The Opera Chorus production of Hansel and Gretel commenced rehearsals last year to deliver a stunning performance to a delighted audience at the end of 2019. However, in March, the Performing Arts shifted all its activities, where possible, to an online mode and I am pleased to note that it progressed smoothly, albeit with some necessary modification.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

Performing Arts is essentially a problemsolving practice. What can be imagined is not always achievable, but the ‘workaround’ to make artworks achievable often leads to better solutions and sometimes very unexpected and pleasing outcomes. In the Performing Arts we always encounter challenge, yet it is in the struggle to find a solution that the creative process thrives. In 2020, challenge is certainly with us, but we are all approaching the preparation of our productions and concerts with confidence. Some may be postponed or modified to allow for less complex production details, without the loss of essential musical and dramatic elements. While others may be incorporated into expanded performance events. Informed by our experience of the remote learning so far, teachers and tutors have prepared rehearsal resources for all students involved in ensembles and productions. Individual tutoring, recorded accompaniments, training videos, new teaching strategies, a mix of platforms including Microsoft Teams and Zoom have all made for a new-look creative experience.

For the Performing Arts staff and students, classroom teaching and learning was the focus of our activities during the last week of Term 1. During this time remote teaching and learning strategies were applied. Some with hilarious results. However, good fortune smiled upon us, a combination of in-class and online learning has been a feature of our teaching and learning strategy for a number of years. Indeed, we were well placed to simply expand our resources, trial new online teaching strategies and modify assessment tasks to cover important curriculum outcomes. However, and most importantly, we also needed to modify our expectations across all activities to allow for gradual adjustment and acclimatisation to our new model. I must commend all students who participated so encouragingly with our remote learning model. I was very pleased to hear reports from across the school, Bayview through to VCE, of engaged learning in the Performing Arts. Students were able to engage in all planned activities and were able to provide very helpful feedback, which in turn enables refinement and honing of our practices. I also commend all for approaching our current situation with good humour, even though it has been a trying time for all.

Although there is no certainty about when we will return to ‘the stage’, we are currently planning for a busy second semester. Performing Arts experienced an increase in engagement and demand through 2019 and into 2020. All ensembles grew and new ensembles were established. Orchestra 3 was established for Eblana students wishing to continue with their string playing and Concert Band 2 was established for entry level woodwind, brass and percussion. A new and exciting ensemble, Rocket No.9, a name taken from the experimental jazz artist Sun Ra, is an addition to the Generations in Jazz groups and focuses on experimental Jazz performance styles and techniques. In mentioning our ensembles, I acknowledge the difficulty with the online experience for these groups. Time lag is the main challenge here. However, once again, a work-around and some creative thinking has resulted in some new and exciting outcomes, and I have seen and heard of progress in this area. Although the classrooms, theatre and rehearsal rooms have fallen silent, be rest assured we are all at work with great determination to rehearse, practise, listen, create, discuss, write, film, dream, tutor, learn and prepare for a fabulous return. GAVIN CORNISH HEAD OF PERFORMING ARTS DIRECTOR OF MUSIC

The cast of A Night at the Opera astound in two nights of stunning opera, December 2019.





The 2020 Summer Sport Season saw many highlights across a variety of sports.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

The enthusiasm and determination with which the students tackled Term 4 2019 was outstanding. Combining academic pursuits with the commencement of training and matches is always a challenge. Our students should be proud of their efforts during this period. Many teams recorded victories in the first few weeks of the season and reports of positive connections and sportsmanship were received from other schools. With the commencement of Term 1, our 2020 Year 7 students joined the sporting sphere. This group was particularly enthusiastic during their short season of Summer Sport but showed very positive signs for the future. Our Boys’ Firsts teams competed in Basketball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Tennis and Volleyball. The celebratory AGSV matches in early February were a highlight for all, bringing together players in each sport from all the AGSV schools. We congratulate both the Firsts Basketball and Cricket teams for playing in semi-finals this year. In the combined AGSV/APS Girls’ competition, Mentone fielded teams in Badminton, Cricket, Softball, Tennis, Touch Football and Volleyball. At the Firsts level, the Girls’ Volleyball team achieved excellent results in a very strong competition. One Firsts team achieved the ultimate success in Summer 2020 with the Girls’ Firsts Touch Football team completing an undefeated season to take the title for the fourth year in a row. Our congratulations to the girls who represented the School in this impressive Firsts team this season. Unfortunately for the entire competition, both the Girls’ Firsts Volleyball team and our Girls’ Firsts Touch Football seasons were cut short at the end of Term 1 whilst the State Sailing Championships and AGSV Swimming Carnival were postponed, preventing students from competing in either of these sports to culminate their seasons. Despite this unprecedented end, the School congratulates all teams on the determined efforts made in training and the resilience shown when it became evident that the 2019/20 season of sport would ultimately be left unfinished. Well done to all students for their approach to Sport during the Summer Season and congratulations to the Firsts teams for competing at the highest level and producing such a wonderful set of results. STUART BAINBRIDGE DIRECTOR OF SPORT – SUMMER



Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

IMPACT OF CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) STATUS OF AGSV COMPETITION UPDATED 1 JUNE 2020 Latest advice from state Government and Health authorities and the position of each AGSV member school are being taken into account for dealing with the effect COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has had on interschool sport. The Association and its member schools will be fully guided by Government advice, along with decisions made by the AGSV Board before any plans are finalised for a safe return to training and official AGSV competition. The priority for academic programs to resume normality and the uncertainty of the situation caused by the virus has made it necessary to cancel all AGSV sporting competition for Term 2. Competition and events planned for Term 3 and beyond will be monitored and reviewed in accordance with updated Government advice. A forecast for a modified AGSV boys and girls winter season, whether it is viable to reschedule the swim championships, as well as conducting the athletics and summer seasons will only be considered once further directives have been released. A decision to commit to or abandon these events will be considerate of the safety and welfare of the community.




Mr & Mrs C Peachey

Mr & Mrs M Georgiades

Mr & Mrs S Stevenson

Mr C & Mrs J Thomson

Dr & Mrs D Noble

Mr & Mrs C Phillips

Mr & Mrs M Gorringe

Mr & Mrs S Weeks

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Dr M Gokhale & Dr S Aradhye

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Mr G Caris


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

Mr D Royale & Ms P d'Avrincourt Mr D Taylor & Mrs D Taylor-Haynes Mr E & Mrs E Lucarelli

Mr E Yu & Mrs C Li

The School gratefully acknowledges the following donors to the Mentone Grammar School Foundation Building Fund up to, and including, March 2020.

Mr G Dallas & Ms F Dallas

Mr L Cao & Mrs V Tao

Mr N & Mrs T Panagis

Mr S & Mrs J Holmes

Mr X Huang & Mrs L Jiang

Mr G Gupta & Mrs K Rao

Mr L Chen & Mrs C Liu

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Mr X Fang & Mrs W Li

Rev & Ms J Chamberlain

Correct at the time of publication.



OUR BUSH CHAPEL TURNS 50 As a school, Mentone Grammar is very blessed to have a campsite at Shoreham. It is not too far from our School so it is easily accessible and yet it is far enough away that when you are there, you find yourself in a different frame of mind. Within this special place is another special and sacred space. At Shoreham, there is a Bush Chapel and this year marks the 50th anniversary of its dedication.

Our Year 7 students get to spend a week at Shoreham in their respective class groups at the beginning of the school year. The camp provides a great opportunity to undertake some new experiences and to make new friends. As part of the program, the Chaplains visit for a day and hold a communion service in the Bush Chapel. To give the students a sense of the history of the place, the service begins with a student reading out the plaque on the pulpit that marks the dedication of the chapel. This year, at one of the Year 7 camps, after the plaque was read out one student proclaimed, ‘The Chapel is going to be fifty years old this year!’ The student was indeed correct as the Bush Chapel was dedicated on Saturday 15 November 1969. When this significant anniversary was brought to the Principal’s attention it was felt that the milestone needed to be marked, and so, nearly 50 years to the day, a service on Sunday 17 November 2019 was held to give thanks for the Bush Chapel. The congregation was drawn from all facets of the school, current and past students, current and former staff, old Mentonians and those with a special connection with our Shoreham camp. Students and staff from the Watarrka school in the Northern Territory, which our Year 7 students visit, also joined us whilst spending some time visiting Melbourne and staying at Shoreham. The service provided an opportunity to give thanks for the Chapel, for the wisdom


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

and generosity of those who provided for it, and for the students and staff who have gathered over the past 50 years. As well as a reading from the Bible as part of the service, we also had a reading from Mentone Grammar’s other ‘sacred’ text, The Mentonian. The 1969 Mentonian provides a wonderful account of the desire to establish a Chapel at Shoreham and how this vision became a reality. Mr Cater read this out to the congregation recounting the story of how the Board was meeting at Shoreham for one of their regular visits. Keith Jones was sharing his plans for the site and his vision for the establishment of a Bush Chapel. After hearing of the Headmaster’s plans, Bob Sykes and his wife Lorna immediately offered to make the funds available to make this vision a reality. In the homily, the congregation was invited to look at the photo that was taken 50 years ago of the Bush Chapel that was on the front cover of the order of service. When you look at the photo, what strikes you is that nothing has really changed with the Chapel in 50 years. If you had a photo from 50 years ago of any other part of our School, the School would look really different now. Schools change and evolve and, as part of that, buildings change. That is as it should be. Schools are dynamic places and our School more so than many. The Bush Chapel at Shoreham serves as a reminder of all that doesn’t change in our School over time – our values, our history and heritage. It also serves as a visible reminder that we are what we are

today because of the service of those who have gone before us. The 1969 Mentonian article mentioned that the intention of the Chapel was to ‘encourage students to forget, temporarily, the ubiquitous works of man and to ponder awhile the essential beauty and simplicity of the things of God.’ The Chapel did this when it was established, and it still does this 50 years on. As part of their camp our Year 7 students have the special experience of sharing communion in the Bush Chapel. It is not that common nowadays to experience a communion service outside. The congregation at the 50th anniversary service was invited to share in communion just as our Year 7 students would using a liturgy that invited them to reflect on the beauty of creation. Something that is not difficult to do given the beauty of the setting. To mark the 50th anniversary a change was made to the space with the addition of a chair that was unveiled and then dedicated at the end of the service. It was unveiled by Principal Mal Cater, Alumni Manager Suzanne Ashley and current Board member Troy Riley. While the seat was a new addition to the sacred space it serves as a visible reminder of the intention of this place, to stop, to be still and to reflect. After the service, morning tea was shared in the Hall. Stories were recounted about the Chapel, including discovering that Don Ingram’s granddaughter had been baptised in the Chapel by the then Chaplain, Rev. Jim Winter.

The School Archive possesses a copy of the order of service from the dedication service 50 years ago. That service contains the words of a prayer that was said at that occasion and which still resonates strongly today. Almighty God, our heavenly Father, Let Thy continued presence fill this place. Make thy people glad to use it and maintain it. Let it ever be a place of love and peace and holiness. And, in Thy mercy, bring us all to the solace and heaven which Thou hast prepared for them that love Thee; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen REV. ANDREW STEWART SCHOOL CHAPLAIN




HISTORIES THE ASSOCIATED GRAMMAR SCHOOLS OF VICTORIA (AGSV) As the School’s sports association, the AGSV, turns 100 this year, it invites the inevitable looking back to see just how far we have come. In our School’s 97 years, there has been much change and many successes, and we look forward to celebrating all of these as we head towards our own Centenary year of 2023. Although the AGS[V] institution was founded in 1920 – (ironically, in the wake of the Spanish Flu pandemic), Mentone’s membership with AGSV is actually only 62 years old. Nevertheless, six decades is significant and the task of looking back on our AGSV sporting history is easy to do. As the author of Xavier College’s Centenary book rightly said,

Sportsmen and sports commentators are the greatest antiquarians of all. They record and savour the memory of a first century or a first hattrick. There’s nothing so momentary as a sporting achievement and nothing so lasting as the memory of it.’ (Greg Dening, 1978).

No doubt, 97 editions of the Mentonian yearbook are testament to Dening’s notion. Since our School was founded in 1923, thousands of boys, girls, teachers and coaches, whose lives have been touched by their years at Mentone Grammar, have captured perfectly those sporting moments – as they happened. The palpable excitement of winning by one goal, the sheer devastation of losing by one point or the unexpected delight of breaking a record – all recorded, all savoured. We are making our history at every moment and in every event. Winston Churchill famously said, ‘Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.’ And though Mentone Grammar has a rich history of AGSV wins, gracious and sportsmanlike acceptance of losses – or more recently - of cancelled Premierships - is also a measure of our success as a School. We will look back on 2020 to learn of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on our AGSV sporting calendar – and perhaps more importantly on the nature of our society – but enthusiasm to compete won’t be lost.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

BACK TO 1958


When our School’s AGSV story was beginning in 1958, the course of history was changing elsewhere in the world.

Small enough to lift.

Countries across the globe, including Australia, were beginning to combat their Polio virus epidemics with a newly created vaccine. Ushering in the Space Age, the United States launched its first ever satellite, Explorer 1, from Cape Canaveral. The launch was hot on the heels of the Soviet Union’s 1957 launch of Sputnik I, the world's very first artificial satellite. And 1958 another invention, something so small but so innovative, it would go on to influence human development – Jack Kilby invented the world’s first microchip. Since 1958, the Polio (Type 3) virus has been eradicated, nearly 8500 satellites have been sent to space and the microchip is now so ubiquitous in our daily lives one can hardly imagine life without it. And whilst not quite so paradigm-shifting as these events, since joining the AGSV in 1958, Mentone’s athletic participation, growth and annual premiership successes have continued unabated. One could say, like the dawn of the Space Age and the genesis of the personal computer, Mentone Grammar joining the AGSV was era-defining – for us at least.

The first microchip.

SLOW OFF THE BLOCKS In actual fact, however, our Archives reveal that joining the AGSV went without ceremony or publicity – and was hardly registered within the School Community.

The Dedication Ceremony (which took place the following year) of Mentone Grammar becoming a Church of England School. The Archbishop centre stage, Principal Thorold second from left

That same year, another crucial moment in our School history was also unfolding; 1958 was the year Principal Jeffrey Thorold applied for Mentone Grammar to become affiliated with the Diocese of Melbourne, and as such, become a Church of England School. Thorold considered the then, much-needed financial assistance that would result from the affiliation, key to advancing the School’s prospects. His application for official Church status was granted on 22 October 1958.

and Headmaster Lionel Large far right (This was the School’s unique period of dual leadership).

As Mentone Grammar became affiliated with the Church, which, amongst other changes, warranted a new School cap, replacing the laurel with the Mitre, Thorold’s request


to join the AGS[V] was also approved. However, eclipsed by the news of becoming a Church School, neither the Mentonian yearbook nor the Headmaster’s published Speech Night report contained any official reference to the School’s newly acquired AGS[V] status. The wider circumstances surrounding the AGS[V] news didn’t invite much enthusiasm either. As well as Mentone Grammar, Essendon Grammar (PEGS) and Assumption College were also permitted to join the depleted ranks of the AGS[V] in 1958 because Brighton Grammar, Haileybury College, Carey and Caulfield Grammar had left the AGS[V] to join the Associated Public Schools -APS. Surprisingly, the three new AGS[V] member schools had to hear of their successful application via the newspapers on 13 May, receiving no official confirmation until June.

The Age, 6 May 1958 and 13 May 1958.

Combined Athletics would be the first sporting competition between the seven schools that made up the revamped AGSV. Scheduled for 24 October 1958, heavy rains caused it to be postponed until the 26th. Mentone came sixth – it was early days! It would be another three years before Mentone would win its first premiership, in Tennis.

Mentone Grammar’s first AGSV Athletics Team, 1958.

STRIKING A BALANCE Despite such an underwhelming start to Mentone’s AGSV story, it wouldn’t be long before the School began to flourish in premiership competitions. Performances would continue to go from strength to strength as the baton of School and sports leadership was passed on. When Keith Jones became Principal in 1960, he soon made it clear what was expected of ‘AGS status’. Lamenting in his Headmaster’s Report for the 1960 Mentonian, that football had on occasion demonstrated ‘… undesirable language, acts of violence against opponents, hostile feelings between rival teams …’, Jones reminded students and parents that, ‘Team games were first introduced into English Public Schools in the nineteenth century by men like Arnold, of Rugby, to provide a more balanced development in schools, of character, mind and body. A sound mind in a sound body.’ Jones cautioned that, ‘School boys are hero worshippers and readily follow the lead of adult sportsmen. The Associated Grammar Schools intend to enforce a strict code of behaviour in school games…. any boy who raises his fist in a football match will be removed immediately from the field and not allowed to play again for that season and will not be replaced.’ Jones suggested that, ‘The problem is one of balance: to harness it to the all-round development of character, mind and body.’ In the 60 plus years since we joined the AGS[V], advocacy for ‘the rounded character’ philosophy has been a mainstay of Mentone Grammar, where sport and the arts share equal status in the lives of students. In the School’s 70th Anniversary

Annual Report of 1993, Principal Neville Clark wrote: ‘Some people might regard it as an oddity that our most senior cellist, a half colour for music, was awarded the Best & Fairest Trophy (the Bruce Lobb Perpetual) for his achievements in the 1st XVIII.’ Clark viewed Bryan Carp’s ‘…versatility as the very sort of thing which our school should be promoting.’ These days Mentone Grammar still champions versatility. Sport is an important element of Mentone Grammar and the AGSV drives our record of success. Nonetheless, the majestic Creativity Centre was deliberately built alongside the Sports Centre boldly re-stating the School’s continued commitment to ‘balance’; to ‘ensure students can transition between these two spaces with great comfort knowing that they will be applauded for their talents in both’ (Mal Cater, 2017).

UNSTOPPABLE Since joining the AGSV in 1958 with 680 students, much has changed – yet much has stayed the same. Today, Mentone Grammar is transformed at every level, now boasting almost 1700 students, and yet, cherished traditions are preserved. The AGSV has shaped more than half of our history and in turn we have helped shape the history of AGSV; a shared legacy. The efforts of thousands of Mentone athletes and coaches, and the sporting philosophy of each Principal, have preserved and strengthened the Corinthian spirit with which we continue to succeed – whether we’re winning or not. DR COLETTE RUSSELL SCHOOL ARCHIVIST



Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020



PRESIDENT Usually, at this time of the year our Association is enthusiastically reporting on events that have already taken place and promoting forthcoming reunions and events. Unfortunately, the situation surrounding COVID-19 has presented us with unprecedented challenges. The wellbeing of our Mentonians, club and community members remains our highest priority and as such we have been and will continue to follow government advice and directives regarding COVID-19 and know that Mentonians will understand that we have cancelled a number of our forthcoming events. With advice constantly changing, it may be that we can reschedule some of these events to take place later in the year, and

we will communicate any updates via email and social media and look forward to keeping in touch online via our website: www.mentonegrammar.net/mentonians In the meantime, we intend to continue to connect with Mentonians around the globe. Where possible, please send us your memories, photographs and updates for inclusion in our, ‘Where Are They Now?’ so we can share some good news. In terms of positive news, in the School’s 97th year, a Founders' Day whole-school assembly held on Tuesday 3 March continued a wonderful tradition of inclusion

for Mentonians, with a former Head Prefect or Prefect, celebrating their Golden (50) Year Reunion, cutting the cake, using Col. Weir’s sword, along with the youngest members of the School community. This year, Ian Thomas from the Class of 1970 proudly cut the cake. Peter Gowdie from the Class of 1995 read The Lesson and current staff member Stuart Cleeve from the Class of 2005, read the School Prayer. Captured below are some photos that include special guest Troy Rowe, AGSV Executive Officer, who attended this year to celebrate the Centenary of the AGSV sporting association, which Mentone Grammar joined in 1958. MARK HENRICKS (1977) PRESIDENT

L-R Ian Thomas (1970), Principal, Mal Cater (1981) and Peter Gowdie (1995).


VICE PRESIDENT Jon Ponnusamy (2010)

TREASURER Vic Stroumos (1978)

SECRETARY Georgia Ahern (2011)

L-R Peter Gowdie with past staff favourite, Bob Brailsford.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Josh Burt (1989) Cameron Dunkerley (1986) Mike Durack (1967) Ivan Eaves (1966) Miranda Ingram (2013) Jono Ling (2008) Jeremy Longstaff (1989) Peter Newton (1966)

L-R Executive Officer of the AGSV Troy Rowe with Judy and Ian Thomas (1970).

Mark Pearman (1982) Rob Sinclair (1976)




At the 2019 Valedictory Dinner we continued the tradition of inviting as our special guest, the Head Prefect from the year that most of the students were born. We welcomed Sherwantha Ratnayake (Class of 2001) to share this special occasion with us and present members of the Class of 2019 with their alumni graduation gifts. Sherwantha was joined by The Mentonians Association Vice President, Jon Ponnusamy (Class of 2010).

Principal Mal Cater (1981) with Sherwantha Ratnayake (2001) and Jon Ponnusamy (2010).

About Sherwantha Rataynake - For over 10 years Sherwantha has been involved in the care and management of people. From managing and overseeing the recruitment and engagement of over a hundred volunteers at a local Not for Profit, Sherwantha now oversees and heads up the Pastoral Care department at Compass Church in Bentleigh East – helping to develop and maintain ways to ensure the hundreds of individuals and families who attend are known and cared for. Although, Sherwantha would say his greatest achievement is his marriage to his wife of 10 years and his three wonderful children.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020




On Friday 22 November, members of the Class of 2018 gathered at the Mordialloc Life Saving Club to celebrate their one-year reunion, hosted by The Mentonians Association. We were delighted to have our biggest group of ‘one-year-out’ students come along to the reunion. The group enjoyed the night, catching up on all that has happened in their lives since finishing School. There were stories of overseas travel, work, study, careers and without doubt, speculation on where the next four years would take them before they return to Mentone Grammar for their five-year reunion in 2023 – which coincides with Mentone Grammar’s 100th birthday and Centenary celebrations.

THE MENTONIANS ASSOCIATION (TMA) Our purpose is to serve our members and support the School. We aim to excel at meeting our members’ needs and to achieve this we have expanded the events calendar to maximise contact with as many past students as possible through reunions, our clubs, special events and other TMA activities.


1970 – 50 Year (Golden) Reunion

The Mentonians Association Calendar for 2020 has some cancellations and postponements, due to the COVID-19 virus. Where possible, we will reschedule our reunions and communicate directly with Mentonians within each of the peer year groups listed. Please contact Suzanne Ashley at: suzannea@mentonegrammar.net for dates and details.

1980 – 40 Year Reunion

2005 – 15 Year Reunion

1985 – 35 Year Reunion

2010 – 10 Year Reunion

1990 – 30 Year Reunion

2015 – 5 Year Reunion

1995 – 25 Year Reunion

2019 – 1 Year Reunion

2000 – 20 Year Reunion




03 9584 4211 thementonians@mentonegrammar.net

ADELAIDE Peter Bray (1985) peter.bray@westnet.com.au

CANADA Ontario Mervyn Archdall (1957) marchdall@rogers.com

Alumni Manager Suzanne Ashley suzannea@mentonegrammar.net 03 9581 3254 (direct) 0481 602 144

BRISBANE Dan Chalmers (1999) daniel@chalmers.email CANBERRA Michael Taylor (1955) mbt@netspeed.com.au SYDNEY Luke Murphy (1990) lmurphy@csr.com.au PERTH Tim Ponnusamy (2006) timothy_ponnusamy@hotmail.com Phillip Yap (1985) pyap01@gmail.com HOBART Michael “Rusty” Reynolds (1986) michael.reynolds@dhhs.tas.gov.au

ENGLAND London Cambell Lean (1993) Cambell.Lean@isgplc.com Plymouth John Read (1973) theoldtro@gmail.com HONG KONG Peter Cheung (1992) cpcheuc@hotmail.com JAPAN Onomichi City Gareth O’Gradie (1999) ogradie@hotmail.com MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur Kamal Ragupathy (1992) kamalpathy@gmail.com

Please contact The Mentonians Office: 03 9584 4211 if you would like to become one of our representatives. To ensure that we remain in contact with you, don’t forget to keep your details up-to-date via our website: www.mentonegrammar.net/mentonians/update-your-details

USA Florida David Pearson (1987) aussiepearson@gmail.com New York Chris Leslie (1982) chris-leslie@macquarie.com Arnold Ephraums (1982) aephraums@mac.com Chris Jacob (1999) cj@cjacob.com Vermont Justin Johnson (1985) qdo606@gmail.com SINGAPORE David Goh (1961) davegoh@fastdel.com THAILAND Jitti Rachjaibun (1964) jitti_rach@dhonsiridsel.co.th David Wylie (1973) david.wylie@yahoo.com U.A.E. James Halliday (2008) james.halliday@hotmail.com



THE CLASS OF 1970 Following on from our very successful Golden Reunion events, held over the last three years, we hope that we will be able to host our Class of 1970 Golden Reunion Dinner this year, if we are able. As such, we would certainly like to communicate and connect with members of the Class of 1970.


‘REKINDLING FRIENDSHIP, AS ONLY SCHOOL FRIENDS CAN…’ Following on from the great success of the Class of 1969 Golden Reunion held last year, members of the Class of 1969 enjoyed a mini ‘get-together’ on Friday 28 February in Melbourne. ‘And so, it continues! Some of us from 1969 had a great night out in support of the Bushfires Relief State of Origin match at Marvel Stadium. The quality of the footy was matched by the quality of the friendships renewed.’ NICK TOOVEY (1969)

From left: back row: Roly Wettenhall, Adrian Schirrmann, David Werner, Nick Toovey. Seated: Tony Lawler, Bob Box and Bruce Price.


THE LUND FAMILY The first day of school or kinder is an exciting time for any 4-year-old. In the case of William Lund, it is more exciting than most. On 31 January, William became a third generation Mentonian – following in the footsteps so to speak of his father, Nick (1998) and Grandfather, Graeme (1968) who are proudly pictured here with William in the Early Learning Centre. Both Graeme and Nick have been actively involved in our reunions and special events in recent years and we are delighted that they will now be participating in William’s journey at Mentone Grammar.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

The Lund Family.



SUNSHINE & CHOC TOPS In February, we hosted our annual family picnic at the magnificent R. M. Sykes Camp at Shoreham, located on Westernport Bay. Clear blue skies and bright sunshine greeted our guests as they arrived. For many families, it was their first visit to Shoreham, and they enjoyed the opportunity to wander at leisure through the camp. The purpose of this event is to provide families, new to the School, the opportunity to enjoy this amazing facility and to help both parents and students become familiar with the camp, prior to their children attending as part of the School’s Learning Journeys program. This year, our family activities included a jumping castle, a busy animal farm and super popular pony rides, all of which were a great addition to a rotation of sports that included table tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket and the ever popular ‘chasey’! The Miss Elodie Vintage Caravan was also on hand selling coffee, soft drinks, and their number one best-seller of the day, choc top ice creams! With Mentonian committee members cooking up a storm, over 250 people were also treated to a delicious barbecue lunch. A magnificent light sea breeze and a 30-degree day ensured many families made the most of the afternoon, visiting the beach with their excited and eager children. It was wonderful to have grandparents also join in this year; many commenting on how much they enjoyed the day and look forward to the next one. Our Mentonians who attended enjoyed reminiscing about their days at the camp, which we are proud to say, still remains a natural bush environment based around learning and outdoor activities. Sincere thanks to The Mentonian Committee and family members for working tirelessly on the day to ensure that everyone else could relax. It is a pleasure to provide such a fun-filled day and we look forward to inviting everyone back again in 2021. SUZANNE ASHLEY ALUMNI MANAGER




We are immensely proud to congratulate our inaugural Mentone Grammar Foundation Award recipient, Daniel Payne (2006) on being awarded a grant of $15,000 to support a Mentone Grammar Alumnus currently undertaking doctoral studies. After leaving school, Daniel commenced studying at the University of Melbourne in Biomedicine, completing these studies in 2009 with a High Distinction average. Progressing from the Bachelor course to the Doctor of Medicine, Daniel realised medicine wasn’t for him and pursued engineering. His PhD thesis title is: Algorithms for seizure forecasting in long term intercranial electroencephalogram (iEEG) recordings Daniel then undertook a Master of Engineering (Biomedical) which has led to him undertaking PhD research in this area. He was in the top 5 per cent for his Masters studies and was named on the Dean’s Honours List and is working with his two supervisors, Professor David Grayden and Dr Dean Freestone at the University of Melbourne. Dr Freestone is also the CEO of Seer, where Daniel also works as a Research Engineer. Seer recently won best Start Up in Victoria. Essentially, Daniel is part of a team that is looking at machine learning – using a two-year dataset to predict seizures. A two-year dataset of those suffering epilepsy is used to help develop an insight into the intracranial triggers such as consistent sleep and the time of day that seizures take place, to external triggers such as weather. Daniel has also developed an interactive App that logs data. This data is helping to improve seizure forecasts for individuals suffering epilepsy. In addition, the App, launched in February this year, provides users with epilepsy facts which is not only helpful for the user but in educating family and friends and includes links to social media to help spread awareness. Daniel has had two papers published and has four more in the pipeline. The grant will allow Daniel to further immerse himself in this important research.


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

Daniel Payne (2006) congratulated by Simon Appel OAM, Head of the Mentone Grammar Foundation Executive. L-R Board member Simon Appel OAM, Daniel Payne, Suzanne Ashley Alumni Manager and Principal Mal Cater.



The App challenges you to experience some of the uncertainty people with epilepsy live with every day! Get Down sends dance alerts throughout the day. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, when you get an alert, dance! Sometimes this will be inconvenient but that is why it is a challenge! The App aims to spread epilepsy awareness in a fun and informative way while also directly aiding epilepsy research. Whether you’re willing to take on the challenge or not, help us spread the word by challenging your friends to Get Down!



ALUMNI Above: Our Future is in good hands. Alan with Cameron Lancaster, Head of Frogmore. Right: Zixuan (Alan) Wang receiving his ICAS Award.

Congratulations to Zixuan (Alan) Wang, a very inspirational member of the Class of 2019. In 2018, Alan arrived from Shanghai to begin Year 11 at Mentone Grammar. He remembers at that time his grasp of the English language was not strong.

He struggled a little but found great support from his teachers and Lionel Large House Coordinator, Craig Best (1988). Craig encouraged Alan to stand up in front of the class and give an oral presentation which helped him gain confidence. The title of his oration was, ‘Donald Trump – love him or hate him’ which, of course, created great debate amongst the students. With the help of the local students, all willing to give him tips on how to navigate School and Australia he soon found his place. Alan was pleased to learn that ‘everybody at Mentone Grammar is part of a highly engaged community, all working together to bring out the best in every student’. Fast forward to 2019 and Alan won a score of competitions including one of the top grades in the Australian Mathematics competition, an International Chemistry Quiz, the *ICAS Medal and for fun he enjoyed playing Badminton. Alan completed six VCE subjects, scoring as follows: Chinese (50), Maths Methods (50), Specialist Maths (47), EAL (45), Chemistry (44) and Physics (41) as one of the top international achievers across Victoria. As a high achieving International student, Alan has recently been awarded a Premier’s Award for his impressive VCE results. Alan has now commenced a Dr of Medicine at Monash University, along with four of his peers from the Class of 2019. He has also returned to the School as a part of the Tutors Program where is also tutoring our VCE students in both Maths and Chinese. Alan said that his success is due to his teachers supporting him both academically and from a wellbeing perspective. He says that the teachers focus on ‘who you are and who you will be’ and help you to stay happy and strong throughout the challenging VCE year. Alan especially wanted to thank his Mentor, Ms Lim and all of his teachers, especially Ms Ma and Ms Hughes; and of course; Mr Cameron Lancaster, Head of Frogmore with whom he is proudly pictured above. * ICAS – International Competitions and Assessments for Schools are designed to recognise academic excellence; students are assessed on their ability to apply classroom learning to new contexts using higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills. 51

VALE We record with sadness the passing of the following Community members, and extend our sincere sympathy to their families:


In 1970 Norma Cater and husband Norman joined the Mentone Grammar Community when son Trevor (1976) commenced his education, closely followed by Greg (1978) and Malcolm (1981) who, after holding significant teaching and leadership positions at the School, became Principal in 2006.

Norma joined the Mothers’ Association in 1970 and over the course of some 50 years made valuable contributions to many School activities, including the very popular annual School Fete. Norma had a great love of children, providing community childcare at

home and at Mentone Grammar, along with a lengthy involvement in the Lord and Lady Somers Camp. Family and community were the cornerstone of Norma’s happy life. We enjoyed Norma’s ongoing support and friendship at our special events and on behalf of The Mentonians Association we extend our sincere sympathy to Mal, Greg, Trevor, Mandy, Rebecca and Hannah Cater and their extended family. Vale Norma – ‘a life well-lived’.

TREVOR SCOTT Trevor was a member of staff from 1976 to 1998. He commenced at Mentone Grammar, teaching Senior Science subjects for two years before ‘crossing the road’ to become Master-in-Charge of Junior School Science, a position he held for 20 years. In addition to teaching Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Trevor was a Form Master, Junior School Housemaster of School House along with being a Cricket and Soccer coach. His career was characterised by developing in students a love and knowledge of the discipline in Science and was held in very high esteem by his colleagues and students alike. Upon his retirement, Trevor was made Master Emeritus.

02 01

Trevor is survived by his wife Mavis, children Shelley, Andrew, Julia and Philip and eight grandchildren. Mavis also worked at Mentone Grammar for many years. Together they organised regular ‘Old Relics’ lunches, enjoyed by many past staff. Our thoughts are with Mavis and the extended Scott family.

Trevor and Mavis Scott at the 2017 01  Friends of Frogmore Lunch.

Trevor with fellow retiring 02  ‘Master Emeriti’ in 1998 –

L-R Trevor Scott, Jim Doyle, Jonathan Carroll and Dan Wallace. Trevor with Jim Doyle at the 03 


Opening of our Greenways Campus in 2013.

Labore et Honore

LARRY WALKER (1974) (7 OCTOBER 1956 - 17 MARCH 2020) Larry spent five years at Mentone Grammar completing Year 12 in 1974. A talented trumpet player he was heavily involved with the Mordialloc City Band and in the Music programs at the School and was CUO of the Cadet Band in 1974. In a disciplinary sense one could say that Headmaster Keith Jones took a particular interest in his time at MGS. After leaving school Larry joined the Army's 3rd Military District Band based in Richmond where he said he was ‘paid to practice’. When Larry left the Army, he continued to play professionally and started teaching, firstly in the public system but eventually spent nearly 30 years teaching at PEGS. During this time, he became much in demand around town, interstate and even overseas for his trumpet playing abilities. Some highlights include many ANZAC dawn services,


Mentone Grammar WINTER 2020

playing at the King of Thailand's 70th birthday party and supporting Burt Bacharach on his Australian tours, amongst other notable associations. He was very well known and respected in musical circles, particularly in Melbourne. In more recent years he moved to Paynesville on the Gippsland Lakes where he continued to teach music part-time at Bairnsdale and Orbost Secondary Colleges as he eased into retirement. Always the larrikin, with a wicked sense of politically incorrect humour as a trademark, his other passions included sailing, fishing, golf and enjoying a drink with friends, and he had many. Deteriorating health over the last two years took its toll and Larry passed away peacefully in his sleep on St Patrick's Day. He would have liked that. Rest in Peace

TONY DAYTON Recently, after a short battle with cancer, Tony passed away at home with his muchloved wife Bonnie. Tony is the School’s longest serving staff member having retired in 2014 after 45 years of outstanding service. Even after retirement he supervised exams and visited students on Work Experience. He remained connected to the School through to the end of his life.

Suitably, Tony was honoured by The Mentonians Association with the status of Honorary Old Mentonian and a Life Patron. He is also a Master Emeritus of Mentone Grammar. Tony loved Mentone Grammar and the Community felt the same about him. Former Headmaster, Mr Keith Jones, always prided himself on employing school masters and not ‘just school teachers’. In appointing Tony Dayton he employed the total package and, as we mourn his passing, he is now remembered fondly as a legend of the School. Whilst ‘Elvis has left the building’ his legacy will live on. The Community’s thoughts and prayers are with his wonderfully supportive wife, Bonnie – his sons, Royce (1991), Merle (2001) and his daughters Bridgette, Mel and their families.


Tony was a classroom teacher who later worked in the Greg Fish Library and in our School Archive. Forever known as ‘Mr Hockey’, Tony also coached and ran the School Hockey program and, in 1981, coached the team to the School’s one and only AGSV Hockey Premiership. He also coached Table Tennis, leading teams to AGSV Premierships in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Labore et Honore

For many years Tony ran the satay stall at the annual School Fete and was always active in his commitment to the community service of the School. He was tireless in his service of others. Amongst this long list of engagement, Tony also worked in the School’s Boarding House and was the founding House Master of White House, serving for 22 years in this capacity.

*Further details are included online in our Monitor newsletter.





Peter Crawford is pictured here with Mentonians Past President, Mark Pearman in

For being awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his commitment to the Anglican Church and efforts throughout Emerald (Victoria) and surrounds, in the 2020 Queen’s Birthday honours list.

2017, receiving his 50 Year Pin at the Class of 1967 Golden Reunion.



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